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Chaos in Sri Lanka & Netherlands Is America's Future Under the Great Reset | 7/11/22

2022-07-11 | 🔗

Glenn starts the show by discussing Sri Lanka and the Netherlands, whose economic chaos due to the Great Reset shows the future of America. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to review the media’s reaction to the assassination of Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the latest in Hunter Biden’s corruption. President Biden has given another $400 million to Ukraine, as Hunter Biden’s iCloud account was allegedly hacked. Could those two stories be connected? A new poll shows that a terrifying number of likely Democrat voters hold radical views on the Supreme Court. Glenn goes through the five stages of totalitarianism. Glenn shares the optimism he found while on vacation, as he and Stu review a recent podcast on the death of Roe.

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the when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program the hello america and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. well, I'm back after two weeks, and I want to thank-
You forgot solve your damn thing. I mean it looks like it's the same world. Is we left it thanks? Lot. Stew one solution to anything regime. I have some commentary that has been rolling around on a couple of different stories, that I think I have a different take on. One of them is the assassination of the japanese prime minister obey the other It appears on a story of sri lanka, Why would I why, on god, green earth Would I start after two weeks with story about sri lanka, because It is our future and I will explain in sixty seconds, Sherry rodion- about our experience with relief factory- ceases, I'm a seventy four year old, seventy five year old, great grandmother with chronic back pain.
I recently got the added bonus of a tear in my rotate or of relief factories is allowing media live a normal life for the first time in three years. I dont know why or how, but I don't care. I am thankful that it works We thank you for writing it. Thank you for trying relief factor. You can try yourself a three week. Quick start see. That makes a difference for you in three weeks about seventy percent. People who try go on order more after three weeks, because it works eight hundred for relief aid under the number for relief, t ninety five get a three week, quick start develop just for you, relief factor, dot com, eight hundred before relief really factor feel the differences are give you a couple of stories here. German he is now moving to reactivate the coal plants, because there fraid. Russia is gonna cut off the gas.
swiss. The swiss are now preparing for gas shortages and are looking at rationing, their fuel. The world is learning a lesson now let me take you to sri lanka, because this is the lesson that we should learn today. You might not be familiar. With the island nation of sri lanka other than its name, but it is the foreshadowing dark for chat shadowing of things to come. In this great reason, bound world. twenty two million people inhabit sri lanka? Two million people are now struggling to survive there. facing the worst economic crisis they have ever encountered since declaring independence
team, forty eight, the government is now all but bankrupt there. in default on foreign debt. They can't afford critical Imports to sustain their people, medicine, now become too expensive or scarce to get a hold of feed, prices on this little island are out control it. And a spiral out of control. As long lines formed at gas stations then violent brawls would sometimes break out between people and the military and the police holding them back food prices, skyrocketed food, Prices became unsustainable when gas went through the roof. now sri lanka is on the brink of chaos. Video. Have emerged of starving and desperate people attacking others out in the street. Everything com, needed this weekend,
Thousands of angry rioters storm the presidential palace and force the resignation of their leader, sri lanka, mean. I don't know anything about sri lanka. Why would I care about sri lanka. Here's! What happened to sri lanka. There was an I m f bailout package and it was real least sri as final option for recovery, but a few days ago the I m F walked away from the deal now. You know about sri lanka, or you happen to veto. Have relatives in sri lanka. You're wondering what I am wondering why did everything they were supposed to do. They played by the rules as ordered, so why
The global financial system now abandoning sri lanka Few short years ago,. To the global economic elite, shrewd long was the jewel of asia. The world economic forum, showered them with praise. their puff pieces highlighting sri lanka's leadership for the rest of the world. The article was titled. This is how we will make Sri lanka rich by twenty twenty five. Then was four years ago and now they're bankrupt. So what happened. Well, the usual crap that we hear from the overlords in Davos. And it was all described in that w E F article sri lanka was too concentrate on a social economy
Bending millions in the transformation to a new kind of capitalism, they were doubled. On green energy. Any of this Familiar about this, sri lanka cut taxes, but all I didn't cut spending. In fact, ordered to fuel the great reset of their economy. They began printing cash it precedented levels because they have. Green economy. They just had to serve and because every- went green and they needed it right now. They up ended there farming and agricultural production, any of this sound familiar to anyone. Everything had to be organic and everything had to be grown with new rules. The world economic forum said it was going swimmingly, they said quote, The plan is delivering impressive results. The current government has created,
four hundred and sixty thousand jobs. So you know of the government. And create jobs. Current gum created four hundred and sixty thousand jobs helped more than two hundred sixty thousand family secure, home, strong progress is being made, government is also invested too general its green energy and provide water resources for agro production. You see, look although the things you and you decide to build back better, could all the wonderful things that come well: that's when it first started four years into it, we need to update the scorecard. This is It followed that initial push bankruptcy, inflation default Shortages of food shortages of
oddities shortages of fuel, violence in the streets and, in the end, the organisations that supported them and push them in that direction. The organ! nations like the I m f and the world economic forum just walked away. W e f just ran in article reporting. How sri lankan public workers are now being given extra days off? Let's fantastic. You know why they were given extra days off quote so: it can grow their own food and quote Now. Does anybody in Davos? Anybody George soros. Yes, I know some people have to be heard they'll be heard. Yes, they'll lose their business or whatever, but there is a great
experiment and lots of fun. For me, your member him saying that they don't feel guilty. The I m F doesn't feel guilty. Today, entire countries are mere casualties of war in their grand experiment. Its Same thing with socialism and communism and progressive ism, why by one. The experiment fails nation fall thousand, sometimes millions die or starve to death and they never say well, crap cheese. That was our fault. They say and done right. Why didn't check? although the boxes, whatever the skew says it's never their fault. they observe the ashes from afar, and then they double down and try it again. Remember: What they did to sri lanka, the next time you hear, Klaus schwab, say now it is time for Great, the reset whenever you hear him say that
ever you hear about build back, better, Were you hear about our agricultural industry meeting to go green? Were you hear about how russia is causing the gas prices? I want you to think sri lanka. Remember. Biden and Joe carry a john Kerry say we just have a future. Word years to get this done in america, yeah. Don't worry, you'll owe nothing and you'll be happy so far they got the. This part in Sri lanka right they owe nothing now if they could Let's get the happiness part they would be set. have you noticed also in the netherlands, but putting up in the netherlands. Have you seen the nether? and are being forced to go green as well. The netherlands, of course, you know, are part of this great reset and
dutch farmers dutch farmers they don't like this green new deal. They oppose these pollution, cots my goodness just won't play along well, though, eventually, so now the farmers The netherlands, the dutch farmers? Have you ever heard of any one in the netherlands ever getting upset at anything there now? king their tractors in, and there there they're, bringing their tractors in their blocking trucks. they're burning hey on the streets. They taken
taken crap from animals, and put it on the steps the capital. This is because they they they They can't use the fertilizer that they ve been using that that that it oxide and ammonia ban. We can't use that That's not natural! You know! That's ammonia night. and now it's not natural, we can't we can't do that. They say it's gonna close down their farms. It will shut down their farming ability it will. Cause mass starvation, they say, We can either listen to the experts or he could listen to the people who actually grow the food and have been growing our food forever
You're right, we should probably into the experts. This is happening, for civil unrest. Look for inflation unrest you will see this happening all over the world. There goes to something I told you, two thousand nine would happen there. All going to blame the united states in the end. They will blame the united states and half of our own. Damn people will blame the united states as well. Its foot. This blame right squarely where it belongs. on the shoulders of the elites that are running all of our countries, because this is happening all over the world. They think they know better. They don't. to stand and that truth for awhile. I much
confidence in you solving things, even those doing pact insult darn thing. While I was gone, I gave you two weeks, not one. problem has been solved. I thought you said screw up a bunch of like sri lanka, and right now we were calvin your guidance east. Now kay Now I have more evidence in the american people that I do in any expert. I think if we would just leave this to our cities and our local governments. We would be fine, we would be fine, you know, government, you just do the things you know the drill, a handful of things you just those things for awhile and we're gonna. Why make sure you? You know you actually secure our borders, you actually art it. Have you heard the latest we're whereabouts. to lose about. I think, is it a quarter of our national guard because they will get the vaccine.
