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If you’ve ever worked in an office setting, no matter what your role, you can relate to Glenn's guest. In fact, he has probably made you laugh more than once at the absurdity of the personalities and situations you encounter at work. Until late 2015, he was best known as a wildly successful cartoonist and bestselling author. But a certain larger-than-life presidential candidate changed that. While the media drove itself and the rest of America insane trying to figure out the how and why of Donald Trump, he had an articulate explanation that to him seemed very obvious: Trump is a master of persuasion. Still, he does not call himself a conservative, nor a Democrat. He is one of the leading voices of what is becoming an endangered American species: people who dare to think for themselves. He is still a cartoonist and bestselling author, but has now added blogger, podcaster, and political commentator to his day job. He is creator of the worldwide comic strip phenomenon "Dilbert" – Scott Adams.

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If you have ever worked in an office setting no matter what your role is, you can relate to my guest today. In fact, he probably has made you laugh more than once in the absurdity of the personalities and situations you encounter at work until now, twenty fifteen. He was best known for the wildly successful cartoon that he pens every day and also a best selling author but a certain larger than life presidential candidate changed all of that and it is changed his life, while the media drove itself and the rest of american insane trying to figure out the how and why of Donald Trump. my guess today had inarticulate explanation that, to him seemed very obvious, be said: trot was a master of persuasion, but Explanation seemed to complementary of trump, so this Our Tunis, too, had never been overtly. Political suddenly was acquainted with the consequences of having an opinion when it was deemed the wrong one. His
explanation of trumps political rise, translated into his public support for the President still, he doesn't call himself a conservative nor a Democrat he's one of the leading voices of what is becoming an endangered american species, people who dare call themselves up and who thinks for themself he's the cartoonist still a best selling author, but now is added blogger pod, castor in political commentator on his day, job here the creator of the Worldwide comic strip phenomenon. Dilbert today He's podcast Scott Adam Scott, this is frustrating for me because I have so many things. You are so fascinating on what you're doing and saying right now, but I wanted
go back to the beginning to get to know you more cause. Your whole life has been like this. You win your first award for cartooning at eleven Did you know, then that's what you wanted to do Well that average eleven I wanna contest in the back of the cereal box and- and I also had applied at that same age- to the famous are artist school for young people, male correspondence court idea. I was rejected Sheila, because, as they explained that you have to be at least twelve years old to be a famous artist, those eleven says my first When did you did you always draw and doodle ended did was at always in you
yeah, you know, I always hear stories about Lucy musicians whose parents were both musical area. It seems that there is some kind of a second generation effect, so my mother was an artist and she would do portrait type of art and my father always wrote funny letters rave funny letters to us in college and stuff, and so you put those two talents together and re at a cartoonist. It's not an accident, but you go to school and you become well. It would agree and economics and then, the later and later again, an MBA at Berkeley worked at a big big bank first number different jobs, and, and I went to the local phone company for another six and a half years Pierre. You said that you were literally a fake engineer and in technology lab
together. The actual story is that it was a period where the department was not allowed to hide. From the outside, but they needed some engineers, so they said well, can you you connect these cables together again with you who do not have a load software on a computer? Maybe in those like, I can do that and if maybe somebody can show me the other stuff, I can bluff my way through. So they actually give me a business gardens and engineers, so they evidently do so. The you behaved. Did you spend most your tempt us? I was all in San Francisco. Right, the barrier yes you're in the basement, you you were in the Bay area in the seventies and you are you still in that area yeah. I got here and seventy nine and abandon the barrier Everson Sunkist, although, although I have to say if ever there was a time to think about moving, they would be now
It is one of the most beautiful play. I grew up in Seattle and I absolutely- absolute love that club May I love the ocean. I do I just love all of it. It's beautiful beautiful! but it is it's a little insane. When you are working at Pacific Bell? You said you set your alarm clock at four o clock in the morning. every morning and this is so fantastic. Explain what you did at four a m so far I am. I would give my coffee and I would sit down and I will try to created a new, a new job, new career and I tried to shoot everything's, but the thing they worked out, of course, was cartooning. So, for I am, I would sit there with my piece of paper in my pencil pan and make a first sample cartoons, and then, when I had enough of them, I submitted them to a cartoons, indication company, a nun
them. Most of them rejected me, but one of them said: would you like a contract and that's how it all started? So how many cartoons did you, how many different characters before you hit Delbert, long enough, it was the first try real. As does the report about area Dilber had been created as a character, I used in my day job in our do little comics, my White Board in my cubicle, and sometimes I do presentations as part of my job and I put in some comics ledger and they were kind of popular around the office and pretty soon they started to get spread around the company. your phone calls from people who were re. Another part of the state say I just saw your comic that say now. other, but they ve been faxing rounder we're going all over the company, so people encourage me to do something with it professionally and in so that's what I did so
how much is your life change at that point? Well, it. I never had what I call the champagne moment here in other lama we say: yes, I've made it. It was all these little things they were that were important, but they didn't. wait changed my life until you look back in and years later and you say: well, it's really changed a lot, wrangler any gifts. Ghana given day would be like this To give you a contract to become a syndicated cartoonists alike. Wow I've made it there's a hold on hold on that doesn't mean it will put you in newspapers. That means that will work with. You is more of a development thing your I still have to decide. So then, work with them. They say all right. We're gonna put these newspapers now, like he S. I've made it this it will probably be in maybe ten or twelve how affair, but Human rights is the I understand that early on, but in two thousand and seven in a book.
