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Glenn's Trump Administration Hope 1/18/17

2017-01-18 | 🔗
-"Disrupt J20" protester explains how the Trump inauguration will be disrupted Friday -Doc Thompson from the Morning Blaze visits ahead of his trip to DC for the inauguration -The unconventional stylings of Las Vegas-President Obama's endless pardons-The fallacy of 'positive liberties' -A dangerous Obama pardon -Glenn's pardon predictions-Glenn's hope for The Trump Administration-A job description for the office of the presidency -"To the best off my ability" -Article I and the presidency -A treasured piece of history from Ronald Reagan's inauguration -The list of potential Obama pardons -The story behind the pardon of Samuel Mudd -How Google ruins a good Glenn Beck story\-The anatomy of a conspiracy theory-"The Constitution is great, but..." -Defying Hitler and why you shouldn't lose your principles during emergencies-Too little or too much government can lead to dictatorship -Give the power back to Congress with The REINS Act -A guy who wants an Obama pardon calls up -Call Screening 101

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Glenn dont, forget fifty dollars off the purchase of your mattress castle. Dot com, Slash, Glenn terms and conditions do apply. Why there is a lot to talk about today. The president has pardoned about six hundred people prisoners. So you know usually the president pardons around twenty people thirteen hundred people and oh by the way, they always pardon the them controversial almost during the time of swearing in the last thing, the president does as he's walking out of the office so who will we find out about tomorrow,
press is focusing in all of the wrong places on this also disrupt J. Twenty, this January twentieth boy who want chaos on the mall tomorrow, Kay in America, as he raises his hand to take the oath of office in X.
Gluesome interview from the blaze with one of the organised disrupt J. Twenty. We go there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lighting, and this is the commission that a kind of like the reedy work. We should push for that universal men. Come and and today work. We now one day work. We
will. I will, in principle of why work. Why here? Thank you. Why? What a slippery slope we just had a pretty pretty quickly You have Doc Thomson with us. He does mornings on the blaze radio network and you have been kind of taking my approach of hey. Let's listen to people right brand. It is paid off in a big way tell us how I was following your other approaches in life in those weren't workin out so well designed more so weeks ago we found out about this J twenty. This is the disrupt J twenty, where their organizing all of the different little fat and anybody who is opposed to some of our ideals for whatever the little issue abortion gun, control whatever to bring them altogether in D and do whatever they can to actually disrupt the inauguration on some level to stop him from becoming president, which is a little money too we found out about it. My producer Chris Crew said ok,
try to get them on and he, amazingly God. Later, but enabled Lacy Macaulay to come on. Apparently she doesn't have access to the internet to find out about me. So you actually agreed the interview, but you did. You were honest. I was. I was a lot of people, think that you know by asking tough questions or that I am satirical over the top at times that I'm going to treat them. That way, we didn't. We heard her out. She said some things that the audience subject: did to some things I did as well. I didn't debate every issue, but we talked about the disruption, twenty and she its nonviolent: they just want to disrupt civil disorder. The issues. Phrases like that and I said, listen I will stand. You for your right to express your first amendment it's. I will. I will stay with you, but not for violence, not breaking the law anything like this. So then James, O Keefe Project toss release their first video that seems to show that they want something a little more than just civil disobedience, possibly some things that are pretty dangerous. She and the video she is not in the first
on, but they mention her and the second one which was released late yesterday. So after the first one was released, the day before yesterday. We interviewed her yesterday morning and she said basic. These are the people in the video that were calling for stink bomb acid, that game of the type of ass. It is called to be put in the ventilation or the sprinklers all that they knew and paraphrasing urban. Essentially, they knew that the person that was talking to them was not one of them. And she said we knew it was some sort of scale we didn't know who could have a police? It could have been so you may get worse. That was my question. I said why would you incriminating they can use. This is evidence, and she really another have a great answer for arrived. She to that. This was all just a big rules that they were putting on for whoever was interviewing them essentially then the video came out yesterday. That seems to show a little bit more. So I have a clip on hearing of yesterday's interview with her, where we she mentioned a couple of like that, and then also talks about James O Keefe. Here it is
once again, I'm going offer you the opportunity to, condemn any acts of violence or anything that would get anybody hurt this week in DC well, Thank you very much talk. This is absolute leaves something that we are you wait and reaffirm Adam a single one of the meetings of disrupt J. Twenty and you know this is a. Mr Herman, no one you believe James O Keefe is working on behalf of Nazis or he's doing the work of Nazis white Nationalists. Well, he basically is attacking our group, the dizzy Anti fascist coalition and our targets are the people who- modern day, not these. They voted for Trump they're looking for something different, but they don't necessarily stand with the Nazis. I mean you understand the difference. Well, you know, I think, it's pretty clear to me that he is attacking our group, that product
not to use until about him on that side. On the present the luck trump until Friday, you don't think that he supports nazi issues. Do you well, I think that there basically a reason that these these groups have been so celebratory of his policies, unbelievable Your thoughts on that quite clearly misguided. I mean I stand against fascism, yeah. I stand against nazis to to tie Donald Trump, actually tie him to Nazis Israel Gillis to tie Steve Ban in to the Nazi movement is not, but there is nothing in Donald trumps, history that shows that he is racist.
Maybe the thing stew, that you know he went for the casino thing that's probably the biggest mark of racist but other than that in his history. Is he does he have that tendency that would show that he was a Nazi iron nazi? Now, God, no, no, I mean even inner. You talk about Steve Ban enemy. He there are obviously a lot of people in the all right that embrace those values and send people be no pictures of them. In gas chambers and such but I mean there's no, I mean there's most people sent even Venture Piero, who is of an ardent critic of Steve Balance, has said he doesn't think he bore even those things I don't think so, either he's losing them, and I think that there is a case to be made that Steve Bannon is is connected and using them and Donald Trump was taking advice from Steve Bannon, but I don't think he's a Nazi.
It's funny, though there are so many subtle levels of this. Yes, clearly, there are people in America that identify with Nazis. These people are crazy, right and then there's the literally people but theres many, it's not everybody automatically in all right. The writer, whatever is not seen just because we disagree, theres many many levels that gets you closer and closer to that Edam, The Nazis were nazis, as we think of them tat they made just now. I gotta do this right. Yeah, I mean again, that's horrible browning, we're talking about like there are people who were in the party who didn't do Those things even back then, to two to assign it's true now? I know it's true you and I are both elinor more well read on the Nazi move. More than ninety nine percent of the Nazis there's no reason to two to draw grey areas, and I do not think my portico they're all there's a horrible. The point, though, is that even people who would today,
identify themselves that way more people who ve killed six million Jews. This is why everyone gets so frustrated with nazi comparisons. We all know how that ended up. So therefore Everyone jumps to the end point of that There was a lot of stuff early on that, wasn't it so it wasn't so clear, you're gonna wind of killing six million Jews, even though Hitler very was very clear about- is intentions again people not taking him literally, but taking him seriously appointed as though you can't compare obviously ache. Person like that, were you just everyone to factors. Freakin country in their boats of Nazis is it is. It is completely absurd to disrupt the the inauguration destroys. The main thing about America, and that is, we have a peaceful transfer of power, that is one of the most
stabilizing points that we can make to the rest of the world. Look, we strongly disagree, but we all These have a peaceful transfer of power even though Emmy we can compare this. You know that the the secret service was not in fact with Abraham Lincoln, we didn't have a secret service. Abraham Lincoln did not understand how divided this country was until he made it to Baltimore. Most people don't know this, but there was a plot against his life coming in for his first inauguration from Illinois, and he took the train to Philadelphia and he was supposed to then take the train
to Baltimore the next morning. What people didn't know is he actually took a train got into Philadelphia and instead of staying, he went out the back door and in the cover of darkness, went to I want to say it was like her she or someplace in that area and then took another train in the middle of the night to Washington and Camp lately bypassed. Actually, no, I wasn't in Philadelphia, was Baltimore made it all the way to Baltimore and it was the next morning. They were gonna, kill him at the train station, so he took another brain out and then re routed to Washington, but it was in Him walking down the street to get out where he heard all of the Anti Lincoln and Anti North sentiment on the streets, and he couldn't believe it. He was. He said later, I didn't understand,
how divided we were as a country that there were people willing to kill the people in the north. It wasn't just me, I think, we're we're close to that point again to where we are so divided and the extreme aims on both. Sides have been so wound up by politicians that they think now is the moment. Imagine if they get what they want. On Friday, it's like the dog that catches the car what're you going to do now what are they things gonna happen? We disrupted it. He didn't get inaugurated everyone just going. Back to their life. Obama stays president all hell breaks loose. If they disrupt the unease,
Now during it anyway about rain it I'm just going outside inaugurating. That's right, that's what! But that's what happens. That's what people want. There are a great number of people now that want a crack down. They want the chaos because they want the crime, down and we were sitting is she says: she's anti fascist or what do you think? How does it how our fascistic states created their created by crackdowns? because crackpots went and burn down the right. I thought it was with marshmallows and rainbows. I thought that was created. Wasn't yes until it's it's! It's really frightening. To see the left and again the media has called a whole group of people nazis. Not not what I mean right these are brown shirt tactics.
