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Biden Hints at FASCIST Emergency Powers on Abortion | Guests: Betsy DeVos & Jason Whitlock | 6/17/22

2022-06-17 | 🔗

In the possible wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, the Left is ready to enact radical policies to keep abortion easily accessible. Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos joins to discuss her new book, "Hostages No More: The Fight for Education Freedom and the Future of the American Child." Bill O'Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, including SCOTUS and the gas price crisis. Author Michael Malice joins to discuss the week's news, including the unconstitutionality of the recent gun laws. Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, shares some insight on George Soros' newest passion: buying Hispanic radio stations. BlazeTV host of "Fearless" Jason Whitlock discusses his latest controversial article about LeBron James.

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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program amerika and welcome to the club back programme that seed of os former sectarian education that are beyond with us here and just a second standby for that also team leyden is working hard to make sure that we
have access to abortion. So if the supreme court comes out and says what we hope, they're gonna say the the president, is going to possibly enact emergency, medical order, we'll be who will lucky enough to have another emergency order where the government, the federal government, could tell us exactly what we can or cannot do. It's fan asking also george Washington is the next to be cancelled and come all areas now as well, stay whitehouse, commission speech, We can and cannot say can be a fun friday up. We start sixty seconds people
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be in that seventy percent relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dot, com or call Eight hundred for relief, one eight other. The number for relief, really factor dotcom, feel the difference well hello, Stu, I dont know if you ve gotten the good news, but Brian Stelter is down to his final weeks, if not days at cnn,. This is now assume an official statement from cnn. Well, no No, but apparently they Internally, saying that you know they are brine, spelter is the chief example of what everything the new company hated gosh darn. It couldn't happen too.
Nicer per person. Why it's one thing for a host time out and they have all sorts of like opinions, and you know that you like, for example, dom lemon I'm not a fan of don lemon, don't think he saw them like a show at all, but a his opinion guy supposedly that comes out and says what he believes. In the middle of the night, and I guess I'm I'm supposed to be interested in that I can take it out. Seltzer, though, doesn't presented self. That way, though, he does do a lot of a lot of opinion on his broadcast, it seems- and maybe that's the toyota holding, should there trying to strengthen. I always thought it was. I thought I was always lies because he does present himself as an authority. Everything and there's a difference. You know I will tell you the facts that I know, and I will tell you then my opinion about it and what it means
brian just goes on as a journalist and saying this is about being prepared, does it was an is a dinosaur and they need to be they need to be round into oil is the way we can get a cleaner planet. All conservatives must be ground in doha, oil do. I don't think there's health related foresee at, and you think that the the cnn approach from this new company are they going to do It does seem like they are attempting to at least communicate to the public generally, that they want real change, and they realise that what they were doing before does not work. Yeah, yeah well, it'll depend, I mean it's kind of like Joe Biden he said, he really wanted an end to the chaos. You know he just monitor, make america normal again. You know, so we were
doorways. You know up in arms about everything, yes, my eyes. We'll see we'll see about that. I think that as a real real doubt. I think the american people think at this point. If This administration has brought us back to normal. We don't want normal, Ok, let me tell you something from the new york times. I think you're gonna love this Biden as already put together a team, to come up with options in case versus wade is overturned, including dick during a national public health emergency now still gas you wish. There was someone that could have warned the american people that this administration is just gonna start issuing national
emergency. It might be a time to remind people to subscribe to blaze, tv at blaze, tv dot, com, slashed glenn, with the accolade to save ten bucks yeah alright, ok, so here's what it is in case they overtook. Ro versus weighed the intent of the binding administration is to make sure the de approves abortion pills that would override. Any state bans on abortion, so you could, you could buy the pills, they'll send him to you, and you know you That way you will be able to roll around in pain on the floor of your bathroom and it'll, be wonderful, see they care about women. The The abortion team is overseen, by the white house lawyer, Dan arenas, Dana remus, she's, the direct
of the white house gender policy council. Now. Can I ask you this. The united states has a entire council on gender in the white house are being that seems like something that you know. Maybe the white house shouldn't be in aged in what you know what a whole council do. They have an office. Is there like a wing now a gender wing is disturbing. Chain of events here. I really thought that this was simple. You know, they're they're really was a time, and it wasn't that long ago that it was pretty easy to figure out there was a boy. There was a girl. We, we have all understood. There was the man, and are from mars, and women are from venus thing like how many planets would you need now to put this together.
Oh, you, only need one, because there is no difference between any of them and we can identify anybody so just kind of like it. You know the grand central planet whatever planet that his and I think we ve actually been transported to that planet Stu. I guess I don't recognize. This is the earth I grew up. So dinner dinner of Dana remus is a part of it. She is the gender policy council, also a jennifer klein she's, the director of the domestic policy council led by susan rice, which I just love that now The plans under consideration is to bring abortion doctors to work on U s military bases within states that ban abortion. So not only is your government remember, we will never pay for abortion crate dac spared. Guard overboard. Now our
military base will in abortion center? I gotta tell you at some point. I stop paying taxes. I don't know what that point is because I really don't want to go to jail. But at some point you just your your morally your what you will be morally convicted for this one jib I mean why you're tax dollars going to pay for military. That is also performing abortions against the law. Look, I I agree with you on being unworldly, though I will say if I adopt that standard, I'm going back to I'm going to have to break in, HU, the irs offices, and reclaim a lot ex dollars that I did not feel morally, would that were acceptably paid. You know
you get stuff. You go down these roads and it's like. I don't stand for a lot of stuff that by taxes go to bed, I don't stand at all, even for the tax itself. I consider it to be essentially theft and the first I would like to go and appeal the sixteenth amendment to get rid of it forever, but that being said No, that that's not really high. Thank you. I think, there's a federal case to be made. I mean I really do I mean I'm not wondered, who are not paying taxes protest, because I know what would happen to me. I would be in a very, very dark cell and never heard from again, so you know and that, but I I also believe that rule of law, but is there not a case to be made that you said first by tax dollars, won't go to pay for abortion now, you're using the military to break the law
that the supreme court just said the states have the right. You're using the military to do it anyway. There are also there also looking to providing federal funds to give travel expenses to those who want an abortion, so they don't go to the military base. They'll just said you know what guess, who got guess who, as a free trip to new york, abortion clinics, you do you do and you do.
So that's a that's a that's! That's that's a you know, that's really good! By the way he talked about this with Jimmy kimmel, he said I'm looking at different things that can be used as executive orders. This goes back to the show we just did this last week. Fdr is a is the most executive orders will be, I think, he's in the end it well knows he had four terms but he's going to be close to fdr on executive orders. He's pulling everything from the executive office, everything yeah- and that was his big goal right to try to become the next fdr, and that was as big a goal behind the scenes. His advisers were talking him into it, be bold, be the next fdr and of course he may get to some of the records that, after our set over four terms, which are to be things like inflation and debt and utter catastrophe, yes right, so let me give you this one, the vice president.
Kamala Harris has announced the launch of a task force to address, online harassment and abuse Harris raise the task force into remarks as a means for societal progress who we need. We need the claxton airborne for this one. Whenever you hear societal for progress, societal progress, you should look out. No one should have to endure abuse just because they are attempting to participate in society. Gosh. I don't think I can take that. I don't think I can remain silent on that cause boy. Would I love to show you the abuse I've taken just so I can participate in society a memo on the taskforce released by the white house, condemned gendered this formation and proclaim the admins?
region will be developing programmes and policies to address online harassment, abuse and information campaigns targeting women and algae bt q. I plus these are going to stop the harassment, the abuse and the this information on those who are public and political figures, government and civic leaders, activists and journalists in the united states and globally. I think night could be wrongs do, but I May I right, I think that rings the big warning bell on the first amendment. This is government now curtailing speech yeah. I think you're right, and you know I know I understand they have to give Kamel us something to do other than just utter nonsensical me no jibbering in earnest.
