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China Quarantines with Drones! | Guest: Dr. Karlyn Borysenko | 2/19/20

2020-02-19 | 🔗
The coronavirus continues to spread, and head researcher Jason Buttrill previews how the facts we’ve found for tonight’s special point to who the real killer is. Apple is already taking massive hits as China shuts down facilities, and China’s quarantining has gotten so bad that drones follow people who leave their houses! Mike Bloomberg is in for a fun night as he makes his debate debut. And the liberal knitter behind an eye-opening Medium article, Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, joins to discuss attending a Trump rally, where she stands now, and whether she thinks any Democrats are still worth voting for. Also, Cory Booker’s girlfriend, Rosario Dawson, has come out as … it’s anybody’s guess.

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It is hard as the media is. He If we finished tonight, we have that and your stats on what could be a game? changer the car. A virus or covert nineteen in one minute that programme so Troy is one of those people who likes to get up in the morning. I dont, I dont, know those people I dont, like those people and you know when he's like I'm happiest in the morning- I think that's a sign of insanity, but Troy starts working out today, healthy roof Eve loves to run, and- good at it. He had just worked here: after running a five k when the pain settled- and it was in his knees and began swelling in stiffening up eventually got so bad that draw doubted four, be able to run again much less. Sir continued the challenge himself. Fortunately,
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position? Research are easy money is he is, I believe, if the left, was like we can be Donald Trump at being us um bag, you win, you win our let's let first gotta Jason butter. Italy's are our chief researcher and head writer for the Olympic Programme sir. This is the Wednesday night special tonight at nine p can m. You can find it live and on demand at the blaze M nine p m tonight and annual can also? What should I think, just live on You tube the blaze, you tube channel, so you can watch it there. If you D, have a friend is like idle to subscribe to the blaze as a great opportunity for to see why they should If they miss it or a few message, you can only find it on demand at blazed outcome for members only because you guys are the ones who have made
all of this research possible for two weeks, I've had him in a bubble the corona virus bubble researching everything and Jason was a good guide put on this, because he was very sceptical at first he was sceptical of I think this is a big deal, We both were an we ve come out on the other end of this is I'm not sure I it is a big deal and I'll explain in a minute, but I'm I am sure that this is this: thing to write off or something to panic about it. Something just a watch closely. Usually the topics you me I'm why it's hard, because the people they were searching or trying to withhold information yes takes forever to dig out documents or whatever right boy took my crown of our great it's easy, but I'm fine, China, what
Where does it's almost like looking into a George Soros Organization, looking into the crowd of our somehow it's been because they're, just withholding so much information and that's I have come out of this room thinking that using the outbreak, and happened, run around say like we gotta find patient, zero and ground zero and isolate that area right. Well, I don't think they have any frickin clue. Who patient zero is and where ground zero us here. They they there's two things that people are saying. I came from. Bat soup were pretty sure tat come from bat soup. However it it it could have come from this market. I mean. I really think that you know if we're depending on supply lines, hey just what a General Motors apple no, you probably should put your manufacturing sites in a place where they haven't open market where bats are cropping on camels and camels are cramping on salamanders and they're all in cages. One on of each other s a bad
idea every single major outbreak has come out Sars couple of other flues. They ve all come out of China, so who was the eggs It was like that's where I want my thought. What are we gonna do? A very great bull, aha bats sold. So I did We have come from them, but they don't think so. We don't think that it can. From a Bio weapons lab because its eight eighty natural virus. It's too chaotic to be something that they made in a lab. It has no markings of a of a lab virus may have been studied at that lab they're in in blue Hon, but was not made in that. That's not to say, didn't come out of that right. I don't know we don't know. We don't know. I mean that this that I looked at the study and its root pretty alarming. Actually of all the cases of this is back when they first were looking into this, when I think was like around ninety people have had contracted at that time. The almighty cases
and they said- okay, we ve there's a vast majority. Yes we're in that, but that food market, patient zero did not catch it they're. So here if someone else that person walked into that food market and that's when it starts- so here's the here's. What you need to know we're talking to night at nine o clock. We have us again towards the end of the programme. Where talk to somebody who is in quarantine. He's a doctor of from China is American, but he was in China right there and he's in quarantine right now and we skype in to his into his his his secret lair and talk to him about what was what it was like their work, did. The concerns are and his This concern is that the mortality rate on this matter. Be low right now. It's it too
meaning two out of every hundred people. Will they get? It will die. That's about the rate of the spanish flu, and the regular flu has a point. One death rate he said the inner, even if this has a one percent death rate. That's a lot worse. Than the flu, but the problem is this is so easily spread that it could affect sixty seventy million people and if it only Ex forty million people around the world. That's that that's! number of sixty five million people that will die this season. This is a flu. The flu that you normally get is, strain of the nineteen eighteen flew. So we keep We keep fighting the nineteen eighteen spanish flu every year there are different flues, the come through, but that's the main basis the flu that we have so this
who is not going away and if it mutates it gets more deadly its high. But if it just stays this way, it could kill sixty five million people every single year. I don't know whether to trust. That's what I'm. So fused in this entire thing, because it with what they're the vitality raiders there would there saying two percent. I don't even think I can trust that, because what the data that we ve looked at he does go off of what like corral it. So we win, we ve gotten. Payments from some cremation workers over in China in there. Information is completely contradictory to what they're saying that China saying the battalion writers and those people buy We who are speaking out, we will show you them to night There are in jail or suddenly disappeared, or appraisingly they caught the flu and died within a couple of days. Coffee Middle age, the third Molina thirties. Catch The fullest flew and dying right again do does not match what they tell him that so the leaf
she'll number two day yesterday was seventy three thousand four hundred and thirty five people globally. Had this today it's up to seventy five. In the death rate, there was a tall, Ten per cent jump overnight. Eight one hundred seventy five deaths. It's now, two thousand and nine overnight. However, that that doesn't the real number occur. To several experts is probably closer to three hundred and fifty thousand that have been infected and about it. We just don't know about it yet wow It needs the competitive Sars the mean tsars infected thousand people and he killed around seven hundred, but this was, after a full twelve months of China, trying to cover it up. Saying now, no problem, no problem here and finally, a doctor similar to this case came out and we will do no blew the whistle on it. That's twelve months, with it we ve always had, this has only been a few months and when they ve already dwarfed Emmy, it's over
double the amount that was killed by certain source at a higher fatality rate. See this does not add up at all. So you were sceptical on that number stew, why you sits fifty five million people around diver years. Yes, I'm skeptical! Isn't that what research shows that forty seven forty million people they believe. Forty million people will get this worldwide. Its currently an epidemic. An epidemic is regional up. Endemic is all around the world. If this becomes a pandemic, they believe that sixty five million- that's the low number- will contract this flu in a twelve month period die. So that's have none at all, sorry None at all. Sorry, sorry, sorry, as of sixty four percent of the population, sorry, forty
Five per cent of the population will contract this flu in a year. Forty five percent out of that for five percent. That means sixty five million humans will die if forty five percent of it, the low but gets the yes, yes, self. Forty four, if it becomes a pandemic, re- believe forty percent forty to sixty I'm taking the low number four percent of the globe. Everybody living today will get this this year Can give its append pandemic? while I'm in a server real real escalation, the only one in there saying the only thing. That's gonna stop this. They say it is. The real hope is summer. Flew dies out, go in there well maybe global warming will save us after that, I always so satisfying. So in that's, that's the, but that's the low number imagine if forty percent of the world has
The flu that you don't want. That have to just shot everybody down and make sure you stay home. If forty percent of the world. What happens- and this is the real thing that I'm focusing on too things tonight, not just the virus but I wanted to look at what governments are doing and what big government of China really means that's the number one killer- it's not the flu, it is the chinese government, the communist government that is killing these p because of their incompetence, their secrecy and their policies, but I also wanted to look at what does I mean for the economy, this shit be the number one thing on Donald Trump Radar right now, because this me be that the difference between winning and losing an election. This thing it calm down
In summer here in the United States, if it even gets here this year, but it does in half to escape China to affect us. India is already headed towards a recession. There's a report. Today the several of these carve company, here in Amerika and in the UK are struggle. Because you know have parts in fact, Land Rover just said they're taking parts out of China in suitcases right now they only have parts to continue production for the next two weeks. So what's gonna happen, is not only are we not getting parts and things to be able to complete products, here in Amerika and us not getting products to the shells here in Amerika for us not to be able to go in to target our where Walmart and by the stuff that we want you're not going to
