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Ep 159 | Hey, GOP: It's Time to Become 'RADICALS' | Rachel Bovard | The Glenn Beck Podcast


We all see what’s happening: Leftists in power are making America — our economy, culture, and principles — unrecognizable. But will winning the midterms be enough to fix things? This week’s guest believes the real answer is much more “radical” — but not in the way you might think. Rachel Bovard is the senior tech columnist for the Federalist and the author of the article “The 1980s Called. They Want Their Foreign Policy Back and Republicans to Finally Wake Up.” She tells Glenn that “conservatism is almost a dissident culture at this point,” as politicians hold on to the Reagan era like it’s eternal. Instead, she argues that it’s time for a “new right” to embrace “radical federalism” and actually reverse what the Left has done instead of taking the power for itself. Rachel explains what she believes this “new right” should look like and how it can fix the actual issues with our government and economy, and she talks about the one organization she believes is way too powerful …


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What does it mean to be a conservative now? What is the purpose of a conservative it is to conserve to rescue those things worth rescuing to say. the things that we love and lead all the things that don't work? our task is to stand in front of the leftist and institutionalists steamroller and protect. we can and save what we must. Every single day a conservative we'll take em. Leading from the fashionable snobs on the left. cozy and their lawlessness. Theirs. They subject us to a level of harassment, mockery that fake they could even imagine, let alone withstand to them, so Many people in america are dumb useless, bigoted any other number of ridiculous accusations, and it doesn't have to be just. It could be somebody on the left that disagrees with them. there dumb and ridiculous in racist what they
I realise, is that without something think is at the centre of conservatism. They should be at least individuals and individual rights civilization collapses? What? Then, They do, if you wonder, a zero sum game, but nobody Have to destroy too Ace gas is one of the brave souls that is standing in front of that tank. She spoke at the national could conservative conference last fall. Jacob magazine said who this woman, and why The hell is going on here. They were to say that she uses quote the language of war and amnesty and victory. All cost and subordinating means to ends. Why Oh, she sounds dangerous. Kind of like the left in some ways away, you describe her while she has plenty of four credentials that make her a threat to the left and alive.
People will misunderstand her, but she is clear She has had directory old jobs in the house, and the senate. She's worked with senator, ran paul pat to me, my clean, ok, She certainly currently serves as the senior director of policy at the conservative, partnership institute and co, authored the book conservative, knowing what to keep with Jim demand. She is, She is a senior tech columnist also for the federalist she has her thumb on the monster known as big tat. We talk about it in today's podcast. She just wrote in radical article that caught everybody's intention and mine. This is why I wanted to get her on the nineteen eighties called they want their foreign policy back and republicans. Finally, to wake up. That's what it's called. It is scathing. It has some backbone, which is exactly what we need right now. Please welcome too. His guest rate.
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the ship for free most partly they ship discreetly keep them. One day yourself in arms- and I want you to go to my patriots- apply right now, so Two hundred and fifty dollars at my patriots apply dot com. Approaching the day when you're gonna, I need to depend on yourself my patriot supply dot com, the hello rachel, hey. How are ya ever met before I can't believe we haven't met. We One time, but it was like or four years ago, at this point when dement and I were in your studio- oh okay, alright yeah- that was a while ago, because you ve worked with everybody or to Jim demand. You worked with. I can t think
and Paul is well, I mean you're, your heavy adder. heavy hitters thanks here, so you roadie article the other day, the eighties called they want their foreign policy back republicans. Finally, to wake up I read that and I thought to myself. I think I completely agree with you, but there is so much swirling around that is vying for attention for the conservatives that I'm I'm cash. I want to always talk to people before I go, you know, take this a really good idea. so you said that you know you weren't even born when reagan was in office and you know we gotta get over reagan. Explain what what you're talking about in europe article so
I think it's fair to say, there's so much going on and I want to point out so that column was an adaptation of a speech for which I only had ten minutes. So there is so much more that I could have said there, but I think you know in this sort of new right project that I'm working on it. This idea, not that Reagan was bad. right or reagan, wasn't a good precedent and it's just that reagan is not eternal and he's not a mortal and the conditions under which he was successful, are not our conditions now, and I think that this is especially true even today, looking at wireless trust, failed is sort case in point right. She was trying to make economic policy for a type of economy that existed forty years ago and the global order right now is being reshaped right. Neo liberalism is over okay, so how do we make policy for that right and so reagan? I completely agree that it can
serve, it is cut a live in the past and that by definition, you kinder do that. they live in the past. There isn't any really new idea, and, quite honestly, the only part of going backwards in time that I want is Our history good bad, an ugly can we learn from it. Are com detention, declaration of independence, a bill of rights everything else, weave screwed it up, and I want a new vision reagan? The reason why reagan, because I lived through it, that he was popular- was not because he defeated things are turned the economy around, because he could connect with the people? symbols and ideals of amerika are those still relevant. That's the great
question, because right now we're living in a country. I think where we don't even agree on the foundational thing: no don't ride, we don't agree on sex. We don't agree on basic foundational questions of whether a girl is a boy or you know, religion and its role in shaping the country, traditional values. All these things are up for does not really in a way that they want to get a big it's even deeper than that. We don't agree on the bill of rights anymore. good to know it and, and then the there's, probably half the country that does know it and they're like uh yeah yeah, I mean we love the constitution, but we got things to do. I dunno, if we're even a constitutional republic today, It's it's interesting, this question of of that
that particular question. I touched on it a little bit in that piece, but my friend russ vote has written a column for the american mind saying we are actually post constitutional right. If you looked how the left operates, and so how does the right respond to that in his vision? Is that you actually embrace radical constitutionalism like you double down on what the constitution really means, but that requires us to abend. You know bad precedent that, behold ourselves to rate, and I think he he calls it like. You know bad bad precedent and bad state and have led us into this place where you know he's talking about how his group looked at. How do you, constitutionally declare an invasion, these states at the border I declare an invasion he's like that's in the constitution. You can make a constitutional argument that the state has a responsibility to do that he's like, but you would be shocked the amount of conservative lawyers that push back again.