post. You said I still am and pop the champagne I raise the bar for what would be the right moment. Tell myself how tasty would be if I ever accomplish something special in my work, in the late nineteen nine. These, I believe, weren't you honoured in the cartoonist, like Hall of Fame right of lies at the going This color is called the room at an award ruin and said it is essentially the Oscars for cartoons Ryan's years. They have a big event Nottingham. You ain't moment for youth of what happened to you know, but Dilber became immensely successful financially. And once it became big financially, I want an award and as soon as I realized waitin it's because I'm popular that they
what the event itself to gather in it? I was now a name and had nothing to do with the quality of my work as zoos identical to last year. The year before and the moment I wanted it meant nothing to me. It meant nothing that Ike I crave did I wanted it as one of the greatest honour, a cartoon This can never have, and the minute I want it didn't do anything yeah I can related it's it's. Strange, how you get a perspective once you get to a place where you can earn something like that Aids is somehow another cheapens it if you think you're going How can I got it? I got it remember talking to a guy who is involved with the Pulitzer Prize, as he is, is wife was one of the judges in what I heard. How you get a Pulitzer prize is basically a group of people sitting rooms or what book do you like?
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After promptly tell me what what you're looking for you wrote down. In them and said in the mirror. You wrote down every day I am sad atoms and I will become a famous cartoonist. yes, so I wasn't doing that just informed morning. That was, moreover, a thing I do whenever I could see that's called affirmations. It's just having a specific objective in mind and repeating it and make a real in your head in general. You can't do anything until you can imagine it yeah. You know it. You can't walk into the house until you least can imagine that that's a possibility, so part of affirmations is talking yourself into it. Part of it is focus. I don't believe, there's a magical part of that, but there's something called a ridiculous activation.
which is that it's the effect where you can hear your name in a crowded room, you can hear the other words your background noise than Scott. MA. Am you like what it wants, but the one word I can hear clearly whose cause you're too into it and parted. Affirmations does if you really are putting that much focus into an objective, you'll started noticing things that you might not have noticed beforehand, that might I beg break, came slipping through the generals on tv, and I noticed a tv show and how to become a cartoonist I've never seen it before, but I saw just what I needed it when I was focusing on that, and I became my big break actually you you, have launched a lineup burritos Hugh launched a couple of restaurants. You said that was that was beyond you.
the restaurants and then you who started making about a million dollars a year just from public speaking. This is where I think you become really fascinating at this point you develop something called voice to stone. Ia, explain that yeah. It's called a spasm, attic disowning or a voice, the stony, immoral generically. So some people just get this for reasons, and nobody quite knows exactly. Sometimes it's comes on from some regular respiratory problem, but I lost my ability to speak intelligibly. Another words I can make noise, but my vote. Records would clench when they tried to form words survive. to order unless a diet, coke, come out like this, a will go in there people couldn't say you know what I was saying. Why so I couldn't help it couldn't talk. phone pretty much at all and serve
about three and a half years, I didn't have the ability to speak, and that was, as you can imagine, is just a devastating loss. Biggest you don't feel the ability that you're communicating with people, even if you can communicate if you just speak fact that you can write it down or are you good text? It is a failure to sign languages. Something doesn't really get you there. You still completely alone is like, This may be a ghostly room and- and I couldn't find what it was. First, I mean my doctors couldn't even identify. what problem it was due to come on, suddenly like what It came on it often does with other people. After what you think is a normal respiratory.
