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Despite the Biden administration bragging that it’s the first to have an openly gay Cabinet member, that distinction belongs to President Trump and his former acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell. But reducing his accomplishments to just that is insulting. Ric joins Glenn to give just a glimpse at what he learned under the Trump administration and from nearly 20 years of intelligence briefings before that — which has led him to admit that it’s no wonder he believes in God. Ric gives a behind-the-scenes look at what he knows about everything from aliens and AI to spies, D.C. corruption, and the extreme threat that is communist China. And he’s one of the few people who can confirm just how dishonest the media was on stories like Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal and “Russian collusion” — because he’s read the classified documents.


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You know how the by demonstration has been bragging- that there are the first to appoint an openly gay cabinet member. Whilst not true, and it wasn't Obama either as much as the left hates it the first. president to appoint an open really gay cabinet member was done we'll trump, today's asked is that person I've been trying to get an interview with him for a very long time. I don't. We're gonna be able to get to half of the things. I want to talk to him about the fur first openly gay cabinet member in the United States history, is a guy that cannot be reduced to that, here's a improvements are astounding, the guy has a masters degree in public administration from Harvard, after that he began his political career and It's been a roller coaster, ride shortly
After the nine eleven terror attacks, he got his first confidential, Breathe briefing in two thousand. One may landed a position with the Bush administration as a state department, spokesman to the United Nations. He remains the longest serving: U S, spokesmen at the United Nations in New York from there. He found it in the international media consultancy all the while he was a Fox news contributor, with articles and editorials just to almost every major outlet after that was a foreign policy spokesperson for Mitt Romney in his presidential campaign, making him the first openly gay spokesperson for a republican presidential candidate, then had a cancer scare. He beat it. And it didn't slowing down because a few years later, Trump appointed him as the? U S ambassador to Germany, where he did remarkable things, ruffled a lot of feathers and the law I was terrified. How could the first
openly, gay ambassador be a republican imagine their terror when Donald appointed him director of national intelligence, acting give him the top intelligence official in the country since leaving office. He has hinted at a bid for governor of California, and taken over algae BT, outreach for the Republic and National Committee, the latter, we'll, never admit it, but to Is gas has done a lot of good for algae. BT people, and he doesn't have a chip on his shoulder he's remarkable. he is completely shattered, so many myths that the left has touted, but on the left his goal is not activism below I didn't like it when he called Trump the strongest ally the Gay Americans ever had in the White House
gas is more than how he identifies himself and while he has done a lot for his yellow. Is fellow algae BT is weak he's done an incredible amount for all Americans. All Americans? He has published good for today's Podcast Richard Grenelle, Rick. I have wanted to talk to you, for I dont know how long welcome, the podcast well rather MA am I'm honored. I love these long formats. It's it's a pleasure, so I think I've got a brazilian questions for you and I don't know how many fronts, but I have To start with the one thing that, if I don't ask you
everyone is gonna, say how did you not ask him? You know what it is right Harry and Madame No, it's actually not about California. I want to know you are the DNA. Tell me everything you know about aliens we hear something really interesting. I asked for that briefing when I was head of dna because that's the number one question wrathfully that you get from the public, and I wanted to be able to say that I looked at everything we have- and I looked at all of the the data, you know a little bit like what is the definition of is because Everybody has in their mind what It means to have life that another plan
or an alien or, and so I always say to people, definitely ufos exist. I remember the definition. It's an unidentified fine object and we don't know what it is in its fine. So the mother did, but the the latest videos that the Pentagon have confirmed that there be Ships are doing crazy things, and then you're getting thee. I what do they call it? The the new patterns that the Navy verified, but they're really sketchy. You don't even know is that technology that we think someone else may have or that we have a new or not saying it or or is do you think it's other worldly, So the one thing that I'll say, as is the America United States of America and are in a great technologists hour at the fort,
So you can rest assured that we are winning. I think there that concern when it comes choose this. The outer space satellites that there are some other countries I'll keep it at that that making a lot of progress and beginning to muzzle their way in two areas. That caused great concern for us as the leader and that was the idea of space, for I think that you should always remember that what what president was presented in terms of intelligence and end technology and kind of the current situation? I have been in the room multiple times when he's been presented as too. This is where we are in terms of being the leader on this technology. This is who's coming close and Every single time I mean he is. He was a president. That literally would say that's a little.
