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Biden’s Changing Capitalism | Guests: Lara Logan & Justin Haskins | 3/31/21

2021-03-31 | 🔗

President Biden is set to reveal a $2 trillion infrastructure bill that will "overhaul capitalism." There’s a race to replace the U.S. dollar with a new, more progressive world reserve currency, and America is involved. Rep. Matt Gaetz has been accused of sexual misconduct, and the guys discuss why this story is so weird. A teacher belittles a student for refusing to acknowledge the races of people in a picture. The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins joins to explain how ESG scores will affect you and why Facebook’s low score is frightening. Journalist Lara Logan shares her experiences at the border and how the Biden administration is allowing drug cartels to flourish. Pat and Stu review Georgia’s new controversial voting law.

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more, not entertainment, the Klondiker America and welcome the Wednesday still we have ye. I didn't tell you this before the show, and I hope you don't mind, but I know you ve been excited to talk about the president's speech today, YAP England. Well, I have the insight track on the speech. I got a embargoed copy of the speech and I know what's in it, while ok, let's hear it was you wanna hear some. I do yes. This is a really good part here
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no her It's gotta be a little bit less exciting than that when he gives me, why did you get the sense of the direction of the speech? I think he's. Its electric. When I hear him say go Just think why why bless America. What an amazing moment in our history. They say: it's it's his F our moment, kind of sounds like after your word, if he was still alive right like rats kind of all empty. Our moment is because he's gonna come in a wheelchair and you'll just here yeah well after squeaks, on stage on his within his wheelchair he's, except Did to release a two trillion dollar quarter quote info
rupture plan because, as you know, our roads bridges and their crumbs. tat great joins us said: the crumbling roads origins are very crumbly today, We have been talking about this for years. I wish every president in the last four had done. You know trillion dollars. Do you know packages for the infrastructure? You know you eventually would have done it. Then I you know I apparently the shovel ready projects weren't as shovel ready, is so embarrassing, so two trillion dollars CNN leads it with this headline info rupture was a trump punch line, but is a window into bite. It So all, oh, my
yeah. Who said that CNN infrastructure is a witness to his soul with New movie dune, a legit two trillion dollars. This is there's gonna, be tons of attacks hikes in you're, one of the wonderful things there doing haven't. You guys will appreciate this. One is the a are. How do you pay for something like this? We got Jakob taxes. They want to join Taxes on corporations from its just the biggest tax like since nineteen forty. Two, though, does just that it's not like I ve known doing, used every now, and then we know we, Germany, verbiage re, which now sure two trillion dollars. Ok, but
Joe Biden Modern. I want you to remember this. Isn't a moderate candid elicited the New York Times? Mister Biden would lay out as infrastructure planet. An afternoon speech in Pittsburgh is the first step two part agenda to the call for their times overhaul american capitalism that is While the report it is mine and my guys overhauling american Elysium, can I tell you that the only thing he seems to be moderate on which is so bizarre, is the loosening of the marijuana drug laws. like all of a sudden, every notice, those stories there he's doing everything. You know
free heroin forever and then you're like a bird new cigarettes, drew rein, Yankees and firing staff members over potential use of marijuana. It's like who why the shit? What are you doing all of these sayings and that's what you care about noon, the people you're putting on staff the best thing about of as they use these marijuana my point, thereby at home. You want, if any other more now a just sit in your room and eat pizza and not shows just get high all day. Please now that you do not want to watch this speech alone, I'm going to be doing a live stream on Youtube at the students America Channel, watching the speech with you. So please join me there, because we can. This is not the type of activity can headliners on your own. Let me give you one of the little things behind the scenes here. They're doing now the tax increase increasing taxes and corporations and a massive way. It is not enough to actually pay for this two trillion dollar plan so
What they're doing is taking in the plan. Increasing taxes for fifteen years. pay for the ears of the spending. Amongst other things, as if this shortly stops after eight years, but the taxes in there for fifteen years through needed food. Yes, you will Joe before the sun set. It are the tax increases sunset tin, do they sunset and fifteen years I meant it goes back to the other level is not entirely clear, not clear. There are limitations on it because they really want that to be clear. Now, while we witness reaches an occurrence sure you could hear a mumbling in the background now, if you gotta you soon Noakes soon's sooner noon so yeah, I we don't know exactly we. That is because of the way the reconciliation process works. They A lot of times do have to sunset these these parts
Don't normally go past ten years, though the traditionally it's always ten years, Republicans flirted with extending and at one point, but never did now, of course, what happens right? You re, you learn what it wants and, and they just take it and run with a gloomy J like reconciliation, room, a beautiful wife Jew. issue. Is she was flirting with things back in her flapper days other measures such as a great point, it's a great boy. By makes, and by the way we should put me clear, Glenn today's he is about two trillion dollars of infrastructure spending. How ever that They depart one June part process using anymore to read in were wounded. The second part will be a new
other two trillion dollars about climate change and I guess that's more of the re making american capitalism over a hundred Hulu tools for narrowly and altogether yeah he's only announced interlude trillion. Today, though, the pre cool, thirty trillion dollars majority. Seventy and he's been in others covet months there spending. All of this money- and it's almost like we're spending money like it's going out of style. Let me break for one minute: New Moon gotta go blunder and tell you about why their spending money, like it's going out of style, because it is unjust. Second, first mood, you more dues, Jammu BAR, is our sponsor right now, Yes, I'm trying to lose the old freshmen, fifty
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I pass this by several people and they believe it solid, but I want you to know up front. This is what I believe is going to happen it is all tied to things that I know are already being put into place. right. Now there is a waste going on for digital currency. It's it's three horse? Race and Bitcoin is not in it. It's the? U S, China! or the I M F the World Bank. We are looking for. What is going to be the World Reserve currency? What is going to replace the? U S? Dollar, Russia and others- are pushing out digital currency, etc, etc. But there are tiny portion of the global currency power and there really not relevant, in my opinion, the you, the Federal Reserve behind China on the actual digital currency implementation. China already has the digital ran nimby, which I just
love? How many ridden bees Dewey word remained boots? I have eleven to freely and eleven d of religious matters good young, so They do all of the inter governmental transactions via the Beak Bank of China or other words Communist Bay. The Communist party passing money to the Communist Party posing as the bank and then a communist party getting that money back. It is remember me is the people's money in Mandarin, however even though they ve already push this out there already using at the. U S is way ahead when it comes to potential adoption set. Percent of international financial transactions right now are settled in U S dollars. This is what gives our dollar any kind of value now whereas only one point, five percent of the global transactions are settled in in chinese money. Several analysis believe that
U S, we'll have a digital. U S dollar issue by the Federal Reserve by twenty twenty two. What you will listen to this is really important to Europe, future there. Want to get it out this, according to several analysts, they want to get it out before the mid term election, because the Republicans may retake the House or the Senate, or both the FED require technically any kind of congressional approval to issue any new drug digital currency, but that doesn't mean that Congress would move to block or slow it just to limit the feds authority here. Lately, Yellin and Powell, and the head of the F B, I have all started warning Congress and the public about the dangers of Bitcoin and other decentralized crypto currencies. Because they can be used by sex traffickers. They can be used by terrorists, and so
The plan is to issue Digital, U S, dollar and then automatically convert. U S dollars from the old? U S dollars to Digital! U S! Dollars! De? U S! Dees Kay the bank, would issue the de? U S de at some ratio that the fate of the FED would sat now. Here's why this is so important for you to be a head of the curve on the money in your bank account will suddenly become? U S, r d? U S Dees overnight, but that Does it mean that it's going to be dollar for dollar? In fact, the FED is going to be deciding how much loss everybody takes the FED will also offer. U S. Our cash holders, physical cash, but not in the banks to cash in all the Eu S Dees for New D, you Estes for some time period, six months or a year,
