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Normally, the Left would fawn over a strong, confident woman running for major office. But Kari Lake has gotten the exact opposite treatment. Despite the onslaught, her unconventional campaign for governor of Arizona has been making mincemeat out of the media, where she spent most of her career. In this bonus episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Kari Lake joins Glenn to explain why she decided to run for office, to lay to rest rumors about her faith, and to detail how she went from being a die-hard Reagan fan to voting for Obama to being onstage next to Donald Trump. And she explains why she believes her plans for the border, schools, and for protecting the unborn will heal and strengthen Arizona: “The news is the lie. The Bible is the truth."



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While the left is terrified of my guest today, that's weird because normally they worship strong, confident women who run for major office this woman wrong side of the isle she's. on automatically DEFCON one dangerous, no joke man Last week, MSNBC said she mirrors the quote: antiabortion anti immigrant pro fascism, women. who are winning elections in europe. While I guarantee that if her story was exactly the same, she was a Democrat. They would already coronated her as the candidate to replace Joe Biden in twenty twenty four instead she's ruffling all of the right feathers with
unconventional campaign making mincemeat out of the media in which he spent most of her career? She doesn't have a traditional campaign manager, she's hired some friends and some people that she trusts spends very little time. Fundraising. She buys almost no tv ads and she doesn't believe in political consultants, what's not too like she may The campaign stage, looks so easy that her democratic components still refuses to debate her poetic, says quote she has. Indication skills that an army of consultants couldn't every impart to a candidate with less experience. The river blake establishment doesn't quite really know what to do. Other. Either democrats, are horrified that regular americans- seem to like her the I just keeps growing around republic, candidate for governor of arizona, carry lake I love this podcast
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It now. Three, we quick start. Ninety. Ninety five, you can get it at relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dot com. I carry hi? How are you glad I'm going to see you good good to see you thanks for doing this. I'm excited, I mean I've done. I get the big time if I'm sitting here, looking at a key silver offs rod cast. So I think we should just start with. You know- I don't know if you remember this, but I think I had you on my radio show just the maybe the few days, if not the next day after you quit television, and
You said you didn't know what you were going to do at the time, but she just knew it was wrong to be. There and it sounded to me at the time like maybe you would start your own news thing online through the thing the end of that. To this. it feels like a million years ago. In some ways I I kept away into the complete unknown. I mean when you walk away from something you know and have known for thirty years now, that's like stepping onto a new planet. I just I don't just I didn't just move into a new chapter of my life is a whole new book and I dunno was going to do. I thought about doing some media training with a local organization that I believed in, and so that was kind of a one. One idea was looking at maybe getting
into media, but in a format that actually was right and not just right, conservative, but actually on the right side of history. But then there that part of me that thought I've been working since, probably before it was legal. The work I mean I've been working since I was a kid and maybe I should just take a month or two and figure it out and during that time, when I was talking to you, I was getting that's great feedback. From that video I put out when I resigned, I had no idea, it would go viral. I truly did, and I thought the people of arizona would figure out. Why was leaving, which is all I wanted out of that video things started to commend me everyone like we wanna come work for me. What about doing this? How about you run for office, and that was becoming real common? You need to run for office. We need you in politics, because we trust you you look, We know you love arizona, and
new love ass, the people of arizona. So all of these do no ideas were kind of hitting my brain, and I I I was just trying to figure it out. I think you had me on, I think, within a week of migrating, my job. a point. I had no idea what I'm gonna do, but clearly the time you had no idea, let me we take you to write before that decision was made Your husband's trying to talk you out of it trying to say right, carry I mean this is this: is you been doing this for a long time? It's money. What we do in and then the two of you went to church and yet experience with the pastor. Is this right well. No, my husband was always supportive. I mean he knew that that it had been weighing on my on my mind, it had been weighing me down and and really affecting me spiritually for a long time.