They are. There is a difference between brown shirt tactics and nazis. While they were both Nazis. One is describing a person and a group of people the other is saying you're using the same tactics here. Did you did you see the second James? Ok, video, the project, fertile soil, in it at one point one of the guys talk in his eye. You don't let me This is one of their disrupted twenty people. Let me out of here my comrade and see if he can blah blah blah. So you it's fast as people I as is right I'm gonna settle communists and you think that better than me right people to believe that they are opposite ends of the spectrum. I do not believe that no they're, not that's total government right doc. Thank you Thank you going in that. In the end, you know you know your mom can fix those pants,
Why, in medium term, after this segment to d c- and these are my tea- I say pants because, yes, it makes me uncomfortable with tee. I say touches me, but with these could I make a pat me down as part of my civil disobedience. Ribbed in the bottom yesterday are re here right here, the other. It's definitely going to make them uncomfortable you for sharing that with the clearing of passengers. Like you, that's pretty, you had run chaser baby rubber, I've gotta go we're, never gonna get away. I need to hit a flight. I do I gotta get out of my things. You just can't and see that none of the stocking but Don T and I were in Vegas this weekend. And I would say somebody would walk by and I'd be like you can't on see that one and she's like Galileo, but perhaps you can replace it, replace it with that one. These people were. There was a woman that I saw at a really nice restaurant dressed
as a very nice hooker. I think, and time. You pointed out she might be, and unlike ok, yes, I did see pretty woman. Maybe she is, but I don't think she was. You know women go to Vegas and they dress like hookers. This woman was actually there a city slogan. This woman was plump and she honestly had a dress on, and she was probably forty and she had dress on where I could see the the cheek down, ok senior, the cheek being delayed. Now she was standing with her, but towards me, and I said to Tanya. I am torn because I want her to turn around to see
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Is the Glen Back Programme signed up for the newsletter. I get all that you feel you need to know what glad that dotcom. Ok, I have a few things to say today about Barack Obama and about the release of prisoners. Everyone is paying attention to who is being called Chelsea Manning. I'm sorry, it's Bradley Manning! You can idea. Fine, but that doesn't mean I have to identify, doesn't mean I have to play in to your madness. You wanted Have the surgery have the surgery and, I will say, you're a woman but until you have had the surgery and even then I'm giving you a gift you're still, Biologically, oh man, but I'll go with it, but I
not going to go over the cliff with the rest of humanity and deny science. Don't call me a science denier. I am I'm going to deny science so anyway, her. I don't why, where even talking about that is irrelevant, except I think that's why the president released. Bradley Manning, because because he struggling with his, Actuality. Is that why we release them Why did we release this guy seriously? That was not part of their just fucked, ok good, I'm glad to hear that legally the beds. Read about it yesterday or last night, we're all saying you know they thought that's what played the big role. I can't believe that I dont want to believe that now I absolutely would believe. We want to believe in you believe ice makes perfect sense. That makes perfect sense in this mad world of bridle I think it. I don't think that's what played because
They may or may not have no other guy that will get back to Bradley Manning, because that is a pensive. Even even democratic senators are speaking out against, could and will leave the the other guy that he released at the same time, not the general the marxist terrorist. Chicago, and nobody is talking about him and I want to have a conversation with those on the left that now, of FEAR Donald Trump, they say you can. Compare the two I want to show you why you're wrong that the big programmes.
This is a clear programme. I wouldn't have a talk with those in the media and those on the left that have Lectured me, over and over again that you can compare, what we are saying about Donald Trump to Barack Obama. You can compare what we are doing to what you did not care there. What they're doing is a lot worse, but there there's they're, saying no Parag Obama, you know he, as an day racist, he wasn t danger, he wasn t fascist, no. I'm not gonna be easier than what I'm not going to make any accusations, because I want I will, I understand why you are making now on Buzzfeed a a list of all of Donald Trump. I understand why you are
making now on Buzzfeed a a list. All of Donald Trump connections of businesses. I understand that and here's here's what I think you're feeling when it comes to the businesses you're, seeing guys, like Rex Tiller, some and yours, and will wreck still arson he's an oil guy and all these gonna do is he's gonna play foot seas with Russia in the Middle EAST and everybody else, so we can get. You'll contracts and he'll make money and it'll be business. As usual and it it'll, be all of the Ritz getting richer. Ok, I I understand that that's the way I felt with him. Hurry Clinton and her speeches in Wall Street and Goldman Sachs it's the way I felt with the bailouts. Of GM and the bail out
The bank under Barack Obama and George W Bush. We might like capitalism, but we haven't done real capitalism in a very long time we're doing crony capitalism, which is just corruption. So you're trying to make the connections now through Buzzfeed on all of the things and all of the people that he is attached to. Okay. I understand your fear. I don't necessarily agree with all of it, but I do understand your fear Can you give us the same respect and admit You don't have to say that perhaps Obama is but
to you admit that the connections that Barack Obama has with marxist radical family members is grandfather. His mother his father and all of the people that he is seemingly surrounded himself with, including Jeremiah right and things like that who are for access liberation theology? His stated. Theology that there is no personal salvation is only the collective salvation, which is marxist liberation Thea. Gee, that's where that came from for those of us, who believe Marxism is wrong flawed and how many times its tried. It will In millions of murders,.
Will you at least given us the benefit of the doubt and say ah, ok, I see why you were concerned. Now the reason why there was so much why the birth or thing lasted why it took root? because the left and the media refuse to look into legitimate connections they dismissed every? connection to anything with Barrack Obama. They would not say things like wait, a minute, what's happening with Bradley Manning. What why that's? That's, just not that's crazy, what's happening with the written The giving of three really bad guys for Manning What is it with put
and I know you have a love affair with Van Jones. I do not, I think, he's a chameleon and he has personally stated that he is a chameleon He is a nine eleven truth, or would you The problem with Alex Jones we'll sit why and one of the reasons is because he is the birthplace of the nine eleven truth project? Ok,. So is Van Jones. You don't have a problem with that. Why he's stated marxist you don't have a problem with ok. But will you recognise that I have a problem with that now. To say that Morocco, Burma is a Marxist, requires a leap because he's never said it, but his policies of reversing the constitution. His stated problem with our conscience
Susan in his own words, is that it is a doctor, of negative liberties where it should be a document of positive liberties will that's what the Soviet Union constitution was a document, a positive liberties, the things the state must do, Instead of what our founders did, the thing the state cannot do it fundamentally different. It's Our decision is a hundred and eighty degrees out of whack. That made us nervous. Say he doesn't have a problem with taking so thing from you and giving it to somebody else: that's redistribution of wealth. He talks about health care, and has said that I'm sorry one of his people, the people he and pointed I hit the head of his health care movement. One of the architects said that wealth redistribution must be
the centre piece of any health care legislation? Ok, that's a problem. Yes, Everybody is talking about Bradley Manning Chelsea, Manning. There's another one that was released and this one and by them press ignoring it downplaying. Dismissing it. Is the reason why we have such distrust for the press. And is the reason we have worried so about President Obama, its these words with Donald Trump. So far, it's his words and his words can be frightening. What are they? actions behind the words we're going to find out and I hope we find out good things yesterday. The word say: one thing: the action Say another yesterday president released Oscar Lopez.
