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Glenn and Stu discuss the concept of people identifying as "furries" and the odd statistics behind the group. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt joins to discuss his argument in front of the Supreme Court for the "Remain in Mexico" policy to stay in place. Glenn gives an update on the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Rob Collins, the founder of Coign, joins to discuss the launch of the financial system and how he hopes it will rival credit card companies. Glenn and Stu discuss some odd stories, including pregnancies occurring in female prisons and CNN executives believing CNN+ would be a success. Creator of ConnectEffect Riaz Patel joins to discuss his launch of ConnectEffect and his hope that it'll bring people together.

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he'll, dotcom, slash back deductible may apply so Stu. There was a story, and I want to see if you have much on this. There was a story from Austin, where a second grade teacher at a public school district was teaching students about the sub culture of furries, ok, I hear alright that parents found out through flyers their second graters at the austin independent school district learned about youth. So Cultures from goths to for of furries, and many more happening during the second week of April. One workshop was titled design your first sonar. Students were asked, if there first were male female or non binary. Now deny us D said this isn't in their curriculum. They have no information on raw.
is this true. It does seem to be false. Actually, this one, there is a way of former reddit community that, like basically tries to hoax the media and come out with its advocates called our drama when they would create drama. Basically, so they made false flyers and others would be canoes, this sea to be fake news. I from the laughter from the right, I don't know if the I I dunno, if they have an ideology or if they're just like to create drama, but it does seem like some of this is is, not true, ok, so, I guess I mean it doesn't mean that we haven't seen this exact type of thing and twenty places. But yes, this particular variety. That's good, but want you to know. I I looked into furries. You did yeah
and there is actually a somewhat to admit on run these no our eyes. As the show I started, I must say I am a doctor. Man who you are that's true, so the furry fiesta did a is that a site you frequent or not at all? I think that's festival, furries gay! they did a survey of furries furries basically, people that dress up like animals? Let's not pretend you don't know it for reasons that were too explain it to the audience. Obviously, I'm well versed in the world of furries, but is that exactly what it is you're like you dress, like I'm ascot. I think it's more than that you identify as dramatic as and it has a basket. Ok, ok, ok! So These are the these the questions and the answers, and now, let's just see, if we needed a survey, the figure a lot of these things. Ok, how much
of the fairy phantom is syrian. Kin, brawny or human now I didn't know you were gonna, break down the fisheries and does I'm a little loosened the furry thing? Already you don't iranian ilo. I got it. I saw it I think I know two of those go ahead, go human I know that one. You know that one I have heard of the term verona before we leave our male fans of my little pony but you're abroad Oh your fan of my little pony, yes, ok, yeah, we're friendship is mag magic, it Ok, all right, so so the data shows that you find about one in five. Furries will set self identify as theory and we she is, is somebody who does
tribes themselves as a particular species of animal. So they are I'm a wolf, I'm a theory and I'm not just a furry, I'm a theory and So I am, and I type you're not just. I am not cheating with other animals. My am strictly wolf. Obviously, J R, twice to twenty five percent of ferries also self identify as abronia, where friendship magic, finally see The five percent of the sample checked human who, here's where it gets interesting, test revealed. They just broke it out in different ways. sixty nine point: five percent of non Syrians check the human box, but only thirty, Forty three percent of theories
the box, so in other words, if you're a wolf and only a wolf, your lesson I to claim your human too? I think that's really crucial theories are more likely to identify as members of non human animal species less light. Least herself identifies human, so just wanna oh that out there. So you know ok, now. What is the relationship status of most furries. I mean I just I don't know it's your college. I was still. It is six point, five more in a master pet relationship. Ok, master polly, amorous file point eight open relationship. I don't know, maybe you're better. No, Chris rock look out I'm just saying: a furry might come and slap you across the face of you say anything about their pet.
Polly, amorous, five point: eight open relationships, six point: nine common law point three Mary. I'm surprised that so I'd up married five point. Eight engage five point. Four days: twenty five and a surprising fifty's, Six percent are single. real yeah yeah yeah, now remember dating Is an option so over half of the fairies aren't even dating they're. Just single and alone is studying right. I thought so I thought so. The living accommodations of the average furry let's see we have is a category four under bridge. No theirs ten percent of furies live alone, but if you
furies other worries. Us areas are furry, furries live alone, ok, but the the majority live. But their parent used her marriage is absolutely right that I now ok albanian. I just wanted to say now. They said that that's because you know these guys are. You know I mean these peak these aunt. These furries are You know in their twenties and sometimes early cities- and you know- They'Re- are going to college and and they're carrying out their wonderful with sea, arduous their parents, though he will. They are A and animal well are their parents also animals or are they know they just ahead And gave birth to an animal will make sure that this is just as I was mad about. Quotas is science. Ok, you don't do it! That's. Why you're avoiding the question so do these people have a full time? Job gay
People identifies an animal, do they have a full time job king kingly, only eighty per have a full time. Job Twenty three percent have part time: thirty five percent have full time. Education go inform, okay, so that's good. Twenty two sent completely unemployed. Now, let's look at as a part of the population k twenty percent unemployed. think that's a little higher than the average rate, but that just could be me now does some secondary education, that play a role in freedom. Apparently, yes, so another If you go to college. you are more likely to become a furry again. Us Sup rising result of this That's I I didn't see that coming didn't see that coming
now, the political orientation of the furry population. What do you think. scottish argue green party, white, socially liberal yeah. Really, yes, yes, yes, almost all ferries own pats, which is strange really, I wait so are they? Are they pets? Are they equals exactly? Do you owe you you, can you own a parent or no hurry, and how does that go with the master pet relationship which ones the pet, which ones the master and, if you're a furry owning a pet? Isn't that slavery? I think it is. It is, and if you, if you're, not a vision, you are also a cannibal. rough pass psychological resources now here it is how much fantasy do furries engaging pass. psychological research suggests fantasy engagement is pretty universal, that the average
and has a pretty active fantasy life. Now some would say- and I am not at all- I am a doctor- so some would say, including experts like me, that sure fantasy, you know, is what is fine. thinking that you have a tail or that you are wolf or so any animal. But you choose to be at any time and that's a big part of your life. My think that might be a problem now take that from a doctor Not all doctors, in only nine out of ten doctors agree when they're, not subject to some sort of abuse by social media. So they're. Looking at why do you engage in this fantasy, the more furry a person was
the more they used fantasy to fulfil. Some currently unfulfilled need in their life. Now I find that surprising. So, in other words, there pretending an animal, because something is missing. In their life man. I hope the federal government paid for this: The more furry a person was the more they tend to use fantasy as a means of motivating themselves. I'm trying to figure that out the mortal but net. Actually, I don't have to only what was it thirty two percent are employed, so the network, the more furry the person was they more than ten. They they tended to use fantasy as a means of coping with setbacks and failures.
The more furry a person was the more they tended to use fantasy as a means of escape from the real world now None of these really sound healthy, but maybe That's just me because the next question that Is this healthy? What a whole? Yes! According to the furries vase, yeah. It's just a way to express yourself and to us scape from reality. Oh ok, all right! Ok, by the way that I could go in, this, but I don't think we have time cause. It gets really really deep and very scientific on half furries and brownies view each other, because there's a split the brownies and the furries don't really like each other it's weird because you know they
both say they like each other, but then when they get down into the numbers here, it looks like there is real. division and there could be there could be some comes between the fairies and the brown is coming up. Mural squabble of some sort orgasm. Now, here's a here's the best part of it did they just took part of the survey just for fun and it was furry creativity I want. I want to read this on how they how they said, perhaps one of the most interesting questions. We asked what assessing furry creativity, These questions taken from a well validated creativity, test, developed by psychologist, studying the psychology of creativity as participants. to create a number of different oftentimes. Seemingly pointless writing tasks. I mean Seemingly pointless, that's right up the alley. The goal
of questions is to assess the creativity of ferries bay. Stone. The uniqueness of the answer is provided and the sheer number of current answers provided furries are often times said to be some of the most creative hannah conventional thinkers heal. ever meet. Briefly here, non conventional not can below. surgery says I've compiled some of my favorite answers to the crew. Activity questions that just will emphasise how creative and often hilarious furries can be ok, so there this liga. These are gonna blow you away. Here's the question please write down all of the different things you can do with a brick. There is great. Some of these are one make a brick cube draw eyes and a mouth on it to confuse someone
Sell it and use the profits for anything for creative create a nuclear reactor these guys are ok, here's the ears and ex question. What please note these creative, showing how creative these people are. Please indicate all of the things that a chair and a desk have in common. to avoid the obvious both could be used to obstruct zombies, both taste bad, both could be used in as weapons in professional wrestling, both heard when you're stub your toe autumn It's fund a kick across the room here, hear it they're both of by gravity. Only add I mean look out america When these guys are in charge of america problems fixed.
