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Biden Tanking Our Oil Reserve Faster Than the Economy | Guests: Carol Roth & Tzvi Waldman | 9/14/22

2022-09-14 | 🔗

Glenn and Pat blast the Biden administration for celebrating the Inflation "Reduction" Act and point out everything to the contrary, including the plummeting stock market and strategic oil reserves. Jewish Gun Club founder Tzvi Waldman exposes the dangers Jewish people will face as New York City is making it harder to defend themselves while worshiping. Former investment banker Carol Roth breaks down the abysmal Consumer Price Index numbers and the economy's current downward spiral. Glenn talks about the nonstop coverage of the location of the queen's remains with a special guest. Why did the FBI raid MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell? The guys look into Senate candidate John Fetterman, his controversies, and his current state of health.

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The one you are about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the program, the hello america. This is the Glenn Beck program and we've got quite a program for you today. We I was so happy to see the white house partying down. You know for the inflation reduction act, while everywhere the world is on fire and the inflation numbers go up. Actually I'll explain how they mysteriously went down. Others one reason for it had nothing to do with what Joe Biden and the congress did, that only made things worse, but they were partying down with that very contemporary james taylor word with scott joplin, none available. Where are the gig spots? We want somebody to really tear rubber the word or we go into this unbelievable scene. That was surreal, so surreal, salvador Dali way come on that can't be. We begin there in sixty seconds Tom wrote in about his experience with a relief factory, says I'm eighty five. I was really active until a few years ago, when my lower back and left hip stopped bothering started bothering make tried all sorts of things elbow the pain. Nothing worked very long, but starting to fake that
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our party tune vat in firing range. Yeah fine reign was side I yet I will, instead of your life, on the roof. You know hey, we can't do patient joan job tag it anyway. it was. It was wonderful. Here's nancy Pelosi cut eighteen, please Nancy Pelosi, inflation Direction acts so beautifully name for all that it does. As the name suggests, this landmark law is cutting costs and in place. Fighting and driving down of oz pause is true at all. No, that's not true. No at all, inflation numbers have come out. That is not true. Do you know that we place where inflation is going down. Is energy oil gas? Why is that? Well because of some demand destruction, and when, when someone says to you what the fed is true,
to do. Is there looking forward to man destruction, which set mean well joe? put your name and your bank account and replace demand with that So glens bank account due to the league, do yourself like bank what the Feds really trying to do is they're looking for Glenn backs accounted south lake to be destroyed. The literally what demand destruction means you won't, have the money to be able to buy anything, so the demand is destroyed. Chest keep that in mind when you hear that now the The thing is: do we have the chart and I think we're going to show it next hour, but yeah there is look at this chart, pat. How would you describe that? A
reverse hockey, stick yeah because actually flat line that oates and just knows, dives jude, what that is no that's these, routine check oil reserves all end, this was before they did and other what eighty me in gallons recently, this. Is it this isn't even current look? it where our oil reserves are, and that great I love, that lowest level. I think in forty years yeah. I think it might be ever at this point We started it in the nineteen seventies serbia, so this particular reserve. That is why or gas prices going down He is using the strategic oil reserve to make you're. The elections go a little better than they would he's and to convince you that everything
great, but the thing is nobody's by. even the people in the audience cut nineteen, MR president thank you for unifying and inspiring vision of a stronger fair safer, future for all for our children Extraordinarily leadership has made in this glorious day possible kicks started. Does. As I said, I gotta go back, you dear, she said it's a safer america. Is it is it I mean everything is so demonstrably falls. it is safe for america
by no? No, no questions, no quest. All the crash deaths. It's a figure that out. Is it a fairer america? No okay! Now? Why would you say that pat well for one thing, because some of us are paying for other people's college funds? Oh my gosh taking away their debt forum? Why or with our money? Why are you such a hater? Why are you such a haider? I don't know I'm not your job and here's what you really here's, what you really have to quote under Joe Biden the the fairness v the gap between rich and poor has gone up the first time in like eight years, while k so or actually becoming less fair under Joe Biden aright so she she says this go ahead. Play play it again, please
your! Mr president, MR president, you for unifying and inspiring a vision of a stronger, stronger, not true there, no safer future for all our children, who are extraordinarily leadership, has made this glorious day possible that's an applause line. The applause applause, like is applause, bloodline, Zella, everybody was stunned. There, stun gun you gotta, be kidding me. Your applause, like you I applaud this. Is it's not and if you happen to not be there to play a little pleas of James Taylor, just
partying down, listen to sound, so young, to just his name on the lid, no suzanne plans in need, and okay, so worse, party. Well, the ink spots couldn't make it so they have to go with James taylor and it was. It was a party and Fortunately, this happened in the middle of the party and the party goers didn't hear it, but everyone else did cut twenty eight four years so many of us have been trying to use this problem. Does it, but for years, big form
medicare from negotiating lower drug practices. This is all right. I do not want to be a party crasser, but we ever up. These celebrations are hard coal dose of reality, stocks tanking, because inflation is accelerating the very low inflation that the president's and he's made great progress addressed. holding is inflation really. This is this we are watching, we watch and something that rarely happens in the free world. We watching the worst propaganda ever devised. This is horrible propaganda. Horrible propaganda. The are this state is saying one thing you ever when we, when I was growing up have to be you. You gotta be an old fort like me, but I remember thinking How do people in russia believe any of this stuff.
and it's because they had total control too will control of everything that was said now and if one day you turn on this programme, and all you here is that might that might leave a vacuum, and all you can hear is what the government was saying with our. An interruption of breaking news of how bad the stock market is going. That's how you believe it that's why they are silencing any other voice. It is why it is so vital people ask me time. How do I know what's true? What sources do you trust? Listen to me. I don't trust anybody, I don't even truck we. check thing, six ways to sunday and if we get it wrong, we come back and will tell you
Don't know how many people do that. I know there are few sources just then whose is a very good source. You should read every day but If I may, I hate to sound like I'm just talking this, but I am because I believe in it he's tv dot com, please become a subscriber you we're going to find more things on just what happened during cove id. You are going to learn. I mean man steve day, and horowitz they have. Gone so deep onto that they are the leaders on what really happened most this of cannot be put under social media. In fact, I do think any of it can now be but on social media. Even though They ve been saying has been proven time and time again
they'll come out it emitted, but just still can't say it, please, please, join us at plays tv dot com we really need to stay. In touch with each other. and followed by the way. Also, you can get my show prep for this programme free every day, Glenn beck dot com just sign up for it All right, so we have the income inequality spiking. For the first time in ten years we have inflation, the nuts but the actual number going down, but only only in the category of energy and the experts, To you to say are now it's gettin, so much better, but you know because you, by other things, Inflation is actually up everywhere else. You know.