What why city, but even talking about the vaccine, still. So we will lose a lot of our national guard because of axing twenty two percent of police force in san diego gone, why they wouldn't get the vaccine, So they just let go twenty two percent of the police force. what could possibly go wrong. We do this isn't irene We don't need police. we're going to re, imagine the police and then we're gonna do something about it and when we do it, it's gonna. Be great trust. Us back in just a second, with more are but sir, this half hour is the tunnel. Twins are free we are under attack and true history is disappearing. The socialist or re writing it and they ve been waiting for a long time,
I've been to show you the the pattern totalitarian, take overs. I want to do that in our number three today. I want you to make sure your listing because one of the things one of the first things they do after they so discontent. Is they Take over the schools and g addison Does that sound familiar I'll? Take over the Will they re write history? They re right the morals, they re right. Absolutely everything will that's happening and if we don't teach true american history, we're screwed break the cycle, help kids learn real history, there is a solution. I am really happy to announce. I don't think I brought it in. I was ready to the kids a two hundred and forty page fully illustrated book from the tunnel twins and it
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they should. I do The and the just go Will inflation protests you're gonna, find all over the middle east in africa you're find at in ecuador and south america. The the Let's see, where else is it happening? armenia, sri lanka, coarseness, sri lanka's being blamed on russia. Wow they if we just, we wouldn't have a problem in the world today. If we just got rid of all the russians bright nets, one way of talking about a year, I mean and in reality, as you point out, a nation wide ban of fertilizers that worked to go to comply
Lee organic farming across the country because of us and the only country in history to actually say they are doing modern monetary theory They say that. That's not us saying that they said they were. doing moderate, modern monetary theory? They are trying it out, they want to see how it works, and this is how it works good stuff, but that's russia! Right now I mean that's no sri lanka. No, I thought no. We were blaming it on renewables. Sri lanka, heavy did those whatever, but it did russia. That is responsible. No, no, that's not I'm sure didn't help things that doesn't seem to be helping anything anywhere but This one was no longer is three of free launches was certainly not the united states where different. We it'll little work differently here
So far, it's not seeming seemingly that different, but I'm sure it will be sure will be paid by the way. they're, not calling it a run on the banks in china, it's just a holiday. Just just a holiday and and its it, sir. Well, it's been it's been a holiday now for for a while, I their banks or some other banks closed in April. But you know people just you know: hey So what the bank is on an extended holiday and now people are starting to protest in china. because they can get their money out of the bank, and the chinese are like what are you talking about lacks they're just on holiday, You know they were supposed to be back, but you know there's no problem with the bank just
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so? The prime minister of Japan was shot and killed fascinated: an aid one window that even on friday, right saturday, friday Jeff righted friday journeys. and it was quite a shock there. There are some stories out in I've. I've noticed washington post new york times of the mp are all of the all. The left me yet, which is ninety percent of them. They all started out with. He was an Ultra nationalist he's a donald trump and. I thought you know he was also one of our greatest allies. He was a friend to the west, a big friend to the west. and you know that these people- they they excuse
He ate him for being ultra nationalist- but do you know when I went Cuba's leaders die out Man, they were great old. were great Venezuela, Do you he was. Are you kidding me? He was I mean he's no castro but boy. He was close. Then this guy iq eight, He also figure out. He also was a guy who wanted japan to have some defence of their own. and not just rely on the united states. He actually thought that they should protect themselves, and I think you know that was interesting as well, and that was a real positive for japan, because he wanted them to be strong again. He wanted them to be and what he called a normal nation and to dwell
things at normal nations? Do he had an interesting approach that was very different for japan. So I'm wondering- and I am looking out reach like I have- I've been able to find word one on it from abbaye. I am sure it exists. I'd like to know if he was a fan of the great reset, because I think This is why he was called an ultra nationalist. He believed in his own country, good for him. He believed in their own sovereignty, good for him, but the current prime minister, is all or the great reset in fact says that japan is gonna, be the model for the world. He is, calling for a and he's putting into place already a new democratic, capitalism that well balanced. both and redistribution.
They are going to invest in green techno. well gee and human capital. He is he saying, there's a historic economic. and social transformation that Japan We'll pioneer in the new form of public partner, a pup public, private partnerships with leaders of government. industry and labour all working together to develop a paradigm, shifting policy. bending over reliance on competition and self regulation to constrain the excesses of the Market forces this change so they're, changing it I'll bet you his party was not for these changes. I would guess that's true and they they just won the election to so it'll, be interesting to see if they can, if they can stop the new policies from the prime minister but yeah bay,
really helped. Japan rebound to a point where it hadn't been in a really long time. Japan was what an economic power in the eighties. But then it went through really tough times for the next two or three decades and abbaye brought them back to put two economic power He restored their economic power. So I don't know why you would all of a sudden shift on that when he did such a great job. yeah? I don't I don't know. I just think everybody who is an ultra nationalist that that that word does mean what they think it means They apply ultranationalists to anybody who loves their country, and I think that's one of the bigger divide between the elites and the people all over the world. Japanese love, Japan. They should. rich rich heritage, chinese law.
Chinese in china of we, I think fifty percent of us love. America. We should. We should be Proud of our nations. Well, if you are, though your europe, peter of other nations. I guess that seems to be the prevailing theory now. That's that's! Why the the tag ultranationalist woke come on. Everybody observation, the other that that was kind of of the obama pit right, like everybody area, fifth, people from finland. Love Finland. Here you know we're not exceptional. Everyone thinks they're exceptional, and that is the real. That's the democrat way. That's the way they think behind the scenes. So they don't recognize, they just seem. They see it as like jersey chase, right like everyone, everyone has a jersey of their home team. Of course they love them. There's no reason for that. That just happen because they happen to be born in a place. What does that matter? That's not why we love america, though not because of the geographical local.
action is that got nothin to do with that? It's the idea behind. It is the biggest part of that That fuels are love for the country and they don't. They don't recognize that at all sure people recognise that, though I mean how many people can you point to that? really understand the principles that we are founded on care. I think it's much more rare that I would like it to be, though I think there's a generalised idea that people understand that its. You know it is freedom to be able to do this, that you want to choose your own path. You don't get drafted into a certain profession at fifteen years old, like you did in the soviet union in that stuff. You have a choice. to be able to move around and do the things that you want live where you want work in the job that you want expire yourself freely in a free speech, freedom of religion. Those things, I think are pretty pretty
Central and now I think, they'd express it this way, but I think there's a there's a idea that free markets are a big part of that that you can, you can choose to buy and sell in theirs is this dynamic economy that has done so many things for the world? I think people do recognise that at some for even if its, if it's not allow, any more! I even if you get kicked off of social media for mentioning such things anymore. I think it's still part of the the american culture. I'm not sure what the american culture is, though it least for half the country a good. Could I just play cut, to please this is Joe Biden whose voice mail and hunters laptop posterity What unites refugees can be called not above an urgent torture, taught the articles.