and the way they do this is require cash holders to deposit money into U S banks, so they can control the conversion to deal. city and track all transactions after the cut off date. The Old. U S, dollar will be retired, either overnight or visa and overtime graduated retirement schedule. The conversion rate is just get worse and worse so they gonna say: hey you'll get a percent of your dollar. If you turn him now and then near the next month. You'll get seventy cents on the dollar, and so it will push people in. pushing their their money, the convertibility rate I analysed are now speculating that it necessarily be equal, so another it's. Not everyone will get eighty percent or seventy percent. the plan here is to do social engineering and wealth distribution. They're gonna have a progressive. Like we have progressed,
the income tax. This will be a progressive conversion rate it'll be the same way. We do progressive tax structure, poor people, are going to get a one to one ratio: you might. Even if you're one of the afflicted groups get a one point, a one. to one point: five ratio, meaning you get fifty cents more for every dollar and wealthy people could get point five to one. conversion rate, so the more you have in U S dollars It may be the less you s the ditch U S, dollar you'll words receive in return. Now the reason why there retiring the dollar is because we are spending into oblivion and they don't have an exit plan other than the death of the dollar and the new
Your future, they dont need to care about the debt or inflation because they can effectively by unlimited amounts of old currency, would new currency and for the cash holders to take the loss because they can make All other currencies, including crypto currencies illegal whenever they see fit so controlling the currency and having the power to declare what currencies are legal and what are not and how much those cash concern currencies are worth all cash holders will accept whatever terms they want. This is the end game, I believe for the: U S dollar don't think they're gonna get you knock it'll be interesting to hear if anybody in the press picks this up and makes fun of me on it, because I won't be shocked. All there the caliphate- oh
Two thousand aid did happen. I'm telling you it is, it is coming, but the question is how Can we get other countries to take a loss on? U S dollars that they currently hold this sovereign. U S. Dollar, holder is probably gonna. Take a fifty percent hair cut, but pray. the party dollar holders will accept, may a ninety percent loss on their? U S dollars and it will create a race to dump dollars and current and put them into other currencies the the way we're gonna get global supply. On this is. We will offer foreign debtors countries that, oh, the? U S, government money will say I know you bought those tanks in those planes will give. You will give you a fifty percent cut on your dad. You just you just turn everything in to: U S did
dollars and call it a day that what's coming. So when you see all of this spending, no If you aren't aware of what is right around the corner, you are going to lose, It is why I urge you to watch tonight's tv show tonight. tv show is so important. Because we show you the mechanisms in the financial industry that are being laid right now to make things like this happen, in how do you give a ten per and hair cut fifth percent hair cut who all Americans? How do you do that? Well, timing Timing is important Did you notice? What are we talking about work where he said timing? It was on the a gun southern gonna sell last week right, he was the timing just isn't right
There is something else it he was talking about yesterday, where he was Talking about the timing, just isn't right: they they either? I have fortune tellers to see what's coming next, but they I don't know, I don't know. Can foresee trot coming, but the yesterday the World Health Organization got a whole but low to countries like forty some countries to sign on to a global treaty the where they'll all act. The same by the administration, didn't say that they wouldn't sign that treaty. They said timing isn't right just yet wait. What does I mean exactly that you will sign a global treaty where the W h o tells us to shudder businesses, and we do what does I mean:
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being investigated by the Justice Department over whether he had a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old and paid for her to travel with him. This is this is something that gates has denied vehemently. Not now? She was eighteen, Tina. Have he has said she doesn't even exist, that's never happen so no room for fudge here at all which I appreciate, because this will be one that will be black and white in the end, I I don't know the congressmen Gates Bud We do live in a time where accusations kill people and destroy their career, and he would be a nice trophy head on somebody's wall yesterday, he was on with Tucker Karlsson, and he said
this is a horrible allegation and it is a lie. The Your times is running a story that I travelled with seventeen year old woman, and that is very finely false people to look. My travel records see that it is not the case. What is happening, is an extortion of me and my family involving a former department of Justice official March sixteenth, my father got a text demanding a meeting where, in a person, demanded twenty five million in exchange for making horrible sex trafficking allegations against. Go away, so need. I see this on Tucker Karlsson. Last night I mean I dont know. If, nowhere. Tucker stood on it, we ve never heard anything bad about. Math gates have we die, haven't now I haven't, Tucker, I didn't see the interview, seduces Tucker didn't seem to believe or I've
I read, I did not see it myself. I read that he seemed a little he's that it was a very strange interview. I guess I don't know any city didn't leave him, but he said it was a strange. strange and everywhere that they now that's not not impossible to believe well, is very strange topic. Mascot. not just saying a give you that the quote here Couple of obvious questions is from Tucker that come to mind again just to restate this is just this just happen I don't have any other information beyond what we have already said and what you ve said. First, who is this? of justice former employ use trying to extort money from you. Eight says without hesitation. His name is David Magee. He was a. official in the leadership of the northern district of Florida at a prize, a prosecutor currently works at the eggs and laying law firm. As a matter of one of the recordings that was made at the FBI and Department of Justice request occurred at that
law firm and the money that was supposed to be paid today. That would have shown even more evidence of David Maggie's work in this extortion screen scheme. That was for held by the New York Times story. I believe, that's why this horrible information and these terrible allegations have been used. this evening. Very strange story, area, Tucker CAT. It said it was one of the weirdest interviews he's ever done. that's an endorsement or not. I guess the question we have to ask ourselves, as with virtually all of these scandals. If it's true does it matter, and yet it does Riah did. Did you guys, like with Bill Clinton, just like with for every other. Such scandal that we ve ever talked about. Are you gonna make excuses for him if it is true so here's what here's? What matters to me, she's seventeen
you know she might have been just around eighteen if she and even exists, but what he is saying now. This is a lie. I've never travelled with this woman. She doesn't exist. So if it turn out that there is a seventeen year old that he did travel with and what was having an affair with it. Matters because he lied to me. The lie matters. You know Seventeen also is the law, and so that matters you know you don't want people breaking allow like that. But you know it will you you can set. You know different from state every day that I think that's one of the reasons why there talking so much about the travel, because the travel makes it crossed the line into that extra sex trafficking, which is that we now homeland kind of us- I don't know I mean I don't know, that's exactly what the sex trafficking law was was set up to me. exactly, but I think the age of can and breeding the seventy stories in Florida is eighteen.
so you know again. I don't know anyway, doesn't have entered by the anyway yeah creepy either way, but the reason why it matters is because, if it's not if it is true he's just clearly lied about it and that will that will matter Nemo matter. Let's get him on. Can we see if we can get him on today? I know we have some other gas, but let's see we get him on today or tomorrow. If we can ok, we have the audio from Tucker. I think here this is from Tucker Karlsson. I think after segment, after the actual interview, Peter STAR, MAC, it's in a view that was one awareness interviews. I've ever conducted story, just appeared, in the news a couple of hours ago and and the certainty that there's always more than you read in the newspaper we immediately called MAC Gates and ass. There was come on, tell us more, which is you saw. He did think that clear.
five much, but it certainly show this is a deeply interesting story. Will we will be following? It hasn't been goings indoors? I wouldn't say it was about now, but it wasn't it Nobody was also a throw him under the bus thing either it only. He didn't say I also I'm under one wheel of the bus ride LISA Shopping CART, ran along sloppy, had happened because it wasn't a ring, you hey, I mean that seem. He seemed really sincere there. It wasn't besotted right one. I just don't want to get in to anyone who is is now employ me too, the fight and we have absolutely no indicate
That this is true at all. The the source is the New York Times and mad mad gate says the other sources, a guy who tried to extort money from him. Yet I dont want to throw anyone under the bus on this story might be true, it might be absent. the false and I dont want to play into joking about it, because this is it. This stuff is happening. If that is true, this is Reed, we're living in a much more dangerous world than even I think we are Well, I mean the. I guess. The story that we do seemingly no is true is that there is an investigation going on. That's really the only news at this point and he gave his answer to it, because he expertise confirming that he knew about the investigation blaming somewhat at the d o J. Look? We all know the deal J is and always going to be using it.