able to make them, sell them and a bigger problem currently that companies like Apple and even Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Seventy five percent of their stores now in Asia are closed and had been closed for weeks. That's a growth market for half of all the way from Apple, two Landrover, that's their number. One growth market is well in fact. I think their number one market so Landry Jaguar Apple, too close from like Ralph Lauren. Those Companies are gonna, take significant hits when they do their stock prices start to fall stocks should have fallen already and they haven't, and I think it's because everybody's keeping fingers crossed and there's gonna- be all kinds of money, printing and pumping to keep the economies of the
tire globe afloat. This is the number one. In my opinion, this is number one concern in the short term in the long term. We're gonna be fighting this for maybe forever tonight Jason. We come back and let's get into some of the stats next next hour, tonight at nine o clock a special you do not want to miss. You can watch it on Blue tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn use the promo code, landing, you're, safe, ten percent now and your subscription will see you tonight at night. In p m for the Wednesday night special so I have the guys from nets. We in my office yesterday from Oracle and
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he has its moments every once in a while or he does things like this. You don't he's a party guy yeah he's a party and he's an old school party guy? And so Sanders is out of that club. So it's ok for her to be critical agus. Yet, let's bliss a little bit of this, whose first time he's made sense like nineteen, seventy three and I hope the candidates who have been telegraphing their punches again sanders. Senator centres are actually deliver them, and then I hope they, they do what they promised to do. Are they gonna go after him about the bad behaviour of a burning supporters or not. Is this how they do things mark? Nobody just says the obvious Bernie you're full of it. Not, This is gonna get past there. Just pandering to the burning people. You know pandering gets, nothing is certainly does it get you respect. They ve got to get out and say disagree with socialism, I believe in the markets, I think, he's wrong. I think you'll never get it done in this country will never go there. Rights and by the way will lose forty. Nine states well
he's probably right on that. I hope he is he's right on that. I dont see this big socialist uprising rising. I see. Maybe I see by thirty percent the explained Limitless, explained Bernie Sanders numbers Eighty per cent of the Democrats are saying I like Bernie Sanders. Ok, that means. May Ten per cent of that thirty is like, I think, he's the best one to win against Donald Trump, ten per and tat is I just where I really want big change? I want big change and I'm really us such a dummy? I don't even really know what he's talking about with socialism in the end of the capitalist market and then ten percent that is dedicated die hard. Die in the streets for communism. Well, that's not enough, for enough to win an election. Is this not ended
a crass who saying hey, we'll go with a socialist it just to beat Donald trump me Nancy Pelosi said yesterday. You know we wee we just really have to rally behind whoever it is because we can't let Donald Trump Win now Nancy know you. You have to know what you stand for, and she says we had the better ideas. We have the better principles. Was love to hear your declaration of your principles. I don't know what your party stands for and I think that's a problem with most Democrat, they don't know what it stands for to do. This and for socialism order stand for the free market. Do they they stand for we'll justice. Just social justice do they stand for. All men are created equal or all men are created equal, but I mean we're not going to treat people equal,
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these TBD commies that promo code Glinda ten bucks office city, Wednesday night special tonight on corroded iris, all real details at the episode hello replicates Wednesday. This the Glen by Programme, the Wednesday night Special, is happening to night at nine p M on Blaze TV. We we urge, not to miss it. If you happen to be watching the debate tonight, because I know you can't pull your way yourself away from those great debates to be hard. Yes, can we really hard really really hard? I can't wait to see what booted judges sang but tat
you can watch it on demand at the blaze. You also watch live on blaze, tv, nine, p m. If you don't even know friend who doesn't have the blaze, they can watch it the live broadcast. They can watch it on the blaze Youtube Channel, but they will only be able to get it on demand at blaze. Tv come Pat Gray from Pat Gray unleashed welcome to the programme. Thank you make me, ask you to clarify one thing again: ethics do already asked you to clarify this. The sixty five million dead- yes, so you're, saying that forty percent of the world could get virus, so look so you're talkin about two and a half billion people, the lowest. I asked the yes vote. A billion people get it and sixty five million die a year every year every year assuming we dont come up with a nuts significant on level, but so the lowest number difficult
it's a bit the understatement, obliterate every economy on the on the plan, and yet you analyse literally, we are in mutually assured economic destruction, territory. You'll one goes down. We all go down big big thing you put on their of exuding, we dont come up with a vaccine Yes, yes, yes, you're right, we by which we still have vaccines- and you know that number and half the number and have we are still talking- thirty million people he nuts I'm ink you know you're still talking. Look. We wouldn't do the same infection rates, though you running it, wouldn't catch it at the same rate, cut it in half brought it cut it in three quarter You still talking about a lot of Pierre Cot, bring it down the flu you're still adding that many deaths every year. Let's say five thousand people died of the flu. In the U S last year.
I think it was that the wires to doesn't eighteen, I think, about hairs from so sixty five thousand people died and twenty eighteen of the flu regular flu, lets you say it's now, one hundred and twenty thousand. That's not good known. He's good is, and so it's me It is something we should be really concerned of law, term? Hopefully summer will squash it, but then it will pick back up again. We really have to pay attention to this, and we have to really look at our supply chain. Do know that eighty percent of all of our medicine is coming, China, China, eighty percent in in India Aspirin because of this is already for hundred percent higher than it was before Christmas,
sort of which we would have thought that through yeah we don't, I decided to start manufacturing all drugs in China. I I'm pretty sure this show was screaming about now during the Bush. Administration is a bad idea. You don't want to do this critical infrastructure but Mina World I'd together? So, let's make em, let's have a make our military hardware to the great that's, a good idea right really be alive. They make it in China, for Haiti looks at any rate. The item then keep all of our records. There. Do us grow all of our food make of our phones, great yeah, that I love that. So talk a little bit about the debate tonight. Tonight is the first time that Michael Bloomberg is coming on stage. I wouldn't be surprised if They have actually dynamited his part of the platform. I mean they. If Democrats and the press, they really don't like him. They really
like maybe there's a trap door? he falls through this could be really interesting because they gotta get rid of him. Yeah then offence no one is: will they allow him a box to stand on that? I think that's thing because he's only you know the President keep Saint five four. Our genes five, eight right, ex five eight somebody's gotta know he did a liar lie on his driver's license. Yeah. That's it that allow deal from the New York Times. Listen to this year. Someone was pointing out all that stuff doesn't Mamma is Maggie Haber made by the way who, like the top reporter three times, some. Rights. The height thing doesn't actually bought. Bother me size, Mannahatta shrub its size the size of terms zayigo and scale of our constitutional crisis that do bother MIKE, obviously, some political act. She rates,
disagree with you as someone who covered him in his two thousand one campaign for many years after TIM. Typically people who were not bothered don't put, on the wrong height on their drivers, licence that task yeah do we know Heidi put down in what Heidi. Actually I did actually look this up after workers, and I I say he put like five Levin or five ten and he's all I've seven are fighting in reality. Sets it's, not Dublin So I think I, like I'm getting shorter major he's bothered yet for literally cause he's clean egomaniac to this of his ego, I think, is even bigger than trumps, because he thinks he can make these declarations, like you did about farmers and nobody will get pissed because he's just like I'm just I'm just telling you things that you can't be
simply know that I know what I'm just sharing my one started. It is part of it also is there's no charm about him at all. None and no charm, and so you don't you get away with saying things. You know when Donald Trump tweets, sometimes this straight up mean sometimes when it comes to, like his height thing, he's he's between when he gave that interview- and he was like- I don't know I mean, should he be given a box? Is that even ferrety I mean he's being funny about it and clever and kind of charming about it in less your Michael Bloomberg, right we're blue? It is just a jerk all the time rights like they're running the biggest jerks in the country they got, they already have the old guy that you know you the scream? Might you all a dime by job you, kids in Bernie Sanders? Now they just have another one who just like Mr Potter
he's the guy who owns the town thinks he runs. Everything thinks he can buy. Everything thinks he's better than everyone and doesn't your stand, that you know you really. If you're gonna run for the Democratic Party, you can't say no Hispanics in blacks knew no sixteen to twenty four year olds. They just don't know how to behave in the workplace. They don't they have any skills really to be a part of the work. Put you kid. What are you doing here can't harass women, I mean he's. Forty where'd, he law suits that had been lodged against him, sexual discrimination, etc, etc. I mean, if you looking for someone who had more accusers vandam. Trump you found him these l. Pull the amount of accusers at how we set about blacks and them, then the murder rate end.