too close for my comfort, let's, let's beef it up, let's do well. Let's make new we're out front. So so long answer to say we're still out front and you don't see everything that the end religions, community seas in terms of satellite technology. I ll leave it at that time. Let's hung about technology, because as echo of national intelligence You saw everything and from all, House of people that I trust you were really solid in that role, and I worry about our. How can I word this? I'm busy, in to technology and begin to a HIV and AIDS s eye, and I am really concerned who you know, we know who ever gets a g. I first
is gonna, probably rule the world and then maybe for a very long time and you can't put that Genie back in the bottle, and I used to feel like I want a mare, a car to be able to have that. But now. I don't trust our own government as much as I used to. In fact I am really skeptical of our government we close is anybody close to HIV. I saw go back to the fact that I love these long format on. Thank you for this question because it's it's a really good topic that we should have more conversations on, and you just don't get this when you ve got like four minutes and there's a producer in your ear same rapid pennoned like I haven't, even got into the boy just zeal: yeah and so I'm so relaxed that and it feels good. So let me
go back a little bit when I was ambassador to Germany by all accounts in other media caps. Ain't always trumps guy in Europe, and so many problem and came to me as a kind of trumps guy in Europe, and I would put Kosovo and Serbia the reason I became the envoy. There is because both of them both to the presidents of Kosovo, Serbia came to me to say you know we're not get enough attention. Can we can we get your help, and so a lot of different problems came my way and I would bring them to the presidency. I would put the chinese technology in that category, especially on hallway and I many times- would speak to the president about how chinese technology- and intelligence WAR were kind of clashing, and since I was getting a daily intelligence brave aim and would spend a lot of time going into these issues on what the Europeans were doing with the Chinese.
I would bring these issues to the president pretty regularly. He would call and want to kind of bounds. Things off. I became one of the leaders on while away, I would say, t Weiwei and telling you are european allies not to use that technology, because I was very comfortable with President Trump telling me you we're not going to be able to share intelligence if they use this system I think our allies at this. But let me just say in Europe: I think our european allies told We understand the danger, for instance, the german intelligence services well worn german travellers, whether your business or personal travel, doing for business or personal travel to China the german intelligence services, warns you not to bring your phone into China now? If are,
european allies are warning their own people don't bring your phone into China. It's because they still data so We have european allies who absolutely understand that, but but a country like Germany, which is the. are just economy in Europe. Also has the pressure of the bee W the V W danglars the worlds in a car leader who need a new internal market, and they they want to be in China and so the are constantly put. They were pushing back on me to say we don't want to while way we don't want to use the chinese technology. But what's the alternative and so we were. I would go back to the american government and say guys: this is pretty empty when we're pushing kind, please do not accept the while technology we need to have an alternative and we don't that is a long answer to say we got behind the April on technology.
During the Obama presidency, because we allowed govern, and agencies to think you could engage with China and still kind of make. Proper whereas on on your market and protect our intent Jones, and I don't think you can do both so there's this new idea and I think it's a bipartisan view, actually don't think it's a partisan thing. There's this The idea of developing that come Bananas american companies- need to choose either they're gonna work for deal d and they're going to be at the forefront of developing these incredible technologies. For for America, for NASH, U S national security or you're do what the Chinese want you to do, which is to fight form. A joint partnership with China his firm when it is under obligations of the Communist Chinese Party to turn up the data at any point that they want it. So the idea that apple or
damn lower or take any comfort I mean we had national security meetings on chip makers who we're trying to cut deals with chinese company that we knew were working with the chinese government. I dont think that we should allow- and this is a big statement. May I make a little news here I think that we should allow. U S, companies who form joint partnerships with China or chinese companies to have national. U S national security contracts, I dont think you can do and I think it's really dangerous to think that you can do. But I agree with you. I am not for tariffs, I'm just don't. I just don't believe I'm a free market guy, but I was on vacation. When I saw the Wall Way, announcement and I think I was alone, and I think I applauded when I heard it
I was grateful that somebody understood the coming. Technology because I don't think people either don't get it on how rapidly things are going to change. I mean all aspects of our lives are going to change and how right Thirdly, we could become A a China in all That means, if we're not paying attention to technology and boy. You set up ass just a little bit ago. You said you can't put it back in the bottle. You can't you can't so Can I go back to the that's the truth. A g I or or a I question is in buddy close, you don't have to tell you now obviously, but is anybody close window iii? when do we think Kurzweil. Since twenty thirty, some people say we're closer. Some people will say we're, never gonna get. There are
close to in a kind of artificial general intelligence. So what I want, I will say, because we do get into a kind of tat stuff What I would say that you can have total confidence that the american tripping oars and our guests are at the forefront in and understand what need to be done? That has always been the case in certain markets, where not at the total front, but we now have an understanding that we can't be caught like we were on five g I'll, give you an example. So are there is an artificial intelligence company called clear view, when in full disclosure, I do some work for them. May. I help them they are the leading. U S, facial intelligence, facial recognition, company,
Competitor is a chinese firm called face, plus plus and the Chinese sell their facial right, information technology to other countries with no strings attached? So you can use it. You can say you're using it for law enforcement, but then you can do reckless things with it. Can be very dangerous like what reckless eyes could you do with it? You mean example it's in the hands of an individual. You can start scanning a crowd and just checking up rifle who aren't committee crimes and you can use it for your own, information or leverage and and there's a zillion things that you could do with add the the Chinese are selling this technology and I there have been raising this from long. Before I started working within a: U S, companies that this is a
