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As a record-breaking snowstorm leaves many in Texas and the Midwest without power, Virginia radio host Jeff Katz fills in for Glenn. Donald Trump was acquitted in his second impeachment trial, so it’s time to put this circus to rest. The Minneapolis Police Department is now hiring. So much for defunding the police. When did loving America become a bad thing? We’re witnessing the death of the working man as the pandemic lingers on, but it’s not too late. Listeners call in with their thoughts on what is happening in America. As we approach the one-year anniversary of "two weeks to flatten the curve," which is it, Dr. Fauci? Can we return our kids to the school and the normal life they desperately need yet?

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Entertainment goin back programme. It is indeed a go back programme, ship cats in today for Glenn. Yes, what Donald Trump is always so? Oh, no, I'm sorry that states follows the wheel chat about it in the sixty seconds, jet cats import land. This is legal and beg programme, a programme, all right, it is Jeff. Cats in today, for Glenn Eat is fascinating. How all the global warming is impacting all
see you know it's it's one of those weird things here: the common wealth, the Virginia right here in Central Virginia? We heads snow. We have had eyes, we have power outage is, I know the last time I checked it with Glenn. Glinda was telling me about how wonderful Texas was. It was perfect. They they got some of those same weather and well anyway. What can I tell you so glamour is outcome. Sort of kind of with some technical difficulties, but I'm so happy too to be able to help out a little bit We should talk for a couple a moment about what happened in, Washington DC over the last couple of days? It was a sham and a scam, and it was painful to watch. I dont know anybody who was happy with
The activities we saw on January, the six in fact- Go on record as saying that every body I'd know looked at what happened on. January. The six then said: that's not America, that's not what we do. We don't storm buildings, we don't take all over the House of Representatives or the United States Senate that just now what we do. That's, not what Americans do, what we as Americans do? Is test and incomplete in the strongest possible ways at election time. That's what we do. We we look at the past, abilities. We look at the vision we we look at the hopes and in the dreams
We all have will be say: ok, what is the best way for us? do all of this stuff. I mean that's really what it All about isn't it at the end of the day We are all hoping against hope, praying that that the right things happen now in some cases the right things don't happen, release we don't think the right things right. We we think to ourselves it each gone this way did it should have gone that way and in it just didn't Whatever reason it just did it, so you tell me: what do we do? What do we do? I'll tell you what we do What we do is say, work harder. What we do
Who is we say? Maybe we didn't do it right the last time? Maybe just maybe we need to change our approach. Maybe just maybe we need to do something a little bit different and maybe just maybe we we make it work at that point, but what we don't do is stormed the building right. So we're all in agreement on that. now. That being said, that being said,. what happened over the last couple of days with the the latest impeachment circus in cash. That's what it was
a scam and a sham of epic proportions, just just a ridiculous ridiculous performance. Art exhibition Was also inexcusable, who was just outrageous? It was one of those things that as an American, you look at and say I thought we had other stuff to do. Now I understand. If you are Nancy Pelosi, you don't really have anything else to do that if you are in, fact, Nancy Polo see what you're really trying to do on a on a regular basis is hold onto your power hold on as best you can do this.
This power that you have accumulated over decades. Washington, D, C, you are trying as best you can to stay in control frankly of your own, your party in the House of Representatives because, as as stream and, as left wing bat crap crazy? As most of us think you are the folks in your our own carcass. Look you wouldn't say, wait a minute. She is not merely crazy enough for us. She is not merely left enough for us. The go ahead lit the third sink in just just. little bit. Let us just
try and figure out how it is possible it is possible that we don't quite understand We will look at this and I am you we look at it in. Doors selves hold on a second here, just hold on a second wee wee wee. We wanted to be even further outside the the boundaries it apparently the answer was yes. Just so we are clear. Apparently the answer was yes, because what happened
Was that these house managers went to the Senate and said. We are sure this guy is bad. What's funny there? A lot of people up is that we agree with totally bear Tardily, bad, bad guy, bad guy, bad guy, and then they said and because we don't wake up and there were, people who we all like I'm either all yours, right you're so completely right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, bad guy. Back guy. We don't like it, we don't like and we don't like em, but that's not Is it no? I mean really isn't that simply not enough. It's not enough to kin Victor any body,
The crime is not enough to punish anyone for well, I don't even know what it is that we're trying to punish them for do you know what we were trying to punish Donald Trump for cause. I can't figure there one out where we trying to punish him for leading a faults whose he didn't led a revolt. So far as I can tell
I mean four years ago he led revolts, but this was in the revolt was it he gave a speech and he gave a speech that inspired his supporters. Inspired many people for sure, but the question was: did it in sight them? Did it in any way convince his supporters who, with tended that speech in Washington D C, did it in sight them to commit an act of violence. That's the question: that's what the question has always been.
And the determination here seems to be no. That should be the end of it right at this point, it would seem to me most people say all right. Now we move on to something else. Former president Trump gets to move on to the rest of his life. Now I can't tell you what the rest of his life will involve. It might very well involve more political activity, it might very well involve less political activity, it might involve, absolutely positively! No political activity
what airport is that he's choice as it ought to be, then my question to you becomes what about the rest of these folks? What about the rest of the folks who involve little piece of performance arts. Now I know right about now. Everybody is looking at. Mcconnell would say hello to second now you want it both ways right so we're clear you want it both ways, want to stand up and say Trump is a add guy who did bad things and You also want to say, but he didn't really. do anything that we can deal with, but yeah there's another black, but
some other folks might might be in line to go after him. Will you ve got all your basis cover? Then? Don't you you're in but you of him and your opposed to him. You support him and you're a tractor. You like him here like him you're floor, whack you're, a dessert topping whatever it is, you ve got all your bases covered at that point. You cannot possibly pie Possibly go wrong at that point. So now, what do you do? That, quite frankly, is where I am right now. I don't want honestly know what is next. I don't honestly know who or what we deal with next,
but you do maybe you have actually figured this all out, because if you have, then I will be eternally grateful to you. If you will explain it to me because, frankly, I don't know I really don't want. I cannot for the life of me figure out what happens next, we'll talk a little bit about it. The reason we ve got to talk about it again. Is we can't move on? Can we the folks who were who were these so called House man
yours and I cant remember the prosecutors right. If you went into a court room in the same way they did. You would have been laughed out of that court room almost immediately the judge, would have been hearing. That case I mean a real honest to goodness judge it back in back. Had this been a real case, it never would have got into the quote. Jury remember now: You had half of the jury. Members ending up ahead of time, I'm saying he's guilty: that's, thankfully, not the way it works, inside of our criminal job this system. That's not the way it works. You can't people on a jury when they march into it saying yes, we have all already determined that the Mai
and or woman who's going to stand behind beside us in front of us on trial is guilty. We don't let that happen, but that's what happened here. fifty percent of the jury had already determined at in fact announced publicly s he's guilty is guilty, is all sin and then for the house managed say, oh by the way One more thing scares us, your honor, one more thing: syn our case is failing so miserably since we didn't Will we do what we were supposed to do in preparing for this case? Would it be ok with you. If we changed everything, would it be ok with you if If we now decided that we want to go
all witnesses. Oh, I know I know we did. We didn't have any plan to call witnesses before, but we didn't really think that we would need witnesses, but now that it's just not going our way we're going to need witnesses. Oh ok, we'll now what at the other guy I'll, tell you what you do. You followed your tent and you go back to Sarasota, or at least that's what have used to happen with the circus. The circus would fold up the tense this circus folks would get back. trains, and they would go back to sour solo because that was home base for the circus when the circus was not on the road. But if
You are a swamp dweller, a d c person. I guess you, you probably go back to Bethesda, maybe Fairfax, arrested when it is time to put this whole circus to rest. Isn't it that would be my sense alright. Look we're going to talk about it. To be sure, I can't let you know, at a glance, is buying napos? What hey wait a minute now we're we're where's Glinda, whereas what we ve got bizarre, whether all over the place at sea. Right. We ve got all sorts of things going on and Glenn is dealing with some some power issues just the way it is for a lot of us. We were very fortunate blessed. I would dare say here in my neck of the woods We lost some trees and my yard, but no power, which is pretty Are we going to remind you? It is cripplegate, so
when two seven back, eight eight eight, seventy seven b e c k. If you want to Send me an email love to have you do what you just visit the website. Actually, my website, thee, Jeff TAT, showed a comedy. Jeff catch show comp most important websites for your remain Glenn, backed outcome and the blaze dot com. It is Jeff TAT in four Glenn today. This is the Glen Back Programme, Joe get in four Glenn on the Golan Back programme. Couple of is that you and I need to think about we're gonna- have to think about these things seriously and I've I've I've mentioned a little bit about this.
about the circus. It's the only way that I can describe it and I want to be as nice as possible. I wanna be as polite.
