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Biden Just Prolonged Our Ukraine Involvement Indefinitely | 7/15/22

2022-07-15 | 🔗

Filling in for Glenn, Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher discuss President Biden’s latest visit to the Middle East and Jill Biden’s gaffes, including her latest controversial racist statement. President Biden said America is involved in Ukraine for the long haul, but what is he doing to help solve the issue? Former President Trump has decided on his possible re-election, and the media was quick to trash the idea. Pat and Jeffy review the latest shocking updates to the story of the 10-year-old girl who needed an abortion. Americans’ fear of COVID has almost entirely dwindled despite the CDC’s best efforts. As Wisconsin bans ballot drop boxes, Pat and Jeffy debunk the arguments against voter ID laws. Pat and Jeffy discuss the success rates of recent films.

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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.
is the program, the lens a little under the weather today, so that green Jeppe is here, and the president of the united states is begging the saudi prince for oil right now, even as we speak he's in saudi arabia on his hands and knees, just begging, begging, begging for please bring it. We have no oil in america. No, please send us more oil because we don't want. We don't have enough, we'll tell you about and much more it about sixty seconds life is about being active, whether it's about going Your daily tasks are exercising. You know your well when you're regularly active, but what happens when being active actually hurts by the end of the day. This is the position I found myself in a number
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wherever you get your podcast also Jeff fisher here as well from chewing the fat available. Were where you get your bike ass. All that is as it is. Have you been able to keep the price down? That's that's why I'm wondering as his as of today as of today, the price is still very while here, while I to grow, well thank you for fighting for here. Well, for those of us who are welcome, really really appreciated job. and is in the middle EAST right now? and he's begging for more oil. I guess because We don't have any. I guess that's the reason right. We don't there's, there's no oil in america, used to be that the I guess prison. Whaling theory was a. We didn't have that much its turned out, of course, to be the opposite: oil ye, our yeah
What that peak oil, always starting in about nineteen twenty peak oil, whereas only a few years left we've got to get off oil cause there. There's we're out of it. Huh really it just seems to be in here. Pools underneath the ground everywhere everywhere and the united states has more of it oil. Natural gas. Especially when you include shale then anybody in the world looting, saudi arabia, ha ha ha and as always, interesting that we don't, we aren't able Just be self sufficient, like we were under trump, we must, it must have all run out right. everybody oil and gas peak oil again for the millionth time peak oil course. We have plenty. We just won't, go get it! Biden continues to make. It is difficult on the oil and gas companies, as we possibly can.
I want them to drill more oil domestically. I dont know why it's ok for saudi arabia to continue to drill theirs and even drill more and send more. Why is that? Ok? Is that really ok for the planet, but if we do it, it's just. I don't understand it, I don't. I don't pretend to understand it sheer unadulterated stupidity as far as really sure that all it is, and it can always you because it it does it, and while we are with their climate agenda, it makes sense because they want us to go back to the dark ages. Very, soon and we're heading there, but until then until we get a kick start us closer to the dark ages. Soon enough we'll, go and will say that we want drill anymore, but you know they can that's fine and will go over there. You guys can give us right to us a saudi arabia. Can venezuela can rush
can and is, despite our supposed, despite the fact that we ve bandit here China's buying plenty of it sure india's buying plenty of it, and just out of spite? I mean well there there. The pipeline is under construction for at least ten days so some of europe's not even getting any of that oil and natural gas from russia, but that that will ever get turned back on again thanks to the ukrainian war. Going on is a wonderful thing by Don't worry about it. Joe Biden is over in saudi arabia, bended knee asking for oil, Other he's, gonna get it no I'll, be there for the past. They said our of where we're doing what we can do so guns, pretty pretty closely lately and I don't think they liked Biden. I don't think they like really, then I blame. I do hope I don't like it either.
It's got a surprise that a lot of people had certainly shot is, after the word, shocking yeah in fact, dislike. I am don't now that you ve ever come out and said it Let me go ahead and do it now, like an I dislike him with all the Hence, of a trillion white hot burning sons- we're talking about Joe by Joe idea, Joe Biden Angelo it's about the same amount there I don't I almost well. He is actually the president bush she's right, close second yeah she's, almost ass. She says I know that mean to me they're they're, pretty equal on the dislike scale, and it's interesting, as I dont think, even the Democrats like her much frankly and you see that little together, they had at the luncheon, spelled with an x,
the latin next luncheon and they cut or no slack on that and zero and juliet usually, they would like if that was had that been, michelle obama. They would have a fine with it there, laughter most! Maybe it is a body is charming. That's dead is. Would she called us all tacos steers, charming near them? She wonderful but they would have done with michelle obama they didn't It did not offer that to Jilbab know that one bit they were pissed too, oh yeah. Well, we are not tacos. I believe that was called, and that was the goal, and so she apologized, of course, yeah, of course, and that's not who she is now either way, calling hispanic people tacos, that's not who she is rarely yeah because it sounded an awful lot of like you. Did it sound like her, yet here's the clip
by the way. Just as a reminder, this is not who helped build this organisation with the standing that the diversity of this community as distinct as the buggy does the bronx as beautiful as the blossom in my part of this kind as unique as this topos here in san Antonio darling, so euro budget breakfast arcos, and as unique is the bugger does of brooklyn we're just amazing how much has have both dead has been in the news lately bodega this bodega, that's all we ve been hearing about because of the owner being stabbing. The guy was salted him at the bodega
and so we've been talking about it. Hearing about all the bodega owners have been all wound up over it as well. They should. We still don't know that it's bodega course. She did no about seize upon, see, support it Well, not that when thou see that's actually pretty good for you suppose I was not today, but this what she said. I don't know a few months ago, so we may, Why you don't see why dont know see, support a really. I know it and I ve got exactly hispanic you're, giving a speech, though right iberia, what your surrounded. It almost makes you legibly the. She is a lot like come Allah in that she's not doing any of the any other work to prepare for any of this.
It's just as other people found out about it. What did the speech right? I don't I've seen the fray see supported out I'll, come on. That's what I'm saying whereby bad this I got. This just goes out as you live in a cave seriously deal live in a cave, elevated no, they don't live in a cave, delivered couple of pretty nice residences I want to read on the beach, which is very, we provide your welcome all yet, not the one of the basic right. No, some. They were able to afford that with their just two hundred and seventy four thousand dollars a year. Well, yeah. I think that they just refinanced to put a fence around it could get financed to get the feds that's what they did. I think that's what they did yet, because that's what you do oh he actually made. What was thirteen million, a few years that he, what between his vice presidency and presidency,
thirteen million dollars. I believe it was too for what no least the sale sees as being yelled hunter fees, I am haunted, mature Biden fee provided alive, be surprised if the hunter fees were worked more to us with a thirteen million me too, I feel like that. That's maybe reported very much so actually yeah. Very much so are a triple eight Seventy seven be easy, kay the number to call if you'd like to get involved in the show. Do we have the ears binding from his middle east interview. The other day he was too about how long the war- is going to last in ukraine. That was, she was
asking the question that the reporter was in oh, how long are we going to be there? How are we going to be providing them with all of this money? Long as it's going to last, and how long is this going to last as long as gonna take their toll, it takes whatever time it takes. We cannot let them prevail. It can take months. It can take years could go to work in twenty years. Ten usa could okay, okay, it could okay, so we could be there for years. I guess nothing to worry about, but first of all, he says no use no use at that. What she should have said is no no sir you set it to, I said, couldn't take me, and you said yes, I could, or it could
and then he said it could again after she said it, and he said you said it. I've can. I was myself, but neither the fact that the fact is we could be therefore year, is what he said. I basically I've that is very, very angering to me the idea, we're going to be there of at for an unlimited about. we're coming out of two unlimited and wars against iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not I'm not to this august. Technically, where not it right, we're just what is given a cash and and and happens, but that puts us in it that that puts us in it. Those are our dollars going to them. It's not like the federal government has a big sale, they do every weekend what they get these tens of billions of dollars and I'm pretty sure, yeah, there's no bake sale going on. They don't have.
clothing, store the federal government, clothing store, and none of that that's coming from us and I resent it, and I don't wanna be enmeshed in another language I've had it with these method is. This is an example that is gonna be another nightmare, because it's gonna be, and it is going to be. Never ending. Yeah because both sides are unrelenting. There won't, we won't give it right at least right now, Putin is saying he's in it. For the long run, Zelensky is saying they're in it, for the long run and Biden is saying he's in it for the long road look, I've got the part of your country voting to become part of russia right now so right up there they're doing southern criteria. They ve installed a leader who says yeah, we're gonna put it to a vote whether to join russia or not, ok, I'll aga. Okay. Does that
now let me ask the question of their not part of ukraine anymore. Does that We take a slice out of the nine billion a month that they're gonna send. over there, because this now is that the full country anymore, all country, any more aware, only seven billion. We don't get discounts on that. Actually now I died. Dont look tripoli! two seven be easy K more coming up in one minute. Let me tell you about the total twins in something really tired of tired of hearing about people with An honour sense of superiority, talk about history and get it all wrong and lot of cases there getting it wrong on purpose. The sixteen nineteen project, for example, they get it wrong on purpose for the sake kids in their future. We can't let this sort of thing stand. Your kids to be learning real history, not this fake crap.