large Idas okay, so I thought I just had a normal allergy or something and then it just never never got better and just hours. So I ended up finding out what it was on. My own, by googling, the right there. The term I'd I'd, have separate problem while ago of muscle disowning my joy hand I saw what, if it's one of those, what if it's a disturbing NEA lying on my boss or my hand, but for my voice, so I googled the term voice Estonia bowl. change. My life, because a video came up. The end with a video of somebody will be the exact problem, and I gave me the name of it and then I put that into Google and whenever anything without name came up like a new treatment or or some I got out. I will check that now, and one of them was a surgeon in southern California. It would come talk they expect. Mental surgery- and I tracked him down- went to Southern California,
they said well care guarantee. This work is probably a fit de in percent chance that may make it worse now make it worse will make a permanently worse, meaning that If ever there was a cure, it may not work for yoke. Is this my ruin it forever? This is kind of. like I lose it's almost like cochlear Implant, where you were actually cutting the nerves to the vocal cord right and then taking nerves from another party, your body, is our high, so the orbital they opened the further neck, this little le scarier, but they dont go into the interior of the neck is just as surfaces nerves. barely these are the nerves. They connect your brain to your vocal gourds. It goes to the front of the neck, so they slice em. For a while you can talk at all and then they displays in different pathway, and then eight weeks later, when the nursery row you there can talker. You can't As I do the doktor. You know what
is my follow up visit, we don't need one. unlike what Why don't you need a follow up these, as is either going to work or snow or awhile work Does it and eight weeks later I talked and took it took a few more years to mail to gain my fluency back, because once you can talk, you still can't. Fluently begin, your brain as talked in talks so an iron form sentences, like I'm doing now, four years so too, to court while to get back I lost my my vocal cord paralysis of added a couple of times and that scared the hell out of me because of what I do: and write one point: it lasted a month and a lot of please go through your mind when you can't speak just for a month. three years of not being able to speak, but did you learn?
well the first thing that happened was. I started a blog and I found that the blue, became my weight to talk because The main thing you learn is that listening to other people doesn't connected to the world speak, and knowing that they hear you connection to the world and nothing else does and so the inability do that of course, said impact on my marriage over first marriage. And my just became like a ghost. There was just a horrible horrible experience front the thing I learn- is that. things that look incurable are not necessarily so that that change me so I didn't plan on going here, but you bring up an interesting point. You say if you can't be heard you're, not, really connected you're? A ghost I think there is a large number of people in America today and I think, even in the world look at breaks it
where they just feel like a ghost. They feel like. No one is actually listening to them imagine that that's massively true is probably maybe a feels worse, because we have so much in terms of communication tools, you have every tool in the world to communicate, but nobody listened to and nobody will listen to you and there they cause you all kinds of names and you're not an you near like it. I am not a racist because I'm right, I'm not a racist, what it would it and nobody will listen- or were in this weird world, now first called out in twenty sixteen. When one tromp was running- and I said, he's gonna change more than politics he's gonna change, how we view the world itself in reality itself, more about reality than the physical planet and and sure enough
boy. It's a common. Dear people, talk about two movies on one screen, something I came up with them or the idea that were were existing in the subjective world or a bubble and people sitting in the same room here see or hear each other anymore, and you see it all the time. So the example on give us the arguments used to be well, maybe somebody doesn't understand or they don't have the knowledge or maybe they have different priorities. But now, you can say the sky. His blue and somebody will say to you tell me yeah. What color sky is and he'll say. I just said the sky is blue and their morning building here it is almost you're, not even in the same room with the same conversation and that's it that wasn't like five years ago. That's it that's what I saw coming the act that we would just completely ignore
active reality because it wasn't working for us. So is that a product of Trump, or is that revealed by Trump what? What? What is it? I am glad to say that he was probably in accelerant, because the thing it really is different about job. Is there he doesn't have any adherence to objective fact. Unless helps him, so we wouldn't so he would use I personally on the time stretch of fact here, the little be ass little salesmanship wilderness selling and it's so relentless and and so completely you know it's just completely. What he does is now something he slips into. It is something which is a world every now and then he says something does not exactly chose another because
As long as you're looking people who sometimes told an untruth: you'd say you some, while he's gonna pay for that, you know that, Probably you wish you could take it back, but when you see somebody become president of the United States using techniques that your conscious mind says that care work what what you're doing always exaggerating always bending just always shaping the truth. There's no way the public is gonna, be ok, you're, the president. Now for one, what heck. Just happened. What I? What did we do you and that's what I saw coming? I knew that he was going to be president. I called him early based on his persuasion tools for your audience. You may not know I may I trained hypnotists, so I saw tools of persuasion is talking and I thought all God he's he's not that's gonna change. Dollar taxis is just gonna rip the fair, But the reality is written half because the thing he knows
and he will always be called stupid for this. But thing he knows is that following the exact facts. Just as make much difference. Is that a new thing for us, or is it spend that way?. I think it's only the degree that the fact you can just completely dispense with any pretence of trying to be technically accurate, and I won't matter you'll still get excellent results, so I would argue that they do. They have to be certain. Can it, for instance, when you explain it that way, that's terrifying! It's terrifying! and in the sorts of that's what Adolf Hitler had. He had this ability just to say the Jews or go into a nice little happy town, we built form, and we will just agree and just went ah, ah So let's go right now. What is so condition always there and people just
it is just a few people can do it and take advantage or does there have to be a condition in society that allows that person to get away with it? I'm pretty sure it would work anywhere, meaning that is probably is not something new about people or about society. What's new is the personality there would be willing to do it because a brazen this two went from does. That is all the hard to imitate, if you said I I see he's doing there. I will try to do that myself. I don't know that could pull it off because he is fully committed. to his version of reality in that's, that's what makes it works. So, unless you like, who is this? The woman in look on Valley. That was certain. She could test blood with a little machine and CBS Wrenching, that of IRAN, IRAN and Syria. at the same thing,
I saw the the documentary about her and she may have had some of those in town It is hard to say because I think she was a sort of, a tall you forceful kind of personality, a lotta charisma, so they may have been some of that area. So you, said he was a master wizard in noses and persuasion. You just said that he had unusual persuasion skills. What our Does the site- just being able just a see reality the way he sees it Well, he uses a number of very classic persuasion. Techniques. Number one is very visual when he speaks so. If you are going to try to sell the public unless a better border security a bad way to do. It is the way it's always been done before. Well, we
these numbers of people, the Samantha crime, here's my statistics will use a variety of mechanisms do the border in different places, it's a different method and introduces a building a wall, and then you see it. Because, as I said, things though become real until you can imagine them, so he forced us all to imagine the wall which makes it easier to get it done me. Are you sort of war, the public down with various pushing on every door to get a little bit a wall built and ITALY someone's being build now? Take, for example, when he was the EU is running for president first time and Saturday I live invited him on, as as I also invited Hillary Clinton, and here is the difference between a good the bad persuaded the of, coarsely candidate, gets to apply.
