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'Blood Pressure is Rising' with Bill O'Reilly and John Crist - 10/5/18

2018-10-05 | 🔗
Hour 1 Obama talks about his younger years... Glenn plays a doctor on T.V. ... Stu has volunteered to play the part of Obama in the 'Power Hour'... What was the typical 'black experience' during Obama's youth?... The Kavanaugh vote may cause some folks to drink... We do this in the name of science... Remember none of the Dems were up in arms over Obama's 'thug' like behavior... 300 people arrested yesterday at the Capitol... Would you be man enough to endure what Kavanaugh has gone through?...   Hour 2  We can stand against violence towards others... #MeToo has grown out of control with more accusations than convictions... Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn during 'crunch time' covering Kavanaugh... New evidence that goes against Ford, not Kavanaugh!... Bill's book comes out 10/9/18... Alyssa Milano is stepping over to 'insane'ville... Covering the Cloture vote regarding Kavanaugh from the Senate floor... U.S Senate votes 51 - 49 if favor of proceeding forward with Kavanaugh...   Hour 3 Special Guest, comedian, John Crist... JohnCristComedy.com... Enjoy a laugh at yourself and at others for a bit... Pat Gray joins Glenn... Podcast numbers are in and Pat Gray Unleashed is HUGE!!!... How will the confirmation vote for Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court play out?... Opiodes are addictive but that doesn't mean the government needs to come in do away with them... A staff member of Mercury One has won the Nobel Peace Prize

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The blaze radio network on demand back it's Friday October, fifth, are listening to the Glen Back programme. Yes, yes, yes, as many of you know, science is really the main focus of this programme and our hearts and our sheep many awards and our many scientific papers that have been published. I am a doctor and stew will confirm that at a stroke yesterday
With these, that means you can treat the entire human body is exactly right. As you tell me every single time. Yes, I entreat the entire human body and the mind, and today we have a science experiment having first hour before we get to Bill O Reilly and the LIVE Cavanaugh vote. What a show this is going with her shoulders. Gonna get a romantic or anything. So yesterday we played this audio from Barack Obama. I want you to listen as a scientist. The S play please I think I was a thug vapor, Meyer girls. He must have thought I was I think I was a very typical globally. The word he loves typical. He loves our gregarious mischief child, so use it as a young boy was a typical child. I think, by
the time I was an adolescent and had moved back from Indonesia with these issues of spatial finally, in a father not being in the house, and I think that You know I reacted by engaging in a lot of Tibet. That's not up untypical White males typical across the country lack male applied, allowed basketball best. Bomb. I didn't take school, that's ok, didn't take schools in Ghana, fights got into fights drank and dry and then consumed in there since it is indeed drugs were always legal This is amazing. All in all, I think,
generally was acting without a doubt. Instead, I think that what got me through those yes was, a natural aptitude for schooling, yes, which meant that I didn't have to do anything mentioned to me to be able to Gaudy railways club does at least come on get to it. Man get time red. Yes, some of my neighbour with self destruct self destructing areas might drink a six back in our view, drink a say, gone back Clare and then go back to collapse. Ok, we can shut him up now. I have a lot to say about this. Clip allots go ahead. Because you're already behind the sound that you heard a little, you know timer that's gonna, go off every right. A shot of their lives,
that's all right. He had to go to class early. He did this science man, please don't question my my processed out he's gonna take another shot. Usually you get a while before they start feeling with their coming. I do well that open okay, so what we're doing is, I don't believe you can drink. Pack in an hour and a two class in genoa. Just everybody thinks you're normal a actually. Let me James had, I dont think you drink a six pack in an hour and then one to go to collect signatures, don't go right right because, like you, because you're, like others about this now you're, not gonna, be coherent or at least being united.
Pull off into the normal student role, especially our constitutional scholar, like a scholar. Ok, so where we were testing stew he's drinking every time you hear that little LE that little chime he'll be taking a shot of of beer every time you hear that so every minute for the next. What fifty six minutes, or something like that, some air, yet until fifty six after the our network as to exactly six back, it's basically power our but its knock power beers. Yet there it is again deserve hundred. I hate that cigarettes are now discuss suck. I made a questionable choice. I will say a lot to leave this off one of my favorite beer. Fish had ip. There flesh and blood version which, Delicious. Can you and I thought that this is a good breakfast beer, Ellingson Orange, and there it's a diligent, really pisses me off, and so I
wasted all of my while a all my blackouts before my kids went into their teenage years. That's when apparent needs black out, ok and also I was still drinkin when it was like whiskey You know like a dirty glass like smoke is old room yeah, but it put it in a dirty glass tat was that was my experience. Then I stopped drinking. They come out with all these great flavors I've of if they have beer that Bruno tastes like cookies. I would have it maybe it would have been got I've gotta snicker, due to nail here, although we're gonna get to an independent nobody broad Robin with this one, as I do this shot her own. Seven point: five percent alcohol, which I do really realized. My pulled it out of the fridge named Elizabeth Lynne's. Looking now but I mean he's gotta figure Brok Obama before going to school like bud, lighter something. So, though, is it always it or is it the typical boy
lack of beer. Who should I guessed it took to be really as oil lawns, where racist as he is, we should all come together and figure out what the typical black beard baffling that thanks brought. Maybe he can tell Us- and you believe, that's the other thing I wanted to talk about on this. Was this guy? I'm sorry If that was said by a white guy, would be so racist. Can you imagine anybody say? Well, you know the typical black experience in a low get up in the play a lot, a basketball. They don't take school seriously. They get into a lot of fights, they drink a lot do drugs the class hammered? I. Can you gotta keep this noise already items SARA. I hate you, Sarah, so but you're right. Even half of that is Ray render if you happen to be white or conservative yeah, either what just say I honestly: if what say
I don't know Romney came out tomorrow or organ hatch or Jeff Sessions or John Food came out tomorrow's, like by the like one of the interesting things about the typical black person. Is there always play basketball baby? if we don't get, gambling are under, just have at all would be done cabinet forget, maybe they re thinking gives develop gang rape and he still go and strong if he would have said yeah. While I was run in the gang rape thing. You know I was it. I thought it was better than you know what the typical blacks do. Just play. Basketball he'd be out in fact. He loads all that on the fact that he loads all that on and there's like I've horrible the area but saying that people play basketball, drink driving,
sorry, it's science saying that people they basketballs not about thing, though it would be call races of Republican but you're not getting into they don't pay attention to school. There was fighting drinking and doing drugs, but that is legitimately like just racism. Is this say that entire race is doing that regularly, and you know I didn't notice until that time how many times he used the word typical in his he likes. He loves the Lord Erika and by the way, this. I mean in a way it really does vindicator this moment you had a pox many years ago. Do we have to bring that up libels talking now on my mom, I'm a good half a mere, and so let me go now. Emulates in all seriousness is like this. What you said at the time and it, as you said, you'd give poorly phrase and unfair to as we talk about just the next day, but he's he's everything through the prism of rates. Yes, even he said he was struggling with his were struggling with his life because rink, because of I'm a scientist because of his racial identity issue shrink Kay.