release the on line and put at one time was good and you can clear. We were, he began to ask any call. I love you take so. This shows that the president was lying. I never talk, about any of the business deals? I was not aware of what you just said. You read the new york times, of course, now I mean we knew you read the new york times article and we need that any father would go what the hell's going on but now we see that met wasn't big deal was like hey son, I just wanna leave. I just of the new york times- I didn't know you're doing all these things. What what's all about it? It was a good story. He didn't think it hurt them that much, and he said I think, you're in the clear which is fair, incinerating. What do you mean? How would you know yeah the clear over what what are you talking about?
I thought you didn't know anything about his business dealings ha at centre. So the ones the one story that came out while I was on vacation that made my eyes bleed was The sale of our strategic oil docked through hunter, Biden's company to China. That was a problem for you, huh My way well on when mother knew levels on multiple levels in strategic oil reserves. Why we'd be selling it too? Oh, I don't know enemy, number one and then why would we be selling it through hunter Biden, this connection and his company?
a couple of things. Why would we sell it at all, and why would you some yet who hunter Biden company that he was dealing with fascinating nine was nine hundred and fifty thousand barrel Maybe it's a fairly significant amount to its its and that supposed to be the amount that was going to lower our prices like four cents, a gallon something which they are. I will say I did see the headline gas prices are plummeting right. I met a down to forty six sandwiches and credit, Not here I mean in idaho there about for other five twenty allow your passwords so our ties, but if you use a credit card or a debit card way no one ever done. It's like five, forty seven, why it's almost six If you're buying premium my
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six thirty one, seventeen, my pillow dot com, Glenn Beck, joined the conversation. Eight eight eight, seven, two seven be easy. The. This is the global programme were glad you're here, it's monday, a lot to cover next hour. I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the economy and inflation and what's headed our way, so you can prepare. Also, I think it's great, that we have an anti corruption. Czar I'll tell you about him coming up, because if, if anybody's going to get to the bottom of corruption, it is. is our answer. Corruptions are of the of the bite administration. Is it? Is it hunter
hundred the actual. Are they named just I'm it's the only way to that's, not that's, not that's! Not nice now mean now. He would never do that. Well, he would do that. Well, he would only do that because he senile which, by the way the new times washington post, are beginning to question. yeah? Is he in control of his bladder and his mind? It's amazing that they both came. this at the exact same time with us. After a couple years of ignoring it, it was something did talk about during the press, marries when you know they wanted someone else to win, and then when he got the nomination. They all forgot. He was old and forgot. He was all through the beginning of his administration, have recently just discovered it no oh, no, no possible way that democratic, Siders are pushing this narrative to the new york times, I'm sure the time
just decided to write that story. Just then, as well as the washington post, Then a new paul came out today from also new york times, asking some interesting questions about Joe Biden in the present see he's currently in the middle of kind of and the police Thirty three percent approval rating thirty three, which is as low as donald trump ever was in his entire administration as the lowest average approval rating of any president on record in his resolution at the world. game. You just play that okra, lowest average break so talking about an average low rating bs. That means it. So you got its average in the first place,
and it's an average, so he's not the lowest? He doesn't have the lowest approval ratings. This is not the worst public approval poll ever recorded on any president. At any time, that is true is that the standard way of measuring him on now, I think okay is the. This. Is the lowest possible standard? Can he get over that? Yes, I guess for the moment, although it's very early, we should point out, but now sick steve four percent of democrats, say do not want Joe Biden to run again sit there another dominic, sixty four two thirds of these own. already is saying: please, god don't run again, that's increase. Chronic as they all turned away. They all didn't. Listen to the warnings and while seeing it and now suddenly the new
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. the program,
welcome to the program, I've got some good news for you. Well for amongst you, don't live in California. Am I right here? California has the law. Now you know they. They tried to make it illegals it to drive over or work for yourself as a contract worker. You know those are good. Union jobs were like. There might be a problem with that. Seeing that seventy thousand independent truckers arguing be forced out of their job and we ve got a supply chain problem and a shortage of truckers as well, but not
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in the wallet Biden on friday, announced another four hundred million dollars to send to ukraine to stop jet is just being just so. You know I mean I'm I'm sure, as isn't gonna bother you in the least, but. We we we now have spent more money. in ukraine since, what january, then, the first five years in afghanistan, but I am sure that money is, you know well spent no corruption going on there. It's all going right directly to whoever it needs it, You say that again, please yeah yeah the? U s has sent more money too, russia to ukraine.
More money than the first. first five years of war costs in afghanistan homework, we can afford it. You don't even notice it. I mean yes, that money is worth less, as I assume that's, not inflation adjusted job sure the monies worth a little bit less than it used to be, but that is an asset. A jaw dropping sit, sick. I have five years we ve spent it we're not even over their right and supposing leaves all any more than we spent in five years on the biggest military operation of by law. if time, but we know talk about it, This is a little bit of a sidebar on the sum of the big news of today, but it struck me when I was thinking about this hunter Biden pack right like hunter
I iphone, I phoned, gets hacked all the sufis getting released on for Chad and in all of this, it's like that media, of course, is totally ignoring it. Now. Looking at it at all, not pointing it out at all, obviously it's vitally important, not because hunter Biden is a pizza. You know the total loser in a you know. A pizza up, which we all knew already, but because this is obviously a real problem with security in this country. I mean it's the president, united This compromise with close family members here this is a major major problem and it struck me as like sure this could absolutely be A guy on the right who doesn't like hunter Biden could be a sums, some hacker who thinks it's funny, there's a hundred things it could be, but While we're sending fifty billion dollars to ukraine, it has to be a legitimate possibility that so state sponsored hacker fur.
Russia was responsible for this, It has to be in the in the realm of consideration here right. We all know that they threatened cyber attacks. And yet our media will not even discuss it will not even acknowledge that it occur. Third, we are in the middle of said, sending fifty billion dollars or sixty billion dollars to ukraine. We may have just been retaliated against in the middle of this effort. the media is not even noting that it occurred, oh, then you, what you are saying is: hey America right. Exactly the summary of yes, actually, my that's exactly what it can do anything nerd, ass, yeah, Merrick
You know, here's the story, and I know I brought it up last hour and I'll probably bring it up next hour and I'll probably bring it up every day until we have an answer on this one. When Joe Biden said he was going to release thirty million barrels of crude oil too, Help america, you know, You didn't hear was an emergency sail in our strategic oil producer keyword, their strategic strategic meaning something we would hold onto we'd have in reserve. for strategic purposes like going to war. We will never happen. So he wanted to release thirty million barrels. Now I thought that that goes. You don't do the gas stations or or wherever. No no, no one of the companies that bought it, there were twelve companies
and they were all vetted from the united states and one of the is a unit pack, america, which is fan ass, dick fantastic unity, america case you ve never heard of it. I mean who has is chinese petrochemical corporation? So oh it's controlled by the chinese government. So We sold a million gallons, but I'm sorry a million barrels, china and I'm I'm I'm wondering Oh, why we did that. Well, I mean sure. You know there was any in their sign back. As worked with the Biden, saunter Biden, cofounded, the private equity firms, be hr. Partners and ba jar acquired
Acquired one point: seven billion dollar stake in sign. Opec that's you know now now buying took took a minority steak and be age Are you only got a ten percent steak through a through a l. L see that he owns it's very complex hard to follow its almost like its intentionally built. That way, but You know- and he said he was gonna sell. That, of course, is no record of him doing that at all, and nobody will even asked the question, but I am I didn't realise when Joe said he was gonna help americans, he specifically meant, with the last name Biden, had? No idea that! That's why I thought it was like everybody, you know, but we find out now. No a million gallons went to china and as if that, not bad enough.