the skit, the rim that just makes sense or not convinced us get. They don't approve, so tromp approved it in which he was shown, as the President of the United States in the oval office Now I dont remember a single thing about the skin itself and the jokes here there are obviously at his expense. This way you do it, but I remember seeing those who office- and I remember say that is so smart because the problem people had at that point was a literally couldn't imagine him as president, and so he fixed it he gave them their imagination. He put a right, you put it in a picture and the did it out and then you're like you. I can see that there is easily right there in the oval office. Then Hillary Clinton does a skin on Saturday in a life saver particularly I'm sure she could approve or not approve approved, one in which she was at a bar drinking.
and the only and I forget if she was the bartender the drunk, but she was, I think she has chosen a bar. Basically, the least presidential thing you could do not really a great look, so use the trump will always wear his suit. Every opportunity, except maybe golfing, that's about it because, as part of the look you see amuses airplane, even before it was air force, one you'd uses only airplane as a stand in for AIR Force One because there, You could see him as the president. So visual is part of it. Then, of course, simplification. He just keeps everything dead, simple, which is super important and he repeats like crazy. He has great and discipline and you ve just scares people to some surely for years. fears Then there is no better motivator them share, because if you know
take out your fear. You know you can't take care of anything else. You in here you can run for your life. So you know it's not that it's not an accident that every election. Do you see the fear, random so white? What he did was he wrapped up the fear of LEO illegal immigration and whatever else was dangerous, China, etc. Just good tactic, Do you think he knows all of those things or just comes instinctively to him. He eat I have been trained. I'm sure I don't know in terms of training, but it's definitely something he knows he's doing and a little known fact his is pastor. Minister, I forget which word is the correct when he was a kid, was Norman, Vincent Peel so Norman events appeal around the power of positive thing, which was a mega hit. Women dear, I was young,
and that was all about using the power of optimism to essentially shape reality. In other words, just just causing reality to be. What you wanted to be through sheer force of positivity and That is the president's feature, but also sometimes is bug. So it's his future when he's talking of the economy, which he does better than maybe any present ever or maybe ever will, but when have a pandemic. You don't really want the positivity guy all the time, I often say: there's no such thing as a good or a bad precedent, there's only president. That is either matched to the challenges of the time or not right. He was perfectly matched for accelerating the economy perfectly match for negotiating with China not matched for the pandemic, let them acquired a little bit of a different personnel. The littlest optimism, maybe, but I think we'll get through.
