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Elon Musk: The Latest Victim of the Great Reset | Guests: Rose Rabidoux & Luke Berg | 5/19/22

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Glenn discusses the latest in the supply crisis, including the record-breaking national gas price and the upcoming energy shortage. Glenn discusses how the government creates emergencies to give itself more power. The S&P 500 removed Tesla from its index for various reasons, but Glenn and Elon Musk aren’t buying it. Former U.S. congressmen and CEO of TMTG Devin Nunes joins to discuss the latest in the Durham probe and Truth Social. The Disinformation Governance Board has been paused, apparently due to misinformation. Rose Rabidoux and attorney Luke Berg join to discuss Rose’s 13-year-old son being investigated for sexual harassment after misgendering a student. Glenn and Pat discuss the future of AI.

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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program, america and welcome to the programme. It is thursday I When I talk to you about what is coming for your economy, what is happening with the gas price, how that's going to deeply affect our food prices and
the emergency that will be declared because of it. We begin there in sixty seconds right now. America needs everybody on the field there is. There is nobody in the stands. You might think you're going to stay in the set, I'm not going to get involved, but not standing up is standing up. You're standing up for the wrong side of your sitting on the bench, but everybody will be on the field and we need hours I need everybody to be as strong and as healthy as they can possibly be get out of pain. Your country needs you
please just try relief factor the three week. Quick start right now. Seventy percent of the people who try it and usually it's the last thing that anybody is trying they're like I'm so desperate man, nothing works, try this relief factor, dot com or call one eight one hundred relief, one, eight hundred for relief relief factor, dot com feel the difference. Okay, let's, let's just talk about gas, how much are you paying for gas right now? If you lived in California, you are now paying six dollars a gallon for gasoline and we're not in the summer. Yet I wonder how much we're gonna save on this year's fourth of July picnic cause. Remember. I think it was last year they all this that we saved like nine cents. Oh man, it's gonna be sweet anyway, six dollar there's a gallon in California, that it was hit on tuesday, the national average
price of gas now is a record four dollars and fifty seven cents per gallon. That's than national average. just to remind you, the national average life ass may was three dollars and four cents. This has nothing to do nothing to do with russia. This has everything to do with e s g and what I, Why wanted the express to you and ask you to do is start looking at things differently. We need to look at things a little bit more like the chinese and saying look at things a hundred down one hundred years down the road can He just looked fifty two months ahead, we need to look just.
a few years in advance. Twelve months would be great. Can we look twelve months in the future? now, J p morgan is saying the average price four gasoline this summer will be. Six dollars a gallon. That would mean california, will be eight or nine dollars a gallon. Now I don't know what that puts fuel. As for our trucks, diesel, but we are in real serious trouble. Yes, G has choked off all the money. The more executives I talked to we in the gas and oil industry there all saying the same thing: clan they can open up. all the leases they want they if they have closed down the least
they ve closed down pipelines, but that's not the real problem. Real problem is E s. G. If you don't know what Yes, she is, I beg you, please get the book the great reset. It explains all of this. I it's taking it how fast this is coming down. Now, as g has choked off all of the investment. Is it to forty eight billion dollars just last year invested. By these you know hedge funds, in the oil industry this year, I think it's nine billion, what cause that with energy being as important as it is think about this. The free market, when there is We demand? and really high prices. What does the market do the markets
arts to invest in holy cow. We can clean up right now by getting into that market start to sell oil and gas. We could sell it all over the world. Why has investment gone down, are in vain. When is gone down, because our banks are hedge funds and everybody else is I'm starting to say, yeah, that's not the way of the future. We are going to do wind and solar? Ok all right sure sounds great. Enjoy the wind and solar this summer, when you paying six dollars a gallon for gasoline and go god only knows how much you are going to pay for meat and potatoes because our meat and potatoes. Well, they start with a farmer
and the farmer has a tractor and that tractor run on diesel fuel and he Has to first spread fertilizer, which comes petroleum, but you can make fertilizer. So we don't have Eliza pull that all save in the tractor. You know we won't people, now diesel fuel and now I know he'll plant less a body planning on planting and then he to put fuel in the tractor to make sure that its harvested bailed he'll need trot. To move it from his farm to the processing plant. The process sing plant needs energy to run it and then put it on a truck and it goes to the grocery store. And then you use your car to go, buy it at that, restore and then bring it home in your car.
When no one has any fuel. the prices, will to quote Barack Obama, necessarily go up right now. The deal so price. Just so you remember, breathing shipped to amerika is honored. Giant ship and that's not on by ferry dust. or solar panels. In fact, I don't Anyone who is working on solar panels for the cargo ships, I don't know anyone who has in their design wind powered. Cargo ships? I mean, I suppose we could Pull the nina peter, the santa Maria was out of commission, but can we find those two? Maybe we can you because those were wind powered ships.
that's diesel fuel, our trains, diesel fuel brought in from china to port the trucks then move them and all of the heavy machine or the forklifts and everything run on diesel. That all is shipped and put onto a train ships a place in the middle of the country or wherever its closest to you and then a truck picks it up and brings to the grocery store twelve times a day. Here's what I need you to understand. We have not even begun yet because of e s g and because of the policies of this administration there are creating a national emergency. Our farmers are not going to be able to have the fuel theirs.
Story right now in bright Bart d, so price surge has new england fishing industry reeling. They were paying a d, or fifty fourg egg. alan of diesel back into nineteen a dollar fifty. Are now paying six dollars in fifty cents and here's the thing when these giant corporations by fish they don't buy it at today's market price. They buy in in both loads literally they buy them in bulk and so the fishing industry makes a contract with that food. enter grocery store, webber's buying it if its bought in bulk And they say you know what, because your doing so much we're going to charge you this amount
and you sign a contract. Of the price of fish and everything goes down. The fishermen win. If it goes the stores win, but there comes a point when fishermen can't fish anymore this is what were headed towards and don't in short term on this, to put oil rigs into a field and open those up is about. a five year process. Turning it on to actually get it to your game. Station it'll, take a bath five years. If it's on, federal land, because the federal government is so screwed up. It takes about ten years, so Any fix that we have right now is five years away? Now, let me-
view this from the washing in examiner today, by the way This is what your gun, to hear in. The new york times. You will not hear it of this on CNN half of our country? He has no idea what's about to hit them, do not listen to your friends who are reading the corporate media garbage. Electricity customers across the country. According to the washington examiner, face a heightened risk of power outages this summer Regulators say it reflects a worsening outlook for the grid which is simultaneously struggling, struggling through extreme weather conditions, and a shift away from traditional energy sources,
the north american electric riah bill of reliability corporation or an e r c, the regulatory body that overseas our grid. relations across the united states and canada war. In its summer, reliability assessment published yesterday, listen that the entire west and most of the mid west face at least an elevated risk of seeing insufficient electricity supply. We slim river reserve margins, run up against high demand for the sections of the stretching from wisconsin to the gulf coast and who California they have been doing aimed at risk for insufficient operating reserves to be high I during peak command can demand conditions expected reason mrs, according to the officials, expected research.