You know a power works? I haven't till the next one to get that thing it's took. This is gonna be hardest. We too does not the right time For this reason, when is the right time when you're twenty one is one of our ideas are not you know, you are you're pathetic you'll, never be an alcoholic like there's a right time. Yes, over time. You use it. A drink and all was five p m that so I kept me from being an alcohol again. I air excuse- or it really was your little line that you know. I drew this line, this crazy line, because I thought alcoholics or drunk all day alcoholics get up. They drink. So I'm not going to relax. I'm not an alcoholic, and I would literally no matter where I was. I had alcohol in my hand, I watched either at second reading stay there on my watch or a clock I would watch the second hand, go to five o clock and when
a thing went to five o clock, I drank immediately at five, and that was the thing you gotta fill it up another another vertically after mix the beers we'll drink it and then drink another one I mean if you you're gonna burn some you're gonna burn some alcohol. Some calories by some this one can down by the way what type cheeses early this is still early in the house does not could be good at some point. You're just immediately. Take me, this microphone, because this is now. I don't think so much My science experiment is, You would not go to class, nor would you every the you everyone would know you were drunk in class. You would, go. You'd be a soppy mass unless you're, unless you're drinking all the time. You know if you're drinking all the time. Six years, no big deal in mind. A six beers wouldn't touch me. I got to know you're gonna. Do you like a little more gonna quit quick because you got
in that year the jargon drink, the other one. That's not going to be ok now you ve. Now you ve got one more in you What would it mean one more and one more that was for the last one. I wasn't yes, it was true, I know I'm the wondrous here and you can connect I've done them every single time. I am right in that. Was you hadn't right on schedule? We got it. I really is watching. Don't try to scam into getting just this. I will say, hurry up It's nice to be able to drink in a race at least one day of this cabin, a story. I don't I gotTA using it as an alcoholic, I'm pissed, because when that vote comes down today, I wanna be hammered. I just want to hammer and we're gonna be carrying their vote. Live you don't want to miss that. Do will be her interesting quickly enough bill. O Reilly will also be with us at least no commercials. They don't have to hear that noise for, oh, yes, yes, they do
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Similarly out good. Well, it's got a long time to go before the next drink go to real estate agents, I trust and real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com. Stu is. What are you worry about a year and a half in we're must end with a second one. Action on her arm is twenty after the our yes, so stew is just we're just doing little Science experiment Barack Obama. He said he used to go to class need drink, a six pack, a beer and that the Democrats never had a problem with Barack Obama. I mean he He talks about everything the Democrats say should do qualify bread, Cavanaugh he's one of nine, the president's one of one, I found it so interesting this standard here, because we started with like innocent until proven guilty. Then it was like. Do you think he probably did it then it was. Is there
the possibility that he did. It now then we lowered or too well did he drinks so much tat. He may have forgotten himself that he did it and then it's like. Well, I think you lied about the drinking The word proof, yet. That is why we are that. I don't think you sat now. It's me now he's just been so tainted and when we pushed him up against the wall and accused him of being gang rapist, he got mad you wouldn't have any new amazing? Did you read the up? I know Riddick overload yoyo, I I mean he's. Of course, five percent with insecurity about Simon, please at science, that is the scientific bill. Do not want another shot but light right now Why am I urge you to do that? What drink. The things that I as a doctor have to endure, as can up later,
we do that. I'm making you do this. Yes, you suggested on the air outside suggestion is making our gossip Gordon. And I'm going to do it now. I met you brought herself, it's gonna, be. I should have recorded your consent before you started. The bats were dead, that's what every porn directors are here and we need some far down that road. I am sure many people thought I am. I think it's one of those things where you have to wait. A minute. Wait, because of the world were living in. I do want you to record your consent right now that I'm not making a do Algeria rigged, drink I drink it now and then record your can said. You know, I will say this to the camera. I feel forced into doing this and I don't want to please don't make me laugh. I think I have tuberculosis. Ok, there's another beer them what you this is a,
This is what my careers gum do, I'm just I mean I'm that's where it exists. Now my career started that nothing you ve got some success too. Maybe I can, I tell you of the show would be much better if I was drunk, I didn't really would be ideal would be off the air in twenty minutes. What Eddie would take me. Twenty million in this environment in this environment. To take me to I've heard some of those old shows. Yes, we often twenty minutes. I had this idea of a while ago is now due in the middle of doing this. Maybe there's something we bring back a show. The political power our You just get around like a news and why it matters a panel, and we must all do a power. Our image talk politics. Oh, I love that that or loved by the end of it is. I can make out too that I'll be those two zombie sober I'm the driver is is a great idea, I'm the derisory. This is why we are doing we ve got a power hours less. We are we'll get every, but we'll get everybody from the blaze
you know the drinks I suspect This is a bad you're, setting a bad example. Mr back and I imagine the cobbler science exactly sizes important. You know I mean that the USA Republicans organ science. Well, I'm drinking on the air about that, I'm so dedicated to science. I'm slabman down six beers in an hour today right- and I you know we're getting to that point- I don't know I'm not a heavy drinker do not drink. Often but when I do drink I like to have a few even island. I dont ever even recall, hearing stories of you ever being falling down. Drunk weights, do you get nominated for the Supreme Court is nowhere near a lot of them go to say except under colleagues here. By the way, when you run in the gale shot, glass were re revolt shipments so you know there are these three hundred arrested yesterday in the cap
three hundred people. We gotta play this interaction between or an hatch, and and some protesters play right. Now, please don't. If we haven't you haven't, I do I ask that we were told we don't have a hearing, and I was gonna pull for news and why matters which, by the way I have to do after the show we're going to need a complete disaster and I we got because of their without well any of the fund of actually drinking. I was gonna be stammering through some Seattle. We give it analysis. I am. I am anxious to hear your commentary with Bill O Reilly and your comments. During and after the Cavenaugh vote, I will say if I could get drunk for every bill, O Reilly interview- I am I mean I'm not doing here. I am is We too have already been carving out a blood bath. Man I swear to you. I ve been a plot papa blood vessel in my head every time I call my bad wasn't ok,
recommend this well before lay commercial break. I believe we have to take two more shots. Oh I mind Schedule Marisa. I know I underline that was saying before the commercial break. So the cabinet thing isn't gonna. Go Don't know I think, right now gun to my head. I think the answer is it. He is going to get confirmed. I think so too, though I will die. Camp is out, so you have Only Mansion Macao Ski Collins and flake and if Flake Collins seems to be the most positive idea of the bunch. At this point I made some positive comments, but, as he does nine seconds laid always somebody said, Oxenden says he might change exactly. There are so many guy heard so much beer and such a little time I know drink
I'm working on it. I have one minute. I have one minute: it's just not go. I mean it's not something you want to do with yourself powers are designed for college students, not for adults who are a national ready. Okay. So let me ask you this now that I read all of the definitions of moving Where booth thing is, you know apparently you know a funnel to your butt. As an alcoholic. That's technic
We not drinking quickly forgotten that men. Are you drunk that's your day? I do think that observation, or do you think, that's a loophole or horror. Look it's up to them to close the loopholes that you're it's out, you're, not thinking it's their jack, I'll, probably screwed up. Do you have to be to think I got a poor bunch of beer in my pocket. Mercury you're listening to the Glen Back Programme of some of my neighbour self destructive. Yes, it was drank a six back he an hour before before. Back to class. He sounds I in the security he does. You know if you watch it. If he sees looking so we're doing a science experiment. Would Stu be qualified to be on the Supreme Court
president of the United States model of swallow, no Judith through your nose. It won't counter to drink. Developing thinking. Will ye be qualified? He is now about three and a half beers in in an hour s drink six spears, just like Barack Obama. Do and I had a point I was gonna. Go to add you not not remember. I will say this. I say I've recently discovered at our own shows about to get good guy. Now our own Keith Melancholic, who a producer of this programme for many years and our producer of the pack Graham leashed programme, Thea on Ablaze radio, our high on television networks, is currently mirroring. Which was a hardware to say an estate. Mirroring my drinking in the other room off the air exactly how those doubts that that's out of air bid he's just drinking at work. Yeah, that's a different thing here: Keith Age are ancient art by the way I'll pay you for two days?
work that most effort I put into a show. By this I mean these are hard. It's it's not even even the beer at this point it just there's so much combination but were loaded by carbon nation. My whole body is carbonated by the way. We are a lesson in our away from the Cavenaugh vote, I'm so glad you're drunk man. I would give my right arm for let me tell model a jam. Let me talky into drinking. Look, it's been a long time. You were sober for a long time. Those days you know you remember a lot of time you this. You talk to Malcolm Gladwell yesterday and he talked about how our remit the past. Well, was it really that bad for you? When you were drinking me,
you should just try a little. I've got extras now. I just wanted you to know that your career readiness, Saturn indirectly tied to my all, I think, you'd be really fun on the air. I don't think it what it would affect your life negatively. I dont know what effect the show. I would make the show really entertain for about six month until yard. You in this know in this atmosphere. It would be one good show tee won the day, hey? I retire his day. I do it drunk how's that it's actually because I'll be close to death and in after you know, when you're close to death. It's like give me the faint and all patch unjust, limping Goodenough while it now, you obviously will be immediately divorce after that, which is something you should probably consider, but I am fully aware that wrong. I think my wife, you think my wife last that long
this I really start to shake apart. You think my life is like sticking around ass. They I love Tanya, cannot believe she's still around. I mean I've known for a long time. I can't believe she still in town, Sis II or this is this- is something that she could have taken a plain issued, a jet at a time with half the money you go to say we are seeking to Saint Kitts, AEGIS dissipate here I dont know I got all the droughts She did tell me that that was one of the conditions she said you take one drink and I walk. I take the key It's I take the money. I walk and I believe her. Oh, I believe her too. I think she showed what were they have a drink or not? Aren't you know what she really didn't win in many ways, in many ways I mean the whole the whole. I used to love cigars, going to going hanging out with Ben the other day and they were all smoking cigars, I'd love to have a good cigar and a. Asked Tom, I smoked one I was.
Poking Antonio looked at me. It was re first started dating and she said. I just can't imagine myself. Smoking can imagine myself kissing somebody who had smoked a cigar, and I look TED Cigar, and then I looked at her. It looked at scar and looked at her. I kissed the cards. It goodbye, my love, and that was it. And the cuban economy failed for defining time drink. I mean how feeling good drink, I mean not Bob physically, how you feeling mentally drink and answer the question. I'm a doctor So you know this is all being done under scientific. I mean I even have the coat, although I am a little upset that I don't have docker back and broader right here and now to have that he should get that. I am a doctor, you are dark. Thank you I am not aware universities. I only have one doctorate. I M looking for a second.