Is that because, oh the precedent, doesn't let us go there and he's like? No? No, no, I have to tell you the stakes. Are this high yeah precedent is not how you judge what's constitutional dog pile bad rulings after bad rulings. The problem is when will you do that you saying all these? You know conservative lawyers look this. this we are living in an age of radicalism. It is all radical If you want to restore the bill of rights as our centerpiece, it's going to take radicals because it's gone. So you're you, you are really fighting for a new system of government, people haven't seen in a hundred years, because Has it been followed and then it's just been trashed in the last ten, so
we can agree on the principles of declaration of it pennants bill of rights. the constitution will allow us to rebuild it, but I No, if you'll never get mitch, Mcconnell you'll never get mitt. Romney you'll never get these republika. It's gonna take it. I think it's take people who either think very young, along with the very young or just gonna take the very young because people think like its nineteen, fifty that's I think that is the paradox. The conservative movement is living in to some extent because as conservatives or conservatism broadly right, we're not radicals by definition rate but we're living in a moment where we are forced to be radicals too, return to or to uncover? You know excited you know
find the old values and old virtues and bring them back into the light? That's where I think we're living, and that requires a certain amount of radicalism from the movement. Because, to your point, the- and I think this is true of all the political right in washington- they just don't understand this. They do not understand the stakes of the moment. We're living in they do not understand the. This is a fight for the soul of america that if we don't get this right, america is not going to be america anymore. It's going to be some sort of. You know the logic. How do they not know that How do they not know that I think the wilful denial, to some extent they ve been enriching themselves on the back of the old system. For so long that it's it's, self preservation acknowledging that it needs to change is, is cutting their own legs out and admitting that they have been part of the problem. They just are unable to do it and I would willing to do it so let s go. It is, but I just
always assume, and I'm glad you said there were insurer enriching their themselves. I look at the things that they should do if they win the senate and the house- and I sure they'll? Do it because it we'll come back on them as well. I mean yes, it's not everybody, but a lot of them are in on the game. And they just want to take it at a slower pace than the left will take you know that, just as a small example, you know how entangled we are with china. How entangled our economy is is what prevents us from taking this threat seriously, and I see it as a as a global order changing threat. We cannot and we are functionally incapable of addressing that as a legislature, because so many of these guys and and women right are tied into making so much money from, system,
that's why wall street entangled that's why the hedge funds are our are so tied into it. It's why the technology firms want to be over there. We can take on china because everyone's making too much money from china- and that's that's a huge insurmountable problem right now, unless we dump over the leadership and even even talk about it, we just saw the port of miami to china it just happened this week nobody's talking about that. Now, you ve had its honestly its bend the trend of financial innovation. I think which has been the foe as of many republican and democratic leaders for the last thirty years, just this high finance, you know, production that does actually make anything for the economy, but it makes a lot of people rich and it's that
the financial allocation that we need to pull back. I think, can really take a critical look at and we are unable again to do that because too many people are making money from us. I do think it's going to take a new generation of leaders that are connected to that old system and are willing to kind of call it out and call it for what it is and change it. But that's gonna happen fast, because we will have a lot of time, many people think like rachel think like I do and know that we have quite a task on our hands and Everybody is gonna, be needed on the field everybody needs to, but you can't sit in the standing of why I just can't see which one's got up you do that you're gonna be on the wrong side and we need you on the field if you think I'm in too much pain. I can't do anything I can even concentrate sure you ve tried everything I know I did when I was like you,
and I tried something I never thought would work. I told me I'll. Try for three weeks. That's what relief factor. amen, strive for three weeks of its, not working, then stop taken it seventy percent of the people who try go on to order more month after month, you wanna drugs, natural way to get your life back. Just try this. Please relief factor, dotcom, get in the game, relief factor dot com. So I think that there is. You know that these countries, england their fighting with austerity- and I think, there's a portion of american america and they are either the the Cool Ass liberal, it believes in you, no rights, and has seen that we ve just been a groat. We become for ants in the seventeen hundreds and make up and and just
talking nonsense it. You know parties in versailles, we're ugly. We become ugly, though people and conservatives witches to reset to a a normal reasonable lifestyle where you can get it you're not, but that's not what society is all about, and I think the left is just drawing us try to get there while there Taking all of the money and I think if we were asked to, and we had a real plan. That would say look we have got to research all of this and it's gonna mean we all me, you know on the chin for awhile. I think we would do that if we knew that there was no way out of this financial disaster, but there