The crime in their neighborhoods about wow. How about this one last year last year, He described gender transgender people as he she or it, Sir Guy who's in a dress and as a girl's, locker room. Listen to it for yourself, if you come Station during a presidential election. Is some guy wearing a dress and whether he sheer it can go to an end. The locker room with their daughter not a winning formula for most people, they care about health care, they care about education, they care about safety and all of those kinds of things in some of these social issues that it's not just government, the EU government, does it as well focusing on a lot of things that have little relevance to people who are true, to live in a world that is changing because of tat. Now, stop stop tease, Lydia's good this is it
a message that will will really a ring loudly to a lot of people, but not Democrats, not at least not the Democrats that are you know better than actually voting primaries and that explains the Big Gay ice cream commercial. Doesn't it? I mean the does yeah he's pandering now now stared nod or everything I I love. I love the gay love the gay. As I love love, I was being on the transit system here in New York is bigger on transit than me. That's a saint trans! It ends that you guys misunderstood me. Prairie dog of this guy is just blow in himself so bandits and its leader Nancy Pelosi. I said this earlier: Bela Libya, three read this date,
Nancy Pelosi said we must be unified to beat to be able to be, do beat Donald Trump. Any of these any of the candidates would be Mr President, all. I don't necessarily believe that to be true, can't even envision a situation where he would be reelected he's work on your imagination. Could I think it's coming? We are not. We do not take anything for granted. I say we have to have our own vision for the future, but Everybody knows that we have the better vision. What vision? What vision? You can't decide whether your for the socialist or against the socialist. You can't whether somebody again in using your own words. Buying the nomination is a good thing or a bad thing. You can't decide whether you should run with the candidate who doesn't say that transgender people or it or
somebody who's all about transgendered. You can't even agree if the guy booted judge, whose gay, while talking about his husband, on the stage. Being shouted down by members we're claiming to be Democrats but he's gay you know. I mean another. On the other hand, you have Democrats who show up at a carcass who voted for him and then found out he's gay and they want their vote back so that my musings too. Oh, you didn't see the no idea out there was a. There was one of the delegates who handed in her boat and proudly voted for to judge and then somehow in the discussion the officials came out that he you know he had a husband assessments or their weight married to a man how many sorts did you do on this guy right you mean that I miss that right. She was like why haven't you talked about that? You ve met?
his main qualification. President notable legs out the guy you thank you talked about. You think it was because he was here former mayor of Linen town. What are you talking about? What it? What I'd like you know from the Democrats, what does your party stand for What is your vision? Because your views? to a big number of people in this country. Is we're gonna. Take away guns We're gonna silence those who disagree with us, We are not just gonna say: abortion is Minos, safe rate, legal and rare were now to shout are abortions were now going to elaborate, celebrate our emotions you are big time. Anti Israel. You are Anti White and tie age, your aunt, except unless they're running, unless running for your party mere again,
old white men, your against wealth, your against the capitalist system, your against any kind of innovation through those public sector and through the markets, especially when it comes to health care, that's what a lot of people think you're for, because maternal your words and actions seemed to say that so What is it that you really are are if you're, that Bloomberg doesn't fit. If you're, that you should be backing Bernie Sanders, but you seem to be going against Bernie Sanders. So what is it? You really are, or are you only against Bernie Sanders because he's it Orange, to? Possibly your power, a choice, orange to your current corruption. Although communists are much more corrupt, there really good at corruption, they usually you all of the wealth. Is it that
or are you just afraid that he would wish he wouldn't win that it would be another George Mcgovern but there's no way that a communist or a socialist could win in America. So you're only saying your against it, because But time isn't right, I'd like to know could sum to be honest in the Democratic Party and tell us what they really believe This risk subscribed to Pat spot guessed tat, gray, unleashed on eye to eye hard and everywhere gallery. I guess get it on the I do and as whilst Youtube and Stew does America, the Glinda programme as well, owning and managing a home in the Trump economy continues to be much easier to do than it was in previous years, the housing market. Now, if you trying to buy a home two years ago. You can buy same home and you spend forty eight thousand dollars more
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can financing dot net american financing animal us one eight do through three, four W w w dot less consumer access, dot org is legal in that programme You know you better, be careful what you have four because blue. Berger seems like a cloud now, but in many ways, will talk about this later on the programme. He is very much. The Democrats Donald Trump even the things he saying about transgender and everything else
he's saying these things and it's only really offensive to the woke part of the Democratic Party. If he the main stream of he is the candidate. They really have in some ways found their Donald Trump he's a guy who doesn't air he's a guy who will say anything he's guy will buck his own party the resources has massive resources. I mean he's, dangerous candidate for Donald Trump. I think it's interesting If that's burning him now, is not the sort that would burn him in a general, general he's gonna have some problems with guns and glue warming and doings of that nature were now it's stuff like well girls shouldn't be allowed at our boy shouldn't be allowed in the girls locker room that might not connect to a wolf com guess voter, but it will connected average person whose I, of course we don't want it's gotta, be
trusting to watch how things pan out and what happened at PETE booted judge is gone. There were two mayor, Beco PETE you around better, make a statement from the stage denying, although if there is a sidewalk tsar, I want him on it. I want him on a job to fix those. I logged forgot all those hours. I miss them. Every night local police departments cross America receive under the calls from burglar alarms and the vast majority of time. I have no idea whether that alarm, Israel is a real. Crime going on or not, and the alarm company can tell him now they say is emotion sensor when simply safe home security, however, is different. If there's a break and simply say uses real video evidence to give police and eyewitness witness account of the crime that means police dispatch up the three hundred and coming up
I talk to you a little bit about the corona virus. We have a big Actual tonight would taken two weeks to do these Wednesday night specials. We take. The staff we assign me no one. The staff two weeks the research right and produce they won our special and tonight Corona virus and the if to fit. All the stuff in one hour is real I mean it is truly Sophie's choice on which gets. The show and one doesn't seconds or we're going through some of the stats on corona virus and what it really means, because I don't think people really have an standing. There's! No! do you think you understand it? I really don't think most people do now so we're gonna try to go through and we really tried to show the difference tonight in the special between what's fake. What's real, what's confirmed? What's not we'll go over some of those things coming up in
and I'm really more stuck on that last clear that Hilary play that was fantastic. What but show is that don't worry, no really such a pretty sir. I was just is that really would have children. What chance that good watch snugged. Now I've seen that jobs, not back the fusion. Entertainment and enlightenment and all America, the new number today for corona viruses, seventy five thousand one hundred and ninety five. That number is completely bogus. That's we're coming from the chinese government. Experts say that it is probably closer to three hundred and fifty thousand that are infected. If we can
that and deaths overnight jumped twenty percent were now at two thousand and nine deaths in China with the corona virus. What is it? What does it mean? We have spent coming up tonight. At nine o clock are Wednesday night special. It's on the on a virus, but I want to spend some time just going over a bunch of stuff that we really have time to put into the special kind of the basics of what is it? What do we know? What are we not know and then giving tease tonight of what you should really pay attention to all that begins in one minute. As that programme, you know I, my father was Baker and he was a great great baker, Great Baker, He also when he retired. He became a Walmart greeter for awhile, and he was the asked Walmart Greeter, my dad. Could
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they will give you great rates on the hotels they said they have pool anti of occupancy. Tourism is down, don't worry about. Why? Don't even think about that, but there are offering great great deals to anybody who wants to come and stay in Hong Kong, so role. The dice roller dice go to Hong Kong, another advance judge of the of the the virus is labs, is in America, could be a lot cheaper this year, lobsters are big portion of the main lobsters and Atlantic lobsters have all been being so to China. Some reason? People are in eating out as much in China? I don't know what it is. Weird, that's weird. I want other positive yeah energy use down. Fifteen percent in coal, because
the entire, which proves the thesis of Samuel I'll Jackson and that movie, which ongoing spending kinsmen, where he's once they really psych of virus. That's gonna kill right people to save the environment, it would work. It would All you have to do is already yeah. You can kill em or keep him in their house, there's some affair many things that we have found online and end Jason, but real is with us, and he is my chief researcher in and staff writer heads head of the writing, a staff and- and I I asked him to take this on and tell me the difference between truth in fiction and there's a lot of stuff. We don't know A lot of really important stuff, we dont know but alive, The videos that we're gonna show tonight that are coming out of China are real and they're pretty terror. Fine. When you see when you see the the guy- and I don't have you heard this Jason, but the guy who we know we have the video of go-
through the hospital and seeing all the bodies in the body bags, and said, hey I need a huh, a day for our hospital he's in jail now that guy's amazing? So he absolutely amazing. He he made the most american sounding statement. I've heard since I think seventeen seventy six I mean No, that's another, weird, like a side effect from all this all the dissidents that are coming out in the autumn night, he he was arrested. I think, then, let go because of the outcry that said hey. What are you doing? The party is out of their minds right now, so they were forced to let him go now. He's been rearrested but you'll see any in arrested for spreading false information, but these guys as these whistle blowers. That's the same thing that the guy who first reported the corona virus edge reported it not to the world just tried to report it to his fellow workers at the hospital saying hey
of Euro hospital worker there's something you go and ah there's this new strain of virus? I dont know what it is, but just where protection, if some coming in with flew like symptoms. The Chinese communist government arrested him forced him to recant. They published it, then he's mysteriously get sick himself and dies pretty quickly, but before he dies he's in an interview with, I think the Hong Kong Free times or something like that and they have him. You can hear the respirator in the background and the heart monitors and he just talking about here, forced to do the same, things. This is bad a lot of these videos that I'm going to show you tonight have all been vetted in there all legit, and this has been a hard process.