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you know if he was to contain, you, because of covert, etc, etc. But how was the first to say no travel I mean I remember when he said no travel from Europe. I was shocked. I thought why I've never seen a president do that before everybody just asked him for that. He was way ahead. So what about it about a week before he did that I was screaming on literally yelling and cursing on my periscope that he needs to closely closed travel from China, so there were people pushing for it, but when he did it, I was amazed. He I want the Scot I want. You know. I was too, like I said, coldly It's going to be bad. We don't know how bad, but it's, Could be worse for the economy, we gotta stop this. We can't overwhelm the hospitals What I think like you, when he did it
No, for nobody does that there was there typical it out. Out of the norm kind yet produced going to close it all down. I'm trying to remember effect check me, and this was the first leader to close a whole country. I think he was. Was, and not only in my mind, I didn't imagine it was really a thing I mean I was calling for it. I wanted it, but I Quite think. It was a thing until he didn't know what I mean. You can do that so kids, so where did he dropped the ball, because I happen to agree that the president can't be doom and gloom at, but keep. He did take the steps that Everyone was telling him to take except taking control of companies and taking control of states. he was much more aggressive. Then New York was
Here when I, when I asked my democratic friends to tell me what what exactly did he do wrong because you're all saying words like he botch dead in its obvious, he made mistakes and I keep saying ok, but can you explain what was it that the experts were saying that he didn't do at the same time? The experts said to do it and you end up with examples such as well. He could have worn his own mask more, Can I say, or are there people who don't understand that the president is a special case, and we want him to me that a u everybody's tested before they got in the way out and that the areas the leaders etc and then they'll say well, but he did so. He did. It is rallies. You people went there without mask now that I would say that's a good point, but I think the rallies or killed two hundred thousand people know right now I mean I was certainly agree that there may have been more damage from those than if you had not done them, but as
that's not anything to do with the two hundred thousand people dying of. So you have to. in sum and said some amazing things but you when you when you first and twenty fifteen, I think you're, the first time you view blog, Donald Trump and said pretty much what you just said to me and doesn't necessarily sound like a compliment that he's. master wizard, but You got so much blow back, from even just talking nicely Eden endorse him right off the bat I mean you didn't do it. didn't come out and say I am Trump stir You just said some things that you observed the hours,
Talking about his tools, because I thought people needed to know use, bringing all different tools set here. That in the popular thing at the time was he's, is just a reality. Tv guy and use a business personally doesn't have experience and government, and I was sitting there thinking. I think those are exactly the right tools that right, if you get it, if you are going to design a president from scratch- and you can, they come anyway. You'd want you get rid of this political experience goes as probably just baggage and people LEO's favours. Do you make him international, businessperson and you'd give them all the skills of of a tv star in person. That's a pretty good package. But you earlier you got death threats. You actually, to come out you she said where I live in California, not see safe to be seen as supportive of anything Trump says he does so. I fix that I endorsed Hillary Clinton. People
care? Why I'm on their side? They only care than I am. I said out loud that I endorse the Hillary Clinton for my safety and, I would add, I would always add, for my safety so that it was. It was clear hours. Do you for that fact, and it actually calmed people down there? care. While I was on their side. Is a young lawyer on our side. This all so that actually made me feel safer. Weird is that it knows this come from I think people are just team players and then see much else, so you can see the flaws in your ear, your candidate, you can't see anything but the good parts. I think, if I feel like I can probably probably eighty percent of the world is having problems with that. Maybe twenty percent of the world and can even voice a floor with her own candidate. My thing is rare. So we now have the press.
I mean I was amazed that you know: I've been in those rooms in its group. Think I've worked it cnn- I've worked at Fox its group think, but and I never thought that they were curious, there's no intellectual curiosity in those rooms at all. They just yeah, that's the way the world is but now object. Give truth something that you can save document doesn't matter at all what been to them and Importantly, what's happening to us, are we going to slide into a world where we accept that or else-
Well, it looks like you, artificial intelligence, maybe there's a lot of the background explanation for why we're saying what I mean is the the algorithms that determine who sees one on social media. Those are driven by computer programs in those programmes are, of course, biased toward what yes, the most clicks, so there obviously get his service the things that Laker emotions the wildest now as long as that business model exists, and I don't see any change it. We will pick up more as siloed and what we we here and say. So I would I talk to my democrat friends about politics. almost universally. They do not know the same things. I know and usually I know everything that they ve heard They haven't heard what I have also heard, because they are found that myself,
you, CNN Silo pride, and so they they often think that their disagreeing on facts and reason priorities, or something is nothing like that. I simply have a whole different set of data. That's real It was not even that they disagree with my fax. They haven't heard them. Haven't heard them wooden Vanessa new? I think I think before disagreements we're still were mostly based on the same set of facts, but not any more. So I learn that from a friend of Mine Orient Petal, he was guy very liberal Hollywood producer he everybody was hating Donald Trump. He decided to find out who these trump people are he's a Muslim he's gay. opted child. I mean he's on on every you know on. Pillar list? I guess if you had a g o p list of people were supposed to hate, and he went, and he said I went to Alaska cause. I figured there.