he can tell that. I was really struggling with having to read news that I felt was fully truthful and I so he was fully supportive, but it was actually after I made the decision to leave. I decided in november after the election, I'm gonna leave I'm in a walk away from this career. I was really mulling it over, but it wasn't it until I a friend of mine, said: hey, you wanna go to it. I was doomed bible study a home one saturday night, and that's that so, that's my social life going to bible study. It was something online. I was watching one of my dear friends, who's now involved in the campaign called me and said: hey we're going to church tomorrow and I said well, which church are you going to because at the time our church was shut down. It was a appointment, only
it's oh we're going to this. You know she named the church, and I go is that one of those mega churches? Oh, I didn't know you were into that. You know that just seems so weird to me at the time and she goes no just go with me. I know you're going to love it, so I got up early. The next day went to church with her had a complete I come to Jesus moment, like god, was right there right there with me manufacture. I cried during the service in the past. there came out and delivered a sermon that just cut through right through the sole right through the soul, and and I told my girlfriend at the time on the way to church I go LISA. I'm gonna leave my job, I'm I'm really going to leave and she's like no you're, crazy, you're just having a bad week. You make too much money. Are you insane? Why would you do that? And after during that sermon, we what did each other about four or five times, because it was this if that pastor was speaking to me and
You firming when I wanted to do, and he was speaking to my best friend telling her why I needed to do what my soul was calling on me to do. Is amazing, isn't it it's amazing how that happens? in the end we when we went to that charge by the way, the next sunday, in another sermon that just struck right to the heart, it was as if he was just speaking to me only and- and we be going to that church ever since we we completely changed our church. We just had a real epiphany. I think that when it comes to our spirituality amazing, what the right there setting can do for the spirit and soul, so this was LISA. That was with you, then right it's been she's right in our campaign. Now right, a big part of it, which is a big part of it and
I brought people in like that glenn because when I decided to finally step into this great unknown and into the swamp, my goodness, how scary that's that's almost scarier than leaving the fake news is entering into the swamp. I wish I knew I had to bring in people. I could trust because you, you know how many snakes there are in politics, especially in arizona, and I knew that the consultants in this town, where I felt very corrupt I will go into great detail, but I knew I didn't want to hire any of the arizona can lt in so I just brought in. I call it a ragtag team of moms and church ladys and friends, a couple people who had worked in politics, but one of the first people that came into my political realm was somebody who really didn't did like round game advance work for the trump team.
He was pretty low on the totem pole for the trump team, but he knew a few things about politics and he helped me start to hire a few people here and there and just people who loved america And so we- the people came to you, and you said you know. People are coming to you how about working here where I know the republicans least, like think I know the Republicans came and they wanted you to run for congress. and you said not interested in congress. Why? Why didn't that interest you and what interested you in governor? well I'll, tell ya! I, when I started to explore and just kind of put my feelers out about politics, because I started getting so many messages from people in arizona saying please get in politics. I started putting my feelers out and talking to a few people and they were like, while we're gonna get another congressional see our ten seed, which now you know we never got. You should run for that. It would be perfect and I just thought:
I want to go into into congress. I want to stay here in arizona we saw during Kobe Glenn how much power the governor had and how they could use that power for good or bad too, to either help us or destroy our lives, and too many governors tried to destroy our lives, and so I was really looking at that. I was moling that over and I was mulling over running for the- u s senate and so thought about both of them, and I just started talking to people just wasn't. It didn't appeal to me to be a member of of congress, like you know, four hundred and thirty five other people and on the back and with travel. I I didn't feel that I would have the impact that I wanted to have doing that. So I immediately rule that out I don't know if you know this, but CNN told us this week that we should start to feed our pets, insects, because patsy.