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network that is driving it another we can refer is out. I don't think, don't think again. This is, this is something that was planted decades ago, in academia, it's called gender ideology since the two fifteen supreme court decision legalizing gay marriage there has been an explosion of the train. that gender, the transit agenda across media business, government, an education and it is all driving towards the utopia total freedom from outdated distinctions of male and female and unrest Did sexual freedom, freedom of any, and all types, ok Well, this seems to be something that is just spring up in its a change of the times. That is not true. This is not grass roots there is. nothing organic about it. When we started doing our research on this, we were blown away, an academic.
the on its own cannot take hold in a culture. It requires patrons who have tons he's an tons of money, dangerous ideology combined with super wealthy progressives corporations, international organizations and army of nonprofits to form the poison. That is correct, lay coursing through the system of america. That is tonight join me for that dark money, network funding, the war on gender- that's tonight at nine p m only on blaze, tv and blue, he's tv you tube, you can also find it on pluto just look for the blaze tv channel on pluto. That's tonight at nine p m. Well, I wanted
because my bunny costume now I mean it was a sexy, bunny costume. It wasn't. I wasn't anywhere near the president last night. I didn't want to confuse them. I was like don't listen to me, I'm I'm a sexy bunny that was the easter bunny and he then he looked right at me and said no joke man, the Glenn Beck program two kinds of people in the world when it comes to dealing with disasters, there are the people who are surprised and the people who prepared for it there's only three of the kind that were prepared for it not surprised and then the surprise people come over go. When did this happen and those of the third group of people at snap on the first group of people anyway, when it comes to preparedness, please better have it and not need it than to needed and not have it please.
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welcome to the global programme so glad that you have to name today. We have Eric Schmidt, he is the Missouri. the attorney general is also a candidate for the. U s senate, and he was. He was one of the guys along we're texas. That is ask The supreme court for a reinstatement of the retainer remain in mexico policy, because this- the the binding policy is killing us killing us well to the programme Eric. How are you, sir? Greater what're you gonna do great good how's your campaign gone for senate by the way it's good people responding. If you want to fight or right now, to shake up washington coming from Missouri it in that, certainly than my records a tree genuinely reinforcing, to save america. I know you talk about it every day and that's my mission
so things are going well, ok, so they as the attorney general of Missouri. You are filing this motion with the supreme court. They accepted it. You argued in front of them yesterday explain why sure arguing for. Is this the same thing as the title? What is it tat? I want to say title neighbours that forty two or employs a year is of the same thing: not I'll go out Take a step back you're. So last year, Missouri in texas, challenged by trying to kid We came into office on day one. He reflexively tried to undo all present trump successes, including the borders, secure you do we had, and so there are. A couple of these is in place. including by the way finishing his border. While we go lawsuit on that as well, but The remaining mexico president trump came in and said, look we're not it is tragic release business because people never show up with according right to mexico, we'll be the waiting room. While you wait for your asylum, eerie, ok, very effective and by
It sent a signal to the cartels that their business- it'll, be disrupted, because right now, all they really need to do is get people across the border. They can pay direct and so remaining. Mexico is a big part of that. So we filed suit last year, we actually got a restraining order. And we got an injunction- will always be incurred. The supreme court said the injunction will remain now. We ve been fighting with the bush administration every month to try to get them to you reinstatement reinstated, be reinstated. It's been a challenge, but the supreme court, now heard it again. The argument on the merits now previous they said we were likely to prevail in america were hopeful, but wolf will seek. So that's about alone remained in mexico again the fact that so hang on just the same, because all of the reporting that is coming out is saying that it looks like they are not gonna uphold the remain in mexico. Well we'll find out, is hardly euro. Basing rounded the justices,
question. Yes, it's kind of a tricky game. Yes, I'm so we don't know right, that's what kinda hangs in the balance. So far, we've been successful in pushing them not to completely abandon it right, so we were able to win before, but yesterday is a new ballgame right. Just the core will ultimately weigh in title. Forty choose different: title forty two accounts for about fifty percent of all spoken, so gay present trump created the said: look, we don't know where these people are coming from. We they might have been probably do have communicable diseases. Therefore, You can turn them back based on that public health rationale that title forty, two ok, then He didn't play speech and it still continued, even though it's a porous border about fifty per cent of the expulsions, is that goes away. Go in the estimates are of eighteen thousand people a day coming illegally that we know of it would be a right Now we see waves and waves of illegal immigration should be an ass we do not get that happens because we're
a busy season anyway, there's no good and to do it. This is certainly a terrible time to do it. Binding knows it wants to do it anyway, and we would see you know. Gonna, governor, Patrick and Texas are getting credit precisely This would give you get remained in mexico. You get rid of title forty two You don't have the border wall if you extrapolate that over his four years, that could be thirty people coming here illegally, that's the state of texas, that's five missouri's! They are on the move, try to change this country through there illegal immigration policy. So earlier this we Glenn we obtained temporary restraining order, preventing them from ending title forty two, but we're getting back in court on may thirteenth, so this is fight goes on, but for me in mexico title forty two are too big pieces of the trump era. Policies that were work the binding wants to dismantle. How is this effect? I know how its affecting texas it is. I mean it is overwhelming texas,
is inversely any of these border town, sir, just you know people being dumped off and there are soon there we'll be in many of these towns more illegals. Then there are citizens- and you know Do you do about it? So how is this yeah. How is this affecting missouri and the rest of the country? Every state is a border state line because I've been to the border twice the problems. the criminal activity, the fat nor the drugs human trafficking it doesn't stop in EL paso. It doesn't it stop in the garden in colombia Missouri one missouri very in colombia- No ohio we're tolerable every speech. stay when you have this crisis, that we see it the boar, and so we ve taken on human trafficking. We No, no, I'm kidding
people in every community across his country? Overdose deaths now account for the highest highest hum: the death knell for eighteen. Forty five year old, it is flooding across border, a border. I by force me to told me last summer's down their claim that the act value for the human smuggling alone is a hundred million dollars a week. My power no one in the show in this administration, Who is willing. We do it in my contention is that this has on purpose new reckoning is coming in november, they want to attack the court. They want it states the union. They wouldn't fertilizer elections, they want fundamentally change this country forever doing the border. Now is all part and parcel of that, and so got to do everything we can to stop it. But it's very obvious what they're doing elizabeth or injustice past weekend said. Well, you know now that the rover here we oughta just ready amnesty so saying the quiet marked out loud. Just a mass to disaster,
very well, the supreme court. Are they gonna come out with this decision earlier than the summer? Do you think I mean you're happy they'll come down with the rest of their decision to europe in a couple of months is up was likely wonderful compound title. Forty two goes down, I mean that's almost too late and in it I mean Forty two title: forty, a big one, end again here's what the level lawlessness, goin unarmed people even appreciate. Sometimes they were too, I about the title, forty two in mid may there were reported in that he was its shopping were the they were display. Restocking, border patrols, assisted, stop enforcing title four. You altogether, even before mid may, which is why we went in this- weakens it hey. We temporary restraining or prevent them from doing that before our here you did nay royal again their play it for kids. They got their pedal to the metal um, but you know it's going to be up to states like missouri and texas.
the push guy we're doing. It were an urgent appeal to save this republic. Much Erika appreciated eric schmidt. He is the Missouri attorney general that joined with the attorney general of texas to try to get our borders under control. Also for? U s the senate. You can find him at schmidt for Senate dotcom thanks so much I appreciate it. They are going be about inflation, is kicking In the teeth- and it is only going to get worse, we have to find ways to save money and there many things that you can do have you just gone your credit card bill and just cancel all the things that you might have subscribed to like along time ago and adjust the five dollars every month. Those things are adding up. We have to look for everything away and others a big, not that you, really reduce and save some money, and that is on your cell phone service patriot.