what is true. This is some we talked about yesterday. You know what is true: when you hear people repeatedly lie to you all: repeatedly wrong and then don't correct it when the facts, come out and they go further hunter Biden thing it really Israel, if our hedging they're back at all, if they are not asking for a may a couple, if they're not saying please forgive us for that boy, were we wrong and we ve learned a lesson and we're going do x, Y and z from iran out you, the new york times, bury the fact that its real and then go on like they reported it real the whole time you gotta. stop listening to those people and Is time honestly to move on from the people who don't have ears or eyes. This really difficult job to do because I am trying to
attract a big audience get it is. big as we possibly can so much more people, can hear the truth or least here. What I believe is true and let m decide on their on their own. but I'm trying to balance. How do I do that? Because you know what there is many people now that time is running short, you need you to know what to do not not just what's happening, but what to do I've been working on these things for a couple of my snow and might is to warn you, it's not to give you an out, but are things that I know that can be done and is that you need to know and warning, for instance, of the big raid yesterday on Michael indo, at a hearty. Honey. This weird is thing. I've ever heard just show
you too. They ve been following following a moron, and they come out guns a blazing while he said a drive through in hard ease. We need your phone good I'll call your phone, what hell is that he's? U, no terror! number one. was that all about what was the story that happened. I think in new jersey, the woman that was on Tucker karlsson last night. That said, the the fbi came on came to her house and said: hey, we understand through an anonymous tipp that you were a january six. What is at all about and she wasn't but why? Yes, she wasn't. She wasn't there and you get you're, getting an anonymous tip and you're coming with guns? Were you talking about she terrified absolute
Lee terrified, I don't want you to be true, Fine! I want you to know what you know what your rights are: and exactly how to do things, coming in while that within the next couple about before the election. We We're going to do a serious special, not an hour, long do you remember when we did the common core thing. We brought all the experts in and it was like a two hour exe, again we We brought the experts in and we told you exactly what to look for where to find it and what to do we're gonna do that again. and we'll do it as a special book were the elections, because it is. This is happening. and you need to be prepared. What that lady did what she said last night Tucker when she said well, I just you know. I did this and this and this she did the wrong thing. She did the wrong thing:
but that's because she didn't know because we ve never had to deal with this before. Please join us at blaze, tv dot, com, slash, glenn, twenty! If you use the promo code, glenn twenty urinary If twenty dollars off of your years subscription so join us in this you're going to need each other are back in justice. We can find answering animal S, one eight, two, three: four: w w w dot animal, less consumer access that sixty seconds, we're back to the news. The time for sitting on the fence about your home finances has come and gone and we are entering a period of intense economic pressure, Most of the warning signs are already receding in the rear view, mirror you cannot come not wait around for the economy to magically fix itself. It is going to get much worse before it gets better. so what do you do well, save as much as you can, you gotta go through every thing and find out what
my paying for every month. That is worth it and not worth it, and pair things down to the essentials, you need to look it all of your bills, all of your bill, and that includes your mortgage- that really include your credit card, please, your credit card rate is going to go through the roof. Soon, if you and all can pay that thing off, if you have, if you, any kind of when you call it a la with your mortgage consolidation yeah you consolidation, but if, if you have no but he's given me ideas in may in my ear and they're all not what I was looking for if he equity, if you have equity, in your home, please that equity could decide. Your quickly, you have access to that cash pay down your high interest credit cards, because that
will dramatically affect your and your mum least spending a hundred two hundred five hundred, even a thousand dollars every month. Please call american financing eight hundred ninety six twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty or american financing dot net ten seconds. Station. I d. Are you do pat both perfect area? An almost everywhere did everyone everywhere in every way, while thence great that's great? The are you enjoying the new low inflation rate- oh my god, yeah yeah I bought
for car teach you yeah and I'm not. I ought to take advantage of this right, yeah yeah surprisingly, because of the inflation reduction act, they actually had cars on the law on people here may say their back them and to guard the allergic long. While that's crazy cloud, you didn't stop by the grocery store they Jeff, I did you did I bought nine thousand dollars. Were the groceries also, ninety buck wow wow while credible. You know it's strange. This inflation reduction act has done such a great job. Great job on groceries the price is only increase. Thirteen point: five percent over the past year- nick it's not fair ten percent? Now it's not. I know it is not so yeah that's, but that's only if you needed eggs, bread things like that, I practised
percent or thirteen point five percent? Almost fourteen percent is the largest while greece, since eighteen, seventy, nine guy This is now out of control and its only going to get worse, they say everything your food, your housing Your your clothing, every that you need is going up apt for gas- and I just remind you that rivers hockey stick where that coming from not from anything other than your tax dollars. being used instead, of strategically for the oil reserve strategically for an election. They are dumping all of the oil from the strategic oil reserves. time where the world could go to work. This is insanity,
This is this is dereliction of duty. This is so dangerous are back in just a minute: the Glen back programme. Okay. So here are my home state of texas. Patria mobile has been involved in a lot of school board meetings over the multiple school districts. Lately they were fighting against Lee exact same things: you're fighting a critical race We gender theory chief among them. they ve had a pretty big impact. They have, I think, every race. That they have been involved in they've won think it was eleven for eleven? It's crazy. It is crazy. People are waking up and Hatred mobile is in the fight with you, please patriot. Mobile dotcom, slash back these people are in the fight there. Not just can deliver.
Great cell phone service at a better price. They are actually in the fight. They got you. Britain too, No, how you know the people at nike and everybody else or thinking now, I'm gonna be five or my kids. They dream mobile knows. Joy the winning team joint the team that works for you and will save you money on yourselves service, its patriot, mobile dotcom, slash back patriot. mobile, dot, com, slash back. You can call them right now and make the switch nine seven to patriot, nine seven do patriot or patriot mobile dot com. Slash back, join one of the last digital spaces that allows free speech this week, only use a promo code, glenn twenty to get twenty dollars off your subscription at blaze, dv dot com, I gotta tell you, I feel, a little unprepared for today's programme. I do not know where the queen's coffin is. Oh, my god like now because of second by second,
virginia. We now know that it's in the northwest corner of the bow room at westminster- abbe, oh no! No! No! It's not! It's on the move now move I'll get! Why that's what I mean I could echo is echoed by second it's on the move now, and I can't give you the gps coordinates right now. Can you give me the latitude and longitude now you know that we felt like we're making fun it we're fund made via the coverage of it, but greece's she was the greatest. I think leader, for the western world of the twentieth century forest for our society, I think she was a tremendous example. Tremendous example at her kids, are well move on theirs cup. things got out. I want you to know about. New york has gone absolutely insane with their gun laws. Now the governor of new york is banning. Houses of worship from allowing congregants to be armed
Last week I was in the city of florence, italy, spain. We, I didn't see. Machine gun didn't see really armed police other than just regular police, except when I went to the synagogue, and I don't even know it was a synagogue. The first time I went by it were driving by it and all of a sudden there were all of these stanchion out and armed people with automatic weapons, and I thought and I said what what's happening here and the driver just at me said: oh, it's! The synagogue like yeah, that's ever they choose are under attack. this may mean something to you in your christian church, but to jewish people. This is extraordinarily dangerous, but they don't to care speed Haldeman is with us. He is with a new york state. Jewish gun club he's a founder of it.
and he's one of the guys ringing, the bell saint. This is really dangerous for Jews. b. How are you thanks for having blame. You bet so tell me, what the situation is in new york? For me to be right now, if you are a more binding citizen, but once through the proper procedures and extend to obtain a pistol granted, you are not allowed to carrying you sure you're actually sell on Ebay. If you were my rights, a letter giving you consent the latter euro phelan. So a basically sitting ducks yeah but sweet you can you can hire of former policemen are were a policeman. I mean why don't I just hire somebody. Last time I checked like for the agreement speeches lonely gyroscope person. I do believe that every person is allowed to just speak freely There is no need for any licensing port and I think the same should apply the second amendment
if you read the brewing decisions that have been called vote, I mean any high. Schoolers can read it and she clearly how in violation of the estate is so what are you what are you going to do as a jewish community, hiring smart lawyers, you're good, good, good good start. When, when do you file, whatever the lawyers are working on at the clock. So yeah. I mean for now we do what we have to win drumming up support It is also this law affecting other stuff as well, I mean local locomotion distorting are allowed to carry a firearm inside, except to look at the sky so we have been giving out, assigns the stores and you have to start thinking like I mean people are realising how ridiculous it is, especially if you see the though the boat prosecutors pushing their ideology and the bill was that they pass. Unlike
crimes like running ramparts and like people, people outside the thing good does, though it I'll do it efficient. Nobody really care about us or they care about the pillar about their political on ideology. I think that I got movement needs to take a really hard look and relies that their They represent the people, not their philosophy. And then all the more they doing here, the more devices its becoming animal dangers can potentially be You know, I don't know how you would feel about this, but if, if this were my community- and you know- I'm right down the street from colleagues are aware, We had an incident in a synagogue just recently, and I know the churches immediately reach out to help, but I think christians you use- would volunteer to be meet shields. Quite honestly, you don't have to bring a gun just be
a meat, she'll and I'd love to see churches organised to walk with people and- and and and stand in front of they'd have to come through. You first can please learn our lessons and can we the beginning of this stand, and be visible standing for our jewish friends? Please, let's! I repeat the mistakes of the past, and if you think the past is just the past you I know the history of the whole costs that have had and through history over and over- and it begins this way- swing I think one hundred percent right- it's not only I'm like you know, I don't have a wall or two I'm playing. The people that come from countries that were oppressed and they come here for their freedom- I mean most of our ancestors when they came to the united states became principal junior pastor when they came to escape some type of.