Beach here and there a cause? That's been pretty much a role so far I know she's will solve the border she supposed to solve a think ukraine for a while. Now they ve got her on speech, but I dunno to me when you start doing stuff like this. You really do walk that line of a first amendment violation and I will not be surprised if it if there's any teeth to it at all that places. Texas will start suing over it. Do you know I gotta tell you. I am so sick of europe, your misinformation and this information on commonly harris here she is. This is brilliant. This is from the speech where she was talking about the internet I think we all can learn from this system, while the internet is an essential part of life in the twenty first century, can't get around it. Can't get around without it was fantastic,
such really got? We did bills right out over yet we deal. She can't keep it inside, it's amazing, everyday. I knew of deep thoughts. You get the other day the thoughts dot com. You can see the whole collection of these, which is sort of like there s an owl, deep thoughts from back in the day, and they just how like some of the ink now knowledge and inspiration that comes from camilla Harris every single day, the one year Today we do we have adopted on if we haven't handy, but it is it's. Ok, what let me do a commercial and then you will come back and do a deep thought here in sixty seconds standby verse, it's Lifelock there is a nice thought out there? What, if you didn't, have to worry twenty four slash, seven about the likelihood of I don't know crime cybercrime. Can you imagine what we could accomplish if the world was
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Join now save up to twenty percent of your first year with a promo code back one, eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelock or life dot out comic trees. A promo code backs a twenty five percent off now. Lifelong dotcom are right. We have the former secretary of education, betsy divorce, joining us in just a few minutes. First, ten second station, I d and then vive thoughts Really and now the besides a common harris We will work together and continue to work together to address. These issues to tackle these? allergies and to work together as we can.
Continued to work operator. From the new norms, rules and agreements that we convene together on, and I know we will work on this together wow. This has been. How does she do? She said she'd by carmella harris yeah. I was powerful. That was powerful right, that's good, it is. Ok quickly before before betsy divorce roles in, let me tell you washington, post last month, published an op ed by a student from georgetown university. Whining vague You are the worst fill in the blank now. So, how this university is managed to carry the shameful name of george washington for over two centuries, but now although righteous degeneration of the woke has reached such a level of her linas that it cannot possibly be contaminated by the
aim of a less righteous monster. Like george washington member, I don't drop said this is coming in their like known for a direct dialogue, students at the university must break its ties with white supremacy and systematic racism by cancelling? its two hundred year old name and renaming it now you're ready me comex university a but he wasn't a racist rob and activists. Rand. Others like goods like taking mother teresa university, worry naming it for peace and love. Maybe the adolf hitler university activists ran to lay a college student might be shrugged off well in the old days, but now. They have already gotten rid of the colonials because its it's an aim that just doesn't unify the special com
That was a simple assembled to figure out what to do with this. Obviously, evil name the colonials. It doesn't match the values of joy. Washington. Ah they are now they are now looking at and they're now looking at george Washington, so that is as great now I don't know they're going to they're going to they're going to rename the team, but I can't think of meeting, why was going to say the george washington human beings? But those human beings are really really hard about the george washington trees. You know because who to treat the way a tree. We all love the trees. We should be planting more trees, hey, maybe you could have as many trees on your team as you would want, because we should be planting those trees and raising those trees. It might be
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It's podcast. We have betsy de Vos joining us next, the welcome to the flown back program of a friend of the program and a friend of well. I don't know if she's ever I dunno, I just have to disclose my sister works for the de vos family she's, a chef. They never talk politics. She, my sister, my sister, is always like
yes, I'm the sister of Glenn back, can we talk about anything else? Betsy divorce! The former? U S, secretary of education! She has a new book out called hostages. No more, I will tell you that you know trying to get me to read a book on education is not exactly a light me on fire kind of idea. This is probably the most important book on education that you can read right now, and it is it's actually really really good, and I don't mean it's a sound horrible, but I mean access to, but this is a rate great book and has some real solutions at it. From a person who has been destroyed in the media and always look made to look like she's, you know he was born of the silver spoon in her mouth and you will be
maize, to hear her real story in in the book. Betsy divorced joins us now. I betsy good morning glenn, it's great to be with you this morning. Thank you. Do you even know my sisters? Have you ever met? My sister has here, worse for your mom, my my mom? Yes, so am I an eighty nine year old mom and she, ah she loves your sister and I know, has a really appreciated her work for several years: good, good, good, she's, a better person than I am but betsy. I want to talk to you want to talk to you a couple of things that you have now you're going to be joining me for a wednesday night special next week and we're really going to get into some solutions and things. But I I want to ask you some questions that
No, you said you walked into a bureaucratic nightmare. That was a little shocking even to you of just even try. Tell a story of trying to get the books from the basement delivered to schools. Yes, it's illustrative of how difficult even the simplest things were to accomplish. So we found out soon into my term in office that there were thousands of books that had been donated to distribute two kids. When members up in our part of part of the department or going in visiting different places, but they ve been down. Therefore, probably years- and we said we need to get those out and we want to share them with kids they're, not doing any good sittings in the storeroom. It took us more than a week to find the one person who had one key to open the door and then only partially heard it yes, and this
it will only came into the bill, hang one or maybe two days a week, and that was made that within a good stretch and then we finally got the door opened and the storeroom unlocked. Then he informed my team that nobody could move the books, because the eu in workers within the building had to move them? And so we had to close the door again and and wait until it could be coordinated between the man with the key and the our union workers as part of the law and yet the number of books we wanted his horse. At that point we said: let us take as many as we can possibly put somewhere else, so we can access them. So that was just
it's a small illustration of a the difficulty of operating in a massive bureaucracy. So betsy when you got in, I mean you see, what's happening to our schools now, since you left it is that the the teachers unions have taken over it, it is become madness, absolute madness and it seems to be all coming from the teachers unions when you When you came in to the administration, could you did you oh that all of this stuff was on its way and you dive subvert it it or stopped it. At least temporarily, while were in this happen, Been planned for years well. I saw a million, The families in the last two years have seen but I've known for more than three decades and that is the massive failings of a government run
monopolistic system? That does not is not focused on serving kid, and this was made, clear to families in the last two years, with all of the lock down from coal bed. Kids out of the classroom for months on end mask mandate. And then, when kids were learning remotely, families were seeing close up. How what there we're learning or not learning and many many cases they were very upset with what they saw, whether it was curriculum that was totally antithetical their values or whether it was not a robust delivery at you know that the the actual material was with not even show
I'm going to their children. It is it whole range of things, but the result being families across the country are upset and they rightfully want to have more control over their kids education. So it's an ideal time to be talking bout, giving families that, in that ability to control indirect their kids, education, youth and in the book that education is the least disrupted industry in america would mean well. Education first is a large industry and many will to push back and say well, no education is special, it's different, but the real quality, is in when you work in washington, d, c and education. You see close up first hand the
massive number of organizations that are all organised to protect and defend and expand. This one size does not fit them. There's an alphabet soup of organizations and they're all loaded with lobbyists and they're not advocating for kids the problem, the teachers union, the government, or are they the same thing now, while I think they become very synonymous with the same thing, because ninety nine point, seven percent of all the monies that are reported, the political funds contributed art, go directly to democratic candidates or office holders. And you know I know, first hand the the power or they have wielded over members of that party in in even to the point of
bullying people into switching their ideas about how they should be helping kit and and I talk about this with corey booker senator Corey booker, who, with whom worked for many many years before being becoming secretary of education. And who was a mayor in new jersey and then came a senator and with the designs of running for president, wanted to make sure he didn't upset the teachers union? Well, he turned his back on kid in order to fall in line with the demands of the teachers, unions and all of their allies, and it's it's it's a sad. It's a sad example of what happens when we need you note the cycle of paying into the. Do that to your teachers, union members or schoolboy union members, because many more men member
it. Many more individuals than just teachers paid by taxpayers. Funds go you for union dues and then all of union, do that our turned around and used to fund can candidates and office holders to again satisfy the demands of of what the school unions want. So betsy? I've been saying that you know I've. I've met some bad teachers. I've met a lot, a really great teachers that truly care and wanted the right thing, but I is it too harsh, because what I've been saying lately is, you know even the good teachers, if you paying the union dues, which you don't have to legally do any more. If you're still paying those dues- and you don't have a problem with that. You are
kind of part part of the problem, because your dues are going to fund. All of this outrageous behaviour. Is that too harsh? While it is true that almost all of the union dues and the political monies coming out of the school union, go to continue to fund the same system and perpetuate the same problem. I agree. There are many many great teachers when I talked with, I actually solicited to have a round table two round tables of teachers who Ben teachers of the year in their states or their districts, and very soon after that, went back after their year of recognition. They had left the classroom, they had quit teaching
and I wanted to understand why and listening to them. It was almost to a person that they, when they came back, they were told- and you know various ways- you've had your day in the sun. Now it's time to go back, getting your. You know get in your box beyond page thirty, two of this curricular book on this day and a and- and you know, don't stick your head up above. Above ground and try to do anything different and the great teachers should have the opportunity for career tracks as teachers to develop your younger, more inexperienced teachers, but instead great teachers are made to feel like they shouldn't be so great. In too many cases I was just listening to the was his name: Johnny Horton north to alaska and some of his songs. The other day with my son- and I said you know this guy- he was a history teacher and he wrote the songs to help
each history, my son, said I would love that. That would be a fantastic teacher who, like me, I will you can't really do it anymore. You got it, you gotta, do it the way? Everybody tells you to do it better, Thank you. So much for being on the name of the book is hostages. No more. She has real solutions. It's all about education, freedom, she's, joining me next wednesday on the Wednesday night special, which is all about. What's going on in our schools, grabbed the book. It's an important book, it's actually a really good, read and you're going, I mean I don't know, if you know this, if you watch the mainstream media, you know this, but that's ie is Her father is the guy who started american way way and when she was young there was no over spoon? They were just starting the company, and she knows what it takes to build a business to work hard and what common senses betsy divorce again the name of the book, a must read hostage.
