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Did Ukraine Just Ask for World War 3? | Guest: Chris Bedford | 3/16/22

2022-03-16 | 🔗

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed a joint session of Congress asking for help in fighting back against Russia. Pat Gray joins to discuss Ukraine’s request for help against Russia. Glenn goes into the dangers of a programmable dollar that’s tied to your name and your inevitable ESG score. Glenn and Stu discuss the absurdity of America being on the brink of war with Russia as a Russian lawmaker is demanding that American territories go back to Russia’s ownership. Senior editor for the Federalist Chris Bedford joins to discuss his latest article, “Two Years After Lockdowns, the West’s Troubles Aren’t Ending — They’re Just Beginning” and the political disconnect in society.

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when you are about to here. Is this: entertainment and enlightenment. the program
hello, America, the President of Ukraine is doing a virtual address to Congress he's about to speak right now. Nancy policy is, I dont, know talking about plastic surgery, whatever it is, but we'll get to him in sixty seconds stand by first, there are some things in life that you just can prepare for, protect against, but having your identity stolen by sea, the criminals doesn't have to be one of them. Nobody can stop all of it or monitor everything, but your information is online. All over the place, and every day there is no shortage of people that would love nothing more than more than to find your information and use it to take everything that they can and everything that you have, I want sign up now, save twenty five percent off your first year of Life Lifelock, Lifelock dot com, Lifelock dot com or call one eight hundred Lifelock dot use the promo code back for twenty five percent off do it now.
Here is the president of the Ukraine, his virtual address to Congress. My colleague tryna, ok Nancy come on schists snorri, her hearers. Thank you very much, sinus be good for members of Finally, the hunger as late as in the Americans, Americans, friends, the only way that I am proud to grant you from Ukraine from our capital, immunity cave, there's, no you're a city that is undermining rise to Greece from Russian every day. it doesn't give- and we have then even thought about it for a second just
like many other cities the communities in our beautiful country, we found themselves in the worst war since world war. Two, in my case, I have the honor of you, mean you agree or not. On behalf of the ukrainian people sprayed we will end and freedom alarmingly. People who for heresy I've been resisting the russian aggression, those who give their best Jarvis and to dog scale russian invasion, in Vegas right now the destiny of our country is decided the destiny of
We limit whether Ukrainians will be free or your demo, whether they will be able to preserve their democracy. Russia has attackers, but it's not just us, not our land, not just our cities. It went on the offensive Bygones our values as the base. Atlanta values lead to it through the tanks against our freedom against our right to live freely in our own country, choosing our own future again, where the natural, desire or heaviness, I our national would just like. The saying I ask you how you Americans, just like you,
like anyone else in the United States. I remember your national memorial in Rushmore each year. It with the faces of your prominent president of those laid the foundation of the United States of America as it is today, is a democracy, independence, free to grow and care for everyone for every person for everyone who works diligently lives honestly curious with the law. We in Ukraine want the same for our people. The war all of us that is, normally jarred of your own life. I need, ladies and gentlemen, I urge friend Amerika, restoring Europe. He agreed to history, have pages that will allow you to understand me the ring and understand ass a now when you leave right now
We need a new right now. Remember: pearl armor, each terrible warning of December seven, nineteen, forty one when you're sky wasn't lack throttle lanes attacking you. I remember that. Do they not remember September, the eleventh sleeping a terrible day when lot went from August, two thousand and one when he will try to turn your city's independent. Well, you territories in battle when the innocent people were attacked, a born attacked our of air, yet the yes vote just like you know who else expected it. You could not Now, then, Andrea experience, the same everyday right now. At this moment, every night,
insidious. Illiteracy of death for thousands of people Russian troops have already filed nearly one thousand missiles, countless bombs they thrones to kill us then there. But this is a terror that Europe has not seen has not seen for eighty years, and we are asking for a reply before an answer to this terror. terror from the whole world. Is there's a lot to ask for. Flies on it's own over Ukraine to save people, but is this too much to ask humanitarian no fly zone more, something that Ukraine and Russia would not be able to terrorize our cities? If this is true
This is too much to ask that we offer an alternative. Is this? Do you know what kind of refunds systems mean niece S three hundred and other similar system? You know how much depends on the battlefield beyond the ability to use air. You have our full wrongdoer aviators to protect our people our freedom lackey more aircraft, that kind of how do great cream, what the Hell Europe. And you know you exactly and you have them insufficient, but they are on earth, not in UK I just want to defend our people. I haven't read any of these words yet unknown to each of you. Today I can say I have enable what I need to
I need to turn our sky. I need your decision even your help, which means exactly the same saying. Do you feel when you hear the words? I have a dream about Ladies and gentlemen. Friends brain is bringing to the United States points or well well, being poor everything that you're a man and your people that have done for us for the weapons and ammunition for training for financing for leader should have been free world which helps us to press today, aggressor, economically, I'm grateful to president bite and please universal law, but before his sincere commitment to the defence of rain and democracy for all over the World CUP is. I am grateful to you for the resolution which recognizes all those who commit crimes against.
Green ends, the ukrainian people as war criminals. However, knowledge of these, it is in the darkest time for our country, for the whole of the knife. Call on you to do Neither of these constant looked every week until the russian military made me stop. So the corrections are needed. Why everyone on this and just the regime is based. In fact, we even proposed that the United States sanctions all politicians in the Russian Federation who remain in their offices and do not cut ties with those. Ties with those who are responsible for the aggression against Iraq from state. Do most men present. What are the last official who has said that lack of moral to break this terror, all Americans company, he must
believe Russia robbing their market leave their mark zone we immediately and because it is obvious that, with our blood, gentle members of Congress. Please take believe if you have companies in Europe there is finance, an irrational military machine leaving business and Russia. You should reflect Gresham. I am asking you to make sure that the Russians are not receive, as I think, I'll paddy that they use to destroy, not people in Ukraine, destruction of our country and the destruction of Europe. All american work should not be closed for Russia, but we, important than income, and we have to defend this principle in the whole world. We already became part of the. Coalition of Anti WAR coalition that unites
unites many countries, dozens of countries, those who reacted to accede in principle, two rather than put this decision to invade our country, but we need to move on and do We need to create new tools to respond quickly and stop the war, the full scale. Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February twenty. Fourth- and it would be fair if it ended the day that it will be in twenty four hours. That evil would be punished immediately on the big screen so to redistribute today today, the world does not have look what they're doing such tools following of war past have prompted our prompted to create institutions. should protect us from war me to day unfortunately, don't a botched- we see it. You see
so we need new ones, new institutions, new alliances and we We have proposed to create an association with you. Twenty four, united For the United Kingdom is a union of responsible candidates that have this is Anthony, consists of consciousness, committed, stop constantly. That's immediately. Provide all the necessary assistance in twenty four hours, if necessary, even weapons if necessary, sanctions humanitarian support. the share of to keep the peace and quickly, but the saved and quickly to save? The world to save lives. In addition, such association, such union, provide assistance to those who are very natural disasters, is man made disaster who fell victim to
Is there civil war epidemic? Remember how difficult it was for the world to do the simplest things can be distributed. Vaccines, vaccines against coverage to save lives and prevent It was strange. The world spent months years doing things like that, much faster to make sure there. there are no human life. Is Make dams? disenchant ominous Americans, if out of If such a list would admit, is today that is used when you, for we would be able to save thousands of lives in our country, but in many Those who need peace is not merely those who suffer inhumane. Inhumane destruction. I asked you watch, one not know what the russian the russian troops did mine in our land, we have to stop it.