It was to a company that is Ten percent is over, you know by hunter, so that's good by the way definition. If he d an interesting definition of good, you have working the hair I die didn't feel like it was good, but to be fair, you say a million barrels and it was only nine hundred and fifty thousand that think all american weimar that fake news, fake news here's what I am not concerned about it, apparently not thing was a disaster. When I, when I went on vacation, administration has announced it has created a new position to tackle corruption head on and not domestic corruption, though we don't need a its. We don't What we're talking about international corruption, which
is great because I think here the ones to preach to the world against corruption? Dont need seriously anyway. So are battling international corruption, and an Joe Biden, to do it I mean when he was vice president. He was in charge of ukraine policy he brag about the arm twisting he did there to root out corruption. Course it was to root out the guy who wanted to investigate his son in corruption, but that's it That's just a he didn't know, I'm sure, but so Looking into international corruption, and and I'm thinking you know why, while I was on vacation, I was again you no rush. China ran How are we gonna wrangle them into submission, and I didn't see it come corruptions are corruptions, are and one who has I'm real experience now.
sure nephew is the guy who is put in charge and it's it's. really ironic. A guy named nephew is being appointed by Joe Biden. You know in an anti corruption position but his name is richard nephew and he's heading up the international anti corruption efforts. Now, why would you pick him? Why would you well He was working on the special envoy to ram the obama administration and he served as the nuclear arms and sanctions expert on the team negotiated the iranian nuclear deal. You know the deal that ended up, with us flying palates of four hundred million dollars in cash and leaving it in the middle of the airport in the middle of the night. In turann here the guy who got that deal so,
He knows a little some about corruption, I'm thinkin and and its good good world. You been put on notice the anti corruption lee It is coming and in our view, are not greece and some of the skids they might might have it. or two to say to you in rest of the world are spent sir this half hour. Look at this I'm an hour in I'm already just to sarcastic american financing from all over the country. Fears of a recession have moved from the worry stage to the reality stage, really as everything Ten used to decline, inflation rate is now at its highest in forty years, after ask yourself What do I? What I do am I doing enough, may I suggest,
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second station idea. So here's some good news this is I'm reuters! Do how much how much we it's the oil when it collapsed the economy. In two thousand and eight it hit one hundred and forty. Dollars a barrel hundred and forty dollars a barrel. now. That is because we, as a country, are not equipped to Who paid out much for a barrel of oil? our entire economy run. On at its optimum under a hundred dollars a barrel, so anything over a hundred dollars. Sustained, is not good Hundred and forty is really are breaking point or was
two thousand eight, but now with inflation. You know again the dollars, I'm I'm sure, that's two hundred and fifty dollars a barrel. Now here's a good he's from Reuters. They're saying that oil could go up to three hundred and eighty dollars a barrel because russia, is now thinking about slashing five million dollar five million barrels a day in retaliation for the price cap that the west is is is put on their. So now you ve got term. You got germany and everybody else. Freak a little bit a little bit but not us we're just plough and rights, three hundred, not eighty dollars a barrel. Can you and how much money this country could make right now. We just became the world supplier of oil and natural gas. We would
We could solve so many problems right now, but we want we want because gas and oil is a really bad thing really. Seem to do a lot of really good things in the past and now that we're struggling with it again in a shortage, it seems like it's doing some really bad things done it while ear ignoring these change in its a massive change in the amount of climate deaths over the past two hundred years been edible. Really tell me, you tell me that's on those climate deaths, but there has been a large change arena that you deny that well, I haven't heard any of the stats, so I know you're a stat guy bristle. What- The stance of climate global climate later does our down ninety eight percent over that time, but just the ninety eight percent.
If it wasn't for oil and gas, ok and their emissions it much maybe would have been nine. Ninety nine percent we now but but but but what but wait a minute. So that's all you do have, as you do have stats in it. The climate deaths are dead down by almost a hundred percent or more not not often, there are still climate debts, though not it has not been a hunt percent, so they say it out loud I might say well wait a minute, isn't that entire improvement having to do with fossil fuels and how society has improved in the past Here's ensure you can make that point, but they haven't complete. Legally eliminated, climate related deaths. No, why not know you know I You know why we are inequality we right write you with inequality.
gunners in being all it is a big climate report due out here soon and we're trapped. But this last week, what's the whole point of the climate situation right, what he would you what's that what's the whole point of it right, the point of it is: do people die from climate re like that's the real bottom line number, and if you were, if I were, to give you two publications which one has shown the statistics backing up the ninety eight per cent drop in climate related deaths. Is it number one? The? U? N I p c c report about the climate. Have they ever reported that they never to option glenn backs and inconvenient book, which one I would say I would say it's glenn backs inconvenient, though you garage for some reason. The guy who doesn't care about climate at all is the one reporting the near one hundred percent drop in climate related deaths, while you can see see, doesn't include that graph in any of their reports in its it
trusting that they are talking about climate related deaths, but they're gonna start, talking about that you're here a lot of that beginning, this fall when we have starvation beginning to set in all over the world. We are, still living off of last year's harvest. This year's harvest is just starting to be candid and sent out. so everyone You have on your shell for on your supermarket. Most of it is last year's wheat. Last year's winter vegetables now we're gonna start see the problem and it's gonna start rearing its ugly head all around the world very soon, and when it does, They're going to say this is because of our climate problem there. This is you that they bear they absolutely gonna be now the farmers will understand that they need, to start growing food without, although these petrochemicals they
and you know it only makes it more urgent that we double down on this right. Now, it's a war and, as you pointed out at the big the programme. Sri lanka went that route and did wonderfully well with it, in fact they were able to move about thousands of citizens into the presidential palace as a result of that move, which is great for equal rights, So if you want the less new york times, version of that, the government was overthrown over the weekend, but climate change climate climate change, climate change back in just a second, and The Glen back programme. Legacy box the simplest and safest way to digitize all of your aging videotapes camp quarter. Tapes film reels pictures so their prison.