You know. Turning and the more I talk to you I'm going out from other community the more I see the sentiment is the same as it's just a new state people are scared to talk out. People- I don't wanna, be judge just you, wanna, be let go only their life can get along the neighbours, but am I talking people the more. I see how many people are concerned about this and all the different from communities around it, and I think for the second amendment in spite of the constitution, that something that we need to stand together, hand in hand on the matter where you're from an you know from its something back, an attacker. And as long as we have it will be able to practise our religious. Finally in this country it's one of the only countries that guarantee within the constitution the second amount. and this is an ugly. What are our founders did too? I am sure you are aware of the vine and fig letter that georgia she and wrote to the jewish community. We are why
and we stand together. So we can all. recline under the vine, in fig in peace and in harmony, Is it's a weird things we took to watch people where they know What is right, but they are peril. Eyes by fear, and I I really think that comes from a lack of faith. True faith in god He definitely has one hundred percent, but it doesn't aspect that people have to understand and talk to people. I try to explain to him that in this country, as a people, cr people call the great experiment, and hurried through the history dozen times where america look dark like this, At the end of the day we prevail and we pull through. But, oh, we only pull through if people voice their opinion and make sure I'll call out. Our politicians here are our voices, people, should get paralyzed and,
I understand that. But I'm it's okay to talk out alive. People people think that you need to do big things in order to to change it's on. If you fix she so fix your truly your family and automatic you have imposed on them. Then once goes home, in and out ass a good story. I just heard some find him. I got a scientist was work. A great projects to want to fix. The world was cancelled. He's thinking is the large and trying to come up with solutions for energy for those not that little son will accept however, that he wanted to help, and I want to follow us, I'm trying to figure something out and his son come, within sets isa Sometimes I want to help you fix the world and the father trying to lecture them. Obloquy busy concentrating she's a magazine with a picture of it map of the world. He takes his lips shut out. He gives it a son and then Europe's it up into pieces He tells us unhurt, go put together. This puzzle put together the world
if a show someone had been able to figure it out and Can you like, twenty minutes later, how come you on again everything started to go at a map of the world. They shall die fix the world he asked molly, figure it out? It's so complicated. You know there's a lot of different pieces. You never saw the world the globe as a whole and so yeah. So behind us each other person. So I put that person together. understand that if you work on yourself show to really understand freedom and to and to appreciate it automatically you will have an influence on your family and the people around you are in a position exactly how I started. I started going to the range taking down phone numbers of other people. My computer in my community are shooting and then just evolved into into a it is. I want to know how to become the two rival to understand what the second amendment is all about. Three, I don't Oh, if you know my history at all with the jewish community and my stance on Israel, and I have been
oh concerned about what is coming for the Jews, because it just keep. repeating itself, but I want you to know that my audience has been prepared for these times and we stand with you. I can speak for myself, I stand with you and I will be a meat shield for you. If need be, how can we help you I'm right now we need to raise legal funds. looking go you and why? Yes, she was gone. Club. Slash donate, if you are a leader of faith in the locks and valley to you, doubt me lawsuits and waste the gun club, I'm leaving with the pasture than other people from the community, and we need more people to get involved in. This is the second time it's too big. For me, too,
standing alone. It needs to be a effort with everybody and at the end of the day, if they can come through for us to come from everyone who believes in something that's higher than himself. so it is what is the fur pastors or what? What did you say that the address e mail address was Imagine a morsel lawsuits, lawsuits at n Y S, jewish club dot com? If europe's? Buddy in new york, and especially if you are a religious organisation, please reach out, we have to stand together and I so I urge you with everything in you great and power full blessings will come to all of us if we stand with our jewish friends. We stand with and we stand for our jewish friends please
these blessings beyond your understanding will come. If we do not repeat the mistakes or we at least stand up to. Stop mistakes of the past smee. Thank you. So much god bless you and having a wonderful by so here's the deal you you can't mechanic aura, dealership, gauge car fixed and they found friends of dollars to do it anymore. Can't you need them for gas to get through the weak, leave your cat or is past warranty in something breaks, the simple truth: you're, probably gonna be out of a lot of money really quickly, and it will really put- you behind the eight ball, it's like when your car really goes down. It's like in the family has cancer, I mean it. And have the same emotional impact, but it has the same kind of financial impact where you, how are you gonna get out of that? That's why you need mouths real.
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I'd come slash back the Glen back programme mrs day. Miss alot visit delays, tv dot today and never miss a moment of truth The lender programme tonight europe has a major energy problem, and that is a big problem for us. It's short term. That problem because of inflation, energy prices supply chain issues they have ripple effect on both sides of the atlantic, and it is a problem in the long term, because america, especially left wing america always had an unhealthy infatuation with europe means where european progressives led. American progressives follow.
Nowhere? Is this more evident than in the insane obsession with the girl? in transfers. Put transformation of energy. Major? U n, or as our EU nations decide, to quickly transition away from fossil fuels. cause them to rely on more russian oil, coal, natural gas, to provide the backup when the sun doesn't shine and or the wind stops blowing. That's good. With Latvia putin playing his long con, but now Russia has turned off the gas tap did have you seen, not your prices skyrocketing Citizens are starting to protest because everybody scrambling bleeding money. The number one search in europe when it comes to energy is: where can I buy fire? Would we are? pushed back to the stone age. It's an absence disaster for europe and the
sternway of life, because it is coming here too. we're not going to show you the problem. We are going to show you exactly what you can do to push back, not just the problem but an answer on this you need to do and we need to do as a country You need to do as a citizen tonight lights out how democrat sir, creating an american energy crisis its tonight. nine pm, eastern on blaze, tv and blaze, tv youtube. Make sure you sign up become a member. Now you can use Glenn twenty this week. Only answer if twenty dollars off of your rub off of your subscription and you know the one thing you're not getting from lace. Tv right now is constant coverage of the coffin being moved.