Is possible, and so that's the way. I will describe what we just saw take place in DC. It was a circus, but there are other things that you and I need to be aware of. Hopefully those things are wrapping up. Can I ask you to turn your attention for a moment to Minneapolis member Minneapolis was the big story for a while right, George Floyd, you remember that George Floyd was the victim of an absolutely brutal attack and it happens at the hands of a couple of police officers. Minneapolis police officers and remember one of those police officers, was kneeling on George Floyd's. Now
for what and nine ten minutes minutes seemed like if you, if you would have told me it was an hour as I watch the video I probably would have agreed with you mean I lost all sense of time with that I just couldn't, couldn't make heads or tails of transit what's going on. Why are you doing as well the response from there it's on the local level in Minneapolis was to say that every police officer in Minneapolis was a bad person The Minneapolis City Council said we're gonna get rid of the copse Weird just going to get rid of the copse now this is a great only this morning on the blaze, the blaze dot com and I'm reading it. Reading this story
Minneapolis City Council said okay, two weeks after George Floyd Die in police custody killed by a police officer. the City Council Minneapolis says we ve got the solution, we know what do we're going to dismantle the Minneapolis City Police Department, because every one of those police officers, is evil. And the only way to do with this is is we have to dismantle the police departments? Ok, Now there were a lot of people on the sidelines saying, but you do want.
Stand if you dismantle the police department. That's the word. You want to use dismantle the police department. You do understand that the bad guys, who already don't care about police officers, the bad eyes who already do not care about these. Society or your children will have a field day. And the Minneapolis City Council secure, yet whatever whatever we don't really care, we dont care we're going to do this and we're going to do this. Well guess what they try to define the police I'm sores and now they need to quote wreath flood the police. Will talk about. It is Jeff cats in four Glenn today this is big led back the scenes of London
program yup cats in today, forego M loses the Glen Bank Robbery and it is Jeff cats. Today in four Glenn on the Glen Back Programme, Glenn is just fine but couplet technical glory. she's, those terrible weather, as I understand it, in Texas, resulting in all sorts of a power, outages and so happy to become bring for Glenn this morning. Doing my best anyway. Look it's not going to be the same. Obviously, but our promise. I will love given a hundred and ten percent. It's interesting for me, was, we just came through a terrible terrible ice storm here in Central Virginia
I am pleased and proud to be the afternoon. Holster news, radio w are Ba in Central Virgin, Richmond Virginia and the is always a factor. I was reading these horrible horrible stories. I mean a horrible stories telling us this was going to be the worst ice storm since nineteen. Ninety eight the I wasn't here in nineteen nineteen, so all I could do was ask people that were hearing all my couch gotcha. We were without power for a week now up in the city, you have to stand. You grow up in in Philadelphia the inner city, if the one up here you're, never without power. This is such a foreign concept, but then Miss
what I don't wanna say world, but there are some watches of where I happen to live now beautiful at over County Virginia. That are very warm, and so this is a very real thing at its fascinating to me to watch someone. Like me, whose you know I'm a city guy through and through. I hear Glenn talking about his cattle clicking oh wait. A minute I blissfully unaware poor is fully oh, where back there Was a step in between the cattle grazing, happily on the plains and you know the the shrink wrap in styrofoam
and I got to eat the Gatt all when you know there was something in between that step. I don't want to know about that. What's a little bit like that with the whip, and so a little bit like that with power, I'm sitting here in my beautiful broadcast heard my head is on I've. I've got my coffee maker, making coffee slippers and sweat pants you. Nobody is Monday, some wearing my blue, sweat, pants. That's part of this bizarre situation. We all find ourselves in right and are about, u. I now work Percent of the time from home thrilled about it. I don't think I will ever ever return to the radio factory, certainly not full time basis all probably go in here. There have a meeting but I don't believe we need to do the editing. I've got this this
Standing Building, love it. looking out the window and I see Free use- I see snow with this point, but there used to be grass right there and it never. Her to me that power could be disrupted but sure enough, many folks in our area here have had their power disrupted, So I'm just the city kid you know I just think everything is supposed to work. You just turn the switch three I mention that is. I think there are a lot of people like me. I think there are a lot of sense, kids even provokes were not really city, kids. We we just assume that You push the button. Something happens. You flip the switch. Something happens,
It's always the right thing that happens rights, not a bad thing. You push the Hoddan something good happen? You push the button the The power is where it supposed to be here. You can ways they eat or, or you lift the far sighted waters there you flip. Which, in the lights, come on? That's just the way. It's all supposed to be right. We ve gotten leezie, we ve got, complete sit on. I put my help with the head of the list of we. So I this now and I see in my back yard, I've got a big tree that came down and hit by anything it was ice. Something is simple. with ice now? My wife is a weather I dont mean she likes the weather. I dont mean she's a weather. Officially, not all I mean she is a whether it give me
by giving more whether more whether more weather. And she grew up in New England. so the whether she is used to no with lots of it so she mocks incessantly frankly the snow we get here in Central Virginia because for the most part we get two inches three inches, even four inches of snow things are shut down for a week and she doesn't understand such just give me the keys I'm going store, as we there's no reason to go to the store. The store will be closed because there are four inches of snow. Dyad craziness well might be craziness from your perspective, but We all want a lot of snow blouse, and this increase we policy quite frankly for snow in Central Virginia. Is it's gonna melt in a day or so because normally will have couple
pictures of snow in then two days later, at sixty degrees and it's all gone and it's a distant memory. While the other day we got about four inches of snow and we actually fired up our snow blower all they said. Don't move it from Massachusetts been sitting for ever. She said you know, we haven't used the snow blow, we're in a long time as well. That's because we don't really get snow right. Well, we got now. So we decided to fire up this nobler and after a few pushes of the the air button and put a little gas in there and putting a little fresh oil in there and moving to choke back and forth son of a gun. If that thing didn't fire up and then out front in our driveway it. It's a lovely driveway really is that for we, the driveway, looks better than most of the streets. I grew up on the inner city of Philadelphia, but but there
It is so so we fire up the snow blowing like ten minutes. We ve got our drive. We cleared. At Heidi thought, out, we're gonna be the heroes of the neighborhood nobody's gonna want to come and talk to us, because we ve got a snowball are in fact the just wanted to watch and laugh because this it don't? You know it's all going to melted a day. We don't care, we gets nobler. we get the snow blow, we get it all done, but and because Heidi is a weather, attic juices chaff. We have. I coming now. This is where I gotta check out. I just not a weather act right. I look out the window. When I go to myself, ok, it's raining umbrella, yeah! That's the way that works, or I look out the window. Let us know, maybe I should where something other than a flip flops here, and I can
get the thermometer ago. Thirty, six degrees yeah. I should probably where the fleece light sweat pants, that's it, but Snow Jeff. You understand this, this ice stuff, the serious We haven't seen any ice, stuffed in years, red I've been in use, radio w are Ba in Central Jane you in Richmond Virginia for eight years. I'd never experienced any of this ice stuff like this,
and again I remind you, they told us all the forecast. Her said: hey, it's gonna, be the worst ice storm, the worst ice situation since ninety. Ninety eight will again I wasn't here and ninety ninety AIDS. I am no frame of reference but Heidi because she is the weather, attic, Zono, Jeff, this serious stuff. What are we gonna do and she's one in Iraq is plugin in every battery pack. Everything is charge sheet. You think we can get a generator. I said I don't know We might be able to get a generator But do you know what happens we get a generator will really mean. How does that make things work? Can I can I please? the copy maker into the generator she looked at me. I don't know you the guy who likes cars possible idle light like cars. I don't know what I'm doing with cars. Nobody would, let me think they are a car. They bear Let me borrow their car well