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price. There's never been a better time to convert your entire collection, ten dollars, a tape, legacy box, dot, com, slash back, go now, legacy box, dotcom, slash back and blazed. He beat outcomes, Flash glenn provocateurs glenn pretend bucks off. Please tv. The hey I just I just got a new poorly and straight from the heartland institute. It's who, it's gonna come out tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon. The Results are pretty terrifying, The poll was done by rasmussen, if see how americans, while they feel about the supreme court. yeah
so here is what we have majority of democratic life. clean voters not just registered democrats but likely voters believe the supreme. port is fundamentally racist. Fifty six percent. Fundamentally sexist sixty seven percent. That's not good! That's not good! Further Fifty three percent of Democrats likely voters want to abolish the currents the pre court and establish a new democratic lee elected supreme court with justice, is chosen by the american people directly can you even Imagine the nightmare scenario that is. Thirty. Nine percent of Democrats would strongly or somewhat favour a constitutional amendment that would give the EU
I did nations the authority to reverse: u s supreme court decisions that you members believe violate human rights. Quit I mean who are the Democrats who are they age Really I mean I've met this many dumb people, but that would mean all of the dumb people in america Democrat and I don't believe that, but I am beginning to I mean fifty three percent and fifty six percent aids fundamentally unread raises sixty seven of Democrats say fundamentally sexist. But fifty three percent Those who are likely to vote say they want to abolish this up in court and hold elections for the main. Why don't we just.
When we just do america's got talent, will America's god judges? I mean it. Look that idea worked really well with a senate. Look how great our senate is doing now. Now that we draw, we elect them directly. It's really improve that process. Bet. You know I'm givin kind of like understand. Ok, the fundamentally racists thing! Well, I'm in democratic, literally everything as racist, so ok, maybe fundamentally sect I mean you know. Maybe they just went through the roe, vs wade thing. A lot of the Democrats are are about that. I can be cut you some slack on that yeah, maybe but like why. No one's even proposing that the un takes we're vetoing our supreme court decisions and still a giant chunk of Democrats believe that it's the way we should go. That is remarkable. So
de nine per cent of Democrats would strongly favour a constitutional member that give the united nations the authority to reverse. U s Supreme court decisions that you and like many members, believe violate that's thirty. Nine percent. Here's, the crazy part, forty, eight percent, Of all voters aged eighteen to thirty nine feet by giving the united nations the power to overturn the? U s supreme court cases. So you're! U way you on a give up our sovereignty to that group of people. Can you tell me what that group of people have done one good thing honestly, one good thing. Modern hepburn was was was of was a ambassador for them and I thought I loved her. She was grain, that's
it's as far as I can go, it's ok, It is amazing why why would you want to do that of all things? You know, I guess at this point is one overturn everything, because they they see the concept she being upheld and that's the problem here is that again the supreme court did not take a way a right. They said: the right didn't exist, the whole time, which is true, and they took the power way from themselves. The supreme initially created this right out of thin air, which is their argument by the way. Not my argument Their argument? Is they ignore? it wasn't around during the time of the fourteenth amendment, because almost everybody had banned abortion at the time of the fourteenth amendment, so they can't argue with the initial intent they just later on. They believe that, with up eating standards, it's a living document and now that power of the fort- the amendment includes abortion vague? supreme court, a bunch of men create
Did the right and then a later supreme court said yeah. You can't just create rights like that. That's not what you do so they took the or out of their own ends and people are still incredibly angry at them. Really is utterly will understand. I don't think people understand the second part of that they took it out of their hands because they said it's not a right in the Constitution is valid, they said, no, that's not it. they said: that's not right that the federal government has purview over the federal government has certain things that they have all the bill of rights, all those that's. What the federal government cannot do k they can't late any of those. While there are violating all of those right now, nobody seems to care, but it's what the government cannot do
any other right not listed. There goes to the people and to the state, so you might have the rights. I haven't heard a good case on it. You might have the right to abortion, but that's for the people. The state to decide not the federal government and sums institutions allow for that. Right again, I think that's morally reprehensible, but that is in several state comes constitutions and you can get those abortions there for the time being, at least, but you know the whole point of view. And this is in several of these- it was also in the the epa case and several others at the session. It was a theme we are not the ones that are supposed to make these decisions. If you I want to do these things. Pass laws start passing laws if you want these things to be done, go within the council
to show bounds of your power and pass laws stop acting like we're gonna. all this stuff for you, that's not our job. That's them saying hey! We aren't going to take the power. We are actually going to see the power which Some reason the left wants us to have we're in a seat it back to the legislators where it belongs. That is what they ve been doing over and over again, that's how this is supposed to work. So what is it? What's? easy. Let me do one more thing here on abortion. If you look at the numbers more than one in three thirty per cent said their state should allow abortion only in cases of rape and incest. Thirty's ten percent, another twelve percent favoured, allowing abortion only in the first six weeks of pregnancy and that's and you can detect a baby's heartbeat,
He settled how my comes out on those two yet was what is sixteen precise at twelve twelve, so we're under half? Basically so, yeah we're at forty nine percent of the country. That would say six weeks. That's it six weeks or less half of the country, yeah gay. another? Twenty three percent would support a ban at fifteen percent, meaning seven two per cent of the company. The country agrees with what mississippi brought in front of the supreme court because they said they wanted a fifteen weak ban on abortions, women, are more pro life than men and I think that's absolutely absolutely explainable. It's a woman's body! You don't have a right to say anything. I completely disagree with that, but how many guys or a keep the options open and b and be
then just bullied into not having an opinion. I think that's true. I think the we know look with if this stereotypical situation that you'd think of in these cases, Guy goes out hook up with a girl he finds at a bar. They go back to the house; they they do their thing. They they she's pregnant and he's the one. That's like. I don't have one talk to her again, let alone raise a child with her. So please abortions, great women's rights here, please, oh my gosh women's right to choose its import to me. What a fundamental rights as is it he's gonna, get out of what they ve done right. There avoid the responsibility so stereotypically. You assume that the guys would be the one that once pushing for this The way, I might remind you, it was seven guys who brought the right to you. So you know for all these these thoughts that men shouldn't have an opinion here, the only person involved in it. Major abortion case that
We decided it. That was a woman. really was, was Amy coney barrett rover, whoever you get in case you can make the argument, but still I mean maybe coney bears the one who is involved here. She's a woman. There were no women involved in the row versus way decision at the supreme court level here the most telling part of the of the pole majority. Fifty five percent said they up opposed overturning row versus way, even oh, seventy two percent would support a law that road would have struck down. What's more twenty five percent only twenty five percent agreed that the supreme court, opposed to state or federal law makers should set the standard, on abortion, so maisie weight, the seventy two percent support the law
that it just overturn that it are that it just made possible by overturning it and twenty five percent say the decision should be in the hands of the supreme court, which is what the supreme court set yet towards. it. Basically, what that tells you is that people just don't know what roe vs wade means. They think roe, vs wade means if you overturn it. A portion goes away completely. They have will learn very soon that that's not the case, because seventy two percent support the mississippi law- and you know twenty five percent like what the supreme court to make these rules will that's what rovers his weight was, so you can't support moreover, is weighed and oppose the supreme court coming up. The rules there. A whole argument in overseas wade, was you guys? really kind of at odds year, one We come in and say what does make up a standard and that will solve the problem and then cast he came along. They said a that rovers
