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Gun Control Didn't Stop Another Senseless Shooting | 7/5/22

2022-07-05 | 🔗

Another senseless atrocity occurred at a Fourth of July celebration, but this is par for the course for multiple cities in Illinois, despite having some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Pat and Stu give some perspective to help avoid living in fear as they also discuss the latest controversial police shooting. Pat and Stu go over the latest in sports news, including the WNBA player Brittney Griner, who is currently detained in Russia on drug charges. Pat and Stu discuss some of celebrities' worst takes on abortion, along with the abortion restrictions around the world. Pat and Stu critique Gavin Newsom's latest political ad as they recall some of his questionable past behavior. The Left's abortion rhetoric continues to get more radical.

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six or seven in the morning with their long chairs and just try to enjoy a fourth of July parade and then somebody start shooting at them from from a rooftop. I don't understand it pair This guy was known to law enforcement, which we ve heard multiple times with. These shootings lately if they're known and nothing happens. I don't kind of laws? Are we going to enact that stop this other than reversing our entire system of justice. Right like we could do with the chinese system, where we arrest people when they looked suspicious, but I will say that is the future crime there, if it with my own report- and you could do that- I will say if we had that implemented, and I saw this guy. I, would have arrested because he ll looks as if he was about to wear a shirt that says I'm a future mass shooter. You look at the picture, this guy. He look. the part, but then
if not how our society operates like. I can just a rest somebody if they look the part near now. Let's not how this works now I don't that's been challenging the supreme court. It will have to Given that I don't, I don't know, but- I will say that this system of justice is better the chinese one, That is your other option, though you can go more more towards that direction. You could start arresting people when they rights things online or when they purchase a fire me prevent them from purchasing a firearm, we can move towards that chinese system. If we wish now, I have to amend the constitution a bunch of times to get there so it's a lotta heavy lifting for the left, but that seems to be what they want here. They to be able to want to charge people with crimes before they commit them and unfair. That's not the not how works now we may find out did they were known to police back there that covers a wide range of things right like it.
It could mean that this person we known, bought the gun illegally because they were so well known to police. They were barred from buying one we you may find that out. At some point it's hard, I will say over the years since uvalde, and particularly in particularly I I have. I have really I've really stopped jumping on the initial details. Sort. Of right so often around so often- and this is something that people have complained about a long time the is terrible at all in times, especially when the police have issues and again I'm a big supporter of the police, I think, generally speaking, they do a very good job, Occasionally they don't do a great job, and when that happens, they tend to leak details to the meat here. That back up some other narrative that makes them look a little bit better value in a really prime example of that, as They were the heroes of the universe the day after that and then not
Much later on, not so much the more. I learned the less cure hero of the university scene, yeah really didn't turn around seemed like the opposite of the hero. It did turn around quickly. He did so, but I I found myself fascinated watching the coverage of this because every newspaper in america, every big news website was talking about this and at level is understandable. Right, like, as you mentioned, it's a terrible tragedy. Here you are you ever everybody in this audience probably went out to of a fourth of July event in them innocent way and unwanted. Just have a nice time with her family for four, for a place like this to have that disturbed with a gun fire from the roof top of a bill. from some psychopath. It's obviously in credit notable right of asia, its notable and tragic and awful, and it s because so many people were going through that same sort of event. This weekend we should note that seem to happen anywhere else. This is one of aunt and it was
we really bad, but the same time that there talking six shot or six dead thirty mid thirties, a believer the injury numbers incredible unspeakable tragedy. At the same time, in chicago nine people were shot and killed and fifty seven shot over us this week and in chicago any happier if this gun laws in the country- and it happens in both as very single weekend yeah every weekend this when he comes out that nine dead, a dead, twelve dead, six dead, seven debt every weekend and they don't care about it at all. They never mentioned it they never mentioned it the only time they ever mention. It is because you might bring it up and say wait what about all of this violence in chicago, so that they can call you a racist right now, who is the racist here? Pat? If you see to care only about the white people at the parade being shot and not about