right, because where is it? I don't even know right now, because we have added updated among lying for westminster hall. Ok, so it's leaving our that right now, which is very exciting. I'm surprised has anybody put a size, my size size, seismograph in? where the coffin is definitely how much it's rumbling around. I mean, don't think things roads good before that, I really understand pomp and circumstance, but one Is this costing? Can you imagine the final bill for this If anybody in the world deserves it would be her, but my gosh glad I I'm not a taxpayer in england this week the Glenn Beck program. Let me tell you about
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Does it all mean to you next when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened the program
it's sick freak. So there was a party yesterday at the white house because inflation is going down. That is an absolute monster of a lie and will explain it and what it all means to you now James taylor was there. I hope we got him at a good price, but James taylor was there mainly because cab, calloway and bing Crosby were no longer available for the president, but but they were having a blast at the white house. What does all of this mean to you? We'll tell you in sixty seconds how hard would be to put a price on the best kind of customer treatment? How much did you pay for somebody who actually doesn't see you as a number but sees you as a real person and hairs? This is something that This is? U stoop always do people at work to devise the state they the
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splain what happened with the interest rate numbers sepia numbers James taylor, there are so we ve seen fire and we ve seen rain. We saw very hot c p. I report it as while yesterday, as we know, the supply is one of the measures of inflation and measure a sort of the consumer, inflation, would you know that it's understated, because they have met with it for the last year, several decades to under plan, but it's still a benchmark that we use the sort of compare it was. Considered hot by all expectations. We knew there was going to be some decline in the headline number because of the sharp declining gasoline price way way way, but could you explain why the price? If gasoline is going down sharp zombie, Before we get to the nitty gritty a couple of reasons why ghastly is coming down. Some of it was our president:
I'm a little bit of the stones and pulling oil on our emergency reserves and putting it out it tomorrow. I noted process some of them It was artificial because the gas taxes have been on hiatus in certain locales, but the biggest reason that the the gasoline prices are coming down is because the price of oil is coming down and the biggest reason that the price of oil coming down is because the price of oil gas you hi is just pure demand, destruction, theirs staying in the commodities market that the best cure for high prices is high prices, and that's what we saw not only when the united states, where people may be decided not to take rhone trapper to re route their lives, you said that there are not using as much on energy, and particularly gasoline, but also
a global stage. Obviously the prices are going through the roof, as we know in europe, completely self inflicted, but yet again their having to make those same choices, and then china, as we discuss previous, is having its own issues, and particularly with parts of that country being under a locked down and being a top. You are of oil, they weren't using it. So the demand destruction is that reason that big reason that we had a decrease in oil on Monday? recent gas just confirm that this is a good way to look at the words demand destruction, because you'll hear people say well where we're looking for some demand: destruction and oil prices and blah blah blah, and Just cutting goes over people's heads and I disagree. today. Every time you hear demand, destruction, think put your name so Carol roth your bank. Your bank account let's say bank of america what their laws
king for, what we really looking for is carol? Roth's bank account at bank of america to be destroyed So you don't have the money to go and buy the things correct looking at racing so crazy that you can't you can afford it yet. The outgrowth of high prices that basically carol rots and you know I just can't look. I'm looking at my bank accounts be its being destroyed and there is no way that I can go on that road trip. You know I'm just not going to be one of those people in the market who is purchasing gasoline this month, I'm gonna shit reprieve I'm gonna work from home and that's that part of the whole story of the federal reserve. What they're trying to do to put on quotes slow down the account me and engineer there. Another big of your kind of financial speak a soft landing trying to quell inflation without thanking the economy and that their tool kit is all about
the man destruction, while the camp, the consumer to purchase. They don't want business to make investments, We've already had two quarters of negative growth. So, if they're trying to get the economy to slow down, you know what that means. That means more contraction. Okay, so why gas is going down, and that was really the only thing that went down right. We had prices, skyrocketed, yeah, it's crazy. I saw a stat that they put in their that food in the house. With something like they were at the highest level since the late nineteenth? Seventy, seventy, nine and lay so we got hot numbers in food in shelter and medical care services you. This is not like ancillary staff. This isn't like you know that They had to disclose right. Does it doesn't stop that you're
You need to be able to live your life, and it was that view. The fact that we thought maybe there, that the lower energy prices would flow through no pun intended. Little bit more of the economy, but it's just shown that we have a very broad based in terms of inflation, is not just coming from that on pocket, is not just what inspires glad. I am that is going to take a long time to come back down to normal. I lost. So we have something else to add. On top of it, you can call it climate change or just a bad season or whatever, but talking to my aunt, who is like eighty five years, halt yesterday, the conversation. I said anyway, She was canning yesterday, and she was like there been no peaches, no beans. She said we planet are being garden three times we had hard time finding even seeds for it, there is
very we are facing a real crisis just because the crops didn't come through that's happening globally. You to that. All of the other problems we haven't seen. We are now just about to get in to the time where we would be using this summer's crops correct, sir. Food prices still have a lot waited a long way to go in the direction. Don't they they do and that's part of the issue. You know I'm sort of banging my head against the wall in terms of a lot of this discussion points because, as we talked about the demand destruction that the fed policy is trying to enact our issue is the broad based supply issue and, as you mentioned, one of the areas that is under supplied is food. Part of that, as he mentioned, because of water events. Some of that because of four,
wiser shortages about that because of by products from energy the go into drawing grains, some of that because of the war in ukraine. But all of these things happening at the same time our creating those shortages and again as a consumer decides what's to substitute? They may be able to substitute to a lower costs through, but they can't substitute food, and that is going to continue it should be an issue all across the globe. Well, academy, bugs I mean, they are supposed to be very, very tasty. Ok, hang on just a second, I want to ask you a couple things about the fed and what their planning on doing and I'm reading some disturbing things that I would just like that taught me from the tree. If he can will do that in. sixty seconds bury rodion about his experience with relief factory, says I'm retired room, the marine and all those years of my body, taking abuse amended, amounted to a lot of eggs and baines later in life, but in only two weeks really
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Actor dot com, that's relief factor, dotcom, feel the difference. Ten second station, I d. So a couple of things. Let's let let me start with the fed. I am I'm reading now that the fed is going to Iraq the rates again but as astonishing as it seems to me that we're at these historically speed king low rates and It's gonna stop the heart of the economy they're, saying now the next rate or rate hike or too could just us into a tailspin? Do you believe that
I do if you go back to janet, yellow and our quota quota, steamed treasury secretary, the one who told us that inflation was going to be transitory and that they needed to get information on six hundred dollar, eight commerce transactions. You keep off the billion areas and chat glance on one of those you weaken shows the ant she's that basically the fat is going to need a great deal of skill, and also some who luck to achieve this soft landing trying to bring down inflation without taking the economy. It's what we know on the skill side. We know that they don't have the skills they were behind the curve in terms of raising the rates
begin where they wait itself. We are at an historic forty year highs before they even started thinking about reversing course. So obviously we know that probably not dumb, yet the scale part of it. The luck part of it isn't on our side either because they don't have the right tools that, as we ve been talking about this- that yes supply side versus demand side in the demand destruction their tools that, in terms of raising target interest rate as well as potentially reducing the assets on the balance sheet. Although I dont know that there are going to get around to that, that again is to destroy demanded. Since you have the consumer slow purchases its have businesses slow investments. First day, the government that working up against them on that date. The government policy,
He is spending more so that those two things are at odds, which makes absolutely no sense, but the problem. We have now isn't a demand side issue at the supply side issue, as we ve been talking about. We have broad under supply. So unless the fan knows how to print labour print food and oil print housing. They are not going to be able to solve for that, that delta, that that distance between supply and demand with outcome, We read slowing the economy to the point that we are in a severe recession, and that is what the market is signalling. Both the stock market and the bond market. Right now is a boy We don't have the confidence that the fed not only has the tools but that they aren't good put us in a worse situation, and on top of that, then you also have the global economy in tatters as well, which is in a lot of not a lot of luck. So I'm not real bullish on these skill and love of the fat right now,
I was in I was in italy last week and just talk the people- you know you said, or restaurant or whatever, and we just talk to people and one of the more disturbing trends that I heard was you know that that. things are getting really bad and one person described to me as the winds of revolution are sweeping europe, because an its fascinating. Everyone knew was the same problem. We have here. The elite are going in one direction and the p we are going in another, the people are saying, give it back to us and the leads are saying, give it all to us and that not gonna. Last and I kept hearing- things like we're, just gonna have to learn to that that the glory days of having things that you wanted and easy lives are over. Can you