Because there's so much disinformation going out there, we ve already debunked one video, that's completely fake. Thank you talked about it last week that wins out the rest of them, though, are actually really when you see these, it's it's two painfully obvious that we're not getting the full story, and the problem is that the chinese communist government is hired between fifteen. Grid and three thousand journalists to only go online and right stories debunking the truth, So writing the communist line, and so you don't know you have. No. Idea what's true in what's not in the worst case scenario and they're, not doing that there, the writing those stories, but there also look like very critically writing these stories to get people in line so that all of us state, run media outlets or writing these story saying look all these things were done, that's handouts frame, look only how all these great things were doing to protect you, but I guarantee that's not what their met for their meant to say, shut up, no your place and get in line
we'll show you it's insane will show you pictures that they are proud of Bohemia, proud of of the harassment by drones, draw we are now flying all over the cities in China- and they are coming in low and they will say they effectually com, anti or uncle and they ll say add tee. What are you doing on the streets without a mask and they'll can be like a whole. This is kind of funny and comes town right, Adam and says you need home now do leave your home again, you know to be wearing a mask and the you can see it in the eyes of the Chinese are kind of like this is kind of funny, but it weird am I in trouble and they always end with we're watching curve watching we're watching you, I mean it's true-
Five, though there one says you you broke the law and order are outside of your house now drawn will follow you and straight up it those dollars and always airway it is in, say here and there doing it kind of like what, when there were being released in China there canal almost like have did you notice is like the Benny Hill music behind it and they speed them up as their walking home to make it kind of funny and not spooky its really bizarre. It's real Lee bizarre so use that tonight because we're we're looking at what China is doing as a big state. They are late. I mean how do you keep basically, almost the eastern seaboard in their homes would the United States government say hey by the way everything really everything from Sir accuse down
to Atlanta and to the ocean every stay in their home. How how it what you to rewrite laws. Yom every area vote, have to rewrite laws they already have them, but to keep those people are three remember your leg, what every two days one since let out to go shopping and that I don't think it's true anymore? I did see that the air the ooze like for it beginning you, you could go out to get some food, but now there is no foot there, no stores, hoping nothing is working there. No transit, there's no grocery stores, nothing. People are literally trapped in our homes dying in their homes. Are we gonna? Do The video of the guy is being locked into his into his house, outside their like it's for your own good news. Like the lock me- and here I don't have any that's very good, not only talking but bachelor
facing a steel bar on the door. Distant double make sure that he Cancun, Some of the other videos where they're going in and there's likes its it reminds me of no like- in a war to you, know like nazi to movie, where they're going in Jews out of their homes their going in like some zones where they suspect they suspect people might have a case, and we ve got video of this one guy that filmed across the street and they're going to police kick the door in they go in grab a couple out, forcibly separate them and they're trying to fight the police off they forcibly separate them, throw them in the back vans they Baltic often different direction. It is saying, is that we are the welding videos real, where they ve been welding. People's doors shut in times of eager eyes, now I've and see about it's funny because they would fit. I dont know if they are, but it would fit the whither dealing with us in the media. So strange to I heard someone said the other day like this is: is this Thea, as is China's Chernobyl and then the persons as well as that we obviously not to that scale, but
it is an already died in Chernobyl? Was fifty nine people died? Internal give us, I mean the after effects when, because of their denial, nobody d, but he died that nobody in the town died from the after effects in but, as you are well aware, the worker- and that was part of their denial and look about Chernobyl was serious. But, like this looks, this has the potential to be much much worse. They were talking about it as being the scale less than Chernobyl? This is much good. You're right I mean it is. If we find out that they knew for weeks and weeks it didn't When you think about this than I did, I mean that everyone seems to be reporting now is largely because what because the way their society is structured right, he is the ultimate competent man at the top I was mixed. The right decision, that's what I whistleblower said. He said that idler he was like a net group text. He was like hey. I don't know what we are not talking about this, because there are their studying some of these cases and military hospitals and their dying and there
saying hey yeah. This is it. This is a public health problem, so we only know so let me give the stats that we we do now They say today that it is seventy five thousand one hundred and ninety five. That's up about two thousand overnight connect these the people who are that are and to be infected. When I went I was doing the stats. Am I wrote this last week. It was forty five thousand correct that is, I just had to change it that you, how is over thirty thousand yes seventies, doubled dumb? in size, so it's at seventy five thousand. However, we don't believe that that number is anywhere close to agnor at most most people who are willing to speculate and I've got a story about Michael Bloomberg, folding to China. You can't you can trust our own press here, because they are
in bed with China doing business, and so they want access and will not question and give you the truth, because they'll lose all access and its on its just apps Lastly, unbelievable and unreasonable. Them not to at least say at the top of their broadcast. You know we it Bloomberg NEWS have major outlets in China and we, a deal with the chinese government. We are reporting what we can according to the chinese government. That's all you have to say Let us know you're you're not willing to I say that because you don't want to lose your place in China. But you have to tell me well that when lives are at stake, wait to hear the story about Bloomberg NEWS, it's incredible, but make no mistake there all doing it. They're all do,
it so anybody who will go on the record? They. They believe that the actual number of infected now Is over three hundred and fifty thousand, I that number curious. Even at that level, only because your pudding, seventy five million people, locking them in their homes. Seventy five million people- that's you know, take take California and just say, California, is completely quarantine. Everybody stay in their house. That's would we do that for this? The wood it certainly wouldn't be for something you shouldn't worry about, would give you reasons why you should worry about it, but it's not necessarily that it so fatal most seasonal flu viruses have a case fatality rate of less than one in a thousand people. So why
in a thousand people less than one in a thousand people will die because of the Healer Seasonal Flu in China. That number is twenty now with this that way, print than Sars. Sars was more like a hundred, I think. Wasn't it wasn't at ten percent. Sars was tsars, was that we would like eight or ten fifty. I was like the thirteenth eighteen percent, okay, so more deadly yeah, much more deadly, but this is still over less than one percent regular flew. This is twenty people in China, There are some conditions that change that outside of China will go into that hearing. Just a second. By the way special tonight we're doing our best to give you all of the things that We know it size way coming up to night, nine o clock only on blaze, tv, it's the Wednesday night special. If you watch it live you watching on blade.