including us in any of this and their denying it most times? I think that's really frustrating point this moment is that we all see what's happening right now. any reasonable person living in america today understands the attacks and the assaults that the country is under and the sort of economic precipice that we're living in? Well. At the same time, right you can't the price of your. Your child's innocence has been corrupted in their public school conservatives are being de banked by major institutions. You know they're being cut off from the avenues to capitalism, to public life. For saying the wrong thing on twitter, I mean this isn't hyperbole or exaggeration. This is actually what's happening, and yet they are told by their representatives where again, the great american experiment was that our self government reflect our concerns. Our self government would act on our behalf, and yet they are being told by those people that your concerns are stupid that
it really happening? A widow have time to do that right now, maybe we'll get to it. we will take incremental steps to address this problem and its its infuriating. You know Think why you see people so the left talks about how angry the right is and how radical they are well. They're angry because of this they're angry, because where is their outlet self government is supposed to be responsive and it's supposed to be their outlet self government was is what prevents violence in the streets right. It's the cathartic element of them. In government and yet it's not functioning, and so I do think we are are getting to a dangerous point that don't you don't have that catharsis? If you don't see yourself reflected in your own representative government, what are you to do as an end? your person I think this election is absolutely critical, but I'm not sure- and I have said this- to people S, lives and eat got to go out but you ve got to go out and vote and I think people
get that message, but so many say I have zero faith. The republicans will do anything want to stop the madness, but they're, not gonna fix it and I think that's Probably true, and that makes me tell my friends in washington- pitchforks and torches we come for you because the status quo is not good enough. You have to stop it and reverse it. So how do we do that? What is due to start with this define the new right? so the new rights is stay, say stilling, nascent and ascended movement among. I think younger conservatives that our established sort of
policy making on the right has failed. Now I say in that speech I think new right isn't necessarily a great monica, because there's been a number of new rights and, in reality, a lot of the policies and ways of thinking the quorum quote. New right pushes now is sick the conservatism of robert taft org. In coolidge or sort of historical re emergence of that we have thought. So it's not new. In that sense, its old but I you know, I think it's it's again. A recognition that you know from Here I sit conservatism as a set of philosophies is dynamic right and it's it's where surgeon always because its flexible enough to meet the moment- and I think what would I have In washington is a conservative movement, that's become fat and lazy and attached to dogma and they ve they deserve, spected conservatism by pushing into these set of policy prescriptions that have become so rigid and ossified that any
movement away from it is likewise you're, not a conservative one. Reality conservatism is supposed to conserve the things that we care about, which is nation, family, community, human dignity and by definition when you attach after those ideals. The policies are always gonna, look up a little bit different, because the threats are different right in the moment that we are living in right now, I would say in again forty, but I'm like mid thirties. So it's the from in my lifetime, I would say it is the highest statesman. For these set of ideals that I have ever seen, I will try are under attack and ways. I've never witness. I was born in the sixties, so I've seen a lot If we I mean, I really thought we were going to be vaporized in my teens. I remember reading because a decision was being made at the white house. I remember that, but I help secure
even if that happened, though, Ideals would be preserved and we would move on this now. I think our stuff could be preserved all of our ideals are meaning gone, because her they are, do they have destroyed our street. They ve destroyed our traditions. I gotta go. fourth of July? Now that used to be so moving for me, I m most hate fourth of July now, because- it seems empty is it just its meaningless now you see the flag. I've never had a flag on my said from the beginning, because I saw after nine eleven everybody saying you're, not an american, if you, if you don't, have a flag on euro lapel- and I thought this is nuts that thing that flag is going to be something
it turns into something that it's not. You know what mean all of our traditions. Everything has been destroyed. and nobody is talking about how do we pick it up except the nineteen fifty sway Mcconnell away what this is, where I think the new right distinguishes itself in some ways is that it acknowledges everything that you're saying right. It acknowledges that our way of life is being destroyed or has been destroyed by I would say like and over reliance on the market, as the end in and of itself, instead of a means to an end. You know a overflow Yes, on religious liberty, as opposed to religiosity going away and american society right, they go hand in hand, but we'll overemphasized one did the exclusion of the other. We ve abandoned the end.