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But I think that you're the real deal, I also think it because of your ears and television reduced like reagan, he had the years behind the camera. so let me get into some some real deal kind of stuff with you. Ok, ok, right because you kind of come out of nowhere, and I guess I guess I first want to know. Why politics? Why did you decide what made you say? that's what I should do. Why? What. well? First of all I didn't come out of nowhere. I mean I've. Ninety seven for the rest of the country. I owe you didn't, know, be narrowed and I want to tell the rest of the country, because when I got into politics, people are like. We don't know her, how they were panic because they went up. We have
You actually knows arizona. The people know her. The people love her. She loves the people. She's got eighty five. Ninety percent name, I d in the state of arizona hole. We smokes, how do we stop there, and so the first thing they did is- we don't know her my gosh, we don't know her. Who is she and I- and I laughed- I mean I I was on tv three hours a day for twenty seven years. I mean the people of arizona? No, my has bill. We talked about family staff, they saw me out and about I I was paid through two pregnancies I actually went went into labor. I was in labour for one newscast before delivered my my son, and I mean I e that the people there is on a do know me the police,
Nicole world and the consultant world were scared to death of me because they're, like oh wait, a minute, we don't tell her she's, not hiring us. Let's tell people that she's an unknown, and I laugh at that because I have been an open book. My entire life has been an open book and that's how you live when you workin on television last July's. As much as you did, I mean I, I went through the same thing of three hours a day and then I went to new york and I was on television this business since I was thirteen years old and they had the same reaction. Who the hell is this: where did he from it's an overnight sensation you like now? how dare he dare. He enter our realm. Who are you? But let me just say this when I said I do know you This was my agent said this to me when he called me and said here you're looking for an agent, he was the best radio agent, the business, and I said yes and he said well
I heard some things that you're trying to change in your life. This is twenty five years ago and I was an alcoholic and he said you know. I want to just check you out a bit and I said fine and he calls me back in and he said, okay, I've done my homework You appear to be sincere in your changes in your life, etc, etc. I should wait a minute there's a chance. You wouldn't have taken ten percent of my money, and he said now in your business and the same with you three hours every day Who can not fake? Who you are that long? You just can't write you, valiant actor and do script me. You can't do live television or radio for three hours and not really expose who you are yet
it'd, be a crack somewhere somewhere where something goes wrong and the mics go out and you know it the teleprompter dies. I mean I did so. Many shows with a teleprompter died and we went a year where our teleprompter didn't work, and I think we just said turn the darn thing off. We don't need it, but yeah. That's why I think everybody in politics should sit down and do a three hour podcast I went on tim cast a couple times and you don't especially with those guys. You don't know what the heck they're gonna ask you how to react to some of these questions and can you react and can you hold your own? I think it's the important so so yeah. I forgot what the question was not like russian, I tracked, and why you wanted politics, and I think you ve you answered that so you. push back. There's put back on your religiosity. Now talk to you personally and
I didn't feel there was mean, thought you were extraordinarily genuine on the way you talked about god. At least don't want to go into our conversation. But privately, I thought you were extraordinarily real some people who had worked with you anonymously so I don't think she was a christian. I dont she. I know she was a liberal for awhile. Can you tell me about your evolution on things, yeah. loved him by the way I'm not crying you're, not making me cried land I woke up. I will but this morning, with a sigh in my eyes, my eyes are watering profusely, but you might make me cry at the end of this. Oregon has been together. You know I I grew up in a large family. My mom was catholic. We I'm the ninth child, so we always had a christian upbringing, and and then my parents got divorce and I went in came lutheran they were from.
The marriage from the different sought wrong side of the track. The lutheran marrying the gambling at the time was very controversial. Back in those is and so I was confirmed bulk catholic and lutheran, and I but much of my life, a both of those faith, so catholic, lutheran and, of course growing up and when you become a working in tv, start work and weekends. And then you stop going to church because your work and weakens with the mornings on sunday. I worked evening on sunday and I was young and exhausted and we just kind of stopped going to church, but I've always considered myself to be a christian, and you know that I think that the word was. I was buddhist. I did a lot of yoga too, think alleviate some of the stress of the world, looking in in broadcasting- and it was It- was during when shoulder were little when they were born. The catholic church was having some real upheaval
they were having the and the priest were were coming out. All those stories were breaking and it really push me. I'm gonna be really honest to push me away from the church. It gave me great stress, because here I had these amazing babies in my arms and I'm hearing the stories of what had happened over the decades and nothing was being done about it, and so it turned me off from the church and we kind of went We kind of when I dont know dormant for a while and just didn't go to church and then our kid started to grow up, and I realize you know we. We gotta bring faith back. Do our children's lives and we send them too christian and catholic schools and we rejoined the catholic church in, but I still never felt that connection and I didn't realize it until that cancelled in twenty nineteen. I got cancelled really hard because of alive mike situation that somehow got let out and
in the light of my situation, I think it's kind of funny you'll have to google it. I won't say what it said on here. Glenn. I don't want to hear your answer. What I said was the truth, the unabashed truth, and not cancelled because it pretty hard and in it gave me great stress because at the time I wasn't ready to leave my job, and I felt that I've done everything right and had been good to people in, and here I was getting rigged over the coals and it wasn't my fault and that the internet world, the twitter willie's hating on me in the first time- it cancelled. Its trot is pretty, is tragic at the time a specially going back now I laugh at getting council. I get counselled every day by somebody, and so I I pray to god really hard. I mean I was like down on my knees. Saying give me through this: is this painful will survive this and that next day the calvary the cavalry came through. all of a sudden, my supporters just started come in they.