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w w that animal, less consumer access, dot, org clan joined the conversation. Eight eight. Seventy seven be easy. This is the Glenn Beck program so of you saw my instagram posts last night here from the ranch, but my my son kildee, a diamond back rattlesnake yesterday, I got, and you know it's just not something that you ever think you're going to do. You know you'll get up in the morning like you know, I'll, go, kill me some snakes, but he moving. Some logs there were building a corral for the calves, and so he was moving some logs and is he picked up? Why
log and was throwing it on the tractor. He He saw two little baby bodies that we're like the size of your hand, so cute and aid. They jump and then the mom mom bunny jumps out and he's like. Oh, this is so great and then hears and he realizes it's a rattlesnake and it's it's kind of coiled up there. So he grabs his gun and shoots it. And the head is now gone and that snake moved, moved, coy old and defended itself strangely, for like twenty minutes, it was the creepy as thing I've ever seen. Snakes crete me out as it is. Yes, a headless snake is like okay And everyone notices those he heard tat. They are the source of all sin and so basically, sales are awful, but like the so you this, they didn't have a head.
And not only not him to move but seemingly continued to think? What is is that power it was weird you yeah, he would go to go to grab it at a program. I went to grab it and it started that the head part move towards his hand its if there was no head there why but they had was kind of move towards them and then he he picked it up in it a coil around and it was ok, that's just creep I saw the footage of this at you posted it on your instagram page act, ratcliff back in case you don't follow glenarm instagram, and you see you see, you don't you see it moving still at it seems like if not even right after the incident like that snake is still moving in. It seems like you, ve had time to come outside joke about it. You ve talked about it and it still sitting on the ground. Moving
I was on the air the last minutes of being on the air yesterday and I heard the shot gun blast and So when I finished beyond the air I went out that was like five minutes later I go. I go back into the broadcast I grab my my camera and I go back out It's still doing it, then he picks up, make up and cut It a little deeper from where the head is. You know that was not there, but he cuts it a little deeper and its steel moves around for about twenty or thirty minutes. Oh my god, I'm never going outside again ricky for birdie. I could never live in Australia. This is it. This is the line back programme. I'm hilary that reform in a buzz, buzz and offer them Here's your welcome roma children.
Not going to go, see that or you I mean I don't have kids it, but I I like that series, but I'm just not interested. I like TIM Allen as buzz lightyear- and I know it was a political decision had to be and the other problem is you know they they ve gone all woke with it. I'm not enter Yes seen all that way. At least that's the second time, and I'm not all that interested either. My kids would probably you know they're in that age group were, they would probably enjoy haven't seen although toy stores, I think, maybe they seen one of them- I don't know but so maybe that you know the edge of my seat for it. Have you seen the boy boys on netflix or amazon. Well, do you know a friend mine has been recommending this, like crazies at a superhero? Look at our superhero thing, it's a dark! Superhero butts. Do I have to tell you I just watch this season. I ve seen the pass seasons and it is it is so foul with sexual
quality, and I don't mean I dont mean gaze. Really I just mean, it is so it is the things they do Just thrown in our absolutely pornographic shady friends is what you're saying
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the Glenn Beck program,
Where did bring? It is friday, which means mr bill o is joining us. Now, it's the weekend of fathers day, I'm wondering if he's gonna have a suggestion of maybe a book. Good bye for fathers day I dont know, will I am waiting with bated breath to find out that and of course, the biggest story of the week. We begin therein sixty seconds, you know, I hear from people all the time who, right into they, show a year stories about people who lost the ability to do something just going up and down the stairs working in the garden just getting it the car in driving to work going to were playing with their children when they got there really do those things again, we're pretty excited and that's why so many people write in to be and relief factor because Relief factor is,
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MR bill o reilly, welcome to the programme, he has got the books all of his books that are out killing the killers. I'll tell you a minute in a minute about the specials, I'm sure he is running for your fathers and fathers day. Weekend on bill. O'reilly dot com build the biggest story of the week, sir. You on the blaze. Looking like wider Bryn cowboy feared. I thought you're gonna ask the audience to apologize to your mule that day, that war genocide that where did you say I thought I'd you ve already hit. We are delighted at bright. You may did he give you did he give you bills. Did you think good god don, I, mrs back at all
I would call bad masterson and find out what was going on up all right all right eye. Injurious. We ve been talking about it off the air. What you think the biggest story of the week is this week. What is our market meltdown stock market meltdown This is the final nail to use a cliche, so people in america work hard. The majority of us are not dope. Dealers were not lay about. We work hard, the responsible people, the good dad, the good moms they put money aside for their children's education boy there
retirement, so they don't have to depend on the dole or handouts from anyone. They expect in return for their hard work and responsibility, a government that runs efficiently and honestly. That is the expectation that americans have. We are now seeing the most incompetence government of the last hundred and fifty years. That's what we are seeing and if you look at your statement at the end of june. I hope you don't. You will see that your net worth is down you and you already know that you're paying more for everything you need and there's one person responsible, one mean by that is:
far the biggest story not only of the weak but of the year, I have to tell you bill: I've never seen a white house more out of touch. I mean they just keep doubling down that this is putin, or this is somebody else's fault and this isn't about us, even angling inflation. The I know, believe me. I know you because they know it's bs is like when your kid comes in and lie to you about where he or she has been. Did you are responsible parent? You really like that and that's what this guy doing. And you know it's worse when you say to your kid, when you say to your kid: look: ok let me give you a chance to revise that answer. Don't lie to me Tell me the truth, but they have your chance after chance, YAP right, o
over and over again, while he hasn't by doesn't give an interview to anybody but Jimmy kimmel, and that that's like being interviewed by a mummy, an egyptian mummy. We give work wait a minute. I why you're more pressure on the usa they did have no, I interviewed muppets from AP bright and that's why say does do many interviews by yesterday oh, oh, oh people, people are very barriers. Sir, and now there are concerned the furious. So when you and I speak on fridays, which, by the way I never take for granted- and I appreciate you having me on your radio programme every friday is one. Nobody to know that when you are, I speak. We have a tendency to advance the story, because people know what
When are you up to tell people the economy's batter you're getting old line up now? There is people in denial, two billion in tromp or putin or blaming Hillary Clinton. I don't they're blaming worn hoarding, but everybody land, and I guess you know this blind spot but bite and does it now and that really the danger here too and binding tells you Oh, it's putin! Oh! No! No! If the oil companies I'm going to write them a letter, I'm going to write him a letter when he does stuff like that. He actually believes this stuff. It sounds like,
nick sent me trying to your lives way out of watergate now. Biden is so incapacitated mentally, but he believes the garbage his advisers put in front of him. He doesn't write any speeches. He doesn't even edit any speeches in my lifetime. I have never heard of a president, not editing a word that was put in front of him, trump didn't write any speeches, but he edited heavily and then he ad libbed, sometimes not in a great way, but fighting you put it in front of him. He'll sign it or say it. He doesn't know what the deuce is happening.