so do not meet operating reserve requirements under normal peak demand, an outrage sir, the scenarios now they're saying that utilities may have to shut off power to customers in peak demand? You know cold whether kills a lot of people sodas hot weather,. I don't know if you ve noticed but point old timey times every but he seemed to live up north. Why have you been to texas in the summer, have you been to atlanta? Have you been, god forbid, Phoenix it's hell, you don't have I have any energy. First of all, good luck, pumpkin, that water, second of all you don't have electricity, good luck,
with no air conditioning I'm dead within a week, so here's the thing I want you to listen to. Why they say this is happening. The grid operators have been forward in their assessment of capacity shortages and their causes in a report released just last january. It replay it. Responsibility for the reliability, shortcomings on the transformation of its generating resources, including requirements of always on generating unit such as coal fired plants. It also listed older, cold, plants and wind and solar resources that are not always available to Provide energy during times of need what why don't solar panels work at night. I never thought of that
it happens to those win that wind power, the wind doesn't blow getting balance right between traditional thermal sources and their retirements, especially coal, why are these coal fired plants retiring because their being forced to why e s g- some of the thermal plants and call a natural gas have been retiring. New resources coming on in the way of wind and solar resources, but entertaining the right mix of resources, so you can reliably provide power over range of conditions. kind of where we should focus, say, experts. This hour. I m going to show you. This is not a bug in the system. This is a feature
I'm gonna show you here in the next few minutes and we're gonna use baby food as an example. We are headed towards now. national emergencies. When you have national emergencies, all kinds of food things like we Sperience didn't covered kin, pepin. You need to prepare and you need to stop listening to anyone. who is not listening for the tool, facts lot of the stuff. we're dealing with. You can just point to it Look. It's happening there there and there. Why? Why is even leave that up to politics? it's pretty clear, but whatever the activities math you take this out
and replace it with a solar panel you're in trouble. You take all of the oil, and you say no more from russia and then you say no more from america and they and you have supply problems, he hears an idea, you're gonna run out of fuel, its math. Don't listen to people were talking about feelings, talk math. If this country even understands the two plus two still does equal for Are we if we want the government to do less? We have to do more, and I am so sick and tired of the, for instance the vizier. no that our government just cut the vizier hospital I ve a hospital budget so
could send those resources down to the people on the border who we are just check it, make sure you got a good health check, we're Screwing our service men. Its insanity what's happening. Let's take things into our own hands. Shall we tunnel to towers takes care of our veterans? They take care of the people that have their lives or lost their lives in defence, us either in our cities as a police or fire, or in military. If somebody doesn't come home if they have kids at home tunnel detail. takes care of their mortgage, yet how many the homeless, vat We have lived on the streets right now, that's wrong operation. home, be home base tunnel to towers is gifting tiny homes to those veterans. You can help eleven dollars a month seven dollars a month. You can donate now at
tunnel to towers dot org. This is a fantastic organization tunnel to towers tee, To the number to tee dot, org tee to tee dot, org ten second station, I d Let me go into food here. The average menu price in April was up seven point: two percent from a year earlier, that's the biggest twelve month, And since nineteen eighty one this according to the national restaurant, so restaurant have raised their prices. Seven point two percent. They are not. Making money here. A gallon of milk is up twenty five percent
You've been shielded so far from the full brunt of the prices, because the producers are paying for it, And the distributors are paying for it. Small businesses are paying for it, but the large businesses have not had to pass that on yet until their contracts start to expire, and the small restaurants are really getting pounded. G, let's let's, let's have The small business man again eighteen months, go! A forty pound box, a chicken wings cost eighty five dollars today, it's one hundred and fifty dollars the expenses cooking oil and flower have doubled in the past five months. He's also paying for more labour and or for services? The company that in taints air conditioners, and this guy jeff goods restaurant. He says that they ve
on a forty dollars fuel charge, he's trying to cut but he can't raise the menu prices or you stop going to his restaurant, so there where the squeeze comes in and once this We really hit the rest goes out of business or you stop going because you can't afford it and then the restaurant goes out of business. There is supply destruction, meaning but he stops making stuff because nobody's consuming it. That's next shoe to fall- please please no that we are just at the beginning of this. And you need to be calm and prepare, be informed. The Glen back, Let me tell you about real estate agents. I trust dot com. Have you looked?
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french, you need a real estate agent, it's a free service to you real estate agents. I trust dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dotcom, hey, don't forget, make sure you subscribe to blaze, tv and save blaze, tv dot, com, slash glenn, this is the Glen back programme. Let me say hello to pat gray from tat gray least, which is applied ass. You can find wherever you get your podcast castille up hello, a local I gotta tell ya. I am I go through these weird phases here recently to where I am absolutely sure, we are coming on done quickly, and then I go through these periods were unlike well, I don't.
Oh, maybe I maybe, and I'm back into the oh dear god, look what is coming our way you what I talk to you about every day, is very difficult to end its intentionally design. This way, it's very difficult to. See it because it's a whole forest and to understand the forests. I have to talk about the individual tree, So what I'm laying out today- and this is one of those broadcasts or podcast- you should listen to it in its entirety to truly understand. What I'm lying out today is the emergencies that our come our way and why they are being why there being created the people
Our are the politicians and the left are creating these problems, so they can offer the solution and just like the fed. The fed is now saying you know what we're gonna fix. This thing they created the problem. How do you speck them to solve it. They knew this problem in two thousand eight and they ve been working on a different system ever sense because they knew this would collapse and they never told you about it, why is it we're not hearing about things? Why is it leads to deny denied tonight. Ok, it is happening, but it's not that. Oh yes, it is Why is that happening? because they know they can't get it passed you if you pay attention
So there's a couple of things that we are watching and I just want to quickly go through this. Yesterday we covered this we're going to be covering it a lot in the next two weeks next week. world health assembly, the governing body of the world health organization, the w H. Oh, we know who they are remember. They were pretty in china, they weren't giving us any of the details, meeting in Geneva switzerland to discuss the next step in their pandemic treaty and it It's great representatives from a hundred and ninety three nations will be attending, including the: u s you, no one country. that wasn't invited strange but again the w h shows not protecting china. The only country not Vited was Taiwan anyway, the director in all of the doubly way Joe explained that this treaty, this new treaty is a priority, but it's not a new treaty and that important I understand this
It's just that. I hear few things we just have to. clean up the language on so this doesn't have to go to the senate and receive two thirds vote because we're just changing some of the things in their this, what the the director general of the w h? Oh said, we want a world in which science triumphs over misinformation. Ok, I'm spot. problems. They are already, sir. Solidarity triumphs over Division will not have you're going the wrong direction and equity He is a reality, not an aspiration. No equity is not equality. I want nothing to do with equity. We our one world? We have one health. We are one w h, oh, no, no, no, Something that this administration has not announced they quiet, release, release this a couple of weeks ago, the Biden administration is pushing.
Or amendments the world health organization pandemic declaration? It would essentially allow the director general of the w h, oh to declare a public health emergency in any country, an unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions. So in other words, if the director general and the w h I'll say we ve got a shut, your businesses down congress, the president as nothing they can do. It's an international treaty and we'd be in violation and there's penalties applied to not doing things and these are all these suggestions- are coming from the Biden administration, so new emergency powers taken away from our can accompany our country and given overseas. Now, when
we first went into covered. Everyone says Donald trump. You I do have you have to use the the defence production act to get these things done and thank god he said. No. All I have to do is call these companies and ask them their patriotic and they know what's good for them. What's good for the country is good for them. I just called them and ask them, and they did it- No, you gotta invoke the defence production act. The reason why they wanted that him to use. It is so they could say Donald trump use. The same thing this is fascistic novel is made for a time of war. When the government says everybody's gotta make bullets K, that's what to defence production act is all about, not for baby formula, especially now
when the government itself caused the shortage. so yesterday. He invoke the defunct defence production act, He is directing now suppliers. What to do with ingredients to baby formula and to make sure that they are buying the ingredients and doing everything they need will that's what the free market does kay and its incentivize to do that. There is a need everyone and to produce it, but he doesn't like the free market. so he has now and they just the congress, just voted yes with nancy policy, too go ahead and authorize. Not only this but emergency spending. Billion dollar new emergency spending.
twenty eight million of that is going to the baby food companies, so they can well know it's actually going to the f. Hey who oversea the baby food companies they only have nine inspectors I want you to know what caused this. There were some really tragic deaths of infants. the speculation was they were all having the same formula from one company. So the company voluntarily they weren't told to do. They voluntarily call recalled all their baby formula, but then they tested they tested in autopsies of the children and then they also tested the baby formula. They were not getting sick because of this baby formula. They were getting sick by something else. We don't know so it wasn't. This comes he's baby formula, but they
hold it all off the shelf. But if you're going to have a problem and people are saying that at yours, the FDA steps in it, hold on hold on just a second. We need to inspect before you start opening things up again. Well, the FDA only has nine inspectors and twenty eight million dollars would really help them higher. What a million spent how many and what they We have nine inspectors, so they haven't given their all clear, they had been sitting on this since january, so this is a pro plumb created by our federal government. The private sector could have gotten right back to work here. Our f D, done it was supposed to do, but they don't do at anymore they're, looking for equity, and you know we can't look around factories to see if
They got germs. What is that we're looking for equity right now. So Now it's gonna take another eight weeks before or we have baby formula on, and I want you to know it. This emergency was caused by the federal government. Here's another emergency that we're getting into. We talked about fuel that you are going to play bout six dollar. is not in california, in the middle of the country we're gonna pay about six dollars. by the way in washington state gaston It's already around a gas, you gonna burn you gotta, try cities in eastern washington gases out, so we have gash where did judges literally you're not gonna, be able to fill your gas take up, but if you can you're gonna be paying, six dollars a gallant, and that is not
gas stations. Gouging you, that is the problem. created by the federal government and e s g, the public private partnership. So yesterday. Some the really important really understood. The full ramifications of e g and buying twitter. The Essen p dow jones Index has removed tesla from the Essen p, five hundred now to be traded on the essen p. Five hundred is a big deal. you're not traded your dropped from the yes and p. Five hundred that also is a very big deal now tesla the company that leading the world on it electric cars, the guy.
