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There’s a war on the West, and it’s distinctly Marxist, author Douglas Murray warns. It's taking America down a very dangerous path. Our story is being rewritten from one of heroism to one of sin, one that makes slavery our defining characteristic and abortion our highest virtue. But on this episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Douglas tells Glenn how Americans can end this Marxist attempt to destroy America once and for all. Murray breaks down the realities we’re facing, as he describes in his new book, “The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason.” And he unapologetically makes it clear that enough is enough: “Long term, there’s no way we CAN’T win.”

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example of EU mosque in the purchase of twitter. They went crazy, sweet business. As usual, Cathy Griffin called the elon musk a meeting, thirst, white, supremacist, joy, reed implied that mosque is nice logic for apartheid, a twitter executive called a massage monistic one of the belligerent hosts at the view claimed, must was only there to protect the free speech of straight white men. You know: and MSNBC host I thinking if He brings and opens the platform up to other people, and you know you're just going to be a white supremacist. That's all that is going to happen. It's just flooding through of white supremacist. That is crazy, talk time magazine called free speech. A tech brow oh obsession, which has become up
paramount concern of the tec, no moral universe whenever they all that is today's guest is up to this challenge. He's been publishing book since he was, nineteen serves as an associate editor at spectator magazine Annie as a new book out the war on the west, how to prevail in the age of unreason he described? the western anti western ism that is assaulting the very foundations of our society, all throughout the west, this one you are going to enjoy somebody who says what they mean and mean what they say. Well, today, Douglas murray, now Th asses, created department designed to combat this information. One has to wonder cheek, what's next free
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it's Douglas welcome graduated, I'm going to have you actually in studio. Thank you for flyin across the ocean. Is there is a great pleasure thrill, see you in person last time. I know we have to this virtual easier your book, the war on the west? It couldn't come at a better time. And I think we're pretty much on the same page on on what's happening. Let me see with the news of the week, which is rovers is weighed here in amerika, big me. This is a huge cultural shift. The supreme court is basically saying states have to decide. We can decide this. It's not
the constitution so legislatures get to decide. People are making this into the you know no war on women, etc. I personally think just from the response it was leaked which has never had unbelievable, unbelievable kind of the tactic. The left legs to use and then these spontaneous groups started appearing all shouting, nothing about rights, women's rights, but pack, the court. which is a once that happens in a society and are you you lose it. I think this is the beginning of a war on the streets with the left How do you read this, but I have not obviously I mean one of the things observations I'd make is that it does accentuates army, which has been growing in america in particular in recent years, which is
total divide over the nature of institutions. I think, is a deadly for a country. I have to say the point of institutions is. They are something that you agree upon and right that people agree on the results of elections. We agree on Supreme court decisions, I might differ, but they recognise the authority of the supreme court. There was a time you might say that about almost every institution in american publish rife as in any other western country. Now I just think that Lee almost nobody seems to have trust in institutions, and you can pick and choose on occasion a motor- essentially, you know, there's just it's very hard, think of an institution mark in public life, the whichever one agrees upon. Oh, I don't. I don't think there is any now that I've seen a huge. I mean huge change. Even in me, I never thought I would question the justice department or the rye
I trust them at all. That's a really interesting development that I see on the american right I mean. Obviously I was born in Britain and I live in america now, but the aim in britain, if you said you know you don't but in detail, but have trust in say, am I five at my sixty six q any of the demands of government the courts. The election process is parliament, s have everyone through all of that, then you would say well about that. Not a conservative in our conservative must have faith in some of these institutions.
and I think actually, the truth is is that there is very good reason in america for people on the right. As on the left, to have be deeply suspicious of your institutions because they've politicized themselves, it seems just one after another. You know the minute you have an intelligence official speaking out on political matters, lang of course, you're going to lose trust. That is the interesting thing about the supreme court decision because it says it cannot make political decisions. It's it's not a legislative body right if it does, if it's not included in the constitution, it can't. Talk about it measures back, don't you think your other things might unravel as result of that, like in wyoming. There are other decisions. The supreme court or the courts in this country have made that you might say would be in the hands of the people me, I would say: obama care it's one of them bright that's one thing: the strikes me is that you
although I want again to assess whether specific thing of roby weighed the fact that the water said is not in our jurisdiction, so opens up a whole news. So what the left is planning on doing. I guess, to at least get rid of the filibuster to pass a a nation wide abortion policy which the supreme court says can be done, but it would fall into was called the commerce clause which, if You know anything about that at all. That was an empty are switch right. You know that took then put the federal government in all of our lives where it wasn't before that, and there is speculation that a few of the justices would like a second bided. That apple, are we seemingly our reverting back to more of federalism morning to the court that
is a good thing. That's a healthy thing, I think, but what about more about the way which I miss pacific justices and now going to be, I'm if it's on the justices you in safety, I wouldn't know oh yeah, I used the most protected people. in washing, then they should be. I mean some of them be among most hated people to see african chunk of the country. I funny because we ve left this place to wear you can respect Ginsburg. You know when Ginsburg died and I didn't agree with a thing she said yeah, but I thought it was a real loss for the country. You know I thought she was a great person and I don't like you didn't like her as a justice, but I didn't wisher ill or dad or anything like that. We're not
we're not travelling down that path. No, no! No! No! I do. I do think america's travelling down a very precarious path now has been for some time, but this this thing off not having anything. You agree on common. on this a number of occasions, but not Anything that you agree on is a big problem of the country talked about that, but it's different. We talked about the last two years ago when don't even know how worries cost so much worse. So much worse, I mean I think that. The abortion thing may actually be in the end, the thing that breaks us up, using the country could break none. Because of bullshit per se. The way is, but because I think, you're gonna, see extremists on the left. you know where they're they're talking about a boarding babies. Thirty days after birth vienna,