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tree at mobile, dotcom, slash back or nine seven to patriot the growing back programme the plug into the Glenn Beck program, we're glad you're. Here I don't know if the average person is following the twitter thing as much as those of us in the media are it's a big deal, I think, maybe The average person is looking at elon mosque as a white knight That is, writing in and somebody finally sticking up for them. Who has the clout to do it I think that's a universal feeling, at least for half the country. The other half is Freaking out of their minds so weird bizarre, all he is saying is he wants people to be able to to his beak freely. More often- and he says my death
should have. Freedom of speech is what's legal speech. If its image illegal or people don't want it to be legal. Then they'll pass laws to make it not legal. I really think that's something that more companies should embrace as a philosophy I commit about this all the time in the nfl. And other sports, where this Teams are constantly supposed to be able to investigate some potter crime committed by one of their players punish them outside of the legal system like a just if they get if their charge- convicted with a crime. Then you react to it. You don't need to go in and send detectives out to try to solve crimes. That is not your job. It's not your job as an organization, that's a private business and I think they try to do all the time if you and if you violate a law, I don't Many of us have any problem with with there being ramifications on a social network. The problem is, of course, that it's just been one way and its main weapon eyes, and it's not nothing to do
with legal or not just opinions yeah so that it can come back to this, like? I think you are ask will improve this, I think conservatives, sub level will be disappointed that it's not gonna, be perfect, and I'm learning is how to make decisions that we don't like here, you know I mean I'm not just you lot must, but the company under your lot mosque and you know so when he does censor a conservative people are going to freak out about it because it probably will happen, he's talked about it already. He just said he's going to give people time outs instead of permanent bans. If people are going to be upset about that, I think I'm a conservative side at some level look to seeing what's going to happen day, one he takes over and says: okay, it's free, but he can say whether one day one you're gonna have the Weeks from the fringes, both sides coming in you're gonna have the jesse small at who are ten. Maybe the conservative saying all kinds of stuff. You know to mean irritation: brace for that? No it's a bunch of idiots it will be the fringes that take control,
of the media again in the media will spin it, but it won't be that way here: The thing that concerns me. elon. Musk has a lot of his ease, he's, making batteries he's making cars he's doing international trade, now he's ease involved in financing. All of these narrowing neural link that guy is messing with the U s government, the chinese government, all social media, the entire left all media organizations on earth anybody who has any power the great reset. All of it mean if this guy is still standing in two years, it'll be amazing, because we are well on him, he's taking on board a
I do. I keep there's this weird strain of thought. That's like ok, look he's not going to make that much. Yes, he might may improve free speech a little bit, but I think your twitter experience is going to be pretty much the same. I mean he's not gonna. It's not gonna be that much different people are expecting all this difference. What as elon musk done. That would make believe you to keep this thing the same ever nothing, the guy makes flame throwers yeah he eat. We people will tweeted him and say hey. You wanna be funny if my tesla honked at the along with the carol of the bell song and they just incentive oils it as a feature in his car. You hit the the technology, gonna be vastly improved. I think the company's gonna make tons and tons more money he's a really well. My money thing again is: if he I mean they could shut him off right now, just think of the great reset all they have to do is just go. You know what twitter they're, they're gone part of the problem and I'll drive all of these sponsors away, all of monsters away, so I mean
could be sitting here if they decide to do what they ve done to people like us, the eu takes an enormous effort to survive. That's true, but I just don't know raiment This is not a guy who's gonna violate, yes g scores, or at least the EU part of it he's the ultimate he he is. The eu s- I knows he is- and this is something get wrap your arms around. When we look at you musk as a hero, he is an environmental extremist. He is not he's not even like. I love the earth. He is built, spaceships to escape the earth partial because of global warming right, but he doesn't believe any ass. She now he does it, but he Haiti, as g in the gray recent east, totally it in the right on that, but he is not going to die. late, the Now he is he's. Gonna violate the s, but I dont have a problem. If you are, I don't need your like ilan musk, you respect
did for buildings, but he's doing what he really believes. I good for him now, just don't force everybody else to do it. That this is that I think there's this thing because he's just not raise nl on a lot of these things when it comes to free speech and gender and ending covered and all these other things because he's it's not insane. We think all the skies. Conservative he's not he's not conservative. Nor does he want anyone to believe he's conservative. He is really his own thing and when you get when you have two hundred eighty billion dollars, you get to be your one thing. I know that he is south african, so you know technically under, but he is the quintessential american. He is a guy who comes from their place? He leave south africa because he doesn't want to fight in the army to suppress black stirring apartheid, so he can to the united states. He has idea, he builds this empire
it's what america is yeah. I think it was going to say was derby boring over at our friends over at the daily wire who tweeted something to the effect of like elon musk is the greatest living american and Of course everyone unless, like use guy he's absolve ever! Do you idiot? I don't know. I consider immigrants americans when they come here legally. Exactly that's what I think and the reason why he left was because he didn't want to serve at what are they gonna call him a draft, a dodge, drat draft roger? I don't want to get a gallop Ivan. There are people on the left have been like. You know this guy wants the return of apartheid like really exciting, to strive to go away from that's why he left south Africa really is amazing. It's it's amazing to see this stuff happen and it is good to see the left expose itself. As always, it is sheer every speech and I'm glad there doing it with elon musk does he has the balls to continue to stand back programme
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hello, america, most people in america are supporting the ukrainians. Most people are saying yes, we should do more to help them. Well, maybe we should maybe we shouldn't, but the way we're going about. It is a bit disturbing, something doesn't feel right. We talk about that in sixty seconds, so What does the weimar republic, zimbabwe and Venezuela all have in common we all know they they did. Looking like our country is about to look. If we turn the ship around on you know. These this economic inflation iceberg? Inflation is running rapid in the united states and through europe. Do you know inflation? Now the in germany is the highest. It's been since nineteen forty five, it's running at thirty percent inflation- that's not
so we know about printing of money, but how come we're? Not? How can we surprised by this inflation. How can we don't look at the people that printed the money say hey. This has got to stop the reason why The reason why we're going to accept any solution, because we don't really know what causes it. We don't know how it works, and we don't know the people behind it. People buy. It really the treasury and the fed, the fed They just loaned Japan in two quarters last year, seven, trillion dollars. We had to just that money That's how inflation gets to be a a real problem for countries. There is a new book out by the tuttle twins, the tuttle twins. I've been telling you about these books are for your your kids in your in your house to teach them the basic principles,
there's one on the fed now and inflation that I think is so important that everyone should have it so critical that you understand it as well as data to your kids, you can get. for free now at tuttle, twins, back dotcom, free copy idle twins and the creature from jekyll island tuttle twins back dot com. This is your last chance to get this free book it in this week. Tuttle twins back down car ok So I want to go through a couple of a couple of things. First of all, there is real problems in china China is still closing ever thing down, and their society is collapsing shanghai. There are stories now and it's amazing disease are americans live in shanghai and in story that was can remember it was an american journal. They did not. want to be identified in fear of repercussions. But they're saying is
as soon as this lockdown over I'm out of here. Now? The quote from one of em. That said the problem with this is there's: no, to turn to for help bingo. Now you understand the problem within all encompassing government when ever they decides they're gonna do something there. no one to turn for help who's gonna help you. You gonna call the police cassettes, government, I call the politics didn't cause. That's the government, gonna call the military coups, that's the government, gonna call the media cassettes the government. So it's it's falling part badly and the ships that are stuck in port and trying get into port. Unlike anything the world has ever seen. This is much worse than it was with covert. Remember when we couldn't get anything
Oh, it's causing all kinds of problems, and we are just at the beginning of this story. This is an epic black swan event and with the war in ukraine and the bird flu pandemic, I don't know of any but he's been paying attention to that, but that's causing real problems here in the united states- and this is this- is assuming now that in the next twelve months there are no natural disasters, We are now facing the worst global food crisis since world war. Two. I want you to think about that, the worst crisis since world war two. This is a problem. Senator Roger Marshall said that we are going into a world wide famine and quote? It is definitely going to happen now. Just give you a couple of things that, just as we know the
a low hanging fruit here, so you can understand. What's coming you're going into the grocery store? Have you noticed that there is not empty shelves, but they're they're, not as full as they usually are, If you ve noticed that you might have noticed that in the can dog food can, ugh. Food is their starting to be a shortage in amerika of can dog food not gonna, be able to get it? Why couple of reasons chicken and turn he because of the asian flew now going through our bird population, which we or just slaughtering turkeys and chickens, left and right, and you can't get. Cheap food for your dog. You can't get the chicken and the turkey for the dogs applause. there is an aluminum, can shortage. There is a shortage of aluminum. those two things are only going to get worse now,
if you also are heading into summer wherever you live and there are pools around. Try buying chlorine europe out to see a growing problem with chlorine, the pandemic is not the problem this time. This is hurricane, laura in late, twenty it it ll hold the facilities of a major chlorine manufacturing plant in louisiana for three per cent of all of our chlorine is made at that plant. Will that was two years ago, but why is that? back on line because of the building supply shortage. They can't edit back on line because they don't have the supplies they need to rebuild it. There is also the baby for a formula shortage that is continuing and getting worse. Have you tried
to buy bulk food Oh, I kind of hang in the circles of papers and in my churches, big on this, you tried go to work there always like we got food. We are for don't worry? We then just come get food and by the food here, cheap price you can't buy it. You could only buy it in limited supplies. Now that is remarkable. Rice is going to go up right is gonna, go way up the food shortages are going to get worse and we will feel them here over in europe. There are already rationing cooking oil because of the ukrainian ukrainian war inflation supply jane shortages of energy food, raw materials and labour.