Ass, they overwarm the tv station with phone calls and emails. They started showing me love and support, and I said to god thank you, you you did that. God did that and from that moment I started to really connect back with my faith and with god with the boy Well, yes, started working a cross from that moment on because my daughter said to me: we got so much hate from that being cancelled She said mom, I'm worried about you. I want you to start wearing mike. Ass, it was a cross she had at the time. to be so that your we are protected just some of the hate we are experiencing. and now she's got her cross back and I have my own cross, but anyway, that that started opening my my and sole backup and truly from that moment being cancelled until I quit my job god. Just pouring into my life pouring into my life and so during coven I'll try
This short because Glenn near like I'd like to talk to you I fold it. I want to win win well during colbert, when half of our station was sent home to work in case coven were to spread and we didn't want to have to go off the air I connected even further with god, because I was working from home and I had a bible sitting at my desk and I remember one day which is kind of sitting around and pulled the bible down my desk and opened it up and started reading the bible again, and let me tell you, reading the bible, in middle age. At my age at the time was, I think, fifty one and fifty two is so much different than reading it when you going through confirmation or your in your twenty, as we knew red divide in your fifty's Well I mean it was like tunnel x in a good way, and in a good work, because you have life experience all of a sudden. You realize, oh, my gosh.
I had a moment where I was looking at my news scripts that were sitting on my desk, that I was gonna read for the news and had the bible open. I am saying this is a lie and this it's the truth the news is a lie in the bible is the truth and so I I just my spirituality just was growing grown growing in any kind of took, I think of the greatest turn when my friend my best friend introduce me to her church and that's when it just. I felt a connection with Jesus that I haven't felt in my entire life. Isn't that amazing here I was fifty two at the time into that church and the first three sundays. I cried through the chair service is crazy, as that sounds if you ve ever had that experience, and then you get it. But if you haven't you Bobby I'm crazy and it was just like a full complete
I guess revival within myself and I am a joy. That church and it's been life. Changing the pastures, amazing and the people are amazing, and I just works and amazing ways. I will tell you that ear near answer, I have always believed if you, if you say you believe in god- and you had a transformational moment or you didn't believe in abortion- and now you do- I want to hear your story, because if you can't tell me the color of the room or the wallpaper in the room you didn't have that experience, because that experiences, so lear when you have that you can define it, you remember it clearly for the rest of your life. I thought you you know the color of the wallpaper in the room.
I'm happy! Oh, I know you look up, I mean I can go into a. it some detail on those first, but the The craziest thing was, I thought, sometimes you know the mega churches again. it's a mega church. I don't know if you call it that, but they do an amazing, a music near your light. Now some theirs. They know it's like a concert and I used to that kind of stuff on tv and kind of rule, my eyes now I realize, if you can't put on your best show on sunday pull out you sunday best do a light shall play the best music bring in the most talented singers and and musicians out on the sunday when your work shipping, god but you can do it for a rock concert or I you you, your worshipping, the wrong thing thing nea and I I actually love it. I love we have the churchyard gateway and I love their worship service. I love it. It's not my faith, but I love it.
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me twelve, you changed back to a republican. Tell me what was going on in my brain, okay, we're going back in history and yeah. You know I I registered as a republican when I was eighteen reagan was my the the was the president of my youth when I was ten nine or ten, he was elected and I just thought he was the greatest thing ever I mean he was the greatest thing ever and I didn't even realize that there were critics of him. This is how innocent I was as a child until I won. to college and it was a college professor who started complaining about reagan. When I was seventeen. I went to college pretty young, a graduated from high school. Sixteen and I was like shocked by and I went.