Revenge, revenge, I single seek to seeks to subjugate other nations. Please watch the video so now he's going into a video that is showing all of the streets and cities of Ukraine before the Russians came in, and then the bombings that were happening and showing the same cities showing scenes of children being killed dying. It is quite graphic, Babies being wrapped mass graves, just absolutely destroyed. Cities
the president of Ukraine is brilliant at using the media. The so many so many images that you haven't seen since, just just I, I guess, we've seen them it's just very reminiscent because of where it is of world war. Two, still the video of children
the either in hiding or in the streets, the hospitals, the. If you see what Russia did to Chechnya, the this is pretty much what they did. Then it finally ends with close the sky over Ukraine. Please Ukraine please and We then turn back? Two president's Lansky here in just a minute. Let me just quickly so we don't have to stop. Let me tell you that this portion of the programme is brought to light by. My patriot supply appears the president will, tell me how much time I have Patriot supply please be prepared. We have all kinds of problems that are headed our way. As you know, in a few minutes I'll tell you about the
food shortage. That is already coming please parry yourself, prepare. We Glenn dot com, get especial hundred fifty dollar discount beeper for whatever is coming, prepare weak, lend dot com. Do it right now prepare wig? and not come here is President Zelensky, you don't need a later all Billina would it means, the leader of this list, even though we have laws and any more, he speaking English, now they're, translating the apple, rainy and sell it ass on the next to you- and I was wrong- doesn't mean vague, strong is brave and ready the fight for the right of EU citizens and citizens of the world or human rights, for freedom, for the right to live decently and to die. When your time, gas,
And not is wanted by someone else by your neighbor today, the trainer on are The only grain not only fighting. We are fighting for the values of Europe and the world in the our is in the name of the future. That's why today the american people of helping, not just your brain but Europe and the world, to keep the planet alive, to keep justice in history now- Almost forty five years old today, my when the cars the part or more and one hundred children top beating ice no sense in live, if it cannot stop the death.
And this is my main issue at the level of my people- read your brains and at the leader of my niece, I am addressing the president by them. You are the letter. If you are very patient, I wish you need the leader of the old being the leader of the. Being the leader of the vault means to be the leader office. That is the president of Ukraine finally calling on President biter abiden you're, the leader of a nation, but to be the leader of the world. You need to be the leader of peace. This is a
fascinating of of and the use of of modern tech use of modern technology. You know He's dead, there's, really been one other time that this is been used. This effectively when Winston Churchill spoke in front of Congress, this is what he said right after after said right from well. I added from a well prostate thing that would have been weird if large prostate thing. Had been weird if he would have come and dissent that that was the beginning of speech, which was shocking. It entirely very shocking bite in order for us to learn about the prostate. Thank you very much. Do ok! So if you want to just pick it up here
I'm not, he talked about how we had lost everything: cause. We wouldn't stick together, but now we have to come together but this speech is really known, as Alpha nice in speech that broad everyone together, and he just like the linsky did suggested that there should be some alliance. we would have. We would have been able to avoid world WAR two had we had a real Alliance in World WAR, one, it is it strikes me, as I don't recall a time when Nancy Pelosi or the Democrats have been this for war. is propaganda here is is quite remarkable. There there's the left side.
theres many people on the left, suggesting that those who oppose it should be arrested, a reticent, fascinating coming through the Bush ere. I know from the same people like Keith over, I know who were saying how important descent was back in the debt is, so we're not even involved in this war. By the way we should point out. Saving our war Are we not going to be involved in this war? not going to be involved in this war, at least not yet a feeling you are you are seeing. If you want to look at reality, I think World WAR three has already begun. We just waiting for the final papers to be done more in a minute, the Glenn Beck program, obsessed with supporting anything and everything that is outside of America. It is important that we focus on our country, our families, the american businesses that need for support? I want to talk to you about Patriot Mobile. I talked to you about this.
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Blazetv dot com Glenn, the promo code is glad to save ten bucks off your subscription to Blazetv welcome to the Glenn Beck program? Hey good news. The Senate is working on really important stuff Senate yesterday unanimously the partisan unanimously a bill to make daylight. Wherever that is an actual important bill. I totally agree. It's important is the first thing: they've done have consequences yeah, that's probably that's probably too true, Mitt Romney, and this is going to come as a surprise to you. Join the Democrats with the with the health, education and pensions Committee to approve a rule that keeps a a mandate in four toddlers,
Federal early learning program, so mittromney all excited about him. Now, let's go Pat Ray is joining us, so let it out of the panel We have we few minutes He just a few minutes ago, live talking to the to in people and also to the house in the Senate. He referenced Mount Rushmore, our founders, nine harbor! He eleven Pearl Harbor, he twice dream. I have a dream today the army knew that guy is the guy is very good. Is I dont know if he was a cause yesterday. Did this up in Canada? Maybe was drinking maple syrup, I don't know, but he's very good at this made a compelling case. However, What he's asking for is war yeah
to ask one thing: if you gonna dress Congress in the american people could get lease put a jacket on maybe a suit coat and are no rest. Shirt smell the egg, NATO's role wearing your teacher I yet this is my Zalewski teacher yeah with my ukrainian flag, and what does he say says it has great gray with two eyes: was it say two eyes set off ox spells Zalewski snake with two on fox? It's it's too wise. I think it's! The New York Times it's I why and in the daily mail is 2K's Everybody spells differently. Sometimes I spelled my name gray with two jeez. The nearest one is a hard g, the second one, silent repealing. I thought I ass. I thought it right that the first I was really. Second, a lot of people have that misconception. That's not the way it was my my first name Glenn. I spell with an ex right in the middle of a real g L.
But, as I write, it's really offensive that you wouldn't okay soldiers. What are your thoughts on this he's asking for more sanctions, he's asking for all? looking for more sanctions, he's asking for all companies to lead to leave Russia. He is asking for a new organization, a new global organization? You, twenty four, no yeah? I know how to help keep the planet alive. That's a direct quote. No! He is that he is asking for drones it's also asking for the west to close the skies over Ukraine, which you can't do I mean I, I dunno. How do you feel about the fighter jets I dont know. How do you feel about the fighter? Jets sits allowing the fighter jets delivered, wait, wait without I'm Krajina, I'm I'm. I'm They get my arms around this, so he's asking us now for unmanned drones, which are deadly Kay
and we had a problem with the sea. If I have this right sending newish planes over to Poland, so Poland would retire their thirty year old or forty year old migs. Send them to. I dont know some other country that nobody has ever heard of so the Ukraine, in pilots could travel to that country and we all them at night to bring them over to Ukraine at night to bring them over to Ukraine, so the Ukrainians could fly them. That's that if you're gonna That's how I would propose how I would do it is dead. They are just sing like yeah. We were gonna, do it and then we know Antony blinking one on television and told the world exactly what was going to happen right and then we have is somehow it got reversed, which what seems to really know why the reporting is that it was bite in himself who did it in reverse, This policy after was announced by Poland. He is an effect.
It really is girl. I mean I've got a piece of bologna that has more more spine and bone in it. Then the then Joe Biden he is telling every step of the way so weird what what our lines are and that we will not get involved in a war will that's the way to get into a war. When you tell somebody like Putin, others there's it's too you tell somebody like Putin. Do anything there's it's too high. We a cost to do I do wonder if we are a little too public. With all of these pronouncements I mean, can you imagine seriously if, if Lattimer Putin was doing interviews and speeches saying like by the way we ve sent ten thousand The iraqi resistance missiles, So, like I mean again, we know a lot of that stuff was going on. We talked about it with Iraq We know a lot of stuff was going on. We talked about with the right by the Ronnie, and you know wasn't on television saying by the way we got. We got five more tanks today of the.
