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Biden Admits a New World Order Is Coming | Guest: John-Henry Westen | 3/22/22

2022-03-22 | 🔗

Glenn discusses Russia’s strategy when it comes to combatting America. Pat joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the woke takeover of Disney and Disney’s new CEO being punished for not being woke enough. Glenn and Stu discuss a new poll that says many Americans believe they’re worse off than a year ago and how inflation will continue to cripple the middle and lower class. Glenn and Stu discuss Hunter Biden’s laptop, the corruption behind the cover-up, and Biden’s Supreme Court nominee. John-Henry Westen, the co-founder of LifeSiteNews, joins Glenn to discuss the fatima/pope inviting bishops to join him in the consecration of Russia and Ukraine.

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Of entertainment and enlightenment the program and hello America and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. It is Tuesday a lot to report on we begin with what's happening in Washington and what's happening with Russia in sixty, so Vergil wrote in about his experience with his with his wife and relief factor. He said I had to live on a heating pad for about five years. I was unable to live a normal life, my back pain was so horrible, then I discovered relief factor now I no longer live that way. I'm free way to get your life back, Virgil glad I am so glad that you discovered relief factor and you tried it now- you're dealing with pain, please give relief factor a try. I tried it
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not just the world economy in the world occurs every three or four generations. As one of my as they were. One of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, six sixty million people died between nineteen hundred and one forty six since then, we have established a liberal world order and that had happened in a long while lot of people die, but nowhere near the chaos and now the time when things are shifting. We going to be a new world order out there we've got lead it gotta unite the rest of the free world, one doing it. Okay, so wait a minute. What is he saying here? You know it's been a hundred years since we lost all those millions of people he's time. No to think it's about time switch things up. We had an incredible run of success time to change right. It's common anyway. You know so why don't we just go ever change it up? I think that's what
the advice, I think that's why he said that it's going to be hard, it's been a great run: it's over now and there's a new world order coming and notice. He said for the economy, that's that is a freudian. That's a senile slip. he is. He does mean for the economy, because we are moving away from the free market, no matter what any It tells you that is not a conspiracy theory. That is a fact We are moving to a stake holder. capitalism which is not. capitalism at all, so a new world or are. I saw that yesterday and I thought who has confidence in him. Is there anyone who has confidence in him? He sounds so weak and winded right now wouldn't feel terrified if,
You hadn't seen your parent in a year and showed up, and they spoke like that. You had a guy running a country, I'm just somebody who played like pea knuckle at the at your at the senior home you'd be lightly scare. Dad is dad, is really Ike Really horrible, really horrible. Now he is avoid a warning of evolving intelligence suggesting a single russian cyber attacks against the. U S he wore and that the intelligence is suggesting that the russian government is exploring options for potential cyber attacks against the United States. He urged the I've at sector to immediately harden cyber defences in statement on Monday, the president said, it is a critical moment to accelerate our work to improve
stick cyber security and bolster our national resilience. He is warning now of malicious. Cyber activity against the United States by the russian government, which Biden said could be response, could be a response. Most the unprecedented economic cost. We have been those on Russia, alongside our allies and partners, its bar of Russia's playbook. Look! If, if Joe, Biden knows that there's a world new world order lining up, you don't think Vladimir Putin does This is a race to see which one of us can destroy the other one. First, that's all it is, as Putin said the next war World WAR three will be fought with ones and zeros Well, we haven't even gotten to the ones and zeros yet, and that is something that Putin has been planning for a very very long time now. President Biden strangely said that
U the Us National cyber defenses that has been mandated eggs. and cyber security measures for the federal government and those critical infrastructure sectors sector, where we have authority to do so thought that was an interesting phrase, for him to say then he stressed that the administration has created public private partners. ips and initiatives to enhance cyber security across our critical infrastructure Congress part, nerd with us on these efforts, and we appreciate that the members of Congress worked across the aisle to require companies to report Cyber incidences to the United States government will continued use, every tool to deter, disrupt and, if necessary, respond to cyber attacks. Now Yesterday apple went down for several hours, don't know if it was a cyber attack. They haven't said what it was When cyber attacks begin to have happened, They will begin to hit
swear. It counts they disrupt things that are important to us. Communicate it will be one of them election. City will be another banking we be another now present is put a list of six in things that he says is a no goes on and on. Sure of Putin is high. sure he is just the he's poring over that right now going off darn it that ones off the list. I can't it that one Now there was a business round table table with the ceos on Monday and Biden told the ceos that Russia is using hypersonic missiles, because It's the only thing that they can get through the ukrainian defenses. He called it a concert consequential weapon and almost
possible to stop. He said: there's a reason they're using it. Now it's interesting to me. Two things one at the round table he said that, whatever ever Putin starts to talk about NATO, Ukraine, United States. What we're about to do it means he's getting ready to do it now. That fascinating, because that's the way I think of the left here whenever They say some is still the election. There go to do it. Rejection absolute projection. He said the magnitude of Russia's cyber capacity is fairly consequential and it is coming now. Here's here's something that we found from a
former defense official that I thought was really really important. U US central command effectively does not train for surprise attacks. Now This is This is really important that you listen, because it will explain that friends between us and the former Soviet it will splain the difference and and really our problems. How we view almost everything here in the United States, we don't rain for surprise attacks. It's not part of our nuclear doctrine. Our nuclear fuel Sophie is more, that it is horrible and unthinkable and therefore it. only to be considered as a last resort, so we train and drill on being fast and responsive to an attack against against the? U S or you, as allies in NATO, conversely, Russia,
Train trained specifically for large scale, surprise nuclear attacks against the? U S, and NATO, in fact Russia's nuclear commands number one strategy for the use of strategic, non battlefield, nukes I c b M's, by way of a surprise attack, and the reason is threefold. They say Russia does not share our philosophy on limiting civilian casualties. It's not part, their battle doctrine decision about whether to target only military targets- verses civilian are more tactical or political, not that the? U S, didn't have a hard calculus about bombing Dresden or Berlin or Hiroshima, but we still feel guilty about. he's events as a nation. Russia's Calculus Orion around the politics of victory, now. This is this- is some that we no longer teach this the christian ethics of war.
Obama took those Christians, christian ethics of war out. Of all of our military school, but that's why we didn't we would always hesitate. Before we would bomb civilians and we would try to limit the damage. and you know- one of the guys who really changed. Amerika was Andrew Jackson. I hate He was the precursor to Woodrow Wilson. He The guy who changed it became the spoils system. we as a nation, never go in and war and take things. Never take their land? We never take their art. We work to return. The art k we fight for a different reason. We fight for our values, not for spoils. Well, Andrew Jackson was the one who changed that now it's been changed back, but that was,
That's a european idea that is a chinese or soviet. That is what everyone else in the world does to the victor Well the spoils. We're not like that. and that's because we were teaching christian ethics from the beginning. They also believe the Russians do that we and have our will broken. They saw world WAR two and they know that once we get our war engine operating, no one can operate us. No one. can beat us, that's why they think Japan had the right strategy by destroying our pacific fleet. Now we all say you hit us and we Alvin Eyes, and we well together and will crush you. Not so sure, that's true anymore. I mean I don't know what unites us anymore. However, even if we did
the Russians, don't believe that we would also if she is fully aware that it can't even remotely possibly do anything would take on the: U S, military in a direct and all out eventual war If you add in NATO, Russia knows they're going to get crushed That's why they can't they feel they can beat us with a venture no plan minor nuclear exchange or a full nuclear exchange based on their philosophy of surprise, attack this, happens we look at things in the different way. It is why we miss things all the time we I've I've. This forever. You have to take people at their word, when they, if they're, threatening to kill you if they're threat to kill your business, if their three threatening to complete,
We change your lifestyle, if they're threatening to control you if they're threatening to make it so you must comply, they want to be just like state. It's all wrapped in flowers and everything else and people tell you all they'll! Never do that! That'll never happen. Fine fine maybe it won't on tomorrow, broadcaster, my Wednesday night Special, I'm just going to go through a couple of the things that could never happened here, I'm going to give you a decoder ring on I want to know what the truth is and what the truth is not what it comes from the media, but when, people tell you they're going to do things too destroy you. You have to take them. At their word now That may mean that you prepare and nothing happens.