and they're already talking about that in California, that they're using tax dollars to fly people in for an abortion industry. I think that's going to not sit well with a lot of people in in california and elsewhere and if a push four pack. the supreme court. If they look like you're gonna, get away with that. If they look like they're gonna, get rid of the filibuster think the lines are drawn might in the country. Just sort of continuing weight is where people move to the places where it's more in line with their values, and you just see this red blue divide jesting. I would hope, but I don't using as a positive? Well, I endorse better than sure none of them work, but it feels to me, like the The few years before, I think the civil war, you know
lincoln was said to me. You know he didn't care about slaves. He care deeply about slavery. I mean you know John Quincy Adams. you know, taught him how destroy slavery when he was in congress and John Quincy Adams atoms had been fighting in his own life, my tweet cared, but when he first took office in his first dollar dress, he said I I can't do anything president doesn't have the power to do it, but one the south went off the deep and then that changed things and I don't know, I just think, there's a lot of people, right now on the right who are like look I don't want war. I dont want fight with a name. I just want I'm tired of this. I just want this done. He if the left, continues the onslaught of take
on our children and calling us terrorists. If we say Back up from our children, if you start destroying the institutions more than they already arm, and you just change all the rules- and I don't know we're. I sit around. I wish there was a way to build them back on I mean that would be the obvious conservative solution would be to to try to build up the institutions again I play this is very very hard, that's what the court did and the court is correcting a mistake and they made a very I dunno if you read the case, but they very cogent argument that this is not about politics. This isn't even about abortion. This is our role and we shouldn't be in politics- well
the. As I say, I'm just all I feel is strap yourself in this is going to be a hell, a variety of it. I mean we've been through very long years in the last few years and I think are going to get longer and noisier for sure so let's talk a little bit about the war, because I think there you know I've been trying to save The lately thing have changed and you. You're not at a shooting war, thank god, but we are at war for the survival of the west. Yes, I think so, I think very clearly and as there's no greater demonstration of that than what I describe as as a war on western history you know that The country's societies cultures hold together around the stories of they tell
and sometimes those stories are slightly exaggerated and sometimes not often there absolutely fair representation of of what has happened. But you have to have a shared story. You can't have totally different it is about how you got to where you are, and America even worse than any other country in the west- and this is a solely western problem when you don't see this anywhere else in the world, In particular, there is a deep, deep bore going on over the nature of your past and its Is terrifying to watch because, if you don't agree on that there's nothing you have to you, there's nothing left. You can agree on and the moment you can't. What are you going to rally round in probably twenty two, if you agree on anything that happened right up till now, and obviously know we all saw this. In recent years there was the summer of twenty twenty and pulling down, the statues, but then the
two things I know just one was that that was just a sort of cole version of something had already been happening than we writing of american history. For sixteen nineteen project and other things, that have been going off cortlandt. I suddenly sped up, sonny went right to the heart of everything in america people said. Well, I just coming for the southern generals and then then it the founding fathers in no time at all, it. Was you know now that cnn reporter said, for the mount rushmore speech and donald trump said he's stand the presence gonna be standing in front of slaveowners on stolen land in I think, while if you, if you think that you're, not one merit already have, and what do you have? and by this stage something else happened, which is a pre emptive cleansing of american history. You know that.
isn't just about mob sort of attacks on sat choose in women working in places like portland? It's it's. statue of thomas jefferson being wheeled pulled down created Upham wheeled out the back door of the city state chamber in new york, and one of, council members saying most jefferson doesn't represent our values and You know when you have it when you have the new york council taking thomas jefferson down. You don't need the mob course more. They're doing that. For the moment we have clearly seen that was statues of Abraham lincoln see statues of lincoln pulled down by mobs in this country, but also seen them taken away by a fish, the local authorities in Boston,
trying to get ahead of the mob or what exactly agreeing on the new rewriting of lincoln the mob is doing see. I think this is the thing that conservatives have seen that have caused us not to believe anymore, because right, we fought, our institutions were were safe havens, worship solid. But it's been be in by termites know: there were no stop gates, none is just it. It had already been wrought it from the inside out and end what disturbs me about this as well. Is that could happen organically and away. But this is push I mean there is a deliberate push, the change the americans story in eyes racing recently reading pull johnson's history of the american people and I'm gonna miss quotas, but the opening line of that we spoke with something like the history of the american people is. The
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one of amazing accomplishment by extraordinary people too horrible things done by unfair probably bad people and that's how you get to the stage you out of the moment where Why would you agree on anything if Difficult part of the country has been taught to believe there's nothing good about the country, so here so here's a part that bothers me. I can have a conversation with anyone if you're honest about your search for truth, sure you know if, if I not willing to change my mind if you make it case on something that I'm not really being honest, you know I mean I can not come up with a good reason. for these things to be happening. I can see, people are being you know,
I don't even know hypnotized baptized whatever it is into this cult. I can see that, but the people we started it and the people who are really running it. They know exactly what we're doing I mean I give. I give an example in the war on the west of look at the tactic. That's been used on all the heroes, whether it The founding fathers remark, whether its winston churchill in the uk, whether it's all Think of the enlightenment. There's one tactic this being used on all of them, which is You are guilty of living in history. Not having the values we haven't. Twenty twenty two I'd say now that the the v shorthand for this is guilty of being dead white men the cardinal sins of not just being white and mail, but also dead. It appears because, of course, none of the critics thing. That's gonna haven't them
but this sort of do derisory visa, just dead white men well dead, white men who brought you everything you ve got, so you could write habit of down gratitude to start with, but put out for a moment or two All these figures have been attacking you in exactly the same way. Winston churchill held victorian attitudes about certain subjects. Surprise, surprise he was born. Victoria. In return, I mean maybe, should have had progressive twenty twenties attitudes about arrange things in gay marriage and right, but you know amazingly enough, he didn't So the same thing is done against jefferson savings. guess, lincoln, saying things done against all of us of the enlightenment who every single one of them has now been torn down actually literally and a number that cases voltaire statues, pull down and impairs David Hume's name taken off the buildings named off him in scotland.