people with guns that are kill me. You know and bury me in the snow and he said there, nothing There are nothing like what I was told: he came down here in and we talked- and I am proud of chalk I said I, I ask you: if you just know these stories and I went through some of the biggest stories that the tea party had brought up. You, know the IRS being used in all these things, She had t a very intelligent, very well Redman hadn't, even her. Heard of those stories and at first said, can't be true, and I said, Google it right now, you'll find it in the New York Times, but on page twenty four in a story about that big. and he couldn't believe it
I've I've heard that experience over and over and over the past year of LEO. Are you serious you ve? Never even seen this story, you ve. Never even every man heard that this happened. Its widespread me we take it, something else that you have written, I'd like for you too plain to me. You said: where was it you? talking about how if Joe Biden is elected To paraphrase. Is it was so specific that you might be dead Do you remember you know what I'm talking about there? While the other there are lots of ways I can go they d be the dangerous part. Is enough here, a trans border. There, a lot of of Democrats who are saying out loud meaning on social media, that there's gonna be a reckoning,
and they use they use very threatening language, like you were working on you down we're gonna we're going to find you here no believes that you can get away with being a trump supporter I know I don't think that you can just yet beast. These are now free from the ramifications of that and you know you look at down what's happening in the cities, especially with the protests, and it did are silly like open season on Trump supporters. Now that the problem I have is that again, because that the silos of the news there there's, a whole bunch of people who think it's ok to talk like that in this, talking like that. That makes it real him. You know if enough people talk like that, it guarantees somebody's gonna, make it real so that the language is the part that foreshadows that I also tweeted today,
Why didn't get selected endless eighty packs, the court? endless, say the Senate turns a Democrat. We will actively have created. A chinese form of government will be a one party situation who who ends up in charge of that? One party will be more about the inner Workings of the party and not much about the election in all end once they on the court. can game the system and a guarantee that the court will support them and they they can to make sure that they have structural reasons that nobody else can ever get elected. But you see the World Economic Forum and what they call the great reset. That's what they're trying to form the whole world into the chinese model. we ve heard that from both Republicans and Democrats for a long time that that's really kind of the model of future. I to God not, but there was a FBI chief of Intel that just came out today's former? He,
today and said We failed. The system failed that allowed. Somebody like Donald Trump to get into office. There has to be some sort of by partisan committee that vets these people, and I thought That's the central Committee, that's what they do in Cuba, that's what they do in Russia, the man's you can run, but not you pass not America that, said that that that's closer to the worst case scenario. Let it is closer to America, but that's what headed for isn't it. well depends who wins election. Doesn't it? I still think Trump is more likely to win the elections than Biden I think the Senate does good Jean sustaining Republican, so will say We could go. The other way. Are you I mean dear, so I wish I had your kind of could go in their wake.
You know I used to do. I used to be funny I used to do comedy and it's just the world is still on fire is just I mean look at me, I'm Shelly twenty five. When you look at this every day, it can freely. Grind on you yeah. I've started taking the social media vacations during the day here, like after, after eight o clock train, yet not the Likud winter and first hour than I get up. I don't know, look at anything and when I talk to people who are not watching the news happier, they are there? They are you have, Two lot, especially recently about the fine people hoax. What is a fine people hoax? well, as the news reported president,
Who said that there were fine people on both sides at those Charlottesville LE unite the right protest now that we, of course, was reported to mean that he was referring to the report, the NEO Nazis as fine people, but of course they only create outlooks by lopping off they. Let the last part of his statement. It which, without any prompting nobody. Nobody asked a follow up. Question use just continuing to talk and they wanted to clarify it. He said I'm not talking about the white nationals than the NEO Nazis. They should be condemned totally so this entire hoax, he called the NEO Nazis. Fine people is entirely created by setting out the second part of his statement, amazingly, when I show people that statement and say I did hear Sears the whole thing You can see very clearly that he was clear is possible without prompting the
did not mean those people to be the fine people, and they will look at it and say why, What were they do? What are they doing? Marching with Neonazis then also that's not an evidence in I interviewed people who attended, because I wondered the same thing so I asked for people and attended to contact me in a number of locals who had just been. They lived in town they about it, and I said well, why did you go If you knew it was as NEO Nazi thing and some of them said we didn't know, we just heard there was a thing about a statue the other, is like somebody told them other The people said yeah we knew they were going to be there that doesn't affect us like. I can still go protest myself, I'm not marching with him, I'm not with him, I'm not physically with him, and I don't like him. I disavow them, but I like statues so it is so indeed there were just regular people who disavowed the racists
who also supported this the statues, but then the media, just in They didn't happen, and is clearly in evidence admitted bees and attacked, while there are doing it. Chris Wallace at the debate did not ask Joe Biden to disavow Antigua and the violence. But he did ass, Donald Trump to disavow, the clan and just a few days after he had signed in executive order, saying the clan and anti for our terrorist organisations. Well, After that assigned swallows just hasn't check the news or part of the problem that I think too
Things can be true at the same time here. One is that is obvious that the president has disavowed all the racism by all the different names lots of times. You can see the compilation clip on the internet all the time except Democrats, never see it. Every republicanism, multiple compilation, clips of President John saying I disavow the gay gay I disavow away supposes and they are like it didn't happen, but it is also true that the way he answers the question is under suffragist bag. Begs the extra question so much so that the year I said after the debate you lost, my vote I am personally not going to vote for the president if he could answer that question it bothered me because I had invested so much sending that fine people hawks and then what I came up. I said I actually got off the couch during the debate and ass. I walked or the tv like here. It is these. finally, going to clarify that thing.