describe what that means. That americans are just going to have to live different kind of life, yet in itself frustrating that we have the leading, economy in the world, and you have all of these first world cup countries that really have spent time using their. technology to help other countries and to help lift up human flourishing around the globe and, if you think about china and what we ve done in terms of the extreme poverty there lifting out ninety percent of their population from extreme poverty, because they were able to fraid with us and basically suck up some of our capitalism into their cup, the communist system. What we should be doing. We should be taking that leadership, saying that we know how to do things the best way and we're going to help everybody flourish. Instead, you have these elites sang no. You know we want to use this to be a third world country, and we want to be in a dictatorship where us,
the top, have our own set of rules and have all the power, and you just suffer and you're gonna have to get up and Fortunately, there are some people who will go along with that and go yeah. You know crisis. We must do this, we're all in this together kind of like what happened to co, that We should have learned over the last two years that they don't have our best. Homes that yeah outcomes at heart and that they will do anything lie. You completely do everything they can to get any. You served that power and we ve already seen, looks smaller amounts of civil arrest. You in developed countries, whether it was the freedom climb boy or in the netherlands, with the farmers and either you're right that this could end up becoming a much bigger issue which You know if it changes the tide. You're innocent This may not be the worst outcome. Not that, obviously ever want to see you any sort of violence or unrest, but we need to change
the tenor and the people need to take back common sense insanity. So the the one thing that- and it makes sense to me, is some No, if you're, if you're somebody wants control of things you need to control medicine, they do they need to control education, they do, but they need to control energy. You know seeing this happening in europe, khazar ahead of us and there older people, a freeze to death this winter. They will freeze to death and people won't, be able to pay their power bill which will put the energy companies in to distress. They won't have the money to do it because people are paying their bills, etc, etc, and I just think the government will step in and say they couldn't get it done. This needs to be done by the government and you could see the west just
taking and absorbing all of our energy companies. Do you think that's a possibility? Has I think it's likely least in europe. I mean So, if you think about the desire to national lies, control have sort of a public private partnership, at least in the. U S, california, sort of our you better for that, and there are starting to test that in a lot of different grounds. They just put forth that fast recovery act, which is going to be a state council on fast food, so they are going to manage the fast food in industry and again that is a step to try to nationalize these industries. I do, I definitely see a place. We ve already been hearing from the: u s and abroad about things like price caps, we have a big problem in europe in terms of the way they have kind of finance themselves in a potential collapse of some of these
energy companies need utilities out there. Yes, you're gonna have doubts that the government's come in, with a bail out and then that there use that as an excuse, while we're baling them out anyway. They can't manage this. We need to take this over. So whether its food, whether its energy, whether it's you any aspect of our economic freedom, leaks, species are their touch points in self self inflicted crises the was decorated enormously. We grant the probable jolt look at that. We're gonna fix it for peril Do me a favor I like to do I I'd like to do special with just a group of experts that can tell the average person it's coming in and how do we deal with it? I mean there is. It's so overwhelming to the average person and- and I dont think- because people- make it so complex cause. It is complex, but they make it so
complex that they, they don't even think about breaking it down into smaller bite sizes that people can understand. So Can you find a bunch of people that you really think get it that made could sit around and around table, and we could have a conversation about all this. I would I went I would have the honour to it. I will be in such ok good. Thank you carol, we'll talk, then carol roth carol roth, make sure that europe you're following her. She is really really bought on your can carol. Roth dotcom. Also tonight is special on the energy crisis and the collapse that is coming for europe and what it means to america, not just the explanation, but what we need to do about it. That's tonight plays tv dot, com, the Glenn Beck program, so I was talking to about time.
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of queen elizabeth worker. right now is a kind of where's, while those sort of situation where and they just keep moving so often really. Nobody really knows where the queen is right. Okay, it's just creepy to be looking at a dead body anyway, so let's keep living it just keep just keep moving okay, so now she's in westminster hall, which is is what what exactly? What Mister hall, he once done there in westminster. All this is where they make a lot of pudding.
putting pudding, I didn't know and ship it directly to america wow for Joe Biden reason. I can't give the located really great now now ordinance or the precise latitude and longitude we are trying to keep it secret, but it's somewhere around westminster, I'm looking at a picture and there's a couple of things. First of all, I've never seen the uniform of the guards that are standing there. They seem to have very large pointy hats. Those are dunce caps with a mop what those are led. They don't that, but that's what the that's! What those are, though, those are, doug house rhythm, warm up. Ok, I've never seen that carries specialised, might be proud of real amount for a special case like going. Ok, that's why we never see because I've seen like the other guys they ve taken those
big round black cats eat. All those garcia beat all the big like nose of oz, hats, yeah, those are q tip. Those are what those are q tip there those aren't where you come from the queen, the queen and that you did something if you were to say the old name of acute if it would be the queen who did queen tip that would be on top of the guy not protecting. I didn't I didn't I didn't. I didn't know that so What happens? What happens next? Well, they're going to move her to another location, which is also going to be secret, but that's about five. I understand it's about five yards from where she currently resides really monday they're, actually going to put her in a hole they're going to put. in a hole year. You mean in the ground in the ground, in the ground, in the ground, the ground, and while she remained there, no not a
they'll remove the other couple weeks. I think it's a month earlier to wait a month or more, they move every year gets to stay in that location or that okay I wouldn't know the muffin movies did not. I didn't mugger yeah. Well, you are too, with the now you're like we all are being a little louder. Beat it's! Ok, it's ok! so those hats? I can't get hats. They are nice. Really I've really only other very nice in order to get well. You know I've been american. Oh look at the other guy villa guy right, I know a guy with a had ceased got like mary, poppins, pat, yellow route, I'm sorry! I still be making one ok you're right, you're outbreak, you know
I will say that of all of the veto figures that our public figures I she's, probably one of the best- for the western culture. In the last hundred years, I mean cheated by seeing people cry along the way and probably would be to if I were english and had grown up crying over the money, bent on that's for sure how much wealth he made ninety million euros a year two final year. Ninety Europe's rigour, That was her salary. Yet that was your seller. That will be the third. Whatever. He is not enough that the analysis of the official it is three years you're, the outer
whether that means and what I was their child, the first then Charles junior, or is that a fast food rest for nor that of corals, junior mighty ban boycott worker showed how america well I so ninety eight million euros a year was around euros. I can't imagine taxpayers not being happy about that yeah. He worked hard for that money. She worked really really hard We do several different. You know how they use those big scissors to get ribbons
yeah how heavy those things are. Gold I'd never hear heavy, especially if you're ninety years old, yeah right, so she would actually cut ribbons ribbon. That's what I was wondering where the ground, while she did it wow, it was really super, and I hear that's heavy. It is heavier and weighs over eighty pounds over eighty pounds like I was family jewels like a pretty, though, that some prince Andrew, oh yeah, so so yeah, so she widow she went like where when she got ribbons and grocery openings. Yeah they let you here. When they were open, the exact location he cut the ribbon reopening at all. She lost a lot of gigs.
I have to go, look at it, you know yeah, it's not we'll talk later of okay. Thank you. From london, pat great joy to guide us just on our continuing nonstop coverage, the queen's funeral I feel kind of bad about that, but now not do it again, we're not making fun of her just worried. It's that cover yeah. Well, I had, but that's not her again, no nine! That way. What would you do not actually know say: hey. Ninety eight billion euros is too much, though not all know. We should like to say no horse, not its nodded daughter, blazed satan.
ok back adjustment. Let me tell you about life. You have to be really careful, keeping your social sharing to amend and minimal check your Annual accounts, your credit reports, if you do that, watch out for things like fishing attempts, bill if you unable to factor often deck authentication, even in to your passwords, well, how You keep an up. Although all of this, let me tell you that the boy thing you can do is higher people today, freedom. millionaire mind oh yeah yeah, in the millionaire next door, it's they don't then the time working in doing things that they are not the expert in they will air somebody to do that. Now, that's a millionaire, you know like a gene, is what's going on with my internet accounts, the
This is something that everybody can afford to prevent: identity, your hiring people that will stand guard now they can. Watch all windows and all doors, because there's new windows and new doors every day. and you never know where the queen might be lying in state so life. Blocked by Norton there the ones that can help you. They will help you, with security, and if somebody does break in they ve got a restoration team to help fix all of it saved five percent off your first year with promo code back call one eight hundred lifelock one eight hundred lifelock or had to lifelock dot com use the promo code back, save twenty five percent, the Glenn Beck program, the.