are all going to accelerate this and the war is only going to make things worse, which brings me Two things. First of all, russia has cut off a major supply of natural gas to poland, gazprom just cut off the gas supplies to two countries that are both nato members and it marks the first time of being able to say yeah ronald Reagan said this would happen. Why, You let them do this, but they have come dependent on gazprom and dependent on russian fuel, and now the they ve turned it off. is the first time since the soviet era that russia reacted. This way,
so now gas supplies are down. We are not doing anything about it here, in fact, proved army. Now Biden is delaying more things that we could. Due to help with the gas supply, and he saying no at this point for environmental reasons, but here what's really disturbing. Elizabeth, a story from the washing in examiner near the beginning of the russian: invasion in ukraine, which commenced one, twenty. Fourth: u s intel provided to the ukrainians, help Defeated a russian operation that was meant to rest control of the air, were near kiev. They helped. and gave the ukrainians the ability to shoot down a russian transport plain carrying hundreds of russian troops. According who NBC news had.
She had been able to maintain the control of the airport, its forces cap did for a short time. Moscow could have used to solve many of its lead. Tickle and supply problems. Various? U s. Defence and intelligence officials have spoken spoken in broad terms about the in allergens sharing with ukrainians while frequently choosing not to get in the specifics. However, in a statement a spokesperson for the national security council, told the outlet quote. We are, regularly providing detailed, timely intelligence to the ukrainians on the battlefield to help them defend their country against russian aggression, and we, will continue to do so general. Mark milly chairman, the joint chiefs of staff, told the house armed services committee, that quote
we have and I'm not going to reveal and an open hearing the end allergens we have collected and how did all that This war is arguably been the most successful intelligence operation in: u s military history, the chairman also pointed out that the? U s played a significant role in providing ukraine with the tools to ensure russia did not achieve air superiority, quote the fur new mental significance of air defence systems in order to deny and opponent that ability, to achieve air superiority and supremacy. That's It's been done by the ukrainians, but it done with a huge amount of help from the united states with stinger missiles. also because of our intelligence feeds and quote. Why the hell are we saying these things there
as a great article in the federalist. Listen to this As the war in ukraine drags on, the united states is making a clash with russia more likely with each passing week. What we to make of a comment from secretary defence, lloyd, Austin, that the binding, illustrations goal in ukraine? to see russia weakened to the degree that they can't do the kinds of things that it is done in invading ukraine austin made. The remark in a press conference with the secretary of state after the pair met with you raines, president Zelensky in kyiv. in in what was the highest level visit by? U s official, since russia in invaded ukraine, one obvious conclusion we can draw from boston comment is that the binding ministration is now committed openly to policy of escalation in ukraine? The white house intends on keeping the worn ukraine alive with stated goal of weakening moscow by continue
the poor, new and more advanced weaponry onto the war ravaged country. Indeed posted in blinkin announced a new round of military aid on monday to to ukraine bring, the total amount to three point: seven billion dollars since the invasion began. After resisting pressure early in the conflict to support ukraine with advanced weapons systems, the bite illustration is change course. It is now preparing to send heavy artillery helicopters armoured personnel carriers annie air. I've radar systems, advanced attack, drones, and other weapons still told members of the press. The defence department won't just send weapons, but we'll expand military training for ukrainian service members in the region on in weapons systems being provided quote
delivering. All of this aid is an escalation of the? U s: involvement in the war senior! U s! Military officers at a facility in poland described accelerating logistical network for supplying weapons and material do crane, so They are sending all of this stuff over their sending it in ukraine from poland by railroad now, did you hear that act, These clowns were over in ukraine meeting was a landscape that just after they left the country. Russia bomb, the train stations. How did blinkin leave ukraine by train? minutes later. They bombed in stations them
imagine if there would have been a timing issue on that. One. what was it. The foreign minister said from russia this week, sergei rob, you remember him from many much of the tromp russia talk back in the day that the media so obsessed with. He he came out and in on. eight run. Media said the danger for world war, three was real. Danger is serious. It is real. You can't underestimate. It also said about the possibility of nuclear war being real, and you know all of this stuff doesn't make any sense in your ear caught totally right saying. We know we shouldn't announcing all the stuff all the time, even like, for example, the blinkin visit right, they announced this. What's his face from great Britain went over there and we
not about it when he was already there or had our ain't always happens, so it owes happens. We are in sing in advance, so we're like hey on Saturday lincoln's gonna be over. There are secretary of state now that opens you up to all sorts of issues. For example, even the two: the thing where ro group of ukrainians right who want to draw us into his room, but by war. could? I could affect that situation. What, if one our officials is over there and god forbid, something happens to them. Whether of course Obviously, the suspicion immediately is going to be russian forces, but it could be anybody and if that war happen. We could be drawn into this war. Is we too? them in advance, we're gonna be. There seems like a massive mistake to me. Luckily, nothing nothing happened but, as you point out, it was pretty close there are saying the russians are signalling to us. Don't come don't do this dont be involved in this, and We keep saying well, not only
we're going to be involved in it. We're going to embarrass you publicly by telling everyone that we are involved in it, and you can't do anything about it. Now, as russia gets more and more deaths ornery her and cornered. So what are they going to do so Let me tell you what some are speculating is coming and it's the key date of think it's may fifteenth I'll. Give it to you in just a second when don't aid to charity, I mean you're? Probably like me, you want to make sure that it's a worthy cause that it does what it says. It's gonna do the tunnel the towers foundation charity. navigator rate some four out of four so Nine eleven tunnel tunnels towers foundation has been supporting america's heroes with their families. So when somebody goes down a first responder or military service member, they don't come home and Children left behind them pay the mortgage to lift the financial burden off of that family, so they can be stable catastrophically
injured veterans and first responders tunnel to towers. builds mortgage free, smart homes, enabling the severely injured to live, more independent lives and now operation home base tunnel. A tunnel. The towers is gifting, tiny homes to homeless veterans. This is who we are. This is how americans behave and who can be involved for eleven dollars a month at tea to tee dot. Org, that's tee, then or to tee dot org, it's tough. The towers eleven dollars a month, help em out tee to tee dot. Org, ten second station id the So if we look at what is, if we look at what is happening over in ukraine and you, look at
where things could head. You have in, and russia painted into a corner military seemingly teetering Collapse, they have zero replacement capacity for most of the weapon systems that they ve lost too many high components and unless he can dramatically changed the narrative in russia. He needs a million volunteers to join the army, and that would be a solid six months before the new recruits come on line so there's ways he can handle this surrender or up the stakes, It's not the fifteenth, it's the ninth main ninth is a huge holiday and celebration in russia. the day that it's the day that they beat the nazis
I remember they lost like twenty million people in the war against the nazis in russia as a horrific thing. So they remember this, and this is a huge day of celebration. There is a shot that may ninth is such important day. That putin will use? May ninth as a launching ground pot. Having some people think nukes tactical nukes which he will say: oh we're, not bluffing your turn. It wouldn't be an icy, be m kind of thing. This is you know, a eighty article nuke, it would be used. You know, over troops or something like that, but it is a nuke How would we respond that be happening as soon as main ninth just say, a prayer that everybody stay
his calm until that girls and and somehow or another. We don't inflame the situation. I think it is not insane historic, historically speaking, progressives the fabian socialists in in great britain. They wanted world war one. They wanted it with bated breath they helped egg in a long time. I fear that there are those all over the world that feel the same way about this. They want the great resets cover the Glen back programme if you find somebody in life who looks at you the way cyber criminal looks at you in your personal information once he's hacked in and assessed it You know you're you're you're in trouble. If you're, one of those people who still operate under the assumption that site
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alright get dirt the great reset. It's the brand prom Glenn back, you you'd get it. I glimpsed new book dot com, This is the Glen back programme. Welcome tonight, on my wednesday night special detailed look at the war on gender and the dark money network- that's driving it. What were we missing is is something that was the seeds were planted law a long time ago, gender ideology, and this is not spreading because of you know natural. Colonization. This is there that this there are being these pollinating giving pollen to everywhere they paused We can to make these things grow,