detentions. We ve seated them to the left and I think we, the fatal conceit there, was that all the market will correct for them laughs long march through the institutions and that it just has that has failed. That is a broken way of thinking, and it has led us to this moment where conservatives and conservatism is almost a dissident culture. At this point, and so will the new right says is if we accept that premise that we are dissonant culture. We are by definition, we have to be a little bit more radical and our approach. I've seen a lot more radical frankly and when we get power- When we are given power through our self government, we have to use it to actively defend the things that we care about. It says so. hang on, because this is where this is. Why I wanted to talk to you? because this is where it gets dicey. Yeah, I care not become everything we despise. and there are a lot of people on the right that a
are angry, like oh you're gonna. Do that to us we'll I'll show you what that feels like we the place in our society. Eight. I talked about this in two thousand and six with a pendulum, Its swinging at pendulum, we're good in the center, but its swings one way or the other left or right. It gets further and further apart until somebody grabs it, and says: there's too much chaos, there's too much division and p will cry out for somebody to come down quite honestly after this administration, if the rope, blackens win this administration, if they don't do things, people or on a cry out for somebody to make it stop. So please tell me how do you mean by if you win, you get power, what what that mean
so this is, I think, the foundational question for the new I think you're actually right to home in on it and as a sort of a nascent movement. I think the new right has to iterate very clearly on means here, because it can't be- as you suggest you know, this and there's some people on the new right that will save us like that, that we are now the administrative state right. We now tell you how to live your life, and I just don't think that's It has not america, it's not america, but I also think it's not as a person article matter possible right there, even if the report, even if, let's just say conservatives, take all three branches of government, the administrative state is still run by Democrats like, however, you parse it, they are still in charge of the administrative state. So as a practical matter, I don't think that works. What I have always said is that if the new right obtains power, it has could be. Two fold approach of optimism obtaining power, but then using that power to one
protect the things that we care about, which is necessarily requiring a defined Those things a decentralization of things and I died a divestment of things. What I mean by that is, I want to break the elite power centres here, so that no elite can use them right out. new from where I sit and theres many views on this and the new right, because again, it's a very nice sort of move at this time and fluid. But from where I sit, we have to break the concentration of power that exist within the government within the private sector No one can sort of control those anymore. We and one state power station, or is using the government to create a space in which free, people can flourish. That's it currently lucky and idea and a lot of new right people hate lock. I think it's foundational to how our country works and the people that is how we all live together, but requires. Using
government in a way that historically, the right hasn't Ben hasn't been popular right and what I mean is I'm for strong, anti trust enforcement. I think We ve been way too lax on how our meadow corporations have consolidated, when people want to defend these companies as american companies they're, not they're multinationals that are interested in one thing, and that is their own self interest. You're telling me they will sell to me the n b. A is an is an american company, bull crap right, it's its, but the same with you know companies. The saying with half of our the major banks and assertion. So you know there's people on the right that they will. We know we don't want to distress and fortune. I do I think that law enforcement for the market. I think we need to be much more critical, of how private power is a mass. If you're a fan of getting high quality meat and might be time for you to stop shopping at the store did. You know that
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who had just rule the world, and there is no restrictions on these corporations I don't care you as a grocery store. You don't want to serve anybody named Glenn, fine whenever I go to another grocery store, but what a grocer s shoe store, owns, all of the grocery stores or a large part of them and influences every one else, no and especially its taking any money from the federal government than that government funding, my rights being taken away, This is exactly tat. This the issue in a lot of times all debate, this issue with progressive who, like while you just then what why did conjure you d jack philip, should make the cake right, big, the cape, how is this any different and because of what you just wait out is fundamentally different. The issue is one of scale right,
its there's, a million other cake bakers, there's one massive tech platform: there's three mega banks right when they start cutting you off, you lose access to public life erect and we allow that to happen. That has been a function of policy choices, not the market. Somehow the government, you know the public, private partnership of vs G and all that stuff they have built. Digital ghetto, my said this a few years ago, and I got my head handed to me, but it true you in the end, we note with hitler He had round the Jews up and put him in a place and build walls around that place. So they couldn't do anything with the outside world. But you go ahead and have your little life here. Will that what's happening with people who I don't care, what side you're on, few disagree with the state and the power than you.