We should pile on for you if you like, we should go I'll, take it from any particular promote college in May, to go. I don't care, I mean it. You can get first published anywhere. Apparently you should start doing that. Youngsters submitting like chapters of mine, tough for side to paternity leave that that actually happened. I know if you dont know, and hopefully we're gonna- have these guys on Well, I don't know when, but we're reaching Uncle early earlier mid next week were working on the details, and so these guys there there scientist he starting a man from his eyes temperament. I just want you to know these beginning to show temperament unbecoming of a Supreme Court justice. I could totally rule on something right now I think of it. I should get a beer sponsorship and he should set up there. I'm during oral arguments and then don't say oral and bread Cavenaugh at the same time Did someone have a to my? Oh, my god, that's for down were forbears in ok, it's
Can I ask you something: could I ask you some? Are you man enough? Are you mad and, as you know, we cut you off now. No right, are you man enough to go through what bread Cavanaugh went through and then sit on the Supreme Court and the Democrats our controlling the house and they are their wanting to have Donald Trump, be subpoenaed too. Testify over something completely ridiculous. That you know is all trumped up. Are you man enough to drink Are you man enough to after what you, if you are Can I have your what they did to go? I'm gonna look at this veto seriously. I'm in a limited. Ah I mean it's all. I had a nazi action that I should not be on the Supreme Court largely because I would rule completely had a spite at this point. If then this is that we talked about this before we are not.
Sense of Cavanaugh as a non commercial. You need to start boring. Stuff realises that we were not. Enzo Cabin. I will look and I I will point this out and I put this. It pointed this out to Trump supporters. One of the main reasons trumped that elected was his list of twenty one Supreme court nominees. We all agree on that. Right. Yes, ok, well, go back in fight, go back. You doesn't sixteen search heart twenty one nominees for the Supreme Court that dog from named into hasn't. Sixteen searching, as for bread, cabinets name other you're not gonna, find it on their because it was added after he got elected now if so, which my colleagues know. Mightily was on the first day on. The first was on the first last year, the point being that he got elected because he said a pick from this list now. If he had gone through twenty Supreme Court there, twenty one Supreme Court justices I could, ok, name some new people why he needed needed to expand that list and Amy going to bear. It was on the expansion as well. Why need to spam that list after you get elected. I don't know
But they decided to do that and that's where cabinet is- and I know I had a point I was going to- but I do not remember no, I don't think I'm even interested in it. I don't care if your interested and I try to get them, I'm trying to distract myself from that super sound that I know is coming around the corner at any time. Ok, let me take about our sponsor this half hour, oh by the way Bill Riley's coming up. We have the vote in the Senate in less than an hour. Also, we have John Chris John is a John, is a comedian that is, is actually taking the country by storm taking the country by storm drink. He is he's These are national tour, now a lot of people, don't know who he is,
It's the it is the internet sensation he's got like half a billion views of his of his comedy he's going to be on with us in in the third hour. You don't want to miss that and arguments do to keep drinking until the vote happens. I mean once about happens. I may pick it back up filter by his our sponsor this half hour. Filters. Still. Oh god, it's all. I wanted to were announced out about air conditioning filters. Serbia can we can we talk about that now, huge family, no, enabling workers a lot like your liver, so If thou my favorite point desire. In other words, if you put a bunch of crap in this system, your liver, you no kind of filters Allah that outright but at some point at some point- have viewed torrent. If you have you just keep putting crap in it. You have
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he did this intentionally and then went to school. He did this ice hearts I mean. Would it be easier if you just chugged all six Jeff he gave up treasuries like I could do want beer every ten minutes. No big deal, I mean it's. It doesn't beer in ten minutes is not a big deal, six beers and sixty minutes. Pardon my tv filter body, daughter, Cobb. Go there now filter by dot com Stu is now on to his six beer. This is a this is experiment. This science don't worry. I am monitoring him and I am a doctor of humanity's I'm onto my disappear by the way community Ebery here in Texas. They ve got a snicker doodle ale than they bring out. I had one left broaden today. It tastes like
Nor do they decide what a snicker doodle that's a hardware to safer l. It is, I know it is not your doodle cookie many, because many people select they'll be trying to say out. This has happened, but here's the thing when they, let me take a serious point here: Glow Cavalry and the Arab Israeli coming up vote coming up after the stations we are carrying, the vote live yet so they on serious point coming up you who stopped drinking at the wrong time. I know I did they have incredible. These micro proves that are out now. This beers is emitting a cookie snicker. Do too Bi community neighbour. Maybe it is a cookie. Maybe it is and here's the point, let me spell it inside. I smell the drink, it became all drink. I don't wanna, be re amounts of Norway. You're, not my point allow here he owes me people think people they can I drink around. You ass. You can drink round me so the this small guzzling letter to me this
Our government aspect of this, which is important here, is the reason why you have all these great beers now and all these great microbrewery is because ever the? U S, government restricted breweries from opening up you couldn't home brew. You couldn't do all these things, the government in everybody's face. We obviously know about the amendment, no, the prohibition situation, but this is, as they really did, restrict this for a long time and they they kept. You know innovation at us and now you can go all yes. I was so border that conversation by the way we hit up get we get the. Blood pressure, stuff anywhere? Stephen What I'd like to do I'd like to do an experiment during the vote I want to.
My blood pressure, because I just saw Diane fine sign she's now speaking on the floor of the Senate, and as you were talking about whatever you're talkin about my blood pressure, just went through the roof and I want to during the during the vote. I want to check my blood pressure against your blood pressure, because I bet your blood pressure can be totally fine as isn't it advocating for alcohol if we have to live with these politicians. I think we might and I'm a doctor, I'm only saying this from a position of science. I think we should all be drunk. I feel like drunk the better I as a personal experience, both right in the middle of a new cycle, the seals better? Okay, so I'd like to drummerstown or not more you're, almost done. Like form. And there's nothing better than drinking a whole six pack, it in passing of cookies, its torture. It's too much! You don't need this much of him,
That they, they put it in Cannes for individual servings for furries right No, you just had wire, monitor its great. No, that's why they increase. I really you know this is not a statement. I do not understand people who say I drink. I you know I just drink. You know I just I just enjoy a drink or to why would you do that stuff. Having had no alcohol content in it now. Maybe beer. Maybe beer. You have some beers that are good and beer and wine may sound, like you know a Moscow mule pretty delicious. I don't know what that is, Ginger, beer, vodka, lime, it's a delicious drink that as there is it, is it there's a tenderness to it at some point, got my second set of kids going into teenage years. I really need some black out soon. I'm gonna need some blackouts can. I balance, Is there a thing as responsible alcoholism, to wear your
lacking out, but you're only black. He out when you need them, since your forcing me to do this, take a moment to try to convince you to start during difficult since you torture me. Let me ruin your life can moment you can't one up This is the thing that every alcoholic says fuck just before they break. Impervious to it. I have to finish this beer before the end of the hour. I do have Sir ten seconds one in an oh, my god. Are you done now more in Accra, oh yeah, somebody get a bucket. Now. Would you go to class now? This is better than I thought you would be. Oh my god This is a really good lesson. Kids, I determined by just one at this point because I don't want to I don't ruin and
FCC Gide pie is listening right now, he's like disaster know about when more children your second to get well, Madame will more than one word out. Thirty second surgeon value and I can do egg or you don't feel good. I did not feel good at all now: goddesses door, ajar using mass God I don't wanna, do what more do you who makes a six back? with Bill O Reilly, oh god, and then throw on top of it
the Senate vote on Cavanaugh. Oh, my god, that was horrible. Death is cooking Jpg our two of the Glen Back programme. Next, I did it. I didn't leaned back. His cunning lie to talk about the right path forward and to make by the people standing in the way they might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down. Laughing Glenn bags lie the addicted to outreach toward on toward this ball back. You believe in you believe. In coincidence, I want you to consider that this weekend this weekend is the one year anniversary Otto Fifth one year ago,. The meat to movement words organised
There are times when their bombshell story on Harvey Wine steam, and it has been twelve straight months of me to madness now. This is incredible. If I would have said me too, I would have thought It has been two years. It's been twelve months. It's been good. It's been bad it turned in to an absolute nightmare? I think we I'll stand in solidarity. All of us. Stand with people who have accused who have accused people- and Proven the case that person is guilty, we all stand by it. The witch hunt not so much. We in stand against violence against women, violence against men and violence against children there's without it doubt, every American is for that, but
We're all the me to movement in twelve months has become an out of control monster in span of three hundred and sixty five days. Four hundred and twenty nine people have been accused in a total of more than seventeen hundred allegations Keep in mind these of a high profile cases spanning Hollywood government and big business. You add, in the lesser known cases that we know of and Accused doubles. Numbers are pretty easy to fine, but guess which numbers aren't. The amount of convictions. Good luck, finding those maybe to take Cavanaugh unjust. Thrown in the water and see if he floats course he floats he's rapist. If he doesn't He's innocent. What's the number of convictions, it seems kind of relevant, you would
think the me to movement and the rest of the media would be eager to post those numbers, but they don't Me too, has devolved from the post wine steam fall out as a movement that counts accusations as facts. They re. To collect heads. This is the french revolution. Evidence doesn't matter corroboration, doesn't matter, it is the accusation. That is all important That is what this movement has become. You can call it a witch hunt or you can call it the Mccarthy hearings, but believe me There is no difference when we, he had ten years twenty years down the road. That is exactly what this movement will look like. Divine Providence reveals itself in mysterious ways.