Arrogance like they are hiding it? My line on this is, I think I mean I don't know when it became something that everybody seems to just go yeah may tell you everything we ve gotten what we're thinking instead, I would like our governments, say no comment at this time. I don't want them lying to me not, but I don't mind that they say we're not commenting on that and if the finds out stuff that we're doing. That's fine and they can say we're doing this. That's fine! but the Washington's response should be no comment at this time is, and maybe maybe bothered by the fact that if Zelensky makes it sound like we're obligated to be doing these things and the fact that we're not doing these things is not doing these things is some sort of black market we've never agreed. With that, we will defend you. We will agreed with that we will
friend you, we will send you ammunition, we will send you planes, we will send troops with much no so why is it incumbent upon us to save your country, you hired of that those lines for the world? I can understand the ask, given the position has issued he's a had two year. It does seem as especially by our media settling colleague data cowards the other day and they well. He was calling them. He drove the very word while he was calling them either of the very world just the leader of a country unless he he. Now it is it's it's all. so something that bothers me on the long. The same line is I haven't seen this happen before before, any kind of war that we were involved in any kind of anytime. We were involved in this, and this was not done. You know to Congress, this was done by Congress. This
done by Schumer and Pelosi they had to give the green To this end, it don't know it just bothers me. It really others may and it bothers me made- because we are also now is this stew mentioned earlier, threatening to put p bull in jail. The disagree. Yesterday Mitt Romney, which again is a slice of bologna, Mitt Romney comes out and says that Tulsi Gabbard he is a russian asset. and then others dog pile to agree that she should go to jail and Tucker. Carlson is a russian asset? Well, Tucker Carl I don't agree with his opinion on some of the things here about Russia. However, there
doesn't make him a russian asset for someone who disagrees yeah and coming from the same side of the Isle that spent the entire Bush era every Anyone was critical of an anti american Warp opinion, they would, they would say was the terrible and they would say that resistance is the only true sign of patriotism and all these events, as you know at Hillary Clinton, said you can probably say just the way she did memory. Clinton said in the two thousand and eight two thousand and eight
louder tired of remember that used to play this, because her voice was so annoying, I'm tired of a God an American. Just because I disagree with this administration. I read that yeah. I remember that it was the ultimate sign of american patriotism and people who say that if you get bait- and you disagree with this administration- somehow you're not patriotic and wager that America that way, I think that I think we should play that often now yeah I mean that is how far you know. I love it because we are called the radicals. I have exactly the same opinion that I had pretty close on. speech, one hundred percent, if, if anything,
I have become more free speech, but I pretty locked in the second amendment on on nine eleven. When I defended Bill MAR saying that at least the when he said at least the high, jackers in their planes were courageous and are pilots. You know aren't necessarily full of courage, I defended him. I thought it was despicable, but I defended him look at how far the left has come. It's crazy! It's crazy! talking about we're talking about what could be World WAR three and we're talking about jailing people that disagree, they also seem to be much more hawkish than we are now deaths. I mean I, I think we learned a lesson that okay, maybe we should mind our own business,
for a while. Maybe we don't jump into every fray that happens across this planet and they now I want to and isn't it bizarre that this is being called an anti globalist movement. They are now starting to have you seen this yet on the russian side of a no on the on the a p in an american side. This is an anti. This is about state sovereignty, and this is an anti a globalist movement, and it's all these p. Bull just getting together when in Ukraine and globalist ear to support, Ukraine is anti global as when it is the great reset what he says Talking about you, twenty for a new global organization to stop these things. I hits, it's really remarkable do think to add, like all the reporting was, that,
A lot of the world was not going along with these sanctions until he made an address. Just like this who go in and say, hey, you gotta, get on board and it won over like the European Parliament, Germany, then it was totally against these types of things would certainly, even because of his it's personalized speech to the to them. Now they repeat this process here to get us to do a no fly zone. I dunno, if it were I don't think we're going to do that right now, at least, hopefully not. I think that is World WAR three, but it interesting to see, Zelensky able to take advantage and Use the media the way he is in an effective way for his country right? Can you can you is there? Another for a president, now go back. Ronald Reagan, did this obviously probably better than any american president. He understood just like he was an answer to Gorbachev, tear down this wall. He understood the theatre of it. He understood the impact of it. I mean Barack Obama. Was
I didn't, we think all agree. He was not as great as speakers, everyone said, but he had an amazing team around him to package area in that way, Donald Trump obviously had a real way, his own special way to control the media that no one else was like. How can you have a presence Joe Biden, twenty twenty twenty one. Twenty two Joe Biden he can't even get through a sentence. No ability to move anyone and no ability to accomplish anything, can you have a president. That is that, Can you have a Calvin Coolidge now that has really no interest in making an impact that a year I think you can and in. Let me take a quick break and I'll explain in sixty seconds in Marrakech, answering looks like percentages are being raised, a quarter of a point today. That may not seem like much right now. It's not gonna affected too harshly today, but if they continue to raise rates. Then we have problems. This rate
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moment of truth, the Let me let me let me address deuce question on. Can you have a Joe Biden as your president today somebody who cannot communicate, can't give big ideas. Will let me ask you this, is Zelensky, said, please all us, businesses who work in or with Russia. Please stop. Well, that's pretty much already happened, but the question is who convinced the boards of Nike of Starbucks Mcdonald's of Netflix, of Sony of Coke, of zoom of EP at Sea of Nintendo to cut
breathing off in Russia who did that it wasn't the president of the United States, who did that did, they all collectively, wake up on the same day and go. You know, should get out. Here's why I asked this question: do you this is going to cause the collapse of the dollar. I don't care what anybody says. This is what will collapse the dollar and all in that case out, for you next hour,. Who's leading that who's Lee taking us into war bye. Bye. Cutting them off entirely. They are going To default today, on a major. but they have major loan They have the money, but are companies have said: Nope are banks Nope
and it's not the president that did these things. Because they don't belong to the president? It's these private companies, so they've decided that they're going to box us in and all of these companies are doing it. Did you I have a say in it: Are you going to have a say in the declaration of WAR Nope or is it just going? Are they just going to vote for drones or or through an executive order, send drones? and our voice is involved in the biggest thing in my lifetime. That's what we could be facing here biggest event in our lifetimes who's doing it? is it the really effective president or The great reset are we being led by corporations. Now this is the Glenn Beck program.
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the we're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program
hello America today. We saw an interesting. Have things happen in Washington and will see how it is going to play, presents a Lansky addressed Congress, both the Senate and the House and the President from Ukraine, and he asked for some specific things and he spoke the american language. You talked about the founders, he talked about our rights, he said I ve got a dream twice and he knew exactly what he was doing. Will that bring us closer to war than we already are, some would say were already in it as we now threat China, I'll tell you what all of this means in sixty seconds So here's a challenge for you next time. You pick up your kid from school. Ask What did you learn today?
depending on the age of the kid, especially if he's a young teen your miles likely get just a series of grunts and groans and man that's the way they talk to you and so, but try it with your younger kids, there's vital information about America that your child is not getting from school. I can guarantee it even from some from private schools they in maybe getting the exact opposite information. That's why I want you to get the Tuttle twins books. They helped immensely. They take it down philosophical, moral and historic concept each of their books about the founding of our country and put it into stories that are informative and entertaining for kids. Today, in this age, your kid are subjected to. So much woke garbage. You must
You must teach your kids the truth at home in the Tuttle twins. Books are some of the best ways to do it that I know how Tuttle Twins, Beck, Dotcom, Tuttle, twins, back dot com get a thirty five percent discount, plus all the bonuses, Tuttle Twins, Beck dot com. Do it now alright. Let me give you an update on something that happened yesterday. Do you remember the russian State television employee? That's you know stormed onto to the sat during a live broadcast on russian NEWS. She was we reported yesterday loss. Nobody can find your. Where did I put that protester is speculation was that she had been disappeared. She was not allowed to see her attorney or attorney had no idea where she was all of the police. station said no. We didn't she's, not here, Welch just a spoke out in a video recorded outside of a courtroom, she said I just spent two days without sleep. I wasn't
allowed to contact my relatives or people close to me. She was not allowed access, I'm quoting her to any legal representation. So I was fairly in a difficult position and quote yeah yeah. She was Here's what she did. She got on Channel one in Moscow. And she went behind the anchor of a very popular new show and she was yelling stop the war. She a sign that said they're lying to you here. She had said that she had engaged in Kremlin propaganda and she felt horrible about it and deeply ashamed. Well, after two days of not being able to sleep, The russian government has decided that She should be charged with organizing an unauthorized public event and she was fined.
two hundred and seventy three dollars. Now you think ha. That doesn't sound, so bad yeah, well, she's also going to be charged with false. information, I don't know exactly what the false information was there lie. To you, Kremlin propaganda. Remember there There are, there was At least the beginning, I don't know about it now, but towards the beginning, their work swaths of the population only we're getting their news from the Vienna from the Kremlin and from the Moscow NEWS I didn't even know there was a war going on you can't even say that you have. That might be what the false information in all areas of the Kremlin you're not allowed to call it a war. You have to call it a special military operation. Wealth that she's facing now fifteen years for doing that now, here in America. Is our media just stupid
or do they not want to talk and warn you about? What's coming on a couple of things we are headed for a major. Food shortage all around the world, and we are not going to be left out of it because the invasion by Russia and Ukraine. The global soup I chains for food is going to cause a global crisis that will, Fact millions of people hears It's going to affect us, the Cultural mayhem, I happened here in the United States- is off the charts first of all Russia and Ukraine, and I, when they, when they got this instead of us, but in Ukraine, is known as the breadbasket of the World wasn't at us was an hour our farmers When did we stop being the breadbasket of the world? both countries are responsible for a quarter of the international wheat, trade, a fifth of corn and
Twelve percent of all calories traded globally look What we're facing with cutting off EL per cent, or not even that two percent of our oil look at what's happening with gas prices. If you think that not coming with food you're mistaken the one of the main things that we also get from Russia and Ukraine not just food supplies around the rest of the world, but we have access to fertilizer, and fertilizer Russia has banned. The export of that. This is going to choke off. Our farmers our farmers in the south are now saying they can't get fertilizer and there, lock piling beef. There piling is the foods if they can get them. and they are looking at bad condition.