black hispanic people in chicago, get shot every week and cause the racist here. I don't it gives us. No, it is not. I actually do care about the people who gets which is why we bring it up here, they're, not happened right all the time in chicago, exactly that somewhere else. For that matter. Yes, you know, there's a lot of cities where they see, for this way. Every week and week weekend, Baltimore philadelphia, new Orleans detroit. All of these cities are suffering with this same malady. That chicago does to one degree or another, and they don't care about any of it. They just keep doing the same democratic policies they just keep restrict guns, and it doesn't help at all. if it doesn't help in these areas where we see them employed how's it going to help nationwide ridiculous they're going after hundreds of millions
guns that are legally owned by law. Abiding citizens trying to micro manage their use instead of going after you know there s a big, a much bigger bloom- and I think one of the issues here is the reason why we talk about chicago and baltimore, and these other? cities is not because democrats run them into the ground constantly, although that, admittedly, that's part of it hit part part of it is to highlight how bad these policies are and how well they work in practice, which is terrible, but it's not just that it's also there. Like it's a much more sensible area to focus on it's really hard to stop work, twenty two year old. To get from, in one gun and going on a of top in firing at unarmed people in a crowd like really hard to stop that the only what you stop it is because, thankfully most people don't want to do it right, You know, that's the truth and I mean
he's known to law enforcement, and yet his still got away with doing right, interstate. where would have very restrictive god, laws and in an area that has very restrictive gum laws It's just really really hard now doesn't mean you try to stop it. Obviously, we ve talked about the mental health aspects stopping people with with criminal history he's and mental health factors. I'm getting firearms is part of this focus that the left and the right, I agree on right like we shouldn't, we should stop those people from getting guns but like It's really difficult to do that, and it's one of those things where you're talking about an amount of people, despite how much coverage it gets that die every year from from these crimes, it's almost impossible in a country of three hundred and thirty million people who try to, that entirely and to make any difference on that number you'd have to eliminated entirely right like it's.
Like a crime, cheap meat- if you, if you shave, Twenty percent off the amount of people who die in mass shootings every year. Well be great. And we want to do that, but it would no difference in the gun. Violence total that we're talking about all the time the where you can make a difference on those numbers. Are things like suicides preventing suicide is a is a is a- is a really big pool of people who die from gun, violence and its much. Easier to try to do something about that crime in inner cities is another one. That's were almost all this stuff happens almost all of it. Yet it gets. Almost none of the coverage and harry How do you explain that if it was the left ex money, I can guarantee what they would say they would say to racism you only
care about the white victims. You don't care about the black victims, that's what they would say, that's what they say about missing. Kids, all the time whenever there's a good looking college girl that goes missing man that gets coverage from all the cable news channels, but if it's in an inner city, black male, they never get any coverage, and you know they that all the time that would the explanation for sure if this is the other way round, though, if the Left was the one no question handling this? They would be critical of the media and say you don't care about the black victims. You only care about the white victims in the in the nice little suburbs we're goin to their july. Fourth, events that such a care about, because the colors get now. I know I don't think that that's the the reality here, I think be note there is. something to do with that sort of crime of spectacle in this big flashy thing, but the problem This is the reason why a match, in gets, a lot of coverage is, also the reason why they keep occurring because
psychopaths want this attention and so giving to them constantly. We have not mentioned this person's name, nor will we giving them stint detention. Every time one of these things goes down, help the situation. It makes it much worse doesn't help our overall problem with gun violence, it literally does everything it shouldn't. And none of the things that should young at this the happens. Every type of that's why we're not playing his diatribe in the blue video hidden he produced. I don't want to give him that satisfaction and that publicity, but he d have a rambling, weird vince. Oh that he put out the kind of gave hence to what he might be planning to do here and now and then Did it but, I don't know how you stop it when you see, even if you see the video even of law enforcement sees the video, can you got ass, the guy. Because of said he didn't clearly say: I'm going go, kill people at the forefront lie parade. Maybe you could get him
a terrorist threat at that point, but that's not what he did so I don't. I don't know how you stop him, in being known to law enforcement, unless he's committed some sort of crime right ever really, what you could do is try to again convert this country into one that that doesn't have innocent until proven guilty that guy out, you can do right trot you can move that line out red flag laws, attempt to move that line right, that's what they are in, Perhaps if you have some future crimes or future crimes, and perhaps if you had like they're going to say well, I dunno, I don't remember off the top of my head, the red flag law situation in illinois, and I dunno. If we don't know the details of this anyway, I mean whether it was enacted or how it work will know. You know within weeks, sure, but the bottom line is: if you have someone who's off kilter in your report them then maybe you could take their guns. Was this but like again, for? How long are you delaying the inevitable here If you haven't committed a crime, all you're doing is delaying it. Would