Better than not preparing and then everything happening, because you knew you knew American knows right now what's coming and if they don't they not paying attention, and I I have to thank you who for listening to this program. I know it's tough, to listen to some of this bad news. All the time we've got some good news by the way for you today to as well, but it's hard it's really hard and you don't know what to do necessarily well you're still listening and I can't thank you enough, because You will be part of the solution, not the problem, though, you're burying their heads in the sand right now are going to be in real, trouble. You who are going to be able to whether a storm that most will not and because of that you will be a leader bringing ball to safety and to shelter we have
to start thinking differently and that's one the biggest problems that we have in fighting Russia or IRAN. I mean right now it looks like we're going to take the revolutionary guard off of the terrorist list. Countries all around the world are going. Don't do that? Don't don't don't do that? No! No! No! Don't do that. cuz. Why we won't take these people seriously? It's crazy because the New York Times, will take One person who says I'm going to blow up all the abortion clinics, one person that says that and at that sentiment to every single Christian in the country. Yet you can have the leadership of a ranse. Weird to vaporize Israel and we're going take down the great Satan of America, death to Israel, death to America?
and they won't take those people seriously, while you're trying to build a nuke. They don't have to you do. we are down to our local communities and our states We have to be vigilant. We have to involved in our local communities and our local states every single day back in with more Let me tell you about lifelong technology is always on the move. Unfortunately, that means cyber crime as well. There are cyber criminals out there were talking about hacking we know that this is coming up. You know Russia said on the hacking of our meat plant a couple of years Oh and the hacking on our oral by blend he said, in heavy into do these were just rogue criminals in Russia.
I'm guessing more robe criminals- are coming our way now cyber Crime lot of it is done in Russia. Nobody can prevent all of it because it's constantly changing. It is constantly learning. These people are smart and they want your money. If you have lifelong, they can help protect. What's yours with lifelong by Norton Join now, and you ll save up to twenty five percent off your first year with the promo code back the number- eight hundred Lifelock one eight hundred Lifelock or head to Lifelock dot com use the promo code back for twenty five percent off now, why eight hundred Lifelock
second station id D. So there are two provinces now in Russia, there is the the problem that Fuck away from Providence said we're pro western free speech and then there is prompter, and the pro Kremlin tablet I Pravda says: that, according to the russian Ministry, The numbers of russian soldiers killed in Ukraine Nine thousand eight hundred and sixty one and though. injured sixteen thousand and this is remarkable because proved a being- pro soviet yeah. Pro russian Rodya source, their state media and this
not intentional. They seem to have leaked this on IRAN's. Surely this number caress? Oh, it is believed to be what they actually think is happening. That is incredible number for perspective. The U S! In twenty years in Iraq and Afghanistan combined lost seven thousand, These are nine thousand nine hundred and eighty three and four weeks, yeah yeah, now enough Anna after nine years, they had thought ten thousand five hundred killed it in Afghanistan in nine years, the entire coalition, I believe, well, that's the Soviet Union, oh and if gay, oh, I see, I always have to be union over so the geese. The numbers are, if they're true are catastrophic, which leads people to believe that we are in for more trouble.
With Putin he. How is he going to back out of this? I know he can't back out of this thing. give all these calls that are going to these. You know these russian moms are going to find out their kid is dead right. This is going to happen. They keep trying to say. Well, you know, it's just a special military operation to not an invasion, it's not a war. While you can't make that case to people- and I know that, yes, they can crush their own people. Of course they can. They probably will attempt to do it, but there are a lot of really powerful people and Putin. give power, not as the most popular guy in the world I mean like. There are a lot of other oligarchs who this entire time, hated his guts, but have just dealt with him. Well, Will we see so far his public, from what we can find. You know which we obviously we are not doing pulls over in Russia
According to russian poles, he still holding his popularity because the country is under attack and people are rallying around Lattimer Putin, but you start sending that many body bags home in this short period of time and if these numbers are true did is devastating to Russia, the Glenn Beck program, american financing animal ass. One eight do three three, four W W W that animal S, consumer access, dot, Org up, oh and against it, Inflation continues to be a problem. Did you see. what the chairman of the FED said yesterday still this great we're going to have, we know five, six more and don't count on them being only a quarter of a point. We have real inflation happening and we really got to get a handle on this really. I thought it was transitory
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This is the Glenn Beck program where call Disney boy, There is a new ceo. His name is Bob Chapek and he is a pair currently somewhat of a conservative. I don't think that he's conservative conservative, but Disney in Hollywood. He's like I don't know gang, Scotland, I dont think was really conservative, aerosols, others may and Bob wanted to take the company was after taking over from Bob. I guess he was like let's out of politics? Enough of this enough of it Well, you can't do that to a company like Disney, who has let the left just run roughshod over all of the company, control the company now, so he wasn't gonna, take
a public stand against the Florida legislation that would stop classroom orientation and gender identity. Conversations in garden the third grade and give parents the right say: I know but that wasn't down, though that's not Disney enough, and so the employees started to really have a problem here. immediately gave five million dollars to you know some. I two plus set to buy your hall pass, yeah I'd and Bans Nod and not not enough not and are never enough. Nope. He applied advertised now he's going on a listening tour, gay, transgender and non binary employees, I know so's I mean how dumb is this civilization at this point
What do you mean a listening tore? Like you, don't know anything about these topics. No, might understand now he's just he's being punished. Yes, he wouldn't be hunting punished publicly. Trot out and a square and having him be yelled at, and none of these things mean the things that they're they're publicly to me like another five million dollar payment isn't eat, the people say all you're just trying to pay off the sword. Zation too too, to be no give. You will pass yeah, it's not even really what it is. What it is is a hope that they will go after somebody else. you are paying them, so they go after the next company. Instead of you there's no indication, nobody believes that they're gonna stop doing these irrational things and trying to close down companies, because they didn't support some bill. That says the opposite of what they claim it does. Pat gray is joining us from Pat Gray unleashed.
talking about Disney having their big meeting and boy there. The liberals are very upset and they they are absolutely in current control now of Disney everything the parks and everything else, conservatives have finally come out, as a coalition They said they've had enough they're saying this is a hostile work environment. and there all names, their ridiculed by the other staff members, and they said Enough- is enough: wow yeah, so the employees have had enough no the conservative employees, yeah and yet Bob and Steve, and I think Kathy no Kathy's she's, very er yeah. So no there are. You know there are enough conservatives not enough to balance it. I'm sure- there are a lot of conservatives. There are just keeping their mouth shut and the now,
if the conservatives are not keeping their mouth shut, did this start with the Buzz lightyear thing where they're, with a reinserted the same sex kiss knows? Or that know, though, that that was in response. That was like. Okay, we're sorry, we're sorry, we're sorry we'll get because the liberal or the Woke plays a Disney were pissed off that they took it out. I fed and when people heard it was in. There was some uproar and then they took it out and then there, uproar apparently from employees at disney- and they put it back in europe- well. This is interesting because I mean is it time ever to just say I'm not going to Disney, because I won't. I think it is time I won't go to Disney anymore, and I don't know me, am, I love Disney. I love reduce file. Yes, I am. I love it, love it love. I love the history of it. I love the imagination of it. You know
love everything about it. I will not take my kids there. Now, I'm lucky because my kids they're getting their boycott, cowered or kids turn twenty know it is. You know I go there by myself or your culture. I mean I go by myself. I will not do it anymore now, but I think Disney has become but this what happens when you don't focus on business, you folks. on politics, They have placated and placated and placated they've lost control of their company. So now now the ceo doesn't run the company, the employees run the company- and I don't think that's going be good for business. So let me ask this. This is an honest question because I think we talk the stuff and we simplify it over simplified. As you you just
about your solution. Was they stop taught thinking about business? They just started thing about politics. There are definitely companies that that work that way right that not just our, like legitimately political organisations, just making donations and that's where they want to do their super woke there are about companies, however, that are just thinking about business, and when they think about businesses, not defending this, but I'm just giving you the actual thing of these ceos eels. these things pop up, they realize is going to be a problem for them and they just want to go away. So, if you're, a company like this which is filled with liberals, filled with them and made this creative company. There, tons and tons and tons and tons of liberals working at Disney Correct when they they actually decided to put in a ceo who was relatively conservative, who wanted to end but a policy of
for Allah neutrality. No politics like Coinbase did right. Yeah Bob Cherry pick you're talking about. Yes, he wanted to institute a reality yeah. I did that's why the leading us cause. He has not done well with that, since they didn't immediately respond to the don't say gay thing though, and they didn't come out strong, the opposed to it like you kind of, would expect from Disney suppose it well. At least the reporting is on this that they decide not to say anything about it, because it's not our business, we're freaking. You know theme park company for making movies. There's no reason for us to do this. That was their internal thought, the employees revolted right, their employees basically said we're shutting down your entire company. If you, You go this direction so then they started throwing money at everybody and everything else on. How do you manage this? As you see, we have joined their that that's it. The death throes, your now, you ve lost your company. You lost your pressure, so all of this