perfect, I made there seems to be a lot of a lot of grudges and weird things going on at the deal J and other agencies, but that would it which would have started during the Trump Administration and Trump is certainly very close allies with Matt Gates. So again, there's no real. Just like with any other case. You dont convicts someone over something like this is just no support for the New York Times. You dont know anything about it, but we just continue to follow what it was. I thought tuckers I did think Tuckers reaction to it was strange, but what an icy coming out after after the interview in saying that was weirdest river done, tuckers, not a guy he's communicating something that right glad you know better than I do, but he's gotta, just out there and say that I was a really friggin weird interview for no reason All I can tell you is that, when my spirit, I cannot talk to you about Tucker, but My spider census say something
we ve I've done the same thing. I've come out and went that's weird, huh that weird because I don't have anything, but just I want my audience to know caution. Don't you know, don't don't don't sell your soul one side or the other on this right. but feels a little off. Something are familiar story in a weird accusation and coming from a strange source, you don't nor We hear the person accused, given name out of who we thinks is blackmailing em. I mean there's a lot that that was strange reveal, but just be that yeah I mean strange Interview because of the blackmail thing I mean he was not say. While there somebody, I dont want to say the name it's under, he said it. It I mean so I mean this was a very bold interview. If you're lying, it's not
gonna take a long time to figure out that you are lying say too, and if nothing else, MAC Deeds is bold. There is no question about that. I use these never been shy, so that a huge surprised that he would be bold and moment again. This is why we we have to work. teach others backs and You know give each other the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty. We have We have to watch each other's backs because I want to show you. This is a. This is a videotape. Of a zoom lesson between a teacher and a student where they're talking bout race and the student is shown by the teacher, a slide of a white girl and a black girl back to back, and that's when this brave kid stands up under pressure, listen to what happened.
The teacher. I hope we will see could be This is too people children, I just illegal. There's nothing more or less picture None are really just do for children don't believe that you believe that I dont believe that you look at this as just to people only a little fellow is not here. I think, you're being, I think, you're being a convenient way about what the state of the picture? Everything goes about its two people stand back to back in a picture. yeah. That's all you see people I'm confused on what you would like me to do The compromise on this you are I don't know why you do this-
how to call you out with you. Can't you wait. You know you come out of the talk about with is the picture and you act as if, as you know, there's nothing noticeable about this apart from the bank, If you gave up on confuse, are you trying to get me to say that there are two different races in this picture? Sat at the end of the day went that just be feeding into the problem of looking arrays instead of just acknowledging them is to normal people because you do not look at you can look at the people not ignored is that there are regional differences right, but before going far less safe, we're looking for equality within this and why we need to point out things such as that of those things. differences are real aims. I so weird so, they are t
watching this kid he's standing up and just trying to be Martin Luther King- and I know I see we going to tell me the story. I see two people, that's the way We are supposed to be there sky is preaching something that would have been totally acceptable in nineteen. Fifty totally acceptable and look how we're being de programmed and look at how this kid knows he's in trouble. If he didn't have the internet, if he couldn't post this, I don't know kid would have that kind of bravery, because no one would know about it. now the question is: what are we gonna do about it? Well, I'm gonna answer that question for you today and show you sneak peak of what is happening to night on black The tv I'll show you the biggest lever of all the financial lever lever that is going to
are to be pulled on you to night at nine p m. It is essential for you to understand what is coming your way, so you who can prepare tonight. Nine p m join us ablaze tv. If you are not a subscriber and you find the information that we share with your valuable, please join, ass we are dependent on you. Just you control as early as the M pass then the money saving Password control Glenn. I'm sorry, blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn the promo code, is control, be Dotcom, Slash Glenn make sure join us tonight at night p. Nobody mood. Let me tell you about identity theft.
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of creeds get some. Today What do you mean? Not entertainment decline back,
America welcome do the programme we have got quite a programme are remaining yet to do this, our we're going to talk about the S jeez. I know that. May some boring do, but let me rephrase it how the government will control every aspect of your life and not the government that you understand, but this new couple this this new private public partnership that our government is doing and governments all around the world are doing along with big business, will tell you about your yes g score and what that means coming up in a second also the border. Next hour we have Lara Logan, you don't want to miss a second of the show, MRS Seconds Miss Alot, it's Wednesday programme
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you can get your life back again. Percent of the people. Do go to relieffactor factor, dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor, dot com We have just had Haskins on with US He is the editorial director and research. Fellow at the Heartland Institute is also a researcher of mine and co author of a new book that speaking as a little longer than we expected, because the more we dig into it. The more we find and it is called the great reset just welcome to the programme. think suddenly glance its curricula talk. You I this path to come in along with stew, because they are more we're in the weeds,
and I like them to be here and ask the questions that they person, who really doesn't understand. What's going, maybe asking you Us went in and you opened a marrow Lynch Account yesterday correct. I did I absolutely did get and you're gonna talk to us about the scores that you found before we get into it. I want to tease here just a bit and then I want to talk to you about it. I a bay. I got a call from one of the big five banks in America: and they intimidated error intimated that they wanted me to make a correction on the show when they left the message. When I got back to them, they didn't want correction in the show, they said everything that we said that was accurate, except that's not what their due doing and we said well help. now. Where do we need to correct it? Well
no it's it's now. We don't need a correction, it's it's not that there is was said that was wrong. It's just now what we are doing and I wanted go into that conversation with you in a in a little while, but first. take the boys through S, G right the most important thing to understand about s: G standards, E S, three environment, social and governance standard is there. a metric, that you meant a metric system that you build on top of it. Thing ways that you evaluate companies, instead of just looking at how much money company, makes etc. Looking at how good their products and services are customer satisfaction. All of that you add, on top of it all of this social justice woke stuff, tell me: how green are you and you know how many women do you have in management? Then? What's the pay gap
between the highest paid person and and the lowest papers in all of these kinds of things, and then you provide a numerical score based on these things, it's usually numerical score. Sometimes there are other ways of doing it, but you provide a score and that allow you to evaluate companies that maybe don't make a whole lot of money, but they're really woke, and that is more to life than just being. a company that makes money and people actually like. So that's what the industry system is nine to do it's designed to provide you with a way to see how near which company for them good companies in which companies are the bad companies based on these social justice an environment metrics, so it did take me to take me to who is, who is? making these judgment calls what what is the agency that is saying This is good or bad.
This is good right, so there are a whole bunch of different. people out there they're all pretty much part of the same cabal that are doing these different rating systems. The biggest on the one that I think is going to become the prominent system. It is being produced by a good in the World economic forum. These are the big great reset people its lead. This group, The international business count, I believe, is the name of it is led by the ceo of of Bank of America, Brian Moynihan, and they produced a report. with the World Economic Forum back in September, that Korea, did a labourer it s three system that they think. Basically, all the Major companies in the world should adopt, and it includes two I think Twenty core metrics and thirty expanded metrics, and into give you some sense of like what is in this set of metrics in the social metric section. One of them is the percentage
employees per employee category by age group, gender and other indicators of diversity, though ratio of the basic salary and remuneration for each employee category by significant locations of operation, or you gotta love how they write the stuff, four priority areas of a quality such as men to women, minor, two major ethnic groups and other relevant equality area. Soon with a view to have the right ratio of Asian to Hispanics or whatever. Then that means you get a lower score and there's a whole bunch of these things. I mean there's dozens and dozens and dozens of these metric and they can essentially whatever the heck they want them to be, they can change them at any given time. all that cover the union on cover that cover the union one sure one of the social metric is the percentage of active workforce covered under collective bargaining agreements so that just another, they have saying the percentage of employees who,
in a union in effect You don't have a lot of union employees proportional to the size of your business, then you're not going to get a high esteem score and What did the whole reason that these companies are doing there there's two reasons I think the first. If they see that this is the way the world is moving and they know that governments are going to start requiring busy eschew scores, nerve and all work of regulatory movements over the past couple of years, suggesting that that's when on including very recently at the see. But the other thing is that there is in terms of money already behind the estimates range from thirty trillion dollars all the way up to or a hundred trillion dollars, depending on the group you're. Looking at I've got and investors who are saying we are only going to invest in these kinds of companies and so on.
all about money floating around, if you're a business, why the hell? Would you try to compete with people to have the best product and service when you can just be woke and get all this money flowing into your coffers? That what and that's what makes it so dangerous. So recently we ve heard all kinds of things about what Coke is doing to be woke to be diverse and now now this seems too, explain all that right? This is. This must be what is behind, coax motivation to be requiring the rate quotas in their leadership and all of those kinds of things exactly right. Yeah Coke, actually, in its annual report talks about it s scores how can the whole system obviously scores and e g auditing actually have people working at cope that make sure that that they're following these eschew scores, so that they get a real good score by these different rating agencies and How exactly does the e g score help them?