People who brought us to the ideas of reason and rationalism now stand condemned all for the same things they lived at a time when slavery went on there. if to the time when colonialism went on and the best for the people come after them is they said something racist one's own. These are. These are the three tools used against everyone in our past and I say one point in the war in the west: ok, look at who this is not done too. Let's look at the figures that they skip over me. So I had I had great joy. In going through the private and public writings of coma, Karl Marx, by the standards of today and by the standards of his own day, was on
believably racist, he repeatedly uses the n word in his private correspondence to angles. Usually hyphenated with jew cause, of course, he's. Also very anti semitic has horrible views on slavery, horrible views on colonialism and by The standards of the left is applied to every single one of our heroes. Karl Marx should be toast, correct right. Why not? Why isn't he I do believe that one of the reasons is that this isn't the only explanation for what's going on, but it's one of them. There are people who want to make sure that we are robbed of everything in our past x. To that strange so that they can say here. his marxism? was left standing, There is no other explanation as to why they have skipped over Karl Marx and since the one who s came out and the civilizations and makes a number number of people wrote about this. I didn't know that marks and racism
I mean what wonder one person wrote say what mark said and what douglas says in his book, I can repeat in this paper is core is quite true tat. We'll horrible self. Since I came out some of the marxists have come out and attacked me on this, and they said things like will lead to arguments they ve been using. One is thats unfair? He was a man of his time yet well. Gary, like everyone else, right like thomas jefferson, like Winston churchill, Winston churchill man of his time second thing they they say as well, We look to him for his views on economics, not his personal views I mean this is the excuse with margaret sanger rise, You know Margaret saying our oral race, but
I mean she was right about women and women's reproductive rights, so it seems to me that trying that a group of people who are the anti western issues of our day- and I can't stress this enough- this is this- is western- anti western islam. You know, there's there's middle eastern anti western chinese anti western islam, but the most crucial and serious one is western. Anti western ism is, as you say, the termites eating out the whole structure around us. I am one of those strands is definitely people we want to say at the end of all this, Only one a strain fought left standing. Some of you odin about prominent figure that she say things like that. it is the problem, in a reason, is the problem A rationalism is the problem of saving and again this is not fringe stuff, randy Weingarten of them contains in your new testing, is the problem. You know that it's gone all. Everything is a problem except for a few things that they want to leave standing.
I think this has to be called out identified because we are being fed a total crocodiles. a total lie, and they don't have a right to do this. A crippling lie that I mean just the lie that you can make at that you shouldn't take risks that everybody gets a trophy all that stuff then started long ago. That's going to creep all the free market, over short I bet no one will take risks if they don't they don't mind that by the way, I urge you to visit, there's a bit in here and write about the the sixteen nineteen projects bit on on capitalism I didn't it there wasn't enough attention paid to this, but part of the critique of the sixteen nineteen it was a critique of capitalism itself. Now again, what do you think what do you think the accusations that may make against capitalism? Ah they are. unsurprisingly, that
Capitalism, is derived from slavery, colonialism and much more and the that they may make. As a result, capitalism itself is from its origins, erases thing this is this. Is this is what the sixteen nineteen projects genius, sociologists called Matthew desmond said the headline of his peace was in order to understand the brutality of american capitalism, you have to start. On the plantation his argument was that, for instance, everything like tracked track recording and analyzing precise vacation many of these techniques we now take for granted were developed by and for large plantations. He says He says this is a sixteen nineteen projected pulitzer prize winning a project of the new york times, He says that systems were consisting of things that were tracked recorded and analyzed tie
everyone sitting there desk in modern america doing their work directly to the plantations and he says what would the visit Rex line from the slaveholders spreadsheets into microsoft, exile or his, I believe, is a thing. First of all, a man is wildly ignorant. adaptation system had nothing to do with capitalism. The plantation system was a feudal system, a child could, this ignoramus. There's a child could look at these two systems and recognise there is no similarity, so why do they do it? Why is why he is part of the hit job of the sixteen nineteen project to commission a drive by shooting by an ignoramus against western capitalism intending to draw a line from the slave plantations to western capitalism. To Detroit. because they want to destroy western capitalism like everything else and the ill intent.