That's why we're glad to tell you about the tunnel twins. Releasing a history book is a two hundred and forty page, two hundred forty page fully illustrated book from the tunnel. in and teaches the inspiring stories of our country's past. This makes learning history fun but, more importantly, it tee. Is the best ideas from our past, so that kids can apply them to their lives today. twins. Has an amazing book launch deal throwing in two hundred pages of companion, curriculum and activities, and audio book version and videos to help. The lessons from this book come alive, go to Tuttle twins back dot com to take advantage of their america's history book lodge you can even preview a sample chapter, so you see it for yourself and see Just how special this is. That's tuttle twins back dotcom tension,
get station eighty blake seventy seven, be easy kay its padre jeff four glenn today, who is just a little the weather should be back on on Monday. I would suspect marietta tough, we while he did I mean they put in a full four day after to resolve reporting a full solid. Four day week you can ask that you just Of course we did, we did ass, we need, as we shall we shouldn't have we shouldn't have asked it all right You know we are talking about new, great and being in it. Ok, so we were involved in it because we are giving them cash and weapons mun
how long before we do have boots on the ground. I mean I've, I've ass. They thought that something would happen against nature. country. That would give us boots on the ground already and it hasn't got us up listen to me, and I don't want it to happen, but I believe that it will happen. I I don't think This administration needs that to happen in order to put boots on the ground. I just think if just starts to make real hugh Gee inroads, and maybe Safety is called you taking key or I read. Then they seem to be making some headway. They are making some serious headway in the east and the south, and if they were, turn their attention to kiev and start that offensive again. I know that he wouldn't try to put boots on the ground, because, if we're in this and that's what he said wherein it for the long run, we can't allow it to happen was no not what he said
listen to this again and see if he he's does something like we can't. We can't allow you to say that again, I think even out, even in Israel, when it asks how the hell am I gonna last his I'm gonna take long to takes whatever time it takes. Whatever tat cannot linen prevail contain not well let him very ale are well. How stop that, if we're not in control of it, we're just sending you weapons nor sending our money we're sending you weapons, we're not in control of the actual fence of your country, that's up to you work when you the tools and if you can't use the tool properly to defend your current country, you're, not capable of stopping this russian onslaught. What does that mean then, to us then see to be boots on the ground. The sure does We cannot allow it to happen while that's a pretty big statement, is. and who knows if the sky knows what he is saying,
in a given point as a good point who who knows if, if he knows what he set up there, the people of the back are like oh allow it to help We were in it for as long as it takes will stay there forever. If we need an ally. Troops to cause. I mean that's unsaid at this point by. I think it's lingering in the background ass to be, it has to be admitted, it has to be there's really it can't be. For me, I e we can't we can be involved in an actual military, live hot military conflict with russia. No, no thank you no, I think about. I think we want. We noted what are you like a put glover now, all of a sudden, you just turn level now I did not know. In fact you know what, in order to not be in favour of
being troops in ukraine. You dont have to love Putin. What year is not some that's really weird amazing, and this is a terrible time too. I mean our military. Recruiting is not going well, the cow people are just not join it up. Then. I want to be part of this with with Biden in control I wouldn't want my sons to be part of it. That's a difficult job make sure is enormous as much as we loves country and want one it defended would be hard to recommend the military to my kids right now, with this particular commander in chief who doesn't know what thy alleys doing or even where he is really high a tough time. I really a tough a tough time to be committing to war in ukraine and russia
not a good time for them triple eight? Seventy seven be easy, came up right now, we're still joyfully the Glen back programme joyfully celebrating Roby wade has been overturned. There has been responsible for the slaughter of over sixty three million babies over the past several decades, and the decision to aboard a child will be left in the hands of the states, and sadly, abortion will continue in some of the most liberal states. Well, over the past Sixteen years pre born has position. There planets in the top abortion cities, where fifty percent of abortion. Take place. Pre born work of saving babies. Lives is going to continue at an even greater level. Even though roby wade has been overturned, they fight as they continue to fight plant parenthood. There too.
ending their centres from the radical hate groups, who want nothing more than to shut them down. Provisions response is entirely dependent on you, though, and the right so the pro life community. Your is needed now more than its ever been so poor he's consider a gift of any size of its ten dollars that be great. Fifty a hundred. What where you can afford all gives your tax deductible emma or towards saving babies lives in helping pre born centres stay safe, so they can continue their lifesaving work to donate I'll pound to fifty say the key word baby pound to fifty keyword, baby or just go to pre born dot com. Slash back! That's! reborn dot com flashback.
It's been a grave and jaffe for Glenn today, a little bit under the weather, the mighty wind for a minute about texas in the summer, while we're at or heat dome, is that what it is to heat the heat do know. What's going on right now now there's plenty of places that are probably a lot warmer than they're supposed to be, or that is a regular time for them around the country. World, but is it over a hunt well over a hundred degrees every day? Well, right now, every stinking day right. Now it's not a hundred here, not right. Now I have eighty one degree about they say raise high will be one hundred yeah, but every day next week, when I clicked on my whether app it originally said, one o six every day then when I am when I click down, and it changed
Ah there like a cold front coming through yet has every day went to one o five, why what relief we're gonna get next week, not great It feels like once it corrects a hundred I made it does, feel like a little warmer yellows alone alarm or I will say it seems like we ve gotten a little bit of a brake on the humidity, though the hue it at EU level has not been what it has been and the best now I mean it's not quite as human is normally as soon as it says that I hear anyway, you ain't. Does yes it s, milk? Yes, yes, it does. That's the guy doesn't chickens. One day, a number of years in florida by lies the mayors in houston and they have doubled areas. Nothin I mean for its as human. As me, times, but it get as humid on certain occasions added
I don't think it really as this summer, but still it sucks. It's it's too hot. that's why I hate summer now I just I can't take it here. It's on believable, which is why I'm just hang it on for dear life to the fact that football season in overall is only Fifty days away, I know cited for can't come sooner excited for donald trump. apparently has already made up his mind about whether not he's going to run but listen. Have we announced it? He has not he's going to announce it soon. He said. Look I've already made up my mind: but he has had to be true. Here's how intelligencer wrote the story. this is amazing to me, Donald trump was impeached, twice lost twenty twenty election by seven million. Fifty two thousand votes is intact,
The investigations by federal prosecutors and the district of be a attorney general and the manhattan district attorney, and the new york state attorney general and the westchester county district attorney and the fulton georgia, district attorney and the securities and exchange commission The house select committee on January sixth yet, on Monday July eleventh, he was in a fantastic mood. I mean: is that not tat battle? That is reported that the way they report on his report and on the other, they can't believe that he air be happy ever because got so many incredible de going on in, but this is how they treat him when we got away for residents of the united states who can't even speak, he can't get through a sentence and they don't care and health care.
did you see him the other day? I know this is radioset. Most people wouldn't even see this. I don't know that it's worth playing, but he and the israeli prime minister were giving a press conference and then they stop the press. conference and they were going to go sit down and talk to the press. few feet away biting. Couldn't get there without the help of the israeli prime minister. Was any shuffling around the world we go. He turns look he's going to shake hands with somebody there's nobody there. Then he starts pointing that's what I'm mad men and pointing not shaking and switch chair, and the rarely prime minister kind of I'd seen at leisure does with his hand over year old rail area goes it re there that you sit down there because he did I his card with him. That gives him step by step directions on what to do.