All right so levy a. Let me go to the scottish thing. There's many things to talk about Scotus, but one is the new york times has reported. Now that the binding is looking at an executive order, past billy declaring a national medical emergency. If oh versus wade is overturned which would give him. All kinds of power to do all kinds of stuff he's, also look, at sending abortion doctors to military bases in states. That say you can do abortions here? The other option, is also to start taking. Tat bear dollars and giving them to women who onto abortions and will have to fly out of state. How do you think these will fly. We're a lobby, challenged medial and federal court and your loop zobeide moves, but will he try sure don't try stunt
I'll get you won't even know what the spot dazzled you say, finally, executive ordering outside and they can I go to row with beach now and they go yeah joe. You can go now. It's it's a thursday at two that your your weeks over and but they'll do a stunt, because the democratic party has nothing so the january six committee fell on its, but who cares about it? No one! Now they have to try to gin up the abortion thing not at work, because the supreme court is going to say essentially, Roby wade was not based on any constitutional tenet, which is true. Therefore, the tenth amendment kicks in it goes back to the state. That is the constitution. That is what is going to happen, and the states will then make their own law, thereby will then immediately try to stunt it
and so now I'm gonna say all the women tell. But as soon as he signed, anything in border federal court will stop it. And the supreme court were weary rolled on on this. He rolled on it built, but you can't you see Did you see the of the genes revenge threat letter I went to, let me know, spend it, but you ve got to watch the no spin news. Tonight I led whether you will read with it Well, you know what happened, what the justice department came out at all about the guy. I think last night on the nose renews bill o dot com in all of our other distributors, it all over the world just like the blaze is. I said this is outrageous. This is terrorism, james revenge of the terror. Our group, where
are you married, garland and today this morning just but to do it it's the most outrageous. You believe it yeah. I don't believe america borrowed guy do jack. Just What is your ram and white supremacy terrorism down a everybody's throat and outside of a couple a whole both in in whatever it is proud boy, a guy? Nobody knows what they said. Put this genes, then fire bombed a clinic and- hello, new york, a few days ago, there's been already in the last forty three days and they brag about it? They brag about like ice it and they use the same ices technique.
And you're talking to the guy, who knows more about ices than anybody else, because a killing the killers that same ices techniques where they don't have a website, they don't have a twitter handle. They use these new barriers pop ups at their threats out, but he happy I get rammed down and in a week easy the f b. I do get em merrick garland, do it? No, I don't believe you will I and if he does I'll apologize, the old mirror yeah me too and they'll. Let me go back to gas for us Joe Biden, is pushing this narrative and everybody in the white house that these oil companies are, you know, they're not doing their patriotic beauty, and he again this week. This is this would make too threats in one week. He said he he has the power to
issue a national emergency and get these these an oil companies too drilling and do their job hmm all of the oil companies and gas companies alike it we do it. You won't. Let us is it possible to this so the first day at all as decided executive or stopping water drilling in the pipeline and imposing regulations imposing regulated narrative ro, the european all right, who did it in that way, will cripple the american fossil fuel energy end is and now you're ordering. I did do something number one We can't order them to do anything. You ve gotta, be a dozen other crazy, dopey executive order, but it shows you. He has no idea around
national person, somebody who actually knew what was happening would say you know it. I was the guy. You stopped all of the hardest thing. And now I'm going to order them to harvest do we want a word is a little bit differently, but no. This is really the tragedy of the cartridge. Now let me take you to one more topic: gonna take a break, but bill Clinton said yesterday that for the first time he truly fears for the republic. Are you said democracy that he he suggested that if the report kins win there is that we're gonna, be a fascist nation, the the fascism that that I worry bout, I have seen from the left not from the right. There is-
oh, you know national emergency on every thing coming from the right there, not building up more and more power, and I fear that This is a a trial, balloon or sending out the message that you know democracy. On the ropes? But I wanted to ask you: have you ever heard of It is of the united states say that before about the american people and half of the country will get your answer when we its bill, o reilly and make sure you grab killing the killers. You could find special deals on it. A bit o reilly, dot com, killing the killers perfect for fathers day are our sponsor the half hour is gold line, Michael burry of the short recently tweeted, why and you see mention of the strong dollar the almighty dollar. Please remember: it is only in relation to other fields. Currencies. The dollar is now
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about his own countrymen? I don't really take Mr Clinton's verbal that furiously you know muttering sedge- he's the smartest of all the democratic politicians in the last thirty years, he was actually smarter than obama and obama smart, but bill Clinton understood the temple of the country Of course he went. Ah I wasn't doctrinaire doctrinaire liberal, like his wife is and then, when things got rock for him, he pivoted very hard into law and order no welfare, while all of that kind of stuff, because he knew the mood of the country was there, but you can say it's venal and but I've talked to him, I'm sure a number of times.
He knows what's going on, so I I mean I don't really take that as anything seriously. I think that bill Clinton knows the progressive wing of the democratic party has now ruined the democratic party, at least in the short term. I think you will understand that and that which should have been asked if the interview or had any sense. But of course you know what's going on there because quaint Ah he's not he's not like Hillary. I mean he's not that and- and so I I saw what he said, but I really didn't you know. I said: okay, this is just playing to the crowd he whatever he thinks they want to hear he's going to set. I I think bill Clinton, you know, would be
if you know a guy who is a you know, a little corrupt and if you will, but I think the Clinton initiative and all the real deep cult corruption comes from his his spouse bill, tell me about this week in what he have planned in what we have on sale for bill rallied outcome, or am I, if are going to take me out to dinner, but when I asked them who is paying for the dinner, there was silence. Strange. I have the same thing, take taking me out to dinner all and I'm paying no appetite yet. Have you been to a restaurant? late number one. A jack prices operate crazy number. Two they cut the portion he's come back We would do and if you have
gotten gotta, give please don't use you your mind and we have a deal on bill, o reilly, dot com that if you give that a premium membership you get any free, including the number one book in the world right now. Killing the killers, would you know any of my books free and you by killing the killer is outright aren't. Would you be killing the mob free I'm doing at back because in I do feel sorry for many wage earners ended Herr Mozart, they don't know what to do. So. If I give you something free, I'm gonna give you some weight where we are back in all the earlier, we are generated I will tell you bill, you know when people like you or people like we are shocked at the gas pomp and say. Good heavens, I mean this insane when it is affecting,
people like us. I cannot even imagine the average person god bless. Thank you. Bill have agreed father's day bill, O'Reilly, dot, com, the Glenn Beck program, so Michael window is the my pillow guy and he gave me my own, my pillow, to try out I've, told you the story before reno. First, I hated it. I had it for about three days hated, it wouldn't sleep with it. I mean I tried just in work, and I was as as asking the staff. So what is MIKE gonna say when I say I can advertise for you, because I hate your pillow he's, he came in and he said what do you think and I said well, we were standing in my office. I said well it he said. Oh my gosh, you hate it and I said yeah do mike. I do and he said you have the wrong one of the bigger one and I've slept with it every night up here and I sleep that every night I I wouldn't do this
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in general in his thinking to michael malice, who is an anarchist in his thinking, a hand on his business cards, swear to have an anarchist with business card, but Michael malice is here he joined us. I love to see I they see the way people think and when you're talking to people that you might even disagree with and from time to time, europe- you expand. Your horizons and usually your knowledge and try to think out of the box. That is so important. Now author of the anarchist handbook, and also the host of your welcome the very funny michael malice, hello, Michael sir I'm in the best this freedom, but let me say something else: was calling into the show your producer left their mark on and they set up of me. You know the troll on social media, and I don't know that I want a tempting to be banish trawl on the air. So here is a list, the words you pride and want me to say no,
Ok, no! No! No! No! We! We got. You wrote a huge variety of that request of their talent, that's gotta, good road. I I'm a little regulated by the ipcc, look at you, you are you take delight in being a troll online. Well, I think- nah not the very much so and I think societal purpose, because if these demons in washington are treated with any sort of respect of respect objectives in this space in permission to literally kill young many women overseas and american soldiers overseas and too, close on our lives with either absolute impunity, and it is only when they are treated with the contempt that they deserve. That they're, you know, machinations are for stalled and it saved them from violence to
I want. Oh, I want to talk to you about the gun control thing here to second, but I, but I would love to hear your take on two days and I think in a row president Biden has said He was going to use ie, emergency powers to yesterday take over the gas and oil companies, so they do what they have to do and today He's talking in the new york times about using a national emergency and executive emergency powers to declare a medical emergency. If the supreme court says rovers wade is a thing of the past. That's terrifying, Michael
that's fascism, it's it's very. I mean we've had precedent for this before, but I think he's getting the idea from trudeau as we remembered that the longer the freedom truckers were causing a ruckus in canada and for the first time, canadian history, not even after nine eleven, they invoked the birkin c act and who knows where they put those people they probably in a gulag right now and we'd ever going to hear from them again just like the january sixth people who who are in prison, I I don't think people should be surprised. I would recommend people read IRAN's novel atlas, shrugged from ninety to the seven where she points it's a novel, but she points out that the government creates emergencies and then grants itself emergency powers, and I would also like to point out that this is grotesquely against.