These people can just never be in a stronger it off is to undress. You can never underestimate them. They decide on their conclusions and then they work back. What's this area, it actually I'm point the only source. He can find is. One scholar who wrote but good, says the opposite of what he says. She says and my my fear is that, like most people, don't have time for this, but we're trying to get on with our lives. People trying to build their families are trying to have to pay them. mortgage time to try to put food the table, much more than once, comes of them, let alone my prominent figures and lemon prominent politicians who met- if guarding alexey as a country when they come at you and say you know, when you sit down and do your work, your actually? Basically part of the same thing as the plantations
most people don't I know what to say that I didn't know that likely to be an all you turn off or some when somebody says you know, thomas jefferson was just a slave owner must be right, I don't know I was told there is more to it than that, but turn off. For, though, I need to tell you glad. People need to be armed to know how to fight back against this. They need to know what the arguments are: benignant specifics, but, more importantly, they need need to see this underlying trend that is going on in a no a culture is doing this to itself. Nobody sooner seen the every other college on earth wants to think well of itself I believe that most people repeat most people in america do most people in the west to do, but we ve
in kind of submerged under this just so lorry but has come flooding across everything that we were told that we knew and that we loved they ve just polluted hold on thing Then I think we have to take it back. We have seen You won't do that talk here. As you know, it's a very a common thing in cultural revolutions for this to happen I was going around the states just before the election of twenty twenty I was visiting urban about ten states. Also, I was in portland off a tour stuff down there, and so the I saw, what remained of the scent of seattle, which had been a beautiful city. I remember, and always only fifteen years, audio nice there But when I saw these things, I thought you know there is a risk of the american public square is going to become completely empty. get me no one left, and I think that's roughly, very nearly where we are, but this what cultural revolutionaries have done throughout history from you,
world almost you. You go into the temples of your enemies, you tear down their statues, you urinate on their altars, you you destroy the whole sanctuary and say your god, sir dead. We new ones for you. for their having to do to america and the wider west that very well advanced on it and the and the glimmer of hope. Is it I believe that if the majority regained their voice, these people don't stand a chance. I would agree with that. I think that I think that elon musk was really million acres citing me a moment, you know between him and the santas in florida, the
these guys that have grown their strength out of weakness. Yes, and they are, they're they're moving in ways and musk is is, interesting cause he's not here, because conservative libertarian, like silicon valley, me right how he's become like a leader of the far right. I didn't know MSNBC by the way yesterday did a hit job on him, one. Oh, my gosh. What an idiot present said: elon musk not an easy going to unleash the far right, but they also described him as not especially intelligent yeah. I have some don humility. You know I mean you, don't have to say you agree with the guy that knowledge is. Power impressive, the the only thing: thirty by sea. With this is, would you are with me that we are dealing with people who are the kind of
If I can't have you, no one will bear the burnt down only gradually area, so they will do everything to destroy Ilan moscow, any one you I guarantee you trouble run into santas runs they will say dissent, as is far worse than donald. I ain't goin to yeah. They have you, they will use any tactic and they will destroy if elon musk- and I think they know this if elon musk stands really kind of just laughs them all It- is what it is the beginning of the end. I I think we've seen a little bit of that, haven't we because for the first time in the last year, or so, people have started to survive the mob I'm an the most obvious example- is Joe rogan in my sunday chapelle as well as interesting, legions of being such a target. But, of course they are because they savings emerald, wants to say and writer,
but now I think that there are people now who is surviving the take out attempts. Turning to where it is a badge of honor, well, yeah, unopened and advice. Actually I wrote about the other day and he said he said it helps people trying to take me down with cnn yeah nobody trusts and and but still my worry is that these are prominent. Figures is very successful. Figures can survive it, but but the whole Bing com turn round until all of us can tell the bottom. You know, the person during a normal job is able to survive, saying something that is true until it's possible, you know it's it's it's not enough. You know not enough that I know very successful off as J k, rolling ceases and successfully so survive the mob or the These figures I just mentioned: do it's gotta go all the way to
the economy is gonna, be at every level. It has to be the student, they can say sorry yeah man is a man yea ones, a woman yeah. You know I mean I agree and I, and before before before the lockdown and everything started in recent years was doing public events for various other people and and and some he's going to things and watching often asked the young people in the is who not by any means conservative I'd? Ask them mere what you out this evening and there always two ounces or variants of two answers the first. was I wanna. I'm fed up just watching youtube videos on my own sort of thing. I want to be with people who are thinking about the same things which different on ideological movement other than this and the ideological movement of people who are interested Second thing: you very often heard what I wanna be near people. Who is saying something. I'd like to say at some point.
this is very important for country its. People of this country, I think we probably both notice in our personal lives, It is something this on the sort of the edge of your brain thinking and I mean I am- I- can see that's true, but I must be the first one. I don't need a first one and if somebody else jumps in with their boots into it, you immediately think ok, that's easier, I sometimes, as you know, the disappointing thing is: it's gotta: be users the jump foot but but I think that we all know in our lives of that is actually the case why people that's? Why people listen to the people attacked it's not just. The attack there listening, because the people who are being attacked,
are saying the things other people would like to say here. You know where, whenever I refer to, you know things like the Leah thomas thing I say well, I'm is possible. You can be a guy, and whenever you get in the water, you can feel kind of feminine command short and I started by lodging- and I live here and and m, and I know that whenever I say that the number of people are gonna think iq say something like that year and and It's the same with the arguments I make an his book. I want people to realise that france and its purpose- the permissible to defend your culture. You're civilization and your country is passed. me possible that when somebody comes at you saying you're totally rotten, there's nothing good that you ve done, you can say hang on a minute me tell you some things. I mean
I mention in the book. In the same exact I jump over some of the reedy. You know button ones. We we've had Sometimes the issues of slavery, colonialism and racism are needed. One of the things I say is remarkable thing about the west is not that we had slavery. Every civilization in history has slavery, they all did the remarkable thing about the west is, we got rid of. It forty million slaves in the world today, estimating I have met some of my travels and, I think they're. Seventy countries that don't ebony and I Every laws it it is unbelievable across africa, inequalities and at least in there there their places. The gulf states is basically slavery, and I mean you competent. The filipino work is anything but chat Oh really, yet their lives to mean anything to locals, so Forty million slaves in the world today is more slaves and there were in the nineteenth century. I guess
clearly this is a problem. That is a thing that humans of darkness and violations of done again Why would we be destroying ourselves in america over something we settled too and she's ago right. Why would be tearing ourselves about this now other than if we all into the story. First, that it was only ass, an idea, think the one in a million americans know, for instance, that something will say, maybe up to twelve million slaves or taken across the atlantic and the transatlantic slave trade. Eighteen million were taken east to the arab countries from africa in the same time, why don't we know about this, but we leave a castrated and we know more generations of them and when you go to the twelve million america took too
right the rest went south america, Brazil had had it was still sign of trading until the eighteen. Eighty, the royal navy there were the within a native americans had slaves again until eighteen, seventy three or some rider- and I mean it in this way we ve got to to work out this legit accurately right. Does our civilization, uniquely o people for It happened two centuries ago I say not I'd say not. I say the debt is paid its paid down, was paid in blood newest paden blood in car in britain, royal navy after slavery was abolished in the united kingdom police the high seas, at significant costs of treasure and blood boarding. ships on their way to Brazil and storming the holes and freeing slaves. This is enough So when somebody comes at you and says
says, as we have had an american take from recent years. This is your original sin. For instance, I was ok, What's the original sin of the other countries, what what they must have them, or is it just ass? It I don't know how we can make this argument when So many of us have apple products me in China. I know which is a horrific, horrific nation on human rights. Show I mean it's, it's one of the great rules I try to follow. It is an editor once said to me: every peoples in history done things that you look back on anything. What the hell with eight and great india's right well but some of them are still doing it. Some of them are still doing and hit, but him his of his here's, a sort of fallen for thing, is assume there are things we do in our own day, which our successes are going to see. As being knots
lottery to work out what they are now. Don't you spend your time judging the eighteenth century on watch out here, I would have what you just refer to as one of them died. Legal say how, in a The twenty twenties debate become obsessed again about slavery. Three hundred years earlier, and realized the whole story and missed the fact that they were concentration camps in china going on in their own day slavery going on around the world in their own day. Why would they uninterested aragon and look at us historians and a hundred years? Will look at us, as in saying yes, just cite kodigas split personality people and even in his one reason why. We have fallen. I have I have a chapter in the book on what, I say that one of the answers on the deep answer to it: we have fallen into an era based in resentment.