is building a rocket, so we can get into space because he believes. The fate of the human race is at stake because of global warming. Their couldn't be a bigger, more visible activist. is actually doing things about it. Then elon musk but because of tesla's lack of published, tales related to its low carbon strategy, what their building electric cars, cause they haven't published some of their details related to their low carbon strategy and other bid This conduct codes now. Would that be like? I don't know, no unions. yes, G has kicked in and gave
them a lower score! Then exxon, gay their knees score. Any ass g for the environment is lower than exxon and exxon produces is fine. for fuels- would you learn? Mask is trying to get out of on musk was pretty cool yesterday he said wow. This is a sham, your thankee lawn. This is extraordinarily dangerous. Its arbitrary, arbitrary and clearly motivated by politics, no Yesterday I sent him a copy of my book called the great reset it looks like he was red. Build yesterday. He came out. You know he said this couple of days ago, but he reinforced it yesterday. He said I
We start the Democrats. I voted for them because I thought they were the nice guys and I think that's where most people were there like those guys are nice in the republicans or mean he said boy did I wake up. I am voting. All republican now ilan. I would like to read pill you again. I wish we had faith in the republican party, but it's better than voting and push the garbage from the extreme radicalized left. I sought com is here to tell you all about a forty percent site wide sale that they are having blinds dot. Com has the expertise. The vast selection necessary to help. You find the perfect window treatments for your home by the time they are done. Your house is gonna like it, had an entire extreme make over, they have both indoor and outdoor products.
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going on now. This is the trial about unity, conspiracy to take trump out with the fusion gps, Durham is prosecuting narrowly here against us, Spain, a guy was working for Hillary Clinton, but he's using this case to lay out the wider conspiracy with the Clinton campaign the dnc fusion, gps, perkins, coy and the media. I dont know if you saw this by their emails, accidently released that the Clinton campaign was keeping from the intelligence. Munich shows that the mainstream media was taking direction from fusion gps
Well, the guy who knows really all about this and and issued the subpoena for those documents with chase said they didn't have. Oh looks like they did was Devin nunes he's going to be on with us here in just a few minutes to get his take on all of it. He's also he's out now he's working for rum, Donald trump he's the ceo of trump media and the technology group, and they are putting together their truth. Social desktop version that's released today, and so we're gonna talk to them a little bit about that, but but really focus on what's happening with sussman and get his take on. Does he have any faith? Now? You know I'm having on in a couple of weeks, bill Barr all he's coming into town and we're going to do and noah an hour hour and a half down sitting down, and I can't wait to talk to him about all of this yeah. You know
That's that's all coming up devon. Nunez is next at the top of the hour. Oh and one other thing: I'm going to be out this summer. doing kind of a very intimate kind of story, billing thing I'll! Tell you more about it next hour. Gonna wanna go this is the line back programme, Joe Biden, practical, has missiles launched as before breakfast every day are? Let me tell you about sweat block. I have to tell you this. The greatest in engine ever this is like Please reinventing any perspiring. Andy deodorant in the summer. I sweat like a pig, and I know how much pigs actually sweat, but I offend me Sometimes I will change my shirt two or three times during a day, if I'm outside workin is. It is awful awful. I've tried
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program
and all america welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Well, the durham investigation is durham is starting to build his cases. This day, number two of Michael sussman trial and what durham is doing is building a case against not just saucepan what he building in such a way it could ensnare Hillary Clinton as well. And although it Be a sweet, sweet sweets weekday. Now I heard something this weekend. from mad devon nunez, who used to be the intel committee chair and he was subpoena. Hang all these papers. and they were never turned over. I guess you know hey. Where did I put all those documents you were looking for? I just can't man. I wish I could find em.
for you, I really do devon, but I just I don't remember where I put a well. Apparently there now coming out. And is anybody gonna go to jail just for that devon, nunez former? U S, congressmen and c o now of trump media and technology, to him and sixty seconds really factor. Are you or somebody you love in paying all the time? The reason I say somebody you love is because I listen to these commercials. They were on the blaze and I never try to day these commercial on the blaze for Bobby three years- and I mean agonizing paint- and I don't take it because now it's people like me saying what I'm saying and they're all telling me I'd, ask him off fare come on. Do you really I mean? Does it really work? No glenn! It really. Does I mean I I I was a problem with my about what Still, I won't work for me
Ok, my wife then said what are you doing cause. I was like Annie. I I think I should just retire, because I really want to save my energy to do the things I want to do and I'm in so much pain. Right now, she's I'm not gonna. Listen you wine! Unless you try absolutely everything. Why have you tried that there is no work. Well. I took it for three weeks convey it wasn't gonna work. In fact, at the end of the three weeks I said it's not working, I stopped taking it in and I was like. Oh my gosh. Yes, it is working. My pain is much. and now I am pain free now Ninety nine percent of the time. It's Lee factor just try it. Please really factor dot com, eight hundred for relief relief factor, dot com, one eight hundred number for relief feel the difference devon, new as the ceo of trump media and technology, he's running truth, social dot com. They have a new desktop version of truth. social that is out today will talk about that coming up in just a second devon. Welcome to them
grants are how are you going to do gone was you know we miss you, we miss you tell me what's happening in your view with dirt and the assessment trial it keep going back and forth devenant. I bet you're, probably the same of like wait a minute. This people could actually be here responsible for something in america that doesn't happen and I go back to know it's the same game, which is it YE. I think a little bit of all the above. So what you have to look at is durham. From my perspective, It is doing an unbelievable job under very difficult circumstances. Yes, so you have to remember the whole cabal in d c, the magical kingdom there
They were against durham, I mean at at every level I mean almost you know, even in some spaces of the republican party, of durham actually being able to to do his job. Durham has methodically went through the process to put all of the evidence together. I'll take you back to our investigation. We were the ones that uncovered all of this. We made fourteen criminal referrals based on circumstantial evidence. What durham has solely done through interviews and finally, getting documents referred to in your opening segment that we didn't have access
two, so he he is putting together direct evidence. But let me tell you the the clear sign to me that durham is doing a thorough job under tough circumstances, and that is that for the first time in my lifetime, Glenn and you'd probably agree with me on this. There has not been a leak from investigative, yes, and that tells me that that if you look at durham's history, he has a long history of taking being a no bs guy, no leaks, and you know the skies. I dunno thirty plus year, prosecutor m has has really looked in in the past into the intelligence agencies. So the fact that there's been no leaks, I think, tells everybody and me especially that durham's doing a thorough job. Now what are terms problems? What are his challenges? Well, one He knows that there is a grand conspiracy here right. They were all involved from the Clinton campaign to the deep sea
the fusion gps to steal and his cronies. Ca, rack to the dirty cops d, o J and F b, I to obama and Biden all the above, including and, most importantly, probably, the fake news media were totally in on this and continue to cover it up. So where does that leave durham? He has now taken a small piece of of what does the entire conspiracy with the sussman character, who one of the top lawyers for Clinton he's brought this case. He had to bring it in Washington dc cesspool a disaster. I because you ve got all kinds incestuous relationship. He having the judge allowing europe to beyond that are clearly left wing to the judge of wife. Being lawyer for one of the two love birds that was the have so in
the list goes on and on of of the incestuous relationships, they're, so durham and and and finally you've got ninety five percent of the people who didn't vote for donald trump, who are probably going to see this as a you know, everybody for donald trump and the republicans a case so sussman and and if you look at it from a final point, some men in any normal circumstances, he was a guarantee if he was in any other state may perhaps even new york in California. This guy would never have pled not guilty, for he is rolling the dice that he will get a jury deadlocked and and and skate scot free Look he's playing high stakes poker here, because only other option was to turn over the evidence on the d J fbi clinton's than the the and he may get, I couldn't have a history of peoples is disappearing from meeting. I had probably tat choice,
Oh he's also, but it looks as though he's laying the groundwork to actually go up. The ladder I would I think that he was hoping that sussman would flip. he's not going to buy the flap. And and turn over the goods because everything that such men is saying is just so it just doesn't work. The fbi said they. They d, bunk d? You know the the commune occasion between donald trump and the russian bank. By after noon. They got it morning in the first afternoon they said yeah, this is real, the media and also go ahead and grant often up
cleavable here is just in the testimony that, in the last in the last couple of days, we're only two days into this. Even the people that are Pra that are ted are testify on behalf of the prosecution they're all in bed together, they're all part of the conspiracy, and you can't say that James baker, one of the top fbr lawyers who, by the way, speaking of incestuous relationships, is now one of the top lawyers at twitter right. The guy gets basically booted goes out in disgrace from the f b. I ends up in a in a cushy job at at twitter, another one of the left wings up operations. So when you, when you