in a digital ghetto. Oh yeah, I'm not I'm not doing anything. Do you still drive around? What really can I have a bank- and I have a credit card, can I have social media. Can I speak anywhere? Can I have a job if I don't get vaccinated, you ve put us in a ghetto. Now that's exactly right and when I started writing on some of these issues. A couple of years ago, I used to get in these debates with libertarians, who I was writing specifically about the tec platforms, foreshadowing. What I thought was going to happen, which is that that These are market access points and when you start ideologically weapon rising then cut people off from the market the downstream that certainly very dangerous and they would say to me well based, but can put you in The government is still a bigger authoritarian, but the government is can be a threat to your liberty, but, as you point out like we're living in a digital economy, a digital too, knock received many cases and the ability to cut you off for,
all the avenues of making money in this country to being successful, to maintaining a job to having any kind of social capital at all, it's all completely in private hands and its increasingly weapon eyes, and I do a lot with people to whose who say well, you know if As we saw recently, J p morgan is unblinking, sam brown backs committee for religious liberty. He should find another bank and we build a different bank for conservatives and it's like ok, then there is no the alternative economy movement. I think yes has some merit, but two things one. It cannot be scaled up at all quickly enough thing to meet the kind of crisis that we're end, but second every input, in that system is also weapon iced railroads. all this with parlour, instead, the parlor the alternative twitter right. It was doing really really well when it got. and he kept out of existence and what happened it wasn't just that they lost.
Access to the app store is, although I would argue that was a huge blow, because those are the only to market access points if you're a social media app if you're, not in those appstore, as you functionally don't exist, but it was there posting service that they got kicked off of their email provider dropped them, their lawyers stopped working there with them. How are you going to build an alternative system when everything you need to make the market work for you is your cut off from, and that is what I think there's no wider acknowledgement of that phenomenon on the right. The established right right. There still act like. We live in a country where we all agree on the foundational things like the market can solve these problems. No, you can't when the market is weapon ice. This way, I agree with you. I actually agree with the altar If market theory but also m smart enough to know I mean that's why? built the blaze. It was alternative to the media, and at that time the
It was still the wild west, gay and fine they at that time You can't be on these platforms, you can't say these things on the mainstream media. Ok I'll come over here will grow. Build your own thing, then not thinking that we would we did. bodies now end, but now that you are effective now. They want to kick you off this and say: will just you can use this build another one. You can't build all the interest you could in forty years, but you can't bill on these separate infrastructure and and all of it- and this is in my opinion, from the world economic forum. In the corruption there, it's all connected. So now here's the question: greece law. The way we work now pay their bills, this big and nobody reads them, except
the attorneys and nobody really rights them, except the people that usually are the on the receiving end of it. There they're the ones we're trying to regulate. Well, I don't really know how to regulate. This is why we only have three car companies up until tesla in america because after your went to the big three and say said What do we need to do? What you are regulated? Everybody out of business, who's going to write the town, the legislature, who knows it well enough, and how do you contain it? This is a very I think pressing question and I don't have any faith in our legislators to be able to be totally honest. As in so many ways you know we ve technology, Outpaced us rate and end
think for the last twenty years. The debate in washington- and I think, even across the country, was tat exceptionalism right that the tax just going to push us forward and do great things and we're never going to have to worry about it, and isn't it great that you can need to do all these things and yeah your data is everywhere, but that will never come back to bite us ever. They can have it they're good they're, good companies they're never going to misuse it and now we're living in a digital economy that has been completely restructured. The internet is not the internet of the nineties right, it's not the internet. I can in which was like chat rooms, and you know just or an open forum they vulcanised commercially driven system. That's commodities used by people. We are the commodity and waste we'll make policy like it's the internet of the ninety, nine and so this is why, in down the road we do need to kind of get control of these companies and what they do with with sent to us. I think that involves faint frankly,
much more stringent regulations on what can be targeted at kids, I think it involves. We have massive legislation on privacy and you know how they keep your data and what they do with it. But I think those are ten or fifteen years down the road. We don't have the technologic technical expertise. What I focused on in the short term is decentralizing. The heck of these companies is for me. A lot of the speech concerns a lot of the privacy concerns it's all downstream of market power road, google, is so powerful because it controls the flow of information for ninety percent of the world. right what google chooses to suppressor amplify literally shifts opinion around the world. No company should have that much authority merge and I care far less what google does, if it's only doing it for twenty percent of the women, not ninety, The new measuring the short company having ninety percent of the control of water, you may we all go crazy.