So do I really parameters out what a work, thereby I don't know either I really don't, but nobody cares about that in the press in the mainstream press that never gets mentioned, because how big a cardiac to have what you have to start saying, turn right, yeah, walk step turn right, don't shake hands with anyone, These steps, down in second chair. His believe me. I got very go as of there's a funny bit for you to write with Joe Biden of his giant card yeah right like they would as if whatever happens, no chance. But trump they'll tell you every step of the way, all their disagreements and all the problems that he supposedly has she's. But here, made up his mind. He does it does say I mean
My my believe that I believe that can influence me. I believe that he's meant well that I was going to run, or I believe that he's made up that he had his mind made up a long time ago. He I just want to say it because yeah that hurt his fundraising. Mobility is yes, and then there there are fundraising considerations that have to be made and that's why people waiter, or an when they had doubts. I earlier. I don't think he was going to. I feel like I think he is, I feel like theirs so many people that are against him. He almost has his back up against the wall a gambler run. It is the pistol it I don't like you, he doesn't want to and on a loss, and he does it consider it a loss, he considers it right a win and he doesn't want to have that tasted his mouth for the rest of his life, so he's gonna run again, nothing, nothing. And here's what he said to
at least one reporter look. I feel very confident that if I decide to run I'll win if he does feel that he nails that yes, yes He thinks he kittens not a bad bad. It's not me done it before and he certainly when the republican nomination, I think I mean if it would be tough, When him into santas, I think, although in most palsy beats dissent is by quite a bit man and there I just saw a poll the other day that supposedly had Biden beating him by three or four points, and I just don't buy that. Well, I don't know why you don't buy it. Joseph rubber Biden got the most votes ever of of ok right. Eighty one million Eighty one million wise you the most of it that that could happen again. Noriega that couldn't happen again because it good
There is no way, there's just no way. He would come anywhere near that if he were to run again. and I'm not saying drop boxes had anything to do with it, except I think maybe they had maybe they did have something to do with it. I don't know it was seven million alex if they were responsible for, but you know, something wrong there. It's just it's not it's not reasonable to think that job biden got eighty one million votes since not reasonable is it I mean look out, I don't like him at all it's a year and a half into his presidency and, of course, you screwed many things up in the meantime, if not all every year, but what is it? Eighteen percent according to a later, but pull this week. Eighteen percent of people wanting to run again. Twenty
percent of democrats or something to that effect. It's amazing! You read the wrong because he's told the reporter was ninety percent wanted the wanted him to run again. Ninety two per se as well two percent would vote for him jack if it was between. He and trump, which is kind of important, to note that that was the well as well what the pull said. That's like again, that's like saying if mitt romney and Hillary Clinton are the only two that you can possibly vote for. Who are you to vote, for? mitt romney, who wouldn't be hilary? No, it would not be hilary for me. Is there anything? What can I do It puts you do. I Hillary Clinton right now today really play duty in Karl Marx. If it's between two of them
Maybe I'd wait for hillary to just stay home and not vote. That's what I'd actually do, but if you have a gun to my head, yeah, probably carroll he's in the coffin, so yeah I mean these things are skewed and who knows can happen between now and twenty twenty four anyway, a lot all you can and will happen and if trump decides to where I may, that that's already decided run. That really does dissenters. Decide then to go, or does he say out, submit question way. You won't say- and I think that's what is kind of both the other out yeah yeah yeah they even he's a formidable force against AL drop? I ate the. I think he is it is certainly a formidable force for the conservative way of thought here.
other states are mean, definitely does powerful. Yes, he is yeah. He's he's an. I would. I be be tough them. a choice between drug animal, drawn his answers at this time, choice would be a tough choice that have to do, think- and I know I know I would no there's no way either. One of em runs with each other, It would also be interesting to see if by does run. Will he get primarily by democrats and I think he would think gavin newsome will run gathered I think he wants it bad gave a nuisance really wants to shut up with his decorator the other day, with Biden left for the latest. Looking at how to react here, the way to the other day he believes authority is yeah. That's how come
the day. I know he was going into the back door to an end. We gotta go where we need to do this dump. When I move in I'll, tell you something about these drapes about this dog crap in the hallway yeah he's definitely preparing. and the little people along the way will try to convince by not to run but he's so, eager maniacal, I don't know, I don't know a viable convince him not to be the only person that could stop it would be jill and she's the one that enables him yeah out another year gonna run the she's, the one the pushes forward- she's, not gonna start. Unless there is a complete breakdown, will run again. Yes and a complete breakdown could definitely happen especially in the next. You know two years absolutely I happen it could happen. lately happen triple. Eight seven
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let's at grand jappy for Glenn was just not feeling well today, but should be back on Monday triple eight. Seventy seven be easy k and our number to call our president is overseas. Begging for oil, We're still wondering why aren't you openness up for american oil companies still fringe thing to me. I still just don't understand it really doesn't make, don't make any sense, none whatsoever. We could do so. Much more with our oil land, then, and in less that money into written labels that they all want to do and crew eight, something that works for the future yeah, maybe what no kind of decline change thing. Wool:
still asking for oil to be drilled right and then extract refined and sent around the world. So how does it help it comes from Saudi Arabia instead of the united states. Just I don't understand, I don't either unless you because some say that is not a fossil fuel right, that its renewable go some say that area do bloody murder, a renewable go data. hans now guide disappear, yeah cause when it seems disappeared, one spot it shows up in another bought later exactly you know it's all really really going to land. I do will create yes like it is a renewable source ha yet weird. who is it that I was talking to that? Was it I dunno. There was somebody that I was interviewing a while ago, and I ran that theory by him and he didn't buy it at all it is like now known. I hope you ve cut off the interview
I did what immediately shouted down. That's a good ally. My old right now get off my phone, nor you now. I've talking view our. Let's andy, our on some really good news costs. Go. Is fusing to raise the price on their hot dog and soft drink It is only a dollar fifty eight about and it's been a dollar fifty since nineteen. Eighty five incredible, thirty seven years, and while you know that if it changes you know that the ceo will be dead really because he said at a meeting- wants that the original ceo told him that I was thinking, I told them. I was thinkin about change in the price of a hot dog, soda combo and haste at the I'll kill you so
literally killing. We re use the right if you read the epic branch, I'll kill you while so I himself for his life here, so I dont that derives fifty, that's good and that's it I that's a pretty sweet deal but dollar. Fifty four really good, good hotdog? How about sticking to the door as I then just sixty bucks a year or something to that? Put your wine in d c? Is the Glenn Beck program? Listen case you haven't heard about it. Yet America's farmers have recently announced that they are facing off the charts. Fertilizer shortages and of fertilizer shortage means that could cause our nations farms to drastically decrease in crop production, and now at spell serious food shortages in our very near future. There's no two ways about it. So are you ready this stand in Gaza. Food lines or Would you rather be able to feed your family because you acted prudently, please I'm earth
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program, agreeing for glenn back also a with us today lends a little under the weather stews on vacation.
But we have to tell you about- and we mentioned this yesterday when its filling in four still and Glenn was here about this strange things that were finding out about this ten year old was raped in ohio and had to go to a in vienna for the abortion new details on that. That may clear it up just a little bit, but it's still very bizarre we'll get to that it about at the time we fight back against What the woke mob has planned for this country. We fight with our vote We fight with our ideas and we fight with our dollars. That's why you to consider switching to put patriot mobile patriot mobile, america's only christian conservative mobile phone provider and they ve been on the front lines. Fighting for your values says something that sets them. Apart from any other mobile provider out there, the lead policies have done horrible thing
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call nine seven to patriots are right, so we we heard from our president. In fact there, we were hearing on line even before the president talked about The ten year old girl who was impregnated through a rape and, of course, is no other way for a ten year old to be impregnated frankly, so hateful bud but she had to go from ohio to indiana to get the abortion Now we were told ohio, wouldn't do the abortion. It seems not to be case. Since the Ohio attorney general said she could have had the abortion done, their slow with their their reporting. It was like she was three days passed the deadline right eye According to the attorney general, she could have an abortion in ohio, you'd guess.