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love, they say anywhere from the lowest I've heard is thirty percent. The highest I've heard is sixty percent of the globe of the entire population will get this out of that two percent of the people will die if it holds true to what's happening in China. I am not sure that it will. The death rate is lower outside of China for several reasons, but that means at forty percent that mean sick eighty five million people will die, that's significant and by the way till we find a vaccine. You'll have to have like a flu shot for this every year, now, We are still badly the flu much of the flu that we battle every single year is still a strain of the nineteen eight spanish flu, so this flu is going to be around for a while they believe now. It's
will travel in saliva through water. In the eyes, therefore, close contact Kissing sharing cutlery, you know: hey. Can I have a bite nope covert. Nineteen You know using any kind of utensils, make sure you wash your hands and all that stuff. That's all is in play there. Also, however, can be spread, third hand, so you get the virus, you don't know you have. The virus for as long as twenty four days they say fourteen, but it could be as long as tea for days, you have it and its growing in you, and you don't know, and in those fourteen Twenty four days you can be infecting others. That's what makes this so troublesome, but that has an even worse Rach the surface of what I'm really concerned about we'll talk about that too.
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Welcome to the programme where we're glad he here we're talking about the corona virus which a lot of misinformation that is going around an dis, informational, much of it from the Communist Bloc of China. But the thing that we're in a show you tonight We are actually doing an interview with somebody who is in containment Harry and isolation, because they were actually helping. People in China and then came back to the United States are there in isolation and it's interesting to talk to somebody who has it and he's only what he doesn't have it. He doesn't have he's tested. What is it every three days? I think- and he doesn't have it so far, but he could have it and he's pretty optimistic
about things he seems I dont know will we'll talk to him tonight, but he seems a little too trusting of the Chinese. However, you know he he has to say certain things if he wants to go back and help people, and he does definitely want to go back in and help people and be a cause of good in in China. So interesting conversation with him tonight about what it really means now here's the one thing that no one is talking about the corona virus, as I reported about an hour ago, coming like land Rover are currently, according to the irish times this morning, they are currently take suitcases to China loading them up with parts throwing them on a plane because they,
We have about two weeks left of supplies to be able to continue the production line from Land Rover. Now I dont know how big the suitcases are or why you just can't just put it in A case, but there actually filling suitcases with parts and bring them back, so they can finish the cars on the line and they say in two weeks were done that stops production and this is happening everywhere- they only one. That's really benefiting this here in Amerika at this point, is three m. Three m makes the end ninety five mask and they are in constant twenty four products: twenty four hour production right now. I I believe in Ohio and We are shipping. Many of the medical supplies over to check
and when I say medical supplies and only medicine, I mean masks and goggles, and things like that. We unfortunately don't make Edison here, at least in the volume that we use to, or we need to eighty percent. Our vaccines now come from China absolutely insane eighty, so eighty percent of the raw material that we use to make r r r medic since come from China, and then this is even scarier, in my opinion. Ninety percent of all antibiotics come from China, not the materials you know took constructed. Though the antibiotics, ninety percent of them come from there and when you but those numbers compare, do you know you and you are reported on India. What what's happening to the price of aspirin energy analgesic, which is aspirin up four hundred percent since Christmas week. So I guess How-
much of the raw materials they get from China. Eighty percent, exactly the same as us now, I dont know why their supply is getting to the point where their prices of our scattered, what are our numbers or eggs, are a carbon copy of India. So if it's a if its, if you could give you a crystal ball, if this continues, that's what you're looking at crystal ball. If that is true, is that doesn't look good? India is has already been fighting, recession, because of the krona virus. The facts, because the law of their market comes from China and and a lot of their goods also come from China. There very close China trading partner and because of that,
They think that China, now that India is going to hit a massive recession. I was reading a story today about how you know we look for black swan events, and people are saying that they stock market doesn't make sense right now the stock market should be taking a massive hit Does apple just downgraded all of these stories that I read was apple. Landrover cash Walmart cost Go Ralph Lauren these trying to give a basket of it. Pretty much affects everything. How motive go apple? Us forty nine billion market value over carnivores, forty nine billion vis,
is going to take them a long time to recover when the market starts. Really pricing in the corona virus they're afraid that this could be a black swan if it starts to spread outside of China. Do deeply it's real trouble if its contained outside of China decently we're gonna, we're gonna dodge a you know ape. Possible silver bullet. However, the impact alone on China is going to impact all of us because remember we we talked about this years ago, that, the solution for world war. Three was found in the book by Karel Quigley
He was instrumental in putting all of this together and he talked about it in his book tragedy and hope in nineteen sixty two or three any said. The tragedy is two world wars in half a century, the hope comes from our solution, and it's not just mutually assured destruction with nuclear weapons. It is all Oh mutually assured economic destruction, and so all of our economies were tied. This were globalism really started and it was still it by a bunch of people who thought you know. This is the best way to stop another global war. If we all tie our economies together. No one will know one will go up against the other, because they'll pay just as bad of prices. The the quota unquote,
sir will so nobody will do it and the whole world will be vested in saying stop fighting. So that was that that was the plan, that's where we get globalism, that's where we get mutually assured destruction with nukes in its where we get mutually assured destruction, economic destruction and the according to that plan, at the time, the only thing that could disrupt that is, if a a tribe, a borderless, and flag lists tribe decided they didn't care about the destruction cause. They don't have a country, they don't have an economy. If they came in and tried to stop the order, there would be no defence against it. Likewise the the other way to destroy. It would be some sort of pandemic, because, if cha Anna catches, a flu. Remember that use choices about America. We are then,
one economy. If America catches a cold, they used to say if America sneezes the rest, the world catches a cold. That's because if our economy slows down, we are the provider and also the buyer of so ouch. So if we slow down the whole world, does we been keeping the whole world flow? Remember most of the world has not recovered from the two thousand. Eight financial crisis not recovered. That's hard to believe we ve had what our stock market is up. What four hundred percent, something like that. China didn't China, is still what fifty or sixty percent of what they were in two thousand and eight. Most of the world has not come back to where they were in two thousand eight we're keeping the entire world afloat right now, but China is the second biggest economy and
When you have all of these companies here in the United States based their earnings, which Wall Street watches east on seventy five percent growth in China over the next two, years and now all of a sudden, I can't sell anything in China for half a year, because everything is closed. Those earnings go down which then has to re evaluate the price of the share which causes stocks go down, which causes companies to have too tight, their belt and lay people off is. The chain reaction This to me is the scariest part of this. In the short term long term, I could scare but Jesus out of everybody, including myself, but I'm looking at the short term some is coming, flew season goes down in the summer; it can't survive in the summer. It goes on
hibernation, but we will have it again, but China doesn't get back to work if they don't their steel mills right now, Exchequer Exchequer was planning on. You know really blowing things up and rip. They can't get the steel from China. They were trying to to get the steel. This happens with cars, and everything else we are buying. Steel were buying parts elsewhere and if we can get the Parts if we can get the basic minerals and we can't get the basic stock of what we need. We can't do anything and they're not back to work by April for and I mean full production. We begin to close things here in
April, you might start to see things. The store shelves in Walmart and target start to be a little thin because they're not getting the products they need. If they're not back to work by April may for sure you're going to have a problem getting getting product in the stores all the way up into September, if stores don't have product, they can't sell we don't have to be sick. If you don't have the products the stores can't sell, the stores will have to slow down, but companies will have to slow down. Lay offs will happen and what happens when that happens? The person in office is blamed, for it broke as knock innocent. Barack Obama will come out immediately, say bat that right there, that's the trump economy
right there, that it started around August whenever the collapse started, that's the Trump economy and you saw how fast John Mccain lost Maine. On the the financial meltdown two thousand eight. It will be lost overnight. I urge you to, Do the responsible things keep your family. Naturally, intact hold on your money manned. Reuse, repair recite, I'll do the things that you need to do, and you are. So you're not spending more money, so you have it. I would urge you to pay
they're not for a pandemic, which I think this will become at some point. Would you agree with that? Jason with what we don't know yet, yes, I agree, so I think I think emphasis on that. I think this will become a pandemic. At some point, I'm telling you to prepare for shortages if Don't have an end. Ninety five mask soon you're not gonna, be able to get them because, three m. Is shipping them all to China right now, if you, if You have things that you, we are family need your family wants. I would stock up on those things now. This wholesome she'll happens to night at night. P m. You don't want to miss it on blaze, tee the dot? Slash Glenn you can sign up now use a promo code, Glenn and save ten percent. It will be broadcast live tonight at nine both
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So I want to tell you this story about Michael Bloomberg. I mean sky is a frequent nightmare. Bloomberg is remember, Bloomberg NEWS. This is financed the news he made his money by what was the name of that device that all stockbrokers use to Bloomer Terminal terminal Ghana some raising expensive terminal. That gives you all. The news almost dark information to do everything on this terminal and they still use it. Don't they bring worthless imminent, like it, it's a beastly, an old timey computer. That was really valuable many many years ago, but now like going you any phone, you can do these Iraq trades. You don't need that anymore, but it still in use, so that's how he made all of his money and then he started,
Burke NEWS, because Bloomberg Financial was doing the terminal. Why not? Just we have Bloomberg knows so He is news and he the news that the financial sector looks at. Which makes his news organization directly. In tune with your wallet. If, if blue, burg, is doing something in financial news that is not giving a true picture to Wall Street that affects your retirement. It reflects a reflects. Your so it's it's even more so than CNN what we need to know what's happening. You know in politics, while we can watch that Bloomberg is supposedly giving the data on companies countries and everything else that the financial sector looks at so
is he hiding something about China? Oh my gosh. Yes, we'll get to that. Coming up in just a few minutes, also the one who was a Democrat is now an independent who was tired of being told to shut up and sit down, stood up and cheese. On our show. Next wait until you meet her is. She is a woman that I find I didn't you ever new of hurrying else until she wrote a piece for medium, which is really great. Can a thinking website where you could you can really explain things and long term?