Tell them they? U disavowed them, will check the transcript. Finally, will clear the record and then he handled it the way you did handle it, which was so far less than why I could not Believe that how he handled that the answer is of course I disavow the clan and white supremacy. Just signed an executive order saying there a terrorist group along with Antigua. Joe Biden, will you denounce both of those you hung out with clan wizards? Earlier your career and your with Anti? For now, will you denounced them? why I will answer that and why didn't Kelly Mcafee? We do the same. Does she? She basically ran into the same situation and she did the same while he's he's seven in the past or he said sure,
and I'm thinking now. Those are not the right answer leap. Work is looking for a very specific answer there telling what they're looking for do? You know why they're looking for it? There is no ambiguity here. This is what will make us feel better. Please say this won't do it now. You can only speculate was going through, is, after all, what this is all about here here, some of my thoughts number, one, the president hates being told what to do. In other words, if you say to me, hey Scott, will you say this thing, I might say us but the president doesn't like to be told what to do so. You resist, being pushed basically or being bullied into doing something, and so some of that I think, is just a resistance to being bullied. If you have said it, and you said it the way, you want to say it that be enough. the way I said it is also clear. Why do I have to say it your way
Can I say in my way the other problem is, and you would probably be keen to this as well. The people who have media training are trying to think a step ahead if he had. If he had said the easy one, do condemn Weiser promises? Yes, absolutely I condemn them. What's the matter Question do condemn Bright Bart do you do condemn Kyle Rittenhouse, who, isn't even any of those things, but he's accused of being it a point: does he does a euro? as the apologizing clarifying condemning train now I would see their coming like I wouldn't. I would smell that trap and I feel, like you, smell it twice and in both times once when back you back and then the Jake when on CNN way object. I was asked about you Jake Tapir, about
It gave the eighty hesitated instead said near. Who are we talking about Everybody said world was horrified like why you hesitated, I think, again it's just speculation. I think he was anticipating what comes after that and wanting. to get himself in a trap. I will tell you I met with President Bush in the oval office and I was not a fan of President Bush at the end, because he was just so wishy washy in the war was going upside down on like what are you doing? and I said to my- was in his office for an hour and he spent a lot of at time. Yelling at me telling me this well, you don't know what it's like to be. President of the United States has like I do and he He said to me at one point. I said that the end quote so clearly, at all the facts, he knew he had it. And I said no offense, Mr President,
But where is this guy? Because This is the guy that I looking for and I think a lot of people are looking for and he said. it very calmly. You don't understand how every word is, parsed is analyze, not just by the media but by our allies and our enemies all over the world? I shift my eyes. I'm told don't do that donor, not on that word tat stuck with me, As I at one point said quote President Obama is a racist. No, that's not quite right, it just seems to have this hatred for the white culture couldn't I didn't know it was called critical theory That's what I sensed here didn't like the wide european culture and its
Marxism in critical theory- and I had been asked about that for ears same thing: can I always very careful on how to answer it, and I knew what was coming in they would try to trap you and- just couldn't answer because anything you say they exploit so I think you're right about why he did that because you can see him stopping in thinking and there's no there's. No. standard pull a politician answer forward because obviously he knew what the right answer was. Yet he knew what to say to become a lack that right. There was nobody, you thought themselves, you know maybe I'll, go pro KKK, and I think that will go well from my nobody had that thought now you have.
And if you, if you're willing to accept that he is willing to say what he needs to say they get elected. He was thinking something he and he had to be think he had. Thus my best guess. You said something interesting cause people see that their like he's a secret racist and he's gonna, kill all black people in his cell, in turn and sit. You know- and you said you don't we come Hitler at seventy yeah, there's one thing you can pretty much depend on that. India is one of the advantages of tromp. As you know, exactly what you're getting especially the second term I have argued that by didn't you don't really not you're getting because you're getting some combination of feed o the progressives and whoever is, however, is backing them, and who knows what, though it tromp Elisa, know exactly what is good? Look like any other details night, they vary, but you can depend on him being the same guy. So what do you
think of a mean. Joe Biden would be the oldest president, and I don't could you provide just had Alan Dershowitz did in our them last less we ease eighty four sharp. He is on his game, I learned from with people who were elderly at all as long as you're there just the difference between Joe Biden in the primary debates, and in this debate honestly set there. and I feel bad form. I really do. I think he's being used in it's horrible, what's happening buns, I we tried to think Is he going to be like a year from now or for years from now. And no one seems to be concerned about that on eleven.