don't know so it's like will, then why are we gotta go, try and find the generator by the way close. Generator that I was able to find a job three hours away ice covered roads. I think I just get an extra blanket out what you get an extra implacable, all cuddle together, but Were blessed this week, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart- we had neighbours in our community. We live in that area too. It's a neighborhood best, waited Skype, its neighbourhood and we ve got this letter facebook page that all the neighbors stay in touch with the O. My son is cutting lawns this summer, anybody interested or that we ve got an extra whatever. Would you like me is really great or my my solder, my daughter, is doing this food dry for our church. Would you would you be interested in contributing some canned goods, which
By the way where we always get rid of Blake smoked oysters, I dont know why anybody ever decided to smoke oysters it's wrong, Tins of smoked oysters are always always good to to donate you have to donate something good on top of, because nobody wants the smoke oysters. Nobody, no body. It is, quite frankly the same as the fruit cake at Christmas, but We kept tell me Jeff this Assyria, stuff and sure enough. had people not up not. half mile three quarters of a mild down the road that lost power, we were bless this weekend now. Let me circle toward this all started. I know you're thinking Jeff. This is completely and totally disjointed and it is except here's how a ties together. What are they start where they sit on where my blue swept past was its Monday cause? That's that's how I
what day of the week, it is now pathetic. Right. but that's how I know what day of the week it is it's the new blue, sweat pants on Monday because everything now happens here and I want it not be the case. Now I don't ever want to go back to the office. I will be brutally honest about that. I have no interest whatsoever in I don't plan to, but for my kids, my kids need to be back at school. My kids need to be back in the real. World my old. This boy is a sophomore at Stanford me easing accomplishment is wicked smart, as we would say, and in Boston, wicked smarts so smart effect. He was the smartest guy ever to go to
They have written, many got smarter, just ask him. His old man don't know anything just ask him bad as well, but he to be back, amongst is his own people they are had stayed for eat. He shouldn't be here it out home. I mean this will always be his home, but it shouldn't be his house. He should be on campus in class hanging out the other crazy smart people and. my little guy, my little guys a sophomore at high school, but this else was brain due to him. We had only been in this house in this community for about two, maybe three months when the whole zombie apocalypse hit. So he doesn't have any friends here and now for the last year, he too was being in sweat, pants today's sitting in front of a laptop in his room
really learning, and I feel terrible for him and then my my middle child, my little Julia Julia severely disabled Julia needs to be, back in the classroom with those special ed teachers and those therapists physical therapists speech, therapists, an occupational therapists. It does Julia, absolutely no good to sit in front of a laptop or a half an hour with my wife we ve gotta reach. into the real world and that's gonna demand some honesty. Still. Cats in today for Glenn, this is the Glen Back Programme, this is Jeff cats in today forego embassies. The glad that programme
the fascinating day as every day, is right, because every day now for each of us is so different that the day before you know yesterday was was a blue swept don't yes, they must have been Sunday unless it was a holiday, in which case it could be well. It was. It was Sunday today is Monday, fantastic progression, Jeff but this is the world in which were living right now. You and I are gonna talk a little bit more about it. I don't want you to worry about. Glenn. Glenn is fine couple of our little power things in Texas, so happy to help out a little bit city for Glenn today on the Glen Back programme. Now I'm just train give you a perspective on some of the things that going on as we speak. We ve just wrapped up this impeachment sham in DC and whether you thoughts die
Tromp was a great president or a terrible precedent. If you are to be honest with yourself, this peace of performance arts from Saint Madame Jamie rescue them there. Instead, these gang it was. It was away, the time and it was silly at best and were looking right now it folks in Minneapolis, who were sure that the problem with the media Phyllis police department was that there was a Minneapolis police department. and their solution, if you recall, bought a year or so ago, was too deep for the police We will need all of it, eel limit, the Minneapolis police departments. We will table rate to those me nasty
evil police officers. We don't support and what happens. But above all, what had bids rhyme rose, police officers laughed Minneapolis got even more dangerous. You know what they are about to do. Thereabout too three for the police. Augmented Minneapolis, bring it back apparently to a level where those officers can fight crime. Read more about that story right now at the blaze dot com, it is jet hats in four Glens programme, take that we will be able loving, dismay shouldn't be called a bad thing. Will answer that question? Probably let that programme programme
it is you have kids in today for Glenn this is the Glen Back programme. Glenn had a little glory which this morning a little power thing going on in Texas. Here I thought here? I thought that this global warming- we all loved, gotten still with solving all these problems. Barely not. Nonetheless, Glenn is fine for those who have reached us at Jeff, where's Glenn, no hey, Jeff nice to hear you jack. where's plan Gladys. Fine, let me ask you this question: did it ever? her to you there being proud of the United States loving this country, would some day be a bad thing. I gotta tell ya never ever
it. My fifty some years occurred to me that it would be bad evil nasty wrong to love America. Let me explain why, and I want to remind everybody if you want to reach out, I'm always always happy to up to chat eight eight, seventy seven back triple seventy seven back. If you want to send me an email, the best way to do it be Jeff cats Show dot com be Fcat, show showed outcome is little contact button there the reason that I ask this question whether ever occurred to you. That loving this country would be a bad thing. Is that I look back on my own life, also look at my little.
My little studio here my broadcast hut now, I think back growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia every one was a Democrat. Everyone was it I regret that. Wasn't a bad thing. everyone was Democrat. There were folks, who were certainly further to the laughter further to the right, but there was no question about what your political registration would be and that I grow up, but I just assume that's the way it was everywhere, but with in our community, this little section called Oxford Circle within we're community, everyone loved America. There is never any question about that. Ever and we had folks who heads in the military we had
people in our neighbourhood who worked with their hands p who understood how you wired things, people all who knew what it took to dig. Ditch quite literally, dig a ditch. These were people men who shall word when they got home from work? easy observation. What a? Why would anybody think about that? I'll? Tell you why These were men who went to work and worked awfully hard anyway. at the end of the work day that they went to war. The crime off at the of their work day when they got home six seven in the evening, They say right before
have dinner. I'm gonna go. Take a shower if you work all day as a plumber, not a new construction plumber, but a plumber. I can aren t you. You have gotten dirty How do I know that, because my uncle Paul worked as a plumber when my oh Paul came back to Philadelphia app. having served in the Navy, he became a plumber and he worked really really hard. I mean really really hard and it was physical back breaking. Dirty work and the reason that I know about it is not because he was complaining about it's. My uncle Paul was probably the funniest man. I ever knew
The reason I knew about it is that there times. Where my uncle Paul would. Let me come work with him. I don't know how old it was. One thousand two hundred and thirty fourteen something like that. And my uncle Paul had this old be w plus and that's where he had all of US tools any at all of the pipe what he was lacking. was a seat. No, I mean he had his feet up front, but when I went to go and work with him, he made me sit on a milk create in the back of this, be w boss to hold onto the pipes, and now part of my job now wasn't wasn't but a bold tell you that it was particularly pleasant, because among double things. My uncle Paul was for a period of time, also with smoke, so
It was rather you name. It was nasty way. I was thrilled about it, but then I got to real craftsmen work real real masters of their trade in their craft, because it wasn't just my uncle Paul. These were guys who did stone, work, unbelievable Mason, or how wanted craftsmen? They did it amazing job, but it was hard dirty work, and I can remember the first time that I went to some job with my uncle Paul. Eddie said: hey, we gotta replace a toilet. Ok,.
well we'd never occurred to me that the toilet had been used for years and light one of the reasons it needed to be replaced, what he went in there and water off any. his tools, and he took the toilet off between him and me. We, We struggled with his toilet down a flight of steps and was back. I was out in yard and he said right now, because we ve gotta, take this toilet in you. Don't get rid of it Dump didn't want it like that. Take the sledge hammer and swing it and break that toilet up into a bunch of little pieces, and I thought well. This is spent right now, that's fun. Carrying the big toilet was not particularly fun. What The tools up. A flight of steps was not particularly fun.