probably know you think he would know the laws of ohio better than some of these reporters, but who knows only the attorney the fact was they had to drive to Indiana and they act like on the left. They act like that's the worst thing ever but the child being raped about that no kidding and then apparently. not being believed by her mother. Because her mother is defending the rapist. Now there was a Forty that showed up at her door. She opened it. Just cracky could barely even see her, but reporter was asking, and yet she still talked and she did that eggs are doing the family law man. because someone puts a microphone in face doesn't have to be right, but I'm glad they did it it glad they do yeah The telephoned o reporter said, did the girl live here as well as well,
as the rapist. The mother said yes but she's fine everything, that they're saying against him is a lie. Wow wow is bright, ah the tell em under tell em udo reporter then says: ok are the child. Are you related to her or her mother? She My daughter. So the woman refused provider name concealed her face. She stated she has not filed charges it's the twenty seven year old rapist. Now he apparent admitted to police that he did this. She says apparently that he didn't, but he confessed to having virginal to act on at least two occasions with the girl who recently turned ten. So she was Apparently nine, when she got impregnated, keep saying that word. It doesn't mean what I think it means ass, unbelievable, it's incredible, but
the mother is now defending their is so. This leads me to believe that the mother, that this is The rapist is the mothers boyfriend right and her daughter pregnant and she doesn't want to believe it was her boyfriend wherein the nine year old girl word your nine year old daughter, get pregnant First of all, what are the odds of that? I mean just incredible incredibly small. nine year old could even become pregnant. Secondly, if this happened in your home- and you don't do something about It- that's pretty despicable yes pretty despicable. I don't know where cps is on this, but it seems like should maybe be looking into this as well. child services? Really,
be looking into this home. So then for some reason she goes to Indiana instead of ohio together suborned. Which is so horrible because added dry, two indiana all the way, all the way from ohio. To india, which is next door next door, yeah self, though so correct me? If I'm wrong, I think you can still, even if it wasn't just next door, vagina realise that we're trying to make the point that it's you know it's not this I refer you to drive around. The horrific thing is the way as take you so we get that we do so there's this A request is right when it was brought up that we thought that we were. We questioned the validity of which dormant actually happened right because well, we had there were worse, where's the crime. Where's the rapist right. Why wasn't reported what's going on right and it wasn't reported,
now. We can know why it was our questioning that specifically out but our questioning that brought these things to light, get this guy arrested right right. And that's why it tells you why he wasn't arrested until I believe it was July, sixth, which First of all, this happened. I think. the Initial report maybe was june twenty seconds in june. then finally he's arrested on July. Sixth. So tells you that no, they filed a report, nobody, including the abortionist, apparently, which you have to do. You must do you must file a report with police. She didn't she filed. I believe she called the reporters at the indianapolis star cause, that's what you do with ear and abortion would dare. I guess there, for publicity and for your agenda because of roby way being overturned. You call the
star. I just the baby from a girl who was all ten years, ohio yeah that do That can be miles up two miles away from here. It could take a minute, to derive across that border state line. It could take minutes perhaps an hour or two or where we don't know, we'd just dollar zone acceptable. Because I still don't know where it was a columbus. I think the police are involved so from colombia, to end with. I don't know, how far is it where the dock was? That's a good question. I dont know that either I mean there are so many things. We don't really know about this story that it's it's really hard to say emphatically what happened here, but it looks like This is a really bad situation for the night oral patty that ok, so How far is it from Columbus? Let's say it's columbus and indianapolis? How far is it
two hours and forty minutes audits and credible as inhumane. That's inhuman! You get em! Now, I'm sorry! Nobody can derive two hours and forty minutes impasse. Oh, I don't think the ten year olds drive and anywhere I don't know that, though, isn't how to get there. I don't know These factors, if you dont report the is that not a crime, I think so I think it is. Ok there's some serious questions to be answered. The questions These past enamoured of the organist and of the mother to younger poor girl a girl, my gosh, so bad. So Margaret nightmare, yeah. I'm really again this sea to only be uncovered, because we were sceptical of the story. I first place an unjust
by nine. All go. Conservative well was like that actual true hosts editor. When I talk about- and it was fox news- by the way who actually uncovered than it did in fact happen. they're the ones not cnn, not MSNBC Cbs Abc Nbc. None of them looked into. It fox finally found out what happened here and they say they scratch the surface at least and find out that there really was a crime here than it We actually did happen and so have the criminal. The rapist is an illegal alien right, but we also know if, though, any other family members or any other members of this household are illegal right. We don't know, but it's I mean. Is it likely? Possibility is certainly possible that the family involved is is illegal as well. Maybe that's. Why didn't report anything I don't know I don't know
but the rapist has been arrested and charged. So we do know that that did happen ends because we've let them in the country I mean we might as well just you know. Instead of paying for them to live at a house in Columbus, we might as well pay for him to be in jail, correct yeah, so we got that going for here detective he admitted to twice raping the girl who recent, turn ten file Of course, indicating again that it was, she was, equally right when she was nine right, and he's admitting to two times yeah and it remains unclear why and how he arrived in the united states, by though, and the mother is still there. defending in how bizarre, as is its wits, it gets more bizarre every day, just in a different way.
I maybe she's living in fear too, who will be those guys got the whole house living in fear, which is passing that's possible. Yeah is possum, but no matter either way, let's find out and get some help to people who need help? It's especially a nine year old in ten year old girl, yeah, especially her cause what a horrible thing she's been through sorry been pray had been through an abortion. She got great, I mean unbelievable. just really really sad have ever end up a core to the while the words between the crack door, lands certainly is caring about the little girls who doesn't seem to Earl. No, she said she's she's, perfectly fine, is fine, and I don't believe that it was him get out here everything they ve said about him is a lie, is what she said. Every
that they're saying against him is a lie but she's fine. According to the mother, just amazing, absolutely incredible: tripoli,
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In ninety five: go to relief, factor, dot com or call eight hundred for relief, eight hundred for relief or relief factor dot com find out all about this offer and feel the difference. Ten second station id the background, before Glenn, whose under the weather today should be back on Monday No, that nearly seven hundred illegal, Immigrants have died, trying to cross the. U s, border. On buttons watch. So since he that's his body was inaugurated, almost seven during have died or when, when did he become present five six years, but a year and a half ago, you're not only feel like five six eight years ago. It feels like five hundred years ago, but the
I died from drowning d duration and, of course, the really horrible tragedy in the back, truck with what fifty one fifty two of them just so awful and it's because their being encouraged to do there are its because they think it's ok to do this And then they come in the summer time when in taxes I mean, as we ve, because we wind about last hour. It is all right now it is irksome dangerously hot if you're out without enough water or you know cover from the sun mean you could just you could get here. drug really easy. I mean if they're coming across the border, without an espy of lowering the worth of lower that out in fifty yeah. It's not good for your skin, no words it's not you're gonna get a little bit of burn. I think
and not a normal analogy of just right out and out there. but according to the outgoing national sheriffs association president vernon stand forth, cartels are using our southern border as a revolving door for death. I mean we signal described very day right that if that is a great way, the revolving door of death- and we see Hundreds thousands coming in this country and we just ok with it I mean I know we are not in texas is definitely trying to fight against it. as best we can but holy cow, there's, always so much that our border patrol can do and what he says, is those are just the numbers they ve compiled that probably doesn't include all the who have died because sometimes just doesn't get reported, so the number probably much higher than that that's really sad. It's really sad and of the
immigrants cared about this. They would care about border security, but they do no way because they're a death called, and they don't care. They don't care about people at all, couldn't care less if they did again, they do something about this, but they, I guess it just acceptable, that's an acceptable number so long as they can get a bunch of people that do come across the border alive and those are people that they think are going to eventually vote for them. Then they're fine with it. That's an acceptable number. Whatever I told him not to come just like the death, the deaf count with the wood aborted babies, they don't care about that, and they don't care about this. Just it's it's ok, despicable throughout almost like an all encompassing death called. Yes, it is that's exactly What it is officially
from Brooks county, which reported the mouth most deaths to the USA border committee, found a hundred nineteen bodies of immigrants. last year and forty two so far this year, some count said their sheriffs departments, dont, collect bodies. I'm a county, arizona sheriff leon. Wilma said it's concerning to me that this administration touting saving lives by trying to take away a citizen. Second, amendment rights and yet the same, administration is responsible for the deaths of thirty five victims in my county. This count this calendar year, this a direct result of this administrations failed policies and their steadfastly useful to enforce the law and secure our southern border ha here somebody who is speaking the truth its refreshing, isn't! Yes, it is because, hardly ever happens. You hardly ever hear them being held accountable for what their accountable for and do they care.