The so there's a young conservative commentator in great Britain that took aim at american leftist this week. For me, king, the british for morning, queen Elizabeth, died last week. I hate to bring this up, as many people will say. Didn't you just do that and I I would like to believe no later than like. I think it's dr weir man or marking the cover. Yes, we're marking the coverage. If the, if I were british, I would add, solidly care care area and I demand I do care about her because I think it is a huge loss. Yes, but I dont think most americans, you know they ve got a love affair with
we know with the monarchy in some regard and they loved diana love. Diana love Diane followed her like crazy idea, and I think the queen is just as she is the end of an era and maybe the and of the monarch. No charles would actually be the monarchy. You know it It's the end of an era. Her the line that is now starting to move, to go, see her. Is longer than two miles while yeah, while if you were there, would you go fish and chips? local they deserve in fish and chips are no Y know. I'm just saying you can watch it on tv. Some carbon have visited. Ships I think so, as you are, I think you are. I would actually go as it's. It's just me: new mental piece of history.
I think everybody is, is really understanding it anyway. sophie cochrane she is bent on sky news she has of a hundred and twenty thousand of twitter followers and She took umbrage too is a word that only the monarchy would use. She took umbrage with some of the leftists that are marking the m, the mourners and she, He tweeted dear americans, who mock us for morning, our beloved queen. She dead hated her entire life to her duty and our country even two days before her death. You more and a man who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman by burning cities to the ground, we're not the same. wow Why why that is the question central mike drop she's right here
She'll, be all right really is this: the differences this isn't being used. Well, I guess it is it's it's monarchy pro ganda, I would imagine some would say that, but susan being used for political purposes. Now she was strictly anti political show. Wasn't political that was part of her job was not to be the. I think, there's a lot the chief did, she can do I she can't right cannot be involved in the attic cannot be involved in it, and I think that's really good for that that's why I think everybody liked her She would just say the things they might be hard at times like hey, maybe shouldn't be such I donno crumbs maybe you know, maybe we shouldn't be the kind of people that we are becoming. Maybe we should try to shoot for a higher standard as a person, and so I think everybody in a pretty much liked her except those but the bait that page
acts in in england, I'd actual liked it, de sophie cause. She is sam. he's been she's. She backs is real pretty hard. and ass, conner. it's kind of it's gonna, gotten dicey for her she's, been on the receiving end of a ton of abuse people say that they want to smash bottle in her face and throw acid on her face, and, oh my god, oh yeah, yeah, so he's anyway,. I think a queen went through a hard time right after Diana died because they did respond to it. Read oh dear member, that failure they did not respond at all, for I think it was four days the british people were really upset about that
and the way way way. You're saying elites, didn't read the common people out, I'm san yeah yeah, surprise, but then I, the sheikh the queen, came out and was really strong with it and I think kind of smoothed it over and they've seemed to have loved her ever since, and that was a turning point really in the monarchy, according to some british experts, that they The monarchy was shaky on really shaky ground around then around that time and she caught a saved it. Imagine that mean emerald. I think they get it because I been around for so long. Imagine being making ninety eight million dollars and you dont create anything. You dont create anything you're being paid by the average person and in
think. If the royal family would kano look tat, they might go no word, you're no work, but they just think they are preserving? You know, three, which they are, but you know are also live in a sweet life. I mean the smithsonian, yes, you know being paid the eight million dollars. Ok, preserving history. Ok, whatever. However, if all of them were living that lavish lifestyle as well It's a problem. I have a problem with that big time: yeah. Ok, tonight Don't forget tonight at nine p m the Wednesday night special you A pass, a major energy problem, big problem for america, but big big problems. Master for europe. I think europe is in for a real right
awakening. You know they got rid of all of their power. They they did the same thing we're doing. People to judge has now said you know what California did saying you know no car, Janusz no gas. Guardsmen, all other states are following So what are you saying? Well, maybe we should think about this federally. That is the end. The end, of domestic oil, gas. All that's the end of it That's where we're headed and you saw what's happening in Europe. It is only going to get worse and it's coming here. To disaster for the american way of life, join me for lights out how democrat we are creating an american energy crisis. It is not just the problem this Second half of the programme is a solution,
in writing. Fact. Driven solution will share. All of that with you tonight problematic solution for lights out how Democrats are creating an american energy crisis tonight at nine p m eastern blaze, tv dot com and blaze tv you to join us now become a member and use a promo code, Glenn twenty and save twenty percent, the Glen back programme being fiscally responsible. it means that you don't buy a cyber truck. You know when you see it again. I saw a mere bobo nor proud, anyway being scully responsible is really important and if you're a homeowner you're, probably paying a high price on your mortgage, if it's a Just a boy you gotta, stop that give a mare can financing a call and talk to you about a reef. I right now, if you have dusts, especially those high interest credit card debts
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment programme.
hello, america. I want to start this hour with some really good news about your fellow americans. We begin their in sixty seconds as a as americans. We share a bond that is really sacred tie that binds us always has always been there in times of trouble. I pray that it is still with us in times of real trouble. Twenty one years ago, outside forces of evil came to destroy us and we gathered together and We were that shining city on a hill like I've, never seen before many among us decided that they would go and fight to protect that freedom? Many at home fight still today in the streets of our cities, to protect those of us who share the a idea of freedom and law and order that is the legacy of nine eleven the tunnel. The towers foundation, continues the legacy of protecting those people today,
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The white house attacks on so called mega republicans increases. The division in our country the twenty nine percent disagreed. My already of americans also agreed that binds attacks on mega republicans endangers america's first amendment rights and was a politically bias use of office. Now listen to this The pole also ass respondents to agree or disagree with this statement, president means, characterisation of mega republicans increases division in the country, a total of six The two percent agreed thirty seven percent strongly agreed here's where its fascinating. Self identify Democrats agreed with the statement more than republicans or independence while yeah, so of identified democrats,
fully. Seventy three percent of Democrats agreed that binds remarks. Seventy three percent: further divided the country, including forty three percent, who strongly agreed only nineteen percent disagreed there sat magic. Nineteen number again And nine percent strongly disagree. More independence agreed with the statement, then republicans as well. Fifty seven percent said Biden's Marks sewed further division, including thirty four percent, who agreed strongly twenty nine percent disagreed close, a majority of republicans fifty percent agreed. Now. Why is that? What do you think that is bad their use to hearing it Maybe so it didn't move the needle at all, because they get it all the time you don't it'd be put on a list. You dont trust the collar sugg vs rain. That could be
second statement of the pull ass americans to respond as to whether president binds characterisation of mega republicans endangers america's first amendment rights of free speech and free assembly, a majority fifth five percent agreed with a statement. Thirty four disagreed Democrats agreed more than republicans or independence. To that statement, a signal majority. Sixty five percent of Democrats agreed with a statement. Applause. Quality of independence. Forty five percent agreed with a statement and an republic. and were evenly split on the issue of forty five percent agree for Five percent disagree. I don't know something I dont understand yeah prohibition. Good news, except for you now for what what happening to us, and I question why you would answer that way, but good use for are our belief in our democratic friends
president Biden's characterisation of mega republicans is uncouthness. Is the other respects the other statement we republicans is uncouth and politically biased use of the office of president. Democratic led the way again fully to third sixty six percent agreed only twice. two percent of Democrats disagreed. Their plurality of independence. Forty seven agreed thirty four disagreed and a near majority of republicans. Forty nine also agreed, while thirty nine percent disagreed. I honestly this is the most confusing polio. That's weird I've ever seen, but I that I want to believe that its accurate I mean least on the democratic side, probably you're saying that I mean there's, there's something going on here in this pole and that's
One thing is: why are the Republicans so low on that and I could I could papa s for a million reasons, but and they make sense, but maybe I just I want I want the average democrat. To be saying those things I want them to go yet that was ridiculous, really bad habit. The weird thing is We almost never see that, but, but you know, the algorithm doesn't put that to the front the the reporters, don't put vat in front meal, so you Don't see it because it's the average opinion. Maybe I don't know if you have a better idea, call eighty eight seventy seven bc k Donald. is a little. upset as all american should be
when they went after the pillow guy last night MIKE and them Why would you have a warrant for the pillow guy? What why Why would you have a warrant for the appeal to surround his vehicle at a hearty tried through and force here to turn over his cell phone what crime is he being accused of believing in a fraudulent. Election, that's not a crime that also what what The alleged crime, even I read the article several times I was looking for yeah, I didn't see it and why would what was the purpose of that where's the prob? will cause. Why have you done this by didn't even by didn't see it? Is it because he, he believes it talks about the conspiracy. In the end, election? What's up with that, that's bizarre! If a merit, I can't believe and talk about there. Belief anymore,
It's not america, anymore. No, I read an article that said it for those who believe that america is still free and were not living in a autocratic society here, you're fooled, you live in a fantasy land fantasy, but I mean we are at the very beginning of it. It still can be turned around, but you know hurry hurry the silly they the fbi, apparently following him, why and how hard restaurant worry right, here's what just call his attorney, who his attorney said MIKE said. Hang on hang on hang on away. I gotta call my attorney called us attorney on his phone and the attorney and you might just turn it over to him. He turned over the phone. Here's the x nation that, in the article lyndal said the search warrant was likely related to his claims about voting machines manufactured by the dominion company or there's no crime. There he's been one of them
foremost, proponents of the conspiracy theory, that the election was stolen from president Donald trump through the use of arrival at voting machine again, no rhyme. So how are you doing this tight man, We just see so many things like this that are on. Constitutional. between this and civil asset forfeiture and you know, being shut Down and silenced on social media its. just it's nazi america. It is a gestapo not though not the america. We grew up here. There's a couple of other things. I don't know if you saw this on Tucker karlsson, but ma and a wife from new jersey in a suburb of in new jersey. Her daughter- walks into a room. She's asleep and she says mom. There are fbi agents at the door.