I don't care whether you believe it's a coincidence or not. The anniversary of the ME to movement were given the biggest example on the largest stage The country has seen perhaps in decades. To see how far the me to movement has fallen, how dangerous this is become. This is mob rule this, Voting on bread, Cavanaugh twelve months to the day when all of this began over the past year, we have never seen any of these me. Two cases played out in a court room. But now we ve seen one and we see the mob salivating for Cavenaugh Head, even though there is no evidence and no collaboration and every one said the accuser could back up her story all the accusers flatly denied it ever happened. Or at least said. I have no knowledge of it. The only thing that existed was the
accusation that right? There is the story of the past three hundred and sixty five days. I don't know what happened to Professor Ford. I have no idea no. If there was an actual which craft that was being practised in the woods but I for one am not willing to Claire someone a witch or a warlock, we, out hard evidence. I feel bad for Professor Ford. I also think. I wouldn't want to be around her in the afterlife if she was lying. We do know that at least one of the accusers was lying. We were to believe people, because we want to believe that there's no way anyone would do this for politics. That
the Goodness in America, don't lose sight of that goodness, don't lose sight of the fairness that way Each American has. That is why what is happening in Washington DC is going to both very very poorly for those who were involved in this smear campaign, because Americans are fair. And what they ve done- the Cavenaugh family, this very public the process given us a glimpse into what it looks like when the rule of law is replaced by mob rule. This process, has been ugly, painful and hopefully it has taught us a big lesson. The presumption of innocence is one of our founding principles. It is why we came here in the first place. And if we abandon that principle. What happened to judge Cavanaugh
we'll be the standard. For all of us, and Our children, no. It's Friday October fifth year, listening for the Glinda programme, I guess maybe I should have taken off my doctor back no white jacket for them, a model fuck but I still I'm still. I still have to do in my care after, Power our was due to, two to justice to be able to see is he capable of being president or will you know, or or Supreme Court nominee in the future after drinking six beers, as Barack Obama said he use do before he went to college now, Bill O Reilly is here hello, bill back you doing tonight, I'm I'm good. I dont know how do you think this cavern things going to come down? they confirmed
tomorrow afternoon, these guys gash. I take delicately forty at this time, but I think he's got a military. I did that this last gap for any republic The vote against them, because this new information- and I don't know what are you guys- know the new information, because the media is not reporting it, including Fox NEWS. What is the Wall Street Journal Doktor Ford's people, That includes your lawyers and her buys I d get a woman named leaving Keesar to change her testimony, that is in the the irish law apparently doing. Kayser was the best friend to Christine forward. When this incident about Cavanaugh allegedly took lights and was named by forward as an I would
skeezer all along is said. I remember anything like this. I don't even know Judge Cabinet. Now the journals reporting that Forge people a name, a woman, Monica Maclean texted and said: hey change. Your testimony you got out Christine, that's a huge store, well, there is or door. There is also another story that In the F b, I testimony that it shows the leak came from trucks, humour that it was. Chuck Humours office in Cahoots with one of the beach Ladys that Ford talked about yeah. Well, I don't think there's any doubt about humor or die, and fine stain at this point that they are corrupt, so bill? Should there one what they want. My youngest Monica Mclean by the way this war
the woman who voyage acts. Boyfriend told the Santa Judiciary Committee that for tried to help her get through a lie: detector test because she was up. I gotta be at the yacht. This now Austria, the Ex boyfriend, account now this may seem in the weeds, but if the dude sure Committee and I believe rashly may do this. I hope so Oh man, I make money my plane, and others in avoids camp in front of the committee and he could club that forward and say you lied to us about the lie detector test. If that happens, Ford could be prosecuted I don't think it will. I think it should. It should be ensured to here's an inherently anybody.
But our light or for allied anybody. They should be dealt with. Yet here is here's the thing. I don't care if it is marked judge or if it is Professor Ford, you lied. You should go to jail right that this. This is too serious. This tore the country apart, for what If this was coordinated, if I'd I mean Chuck tumors well, if a tumor led to this. He should also stand some sort of penalty. Anybody who is involved here. There was one guy who what was its do. He came out and he said. Oh, I know I have this evidence. I saw this happening, as soon as he have started ass do he's been drinking this morning bill. We believe that the Irish I have a mirage
like to be drunk for all of your interviews of ESA thought right to manage a better state for you, because you can't understand them sober investors as well as fair, so that there is there's one guy who came out and levelled accusations and then immediately retracted them and admitted that he was lying or only to focus on four, but there's been five accusers yea. Others Newport Harbour Guy, yes, but look when you get when you get into a situation, and- and this goes right back to the need to think you were talking about- did you see Alyssum align? Oh yes, it's weak, say it. Madame if individual men get crushed it doesn't matter because women have been abused for so many years, and I have no sympathy for me- an innocent man who get crushed I mean one sure into that zone and we discussed this before you're into Stalinism. You aren't we all care,
I have some guy didn't do somethin like avenue all it may be, and and- and you get and your career and family and everything else is destroyed. You know, that's the price you gotta, because of the past injustices against women, but that is the now that is the mixture bill. That's the combination of post, modernism and social justice. Social justice now is the vehicle for postmodernism and the idea is it doesn't matter if she was telling the truth, because others have been in her situation. It doesn't matter if he did it because others have been in his situation it. What matters is is communal justice that's easy needed is that other people are talking about in the media will never report on it same people, that organised a sponsor boycott against me. When I was on Fox NEWS, I now paying people to go to the capital to school
anyhow others about cabinet The same outfits are doing move on leaves the leg I bet, the mailing list, they ve got all the information. I mean may I go engage taboo yeah. The people so now In addition to insanity, like a little more want all individual sanity then you have an organised, coordinated effort. Tens of millions of dollars, courtesy of George Soros and others. Ok were organizing, people paying people to go in. And disrupt sometimes physically the process? and Americans are basically in a dark day. Don't know what's happening back because it reported well I'll tell you I like listen to that Stupid New York Times. Podcast Ellis knew every day, justice here what you know. What Spin they are putting on it and it was
it might you may my eyes bleed today I couldn't take the hypocrisy, but but one of the things we are talking about is enormous. The concern, because things in the capital are becoming very scary there very scary for reporters and for you know, for these senators in and things are getting out of control gay. Do you think so? Yeah the I'd Silurian on the right? You go ahead, glad not unknown! Oh you re. I love the banjo not a bad job. It's not only close to a banjo. Have you ever heard instruments before, but you better watch lead. I know what you were about to ten minutes from the beginning of the key Senate. Votes with Cavanaugh bill will be with us working continue our conversation here in a second first, let me tell you about car shield, taking your car in for an oil change. Mechanic find something wrong. Surprise you're hit with a big repair bill that
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But you're my blood, for this is not good. My blood pressure, where checking it against its science to see it's better to drink. At moments like this. Do has already had a six pack The Cavanaugh hearing is going on and Bill O Reilly is here. My blood pressure is one forty five over ninety eight and by pulses one twenty one. Forty five were ninety. That feels really is not good at such an early. That doesn't seem to look at all. I wanted to writing a terrible killing the S s. Listen. I wanted to get drunk first yeah, that's how this works. Somehow They look at what is a common policy to day illegally as really getting worse. War criminals in history, Tuesday, man and that's all
told seventy. Five thousand in advance cell- and you only have at and you'll, have seventy one thousand instruct your car, which is nice, and you know the gas is going up. It's really, and now it's actually really good book bill really getting or minutes. Four minutes to the vote. Senator Collins has just voted yes on the advancement she said shall announce her final decision ads. Bp may see delaying this again because everyone thinks that this vote is going to be consistent with the vote. That would happen this weekend. Are we really thinking that she's gonna change? This now ya now show up for oil. Republicans will vote for a cabinet, because if they do they're out of the Republican Party allow lake at it, like he's already he's leaving relays leanings, that's true, but I dont think flake to go out on that, no remember flake one, to get a job as a lobby is. He wants to go around. Give speeches maybe write a book it,
he's got the machine against him Can I heard him in Retirement Esparza, good burnings are concerned. You were here, though I want ass. You honestly, Danes is it from Montana leaving to go to his daughters, wedding, ass, theirs it. This is a really important vote and who knows what happens in twelve hours, even if It goes wrong. But I thought of my daughter I was like you know what I would totally leave. Oh, I will do my daughters. I believe you just my daughter's wedding. The right choice, yes yeah I mean I dont know why they care work out. Something on that. You know there are ways to vote but I love you know if you don't get married, others get married maybe they could move that ceremony later and naked but I don't know I don't know but you're right, you got it. You gotta family first,
and there's no reason why these guys have to be there. Why are we using seventeen hundreds technology? I traveled some reason he could be on a phone. Like life, and they can make an exception. I think, but you right, ok, but well she's? Please send me on that. I thank God says: if you want me to give you some going is avoided all give us two minutes on until the S s. I work. The book is about evil, My contention is that most Americans don't understand evil. My mother didn't the very raised you spoil me, which is obviously but she loved and thought. I was good study. You didn't understand, evil right right. So. We ve seen so much evil in America. Are we not,
Our people walking into schools and gunning down kids clerics abusing children Chicago where it thousands of people are shot by drug gangs and nothing's done opiate act. Through the roof, evil it centred on evil, and so I wrote a says with an eye on explaining to the reader that these, Concentration, camp Gorge and people who kill babies and gasped innocent people were farmers, merchants and and bankers they weren't anything trained to do this. The warring factions, Young people and once the war started, put on a black uniform at the dead, said insignia and went in and the most horrible things that histories ever seen in the book is better than his explanations. Kills mediates ask about Tuesday.