EL concern because, like while way like Tik Tok, where we We lost out on Tiktok. We need to have American companies that american legislators at american Tax dollars support in some way so that we don't get behind where the responsible version. many of these technologies. If we don't get left behind and so a company a clear view, which was, I think, we pushed on many issues from the I have to say this- is a reckless nanotechnology. I think that has changed now when Even the last seas, China is so we are responsible with many these technologies they want a responsible version. and so there's a bipartisan support. Now, too, sure that on technology we don't get behind and that China doesn't beat us because Little China does beat us and they said to the rest of the world, it's a wreck
as the version that will be abuse. So Every time I go to the airport stand in line, and I look at that clear view where there's no lines and I'm like naturally different company? F? Why? What is it yeah. That's that's a different. Now, ok all right. So what the company you are, I think but they're doing there. Are doing something. That's that's interesting, so in order that they also have. But they are airport right they are, they are, you know igniting your iris and and and saying you are who you are and I'll that and I think, I remember the days when we wouldn't give anybody our finger print and now we're just like. I apple, go ahead and take it now. getting to the irish scam and We talk about things I mean I I
You were talking about a public private partnership with some of these tech companies and that bothers me. That scares me because we're supposed to view government like a fire, if it's, out of control it burns everything down. Are we all die we to make sure that we control it and I'm sure, and you would know cause you live through it, I'm not sure our government is in control yeah look, I think that's a really good question and I'm not sure I was talking about public private partnerships as much as I was talking about Joe ventures with China, and and making sure that the? U S, government does things, and it's not really a. You know a chair, or or in o corporate welfare, soda big to american companies, but to just
make sure that they support the technology and understand that were the better version, and I don't mean anything specific like like a check but I do mean you know recognising say on a foreign policy level at the state Department or intelligence agencies that we make clear to our allies that that there certain versions of technology that the Chinese push that our irresponsible and You know we need our european allies and for any western ally to us. Stand that they do have a responsibility to make sure that acknowledging, doesn't overtake situation and it's out of control, because technology can be reckless and I think government is there to say this is the non reckless version and and responsible nation should support that non luckless verse. So
me out, because I'm trying, I really am trying to figure out Silicon Valley, friend or phone in all indications are foe. At this point, how do you convince those companies when you use the example of the USA, for example, Bmw and dinosaur. They need that market of China Howdy you talk to these companies that also need the market of China and already demonstrated, that they'll do really insidious stuff and China out oh yeah. Well, now we're talking about Apple it such a great question. I think that you just hit the heart of what the debate, on, says I actually think in life. The answer to every question is always balance right. It's not like, namely that we read in color in the Middle It's a difficult question, but it's one of the reasons why I think we should be able to take us
stance that american companies who side to work in China. China demands that you have a chinese partner and so now, you're. Suddenly, that's their back door. That's how they get in as the chinese companies have to. Over the dad to the Communist Party. So if an american company forms a joint partnership with China, company, then I believe they're going down the path of an expanded market. Great go do that you are going to now have to live and die by the sword of, expanding your market in two communist china- and I- and I am not somebody who would say you can't do that. I just think you have to be honest about what you're doing and when you do that, I did. I think that you should not be able to then also supply sensitive. U S national, secure, technology. I don't think that you can separate them so pick your path. What are you
do you want to go down the path of in having a great, orkut, make a lot of money. in China and in other places- and you can find your moral line, but you get to also then pretend like. who can have a chinese wall again right that information to to bid on in? U S national security grew contracts. I think that that's ok to make it there are currently we're not making a decision. Lots of companies our dealing with China and having joint ventures, and also attending that they can supply this sensitive us national security technology, and I dont believe that they can well It's the same decision that we didn't make companies like IBM we didn't make them make that decision in World WAR two and day assisted with their punch card system,
even sending repairman to the death camps to repair those new computers. and they were working both sides and now, with the way technology. Is, you know not good them, the most nefarious. Will we then, in the end, because of the technology, I do what I do want to leave. Our viewers with with one thing just to say that on this subject is that there are companies like Oracle, who just do that there is no rule, but Oracle has taken. A stand stands to say: we're gonna supply? U S, national security technology and they're not gonna, be in China. I think that there are companies that just morally say. I can't do it about you, but I I feel I'm either always looking screen or somebody I'm with is always looking at a screen, and I hate it so whether you're, an avid news watcher Orient serious need of distraction
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After the bombing or after nineteen thirty nine the invasion into Poland. we knew we were behind. Sdr was against the build up of war against war and he saw the writing on the wall and realize we have got to go in people who disagreed with after your people, it really Sdr, had gone after the great depression, but they all came together and we were producing liberty, ships in and airplanes, unlike anybody else, and he ask me because he didn't have an answer and I don't have an answer either. Could we do that in today's Amerika would the corporations rally around and say this a common enemy of freedom and, we have to win this. Asking that question me sad alarm because