now your they care that we are in local share of speaking the truth. No meaning in this sheriff is, is really not alone knows a number of sheriffs around the country that speak the truth about the drug issues and the immigration issues, and it's just falling on deaf ears, and it's it's it's embarrassing. It is embarrassing is and its. It said. The cartels don't care the coyotes, don't care they just at their money. What are they charging seven thousand ten thousand per person. We heard it started at seven and in some cases up to fifteen thousand dollars per person that they give for Helping them cross border illegally, as on leave about euros, and then we saw that huge caravan of illegals sneak it across the border. The other day walking through the shah,
Apportions, however, that thousands like two thousand in that one day they came across the border, and I mean if that river is deeper, and flowing faster. Well, you can, gets drownings yeah When that happens. So that's so. That's the administrations posture on it. So. A lot of them are going to live nl eventually vote for us so shut up. That's how much they care seriously. I mean it It doesn't give me pleasure to say that about the administration, but it's obviously true, obviously, otherwise they do something about this and its really. It's Very sad were the only ones the care about it and mention it. Otherwise,
you ve, never hear about. Seven hundred people die in trying to get across the. U s border amazing, aaa seventy seven. We seek a more common line back programme on nine eleven two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven people were killed in horrific terrorist attacks on american soil after that date. of his vowed that we would never forget and one, organization has kept that promise, an amazing and wonderful ways, the tongue. the towers foundation, has been supporting america's heroes and their families ever since, when first responder. Or military service member doesn't come home and young children are left behind Tuttle detail Where's pays off their mortgage to lift the financial burden. bring their family stability, u s special is jason. Wheeler is one such hero, He re enlisted after nine eleven but training accidents tree
accident. Injuries left him unable to walk after you, of trying to manage specialist wheeler and his family, into a mortgage free, smart home that was customer designed for his needs, help He's heroes their families. Please the joint tunnel. The towers on its mission to do good in their honour donate eleven dollars a month at tea to tee dot, org that's tee than ever to tee dot. Org. check out my black ass chewing, the fat with deficits. To get more of me I know right Jeff fisher anywhere, you get your podcasts, the safer, so it is brought to you by samsung galaxy watch. Five probe has the tools to take your work out up a notch. Watch five fro goes next level with new enhanced phoebe S features a durable sapphire crystal
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As you know, the different areas in our in the county here in dfw. You know they put out their alert, saying that hey the numbers are going up. Maybe we just letting you know you should probably put a mask on when you go out when you chomp know, and I'm like okay. Well. Thank you. I appreciate you. Let me know rang nobody is doing well fewer. We get there and I'm ok. but let me look that was the whole outlying didn't want to deal like you wanna, whereas there is going to be right down Indeed it now demo Senator Bob Menendez is urging americans to mask up yet again, summer, he wrote and the sun is shining unfortunately cove it is rising. Put a mass gone and order at home tests. Nea probably nada probably not gonna do that for sure, not on the masks a make get tested. If I get
cause. I don't know I mean it's always good to have a few tears lion around four I guess any kind of, this situation, I have special your case. Guess who knows what disease you're gonna come up with that nobody, no you have so many thing battling for the supremacy in europe. Are you this loggers itself of the flare up in the same two islands are good, that's good, no, our but the reactions online, Bob Menendez or not favourable to bob Menendez things. Like sorry, I respect your devotion to your co, video faith, but I have no desire to join your religion or where it symbols tie love that so great Another person just simply put nine point
one per cent of the inflation rate, yeah, that's what we're concerned with no, yes, it is more concerned with the inflation rate of forty bucks, a gas or gas yeah. That's what about were told that maybe food shortages gotta worried about that older yeah bud call with language yellow but more work to do. But you know this: omicron variant of they're, trying to scare us with it, is so see I've ba transmissible here. Ok, its transmissible. So was the last one, the wee wee god I got it did get it in january. Are you guys somewhere where I don't remember when, but yes, I guy got one and yet our variants yeah, and so it was in that bigotry I'll tell you know, I was alive, Nels wranglers right couple days, I really at the point of after I think I like a day and a half. I remember thinking
fit last longer than I am probably gonna- have to go, see somebody none of us exactly what I was thinking do. Ok, if I'm still this tomorrow, yeah. I feel this if I feel this way tomorrow, but I'm yet, given that it was done yet it was about testing positive. I was that really maybe I was I think we are using the wrong swab, but I kept dusting positive. I just right longer than I read about somebody. Who's tested positive for four, hundred and thirty days, genetic voted whereby asked me for Britain. A person should maybe go see. Somebody you know maybe go to adopt. after I don't know, maybe get into a hospital or something That's a lie, and what do you call the airy trying to say that that that person has covered or those just faults negligible, reporting. I don't What are we not gonna? Let me value that it happens to some people with the long covets enraged so
I guess you're, saying some people, Yet this in it just stays with him. For a long time I mean that's That would obviously was that would mean anything over ten or eleven days agonizing, and I think I was at like eight days. didn't die finally tested neck That was too long because after the third day, I'm good, Let's go out, I want to be able to you know, I guess your technically I could, participated in society and that's part of the problem right is P I'll. Do that and then there still contagious and so they pass it on? I being a good human being inserted, stay home stayed home me to me too, but look at I'm just reading headline on drugs right now, seedy see raises dallas grist level. Yet to read. I you know that I didn't know they done that the you cdc has raised
less county got. We live in Dallas, we live in tarrant, but Alice counties covert risk level to read cases in hospitalizations continue to climb terror. I believe issued a warning to us. I do a project and its actual sanity, since you probably being specific I've counties that night. I remember that there was something very recently about Derek gouty, though, if you could find just from the reference in secretary gouty. You got me I found me. Our studios are doubtless gouty, though, for his studio right as a dallas county, so we have to travel all the way all the wayward another county, yeah we're all my gosh, the hall or it can you imagine it. Yes, I can one liver there I'd minute, DR weir
was mine, was twenty five alone to take like thirty two now, oh that's too much now that should not I know you should have some special accommodation now for you. I agree. Somebody should buy you a home right next to the studio. actually I've not opposed to that. Now it should happen. Does what should happen? but under the red designation, which signifies high community spread wow, in dallas, really, Anybody who has it do you? I don't know all. I knew that I did have a medical appointment earlier. This we can they made me where mask which they had not been doing at all. Doctors are that this has not stopped that from the beginning of this office stopped it and then they fired a back up again and claim that claimed. I believe what they say that the one of the doctors tested positive and so they were like. Oh yeah, we're gonna make her would start wear masks again, while ok, alright, maybe
just have the dogma- and I can handle it just at the doctors office- gazette- don't go that often, but I don't want it at grocery store, I don't want it at a sporting event. I don't want it here. You know and there's there's plenty of people that will tell you just don't do it yeah yeah few people in my life, when lazy mandated everywhere then said men doing right That's a good way to go. can be well aware, as were one of the people of my life, is six five. if you know any zone dunno what he has now to sixty to seventy. So now down from his football playing days, oh yeah, yeah yeah, quite a bit yeah a lot and sixty seventy ps, you know nobody's going to make him yeah, that's very few,
people on the planet that is going to make him. That's probably true. So if they were like, let's go ahead. Nobody, nobody says anything to me, no kidding yeah. What a surprise I thought so, CDC, has also listed call in an terence counties as red wives, but deaden county is still listed at yellow two highly contagious alma concept. Variants be four and be a five represent more than seventy. Five percent of samples tested by you'd have received texas southwestern medical center researchers. Ok, so be a four and be a five which are more which more contagious but they're not or severe. So I'm really not even afraid, this now having, especially having already experienced it and now I know what to expect. You know,
As long as there's not a super severe thing, that's killing people dead, eh I'll, take my chances whatever I'll take my chances and the death rate, despite the fact that the the case gullible gone so far up. It's like a hundred and twenty eight thousand, but the death count. day, is only around four hundred, so it's pretty for the amount of people that actually have it right here. So it shows you it's not that severe and that shows in their push to air for everyone to continue giving their booster shots with vaccinations as well yeah because Everyone is like we're. Just gonna live with that, and a year ago that worried about it and there must get boasted gotta keep the boasters galling gotta get shot than that which is where, because fallacy himself said the boost
shots last. What when days or something the other day legacy just a few days ago is a very long. He said it was twenty or thirty days and then they they fade their way yeah. Well, what really I'm going to get one for twenty days? No, I'm not I'm a tad. I'm almost I'm almost more concerned about monkey box of all workers. Yet about Machiavelli's the vaccine. I mean we're up to almost fifteen hundred cases in our view, is that is it. in the last week or the week before it was five hundred six hundred. Then it was nine the last weekend. I think it was like the eight or nine hundred. So I'm aware it's definitely gone up yeah. It's mostly going up around men who have sex with men in the us. the msn crowd, the gay a crowd the men who have sex with men and again I don't know the difference, the air,
thirdly, there is one could say: submarine developed is, are ok, there's our yeah. You can have sex with a man, yes and not be gay as a man and not be gay Alright, how I thought that was the very definition now, ok, stand corrected. That ok, thank you for the court, and the numbers are up specifically here in Dallas. You're talking on monkey box. I've got would be an idea how my there, people here, sir the exact number of days, but we had a big break out here this last weekend from a bath house. all Israel is there So now you're saying my bath house visits are not a safe, is unlikely to be correct, while I'm gonna have to cut back our Do you wanna go and how often do you make it to the bathroom? here, dallas yeah you're in Dallas now go to the one you don't know you probably safe wrangling privacy
I guess you re, I very four or five times a week. So maybe a little bit better risks. How can you not go to alice bath house from time to time I mean, are you not terms seventy seven be easy catch. You know They say that walking is good for you. Frankly, I don't believe it frankly, it sounds like It kind of lie that someone like George soros, who would just make up to make the world a worse place than mq? Yes, it does nice, try sorrows but you're, not fooling me Of course, this means protecting our car at all times, which is why it's why Glenn has car shield car shield offers protection plans for around a hundred bucks a month that cover more parts than ever before whether your car has five thousand or a hundred fifty thousand miles when you need
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three nine one. Eighty eight eighty eight to save ten percent. This is the decline back programme. the alright. We probably don't have time for every single community across the country, but in dallas in Dallas county fourteen people now have monkey pox. Oh fourteen people, starting to get a little scary yeah, it is Just eight million people in the Dallas fort worth area. Forty of a majority habit. I mean forty three, not access alone, while forty three total, while soybean I'm telling you it's free, that's right now, d, d c h, h s said the threat.