For our own food The! U N has warned that global food prices could jump. Eight. Let's already happened too twenty percent from here, why the media is not telling you these things is beyond me, but We it's just they're, so worried about misinformation and mal information and conspiracy theories. Last spring we told you, the Secretary of Homeland Security, ordered an internal review to identify how best to detect, prevent and respond to. it's related to domestic, violent extremism Here in America, a component of this was based on online activity, the damn stick violent extremist attackers, quoting DHS now often alkalize independently by consuming violent extremist material, online and mobilize without direction from a violent extremist organization making,
section and disruption difficult. The report has now been attained, said that the extremists exploit a variety of popular social media platforms, smaller websites with targeted audiences and encrypted chat, locations to recruit new adherents. They play and they rally support for in person actions they disseminate materials that contribute to radicalisation and mobilisation, to violence, out sums sounds like our universities, one recommendations is to increase efforts to better identify and evaluate images. Des and mal information with a homeland security nexus including false or misleading conspiracy theories, spread social media and online platforms that indoors violence, good thing, This programme has been against violence from the very beginning of the broad broadcast the bat
the last thing that the word the needs, so they are now monitoring all online activity and they are looking for their version violent extremists I'll. Tell you that the great reset, just how hold a war game couple of months ago and They war gamed about Miss DIS and mal information coming out from, People who have audiences about the failing banking system and the trouble with the dollar and trouble with the failing of the entire financial system. Well, I hope that doesn't happen, but I I'm telling you right now we are being sold a bill of goods and not our president. I mean
our president, the one who's getting us into war, I think he's the guy who made it very, very clear by playing the role of Chamberlain, everything he does. He sends a signal of weakness to all of our enemies and all of our enemies seem to be. Way benefiting from this? We see? to be active kind of forcing an axe? an axis power to Together, the latest we told you yesterday was Saudi Arabia They are now talking about seriously accepting the one instead of dollars for oil that is the beginning of the end of the petrodollar, which means the world's reserve currency. If that happens, we are looking at a massive lifestyle change if the world goes off the? U S, world Reserve currency looking at becoming Mexico over Venezuela overnight
I know I know it could never happen. Do you think the guy who was famous for saying you're fired whatever be present? I know it could never happen. Do you think they would close the entire country and the entire world for some That is a little worse than the flu. I mean bad, but. Worse than the flu, but not the Ebola virus, closing the entire world, I could never happen. Today I give you the news that Russia and India are now exploring alternative payment channels. So, India is starting to lean towards the axis power. What is happening right now is that we are freezing all of the russian assets,
the russian assets are sitting there ready to default. Now they have. Make today one hundred and seventeen million dollars interest payment on some of its bonds. They have Ben Loan to money, and so they to pay one hundred and seventeen million dollars on some of their bonds today, while the problem, as they have the money, but it's all in rubles and can't pay this pay it in US dollars, world reserve currency. Well, they usually just take their rubles and they pay for them. They use rubles to buy american dollars and then- take those american dollars and they wire those to the bank. Will that play. Can they not change their rubles into dollars now, because of us, we also because of our banking, They have also kicked them off as swift. Those know that no way to wire anything so they're stuck and they're going to default on this loan we're
forcing them to default if they define Lt on these loans, happens when you default on a loan there's a grace period, but and what happens you lose? It. These are their treasuries. These are the things that they have held. And they are good for it we're forcing them into it. Now I would say that much What we've done is good. much of what is happening right now is out of your hands. Does anyone else notice that you are just along for the ride on this one? I said, last hour, convinced Adidas, who convinced Adobe who convinced Apple Audi the you see, Bmw Boeing Bolt Bp Cadillac COM, Carlsberg,
never allay Coca COLA who convinced Del d age, L, Disney, Dropbox, Ericsson, federal Express FIFA or Gm Google Harley Davidson HP, Instagram Intel, Mercedes, Benz, Mastercard, and DIN Landrover Joy, Anwar Metro. Microsoft, who convinced all of these companies so forget about porn hub porn. play Playstation porn hub who Convince these companies was Our president was did you was it backlash from social media that all of these companies worked together almost immediately to say, we're leaving our assets did you know are, are air. raft american aircraft that would fly into Russia was left there
Now all of our american companies have lost those aircraft, because Putin said they're ours? What. board of Director. Did they even meet on them and have that discussion. We are hurtling towards world WAR three, and I don't I think the american voice is being heard, there's no. discussion in Congress that is open. There is no debate on these things and Are corporations. Are really wielding more public policy and foreign policy, then State Department. Is that something and we should wake up because as these debts duff all too over in Russia as they it into a box. They are building a new world order themselves
that new world order will tube the american dollar what does that mean to you I'll? Tell you sixty seconds I know note from my staff this morning. It says dear Glenn, come one step closer to confirming the identity of the person who's been stealing all the built bars from the break room man. It really pisses me off. Secure camera footage. Revealed a man about your height and build with glasses in a weird scarf. I don't know what I'd do with this. This is a ridiculous. That's you can't trust. Can anyway, I hope they catch the guy who has been stealing all the built bars there in the break room. Cuz. Have you tried their pops Well, you no not here I mean they were in the break room with a bunch of them there at one point they were ending.
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very smart people that really had best interests, of everybody in heart. In two thousand and six and seven. I was saying: look it's going to collapse, it is this there's a housing bubble. It is so clearly obvious. No, we have systems for this They are not even saying we have systems for this. All of the people. That would have said in two thousand and eight don't worry. We have systems, and then that system was completely broken and they had to come up with tarp in the middle of the night,. Those same people are now saying it on their websites. they are now saying it at the trade. The dot, Gov They are now saying it at White House dot. Gov, the banks are saying it's change is coming and the reason why is once they default
starts to default spooky word that should just scare the hell out of you if you lived through the two thousand and eight crash c d, O's and credit default swaps. When they default system has to pay people who had the fault swap What do we have the money, or does that mean even more money has to be printed to bail out those who were holding those things that have to pay them. this is what happened in two thousand and eight and are our problem with credit default swaps, is big than it was in two thousand and eight. I don't know if that's the peace or of going to be a collection of pieces. But we
are going to go to a different currency and each of us have to decide now. You have to decide now am I going to be a part of that currency because that currency is programmable, read it for yourself. Go to the FED or go the Treasury, its programming. which means it will follow you they can cancel it anytime. They can say it doesn't work at these stores, etc, etc. doing that because modern monetary theory, which I explained in my book, the great reset Second, half of modern monetary theory is programmable money. It doesn't work without programmable money, but that means they can treat you like the canadian trucker and completely cut you off. This not the mark of the beast.