Put swinging the sledge hammer to break the toilet. That was fun. I swore like? I was going to lose in ski. soaring in for this stands: adverts stadium,. and then, when I was done cause eyes match, did up one of peace that was left my Uncle Park a down and is green. On his face that I mentioned he was the funniest man than I ever knew with this green on his face. That was much more of a smirk. He said Ok, now. crawl around in the yard and pick up every last one of those pieces that you created cuz, we still gonna, take it to the dump. So again it wasn't fun.
But that's what man in my neighborhood did not at the crawling around, although they did a crawling around part two, they worked with their hands and they decided that their children should not work with their hands that ere children should work with their heads and I think that's where we kind of lost track of stuff. We kind of went off the rails there, because we be And as a society to start minimizing and mocking people who were with their hands people. Able to make things. People who were able to fix things. That's the backbone. of this country. Small business. We always here that free small business. I always
like to turn that phrase on its head a little bit my talk about local business, because that's what it is It's the local Or gal, though are the people who were doing the things that have kept. Our accounts be working. Those men in those women who figured out working with their hands feed their children, provided an education and an opportunity to go and sees the american dream, and on the way as they were realising their american dream. Other people their employees got to realise their american dream. So why have we kicked those folks to the curb there are a lot of us myself included, who were saying you know it's wonderful, the one good thing to come out of the grand zombie apocalypse that happen
Almost a year ago, remember: it's: a year ago we were told we needed two weeks to flattened the curve. We're now come up with a one year anniversary of the two weeks to flattened the curve, but it is, people like me who have said the one good thing to come out of this is that we're all all gonna be able to work from home. Well, I I am fortunate I am blessed in that sense. Yes, I absolutely have a commute now, that's about ninety seconds and sometimes its debts, two minutes if there's a puppy broken down in the in the path to my office, but I've got news for you, people that make things pull bed fix. Things still have to get up and go to work and we are in the process of killing there,
businesses. I don't know how decent people who make things and fix things, have even been able to stay above water. This last year, but we have got to remember them. I want to give you just one little, ample and then I want to bring it into this. Eight eight eight. Seventy seven Beck triple eight Seventy seven back! If you in fact, are one of those men, one of those women who has to get out, you can't do it. Thing from your house, because you are making something you are fixing something you you you caught the restaurant in the community in your thinking, man, people need to eat and I want get you in on this, because it's your voice, I dont think, has been heard as much as it needs to even as Glenn Back Dep dot com. back dot com Glenn. Has that wonderful go fuck me
Typically, under way to help some small business owners some some local business operators around America, this past weekend as we're dealing with whether in Central Virginia our power, stayed on, but our heater stopped working, or at least that's what I thought, because I don't fix listen, I don't make things so I don't know much I only know that I have to call somebody to fix things. so our thermostat was blank in the last time that it was like that it was because there was some sort of don't even know the there and rod- did this instead of bad and men in any way than there was a work crew here and now, and then it was all fine but my
ride, who I may have mentioned to you- is a weather attics. She watch is whether the same way that teeny boy tries to get through the day, able channels that are not scrambled. You know what I mean she's, just a dick did to which, but she said Jeff, My mother said now right there. I should have known better right there. I should have known stop listening jab, but continued and I continued because you know it was Valentine's day weekend at all. She said my mother said we should probably crank the heat. really high, so that if we do lose. He cuz everything around here on something got a heap pump which is elected. If we do lose power and we lose the heat it'll take longer for the house to cool down Ok, so
What do I do? I crank the he now We are right, located Yankee I mean I, I obey a southern gentlemen by choice, but can tolerate cold weather a little bit better, so we never have the heat in our home higher than about sixty two degrees. I didn't so I cranked it two hundred and seventy five I don't think the thermostat had ever been set to seventy five and then. saying. I know I'm sitting in my little cheer go and you know it's gettin, Chile and pursue but five. It ought not be this. Chile and the and I got up and I looked at the thermos- and it was blank. now I knew who is to blame my mother clearly. My mother in law was to blame but aside from simply reassuring myself tat, I was right all along what good was that gonna do us. So what did I do?
They complained to hide he s at sea, What are you to do? As I don't know, gotta call people gotta call people what you don't have because I got people I got guys ensure it up. I started all my guys. One of the guys I call was not actually directly. I called the to be a sea company, that's services our unit, and I got the the voice may because it's the weekend and idle and not the weekend that did that terrible half time, shortening the actual weak it. So I leave a message: hey it's Jeff cats. Would you mind given me a call back, that's done blah blah blah. I get a call back from the owner of that company. I said to step in what are you doing so what you mean? I said it's it's the weekend, then you're, we turnings service, call why
any said cause it's my weekend to do that. I peculiar the company said yes, I said, but you This is all I'll gimme about forty minutes. I gotta get up there. I said no seriously whose really gotta cases crisis. It's me, it's I company penny because it's my company, I take every third, weekend with the other guys are every fourth wicked whatever it is. I take the weekend just like all the rest of the guys that work for me and in fact, if they got something to do if they ve got a special event with their family. I take their weekend I'm here to tell you it's men like that. We're punishing men like that. Who truly are the personification of the american dream? thrashing bill.