The constitution, but no one in washington, especially the republicans give to whatever is about what the constitution has to say and as a very obvious example of this, no one, not even Thomas massey, whose great on the constitution bother to invoke the first amendment right to peaceably assemble when it came to the quarantine and lockdown ya know I know so. Let's talk about john corn and who is now absolutely worthless. I mean if I'm not gonna, move for it, but man I am so tempted. Move to wherever I have to live to just run against John corn and because I think, a sock puppet that knows, the constitution could beat that guy in texas,
he's awful, but he's taking credit go ahead, know he I agree with you. I think you and I are just basically going to be in the same barbershop quartet finishing each other's lyrics. He is absolutely reprehensible at just slime and I'll. The reason why I'm using that term, you know as compared to the other. Ninety nine senators is, as you know, he had this tweet, and he was boasting. You know, he's part these negotiations selling out second amendment rights on behalf of getting you know the Democrats in the corporate breast, a kind of hate him a little bit less, and yet this nice meme affairs made on it, looks like a man. A powerpoint very
presentational. Very nice presentation is bullet points, ironically bullet points, and it says ideas rejected in negotiation. I'm looking at right now, there's a list of nine things. Universal background checks mandatory waiting period, only one this he described as unconstitutional, meaning a mandatory, safe storage requirements for firearms at homes, all the others. He saying we
it. These are ideas we rejected. Why? Because we knew that if they were included, the bill would not command the votes. So he's not even saying I'm against these ideas. Look at me as a republican I defeated. You know, chuck Schumer's schemes for your guns and some of the ideas they rejected were mandatory waiting period for all gun sales, assault weapons, bans for eighteen to twenty one year olds. I got into arguments on twitter. Your rights are absolute they're, not subject to regulation by the state, and I would I would love the idea of someone to say to have voting. You've got a waiting period election days, the third yep you gotta, wait till the twentieth, an assault, weapons ban. Twenty one rolls you're eighteen, twenty year old, you can't vote it, doesn't matter what it says and whatever that amendment was it's it's absolutely absurd and obscene, and I'm very glad that people like him are causing people
b to become gun owners and guns stalkers. So let me ask you this michael III said universal background checks for you. By again they won't. Even let us say you need I d to vote first, but oh yeah it did. I do to this. Does anyone doubt any longer that this is part of a long term plan to disarm the population as their seeing in canada right now, these red flag laws, which are trying to push our just a way for people to back door, have gun bands. So, Michael, let me let me take you here too, the red flag laws which I find terrifying, as we all hopefully have learned with the patriot act. You can do for you know you did define a terrorist today is not the terrorist of tomorrow, it's who's ever in charge. They can define that with everything that we have
Have going on with you know: gender mislaid believing as a hate crime and everything else. There is gotta be an american that gets to keep their gun, let alone guy who is a gun owner married, a woman? She he's not necessarily you know a gun owner. Maybe she is She says during the divorce, worse or threatens him. Look. You give me what I want, or I'm gonna tell them. You are a danger, mentally unstable and a danger with those guns.
He loses his right, these red flag laws or a nightmare are what about when that, when the husband is violent and the wife had had mental issues because of the abuse and he red flags her and now she can protect herself from the violent ex husband. It goes both ways and we know how this is going to work out, because we ve seen decades during the drug war of sicily, civil ass. It forfeiture civil after forfeiture yams. If I'm a cop- and I think that you have used her house money car in the service of drug sales, I can seize it without any due process at all and then
You have to adjudicate and demonstrate that you are innocent and get it back. Good luck get to making that happen when I've taken all your money, how you going to hire a lawyer to begin with, so it's a complete inversion of due process and we see as the result of the civil asset forfeiture laws. Cops, are now seizing more money than all burglaries combined, because it's a great they have a huge incentive to take these nice yachts and houses, because that money goes directly into their departments. So this creates really disturbing incentives. That I'll say one more thing. There are plenty you and I ever listened to this- would agree just in principle. Terrorists should not have guns in america that that's not a and right. There are plenty of people right now who would say to you that the error rate is a terrorist organisation, all its haliae. No, on one bill, this that. The energy is now a terrorist organisation and literally
enter. Remember now has been red flag mike you and I agree on so much. You know you, you believe in anarchy and it's not just a theory to you- it's a! U you believe it should be enacted. Not in the way black bloc and antifa, etc, etc? You and I disagree so much in our friend circles, I'm sure a different woody friends. What are your anarchist friends say about being a friend with me? Oh, they think you're great, I mean the thing you have to appreciate is I dont think, and I hope you don't think that with this progressive idea that everything has to politicized, I judge people how they treat others and how they treat me I'd. Not everything is a function of politics and sorry to out you glad,
but everyone who works for you thinks you're really. Nice, nine, whenever generalised that one, Michael on other than that you still is the biggest phony mythic like that. You should hear serrated prize about him every day at the amazon army has added. I think, he's got a knife now that it's all we're woman and a red flag red flag red flag. I beg you so much. Michael. I appreciated god bless you, Michael, I saw his pod has is, is called your welcome and you have to listen to find out why it's called that, but it's it's a great podcast meat and look for the one that I did with him. I thought it was. I thought it was really brilliant. He's a brilliant, brilliant guy are right. Back in june the second. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's blinds dot com, look we're
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is clearly here to tell us a little bit about what the left is doing and george soros is doing with hispanic radio stations they are true. Now the corner the market of hispanic radio. This is extraordinary, really extraordinary li dangerous. I know that the blaze has looked into stan a spanish broadcasts in the past, but it's just not what it's just not what we do, but somebody really needs to get serious about this. I know there are really good spanish broadcasters who know what is going on but soros is end, even lung gloria, our buying. Up, sixty million dollars worth of radio stations in the largest markets and they are taking them and they say definitely not for political rights
and I know that I mean George soros cease. I mean he doesn't ever get involved in political things at all. Also Jason whitlock is gonna, be joined, The next hour. The controversy surrounding the image of jason's latest blaze, dot com, article about look on James. Did you follow this yesterday? Yes, Ah, the favour of people were very upset that some of his lebron james, the james imagery, apparently Well, apparently, he put Lebron James in a clan hood. And I only really know this, because I dont pay attention to social media or anything, especially during the summer. I just I dont care, but my producer ricky executive producer ricky. She she called in this morning she's like. Ah, you are now being blamed for the artwork on J
in this article and I'm like what article? What are you talking about and she's like? Oh yeah, I know you know the tags were great yesterday she said and yet apparent leave the daily beast and all the others just assumed that the editor is responsible for you now Jason's pictures in an headlines itself. Cetera know when it comes to a figure like jason. That's not something! The editor does that's the freedom that we give each individual host And- and none of them are, you know, I'm not held responsible. No, I am actually, strangely I've nothing to do with anything and yet strangely held responsible for what everybody does, but the idea is we don't at it? You just use. Your common sense
You know just you know the rules play by them and he, as a black man, felt he made it needed to make a very strong comment on Lebron James. So he's going to explain that on a show today on blaze, tv which is fantastic if you've not seen it, that is a smart show, and you know I I guess it's geared to african americans. I guess, but I've watched it. It's great, don't it's a very, very smart, show and really refreshing The frankness and the angle that jason comes comes from, so we got that going for us. Stew is already getting ready to get into the car cause. He wants to see the first, showing of buzz to just for the gay kiss, though right still with a right yang. I walk out after that. I was really the only thing I want to go check. I often like I'm offended by
The non gay kissing re exactly there seems to be several heterosexual relationships in this story about toys and I'm concerned about about it and we're gonna go in there. Hopefully, protest outside the theatre out, in other cases over force. It was It wasn't. Real Until I was about thirteen that I thought of the sexual lives of the toys, but me in a sort of thirteen year old boy, sort of way to piss my sister's off. It's good to see that disney is living right there. He sees the Glen back programme do even following herschel walker in the now they ve just feel the existence of two more previously undisclosed children and he's like I've, disk those them everywhere. I've had to disclose them. You know when I was getting a security check at the white house and everything else, I'm not using my children is props right now I mean I think that that seems to be sensible right.