It is not, but it is the technology that would allow that to happen where you, buy, sell or trade unless you kneel well that's what's coming, we not be kneeling to the beast you will kneel your question that you have to answer is: are you willing to kneel or not and if not what that mean to your life and how do you survive if you, your cash, doesn't work anywhere? that programme- real estate agents by the way there is going to come a time when we're not It's going to be able to tell you these things. So please please get the would cover copy of the great reset. I understand this for yourself: realist,
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the most effective way. The great. That is in bookstores now or a Glenn's new book not come. hey last week on the show we had a member of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus. Dear member, remember Steve Hopkins Well he told us as he does. the most heinous piece of legislation he has ever seen. That was about to be ass, it was a tri state compact bill between Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee to create a quasi governmental agency, packed with unelected officials who would be enormous power, including the authority to issue bonds to intervene in any commerce affecting the district. Even the power of eminent domain. It was
unabashed public private partnership designed to shift power from the representatives of the people to unelected bureaucrats all done under an organization named region, Smart who, what a shocker has ties to Blackrock. Well this heinous bill. I am happy to say you stopped. We were you d mail from our contacts in the Freedom Carcass of Mississippi letting us know after being flooded with calls the bill is dead. The emails. The German saw the show with a and representative Hopkins and knew he couldn't possibly presented the floor without getting absolutely hammered the grass roots, also saw the show and flooded. Those members would calls and e mails, I saw many reps posting on Facebook and Twitter that the bill was dead, so their constituents would quit hounding them. I also heard the bill in Tennessee is now struggling as more people are becoming aware of it. So Tennessee it is. your turn
As I have always said, I believe this audience is going to be a turning point. You are going to be the ones that save America an update in Idaho. There is one more chance for it to come today, but I don't think they're going to do it the treasurer says she wants the power to enforce it. bill says it should not be in the government's hand to enforce it. It should go through the courts and the average and should be able to bring litigation up if you go to a bank and they turn you down because of an e s g score. The the real story in idaho- and it is very, very sad, though, story in Idaho: is the big banks got to Europe representatives It is very clear I can show you I mean I was getting daily updates I can show you who is meeting with representatives, and perhaps I I think, I'm going Well, no. I know I'm going to share that with you
get closer to your election, because you have to know who stood with it. Houston against it and who just takes all of their cues from the big banks, the big thanks are a real real problem. When it comes to e s g and the great reset link, can ask you a related question here. Yeah, the e S, score that you might get you talk about. This often in that in a change of currency. There would be programmable money you none of these things are like familiar to any American, a programmable money does not necessarily seem familiar typically, but is it it Could it be used in a way similar to the way that food stamps Ebt cards snap cards where If you are taking money from the government for food, what we know, what used to be all the food stamps you by certain things. Yes, so the money, your money's, no good here her, essentially they don't give it to you for free. You,
by a certain, maybe a luxury item, or I feel like at times they limit like AL the whole purchases or things like that you can use the money from the government to buy things like. That. Is that how that I think kind of but here's the difference. eighty card or snap or whatever, you call it interstate to food stamp card every gets the same food stamp card, so everyone who has that card first of all, has asked for it: they have asked for help. Okay, and so that has allowed us as a people to say. Okay. Well, you know, I guess, is the deception, up in the northeast. I think they're just change this. You know you Can. I have a lobster dinner on me. Gay not going to have champagne now I in Philadelphia. It has changed where you can have champagne in a lobster dinner on the people What a surprise that the Democrats change that anyway,
can't buy what you want. You can buy What the state says is good for you and reasonable okay, but that across the board evenly. This is digital money, so it's not going to change your life. People will say we have digital money already. Yet we Do we use our debit card everything else it soon. Or to that except every dollar. In your account, your account will be with the FED the Federal Reserve. We bid of that will now their mother have to ask the bank for it information on you, okay, all the transactions that you make everything taxes, should be immediately deducted, no there's there's no it. It should kill the tax industry, but they'll have complete control and they'll know what we're. Buying Here's where the Eu S G score comes in
unlike welfare, which Everybody's rule is the same. You can't have you know champagne and lobster. This is different. Depending on your eco General score your social justice score, for instance, I can give. warranty you if you are a parent that is speaking out against the let's say, you're. Speaking out in favor of RON Desantis, and his his parental rights legislation which is being called the. Don't say gay bill if you speaking out in favor of that you we'll get a low ass score, which will then And, depending on where the limits are we'll die, and tell you well You can no longer buy things. Store.
you can no longer you know Disney is not a cloud. Anybody who has that low of a score to come in, as you a reputational risk. We can't have you here. We don't want. You here you can't buy our products but the little polo pony is on our shirt. We don't want you wearing it K and it will it. Start dismissing you. This is exactly what is in China: ok Anybody who says it can't happen here you're lying to yourself, okay, wake up the world is different this. Has to happen According to the think tanks, in all of our financial industry, it I, and because of modern monetary theory, because we're printing money. The second half of that is. They must have complete control of money, of labour and
individual spending habits. So you may not be able to go across the country for a for a family trip, but if you're going cross the country, because you want to protest, be a Lamb in Washington, D C? Of course, your card will work, you can get gas you get airplane tickets bought January six nope? you you and you you can't go. Because we've seen what you're doing on social media this is. and in here is the real difference between not we ve programme mobile, which means every dollar every cent heads your name and identity on it and It reacts to your name. You go into a store. Sorry, your card doesn't work here. It now well is programmable, but you didn't ask for it: that's
big difference with welfare and with welfare. There's a way out. If you don't like those rules, If you're re in a situation where you just can't get out of it, you have to live with them, but If you change somehow or another your way of life, either you get a job or married and you start making money, and you pull yourself out well, bank heist in a bank heist not unnecessary, you then you're doing it for Real M, rather than from your actually extra bonus for then you can get out and you can buy anything. You want again with Yes, g! you didn't ask for it, trust me soon soon you will start hearing talk about how. this has gone on stable. We need new stability, The value of the dollar what's happening with Ukraine, what's happening with China, we've got to change it.
be good for you. There will be bank holidays we're going to and to this new FED digital dollar, it's not going to change your life at all. It's just like you're using a debit card, now it's going to be run the same way except it won't be and you will because of an emergency half too take this FED coin? They will, then tell you where, trade, your! U S dollars! You got them in a bank transfer those over to the FED Bank will destroy the? U S dollar will give you sixty cents on every dollar that you have towards this new FED coin. They in this emergency guarantee you will reset the world's loans, the bank loans, they'll they'll, all that stuff down, so they get relief but
who will not get relief. Your loans will not be lowered, so. Your question is have this. It will. The only currency that will be taken, the only other option will be barter, but I guarantee you that will be illegal. Do I take that most people will say yeah because it's no big deal until they have it. Then they realize every time they disagree with the government. Their score goes down. China. So, are you going to go along with it and just be a part of that? and God forbid somebody sounds like this- takes over That system you're there. All you have to do is inject that ship into you, and if you got that far, this will be easier for your own good. How
far? Are you willing to go, and if you don't take it What does that mean for your family. what does it mean to have? No, as PSG score, you know, lose be bothered by this, the amish. You know be bothered by this. The people who have already spit themselves out of the system, and are already living in a community where you know Joe fixes cars and bring him some. I bring him some vegetables that I grow my garden and we just saw. That is the way I think that's going to be Frowned upon and power, Oblique illegal as well, but what Do you get to a point to where you're like hey, I fix cars and I don't take the FED coin. But if somebody wants their car fixed if they leave it on this corner, on Mondays
come by and pick it up just leave some meat in the back seat. For me, I mean What we get to I don't know I don't know, but every one of us are going to have to ask this question and it's crazy. Is it now sounds it will not sound crazy when we come to it. I take that back It will sound crazy for everyone who hasn't heard the warning in advance, if you did hear the warning in advance. There will be a perfectly good reason, and most likely it will have to do with this war and what's happening with China and Russia and Saudi Arabia and the price of oil, and will disrupt our dollar and we will have to do something immediately and most will be so freaked out. It will happen so fast, they'll just go along with it. That
when it won't sound crazy to you. Dismiss this warning at your own risk, because you won't have time to think about it when it comes? it never comes praise be to God that I am wrong. But I am telling you is coming fast. Actors in you hope. and hopefully, with more time than I think back in a minute Hey the FED is raising their rate today, most likely if they do we're in a whole different kettle of fish But american financing would like to talk to you about your credit cards about your your mortgage. How much How much can they save you.