thing shirt and solve the problem will give you a new standard. A new idea now can be viability and that will solve it. For you guys and it didn't solve it at all, and then this supreme court said hey. Maybe we shouldn't be giving the EU the standards- maybe you guys should solve this on your own through the normal process, instead of us trying to come up with some universal solution for everybody, that's what everyone seems to want in the pool but they have absolutely no idea what rovers his weight is other than people who oppose it are evil and the people who are for it apparently love children and women. Even though now the new york has gone crazy, absolutely crazy not only their got their new gun, sealed carry permit, but what you call it
You know your bureaucracy, it's worse than it was it's worse than it was now. And there's no way this stands up in court now, no way this stands up in court and york also said that they need to crack down on the pregnancy centres that are offering life because they say they are offering dis information by a saying that it's a baby already inside of you and the other. This is your already a mother, your your care. in your child right now, so you already are a mother, those two pieces of misinformation or dis information. They say: that they have to crack down on, so they are now cracking the it doesn't matter new year You can have all the abortions you want. Celebrate. all the borgia will send you cakes, just all
abortions, your what that's not good enough. They have. Stop those twenty percent that go to these pregnancy centers and have their minds changed. Interesting times we live in, you will be forced to participate back and just a second first. Our sponsor are sponsored this half hour is see. I can get my computer to work. Is life lock lifelong? Have you heard of synthetic identity fraud yeah mean either. it's now estimated to be one biggest types of identity theft. In the: u s, thieves, combined in real social security numbers with mismatched or phony names, and they create new identities which can be used to apply for credit cards unemployed
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com or one eight hundred lifelong, the Glen back programme America and welcome to the Glenda programme so stupid. You did, he see any movies or anything over the holiday. Did I saw the minions movie? I did, who very very glad about that phase. With my children buddy, I thought you was a good. It's a phenomenon. You know with the with teenager in some adults dressing up in, like cedars and going to see it and then screaming at the minions onstage. Now I did not
For that reason, I want with my kids and nobody did that in my particular location, but I guess it become a big issue for movies haters having lots of problems with it. I would I think that you shouldn't be able to buy a gun if you've done that, you don't have it set as a negotiator. Dreads might be, it might be, you know, maybe you are forced to have an abortion as well. cause you're? Clearly, not a good parent or a rational human being? That is just off the top of my head. I don't know all of the details of those people but sounds like fun. D c. Is the Glenn Beck program the
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and the program almost everybody you meet left or right. They say the same thing. Something isn't right! I don't know what it is, but something isn't right. They may think they know what it is they're they're wrong, but they're trying to figure it out is that what is it that we're all feeling? I didn't? it is an alarm system As thomas pain said, Heaven knows how to attach a proper price. Do something is celestial is freedom? it came with alarm system when your rights are being abused being taken. It's like that.
feeling you have right before something bad might happen. You walk into a place year like this. Isn't right. I shouldn't be here: yeah obey that little voice obey that voice. Your instinct is right. Something is wrong He is wrong. I want to share. Something I read over the holiday over the vacation and I think, Well, I'm just going to read it and you decide five. steps. where we're headed and see if this is what Is it really the diagnosis of what your feeling we do that sixty seconds? what's her this half hour is gold line. Recent survey of twenty to see a phone at major organizations concluded a recession could not be avoided
a single cfo- thinks it's avoidable at this time, over forty percent of them cited inflation as their number one concern. Seventy seven percent said recession will happen by the first half of twenty twenty three some battle I believe we have already started into a recession. Ok, What do you do well? Last hour, I didn't get to the story. Let me see if I can find it last hour. Economists look at the price of copper as an indicator that economy is at risk of recession, and bird is now plummeting in price. This is something you need: copper when you're building and expanding. but for all of the electricity and everything else well is so now trading it three dollars and fifty seven cents a pound, that's twenty! Eight percent blind in price since the getting of summer
add is sign. Recession is coming right. So what do you do? You take some chips off the table. You get out of the stock market, not entirely, but you take some things out of stock market. You take some money your fora. One k, or you just take one of your your retire- the funds, and you convert some of it in to go gold and silver missus ware gold line comes in, and I m really my relationship, a gold mine is, I mean we ve been the style. fifteen years or so, and this is the asked coin. I think they ve ever made. It say benjamin franklin quarter round Quarter of an ounce of gold on the back? Is the Ben franklin seal of america that he wanted, which was pharaoh being tuesday, and on the waters, while moses up on the banks and
it says: rebellion to tyrants is obedience to god. This is a collective all and it is literally if its weight in gold, it is the gold version now of the an franklin and quarter round right now, with every cow, aroused gold, benjamin franklin round, that you would get you're gonna get ten of the mind. Your business silver bars at no cost. So that's too ounces of silver for free with every one of these eu by they also have, I think they have these. stock. Now this might be a proof, but they I have it in silver and they just made 'em in copper as well and copper is currently plummeting in price? So that is a really good thing. and it's the same. Benjamin franklin, so silver, gold or copper you'd get the franklin's
Now, you'll get extra silver. If you win with every quarter rounds, benjamin Franklin round, you acquire a gold line. Gold line, dot calm, gold line, dot com or call them now at eight six ec schooled line, eight six, six gold lying so is reading something. While I was while I was away from the epic times and it's the five stages over the town of totalitarianism and have you noticed both sides are worried about totalitarianism, The anti virus is saying, you know, that's the religious totalitarian. You know and donald trump solitary him and that's exactly what the other side is afraid of. Now, I'm not going to argue which side I just want to give you the five stages of totalitarianism and see
any of these connect with you and see If any of these things have happened yet the first thing is discontent and rumblings. You can't star totalitarian government until you're standing on the ash heap of the gun and and of the society that that was you If you want a new regime, you have to generate dissatisfaction with the status quo. You have to get people to despise the old order. You have to get people to believe that they can't do anything because of the old order and and then present this new thing. As a as a solution to all of those problems. Now has that happened
is there someone preaching a new world order? Is there some preaching new ideas. Capitalism is failed, are fair, These are failing us. Is there anybody that is suggesting that everything is failing us and see? We too want to even see it burned to the ground. That's the first step the bolshevik revolution in russia. In nineteen seventeen it established totalitarian regime, and it was Very very bloody, much more bloody, then the revolution in france, which ended in you, know, gear teens. This. Was, you know,
The reign of terror in russia was beyond anything that you could imagine the people word. enfranchise. They no longer believed in the tsar they been defeated in war They were hungry the transportation in the city started to break down than once once you're transportation breaks down that causes food and fuel shortages in that causes riots there, adolf hitler. He did. This same thing. It was bubbling with discontent, they had the treaty of despair. Versailles. They had just left a humiliation on the battlefield. The treaty of her side was is humiliating to them and then they because of the the treaty, they
horrible economics, they went into hyper inflation, and then germany starts to default on its pace, It's a payments, and now you start to have occupied territories of germany, cetera et cetera, made the people poor, hungry and angry russia. Poor hungry, angry france or hungry angry. None of them believed in the old system. There's your first step are we poor, hungary and angry I would suggest that we are angry. We of our share of anger. Are we poor? What time is it. We're on our way to poverty are Hungary, we do
Think hunger could really happen here in amerika, because, where the bread good of the world, except were not the bread basket of the world any more. Second, thing the false saviour and the fao sk revolution. So once people identify the discontent and appeal to that. The two military and presents himself as a savior in stage to the revolutionary totalitarian and acts, a dramatic change to solve the problems and discontent disk tent of stage one find a solution to its debt crisis. The french government called the isaf its general assembly, to advise the king on what to do third estate quickly claimed full governmental authority as a national assembly, the national I simply wanted to draw up a new constitution that would change the nature of the government.