You mean there's somebody who doesn't love ronald reagan. Of course you go to a liberal university and they start doing that right right, and so he inspired me and I registered as a republican at eighteen. I voted for george bush and I voted for all you know. All the republicans right until I I didn't even vote for Clinton, which I know at the time. I felt really odd, not voting for Clinton, because everybody, my age, was voting for Clinton. Your butt when I had again when I have little little babies on look that my kids, I remember when I was in the house delivering ruby the iraq war was just about ready to start, and I thought Why are we starting a war in Iraq? The ito in there was something happens to you in your young mother. You you get real. Your it kind of moves from the inside your body into the outside, and you start going wait a minute. What's going on. Here is very much opposed to that. I thought we were lied, that they did lie to us. They lied us into that war and I was looking at candidate
going to end this work is setting up to be an endless war and I knew John Mccain personally and covered in I covered in many years. At that point, and I said he is not going to be the one that ends a war. I just didn't believe that so take a chance on Barack Obama. I was excited about our first black president. There was a lot of excitement that build up to him and and we voted for obama. We were excited about him. It didn't turn out. I think now I look at I look at the way he led and he had a real opportunity to bring our country together, and he did not do that. I think he did just the opposite. Sadly, so then I became an independent. You know, I think, Happen happened. Glen for a lot of americans was somewhere between reagan and trump. The democratic and the republican party morphed into what they call the unit party, and it really wasn't about we, the people anymore. I was about political power holding to control
and ignoring the needs of the american people. I think it was Ronald were actually before ronald reagan. Goldwater was the original maggie candidate than probably know that the men, maybe your view, your listeners, do as well. Then Reagan came in and showed us what mega means and then we had to wait forty years to really see mega america first come into force fact and we know that that works, and I am such a proud new. I called the new republican party, because it is the america first republican party, soon help me out on this. What is it about america? First, that you as governor think You can bring. Well, I think you can take those america. First policies were putting the people, the mare and the people of amerika first, and you can bring into the state level a spring. The people put arizona first and
I want to actually return states rights to arizona, and I think that we need to see across this country. These states created the federal government, not the other way around, but somewhere along the way the which one of the federal government on our states on our people has been, come not just a heavy blanket, but almost a suffocating, blanket and win. to throw that blanket off and I don't mean working. seed from the nation like that. I'm in texts- and I saw on its that's a given here at ted, they're, ready and taxes. The yeah well well, I said we need to fire the federal government after they rated trump's home. They turned it into an ad saying. I wanted to secede from the union and it's kind of funny these fake ads are so bad are these? Are these attack ads are so bad, but we need to regain that power these
agencies. The overreach they're trying to destroy our our health. Look at what the cdc Anthony vowed. She did unelected bureaucrats, lifers trying to control our lives, and we need a governor of the state level who will put the state first revert back. What the constitution says: that's why my border plan is going to be so effective because it's right there in the constitution we're going to invoke our article one section: ten rights under the united states constitution to protect our citizens from the invasion at the border Plan unknowingly way way way way way. tend, I'm I'm I'm not a constitutional geek, which course I am article article one section ten. What does it say? Ok
Oh the guarantee clause, article four section four guarantee is a guy called the guarantee clause, and that is the federal government's guarantee to protect the citizens from invasion of this country in their failing to do that under Joe Biden. I think it's because very obvious. Even the Democrats are realising its obvious. We got people pawing across our border rat another record month in september of people pouring across drugs pouring across their not protecting us. There's a remedy in the united states constitution article one and section ten and we meet all three criteria. There is an invasion. Yes, our people are in imminent danger, yes, and time is of the essence, there's no time for delay. Yes and that's where we're going to invoke in my in my policy policy and the it up right, I'm so proud of its called defend, arizona, its
border policy and a hope here. I'm listeners will take a look at it on our website. You can learn all about it, but I had some of the best people who understand the border. Help me with this. I said we ve got a crisis on the border. How can the states party their citizens, because we can rely on This bumbling fool in the white haps, I'm sorry to be rude, but we can't rely on him he's the reason that the cartels are in control. So I brought in great people to help me with an ironclad border policy where we go to the: u s constitution and we have the full right to protect our citizens, and we know we're going to get fought tooth and nail on this. We absolutely know that, but we're going to fight back and if this it goes to the supreme court. I will be thrilled because we're going to win that battle, because right there in the constitution, it says that the states have the right to do this. Do you have a good attorney general or one that you hope will win?