we're taking men that probably have a miracle flag sticker on their pickup truck or on their van and were telling them their bad, ten second pause here for station, I did turkish ditties jet cats for going back. This is the Glen Back Programme. Let me grab Danny for Michigan, Danny welcome to the Glen Back Programme Thank you very much are enjoying your show that a snowy day, yes, One of the things that is very difficult to get your arms or my arms round about is the change in its economy and its occurred over the last twenty years, and you look at the companies that are succeeding right now in those that failed Kodak for
but their peak sales was sixteen billion dollars back in the nineties they imply. Nearly two two hundred thousand people you look at a company like Facebook. their revenue is one hundred and fifty eight billion dollars. In employ fifty thousand people. We Did everybody go Where did those Hunter thousand people go to get jobs? a economy, and I agree with your point wholeheartedly. You made one of the greatest points of all where parents My didn't want me to work with my hands. They thought we would give you up better way to live them, bake break your back. I dare to do, and I don't want you to do that and the intelligence of what is so important to know about fixing things and creating things has disappeared,
yeah, I'm the only known creativity that exists now is through cyber war? we created even idea, or something has now been real, its future hands around its all service boosts stuff and to me, the debts one thing. That is the most disturbing and that's my point that I wanted to make. we'll Danny it's a great point- and I appreciate you call again to the Glen Back Programme. What a great point you can we, we all or enamoured of to folks who make these virtual things. The problem is: we're not enamored people who make actual things. Denny is West Virginia Jenny. Welcome to the Glen Back Programme by Jaffa. You done! I'm fine! Thank you, sir. I just wanted to talk to you about the air. The economy for the small business person. I have two points. One is I'm a small beer,
this person in a construction business? We do concrete work, and biggest problem we have is hiring people we have. We have. We are busy but we can't even handle at an end. What you're talking about. As people have law, their willingness to work with their hands because their parents, did tell him that you don't want to do that. That's hard work, exact He can hire inside that once the workers, If you do hire somebody they grow, in that mentality and they don't know how to work. They were never taught, they were never taught how to work daddy, appreciate the call you are so rights. It is Jeff CATS today for Glenn. This is the Glen Bag Programme Prisons programme
So I was thinking about today holding out my guitar and my harmonica, neither which neither of which can I can I play but I wanted to play it's kind of a blue sea thing called sitting in the rating waiting room at the mechanic shop kissing my money good, bye because I didn't get car she'll blues. Now it's a little wordy ass, a little wordy, but I think you The music, if I could, play the game our or the harmonica you'd viewed you'd understand. So let me just say this: if you ve ever had the blues, because your check engine light went off and your like, I'm not gonna check my engine like cause, I know what that's gonna cost and then it gets worse. that's the blues. Ok, grab your harmonica or
get car shield. If anything like this happens to you in your car breaks down, you have twenty four seven roadside assistance. They get your rental car while years as in the shop, they pay the mechanic whether it's the dealership or you know your local mechanic doesn't matter. They pay them. They don't pay use or you're not having to fork out the money get covered. Now. Car she'll dotcom car she'll, dotcom promo code back safe, ten percent right now and had over to blaze tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, the promo code is glad he is a thirty bucks after subscription Ablaze Tv this Jeff get in for going today on the Glen Back programme. One at that things that I am so grateful for is the fact that I am here in the United States of America. I know it sounds tried at this point, my goddamn. We don't talk about stuff like that. What are you saying that? Because right at the small-
when I met the blaze dot com and if you don't usually stop the blaze not come, and you need smart yourself up a little bit. The blaze dont comic lend backed icon. These are, and these are must, red websites for me every single day in the top story. Right now has to do with Gmail hill, she says patriotic symbols have been weapon ized. She talks about empty, gestures of patriotism the other day. as every one was discovering that mark cuban heads Stop playing the national anthem before Dallas Mavericks Games, people said well see nobody even noticed and other folks at will We don't we don't play the national anthem before before movies or or or before,
please. So why would we play it before sporting competitions? Well it comes from the Olympics? It's a tradition right wherever it is that man or woman who has won gold gets stand on the platform at their flag- is raised it? It is about there. pride in being whatever. Nation they happen to be representing an American, a Canadian and theirs certain about a pride in its coverage is carried over into our sporting events. Here particularly when you look at petitions say in their nature. When you have an american team and canadian team. And choose at least in theory playing for the pride of their nation and that that Is there but well, you know we don't play it before plays as if that was the
reason to ditch before sporting events. But not at all, just the opposite that The reason we ought to play it before plays you go into the theatre. The first thing that should happen gap is that the national anthem should be played. You gotta your movie, I don't think it's a big deal at all. If they put your popcorn doubted, stand up, we're gonna play our national either because it brings people together, but it you are on the other side of this, if you are one of the upper left is, did you are getting ready for the great reset, the very thing you don't want is people coming gather with any sense of national pride. I'll tell you what carries into national pride. And that is acknowledging people in our communities, whatever community you happen to be it now. I happened to be in this wonderful little part of the country. This is Hanover County, Virginia we're just nor
The rich men I do the afternoon show what news radio, W our enrichment and in our little piece of America right here we know people. I go a mile mile and a half, and I see my friends windy and John now you were visiting this area, you might not know windy and John. You would know this great little restaurant with the chief tat sandwich. How cool is that right, Jake's place? You would know that, but I know Ms Wendy and John and when my car needs to be fixed. I go when I see my friends stand in Megan. Now, God forbid your car. Broke down in this area. You Would know, stand and Megan, you would know their business certified oughta repair the way it is where you are as well be. b, C company that I would know if I came to Europe Community, you know them as as, as would marry because bill
here we go to church with you in your kids, Cohen, guard our students together. That's what we need to get back to. the sense of community at every single level, and it is men and women who make things and fix things. Who truly are the backbone of this nation and by God we ve got to provide some support for them. Some Some appreciation to them eight, eight, eight. seventy seven back, eight eight! Seventy seven back triple eight! Seventy seven back! If you want to send me an email, the best way to do it is to go through my website. The Jeff, show dot com, be Jeff. Cats show dot com data is, in Georgia Dada welcomes the Glenda programme. Oh,
Job Jeff, you know, I'm gonna combine both last half hour and this one cause you're really hitting on what is in my heart when we grew up and we had hand workers that did that's my, grandfather would walk with the latter. Can sometimes they didn't have a car to get his job. We knew all of those people. Kid knew mister and Missus John Smith, in the delicate it we had at Nepalese from all around the world who vacant or their parent became renewed we had three back some they watched over us and NATO hold our parents. If we were bad, we pick their tomatoes paper or whatever they were with wonderful. We felt like we belong and we had to work in that back yard just like them, so we would be them on the weekend if their pruning their hedges and we were either sweeping the sidewalk or whatever our job was to do. What we did they came home their hard rock and they all
garage door with their own hands. They didn't come in with remote control, drive up to the mailbox and clean it out with your earbuds on as I'm yelling over hi, Mr Jones. They actually heard me and they came over and talked to me so we law that with our why output white collar ellida some and we ve grown up in there? We did that better, but we want now they don't want to dirty their hands. We had a dirty our hands with kids kid, so we and what complained about the small town. With that we used to walk to the playground. The ball battlefield, parents didn't drive up a giant, a giant suv three miles away, come from another pound work. They work for national and international companies. It's none of your business like you're, wonderful worker, though we have was a you'd sense of community and connective net and caring about each other daughter. you you are so spot ordered you set a better than I could. Let me ask you a question when you were a kid. Did you
Parents ever make a plea date for you in one of your friends. Of course, they you know why? Because there was no thing because you walked out the door and there were your friends and you play with their feet No coordination in the home office well, right! Mobs going to call the other mom and we're gonna see how does Tuesday at three look for you. Who cares you're a kid you need outlook I wonder you don't need the HU, the second management and we have lost that and we are too well coordinated, and I do have a general review should now. sadly, I think who has grown up. Never knowing anything other than that. Look?
my wife and I are in a mixed marriage. I talk about this all the time she's from this colic little town in Cape COD the doors were never locks. I up in the city now not the inner city, as you might describe it, but in the city, and all of our doors were locked just because, but we had this in common. She he would leave her home at some point at wander throughout the town and play with Your friends is a little girl at wall, my buddies and I were not wandering all, Philadelphia for a five six, Och radius Just go and see other bodies, and I don't think so. he's got that anymore. Do they? Mary Lion is in tenancy, Merryland. Welcome to the Glen Beck Programme,
learning tat, I wrote cord with speaking of patriotism and I too believe there is this intrepid fear in, but there fearful of its alike in the truth, and why is lacking is spirituality. And morality. growing up in Chicago we had jewish a Italian in Lithuanian hungarian and everybody was cohesive with each other they held would and I have to- down is comments because We would not have anything organised way out there and it will
A dynamic patch quilt of our beautiful, our nation is an person. Lee affiliated with the military army family over a century, my heart well with paid in it. I think anybody that Serbs, be it police firefighter EMS, whomever military, I go out of my way to say thank you both for surely it is something there We need a clean to with everything you every every strengthen our body and embrace it naughty race. I couldn't possibly agree with you more merryland. Thank you so much for calling we do need to embrace it. Because it embraces us, you don't we.