and those bees have been very, very busy It's dangerous ideology combined with super wealthy progressives, operations are involved, international organizations and an army of nonprofits. That, for the poison that is currently waking and making its way through the body of america dark money, network the funding of the war on gender tonight. Only on blaze, tv, it's my special at nine p m, we'll see you there. Nine pm, blaze, tv dot, com, blaze, tee youtube and pluto. Now I have been talking to you about a parallel economy and I want to bring to you different things that people are doing to help and we are playing a. hosty game of catch up. I talk while the tides foundation, what fifteen years ago,
I'd foundation this this network of money. His just is us. Downing, as you will see tonight, on what the left is doing and it's all shady I dont want be involved in aiding shady, but I do, We want to stop giving my money. places that are not helping. There is a new credit card that is coming out night. I want to make sure I understand it. credit card. Its credit card for conservatives, it's called coin c. O I g in and rob Collins is the guy who's. Launching this he's the founder rob. How are you, sir? I'm good, thanks for having me on. This is a a real honour, long time listener, so thank to being on the show so people. So they know who you are you founded the american action network. You ran the national republican senatorial campaign in two thousand and fourteen, which was a good year
You also worthy confirmation, sherpa, four neil gore, such with donald trash. Ok, sir so you ve been around. You know the game that everybody is playing. Tell me what's happening here with coin. well as it is described. I spent a lot of time my twenty authorities in politics, and you know, invested a lot of of that energy. I had to have one Actions I loved it and it was great, but you know I just- to see that wall, while politics is critical and that's how we policies we our innovative in the private sector in illegal discharges. adopting the model, because it is so scared food against forty fifty million americans that if we don't innovate in the private sector, we're never going to be able to catch up. I mean at high tide foundation, as you said, you know the top ten credit cards,
even over a million dollars and let me assure you, there is no analogous contribution per real bank. Knowing thanks, I think differently than a dive spinner and deserve just have been left out and our voices Sometimes they rise up, and we see that the last week, but generally just a doll murmur, because we're spread throughout the credit system you we talk about it. We complain to one another, but for the largest largely group in america were, our public square. You know we have a whisper even amongst ourselves about that. We don't like it just away for folks who like to talk about it or folks, were disquiet, but want to give back to no two things: one with coin you're, going to get a great credit card, or even one percent cash back all the protections visa, all the stuff you expect from every other credit card you're at, but every time you swipe coin, the comfort of our company,
Take a piece of the merchant fee and contributed to conservative charities, and we're gonna have a system where photos vote and feel like, hey. I actually. I did not, they asked you do something I got my card, I used it and then you want the quarter that we're going to ass. Four five charities will put up her the vote and, and I voted for a charity and they got. You know forty fifty thousand dollars to do a good thing that I really support- and you know next time we'll have different charities, but you know The thing is: is china help people find out? we again and find that collective action that says: hey I feel I listen to us and also feel good that their commerce thing and things that I believe I That's really important. I am very concerned about the east.
the standards in the banking community and- and this is still tied to the banking community right you're using mastercard and visa azure beer backbone right. Well, you know yes, disrupting his heart. You can't, you know, I know we're, but believe me, I know said you can't see fifty years control to the last day took the movie like it back. When you got that right now, I can tell you I mean we have true patriots who, as investors, who because He went to the respectable places. We went to the venture thought and- and- and I say I saying hey- we have a new forty percent the american public about looking for something we have the market research night, they gray and we take. Conservative and aids are not interested so I mean we used to go, neither confirm it longer tenure their job on their own home on their own car, Mary, the other it here they are. cream of the credit crop and
yeah we were, we would get our doors the door slammed in our face because we'd say to see where to eat. So we we had to go or to to really to to people who who understand the movement and are willing to invest in parallel economy right or start ups, and if it wasn't for them, I would be on your shoulder some, as does the reality of where we are. What is the? What is the main? Go? You see this in five years. What? What is your hope that this turns into I'm a week and weaken, donate and married hundreds of millions of dollars to conserve the cherry No, we cannot, just as when you say, company conservative charities. What kind of charity are you for. I know it's gonna be here for a vote, but are you thinking instance like first liberty, ones that are defending things in the court or you know like you know something that is going to rescue people
There are two ways. Look at the two year we love to have people suggest charity about our we launched yesterday, and we have already had probably three or four emails and people faint. I consider this one, so we like a rotation and we like the halves broad categories. Um. You know you know we like I I heard earlier. You were talking about the tunnels to towers. I mean we we'd love to partner with great veterans, charity that aren't afraid of conservative edge. agent I really freedom, the smaller smarter government conservation you know kind offer folks we want to have a broad spectrum, but we want to rotate out the charity. You know we'd love to smaller charity, there are starting up and give mobile booth What's more bigger ones, you know anywhere, not we really the biggest thing for us. I want make sure conservative. and we want to ensure that if our folks of coin, my is gone, our customers much that they deliver aid
the transparency. You know where that leader at the charity rating firms said these are good charities and admit that they really The the our for our folks is tangible. That's really important to. oh how people get involved it with a coin. I know a website, see alike, GN, dot tom, coined com and like a on yeah, whatever social media, facebook you were all over the place. Just try to an endless. Tell your friend. The main etc. and no wonder you know behind closed doors. So terrible, like tell your friends join as the non military look, I'm hoping conversation that, let's get back kind of where we ve always done is a country which, a day we you can eat your mind. But all oh, you don't have to cooperate, in funding, causes that, like there's, it's not enough that they want, they push their own worldview. They don't like us and they're, trying to push us out yeah and then you know indoctrinate. And tell us what about?
You can add when it should be in a lot like your cup arguably respect you not. You should respect us, I know, we have. As you know, we have a sponsor patriot mobile and they ve done same thing there on the same cell tower so they're they're, renting space from these big guys so They provide the coverage. But I know I'm a member because I dont want to give the big cell companies any of my money. I know I have to make europe patriot was paying I'm a little bit for the space on the tower, but at this point that's best option we have. I want to stop giving these people money, This is just like adrian bubble. This is another way to do it with you credit card. So if you have visa master garter, anything want to consider today going to coin dot com that c o I e g and any reason: they spelled it that way other than because you did
get going dot com, oh yeah. We we wanted it. We wanted a short lean website, wanted a short clean name and we know we'll have a little neat little main building to them, but are are just we'll ideal, adoration young calling card for conservative coin c o I e g and dot com coin. Dotcom rob thank you. much less. Now it's gone. We love it. I'd appreciate it be about by aright, when I talk a little bit about inflation, soaring to record highs in your credit cards are going to restore to record eyes is well, most people are going to have put their life on credit card, and this is gonna be a problem, because the banks are good start moving, that credit card interest rate up higher and higher and higher. It is some passion. the impoverishing of america, really is nineteen percent nineteen point nine is is what the average credit card pairs is paying right now.
Nineteen percent uk, lower that down to you know into the fourth or five. If you take the value of your house, and you take your credit card. I bet your house is probably grown. Twenty thirty four fifty thousand dollars in price that price Ace is gonna start to go down again, but right now you access to that cash. May I suggest, don't put yourself in a worse situation and then go out musical. Cards again. Take that night Ten percent interest rate get down to five percent in a consolidation loan, pay that thing as fast as you can and do, it. While you have access to the money before your house starts to lose value again, it's we can financing they'll explain all of this to you at eight hundred nine zero, six! Twenty four forty go to him.
Eric and financing dot net american financing, dot net; eight hundred nine zero, six. Twenty four forty american financing, animal us one, two three four that'll do too you w that animal less consumer access, dot org. This is the line back programme evanston skokie school district number, sixty five just adopted a radical gender curriculum that teaches per kindergarten through third grade students to see. Liberate the transgender flag and break the gin nor binary, a stab to buy white colonizers this is ridiculous.