Waste and resentment, the deepest the time left injected it. I think parts of the right now got it as well, but It is a well in the west by annex I think I agree with you because You can have a worldview based entirely on what you haven't got what other pull have got at your expense and by the way, this this cross all races. all classes, also, ceo, economic structures? We all know people who Don't have very much at all in terms of money who are the most fallen kind and- and you know charitable people, you could come across and I'm sure we ve all met people as well, who seem very healthy who just run through with bitterness and and resentment things that they would think that we did to them links in oh, they should have gotten they did, and this has nothing to do with with with cotton. Is a human instinct resentment and
The problem with resentment once it bruce is, there is no end to it because you go searching for it. nature says a one point: there is it The person who tears wounds long since healed, and then cries about the pain that they suffer recognised? ip is recognised. I all over america. Today, I've been having this row in the last few days since, ah, since the war in the west came out about the reparations thing, a number of people who have been coming out me on social europe rather than coming. I don't care. How is this to be interesting to me? It doesn't bother me but people say no we're coming for our checks, we're coming for them because of what happened to us as it who thus, who is us, you talk about people, you never knew. and you demand money on their behalf I want, stuff. I want my stuff, he's the cry of resentful period is at present.
people across history. Stuff The thing is, is it now again is nita, says that these people have to have one arm so that you can say back which no he wants to hear The answer you can say back, the male is He's a person is kept you back, there is a person has destroyed. Your life knew you, you are the one. The problem is that nobody wants to hear that. I used to be the thing that brought people here now these. rest of the world you were. Down by roddy olds and everything else, and you come here and there wasn't streets pave with gold. but if you had a dream, you could at least here soon abysses, which is also why the american heroes being pulled down matter. So much is not just about the past is about who We emulate the stuff one. The reasons why americans emulate
Abraham lincoln, was not just what he achieved as president. It was. We got back yes s. He spawn essentially in the iron age, He had nothing, nothing. He probably had one year of formal education. The rest, Abraham, lincoln, taught himself what is a mom and his father fought him on it. The older it's it is, in our view, the great american story in one person comes from nothing. I'm gets the highest place, and so this is why I man is kind and the arab world and healing end he was he was killed by booth, because booth, was crazy about with me, us toward none charity towards all know. Yet you gonna be man, come down and it s because then we'll kick your but again says is a thing he's not just
president Barroso he's role model yes and a kind and a kind of moscow of america that why you can't take him out. Otherwise, you take out america right, that's what they know. That's what the cultural revolution we know, but my point is is it is it everybody in their life could have the opportunity be resentful, an amount It has always distinguished himself as a country by having the opposite attitude. As I said, I come from a country where the sort of cost structures thing is less than it used to be, but it still exists and, as you say in europe and other countries in the west, there is something which on common compared to america, which is a sort of feeding of. Sometimes that person has something you know they ve got, through some ill means and
I say I sense it myself, the fairly recent arrival and I've always since this people see somebody with something good. They say I'd love to have that good on that guy. That is the opposite of whom over resentful ass, an resentful nation and the and the crew deep opposite of resentment. As I said, one the chapters in the war? Who s is gratitude? now you're missing ground? He attitude is what it seems to be completely missing from our lives now I walked around the cities of amerika. this is amazing Every building here is amazing, let alone a month ago, up and up another who came up with that. You, you know you you. Look cities like that or you look at them with a scowl and the resentment well that was probably built on the back of
that wasn't given and often- and you can do it- you can do that on everything you can do not absolutely everything You can say you can see, how amazing that we have this and why? the things that have happened in american wife empty within that they know in the west, in it and as a whole in recent years has been used total loss of a sense of proportion. as to what we are now versus what the rest the world is now never mind what we ve been in history. what we are now. Why is it that america crystal the number one destination of choice for migrants across the world? Why now if you ask the people of resentment who spent in recent years, tearing at america saying it's a racist country and so on. You didn't see. Do He's trying to break into nazi austria nope. You know that The foot full tells us something and the
but for the other countries people want come to all of the data shows that after america, the other countries Britain include cannon, The western countries, the western democracies, so why is that the case. I would suggest that we should remind ourselves of a very simple truth: they want to come here now because we have something good. Here's a follow on. we have something good now. It must be because we ve something good in the past correct man. It's not accident very fond of this quote of bronze ricky, who said at one voice at last is the residue of design were not just lucky in america the luck come from what men and women have done before us and if they have made, bad choices we would be venezuela, maybe we'd. Sudan.