and she wrote something that was, I thought the way my parents, they, the America, my parents used to live in where you can disagree, but you'll have to hate each other lie about each other in and save You know we're all poisonous she had been hearing about. You know how we know Trump supporters are etc, etc, and then she started seeing in her own circle, people that were torturing people had she agreed with and really kind of agreed with some of these people they just wouldn't lock, lockstep one four percent in She said I don't I don't like this and she went to a Trump rally and she's, not a trump supporter. I don't know if she changed your vote, but she wrote this really thoughtful piece of
about you knock it. Can we stop hating each other cause? I think everybody wants to stop hated each other she's on with us. Next Well, as we look at the world today, and we look at how device did we really are? Is America truly divided. Have we got to the place where there is no return back to common sense and common decency, where we can disagree with each other and disagree with each other vehement Lee, but not try to kill each other.
Think the other side has to be wiped out there. This group of people and we about a yesterday on the programme of this. This brand new study link was from Johns Hopkins. That was talking about how conservatives are are abused. On campus about sixty eight percent of the time. People are saying that you I've seen, conservatives beat up over, you know their viewpoints, their silenced, etc, etc. The extreme laughed The really the only part that didn't have a problem with that. Their groups, you know eight there. The moderates and everything else, they thought this was wrong to silence people but the extreme left they disagree.
I want to introduce you to a very, very brave woman, who is a writer and author a psychologist. She helps you and then in the workplace. She was in finding peace and any kind of resentment, whence on the internet, and so she decided to do something about it. Can't wait to introduce or to Europe in one minute. Death is the global programme are. We have a special on tonight on the corona virus. It's our Wednesday night special. I urge you to watch it, encourage your friends to watch it. We're gonna separate the fact from fiction thereof, I'm scary things in some? Not so scary. Things are some good news and bad news on this worse news of is, I think, what it could do to the global economy. This season
it's gonna be around for a long time. I don't think it's his deadly as it is in China. There won't be here. Perhaps we have to pay attention to it, but a lot of things going on right. Now, if I told you this morning that term Landrover is actually taking parts out of China in their luggage, because they only of have two weeks worth of supplies to keep their there, assembly lines running, there's gonna be a real. Packed and shortage of things because of the crack down in China and how people are really truly sick. I mean they ve theyve theyve quarantined. We like quarantining, you know, half the eastern seaboard. That's what they ve done, a mad the impact on just the movement of Amerika
let alone manufacturing. If we were manufacturing like China is so I would urge you to prepare yourself not for some global pandemic, where we're all eating dogs and cats, but just for shortages, of things you might want to check out. My patriot supply right now go to source for emergency planning. I encourage you to of the look at their special. Their running especial for the next four weeks at prepare would Glenn dot com. You can get forty five percent off a two week: emergency food cat. That's breakfast lunch and dinner. They last up to twenty five years. My patriot supply ship, them fast indiscreetly, you know things are not going to be running at full capacity. We could start seeing some thing
missing from the shelves at Walmart, at Cetera from China quickly, God forbid anything, would ever happen and get real bad. You know Chinese or now that there no stores open. They don't have my patriot supply. What do do in that situation, prepare yourself and then let's pray that the the worst would pass over us, which I think it will, but there might be some bumps along the way, prepare wicked Dot com go there now prepare we Glenn dot com, Doktor, Carlin, Boris, go. She is an organizational psychologist, and she is somebody that I read and I think the entire medium peace on the year. I've never done that. They tend to be really long, but I thought every word
of what she wrote was important. Is she wrote a piece after attending a Trump rally? I realized Democrats are not ready for twenty twenty website is and workplace dot com. May I call you Carlin? Yes, absolutely? How are you I'm I'm doing? Well had a bit of a week over her glad. I'm not gonna lie. I bet you have. I bet you have I first of all things for coming on, I would imagine this. Is last place. You ever thought you would be on I'll. Never in a million years. I think this is what happened right right, You are a Democrat, and are you were we were a Democrat you're, an independent now and it's mine, we had an argument back and forth its? My understanding that you, are still going to be voting for a democrat or possibly voting you're. Not you haven't changed to a Trump supporter of love or voter right. Well, I really
no. No. I mean I don't know who my options are in the general election and I think that there are absolutely some some pretty high profile contenders that I will not vote for under any circumstances, so we'll see so tell the story for anybody who didn't read tell your story. Yes, so I you know I had been going on this journey for the past six months or so where I was really starting to feel very uncomfortable in an echo chamber that I had created for myself and I started the listening to this debate. Conservative voices and they kind of all culminated when I decided to go to the Trump rally in Manchester New Hampshire last week, I thought, if there's anything I I can't think of anything bigger. I could do to break out of my very liberal, ECHO Chamber and every one that I talk to you about. This idea was genuinely concerned for my safety, and that includes people on the left and the
They were both really concerned that I was going to be physically harmed at this rally, either by their supporters or by a teapot or whoever. But started to go anyway, and I discovered that you know: hey shocker. Their debts outwards normal people that are really really nice and welcoming and wrote about and you said at one point: you thought those people were despicable and even deplorable. Oh yeah lily, I definitely he went through a phase? Probably for about a year and a half where I really thought that you know anyone who supported president Tromp was at best supporting racism. And at worst downright racist themselves, while where did that come from? I was watching a lot of MSNBC Algeria and then why did you become uncomfortable,
I'm a meter and in the knitting community- and I know this sounds bizarre, but it is a hyper political, a community at the moment where they have these kind of roving gangs of social justice warriors just attacking people, and being them indiscriminately, as and when it is up to us left up you're asking me to process way too much. First of all, I think most people didn't even know that there was a knitting online knitting community and Oh I'm seeing knitters an roving gangs occurs: Social, Sir thing just doesn't fit here: it's not what, expect well listen. I understand the feelings, I didn't expect that either right by I started seeing this happened just over and over and
again it at some point. I started speaking up within the knitting community insane guys. This is wrong. We should be doing as and when they came after me and at that point, and I didn't get it as badly as a lot of people dead. But at some point I do said I cannot align myself with these people politically issues, it's wrong. What they're doing you talked about how one person was bullied so bad online that they they became, suicidal yeah yeah. What what what are the? What were the arguments about sowing his case? In particular, he started speaking up when the mobbing first started happening, and I swear I'm not making this up. All he did was post a poem on Instagram at asking for kindness and asking for people to just see each other as human being.
And he was marked by thousands and thousands of people and when he any what eventually to go into the hospital and then his husband posted on Instagram that you know, please stop a hate youth in the hospital, and I just got worse and kept escalating after that. Those really is really too bad, but thankfully he is. He seemed to a really rebounded and now is good. Lot of support from people like me. So, who are these people that are in these raw roving mobs they're, just their people on the very far laughed too that any time something sticks out to them that it outside of their ideology? They try to pressure people in the kind of bending the knee and and issuing these massive apologies, and you know pointing out all the areas where they are wrong in their lives than transfer, bacon, homophobic and Bat Bobby, and all these things, then it just there there I mean Odin. To be blunt, I think they're kind of this horrible misrule people that want to make other people miserable oh you're, starting to sound like a conservative, I know.