Rivera? Who is he a porter rican nationalist and one of the leaders of found F, a l and in eighteen, eighty one Lopez was convicted in sentenced. A fifty five years in federal prison for sedition This conspiracy, the use of force to robbery, interstate transportation, No firearms conspiracy to transport. Explosives with an attempt to destroy government property. He was also an zero dollars and eighty eight cents to an additional fifteen years for conspiring to escape from Leavenworth he's one of the fourteen convicted felon members offered conditional clemency by Bill Clinton in ninety nine, but he rejected the offer. Why? First, let me tell you that of a guy. This guy is in nineteen, eighty in Chicago Chicago ha. Another connection to Chicago and that circle of friends, a Barrack Obama,
that exists, I'm sure he knows about this guy because of his connections to the circle of all the Marxists in Chicago. I could be wrong. That is something that if the media took serious, we could dismiss so in nineteen. Eighty A robber breaks into a into an apartment. He saw freaked out by what he finds he goes to the police. And says: hey, I gotta tell you solid Strider Rob this guy's house. You guys need to know what I found now that take something done it. So what did he find? He found an apartment full of explosives high end explosive and plans of government buildings in Chicago. This is a group.
That is a communist marxist raw, Nicole group that wants freedom for Porter Rico to become a communist state, Cuba This is one of them he's. One of the fourteen convicted members here was tied directly to the bombing of one federal building. To the the explosives and the plans in that apartment. He said he is a freedom fighter he's an avowed communist he's. An avowed I the column terrorist, but he Does everything that he has done? He has done and was justified he said this is a an illegal court. I am not going to participate in this trial. He didn't participate. He's admitted it. He has stood on that he was right and that he would
would again in ninety nine. Will you take that. He'll and say you don't have anything to do with it. You're not gonna, be involve no in ninety nine. He has been a vow marxist communist terrorist. Since the nineteenth seventies. And Barack Obama decides to pardon him now what are the details of this? Who is this guy? Why is this guy, so important to pardon, who is influencing the president to bring up on his radar Why does even know about this guy? I don't kid. Crack of the marxist terrorists that are in prison. Who is they obviously influenced
Clinton because Bill Clinton, I don't think was hanging out with marxist revolutionaries, may he was, but he didn't have a history of it. Rock Obama does. And then, when he does things like this, it makes people who think that barks was wrong, always is wrong and every time it it's tried it in in violence and massive graves were concerned, and because as everyone on the left dismissed it marked in ridiculed? We started to think everybody is ever The body on the left, everybody who is a Democrat, must be a marxist, because data ere. I dont believe that's true.
But as you are trying to figure out why? Why does nobody trusts the press Why was everybody so freaked out about Barack Obama and Donald Trump? Euro he's clearly a bad guy. Sky had nothing. He was just a great guy and a hero and in all american guy know there were many things he said and more things that he did that verify the concern that he has serious marxist tendencies and surrounded by bad people? I can understand why you fear the next guy, please. If we're going to make progress, you have to understand why we feared the last guy, if you can admit that and say, ah
I see and your fears are valid. Just like I say I see, and I I can I can validate your fears. I may not agree with them, but their valid then, and only then can we make progress. But somebody on the left has got to step forward and say that but it'll take massive massive coneys, because you're not gonna be popular with your side, Last year, one illegal operation involving payment back taxes owed conned six four hundred people out of a total of thirty six million dollars, one one identity, theft, one out of every four scams last year involved this kind of a scam the next most,
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A forty, nine thirty, six, its life locked dot com, slash back triple eight, seventy seven back that Glenn Bank Programme, Allow me to welcome to the programme Today we are in for subsidies, actual problems. I have said in the past that Oh, I wouldn't put it passed. Iraq Obama to pardon his last day, do you have any of the over? There has to be predictions that pop up this. We do that Popping up are the blind sheikh that you mentioned, which could happen and the other. Neither one Mumia Abu Jamal either that's what I'm one we're like that? That will happen that now that one's interesting in that the that one it does appear that it would be difficult for him to do because he was convicted.
The state level so general, could theoretically get in some battle to get that done, but it would be very difficult to shake was federal right. The area So the shake about those were my to the blind shaken mom, Mumia Abu Jamal like to add another one. It possible that the President pardons everyone who is in prison for medical marijuana charges, doll yeah, I think so They said that these aims able today subs dad Julie, more people are going to be pardoned and he's already pardon two hundred two nine nice things back programme.
This is the police radio on demand. The key to having a great day starts with having a great night sleep, but I know because I have a Casper mattress, the Casper Mattress, was invented with two high tech foams. They give you all of the support that you need and guarantee that you get the best night sleep ever Time magazine named Casper Mattress one of the best inventions at twenty fifteen Casper. Ships for free and a box, so small. You will believe it holds the actual mattress making it simple to get from your front door to your bedroom and you try it four hundred its risk free A common pick it up, if you don't love it as much as I love mine and though refund every single dime ones. Try it you're, never gonna want to sleep on anything else, having it great day by having a great night sleep, Casper calm, slashed, Glenn users. I'll go Glenn, fifty dollars purchase of your mattress at Casper DOT I'm Slash, Glenn the problem,
whose Glenn dont forget fifty dollars off the purchase of your mattress casper? dot com, Slash, Glenn terms and conditions, do apply, hello, America, a lot to say on the president: the people but he has pardons and the people that are remaining is already lead over two hundred people out of prison. Some really bad guys we're as a country. Having a bizarre conversation about Bradley Manning Chelsea, as some like that when an end, oh Mamma laughter celebrating yet They were the ones who are also saying that Wiki leagues in Russia are bad and here, the guy who
all this information to Wikileaks and Russia I dont is- is it's a surreal world, a world that if we were being pitch this around the Hollywood pitch tabled for a movie, all of us would say it's not believable, but that's the world we live in. They White House a saying. The two hundred are nothing sub, stand. Surely more are being released tomorrow? Who, that be Also. I was asked What are my hopes for the Trump campaign I answer with what is inside of this protective shield, a document that Mercury, one David Barton, Glenn Back dream of an independence museum It becomes more and more a reality. We,
Just a document yesterday, I don't think many people even know exists, and it is something really cool. What do I hope? they're my hopes. What are my dreams for a Trump administration? It's in? this document.