because it really should not have to be ass, should know we are the greatest country we are the greatest. Country in the world. I travelled the world and I can tell you. We are not perfect, but what makes us greatest country is that we know we're not perfect and we immediately try to figure out a way to get better and I think going through something right now, where we're realising that the last twenty years we better slide, and we haven't done what many warned before Us It was that you have. Each generation has to fight to make sure that America is the is great we always one generation away from losing that roughly in fifty years marks. The completion of every civilization. They ve lasted roughly two hundred and fifty years and they have always imploded not for a massive war attacking them, but from the inside, and I think that what
what I want to do is be very hopeful that in this time I believe that we are seeing the mistakes of the last twenty years and they say, for instance, in the education system. The Wall Street Journal, has done a good job of highlighting a Chinese. You know academic, who have infinite, who work for they had the Chinese Communist Party, and who have infiltrated into are academic institutions I have to say that I think that our academic institutions, institutions of higher learning are really the ground, zero problem, light organizations like turning point Charlie Kirk does is an amazing organization because they recognize look. We go ahead on these college campuses and we gotta fight because we're losing that battle in its also, why I think in northern California, San Francisco area you ve got in not only
Gavin Newsome, but Nancy Policy and Eric swore, while Barbara Box Diane Feinstein, they ve all been caught doing pro China stuff every one of them Do you ask yourself why? That's because the chinese spies and the Chinese Communist Party in traded. Petitions in San Francisco a long time ago. I know that's an uncontroversial statement and people are gonna not like it, but it is true. Well, I believe Donald Trump Past day or had an executive order drawn up about our institutions and doing business. With these. These Chinese educate No partnerships that have really infiltrated are our universities and Joe Biden came in one of the first things he did was reverse that do we have a mean, I would hate to be you in some ways,
to have the knowledge in the insight that you have and not be able to talk about it. I feel that way, and I don't have any inside information. We just have our own research we were doing work on Hunter Biden two and a half three years ago, and There's no doubt in my mind that this is a family bought and paid for by Chinese, operatives do you feel that way out? There's there's theirs there's, no question. Let me first say I dont think You can be the director of national intelligence or the acting director of national intelligence, Or maybe the head of I was going the CIA about, but maybe I maybe that's- Robot President United States, or vice president I'd states and I believe in God is,
after you see this information, you quickly just realized. Okay, we are humans and we have to look the creator for the solutions, because this is pretty overwhelming they should the information that you do see. Does create sleepless nights, there is no question about that, and and thank God that every morning there are new mercies that I can give up control to the creator. So Let me start by saying that, on my way, thank you is a big question. Thank you for saying that, by the way you don't hear that enough sincerely and will get into this later at you. crisis of faith, and I just love the resolution of its will. We'll talk about that. But go ahead, on your on the specific issue of the Hunter Biden Laptop. I and I have to be careful how here. I was very troubled. The
we're three weeks before the election in November, twenty twenty, when fifty former intelligence officials signed a letter and released publicly designed to tell the public what they believe. and the letter said that we should look at Hunter Biden's laptop because it was russian disinformation and to be clear about something. Is that those fifty former intelligence officials never ever ever saw any report on that? There was nothing didn't, have any classified information. They didn't have any extra information that the public didn't have nothing and yet they went out and they said that that was rush, this information they did that or an election to say. Don't look at that hunt Biden Laptop now separate from that
and I'm not accusing them of being part of China's plan right, but separate from that. That is, the exact chinese line. what Beijing wants you to do is keep looking at that phony russian narratives right because they, have their spies all over our politicians. And we have had so many defensive briefings for politicians who caught who were caught basically most of them- and this is an important point- most of them not knowing that they will. caught in this strategy but we are nevertheless caught? And we to tell them what was going on My point in saying this is that China is a crisis. Russia is a problem. and the crisis at hand. Is is being ignored and the excuse
Many times is russian disinformation. Let's talk about you know a guy who I kind of played your role before the collapse of the Soviet Union. In some ways he was televisions chief He said the United States. He came out and said this openly, I think- and ninety ninety eight or ninety nine, the United States was about to go under a moral and financial collapse that America, where it would start to be pitted against each other. and we would break up into five or six regions, and I remember specifically reading this back in the nineties and talking about it at the time and now here we are and your hearing much of the same kind of talk here in our own country of of breaking up and
and being at each other's throats there's a moral collapse, there's a collapse of faith in everything what are you may come in, you came on the scene really with with Bush end. You saw nine eleven and what happen there. Where are we now? What what is happening to us in the last even twelve months. What's happened to us where we headed it's a really good question and let me just start with a little bit of hope and positive message, because I think why the court you're asking is very serious and very heavy and and can maybe be viewed as as giving people the rational br yeah. So in this last action. You I have never seen more first and second generation american supporting conservatives like you just saw it was
something that I think that in my lifetime I really wanted to see as a president, be more like Ronald Reagan in that he appealed to the working class. We called them Reagan, Democrats at the time and regular Working Class union members middle class Americans were voting for the Republican, and then we went through this period where we just became the party of the old, rich white guy and I think that's what pressure Tromp did was was radically transformed. I went to, a lot of the rallies, the Trump rallies, and when you look out across that crowd, it was America It was white black, every color, every ethnicity, it was amazing, and I one of the reasons why I jumped on end and supported president The way I did was because of that, because I-