good it's better than than you know it's better than not leg and put their trade off here, of getting rid of our system of justice to attempt these things. Knowing that ninety nine point, five percent of the people caught up in these red flag laws will not have done anything. when there's gotta be you're gonna, be essentially punishing people for nothing in almost all case, that's how this works and the farther you go down that line the farther you go down there first, of the relationship between innocence in guilt, the closer you get to places like china, and you can do it lots of countries. Do it you can go live in one of them there. There wonderful flights are pretty expensive right, but you can get there, wooden recommended. I have a friend who went overseas this past weekend and they are still doing it. Wasn't it first like this flight was eight hours
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one of them is a friend of leases who is in shape, works out every day, You know why you now that the typical person you'd think would think it would be desirable to go, get a hike. Mountain, ok, go to africa and hike mount kilimanjaro right. Ok, those people exist. I they seem completely foreign to me and I mean there's another species essentially, but ok it goes to the gym. Every day she did, Pinatubo. I believe in the in the past, who hasn't arrived, who among us pat now, how many guys wizard you have an annual trip to within a tube pinatubo. We would do a semi annual, actually yeah. I was I was at my right here which we used to take listeners. There was great, but such done that before she could handle it her her nick another in this situation is fascinating because he's like a normal guy, he's like us, if
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that great stupor gear that is Glenn this week, the jubilate seventy seven be easy gay something that happened can happen because it doesn't happen anywhere. But here there was a mass shooting in copenhagen, which is not in this country. I don't know your where that, but copenhagen, not in the united states that copenhagen Texas. Now it's not copenhagen. Denmark and a six pack of three people were killed. Multiple people shot. wounded at a mall in copenhagen, so died
I think somebody's lying there because it doesn't happen in other countries. It only happens here as it is again on the fourth of July, of course, was another shooting you have, but it vault police shooting a suspect I just have mentioned here on the denmark, that is people will say: well, you're a mere shooting, how many of you here in the union in the united states. Two hundred and sixty four, the law- and we have to get it back- is that that's really frustrating part is because now get em gig sidetracked, but like the chicago shooting right. What they love to do is ignored. Or the fact that nine were killed and fifty seven shot in chicago separate from the mass shootings, but have you at the in the suburbs? want to ignore that and only talk about the mass shooting, but they get to have things both ways.
because then they will include multiple incidents from Chicago over the weekend and call them quota, quote mass shootings and insert into this number they keep building which everybody, whose dad noses ridiculous, but they keep doing it anyway, because they so they get the best part of both worlds. They get you blame guns for the injured, and build their mass shooting numbers will completely ignoring that their own cities in their own policies are the places all these things are occurring. Yes, I had resonating Lastly, what the strictest gun control in the country- yes like chicago fascinating by the six million people in denmark there, really so we have three hundred and thirty million. So one sixty times almost as many people. So theory if all else was equal, which it's not if all else were equal. You would expect to hear about a shooting
in denmark, approximately one sixtieth of the now the time right. So what you do this and they do this all the time they lean on things for example, new zealand per capita deaths from mass shootings, higher than ours, because they ve had like three or four really bad ones and is trying the related ones that they have taken guns from there. Since they have not only did they ban them, they took them from those who had guns any thing Talking about is probably the after the christchurch shooting, which was this really terrible when the happened a couple years ago, but they did the same thing. After the previous mass shooting, which christchurch was after they took away grounds of guns. The first time to write, so we went through all of this. We go to a stooge, Soudas or america on youtube that we did a gun special. We went through all of the mass shooting numbers and and showed all this data just to show that like cause it these things