gotten so self centered. We. Becomes so. Eagle maniacal. We don't. see things outside of us any more. Do we, I blush to tell you that. Would then I'm, but there is in that the who RO absolves enter to get a veto. Its eagle, mainly I'm going to tell you how great I am about not being self centered. Well owl, unbelievably disconnected is that I can tell you. Just through the Prism of Life was time when there was nobody, nobody who is a bigger Jeff. had spared the cats, may I could sit and talk to you about me for hours and I would ask you: what do you think about me? then what happens? My keys I get married but
Even then it still it still egotistical. It just happened. Be to we goes now right. We're doing goes. We have focused on ourselves, but we're still focused on really ok and then the kids come along and there is no greater wake up call, there is no better realisation that he's not all about you you realize there's an obligation to others? I think we ve forgotten that but I do believe we're so wrapped up in ourselves. We can't see that that from outside we are unified by sir, actions quickly to Daniel in North Carolina Daniel Welcome to the Glen Back Programme, dear, by agreeing with everything you said so far, I'm all praise on amendments professional,
and I wear a flag on my head. I wear fly the flag on my pick up drug and guide a big believer in and hard work whatever you do, whatever you choose to do for career, you work hard at it. I do get look down sometimes because I do have dared on my clothes, especially as the day goes on. I beg dirtier and dirtier. I do jobs that nobody else wants to do And there are a lot of people who don't understand that people like me are needed out there a lot of the kids. I talk to them. I understand that they can all be lawyers, doctors and what not there our people that are going to have to be scaled brains. Absolutely Andy in
You so much for doing what you do, and it is a reminder that all of these lawyers and doctors and engineers invariably call people like Daniel when something needs to be fixed, Jeff cats. In today for Glenn this is the Glen that programme. To the plunge back programme. You have kids today were Glenn. This is the Glen Back Programme. What, mind you. If you want to shoot me, an email go through the website, be Jeff. Catch showed not come at a great click to contact, but there I mention it because all of a sudden I've got folks. I grew up with experts eleven public years old chap Listening to you, you're no Glenn bet but I'm still listening to you and it sounds like you're no Glenn bet, but I'm
Listening to you do you remember me. I still do ok. I am Cats, ordinarily, hurdle news, radio, W arbiter in Central Virginia. I do have somebody calling in from rich men. So please, let me get to Steve who was enrichment on the Glen Back Programme, Steve. hello. How are you today? I am find like you, I will listen and Anne and really agree with what you say in the United. I actually worked in construction as a plumber as H back as a teenager and and ended up join in army when the security rules later on, but I still know how to do my own work and a couple months ago I was fixing a shower, divert or an old one and had to go to a specialty store and get the diverse to get the valves to put the and the where a conversation with the dog lasted about ten minutes watches. While I was waiting, then he said it would
when you're, seeing you're not not see and young into come into, the trade in all Gaza retiring to warn how many people are entering the trade, and he said you give it ten years mark my words and plumber. Is it going to as much as lawyers? nobody wants to do the work yeah well and good for them good for then. It is, as you know, two half work and I appreciate the call steed. Thank you. So much is tough work and again I started all of this by mentioning my uncle Paul, I loved my uncle poem God. I love my uncle Paul such a great guy, and I watched him. Rick is rear, end, just working so hard as a plumber- and I saw up close and personal- but I also heard from folks and my uncle Paul's generation. I don't work with your hands. We want you to with your head, not your hands! It's easier! It's easier! Well
I suppose it is easier until such time as indeed somebody who knows how to work with their hands and then it me it may not be easy and it certainly not gonna be inexpensive, nor should it it is Jeff cats in today for Glenn. This is because of that programme this just can't eat today were good land soul, which is a doctor file g. We should we should open schools that answers next legal advice programme, a programme it is Jeff cats in today for dual land, and I want to tell you that at the very very beginning of this. My three. Children are, as we speak at home Nobody has school today and it's not because the president's day
I mean it's its various and sundry reasons, but what's weird is even if they would have had school, nobody would have left the house My old. This boy is a sophomore at Stanford and that Camp is, has essentially been closed for well, the better part of year right in it March, just a cup, A weeks from now, you and I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of two weeks to flattened the curve. Am I I oldest boy called me, I'm now realising last year it he's a hate. Dad looks like they're gonna, be closing the campus for a couple of weeks. Can you get me a tip, Can you give me an airline ticket home, and I thought well for the first time in many many years I We have some power in this relationship. I call it at least in theory say no and adult I guess I couldn't could not I don't ever want. I could I could
it's so he gets the are the airplane taken. It comes home now. What does he have? He has a carry on like a backpack and he's got shorts and t shirts, because that's what he was wearing in March out in California he comes back here to Virginia and shore. It didn t, shirts, Couple of weeks before we would officially be wearing them, but not too far off the mark home. Now, it's a year later, no idea, none when he will actually be back on campus. My two other kids each attend school. Well, therein old school nobody's actually attending school. school in person. My a little guy is a sophomore in high school, but
He has been doing the at home virtual, learning and I should be very clear on this- our county recovery, which is just north of Richmond, where he will find me a Deuce Radio W our Ba every afternoon Hanover County, since all of this started has given, the option given parents, the option of sending. Their children to school in personally being in an actual school building or virtual education at home on the computer. And then in the Middle EAST is my princess, my princess, my little girl, who is to be eighteen years old in just a couple of weeks my little girl, not so
little anymore if she turns eighteen, but that's eighteen chronologically developmentally she's about eighteen months, old and that's were Julia, is always gonna be, but eighteen and salt developmentally, because Julie only learned how to walk in the last couple of years in jail, He does not speak joy, it does know how to take care. Of yourself. You know she she can't get to the bath. Rumor herself, a bowl of cereal and on fortunately, she also. She can't tell us those things surgery is always going to be at home with us, and so I guess in some way this is, It is what it is, but the rest I mention all of this- is that each of my
three children has a unique educational need. My oldest sky needs to be back on campus with other brilliant, but thoroughly annoying college students That's where he should be? He should not be living at home. Nobody who isn't adults should be living at home with mom or dad just didn't know you you need to go out in the World your way in the world, so he should be out there with him and my little guy the Genesis Lord High school. He
needs to be in a classroom, but here's where the robbers- and I know cause your theory, your things as women Jeff. You just said. You just said that you county had overcome Virginia since day. One has given you as the parent. The option. That's true. But the option we chose was the ad hoc learning because of the fear that had been instilled in all of us thanks to folks, like doktor fouche right. What were we told? Well this this sub cologne I was not remember. It started out as every single. Virus has been in the past. It started out with its point of origin, the Womb hand, corona virus
just like lime disease. Spanish flu, I mean that's how things are named in the the disease world good bad, indifferent, just the way it is, but there because of the control, who health organisation by the leader, shape of the Chinese Communist Party may work. what to exert some influence in the next thing. You know, instead of being the womb hand, corona virus or the chinese corona virus, all of a sudden, it was the novel corona virus and then they send out. You know that's where people who think it's book. We need something snap ear and they went. the division of snappy stuff And a snappy folk said: hey cold, it see, get it corona virus and what's the difference,
We haven't been about your. We way we get upset that up to the other part by Kobe nineteen, yet we're gone with nineteen whoop, who are its rather, it is because its first in two thousand and nineteen, but they scare the living. You know what Out of us right where we were my gosh, we're gonna, get it we're gonna die, Well, I don't, like the odds, are not good well here. we're. Gonna have to do everybody, stay at home. All we need is two weeks two weeks to quote flattened the curve. Now here's the deal been around the block once or twice. I know how government works. By the way, my dad retired after forty plus years as employee of the federal government I know that folks who work for federal government- are actually pretty good. People
but I also know that inside of quote government work you sometimes the numbers get a little off so when they said we're, gonna need two weeks to flattened the curve. I thought to myself: ok, I'm thinking Three four, you know what, let's just on the sine qua non to say five weeks, it's gonna take them five weeks where the two week project and then we'll all be back to two good. Well, don't know if you ve noticed this. We are now approaching the one year anniversary of two weeks to flat occur. and so, when our local school division said to us, hey parents. You can send your kids to school or you can have the virtual learning, my wife said: look if we send the kids to see
meaning my middle and youngest, my my Julie. Am I my little guy if we send them to school I am going to worry every single day every single day. as to whether they were exposed to this end. Bashfully Julia, I just me Can t you Julia is turn eighteen years old in a couple of weeks, but Bela mentally Juliet is eighteen months old and what waterway teen month old, kids, to what to toddlers? Do they mouth things?