I saw it as Real America and I so I leave with that hope of the future is better for the conservative movement because we are Tran forming the party and its becoming of a party of Real America. What Conservatives lost in there. for, I think, is The problem of of America right now are those Americans that have been here for a very long time whose families have been around for a very long time, and there really comfortable in America they probably done really well, They have the system that works for them. They have become very vocal in favour of identity politics because of their guilt and because they support this cancel culture. There
creating and teaching children a that America isn't good and you got gotta change dramatically and you gotta, you know, and the entire system, and- and I think that that to the heart of who we are most people in this country, really love. America, most, people in Washington, DC dont like Amerika? they want to change it, and it's this you see it in foreign policy where Donald Trump said America, first and everybody said: that's racist, everybody in Washington, I should say, and see. I spent eight years of the: U n in one hundred and ninety three countries, I see every country every single one doing what best for them they're not worried about other countries, a meaning? Chancellor Merkel? is a great leader for Germany. You know she's by russian gas
pan her NATO bill, they ve got a surplus think about that they ve got. Surplus and they have almost fifty thousand troops american troops there, when you count the rotational troops. So Why have a big different? Why spend money and defence? I've got an opera on every corner. got massive infrastructure programmes there. There highways and roads are amazing. They fund. All sorts in a free healthcare, free college programmes, so why? Why didn't labour and I've? Actually? Why should we be paying for that? Why point: why should we were all over the world we shouldn't be, but it goes back to my point about what what's happening in Washington as a whole. Bunch of people right who love consensus. They love the global world, Joe Biden, absolutely his entire life of forty plus years in politics, knows world leaders they they
probably have his cell phone and he's been talking to them, and he knows their birthday and aching. Remember when their daughter got married and so that's his crowd, and when that your crowd and you care about that, you don't want. Them to say bad things about you. You want to give them the ability to water down our policies so that its consensus now I'm gonna get in trouble for saying this, but consensus could never be the goal. The goal it is for our American policy to be potent and protect Americans and we utilise consensus as a tactic when needed, but if, if off, in policy was to have an american show up and say this: is our policy and a german diplomat show up and say this? Is our policy and then we meet in the middle to me it can done by a third greater
you dont need really good diplomats to go in the art of diplomacy, is to have somebody at that table who says no now we're not backing down. This is the policy that's good for us and hears why it's good for you and you can. vince them that our power if he is good for them and many Is it it is actually an. Let me just on this subject finish with this I have never been- and I have been in tens of thousands of diplomatic meetings- ever been in a single one, where the others doesn't ask America to do something else? It's usually pain for something and the idea that they are not asking us to help them is is laughable, of course they are. and when we show up- and we say this is what we think you should do it- it's a very rare, that we ask others to do something and it always leaks and then it's always America's leveraging its power against so and so.
And so I think we need diplomats who just say no. This is our policy in By the way, that's our job will is to push american policy. I think that's what I mean. It was really refreshing because common sense in America says you know what we ve been doing for the last hundred years is not working. You know, hey, we dont torture, but will ghosts plane you over to Saudi Arabia, or two to Egypt, where they'll interrogate, Jew and use every tactic. Getting involved in everybody's war trying to honour trying to be dad at the table all the time it doesn't work and it seems to make things much worse, where you know we had countries.
You know we are Germany, painting the crossing of the Delaware and we had France giving us the the statue of liberty. Now everybody hates us because we're in their stuff and in their faces all the time, and I think people know that, and they know this isn't working, but the state Department does care and I don't. Even so. I think we got close to a place where tromp, where data care care it. I don't think I shouldn't say close. We arrived for the first time that I am aware of at a place. To ere the establishment or deep state. If you will, the State Department didn't give a flyin crap, The president was they we're just gonna. Do their thing, that can stand. We should do a whole hour on the state of so I would love it
I could go on and on and on. I think that the place is ripe for transformation. I I have seen Levin Year Fair and I love it. I have to I love the people there, but they should all be escorted. I've not seeing everybody is a problem. They should fire every one and start over. It's just a nightmare. I need to go on record here and say I don't think everything with a recital in the start up our, but but I do think that we need transformational change at the State Department and why the way I have written on this. It's boring subject for many, but I have written on this and thrown out some ideas of how to transform. State Farm. I think our embassies should become many USA branded institutions. I don't that we should have, but we call them political officers, but their anything, but political
The political offices at the State Department who are employed around the world will go. and to each country that their assigned and they will go to the conventions of the local parties and and come back and right long reports on who did what and and this political analysis of the situation. I think it's a waste because most that you can read in the newspaper two or three days later, you don't need a key But for that and we. We spend a lot of money to employ are these foreign service officers to go? Do that and in most every country they bring their families? hey for their their housing and their kids. Schooling to vary pensive Endeavour and many foreign its officers like to live overseas. They they they enjoy it and it's it's more lucrative them coming home and having to pay for it apartment in Washington DC. So we have problem in Condi, actually country rice tried to solve this by asking,
but to go to more danger posts, I think that our european embassies should drastically shrink. we don't need big huge imprints and places where we have great relations last, we need to cry more: U s jobs and we we we need our foreign service officers to be more business. Centric and trying to deliver on jobs. I think the system that that is the current system. that was created many years ago is archaic and it's not useful. We also need foreign service officers who are trained and comfortable parachute in to crisis situations, for instance on Syria. We should not have had boots on the ground as fast as that as fast as we did and we shouldn't have ignored the political issues. Many of those issues were things that the Europeans should have cared more about.