I do a bahama day is who we hope will win and we believe we're going to have a red wave in arizona if you're listening from arizona you've got to vote republican up and down that ballot, just go in there and vote republican up and down the bow. We've got to get a helmet day if we get the Democrat who's way behind in the polls. I don't. I don't really have a worry, that she would be elected and they would try. They would try to sue us and stuff, but but we have we're. Gonna have good attorneys. We will lawyer up as they say, because they will lawyer up against us now. There's a little pardon me that wonders if there might a tiny who brain cells still working and Joe Biden where he would realise how stupid it would be. To sue the state of arizona and soon the governor of arizona who's trying to protect the citizens of arizona bad. That would look. It would look like would with the truth that he is on the side of the cartels, so
Pardon me that wonders. Maybe they won't do anything, but then the more realistic pardon me says we are going to have to lawyer up and fight you have invites, but there is a there. The desire, two control the way every one lives from washington. They don't like state control, and then that's what we ve always been, and I think people are starting to wake up to why that's been so important in the past because now, all of a sudden, we need state control or were being taken a Helena hand basket. That's right, and Joe Biden gonna try to destroy, he is trying to destroy the country and- and we ve gotten so far from the constitution again in I talked about reading the bible and if, in my fifties and run
in the constitution. Again we learned about it and junior high in high school. I don't even know if there's still teaching that in some schools they probably are. No. When you start looking at the constitution, you realize you ve gotten so far away from it and Federal regulations from agencies have They thought superseded the constitution, but we're going to remind them that they dont supersede the constitution. A ruling from the epa does not supersede the united states constitution. and a ruling from the atm does not supersede the united states constitution. We gotta get back to our founding document, well we're going to lose our whole country for this, and we're going to do that here. This is going to require, I mean again, I'm in texas, and you know so it's a kind of a given here that you're like you, take our guns, I don't think you're gonna take our guns. I talked to a share of here who I said: if they come to try to confiscate guns
just put his hand up, and he said it had gland. Let me tell you we'll deputize every single citizen of my county anna Deputy must carry a gun I love it there. I mean there are serious here, but also how this is a real. This, a real fight on your hands. They don't give up power easily, but the Glen if we don't fight right now, it is in this the moment. Isn't it The time watching our country fall apart. I walked. From my paycheck a massive paycheck, because I looked at that and said what good is that that's worthless? in the grand scheme of things, if we don't have freedom for our children, if we don't have our constitution intact, if we don't have our liberties intact, if you're sitting home on the couch just watching the world go to hell in a hand basket going, oh someone else is going to step in and save the day get off,
couch you're, going to have to help save the day. We've got a republic if we can keep it and we're in the. If we can keep it part and that's what we're going to do. That's why I'm stepping into this and I'm fearless right now, because it's you know, they'll, give me liberty or give me death. This is a hill dying on. This is the moment that we have to step in and save country. We don't have a lot of time on the clock. I would agree. May I take you to your opponent, katy hobbs,. Must we acknowledges what is different. Let's get a difference between the two of you. Oh my gosh, night and day. I did just recently find out more about the same age. That might be the only thing we have it She has been a bureaucrat, and you know for quite some time. She was a state lawmaker in her record was just abysmal, you know.
They are. If you, if you want me to start, we when she was a senator and new and the heirs of the Senate, she voted against the border wall against the virtual border. While she voted against border to us, forests. Pardon me my tongue is at work in this morning. She voted against that twice, which would protect us at the border. She voted against allowing this. to try to get money recouped from the federal cover. and because of our open border, and then he had the gall to do an ad in front of that border, while that she was opposed to in saying that she's gonna, pretty the border which she's not she believes in open borders or plan is for Joe Biden too to handle them order he's them you got us into the mass she voted. She co. Sponsored legislation to introduce sex education and kindergarten. She voted against a piece of legislation that would offer a and in infant, whose survives and abortion lifesaving treatment opting to that baby diana cold metal tray
and she is looks at california and nepal- it sees the dead and destructive policies that have destroyed california and many other states around this country. She sees those policies as excellent policies that she wants to put into play here in arizona we're not going to lose our our western heritage here, we're not going to lose what makes arizona, unique and turn into California and that's what we would get under Katie hobbs, she voted against a parents having the right to choose the school, their kids go to and and and have the aea say, funding which other people called vouchers. It's me I say here in arizona. We now have that for all students they can decide what school they go to the money. follows these parents, rights issues and she's opposed to that. So and this news I just want to see what a unified your lou as I'm listening to all these things. I think this all the time I kid leave its this close in america.