I'll, be honest, do feel like they happen a lot here and it sucks even really does it feels at. I talk to people who Big second amendment supporters and aren't talking about taking guns away but stores gosh? I can't believe this is happening. What do we do about it? And that is- legitimate conversation. We should do something. What are we can within the bounds of the constitution and our lot, our traditions? We should. We should do something on the other hand, we do have to realise we you do not need to be terrified everytime you go to a fourth of July parade legacy. Just statistically, your chances, you're shells, is ever think of how many people yesterday went to this parade meant that, like this, is it a kind of a a crease had twenty parades. Just in the metroplex, oh yeah, at least nothing happened to any of nothing happened at any of them. Right your chance. If you want you, let's say there is I don't I'm throb, I did it schools, because this is the real number four schools, but there's a hundred and fifty thousand schools in the united states. One hundred and fifty thousand the fact that
you can name three incidents from the past ten years schools from sandy hook to parkland to uvalde the threatened Obviously there ve been other incidents it between, but they ve medium, but smaller states where the urim massive scale incidents over a decade with a hundred and fifty thousand schools, it number one highlights how impossible it is to stop right How do you stop three incidents over a decade in a hundred fifty thousand schools where kids going to these schools a hundred eighty days a year. It can happen on. at any of these schools on any of these dates. So far is in stopping at an instant that is really really hard? It's you make it worse by somebody actions that it looks like the police did not take any uvalde, but like to actually stop. It is really difficult. Sometimes they do and they do stop some of them, but the same things
these four. The joy parade then think about the actual parade. How many people went to that parade problem, five thousand ten thousand. We do have we ve six people dead, which is horrible and I can't hard to overstate how terrible it is, but it's also important to put in perspective. Even if you went to the parade your chances of being shot with very low, and even if you got shot it seems like about. Eighty percent of people survived emmi like it's important to put that duff in perspective it does it make it any better for the families it doesn't make it any better. It doesnt mean didn't try to stop it, but it is important to keep things perspective and not leave your life income. Terror, which is what the media seems to want you to. Do you not like the chance? these things happening to you are much lower than you getting into a terrible car accident, a guy in the there There are things to worry about that are much more prominent. I
three steps off of where we were going there. We were talking about the cope copenhagen. Are. We said we settled on copenhagen. Now, that's what I want I'm staying on aid, but I'm not going to copenhagen to copenhagen. All you want mainstream media and not go in there, but it's true that, like yes, they have fewer events in denmark than we do. But that's also part really just because they don't have a lot of people. They also dont have a lot of racial strife in denmark zero, there see other their online wise people who have lived there for seventy five centuries and honestly, like its so called at times. You can understand why, like people, I dislike. Look I don't know what to say what I don't shoot and anybody I'm not doing exactly so. There's a lot of aspects that go that go it. There is another shooting and again this is the same type of thing where the media tries to convince all black people that they should be terrified of police, because
are out on the hunt. For you all the time. This is what police do wake up in the morning they have doughnuts was the one thing we about police as they have to have doughnuts and after they additive donuts walk around looking for black people to shoot at the streets for no particular reason, this is the narrative we get from the media all the time. This is what they do. So there the case in akron. And they had a guy's name was Javan just jail and walker. Angela walker was, was coming, be pulled over for traffic stop and, of course the narrative is. Do you see The summary case, you don't know the story of three immediate story, the guy was unarmed black men running from police work. shot at about sixty times by police by police and know what this should not happen. Over a traffic stop pat no It should not have us right now. It should not end it should,
I would agree you in fact you are the king of traffic. Stops you've been pulled over fifteen thousand times since you moved to texas. It's never happened to you. Why? Because you're white white, that's the only reason I'm white! Now I assume you did all of the things that just Jalen walker did in this particular story, and you just just at the end said gosh packard you're. So silly. I can't believe you just drove away from us like this, but like so what happened was. Let me tell you a bit. This sounds familiar to you in the way you deal with our eyes incidents you get pulled over known, speeder pat, grin jailer walker gets pulled over for traffic. Stop. He then was speeding I dont know if he was speeding on a sunday in that part of the story, but he desires. He feels apparently for some reason things might not. Oh well, now, maybe he's guilty of a crime yeah, maybe he's just terrified of police officers. I don't know but he decides to leave and not pull over and run from police in the car
in each of these driving away from police? Ok, there. He eventually get surrounded by police cars, pull over again and then leave again somehow escapes the situation and once again, so, how is it really familiar? I've done this is ok are probably fifteen. Twenty hide has never been forgotten ever been so amazing that white skin really get yet. As brows and so on, then escape from cops. Why he's driving. He fires his gun out the window. Now, when its logical, when or being chased by police and you fire a garden out the window yeah. You have escalated this beyond just running from the police you have now fired. We have another window now we are to give the disk members here? This is what we are told you know from the police This is their justification right, so we should be skeptical over these things