the county remains low monkey were monkey It is rare and does not easily spread without close skin diskin contact me that's what I believe, those still you can still get it from surface if it's, if it's lingering, not still lingering. If I rub one of them, some pocs goo on that gown. Her ever touched. The girl you come up like a getting stuck in it, that's what they ed- and there is no report, there's a couple- differ very eyes, one of the variances more deadly than the other and the one that spreading now. Isn't this deadly? Ok, so you just do you just get the oxen have to suffer through that for what they do, here, men who have sex of men make up a larger proportion of identified cases today, but the risk is not limit to write the algae, bt, q, community. Anybody can get it, but men who have
many people works. If they did monkey box, a higher rate than other man. That's luckier, not I'd. Allow whatever. But if you you get the bags we I'll run the man. I don't know if you get the blocks, make sure they're juror lose them skin on skid contact thing. So you go ahead and it's a variety of things. You do they quarantine herself for a little bit about you, take oman are we for wheeled bath house? What are you gonna? Wait till the parks are completely healed. Wait you're, going to ask me not to show up at the bath how come on now, and they have to wait till the parks arc of play,
he'll now you're jumping lately gillis, because if there are still some scab egg, there could still be go under there. While none enough that would a little too far. Ok without is ok. Then this gabby, The scabbard go too much, don't I yeah, it's girls, so we win things are gone yeah yeah, you can go back to the other. Stay out of the bath house for just a while, if you can, I know it stop the kurds who doesn't love the bath house? Had doubts about the dallas bath house? I mean it's one of the finest bad houses in this
The west is my understanding that godfrey that really, okay, alright and not just the southwest, but the whole country, put that in your pipe and smoke. It is the Glenn Beck program where the when you are about to hear vision of entertainment and enlightenment,
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it's been jovi for Glenn today, interpolate seventy seven be easy K w. And be a superstar, brittany, greener recommended cannabis to try her pain according to one of her. Lawyers for madagascar is e up I thought it was hashish oil she had a few points out and you d think he has she joy for medical permanently ass out again, of course, you can take a line for medical purposes. Believe me I believe I believe you can yes, I believe it. However, that change the russian law. No, no, it doesn't now doesn't change russian law and it doesn't change the fact that they should a gardener out of there a long time ago, for a long time ago, like the next
they should have been on a plane bound for the. U s is just ass, an eye, but among the medical documents is a doctor's appointment for the substance that brittany, greener inadvertently left among her belongings when crossing the border. What happened? to her lawyer, her next appearances, nigel four july, twenty sixth cheese, that's another data must be just happened that Gaza rebecca. I thought there were back at some. On a trial thing today, so that must have been when our railways, again after granite most recent courtroom appearance allows? lisbon. The rude thee just read the fair at durban: embassy in Moscow. Reiterated america's commitment to bringing her home. So we are committed to a dont get a majority everything again they went off their working behind the scenes in front of the scenes around the sea. In fact today, president those asking someone in saudi arabia if they can help out and protective lad
get her back right back home yeah, in addition to begging for oil, he's begging for their help to get back into hey. Maybe you guys can help us cause. You got to the number of lad that works, so ridiculous I mean I realize it's a tough spot right, because we we want these. We want to get them out. We want to help these people that have that are political prisoners, but at the same and we don't want to negotiate with terrorist. My we know it seemed like were negotiated with terror, so that makes other countries and other places say: hey we're just gonna know. Will I will just take americans and then hold them for ransom, right yeah and we, want them retaliating against americans in russia, just because we support ukraine, but I think that's what this is about. Out pretty much there's a range of other areas us because we are supporting ukraine, but it
clear in the last few days that there is a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for britney's character and integrity, both in russia and in the united states. Her lawyer set, and we re of lower spic. Isn't it we reaffirm our commitment to bring back brittany and all all the american citizens detained abroad, all of them, and they should some of these people have been there for years it and it's ridiculous during fridays, court hearing grinders team made on you m m c, catherine burg, to help where great has played in the off season since twenty fourteen, so she's been them any oh yes, yes she knows the rule, your guard right, she does because she was unhappy with the from that she was making here in the u s which dirt bright while shirt porridge only makes two hundred sixty thousand a year. You can't even you can't maybe ends meet on that. You can't sit the system.
would be living in a single white right with that's right. Well, she has played in the off season. Since twenty fourteen, due to the pay disparity between the w area in the nba, now there's Hey disparity only because the envy air men double and be air women think that's right, though well there's that and the fact that the enemy a brings in ten billion dollars in revenue and the debt You won't be a brings in fifty five million in revenue for sure there's a little bit of a diversity, revenue disparity as well cooking, sure you're going to save ten bucks. I gave the actual the actual value of the actual wb us, probably funnier, but the fact is.
The fifty five million are sixty million whatever it is fifty to sixty mill. The thing is, I mean it is unbelievable that the disparity in revenue reservoirs subsidizing the double Lately, you dont want results. There would not be a Will you nba if the nba didn't subsidize it so come on come on now, but during the pay, the spirit but due to the she s going to travel to another, yes come forward and land, that's right! It too! Maybe air of am I that's right. That's right! Well, between her and her soccer star partner, wife, I dunno is it There, I think they're married, I think, they're married, oh yeah, so or wife must make another, because it's why? its megan rapid, no ray repeat our whatever. Now it's not allowed on another know who's this
you're star that she's married to shoot ass. Not repeat other now. Are you sure? Yes, so who is it I'll find out Mr Naser, who is it and why could I think, her waivers if a guy have all danger now there is, I don't. I mean it's not that hard. Is it brittany greener, spouse, Gloria jones, wife? What glow johnson, So this is not, she doesn't have a soccer stir. Why ethic if, as is another basketball player, yeah, is another w and be able to provide our cheryl, did you say? Cheryl was running gory, brittany. Minor thirty, one married to cheryl watson, twenty eight. who is change, your name to cheryl, greener, ok, So this is a lie.
Think she's Jesus? I'm confusing my lesbian couples here, and I apologise for that Because this is not the soccer star and w and be a couple that I like that boy. What what gets to the confusion has the pay discrepancies between the doubling of the is yes have, however, cider such a disparity that it threw me completely off. So maybe her and she needs to supplement in russia because she doesn't have a soccer star, wife. You know what I mean. I think we just discovered that correct. So there you go put that in your pipe and smoke. It So brittany is an american professor basketball player for the phoenix mercury play college. In an at paler.
And see. What does it say about her spouse here? Should then seeing whether spouse? Will? That is wrong. Why can't we find that out? Ha ha. case. Oh yeah, that's completely! Also, maybe they're not married this glory johnson. They were, they got. That separated looks like that. Only together for a short time right now, she's married to cheryl share change your name to greener, but that was, Not her name initially gonna change have driver had still not been married. That work still got ass. She could, but that's not likely gay you don't change your name just when you're dating somebody's rhetoric that is his but you're in change your name for your day. Well, I there are more than dating of europe live with someone, you can change your name absolutely in today's world, pat nuts, through your right one out.