I mean who is looking at these scores and is it who, who is like me, this, then why they care about there s three score, right. Well, it started with the who idea I think started there. Some dispute when this began, but I think it started, out of the United Nations, some time between two thousand and two thousand and ten. This idea- and I was, how do we get business is to go along with our agenda if we can't get governments to impose our agenda and The whole idea behind the asylum system is that they want to take the sustainable development goals from the allegation that, like agenda twenty one again, twenty thirty all that stuff and they want to figure out a way to get that into the bloodstream of of the corporate universe and the way that they figured that they could do. This is by getting investors and central banks and the I am ass an
the World Bank and United Nations and all these people to get behind that say we're all going to support you big corporation, if you agree to follow through with Ezsd SD standards into adopt these things in the live by it, and if you do then essentially we're going to take care of. You were in to make sure the money keeps blowing in your direction and that's exactly what happened and they actually been building this whole history infrastructure behind the feet? No one noticed it really over the past ten years or so to the point where all major corporations, that you can think of for the most part, already have this system in place. already there. So we just didn't know him before I go to a break. Let me just see if all of these fit into this category. Let me give you some stories that have broken in the last couple of days. Go fund me: Yanks pay, each run by Virginia parents. Fighting woke curriculum,
so go fuck me saw this fundraiser for these parents and their like. We need your help to fight this critical race theory in our schools Fuck me yanked. It is that just our opinion. Or is it passed All that this is all about. Yes, jeez. I think that Virtually every decision that big corporations are making today is real. the issues, including bad example, that just gave, I think, they're all related to eschew standards Corbett Home Depot CO sponsored a website. Citing the southern Poverty LAW centre and the sixteen nineteen project, so they're putting out putting helping fund. poison of the sixteen nineteen project woke or yes g what questioning eschew
lemme give you may give this one President Biden, Sir. The private sector should lead on vaccine passports Melissa huge that a huge topic amongst all of the great reset people who are deeply involved in this absolutely I've been they ve been pushing for that since the beginning of the pandemic. So this is a world organisation or the global, the World economic forum that has wanted these kinds of things that by is saying libertarians delight government shouldn't do this, but they do Libertarians don't understand. This is part of a much bigger government that is coming. Yes, that's exact,
we write and Joe Biden has been involved with these people for many many years he's a big supporter of this entire system. That's called steak, their capitalism is another way that they pay reference. This of the World Economic Forum, the most visible Google up a supporter of the great reset internationally again and Klaus Schwab when Joe Biden created the bite and institutes which I know you are very familiar with. The University of Delaware he brought in close Schwab, because here we want just figure out how he could make that the World economic Forum of the United States there's all sorts of article amount that online that you can find so chill bite John Kerry openly says that he supports the great reset that Joe Biden supports. The great reset John Kerry have made comments to that effect within the past few months. and he's also said at a world for a meeting. This is John Kerry, said that
Joe Biden, the great reset meaning all of this stuff. What he has achieved Anderson, printing of money and all of us that goes into it is going to happen, and that is going to happen with greater intensity and faster than most people realise, and so this is our everything were seen, over the past few months is with with all in the work for a very long time, and it's not surprising at all now. Let me So let me turn this too, how it's going to affect you in your everyday life. First, Obliquely then clearly, tied directly to your actions. we'll do that in sixty seconds. First, Imagine what you could do evolve: son you're able to cut your phone bill down by a significant amount every single month now imagine than when you go to pay that bill every month, theirs
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ten seconds station I d, and then we go to Facebook, Justin. We ve been talking the two of us about Facebook because there's something weird about Facebook and its yes g score. Now I, wants you to really understand, when you hear this. You're gonna go all that is funny. No, it's not I'll explain why are just too will explain. Why tell me what's happening with the Eu S G score with Facebook, good or bad? right. Incredibly, Facebook is a horrible yes for Lily or about the lowest ranked issues. for that you can have in the system that that's you by mare. Allege why
confusing yeah? Why well hang on top of that? The great question: the reason why, according to their own sd reports, is that quote in the and and auditors have found certain com decisions, caused quote significant setbacks for civil right uncoil. Now you would think that these com- and decisions that have caused significant setbacks for civil rights would be a reference to them. I dont know banning the president of the United States from being on their platform, or something like that. You would think the bed me with their referring to its actually the opposite of that. The report that their citing is a report that was produced internally for Facebook. For there s chair, court that says that they are not doing enough to ban people, they need to be more people and nothing to get rid of it was written in the summer of LA human war. Donald Trump was bad and they were complete.
in a was still allowed on the platform at all: all these horribly, racists things and everything else, and so because, although we have score in large part because it's not doing enough to ban speech on its platform, is banned, more speech on its platform. Then they would a higher s chief score so Do you see where this is going ass or just anything new to see I'm yeah yeah what yeah it seems like right, like they are just going to heavily incentivize these companies to do the things that they woke left wants them to do, and in this case they want. There has been a lot of criticism: see from the right on Facebook, but there has been a lot of criticism from the left on Facebook as well that they don't do enough to ban the stuff that they don't get rid of it fast enough. This is why Facebook is bad. Looking for regulation because they can't they can't please any
then they really can. So there is hoping that that the government will just take it away from them, which is a terrible idea, but yeah minister, you could see this right like they want to be favor, by a marrow Lynch in another big investment companies, so they're just going to poor, resources into doing the things that left wants them to do, to improve these scores and It's a way of essentially controlling their activity. Without In the past, a new law without having to have the debate didn't front of Congress. You just kind of forces, the back door and the same thing happens. Twitter doing in this regard are the hour doing enough for their use, score I think that they're doing, I think that they're doing better, but I am I don't, have it pulled up right in front of me, but I will say that's good. I think it's important for people to understand its, not just that there be incentivize. worst into doing us or even pushed their
actually being forced to do it in a fact, through the banks, because the sixth floor banks in the United States. Well Spargo J, P, Morgan Chase of Amerika, Morgan Stanley, others have all come out and said that there are going to adopt some or all of this is true system not just for themselves, not just for their supply chain, but also for all of their financing activities. If you are not good, green enough. Then they're, not to give you alone. That's what's going to happen, they come out. He said the city Theo on March first, because one of the six largest banks, our yes, the agenda cannot just be a separate layer. That's this above what we do day today. Our commitments to close bring the gender pay gap to advancing racial equities, And a pioneering the green agenda have demonstrated that this good business and not at odds with it.