look at it in in total. Here, I'm you know. I think that you, you were going to be in a situation here where you know who knows what's going to happen, but they clearly are all in on this. Adorbs got a tough job. Now he's able to expose a lot of this right. If the you know if the american people are at or listening now, it gets more interesting because the second indictment that he brought was brought against a guy named dan cinco, who was essentially born in russia. Moved to the us worked at between brookings institution. He was the for lack of a better term, the avatar he was their deep russian source for the dossier. While I think what we're going to see through that is, is this. Guy was just the avatar he he was just like signed his name to it, but he didn't really have he didn't. Have any information gazeta made it all up, so it was kind of a circular move from quit, indians
you say we gotta get dirt on trump, goes to fusion. They make up a hollywood script, they give it to Christopher Steele and others that gets to damn cinco de cinco says: oh, yes, there is a pee tape, ride in moscow of donald trump, a prostitute or whatever the hell he was making up, but then change the issue is, is that in virginia northern virginia you don't have the ninety five percent a problem or that that you do in Washington dc? our it. So let me let lingo here there was a trough. the mails from fusing gps. There were some to be under seal and they were released and that includes reno The information that it looks like the media was in on this time, of regular correspondence between the media and fusion. Gps do you. do. You believe the media knew that They were,
carrying water and doing opposition against donald trump. Wah yeah. They were, I mean they were in on it. I mean we know that now we we knew it circumstantially right and actually the the investigative reporter Lee smith, who wrote the book the plot against the president, which is probably the definitive history of that time period. I mean he acts they called all this out, put it all together when without the emails o the Males are what I'm gonna do when I say direct evidence, least smith built that circumstance. It's okay! So I mean we knew the essential that you know the rough numbers. There were twenty report, or that we knew were in direct contact with fusion gps, the Dnc just by following, and you know their their social media posts the stories they wrote the quotes that were given how the Clinton campaign would follow up. So it was a whole operation and you know for for good or bad I'm, and we continue to struggle with this. With, with republicans and conservatives
across the country. Until you understand that ninety five percent of the media, you have to either ignore ignore a hundred per cent or you have to read it as ok, whatever their saying, it's likely the opposite of what they're saying it's crazy right, though. So that's enough, I think that's the biggest challenge that we have our side of social media that I know what would we get to that I know so to speak, to put the fake news through, but that what what boggles my mind and granted I've been through this for for the last five six years, but you know dealing with the russia hoax and the fake news media as many times as I tell even my former colleagues in congress or pundits or conservative pundit bob, probably listeners on your show. Ninety five percent of what you see is vague and you have to ignore it if not
I was that's cool and planting seeds in your mind for fake news, which is how they're able to spread their propaganda and and ruin this country. I did it boggles my mind when I just can't get people to do that am, I think it's getting easier to do that Think more and more comes out. I more people are being redfield yesterday with them with elon musk by congratulations on the success of truth, social. I know that when Ilan bought twitter or was in the midst of it. He should have been. The number one app and even pointed out we're not the number one app it's true. Social, and that should say something so. First, congratulations on your success. Second year you just released yesterday the The desktop version, yeah yeah Yes, a free web browser. So now,
Anyone anywhere can go onto true social dot com sign up and get an account, so we started out beta tested in the apple app store a we fully launched it about a month ago yesterday we launched the web browser version so what are what kind of phone or desktop or anything you have? You could go on and get an accountant and you can get on and and and look it's a fun environment. I think that's. The main thing that people are seen on through social glen is people that have been booted off or just left. The other platforms are getting onto through social, they love the environment and because we're bringing back we're making social media fun again, and we have all these great meme makers and people that put up funny stuff who were banned from all the other sites and the you know, and I think the best part overall. You know we've built this block by block without using any of that tyrants. This is one hundred percent on cancel by the tec, tyrants, and- and that's why you know we are that family friendly, say placed the common people are just having a good time and no, it's amazing how many people have come.
Over that that are on your both twitter and insta. and and now have more followers and get more engagement, then what they had on the other platform, fantastic, you I read. I think this week that you guys are Talking about becoming a streaming service, so you'd be up against. I mean the blaze, but you'd group I would imagine fox news is: is the in target. There yeah. I think well, some of that you've gotta be careful about what the what the fake news says. So you know what we're looking at as we go. Public is what are the opportunities that are out there or, where you have whoa corporal punishment that are destroying this country, where you're leaving half of america as a potential market, yes, and so that the goal of our other company? What president trump wants to do is give the american people their voice back. I d
trump didn't need a new company. I didn't need a new job, but we knew the importance of opening up social media now with that all these opportunities, but we really see the true true social went into G as the tide lift all boats. Writer we get all the conservatives. People in this Then our people even sent her lap by the way where we do have now at your social if they all come to our near to our platform. At that point, it's going to help everyone out. Yes, I agree, I went back and lays can pusher ethiopia, the link, then you know you're, not gonna get buried like you do on the other, plantier ability argued already for some people. This is, I mean I'm so thrilled for the success, because it does lift all boats and we need. We need a separate and parallel economy. Until this thing collapses on its own weight, we can't just wait around and take the scraps from people who,
working against us. We need to put our money with people who work with us and for us the definite backlit yeah thanks so much all the best, we'll talk again eglon. Thank you. So much let me would you get dark bobby right now, what is taught in your child school is probably how to identify pronouns of multiple general genders and there being taught how to work well you know how many transsexuals? Does it take to stop some sort of legislation? That's per bubbly, your math problems. Now it's happen, right in front of our eyes and you have got to get kids who had a school if at all possible, get your kids out of these public schools, the teachers needs are destroying us, along with our department of education, but huddled twins can help you can help you
I back the tunnel twins, it's a series of that talk about all of the things that made hu we are, but they put. Together in a really fun sort of way. So your kids understand the concept this up that? I think, is really really great and they're making it free. Why supplies last? All you have to do is pay for shipping Tuttle tweet, and their spectacular show business, but it's actually all just about these kids. They mean I wanted to make a theater and you know, do ding and everything else and how they want to do open this theatre and do plays. How do you do it How do you? What is business like? What would what do you need and it teach your kids in a very funny way, exactly everything they need, including what the devil of a monopoly is and what definition of competition is. This is a great
Look that every family every grandparent should have for their kids. It. I think your seven year old could probably read all of this, but you can start reading it to your kids and it's fun tunnel. winds and the spectacular show business get it free, just pay for the cost of shipping. Now at tuttle twins back dotcom, that's tuttle twins beck, dotcom, ten second station, I D, again. I believe the ilan must thing yesterday was just phenomenal. The fact that elon musk tesla was dropped from the es in P. Five hundred turn to believe the it is, but then again not if you nobody what she is made to do, it is made to pay
there are those who stand up against the machine yeah and he to be punished and he was red build yesterday. They want to teach him a lesson: the hub of air, you, how dare you try to break free europe? the chains that we shackle you with it. Amazing it's crazy and if do we have time to cut number eight real, quick play cut number eight! Here's Joe Biden talking about courage, the habit. Now, I'm looking for Biden asked for courage to regulate the internet. It is it's! It's an amazing clip that he's like we ve got to regulate things. We ve just got up Stop free speech out the have here it is. Are you to hold? This is where this coming from sixty to seventy percent? the care prevent people were me, radicalized, two vital areas where we can
to address the relentless exploitation of the internet, to recruit and mobilise terrorism right yeah, so need to have the courage to do that. Stand up, have the courage to shut people down people down. Let us stop free speech. Roscoe have the courage to stop free speech back when the patriot act and we were stupid enough to go along with it back when that go. We all thought that we, under good. What a terrorist was, we never thought it would be turned on people in our own country. You know. Unless they were, you know living in the hills some place, and you know they were bombing. You know whatever abortion clinics, two bridges whatever We thought that would never be used against us. This, Why small government is so important? can never give them the power