I will share it with you. Next diffusion of entertainment and enlightenment places the Glen back for everybody who doesn't understand why the many of us on the right were so upset at Barack Obama was because he could talk a good guy. In about law and order, but he didn't do it and the same thing can be said about Donald Trump:
he talks a great game about law and order. Now, how will he perform that duty? For instance, He talked about law and order recently in Chicago and Don't worry Chicago! You want to solve this, we'll send in the feds? None not know, Mr President, elect that's, not what we do. We don't federal lies the police force. We don't do that. We help cities police themselves, we use the constitution. The constitution is not, a charter for a corporation you're, not the ceo of Amerika. You are the president and its very it's a very different role, but I I think I'm hoping that when done Trump has constitutional lists around him. He will understand that
and he will play along with the constitution, and we won't do the things that we have done under George W Bush and in a massive under Barack Obama, and anybody who is intellectually honest at all, will say, The things you worried about under George Bush, that it was gonna, be crony. Capitalism got worse under Barack Obama that anybody who worried that the governor, was spying on people got worse under Barack Obama. The constitutional liberties got worse under Barack Obama. The press asks what I dont know ass here. Own fellow colleagues that found themselves harassed or jailed by this president or threaten to jail by this president on what You would call first amendment rights, this
It is the worst president for the press. Sense Woodrow Wilson, I offer many times to stay, with those on the left in the press they would stand. For themselves. First, you said you would have plenty of people on the right that would stand with you. And you'd better do it now, because you don't know who is gonna get in next and then ex guy could be worse now. We are afraid that the next sky might be worse, but saying it away where you don't recognize that your I was really bad. It doesn't help. You have to have intellectual honesty and you have to have
an underpinning of something. Where do you get your principles? What is my hope for the Trump administration? It's really pretty simple and is actually kind of depressing how low the bar is for anybody in office. Now it is that maybe they'll take the hippocratic oath and first do no harm when it be nice to have somebody go to Congress and first do no harm, but this document, which was just purchased over the weekend. I have never seen it before, and it's pretty a maid
thing is my hope for this administration. This is from Ronald Reagan. This was given to his wife Nancy. Afterwards, as a gift and he wrote in his own handwriting to Nancy who titans the corner, where we are Ronald Reagan, he then like his like checks like we used to do a checks, you forgot to make it eighty one he made it one hundred and twenty eighty was actually one two thousand and eighty one when he was sworn in. This is the actual card that he held it is.
And when he was taking the oath of office- and you can see he marked with a black marker, swear, execute ability and constitution of the United States. So he could see it at a distance. He knew exactly the oath anyone screwed up, I Ronald Reagan, do solemnly swear that. I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. So help me, God. My hope for the last president Is the same hope for this precedent. That when he raises his hand he will actually mean these words. This isn't just something that you say this
A swearing to God and to the people. That you will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States. Does that mean you gonna? Do your job, here's the job description, you're gonna! Do your job now haven't seen a job disk I wonder if there is one, can somebody go online and see if there is an official job description for the President of the United States be interesting. It be interesting for us to know what the job description is an. The interesting it should should have one when you walk into the oval office these.
The things you can do. These are the things you can do. I would bet that the job description is in the constitution of the United States, and that's it article two sections two and three. Three hundred and twenty three and twenty two words. Was a marine. Can you just now a NATO years is higher than short Dobbs. Corruption covers only five areas. The President s commander in chief of the military president, is responsible for it during that the laws passed by Congress are executed and enforced as written man, I am certainly violated the last eight years. The president is allowed to grant pardons for crimes other than impeachment. I mean it's in the constitution, so odd people will say I can play their part. These people. It is part of role its part of the Georgia, as in this country, for the present Are we able to pardon now nobody even for any reason that they want right? Nobody has ever done it. To this extent. The averages about what eighteen I knowed Bush did. Nineteen on his last day of pardons, I think twenty three is the
there's a lot of things and they all do more than that during their military terms. That there is usually a last day where they do their those sort of last act out of it. The controversial usually hold them. After the accident to deal with it right, then you have the president: cannot make treaties, but only of two thirds of the Senate aggressive terms of those treaties. The present economic ambassador, Supreme Court Justices and other officers most commonly cabin cabinet secretaries, unfair. Judges, but can we nominate them again? The Senate has final approval on any the nominees anything else is not part of the job of the president, it will create jobs, not part of the job, not part of the job. Be nice but that's your responsibility Who has made that the responsibility of the president, the press? What about jobs
My job, that's what the president should say would be a death knell if he did, but not my job, not my job. My job is to faithfully execute the to make sure that the laws of the land are enforced. Now I have the bully pulpit too. This law is wrong. But I don't have the right to what this president did I'm, not enforcing that. That's not faithfully quote faithfully, execute the office of the President of the United States. That's not faithfully executing it, but the most. Important part will to the best of my ability will to the best of my ability. How many of us had conversations either As children with our parents or of have this conversation with our children or both dad,
I did really poorly in this subject. First: response: From my parents and to my children is that your best work. Is that to the best of your ability. Is that the best you can do- if they answer yes and I believe them not a problem, good job, you did your best work now. How can we help you do better? next time, if they say no, there's trouble. You're not like that with your kids, I did everything I could there were some things that were out of my hands. And that would mean if I see the constitution being violated. I rang the bell at the Bali pulpit,
I tell the american people there. Violation of the constitution, and I can't stop it isn't that to the best of my ability preserve, protect. And defend the constitution of the United States. I don't believe this precedent and make it may be maybe to the best of disability, because his ability may be gravely hampered by what he believes. He believes the constitute in his own words is a flawed document. So if you raise your hand and take this oath. You really are not qualified to take this oath. If Your own admitted words. It is a flawed document because I
Preserve that document I can defend. That document. And I mean mentally defend, wins, but he comes into your office and says: hey, We have to do this, but it's really not constitutional. You say find a pole and I don't care if you have to pull vault over it. That's a flawed document. Don't worry about it You're, in violation of the constitution, what does Donald Trump think about the constitution? I dont know I've, never heard him talk about it. I heard him recently in an interview, an old interview, but they just released it talking about the declaration of independence. Where he said. I have never understood the all. Men are created equal, some aren't, all men are created. Equal some
Mobility, some don't some have looks some doubt. Will that's not what that means, and that shows that to me Show somebody who has read that document and has not put any serious thought into it he's seen the document he's read it needs that will allow men are not created equal, but has never really talked about it. Loud, never had a serious discussion, because a man is so but his Donald Trump will come to the correct conclusion quickly when he thinks about it it's not that all men are created equal. It's that they're all created with equal, an equal chance under the law that they have no standing before the law. Any less or greater than any one else, and it was an old interview. Hopefully you see no taken these. I guess we're between correct, but what does he believe? I dont know what he believes about the constitution,
I've heard him talk about it, but I am hoping that the President Elect has spent his time. Talking to be one. I know he has talked to my glee about the constitution, so hopefully he has done Homework and when he raises his hand to Morrow he, Can I say to the best of my ability I Will preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States, so help me God and mean it because I don't believe the last one. Meant it, at least in the way that most of us would because in his own words, he said it was a flawed document. Now this.
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do more than what the article one of the constitution get in powers to do. Man some I told him that isolationist and also someone who would be a jellyfish of a president, he would find no or details of every build a his way because he knew that most the bill there were written, we're not within his power to pass as president or or indeed that were. That's an interesting. It's interesting weight view why I thought he was an isolationist because its it's not on the presidential powers that made me think that he was an isolationist. It was his his view on withdrawal from the world and I happen to agree with withdrawing from the world, not perhaps as quickly as he would because it's taken us a hundred years to get into this mess but There were other issues. Yeah
that has anything. Did you ever heard that it was about article one that he was restricted by the constitution proves now lonely, thereby in thing point of view. Thank you very much, Josh backing just a second. This is the glad that programme mercury. The glad that programme. So let's look at the people now that we're on Obama has pardoned first wall. Let's start with Manning DIN Julian Assange say that he would allow himself to be extradited to the United States if we pardon manning. Yes, that is what he promise and, of course, I think a lot of people didn't believe that the time now that it's happen, he is saying that he will follow through with that the issue.