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equally important is the financial weapon. Innovation of the ass in E S, G scores, environmental, social justice and governance scores Now big corporations are doing this: environmental, social and governance. The in I firms will make you go broke. If you dont go woke now think back the last few years and what you been seeing people I some even some even cheered when Alex Jones was completely de platforms I wasn't one of them because I believe in more speech not less, and I also said to you it's a sign of what is coming. Stephen crowded from blaze, TV, his head everything happened to him from getting demonetized is true. throttled even suspended from. Social media multiple times Gina career, fired from Disney doing the same thing about Coastguards had done. I mean exactly the same thing: Mercosur
said done. Tiggle some of the companies that have been rapid the folding into the Woke mob had the has gone insane. They announced updating monopolies community chest card, so their woke enough for today's society. There also dropping the MR from Mr Potato head. Can you imagine the complaints on that one, but Mattel would not be out staged there woke defied competitors can do whatever they want, but Mattel announced that Barbie will have brand new line, a gender neutral barbie, not How about you, Pat I mean, can marine But you barbie they're they're they're, both economically incorrect. I mean they're already gender neutral? Are they not? Yes, thank God. Somebody did it
uncle men, agile, Mamma, the lovely skin, cream, fair and skin cream, even victor a friggin secret has gone woke now now Why, well we'll show you again to night why they're all doing it in their own documents, but I have just Haskins here too, to be a little bit about what I should get from the bank that call to me, this is the global headquarters of one of the world's largest banks, call our office and wanted to talk to me. God would do with our executive producer instead and They said they wanted. They want a day. They wanted to explain What all of this was because it's not what we're saying it is and we said well, we would love for you to go on record because I mean that we'll get it from the horses mouth.
No, no! No. They agreed to go off the record, I'm not going You which bank it is, but one of the big five banks in America and in the world was the one who called and they just wanted us to know that they would never do something evil like that. That's not what these are for these just for educational purposes, the ear gee score they're doing all of this work just for educational because they care about the investor, so couple of questions about that, First Europe, on that. Justin. yeah, I don't buy it, I don't buy it at all. I think there are, in fact, I think there are investors who are corrupted by this whole system that are worth you know, hundreds of billions of dollars. These investment be giant investment groups in May. I am sure that they are interested in this because they won't know how they can get rich off of it, but the rug
on average every day person, that's being handed any eschew score because Their account isn't woke enough now, I don't think they care about the self governing also said- and this is one of the banks with a big investment arm on it. They also said Neuro score that, for instance, you got from what did you do with Maryland? you're not only saw the investment score for the companies. but there was also an e g score for you personally correct crap from yes. Right for your temper and what is it you have any it. What does that mean? well ass, essentially what they do is they they provided? They do an analysis of your account and they look at all the different eschew scores of the companies that you ve invested and if they have one and then they provide you with an aggregate score based on that, so that you have your very own, eschew score related to your account how'd you, how woke or not woke you are here.
Say that again was just all being done because People want to know how good they're doing What I think is amazing about that is I actually thought some of the transcript from call from your executive producer and when she was talking to these people a sheet pointed out, you know, did we get anything and accurate was going wrong here and they No, it's just that. You know we're not giving the score too. You know the person who got this. He s chief it's all voluntary and then you're, pretty well. He this person who gave us this score at Maryland his own personally, a score. He didn't ask for it and you know you just gave it to him and she said or whoever the thing. They just gave it to them and they said well yeah. Well, banks do give out scores without them, asking it put its voluntary in the sense that you actually have to do anything once you get this war
So just how does had sit with the episode we did two weeks ago where we showed the language that shows that in Europe there are ahead of us and that the banks are evaluating your worthiness of alone, based on your s, G score and I am not mistaken. The language of the the Economic forum and the world financial institutions. The language there is that it will be. It will affect free persons like that's a quote. Every individual's life will be impacted by this because The only way that it actually works right there, not quite so sure about the World Economic Forum, language to our have in front of me, but I do know that the major financial institutions that we ve looked at, that it said that they're going to commit to this.
and they are all on the record, if not a secret. You know Bank of America, city, others, they say it's going to be in their financing. That is their final. that's going to do it because there is no other way to make sure that the world makes this transition. So you have ass to have it in the financing. Will financing includes everybody that that's everywhere who gets alone everyone who get the car loan, everyone who get the mortgage that financing and there weren't there, restrictions on any of it and when they're talking The e in here see all these different financial institution and you're talking making sure that they know their therein line with with environmental standards they that they want to go net zero carbon oxide emissions in their entire portfolio. While that can happen, if they're letting me Regular people just do whatever they want and are only holding these standard Mig gigantic corporations. It only works if everybody is on board, so it's going to impact reg
our people as well. It's not just going to be made tomorrow, maybe not next year, maybe not even within the next ten years. I dont know when you know that eventually it will come for you too, Well, let me hear unclear Let me just show you: this is an audio peace leaked out on environmental justice. And making sure the remedy is doing all they can for the environment. This is something that leaked out. It was a Massachusetts, invite mental governmental environmental expert, talk to the New Hampshire government about what they were doing and it was supposed to be a private call, as least by somebody on the call listen to what he says. One thing that we found through our analysis is that sixty percent of our emissions come from Rome as had been started to say you and me, except the eyes, are undermined
Percent of our emissions come from residential heating. And passenger vehicles so may say that again, sixty percent hard emissions that need to be reduced. Come from you, the person agree the sooner on fixed income right these there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, pointing the finger at turn the screws on, and you know break there will so they stop emitting. That's you. We have to break your will fade Canada's in public I mean that's already darn, that's pretty darn clear. So, just in this this will affect every one and everything and the question is: how do you make the stock market work? We're gonna show the funnel again tonight. I believe, on the show I talked about it yesterday, the
the money is just circulating between the banks, the government to end the corporations. It doesn't fall down to the little guy. The little guy is earning a wage and he's having too retrofit his house for green energy he's gonna have to do all of these things sell his car by a new car, otherwise He won't get allow also the corporate. And continued to make money but you'll be so impoverished, has the World Economic Forum says you own anything. You that's exactly. I think, that's the plan. I mean the plan I think, is to make the system so that people are inevitably dependent on corporations providing services on government directly or indirectly to subsidize those services, but right there, making everything so expensive. We thought the California to build a new. In California. Yet what solar panels on it? You can't you
build a new house and empower it with you now with some more conventional energy. You gotta have solar panels out, so it's going to become so expensive for the vast majority people- but you won't know a car, you won't own any of these things. You will simply just be beholden in forever, like surf to the corporate class. What's going to happen, but don't worry about it, because the government will make sure that you get your universal basic income check in the mail every you know, month or whatever and they'll take care of you you, and you have to take that money and go and give it to a corporation so that you can have access your car and home, and all these other things, so you never going to be wealthy. This is the future world. I believe that's what the World Economic forum talking about. I don't think you're ever gonna have any personal well, the future world is you have all these? Georgiana corporations, they ve got wealth. Banks have well central banks are very powerful governments powerful. you are just beholden to all of them, and you this rent out everything essentially