they have ninety percent of the world's information in going and outgoing, that's that's right up there with water, but we don't see it that way. No, we don't and we, and we should, because that just how people take in information speak to him I can remember. Google owns youtube as well, which is this that google is the number one search engine in the world. You know the second biggest search engine in the world. Is you too also owned by Google, so they control massive information economy which involves how we think how we express ourselves how we vote. You know all this thing. So to think that somehow You know this is just the information ecosystem and there are a thousand flowers. Blooming is a joke. I mean people say all will use doktor go the fact doctor, though being exists, says nothing to me about the reach of google's power. They exist and that's it right. If, if, if
two percent of america's using doktor go. It doesn't matter because ninety percent of america's using google- so I think you have to break the concentration here and that's the only thing, I'm confident right now that Washington can do in the short term. It there's no expertise. You ve watched enough for something more than that. You know you watched enough movies to know. I mean I love people like that. Tat bacteria: that's what happens in the movies, and- and this is probably worse and what do you think I mean movies cell people because they re nice some truth in it occasionally yeah. This is what happens in the movies and what happens in the movies. Is anybody who tries to break up that Amount of power and money will be destroyed. Telling me that sky net was just foreshadowing. Seeing that china, there
actually named their monetary service skynet. Let me ask you: did the. the leftists after reagan, they realize they didn't, have the corporate board rooms and you can't and without the corporate board rooms surveys. In twenty years getting into the corporate board rooms. we see the effects, however,. People think this is a marxist com this movement think those. I think I think those People are just the useful idiots. Did the after win or did the worst part of corporatism win it's almost like. They came in to infect and the just taught how wait a minute. If we destroy this, we can get all the money by using the kinds of ideas and
you'll, be wheel the evil corporation in the end, you know: all for the good of people, so who one here who is using? Who. So. This is a very interesting question. I'm curious what you think about. Let me say this out and see what you think. So I think the sequencing here is important. I think what you just laid out is kind of what happened, and you see this. It's very hilarious to me like companies it so it's so much signalling gray. Companies like apple are like throw up this huge. Black lives matter banner, I don't you know their homepage and their meanwhile, there, like using chinese slaves, it's just it's it's it's like a so much signalling right, like amazon is like. Oh here are these fifteen movies, for black history. Man, don't talk about that that we we make our warehouse workers in know, bottles and they die on the floor. So there's like definitely a component of that, but the side of it? Is
and this is where I'm, whereas it is what you think. I think that the leader people in a lot of these of these corporations. To your point there ideological they're, just sheep right and they ve been led down this line in that's what they'll do but, and I think there are largely genetics- sort of boomer generations. But what concerns me the most is that you have this mid level management that is complete, completely ideal logical and woke and it'll coming out of the universities on just willing to wield power against everyone in really tyrannical ways, and they are sending to leadership of these companies and in many ways the leadership that exists is terrified of them in a look further than the new york times and what happened to James bennett and the fear that that newsroom has been in that's exactly what happened. It was the mid level in a woke tyrants over going there outbursts and so by a figures that less you have.
the current leadership. The surgeon ex boomer level enough courage to tempt that down it. I'm not sure they do we actually see time and to send to these boardrooms, and it won't be the you know. I'm painting be eleven, my cheek well, I exploit my workers will be an actual weapon as nation of the coup What sector, though we have never seen so it's been twenty years not two decades ago, covenant eyes founder ready asked for stem. it's the same questions men of many people are facing today how can I teach my kids to use the internet with integrity? How do I guard them? How do I got my own? heart and remain pure online, you to be, you have to go in and get something from underneath the counter, and then it spread around the neighbourhood. Not now you can get things
that are just downright evil. Accidentally. so, with this mission in mine covenant eyes created their own world class software and educational resources, which now are you by over a million people, covenant. Eyes wants to help equip parents and grandparents. It's you the resources that will help. You pretend your family. They want to do you a free parenting E book called connected. This book explores how a strong family connection can protect. Children and teams from the dangers of here pornography use everywhere in this, this book contains real life stories. Practical tips, for me entailing or reestablishing connection in your family, this book will have strengthen your relationship with god, your spouse, your children, so that year family can be free of the evils that bill into your house. It you're free copy of connected,
by texting, Glenn Gillian n, two six six six, six, that's glenn too six, six, eight, six! Six! I Your accurate on that, I think, that's absolutely right and I think You know you've read the fourth turning I'm sure the fourth turning talks about the gen x, I'm the last year of gen x and I just kind of feel like it's my job to go: hey since coming up? Can you just like chill just just chill? yeah, but you know I mean I don't know, I take. They took all the stuff, they screwed it all up, I'm just here cohen, you gotta, stop taken stuff and you gotta stop wanting to kill people for taken stuff. You know and if we notice that generates a moment, we need general to rise up. What do I do? I just don't know if they ll do it, but we do. We need look d
you people your age, the the damn hippies have been a pain in my ass. Ever since I was a kid the he came in they were all about them me me me, me me, and they did ever the hell. They wanted and everybody left in their wreckage behind. Then they go, to power. They became the person that they said they hated the most. They took all they won't leave their so arrogant. They won't leave the nine years old, and there are still up there I'll tell you what we're gonna do not ever you. Ve done, has left wreckage behind you, so your generation is a little pissed off it. You even know what they took. You never know what america really was like