as people are, you know should be treated with skepticism, as we saw in uvalde right like it's a times. You have to make sure. Sometimes they dont tell the truth. However, in this particular case, there is no indication that they know the pert driver is black at this point and the officer says it while their driving. Ok, he just. I had a gun out the window we ve shot. We have a shot fired this For these even had an interaction with him, so It would be really hard to come up with a situation in which lie They don't even know he's black yet, and there are planting this information before they even see him before they like it. Just they would be too much for any reasonable conspiracy theory, but our I'll for the possibility. Anyway, you never know when these situations eventually get The car decides to run from police. He gets out of the car and foot runs from police, then, turns around back toward boys and they shoot em about bunch times For some reason, the focus of the story is how many times they shot him once dead
does it really matter how many times you ve been shot I know from watching many many movies, pat, that you the movie any thing? They shoot the bad guy it and they all start celebrating and hugging each other, while the bad guy gets up slowly in the background one you use a firearm like that's what you're trying to disable the person who may be trying to kill you and police after seeing this guy already fire a weapon, seemingly at them kind of. added indication? He may be violent right, so when he turned to them, they fired and they have a bunch of times. I mean look if they shot him and he was dead and then they walked up to him and shot him a fast. and more times there criticism to to be put on the police officers, though it wouldn't change the outcome, it wouldn't make it more tragic. He was already dead will, but then was mega dead. Maybe then, megan making doppler dare make doppler that, while that's bad cells- and that's been that's bad- that's bad! You don't want that, but like
there are times where math comes into play here and let me walk. People through the bath are not familiar with this document like communes when they shot. I did not. They buy that. That's the argument for the lord. He was on armed, at least that's what they're saying he was unarmed. Well, and guy firing a weapon out the window. I note that doesn't compute to me. Ok,. Here's the mouth of the situation. This is advanced level, calculus path. If who do X, Y and the x and Y see often occurs, if you run from police you fire weapons at police instead of falling down on the ground and putting your hands behind your back, you turn back toward police during a chase britain times you will get shot. The color of your skin is not material to that equation, Does proportionately look at the actual numbers, I'm not gonna, bother breaking them down for you, It's a nonsensical argument that isn't true about this.
From criminologists african american criminologist, who went through numbers and said actually looks like white people are more likely to get shot of these incidents so down? I don't even bother without nonsense, but the bottom line. Is you can't you should not do those things The police may have acted improperly, maybe we'll find out. They didn't we are a weapon and they had some big conspiracy. this guy. If that's true, obviously none of the supplies, but either way you don't run from police. You don't turn toward them when they are asking you to get down on your knees, you, sir, We do not fire weapons out them out of a speeding. Car was not a chris rock sketch at one time figure. I think he talked about that figure out how to use of rural you over. He used to recreate it. How, but I guess, I think, you're right.
You know they might look into that and listen to that for pretty good safety tips. You know he was being funny, but it was a good safety tip what he was trying to tell everybody. I just don't act like that. don't run from police, don't shoot at police and then chances are better. That you're not gonna, get shot. You may not eliminate every single bad outcome, because sometimes police do act terribly. Sometimes they just act inappropriately in wrong. I'm not based on race, but just yeah? We handle a situation terribly or poorly, or maybe they're corrupt, or maybe there by violent, who knows does happen much owing to eliminate. Ninety nine point. Nine percent of the staff who are, if you just don't act like that terbel eight, seventy haven't be easy. Gay patents do for glenn on the Glenn Beck
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and women's rights. Damn take me back. Yes, please go for it stay. They never answer rate and send us photos but stay is shirt, and I dont think that everybody mentioned were that france has fourteen weak limit on abortions which is a weak, laugh of illegal or weak, more restrictions than the mississippi law that started ice. Right amazing. But don't worry about that like a lot of people, don't know fact: may we should go through this at some point today that europe has tighter was the united states. Even before I mean before all this one down europe's laws were more conservative than america's lies, because we like had no research
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program is there any safe haven in american culture, looks like everything's changing everywhere will tell you about to place where changes occurring coming up in sixty seven.