and as long as you keep getting money from the government, you can survive, but without that money from the government. You can't build anywhere. And I believe this is the direction that the world is moving in and I think they ve been pretty open about it. Certain corners of the great reset movement- just Thank you very much will at more on this tonight at nine p m. Please don't miss this. We need your help to continue to research, these things to continue to spread the message and- grow the blaze universe. So more and more people will listen and we are all is seemingly always under attack they're trying to shut down Stephen crowd are right now so join us at blaze, tv dotcom. We count on you blazed Dotcom, Slash, Glenn, use the promo code control this week and you'll save ten percent diced. Actually, twenty percent, if is use the promo code, Troll save twenty bucks
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their cars go further visit car, she'll, dot, common use, promo code back and say ten per cent car shield I'm promo code back deductible they apply to the programme. It is the glimpse programme we get something great from Elsie come up here, a YO, see I've got to the heart of the matter, usually does on the immigration front, and I think you can feel justly chow sties after you here which he had to say they want to say about the surge. Well, First of all, you just got chat sites got your job search around you write consciously who's, trying to invoke a militaristic, fine female, because this is
search out, she done either and they are not children and we're being in faded, which, by the way, are not intervene, white supremacist. So do you get the fact that I Thea Velocity the idea that, if, in other, coming in the population at this is like an invasion of who we are she's an embarrassment. Absolute incredible. I think she believes surge is the route word for insurgent, I really do believe. That's what you believe. I guess not surge. These are not insurgents yeah. Those are two different things put in just a little bit different there. I will say it like you know: there's a soda called surge back in the day. I doubted had anything to do with insurgency while how militaristic and what kind of soda company would be that militaristic coca cola. Maybe I can remember ports,
it came from but yeah, that's that's! Really! A greasy she's! Incredibly up its remit Kabul that either by chance. Someone with her level of intellect could make it into the Congress, as it happens, verily commonly but it is very sweet rain. You have some stupid people, you got her, you got Hank Johnsing Johnson. Is it a thunder ethos and shouted Jaguar was gonna capsize right cause, there's too, for military members on one side of it into an island. Sheila Jackson, Lee Ones asked NASA rocket scientists about whether or not the the american flag is still on Mars. is, it did any did ever get an answer on that are still. There is still a year has gone. It's fine. The rover just took a picture of it as a great that's amazing. I mean it really is
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Covering the border, and I wanted to talk to her about what she's learned on the border, and I want to concentrate on the southern side of the border. What is life like right on the border with all of these drug cartels? What're? We enabling Lara Logan joined us in sixty seconds programme, so only thing better than cooking any of your food on Erect Tec is eating the food that you ve, cooked on the rectangle it's nice. It is smart, green technology. It takes care of everything from start to finish. I've never burned a meal there yeah. That's all great that still work. I want to eat the food and it is so delicious. You can smoke, you can bake, you can grill, it is just fantastic. I want the aid be compare your
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Laura Logan, previously working for CBS News, as their chief foreign affairs corresponded contributing editor to sixty minutes. She left therein. Twenty eighteen she's an award winning investigative journalist. She is currently on our own and has a show. Laura Logan has agenda on Fox nation, hello, Lara. How are you again, I'm good. Thank you. How are you a good good to talk to you again solar. I wanted to bring the boys in patent store with me and we wanted to talk to you about, But you ve seen on the border and particularly what This administration is enabling how we our growing the drug cartels and what life is like. What does a drug cartels? Even me, right on our border
it's very interesting gland because most people in the? U S, think of the cartels as the drug organizations of the nineteen seventies who really pioneered. He knows ugly marijuana over the border and were part of distributing that across the: U S, bringing it to the North EAST and and in fact, what's happened over the last few decades, especially at the cartels have transformed a diversified into many other different forms of of revenue, and they have also become completely unrecognizable from the old drug organizations of old guy other heavy Escobar days? What looking at today are the most violent and powerful Cremona criminal organizations on the face of the earth. That's not an overstatement that is literally what you're dealing with. They have militarized. Many of them get training from special operations of forces in other countries like Guatemala and
They also have so much money that they can stay far head of law enforcement any country both in terms of surveillance, Countersurveillance, the operation, security and, of course, in a weapons, and and also their ability to function in terms of in what they do to move narcotics and weapons and everything else that they need to move they'll I have made strategic partnerships with people like the Chinese. U S, adversaries, like Hizbollah and other terrorist organizations and what we ve been doing while they ve been at war with us. We basically been asleep at the Wheel There are individuals who have have track have seen the transformation of the cartels both in their reach globally, because they now control more than ninety percent of the global trade in narcotics, but also in terms of their capabilities, and- and we are not paying attention
into that were still using the old law enforcement model to which is basically? We? U S, jurisdiction ends at the? U S border and so we have to go to the mexican government and we have to ask on their terms to allow us to operate, and take action against the cartels. What today, the cartels are so powerfully she has a shadow parallel government and they give their orders to the mexican government. So what do you think has happened to that we'll? Just in the last few months, firstly at the very moment, by demonstration opened up the? U S border the mexican government double down on their sovereignty, they stripped all you as agents of immunity from the commission and they all, so on made it a law for all mexican law enforcement officials to have to go through a fusion cell in the foreign office in order to have any caught contact and interaction with you as law enforcement, which, of course you know, that's it. That's the death knell for cooperation, and four informants and for everything
goes along with prosecuting the car account, so that should tell you where they make the government is in, it certainly doesn't explain where they occur. the administration is because they like it. all the administrations before them allow the border to beat it find in terms of immigration and come leave national security out of the conversation. nor is there any resort any realistic way for us to stop this without the help of the mexican government, Not if you use a law enforcement model because when you have no jurisdiction, you're at the mercy of the country, whose sovereign territory you're asking to operate on, and so they to be motivated to do it and look there's more than thirty thousand a mexican civilians who are massacred every year in Moscow by the cartels and that's just the bodies at the mexican government, opens up to or knows about right. There's this Mexicans buried an unmarked, a mass graves all
the country. May everyone knows that the violence of the cartels is like nothing, that anyone is, The scene before me that even pails in comparison to sometimes at times towards terrorist groups like ISIS have done. Although some of the tactics a similar. You know that, on your knees in front of guys with guns being beheaded and in fact the cartels- it's not enough, just to behead you, they ve gotta, pull out sledge hammer and obliterate every in a last little piece of your skull and that's pain compared to removing your heart in your limbs, while pumping your body full of heroin to keep you alive so that you can watch yourself being. Systematic dismembered. Oh yeah, that's that's! That's you know all the time is not an exaggeration- it is all across Mexico. It is all the time in ninety. Eight percent of murders in Mexico go on investigate it. That's not and prosecuted plan. That is an investigated. Wouldn't do it.