Are you telling me that native americans didn't know the difference between male and female, If there were a hundred different genders with with africans in africa. Are you kidding me They are doing an experiment now with neo pronouns such as ze, zero and tree. The chicago area? Districts, algae, bt, q, plus equity, weak administrators of the teachers union, adopted last year? Curriculum begins in pre kindergarten, a series of lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity. The lesson plan opens with an introduction to the rainbow flag and teachers, students that color in the flag has a meaning the tea You're also presents the transgender flag and the basic concepts of gender identity explaining.
we call people, we call people with more than one gender or no gender non binary or queer Finally, the lesson plan as a teacher leading the class to create a rainbow flag which as the instructions to quote gathers students on the rug them to show you their flags and proudly hang the class flag where they all see it. There are children, who feel like a girl and boy or neither a boy or a girl, and we, call these children transgender this is from the curriculum. Students Expected to be able to explain the importance of the rainbow flag and trans flag and are asked to consider their own gender identity, kindergartners read two books that a firm transgender conversion study photographs of birth boys in dresses and details about
a transgender flag and then perform a rainbow dance. Okay, let me just tell. Last one out turn off the lights. I mean this is really look at what we ve done. kids, we started in the ninety saying you know at every get everybody gets a trophy, and now because of that Now, all these years later, we knew that was wrong. We knew that majority of americans knew. That was wrong, but the more majority of americans did nothing didn't, say anything about it. We all got trophies and we all about it at home. Now that generation is now in school and exiting school and their crying all the time it's of course. They think that we allow that happen. These people are incapable of free capital. society there incapable do. You note too,
in order to or it requires great risk great. Even if you're not willing to risk. You have to work for somebody else and just do as you're told. Do you think you almost got worry was because he was afraid of risk here fraid. Somebody would say something bad busily it might happen that he might get hurt, no beating, happened with the people in the space program. I don't know blow up, they knew that they were to do it anyway unless we teach our children. The truth- and I mean right now- do not repeat the past. Everybody gets trophy no it out. No, they don't pay kids come on over here,
I play a sport where only one team gets the trophy you either win or you lose that doesn't make you losers. It just means you didn't do as well as they did better luck, next time. time to stand for the truth, otherwise, we're doomed as a nation, and last one out the lights. If we have light the decline back programme legend, has it that once upon a time there was a line of fashionable and customizable belts. Yes, these belts were made in erica. They could be gotten at a reasonable price, it seems impossible, but the legends, archer I've seen it with my own eyes and you can do a grip six die calm, slash stew! If you go to group six, that council still. You will find a small company in that sell stuff followed the united states all over the world, but they source everything he If so, they are fantastic,
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program america, and welcome to the Glen back programme I've got a few story said justify category explanation Prove that true,
a stranger than fiction, because fiction has got make sense. Stop in the the news stories that just don't fit this universe in sixty Secondly, you don't make people mad over the years and almost to a person. They all asked me the same question: how you sleep at night and I can say quite well why? Well, honestly, in fact I should just give them a card for my pillow dot com, because man that'll change everything you know now. I don't know how they sleep at night. Even with you know my pillow, maybe it's because they just take Michael into they hate, Michael dell, so much they just won't do it, but the is a dream sheets. You'll sleep like a baby for the moment, he's a dream sheets are sixty percent off
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was before I became diamond that's when I was right: blount. Ok, now, I'm diamond and so on. judge in new york, so you're tire criminal records should be wiped out right. Well, maybe Maybe I mean he's He did go to prison for rape hound because he was now identifying as a woman, he was housed in the women's facility. Ah good, this
you know. This is one of those things we ve always use as an example of the absurd possibilities it s were to continue, and now it's good to know that it is actually happen, our alike. So while he was a resident, I love that a resident of the rose him singer centre, the section of the prison, not a prisoner, but a resident arrested him. It was a section of the prison. Maybe it had drapes and everything else sounds: mammy sewing machines for the women. You know the women folk they like collisions like diamond. You know like diamond shore. Apparently diamond also likes to violently. women in a bathroom diamond, doesnt diamond giacomo, rommel, now diamond cause. Our male did. Do that you're, not, I know diamond, didn't know what I mean did it is well. While what are the odds What are the odds? No, I hope they're, both related, I mean they're. Both A blunt. I think there is, I think, they're both relative
but what's the odds that both of them violently raped women percentage chances of this occurring would be anything over a hundred percent were well. I have tell you I I would like to I'd like to side with you, but I don't know the law has been experience right, you're you're, not for well versed in that. No, you are not because I am not a lesbian. Well, I actually emma lesbian. I am only attracted to women, so I think maybe that now so that was rape. Ok, story that just doesn't seem to make sense to me. Cnn executives when started their streaming platform that lasted a full for weeks and I'd like to spend the time counting, but it's just One two three it's just too high a number to spend.
that kind of time, counting the weeks they ve, cnn executives thought that they could a track. Thirty million global subscriptions because they they broke, this a barely there's a memo with this Twenty nine million cnn super fans there. They believe there are twenty nine, I believe, but with a hard day, art or sit up on that Y yeah? They believed that twenty one twenty nine million super fans now I don't know where they come up with that number, but most of those super vans feel trapped in the air. Or just saying right.
They are a very long delay to go to albuquerque, yes and cnn happens to be other television, then does not make a superficial. No, it doesn't even make a personal makes this a lot or mac right. He had it isn't even people who would what would be enticed to watch it for free now certainly not going to pay for now now Then I, if you to make an honest guest guess of the number legitimately the number of cnn who fans and you in that meeting, and they were saying this. No, joking around. What would you they set number. Eighty three hundred. Yeah, I would say I would say, superfans global globally. I would say less than a hundred thousand much. I had a hundred now have to include the insane
We have to weigh more people than the same people. Don't done nothing travelling about that! I'm not saying all insane, I'm saying, there's a subset of insane blair me. The insane people of the world may be more likely to dell into the world of cnn place, but they are not exclusively right. Well, the problem is all of those people subscribed they just that they just It in their imaginary, were right, so I'll soup funds are still enjoying cnn, plus the device that they had a legitimate estimate the legitimate estimate, but an estimate that someone provided them that they will have thirty million subscribers is crime nina. There is I think they're blaming mckinsey for this, the consulting outfit, which is one of the most recent renowned you know who they were the ones who came up with a million I've heard them blamed for it. I don't know for sure. If it it was them, but that is who is it
getting the well jade from inside sources shore. Well, you can't play many of the people working at cnn now of the air above pro, why you? No good we at this time do have enough information to judge whether this was a success I heard from the potato, I heard what you heard a potato say. I think it was a potato there's, a potato in a suit and ill fitting suit, really yeah, He was like we can really judge. You know if this is a success or not. How could one know how what information has been provided to make a determination, three hundred million dollars spent? I know real subscribers and other than this, though, and the fact that it's been shut down already. What what? What? What information do we have as to judge whether six other than those of earlier. We don't. We don't want any way, doesn't do orally. To now. I think my but my thought as by the you're twenty three eighteen,
We will have a a beginning of the understanding as to whether sealant plus was a success or failure. Sure it's gonna take that much time yeah. This is just as important a product, the most importantly easy, and it has done since its launch at least seventy five years before we get. To that I mean they ve got him. Information is the cdc hand. The FDA rugby got me, got away, never gotten so he co, condo from pan has just married hatsune miku. which is lovely she's a fiction computer synthesized pop singer. and he was very disappointed because he said No one in his family showed up for the wedding. You're kidding and I would like to say that
one of the first things. It's come out of japan, but his mate said is quite quite a long time by the long time. I think I see That's the way we should be You know we should. Erika. I am I not so sure that would happen. I think a lot of people go you don't you don't want to hurt his feelings, you don't don't deny that that is a fictional character and just on his computer, that's his love. We got a bet. Love wins, always love wins see. I think I would get with if that Invitation came in the mail, my wife would say we're not going to that, and I would say, are you kidding me? I gotta see this. I've got to be a part of this security. I would go with you. I have now savvy like yeah. Ah Jeez material for weeks wearily. Where are you he's gone on your honeymoon they should. He should have invited us. We would come out of flow. japan to watch. That thing happened.