In a locker. He he's talked about he's, had a long and winding road to get where he has had a hey, hey. You went over it with him in a pan, podcast and look, it's the this is that if you, to be critical of of herschel walker, you could certainly find things it has passed to be critical of, but have to also maybe address who is today and in how you know that, really, with the campaigns about brightest, future of the country, not the past. A fortunate augur, pretty amazing. Ok, talk a little bit about george soros in what's happening, him he's he's on a radio station buying spree in so africa's largest markets. There all hispanic stations wonder why? I wonder if the the decrease of this,
the when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened the Glenn Beck program
jason wedlock, his odd with us there. He was trending yesterday, because I guess a lot of people in the media just cannot believe that a black man might call another black man erases. I mean that I guess there used to a black man calling and other black man and uncle Tom a racist really jason lock is joining us to explain also the the california, truck vendors that are bringing in food are saying now: they're scared for their life because their driving food trucks- all that's only get better is lad. Call Putin in a coma some say yes, to hear this story, and my guns, let join just because, George soros has a new passion
radio, and I know all the big investors right now. We're saying you know: what's really good is Invention from a hundred years ago, asked about its is in its infancy, is just about to see a bright bright future, so georgia's out buying radio stations not any radio station hispanic radio stations now. I'm not sure that has anything to do with the number of hispanics that are now saying. I can't vote for Democrats anymore. They're losing their show cold. Hispanics, so is this propaganda. Might Gonzalez Explains in sixty seconds Today is the final day you can get the tunnel twins and their spectacular show business both give you. Been on the fence or you're like
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night tonight, tunnel, twins back dotcom, that's tuttle, twins back dot com so we have MIKE Gonzalez on. He is the author of b, a lamb, the making of a new marxist revolution here. Also a senior fellow at the heritage foundation mike welcome to the programme. Glad you're here, there's lochlann at such great to be wrong with it. Thank you. So we ve been, we ve been talking internally here for the last couple of weeks on what soros is doing with his panic radio stations, and I think this is really really important and I'll explain why in a second, but I'd like to hear your telling of what's happening and what the influences well
It's really very subversive. He's buying he's he's financing the purchase of eighteen spanish language, radio stations across the country- that is a third of the yard, The idea that we call hispanic was very buried, but in the greeter is even greater percentage of those who listen to spanish, many mexican american and cuban americans just drink in English. So it is probably like fifty percent of spanish speakers which went to spanish radio. Spanish language. Radio is very important in their panicking they're panicking because of the humongous inroads that If the conservatives are making waves, for example, mexican americans in the Rio Grande valley, you know that story very well, texas. Thirty four is a prime example of that, with my with with
in america is in miami, but not just cuban americans. Colombian americans have been as low in americans, so this is really purely a play for the ideological suppression of free speech. The two women at the head of this media group have zero experience in broadcasting or any type of journalism when they were picked to own the venture just the hard left, her left activists in sources. Involvement in this makes a crystal clear source. As you know, financing many very hard left caused him around the globe, including the election of a group prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals are one of the reasons are our cities are you are so climbing fasted it because he's he's had all these prosecutors elected now he is financing the purchase of eighteen spanish language stations to suppress the transmission of conservative
it is that simple. Okay, so are these music stations? Are these talks stations? Are they all the very they very odd? Some of them are sports. Some of them are music. They gonna change, obviously to two left talk, radio, which never by the way it always fails. As you know, for some reason he left his talk. Radios, never success two stations in miami among the radio might be in the qb a k talk stations, a they. They, the the ticket server the conservative radio stations that cater to the to the cuban american community. This adds a double insult because one of the women who all this new media group. The media group always got much baby deed
we'll meet you network element now by two women. One is: is it stephanie, Valencia, the other one is just throughout up I'm or others will kedo? Roquette too, is a long time associate of black wise man. Are you mention my book the alarm in the process of guiding that book? I discovered that means people- I use your platforms to do to get their followers. The social media followers to do be elections bidding we'll roquette was one of those in in in in the two thousand and fourteen ferguson riots in the twenty twenty riot, she urged her her followers on social media to take their orders from blm she's. A long term associate of a leash
Garza, who is one of the co founders of the lamb, whose fanatical marches in this is what I'm coming to it, is really insulting dead. These to miami radio stations that are now transmitting conservative views are going to be owned by real kettle. Who is an associate appeal and because the alarm is, is eighty heart support a strong supporter of Cuba's com? his government on the witch cuban america's have suffered. So this is one of the many ironies involved here. So with the new influx, though of hispanics from all over. This is the kind of stuff that they're probably used to hearing in their own country, because I would imagine that in many places in south america, you're not getting a conservative viewpoint, because the governments are many of them failed or near
failed or narco states, or I mean I think, mexico's damn near a failed state. So they won't recognize that they make tune into this and they'll think our politics, are just the same as where they came from well you're, a hundred percent right with. guards to the cuban americans in the venezuelans and the colombian americans in south florida. They have fled in the case of those in the cubans. They have fled communist regimes that are completely rule their economies in the country that couldn't you know or ended up in gulags and all that in the case of the rio grande valley- and this is very important- you have some people there that go back to the seventeen hundreds tourists whose roots go back to seventy hundreds. He said not really immigrants or their founding families, and this is the atp hardly enough to handle culture. So you know the symbolism of this,
This is what keeps George soros a week at night in these. These women awake at night is the idea that the art gb and it is really in the you be the Rio Grande valley. Dad died that you seem to be lifted. The motion, because rapid movement towards conservatively due to stay because both the county shifted. Like thirty forty point between sixteen and twenty in twenty twenty may, support for tramp tramp even want one, one of them, the epa district, the texas to report just one by Myra flores. He sat up out of san Antonio, so Is it really in the real verbally, and I think and its market no coincidence that five of these stations are in texas in three of them are in the art gb by their working overtime, overtime? In texas to add to destroy
texas has always been a windows start when these this network go on. Well, they have been bought them yet the fcc as to approve in this the talk of billina marker rubio in in many mean or something representatives like Carlos humanitarian to the ep cc say Before you allow this, you should take a look at this up. What is gonna be done? I tell you that the origin of this glenn sit with you was going to buy them.