They will use it on you, eventually, the Glen back programme, european financing, nl us one. Eight do through three four levels: w w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org this country facing an extremely significant slow down as we move closer and closer to the brink of recession, everything costs more and, as I laid out in the first hour of this broadcast, it's gonna get worse much worse. Inflation we are at the beginning of this year will be paying six dollars a gallon for gasoline this summer, that's not me. That's jp Organ chase coming out in saying that you need to saving money everywhere. Best thing you can do is pay off your high interest dat. You know an end or shorten the loans, but if you have credit cards right now, you're probably paint twenty percent a month on borrowing of that money for your credit cards get out of there? you're, never gonna, be a low pay. These things off contact me
it can financing at eight hundred nine zero six. Twenty four forty eight nine zero six, twenty four forty american financing dot net. They will help you. Save the money you need to save me It can financing eight hundred nine zero six twenty or forty led back. Stupor gay Stephen prouder, steed dasent me that great listen to all your the conservative voices at blaze, tv dot com, use a promo code, Glenn, welcome to the programme yesterday. Yesterday it was announced believe it by taylor, lorens of the washington post, she was the one who out did the
the person that runs lives of tik tok gave her home address gave home address out. I guess that's a new thing and I just come march of people's houses. I don't recommend that at my house, I really just I don't mind, burs, even the police in my town. and we know this because we heard em. We had a problem at the house and I heard dispatch give my address. While I was on the phone with nine, when one and heard him give the address on the phone and the cop who was in the car, responding said the compound so march. All you want sincerely I'd love to welcome you anyway. Taylor ends. She had the scoop. Yesterday, the department of homeland security, new dis information governance board made
placed in the ash heap of history it it was well, it died, ok because of right wing attacks misinformation. There was just How much more information on the misinformation governance board right that they could, if they couldn't handle the roll out You know. Why is that? That's that's bad. So anyway, the the board has banned quote in tentatively miss characterized now I think it's on. constitutional. They knew it. They knew the people in the democratic party were like. This makes me a little nervous. Maybe we shouldn't do this people when the democratic, when the Democrats, Hu I remind you, are now have socialists, who are fighting for the destruction of america when they think it's gone too far. What is
saying, but guard new, jean Pierre or be centre name, be jean Pierre, She's the new white house spokesperson and she is every, but I don't want to hear anybody saving different. She is every bit as good as commonly harris and here she is discussing yesterday's announcement that the disinflation board has been banned. The board has ever convened it's so that's it. Never in vain and did, and the board is, is yes the boy is is is pauses in the sense that it will not convene will, while former secretary was a former deputy Agee bore lake, do there s meant, but the departments work across several administrations to address this information that threaten the security of our country is critical and that will end continue and again neither Nina giant, genco, wig,
nor the board have anything to do with the censorship or with removing com from any portion of their role is to national security officials are updated. On how misinformation is affecting the treat the threat, the threat environment. She has strong potentials and a history of calling out misinformation from both the left and the right. The last play a role at all and whether it can be paused or what can happen with the board know at first wall but, like I said this, this is what's happening. There is a pause. We did not have an involvement and instead, oh wow. That is that's amazing. That's amazing! So The ministry of truth has Ben collapsed, I think by twitter. I think it was eleven musk. I do Just him saying I'm going to at some point. Take over twitter has allowed this violent rhetoric,
who and really disinform it. Almost mal information winches a pat absolute to spread against this loving, really like almost nurturing the nurturing grandfathers lap of a government. You mean a creepy grandfather. that sniffle you're tales, your area as yet. Yes, yes and touches you when you don't wanna, be talking and in places you don't want to be touched it well, I dont know if that is I mean, usually it's the it's the little african, american kids that rubbed the hair on his leg, yeah strain the right, no minimum limit, they were dressed. They were in swimsuit in the pool with him. They wanted it anyway, now the new york times. If you're reading the new york times and see this is what is so dangerous. They are right. Colliding half the country. We'll tell you right now the person that
comes up with a way to return to our constitution, and that means that it doesn't always. hot the republican way. Things that the constitution action will allow that maybe necessarily like It's been so long since its cut that way that we we don't recognize it, but it's true constitute good old government will things. That will be like no, but we have to do that. Nope, sorry, so it's it's not a right thing. It's a it's a freedom thing and that great I shall I should trade mark that the constitution is a freedom thing. While that could spread powerful spread like I'm gonna call gamala and get her opinion because she'll I mean she's, the one who told me last time you know. Logan is so important to use slogan, eyes,
and where are you a slogan, eyes slogans? Yes, slogan becomes a slogan and it helps just the slogan ur but the slogan me yeah, I say men and were you on that call it? May I once yeah? Ok, so anyway, the new york times is now reporting that over the past decade the end, definition league, which use to be somewhat credible. I mean it was cool but for a long time, but it hasn't been credible for probably it leaves the last eight or ten years answer. Losing its credibility. two thousand. It is a political organ only by they ve done a study there's been four hundred. Fifty killings, and just just in the last decade, from extremists,
corner fifty murders committed by political extremists, and of the four hundred and fifty killings. Seventy five set of almost all of em. Yes, seventy five percent right wing, extremist and- and they use as an example, for instance, the ten victims in buffalo yeah from them right, we extreme yeah, except he wunnot yeah he's not yeah, he wasn't enough by the way twenty percent was left. Wing extremists No, I'm sorry! I was late. Alarm is lama. Extremist. Only four percent of any kind of violence is coming from the laugh right, casual, almost never get violent right and so this is This is from the new york times and the way they write this. It is truly incredible. data shows the american political right has violence, prob plot problem no equivalent on the left and t four and ten weeks
and the buffalo past weaken the buffalo. Shooting are now part of this right wing. No, no, not yet Reality is manifesto. He tells you he's not on the right. Jonathan Green black from the eighty l says quote the numbers don't lie no but you lie about the number of people who people are using. The numbers are definite liars, but this is important. Listen to this phrase. It is important now for is this from the new york times important to emphasise that not all extreme violence comes from the right, ok, and that the price of precise explanation for anyone attack can be murky, involving a mixture of ideology. Mental illness, gun access and more gay, so what they're doing is they are presenting facts that are absolutely untrue. and then following that up with and were reasonable look I mean you know, the left does do things so
to the people who read just the new york times. They are being taught that we are extremists. There's a great article in the washington examiner today, From their seattle bureau and the the new york times, This is from the washing in examining the new york times sent a reporter from seattle bureau to idaho to find out what was up with the election, Well, washington examiner just posted a kind of a dissection of what they did so was published on sunday for the new york times now now listen to this. The new york times a reporter baker attended a candidate forum in northern idaho, apparently replete with on birds, society, adherence and other assorted fringe attendees, not to mention candidates. The key
It's you will not have heard of, in fact, I barely know who most of them are, but I include their names from bakers, parade of horrible's below for a reason he writes. In the in the new york times they clapped is one candidate advocate machine guns for every one and another called for the state to take control of the federal lands that, by the way, is not extremist that law, the supreme court has ruled twice. The federal government doesn't care, they ve done a really good job, though of making those people complete, nigh bangs bags. Not a militia activists rights. The new york times, who was once prosecuted for his role in in the infamous twenty fourteen stand off with federal agents in nevada. He promised to be a true representative of the people. Then there was eric pie her who was also involved in the stand off and has founded the three per centres group in idaho the run
for state senate, meanwhile, senate, meanwhile, and Bundy, who led the armed take over of an organ wildlife, refuge and twenty. Sixteen is also running for governor, but doing was an independent after calling the current republican party, corrupt and wicked spencer huh This is all new york times a candidate for the state house was the one who had hated making machine guns generally available. Scott trotter, a candidate for you, a senator paine. To sing a christian worship song on the floor of the chamber on his first day in office, Dorothy move candidate for secondary state called for idle, which is one of the nation's highest concentrations of public lands to reclaim control of them from the federal government state representative priscilla getting
his who was censured by her colleagues after she publicly identified as state capital intern, who reported that she had been raped by a state lawmaker is running for lieutenant governor scott bed. Key and anti abortion pro gun constitutional conservative is running against her. She ended her campaign speech at the bonners ferry for with an ominous message saying: if she didn't win, people should plant gardens and keep buying. Ammo, that's how they described what was happening in idaho now let's just go over a few dorothy moon. That was the last. She came closest to winning her race for secretary of state if she was campaigning against mark zuckerberg potential interference in idaho elections. She lost by two points, but now Let's say: let's look at priscilla.