And she said in I hadn't committed? crime. I knew that, but when I got there, which let me quote her I was terrified. be honest with you in my daughter, woke me up to tell me that there were three armed fbi officers at my door. I thought she was joking. I mean We tried to throw some clothes on. I called my husband. I was crying. My knees were shaking and even though I knew I had done nothing wrong after seeing Joe Biden speech the night before that. Oh my god, this is political. She was in a frightened state. She said, as I was walking toward the door they she thought they could just take me out of here in handcuffs. Am I not coming home? She said I outside said, gentlemen you're scaring me they proceed they tell me there were given an anonymous tipp that I was it. capital on January, sixth, now Is that the way our fbi handles things to send for armed fbi agents to the door
I have a woman. You got an anonymous tip on a mom. That's just some neighbour who's, not a trump found. That knows that she is and call. The fbi on her ear. I think she might have been in january sex who had sound like sounds like. Oh nazi, germany look I just want you to know. I'm on your side end. I want you to know, I think my neighbour might be part of it there, is a really once we really truly lose faith in our neighbours. Get to know your neighbors get no them, especially the ones that do not necessarily agree with you get to know them. cause that's really frightening. She said the lesson of this. She said
Nevertheless, I invited them into my home. So I could look at my phone and my calendar. I have been old. I have called the fbi office in newark just to doc. Meant or know for sure it was really fbi agents at my home and it was- and they said it was an anonymous tappan, wouldn't tell me anything else. Here's the thing I'm gonna do a slight white. She wasn't there. No She was getting it wasn't that she was even there. but an anonymous tip said she yeah yeah. Right so here's the thing and by the way they can't they can't. I mean they have record every single phone that was in the area, Yeah one with her name on it in that be interesting, find out because I know you have all of the information of every one that was there but what was this What was this and what? What led you to believe that that anonymous tipp was to have you with what
what if she was January six, what does that even mean This is why us to intimidate people, and for us to tell you about it and to have you get scared, do not fear them, do not fear them they are overstepping their bounds and the ruth will prevail if we remain the calm cool collected, peaceful act like Christ, but a little bit of an attorney Jesus. What Jesus would be kind, but he also with no the letter of the law, and he then just ask questions, I'm sorry officer, I mean, I think, are supposed to have a. What do you have a warrant? Ok, no I mean I don't want to make any trouble- and I want to make this even harder for you guys, let alone me,
but I need to see a warrant for for any of that. I can tell you I I I love to share with you You know all of this information you need, but I should I have an attorney. There are things that you need to ask them, and I really honestly don't know what all of them are. off the top of my head. But we, do a special on this. There are ways and things you have to ask and do to make sure that your protected and the last thing you want to do- is invite them in and say yet come on in because then you would have invited them if you have nothing, remember me average american now commits three felonies a day, because if you started reading the law books, the? U s code to day it would icu about ten thousand years to finish it. It's it's.
ridiculous. So, if they get your. They can get you so you just have. to be very, very careful. Coming in either next month or the month after we're gonna do a very intense special where we want to bring in the experts and we're gonna bring in people like this that have had a problem and dissected, what did she do right? What did she do wrong? How can she do better? What do we need to know about the constitution? You to know what your rights are and how to protect yourself. And it's something that we all need will be doing that. Probably next month on blue stevie don't forget tonight blaze, tv, the energy crisis that is coming lights out is the name of the special tonight. You don't want to miss it, but it comes information on what we can and must do about it tonight at I m p m only on blaze, tv join us.
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You have more margaret type republicans in which our war rhino type, and I think they then pointed the rhino type areas. to the press. The republic in voting on in november is interesting. That's it that's! A good good goodwill by the way they more than sipped called. They know each house, You can buy list now you can tell if they vote And who they voted for its an amazing algorithm, jason in minnesota, hello, jason, yeah. I think that the lottery republic, and don't trust these polls anymore and myself. When I ah get these calls, I guess, ah, I'm a I'm, I'm a blue collar construction worker, but I'd turn into a democrat with a mb. and now and then I list. Tell him! You know how
or conservative views about it. There s a whole stars, so you're, not clear thinking again. The second call. It doesn't think that republicans were telling the truth or or something like that tom in ohio, hello Tom. I saw you not yet what nobody else I mean I'm look our everyday work, and it's just. We don't believe you I would like to all the time Why would you know why we take these call seriously? you I if they called me, I doubt that I give him a straight up: or I might, depending on the mood I'm in or I might just play with them, because I the little things weekend. This is really bad. That gives them a free cd that I do the same thing victoria. Finally, in California, we're not certain publicans anymore. I mean I switched, I'm a registered independent though I think the most conservative people-
now are independent? I mean I mean the news this morning, a movie graham unveils settled: federal abortion, L, on our side, be very proud. You know nobody hate you more than ten lindsey grant and it's true nobody hates you more in mid robin mitt romney mitt romney, my patriot, a little bit more yeah. You know I would. I would also mitch the might also hate you a little more but Lindsey graham, doesn't like you, that's for sure. That's for sure, alright, that final half our next the Glenn Beck program, so iris wrote about her dogs experience with rough green. She said day the trial package game. I put my hand out- and I put some in my hand offered it to my dog shiloh. He licked clean and ever since then he gets very anxious about mealtime.
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twenty dollars off your subscription at blaze, tv dot com I hate to do it, but I'm gonna dead, name, feder, woman, John futterman hunter woman betterment, while he's always been a fisherman, never feder woman. And he can't get pregnant so betterment anyway. Lieutenant governor democratic senate nominee, John federation this speech when he was talking about a doctor oz for owning multiple real estate holdings. and then failing the two I had a full and complete statement of the assets debts in income as well as any position held.