Does that mean this? Is this? Is the thing that real We been warning about. There's there's disagreements on things that we can disagreements on policies we can go on, but when you're trying to shot people up and you do it through fear intimidation? It's it's a very of foreign, kind of concept to America. That's not who we were? That's not what made us great. That's not what made his big and anyone who is doing it on any side is really engaging in some really dangerous stuff? because it always ends the same way. I totally agree and when we'll started telling me to shut up specifically. That was when I started really taking a look at it because for me, your expression is a gift that we have all been given end and if we want to change people's minds, you have to do it through conversation, not through intimidation, so You said the day you went to the Trump rally Emily
b c was there and so you. You were two were you, you wanted to go up among some familiar territory. First, so you went and what was your experience there that morning, I was wearing red. Had that looks kind of, like a trumpet says, make speech free again. It's my little protests against cancel culture and yield a is always a conversation. Starter and people struck up a conversation, and I said: oh I'm thinking about going over it. From rally- and they were like, don't do it they're going to hurt you they're going to harass, when one woman even offered me her peppered spray- and I just said I, you know, I think I'm gonna be fine. It's going to be okay. So what was, though, what were you won't? your thoughts, because I'm sure these people were being genuine. Yes, so what we thoughts on on that especially somebody of your profession, that you look in
these people are genuinely care about my safety there really warning me and it's all, most unhinged from reality well yeah and I think that you know win win literally. Every single person around you is in fear of your safety is really hard not to question and say what are they seeing that I will see, but it is also an- he said that I knew I had to do it at that point, because I knew I had to see for myself what was going on So what you wrote something interesting in your article about your hat on it is viewed by both sides. I I can't hell you how how I now who Jonathan Height is ideal, yet ok, so often did kind of the same thing that that you did and and he he told me that actually started listening to me and he said
I am listening to you and I'm thinking one direction, and he said I realize you speak about things and do not necessarily use the same terminology that all the other who conservatives use and he said so started Qana crack my mind, open a bed and, unlike all now wait a minute. How does this makes sense and it's the same experience that you went through by listening to other conservative friends and other voices, and I have experts is it myself where you can go into a room and just not by changing what you say just By changing how you frame it, though, the entire thing changes and You can make all kinds of progress with people and. It's funny, because we're really, I think the average person generally fighting for the same thing and
did you just don't know it, and you think Other side is totally against it. Explain your hat What I mean my had for me issues I got so tired of people tried to cancel one another and starting bites with one another, and so it was just my small little. Not that I am the first amendment for me is one of my core values. I feel strongly believe in freedom of speech is so incredibly important and so that message. I was really trying to articulate with it, but I completely agree with everything you have said to you in a reminds me of the phrase: what resists persists when we fight aggressively again something we just make the problem bigger and that to me as a reflection of what's going on right now in that you know especially, and I You know my liberal friends might disagree with me, but I see it coming more from the left and the right or their fighting so aggressively, and they don't understand that their just making the problem, bigger or who really continue our conversation in one minute, stand by
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were not necessarily big government. This is in the early twentieth century. They were all about theyve, the rights of the constitution and the bill of rights. Are you that kind of life oil or you, a progressive liberal. What what kind liberal are you yeah. The first signed I very much in our fundamental liberties, I tend to be actually pretty said dressed with some libertarian leanings. That politically- and I guess I'm just looking for a candidate that that's going to make a common sense solution than that's going to compromise and that really the bigger. Thing for me right now. So do you see anybody that the left is offering up would tell me your ideas of the candidates, why you would or wooden vote for a guy, so I think the ones that I would consider voting for you now I came to tell he gathered late and I obviously don't they share the shine the nomination. I think that what the left has done to her eyes,
an atrocious in terms of the character assassination be careful you're, starting to sound like the Glen Back Programme, just wanted to know you're on your way over your head here. More surprised at this. Meanwhile, that what is already I voted for people to judge the New Hampshire primary. Now I will for him, mostly because I came to know him very early on in the campaign. I think he's Pandora way too much for me lately. I voted Bernie. When he sixteen in the primary? I do not need. I would vote for birdie again now, because I think you ve gone way to laugh than I think his supporters just terrified me and do the thing would Bernie and who are in Bernie, so I ultimately think will probably be the nominee is. Then it's really a question of do I do I want to go towards socialism or do I want to go towards capitalism and I'm a pretty big fan of Capitalism Roy Oh you now, I'm so in what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on on Trump now, and what did you
What did you walk away feeling? I you know, I think they trump there are things about Trump. I don't wait. I definitely do not agree with some of his policies by also, I love what he's doing when the economy they belong to me is, then, a really good spot. I'm an organizational psychologist. I love seeing unemployment low that these people have jobs. We love options. I frankly I like some of the actions that he has taken in terms of being more aggressive towards the you know, your solemn any and all these things, so I'm not upon the trump necessarily I'll put. You think, he's just a really funny guy and I think that you have to put trump in the context of being this blustery New Yorker and not taken so seriously with every single thing that he says so we this time that today the difference between Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Is said to be mean all the time. Sometimes he can be, but me sometimes he's funny he's
got a sense of humor, making fun of Michael Bloomberg into shortness, but Michael Europe does not have a sense of humor you know who, when he says things, I think he means them where Donald Trump you're gonna have to it's it's weird cause. You got some of the things he says you have to take over. You know Reality and others you have just blossoming he's just to ease just stirring the pot. That's all rolling and like I love a good troll. I do happen like let yourself laugh at these things, but it was in a blue markets, the nomination, and especially if he brings Hilary with him, I swear. I will Beaufort from purely spite wow So the question I really wanted to ask you: are there other people like you that are starting to wake up to the democratic possess of just playing. What see with really dangerous people. I think there are people who are starting to wake up. It's definitely
hard. I've done so I mean product thousands of messages over my story of people, saying I wish my liberal friends and family would read Beth I tried to give it to them and they just won't. I think that Oh, a yo in in small numbers are starting to wake up and I really do think that November is going to be a giant wake up call and it's going to be interesting that they would happen well. Thank you very much. So respect you, even though, I'm sure we differ on one tonne of things, I really respect the courage of anyone who thinks out of the box and dare go against their own side for what they believe. And I wish you all the luck that I could possibly wish you thank you so much for being on, and you lend me a bad. Doktor Carlin, Boris Sancho Hazy Programme are so much.
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happening in this new story. Now you wouldn't think that that would be an actual segment right, because you can figure out news stories, but I think that's changing right. I would like to read this new strategic. I read it to me and I would like you to identify what has. Kurd in the store. Ok, can I take notes, you could take note. Ok are and are now there's two to a silica. That's ok, one one do they act, tell you what happened in this new story now be why I would like you to answer that question. Ok, number two! Then you can start to just guess at what you think happened, but I would like you to keep it fact bay, just to see. If I'm just saying I don't understand it. Ok, ok, I'm going to read or you know the answer tat. I do not know the answer couple. There's not a fund not acquire. Ok speculation, as is the part. Ok are now I'll. Even give you the headline you don't have to
Our guiding am, I argue, that much smarter than you August Erika I dont need. Are you ready? Rosaria Dawson, Rosaria Dawson has come out in a candid interview, candid in which she discussed her relationship with Corey Booker. Got it in. Doesn't eighteen Dawson shared a post on Instagram in celebration of pride month, which many at the time took to me. And she was coming out herself A conversation with bustle, however, of course a bustle who doesn't read but exactly or listen to bus. Thank you. We have all over all of their. Magazine their website. Cities Silesia. There, while, however Sheikh verified. It wasn't her intention to do so in the post, though
she is now officially coming out. People is a quote from Rosaria we'll keep kept. Saying that I came out. I didn't do that. She said I mean it's not an accurate, but I never did come out come out. I mean I guess I am how, though Dawson has not shared how she identifies she added I've. Never a relationship in that space, so it's never felt like authentic calling to me into in eighteen. She shared a post writing happy pride month. Sending love to all. My fellow algae BT, Q plus home ease, keep being strong in the face of adversity, LAO Proud There's a little throw bike to last year: twenty feet high.