I cannot figure out if they're not concerned or they're, just putting an end to their mind. You, I guess I'll, do the same, is not concerned or are they pretending that are not concerned, because I figure there's a power behind the throne, which would be more frightening? Wouldn't it Well, that's the unknown said it is not even is now, given that the family heiress would be the end of the world. Is so you don't know does it hurt. Somebody polio restraining right, who's in charge. Let's talk about. stay with the debate here for a second from taxes. I was telling you about the Intel guy and the one case it he made was that because he didn't weird now just finding out about these taxes. We to have some central committee that all of these people and I thought what exe
actually did you find in those taxes I mean he's He loses money. What, surprise mean you know them nothing uprising in there was there I was actually surprised that the lack of surprise what it did, what it, but did confirm the wisdom of not releasing them at least if he could have prevented it anyway, because what happened was it's complicated and the country doesn't understand taxes, so are we learned is that ninety nine and of a hundred Americans don't know anything about taxes? Then they don't know how we owe any any deductions were now they certainly don't. Real estate works, depreciation is just a word they have heard. I mean this is when you have that much of a rich target environment I just saw I got his. Is critics will just pick pieces?
they are taken out of context which is leave. The entirety of political discourse, is taking something out of context and pretend that you something else and I thought they'll just pick him to death with all that stuff. but I am, I think, the best answer. Can't believe he said it, but he said it in the last debate. Me said it in those twenty sixteen yeah who asked pay taxes attorneys for you. Don't laws than he should have changed them, I'm just using on. Why don't I pay taxes. I'm not The thing is, I think, there's a lot of people may not understand the tax code, but they're like yeah I'd like to do Yeah that I think that's the best answer for the public that the best answered that I heard for me. You know just for my mind, was he paid exactly the amount he owed? Yes, that's it. Yes and there's no law the says you should they don't even want you to pay more than you up the text
Mexico doesn't have a pardon is, as you know it be. Nice maybe just pay extra rights, like you know, does not anybody's expectation. Nobody has data when everybody pays, what they are, What are you foresee? What with You look into your crystal ball as a as a guy who I mean think, we're all under the hypnosis? I think, we're all sleep walking right now, everybody some form or another What do you see and you see us waking up? in time to save the republic, I think the republic is stronger than we give credit, for. I think that we might have a distorted feeling of how many marxist and protestors and be a male, be eleven people. There are whether other plenty people LEO Sport that the below my dear but they're, not necessarily marching.
There is a difference between. There is a difference to you between be eleven Belem ink. Someone said that there is clearly a difference between what the organizers want and what the people with the signs want. There's a difference. I just Victor that many of them weirdly. We don't get alot of reporting on that, even even the protests, they don't report the numbers we notice that may be in the early days they did, but we have a protest yo every night in some city, but I never here. Is it a hundred people or is it a thousand? he has. That makes a big difference. I was like- I was interested to see yesterday they covered binds speeches, You know he's whistle, stop speeches. They never showed the crowds. they showed him the height shot, they never show the crowds, and I wondered whether six people there are six thousand people there. Where were we the crowd shots.
I dont line that under the covert situation, because see how you would expect it to be a sparse crowd and you would expect Maybe then I want to highlight that there's there's no real reason for that at the moment is the crowd sizes. Release for him is not related to his. Popularity. I don't think so. Do you think that it is a myth of the invisible trump voter, or do you think, that's true, as the polls show, Trump is losing. So I ran a very unscientific twitter pole yesterday, which I said how many of you have actually lied to bolsters about trump support, so not people who might people who think they word people have you know in prior elections, how many have lied about Trump support, already hundreds
people answered within within sixty seconds. I don't know what that the final result was, but that's just people who follow me on Twitter. Hundreds even in a minute, probably is probably cell, by the time I I ejaculated so yeah they exist and I don't think that they existed in the same quantity in twenty. Sixteen, I think what the the perceived risk of supporting the president is now just far greater and I think, so people have it in their heads? There lie. The pollsters, this kind of fun and funny. You know what when you talk to conservatives when they how can that line to pollsters? It feels like they're. All part of a prank, yes M feel to some extent like I might have been part of the way for at least the least part of the programme genesis without trying to be just by putting in people's heads, and I want to see your head is there I can tell you. I got a call from look
MR, not too long as soon as I realise what it was about, I play to tell the most I was going to fight for Biden. for this reason I just wanna leave tee and turns out. I want I wasn't a year registered I've since registered can answer the pole, but I would have. I would have liked I think it would be funny I have. I have those pull calls, and I I told him I voted for the other side. Scott on so are you going to vote, was at a hot head kind of remark on after the debate, or are you still there? The president has to answer this question or you're not gonna go form. well for the same reason that I said I would endorse Hillary Clinton for my safety. I'm not going to vote for Trump under the current conditions? For my safety, because sooner or later, somebody's gonna say you know it.
Were proven fact that he loves white supremacist and then look at him say mobile for Scott Thank you for being on the podcast. I you should open a bottle of champagne. I think you should Koran cork, it is or is there anything the ear striving for that? You think What's the next thing you're like ours, when that happens. I'll tell you what president Tromp actually wins a Nobel Peace Prize nominated for times now this for this prize for different people or groups, have nominated him for a peace prize because of the Middle EAST, which is legitimate fears. Not only chance, you will never to champagne ever refer cliff. well
I can always hope Legs Alaska. give just a reminder I'd love you to rate and subscribe to the podcast and has his own to a friend, so it can be discovered by other people.
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