Course? Now is he has said, and I will follow through. Yes, he said he's going to follow through that now, who knows, we actually does either party. That is obviously he is, Smart enough to realise that double troubles, but we president, whose kind of a big fan so if he come here. I think it's likely that a sound would get pardoned by tromp, not by IRA it seemingly for eight years It may be right away. I can't believe that why I mean I called the. Call them basically hero, I mean, I know you he will accept repellent worth saying he was a huge criminal of now completely turned around and say your end that but the different. Why that's? Why? I don't think it's different in all other think term cares either. What does he care about the ball and I've never affects amount an iota. She doesn't nothing good boy and he believed not one iota of crack. No oil and the other one is in the same sort of group is Snowden. People are talking about. In the same way like this, it's unlikely
oh Mamma would would pardon Snowden or Assange because it plays against the narrative he's trying to build, which is, you know, trumpets I've as he tied with Russia. There was the hanging of the election and all of these things that, right as of today, the Democrats are suddenly concerned about himself him. I here think does anything where I do think Snowden, antisocial have a great chance of being pardoned by tromp. In that he's outwardly said there her their actions were real positive, an heroic, so you'd think that those who would have real possibilities- and obviously working is closely as he wants to work with Russia there's a lot there. So those are a couple of people that there's a few others that there have been talking about as potential big name pardons. Now we would mention unwilling recovery, who was pardon for some tax evasion. From a million euro. He didn't even go to prison right.
Was a minor thing. You know he wanted his name back and I can understand that he's a hall of Fame baseball player and you know that's what the media is focusing on. However, he part in two hundred and nine people or tv tuner, nine just accumulated and sixty four pardons. Sixty four pardons Turner. Nine com stations in one day and there's more coming to morrow. The substance. The more substantially more or less of the White House a substantially more yes. So who are the people? The big names, because they did pardon alot of people you ve never heard of? But who are the big potential names? Hot air came over the list and they mention Edward stoning, Julius Andrew just start by announcing either of those would happen
David portray ass. This one they mention not betray us obvious he's been alive Trump administration. However, what was under was written in of served Obama or wild as well. Obviously kind went down the wrong road, but would you pardon I it's a good pardon for if, if you were to do that- and you know if he has paid a penny, they certainly for that both Bergdorf Bird Doll. I mean that one seems to fit pretty well. Well, meaning right. You know they ve already traded a bunch of terrorist for him. He comes back and he had you know the charge. I you know I have conflated Bergdorf. Oh man, I now. So Manning? What do not remember? I think you did mention that at one point earlier, because Burg Door well with a guy who tat they were ok ass. I thought that's who he parted and I'm the egg conflated. I forgot there were two separate people. Yes,
Three manning was the guy. What do the very forthright three? Oh yeah, so Manning is the guy who went in gather all of the intentionally gathered all secret documents. Then gave it to Wikileaks yeah and indeed the excuse that may be there justification. In case you were the one who deserted and went I can't let ITALY with the Taliban railway, so here so he still bird dog definitely is gonna. Be community. Was Bergdorf took a bunch of document gave it a wiki leagues then lead I've been wet with the Taliban. I could put the two of them together, as our rapporteur, so Josh Earnest, Chelsea Manning as somebody who went through the military criminal justice process was exposed to due process was found. Guilty was sent for her crimes and she acknowledge wrongdoing outer at court. Martial Ms Manning confessed
in detail to our actions and apologize thing. She had not intended to put any one a risk and noting that she had been dealing with a lot of issues at the time she made her decision, which obviously web manifested itself quite publicly sense. So that is why we are dealing with issues right, I mean obvious. I know, but I'm just That's just it. That entails a traitor to your country that, if you're dealing with issues while those types of issues right, I mean, if their gender issues and ensure. Then you gotta importantly, unbelievably here's another one. I could definitely see happening is Leonard Peltier. Now this a guy. We ve talked about a matter of years, some knows, so many name so he's a very big Hollywood cause. He murdered two FBI agents, many years ago here in warmer he's and that he was in a any a native, american sort of God it group yet and who they
to go capture someone on their compound. He shot to IBM. They know for a fact: he was shooting at FBI. Agents are a hundred and twenty some odd shots at FBI agents. It basically to and says well with somebody else who actually hit. The FBI. Agents is apparently, though, shot at point blank. These two guys shouted point. Blank range, really tragic and horrible story Whatever reason this has become a big cause for the left over the years, Bill Clinton was, learn to be considering pardoning him at the end of his term, but was eventually did not do it he's been in prison for a long time. He ran for president of the United States of under The peace and freedom Party it was one of those socialist parties- is ran from prison eyes. I believe that you are going to see the worst of the marxist people out and he's a a this is an interesting as, as a bill airs record, been swept clean. Now
I would be very interesting if he I can't, even if he had hardly sense cleans, the record of bill airs couple of others, Ethel Rosenberg. Now now the auditing, pretty it's pretty much of wide knowledge that presupposes luggage. We will monitor she says she's. Now I want to make fun of it. What we laws, however, their families trying to get her pardon and end. The idea is that her husband was much more a part of it. She wasn't really that much of a part of that and so it's another Hollywood cause for a long time. She, and then they also list, I think, maybe maybe tongue in Cheek Hillary Clinton as a potential of seven. But again, she's had been in these FBI investigations and it in effect, would probably destroyer legacy, not help it. If he can, she gets an actual, pardon for the donor. Maybe your pardon for John Wilkes Booth Heights. His time yet
It's it's it's it's sad to say: Xanthus were joking about in time, but it's nodded it was. Pardoned in the seventies. You know that phrase. Your name will be mud around here that, because that's because of doktor mud who was part like a hundred years later in the murder and an I have to tell you. Disagree with it. I mean that the through the pardon yeah, mine is that you the reason why they grow the is because John Witherspoon broke his leg. Or his ankle here. What did you just say right? Ok, so he is going the crises he's trying get across the river trying to get away. He can, Make it any more, he hides in the Bush sir, whatever for a long time. He goes,
to see this doctor doktor mud of confederate of of boots as this is a safe house. He goes in that's what. He is caught. If I'm not mistaken, he's caught on the property of mud and mud helped fixes leg He said he had. No idea was John Wilkes Booth, first of all kind of hard to believe, because John Wilkes Booth was like Lee: part of the Caprio. It was a big star. He was a huge, huge star, so but everybody knew who John works Booth was. Ok, but the reason why they nabbed him and didn't believe his story is because booths boots which he was wearing when he came in, we're sitting there at the the end. By the by the chair where booth was sitting when he first came in and they say
to the doctor, what happened he said he came in. He said he had broken his leg or his ankle and he that down on this chair his feet were swollen and is leg was swollen, so I had a hard time getting is booth boots off and he said those are the boots And the agent picked up the boots, looked at him and said really When you didn't know it was John Wilkes Booth, no, I would have reported him immediately. Had I known Tell me exactly how you took the boots off. LISA well, I was down here on my knees and I I took One boot off like this and another boots off like this, and I set them right there and he said he'd ever really come around. Look at the top of the food and right inside of the top of the boot, where you cannot miss it, it says in both boots John Wilkes Booth.