simply tells you that they operate with impunity, so that you know that the law enforcement guide, the policemen, the marine and national government who are trying to do the right thing you know who are not in the pocket of the cartels. What chance do those guys have they ve gotten no chats in a way they end up in those a month break thirty thousand people I mean cuz. People will think all that's crime, crime who are the Thirty thousand people that are getting killed I can be anyone mean if you're in their way, you know they they just you, because they don't miss. No consequences for any of this sort can be. Women can be children fact. So many women have been killed in Mexico that human rights Watch had to come up with a term to describe it, which was famous did you know we'd never ever seen so much. The crime in such violent crime. Again so many women, so
and there was a point at which the bridge at war is which is just across from El Paso. Texas was absolutely parted with faces, of these missing girls. You know who are missing as their bodies are often never found, or their melted in back of acid or chopped into pieces, thrown to the dogs. I mean regard for the living or for the dead and as such as a father. just said to me recently after his daughter in law and them branches. were burnt today in them my family in Mexico Emma he said to me: I never understood what it meant a body and never ending, Good what it meant to be able to say good bye. He said my son came to nothing. He came back here. and his wife and three of his having children burned to ashes I meant in so that's that's what life is like for many people living Mexico. Yes, some
the violence is cartel on cartel, but even that I mean when your options are a lifetime in the dirt in a village in Mexico or you're, you know- or you gonna do what the cartel tells you in and take money home to me. Your family. It's even calling it cartel on cartel. Violence doesn't quite explained the reality for everybody. Things got very little notice from any. This agency is the fact that there are also killing political candidates this year alone team have been murdered thus far, when the elections are coming up, I think in June. So it's not even to be a candidate for office. Oh no! It's in fact that that's of the most dangerous professions in Mexico, along with journalists and criminal, investing It is right- and it's actually really interesting- that you raise that, because it's a very significant point that is constantly overlooked in the conversation
about the cartels? There's a big you know, there's a big tug of war going on between how you fight this. How you take this on and, of course, there are a lot of very good people within homeland security. Investing nations in the d and other agencies who have given entire lives to fighting this. They ve done amazing work, but the reality is that your using a model that is not effective against the nature of the threat posed by the cartels and Unita fully miniaturized isolation, their extremely well disciplined and they Have unlimited resources, you know so this is not. This is not something that you can that you can can you to fight with the same model that over that has seen the transformation of the cartel on your watch and so the solutions offered is at the cartel should be designated as foreign tourists
Reservations, because now you shift jurisdiction to the Department of Defense and you change the nature of what it is. You are able to bring to the fight and, of course, the middle kingdom. Meant you. How do you know the cartel? Don't want that? Well, because the mexican government, when it was raised as a possibility by the Trump administration when absolutely out of their way to do everything possible to stop that from happening, and why do I raise this? And, as an answer to your question? Well, very simply this. The argument against designated the cartels Foreign terrorist organizations is that they don't have ideology and therefore they don't meets the standard. Well, it's interesting because there is no doubt that they terrorized people on a daily basis? There is no doubt that they use terror fear, as it intimidation tactic and also carry out. island criminal acts? But there is also no doubt if you look at the number of
petitions being targeted that they seek to install their own government in Mexico. The fact that the ideology of that government is really money and power. Where You know how different does that make them to a whole bunch of people all over the world in government, correct Lara Logan if you hold on for just as I were talking to Lara what she discovered down on the border and in particular we come back I'd like to talk to her about the. People who are running the operation to get all of these mexican children across the border and whose doing that, why our parents, allowing that tap and on the other side and what are the consequences in the the drug cartels? What happening to them because of what's coming our way, we'll do that here in sixty seconds you might
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both these children in in me, shift cages, makeshift jail. That's not the humanitarian issue that I'm really concerned about. I'm concerned about happening to these kids and these families, before they get here when they start dealing with drug cartel and after they leave us, well the way I look at it is this. If you're going to care about, if you're gonna make the border all about the humanitarian issue, then then you have to be consistent, and so you have Look at the humanitarian issue all the way. As you just mentioned, you can't be selective about it. Of course administration, the press, also elected officials, were extremely selective about it because they made a big deal about the cages, were built by the Obama administration and were chilling fences how it got the name and
border patrol use chaining sense because they said for the safety and security of everyone inside they needed to be able to see what was happening inside the whole. facilities and, of course now there. no outrage over the fact that there are still being held in the same conditions and in the same facilities that that are not built to house people long term. But there are so many you know it's interesting that you don't you you talk about that because there are people in Mexico. I want one woman that I know who work with migrants and families people along their journey when they get to Mexico and, of course, the condition. the terrible? I know a border police agent. You just saved someone from being wait just a few weeks ago. There is theirs reports today. In fact, I just received from an enforcement source down there of a baby, whence old that wish rescued from the river after the smugglers, her in
and they they are reported to have beaten, her mother and and broken her leg. So I mean there's there is no doubt I've spoken to so many different agents who tell me story of women at play, that woman once who had been raped so many times along the way they they took her agent. Go to the hospital. I said she didn't Go of him because he was actually the first and should, in months who wasn't using her and so somebody's agents You know relationships and nobody's people just where they, check on them in and keep in touch. I mean we we ve done something really truly evil as shouldn't over the last few years we demonized. Every border patrol agent for political purposes, not because it the real, not because with honest, not because it is when issues, but for political reasons, and to me, I don't know, I'm not
for some. It has all the answers that I had answers. I would be you know, income. Mentor policy or whatever I wouldn't be a journalist, my I'm really go to pointing out o the problems is that mostly because my job to figure out what it's really like the conduct, and along the way, are terrible. There's no question about tat. The number of rates are extraordinary. The divided and just women who raped it's also men but an and then no the conditions and the facilities that are great but you're, gonna Crosser, someone's border you're gonna, be put in some form of holding facility or bad. tension facility. If you cross anyone's border illegally. Most people, though in the U s I'll, tell you the vice Dorothy coming over. That border right now are being released into the: U S and there affair is being paid and and they are being given a massive amount of assist,
and don't be fooled. We know when you hear that Ngos and humanitarian organisations are hoping that is true, but many of those organizations, get money, get federal funding for that purpose, so your tax dollars are being aid and use an extraordinary amount of taxpayers Many, and I I dont say that you know, the person who my heart breaks, when I see the children and the families and that their mothers and fathers right, I'm not a person that only that thinks it's only the women that matter or only the women that suffer. You know I mean the human suffering is painful for me, but at this in time I am also very much aware that there a huge amount of suffering in the? U S. Already, the the response of the government. The corona virus has really
created in this country a devastating economically situation, and- and there is you know, there's a lot of people in this country who are going through similar things to people down at the southern crossing, the southern border, moral Logan. Thank you, Sir much Laura Logan has no agenda, namely the show on Fox nation thank for joining us we'll talk to you again, my friend listens to plunder programme. Terry lives in Ohio. She has to border terriers, Tilley and Tucker, and I get it Terry Tilly and Tucker it's an alliteration thing. She writes about their experience with rough green, she saw it. She said that my two dogs have been on Ruff greens for four months. I'm no longer to get no longer able to give Tilly and allergy pill, because she doesn't need it. She previously needed it. I stopped a pro body probiotics that I was using because Greece, rough greens already has it till
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in others voting situation its more more racist every day, every day, the racism is high. Now it's ugly, yes, ugly and its high, very ugly, very hot, and when worse than that path, as rolling stone, informed us yesterday about the Georgia voting laws that are going into effect, vote their suppression is violence. That's? Why republicans like it? So much? That's right right! like violent, yet they love violence. There subtitle Georgia's barbaric new restriction is not alarmed Becker wait. What are we talking about here is going through what is actually in these Georgia in the Georgia voting bills. What are they actually do ABC News has a breakdown by killing people right now? Well, it's violence. We know that from the start, so they obviously kill people. So ABC News goes through this
Here's here are the things. Are you ready for the hatred and violence on all, can you get ready? I don't have he can't for this thinks the would expand early voting for primary and general elections, but not for run offs just about through through a blue Is that violence or Europe, spending voting early. for the general election, ok, we're primaries, but just now. Four run offs that violence, violence, violence and supporters of rent a yes and its we're heading suppress votes by expand the amount of time you can vote for Expanding in really for white people know? Well, that's what it's about not exactly in the bill. Ok, but I haven't four primaries in general elections counties would be required to have advanced voting on both saturdays and have the ox and to do it on the two sundays that form a three week period:
law only mandates, one saturday of early voting. So now do I m kind of expanding gathering one Saturday to get indeed, two Saturday's plus optional to sundays So you go maybe from one day in the in this range to four days of voting in this range, that violence. I hope I hope you can feel the violence on that now. It gets worse, though. Pat secure ballot drop boxes, are not explicitly sanctioned under current state law and this, but would change that. But it would also implement new restrictions on their use compared to what voters experience in the twenty twenty cycle, unless there's health emergency drop boxes could only be inside advance, voting locations and only accessible when those locations are open. That's why her right you can't you can
can't use them when their closed his eye their eyeing. Yes, that is what they're saying now to be clear we just went through an election where they were used. However, they were not sanctioned by law. Case of that but the abrupt the beginning While this perhaps you should only be allowed to vote in places that our sanctioned by long, but that's a totally totally different thing so now this thing says: ok, the ballot dropbox thing. We're continue that it helps people vote, continue doing that they were. They were now. gotta do is eight I'll leave of outside unattended twenty four hours a day like: That seems to me to be a rational sort of wine, but you should maybe have to go to a place where people, maybe watching them right, maybe three thirteen em. Maybe That'S-
right time to vote. I you want them watched so that the watcher can stop minority snowboarding their vote in there now nomes ouch one now, why? I that's not what I want there actually taking the ballot boxes, hot, defying the middle along and then taking me minor security step of not leaving them outside twenty four hours a day that my friend is Ireland silence, voter suppression is violence our neck. We have a meeting start get really hateful the bill. Would require voters to provide their drivers, licence or state id number or other ego photocopy of another accepted identification. If the electorate lacks those and, as we all know, minorities? Don't have ideas so you're, so depressing their vote. You're telling them wait, don't come here because we watch your boat
minorities don't have idea, they dont have ideals. Could they get ideas? No, they can't. They dont know where the dm visas we tell them quickly matter lines, but apparently they can't keep it in their heads cause. They don't show up at the DMZ to get their idea. So no minority has a driver's license. Oh no, they don't have a plan. Things go on the internet and in figure they don't know how to get on the internet. Remember we we were in we worse civically told by the precedent that they dont know how to get online, but that's only minorities who live in the urban areas and in rural areas, so people in the suburbs can get on my early. Suburban minorities can get online. Others have to have a white person president out of it, Lily always gonna, be a white person there to help you out. So you, and so the events that that's the problem, that Israel should. We consider assigning white chaperones to African Americans Hispanics asian, so we can kind of walk through the basic elements of life.