I guess, that's an important realisation. You can change your name if you're living with somebody so go ahead and do that, if not right. That's that's very true. Tripoli. Seven who's ever be easy K. Also, wisconsin supreme court now has declared the drop boxes in that state illegal. Oh, my gosh hope? I hope that the federal government is suing them to bring the state of wisconsin over that has dropped boxes which didn't exist before the pandemic need to always exist the pandemic? Ok, to declare them illegal is just absolutely wrong. Ok, It's wrong. I won't of the state's right stuff in afforded three decision, they declared the drop at the ballot drop axes authorized by the wisconsin elections commission, where illegal and that the
voter may return. May only only the border may return there ballot in person, so you can give Bela to somebody else and have them place it in the dropbox box, which so much sense and could stop any kind of fraud that people are worried by. Why? Wouldn't you just take that precaution? What about the people were that yeah that were both those people, people You just said the people that you didn't hear people yeah, I don't know about algeria by get there by now. I guess I don't. I guess In the u s, mail, or maybe, if they need a male in ballot bud there than that show up at the voting, both an in the last when you walk out about that. Can you do that? We? What, if you care, if you can and I guess you don't vowed tat. You can take simple steps of going to the booth and vote
and then dropping your vote in into the it'll slot there or ass King for a male in valid mail. It in a filling it mailing it in on time, and you can't do those two things you don't get devote kay. What about? If I don't want to have to show my id to vote yeah you don't get to vote. Then sorry, you don't get to vote, I mean. Does it bother you don't like? I know why I thought this was the united states or is it is that's? Why would like you to show that you're, a citizen and that dear legally, while I standing here right now at designers at his air, devote ah the other ninety show it to me, What about the minorities state owned? Have ideas, yeah yeah they do they do guy they do they gotta almost exclusively Ebby. Nay, almost all have ideas.
And that's why eighty two percent of black voters are fine with presenting their idea of voting place. So strange is now we're. Gonna have to show their idea, for I don't know everything else, including if they want to drive, It pulled over the key I was going to ask you to show your id mean. I can't even get robot to send anymore without an id get me you do not. I can't vote without a true, that's amazing. What can you do with real It is that I mean meth thing Why do you amy meth with that is what that is, because I know you you're the expert on math and ever their dry could be used as an already as early on as possible. Ok, interpolate! Seventy! seven, be easy game or come up in one minute. You know it be easier dealing with the fact that the bided administration and the fed our handling this inflation business, if you know actually were good added and had
economies and the american people's best interests. Truly. In mind, but I think it is we can agree that that's just not the case. It's up to you to make or that you and your family are protected against the coming insanity alive. Which is already here frankly, Gold and silver have always been a good hedge against chaos in the market, and they still are today. You need to be putting a portion. portfolio into precious metals. How much and when is your homework, and you can do that best buy giving gold lyakhov don't wait around time is short this week, there's a special new product announcement that bob all waiting for with every half hour or every quarter. Ounces of gold Benjamin Franklin round, acquired you'll receive ten of them. And your business silver bars at no cost now sit down.
Stuck up called eight six six gold line or go to gold line. Dotcom ten second station, eighty the so saw, constitutes a hateful state. We know that now right, we sure do trying to people out of the voting both trying to keep him from voting trying to oppress the vote. Thank you, sir So wrong there's. Nobody pays any attention to the fact that the president's home state has zero advanced voting. You can get vote before election day. So we are well aware, is always voting here, I knew it seem like always. Vote is always some poor,
tell me to go vote what's going on. I know it's really true. I know early voting and there's the vote in day and then about two weeks later, were voting again in local elections and then oh a day and a half later were voting in another have other guy. The grocery store was of a form of there's a vote cover up what's happening, It is true does seem like we're all ways voting here, it's amazing, but there is always something vote about any others. School board, election or theirs is city counts, thing going on your voting for mayor and city council in some guy you never heard of going for judge that still trying to unseat the current china should ever early that you never heard of either, and you don't know anything about anything they ve ever done in their lives ever but judges are tough. For me. I have a difficult time on the judges goes. I try to do my homework, odd
the candidate or the candidate or candidates. Then you get to the judges and it's like okay, I I dunno, I don't know Well, I don't know what I know about the judges, nothing worth nothing about the judges, but we got a vote on them. So The impasse I d like to tell you about you pick with what you go ahead with it get an hour. After your name, I I'm going to have to avian on that one and just vote for the are destroyed rivers? You go for the other. What should have voted for? You I dunno data be a problem. Our terms Seventy seven be easy gave mexico's president andres manuel lopez, overt or or as they call him an blow. Lectured american citizens this week, origin. them to reason, reject conservative and brace transformation in a grey
everyone jacked ring reject conservative. embrace trends. For me, oh ok well, what are we trained and am lower tax? The conservatives in the united states for their opposition to the administrations globalist agenda on energy, trade and immigration as that interesting? Isn't it the interesting no, that your adversaries, he was saying to abandon the conservatives, are going screaming all over the place even day, Heaven they're going to be yelling and heaven in the face this crisis? The way out is not through conservatism. He says the way out is true transformation. We have to be bold in our actions, transform not maintain the status quo, I love it when the mexican president's or trying to tell americans how to vote on what to do this, should this in their countries in such great shape. You really
to take a lead from there, so you have a southerly make about her go. The exact opposite was sure. Should europe instead of defending americans, though of course, How do you think Biden responded? He seemingly agreed with em low Y yeah. What a surprise we liberals. Moderates conservatives in extreme conservatives Biden, said the mega, I'm waiting for the republican party to come back to treat shuttle conservative positions, are you ok sure your hat? We have to start talk with them to one another in this country, with respect I'd be now all you I wouldn't it I've seen you absolutely zero evidence or zero effort on his part to speak, Two conservatives! When is he? we're done that place. Never.
And low, also suggested. It is indispensable for widening congress to pass amnesty for illegal aliens living in the eu ago. Yeah, that's great, He said it is indispensable for us to regular rise and give certainty to migrants that have for years lived and worked in a very honest manner, except for the fact but their breaking our laws here and who are also contributing to the development of this great nation nation. That's true, unbelievable I mean this- is an argument spent been on a back programme. I'm back. Michael dell has changed the way when and millions of others sleep every night, his mouth,
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patsy bad gray, at least every day. Seventy nine- I am eastern or anywhere you get, your blog guess, that grain and Javi or glenn on the Glenn Beck programme aaa. Seventy seven see gay in theatres this weekend already in theatres, is the thor and love and thunder thing ass. I I didn't love second weekend rights- gaza- we got a big drop off it has allowed- will show what kind of staying power it. I think it's gotten pretty bad reviews. Has it not night, a lot of good guy. Also minions. The rise of grew like that series.
Have you watched those yet? I am aware of some nickelodeon desirable me too, and all of the minion movies they're, pretty they're fun, yeah that fire fun. I mean what I go without my kids, probably not or grandkids. I don't think so. but their decent then start in theatres this weekend. The gray man which starts on netflix net is actually can. I was doing. I want to see that in this about time, we're starting within Ross s where, regrettably, the theatres and then get them to the streaming blood forms I like that. We were later. Oh, that's pretty soon really soon, so the great man starts is weak, I read a review that that was mediocre, which usually means I'm gonna like it arrived for fund riah, vs ie. For accepting my again Joe. I probably will No, usually about the time. A critic gives three have stars I'll give it forward and really I'd say this about average
where the crawdads saying hello, I look forward to that nets. In one of those we want oppian os. I will want to be in all. We want to be nominated for beck's best picture, one hundred percent. That's what that is why the hundred percent have this kind of a tiger fee of that movie. and a big, be yes, it's gotta be gorgeous The only word now can use for it. Sorry gorgeous database. Pause of fury, legend of hank is at the panda thing. I guess. Doesn't look like there's pandas in it this time, so I don't know It alleged to have the legend of hank black phone. is in theaters and then coming soon, I've the previous of this a bunch of times- it's the what's his name Anyway, didn't the movie is nope
have! You saw Yanza area here ever. that that's that might be fun as well, something called a mrs harris skills to paris. That looks great look so are worrying and sit in the world. Is the poor working class re writing this, which he is ever had any thing always wanting to dress up, always wanted a dress from some designer. I dont know how to say: right was a resonance niver sgi, it's sad d or its created. The area is christianity or others, Gets fortunate enough because he finally got some money to go to paris, somebody dies and leisure money or something I don't know, but you know they screwed up. I think this is cleared up evaded, give her the money that was odor over the years, always at what happened here. Ok! Well, that's even more adore! Now definitely onboard. Oh yeah She goes and struggles with being a comparison.
to see that they are not and amazingly, she gets right in what the old, the oars. No, she doesn't know one of the yards. I know He has almost like models lifetime mohammed, Syria's four things. This kind of work out there is, but one then at the end, you still struggles with wanting to go back. Probably- and probably she wants to back to the life that she had. Shitless is not court, but that's you That is why we realise the dresses and everything in life. So she realizes life of extravagance. It's practically give up so the hell. What the united kingdom is day of air in paris I would urge my decision. That would be my design right higher I'm stay and thanking did they drive safely? Everybody then, of course, are top maverick is still going on bill gregg they still. Third, at the box office they just hit six hundred million domestic.