there's a reason. It's america as he's and people want to come here, cross the border to baja california in mexico. The poverty and the lifestyle is under evil moon, you're on the same coastline, those same land, everything the differences. Is the belief of the people and the belief of the government that's the only thing is different and We are seeing in america in particular attempt to pull down all of the things that make that prospect. I t and the ladders possible? No, that's that's her visa, very important thing people for people to realise that when we ve seen the row about frances cr tee in american schools in the last few years. I go into a bit of that, but when we look at that, Does that resulting in red terms that project results in a clean
that, for instance, timeliness is a white collar to work but accuracy, in maths, is a white quality that showing your workings is a white quality. That scientific accuracy is a white quality and on and on, and that testing is a wise. Isn't this, though, what you would do, if you were preparing people to be slaves were to be, totally subjugated and yet moralized fry or for sure I mean season specific. Why again, why would we would, apart from isn't this insane war on whiteness, which has come up in recent years, which is just might get under the is the most insane tactical misstep that the collect could have made. In my view, warring on white people saying white people specifically andy unique. The across history have something to pay for Why do you miss that? Why? Because white people the majority
if I say why people are just what I mean lazy wreaking are have taken it. the head over and over and official for sure, but went again when you went when Let me stress one point to come back to that when see people again like american teaching union head saying that standardized testing is the problem. What are they doing other than removing the latter's that exist for people of all ethnic backgrounds to get up credit? They think them kind of levelling the board. Somehow, then not never! Moving the ladders. Is your. What is your best chance if you're young black boy or girl in amerika, hoping to get out of this situation, have been born into. If you ve been born into an deprived background, it is to work hard at school. It is ask your test its to get out. claim that tests the problem get rid of them. You will just me
Sure everyone is stuck where they are. Is it's an absolute disgrace? It happens on a specific levels as well as taking out yet We know the programmes for students of of of distinction, the tavern in new york and elsewhere, but but just get to go about it. What about the war? Whiteness means, same thing about this. Is then this may it's mainly. I have two white people who are doing it. I mean it's just it's like robin deangelo rains biggest race, huckster of our day, apart from Abram, makes candy. Robin the answer, of course, herself is white and she says in her disgusting book. Theirs, there's no good form of being white, and you can't get out of it. I say: do with any other group say this: no good form of being black and You can never not be black if you're born and maybe even reach it'll just be justice. Disgusting racism right there. Well, it is robin the Angela she's, a racist
ex candy says in his book how to be an anti racist, which I say you should just lose. What anti and you ve got the accurate title that book says the answer to pass. Inequalities is present day inequalities. The answer to past prejudice is present prejudice. Hissing. Imagine if took any minority group in modern day any minority group asians hispanic, anyone or smaller groups and said. We ve got a message for you: gonna set of books. A set of claims all image. I oppose the major networks and others are gonna start making the following case against you. Begging to say: there's nothing, good about you. Begging to say you, ve, never had anything good about you, they're going, say, you're born guilty. Gonna say you can't get out of your guilty, can ever tone fred they give us that you have no ancestors to be respected Can I say you have no history. This is war.
We're, gonna do and much much more they're, gonna pathologies, you they're going to say that you have rage they're going to say you have fragility. They're gonna talk to you for your tears. Now, in any minority that you did that to do things could persuade them. Do you think, He would say We love the sound of that. We're gonna go for that sure, whatever one so no I don't think any minority group would go along for that, but that is a right that they are inviting the majority in america, britain and the rest of us were to go along with, but that would like saying over a right, but that would come. Also. Along with the white guilt? Well, I too have a lot. I mean you know that the insidious thing is you ve. Never you confess your play Let me what you ve had no privilege, because your way these these people
personally I have had enough I've had enough yeah me too. They can't guess my privilege- and I owe them nothing for enroll villages or downsides I've had in my life. I don't owe them an explanation and I'm not gonna give them one who most of my ancestors were far from privileged very far from prim, mind to tell small amounts of not very fertile land. Just made it through winters, and in the twentieth century called on twice to give their lives before of water. They didn't, much about. That was the story of most of our ancestors of people who were white and they weren't privileged and we're not, and we were- and so we've just got to say when we're not, having bad when you too, perform a us and say we suffer from white rage or white fragility or anything else, absolutely not having it and
the stand off. That's now necessary, I'm afraid, and it can be done politely, but it will have to be done along these lines. you show, no respect for me. I'm showing no respect for you. You'd unrest but anything about my past. Why should I respect yours? You don't respect my ancestors. Why should I respect yours? You don't respect my culture. Why should I respect yours does deepen the divine suggestion is that this stand off like that. Could help of it. It says to you make me less van, I'm not gonna make you less of an eye think I'm better than anyone else because of the color of my skin. It's ridiculous idea. Unlike be crazy to think that what is like saying I'm better than you, because I'm a man made or the five ten?
somebody else isn't better than me because of their skin color either it's a totally unimportant thing, But if it's unimportant, you cannot weapon eyes it against. One group and I think that we will have to be told to step back from this. We have to eight the race hucksters like d angelo and candy, we have to make them hope be held to account for what they have done. These people have re rationalized american society, they come along talking of reparations. Now for things done centuries ago, they are are dividing american society and knew what do they think of reparations would look like in the twenty first century it How would you even ok, I'm white but my family didn't come over until eighteen. Eighty right so did do. I have
pay the reparations? What how do we and how do we work it out among people who descended from slaves and slavers known, let's forget the people who who, who will respond. Well for the origin of the slave trade, were black africans selling their brothers and sisters as Voltaire as the only thing worse than what the europeans did to the africans was what the africans did to their brother africans. So are we work out who's. The pews descended from who we are going to set up a great big dna database in. Country that is a wild about the idea of even showing your basic voter idee when you go to the polls I dont know about he's gonna work so these people, don't really mean it. I don't think they really mean it. I think they were. to tear it wound, so reopen them and claim victimhood and we have to say not not as an interesting discussion or I wonder how we could do that, but no no, we ve paid, we ve paid it settled. Move on somebody said to me today, if, if a car, if
a car crash, didn t you and you could. ever get hold of your insurance company or any others anyone else's unit. Wouldn't you feel that you owed I said sure if that happened to me, but if it happened to one of my ancestors centuries ago. I've kind to think. Well, I'm gonna get on with my life. In a yeah I think those are that's one of those things that damn what you just said, no. is one of those things that you are talking at the beginning, that I thought I can say that I can say that yeah hearing you so clear on that nope, I think, there's a lot of people that don't and we do a lot of heavy lifting you you, probably than me we do a lot of mental health.