Our arab ally should have cared more about, and so why couldn't we have diplomats that that parachute into crisis situations who go to the table and talk about solutions rather than send you ass, a military. We have created the world, to be very comfortable with the added states military coming in with gun into ray conflict and being there to solve that and to talk it through, and everybody takes a step back because we're waiting for the Americans to come in and once they do than there are in charge and they pay for everything. And so we don't have people in other countries rising up to solve these problems because we train them that America is going to come in and do that I'll. Give you an example of just the peacekeeping operations at the? U N, we have some peacekeeping operations that have been going on for fifty years now we have some peacekeeping operations at the, U N
roll over every their budget and it increases and its more than a billion dollars which me the american taxpayer pays twenty six percent of that so two hundred and sixty million dollars. every single year rolled over getting bigger and bigger than the Americans pay for it Congo alone, holy cow, holy cow Let let's talk a little bit about our spy, agencies. The state department clearly out of control we know, as I was doing my investigative work on the The situation in Ukraine with Biden it became very clear that there was a there. There was a group of american
no operatives that were involved in that in the state Department level, if the d and see their there were just there just there were many moving pieces in you couldn't quite put it all together, but it and seem like ever body on our side was on the up and up the problems with our intelligence gathering services, is that a clean house- or you know, a radical change or it not as bad as it seems. It is we could do a whole mother. Our and this I know so I was only act indirect from national intelligence for a couple of months, but one of the things that I think bothered me the most is the whole Washington narrative about You know what what I was coming into and
the Washington narrative was a Rick. Rail has zero experience and what is he doing too to run these? These by agencies- and there were, I dont- think any of them- is able to to break out of that group. Think in Washington and say wait a minute is First Intel. Since breathing was in two thousand, and one he's had tens of thousands of briefings. Sense he's an expert add consuming intelligence, Andy's expert at using intelligence in a public policy driven way with our I certainly at the? U, when I use did from issues North Korea to to IRAN to. Iraq and Afghanistan on a weekly basis. And that in Germany, of course, you know using it to two further on Policy and Hezbollah. on a variety of different issues in Europe and I
who better to come: and to some of these intelligence agencies. Somebody who is a consumer of the product, took no its usefulness, and so, when I came in, I was pretty This was not it it. It didn't leak out but one of the rare things that I did that didn't leak out. I tried to put a stamp in my short time, onyx actually what you're saying, which is we gotta get the intelligence right and we ve got to stop the politics within the intelligence, and so I'll. Give you the example of the Russia team is very dramatic very leaky, Strangely political and we'll take every little piece of
and verified intelligence and immediately prescribe a little call arguments on it that I think really push the limit and are not. I see wide views and that's a very important whenever you see a leak in the New York Times or the wash imposed, which you saw a lot. I'll give you the example of Kim Jong on his brain dead. He which went around for a very long and we we were laughing because all these people they were saying we got intelligence. That was not an icy wide estimate I can't go into great details about that, the reality is, as we know that that wasn't true. yet we didn't corrected because we couldn't and sources and methods were were a part of that analysis, but but point on the Russia team is that they leak everything and they they really push them,
where's the China team is very slow. Thoughtful doesn't leak very judicious and trying to come to an analytical point, and I think the comparative of the two the problem, and so I tried to make progress without having the criticism that you know that political appointee was beating up on the career people Changing at which I actually think is your job to terrain change, but the I wrote him about anything right, so I tried to to do that. The one area that I also made some progress on is on the Israel team because told the hum wasn't very. Miller position, but I said you know from the standpoint of someone who consumes intelligence,
yeah I'll, get it wrong a lot of the time and your kind of burn in your credibility with public policy people. You know, let's just take, Example: you told us that there would be World WAR three. We moved our embassy to Jerusalem right not only with that not true I can show you. The Abraham accords he's deals that we're done when America a strong stance, and so, I think that we ve got to do a better job, analytical side and and and I give everybody the vis example- imagine opening up your newspaper, your love, newspaper to the editorial section and theirs six editorials there, but there are all nameless you'd, Now with the author is, and so you I have no idea if you're reading, doktor, Fouche, IE or Doktor Zeus you don't know if it's MAX boat or in a Glenn
that's giving you their opinion and when that happens with experts in the end? halogen feel that the real problem, because the analytical pieces don't have names on them, and many times they can not be I see wide agreements There are one aspect, but the public never seize the difference they just immediately. So this is what the intelligence community says. I can now look pieces and tell you well, that's one in its opinion and their seventeen agencies writing what you when you left. You did probably the balls yes thing and I cheered for you view, released the documents On the whole, Russia I met with with Flynn and with Trump led. The collusion? There? Did you have to think twice. Did you just released