because they destroyed it. Probably you know right after you were born is when is stuff really started to kick in. So you're pissed off you're not gonna, get anything because those people who are almost dead. Can destroyed everything and now, you're. Turning against me, and the colombian me when with them and I'm like no, no, no, no I'll, stop stop let's, let's just have a discussion. This doesn't work any more, this is the moment that Ronald Reagan said would come if you can going down this road you're gonna, to a time where there are no good options. None of them are good because you ve and every bridge Well here we are now how to
How do we hold ourselves together? How do we live? I hear all the time. I can live with people all I need it. Can you give me jimmy aid, of the bill of rights, Gimme, eight gay. Where will you argue about guns, and I, oh quartering soldiers in your house, but you give me eight of those you can ok I can live next door to you, but if you give me the bill of rights I don't know how to be in a country and run a country that is dying trickly opposed who itself now are we fix that? How do we get there? is the great existential question of the age, because This is the situation. How do you have a self government with people who literally don't agree
and foundational on the foundational aspects of what it's like to live together and the new right, I think, is trying to answer that question by saying we have to a bend the last march, the institutions we have to decentralize all the power centers that have existed that allow one side of the letter to Tirana is the other, because that is what what is happening right here. This is really- and this is what's happening at the E. U right now cobbled these countries? Will we used to be like independent countries? Believe me, when I merv moved in texas, eighteen. Eighty two, it was a deer, for in country. Ok, but we used to have pride in those individual countries join like europe did and there, sick and tired of being told you're, not special and you'll, do what germany says and greece you'll have all that stuff paid for by whatever its that they hate the other countries. They judge
Wanna be themselves So are we seeing re dismantling all of that, at the same, in time we're seeing new framework, it's even worse. Being built well. This is why I think the old solutions of you know that the old right says well, just federalism work, just let the market work in theory, those things work when you don't have the other side trying to bludgeon you out of existence, and they don't want to your point. They dont want state. to assert their own identity as road. They don't want red states to be allowed to make decisions. You know I read this great peace a couple of years ago that talked about this phenomenon, where you know it talks about how the left pushes you to the margins and then demonize that spaces that space on the margins
there never going to leave you alone there never going to stop coming for you and that's why I think it's if we want to get back to this radical federalism, which I think in the end is what's going to save us. If we want to get back to this radical constitutional issues on which we absolutely need, we need a right that is willing to go in and defend us right and use the government to dismantle the administrative state to dismantle this massive in corporate we tax code that is amassed so much power into these institutions that hate us and they have sold the american way of life to china. We need to create a policy that support it's community, so we can once again say: local government can solve problems because our communities have been decimated, and yet we sit here and say: oh the community. Your neighbor should look out for neighbours, your neighbor strung out on opioids and lost a job, because the kid got shipped to china right. We have to have a policy that is defensive and offensive to forward.
The way the things that make life me in full and sustainable in the united states and, right now we don't have that The right over the last thirty years has allowed our public policy to decimate the things that we care about. We need public policy that protects those things and that's going to mean renegotiating trade. as I have not. I don't want to hear about multilateral trade anymore. I just wanna hear about bilateral trade. You know like frankly, I dont want. I want to hear more about right. building our manufacturing capacity, not through you know, some sort of big, statist critic, ships management from washington right, but exquisite, actually supports and encourages incentivize as companies too, to stay here I want to see an immigration system that protects american workers, because so much of what we're seeing again has been policy choices that we made. It's not
just the market and the invisible hand noted we pushed ourselves down this road. We have two how hall our selves ourselves back again, not to sort of dictate how people live from washington, but to create this space and the conditions for families to flourish so middle class war. To do well you're, seeing you're, seeing somebody create that space and that's rhonda santa's, I mean He is, I mean, I'm really I'm kind of a disgruntled texan, because port is not supposed to lead the way. the mouse house. That's enough! That's all they get we're supposed to drown, althea thermo about sectors and it, but if more governors would deal with things. The way he is that's why I'm here I support the think the last line of defence is our is our attorney general's and her sheriffs. The ship
If he's supposed to be notified before the f b, I can come in. Down your door with a team. You know what I mean: what are you doing operating it back off the the Eggs are being investigated not by a single person on capital hill, but just this week, night in attorney general's or call on all those banks and saying what are you doing here with the s gee? I'm so can. Can the states do if we shore up our states yeah. I think this has to be a multi pronged project no. I want to get back in the world. This is what I mean when I say radical federalism right, but I I think it's naive to also think you can just simply do that. What rhonda centres is doing in a red state and the government. The federal government is not going to aggress against all. They will write, so in the end. This is what I mean. They don't want to. Let you exist and
I think we have to in our federal legislator. Legislatures have to get control of that, and you know you look at the departed justice right now. Dobbs was overturned proliferation, on a victory and the d hartman of justice, response by getting to a pro life protesters for singing hymns outside an abortion clinic. So but I so we have to admit type pronged approach. I think that we have to engage in and I would actually add terror list and, in addition to sheriffs, an attorney general, I would add state treasurers. I think a role to play, and yes- and if you, if you watch riley more his estate, frederick treasure of west virginia, is greater than really creative and inventive pushing back. De as cheap for companies out of estate for trying to put the coal companies out of business. I think there's a whole number of weapon and tools that state treasurer's have a so the one thing that they have.