companies that went down this road and are going down this road- and you know I don't know- is Coca COLA doing it because they actually believe it. I think they do. I think they're heart or will. I know they are their big part of the great reset, so they buy into it a hundred and ten percent men also that you're going to they're, not going to worry about it when they lose control of their company, but Disney he has lost control If you want a company that just stays out of everything and is not about politics, it may be too late. may be too late. You know I'll jungles modify it what Joe Rogan they ve held the line, though on Joe Rogan, but aid you here will ensure in resisting he go. Did you hear what Joe Rogan said just last week he's not going to have Donald Trump on he's, not going to talk about politics anymore,
I didn't hear that yeah. He does not going to talk politics and he's not going to talk politics any more, and you know part of it is so he's caving. I don't know he said I dont want to be that guy and a who bore go. I relate to that. Don't wanna be that guy. Where I just want to be an observer, I don't to be the guy. That's right, you know pushing for one thing or another: will that doesn't mean you stop talking about politics? That means you have Joe Biden on and Donald Trump on that. That's what that is. You know what I mean. But the kind of thing he was doing exactly right. he was the one who that anymore you stay out and I get it. I think it's always been. What's interested him right like he had a fireman, right, Andrew Yang on, I think I'll, be technically data, but he did have every Democrat on a burning Sanderson, I can endorse Jerry Centres, but he
We also believe us credit. Gotta move in tourist Bernie Sanders is in this position now make about what the right wing is right. Now the right wing, Israel, a guy who endorse Bernie, Sanders and tells you gabert a guy who ran the campaign for Bernie Sanders and write those that these are hard core conservatives loud. That's where we are in this world, oh Brad and threats of most extreme left zeal march. Two thousand are like. Let me run it was them for twenty years is now a conservative two's credible, but you know what I've moved. I think I could hang out with both of those guys get along now. I think so too. I mean that that showing how some common sense bright they all you need is some common sense he's cheat a little, but not always know you don't need all of it. No, no just a little bit of a modicum it's crazy. It is crazy how how nuts has truly become to where,
what was it I was reading in o the the New York Times Did you see what would happen with with Candace Owen, I don't oh, this is fantastic, so Candice gets a note from the New York Times and the New York Times says: hi, I'm writing from the New York Times we're working on a story about russian messaging that in lose some of your comments. We note that you advance the idea that Ukraine was a corrupt country which match comments. We ve seen from Russia to media that now is not the real out on a limb on that. What I am wondering, if you have any contacts to further comment to add about your comparison, my finalized the store today, so she wrote back, I'm really confused by this email, I learned about the idea that Ukraine was a corrupt country from
the New York Times you guys have covered the corruption of Ukraine extensively for years as one example. Here's a piece from the New York Times Editorial Board entitled who cranes, unyielding corruption and aided by self about both NEO Nazi problem in Ukraine and the unyielding corruption. By reading your newspaper, not russian state media, is there something specific? I said that was different than what you guys have written about in the past for real and for more good measure. Here are some more passed articles written from reputable sources over the past few years about the corrupt and NEO Nazi problem in Ukraine. For clarity. Are you now suggesting that the western media covered extensively over the last few years is now
just russian propaganda. So are you suggesting? All of these articles were sponsored by Russia, state media? Again, I'd love to provide you with a quote for the article. I just want to be clear regarding what you what you mean when you say I'm advancing ideas that Ukraine was a corrupt country when in fact I got all of my ideas from your publication but other than that of the member states, but they is his it's as if they all have all timers yeah. It is if they all literally don't remember, They were saying just yesterday, because Ukraine can be the guys in a war that was were attacked across their borders and always do occur up a touch of which they are, which re are they had HANS? I mean it's been it's almost a joke that Ukraine, with some rub. The whole reason Zalewski got elected was because his entire platform was fighting the unending corruption in the country. You look
Some of the moves he's made recent I'd like right and there he could hear the latter. They need no one day I mean he has no, there's no reason to argue he's. A saint either has done if you're getting attacked. Writin you're going to do all sorts of different things, the only thing we can say about so, let's this period it to my mind and correct me, if I'm wrong, is that handled the public facing part of this war. Well, yes, he has killed Angli Road job messaging to his people and yet World YAP about budget, particularly out a conflict that is about what we can say no and we can say that they seem to be fighting well. They seem to be
fighting. Well, and unlike look, is he a great military tactician? I doubt it he might be, but I mean they are fighting really well and strongly, and if these reports, even from Russia, are correct, yes, true, alright back in just a minute, thank you, Pat gray form. We should mention by the way the brand new feature for blaze, tv subscribers with Pat Gray, unleashed Pat. How does this work? This is everyday right. It is everyday yeah, Pat Gray, overtime, nice right after the show, right after the show, this is big. Well, it's you know: it's not live, so it's posted separately. So just look for it where you find the podcast okay for blaze, tv subscribers, Ohio time just on Facebook. So it's so it's just immediately realized that's what I myself tat I might do. I might just to wonder if you have some say just happened, I believe to be the council S Glenn, to get to the pact gray, unleashed overtime, brand new, starting today, our eye level, talk about. Let me let me let stew talk about genius. I would love to how old
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It will have Joe Rogan Elon Musk Russell Brand, basically every good comedian and Jk Rowling? So I mean I'm things are looking up. Things are looking up. Yeah because we're used to really crappy entertainment on the side of the aisle, maybe eventually it'll start getting good navy. We could probably get it may be a quarter of the Disney employees out now very good, our view. We ve met them. We have met some actual conservative, like amazing artists set somebody's places, ladys places they do they do come on over to the light side? This is the Glenn Beck program, Glenn. I note your thing, a Glenn, you just look so confident today, you you, don't look like a big sweaty mass and check. That's right! That's right! I'm not
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and hello America, and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Yesterday Joe Biden said something incredible that might do the. I think that roughly translates to quote the economic strategy that I've been using is working really well, I'm here to tell you yes, absolutely assuming that he has the opposite goal of every other american citizen will tell you about it coming up in just a second first, there is something about America that makes her special. That's the understatement of the day you and I have pretty good sense of what it is. It's the people coupled with the idea of America. We
were conceived differently than any other country in the world. We were dedicated to the proposition that all men are created, equal and endowed by their creator with certain unchangeable rights and justice a couple of our life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You know job would say you know the thing bright, the thing your children learning about the thing anything they learning any of this, it is critical that our children under stand. The history of America: they understand why big governments fail. What is the difference between the free market and the one we've had for the last almost two hundred years now Tuttle twins off three bonuses. Now, if you order today, it's a book said you're, gonna, love them, therefore
seven year olds, then they have another series for teenagers and young adults. You'll learn a lot as well. Tuttle twins back Dotcom, Tuttle, twins, back dot com Wait. Do it today I dunno my mirror Tray, you know the thing and our economic strategy has worked. come on man and it still working that's what Yo Biden said yesterday economic strategy has worked. It is still working. Ok I mean I'm sure he seen while no, he hasn't maybe heard Now- probably not gas prices are kind of up food and housing up. You know eight per
and over the year, sharpers spike since nineteen. Eighty two, what he is the goal of your economic strategy. Dare I ask, Mr President, the the national average price of gasoline reached for thirty three, a gallon gang, We were paying about two eighty, eight, a gallon on average. In fact, do we have the If the slides the inflation protection graphics, this is all available now at Glenn Beck dot com. I talked about this, yesterday on the grandma who went through some of these these. These are the projections of what different products like a hamburger, are going the cost in future. Just based on inflation they're, saying that we have seven point: nine percent inflation and look at the way we measured it since we're comparing him to Jimmy Carter. If you look at the way, we measured it
in nineteen. Eighty, then we could compare apples to apples instead of apples to oranges. So let's use the same metric. That shows that we're at about fifteen point five percent inflation or a I can tell you that Larry Summers has said that we are looking at ten percent based on how we look at it now. So that's two points higher than we are. and percent inflation for the next ten years, baked in absolute positively. That's happening okay, so I ll be more like sixteen percent seventeen percent. But let's look at it. based on the way we calculated back in the nineteen eighties. When I was elected, a hair, burger was four dollars and forty cents today it six six dollars and one cents in two:
made twenty four November twenty twenty four just based on the alleged adjust based on inflation. nothing else, not a shortage. You know not we're getting out of beef, just inflation that hamburger that was for forty is projected b, seven dollars and ninety five cents, when Biden was elected gas Two hundred and eighteen where forty one today the projection not based on anything Russia or anything. That Biden has done inflation, five, eighty three, when Biden was elected, a gallon of milk was three he too today, it's three eighty nine. The note Amber twenty twenty four projection, just in inflation five dollars and fifteen cents? light bulb dollar Fifty seven! Now it's two!