Broke thousand has a low lying. I this represented, it does not say little okay, this is all ok die. In Booker, went public with their relationship in late, two thousand and eighteen after months of speculation and the This has spoken out about dating him in interviews. In an interview with women's health. She opened up about the sweet morning, ritual they share, telling the magazine every morning that we don't wake up together here, and me a song does so glad he's this raised, I mean which means every morning mean I have to say I have to say you know me right I mean I eat. I haven't had a man card since I don't even know when one thousand nine hundred and seventy one make sure, but even he makes me sick to my stomach.
Regarding energy ends with which this means every morning. He holds our relationship in his mind and heart for a few minutes before he goes off to his big day. That's the end of the story. Ok, what occurred in this story, so this is not here, but that get no, I'm not I'm missing something. Nice people thought she came out and then they were getting came out, his gay, ok and and but she was dating Corey Booker, and so there are like all what's happening. She's come out, but she's with gory, Booker and she's. You know things we things about Corey Booker and now she was like no, I didn't come out. Then I didn't come out. Then I've never had that relationship. She may have had those few things, but she didn't have their relationship, meaning a relationship with the one with a woman yeah and so now or you know, transsexual or whatever, we're and letters you one of the letters and, and so then she started dating Corey Booker
and he is so bad as a man. He turns women gay, that's all number was after one option number. So this is how the process works. Vodka should number two is Corey. Booker is now a woman and she's announcing that she's in a lesbian relationship. Now. I mean that would fit the store right? I mean, I would say they didn't rule it out. Yeah right right. Tell us sitting rule anything in man and early in up. I saw this yesterday. I just read the first paragraph yesterday and had the same feeling I was like we are. Are you saying that Corey Booker is a beard, Are you driving right? I don't know what they're saying in that story. But they are squeezing code right and correct me if I'm wrong coming back to the same point in my head: if You are saying she does sharing how she identifies that is in the story, though, does
has not shared how she identifies, or coming out, don't have to share? Shall you identify just coming now? She saying I'm one of those letters. I am one of those so she's coming out now to your business, which letter like I'm one of those letters, GDP for Glenn, but I am also well MA, am I was born a lesbian. I will only sleep with women: I've only I didn't do attracted to women. I guess I don't know exactly how that works. Out of they know. I don't have a mandatory some white stone and guard, but you're right. They don't know journalism work, because I think what I think what's happening here is that no case this community regulations. I just know, even though I've read the whole story multiple times I dont know if this is true, but what I think happened here she has come out as a b.
So she is saying she is a bisexual she's dating Corey Booker, but she's never actually dated a woman but she's attracted to women, but is not currently attracted due to the women because she's dating gory Booker. So I think she's, bisexual, but I don't have a clear idea, its door likely that Corey Booker's, no woman, I think that's the US and obsolete. I didn't think about. I think that is the first option, or that he's just so awful. Yes, a boyfriend, he let he literally turns away my luggage that I'd be possible, but I think what's happening now. Is, I think she came out as bisexual oratory because of what is possible. If we really want to use every possible equal, don't you say it's equal shares, yeah sure, but they're so woke.
Because your hasn't actually set it. They can't say yes, so they're, trying to tell you what it is without telling hanging it, because I can't say it for she hasn't come out and identified herself as wasn't no one at all. They don't want to what they don't want to do. Is they don't want to out there? one out her, even though the stories about her outing herself right story? Is legitimately titled? Rosaria Dawson has officially come out in latest interview as what, when you walk out of the door, people see you there. Port of coming out of the closet is because then you are now visible, you're, no longer hiding in a closet and your visible. But if you don't tell people what you are you're, not visible, you're still in the closet, if you could explain what letter you are, aren't you still at the closet? Guy with the machine, one of those letters, one of those letters, but that's just picking. That's it she's in one of those clause, It's you still have you ever you're telling me that
money all and let's make a deal somehow not an american tradition for many years that you don't know. What's vine Kurt number one girl, never letter, I could never do. I don't know it's a plus right. If you knew there was something there. I write you knew you were gonna get a prize. We know she's gonna get a prize. We just don't know which one so do know anything else about her nope. Do we want to know anything else about her nope? Can I give you another situation? You do want to know anything else about yes, so letter the came into slate we have all of their magazine. Cds, Sir bam whatever whatever I is, we have added bustle yes and buzzer. Now her big, I would take a quick moment to pause here and let you know as apparent he happened to be with your children at this particular moment. It's a wonderful time to find a moment.
Switch to another station to talk about, may talk about the volume down promised us that ok, Nora and two a day when I will give you a chance, because you may be listening on your phone and it's a long walk to your back pocket and so I can give you a chance. We stop take breakin and come back because the story this worry, is disturbing on so many levels and we go there next, in one of those things where everybody saying something because- can't say anything else right when you, yeah, we're the can't judge area judge our we all know it by the way another glimpse prediction came home yesterday at another saw this, didn't you talk just say yes to polygamy, they stay decriminalizing criminalized is a bit, I believe tat. We did ya know our age, there is their rebellion,
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sat that's car shield, dotcom or eight hundred car. Six thousand mentioned a promo code back its car shielded dot com deductible may apply. I think back So we I really want to go to. Slade article and just remind you. This is all being mainstreamed and
where are we now and who is who Democrats, who are Democrats or liberals? Listen as you're just joining us in your with your kids? Get time not be with your kids so hearing up dear how to do it from sleep. My wife and I ve been in open marriage for about five years. On the whole, our relationship has been uncommonly open and supportive. We strive to encourage one another to explore in even playfully pushed the law its romantically and sexually. Now this is where it gets dark. Isn't that adverse price great I arrived, they were all that IRAN has fought for Islam I've known or my wife has been interested in incest role play While it is my cup of tea, exactly exactly than a cup of tea is my wife came to me and said I want you to pretend you're, my brother. I don't think I respond with not exactly a couple of tea, but he says there have been willing to help support her
This kind of fantasy involves you're sure this is where it gets very, very dark and very varied twisted much worse than has been so far too often we like to eat our love, and if I don't we're almost there often she will have me dress up as her father where his cologne, no MIKE while she will wear her high school clothes, do? You gotta run at this, but you should get your car dr any direction, then not have children with this woman recent Lee, though things have started to move and an uncommon but her action for that wasn't uncovered and a half that now is by without I like to be. Let me play your dad. My wife is very close with their older brother, who is also by and with whom we often speak very openly about sex and sexuality. If you like few nights ago and after a few drinks, my wife got to talking fairly explicitly about some of the family role playing that he and she and he or she and I are into and her brother.
We thought would be create. A horrified was not only entirely supportive but vaguely expressed interest in explore doing this with us. When I got home, expected my wife to make it clear that our brother, ever ever, joining us in the bedroom was entirely off the table, but instead she's We think it was a really good idea while in principle. I don't have a problem with me. India, all impermissible, very principle? Guy earlier principally doesn't problem. The principle is having sex with your wife. Brother, your wife's areas, while at the same time together so that the principal yes, ok achieve these, only very limited area principle. What's the problem right, she bought a mine I am just worried about how they could be something really like profound your idea, I've just worried about how this could affect my relationship with my brother in law. Is there a way for me to do that to make this happen without getting weird
no no, I didn't straight out. No, no, no, no new be happy to hear that the slate Thou columnist was did not say, go for it. It's a great idea That's what I thought that I got a guy. What a Christmas back there is this family picnic. Sadly weird this is legitimately legitimately the at the advice. Doing incest with your wife introduces not just strings but a potential tangle of them. It's courting drama You courting, I sort this drama veins the problem in zest. It could make hall These and other family get togethers, especially uncomfortable for you, that's but worry at times like this all out, are you gotta get this it like this imported failure? Nosair? Thus, if you're thinking about this I've, gotta users isn't important important just heard about that. I don't think you should do anything.
Makes you uncomfortable particularly if it involves having sex with your wife and her brother, just all Remember that advice that, if is take any show beautiful, don't do things that make you uncomfortable port, Dick in early I was having sex with your wife and her brother, so that is lay that is really good. Starting to show their tomorrow in programme.
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