with Glee. What what went through your head, when you, when you may move, Really, that's a good question. I came in as acting director, and I knew you know. This is another thing that the many in the but got wrong. I knew I was temporary. I did not want the job permanently. I had been offered the job multiple times and It just wasn't something that I wanted, but when the president called, me in Berlin and and asked me to step in as act, indirect or right away. I could hear it in his voice tat. He needed me right away, so I said yes and it was an acting, job, and I would be therefore the term until they they got. Somebody from that. I knew that that some that might take time, but I was hoping that it would be a sixty. and it turned out to be around forty five months, but when I came in
Originally, I ask to see certain files and I wanted to see everything we had on the russian collusion narrative. So they brought me everything I spent the weekend and I read her all I looked at every we had and all of the reports that were classified and not classified. There were a lot of footnotes from reports that were classified, which was, very puzzling to me of why footnotes would have to be would have to be classified. Looked at everything, and then I did something, on my own, which was I went two You tube and watched some of the people Interviews on CNN and MSNBC from some of the people that testified under oath and I would want the interview publicly and then I would read the transcript and it made me very sad for our country B,
because what was said under oath in the basement of the house, with a lawyer sitting next to them fundamentally different than what they said on CNN and that outrageous to me that so swampy so Washington DC, it means that they think that they can live to the public and make no mistake. These were lies, they can eyes of the public can get away with it and so was morally outraged, rowing that this happening in our government and so I had lots of meetings and looked people in the eye and said I'm goin to declassify as much as we can. What what are you going to argue against and people would would make these kind of quick arguments about. Why not to do this and when I would look down- and I would read it- I would say you know- there's not a sorcerer method in this. Why are you class find this?
and ultimately it was because of the it might be embarrassing information or so and so must stop. Or we don't want, this agency to look bad and I find that's not our position. you recognized right now that we have a car ability crisis with the public. They dont trust us. The only way to fix this. is to come clean and say: look we made mistakes. I mean Americans are very forgiving people in and when you come clean and you say, look I didn't, do you know the best thing, we're all human and we make mistakes. I was trying to push a bureaucracy in an agency, not a person to I that they needed to come clean and and transparency is not political in and It shouldn't be a partisan issue, and so I pushed hard and through many of the arguments I did listen to the career staff and when were adamant and when I said that they have a level of truth,
that may be. This could respond as a sorcerer method, and so I gave in but most of the time I didn't give in- and I said, no we're going to release this then I said let's put em on. I suppose I sent a letter to Adam Shift and I said you these transcripts, you have until Thursday toot. Release them. Otherwise, there going up on the dna website and He released them the day that we told them that we were going to release them, and they all came out clean and are still on the dna website exhort you, but you looking to look at em themselves that the problem is. Is it the informations now out there? You know the the the F B. I changed information didn't leave out actually each reversed the information from a positive to a negative one way or the other and went to a phase. A court lie.
knowingly- and there was a slap on the wrist no guy. I assume you know who the whistle blower was. Why haven't we pursued any of these people? Why hasn't Adam shift been pursued and and anyone pay the price for what the country went through on? I'm sorry, but I dont believe they were mistakes. This was an intentional take down of the President question. It was first there's just no question, and this was developed with participation from some at the state Department, remember this whole I see a London,
the sea. You know, I'm gonna, try not to get in trouble, nor anybody has been watching me, but they know the chalkboard. They know the time you put me, you can you can look up the timeline, you can look and see who is in charge and you could see what their jobs were later and you can put all this together. Are you concerned that some of those people are back in office now, Susan Rice? Some of these people are, of course, of course, There is no question that this team knew that because people warned them and they they classified, the comments a way so that the public wooden see the warnings. From the very beginning They were warned that the steel dossier was known to be in developed. The Russians knew what was being developed and that the Russians we're going to use misinformation and that most this stuff was going to be misinformation, they knew that and they classified of that away so that
They could create this narrative because frequent and had a lot of people that were loyal to her at the state Department. I am in the intelligence agencies and they were trying to or become president, and so when this you know, narrative against Donald Trump was being developed as a russian spy Europe went to Democrats and career people that we're like outlets. Let's fine tune this This opposition research and package it as Intel when real in all create a narrative that was faults and they knew it was faults, and so I do want to say I'm not quite events that they got away with it, because the Durham report is not out, do you happy we'll came out ill? I think that I have to at this point. You have gladly involve leave
to believe that all of the information that we were given that we were turning over to the Durham in two gaiters and you know, bill barred. HU. I, like gave me his word that that that Durham is an honourable guy and is is using all of the information and is just being very thorough and has not put political. I knew from the beginning that that it was not to be. We know a bombshell release right before the the alike. Unless it is finished, and- and that was the the natural time for it to come out. It was not going to be timed to politics, on any end. That door We're gonna go through a thorough investigation, and so I have to believe at this point and I'm getting impatient. That the Durham investigation is going to be thorough and, and really people are going to see exact