fifty five in four twenty four three: thirty seven Biden was elected, eggs were dollar forty five, a dozen today there, two hundred and thirty, five, almost a dollar in inflation and the number twenty four election, the projection for is three dollars and eleven cents, bread. Now this one is. This is just based on inflation but you're, not be able to afford bread. I don't think the rest of the world is really going to be in trouble. We will, I think, have bread but it will be very expensive. This is just based on inflation. When he was elected, it was a dollar fifty. Today it's a dollar sixty seven November twenty four thousand four to twenty one house, average house was three fifty eight seven hundred now it's. Four hundred and fourteen one twenty three and no about twenty twenty four projection: five
one hundred and forty seven thousand eight hundred and eighty five last one when Biden was elected, a car was tooth. twenty, two thousand nine hundred and fifty one today thirty thousand six hundred and three November. twenty twenty four forty thousand four hundred and eighty eight again That's without any disruption that is just inflation, that is what's coming any of That's what he thinks is working as a problem by the I'm find all of these stats. Showing where Biden is failing us you can find it at Glenn, Beck, dot com. All of those stats and graphs are up there now so inflation is going through the roof, but I need to be a rocket science to scientists. You just have to I'll be wheeled into your nursing home room at ten
clock in the morning to understand, what's really going on are you better off than you were a year ago, I for one american say no gender, Lee speaking, Is your family better off today than it was one year ago, worse off than it was one year ago or about the same fewer than one in five said they were better off, while more than twice that number forty two percent said they were worse off another thirty six percent said they about the same here. I find incredible to me why would Democrats be in better shape than they were a year ago, because democrats- They say About the same thirty Forty two percent worse off! Twenty six percent! better off twenty nine percent. There's really
nobody even close to those numbers. Democrats, Republicans thirty one percent say about the same. Fifty six percent say worse off and a in percent, say you know: better independence very close to Republicans independence. Thirty, three percent about the same forty. Eight percent worse off seventeen percent better off. Why Why is that? Why you, that other then they literally show you this conservatives thirty two per and thirty two percent are about the same. Forty three percent of conservatives say they're worse off. Nineteen, and say they are sorry. Sorry have the wrong ones. Conservatives thirty two percent about the in forty nine percent, worse off aid, team per cent about the same will. Liberals.
forty four percent about the same, Twenty nine percent worse off twenty six percent better. How is that? How is that other than you just listening to the news, gauging what you're, seeing in the news and not why what's happening in your pocketbook as a possible This was a partisan who in some these types of poles, so that that could be part of the fact but I mean it's it it's hard to hide the stuff from people. They know when they're paying a lot more for things. They are aware of it. This is not something you can spend your way out of here. We're talking about like hey at taxes. or minimum wage or things things like that. That are like the economic power did we discuss all the time when it comes to our politics?
You know you can find a study here, a study there that supports you. You can't find a study that says seven dollars is less than the four dollars you can in common core math you can. As long as you show your work, you can yeah. That's true! That's true! Now the president said yesterday, there's going to be a new world order, Erica has deleted now, those are trigger words, a new world order. Here he is listen. you know we are at inflection point, hopefully the world economy, not just a world economy in the world. Her occurs every three or four generations. As one of my as they were, one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day. Sixty sixty million people died between one thousand nine hundred and one thousand nine hundred and forty six and Since then, we've established a liberal world order and that he happened in a long while lot of people die, but nowhere near the chaos and
The time when things are shifting we're going to be a new world order out there? and we ve got lead it. We ve gotta, unite the rest, a free one, doing it So this is him speaking. Saturday at a open business conference, but he had a closed door business conference according to the New York Post and the hill He joined along with cabinet secretaries. They met with ceos from from a number of major corporations Jp Morgan Chase Visa Bank of America, Lando Lakes, Cargill and DOW chemical- old. U S! Steel, Cofield, Exxon Mobil, the clean energy giant pattern which I've never heard of so it was not on his schedule, but he met with people. We don't know what they talked about other than we have to create
new, good, paying union jobs. or the cost for working families and tackle the climate crisis ha. Now. There's a story from Fox Business and you'll find one very similar to it and CNBC today, experts. eight american shoppers will begin to see higher grocery bills, as the war in Ukraine threatens global food supplies as the war continues to ravage Ukraine, Americans, particularly those living paycheck to paycheck, are beginning to feel the financial squeeze really they're just beginning these people in New York are so out of touch Let me wasn't Bloomberg that came out and said: if you make less than three hundred thousand dollars you're going to feel the pinch more right three hundred thousand dollars. I mean
that really bad inflation, when you could make three hundred thousand dollars a year and you're feeling it people are saying: well that not everybody makes three two thousand dollars a year. In fact, only a small portion, us of of people make that much money, However, if we continue with these policies, will all make three hundred thousand dollars real soon real soon everyone will yeah the Zimbabwe. They were making trillions a yeah it'll, be great it'll, be great, be great, but in that in that Bloomberg report if week, three hundred thousand dollars a year, here's what you do take the bus always out that what I do not take the bus, while I don't have a bus, let me know, is anywhere near my neighborhood. That would go. Take me here, the studios, most people, don't but system like that until you get into town. and stop eating meat. Stop eating meat.
Do you know you don't so cheating when you're avail, Jerry heaved tenacity me? Let me tell you, as America's only conservative vegetarian, I will tell you that eating meat is not a cheap way to go now that the food that they are making that actually taste halfway decent airspace waiting for it, it's not a cheap way to live now. Yes, you can get bags of lentils that are dry and probably shove them down your you know throat, and you can probably stay alive doing that blows I'm far as how people would actually eat if they, eating meat that cheaper you're not doing. Guess it's your saving money so you're wearing of relatively gesture that you give up meeting neat lentils, Europe right, they did say, lentils, honey. I get. If you go to the dry, that would dry storage area of your grocery store in and shovel out of the bag. Saying to day right, we're coming there now. I know the bugs are absolutely you want that cheap protein to eat the bugs eat. That's the way you do it yeah! That's an amazing
One two and it's such a dumb observation: if you make, and three hundred thousand dollars it'll be easier if you put, any number in their. It's always true. If you make less than eight dollars, it will be easy. It will be harder to deal with all these ardor nail women who make up let us in on such as super point. This is why, by the way people try to make more money right. This is why you attempt to do in your life so that when you have problems, you are able to do would them more easily and for more things you want and need. Now. I always true, I'm gonna, take it too. Why are we still listening to these people well there in sixty second stand by. Let me let me talk to you about Brian. He wrote in about his experience with relief factory says I have to give major kudos. I and been able to straighten my leg in almost a year because of pain, but after four
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relieffactor dot com feel the difference. Ten second station id So here's the Good NEWS at Calvary is coming to Canada. Yes, good, FED Chair Jerome Powell said inflation is just too high. What yeah is she he is, he sure Why are we still listening to these people, I mean, these. The ones it said doesn't exist were worry as our a deflationary vanity was transitory and then it was really it's transitory. It's no big deal. Ok, it looks like it's here but it's going to be over by the end of the supply chain, supply chains, all Russia. Every single excuse in the book has been used on this one it's really no help when
when leaders tell you the things you already know. You know It would have been good if you were a leader of the FED. It would have been good to come out a year ago and say the things we're doing right now are causing inflation. The things that we've been doing for the last few years, causing inflation and what we're doing right now is really going to stir things up we're going to have crippling inflation. We need to start making a move now in America, you need to start preparing, but they don't do that. Nobody prepares you for anything noble, prepares you for anything. We are now in a war with Russia China is going the other way, and it's about Ukraine Joe Biden took money from Ukraine, Russia, and China, president has been Compromised what decisions is he making an
any of it, based on the millions of dollars that he has received nobody's, even asking that question you weren't prepared to answer that question, because the average American who just heard the media tell you that, oh Do you laptop is bull crap, there's nothing to that. They didn't give you now any time for what could be happening. What could going on in our administration with a compromised president. Now come to a surprise, a surprise to a lot of people week. What hold it just say because are still only saying this is about? income taxes, this has nothing to do with hookers crack. income tax. This is every things to do with the press of the United States getting paid for favours while he was in office last time
very true by the way- and I should mention on Stu- does America tonight the fantastic show on police t v and wherever you get your podcasts, I will have Peter Schweizer on the show good he is talking about. He was, of course, one of the guys who broke the story, one of people who's gone. For he has the laptop he's gone through the entire thing. He has as all sorts of of details that nobody else has one of the interesting things he saying is the ECB. call Djimon of this laptop from the New York Times. He believes is the bite in administration, bracing foreign indictment of Hunter Biden. He thinks that that's Hunter Biden, great wonderful! But what bout attorney General Barr, who
I just came out and said I knew the President Biden was lying while he was on stage- and he said this was russian disinformation, then, Mr Attorney general, why didn't you say something to the american people? Were you saving it for your frickin book? Is there anyone that will tell America the true? Because it's the right thing to do the Glenn Beck program? Here's the truth, things are going to get worse in just a minute. I'm going to tell you about how the countries all over the world are now thinking about getting away from the? U S dollar, because of Joe Biden in what he has just done, please gold line. is launching a couple of specials for you. But I want you to find out if gold or silver is I eat. For you, I don't care if you buy
don't care what you buy. I buy everything from gold line because I believe in them I was a customer's a customer of theirs before they were a customer of mine. This week. They are launching the first item of a new series that I've made with them a one OZ, Silver Ben Franklin stand in love commemorative round. this is it's like a coin. It looks like a coin, but it's a commemorative round. That's important! Ask them! Why, on the back is Ben Franklin, original seal for the United States, and that is Moses and the Israelites between the between the Egyptians and a pillar of fire. It is fantastic call them right now: gold or silver or great hedges. Please