We have a bill o Reilly. We have Mitch Mcconnell still Jakin. Can we keep him in the background just a little bit. Ah so Fletcher? I just take the vote. Take about. Landmines has been a long freaking wrong. I mean who wants to delay this vote. Apparently it's bitch, but God allow guess I agree, but there's a person, I've ever seen a pulse. This is about as crazed Mitch, Mcconnell gets or in hatch behind him sleeping I'm not kidding unfair. As I say I m he's leaving but you know you see, issue in his mantra. Behaviors looked up. He couldn't Iraq, war and add area might have, since he might have been praying option of an eye for an eye, and I want to go home. Yes, please please, Foreign Hatchet, are really funny confrontation with a
the test in the elevator and does not you see that bill. I mean like you know, and it is interesting to see on upon how the protesters did not care what he said. They were looking for an increase in opportunities to yell at him. It had nothing to do with with the content of what he said. Well, the more you will allow you are the more you get paid, there's a scale of yelling You reach a crescendo. You get more money from MILAN hate. Libya. Let me ask you this more harmed by the way created to move on from sexual assault. Allegations. Remember that that was bill. Clinton move on from the Monica Lewinsky think early. It's amazing still around at this point in the ME to movement right, but what about cats main lawyer for Chris Ward, she's, exonerated outbreak and I come he's a comedian
right or left everybody any body rule of law. Any body and honouring a baronet what this is and knows? What's going on at various times bill. Do you think this will play out this way at the voting? But do you think there are do you think that there are Democrats Democrat It's not talking political players, I'm talking about regular Democrats who are seeing this now go, and you know I was, for you know Ford, and I wanted a fair thing, but this is ridiculous. You're asking for people to basically change their opinions, that very rare all scientific studies on politics show people. Note to change their opinion. They don't like to they will understand that twenty two, It is human nature, but what this is gonna do is give the reply a real spa. So one want to point with the economy, the economy, and then you have this.
Option on the other side that I would flame on we're getting ready to take the malicious, listen just to infer just a second wave. The question is: is The sense of the Senate that debate on the nomination of Bread M cabinet of Maryland to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court shall be brought your clothes the asian Naser mandatory under the rule, the clerk will call the role is drowned. And, oh, my god, it's happened. Miss Baldwin Mr Barroso Bennet Hutetu. Mr Blumenthal. Mr Blunt, Mr Booker. Mr Bozeman does it inside so eastern around Mr Bur Miss Cantwell. The biggest camels in American History- this is a pivot point, Mr Card. What does this mean? Bills refer history
the case either direction. The cat, I don't know yet I mean I can't speculate on that. I can just I know I'm pretty good at evaluating the mood of the country. You may remember that, five days before the election, two thousand two sixteen I predicted trumpet win and I predicted because people didn't, like Hillary Clinton and would stay home- I mean, that was my best die every day and right now I am feeling it everywhere. I go. I know a lot of people around. Ok, that's away, Folks know it. Was a shambles Duckworth. And they know that cabin honest family were damaged very badly by people who didn't care to shake the truth. They know that equal play out at all politics, but he's got only member is powerful. Full corrupt lobby,
It's driving me to thing and the media is like what regner what was flake, MRS Gillig brand, weaving, then a second size, gram, Mister Grey and his hair was- and I believe we can also do this happen. The atmosphere that the media, in conjunction with the fanatics, powerful our goal to drive a chance, so I can't pull and stop well done. Mr Heller, she's a nun
Can I help aroun? Oh yes being is a big one, Mr Hoover and MRS Height Smith, Mc Caskey in half Mr Isaacson Mister, Johnson, Mister Jones, Mr Kane Mister Kennedy, Mister King S, he's a big one, Miss Clover Char, Mr Kyle Mister Link furred, Mr Lee
Mr Lee, Mr Mansion, MR marking wondered what innovation Missus Mc Caskey will perhaps you, Mr Mcconnell, Mr Menendez, almost their sister murkily, but I am Mister Moran. Ok. Can I myself. Missus Mc Caskey silence, so we know Mr Murphy, Well now soon, wouldn't you know you didn't mention or Macao, Sergei? Those are. The two very interesting line is, is strange. I'm watching all of the networks, and none of them are catching the vote. So no one is now
The New York Times, were looking at all the sites right now to see what the NGO, when he knows, we don't know yet the EP map again. This is not the kind of ash other gonna the closed debate and then oh both to Morrow and, I do believe cabinet, be confirmed. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of this and the winds are blowing against the Democrats. Now the winds of shifted bill is a big deal for the winds shifting, don't you think I mean this? The first time I have ever seen this tactic by the Democrats: backfire on them. No, the Clarence Thomas stop was pretty rough and I think that after Americans at the time were pretty angry about it, but it does, of course dissipated once again on a court in the question, is I confirm, will lose all go away? Will people just say, ok, the good guys wine and then we not we. Interested in punishing the Democrats
think so anymore. I just think people so furious. I think they're gonna, you're gonna, take it out on it. I think the Democrats think that they control these. These activists they really think that they can tap em. You know turnips and turn em off. No, I know they do, but I think there are approaching a time when they're not gonna, be able to turn them off I don't see it that way. It's still. There is very well organized you're, going to get individuals that confront people in restaurant. Zealots like that you're going to have that and somebody might get hurt but only organised right, these people are very disciplined and is about a dozen organizations now what money squatting end to disrupt the process on the heart of the far left, stand by some, as some news arrived yet Wickham wanting a couple things here: Collins when a big ones, a yes
flight and flags are uneasy s, so I'm sure more county was a yes and mansion. I dont know that that's an interesting or in the middle of a looking at that right now and bill. Do you think that they just overplayed there had yeah, I really feel like they could have had. They could have had Mc Caskey. They could have had collins if they really play this seriously, but instead they overplay their hand to an incredible deliberately absolutely- and I didn't have what they didn't. Have look. I went through this. And of all the others time, every time I turned around else, I know well O'Reilly did that and went true. I what they thought would that more people we're gonna come out Point a finger at and an end or somebody was gonna, be involved party. Statement I was at that party and I saw this capital they have rule it out there. The rush accepted.
This fact morning: I made it easier for people a company, or maybe I am not at all these other crazy people's piling on an intellectual work. This is what usually happens, but here You know what the FBI involvement in in a pretty strong statement by cabinet cabin I saved himself created in Europe. I couldn't do it was I myself, because they didn't want they being far needed to address it. Yes, I couldn't say myself, cab I did for doing We have adequate turned, it does look like show. Mansion has voted yes on cabin, are I mean that he has mentioned is going to vote to confirm, and the recent imagines doing. That is because the people voted against Wicker Cavanaugh.
Tat. He might lose the left and the people of West Virginia that's stupid. We do have one Novo from LISA, more Cowskin, some Rakowski is out. Mansion is in flake in Collins is in this should be enough for him to get confirmed here because of its a append breaks it from corrected Caskey of Macao Ski vote again, A cabinet she's rule and the Republican Party, fine she's finished, yeah, I'm gettin Nicholson lay From any Republican, I believe that she, a Korea will be over. I think there are people of Alaska. Very conservative state will throw out you think I do think, though, that we have, with with more cowskin the situation where she knew it was gonna go through. We wanted to vote no was able to vote no because she knew they had the fifty votes done master say
just the no going against every single one of our colleagues. Later and put Her- is polite. Word of the day the in the republic employs Hansen tank That's an amazing situation. I didn't think Macao skills and put our entire career risk over this. But apparently she how she could vote yes tomorrow, how how, though, if she's voting not to advance the nomination to the floor, while now it's a higher she vote. Yes, I want to confirm it because I didn't think that it should go forward, but now it's gone forward, and so now I'm going to because a lot of fuller, calling my office and I'm afraid, I'm afraid for my career. I do I am going to vote yes. Maybe
that's a pretty tough line. I dont think she's gonna do. It is interesting point him in that one of the most shocking vote results that I can remember. My entire lifetime was LISA Morocco, Ski beating Joe Miller, on a right in ballot in that senator campaign. In several years ago, Just last a reward Mercosur, after this with another election amendments, I don't think so because they are very independently our conservative but their very independent and will wait and see bill thanks. So much bill rally Dotcom of a good week. You guys been taught you next week. Aright Can let me tell you about the greatest share of all time. It is the x chair. The x chair is a an office chair. I have for my other studio. We had to get another chair for the other studio bought the x chair,
They have become advertisers in the in the around the same time, and now we have them in here as well as by difference. I was sitting in that yesterday I was doing the live. Tv show and I was sitting in that chair- and I thought this is the most comfortable chair. I think I've ever sent him for an off. This chair where you're you know, you ought to be supported and set up a fiend. I don't know if you ve tried the cloud which is this, the worse, looking couch ever because it just looks like being bag chair, but it's really really comfortable, but no support that's comfortable. This is right. If you are sitting in it for work because you're just sitting up naturally you're sitting up straight and supportive and comfortable and Alex Great do as a big Whence I mean we had a deal, chairs interim. Whatever you know big box store, we had from an Ok, but this is in its impressive the difference is impressive, pet and and
and then stick on true, sir, a mere six back at him? So I mean what do I mean after this vote? I think maybe I open up another one came hurrying okay, we have John Chris, on which I am sure you can be very comfortable in your committee Chris joins us in just a little while, anyway, next year, is on sale now for a hundred bucks off. But if you go to exchequer dot com, that's the letter, acts chair back dot, com or coal for four four x chair, the exchequer, What thirty they guarantee? No questions asked complete satisfaction, don't love it chip, it I could give you all the money back acts chair. Back. Dotcom use the promo code back and you're gonna get a free foot rest as well, get the free. Put rest or you have to do. Aid for four four x chair use, the promo code back or Ex chair back dot com, welcome to the programme.