Anything and everything they can put their hands on goes in their mouth boat. Now, you're telling me that if we send Julia to school, She is somehow going to have such great military precautions that we don't have to worry about. That won't know that's not going to happen, and it's not because of the the teacher. In fact, Julie is in class. Special ed teacher is truly one of the best here, when beings we ve ever met Miss Tom. You is an amazing teacher incredible, but do you who think that any human being can make sure that each of the kids in this case room who are act? operable levels are not somehow gonna be exposed to this data. I was so. The answer is no
so how'd he said. Look I just. I don't want to worry every single day. It's gonna be terrible, and she said we just gotta. Do this virtual learning thing, we'll just do it at home. You know it's not gonna, be that long. So that's what we did. that's where we are well. Look: Juliet needs more than a half an hour seated in front of a laptop, because that's what she's getting At Hyades, do it our best. I know to make it school but is what it is and My little guy has got to be back with other kids. You see me, they. These gotta be in vain didn't social things as well as learning now I will
He's all of these issues not too to preach, get angrier or tell you, oh, my gosh feel sorry for me. Don't feel sorry for me, but I'm looking at the latest from doktor out. She remembered him, you remember, he writes your foul. She said, and I quote, if you look at the data This spread among children and from children is not really very big at all, not like one would have suspected well that was doktor faulty, in the end, but now that doctor Fouche, Is all the rage with Joe Biden
doktor followed? She says yeah, we, we can open things up until about two trillion dollar call good package that my boss, the president, once passes, ha ha Schools need more resources let's not a perfect situation, but it's really important to get the children back to school in the safest way possible, well yeah I mean that's what we are all have said right now, Bertha. Twenty nine doktor found said, closed the bars and keep the schools open. But now he says we we can't go back. No knowledge ants. While I was just gonna. Work
and if you want a red meat more on this particular story, do yourself a favor head on over to the blaze dot com, the blaze dot combat you gonna, find the story. But how does this work if, in fact, we are not going to re open these schools anytime soon. Are we really prepared for a generation that is on educated and not capable of working in the future Could anybody say the great reset again we ve got a pause ten seconds for station identification.
jackass today for glass on the Glen Back Programme. That is my question to you. What exactly are we ready for? Are we ready for anything? Because if My kids are not getting back to school anytime soon in your kids are not getting back to school anytime soon, exactly what happens when they are forced to participate in the real world if in fact, they are ever going to be forced to participate in the real world you here. and talk about it all the time. Do you not the great reset idleness Let every single day I hear him talking about the Greek reset and what the great reset is truly honestly, all about is making people dependent and
making sure that people who ought not be depended are dependent What are we going to ask? Well not much. I mean you're complete and total dependency. That actually is a big thing to ask. It is a big things. I hate you cannot make any decisions on your own. Will not make any decisions on Europe not to worry will make sure that you have food. What kind of food doesnt matter? Not your choice to make reset, decide what you need when you needed how you needed. We decide what you get. Never occur to you. If you look around the world right now, you look, Images around the world All of these leaders and yeah make those annoying airports. What I say leaders all of these, politicians? Probably a better way to say it?
whether it is the Prime Minister of New Zealand or just intrude o the clown prince up in Canada or our very own Joe Biden,. Staying with signs using the phrase build back better. Do you think that either of the national political brain trust. Just the beach came up with that phrase. What built back better sounds good, what does it mean? It means hit the button it means hit. The reset button hit the great reset button and everybody becomes dependent that he is where were headed right about Now- and that is huge huge problem? I mentioned a couple of orbits ago that. Men who work I'm here
they work. I don't need like me, sitting in front of a computer, scream yakking into a microphone. That's that's not really work, don't tell my wife there, but it's not really. but I mean people who really work Dixon things, making things age that this past week in his we're dealing with whether issues here and Central Virginia, our our heat pumps stop pumping heat, or at least that's what we thought it was really the case. I I called the guy that owns the each vs IE company. That's This is our stuff and he answered is. I want to be called babies yeah. I saw what what are you doing? What kind of what kind of a business owner you step in? you own the company you're not supposed to be one in service, calls in the middle of an ice storm on a Saturday music. You that's. What I do is I do on the company and
I take my service weekends. Just like everybody who works for me. I thought, Well, that's amazing, and then Paul said with this notices. Jeff Lucky started that story. Can you finish it please? What's the deal with your heap up the deal? Is we're fine, a member was to say this. Do I have to say that I shall say it out loud: the circuit breaker tripped violets by now Y Y know, I'm right. I should have checked the circuit breaker first, but I did into end so the afterwards So that's all. It was thank you, but that's why you need somebody. Who knows how these things were cause guys like me, who really did listen to my parents when they said. Oh, no, no! No! No! Work with your hair
not with your hands works? Smarter, not harder. People like me have to call people who know these things and ask them to please common fix these things. Just to me how many lawyers does it take to install a toilet, The answer is: I have no idea, because I've never seen a lawyer install a toilet. Think about that. So when do we get our kids back to school? Let me, let me ask you, depending on where you are, you might be. in a home schooling situation boy. I hope you are and I need a real home schooling situation where you are actually educating those kids, because my head is often because I could never do it and I'm seeing now? Maybe we should have, but we did it, and I can't are you
private school, we're your site, your daughter is actually in a classroom with the teacher learning or or your kids sitting in front of their laptops. Pretending cuz, I think there's a lot of pretending. Eight eight aid seven hundred and twenty seven back, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy eight, Ye see K. If you want to send me an email go to
I website the Jeff Catch show dot com be Jeff CAT show dot com you will find their one of those click could to contact what loose clicking contact. We will talk about it and what role do the teachers unions actually play at all this? It is Jeff cats you today for Glenn. This is because I've been programme a programme american financing Annabel US one eight do through three four W W W that animal, less consumer access, dot, org. videos find their frustrating yoga
Let me ask you something: the interest rate on your mortgage. What is it out right now? Do you go, look it up or do you know not stop your head is over four percent, Is it over three percent because It is your paying too much. Do you see what England Bank of England came out said? The interest rate will be in negative range in England within the next forty five days. Huts. Okay, Ok, you want to consider refinancing your mortgage get a lower payment about. Do it right now, given ten minutes of your time today, its american financing there really professional, compassionate people that work,
for you, american financing, at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six. Twenty four forty go to american financing. Doubt that that's american financing, dot net kindness of were important to support free speech. Yeah. Do that by supporting the blaze youth from a good Glyn, Ford, thirty dollars off your subscription Liese, tv check cat sitting in today for Glenn? This is the Glenn Beck program. Try to figure out here if we're kids ever actually do make a back to school. This is been the question and I want to share a quick email that came in
and this is for a Mary Mary rose out night, a whole issues. Jap, I am listening to you fill in four Glenn today where I live in Idaho CORE to lean we go to school for days per week. I am Special Ed teacher, my kids, are pre k- and we In school all this school year, we don't wear masks, although we have the wear masks signs up in restaurants and stores, I'm always wondering it when it will end due to other people, drive here just to have the freedom. I don't know no. I do know. However, she says that Washington DC will eventually stop the freedom. We and Idaho have what a sad thing- think about which is probably right.