gold line eight six EC school. My need six six gold line place dvd com, Slash Glenn, provocateurs, Glenda, save ten bucks off your subscription to bleed tv. this is the Glenn Beck program. Let me give me one more story on Wednesday. That's tomorrow, night nine p dot m. I my Wednesday night Special is on the dollar and what you need to know about what is coming and honestly, I don't know, I really dont care what other people think do the show, too, for people who do not listen to the show I do this show for people who listen and people who are smart enough to do their own homework and understand, just because I it doesn't make it so
don't deal in conspiracy theories on this program. We deal with facts and Well, tomorrow, give you the facts of the new digital dollar that will be unveiled by Treasury Department and what it means to you give a flying crap what any, he says you need the information everybody else. Can you know me get on their own. I guess when they get there, that is tomorrow, but just want to give you a real, quick reason why you should pay attention this tomorrow. I just told do that. It looks like the FED is going to increase the the interest rate, not by another quarter per cent there now talking about one point: nine percent
for the year that will almost cripple us. How much is it still per point? Was it so every point was the interest rates go up on our national debt It costs us thirty trillion dollars over thirty years, which the same amount we would spend on our. tire national defense over that time period. So, if you think essentially the time you hear? That point goes up by just one point we're adding an entire new US military to our budget and that's just in debt. We're talking, about one point: nine, so that's two, militaries in thirty years and again, you are not getting any thing for this right. This is not like we're. Actually getting our defence doesn't get twice as good you're paying more money. to service that debt and by the way, how do you get paid?
to buy that much debt. You have increase the interest rate to say this is what we're going to pay you for us and borrowing that amount of money where, where at the we're kind of at the and here of people, just being it the look away from what is in absolute mass. Give me another story: the? U S has been extremely trigger. Happy happy with stinging economic measures and central banks may decide to diversify their portfolio of foreign reserves instead of relying heavily on the? U S, dollar, according the co director of the institute for the analysis of global security. As this from CNBC Central Bank. We are beginning to ask questions, said gal looped of the Washington based Think tank, adding that they are wondering if reliance on the dollar and putting all of their eggs in one basket is a smart idea. The united Aids has extended itself, it is
extremely trigger happy when it comes to the use of sanctions and other economic punishments loves the! U S took unacceptable and unheard of steps in recent weeks. Such effectively freezing central bank reserves. The overall pick sure is really not good. He said one in ten countries in the world is now under some form of US sanctions. this remark of one in ten. That has a cumulative effect and as a result, we see that the dollar playing less and less of a role and portfolios in central banks it does seem that, like at the very least is going to end in some sort of axis allies. Situation with half very world very is avoiding the dollar.
you know I mean eh. It doesn't seem like this is going to stick around for a long time and you know look. This is arguably the the president has say: there's gonna be a new world order right. This is those or his. By the way, not mine, but he there believing that this is lost, it does seem like that is what the conceit is here. I think he was making that point honestly in his first address, I mean he he was just leading people there managed to climb via managed to climb. He was just leading. People are saying you know. The real question is whether, if Democracy like ours can survive. I mean, I know the answer, but I mean the real question: can we defeat something like China, these authoritarian company countries, that can move so quickly? Well, I think didn't know the answer, and his answer is different than my answer and probably different than your answer, but not to the elites they think
way to go is to be more like China and that's when he said yesterday, newer lunar me that way, nor energy than he said it right now. new. He his dominant speeches, what would happen if one told you you had to say like twelve paragraphs, but you could not inhale so you have one. big brother, the beginning, and then you join the speeches, it's so bad, it's left man so bad, it's so bad, so That is what is that's what's happening now with the dollar, will give you all of the details on the Wednesday night Special now can we can we go back to President Biden and Ann Hunter Z. The thing that is incorrect,
Well, to me is that no one is really talking about the real damage the ring, you'll damage and will it matter if we throw Hunter Biden in jail because that's that's what will happen the press they'll indict him and the press will make it all about him and scandalous pictures and they'll make it all about. You know crack fuel parties and everything else and make him into a bad guy and make him into a bad guy but make it only about him being a bad guy. Then I am is constant: crack use and stealing money from all over the world and impregnating women and leaving them we gotta do a bad thing. why that watch the made my little do it, but you know, and we all know people have been caught and pictures sang ass. We all know
I don't have the crack rocks that he was smoking off the the hookers belly and make it seem bad. This sort of manipulation to get into. how is this possible all know and you're right what they will do if it gets this road in they lose control of it. They will make the hunt divided into the sacrificial lamb the role of the Perino. The person who goes to a minimum security prison for a year and a half years, and they will say we now with a wash their hands of it and it'll, be it at all, be there is no clearer impeachment. I'll than this one there's no clearer impeachment trial. This is a high crime. Here he was King money from other countries while in office Meanwhile, in Ireland and millions of dollars, early million when we say he we're not talk about hunter- that is
what this is all in the Peter Schweizer book. It's all in the in the laptop and all of all of the emails you have. You have people confirming that worked with Hunter on these programs confirming yep So what it mean we're sell it. We were sending money to Joe Biden. Into the media's unending, eternal disgrace all this was known before the election. These are people who are coming out. To national media sources before for the election The media made up their mind that two thousand and sixteen. They were all too tough on Hillary Clinton and her emails and they we're just you You guys remember how tough they were on Hillary Clinton right there. Literally how they saw that situation. We were
fought Hilary and that's cost her, the election and Donald Trump one. This time we can't make that same mistake. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. We have to stop this so happening again. May I just say that we were talking about Disney and its problems with the left right now and they have been yesterday they had a big meeting and they're going to reimagine their future no. That is the first time. I've heard those words in the last few years and I haven't had a coronary because that's what Disney should do is re. Imagine vagueness, very in the land of EV. Imagine asian everybody else is re imagining the police re imagining this my favorite this. This is coming from the loss Angeles times. Listen to this the fight. By the way, Is anybody really fighting against this against judicial nominee
I think, there's a real effort yeah, because their eyes they're not going to they have no chance of stopping at her. So don't don't overplay your hand. This is their theory by the way, yeah. Don't overplay your hand, don't give them a moment they're going to be able to come back and say, look what happened with X, Y and Z. I in some ways don't give them a cavern off, because that debt correct created a lot of energy on the right. The way they acted in that so, what's crazy, crazy is it's like if they're not throwing flowers at her? It's too much, listen this from the LOS Angeles Times the over the nomination of judge can it can g a brown Jackson for the in court is powerful evidence that our political system is broken like never before there is no plausible basis for opposing Jackson. Who has him? a qualifications about whom nothing controversial has been discovered. Oh my gosh, that's pretty! all encompassing yet her
confirmation. Hearings, which begin on Monday likely to be highly the this is written before the hearings. Okay, likely to be highly content, likely likely to be contentious, so here's what they found she he is unlikely to get the votes of more than a Republican, senator or two should get Mitt Romney lacking any crime bill basis for opposing her Republicans are turning to unfair smears. Smears in the world of law could credentials don't get any better than hers. A graduate of Harvard College Harvard LAW School. She clerk for judges in the federal district court, blah blah blah but lacking any grounds for opposition. Republicans are resorting to slime, some are criticizing her because she worked as a public defender
didn't even know she worked as a public defender. Oh I gosh. Is she going to be on the Supreme Court? I didn't know that. Did you know that stew, that's one of the worst things that could possibly happen to America, a public defender. That's now on the Supreme Court, she represented poor people or have not heard one, not one person to take care of the shoes, a public defender in a negative way. Nope? why? Why would they? Why would I part of legal system We all understand as part of the legal system, to the LOS Angeles time. What's really going on here is that Republicans believe that they can appeal to their political base by opposing any democratic pick for the Supreme Court, that there were to resort to whatever it takes all. Is that would Republicans didn't exactly they accuse her of rape yet cause? I I miss the aborted on that one. Have accused. Her of a murder have accused him of her out I mean you know. I will tell you I do here. I don't that Lindsey
is going to question her about a test she took in the fourth grade, oh, my god, oh my god yeah, and we can have somebody cheat on it ass. She cheated on that test. She cheated on that get out of their yeah get around who, as you know, her test on that. What happened on little house in the prairie- and you know she was supposed to read the book, apparently He didn't, and you know it's because its full, a white people, how understandable? Yes, that's the fight, we're gonna have a systemic. Yes, what they really is unbelievable and forget, believe Is it just me that just is like move on, because you can't it's did not feel that way they have to do their job, but I I I don't think it does not feel like a real effort if you're looking for full out, you know not Cavanaugh like a no one on the right once a cabin like attack,
at least a serious push back in an attempt to win over a couple of Democrats establish nomination, you're, not gonna, get it here yet you're. Not if the absolutely not- and you know what unlike the Democrats that think that everyone who opposes them has slime in their closet. Not everybody has slime in their closet. You find slime, you should expose. It knew you, dark times, Hunter Biden. You should expose it and she's going to be but don't make it up terrible Supreme Court justice and be wrong on every single thing, but she is qualified for the job she similar to cabin on the way the capital things should have gone, which is like okay. We disagree with everything you going to say about the constitution, but you're obviously That's capital, that's her, but that doesn't mean you don't push back against those things and make sure that people understand where she stands she's going to be. She doesn't recently, the constitution in the way that is Supreme Court Justice should these nominations have consequences, are right.