And I think it's six hours in over a billion worldwide as it over a billion world. That's a good question. I don't know that it's really really hallo see. I have a billion worldwide and when I love at that movie is what the critics? salute behave. it's it's positive. It's it's a feel. Good movie. Its patriotic and they hate that I mean you can't do that. If you're not full of woke nonsense, the critics don't want any thing to do with your movie and I love the fact the Tom cruise. not play that game. I, though, as weird is he might be b is in real life. He makes good movies nine hundred billion. That's almost a billion worldwide, Oh so me, the little break a billion again paramount does gotta be happy. It was the biggest movie ever right, to be happy with it. You know atop. If you want to make some more for us, we might allow you to do that maybe we could have the back that we have all those years,
oh yeah. Well, they love him mad at me It's two he's been with them for a long time. The the the mission impossible so going to be great. It looks like I mean that a preview I saw really good yeah the preview I say: look. I was ready to watch it right down to the matter of fact: two! Ok, let's let a role me too, Conversely, light ear is already pretty much off the map. I mean they're under a million dollars a week. Now already it's been out what three weeks three or four- and it's made- I think a hundred thirteen million so far, which, as you know, it's a decent amount of money, but for a disney release like this and a movie. The cost two hundred million to make Didn't I feel like globally. There are over two hundred, but over what they want. They spend on it. By
probably been assessed. Still, does that's not a successful movie now and the movie they make overseas. They don't get as much of as them as them money they make said the movies that make oversees, but the money that they make over several years ago. It does about bringing them as much as the box office does in america. So It's not going to be that's not going to be great for them and if I'll tell you the box, for some people are all happy because people are coming back to the theatres. Now they start wine and about where it bastard covered rearing. Its ugly nineteen had again We decide that. Do you know I'd rather stay home. You are release these to my home. They're gonna be widened. Cry on though they are
Gaza because its headed that way in some states. No, I dont think texas is going to do that. They are all happy that they know. They've got people coming back to the theater girl. I know yeah after two years, two and a half years, the box This is really starting to recover and now you're gonna get new york, probably shutting things down, you'll, probably get california shutting things down. I mean texas, it'll, be fine, they're, not gonna. Do that again, I really don't. I dont think that nobody's gonna have the jubilant. To enable evaluators again our ethics, yeah the governor avenues in a race for the governorship and he's Five points up on better what they said, five points email in which data? Can we don't like better away rourke cause I'll, I mean yes, Is he a talented guitarist? You bet oh, but I can't pull, It because, if you
since my padre at least programme, you- know that my my sound machine though died. We had earlier this week, it died. It was sad that beto thing, let me see it was really sad. We lost, we had a few model and everything we lost it yeah, and so no, it's not in this one. I was setting it up to go right too but I know and then no shut down no socks, Also, what you going do well you're not gonna hear about. I was what do not gonna hear it in, for a lot of people are being that's really. He, u know tried to texas eyes his campaign by saying I don't I don't want to take any buddies guns, I'm not interested in that at all. And then what happened? Then the shooting happened in new baldy. Now, all of a sudden he's back on taking peoples
and his his he's right back to it is people claim a text message to my oldest son. yeah lives in the greater austin area. text message from his people said the I almost the debate over texas beethoven, for governor to bring high paying jobs the texas ok. Thank you fully. Invested our kids schools and to make sure everyone can afford to see a doctor now stop it can so now you're on, although nothing on gun, nothing. Interesting cosette was this thing right: the presidential campaign hell. Yes, I'm going to take europe, a our fifteen, I'm gonna a k, forty sevens and then, when he started running for governor now, I'm not but he's gonna anybody's video. You know I love the second amendment. Are you kidding me? This is
taxes, though what local people and then again after you ve already not so much, but he doesn't mention it at all now. Campaign stuff now because that's not a way to win nokia, Texas and Lee he will not, or even with that he didn't want my son over. So my son get angry. I know he wasn't impressed with who he replied. Back half beta proud moment as well put while I'm here You call them a wordsmith. I did I one point. Yes, he is obviously is here but seriously. What else need be said when it comes to better? That's about it. I think you're, nothing get off me with your stupid. I am a male right, but He had to wait retie by going to the theatres and now you know how much money top gun is made already, and I was looking at the most
I asked a gross domestic films. They have star wars. The force awakens witches at nine hundred and thirtys familiar domestically but yeah, but that's not adjusted. They have the adjusted grosses for some of these diana adjusted inflation. What is it so? None of that came out win early, two thousands or was at least leave nineteen two thousand fifteen force. Awake force awakens here too yeah. Ok, that's over a very long ago did it's a billion while over a billion by adjusted the original star. Wars is one of the top movies of all troubling top three or four yeah. There is it's well over a billion, so a new hope, you're talkin about right, Is inflation rage ass? Did we ever as it is a new hope that doesn't get they call it here, just star wars, but inflation a desert one billions, since once works, one point
one server. Yet why? While nuts impressive, they had no kidding, but still the biggest adjusted for inflation movie All time isn't that guy? with the wind I think it is yes, I think it's gone with. It is gone on which you know. I've never see. I've never seen that start to finish. What have you ever seen it it just doesn't Interestingly, I don't I don't know I just don't from start to finish. I don't know that I actually have now don't think I've ever watched it from start to finish its work. Eighteen hours walk something like that night. I think with your first sit down, it started to feel it does it ever. Gonna have never ends on, but it was almost two billion dollars yeah, whether a while incredible alright, but I mean really demons, thirty nine or thirty, five. Whenever it was released, made fourteen dollars and thirty eight cents. eighteen, thirty, eight, but inflation adjusted almost two billion trivial, eight, seventy
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Have the experience in the know. How ability to help you get through that process from beginning to end realistic. Agents, I trust the name says it all real estate agents. I trust dotcom stayin formed signed for the free newsletter. Today, Glenn beck dot com, the the gray and Javi land on the Glenn programme. Hopefully Glenn returns on monday, and I would now doubt, have some more thoughts on this ten year old girl situation in ohio, She had drive all the way to indiana dig in an abortion. Now just the fact that that she was raped. So horrific you hate even think about it and Apparently she was raped twice by this twenty seven year old man who lived
in the same home with them. other so the mother and the. Rapist are apparently involved. You would think relationship carriers that way right. That's, apparently the mothers boyfriend so That's fairly new information, since we first started hearing about this in the detail started coming out that made us I stand, ok wasn't completely made up out of whole cloth, but what elements of this story are actually true, because, whereas the rapist, I was there not a why there not a crime reported reported. what you being charge? No one was in jail seemingly for it. Well, He finally was arrested by police on July. Sixth, after this had been reported, I think for the first time on june twenty second, so It was a while ago we kind of know why that was the case as well, because the mother said that he's being
We think they ve said about. Him is a lie. Ah, a wow ok go. Are you taking his side against your nine year old daughter nos nine years old, at the time she just barely turn ten already been through that and an abortion and now our mother is saying that everything there saying about this guy's a lie. Will then what and to your daughter right what happened? now at one point there are also saying that siblings were being tested, but I don't see anything about siblings that's got? You know in the latest stories. That's completely gone nobody's even talking about thou. They may not have had to go all the way to the anna, that's probably hero of I know about them right. since, as we said that could take up to an hour. Maybe too,
I have because I depends on our- I saw no doubt and I'll have more details on this and and the woman who originally did all of the legwork and found out a lot of the facts in this case for be J media, be talking to her no doubt next week as well and will find out it binds please to the saudis. Are successful disease decline back programme?
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