every single month, reducing the interest rate on your mortgage or your credit cards. They low mortgage is either going to be a thing of the past, or it's going to go into insanity. Where you know they're, paying you to borrow money, and you can always change your mortgage rate if that, energy happens right now? You need to save money and you need to get out of those high interest credit cards. Most people don't know their credit card interest me most interest rates for most Americans is about sixteen percent. Do you get out of that? If it goes to twenty percent? Twenty five per cent answer: you don't call Eight. Now the raising the interest rates most likely to day at two p m Eastern a merry. In financing, call them now, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty you could save as much as a thousand dollars a month in some cases, aid
nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty americanfinancing dot net american financing in MLS eighteen, two thousand three hundred and thirty four ww dot w and Nmls consumer access, dot org The free newsletter today at Glennbeck Back com. This is the Glenn Beck program more on Ukraine coming up in just a second, even as it has been sitting around here. Listening to you talk about the stuff for twenty years now, it still seems I will say, a sort of hard to believe this country could get to the it does the place your talk,
If it does, I dunno I mean I and again this is I'm not saying this is easy to swallow. I'm not saying that everyone- I in fact I think of the majority of this audience- doesn't grasp it, but our door Your thinks you know, maybe that's about side, because if there's any ADI Zealand letters were but is perfect for that sort of limited his audience yeah most people won't be because plate. Look. It is it's so hard to even imagine that stew. I said and we may run out of time here I may have to talk about in the next hour, but I for the first time. am now looking at. This scenario in a completely different way, and I think it's worth explaining that to the to the average person, because it almost impossible to believe, because we've never had anything like it, but
have to understand. This is exactly what is happening all, where the world, the social credit scores, are happening. and they are coming to the West, they are to the west in it been hard to believe that we would be locked into our houses two years ago? Would have never thought that that was possible. The Glenn Beck program the
and Enlightenment the program
what lessons have we learned from the past few years? What are we really learned as people have, we really learned, don't give more power to the government because they will use it in to it Attarian ways we learn that lesson. Have we learned the lesson that nothing is off the table as we are talking about nuclear weapons? for the first time since what ninety ninety three and it's actually possible. I don't how probable, but it is actually possible that we could be in war with Russia can what what are we actually learn that we have a learning curve on any of this I'll explain why I asked in sixty seconds
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your first bag for free, just pay for shipping at rough green dot, com, slash back recalling three three Glen, thirty, three! That's eight three, three Gillian N, thirty three. So still. We are now in a position and the weird place. at some of these things that we thought were not going to happen, for it will give you this. if I would have said to you that Joe Biden, is going to tell China. you better not fill in the blank or you will receive significant consequences. Would you have said a year ago that he's the guy to do that, but he would ever do that now. If I told you that he was going to do that, while we were being on the edge of a
war with Russia. Do you think you are, I believe that no I mean just look at his his action to that dentist and correct right, totally different united and goes and you're, not even going back to the EU to the inauguration. Now by what I told you, we were gonna, be possibly on the edge of war with Russia. Would you leave that no I want to avoid it, especially with these people in control of on If I said that the Russians we would be on the edge of world war, three and that the country that it was going to all come down to was. Ukraine and Russia was going to say that we're developing nuclear weapons with Ukraine and there casting it to all of us. Our country. Would you believe that
Would you have believed if I said oh by the way India is going to start part ways with us and Start to charm, up with China, and they will be one of the first in the world to drop the. U S dollar, as the petrodollar I'm in Europe something we one hundred percent no would not have occurred with Donald Trump as president. It's that more any of this other stuff, Modi loved Shrub he Modi loved, of more than Miladi at us. So I don't I mean they that there's no way. He would be doing that in this situation. If I told you that Putin his mouthpiece. And there needs to be reparations from the. U S over sanctions. and those reparations would include not only all of Alaska. but also that they were claiming all
the arctic and Fort Ross. California, I would say that when I wouldn't, even just before you set it I've what we already mean they're, claiming that there are plans poor, Ross, California, it's a small area, Sonoma County it was of the russian Empire Southernmost outpost in North America. It was hold off in eighteen, forty one their claim, they deserve it back. I gotta say I didn't know that didn't know that wouldn't have no way. Any of this is possible right. None of it doesn't seem possible how about we're? against the war, and the guy, who said the next war, will be fought with ones and zeros. who is also part? now if China, who has
literally a skyscraper full of people whose only job is to hack into our systems here in the United States. I told you. We are on the edge of war, and no one it act into our systems to shut things down by anonymous packed into the russian New the Ukrainian held by the Russians power plant. How many things do we have to say that you wouldn't have believed a year ago before you start to say I can't say that will never happen. Asking you to believe anything. I'm just asking you to think differently forget even the last month, just the covid, variance has convinced, now the You just can't rule things out.
Completely really were on and play probability still and still be right, being sceptical of the worst case scenarios often, but you can't rule things out after going through, that, I don't think I'll ever. Do it again on Covid nineteen, that January before it hit here don't fear the virus fear the economic consequences that are going to come from it and at that time I I look at their locking people into their houses. Quote that would never happen here right. It did. It did Here's one thing that I share with you: two is a massive change in me, man, change for twenty years I've been trying to put a puzzle together, without even knowing what the puzzle pieces were I remember when I first started this, I put up, my chalkboard in my office. Okay, what
the things that, if you are going to have a revolution, you would know need to have you need control of the natural sector. You need to have the control of the schools. You need to have control of The police force, the army or air. Like twelve fifteen items up on the board and most of them I thought not going to happen. They have all happen now, but I've looked all of those things and I've tried to pee The puzzles together, I mean you've watched me, do it for twenty years: ok, the tides foundation, but who's really behind the tides foundation, and how does that work? And oh, my gosh George Soros. We keep falling him here. Airs Hitler, Clinton, but what does that mean? How is how the weather underground involved again. What happened there.
and we would find the same people over and over again I can. Can you to do that, Three years ago I put together a chalkboard, and I said I and tell you how and in what order these are going to happen, but these are the eight steps that lead to the end of the chapter of America in the beginning of a new chapter of what, be called America and the last thing on it was the trust, implosion where we will. we will believe nothing no one will be believable and there'll be a asked implosion and That's when the real trouble began because all of the big players begin to unite and enemies across the sea see us as we can. They begin to night, and I said at the time, then a war will come.
Because war always comes in these times, because The easiest way to reset everything without, everyone going crazy, Can you do it in peacetime? You can't do that. You need a crisis and a war is the only thing that can go on and on and on that by the time you're done with it. You don't even remember who you were you just are glad that is no longer happening. Gay. Something has changed in the last two weeks, and Is this I'm no longer looking for PE, I'm no longer driven to look for the pieces other than the pieces of timing. I, Since I started doing the research for the book, the great reset two years ago, that has everything in it. You need that that. Is the story. That is how it's going to happen period. It is
I don't know, what's going to come first, I don't know how they're going to deal with it, except for, but I'm no longer looking for, for instance, tonight show on Blm. Why would I do be one now? Why am I supposed to be You will understand Beale and it was really about and you will see it through the eyes of the great reset for the first time and everything makes sense ev, a bit of that makes sense. It is remarkable and by the way, who's coming in to clean up your lamp. Do you know they don't even have an office? We don't know How much money they even really made. Nobody really has a handle on that everything. Sketchy, we don't know who's even running it. We know that they have at least ninety million dollars, who's, even running it It's a fascinating story, but we do
who's coming in to clean it up. Marc Elias know who he is He's the guy who oversaw the m Steele dossier he's guy, who was the Clinton, the clean in conduit that did all that here, the guy who went every into every blue state and said change the election law. Let's if these facebook things into your he's that guy up so another Clinton advisor Wait until you see this tonight. I blow your mind anyway the thing that has changed in me is. I'm no longer driven and believe me, it's not something I can stop, I'm not ribbon to figure it out anymore, I, for the very first time- and this came to me completely-
unexpectedly and kind of freaked me out been looking for twenty years. What is it going to look like when it comes I haven't had a second to think what does it look like after I've I've known you know these things are gonna, be we no part of it, but I haven't, did like my life, your life I can speak generally what it's going to look like, but How does the individual handle this? What is their life going to be like. That's where I am now and that's a big deal for me at least That's a massive trip wire for me because. I don't know the timing, I don't I don't know exactly what order it's going to happen
but I know the players and I know the device and that's where I would like to see any whose willing to go there to start going there. You have understand the great reset and again tonight, It will go over the Blm Aspect and it when you look at it and you understand the great reset your like. Oh my gosh, How did we not if we would have had the great reset as the decoder ring, we would have seen so much get the book. The great he said it's available in stores. Now one it sold out. I don't think it'll ever going to print again, there's even a bigger paper shortage now, but get it I'll it's available in. Hey per of hard by copy you can get it wherever books are sold, get it now and
when you get there and you understand- and you can at least you don't have to believe that a new digital programmable currency coming, that's crazy and you can say to yourself, I can dismiss anything as crazy anymore. Because the I thought was crazy, has already have Do I need to remind you, the Pentagon, verified. Alien space, crafts, okay, do I need to remind you of that, probably because most people are going every time. I say that to somebody there like what, when Covid nineteen, nobody. detention. It's like something that we thought, while others. What would happened to religions. Have we found out that there was ably into what would happen to the society, and would we all but nothing? The answer is nothing. Nothing would happen. When we vote,
if I nothing would happen so don't tell me that something is too crazy to think about It is only those who think out of the box entirely that will make it through and be able. to lead others, do not put faith in man, do not put your faith in party, do not put your faith in me or whatever everything could be gone tomorrow. man will always disappoint you put off, of your faith in God, think out of the box. And we'll make it to the other side?