So it's light. While there was no what doktor? How did you miss that so that. Was kind of the evidence that got him, but he was later pardoned. We know by. I think or was it forward that pardon him and Ford also, pardon Tokyo, rose, withdrawal early, which was right earlier by way of theirs. Disagreement on under your name is bud thing related to him. I think, like its. It was deafening recorded before this doctor. However, the lot of you it was popularized, essentially because I guess like back in day was used as like as a modifier, so as fat as mud or as sick as mud, whereas riches rich's mud is the one there for whatever reason like I hate, Google yeah, I know, I welcome it. Erect everything, however popular, if it probably popularized the name. Part of that. So I do
Missus Munt after that. Obviously people tied it to that later, but it does seem like it predated it. So what for whatever that's worth in? Thank you go. Mumia Abu Jamal as the other one that we talked about briefly. That's on this list. It looks like that wouldn't happen, because it was a state conviction rather than a federal conversion. Not an unnamed here is the blind sheikh, which you have brought up in the past as a potential. ART, and who is the other one. I set Mumia Abu Jamal going over to where the two main ones that you we we mentioned. We also haven't. You been focused on the group of terrorists. I mean you know we complain about you know. Chelsea, manning we can complain about these people, and I would like to mention Oscar Lopez Rivera Philip has Rivera he's a marxist communist terrorist that was pardon yesterday. Unrepentant and we are not the only ones complaining about the manning for either we have with oil from Democrats and senators
Can you play the democratic senators please before we get into the other terrorists? Here's some of the Democrats, it against it, your reaction and how do you think the entire community will react things dead, wrong, absolutely dead this is treated as mere what the private manning done. What Chelsea did is absolutely found guilty. Thirty five year sentence you you were going to give the green light to pee Basically, with all the hacking going on down all the cyber attacks we got going on, my goodness snow. Now there you gotta Clinton these people just wrong. We're not gonna one not going to be supportive of these. These types of commutes whatsoever- and this is a Bob Menendez- why do you think he did it? Did he do the right thing, but I dont know He did it, and so I look forward to hearing has reasoning us I just heard about it, but the
Now that is, as I have serious concerns, equivocating satellites is one national security is at stake. What happened here is that literally hundreds of thousands of documents were release. It put national security at risk. It put individual operatives at risk put our national interests at risk with other countries and at a time that we are seriously questioning what Russia did as it relates to. Our elections and the role that wiki leaks and a different adoration has played in that regard. I dont know that I've ever heard Bob Menendez disagree with Barack Obama fell. Honey of, let me ask you this here: how do you how ok, maybe cuban? How do you get there? If you are somebody who is saying be no rush? That is really bad. Wikileaks is really bad there. Their responsible, forgive
Donald Trump, which I dont believe, but if you're saying those things How do you get to this? Is this? Is it a good thing? the left. How are you getting to the guy? gave wiki leaks a lot of this information. How do you get There are set, and Anybody on our side. How do you get too? I have a problem with this. It's such a great thing of of of how meaningless this nonsense, surveillance coming out saying how terrible you know you know Julian Assange is he's a guitar. And everything else and now he's the best guy in the world for the exact same he's in here the left loved when when Manning did some of these things they loved when, when the bushes, Duration got targeted earlier yet now there on the opposite side, now this rig it. Your recent economic reports from both the World Bank and the I M F suggests that the proposed tax cuts will boost economic growth world.
However, is warning that the tariff proposals by Donald Trump Good also trigger protectionist retaliation one way or another. We will pay for the sins of the past and the president is not going to have the power this all the FED, the present It is not going to be able to do anything except deal with the aftermath and that's what we don't want, the president to do. We want us. To be able to do that, we want to be able to survive. I am convey, if you have your money in the stock market, its nineteen twenty nine one of these days soon it's gonna crash How much will you lose? Cole gold line find out about the price guarantee programme find out of buying gold or silver is right for you at eight six takes four six five, thirty five, forty six gang its. Nineteen, twenty nine, eight six gold line, one eight six extolled line or gold line dot com,
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They're right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment places I commend you things that we want to add that we want to discuss. There is really to me a disturbing story that is going around, that the press knee it's to prove or disprove right now. I'm feeling is the reason why the birth certificate thing had legs. With so many people again, not us. We didn't agree with that
but why it had legs with so many people is because the press justice It had to ignore it and they ignored it for a very long time. They didn't tell the truth of where it started. It started with Hillary Clinton campaign. They fight somebody that that started it, but it then it me morphed and when somebody else just like that, just like, what's being done with Trump right now, it start with a way to start with a democratic operative know when we started with a republican operative They sold it to a democrat operative and that, where that's how it got to the President garden in the news. Tat same thing happened with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, her campaign. Somebody said that then it jumped over after she finished a campaign and it was Barack Obama than it jumped over to the republic inside
everybody ignored it. I'll just go away. Well, in the old days things like that would go away, but you and ignore thing, that's why snowplow is so important disprove these things or prove them to be accurate, but do it quickly I believe that there is- is a war going on with the intelligence community right now and Donald Trump and his surrogates are fighting a war with the intelligence community, and if we let this give out, control its. Why I said when this story broke. What last week about all of the things you know, Donald Trump in russia- we need find out, we need to answer those three buckets member. I broke the story up into three section
the last section was: do we trust the intelligence community Willie answer to that is no, because the entire since community has been politicize that doesn't mean you dont trust, any of the intelligence community. It means clap for instance, when he said that the Muslim Brotherhood is largely secular. That's that was a political answer that there's no way any. In the intelligence community believes any of that. That was a political answer. Here is the latest that needs to be disproved or or needs, exposed as the truth, I dont believe it at all. It's something unusual today I clicked on a headline on the drugs report, and I only damn it because it was read at the top of the page, and it was
operative Roger Stone survives assassination attempt, that's huge news, if indeed its true waste. Urge nobody in nobody who is legitimate is reporting this. This is the drugs report taking an infant wars story and putting it up the front. The other, on his world that Daily daily, no daily may also picked up against its all coming from Roger Stone, tweeting about it, that's the source. He saying it happened are so like to see the document, to go with this renown. Republican operative, says, he's usually very healthy. Baby became violently ill unexpectedly, several weeks ago, generally, a healthy person. I've been a runner and weightlifter careful with my diet. I'm a user of the info. Or supplements about
this is what makes it a little bit boys every bad. This is safe guidelines when Roger started speaking he's lying yeah. That's it that's my guideline, ok, but this is going to be believed by many people, not relieve my guideline. My guidelines solved this problem. Whenever Roger Stone speaks he's lying correct period, That's all of these issues. Ok, I ultimately went to the Doktor Mouth Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach and my own personal physician. They conducted extends Blood test. Those blood tests were passed on to the CDC. The jet consensus is. I was poisoned, the general The answer you remember. Do you remember when I was going to the doctor. We never talked about it on the air because we didn't believe it. We never believed it. Do you remember when I was first going to the doktor and I went to Columbia University I went to
what was the other one New York and why you and both doctors said do. Is there a chance that someone would want to kill you and like it course, there's a chance. Somebody wants, I guess they was Jeffreys and we are looking into poisoning. You may have been poisoned. It describes area it's happening in your body right now. Will we talked about it. We did all kinds of testing for boys and we never found any anything like that. Is it possible that he went and said anything having some symptoms? and they said what they said to be is a repast the lady somebody wants to kill you yes, well we're looking into we lead poisoning would describe your symptoms. Oh yes, we ve come to a consensus we ve come to a consensus while, especially if you're taking infant war supplements
You're gonna. Be that those? How do you get your ass, the source of poisoning? So listen? Listen to this Tell me that this doesn't become a a federal case. I bet you that there are guidelines that, if this happens, you have to report it I was poisoned with they now say they are right, there was poisoned with. They now say us students may have been polonium, A war had the characteristics of bologna and I'll, tell you. Why are the second ok, If you had, if you were poisoned with polonium to ten, it's a radio give substance, there are only two places, but back had come from the union. States, government or the russian government, where the
only ones that have plume polonium to ten and the Russians did this with the with. What's this very correct, it is the sign of Russia. They done it a couple of times. It is this. I am of a russian hit. But here is why bring this up but KGB has used this blah blah blah blah blah stone. When to contemplate, who might have been behind the possible assassination attempt. He fingers democratic opposition. So now somebody who is a Democrat is ordering the military is that who would have access the military's yea to go in steel The polonium get it into his body a demo At opposition and quote the Intel Community Roger Stone,
is the dirty tricks, guy that that whole phrase dirty trickster, came. In regards to Roger Stone. He is the dirty tree. Was Richard Nixon dirty trickster? He is I'll poisoning the system again injecting into our system. A lie about the intelligence community. Now. I believe it's a lie. It's important that the press does enjoy. Let this poison sit there because If it is not disproven, it will sit there and in the conspiracy world Other lie will be built on top of it and another one on top of it, and on top of it You'll never find the truth, because you do dismiss the it shall lie.