Patients and anne and then source on that about it in the left on that about it and complain to the hispanic, a carcass in congress in washington and then see I'm appealing of time they could put together. The money salem was had been forty two million dollars and then source came in because this is not the sole united for the money is to be a reality in he bit. Sixty million for these two things station, the ceiling was gonna, buy for forty two million, so they gonna be soon This is this is really the origin of that. So I know a lot of people that are hispanic talk broadcasters they are eager to see. Spanish on air some of them are doing. English shows lots of pod. Castors We just had a new spanish speaking network me
into the mercury studio, compound What do we do? I mean the problem. Is that so people you know like me, I can't get into this spanish speaking networks, because I can't speak the language, so I would not be guided and running it. Because they could be saying- oh yeah man soros is the best and I would have no idea. But I've talked to. People on the right and they just they. Just will not part with their money. I'm talking about the big money bags they will not. Pay with their money. Unless you see instant results. And this is a long term in explanation from the left.
So what do we do well to do it? We get a full forty, two million. Ah, you are completely right. What would we do? First, we have to expose this. We have to expose. You know the element it saved on all this is about keeping his railway stations latino had no, that, first of all that the us that are really what it's about its about. He left us
inoculation is suppressing. Conservative views in number to nobody, but nobody in miami or the rgb care about the last name of the people. The stations, what they care about is viewpoint, diversity this this is just a facade. This is a real disinformation by the way, so we we exposed to it. We exposed the ties to Alicia garza by by Jesper. Others were cato which is not getting out. When you say look she's been an associate of Alicia garza for over a decade. She leads several organizations with Alicia Garza Alicia garza is a supporter of cuba's communist went which which people in prison, which I did the reason why you would have had to flee because of this government. We'll Cato is an ally, a long term, ally and associate of this woman, and I tell you doing my creatures. The reasons for my vote can be alone. I think said, I discovered that they rely on a vast network of supporters,
the reason why they got out so quickly, because the initial cathode is it was now going to own. The stations is one of the people who who support, blm and get it tells her. Followers look turn opted for the marches. You know I'm so so I think exposed sure is a big thing other than that is at a convincing, deep pockets. Conservatives are dead. If you don't do this to a choice in the game. In in you, your children and grandchildren are going to live in a country like mike, Gonzalo see, is the author, a b, a lamb of the making of a new marxist revolution, the hispanic audience we vote were always told that they would fall more directly in line with conservative thought- and I, by that same with african americans, when you talk to them not about politics but about
values there right in line. However, they ve been convinced that the Republicans or whatever howl How open do you think hispanic orbit audiences would be to the conservative talk. I tell you my own taken this. He said, a huge movement that we have seen towards conservatism has nothing to do with conservatives, I'm sorry to say that it's the left, the left has gone so nuts in calling a boy or girl They say that everything is about race, that these borders are looking arousing. No, we don't want any part of this. This is crazy talk in their different reasons.
I the reason why people in the rgb who will be of mexican background or loss upset many of them a bit, have a multi generational groups in this country. The dvd feel the culture texas, as you will know, is effusion of mexican culture and scotch irish culture and german culture. People who you know who fused and made texas into the wonderful speaking culture that it is, they have a lot at stake if the culture is eroded, if the culture is taken away or altered or transformed, I think So the border issues really effect. It did the animals in the argovie. As you know, many business ass majority at the border guards are of mexican origin been here a generation or seventeen generation, the defeat issue, pull cubans and the grenades who else? Yes, no go ahead, finish your sentence, the east.
With the venezuelan? The cubans in miami are different. The separate falaba from sea with socialism did to their country now, one of the union. reporting on this, but it has a well. They were spreading. Is it for patient these stations? There were calling Biden is socially stuff. You know precipice, nobody note by himself as a nobody is, but he's implementing. No, they d be the action plan, the equity actual class it. Why has issued In April, there were very sweeping be alarmed that may be aligned groups said they voted with them. They could route the blm at these eddies equity action plans, suit, they're implementing policy, and these were really expensive, though, and twenty five action plans code written by fernet fanatical marxist, see, if you're able to say this in spanish and explained in spanish- that is suppress
in actual fact, so MIKE? I thank you so much for all the work that you ve done on be alarmed and also following this love to have you back be alarmed the making of the new marks revolution. Talking about george soros funding, buying up an entire a very influence your radio network aimed write directly at hispanics back in just a second. Let me but our sponsor this f, our dear member a few years back like the thing it was two thousand eight or so little housing one thing: I don't love anybody notice, but its crude everybody all at once, I wanna be alarmist or anything. But it looks like we're coming into one of those things again, and this thing he is going to be much bigger than the last one in two thousand eight
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agents. I trust dotcom. Ten second station, I d now there's an audio recording that has just come out. To the the telegraph, social media channel. It is the the strongman dictator of chechnya and he add that he has President Putin has fallen into a coma and they're looking where a replacement right now, so is he in a coma? Now the leader who is a potent loyal test, has come out and said, this is ridiculous nonsense. This is not happening.
He's going to be speaking on friday, so we're going to see if this is true or not, but there are many people in the in russia that are now whispering rumors that he is a coma and is on his way out the leader of the islamic marie muslim republic in russia's caucus region. Said quote if your spreading any these rumours? I advise you that it will be better for you to shut your mouth. Ok, aright sounds like the new white house counsel. Commonly harris put together as well yesterday, her advice would be just shut your mouth well see today he is supposed to speak in public for the first time, in a coma. Is we and or is he normal back in a minute the glen.
The programme is seeing them. I see it the gas pump you you don't even know the half of it. Yet when you look at the price of food now, We are using last year's harvest. Last year's wheat, a when you start to. Pay for the price of wheat coming into the fields now and being transported everywhere, and you know, during the higher process you're, really citys cease sticker shock your money is being devalued and the price of everything is going up at the same time, if you ve lost money in the stock market this week, you know what I'm saying plea is call eight six scold line. This may not be right for you. It's right for my family of just a hedge against the vanity, that's going on ten poorest? and I haven't lost anything illegal, have lost a dime in gold, doesn't mean that that won't happen, but I will tell What's this,
far much more stable than anything else out there who use a favor call about how you can get the the dollar indian coins and get fifty silver, brilliant uncirculated kennedy, half dollars for free, eight, six, six goldline, eight, six, six gold light and blaze tv dot, com, slashed, Glen. The promo code is glad the jason wedlock is here much to the daily beast in other clowns to their shock. We believe the is that black man can think and act on their own without white men being an overseer. That's pretty shocking, I know, but
somehow our we somehow or another jason whitlock can vince does to do that alone. It's in our area. Well that open, yeah, so yesterday you published something you are you are talking about What's his name, Lower energy lyman were bright day. I was talking about leubronn date, and you're eat. You put a picture of him in a clan t, shirt and a hood. And in the left wing media did not like that. These days. How dare you and then they ended up blaming me for it somehow or another, saying that this is what I did and I had nothing to do with it. But he has anything to do with anything on each show, except the host of the shop. So loud. Very I take pride.
In my writing career? That's what I that's my favorite thing on the planet to do. I believe writing is the highest form of communication. If it wasn't, god would have put the bible on dvd, but he had and so really accomplice. It I'm not ashamed to say this. I really accomplice riding career the columns. You could make the argument on the best friday of the last twenty thirty years, and one of the top cultural critics as well I'm figure, but your little boy, but wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute. You could say all of that, but Let's get to the real story: who's, the white man. Behind you doing all of the hard work yeah is please
with glass Joyce, weblog colleague, lovey canopy? Those are the p or if you want to blame somebody, don't blame gland black stephen crowded, mark levant, blame Jesus, blame a pair, blame my way much this way, grandma. The p but it is easy. Jesus is listening. Right now, go and wait. A minute I didn't have anything to do with what because mainly casey absurdum. Biogas is exposing the bigotry of the left and I've just finish. Writing my firewall column, because these guys got me fired and and look the left has convened.