There are heroes, it laid down their lives in service for their fellow countrymen, and it is a blessing when we who have received the benefit of these hero. Sacrifices can do something to give back every Since nine eleven, in which almost three thousand people were killed by a terrorist attack the tunnel The towers foundation has been doing just that when it first sponsor a military member doesn't come home and young children are left behind tunnel. The towers, pays off their mortgage to live the financial burden and bring their family to stability for cattle. Fifthly, injured veterans. First responders, tunnels towers, builds mortgage free, smart homes. enabling our most severely injured, heroes, to live, more independent lives and now got something called operation home base. Tunnel towers is gifting, tiny homes to homeless veterans our nation's heroes, the people but their lives on line for us? for our freedom? Let's help can we.
Owing tunnel to towers on its mission to do good in their honour. All you have to do Be part of this amazing movement is donate eleven dollars a month at t two dot org with inflation and you'll never even notice. Eleven it'll be like twenty cents, soon, eleven dollars a mother tee to tee dot, Org, that's tee the number to tee dot, Org ten second station. I do the alrighty then, Welcome welcome to it glad you're here the inflation situation is going to be does do you think that they're going to start raising rates aggressively, like the Volker error, Nera end no right of knock this out. Now
because no powers of vulgar back, like my keel knees, a big proponent of vulgar books if, as the these are FED Chiefs, by the way. I look at him he's dead example he's the guy who came in Carter, administration, early Reagan, administration, Jack the rates up knocked inflation and lead to multiple decades of of prosperity. I think that's going to be unless you read what is it like? The Baker report I had a friend who was sent me something I was like. The banker I've got some news letter than only bankers Ray. I'm a nerd dotcom high under duck come anyway. It talked about there, is a major bank that is in trouble, one hundred and fifty billion dollars they had to loan. Last week to this bank. We don't know which one of the big banks- it is okay, but they're already in trouble you. With Russia, possibly today Defaulting on their on their
it's going to and that's going to happen, whether it's today or not, we set the c d o market on fire. That's what happened in! Oh wait. You can't you just can't drain this money out of the society you're going to need more liquidity. but he has to make some moves or the people who understand how inflation works, they're going to start going? Okay, FED's done. They have no, credibility and their? What they're telling people now are signalling is that they're going to raise rates, but not to those levels of the early eighties. It was a give. It was twenty percent twenty sent interest rate in in the nineteen eighties. What would it take to suck all of this money back Kay? and twenty less aids, twenty percent for how many years would it take? What about? And what about three percent
cause. That's I that's the target. I've heard. That's the target. You've heard three per cent. They want to raise it to three per cent. It's basically a zero now. So what you have to do? Look at our national debt, thirty trillion dollars and add three percent to that. thirty trillion. Do the quick math through a trillion? I three percent interest how how much budget is eaten up just buy into payments alone, I read a lot for even institute to give us these, but that's that's what happens? That's what it's not just ours, it's the federal government it at like four or five percent interest. I think the entire thing the entire budget is eaten by interest rates. So
how are you going to solve that? One new dollar would be a good idea, the Glen Back Programme. Ok, I want to talk about. gold I do not buy it for an investment. Although I bought my gold twenty years ago, and when I started talking about. It was about four hundred dollars an ounce. If you want if you would have bought it a you know. Just a few years ago you would make money as well it is a long term thing, but I, I'll tell you I buy it for us hedge against insanity when The world goes crazy, it destroys itself, and then it returns to the gods of the book headings and they go back to gold that It's coming. China's doing it right now. I want to know
the special is happening. A gold line right now, with every graded five dollar gold, Indian purchased you're, going to receive one of the unique silver mind your business bars at no cost. call called Goldline now ask them Why is Glenn? What does Glenn by? Why did he buy it that way find out from gold line if you're already a client, you can call him for additional bonuses, but call him to find out right now, eight hundred and sixty six goldline, eight hundred and sixty six Goldline or Goldline dot com. The great reset the new book from Glenn Beck is available at bookstores everywhere and at Glenn's new book dot com
Chris were Bedford. The founding partner of right, forge, which we have time I want to talk to about, give send, go sure, made a huge mistake by not being a partner with you, you're. Also the senior editor of the Federalist and I wanted to bring him in because he has a he has an article out two years after lockdowns the west troubles aren't ending, they are beginning. So by way welcome a great article, Dang laid out thank you for thanks for having me looking at this covered. The end of covert policies are kind of happening right now. People are feeling springtime normalcy. asks are finally going off the children. This morning the masked went off kids in DC. Ask public schools for the first time, and people have this in, this reaction to say we can we can we can move on, but I dont think that code, if this is the end of an era? I think this is just the beginning of an era that we're entering into in the west. We've just made a map.
Last two years we have changed our relationships with every single major aspect of our society are churches. We have a different relationship with because a lot of them were closed for periods of time. They did. I know a lot of our little secular lotta people fell away and never returned about twenty percent. I think less and less seats in the peers right now, because people who use people will tell you, sacraments- are essential to to eternal life, for it to don't worry, you might get sick, that's a break and faith in our relationship for the teachers are lately different when they were the parents, are now under the under the boot of teachers. There in charge parents weren't even allowed into their schools to check on their kids or make an appointment for years. The relationship with politicians are completely different date now and the bureaucrats they make the rules. We just answer them we're all in this together, you're selfish to say otherwise, our relationship, even with the police. If you're in a place like New York, city or California for officers, who are already under assault all over the country. Now to come in and arrest people with their children for dining out early,
ships eaten with healthcare workers, someone who will we start with these folks on our side now they're saying a husband of covert Campi with his wife was dying of cover. They have to die alone. You can't see your parents when their dying. You can't someone who's got terminal cancer or hold your baby after you have one, because somebody I got covert weave Teen entire west interactions with our with our society, have completely fundamentally altered, and now One just wants to move on, but this is when I think when historians look at this just the way they used to look at black Tuesday was the kick off the stock market crash and the dust bowl and eventually world war. Two they're going to look back covered a kick off was a or not the disease. The human reaction to kick off to this dad flesh and these these wildly fluctuating fuel prices, while a land war in Europe. This is going to be the beginning of what defines a pretty dark era for the american people, we need to wrap our heads around it. It wasn't meals to you and me
is that this is going to be a very very trying time and in what way for the America and people, because we're going- we pushed in all kinds of different policy decisions like you talk about all the time, the great reset at a time when what, Did the american dream regime possible for all these years is a thriving middle class extreme beliefs and strong church attendance. Civil and civic institutions that keep us going. Every one of those things has been weakened and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, small business, the people who absolutely why after one of my co founders at right, forage was had a thriving catering, company and event space down in Washington, D C June. Of one thousand events. He ended up staying with me for at time during covert because he lost everything and four he's been able most of those employees back for right for, but the entrepreneur? Class was smashed. Now we're going enter this era. Where people the elites are trying to say we're doing a big reset, we're changing this world, we're going to make it in our image and we lacked
civic institutions, the middle class, the economy to really push back then we're in trouble, and I got an issue electing a bunch of Republicans just going to happen in a year to the ac is not going to fix it not going to fix it needs to be. Local actually talking. Ricky yesterday our rules I might reduce or of tv go ahead talking figures today blew my mind: could she said two years ago? No one knew the name of the county judge in Dallas. No one was paying attention to the local politicians, people Sampson I could name their School Board Loudon, He couldn't name their school board, so mate, If there's going to be a revival which we really do need a spiritual and a political sense, the local two summit, or what's going to drive at people, seizing that I was talking to a pastor justice weekend and he said I just ass connected. I allow it's going around the world, I'm just kind of focusing on my thing and I'm like passed her better wake up, because things are happening and there on your doorstep and your people knee
we're going to need to know how do I weather this? How do I weather this? you, if you are not as a pastor speaking out right now, that's why your pews are becoming more and more empty? Quite honestly, you didn't have enough to offer be able to have people understand through a biblical sense why there they're seeing with their own eyes. when you see the american great revivals that we ve had and were famous for those warrant Pastors who simply opened up the church doors and said I hope someone comes in, they were, people, who rode on horseback and carriage thousand and thousands of miles up and down the eastern seaboard. Talking and preaching to three times a day to thousands and thousands of people having to reach them A lot of modern folks would would be amazed at their reach and they did it just by who could hear their voice. So We need exactly what you're talking about the and pastor can't just open the doors and say I hope you come in, we need to go out that in