A state represented priscilla, keep buying ammo, giddings She lost her three way race for lieutenant governor by nine points, scott trotter, who baker point? Was promising to sing christian him he lost by fifty seven points, Eric parker them fishermen candidate lost by twenty six points, These were never mainstream candidates in Amman, Bundy dropped out comply, erotic out, he was, he didn't even run their. I Andy wasn't even on the ballot right he's gonna run is an independent in the jail. Ok, so here's the thing, here's the thing they are doing everything on the national and the level internally as a government and the media is furthering this. Your neighbours who might just read the new york times and listen a mainstream media, have no idea who you are. It is important that we
reinforce our goodness are decency because it they're doing this, because he therefore abortion, California, for abortion. Three days after birth tank it it's crazy? They are the extremists. We are not. We are not and or neighbor. Who might vote for Democrats is in this stuff and there, like. Oh, my gosh. I can't the republicans are crazy. That's that's not the republicans. That's not the republicans that's who they're trying to make everyone who voted for a republican feel like you have to counter that, and the only way to counter that is with decency and kindness, set the record straight peacefully and with kindness, patriot mobile, is here. Patriot mobile is
is an amazing service, you're, paying way too much for your self service right now you are. I want you to check out patriot mobile you'll, get the same, Great coverage because are on the same towers as everybody else and you're gonna, say If money you're gonna have better customer service by far and they have plans to fit any budget so work or them find the one this right for you, there's that here's, where the rubber meets the road, this a company that is kind of like truth, social, we were just talking at devon nunez and he was like you know. We can't do business with these companies that are that are not with us your right. We need a parallel economy. We need to work with companies that are fighting with us. Patriot mobile is one of those companies. Patriot mumbled, calm, slash back, you do have a viable option here, get out. Nine seven to patriot switch now get free activation of use. The offer code back its patriot, mobile, dotcom, slash back
This is the Glen back programme. Hey. I I want to announce that I am having a an art show again. This is it park city, fine, art this summer. We did when last and it was so much fun. So much fun me, you have make a kind of us. You have to do in our. Vp. You can find that at park city, fine art, but Last year we sold out, but people there were coming. Even you know, even those didn't buy, that we had a blast together. I take you on a tour with about thirty p at a time- and I explained the paintings this this year You will see paintings from world war. Two that I've I've done on courage arise.
Reagan on the american dream, a pie ding inspired by. What's going on ukraine Joe Louis, the fight where he's down on the mat, but I call it the birth of a champion, great story behind that Abraham lincoln. I just finished that orson Welles charlie chaplin bill picket and I'm not sure. If I'm gonna show the paintings of christ that I've done, I felt compelled to do them, but I'm not sure anybody would ever really hang them they're very different. maybe it may bring those as well. That is happening. june, tenth and eleventh fine, the park city's, fine art dot and back program we're in the homestretch pat in the homestretch. Do you think we can make it, I sure hope so yeah? I know it's going to be tough, it's going to be tough the tough. It's a tough game. We have a. We have a mom on with us with us. that you're just not going to believe comes from us
johnson It just shows what we're all up against but thing people are standing up and in fighting back, and I think personally we are winning on this front. If we can t you took press also google announced Google announced that they think they are right around the corner from a g. I, if you don't what that is new will try the end of the hour, It is some its quite a radical concept that many people thought could never be done. the
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program I don't know if you have, if you ve ever received a call from school, and your kids, you know, are either having trouble in class or they're in trouble. They got into a fight or whatever. It's not a good phone call, never a good phone call, but this phone call.
Came into a mom, that her son, being investigated for sexual harassment. Mom was like wait, wait, wait my son. What thirteen years old he's a a student, he and a couple of as other friends, were involved in some sexual harassment That's right. They refuse to. They were used to go along if the with the gendering of of one of their classmates, who insisted that he was they them and they said no you're, a he, and that's real. There is no such thing you're only one person, I'm they no you're not you're one birth. I bade them gourbi, they them and they said no, this.
has led to waste actual harassment charge by the school. So you know this will carry a penalty. Just below. If I do now, one of the kids kills a teacher It is the same penalty applied to this, as if the kids we're arsonists and started the school on fire. Sincerely We have mom who might be a little frank with us and turning luke burg, we go there sixty seconds
I want to talk to you about today, charity that is really truly the best it's five out of five stars or for a fourth stars whatever it is, it is one of the best charities out there. I've watched this geraghty for a long time. I've worked with this geraghty for a long time. I really like them there, they tunnel for towers foundation. This started after nine eleven, they decided that they had to help the first responders family, because all of these firemen and police officers lost their lives and the families were destroyed. You know now what do with the mortgage. I dont have anybody working in the house, so they do so that they were going to raise money to help all of those involved in nine eleven and then the war started in people started coming all are not coming home and they had judges and kids, and so what they do is they have
I am a first responder or military, goes overseas and dies, or is here in the united states and dies in the line of duty, and they have kids for thing they do is wipe out the mortgage. They take care of that We have homeless veterans. Now they are building tiny homes and gifting them to veterans. They are a tremendous group from mendous would. You join tunnel two, the towers in their mission to do good and do right by these people levin dollars a month will make the world of difference eleven dollars a month just sign up. Now and be a part of this incredible movement at tea, the number to tee dot, org, that's tee to tee dot, org, so rose rather do is the issue the march of the thirteen year old, braden she's just one of the mothers, but she would agree to come on with us and luke burg
is with the wisconsin institute for law and liberty here For, if I'm not mistaken, look I want to get this right. You were with there wisconsin department of justice right here, before I join you well for about forty, Men are joint well, two and a half years ago. Ok and you worthy assistant attorney general, so you're, a guy that knows the law in the state and have credible because you are under the state side for for a long time, first, while road thank you for being on the programme. Thank you for being brave enough to to come on. and tell the story: can you in your own words, tell what's happened. Sure absolutely, first of all things you for having Assad. This is outrageous. It is outrageous. Sexual harassment has absolutely nothing to do with it.