And he was railing about. You know he asked a reported. He didn't do it real eloquently, but he anyway, but he also- and maybe this just slipped his mind because of the stroke so, but he also owns eight properties in brief pennsylvania what he owns really himself: yeah yeah, another properties appeared on his disclosure documents, either so in a weird yeah where yeah yeah. So he's got those gone on and he didn't. But again, maybe he just dumb you know, maybe he just he just forgot to god NEA he forgot about whether we ought to give him a guy. You know pass on now and also he is now that he is now being charged. The people are,
or is it maybe he's a nazi armenia looks like a skin? Had right? Am I right? We all know we write skinheads, look like like him. Well, then, I got he's, got a shave. Tat shaved had that's a skin had, yes, he is the very definition of a skin had he is so. This skinhead also has a and I didn't notice, but here He hasn't zone art gallery John federated. Why? Why do you are galleria? Why do you he doesn't exactly blue like the argon greatly type yeah yeah. Well, he has his our art gallery and, of course, its aptly named announcement. systems. And smoke system may of name that, after the utter oak, I'm not sure, but he held in exhibited in twenty twelve titled and I am a palestinian featuring a apartheid wall that condemns the israeli border barrier.
and saying that it was just another way to steal pal. steady and land He is a head because he has an art gallery that you know has vienna. I am palestinian. Says it: it's an apartheid state doesn't make me anti israel, of course. Now now now. Who is why wouldn't anybody confused those things yeah, especially that, especially in the galleries out on by a literal skinhead? You know I mean right, so we got we got. We got that goin for us all in the washing in examiner is pointing out today that, when voting, When was the mayor, he saw Black guy logging in his neighborhood and immediately thought possess away. White guys, do you, He immediately thought that guy's committing a crime,
I don't know if he meant jogging in my neighborhood or if it was This stereo typical, you know big it that says, he's black he's in my neighborhood. Only Blacks in my neighborhood would be stealing stuff. After all, why is he running He saw him why jogging and thought he was committing a crime. He didn't call police. Instead, he goes to follow him in a pickup truck and politics engage shot gun on him when he confronted him. So I'm sure you know- I a racist, do no, no, no! No, no not at all. Now one last thing: I'd like to point out I'd I'd like to do is to play here. He is prior to his stroke, cut ten, please John whatsoever, you may or may not know, is our secretary of corrections and I was serving on a panel with him.
Before all this route of irish took us. Pretty good use ethical tucked, cut number eleven, here's another one of or just grassroots campaign, of any challenger democratic order republican nationally, and I am proud to say that, where ninety percent of pennsylvania zip code we haven't parallel level than the disease- this is happening roots this coming out. Seeing every effort to get fine here he is here, is yesterday cut fourteen, please. I'm sure you're, amazing building do you think that the ten you knew all across europe. like you say the word. Worse still, workers of all your mind when you hear the words steel workers
it's all pretty jane, come your way! The british and it's not a word. The word is long. Demanding for or what you see here say hello There. Safe kind of their income oh, I can't I'm I can't argue with that. No now I can't either no no, but it It might be that, Maybe he is he's? Not the candidate pennsylvania you ve been looking for. We are. We have But we have john feder woman on the phone. Apparently hello, John John John
kids It's not john end big heil would mean it's as part of that. tomorrow no idea. oh that no, I was those was thinking, that comes to mind, I thought it no k. This is glenn by the way forward, farm. Oh god, what is worrying had no, I'm by judge jury is about what words. I'm all gots means come on. You It's it's really honestly stroke.
What's that supposed No, I'm not, Now, Oh, I know I'm right and you're making know as a as a as of of a person who has had many strokes in my family in the past. I wouldn't make fun of that, but I, but I I don't. I don't think that you're gonna get your name right, sean I led raw comes to your mind. We're never got pretty ten. You already have already said this. just a couple of minutes ago, the phone hi one
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month, emergency food kit prepare with glenn dot com. That's prepare with glenn dot com, stay informed, sign up for the free newsletter today, at Glenn beck dot com, the This is the line programme. For those on a budget year lookin for a new car ferraris varieties just come out with their first suv: ok, yeah! It's so, it'll seat for people for four, and ass. You re the seeds for no asthma ferrari that set of huge yet at you, but it has four wheel, drive and v twelve
wow so it'll save you on gas money as well. yeah It's an eye. Look the base price is three hundred and eighty nine thousand all, but that Siena without our guy shining- and you know we all- do- need somebody up but it's a limited number, only three thousand, why to make more of those long you'll get changed back from your four hundred. It is intolerable and it'll be great, be great when you're at the gas pomp, which would be all the time we would be nice, so I went over to ITALY. I don't know where you know someplace I have no idea what the name of this town was a little teeny town in the middle of nowhere and it in italy a hand? the ferrari factory,
believable, while unbelievable just show Rather the law. There is a new ferrari there, one of one made for a customer in Japan who help design it. It's the coolest I'm looking are I've ever seen in my life. It's that one year the that? That's beautiful, it's just a lower the low price of ten million dollars. Ten ten million who'll dollars, ten million dollars and Y yeah there's something inherently wrong about paying ten dollars for a while, but are you I don't care, look. I know you re just willing. That's too bad! You think that I think that little us, if yeah yeah now before inflation or inflation adjusted time, is a boy. It's hey bone. Really wow yeah million, Wasn't the woes
What was the car that was the most expensive car in the world and it was two million just a few years ago, and now they got ten million dollar cars. Here for that it was the parked in that really nice hotel we used to stay at the company had money in los angeles, yea mugabe, Bulgaria, bulgaria, no, they ve got more. They say they are more expensive cars and yeah yeah yeah, but there Have you seen the new I mean I like I mean I really like what's happening with the electric cars. I do like that. I don't think it's really I mean, but I really like him yeah. I like him too, if they were practical, I wouldn't mind owning one but they're, just not there not practical now, and I am not going to charge it every two hundred miles. That's just ridiculous! That's up to four hundred, though maybe four hundred and fifty grand rare, yet but you can get it and then you still have to charge it
What is it eight hours overnight or somethin? I mean how what is the fastest? You can recharge completely recharge, that hundred fifty thousand dollar tesla as you allow no, I don't know, I don't fully charged yeah. Oh I don't know until they have narrow charging stations everywhere that there is no prevalent like ass stations and it takes you the same amount of time to charge a cars it did to fill up. that they be in jail or even just me minutes longer, yeah fine idea by the the most expensive car were sold in may twenty two just a couple of months ago, new record for most expensive car every piece ever sold the nineteen. Fifty five mercedes benz, three hundred sl, our goal wing lot some german were sold at auction for a while
low price of one hundred and forty nine of forty two four point: five million dollars a hundred and forty two million talk workers. Now, let's talk about it, Under that ten, we can argue that eyelids I'm in london too bad or let's go to ferrari and big up ten of those. You know, while I'm trying to get my pickup truck just fell open manner. I was all in a trailer and fell open, and some was wrong with the electronics blah blah blah it has been in the shop for months month and a half carefully. Rarely get any of the parts for it, but they gave him to me and said you know, you know you don't have a you, don't have a benign but a door there on the tail. They said. The captain
notice that and they said yeah. Well I mean we, we you just leave it here, but its pro. Gonna. Be a long time before you you were, they can't get a tale. No, it can't get it tailgate. Why Kip Earl, maybe tail gates are made in China. I have no idea my gosh. It is so weird, what's going on right now, isn't it with the with the vehicle? rules where so many different things you just can't get. People need to understand how this is the beginning of these things. We You know when you hear people say why we're just gonna after americans just going to have to live a different life. You don't understand what that means. That means like yeah they're, really mean tailgate is a really big deal. Okay, you know you're, just not going to have the things that we, Always jihad always had always had, and ets
you know not a bad thing if we all chose to live that way. I don't like the fact that this is being imposed on us by me in a bunch of dictators all over the world that sets the part that kind of bums me out about it. But anyway, tonight nine o clock Don't miss manner! G crisis lights out tonight, nine, my Wednesday night special programme,
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