all of these things that are being shocked by the left and the Democrats, all over bullshit on demand, even birthday abortion You know the transgender parties in the I have even gotten into that she's for that she's for those surgeries on our precious perfect children, so Jesus for all. Do you think is that nobody could you have the take in arizona by storm you're now, about three points. Four points ahead of katy hobbs from the polls that I've seen eye, think, there's gonna be a red wave. I think you're gonna be the next governor. Is it Is it really this close? What are you here from the people in arizona I mean now? Why don't we get it? I don't eat, ok, here's,
What's going on, you get a lot of pollsters. I don't know what the heck they do and they give the Democrats too much weight when they're waiting these poles, I'm telling you we have a movement Glenn, it It's not about me. It is a movement, and I think god has a lot to do with it, because the whole fact that I'm in this that I survived a brutal primary with the most money ever poured into primary against me, I can only give god credit a truly cat, and so this is a movement we draw crowds. We had a a rally on Saturday night than we had Four thousand people there. I thought it was thirty. Five hundred my staff corrected me yesterday and now we have four thousand people at that rally. My appeal hobbs had her biggest event of the year. There were twenty two people there, okay, so. can't tell me these pulsar clothes. I was at a restaurant gesture. We stopped to grab lunch on our. Can the campaign trail, people came up, the kitchen, they said were voting for you
waitress were voting for you. The manager were voting for you, many the patrons came over, and so we just made a donation and wages voted for you, a gay, we'll came over and said both me and my boyfriend Voted for you, all people all walks of life, his spare makes african americans asian americans every one is excited about this movement, because you know what I am representing for the people the people take. Back their government? I am leading movement of we, the people taking back government, I'm not gonna. Do I'm not running to be the leader of errors on I'm I'm running to allow people to be my boss to represent People of arizona and that's gonna, be the difference. When elected officials realized there, not the boss, they work for the people, That's what we're around told me he said I said. So what is your? What is your goal, and he said to me
away so much power from this government and from my position that the next governor, just slow have anything to do really head. Just I'm shot met all off in nets no we're going to have a lot. I love that, but we unfortunately are to have a lot to do because we have such a mess right now. It is going to take a governor to get involved. Yet while another knowledge that, but what are you saying for the next governor because it's been just like you- get it's all screwed up, you have to go in and see Things right me us a kind of where we start. That's why he has such a great governor is that's why he is an example for others and that's why I like- christy. No I'm during carbon. I thought her. Her soft and and gentle light journalists touch when it came to how they handle coded you, let the people what's going on you later, for them:
and let me tell you people of MID west- they don't. They can spot a bs artist from a mile away and they could spot a bs artist in vouchers from the mid west, I could tell that guy was full of it and we're letting him dictate the disks reduction of our lives, the destruction of our economy, destruction of our businesses, the distrust. Of our what happened to our children. Glenn is so unacceptable and unforgivable we ve done so much damage to our kids. Even the kids in arizona are excited about this governors race. A little girl, her family sent me a picture. She dressed for me, the halloween party they had at school. So cute and I'm telling you this not not to be boastful but the king. Your excited she hadn't
chicken in her hand with an including hobbs on it, which is delirious? I'm telling you this because I think with the kids are feeling right now is some hope. You know if we ve been stressed, imagine how stress I knew every adult has been stressed with what's happening in the last few years, watching our freedoms and we go to bed. We wake up in the middle. The night stressed out. Imagine what our kids are feeling ono, especially when you go to school and school says the earth is die in the next hundred years. Unless we do stuff, there is no hope you do it, because all these people are in your way, your white or your black or my gosh, I can as you better than and where a mask all day, and you can't breather, you're gonna kill grandma right because the kids are killing grandma, I mean and then
and by the way, if you want to be a boy and you're a girl or vice versa? That's ok, it is psychological abuse. It is, and I am so pissed off Glenn As a mother, when I see what's happened to our kids and and Katie hobbs wanting to push sex ed. kindergarten. I'm telling you I dont have a kindergartner. My babies are eighteen and nineteen, but any adult wants to talk my five year old about sex it'll, be all I can do to prevent mice. from punching him in the face, and I'm not a violent, but I'm I'm really. It was what we did. Our kids, I know, I'm a little. You know we ve talked in the past and I'm trying my heart is to be a better christian, will love my enemy career. to them and not except the