lifting, say it's a pleasure near pardon me. It's a pleasure yeah, but it's it's we are thinking of things because we have the time this is when we do that the average Doesn't this right and I think the average person doesn't know exists there's no model on them? You know the model was donald trump. Now is it necessarily good model, knew no end there's no real model of people getting along people. Having friendly discussions that disagree with each other and noble, that can just clearly stand up. I mean that the thing I love? Churchill is: what am I think, one of my favorite people in Israel. And He just didn't seem to care. He knew what was right for europe and for england any set it and You know. If you read about churchill,
from the indian perspective, he's yeah. They accuse them of things that he didn't do it, but he also did some saying shall set me up here. And proud of even at the end of his life, but that makes him human sure what makes him human in that age and was he getting better or was a worse now at the end of his life, but you know people, people need more examples and to be Will the sea people in their office stand up and say no, go, and I'm not going to that. I'm not go into the seminar where I have to confess my whiteness. Yes right up so easily you and say no, and should do you know that great speech of charges on the death of chamberlain and I'm not sure, on the death of never chamberlain for those whose main adversary s wisdom. to give one of the greatest speeches ever given
nineteen forty chamberlain We recently had to leave office and died right shortly after the cancer and Churchill gave the most remarkable speech. I urge people to look it up. He end very, very generous speech. Let you say about lincoln, had extraordinarily magnanimous man. And he says, among other things, this is what is what was a mistake. I ve never chamberlain to have fallen to the lives of a wicked man but he also says he has an extraordinary passage in and I'll try to do it off out. But he says. He says he works, no history and how it will view any man, and he says at one point he says history with her flickering lamp stumbled along the trail of the past and illuminates with pale echoes. the former days says what is the worth of all this says a guide to a man is his conscience
the only shield to his memory is the rectitude and the sincerity of his actions. And ass. He says he says we have to hold onto those things because hopes. He says so often marked in one phase, men seemed to have been right now another they seem to have been wrong. He says: You hold onto these things. So, however, Bates may play it's always in the ranks of honor. Now that was one of the key incites a church who had was You will hold on to the rectitude and the sincerity of your actions and the fates will play with you and they will knock you when they will boffin you. Sometimes the whole world will be against it, but how long a new march, always in the ranks of honour,
to a guy who studied he wrote the book the pendulum- I don't know if you've ever read it, but it says the the eighty year swing from me to we, oh yeah, here and he tracked it all the way back in its fascinating And I call him up and he said I ve been waiting for you to call me. He said I ve been watching you for a while. He said you know. How can a win, and I was like flash and he said no, no, he said there's lots of people like you out there. I think you're, one of them. That we are marching at it. he had a time again, instead the the main feeling in movement and we'll be recognised later as the right thing, but these people, all throughout history that are are marching to
to the drum of honour and integrity. Yes, that's it's possible, I mean I never really think of winning or losing, because I just think you do you think, is right and yet at exactly I really don't eat it is just as well be. Maybe it'll come right, my own time they write. Won't, I don't matter. I know what I hope, but I don't rely on it. And and the that friction of marching against the crowd. Is my expensive a present one I don't mind it. I think it sharpens you yeah opposition in all things it's, so what we re going along with lockstep with everything you told now- and I hope the young people in particular watching realises that. But you know if being offered today But now list of things you know Banal list of things are being told that you know the meaning of life is to be found in social activism and and seeking.
Social justice and contrasting their privilege, and if there were- kind of thinking themselves and canoe, hoping they get through life without anyone noticing. And then dying and hoping that didn't harmony one. This is not a heroic narrative. This is a slave narrative. I mean of this is absurd, subservient, narrative and its being is being offered to free body and being offered to the people who came here, who said, can then present themselves as victims and the people who it's alleged benefit from privilege. They are all being invited to follow a slave narrative, the specific, equally subservient form of life. Were you cringe your way through? That's why they attack people, like you know, masked by the way, is a guy. You simple tastes you trying to work out how we have cars without fossil fuels and is also trying to work out how to get the mars ass, as I got pretty pretty fun,
agenda. They attack these people, they don't want people actually dream big. I don't want people to do things big. They don't want that. They won't be era to admire weak people was it. Hank or harry rear, didn't reared and steal from Matlin shrugged you, yes, yes, I remember that it's in a long time, as I can remember his name, I think every but that was his main crime- you're doing it on your own. You can't right. You cannot do it on euro and we can't do it for your purposes and we have to. We have to remind particularly as a say, particular young people this is a lie and that they are being offered a bad life and the I think they know it. I'm sure I sure they can sense it, but they have to remind you of it ass. It was so what is a good life and if it is to dream bigger, it is to think big. it is not to be a slave with slave mentality and subservient mentality, eighties. Whatever your racial background,
to realize that, if you're born in the west you been given already the biggest had thought you could have in life. Don't throw away, don't piss it away me sure you make something of yourself. You ve been given the, stop it shouldn you can be given for The start so don't wasted due something amazing How are we perceived overseas, Are we the disease more, people see it see. America is going. Could you be a net importer of bad idea? Is now it's a net exporter seeking was I france, no less a figure them. The french president has said we cannot allow this american cultural movement of
be a lamb and see our team up attempt heart. Allow it to come into france. I've seen that happening over an anglo channels, not taking root or another. I die described in the war in the west, the way which this is taking root in Britain that come from america. The blm movement when it kicked off in the? U s? Immediately was replayed in the uk, it doesn't fit among other things I point out at the time when we have unarmed police officers. You know they don't have the eve, then the specifics of these very ugly attempts to sort of imported wholesale. I think english speaking countries are particularly vulnerable to the american political exports and cultural exports. Other countries rise if got to cut themselves off from it, and sadly people Countries like britain are also realises that that you can't import you mustn't important. You must keep this away. You must keep the cultural revolution out of your country will see if that works. As for the rest of the world, while I mean