The Senate has voted fifty one, forty nine, to advance the Cavenaugh nomination. It looks as though tomorrow it he will get the nomination and be confirmed. However, there's a couple of wrenches in this, and we will talk about that coming of mixed our also registers just break for justice. Second, and just have some laughs there is a guy who, on of people about her four billion views. No, you to John Crest. He happens to be in town and everybody in this building is trying to snag tickets and I thought wrestling tickets, put him on a radio and then just say how you didn't get tickets in time. Can we get some extra tickets but really we just wanted to promote him, and and I have been for a few minutes. So he's really really funny will have John Chris. When we come back and then more the Senate,
gray joins us and of course, of course more with stew, who is already six pack pass, plus one into his Friday festivities, more on the global programme criminal leaned back, is coming lie to talk about the right have forward and to make further people standing in the way they might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing Glenn back lie. The did. Did you out reach toward on tour this ball back it's Friday October? Fifth, you're listening to the grand Back programme, so John Crest is the is a comedian that you may or may not know. Look tons of people know unease he's playing the varieties of the rise in isn't arising theatre, you have rising theatre this weekend and absolute
everyone in this building has said so, can you get any tickets and I'm like I don't know, I am not. In the ticket business with integrity, went down you're, you are sold out almost everywhere. You go beyond coming comedian, India and you you don't essentially come from a comedian, the tip comedian, hard, live in background. I feel it That's it! That's aside a compliment, as you see, I love you know anything about me really easily, MIKE you're doing. Ok, it's like a normal person, you're supposed to have annex no longer each leg. Well, you know my dad is actually he was upset. Stir for thirty years and then he became the mayor and I'm a comedian- and he said this is interesting- is that we're all kinds doing the same thing menu. He goes we the world. We'd. All like what's happening right when you knew all the same, so he first try to do to fix it by changing people's
in church many tried to fix it by changing laws and doing the same thing. I see it. I'm trying to fix it by like change people's my view, a very well thought out comedy bit like Ah man, that is so true and it changes the way you think about. Yes, comedy aids, breaks down the walls of life s letter. So what is your soul? Would then? What are you trying to change? What are you trying to will rang it? How I, when I would prefer, is Somebody there's just gonna change me from an angry person to give me ninety minutes of not caring about any and that's it. That's a lot of people say at our comedy shows it is like a we. You know we I will lady that would had she has cancer and she can my show she stinks, but every she loves every minute of my day. I think about this disease in my body, but for that two hours that I was at your show, I felt like I was free. And that's it that we are trying to do you notice Amber
it gets harder and harder, I suppose, every day in Asia. Is it hard to not talk about things that are will the good thing about being a comedian isn't all have to have like a stance you can have to have like a stay at once. What does he they tune in to know when you think about it? Is that make it like something. What do you think about? As I got last number I don't have to? I don't have to really like I don't know. I did not really, but if it's funny it's a lot a lot of times comedians now have you explore page on twitter for comedians like stuff funny. It's like yeah you're, going for they're like you're, going for clapter or, like I'm, not a politician, I'm not like a sociologist to make people laugh and if you want to do you want to I'll take. You can go to hear what you can get their of my job on interest on the internet. Amy humour was erect arrested Israel at the profile that, as I like yeah sure, was aimed at one point,
I noticed can be shocking to everybody in the audience, a brilliant comedian, great lashes right she earlier and she's fame, has turned her into up an activist who gets arrest rallies? That's a totally different world gimme another three weeks, I'm not that I just did. I tell you, though, the identity, I think the smart comedians are the ones like government. It is like hey, you don't think geographic and is, is a tax paying working you. Nothing is political pending, oh yeah! That's all I've got to see does raise. That's that really now some people are politically minded and smart and your answer, but somebody were like a year ago, yeah you don't know you talk about. You know I gotta get out of love, but that's why you you mean you're gonna, marry it at every cause. You were told right what you know where I it was wise. I grew up in church. I grew up in the south by that's a pastor of homes, schooled one of eight kids. I guess:
equally. Where are we for all either so like? I don't, but like. If you, if you're gonna, let's say with some like John Right- a joke about smoking pot, the item, no of that arise and Liberia. So what's that, can it be that the extent of my knowledge, reg apart and then went to talk about like that's all right. I know that thousand foot view of that life. But you talk about like christian oh sure, grown up in church south of sports, like these are kind of areas where I've like right over this bit of this, later that has a bible verse for every type of situation and people had you memorize, others versus like that's in my it s, just I live that lie in my head. I run the member as issue going to be a great comic. Stick to what in you know, people say you should like. When I went, I lived in Hollywood for for five years. They were like hey, you need to get rid of this, like Christian,
angles, cause as desert. Appealed everybody really Europaea. He you cannot get tickets to any of your show. You apparently somebody's comment, yeah yeah, but I don't think AIDS. I dont think like youth Instead, there sit like I used to be one leg Carson could put you The tonight show- and you could be famous forever and now- Take your career. If he invited you over the couch as mean yeah, you're gonna shambling was yours. Sattler I've met, you could tour the United States. The rescue Leyden your now they're, so which HBO Nets Hulu you tutors every there's so much you don't need to be broad. Anyhow. In Cleveland, then there is the theatre right across the Counter club new sold out. There's a lying around the block mega, who whose performing you think like the Beatles. Somebody like this. Kid. I never heard of know it's. It's that's amazing to me. As I love it's amazing enemy, where you don't have to just go, see.
In the end comedies very subjective, so you could love someone be like Glenn checked this guy out nicotine, not for me, yeah right comedy is very subject: can't tell em if you can tell him it's not funny right. What, This is a guy's funny to me. Yeah. Let's That's it that's what I've experienced harm. So you know one of the things that when I when I was, I feel like December till you look like somebody. Don't you don't get it? Do you wanna? Do they don't how bout you know how bad it is somewhere Colonel Sanders. Isn't I looked like Glenn back now he's getting out of a different direction of your heard this before Pilecki, look like
Dave Ramsay with Hair Ass David, actually really good. Looking man has a good hour. I this is making me a little uncomfortable about hey. It's a new world better than I was this another's, isn't helping because slurry I'm going into with the goat. I proposed my wife. She said no and enjoys you, though I see real. What will your was in the nineties? Ok, ok, rational response of the nineties now just trying to get an error organisers, so she said now and she said the reason lies because we don't have God in common- and I said I'm you know I believe in God Monopoly and she said you dont go to church, and I said I see you every Sunday after church ran every time you come home. Talking about the
Bull who are honking at each other and yelling at other rang the parking why? Oh yeah yeah? I know it's crazy. It's crazy out! People are in church in their fine in that, but their lot there looking at their Washington on whose they want out which of these studies that video mutton, road rage, undeterred, Margolotte his exile, Magala, summed up make Two videos are weak and seldom connect and some of them don't just pray like your content of your books. You sometimes, if you like, yes. Thank you. We need that. Sometimes you like for your heart and soul into southern neighbours like now. What was I won the connected or another one connected huge you, because your own thank you and have to be a christian two or gotcha. Going person to you ve heard about that from your. Why did you like? I know how goes it nurses again, then it's just the what's funny. Is the juxtaposition of allergies? You know, god
serve others name aloud and you lose what that's like twenty steps towards the human spirit? Wouldn't you say like if you like, You see someone on tv and their given a run down and you just go. That's not it doesn't seem right. You like that guy's lie, and you just know because everyone is a human like. You can speak. Insincerity! Why that everybody loves is because everyone, when people get at my jokes at the live, show cause you're gonna come in the whole crew is gonna companies so that I can get to actually coming have ass yet will bring up on the syrian people. Bull are like stabbing. Each of them took a good. That's what I've that's what our goal? It right eminence occurred, Kalinin Comedy show you want a few good it s at the ticket people the people are like.