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eight hundred nine six, six thirty one, seventeen it's, I dot com promo code back the back program. My gosh? Can we please stop with Lindsey? Graham thank let's Stop the charade here with Lindsey, Graham remember that the only reason that people got on the Lindsey Graham Bandwagon is because he he was in the Kavanaugh thing. He was saying how bad the attacks were at everyone all of a sudden started embracing him he's always been terrible and has always been a terror choice for South Carolina in particular, where you could have somebody really good. He just he was just questioning Brown, Jackson and and and
point was I'm not going to hold it against you that you that you represented people and get mouth north anybody else, but I just think we should look at what happened to those people that were released. Oh whoa, what are you talking about now? Yeah, that's the worst argument. I've ever heard of John Adams also represented the British. Everyone deserves an attorney. What are you talking about you imbecile? This is the Glenn Beck program below me. Tell you american financing. What are you doing today to make sure you're financially set for the future? Are you working on any kind of foods, how are you looking into you know by extra of things, you don't have or saving money wherever whenever you can are you
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program
in February of two thousand and two in Donald Mack of any intelligence report. He talked about a plan, a joint military campaign against America that would be waged by Russia and China, and it had been drawn up many years prior to this. His source was the main intelligence directorate of the Russian General Staff, who had just defected Mckelvey, and he said he stated on his last visit to Moscow prior to his ninety two defection, the Russian General staff was still committed to fighting and winning a future nuclear war against America. The nuclear war plan is still on, they told him, but there have been some changes. No
Alger with russian troops be responsible for a follow up invasion of the lower forty eight russian forces would be responsible for occupying Alaska and parts of Canada, and the Chinese would be given responsibility for occupying the lower. Forty eight is this true. We think so, but what's incredible is this is one of the reasons why Pope Francis apparently is moving to do something unprecedented in Catholicism. We'll talk about in sixty seconds, so what is a hedge? a hedge is something that you have. You have something out here and I'm betting on this, but I'm going to hedge my bet and I'm going to place a bid.
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talk to you about something that I don't think a lot of Americans know about. I think Catholics might but they I don't know if they know what is happening: and how important? What is happening with the Pope, leave this Friday. Can you take us through slowly and explain as you go along absolutely so, as as you covered actually very often, we have being a global revolution for all heard last hundred years, but but especially in the last hundred years and very often, Heaven is very helpful in warning us of what's going on now,
One of the things that I want to do is wanting turrets your listers, not to trust what I'm saying to go and verify for themselves, because they can do that nowadays, soap. In nineteen, seventeen there was the most stupendous public miracle in the history of the world after the resurrection and essential of other Jesus Christ and happened. It was in October of nineteen seventeen October thirteen contact and you can go and look at the newspapers reports from all over Portugal happening Clump of Portugal in them in their at the core of our day area at the time in Portugal and that you, go and look at all the newspaper reports, trees, shepherd children, poor as church mice, couldn't read, couldn't write and were receiving visions actually from Heaven actually didn't know what they were seeing. First, they saw an angel eye in ninety the year before and are teaching them to pray in reparation
for sins being committed against our Lord and all the sins that we deal with normally, but in nineteen seventeen starting in May. They saw one from a Heaven. Are they later learned that it was the mother of Jesus who appeared to them? She asked the three little kids to show up on the thirteenth of the month for six consecutive months, so they started this and the rumors started to spread the you know. No one saw anything except a little kids, but they would hear these messages and they were secrets to be held, and so on. One of the first messages, one of the first visions that they saw was hell it was opened up before them, and they saw many people falling into hell and they knew it was for all eternity in a horrible that was, and they were told that this is hell with soul,
forcing US girls, submissions. What happens means unbelievable. Stop seemed by little children, seven, eight and ten years old at the time. And what happens is this? more more popular. In always things are, people are interested in stored Neri D. They think this is happening, but or showing up first by the hundreds, then actually by the thousands but other seeing three little kids kneeling down in a field middle of nowhere and they're just praying but they're, saying all sorts of extraordinary things and rumours start will. Mr so eventually thousands of people start coming such so much so that the government, at the time beer, which was leaning communist against religion hated. The catholic faith wanted to do away with it were like. Oh we're disturbed. This is terrible. There's many people coming out to this nonsense. So in August they forbid the three little kids August they forbid to going to their normal appointment. If you will at the Covina area with
the woman from Adam and ah they they have to skip because they're they're, basically arrested or threatened, and then they go back and they are told that in October it would be a miracle so that people could all believe what they're saying and MRS Stupendous, because the government at the time that again hate grape and wants to prove it seeing these thousands of people that by two carried tens of thousands showing up for this thing, has decided good let them show up in October, because we know that this is all be ass and well let these little kids make a fool of the catholic Church and will show everybody at this is all nonsense, and so the government doesn't risk
Rick the crowd, but they also encourage the media of the time. So your votes and the media are ready to absolutely bland base this and take a town as as their wants to do, and yet what happened so calm noontime way was posed, habit. It waning cats and dogs, already people I know what a sham this is, I'm sure the writers and the Fatah the fruits are going nuts with a story. This is going to be it's really juicy here. Are these idiots standing out here in mud everywhere, because in the middle of a field- and it's just disgusting.