The chapters in the barn was, I give the example of what what the rest of the world is doing? Whilst america is doing this, we spoke a bit earlier about china, but what a shot, Our own feet we keep on doing you know take those early moments of the binding administration when sexy blinkin meets his opposite numbers, and his book rated by them for daring to question what the chinese government is doing and then look at that amazing cellphone of amerika, the united nations in march of last year, the new ambassador, the american ambassador to the united nations and thomas greenfield gives a speech. International racism awareness day. the eu and which is one of those very productive sections. Of course, racism was, I think, ended after that date, and the american representative gives a speech saying that america is a racist society she's, identifies
if George floyd, she identifies that the spa massacre that had nothing to do with race as another example of racism. She says that america has had this from the foundations that the foundations were founded in sin. She does all of this and then remembers at the end of the speech to say, oh and there's other forms of racism in the world by the treatment of rohingya muslims in myanmar and also the weavers in china who's the next person up at the un. But the chinese ambassador who says mark has no right to lecture the chinese people andy, the the who says the Chinese have sent to says america has done something unique today Their representative has come to united nations and confessed their guilt so they have no right to tell a chinese people anything there. the rest of the world views america. They view it as idiotic self punching, self destructive self owning. So
destroying and It is convenient for some of the rest of the world. You know it's very convenient for our opponents, our competitors, but we would spend this period in history during this. Tell me. Tell me about russia, and your view of it. Just doesn't seem right. It doesn't sit right with me. This whole. seems to me like we are pushing for war. And I I worry I care for thee. The ukrainian people, but I e then, maybe I'm just like people were in the nineteen thirty's with hitler in life. Let us hold on here. I don't want him in there. I don't want him crossing the border, but but let's not get into a global war.
But let's also I mean I agree. I mean that that's what has to be averted all costs, and there is obviously a very big policy divide in in america at the moment about this of. people, who see this as an opportunity to to further weaken the kremlin, which is in general, desirable thing. I think the week of the kremlin, the batter bought. On the other hand, careful what you wish for, because we don't know what I mean actually I don't know what comes next. Guy also has weak, cancer is not long for the world. You think it's really. I mean he looks ill yeah. That's for sure and he's had. I think they said do that fifty six. What do you think are radiation treatments and now he's going under the knife? I mean strange wobble. He did the other day somewhere, I mean yeah. He said finding it harder to hide whatever it is he does have, but you know
It's in russian history, even more than the history of most nations, is a reminder that everything can always be worse. The next isn't necessarily an improvement. I mean I I don't know what would happen if if there was actually a power struggle in moss Go because innumerable americans had a plan once of how to give if there was a coup in pakistan, how together nukes out does anyone have a plan for how to secure nuclear sites. If russia falls apart, I don't know, but one thing I would say, though, is we- do have to be very careful not to be distracted from the much more important twenty first century challenge at which is china there I see no scenario in which the russian economy, overtakes american economy in our lifetimes is like saying that the greek economy might become the number one world economy. There is, of course, as you not year, China, that's. a story national. I can concerned that we would take our eye. The ball. Angry it
were at war on the streets here than war in europe with russia. japan is about to collapse on itself economically. What would stop chow from just taking taiwan and then it's over medicis than they, they all this. You know, I'm sure I'm sure you've thought, like I have in recent years. Quite often is this the moment when people kind of realize? What we have is quite good here and change tack. and I thought I wondered at the beginning of the corona virus. I wondered if we owed in own so jog outside. I wondered at the beginning of the ukraine invasion. So maybe it's a forlorn hope, but maybe it isn't that the way I said he was. I say you know if you, if you thought, but you didn't like the period of american hegemony in wait till you get the chinese one
Wait till you see in over the footage from shanghai of the residents screaming. Wait until you see that that would be your future for the rest time. If you are concerned about what I have described this last stage, age human rights acquisitions at long last last bits of human rights acquisition, not equal rights under the law and the like the last little bits of it. If you think that with loss bits not going precisely your way are the worst thing ever wait till the chinese communist party has dominance and they will be fascinated to hear your human rights, real interests, yeah yeah yeah, It is a pleasure talkin to you from a likewise thank you for your book thank you for standing at the gate and. ringing the bell one. As I say it's it's a pleasure, but I also think is a duty optimistic,
Pessimistic neutral, depends what subjects for the of the americas of america and survival of the west so long term, optimistic short term, pessimistic long term optimistic, because, as I said, I do, believe you can end the end, subjugate majority and The one thing I would add that is, let's I think that there's gonna be any one person who who us out of the us and the job is up to us every single one of us. It's who is it that nobody's academics not this stupid, C r. T rubbish in recent years coming up with his theory the miser, the old joke about the french. This works impact but can we make it work in theory they want this theory missouri intersection out in such a b so anyway looks it knows, but they working at this theory and then
like try to roll it out on the american public and its Meeting with american public as a whole parents, the disaster disaster you're telling MIKE but because of their skin color their less than another. Kid working. Well is a theory when they, when that ferry meant american moms wreck differ. Story. So, as I say, short term, there's gonna be a lot, a lot of trouble. Long term is no We can't win no way cash from your mouth geysers. Thank you appreciate it and was supplied. Yeah just a reminder:
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