They need to be able to vote and get a driver's lautner near subjecting them to, though the nastiness of Whitey honourable, have that what this is it racist at all by the way? What the president saying here it's it's totally: ok, to say that black people can use the internet right now it totally ok egg daddy That is so raises assume minorities don't have ideas and they can't get on the internet. What what how do they get away with this? I oh by the way you know who doesn't think it's racist to have black people have ideas at the polls: black people, that minorities across them. Like eighty percent or something tat, I got this, but I got the poles here. This is a overall. Do you voter Idee laws overall. Eighty, sent favour them. It literally is eighty percent. Eighty percent nineteen percent oppose them. This is one of the most uniting policies in our public discourse.
everybody approves of voter. I did get away with his voter idee nonsense. I don't know the Democrats get away with it. I dont know what a breakdown by parties republicans. Ninety five percent approve it: independence, Eighty three percent approve it, and even sixty three percent of Democrats Roof voter Idee when you to buy race white? Eighty one percent approve it non white. Seventy seven percent approve it. So this is new. I personally popular policy name. Another issue with these kinds of numbers? You probably you probably can't I mean it Percent of people, don't agree on any data, agree. We went to the moon right by why the x the complainant constantly is that this is going to do we have the clip of this is where we do have this above the the you're gonna, get we get to the New York Times the daily think as they then there was the most glaring example of all of this
now, but there is a does it mean that their voters suppression will always get rid of minority voters. When you have this voter, I do think. Does it? Does it mean that minorities? Don't show up at the pole, joints from an italian professor and professor from Harvard found for using a difference in differences design on a one point: six billion observation panel dataset from two thousand two thousand eighteen, we fight, that the laws have no negative effect on registration or turn out overall or for any group defined by race, gender age or party affiliation, but as this is vital I was the sample size as well as the samp. Just that one point, six billion they didn't have five billion the abbot. That's what made up number one point: six billion, while we have obviously people vote. Will you take him up to all the elections at a ten year period will combine them all together and then his allotted, actions, and there there's primary votes, there's all sorts of things. It doesn't
any there's no effect to this. So if the direct applicants are trying to limit votes by the use of these policies. They are failing miserably, doesn't work I don't think that's the reason there doing it anyway, but still nice guy, that's all There is one point: six billion in the sample size, so obviously it's stable, leash wreck as as a sample by us again what I heard I didn't hear that they were covering the things that the rip publicans wanna, do the aim that list again I mean all the things they want to do now? Get me the list again of of what this research shows that the EP its we find. The laws have no negative effect on registration Ahern out overall or for any group defined by race, gender, new age and or party, if Asian, but that was about if they're, from outer space here he died. They didn't even test it, they don't care, they died.
in care, they don't lay don't care yeah, hey it's bad! Now! You guys, though, that the big story here is not any of this voter Idee stuff. It's the fact that Republicans, one too each dehydrate voter. Oh my god, I can't take. It lies at the pauses I love this is fantastic, so here is the actual. language, the law, no person shall solicit votes in any manner more by any means or method, nor shall any person distribute or display any campaign material nauseous any person offer or give or participate in the giving any money or gifts loading, but not limited to food and drink to our electorate.
I want you to thirty two dead. That's right in the line when you're trying to low that's what they knew thirst to death in just fall over dead. They don't care dont care. These Republicans. I gotta give you this clip from the daily this from the New York Times in the daily podcast about the voter suppression. This voter suppression one. So there has been party groups that was common bring food and water to those people who were waiting line for hours on end in the in the blistering Georgia heat blustering. This law hours on end would ban those, from from the food and other assistance voters waiting in hours long lines, I'm ones for the seams, very hard to understand as anything over an attempt to try harder weight of rotten people to vote.
Exactly so. In other words, the how do the people who proposed that defend has only little defensive? There hasn't been that much. We defend those efforts. They have tried to say technically it's just there's a radius of a hundred and fifty feet that tell you: how will this ban effects, and so it gets into this kind of technicality? And that's where the defence has been the reality? Is it's going to prevent help us since in resources from nineteen voters who are waiting in mind. If ok can I take very coverage I have been here. You guys laugh. I have been here in these bully stirring, Texas HEAT trying. To vote, and I've just been
I was my arms. Should I mean the blistering heat of Georgia in November and your weight? Oh yeah. I dunno weren't Zat how high the average temperature November in Georgia's sixty one to correct what that Louis that are easily sixty whites, Boulier dailies stray. I had. I wish my wife thought that was blistering eat ideologies is by the way it's as obviously about like giving away gifts and enticing gave come here. Vote free pizza outside there, that's a while keeping campaign people from doing that right. So in the loss of his living Lee, says self service water from an unattended receptacle tune. Elector is allowed, so you is allow you'd have to walk to get it yourself or, oh, my god. I ought to get it from a third party. The third party could still do it, but they have to be twenty five feet away from the line I get in a hundred fifty feet from the building carried to them. Yak recently
I don't know, maybe only did not explicitly deny the idea that the demo rats really need to rethink this, because, when you're really really thirsty like in a desert- and you just need water- you see mirages, and I think that's. happening to telegraphic voters. They look ahead and there, like, I see Democratic Party. That's gonna, help us now Destroy us! It's a mirage! You give those people water, video, vote, republican of Yonah timeshare chances are pretty good here in twenty twenty one that you're ready to get out of it. You probably using the whole time in the first place and with co wid. Oh I'd, probably do the number of uses down to zero here's a day there are quite a few businesses out there that will claim they can get you out of a time share, but most
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by the way? How to make the world a better place to live just be able to handle it better, go to Keksi, cookies, taxi dot com, and some cookies. Picking a k, hey s eye they articles cookies on earth. I will ask. Does cookies on earth and, though, make everything better mean they won't, but I just feel better after taxi. Yes, you will you today for the speech, I think for sure two, it's gonna, be agonizing real Vivian dollars, and this is just the first part of their spending because another two trillion coming at for claims change and its word to say, because we ve already had two trillion dollars, so I think it should actually a part b, not party a party. Was these the supposedly covered stimulus right? This is a and infrastructure plan and then the next one supposed to be climate and more social justice stuff on both its four trillion sick
trillion altogether and that's the first one three months yeah in the first hundred days of ending six trip, saw national debt just one from twenty eight to thirty trillion with the one point nine trillion dollars. They just spent now it's getting two thirty four trillion. It's really amazing and and go up and up and up from there, the congressional budget budget oppositely? Looking like forty three trillion over the next ten years? Oh my god, it's gonna get really ugly, its end sing tutor to look at this, and because they have that this opportunity of doing the reconciliation thing multiple times we take, it basically use last year's and this year's within this twelve month period, it's weird sort where they support. Hopefully, don't need this sixty votes and Wendy lifting so anyway, you're gonna need some help today, watching this watch it along with me and my u to channel stew. Does America go there to describe and in a little watch along and we're not going to say I got to make fun of Joe Biden the entire
your time, because we are that's what we're going to do to make it tolerable youtube. Stew does America to climb programme.
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