They will have just a whole bunch of new troops all the time because they control the education system I Think the department of education needs to be abolished but real evil as well. Evil as well. How come what evil as well to how can What do we have to do, to be able to have fresh troops on the horizon this goes back to when we on talking but the corporate board room and as my That is the pipeline from the university system right and all of these things that the right has ignored. On the institutional side, the cultural institutions, the educational institutions. We have to be pipeline from the university system right?
and all of these things that the right has ignored on the institutional side, the cultural institutions, the educational institutions. We have to be prepared to deal with that, and this goes back to my idea of why the new right has to divest and decentralized and defund, and we need to start. The university system is a big part of that right. We it was they benefit in myriad ways from our federal policy and our tax code. Things like that that that has to be yanked out from under them because they have become far too. Them of other crazy ideas? Well, you know what that gender studies major is Who is this joke a couple of years ago right where it was like? Oh, the gender studies, majors ha ha wait until they're gonna have to get a real job and then it arises abuse them of other crazy ideas. Well, you know what that gender studies major is running you're a car to prevent now right. So we have to pay attention to this pipeline and I frankly, I'm very comfortable with our federal policy addressing it. The way I just described, which is yanking the benefits that they have from the tax code
and removing this ideological terror from the heights of our society, because this is where we train our elites, I loved by the way Jim Oh, a federal judge on the fifth circuit, who said listen to you, no cutting them off from the federal benefits, which I think would go a long way in cracking the whole. They have on free thinkers running our country region cutting them off from the federal benefits, which I think would go a long way in cracking the whole? They have on free thinkers running our country. Rachel. Who are you meeting with? Who is thereof? Please tell me there is a group of people Q that are. meeting and pushing this policy, I mean I, I can't take them the right in their think. Tanks anymore care what you think. What are you doing? What are you doing is
Is there anything like that that is really working and pushing forward this kind of questioning at this point, yeah ferment, I think, among the conservative right I will say very there is a small but draggled scrappy group of people trying to come up with what this looks like in policy and pushing forward as an actual policy because the last like two or three years this of new right. National conservatism. Movement has been intellectual right. It's been in intellectual ferment. I think among the conservative right, bessie and problem is sort. No, we won the argument. Now I would say we sort know in many ways what how you, what do you do now? How do you number of us really iterating on this question. You know I don't always agree with some of the solutions that people come up with nothing, there's a danger. There is a danger, I think, for the new right to simply be sort of warmed over leftism. You know that You know that there is a danger, I think also
please be sort of warmed over leftism. You know that there is a danger, I think, also on the other, the flip side, of that there is a danger for the new right to simply be captured by. Whenever right, so be neo liberalism under the guise of maga or whatever so There really needs to be a focus on you know creatively addressing this moment, while maintaining the sort of freedom. The challenge is twofold: you have to come up with the policies The challenge is twofold: you have to come up with the policy agenda, but then you have to actually have leaders I'm just twofold: you have to come up with a policy agenda, but then you have to actually have leaders with the council. The ever before, but if you can get that scrappy right? ragtag team. Together, I would like to have you over my house for dinner else for dinner: I'd, I'd, love to host a dinner just to be a fly on the wall, to listen to this kind, to host a dinner? Just fly on the wall
to listen to this conversation. I think it is first time in my life I mean I was. I was arabian guy. There are big government peace through strength. All that get I was of guy things start big government peace. strength. All that enough the hell out of all of these things. Stop telling the rest of the world what to do in enough and there are a lot of conservatives that are no longer there I used to be if they've seen the results of it, how times do we have to learn this lesson. It doesn't work and there's a laundry list of those things and somebody who begins to articulate those things it will catch on quickly so I would very likely you are not very good. I would love to. I would love to we,
Let me know that so gracious and amazing, and we will take you up on getting oxygen. We're not very. I would love I would love to we all. We need friends in this moment more than ever and prove to be strange, bedfellows a lot of times God bless thanks. Man as long as they're, not advocating violence or revenge, their friend of mine, a friend of mine here here. Thank you, gutless thanks plan, ass his onto a friend covered by other people,
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