Would have been a ceremony. Well here's one a man with nine wives, nine wives, nine, nine lives, he has just been married, crazily in a church in brazil and he says the term just as a sexual appetite that just can't be satiated with just one wife, sounds like a dream. Come true really, and so he tried to you know, have sex by appointment, but he that was just too difficult because there were times that he was thinking about the other girl in and he wanted to be with. You know her, and it would be easier. You view disconnect boot pick on demand right, you to walk in. That's was alive like everyone else, does you, you know seven eleven there. If a budget
Well, the flavors yeah of monster energy drinks. You don't want to have just one that you would schedule in advance. I don't always have cool ranch, doritos right, nacho cheese. You might want spicy nacho. You might want that spice mycelium, which is spicy sweet chili, was delicious yeah, it's really good. Sometimes I you know I just want a candy bar. You know so you should be able to have whatever you want everyone away than ever when and the asterisk within the bounds of holy matrimony. that is a really important gotta. Why be really a bad thing. If people decided they could just have sex outside, of marriage when the going on instead mary as many people as you can and does rotate through. That's the that's the godly of doing it? I think it's gonna last well now I should say he married. He married eight he's already low what no yes. He lost she on second thought. You know when she said
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second station. I do tat. I saw Wednesday night special, detailed look at the war on gender and the dark bunny network that is driving it problem is, we have been played for fools in many ways where a very I think ceptin nation, you know where the most by far the most diverse nation in the history of the world, There is nobody that has Add to this. I'm because we're all pretty much we're all from someplace else and We came over here and we united around a few metres the important principles like hey leave. People alone indulged stealer stuff. You know and we're very tolerant because of
It has been used against us and now we're called a big it for any reason whatsoever gender ideology. Thing is really really very: dangerous, was just a story that I gave you out of the chicago area where their teaching it too pre, school kids that you know you don't have to be a boy or a girl, this is insanity. Its insanity. culture is not changing. Just because tie, things are changing. This is a well calculated plan, also a very well funded plan is in a new civil rights movement. This a dangerous ideology and it is coming from super wealthy progressives, incorporations, an internet. National organizations that are fun doing all of this tonight. I will show you that connection and that call
lecturing of people from the non profit to the international organizations, club corporations and the Harry. Super wealthy progressives you. to see how this is. This is not something that is naturally springing up have done our homework in tonight. We give it to you the dark may network funding the war on gender. If you're, not a subscriber, will you please become a subscriber use the promo code glass, at blaze, tv, dot com? That's tonight at nine? right after Stu does americans said Zadok dude yeah. Tonight eight p m easter, and then what have a are going to be put on the show today? I think learned to give a little preview I was enjoy. conversations Not one of us not does not matter sincerely, but I do impact
more public consumption I enjoy or, conversely, ok, let's preserve their wonderful yeah. They really are the air I'll play along sure, it's great as the great too I've been re tabled. Will it actually is it's weird because we talk for three hours with each other. Then I get on your show and it's like a completely different conversations, weird galleys, because you're the host yeah. I guess that is the way it works. It's nice to be the guest, it's great to be the case. Since the place to be it is because you come on and you just get to people ask questions and he just rant and then you go home and you don't care. If the show succeeds or not you just like you now, I don't care you just were we on the air dano, don't know, don't care, don't care, don't care. If this thing fails, if it falls in the toilet, gets whatever tomorrow, not my fault, yeah, those fault yeah it is in this particular thanks. Like can I play msnbc has twitter disan for dissent, nation concerns. the big lie still loom large over the party which has
all in all this information to serve its political ads and now news yesterday that elon musk, who seems to at least at this point possess more expansive views on speech than to it current management. What has purchased twitter better, sent shock waves, soo much of the anti disinformation political universe, mosques purchase of twitter com after years in which we all witnessed and live through the power and the peril of ram. This information really new york times puts it like this quote the twenty Sixteen? U s! Presidential election and the brexit vote that same year. Look on valley executives. U s elected officials and the public, a pig to what can go wrong to start social me do you see what she sang in twenty six, sixteen there, there is no. There was was no russian collusion. I mean there was some, but not what
set at one collusion around here, and there wasn't enough to make a difference in that particular one. There was the cut of the opening for re into that, but not enough to make different and then the bricks it vote So she saying we see what happens. I mean look at that look what happened. Allow speech now allows all vote for things I dont like. Yes, that's their standard yeah. And Nicole wallace I've never seen a clip of her wish. It doesn't look like she's about to burst into tears. everybody all are. I think they are again what What is he advocating for he's advocating for people? to be able to say the things they want to say, he's advocating for transparent process. If you do you're late there. If I said this to you, if I said this to you in two thousand to stew. We're gonna go to a place to where you I'll, be able to say that you free with the former president. Theyve back the president on
all these? Not talking he's not allowed to talk out and open unless he's given a speech at a private thing, he's not to use any of the social services or any of the networks, they just don't cover him and you can say that a man can't have a baby. You would have never Leave. I would again like what the hell is a social network. You know that's what is it what's? What route it's true, though I mean you would have never would have never believed it. I wouldn't have ever believed it, and you know me: I've I've been on the cutting edge of the crazy stuff I would have never believed that we would be here and you can. You could tell them they're, not sincere. I mean they keep arguing for people to have no restrictions on voting, so the people there what the fringes to fringe voters with almost no interest in politics on a day to day basis to be able to vote, or, obviously the people who are most affected by descent.
maybe they don't have any foundations right, so they can be won over very easily. They want those people voting because they know those people vote for them. That's why they care, has nothing to do with this information. They just want to go on program should a series of books called control? That's a good idea broke road about our dogs experience with rough greens she says I wasn't sure by german shepherd would eat it or even like it, but I urge you talkin. How do you know how much he liked it and I decided try the free trial, welsh, He loves rough greens. We were out forever two days ones and she wouldn't eat. She was protest, thing until her monthly bag arrived a don't. I know it broke She's been bright, eyed energetic lately. I cannot recommend rough greens highly enough. I'm with you this. It's really an amazing thing. Now it's not a dog food if
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you might remember, react, but all he is now the founder of connect effect. He is a tv producer to time, Emmy nominee couldn't get it. Dunna Does anyone bow tie and it wasn't you in there? If you wasn't there, he he's, also a guy that I think we may in twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen, and there was the shooting you're a muslim you're, a gay man and there was a shooting- and you were you know the meat, It was telling you this is real. This is what's happening and then from came along and you're like ok, I gotta know what's really gonna yeah and you to alaska yeah and said I just want to meet these people cause. I can't live in a world if that's really what I'm surrounded by yes and you found out- that's not not remotely not remotely that fifty four, the population or not the cliche, that I was led to believe you are actually real human beings and we have
such a great time getting together. I still fall you on instagram wheat, which have from time to time, but the the thing that always strike a struck me was. How honest you always were. You were really looking for information. You weren't trying to prove anything. You just wanted to know what the truth was and how different our standing of the news was because you lived in your world yes and I did my world and I remember putting things up in the chalkboard born. You said none of those things happen now. None of those things I knew about yeah. Not only were all big stories to conservatives. It was weird, never met it used to be the strangest thing when I would come here and visit you that I'd get on the plane and leave the l a feeds you I'm right here,
completely different news, completely different stories dynamic. This is insane you different worlds, so you been trying to bridge the gap for a long time, and we talked about shows where you could actually talk. Things have only got worse, yes, absolutely, and I think that was the big problem was the screen world and I call the screen world all the edits that magically appear for us and our home is the screen world is not the real world. It's a very particular point of view and very highly edited, and so too for seven years and what is the truth? every time, I would bring people together: seven people, ten people, fifty people in alaska or to dallas or new york. They were never the cliches that I was led to believe and consular was wondering how do they connect and why? Wouldn't they connect and really. came down to the power of the screen. World is now The way we see the world, not people can be standing in front of us we cannot see them or their humanity because we see
so the edits that we think we know about? It is really terrifying cassettes. You know who we're talkin off the air. Children, suicide and depression is off the chart. I am unbelievable, unbelievable and I think it's because of this there's nothing real. You do really know people there's no ray and covered only made it worse, who no real connections going on at connect and that's the thing itself funny? Everyone seems to be lacking. True ought then to connection and the think I over seven years. Is that true connect it is not remotely information based. Even if we living in an information age that the words weeks change or seven percent. Innovation is the body language. The tone all of those things that create humanity. None of those uk from a screen. You just get the words which likened sequentially hosting at each other, gets us absolutely nowhere fast, and so I kept trying to think what is the way to do too hard reset actually is people in a room so that
can see each other. I do not see the editor I think they know about each other and that too seven years of testing and testing and tell her you. How are you gonna do this, so it's called connective act and what it is? It's an in person, it's an entertainment periods and its design. That way, because I reach out to institute, and they said everything we're doing about bridging. And facilitated conversations, not working people to show up more information and they just keep exchanging it and no one actually listens and no one actually learns or impact it. So it was. How can I get people the physical room and we do fifty two hundred people at a time to really see each other? The people in the room, the ring the world and not screen world not seeing each other through the screen world and it takes its a heart recent. of their humanity. So how do you do that cause you? I would think that you depending on where you are. You would have a lot conservative show em in some very timid. Liberals were a lot. A liberal show up in some very timid, the conservatives and you