People like Lebron James and a lot of black people to adopt the mindset of the K, K, K and that's why a white kid could be murdered on the brandy. School property and he has virtually nothing to say about it, because the white he was murdered by three black man and lebron James has a K, K, K, mentality, and so he expects young men to add violently and morally, and so he doesn't care Meanwhile, if someone white commits a crime, Lebron James actually has standards for white people, he actually is outright when they feel morally, but when black people, who he's got nothing and so again he think white people superior, he thinks black people were inferior and if you judges actions through that accurate lives, you can see this guy
is a big. It he's a black kkk member and I've been waiting, and talking about this for fifteen years is not the first time I've made some reference to the black kkk is certainly not the first time that I have made some. Reference that I called a b and c the democratic national committee. I call the dead, negroes confederacy because that's what they like oh, my dad, he grows and that's where all of their policies led to the death of negroes. This is all obvious. I spell it all out today. The party their whole programme is about the promotion of the death of negroes alibi. James is a soul, in that movement. I will tell you the entire left is a is a death cult really is a death called, and I think they started with the african american community with the early progressives, but I think
around a pretty much everybody. They mean, although they dont mind wishing death on just about anybody, don't matter what their skin color is. It lit. I argued with lab rat. We first in their lab and look at me there they leave. You tie everything I say together is that the left understands that to move american culture. You have to move black culture furs and again that, because they understand the his three of american, I keep argue and the same thing light as black america's we should be taking great pride in our war in the development of this country? We were the steroids. We were the moral compass, America's fight to live up to those biblical principles We were founded upon and the whole arguing about slavery and raise that all propel
compelled america to fix its moral flaws, to continue to move in a positive direction, and that's been our narrative. That's been our history and that's why we ve been the envy of the world and the left understands the importance of black culture and how you can use it to drive this country to be the greatest thing on this planet and now their use in it to drive this country to tear itself down an end, and we have to put a stop to it and they, to be called out for what they're doing now. First, why just have to say today with the new article? Would you please woodrow wilson in a in a lab in a lebron, James, jersey, I wasn't gonna, pull it Joe Biden one, but
yeah. Alright, you could put Margaret sanger in one too and you get to have a whole crowd of them and let place nea we're talking about this. This the way all of it ends in death on Monday, I'm gonna be doing a show on some things I've been said at the world economic forum and some of the leaders of the world economic forum that are truly terrifying, guys I wanna play. Let's see here it is. It is What is it one? Two three four klaus schwab advisor I want you to listen to this. This is just the just the old, winning sound bite of some amazing audio. Listen to this I think that the biggest question maybe in economics and politics of the coming decades will be. Want to do with all these useless people. The proba he's more
stop any goes onto you know they ve got plans for useless people, and I think that's wonderful. I have you ever described any one anyone at any time as useless people do. I can guarantee this, though nothing bible, no human being in the bible described as useless people and just that what he just said speaks to the secular values, the hostility toward a biblical worldview, that's been adopted globally, are spreading globally? it is fine to be force down america's throat There are no useless people, but that speaks to a mindset and that's again, they to eliminate these people that they view as as useless and that's why they promote abortion, and that's why the left- and it is for me as a black.
First when I see the astronomical numbers of black people better, you black women, use Abortion as a birth control measure again, and the left has convinced us. That is, some sort of great freedom in right, the right to kill all babies and too slow our problem, Patient grow. It's a death culture that does not value human life and back to lebron. It is. It is also possibly one of the reasons why nobody cares about the shootings of black children and black on black crime. No question about how to get rid of useless people. There is no question about it. Look the other way, total indifference. That does no more lethal emotion than indifference and the indifference to the carnage.
We see in a lot of black neighbours, the indifferent we see what the carnage done to the black family. In the end, the fact that the left has- promoted, the idea that hey, let's disrupt the nuclear family, that's a good thing and you see all the chaos that comes out- these families, where, where the nuclear family has been disrupted and where is indifferent about it at all you? This is events they gonna work. We can just have more fatherless homes that we can have more disrupted nuclear families. Things will get better, it's insanity, but it's a promotion of death and chaos and its its work,
jason! Thank you so much. I love your show, love all the hard work that you put into. It is very, very well thought out and- and you know that in some regards very very christ, like I hate to say that about anybody on the radio cause I know wheels. You know we all use you not like dressing leubronn, J, up as a k? A k might not be the thing Jesus did, but he wasn't doing a show oh thank you so much admiral back there, but that's all I'm doing is trying to hold up a mirror. Thank you love. You! God bless you mad. You bet love! You do jason, whitlock to show on youtube and also on blaze, tv. It's a great show. You don't want to miss it, I sponsor this f hours. Patriot mobile, I want you to remind you that currently you so in a country where you're allowed to do business as you please.
Man. Well, I mean there might be a national phone in emergency. I mean there's already been to put Proposals from the president this week that he's gonna declare emergencies on and one last week. So this is all good, maybe they'll be a cell phone emergency and then you can now be just herded into whatever government phone. Service, they want. Patriot mobile is standing on the other side. They share your belief in the constitution, but They also stand behind that belief with action there a merry his only christian conservative wireless carrier and they don't a portion of every single dollar to organisations that fight for causes that you and I and millions of others care about. Patriot mobile. They have plans to fit any budget hundred percent. U s. Pace cost reserve esteem, personal service there on all
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you know, glenn. Last night we did on unscrewed us america. By the way we did a an episode called stew does Jane's revenge and started. Looking at this Organization, that's coming out now and taking responsibility, for dozens and dozens of attacks against pro life facilities around the country, they have a pretty specific way. they're going about these things. You ll notice the curse of language on the graffiti on the wall. They have a they release. Three communique so far, and they outline basically it do you to say Abortion is unsafe than you aren't either, and the threat is they will come for you and create damage that, in their words, is much harder to clean up than just fire and graffiti. They are, talking about on the night of whenever this decision is released, assuming it goes the way that we believe that it is at this point that they will the streets in the middle of the night- and you know I mean the threat
certainly is george flow style riots around around the country. They they are calling for a modern day, crystal knock and a night of broken glass, a night of terror. Yeah, it's called nights of rage, as is with, is what they what they are entitled. It and, of course, they're playing off of the days of rage thing. They d they met. You know, have lots of time to think like the, whether other underground and stuff, from back in the data being compared to those groups and there. The title of their organisation comes from an organization back in the early late, sixties, early seventies. That would provide Illegal abortions to people who want to them before rovers is weighed, and so they provided, I think, eleven thousand illegal abortions too, would therefore women- and you know, battled back- What's with authorities through that period, and you know that the covered
so far of them has been pretty glowing. You know as an effort, I mean people they get a little a little wishy washy when it comes to these straight out, violence, but it when it comes to their the way they talk. The talks about they comes to thee. We cannot talk about a professor that called it ethical terrorism, its ethical terrorism, Glenn that's where we are now, so it's a birds, pretty scary thing and they end they want damage. They want people to be scared, they said the only thing that will stop them is all of these places. Shutting down so They claim to have representatives all over the country ready to be activated when this decision comes down. God help us. I think we are in for a second summer of rage. You know I talked about summer of rage summer, sixty eight, and that happen India twenty nineteen right, twenty twenty twenty nineteen
and we saw I think, what's coming is worse and we just we to be people of merit. People of love. We have to reconnect with our god. We have to clean up Our lives and start to ask lord. How can I help? What can I do to be of service in my fellow man and a good man, because we need to Have the lord find us and find favour in us? We have to be on his side to the decline back programme.
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