Deal with all of the injustices. Does this sound familiar after the store The best deal peasants in rural areas revolted against their lords. The national assembly then declared feudalism abolished and introduce the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen, and then you The execution of king louis, no one could stop, The ferociousness If you will of the bloodbath, russia, the bowl Civics took advantage of the food riots that began in early nineteen, seventeen when the military, began, siding with the rioting workers, rather than real, restoring law and order nick. Less. The tsar resigned and and was shot Then the soviets quickly took control of russia and there
logan was peace, land and bread. And many angry people looked at them as saviours same thing, with nazi ism, the third third stage censorship, persecution, proch propaganda and ending of opposition So now you have the saviour onboard, you have a plan, they're changing absolutely everything they want to change the way you talk to one another, your traditions, even your language. They have presented plan to change everything but stage three. happens after stage too has passed the old order, has been fundamentally changed, so
We're there right now, we are still, I think, having to change some things but think about it. Are banking system is no longer the banking system we had our. businesses are not the businesses, we had our way of communicating with each other, not the way we ve always communicated. Even the understanding of freedom of speech are press, is fundamentally different. All of it so all order has been fundamentally changed, and now The various forces begin to react, The rising totalitarian government faces many of enemies, often dubbed counter. Revolutionaries or extremists in its infancy in info see. The new order must struggled to gain more power and maintain that which has been acquired. For this reason, it sets about combating its enemies through censorship and persecution is any of this.
Sense. Does any of this ring, like you see, this movie. as soon as they gained sway over their countries. The first move of totalitarians, like hitler and vladimir Lenin, to censor the opposition and put out propaganda each of them tal a leaders also gain control of education had a secret police force to monitor or kill anyone does designated as an enemy. Another strategy was to establish youth organizations to indoctrinate citizens in the states. Propaganda from an early age and too their loyalties, away from family or religion relief, was almost universally persecuted. Once these regimes came to power. I'm not saying we're in stage three but stage.
three sounds familiar stage for the crisis of give that too, in sixty seconds The tunnel to towers foundation started on nine eleven. two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven people were killed on the terrorist attack. The biggest terrorist attacks an american soil after that, of us vowed, we'd, never forget Many of us have forgotten, but not the tunnels, hours foundation. They have remembered and they are doing unbelievable, good work when it first butter or military service member doesn't come home and young children are left behind tunnel to towers, pays off their mortgage to live the financial burden and bring the family to stability. U s: me. Specialist jason wheeler is one such hero he re enlisted after nine eleven, but a training accident injury left him unable to walk after years.
is of trying to manage specialist wheeler s, family moved into a mortgage free, smart home that was custom designed for his deeds. Our nations heroes, the people who put their lives on the line for our country and our community need your help. Help the heroes. families join tunnel. The towers on its mission to do good in their honour donated seven dollars a month, www eleven d a month will go a long way with tunnel the towers its tee. The number to tee as in tunnel to towers dot, org tee to tee dot, org ten second station Ok, so you have censorship persecution. propaganda and the ending of opposition.
stage for that prepares way for the totalitarian government to grasp total control over those under its rule. It consists of a crisis moment which may there be real or a false flag, something that threatens the nation. By seventeen ninety three french revolution was at a crisis. Point defenders of the old order rose up on all sides to crush the new order. Austria impression armies, encircled. France the peasants revolted against the revolutionary government, an army and so in the name of public safety, the government decided they take harsh member measures against all enemies of the revolution. They needed or control this the task of the committee of public safety and it suffered from no scruple. In its methods, same thing happened in
nineteen eighteen, when in was shot after giving a speech at a factory while Covering in the hospital he wrote to a subordinate quote, it is necessary secretly and urgently to prepare the terror. This is the red terror known in history. It was the the justification an act of an emergency was the attempted the assassination, the right articles and the counter revolutionaries were allegedly at the gate and so needed extreme measures to deal with its imminent threat. Any of this sound like lane, which you have heard hitler is the state of emergency as well he's the rice, dog fire real or false. I've read both
Doesn't matter, though, it doesn't matter then stage five, once you hit the crisis and for this crisis they need to take control and they have control of everything. Then you get crisis of stage four as an excuse and the gun, he seizes absolute control over the lives of its citizens. The regime becomes the enemy of the stages of three and four? It begins brood de enforcing its utopia and ideology on the populace. This state also sees the greatest atrocities committed against the populace because resist Instead, the totalitarian regime has to be crushed people are defenceless their demoralized. Nothing stands between the regime and its victims. This
age involves. Mass killings as regime liquidates any remaining enemies. While seeking to control every detail of a citizens life I dont need tell you about that. have we seen these things happen? seen any of these things, we, have social unrest, we have the purging, the destroying of lives, although not literally we the tearing down of our history of our language, of almost everything. we are on the verge of the great reset, which will control all every Spect of your life? If it includes money it
he'll control your life. I dont know if we understand freedom, Speech and due process and legists rights. they're all under attack. the emergency, the crisis was covered low Really, I think we're pass that what food shortages Coming all around the world is it possible, the great reset is the authoritarian regime, that is and to be pushed down all of our throats. The Glen back programme if you're like pretty much everyone else, you'd, probably like to just to get into your car, start the engine and go about your Mary way without Having to worry about car repairs.
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he'll dot com, slash back car she'll, dotcom, slash back, eight hundred three nine one. Eighty eight eighty eight bleed Stevie dotcom, slash, Glenn, glens back this week. Check it out is the problem. Glenn say ten bucks: This is the Glen back programme. So I was off for two weeks fantasy din idaho, utah, arizona and I have to tell you: I come away with a. with an optimism because I saw people as people. I saw people that I'm sure that disagreed with me, and we didn't have our
he means society was working and we were all complaining about the same thing at the gas pump waste I have a few things in common with each other. I think the american people are decent. I think. You know I've always had this theory. If gas prices went up, and the media didn't talk about em. Would it seem like the biggest crisis in the world. Well now we are seeing that we're seeing a huge crisis. Huge crisis of gas and the media is not covering any of it. You don't really there not covering that they're, not covering food inflation or anything else. And it seems like. it seems like one of those things we all complain about the but there's nothing you can do about it where if it was republican in office, and this was happening.
You know they would be blaming it on them, and then they would give you the solution in they give you at least the problem and the solution is, don't higher that guy anymore. I think the I think this this red, Lucian is really on the periphery of me of america. In the coast, it might be the majority, but in the middle america? I just don't think that this is this revolutionary. This second or actually first anti american revolution, that were going through right now. I don't think it, sir. I think it's drummed up and in the middle. The country, I just don't think it has support. His. I feel really good things I was down in
george, I broke ground on something called liberty, village, its united. We pledge- am I been talking in these guys verve. Oh, I don't know a couple of years about what there trying to do and I just know that if we don't, if we don't take our kids and. And teach them real history, and them to really enjoy it, were we're lost as a nation, and so they ve kind of put this. taken the ground men, saint george. Broke ground on what will be an amazing american centre, it's going to have mount vernon. An exact copy of george Washington's home It will also have independence hall, something that I mean quite honestly
I mean you know you might be able to afford to go to philadelphia, but do you wanna go to philadelphia to see it was probably something that most people won't see, and it's really important that we are teaching these values and principles. I'd like you to check out united, we Pledge dot org and see what their building and This is something I really want to be a part of I went down and- and the break ground on. It then tony and I the donation and now and more may I think, a donation in our time in the years to come, because it is since this is critical, and I think we should build these in all states myself, but in a who am I start with one united. We pledge look forward,
the village aright stew, yes, vote what haven't we hit, that we should hit while there and we didn't talk about the abortion stuff a little bit earlier on with the supreme court. But I would want to draw your attention to one little separate thing: here that relates to the new york times and they are podcast the daily, which is there. A flagship outcast. I think it's it's either number one or two issues how to ride out there I couldn't like here, seemed to its torture. I just can't do it. It's torture is especially around this particular issue, because there's almost no awareness whatsoever that anyone could think of abortion as a negative. It's like it's so over. Lee positive to these people. It's like you know how we would talk about. You know just generally speaking freedom of speech in enemy, what something where it's like, so be asleep.