fight in agenda. Yes, you know So how do you? How do you are yet there? The thinking is the actual connection. that's. What it is is this is that, when you connect with someone in a meaningful in person way in person, human to human you'll, talk open honestly, tat women when we sat down opposite each other in twenty sixteen, and I came information we just looked at each other more like oh you're, just a human. He wants to know what you have a connection, you'll talk openly and honestly when you talk openly. Honestly, you will understand that Standing deepens the connection, that's the collective it now people are talking without the connection. and just as exchanges of information put, so they don't talk. First, they sit back and moment the doors open, there's music, there's images on the screen to sign stories that people have never seen whether its at its I've seen in the news? Oh yeah, that's what cnn ran! That's what fuck side by side and his colleagues has which had a duty, which I do not see and because you running through history, here's an edit you do know it needed to before even start the programme there, seeing your only that
they are only seeing one at it, and so what I would imagine it's very important to let the audience know that you're not I had to change them politically, not at all. You are just trying to say you don't know the whole story, you know unrolled right and the whole story doesn't necessarily even matter when we're trying to fix things in your world. We would, I did a park special awhile ago were brought seven americans together to talk about guns and so great and it is spiraled and smiled until the end a firearms instructor Andy demand action. Woman spent time together made a joke and said all. The defences were gone because they had connector and then they took openly. They understood they realise that were ninety percent area, but when they were all in a room guarded with their information. I more we started it. We were both gesture earned. This could night, absolutely and by the end I think the marxist professor was like this- was yeah yeah, because they said
seeing each other through the screens and a school and come out you all day every day and the way the screens work is for attention extraction is what they call it. A google, that's all they're doing until wherever you like, they'll, send you more of it. If you're angry about this they'll send you more because the real facts are that anger makes mine the easiest shift to create any human being. Is anger? What trouble? faster than any virus fear, and so, if the sky, things are constantly making. You feel the world is burning constantly, then you're never going to be able to connect, but they make teaching changing more money, the more you're watching, and so we hard reset the share humanity to people in the room and its interesting as at some point they start realizing wait. I was going to say that, but I only that from a screen. So we sell data people talk about what you know did you work on the front line of covert great. Tell us about that. If you didn't it's your time to sit back Listen, because you received a screen at that was designed to make you sad and angry, to look at more to look at more to look at more to look at more ads,
and so I'm trying to get people amazing things. When people meet in the real world, their constitution, Jim each other with what they know from the screen which has led, no relevance to the person that they're talking to you, the first one is happening where an orange can orange county this saturday April thirtieth, I'm working with organization, not civic genius, and I really was real, relentless what I was finding a partner that they did not have a political affiliation, because I don't tell someone know what the way they should think don't live their life even live their lives, thousands and thousands of days as them. That's not it's actually not the situation so that the problem is people who are trying to tell people what to think about how to think? Why? to think you will believe this. I don't care what site it's you believe this and there's no compromise. You must believe this or you are bad, that its that's. What's killing us yet pilots, killing, I'm when you and I met years ago, I came in with this perception of what I thought you were and when we sat the humanity
licked in and we were able to talk at all. I want the whole point of this is a just what people? to stop fighting in their families and stop fighting in their communities, because if you can't can't sit down with the people in your community in order to solve your problems, no one when so what age group or it is most agent and over, but eighteen to eighty it can be under one end and when you go. Do you have to dissipate. Or can you just watch you you can't, so everyone sit in its everything to design the way the seats are set up. The way the screen works, it's all highly highly highly produce. So everyone sitting is very large you so there's no hiding in the back, but like you amy, it's like an even go anywhere. Not today, but you'd, not everyone speaks and whose x is random. It's actually done through away inside their pouches. Some people have a chip in some people don't and the people of bluechip sectors, to stand up and then they have a conversation its away, but also not speaking too I mean you are speaking in front of the whole group, but you're, not speaking
and having interaction with the whole gruner, though group is kind of channeling it through different conversation correctly is correct in a one of them. We say it's one story told between two world: what is the real world all of us in the room and the others all the media we have on the screen and so the screen plays a large part in it, with edits in media coming at the audience showing them well What is true, because if this is true on the screen, a kapital in the real world were constantly juxtaposing the two and it really being this mine blowing hard reset, so do you have? Are you gonna have video there look at? Can you return, maybe and and show me some video and and give me the results of what this happen. We can. We we actually have two tests on the website, connect effect dot. U s under testimonials, okay, one! We took women and we If women once connected, could they solve each other's most deep, challenging question. So we took these total strangers didn't know each other connected
and they're reading these unbelievable real questions like. Why am I single my whole life? Why do I draw men that would abuse me and the audience helps them and the answers on believes incredible, because all that happens is we have a problem? We go to an expert. We have a problem. We go to an expert diagnosed medicated some. We just need opinions of other people and social buffering in that doesn't exist anymore. So that was one test. The other was at a university because we had to do set this university afraid of each other, not just physically but ideologically earlier, and so we thought. Could we take students once connected after sixty minutes? Would they be open to the other side's ideology and you look at the video they were. They saw the whole thing differently and they re Why is that all these people in the real world in the room are not the enemies that perceive coming through the edit? So how do you get people to? I mean: are you just traveling the country? Are you asking route places
to host you. We are we're looking for organizations we're looking for churches, synagogues anywhere where people have stopped talking, which is pretty much everywhere everywhere, we're looking- and it's not just led by me. It's a system, that's replicated and designed to done by many people. The system is called epic forbes described. Was a game changer a few years ago? It's a different way of approaching people that you have to enjoy, through equalization? That's the ie. If I don't, could you as an equal? What are the pointer? We talking about like. Why am I talking to you? I don't need your equal and then beyond the peace personalization! I don't care what you had because, whatever you read, I've got you ve got stats. I've got stats, you got an elaborate articles. Now we go nowhere. What do you know what have you experienced of racism, whatever you experience of suffering, that's what need to know. But if you keep bringing a cap, bridging these conferences five, seven people in the room and four hundred
idi opinions and suddenly Nancy Pelosi with their Mitch Mcconnell and I'm like. Why are they in the room? They're, certainly not going to be helping. You fix your problem in your school and so is personalization than information gathering the thing I tell people stop talking about what you know. We know You know asked But what am I not know tat? Is that the I think that is one of the real keys to his. If people say I can't talk to them or I wanted just. I need to change their mind if you report Seeing the conversation that way you are saying to yourself: they don't have any a value to teach me. Yes, when both exchange that just the boy- sick thing and I don't mean stats, I mean you as a person some? Yes, how did you get there As soon as you get there things change. I always ask people what Are we not cyclops is why We have two eyes: do the exact same thing, not even an inch half apart, because
the only way to see depth and perspective. So I tell people look Well, with your view, you knew indeed the other view to see the world in more than two dimensions. You have to know what you do know constantly. I would come to the blaze and you and I would sit down whether we travelling on a project. I would learn so much about the world that I I never knew, and vice versa. Likewise, and it was the only way that I saw things with depth, it was no longer a two dimensional edit in the scream world. It was three dimensional in the real world. I've been thinking about this a lot lately we have to wrap up. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, the the scripture. There must be opposition in all things. All of it must be. We we we don't want. to argue and you ve got to agree to one side. No, there must be opposition and offer solutions. Yes, yes and end to see depth yes to read. Thank you so much you can find out more on this at connect effect dot. U S! That's connect effect dot. who s kelly.
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sign up for the free newsletter today, Glenn back down welcome to the Glen back programme. Just gonna give you some breaking news here. You know tik tok, yeah, tiktok. Obviously this is minor. We need to get back into. The important news of EU must buying twitter here in just a second, but let me just throw this out there just so you have the information, you know: Tik tok the fastest. Social media network in history, that's owned by the chinese government. There,
the headline is how that tiktok life became a strip club filled with fifteen year olds again, but can we please talk about the real issue yeah we'll get to that? I just read the tweet. Does freedom of speech with elon musk he's rich? Basically, there's this way that you can apparently tip and fifteen year olds to a strip in front of you and on tiktok that's a minors! I don't I don't. I just want to make sure you understand the of story before we get back to the important thing that a rich person is bought. Twitter, before this. Don't if you know this charity you, I was not a collection of rich, but it was not a collection of room jack from twitter, poor very, very poor, even though he is fully endorsed the isla must take over and we should all what we know cry about the changes that are going on there We should stop talking, because I really gotta get back onto the chinese government, funded and operated ticket
yeah what we eat, but dont think about that? That's not important at all. You know, just because we have a much larger social network, that's growing faster than anyone in the history of the internet. We just embrace it fully and ignore that growth. While we talk about us a social network with one fifth, the sky uk, changing ownership is collecting on that instead is white power, anti asian rance. Thank you very much. Do we'll see you tonight tonight very boring, show nine p m on blaze, tvs back programme
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