Ever I tell jugs like across the line of star. I know yes text each other. This personally, you're I'd know like right when the radio, when that MIKE's go of you and they like. If there's an interview there come on, it will be real. This guy, like that's how you doing really saying on the north side not yet gets on human and be able to feel like I've connected with you cause you like said somebody's like talent, somebody's. I tell us your truth there. You're, not of sand and that's what people think comedy is comedy hard in two eighteen. I think it's way easier, because you doctor- crossed the line. You have to say anything used to be in the nineties. You have to say the most profane disgusting. I never even. I can't believe this is coming out of someone's mouth, but it in twenty eighteen we've heard everything and we seen everything it's kind of coming back to like a Jimmy Fallon type. I have said years ago that I thought the only thing left shocking was what
up in individual actually felt That's the only thing left shocking you what you really are feeling and want to say, but you don't as I can't believe you said yeah, but we owe IVO jog. I asked about Alike urban like or the Christians in Iraq have been driving down the road and seen that cyclists on this either Oda go underfunded about five wise at. Why does why didn't? I wrote that bad joke has stayed in my show for about four years, because it everyone- because you have what's at the bottom of the Euro, you want to be the person in charge that and then the real human here is the guys we all have a dark side. Yet ever is they got now might be, some might be better or worse than others. Some hundred somehow be against the law in some not write, some light actually suffer and that we should refund widely the reason why the outrage in the culture and people coming after cabin Arcos, you were like, if, if
We can notch him down. I feel That's why the tabloids exists as what I've the widowed they outraged. You think these people are above you, the people listening that are again Glenn back his up here now that people listening now. Ok, I know that now the lesson is there, like I better than that, for example, much better that there's only when everybody started an even playing field, and then you get, you know, that's what you get rich or famous or successful, or the ceo you be down here in him, be appear is that well with peoples of we somehow. Expose them as a human and that's what I've studied my act for law to every scandal. Ever comes out. Pastor, politics athlete. That headline should be person acts like human right
yeah. What about like my movement while someone and may legitimately? Oh you, it was drinking after a long day, YAP the guy get that rather make sense, our he. You know that kind of thing I don't want to get into politics our guide, but the thing with Cavanaugh was agree or disagree on how the vote goes or whatever people, who said, I can't believe he was angry, You can you re in error as you there's no human on the planet, but you wouldn't go ok enough, yeah we're like theirs and there's no avenue for like defence later people with somebody came after us, the echo who we have jokes about kids with like
allergies, and we can only make a lot of guys allowed come on you, but after a few years ago they used to be like back in the day. You know, like you know, let my dad knew how to like Thailand a throw me new out a shingle, the house next, the rain, eight new at these men and if you like My darling you little like eight d, neither Jackie, recognise freeze. Snowing jack, I'm a man ran and now cages runnin around excuse me have a glued allergy bragging about how like I have a peanut out one of the jungle. I gotta pee, not allergy and he's like he can't eat peanuts. He guessed smell penis. He came and watch snoopy scenarios in areas like one thing, each other on how we could begin like duty, as these, like these tease out, may find these women's tee, shirts, right, Namaste and like but first
like the other, how they re Namaste like feed me tacos and tell me I'm pretty night. I gotta degenerate grandmother if MIKE Mommy's to make bread but you're gonna make right. That's that so, like the strength and now villages bragging about it, I can get out of bed and man what the joke is like I go, I feel like we. The other best military on planet, earth, United States, your best millions, but if we had to go to war and we have to have a draft I'll go. Oh my gosh not be so yeah yeah, oh yeah, like imagine the cause is. The draft was eighteen to twenty five year old men it's the civil war that right and that too
Could you imagine that today, although the matter I would like is like the Euro as the Iraqi Rosa peppered doomsday guy, you get rid of technology. The guys in the caves are gonna, kill, whoever's. I'd just will be like please kill me man. The atm hasn't worked for we were by joke is like is like a very there like a why these terrorist keep trying to take out the buildings. Just take up the cellphone towers ethnic or are we not all dead end? It does cause Germany. Do I gotta wear what happened on islands? One percent at eleven John Career from John Chris as a comedian he's on a national comedy tour job. Chris comedy dot com. You need to see him in concert. He is really funny
for the whole family. John Christs comedy dotcom, but where yon for network from here and down again, I use nine and Senate Tonia overcome we clean up in Texas. There they, like us, the Portland, shows Tilneys the cells and just about Greece. Thank you very much for coming by our sponsor this F hours. American financing. If you are refinancing your mortgage, if you haven't thought of it, you should, if you have a adjustable mortgage, because the interest rates are going up and they're just gonna go up higher and higher and higher, and it's gonna cost you a lot of money. Great up we can help. You save an incredible amount of money over the life of your loan. If you want to refinance now, you might even be able to combine in all of Europe, you know high credit card debt and everything else and save up to a thousand dollars a month. Don't
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This is my biggest credit but he's on your head. I got my career. It's sad at is really said. This is usually the end of a career there, like everybody else, should we go anywhere. I now let us get went out of Yellow Glenn back at while I'm at that point in my career, whereas it on tv call all your cable right, ass girl find it is with a copy of the Erika, but now it is the internet hundred percent. Think, though, that the change was Joe Rogan when he had to me the pivot. Ain't that nobody recognised was. Broken having Elon Musk on his show. Yeah. Oh yeah rather come when nobody in the media, even new media. There he was gonna come up. Most people didn't even know that he was going on on or on or smoke dope or who Joel been even more. I anyone yonder all of us know Joe Rogan. Yes like that, like what we know where well aware, Hooja new, be anyone in the EP where they who every like Adam Corolla these huge.
Each podcast is we that yet we know like it's funny. In Hollywood, atoms talked about this law. No one in Hollywood will will touch Adam Corolla because of something she says and then, but are you every sprays bigs podcast in America as anyway, liked it below them I was excessively secret, gotta Louis, is kind of like you. Pray would give us recyclable out in lay like it's kind of like like trump voters. No one says hey. I was kind of like happy like no. We spent enough time now never really worries and will act as a nail a year there were they. Hilary is gonna, dominate this election of nine allay. I dont anymore Nashville area because there are they give you gonna, be on a glimpse. Actual then we have people on from national. Go with a lot of those people were the media's produced, I think, is in New York in LOS Angeles and three mile radius around me. I hadn't or Hollywood I go and but I've been touring in which Kansas and in Louisville as I
I don't know, there's a lot of trump supporters out there in the mail right in between right. I glad I see that I just judging the I test the signs in the yard test. There's a lot of Texas, I'll chairing Texas. I mean that we ve got TED crews in and better now, let's column, Aurora, Aurora his area and a yard. Sign thing here is crazy. In in battles favor, I dont get. It's gonna happen that moves on whose side who's who TED Cruises, the Republican and and better is that it is the hispanic Raw Francis overwork as his real name. Any call yourself better and better be urging the hispanic nickname everybody name, Robert he's, roar Irish, do its correct, like the perfect comedy will come up the ladder. That's not an attic comedians job is to just look at some of the comments that action,
What do the programme are glad he here Padre from Padre unleashed, which is tearing up the podcast world and literally Jerry tearing it? I was a pack ass numbers. I've seen em they're huge, yet they are in its attic shout it really is the really is and who could be more surprised than all of us? But you didn't. You know who's also doing really well. That's a fat so is yet again so soon, while you fat, podcast the fat with Jeff Fisheries, like I know, would people like Jeffrey people, love Geoffrey and its existing Annabelle to us, because we need him. We like I had early him. I know I had a right to ask: why had a right? A memo tell you know: producers and everybody involved in team fat. And- and I was like I'm- nobody could be more surprised me bad guy, but for finance is the package is really impressive. Aright, so pack re from pack re unleashed welcome to the programme. Glad you're here
glad to be here now. Are you there s happy? I am to its forty fifty one, forty nine cavenaugh, so they will vote tomorrow. However, There is one vote for the republican side that is going away Emma of two get. First, your gut reaction. Nan! Then, let's talk about it. Okay, because my gut reaction was clear. Then thinking about it. I'm like well now wait a minute you're public and senator. You are you're gonna vote for Cavenaugh. It is this close. Yet your daughter is getting married on Saturday. You cannot cast your vote in any other way. You have to be there. Your across the country, so it's one or the other, my that was see America, nine, with my daughter, yeah right, I'm yes, ok! Now, let's think about this.