who was part dissipate aim to to lie to the american people about President Trump What point do you say time's up, but to a point you TAT Harris Stop say after the Durham report comes out, and I read it I would love to be fly on the wall when you read that Rick. I have so many things to talk to you about. I would love to have you back on again, because I didn't get to your life, is just fascinating especially your few of God and how important that is to you, and I just think you have a an increase we'll story to tell, and I would to interview, again in and talk to you about that. Would you be willing to come back
I would love it. I always love to talk about my faith. Ok before us at last question California, you gonna run look. We are not trying to acute on this answer. I really have not begun to to think about this process. We I'm a grassroots guy right. I really think that its and to listen to the grass roots. We have two hundred. Fifty thousand people that have been working since last summer to collect, say sure as well before the the presidential race, when nobody in the national media was paying attention. We had people out, asking Californians to sign this petition and it's not a politics thing. It is a purely mismanagement of the state. I think that politicians me be able to be governor in it's that are not so big, but when you a state like California, you can promote a politician who has had the ability to manage people and
manage big bureaucracies. just all of a sudden to become governor, because what we see with Gavin Newsome is that he's just a terrible manager and a decision maker, and it's not just cove it, it's not just the schools being shut down its, not that we in California, still are not in restaurants, yet inside it's? You know he he closed the beaches and called it science. we're having rolling blackouts were telling people to not water their lawns, and yet we live on the ocean. This is Pure Earl, mismanagement of the state, because its politics and identity politics and cancel culture at the top so I will listen to the grass roots people let them their time get these. Nature as we do not. We don't even have the deadline that and then they have thirty days, thirty business days to verify. Signatures, I'm not can.
Were they there yet and let's talk once it actually qualifies and then we'll see what needed There is, though, one last question- and I dont say this with any malice at all. I really don't I We're seeing a very sad chapter. Right now, where I I remember when my grandfather we had to take his keys away from him and it was said I worry about this president. Specially lately worries grasping four things its sending. I No, you what you would does it. Weakened. President like this, send a frightening message and to our allies and another message to our enemies. It normal for for the vice president to have so many one on ones with life leaders of countries
I am troubled by it. I think that, for some are world leaders want to talk, especially on their first in counter. They want to talk to the president and this is a precedent that they actually know and when they don't get to talk to him, it's even otter that way. When I talk to you, as vice president and a senator and as chairman of the scent of foreign Relations Committee Regularly- and now I can't talk to you- that's troublesome that that the debtors we'll troublesome. I think our allies fee emboldened that America, is now God I'm be in having its policy by consensus. I mean they get. to decide. You know Europeans, I would say especially France and Germany and end the U K. Their leaders have never been more powerful with America because if they say something
they don't like it's gonna- have a huge impact on job I'm. He wants to be light, without consensus in our without all of us getting along and moving forward on IRAN issue or whatever. Let me let me just say this: I was extremely troubled by the custodian incident, because I had then non this. Just recently, I have multiple meetings with Korea, intelligence officials about the cash report and said: what can we release? I'm the guy that loves transparency and was really pushing the envelope on all these issues, and I would what can we released to the public so that you know sense of purpose didn't love what we had given them on the cash yogi report. They felt like we were holding things back and I've had a review and I didn't like the initial review. So I asked for a second review and I said just I wanna go back and I want to make sure that a manager is looking at this to say who is there anything else that
You can ask too Declassify, or share with the public on the cash yogi incident and in the killing and everything that we know and the court intelligence official said now, there's nothing more because it will really harm our national security. If we do so, I accepted that and then I see the binding administration repackage nothing new in that what they release I shall be, nothing is new Glenn what they it is. They re packaged a hit on Saudi Arabia to make it go for the Aramaeans, because they're in negotiations with the Iranians, and so they thought and- and I am sure that this was a request from the Europeans, because they always tell the Europe's. constantly say to us. You know you're you're too tough on IRAN and you're, not tough enough and Saudi Arabia for the the Europeans. They just want to sell products inside of IRAN. They don't have to same threat level that we do the right thing.
you know that the Europeans are not going to pick on them. And so we need to stand strong and convince the Europeans that they have an obligation to stand with us, a western alliance, and not give in to this idea that were gonna the package intelligence just two hit on the Saudis. Make no mistake: the saudi situation was very serious and we dealt with it in a very a serious manner and the Saudi team knew exactly how we felt, and there is a whole bunch that we did, that we I'll have to publicly announced. Because of the very difficult policies that we are facing in that region. I'm glad you were there during all of this. You were a bright spot to at least me and everybody on the team that was really paying attention to what was going on. We always felt comfortable that you or someplace in
ex watching over things. I appreciate your service and all the time, and I do hope that we get a chance to come back and and just talk you and the role of faith in your life. Let's do it. Thank you, sir, a just a reminder: I'd, love you to rate and subscribe to the podcast and passes on to a friend, so it can be discovered by other people.
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