And then the little kids kneel down the middle of this mud in disgust and a Lucy one of the three kids yells look at the sun. The sun begins to spin gyrate on it's axis and then throw off various colors, and then it starts to dance in the sky, and then it comes hurtling towards the earth so much so that people know there's seventy thousand people there can there's what does from everywhere photographing this and you can see in the photos the rain people all standing near an umbrella and it was horrible like a mighty, feel and then use new you. What happens? Is the sun Hurstwood the earth, they think they're organ
Dai people start kneeling down in the mud screaming out there. Sin thing you know repent. I repent their pets because they honestly think it's the end of the world and then all of a sudden just as fast as it started, and this by the way only takes less than a minute. Everything goes back to normal. The sun goes back to where it belongs. Everything is back to normal, except one thing is weird: everything is dry like there was no rain, so is a stupendous miracle witnessed by seventy thousand people and photograph, and I would encourage your readers to your your listeners to go and check it out check out the newspaper articles they're all over the net because it was so dependent, but this was Heaven's warning in nineteen seventy about what was to come to what to read for you, the exact words of the woman from Heaven. Our lady,
sounds like she calls her or the mother of Jesus as she would be known popularly. She said- and this is the account from the three little kids, that the oldest of whom was kept alive- actually sister, C a joined a convent later and lived in Coimbra, Portugal or in the convent, her little cousins. Your Cinta and Francisco both died at the time and they died of plague and and they suffered actually horrible deaths, but they offered the all of their sufferings in union with Jesus his own suffering, on the to expiate or to repair. But you ought to console our Lord for these outrageous of the sins of mankind ok, so I'm John Harry before we go on. Let me take a one minute break cause. I don't want to interrupt once we once we get in to what was said, because this is a prophecy of nuclear war and really kind of a warning to the Pope's,
do this or annihilation will come to many countries on earth, This is what Pope Frances now is doing. No other pope has done this. John Paul did a little bit, but it wasn't wedding, apparently and not according to exactly what the the last secret is, that only popes know What that last secret is, we can guess we'll have more in just a second can finance in animal ass. One eight do through three for that, Nmls consumer access, Org. We I'm telling you now for quite some time. I started talking to you in January. Before we knew Covid was Covid. I saw what was coming out of China and said: don't for the disease, fear the economic disaster that will come after the disease we are now feeling it and it is just beginning. So if you need to get your finances in order and you own a house, please,
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so we're back with John Henry Weston. He is the co founder and editor in chief of life site news, dot com, a genetic. there are three secrets that they were, that the kids were given and the first two, I believe, have been revealed and then the third one is the Prophecy of nuclear war or, or is that another that the second yeah it's a little bit complicated because of the way it is worded, so the first secret would have been division of hell that we already described okay in next or second secret, is what I'm about to read to exactly what the explanation of that vision was. The third secret, if you will, is a another vision that a receive and then there is a missing part, because
notice how, with the first secret or first was a bitter and then came part two explanation. Part three is another vision, accept there's no explanation this time, and that is what is it be the missing components and we'll get into that. So these are the words directly. our lady, the mother of Jesus from Heaven to the children. She said you seen hell with the souls of poor? go to save them. God wishes to escape listen the world devotion to my immaculate heart, and that is the you emotion to the heart of Mary, which beats for the love of Jesus, so um? If what I say to you is done, she continued many souls will be saved and there will be peace, war is going to end up as the first World WAR decision, banking, seventy, so the war.
We do em, but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the reign of Pius. The eleventh. No, that's very interesting because, of course, there is no pie. The eleven at the time. This is. Writing seventeen don't even have a pious, the eleventh and then she's, obviously then predicting the Second World war. She says, and she goes on to prevent this. I shall I'm to ask for consecration of Russia to my immaculate heart and the communion of reparation on the first saturdays and I'll. Explain what that isn't a minute. She says- and this is where the prophecies of doom come in.
My requests are heated, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and prosecutions against the church. The good will be monitored the Holy Father them. the vote will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. Ok then at the end. In the end, my MAC, you hardly triumph. The holy Father will consecrate rushed to me and she will be converted and a certain period of peace. granted to the world okay, so who is the pope during the first question? Who was the Pope during World WAR? Two that Pius, the twelfth is the Pope from a. I think it was forty two and
very interesting Lee. She tries to do this now, answer to Heavens request. There have been a number poacher tried, a lot of them didn't bother, not not lot. There's only Are you talking about because he is eight popes but past the twelve twice he could see the build up and in in October forty two already he does a consecration, but he doesn't do it exactly. The way our lady requested, if you notice in their request- and she said I will come back to ask when she comes back- it's it's actually, nineteen, twenty nine and I can read for you the as she says this is nineteen, twenty nine. So now the first two children have died or sister Lucy is in the convent, and our Lord appears to her and says the moment has come when God asks Holy Father to make an union law bishops of the world. The consecration of Russia that this is our names
the controversial Russia to my immaculate heart promising to save it by this means now the keywords our moms crumbled, God has asked for the Holy Father I spoke to make any union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia. Tonight I can start so. Here's the interesting part. So nineteen, forty two you have Pope Pius the twelfth try it in nineteen in October. First, so he tried it. He does the comparison yes of the world, not of Russia and he doesn't invite the other bishops. She sister Lucy already starts to write. Wait a minute didn't work because he didn't do it exactly as was asked for he tries it again in December same thing. Not involving all the other bishops, not mention Russia
mentioned Russia, but doesn't do it with all the other bishops, and so you know, there's tries, but again it's not done exactly no to to give an example of how severe it is to not do it exactly. I point you to recent articles. If you go to license, was dot com and check these articles. Recently there were a couple of priests who are watching videos of their own baptism and baptism the priest baptizing these little children who are later priests says We back tired you in the name of the fallen prey right right, and yet it invalided. Why? Because the word to Jesus taught for baptism there are used for structures are absolutely to be used and it will not use pirate baptisms enveloped its city I that take ok, so think of how small that is so the work so super important. So Let me take another break and I'm going to come back and now, when I ask you, what is the Pope doing and is it
because of you wrote in one of your articles this! This plays a role somehow or another with Ukraine, Kiev Russia, something about that. We think and the Pope all of a sudden has said hey. We have to do this. What he doing, and is he gonna? Do it right? and will will continue our conversation here in just a second. You can read all of these stories on life site news, dot, com, Lifesitenews, dot com. I know we have a lot of Chris listen to the programme, a lot of people that are are not catholic, I'm not catholic, but I think anytime. I do believe that God knows
what's going on. We should put our faith in God and not in man and any faith that is trying to appeal to Heaven. We should be aware of and pray for ourselves as well back in just a minute: the Glenn Beck program So if you own a vehicle, getting car shield is a no brainer. If you don't have a warranty, It really easy, very affordable to protect yourself from expensive car repairs. When the time comes and believe me, the time always comes car shield offers protection plans for around a hundred bucks a month and covers more parts than ever before, and when you need a repair, you choose the mechanic and car shields administrators handle the rest. You don't have to wait for a check or anything else planned for car shield include coast to coast, roadside assistance, rental car options and trip reimbursement at no extra cost
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welcome to the Glenn Beck program. We're so glad that you're here, the Pope is doing something beginning this weekend. This Friday, he is fulfilling something that was started in nineteen seventeen if he completes it correctly John Henry Weston is with us he's. Is the co founder and editor in chief of life site news, dot com we've been to king. About Fatima, if your Catholic, you know what that means, but it was something that happened in the soul, town in Portugal, with three little kids and our lady of Fatima Emma Head invited the the Pope and the all of the Bishop it's to consecrate Russia to the heart of the the immaculate heart now here is the here's. The thing
that I have so far. John Henry Lucy The main girl who survived is she was given the prophecy the time so she predicted correctly or you know given information about world war. Two in nineteen seventeen- I have read that he is I these are poor. Little kids in a know, nothing town. She didn't even know what the word Russia meant at the time factory and and then she also says that various nations, if this doesn't happen with Russia. Various nations will be annihilated then, and now Fifty seven when it's still not done she says, Holy Father you got to. Please do this because many nations will disappear from the face of the earth. Exactly okay? So now several pubs have tried it, but what brought this pope and I don't mean to offensive, but I this pope,
doesn't seem like Real Catholic Catholic Pope. You know me and what has brought this Pope twenty two, do this a very interesting question, because this pope, ah, if there's two things for one, we have the perfect setup like never before. So you have Russia attacking Ukraine. You brain under fire and it's bishops, the bishops of Ukraine, who are Russia begging. The pope, please consecrate Russia to the heart as already animal breasted, so that suit all by itself so very much. There is now pressure on the Pope and the world's bishops to do this like there never ever has been before. In addition, this is very strange where you might say if Francis, for instance, is all about. I do something unique: hey, no. Does Israel hundred years when asked- but nobody has- I can do this. This is really