What is the latest that we are hearing from Washington These days were hearing now? hearing. Now that we well, you know we ve got aware to masks. We. the one mask situation and then I heard the other day while to master suite we've got to wear to mess because clearly to masks are better than one and using that logic, let's not kid ourselves, three masts are going to be better than two and format will be better than three hundred and it at some point how? many masks, will you and I need to simply If in the world, will we be allowed to exist in the world a far better for me to tell any of these scientists, the medical professionals how many masks are optimal, but
to know this One of the things that I learned over the years because I haven't always been in the radio business. and I was a police officer, I trained. As any m t I have- been a volunteer for years and years and years with various and sundry urgency response teams right, so I've always had a real mask. Rikers I have legitimately been concerned about germs. I've been concerned about particulates in the air, saw in all of this stuff start in anywhere. You wear masks, I thought. Well, you know what Finally, probably for the first time in my life, I'm ahead of the curve on something I already have my masks
I've already got them I've already got the right kind of. mask for a situation like this right eye all ready half of the case and ninety five mask got a couple of them as a matter of fact, and I started looking at folks Who were also quote wearing masks, thought to myself. Now: wait a minute! a basque I mean it was it was almost like that that, Strain guy Crocodile Dundee. That's not a night, isn't that I've thought myself. not mask. This is a mask,
but then I realized there. A lot of people with those mass did a very few people. With the mass that I had and then even for those people who are wearing the mask you're, not wearing it. properly, it is not a head banned. It doesn't do any good if you ve got it up there on your forehead. It's not an ass god like you're you're Thurston. How will the third wearing down around your neck, I'm cover it my mouth. Well, what about your? No swell? What about my knows? Well, your nose is not just a snack dispenser gotta cover that puppy up. If, in fact, you what the mass to be effective cover, Why knows what other health, is undone. This acts of theater and please understand something, I'm not in any way minimizing the risks, I believe there very real risks. I believe
very real threats, and I believe that you and I, as decent people. As fellow inhabitants of the United States of America that we should take steps to mitigate the problems that others might face, but you can't do it with this fall. situation in that's what we're seeing a lot of. Mary Joe, sends a note and again, if you want to work, be an email? You gotta my website, v Jeff CAT Show Dotcom Egypt Catch Yoda com. You click on the button that says contact me and then you can. Mister Romilly, Joseph Jeff, Sons in parochial school, great school, as well as high school, they actually both being in school, full time face to face since August and there'll be no issues there have.
In cases of cold it because of the testing rules issued by the government in sporting officials, but the students are fine at least physically. Its The old because they are so limited in their social activities outside of school. There are no movies to go see. They can cheer on their friends at sporting events do limitations and spectators, etc? By the way, the fact the members who have tested positive for coat of covert. They have contracted it. side of school and all of them have recovered at home. Do you remember when President Trump back when he used to be it is said, The cure can't be worse. then the illness. The cure cannot be worse than the disease He was right in your
Member win. What was his name was all the reach for awhile had saved so many people in New York State Andrew right, I was Andrew Cuomo yea. I will play the part of the governor of New York member him right and then he had that that that best selling book they talked first person about what a great guy he was first person wow. I saved everybody I did I've got an amazing job and should be strongly considered for any number of national opposed, because, frankly, this whole being governor of the empire state, is really getting old. Member here right and now we see oh, wasn't, white, how it was presented by Mr Cuomo it.
Quite how it was presented by the Leftists Eve. As they work for ashy former, as an interim. Why this guy doesn't know science. This guy is a blow hard. This guy is insert ever term you want their cause. They just hated him and I ended up with a passion and so. whatever he had to say, even when it was something as correct and button aim. As- your cannot worse than the disease they had to trash. and they did everything possible to law in the in the grandiose of ways there guy there Guy governor quote. Oh see almost all about the science Jeff Foam
who cares and yet was president Trump who sure that the hospital ships try go to New York to treat victims of the current virus. You remember that right and they sat empty. All the while Governor Cuomo was having people ill with coal nineteen taken too, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they locked Jan esteem. I you know she's she's, just stop whether castor, ok. No, more science that I do take anything. She says seriously to have shown that we are talking about here. You gotta looked at the sky Governor Cuomo. He knows what he's doing quote the guy he's our he's? The best guy you just tell them
esteemed you'd? Go go on about her business? who was right all along right, you see who had it right along. You see who was misleading everyone all along now. What do you think the chances are. What do you I think the chances are that Joe Biden Department of Justice looks into any of that stuff in New York state. I'm thinking now, Particularly likely it's almost like the the bees of Vice President Harris. Barely the vice president's niece decided she two, Somehow? I guess Turner profits on being vice president's needs and on all she had clothing or or what it was, but
the White House immediately said? Well, you can't do that. No, no around on all. That's not gonna happen, and I thought to myself because I I gotta be that's what they read. The whole story. I just saw the headline: I thought will wait: a minute did the place residents, niece forget put aside, ten percent for the big guy? What if what, if Hunter Biden we're on the vice president's Nieces companies board. Would that work? Then I don't know hey I've got a share very quickly here in email, says: Jeff the last time you filled in four Glenn. You share the story of a young lady in brief. Gimme a mere you who makes bracelets Could you share it again?
I thought. Well, I don't have all the time in the world, but you are talking about you're talking about Emily Morrissey Emily is a young lady in Chesterfield County Virginia? She has he and couple of others knowledge is, which did such amazing work in her her in school therapy with beads love? making these beautiful bracelets I'm wearing one right now, because I wear one well, I don't always wear it, but I always wear a bracelet from Emily on any day that ends and why so, today's Monday's Monday I got went on but yeah Molly is doing well and if you do want to check out its Emily's bracelets dot com, Emily's bracelets dot com. So thank you very. much. That is Cindy in hang on a second Cindy in Philadelphia, fantastic yeah yeah, so that, If you do want to check it out, you go and you check out what Emily is doing. I know: she's she's got a whole bunch
dove coming out thanks so much too to glance at the gang for letting me sit in again always a pleasure Jeff cats, Four Glenn. This is big, led back programme. She had gathered here today for Glenn. This is the goal. I beg program, I'm trying to figure out if, in fact, our kids get back to school, I keep saying kids and I should be. More charitable. I, in that description we were, I say, kids at my immediate vision is kindergarten right, I'm not a big deal.
Gardeners or playing at home or playing at school as we used to think the kindergarten was just play time, and then we we find out from people who actually are in the business of teaching, and I don't mean the leaders of teachers unions because unfortunately, consciousness pains me to say it because I grew up in a union household. I have been a union member. I just see teachers unions who keep moving the line. And saying that they do not really want to go back to teach me. That's really what the messages from so many of the teachers unions. Now, while we just want to go back, we'll keep doing this but you're not educating anywhere well, so what we don't want to catch cold. I got it. I don't know anymore. Who does so? You can be first in line to get the vaccination were slow, your roll down there buddy the. Why should we Get the vaccination, we don't look, it's it's! It's one or the other, you wanna be back in school. Helping my kids complex bless your arm, therefore you. But that means.
back at school and actually educate the kids bridges It's a notice is Jeff. My son the junior, but he begged to be in school. A very intelligent student always scoring high on tests. He had I decided to take them out, since he was just spinning his wheels with no passing greeds since March of twenty twenty, because the school set up. Well, he dropped out a couple of weeks ago. We took the pretext for G D. The next day he passed with such high scores. He can go want to take the actual tasked with no further classes, he's actually excited to start taking welding classes in person at our local community college. Well, more power to him, I wish him nothing, but the best I wish nothing but the best in France.
We wish the best for the rest of us as well. I wish each of us the opportunity to see. Our children attend school. learn, something sweat the math test. I mean seriously be concerned that you haven't studied enough, have some degree of, dare I say it peer pressure from you fellow students, gaunt man, you really gotta. You got a study to stop it's not easy and working together Could you imagine that in aid study group I mean these are all things that should be eased. These. These should be the norm. This is what each and every one of us should be expecting each. Not be a surprise. shock
I guess we'll see which weigh it goes out to rob. I give you want to stay in touch. The Jeff TAT showed that the best way to do that, thanks again for the opportunity to fill in ITALY, is Jeff CAT sitting today for Glenn. Then this is legal in that programme.
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