There is a war against our intelligence agencies and against information and information and info war. Swung to point that out really is illegal, Thank you. There's an infant war, going really real against information What if they didn't, have polluting him to turn the they only had like a hundred and five point, one what is actually delicious lifelike like, and that is why I ve age five, remember, there's braced and they just they didn't have to ten they just now, by not quite it's all the way up to try to turn. Obviously I mean, I know a Rogers. Don't story broken by info wars. There is
absolutely no reason to think that any of it is actually a lot of theirs right. It's a touch. The Wye River is unravel. What he's got this is that it is on running, is a laundromat while or crazy stories. Now a lot of people don't understand that Matt Drudge has gone off the deep and you cannot that you cannot, Go to a source that is using info wars, what it was the first thing you did when I said: here's the stories from info words once a first thing, you did to check to see if anyone else's reporting. Vitamins or a story from a legitimate source, there's no legitimate source. That is that his report this unless they're doing what we're doing reporting that they reported, it really give having stone, tweeted it. So people are reporting tweets, because that's what reporters do these days, I read stories about tweets
however it, but that's imploring introductory, isn't that he was assassinated. That story. That he we did that equality and there you are estimated out stunningly. He says he was assassinated. Are these ass nation tat happened because he was going to expose the truth? about the russian ACT that no one will tell you would just happens to be the focus of this new book. Those are all coincidences, but that just happened to play to the benefit of himself in that particular both its a total going. But it's war does not have anything to do with the other. In case you are worried about that. However, this used to be somebody could laugh off. I think at this point I mean he's connections at the president. Had it states hand he who knows where this goes right. I mean now that the guy's boom, but a long term best friend type a guy to prompt, says if he's in there and who knows I think, is smart enough to know that when you get
into the oval office, you distance yourself from morons like this at whether he continued I dont know I mean I I don't know he did distance himself during the campaign from Guy, however, is that it was apparent that there is some let this is not about trump I mean, How does not worry did right yeah, it's much worse if this, if, if trumpet, still listening to this guy, however, this is about the media, and you cannot let these things just sit there anymore. You can. Ignore them. I ain't ignores. I agree with that, but I think there's more to this particular case from the perspective of stone, Drudge enforced throughout the entire campaign, and I would assume, as we go into the presidency, have been vehicles for things that the campaign didn't want to say, but one
Say yes, the national inquires at others? It? Yes! So when these guys do this, they because it becomes news because of those connections. Is it possible that Trump is try to further the narrative of the in the intelligence community, standing up against him and fighting against him everywhere and stone, maybe not connected to Trump but is trying to the third that narrative for trump- and if that is a narrative, the ones which it does seem like he has, he said publicly several times, including reference Obviously the Nazi Germany thing about, as it is it does become something of interest in you after you had it. We have to know it and you have to know the truth about it. Ok now this, if you haven't, had Yes catch? The last two episodes of that the vault you need to learn. As to episodes of the vault, we took a look at the principles of the nine twelve project. We, It showed you, some of the artifact,
and the conclusion tonight is the conclusion of this three part Series: what are the that twelve principles that I said in the nineties project. We have to concentrate on, and why did I pick those and what objects from history? do we have in the vault, show you. This is why it's important the fascinating series. Three part: you can watch the two parts undermine watch part three tonight when it comes to protecting. These artifacts the vault is liberty safe. I trust liberty safe with anything in my personal life, but I also trust the liberty safe with all of the artifacts. I showed you today, the actual oath of office there. Ronald Reagan, used when he lifted his hand in nineteen eighty one that oath of office- I end by him and given to Nancy. We just have it we're
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the purchase of your mattress at casper dot com, Flash Glenn the problem. Glenn dont forget fifty dollars off. The purchase of your mattress castle, God, com, Slash, Glenn terms and conditions do apply. You're in listening to the Glen Back programme. This is unbelievable. We have to tell you about this two hundred and fifty million dollar how's. That is First sale in California, it is, crazy and what's craziest is its in its it's in Bel, air, the whole all of these Hollywood people who hate capitalism well and also the aspirants. Well, yes, where he's from what he actually was actually It always wears available of those days. These children, relying on the pool, I think that was a tv show. It you gotta Gary and Virginia Gary how area.
My mom Gary go ahead. Yes, go head, sir, What is your name Gary? It's ok, you gotta do almost the rumour that debt pool overleap Pool you know, even though they might want their pull here, but that a birthday, but I think one party, all up again debt relief and gone away at the Hollywood. I think it would be one of the dire all employees haughty revalued when Irish, so pissed. That's what I do is oh yeah, that is, is this. You told that story earlier this week we will no longer roman glancings much worse than you probably remain yeah. It's a really big boy would rather be a favour to Hollywood. Cindy in Pennsylvania. Go ahead high,
when I guess was listening high. I was listening to the opening of your programme about the President operating within the parameters of the constitution, and I agree Not one hundred percent, however real, without only in the second, Cases of normal circumstances, which we have not had with eight years of Barack Obama's lawlessness and so we are living in very much more dangerous times and it's gonna take a lot undo the damage that he has caused, particularly in the last thirty it's where equal wholesale one count. What what unconstitutional thing are you suggesting in this emergency situation? Well, I do. I don't wanna, try economic emergency; however, you know a lot of the executive borders that Barack Obama's put in place will have to be undone executive order- that's not, it does not constitute, has not out of his primitive, though that's ethically vine,
because I know that you should always wouldn't coolies constitutional. I think to undo not a law worrying like that, but to undo a president's executive order with executive order. That is totally fine and an end. It should How does he then add new executive orders that put new things? is in place than that's gonna be the problem. I think it's going to attend a lot again We hear a lot of seemingly sabotaging the past thirty days from Obama's. You know what he would like. All peaceful transition in words, but his actions speak something their friends and again, I think we're living in a much more dangerous situation right now on where I don't like being spied on either. I understand where you're coming from. As far as I know, saying all about five trumpet trump is in a very bad
obviously we will address that when we compare your were listening to the Glen background, programme with clarification you mentioned the fresh prince, was born in Belarus as a technically in West Philadelphia Borrell raised. He was shooting some people outside the school. When a couple of guys who up to no good started making troubled neighbourhood, he got in one little fight and is I'm not scared. He said you're moving with your aunt and uncle too Belarus ok shut out that ok, so Cindy, just called us a few months ago, and I will I will She said that she said that she loves the constitution, but we're in extraordinary success creation and Donald Trump is gonna- have to do what he's gonna have to do to to rip. Error, the damage that has been done. No, we all of the constitution.
Oh, I will share this with you. Without attaching names at one of the networks that I worked at. I was so I sat down, with management, and I was told quote: Glenn: listen. We all love the constitution. But there are certain things that we have to do you. I disagreed with that. Then coming from a network executive. I agree with? It now know the ants constitution is the constitution. You want to change it there, you amend the constitution, I mean, that's cute, glad to say, till the television idea did you. I did make me popular that guy who still work for the YAP. Neither one of them are in trouble with certain things.