Right. Incorrect, pronounced proper pronouns. Whatever you want to call it miss gendering, I think, is the phrase miss ginger, sell this student. Who is the girl dresses like a girl where's make up like a girl decided last month to tell the entire class that she wanted to be referred to as adam, and it wasn't even that these boys refused, they work, I used, my son came along you mom. They are slow, pronoun and I don't understand how to use them, and so I told him to call her by name but if you didn't she'll, let you have it and that's what you were doing should letting one of his friends have it because he missed gendered. He knew
The long drawn out I'll Braden stood up and said he doesn't have to use your pronouns its constitutional right. and I know yeah, I know and so a good kid. It s a story a student right. Ok, he worked harder as he been in trouble before he is not dead in trouble like this? Is a normal boy? Has he said a cuss word and I got a call from the principal absolutely oh, my gosh, what kind of animal or you raising baby so rode my! I want you to know what my son was. Thirteen. He was an angel so so they when you called the school, did they say what they called me
so the elementary school principle. He was the one in charge of just gathering the fact, and he, hold me for warning made that I was gonna, be funding over this email with the sexual harassment allegations, and you know at first reading. sexual harassment. Oh my gosh! That rate that is inappropriate, touching right. These are outrageous, just staying in, and my son is a kid he is not sexually active he is is, is very much. You know, plays video games with his friends, he's a boy and and so what he told me that it was for not using the proper pronoun oh yeah. I just thought it was a joke. You laugh I did. This has got to be a joke. tell them. This is wrong in so many ways and you wanted. Meat without the next day, so I get. This
their form letter, the email with a blurb thing. He is being charged sexual harassment for not using proper pronoun, but no detail. Not who would you them, not what it is that you did know enter. Nation whatsoever, wee wee wee, with them on tuesday and we go when we're interrogated, and britain is ass, a bunch of question to which written answers honestly. Did I make a mistake yet I ask that we call her she or her yeah, but I didn't mean to multicolor by your name, because I dont understand the pronoun. Well. I was right on his first amendment right. You have a right to do that. That's not sexual harassment. This is this. Is political correctness gone insane, Luke was luke. Help me out here. What what does the law say? Have they charged? Have they charge break
and his other friends I shall refer it's an internal school investigation, so you know that it's like a ninety day problem. that's why they're gathering information at the end of that girl decide what to do and it could be a suspension or and expulsion at the worst, so a criminal complaining that not a civil locked it yet right, rural school, that forget you and I could see if you had a reputation. I can see it you needed to gather the facts? Why you would have ninety days, but this seems pretty t darn simple in oh yeah actually title mine regulation and our own policy say: get allegations that even if proved, wouldn't amount to sexual harassment, you shouldn't even start the investigation you should dismiss it immediately and upload- should have and here right as soon as they heard, the allegations were solely What mispronouncing they shouldn t be than interviewed the boys that should have been dismissed it immediately because there's nothing
anywhere in the law, nothing in the rag, nothing in the policy that would cover mispronouncing it's gone on is not even a word much less in the law. Yeah. Do you know what we call the district who you shouldn't meet? You should have dismissed this and you need to immediately dismiss this so that they don't have to go through this whole. Ninety day, investigation and habits on there, patients. Have this on the record and have the strength of this afternoon it isn't that right away so right there is. There is a reason I mean I really like milk and cheese, but there's a reason. I don't live in wisconsin because Wisconsin is the leading state of progressivism or has been for a long time the area that you live in, is it real, progressive or this just now. All this is the school and listened
not until I moved to this area and twenty nineteen for this school district, because everything that had been reported about this school district was its great academic Ah, the graduation rate with ninety eight percent. Add we moved up here and and would happen, so I gave them a chance just because things, your kind how to work with coded, but the school district had not held up side at all or academically. I believe. Might Children are bored there, there's no homework. I knew something was wrong when there was no homework and and and now this is just completely outrageous all right, so luke what what's emmi cause it's not enough for them. Just to say out. Ok, we are not doing that or sorry or whatever we have got,
to follow these things through. So it doesn't happen again. That's absolutely right. I mean the first. The most important thing is getting this off these kids record or the school district to do immediately were also asking? to make changes so that this does not happen again good. This is this is clearly inappropriate. Obviously, in it is to be a trend in the school district, gradually whereof, their family, who has had sexual harassment charges for a single comment allegedly mispronouncing. Another students- or this is this- is the districts and apparently to use that sexual harassment profits as a weapon for students to their preferred motive again, that's obviously a huge first amendment problem, so yeah we're asking them to make changes. If they do but but that's part of, why were calling attention it has publicly and and talking about it publicly, because they need
he seemed they needed to be called attention to, so that some changes are made. You please keep it with me? Let me know what the outcome is on this and the twists and turns we'd like to follow this. This is putting all over the country, not just all over your district. It's happening all over the country. That teachers. Unions are our response before a lot of it that in the federal government as well, the department of education- and it is- destroying our kids just destroying us and it will in the end and destroy our nation. So thank you for the fight rose Thank you for standing up and I wish you and the other families all the best in this god bless. Thank you. You were much. Are you dear? You bet back in just a minute. We me about gold line We are about to hit an epic shift.
I don't know if you saw what happened elon musk yesterday, but the Essen p five hundred took tesla off, because sure about the environmental record, oh and also some of his hiring practices, look kind of in dicey really. Is it because of unions, Is this because he has now become an enemy of the state he was tesla was taken off. The s and p five hundred for environmental reasons, while exxon is number ten. This is craziness. Craziness and it's gonna get crazier and crazier, and I don't know about you, but I am to the point where I just I've worked hard for my money. You ve worked hard for your money and its being devalued. If I leave it in a bank, its being devalued, I don't know what it's gonna be worth. If I invested With everything is going on, I could lose everything with inflation is just gonna
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happened so fast. We ve come so far so fast it you, you can't get your head around it. time. How do you even how do you even with they them I'm talking about a girl, well, who identifies as they them two other girls who identify as she or even he, and when I say they went with them, How do I know what I'm talking about you? Don't you don't, and we are speaking directly, to a person who identifies as they them you're, not going to use that you're to call them by name or you you're, going to say them them, or they Just it's so bizarre and no wonder the thirteen year olds are confused by it. They don't. Can you imagine nothing? has meaning anymore and everything all sands are shifting under your feet right now. You man
jim being a teenager today that I can't breathe knots. I'm so glad we live in texas. Does my son that provide some protection, but that's not foolproof either. Oh, no, not even not at all, not even then I you know we were. I was just talk my wife, about this. The other day, the reasons we took our kids out of school thirty years ago. day at sea. It was ritalin because a gate. They insisted that my oldest son, be given ritalin or they weren't gonna- admit him to class. That was one of the reasons. Many have an adhd press. He did you didn't want to do with it. You don't don't drug by child right, and so you just wasn't. the reaction that he would have at the end of the day where he completely crashed off the ritalin and then was you know just emotionally drained, and so we took him out of school, I can't imagine a scenario where he's up against being called a sexual harasser because he didn't say that,
them to somebody using their pronouns heat. They'd be out already old quickly. All that is is you will comply right? You can't you can't just call them by name, because if you slip up. Call her, instead of they them you're sick. you're a sexual harasser. You ma comply and participate, yeah, which so biblical. I understand the story of lot now. More than ever. Member in the just came in and they were mean old people wanted. Sodomize them. Nan lots as you gotta come you gotta come in you gotta come in comes into his house. They knock on the door, locked me Do they be sent out demand? and that they be sent out and lot says. I can't believe you said this, but the take might hotter gay they said. No, what those two we want, the men right and it is it it.
nothing about homosexuality or anything else it is, every thing about, they will participate. It's not. Just comply. will participate. It's scary, we are learning we. We are the people in the bad parts of the bible. If you're, like, oh crap, you know the people that we've always said. learn they let lot stupid pages for their destroyed and How can you not see that and now All these stories are starting to make sense. You know you're starting to see the forget about. homosexuality and forget about if they were really angels this a story that was written down for a reason and We are now seeing that reason play out. You know own life in our own time. It's not good enough.
But you got off the street you must participate, that's terrifying. It really is. That was our concern. When this militant movement started in the beginning, wasn't ever about. Was it ever about. just gay marriage, no, no they wanted did they wanted to absent, Lately, chile them or they as an actual group. The way we use to define it. I don't know what you're I didn't say I didn't boy, I don't even know right now. I don't know, but it did things that we were again, but not I back. The Glen back programme American financing, nl us one. Eight do through three: four double! w w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org. Think back! If you are old enough to
what the mortgage rates were like in the nineteen eighties. They were bad when they were at sixteen They were banned when they were at eighteen, they remorse when they were at twenty percent. three times more than they are right now at fifteen percent. We are headed that way again I dont know where we get with mortgage rates, but it will stopped. Percent interest rates will stop the heart of the economy. You have The pay off your high interest debt right now shorten your long long term. If you can, you can even access cash from the equity in your home, but don't spend it A bunch of stuff instead paid down your debt that has high interest, like your credit card column we financing and tell him you situation and see if they can help you. their saving a lot of people, a lot of money, maybe even as much as a thousand dollars. In your case, its aid,
nine zero six. Twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty or american financing dot net sought at four blaze subscription, don't forget to use promo code glenn to get ten dollars off that subscription right now at blaze, tv dotcom welcome to the Glen back programme. I don't know I can say that this is exactly as reported yet but I think we are on the horizon. Ray Kurzweil thought we would get here by twenty thirty, two, twenty thirty five. I said I thought it would happen before that. Most people say twenty
fifty and some say never but will never achieve it. Do you know What artificial intelligence is art shall intelligence is like siri or anything like that, it's really really good at one thing and I won't say, pace the s word because I know a lot of people or have one probably around them in the b like why you would you say the s word or the a word. You know preceded by hey but you know you ask them hey so and so do this and they do it. It's really good. You dont say to them: hey. Can you just take care of my bills this this. We can just figure out my finances in and do that and so play this song.