You are because this is a Senator Danes yeah from our Montana, Ok, so centre names from Montana he's been in did by his people too, represent them. This is one of the most important and gain changing votes. Maybe his lifetime it will. If, if there, republic if the Republicans lose this It will set the standard of how everything else goes from here. It will teach the left. You can do this to anybody How do you jack? As my still would say? I I go to my daughter's wedding, but I dont know how I could the reconcile that well, it depends on Do they still when the vote without his they may not. If they're at fifty. Fifty,
I say: go to your daughter's wedding NEA. If it's less light, let's play the game. Now it its forty, nine forty, nine essentially you'd, have to rally loudly pants. What now? Well, I mean it but again, let's say mansion switches right now he had Democrat One Democrats voted for the Republican, so Certainly that is already nine who was signifies today, that he can go and and vote for the Republican. But let's say he be changes that tomorrow. So it's authorities on forty. It's not it's not a sure thing. You need Danes, I gotta say like my its entire lead that your gun was taken when my daughter, but in the end in view we rethink I could the other opposite thought which was mine the thought was. This is really important when I think of my actual daughter not like we have known daughter, but, like my daughter, aimlessly she's, getting married screw, this country. I am there like. That's like the
this important thing in my life- I did sign up for that job, but I did not sign up to abandon my family. No, you didn't, but your family can. That can be moved, for instance, the vote is it you know to o clock. That is still what Montana time Noon or eleven o clock? You could say: hey, move that I met a vote at two o clock. Eastern time, that's eleven o clock if the the ceremony was supposed to start at noon. Start It's sick started three and I'll. Be there but the opposite. Half revealed right like move the vote, yet there are planning on doing by the way if they need Danes, they're gonna delayed only until it comes back out, she's delay the vote Well only if we need em right now it doesn't look like they need him. We should be clear about that. It would be fifty two forty, not an easy thing to do you could it doesn't have to be tomorrow it to know
now. They couldn't wait till Sunday are easily or Monday, but there's that risk of, like you know some new accusation, I'm not crazy thing happens. You know those with the Democrats will try right. There is a risk there. There is a risk there, but I mean I am missing my daughter's wedding yeah I can't see myself missing my daughter's can't either a kid. Your first responsibility, your family, if the fairly values, partly right leg with that's what we really are you'd have. He would underline that certainly not married in Montana, yet be really frustrating, though, if you lost court, just opening of a wedding laugh at that's. That was my how I mean that it would be really if Eu Law set in a good Supreme Court justice over a wedding that would be fresh. That wedding changes. Would you want your wedding to be The thing that change the course of american history- I wouldn't do- oh you, Norman,
a delay your what yeah you'd be like Dad go vote on you'll want that responsibility on my back over our heads for the rest of our lives, because on friends were they said, I you know it's to. Basically, just a party and the though the bride to peace If you say it's a party one more time, you will not be invited like it's not a is really important and if you're a daughter and you're going through this, you gotta, your dad there. He was a walker down the aisle. I mean, there's nothing more. You could say about. We will talk about how these people are just like political robots. Like. This is a real person with a real daughter with a real priority, and but in a way I really feel like why that's amazing that he's willing to take that stand in this way out is but here so, but here's. The thing, though, also looking again from the daughter standpoint, Would you want your marriage to start Well, is the cabin in one way or another known in this country should probably death threats are probably
no you are legally for for the whole family that I don't think banana has police. Now, if there's only sir, is nobody here easier from your fragment streets? Yes of Helena, I've been to those mainstream, oh my gosh, so lay off you got out yet, however, escaped do they have the year. Oxy cotton problems. They have the heroin problem up it's mostly math mafia, mostly math crack and math in in Helena, have you actually seen it change your town, the crack in math,
yeah well seriously, yet seriously gap serious. I meet those are some of the towns. Yet towns in the middle of the country are the ones that are getting hit the hardest and people who are in those towns or like they're, watching him just a cake as it is spreading like Nano muddleton in reality, I dont think hell. It hasn't crack method problem, the main street, the means for his legs, mostly just regulations. It is hitting them beyond a good chunk of the country that we saw this vote the other day about major courting quote by Paul listen agreement on open towards the was ninety eight to one in the Senate. And the one vote was likely. He was the no on the bill in and man. If that doesn't make me hesitate and wonder what the hell is in their own right now, I'm not here to be nervous, meaning equally as voting. No, once again is that, like MIKE leaders, drug mechanisms or can I can, I just say, I'm sorry Pat
as a guy who lives in excruciating pain in his all life me a guy who has woken up on the operating table. They cannot keep me down. My body doesn't process that stuff, like other people, and I have woken up in the middle of surgery, scared, the Hell of the industry's geologists but but woken up they can't you They take it takes Fanton all to keep me down, so I sure do appreciate those drugs, oh yeah, I just did an interview with a shoot from the five he's. A friend of ours are voluntary bowling the first interview with him about his son and Opie oils and everything else. It's ape how powerful powerful interview but his stance now is those all should be banned. They should not make them at all the old.
But beyond any opium goods should be banned. They should not be even available to anyone. I disagree with that is so wrong. It. Even some reasonable men ability to live in it makes life miserable. Yet You can handle getting through your daily activities, otherwise, should be curled up at a ball and pain somewhere, and you don't you you'd end up killing yours and you just let her thick yeah yeah if you don't have that I mean it doesn't. Even it doesn't even negate all the pain it just makes us not care yeah you just care, you're still in pain, you just don't care is managing and the does seem to be a legitimate medical use for a lot people to use opiates. In that it gives a beauty is different than use. You can get a dick. Do I interrupted you gotta go to your body, it's only normal. Your body gets addicted and it hell too
off, of what I don't know about you, but my doctors are really didn't vigilant about the militant and they are a very gotten acts, absolutely Patsy ask about- and I know doktor does not. We have the same back doctor and we were talking about it and I always bring you up because he's always when I bring you up, he's a gazelle always say patties in so much beings like, I think he's the worst pay impatience that I have is like. I I don't know how he does. It and so we always talk about it and he told me that his his the government is coming down on opium so hard. I gotta know how people like Pat are going to really I mean yes could be hard. It's can be hard and You know you gotta, do drug testing at almost every time now, almost every time You really do make sure you're, not doc, shopping. I guess I'm getting drugs from somebody else and you don't have anything in your system. But what supposed to be there almost every time I go, I get a drug test,
seriously. Hearted and doctors have an interesting allegation right yeah. The idea that different doctors would have different approaches to a particular medical ailment is not surprising. Right, like you would go to doktor because you think they're treating it better than maybe somebody else knowledge on doktor shopping. I will that's what that's. What I'm saying is the search for doctors. Allegations could sometimes encompass some people, yet where you were more use of the legitimate there yet but there are a lot of people who will and try to get. You know whatever they can from somebody. Their their pernicious drugs. It's like anything, is the internet. Bad, no right and we can be. Are these opium Lloyd's, bad namby? It can be mean it's it's like anything with real power and in the hands of each human. You have the choice. You can use them to alleviate pain or
can you use them the way they're not supposed to be used, and it's a very hard thing, but you it's gotta be rock solid and it it is hard it's really hard, but Banning them is just a good idea to see its again
prohibition, the drug war. That's not the way you deal with. It might be doing overtones of show test that answer that works and how we are going to use. It was a lot of beer. He sat functional. I really I felt like I don't know what I'm saying anymore early it seriously. Sentences are still clear. Honest totally done, Navy seems totally gland would not know, don't drive. I rightly makes me out what would you like a drink more on the areas which we makes me question. I've been around a lot less drunk a lot on the chaise. Each drunk every day is a functional, so don't see the difference. I think that's what it now our eye. Thanks a lot. I wanted to share some feedback from our partners at Palm Beach letter territories. Crypto course now is a course that he's just trying to teach you what crypto currency is. What blockchain is how it works. Why it's part of our future, whether you like it or not, for
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It's from our partners at Palm Beach letter, you can so you can call them for more information. Eight hundred and seventy seven PDL back eight hundred and seventy seven PDL back or smart crypto course dot com. Hello. Welcome to the programmes are I just too just was handed some breaking news, one of our partners with an answering fun one of the people that we work with closely has just Ben she's just one not even nominated she's, just one, the twenty eighteen Nobel Peace Prize. It's amazing! What have we work with we, we have partnered with just a few people over in the Middle EAST and one of the groups that we have partnered with is not his initiative. And the woman who started that she was a slave and isis slave. When she was rescued? Sheaves OZ, she's like oh, I want a partner with you. Let's go rescue some more slaves. She started
everything we help hers and and penal rescue slaves, and then you know helper. She Just won the Nobel Peace Prize. That's credible, credible. Can we now say we ve won the Nobel Peace Prize, and I think he is right. I think if we are going to play the same, came that the Senate threats in the Senate. I believe I can say: Glenn Man has won the Nobel Peace Prize. I mean if Veronica Bomber one it like two months in office. I think we're good. You know you, you sound a little sloppy a little. Alive, had many beers. Yes, you have, and only as a scientific Roman, just because a Barrack Obama was said that he drank six beers in an hour and went to class stu showed how difficult that way since either demanded audio right in our eyes hurts by, but when you're on your own,
Forty five year shot of beer at did I slurry now and if I may have about Mamma, you know any unity is easy, totally functional. That's that scare, it's a little scary. It was like I have. I would have had that I would have been and still is, hesitant I just think that Speed sandwich better people
makes you think how many times have I been drunk on the area of maize and I think you are always cetera. Why am I making better point now now I may have to do. I may have to put a split beer in the budget still needs at ease, much band, liver surgery, removal of liver, you'll need to include in the health point out. We have filter by just gonna have can cause. I make filters dyke, that's fair, gonna hills or by dot com and will just get you a liver sized filter. It would just pop a couple of new ones. It I'd have a great weekend. Podcast tomorrow, you do not want to miss gotta Apple Itunes are ever podcast are found near the Glen Back Podcast tomorrow's occurring one
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