You have to be done right here. Somebody at that level separate from what she suggested, and I think you correctly pointed out as if, if Obama create, creates an unconstitutional executive order and you can repeal that executive order by an executive order than you do it I mean to go right back to accurate. That's figure, actors, zero! Exactly you dont passed a new executive order that does something unconstitutional in your favour. That's not the way that that direct its that attitude, that that has gotten us where we are today. Yes, with the emergency, all the other things that you know have eroded our freedom right, we ve to do this because of that? No you either have prince rules. Are you don't, and my principles are clearly spelled out in the bill of rights. The government cannot, do these things and we gotta go back to her founders. Who said you can't sacrifice your freedom for your security and that's too often what were willing to do
were willing to say: ok, yes, the constitution is great, but we're in trouble right now, and things are scary and narrow, terrorism, we they gotta be caught, and so Look around here is something that no, what they is anybody red defying Hitler not yet. One of the things that I found really interesting in in that was it wasn't. As the author right and he was living through it. In the nineteen thirty says a book there was written in the nineteen thirty and then found later by his family and published in the two thousands. He said what made it so deep, address is that everyone dismissed everything was going on by Hitler and prior to Hitler, because first it was it currency, and we had to do these things because it was an emergency during the Weimar Republic and then
It became it became settled everything how to settle down and Hitler Kay and when Hitler came in, they said he the argument for what there was doing by everybody, the normalcy, biased everybody was looking for it to be normal and everybody was saying, no he's doing it exactly concept. National he's doing it exactly the right way he's demanding that it be done the right way and so everything every law was passed. It was very important Adolf Hitler that it was done exactly right at the beginning right, it partially because he had already had so many legal problems and- and you know he tried to overturn the government earlier and went to prison erect. So he was China's constantly trying to justify that his organist
is, is legitimate and lawful and then course in the end, everything was suspended in became him and so on, had his way so make no mistake Fascism and totalitarianism can happen True lawlessness, or by can pulling the government and passing all of the exact laws and dotting all the eyes that cannot be done with our constitution because of the bill of rights. You cannot pass laws that spy on people that round people that quarter people into your homes that hold you without trial. None of that the one that Hitler did not have was the constitution of the United States now oh country on earth has the constitution if we dismiss it now in easy times when
times come. It will for sure be dismissed. And then all of your protections go away and it the law that is doing it to you and believe me, We are going to be telling a story of a lawsuit that, as happened to me recently, that my first amendment attorneys could not believe And it wasn't it, it has everything to do with the United States government, the things the government, claims they can do. And now do will astonish you to the point where I said to my attorney: wait a minute. There's no way for my there's no way for me to defend myself, because the parliament is holding all the cards, and we have no access to any of those cards?
even though they admit they have the cards. Yes. Well. Why can't I get those cards to defend myself while the constitution requires them. If it is in your defence, you huh have to be able to have them. So why are they giving them because they claim they don't have to do it anymore? Ok, I'm telling you when it is you that is sitting across from the government and the government holds all of the car and you no longer have power? You no longer work for you the government no longer works for you. You now answer to the government when they have that kind of total control you're in trouble. And we're already there they just haven't exercised it. In any meaningful way,
but we're already there. You cannot lose any more rights. The constitution. We all love the constitution period. No, but period marked you're on the Glenda Programme, hello, mark there too, yes go ahead and hear me now. Yes, m? Okay? I do you and the guy there a you know when you get bureaucrats in office. Are you a little about almost impossible to get rid of them? I'll? Read it? A month ago there was a hundred and twenty two positions that were usually political, employ appoint, ease that the civil service departments, deemed eighty seven of a now as permanent jobs. That Obama has filled here we go about it, no change back. So that way we will have the president can be done. You do Newsweek Eddie, do it yet that the the couple things yes, because all of the departments
are under the president of the United States. So there's a cup eradicate how'd, you get results, bureaucrats to entrench. You pass these political mandate, It's an loves. You you do this first thing. Is that the first thing you do is you give the power back to Congress and you support what is it Rains ACT which back truly gives the power back to Congress. Nothing can be passed by these departments; they cannot act on their own Congress Right all laws which is a a redrawing of the lines of the constitution and just making the constitution in boulder print and taking away the power of of these. So you I don't have to worry about anything future. Then the best way to those Ryan in Mcconnell, have the backbone port I don't know, but I know that I think they might actually, for I mean I think it might actually get through. I guess we will. You know Trump would need to sign it, but I think he would
is the number one agenda item for people in the freedom movement in and thereby mightily in particular has led the charge gas among others. He says this will fix ninety percent of of what is wrong with regular any big regulation. I caught unawares at a hundred million dollars or more, I think that's. The number has to go back and go through Congress You can't just make these things up where you're spending all this money in an affecting our economy. So it would be a really positive change if we can get out a big and that would that would decline things like the EU. Yeah the other way. I know I know a hundred million dollars the drop in a bucket to the federal government, but I think they lowered out a little bit. I happened to agree with your mark, but remember, two hundred million it's an impact, a total impact of a hundred million dollars. You get their quickly. You pay One thing about a bakery ended is costing these bakeries. You know twenty
A thousand dollars to do something you're already at the hundred million my dollar mark. So thank you very much for your phone call, but I think they should Lowered as well, the other thing that I have heard, that Trump is considering that I hope he does is cutting through attrition. The best way to caught some of these programmes that everybody says are, you know, can't be caught. Is no more hiring when retires anyone quits anyone is fired. Scotto goes away, no more, you can cut ten percent every year, no more hires, and that is part of that was a campaign promised for trumpet and one that would be very good, bye, it is a hundred million dollars or more. But to give you a sense of what these agencies do just take one agency, the EPA, just the EPA during Barack Obama's two terms have past seven hundred and fifty billion
dollars, love regulations, a hundred million dollars is actually a pretty low bar to correct the cars cracked and that's a drop in the bucket for the government, and it seems like a big number. But when it comes to economic impacts on these things, it's gonna be tough for them has any regulation. Any regulation that screws with the economy in any way is going to be very difficult for them. The. If there's an actual comes to fruition and is not ignored- which I wouldn't- be stunned to see a bunch of republican senators, pass this thing and find ways to constantly ignore it. However, you know. I mean that would come from these agencies, and I know it's the one thing you can appeal to its. You could say that these senators, hey you, get more power house members, you get more power, its no longer out of your hands. Of course the left likes it being
Lit likes the idea that there's no checks and balances so they're gonna be says that way there not. That way. The government can do what it does when it successful. They can take the credit when it's not successful. They could say that do they bear against it in they got to clean up government. That's why you need us. I mean it's it's the perfect foil for people in power is not having to actually write these these laws and letting a faceless bureaucrat do it, and it's why we know had that until the progressive era, one more call quickly from LOS Angeles Cornelius, go ahead, a glance and Geoffrey patents. Do I met you, Barnes Nolan, Sri Poor, when you sign a book were Christmas time, but I, like the is
About is well thank you from a gorgeous. I should have known by the name Cornelius, but definitely the axe and does not scream allay screams. Louisiana lay the late hour. I oh Brad stage. We will we be in this beer plan that gave you that porn paperwork until you about Bobby gender. Today s trying to get my poured into, but apparently present Obama didn't have time, Me I got a couple days were: hold your breath and look look he's partnership and a it. So you know what that is so should also he can parties tears. Like you say in all these other people, some buyers really needs a pardon and stuff and legs it, because without metropolis pour out be african american- and I was one of the few african marriages, if not the only one that books on an inch reported
if you go with the tape using and patents, do I talk to you later leaves? No, no. I'm not goin. Now I hear how many minutes where it talks about. I gotta run out of time. I wish we could have under the boy, but thank you so much now this we ve talked about. Prepared for her gains, droughts and other natural that natural disasters This is one reason why to have an emergency food kit Another reason is we ve always had. This is people we have always had Seventy two hours, you good luck. Who's your electricity in ass, no storm. You could You know, have some sort of power outage for some reason or another they stores could close. For
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Ninety thirty one prepare would Glenn dotcom your listening to the Glen Bag Programme, Statistical led back programme born of about a minute lever, but not upon follow TAT, makes a great point I want to take. It will work on time less than a minute left, so they get right to your point. Hurry Glenn, yes, plan high its p. Hi PETE! Yes, go ahead! We only ever about a minute left garages. Your phone screener Joey's, rife visa falcons fan really like the falcons are like the green Parker has nothing to do with your point. Is our packers protein gonna win but lesson time listener called twenty nine times?
usually because you are good and you got right to the point. Twenty one of those times the line was busy inciting get through, but I've run up to eight times, the first of which one is in people Meiji Minnesota righteousness. Ok, I sell computer. What can you do to your point where a proud twenty seconds- and I was watching you at the print shop recorded I will mention they had behind and dare ask, and I certainly person whose guy we're out of time. Sir said the programme.
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