age and spiritual warfare right now and the logical level political level and our power people need to understand that they don't are or religious leaders, don't serve governors in matters. They are princess of the church. They should address each other as equals not of servants and go out there and realise that there are people say this country. You know it's. I've mentioned this a couple of times today. I think it's it's worse say is saying we Was it the grand leadership of any politician in the world, let alone ours that that Nike and Adidas, and he no porn hob and all of these gigantic Corporations to pull out of Russia. No, in our politicians. It wasn't a government it it was. great reset. It is these corporations who have now put us in a situation to where we're on the edge with Russia
and the american people or its representatives haven't really even spoken yet and it is, a little concerning that we are going along for the ride and we're not recognising that we're in the back seat. I wish I were more than what we could do to make porno part of the United States. I would like the exact It was part of the some of what, in the last two years with coven with it's whole, information, the censorship, the shutting you down this d platforming, you became almost normal dont worry for the good of us all for health. The doctors are in charge that swiss pretty seamlessly to seeing people what can senators or or daytime talk, show hosts on the view calling for the investigation, imprisonment of those who say hold on a second. Why is Am I fighting Putin right now? I understand what's going on it's awful over there, but why is this an american war
and you see all these folks kind of coming out into saying we should we need to do a no fly zone when it in and in that sense nice it sounds like sounds like world war. Three, it sounds like Wilbur three, it's not a humanitarian action. That's called putting jets in the air with russian jets at the same time unaware that they're going to fight and that's how they get their foot in the door too. For the war that a lot of folks want. It's really disturbing to see, like you said, Tulsi Gabby, it's called a tool for just for questioning four questions she's now a tool for the russian state and should be investigated. Tucker Karlsson should be investigated and possibly face prison time. Russell Russell brand. now coming after him as well. If we don't stop this Destroying any I idea of freedom of speech, and you know toleration of another opinion. We don't
kid very long as part of a covert did, downs debt is dead, is information that such a freaky word? It's just like that. Fraser on the wrong side of history of the human human, as as your opponents. It makes you on the right side so, but we have said this, we have many of the things that people who are said. You know that this information turned out to be right. Cove, it Is over and the man asks yeah and what's his name fouch, he I I mean, I think, he's in the FBI Witness Protection program. At this point I haven't seen him at all and it's hard to keep him away from a camera. It's really hard and so We have this people know it but nobody's standing up. Why why? Why is there this disconnect from what, people know and standing up. It seems to only have happened at the schools, really, the schools. I think- and I hope that that's the beginning of something that's broader, because it's getting these folks who are involved. I was really hopeful.
tea party was going to lead to more local involvement, but it seemed like, after some of other the big great rallies the prayer that a lot kind of faded away. People went back cuz, they was comfortable, but you left has made things so uncomfortable for the last two years. I'm hoping that folks Do get involved and I'm really hopeful of the Supreme Court ruling on ROE V Wade. an abortion, because that is going to put it back politics to a local level. It will that's going to make people it suddenly really matter to your state representative is because that decides whether or not those babies. Professor or not the if done right, will be reinvigorated, reinvigorated. and this whole kind of this national new cycle that we live on people to realize. It's actually my town meetings that matter it's my state meetings that matters. That's what country the that were built this country, but at the same time we have big tech they're not going to take their their their foot off if our throats Amazon web services shutting down internet servers for Donald Trump right after the riots
they're going to keep on trying to censor and putting us down. So that's what we're doing with right, portraits! You guys do what the blazes is trying to build that alternative, because we can't rely on the courts to tell people about right forge if, if they don't know, because I think this would have been the answer for Givesendgo and I think, with you for a while and then in the dropped out and- and yes, I'm at work together for a few days, and they were great folks, but they ended up going a different direction from ours and then they were hacked shortly after that, because actors are out there trying to destroy you. What your text, right to life, hackers attacking them an anonymous group of hackers. We do as we build internet servers the the Italians in D C, if you don't like it go build around, but in all of them. Didn't actually mean that anyone can diktat right. So we were parlor went out, they built around, don't turn it off to twitter and then- powers Abetas decided that they were going to destroy them for completely spurious reasons the near times and see, and I will just cheered on like it- was a victory for free learnt each over this information and the
can dream, was a shot and public debt here that you, if you dont like something due to a better the, so we an internet server company, because suddenly the infrastructure that websites are built on is while political politicized war zone. Now we're just trying make one that is a bill of rights and free internet? American American structure, I don't care what your politics are. I want you to be free, express them. Are you but you're businesses? What people should be able to be free to express themselves. As we are in this country, the laws What we say and do should be made by the people's representatives, not by the terms of your user agreement and Silicon Valley. You know what you have done would have been championed by the libertarian and by the the left, even I bet, more so than the right twenty five years ago. When such a shift, it's such a crazy shift. You know- and it's put everybody You know if you're, if you're at all awake, put you in a situation where
thinking, people are finding themselves in the room and allies with people that the rest of the world said you you should ate yeah. it's weird Glenn Greenwald and Elon Musk, Tucker, Carlson, Donald Trump and Glenn Beck walk into a room together. Yes, I get. I wouldn't have believed at five years ago, but now it's all happening. It is crazy. It is really crazy. Thank you. So much for everything that you're doing this is a Christopher Bedford. He is the founding partner of right, forge. You should check right, forge out, also senior editor of the Federalist you guys are doing it. extremely important work right now. Thank you very much. Thank you. I read it every day the federalist dot com you can find or write forge dot com back in a minute. Alright, let me about carbon. She wrote in about our experience with really factor she says. Twenty. Five years ago I had an accident. A teen, different specialist said that I would need to learn how to live with pain. which I was doing until I found out about relief factor and gave it a try. Now
I have relief and I can walk without pain again seriously. Thank you. Carmen well to the club of people who have gotten their life back. If you have pay you don't have to live that way every day now this doesn't work for everybody, but seventy percent of the people who try really factor for a three week, trial, we go on to order more month after month. I'm one of them, you take it. three times a day, and I'm telling you I don't maybe I be broken. Eight hundred shot up that doesn't work. For me, I didn't Thank you know. Controlling my inflammation would actually do anything. It has changed my life. It may change yours as well
call them now. The number is eight hundred the number for relief, eight hundred for relief or relief factor dot, the greenback program, the If I look up and one of my monitors, its effects, Once again Joe Biden blaming Putin for high gas prices, yap me, that's that's why! By the way, have you noticed the price of oil? Has again, yeah, falling yeah or off of our higher and gas bonuses as well. Now, why would that be stew, while they eat what they are talking is that there is a current Chinese shut down going on with the with Corvid they tried,
I do zero covert. Obviously, Omicron not doesn't really like to play that game. So now, they're getting hit with it and they're doing all sorts of shutdowns their economies. Turning down, which means sea people will look if the price of oil going down that's great, okay, the price. While going down, makes absolutely no sense when we're on the verge of warm gay and were by a war with a guy with a guy who does ten percent of the oil gauge hadn't going down be should be like wheat. However, there even more good news. It's going down. right? I set out its great. Why is it going down? Well, If I now China shutting down you get one point: four billion people in a country that has been dealing with shutdowns, but what does that mean for us thank you, the inflation
things going to get worse, yeah and you'll go down in the short term, who you know or your wait for everything is going to get worse and worse and worse, I mean it's that it is I'm never going to get a new car. That's just I've now deleted I think this weekend is seven months of waiting for for a new car seven months. What what country to feel this? the United States of America, this is supposed to be seven minutes, I'm so the ordering this on light, it was a show up later this afternoon. That's what supposed to happen Seven I might is a year for it for a stove and like fourteen months for a dishwasher, we had a year for a false it, but false it faucet. well. The good news is it's gonna get work pay tonight you want to understand the world. You wanna stay the gray reset. I want to take you,
back to be a lamb and you're going to see it with entirely different eyes. Important because of the scandal that is there and the connections that are there We are we're going hunting for corruption tonight Blm, nine p, DOT M only on Blazetv dot, com, Glenn to Glenn Beck program
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