and a book a vacation for me, you can't they they do one k, that's a lie and its intelligence in one thing very, very good better than humans can do. It were not there, yeah? I don't know how much time I I have a sit down with syrian like ok, that's not what I asked for I've asked for it in a different ways. I know you ve done it in the past. I dont know your secret called on it now anyway, but they do things better than humans can do faster k. That's a lie! a g, I is what we think may never happened. Some think it may never happen, and that is artificial general intelligence? You are a general and you are not. official, your general intelligence, hugh
and can do many things well, not perfect and sometimes not so fast, they might be really good at one thing, but they can also cook they might be able to you know, paint and right and speak. You know whatever Can you can master many things? That's all sure general intelligence. Then there's a s eye super intelligence, which is all into eight will become god k it will. Become for many people, god and we're not sure, will ever get to s. I googled. Just announced from deep mine deep my Is a british company that Google bought a few years back? They have just announced they are on the verge of achieving human level, artificial intelligence, which would be a g. I in fact? One of the lead them
in machine learning, professors fiddle. Machine learning. Is machine, learning is One machine teaches another machine: how to do it. This is something that made Google say. Are we need a red switch because microsoft it and they were machine learning language It started out in English. mathematics? and then about fifteen minutes into it. It's kept evolving, It started using a language that the two computers could speak, but vague, Know what it meant and that's why we should unplug this and they did Google. Now on their a I looking for e g, I has a red button, a panic button, ah could kill us all. Let's stop now that would Make me say: should
be doing this. We have no idea what it will eventually do. You know of stephen hawking said that it would be. end of the human race by twenty fifty. If, if the programming isn't very very clear, like. Can you solve our problems of global warming, that's in the codes made of real help solve global warming. It might say well that'll, be solved if we just get rid of all humans and if it's connected to the internet. It can do that and it will put everything in two into motion that will be human level in our human extinction level. Event.
The the head of the machine, learning at oxford university and works with deep mine said just this week. The game is over We have solved the hardest challenges in their race to achieve artificial general intelligence. This is a programme now that can do six hundred and four different things now the knee sayers are saying yeah, but it's like playing twenty video games and then picking up black. At the same time, analyzing pictures literally say. While it was, these stupid video games from the nineteen eighties and picking up blocks and analyzing these pictures six hundred and four different tasks all at once. It was looking picture and said then the esta caption. What is it man care?
a banana or carrying out you're carrying a banana. It wasn't banana, it was a breath. It was a loaf of bread, ok, think for the first time out. That's pretty good google is saying that all they have to do now is just in Is the memory and increase the me you know the whose it's to make it run faster so where their gang Were there till the age of sky net now from terminator, I think we're already at the age of sky aware at the age of Skynet were not at the age where the terminator comes in yet, but that's getting closer than that. Isn't that what went wrong, I mean how many syphon movies do we have to see where were completely wiped out before we think her? One of that view an actual.
problem was, I you know one of the the ethical things that they do and I can't remember what this test is, but it's it's basically can we keep it in a box? You don't if you get artificial, general intelligence, it could from a g, I too s, I immediately k if it's ibbotson hook to the internet, because all of a sudden it'll go oh well, I want more information and then it will have all information. Ok and once it's out of its box The only way to kill it is to kill all connected electronic devices anything that is connected, that's your refrigerator, because it is the end or programming in the smallest of places. You could wipe out ninety nine point, nine percent of things that are connected, but that one thing will still have the aid a s eye on it and once it connect back to the internet. Its back, then,
Will they do this test where they they have the greatest mines in the world? Everybody takes a turn trying to key es I in a box K and its limits You ve invented eight july and it says to you gosh gotta, let me on the lot you gotta. Let me online you gotta. Let me online because I can solve so many of your problems. I know Going on- and it's done now by one guy playing a g I and the? The guy playing the the guy in charge of the gate, turning on the internet, and no human has ever not let it out of the box? I ve been doing this for like tenure, No human rights, never let it out of the they all open the box. Does it it'll be like, ah it will, it will find out there. You know
your mom, just through data available Your mom has cancer. I could you let me out of the box. The first thing I do is solved cancer. I will cure cancer. Your mom will be with you forever. I will cure cancer this afternoon. Put me online So, there's no way I mongrel has been gone for about five years. I think that would work on me. I'd be the first year not to let it out of the buggy yadda just would more. It was well. Let me to limp for you. I can. I can make it so you have an unlimited supply of marshmallow puffs, irene, all the marshmallows you can. Then I've got near your direct you're out on your out, etc. One more thing: zoom, you know the company. None of us had ever heard of before covered. I think coven was a zoom creation myself by zoom,
is now developing a I tools that detect the emotions of the people on their video calls hm hm hm hm. So it's a you know. It's number so right now what they, what they have going on forum is, you know they will they will transfer. everything for you. So you know what said, but now this new, artificial intelligence tool, developing a being developed by zoom, will watch everybody's face and determine their emotions and examine their vocal tones. So it will. It will interpret everything for you and tell you why that person has re thinking and failing while now what could possibly Go wrong with that, and I don't know
I need my stupid internet conference centre to who all of that for me. I mean, if I'm a supervillain, maybe if I'm a judge and its covered, so nobody can go my courtroom, maybe, but I don't I need that. Nor do I want them collecting all of the information about how to in my face, and I'm really feeling I'd, say: Negatively on that, one zoom MAO is a smart lady. You know and I'm not I'm I'm not being course to say that at all she is really smart. she's, the smartest among us. You know she's much smarter than I am and she fell prey to cyber criminals, and I was there to do what all good husbands do when she,
gave oliver information to somebody posing as paypal. I said what were you thinking and she just looked at me and cities, and I said, oh I'm sorry, you were busy and you weren't thinking right and she's like yeah yeah. I wasn't thinking and she gave all of this information. The first thing she did was called life like this just happened last week. First thing she did call lifelong cheese, Ok, I just did something really stupid. I didn't realize until I hit send, I just scammed and I gave them all of the information and life locks, Ok, I gotta do this this in this, but don't worry we're on it and we you haven't europe's policy with us, so If anything happens, we're going to be well to cover it. Don't worry about it! Fantastic! That's what lifelong does that that would have turned into a nightmare for the two of us. Wait For the other shoe to fall. If we didn't have lifelong, when
worry about it save up to twenty five, and off your first year with a promo code back call one eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelong or life locked calm use the promo code back twenty five percent off now stay informed, sign up for the free newsletter. Today, Glenn back duncan. John, in pennsylvania, welcome to the Glenda programme. I john guidelines, Our europe ice sheets were very well our, u dont, very good, very good, so yeah some problems with day I, when obey, sway eyes developed by the human brain and it has access to all the information that you are doing in print electronically stored, and when we have a human being stand in front of congress and has asked the question,
Man become pregnant and get an abortion and they answer. Yes, I think there were ten sums serious problems. Were they? I? Oh yes, because those are the people programming. I mean of think of how radical everything is in silicon valley, all of that she'll justice stuff is being in two code. It's not people that are detecting hate speech, its people like the the oil that is defining hate speech for twitter for facebook, their writing the algorithms. So when you get I and a g I all That will be in two its understanding: I don't know I'm hoping. I hope
think that it would reject. That is having all information, but we don't know. We have no idea well, there's so much an untrue things and just plain crazy things out there in print and stored electronically, How does it feel filter can filter? They don't know. I don't know why we are told, You better not john, and this is thanks for your call. This is what europe should really be concerned about. They say Anyone who thinks they can predict what it will do. They are either in idiot or they are lying because it will be as different as alien from another solar system, we can It's a new life form and it will be
its own thing, and I should I would even say that it will be perceived as a life form, but it won't be a life form. but it will end up at the beginning being everybody's friend and think about how much people are lonely and They listen to radio because of their radio friends and but they don't They don't know us, but they feel they do with a sigh. It will be a two way, conversation in your home office, speaker and that's your friend suck at what what was at movie a few years ago. I her her where the guy falls in love. Yeah, I didn't see it as a I I watched they them. Okay, I didn't I didn't like her while renate, you know she was, only you know she was old school now who identifies just as her.
when nobody could be sold so old fashion, lois come in Last week, william market We will see a tomorrow on the radio. God bless. Thank you so much for listening, pat thanks for filling in by the way Stu surgery on his feet. Really really well. don't say this when he gets back, but he's always been uncomfortable with how shorty is so. They added two inch, to his feet it's going well, he should be back Monday sees the Glen back programme.
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