A foundational human right and if an american right at least that you don't Half this. You have to make the argument for it now. Apparently that reversed, and now you don't have to make the argument for abortion, but you do have to make it for freedom of speech, as the left seems to oppose. conscious of mass, which is bizarre. But, like you know, it's just like a basic thing: they just acknowledged point there talking about about sure they're talking about how all of the report versus wait, came stuff became overturned and how that process was a long unfolding process, which is, I think, the main part of this. That's interesting to me audience, but at one point there talking about it, there saying that liking They started passing laws in these states. That would say you can't abort base sex or you can't abort based on race and of course, everyone agrees with that. So didn't seem like an in any a a sort of
cutting a slippery slope of very slow slippery slope. They kind of making that point. They're saying it didn't seem like it was a big deal because there it wasn't really happening all that often, even though, as happens in other countries sometimes- and as is so, they wanted to make abortion seem bad. They want it to He could see like it was something bad and like they had no concept people already believed it was bad in addition to that, its unclear. Why would matter if you would start a boarding only? girls or black children. If you didn't think abortion was bad it's not a wife. If it's not something of light, the or ending. Why would you care if they targeted race or gender, or any other attribute that you think might pop up the child. Why does that matter to you if this isn't it in the first place? Of course, none of that is sk us at all in the pot cats,
Others say I have to listen to this off because I can't believe they're discussing it, but now I'm not going to just throw away points go and they like they did. They don't even acknowledge, if there's any sort of hypocrisy there, because obviously so it's ok to kill the baby randomly. But it's not ok to kill the baby if it's a girl or if its black. That's that's against the rules like why it's either a key It's not! If it is a kid you shouldn't kill it at all right, that's the point, but beyond all of that, that was not actually the point, but it gets the photo, but guess what I thought was interesting for our purposes, mainly what they are trying to trace it back. They describe this as the obituary for ro versus weight and, of course, the bitch where is this in their looking back in trying to see how this ended? How did this this fund- until human right go away clan and they all bring it back to two thousand and ten and I thought this was interesting- they went back to two thousand ten and talked about how that was the germ that started the movement that lead to
versus wade being overturned, and what they're talking about is that, he party wave election, that the team, eddie wave election was not only just a huge wave election, but also a wave election at the state legislature level, which, also then eventually led to redistricting, which then, to power being in the state legislatures going towards republicans which lead to fourteen window shift on the issue of abortion, blah blah blah blah blah. But, like I think, a lot of times, we talk about that. at the tea party moment, is something that you know. It was really great moment and some good things came out of it, but kind of it fizzled and it went away, and we should learn lessons on how to do it better next time and all of this and its end we need to look at the other side sees that, as the germ that wound up culminating in one of the biggest conservative victories of the past century right like at the fact that
overseas weight has been overturned is something we discussed before. I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime, nl, it is I've made this comparison over and over again, it will be remembered in a hundred years for now, as every people realise what. How could you have done that were what were they even thinking how come they didn't? Stop it, and I I really thought will ever solve. This will now first solve this in our lifetime and we're not going to solve it, but we at least have an codified, the killing of millions of children. Yeah I mean I totally agree with you gone, I never thought I'd see the end of rovers his weight in my lifetime, but I I was very confident that eventually it will be looked back at the horror as the horror show that it is and No. This is only the first step in that process and, if you think about it in a roundabout way, for this. We weren't even allowed to have this argument with any force of law. You couldn't you couldn't do anything about it. It was
Just this thing that you had to accept, no matter where you were in the country, and all wrote the overturning rovers, his weight is done, has put it back to the moon, moderate position right the position where states get to decide and we all kind of do our thing, the same position we might have on gambling right. It's like it's just now. Everyone gets to figure, for themselves whether they want to do it or not, but like if you kind of look at that situation, like you know, if the tea party, if all the tea party ever accomplished, was turning rovers, is weighed it. Wasn't it credible success and everybody in this audience and tons of them were involved in it. It does there's a piece of that success as protection of millions and millions of lives. So what you are listening that I was listening to the very wise today Have you ever lesser podcast owsley me as one of my from one of my favorites s? Did you read my swedish her speech at the university? Yes also? Yes, I used to do it already. Yeah yeah, so
some awesome, awesome and she's. Talking about the dear member, when we look about. The re founders yeah, we're lookin The reef founders she's talking about that in the speech she's like it is, there's a time coming and she's talking about it too. college students and she's, like you, may be the generation that that produces new founding fathers and we have to. We have to look to the future, but we have to quote conserve the import. principles that built this country like I can't believe this the very wise that used to work for the new york times, yeah, now. I know I mean she was always a really really smart and an important voice, but, like I think more important than ever now I mean it. You cause you, oh my gosh. She was speaking at the was at the university of Austin.
Which is this the university they started have you talked to Peter bogosian about it. I believe a couple months ago, and- and you know this dear, that you know we're just pursue the truth and no crazy, woke cancellations and you should be able to say things that are uncomfortable and taught them out in public and other basic things that we are just saying it You need to argue for when it comes to freedom of speech. There saying is need to argue for them? You should be able to go to college, to learn, these things to fight this out in the battle of ideas and you dont get cancelled for time for doing it. I mean that's a pretty basic idea in america, but it's been one. That's been totally disregarded lately and I love the fact that. She was saying you know. These things shouldn't, have to argue in other than that, you should just know them, but they're gonna teach them how to argue why there are important get them to fully understand it. You can't We defend these things that are coming out of college is now they don't make any sense, then,
any sense in the end they all crumble, because they always lead to death this now. We can you defend once you have somebody use teaching it to you, you know you can defend it based on what you ve done, and but also all of your life experiences led to that is true, And that's exciting three the exciting back in just a minute speech, So this half hour is patriot mobile. With the recent rulings from the supreme court. It is worth mentioning that these wines didn't happen on their oh and on their own. They came from you there came from the time you invested the money you invested and the the people supported that also supported in big ways be half of of life and one of those
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what we saw and that's coming up wednesday. There. They are well organised way. Financed and they we are look and a change. Absolutely everything about this country, its remarkable summer of rage the real extremists that threaten the republic that's coming up, on wednesday only on blaze tv, if you're, not a subscriber. Yet how come please subscribe? save some money right now. Ten percent at blazed you ve dot com, blaze, tv, dotcom, slang, glenn and enter the problem. Code, Glen you'll, save ten percent on your subscription join us. Please, tv dot com, slash glenn, promo code glenn.
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