evil that is being pushed, but still to love my enemy and because it easy, angry and full of rage right now and nothing good come it is easy, but but No, I'm not full of rage. I am a pistol. Mama bear oh yeah, that's good and and some things are forgivable and some things are not forgivable. international sure I make this really I'm saying that we go how well you know we have differences, no, no, our differences are insurmountable. I cannot live with someone who says. Pedophilia is ok and I'm just you know, I'm not grooming, I'm just teaching your kids about sex. No, no, let's get him get him out of tea wig
people say how do we bring good teachers in? Why are we losing good teachers and my dad was a public schoolteacher god rest his soul. He would be shocked at what's happening in schools right now. He taught history and government and he was a football coach He did not get into teaching for the money. Okay, we we had nine kids in the house. We didn't have enough food in the house because, with nine kids and a teacher salary, it wasn't a lot of money and teachers don't get into it to get rich, they get into it to teach. But when you start telling a teacher, you have to teach racism, you have to teach transgender ism, you have to teach sex ed Two kindergartners, the good teachers, simply walk away and say I won't do it. It's a moral just like good journalists, start to walk away and say it's a more so we got start brilliance of morals back into this world, and that's why I say we gonna returned to god and bring god back into this world and We know
not trying to push a certain religion, but we certainly have to bring god backing to this country into our culture into our. Arts into our homes. That's a start last last question, then: if I've asked us for everybody, I I I've seen that gets into politics, think I know your answer, but I ate. Have you thought of the darkness that year facing and how is your soul how're you preparing for the onslaught. We're battling evil. It's now. I love it always business. I have one of my favorite: things do swim, I love swimming and I have found myself the last year in four months, five hundred and roughly ten days swimming through swamp water. It is so dirty the evil
the nastiness, the lies I mean. I walked away from a career and I had a lot of good will and I had tens of millions spent in just lying adds people coming out of the woodwork who just nasty people who think nothing. Bout telling lies about you, but I just a guy got on my side. I really do, and I I don't spend a lot of time worrying about the haters out there focused on winning this for arizona and doing great things for arizona we pray alot. Somebody said you pray every night before you go to bed, I said yeah, but I so pray every morning when I wake up during the day when I'm driving, when I'm arriving at an event before I speak prayer something that should be done all day? I have a constant conversation with god and we have a lot of people that tell us their praying For us, that is powerful potent, potent Fix to evil that is surrounding us nowhere.
our tyres, slash we ve hadn't nail. Strolled into our tyres, I get hate mail, I get threats. I all that stuff and I just let it roll off my back like water, expect, let me leave you with my prediction. you're, going to ok, you're going to win, keep your head about you you're going to be a game changing governor You will be asked to be the vice presidential nominee at some point, but I and you will end up being our first female president. If you are who you say you are the line up, that's who that's a bill, What you have in ahead of you, your remarkable.
wow, glenn, that's good thing or bad think viennese. Longer it is it's not apparently I wouldn't we had on my mind. You know my worst enemy, I'm sorry, but that I think is what's gonna happen. My plea, and was to get in, get the job I've done a get out, APOLLO takes an inner, hopefully pick up my golf game that I tried to start up here. I during cove it may have grand baby, so we'll see where it goes under. I'm soak a truly cause. I'm getting asked this question a lot so far because, two hundred days ago the press was acting like what on earth do you know why? How dare you run for office now, they're like? Are you going to be a vp pick? Are you going to run for the white house? Unlike slowdown? I am focused on arizona, I'm not even thinking of twenty four. I worry that if we don't let the right people
lose our country by twenty four zero. I am truly laser beam focus on areas on. I love this date. So much good. Just do the next right from only god knows where this goes. Only god knows exactly. Thank you. So watch best of luck. Thank you glad to be back vitiated, just a reminder: I'd love you to rate and subscribe to the podcast analysis onto a friend, so it can be just everybody and the people, the.
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