because it is really simple effect for kids could understand it. All you have to do is get together with all the other. Russia can do this cooperation mentioning Russia specifically, so let us do it may be that I don't know, but he's also got routes, but this is the Pope who fired Cardinal Burke, whom just dismantle so much of the church, so he's gotta hoots by that we haven't seen in the papers he probably ever making beat. Maybe during the medieval times So let's say either. The lot of people are all being it'll, bring about not only Russia's conversion but the Pope's conversion to, and then he can turn it back on all the other stuff so we try not to hide your feelings. Yeah. Is also, though, isn't there another prophecy that talks about. When the Pope travels to Russia, if he had and on this I thank travels to Russia and meets with
Russia that that's a bad thing. Is it at all. Yet there are all sorts of prophecies about Russia being the instrument of justice, but which, in fact are lady mentions, mentioned the kids. That this would happen. A lot about the many nations would be removed from the face of the earth if the conversion of Russia had not been obtained beforehand and business are big issue and the the Russia is obviously right now doing massive harm to Ukraine. threatened threatens nuclear war, so we're back meddling a cobra days were actually really on the cost. This is a real possibility, many people are sort of the fleet to it does also another weird dick in thirty three Jesus appears to Sister Lucy and says: hey, they haven't thought it yet this is only four years into when the made in twenty nine and they're following the footsteps of the king of France. The reason that
Worst thing is because there was a one hundred year span between a request for the king of France to consecrate France, to the sacred heart of Jesus wasn't under one hundred years, one hundred years to the day after that request was made and unfulfilled by the kings of France. The kings of France were removed and they weren't killed yet, but they were moved. They were deposed and then later killed and our Lord said to Sister Lucy in nineteen thirty free they're. Following in the footsteps of the king of France, and they will suffer the same misfortune- show that hundred your time on very important goods coming up you're. Twenty nine is the one Your time on the end of a hundred your timeline, so there's it there's a time component to this speech. This is well so, whatever France's is doing it for thing that he's gonna, do it for his interesting. However, just on funding branches learned all of those who keep up with family very clearly very much because then talked about its grating all humanity
and then Russia, Ukraine, and so a bunch of experts in Fatima, in fact, Trump today's interview. I have withdrawn father, whose witness numerous books on this real alarm. Getting this wrong at this point could hasten or The idea is that I mean honestly, even if you don't believe it collapsed, I magically the pope and I'm like Okay, so what did she say? All right, it down. I would be like doing it word for word and then I'll do something else. You know then I want you know that I want to take everybody up for milkshakes or whatever. It is, but you do that correctly, and that's been the debate for the last hundred years. because political reasons and whatever else and inconvenience or whatever what could possibly be the political reason or the inconvenience
the political reason was exacerbating the already tension between the orthodox and the Catholics in Russia, perhaps leading to persecution, and so all these things are there, but one interesting part of what to get before we close. Is that remember that second part of the secret or the the third secret? And then there's no explanation well, the third secret was about death and destruction. You basically yeah. The Pope there any stepping over bodies in Rome of all sorts of religious and lady and people, and any up a mountain and he's there praying with other priests and so on, to get shot and chill, and so that secret wasn't reveal until nineteen sixty eight user. What's both revealed Monkey sixty wasn't until two and but there's a missing part, the explanation of recently beginning the escalation of that well interesting Lee other measures related to related to because they would never release that were from a cheetah and
They are alarming to they speak again about the same thing October. Thirteen making seventy three do people want to look it up. A key to Japan are legal peers too a non by the name of Agnes sauce I gotta wash and she says relating it to Fatima, as I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves the father that means God the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all of humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge. That means the flood such as one a will never has been seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good, as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead show. The cancer is the kind of thing we're looking a to avoid and perhaps asking for if we don't get this right. Ok, real, quick! I've got about ninety seconds MAX. Tell me what Catholic should do too did they call their bishop or they should.
The call their bishops and ask them to consecrate Russia in union with the Pope. to the immaculate heart of Mary. But the most important role for lady is what she asked us, because having had a request not only to the Pope and bishops, but also for all Catholics and all faithful, Rockville, and that is to make the first Saturday devotions to pray the holy rosary two and which is a beautiful prayer. You can look it up like life said it's all. You you'll find all the well there, it meditation Electric Christ with the prayers, but it is the fight for Saturday devotion, meditation, receiving communion going to confession. Confessing. Your sins meditating on the life of Christ, the mysteries of the rosary after fifteen minutes on the first Saturday of each month for five consecutive months really simple stuff. Most people have never done it. We have a role to play, and this is it it's all about making reparation to the sins committed against Jesus and his holy Mother
because it is you, you see what we're doing you cover every day, what we're doing in terms of sending this world and we need to repent for it, because God is a just God, as well as merciful, God, but his cup of mercy is running out We can. We have just extended it. I will tell you I. I grew up Catholic and went to I used to go to church all by myself on Saturdays. I was a weird little kid, but I prayed the rosary MA most every Saturday. A long time and it is really truly when you do it right and you're meditating on the life of Christ. It is a very very fulfilling thing to do so. I urge you, if your Catholic, I might just join you. I urge you, if you Catholic, to do that for next four weeks, John Henry. Thank you so much. Thank you good to be with you. Please do say that rosary witness it. I will pray one for you, especially thank you got less, but by back injustice
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state, I trust, dot com, it's a free service to you. Estate agents, I trust dot. Glenn back joined the conversation. Eight eight. Seventy seven be easy. hello and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. We're so glad that you're here today. Thank you so much for listening. You know, as I said earlier today, I can't do a show for somebody who doesn't listen. I do it for you and time changing the seasons have changed and I'll. I just I was very deep: times are changing in that know what it reminds me of something that might my one of my he personal heroes, complex
recitals, and we said- and this is, I think, we'll hit you at home like writing right where I was saying. The governor and I and we were all we're doing a tour of the library here and talking about the significance of the passage of time right, the significance of the passage of time. So, when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time one terms of what we need to do to lay these wires. What we need to do to create these jobs- and there is such great significance to the passage of time when we think about a day in the life our children- about children wow. Think about thought about the significance of the past the only time only when she was speaking there, I was thinking I was about four times. Then I thought about this: a significant amount of time to waste less than ten were know. What I mean I I mean. Maybe it was
it's me. I don't mean to be cruel or insensitive. Of course, nah. She know she's an imbecile yeah like this is not the Joe Biden problem. This is not Biden who gets lost she's an idiot. She just she's in it and she's trying to act like an authority on something she's, seemingly never understands Dan Quail had one time wondering in one ties belt potato in a way even some said, was correct. Correct generally, that the accepted right okay, one time, one time she it's out there I mean then quit we should have him on the air. Dan Quayle is gonna, be going come on, it's gotta, be so pissed he's gotta be pissed, it's unfair and they no one seems to care with Carmella Harris. No one. Seems to mind it. I mean he's literally very weak heartbeat away from being our president. Somehow. You remember what the ukrainian refund the former
a presidential aide said like the right hand, man to the president no longer working there, so he he was clear to say it. I guess: did you hear what he said when she was in Ukraine? She's, like you know where we at the north or the EAST or west, You know any things are bad, but they could be good. He came out and said pretty much The world is screwed. If she ever becomes president- and he was like it's a disaster this woman ever becomes president and it it's true. It's me you think are youth, think our allies sense weakness he's clown shoes away from being the center ring at the circus it's so embarrassing. How do you rise to vice president of the United States? With s social justice- I guess that's it.
We do know that Joe Biden, had. He would eliminate approximately ninety seven percent of the population when choosing his vice presidential pact, because it was going to be a as a woman of color, I think he said, was that maybe it was the a black woman for the Supreme Court, a woman of color, so it's a little bit less than these six percent, but he eliminated the overwhelming majority of the population when looking for the most part five percent, which of course means you're not looking for the most part If person, Qatar G, Jackson might be the most qualified, liberal justice here right. Obviously, she sees the constitution much differently than we are, but she she does, A good resume, and maybe she is the most qualified right. Maybe she it's but we'll never know, because he didn't even look at any of the irish reasonable who were qualify. We more than eight of Americans or the white people any of them. I would be so offended, I mean honestly Why does swimsuit guy with a weenie in his pants? What's this
Italian, Thomas? Okay? So why too a good you knew why have started about it? You did. The scripture was right. If I were so, you know why you see on the girls team, because he I want to be on a special transgender team. He wants to compete with everyone, look at what he just did what Joe Biden did with Supreme Court Justice, the opposite. It's the exact opposite you're, not on you're, not on the team, where everybody plays you're on a. she'll team over here, and I'm only get a look at these people. That's in in talk to her completely absolute insult to her and not one that I think she deserves nope? But again, if that, if that was true with her, I guess she would stand up and say: look now, look at everybody
Don't look at just black women if you want to name me five, but look at everybody else. First, before you innately announce it, but that would have been a real response from somebody who actually cared about the most qualified person. This is the whole program.
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