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even more so make this, which today the media and the rhinos when he d stick together its peter mobile dot com, slash back patriot, mobile that calm, slash back or nine seven to patriot, its nine seven to patriot or patriot, mobile and stew for glenn on the Glenn Beck program to relate seven to seven, be easy K, a the sports world being turned upside down in a couple of different places: college football for one, with: u s see- and you see allay leaving the pack twelve for the big ten, which means that the big ten will have teams from maryland to California. That's is cut. These which is like literally write a sentence at this point, they're saying about the way that the numbers don't mean anything anymore right it that none of it makes sense exactly. I can't even follow it anymore, very difficult. follow and so all of a sudden, the pact, twelve,
Is I on the verge of collapse and so they went home it together. Right now is oregon and washington are waiting on notice, dames decision as to whether or not because they ve been invited. Whether or not there are going to join the big ten. If they do, then I guess oregon washington are out and would maybe go to the to the big twelve. At that point, the big twelve, seems to be a little bit of a problem too, because they probably need to merge or just I've merge with the pact twelve impossible to keep track of it. really credible, what's happening in so what's happening right now, is there forming to super conferences, the big ten and the ssc, and they think that those two efforts, as might wind up with thirty teams, each then just split, often from the from at changes. Everything I have referred,
above is there's something: that's really it up ending hated american tradition right. You know right where I need something to hold onto yeah. Everything else is being uprooted. Don't take this from me to please please molly, she have gulf independent of tj will be there forever and apparently not so much yeah I mean, as the whole we've talked about this a little bit. I think on the show, but the live gulf tour, which is pulled all these big golfers from the p g a offer, Them nine figure check is that the one supported by the saudis yeah, what alan stand for dinner. I believe fifty four fifty five were there tournaments thirty one or whatever yeah I mean it's a it's a it's a you know a clever way of live you're living in golf live golf don't call l alive even fifty four? They play fifty four whole tournaments instead of the normal seventy two more of morning,
Many tweaks of the format for normal pga tournaments is at favourable to golfers there like that, play less and less work for more money. I don't I was that favour by well. How did you feel sorry? I would feel pretty go about this aggravate the pack re unleashed programme available employees tvs now, eight minutes long before you triple as auditing in her wait a minute. Whenever day this one of our stated allies is behind the money. Are you really are and how again we all know saudi arabia has allowed a shady stuff going on. We are aware of this. We, they are not angels, but there are sir, classifications of countries right like now. North korea, current russia is in this area where we're like, ok, like no adversary, doing really terrible things. We're not gonna do any business with them or cutting them off entirely or as much as we can from the economy.
there's another level below that which is like you know in some ways like china right where, like they are kind of a known adversary at this point, but we don't we don't. We still have lots of economic activists so by all their stuff at walmart, but tons of rail and we start a major relationship with them. We still have a lot of american. when he's doing production. Over there, a law that stuff goes on There's another layer of we'd other places like india, where, like india, does a lot of stuff that wouldn't agree with, but we have a generally at least we did until Joe Biden had a generally friendly relationship with india. I mean friggin, you know the and people love donald trump? More than Melania loves donald trump. I mean they. They they they they got the gold statues of the guy all over the the country. They are they loved donald trump and they love. some ways: love america, that sort of faded region, listen, there's been some differences there, since violence has been in control but still like their account. Does our countries that we would
not agree with their policies. We would not agree with how many of the people country or treated, but we generally warm relationship with them and do tons and tons of trade with those countries. Saudi arabia is, you know, in many ways has been an ally of ours like they have been, they don't like terrorism, either they ve been victims of it many times now. They also let iran have been involved in it. Let's quite famously nine. Eleven does not exactly something to over overlook here, but, like they kits and iran- they they have a lot of our similar interests in that region. And their sort of in that that Where we say there, an ally, that's not exist. what they are I wouldn't say there and ally, but A do assist us on certain things they do a lot of really terrible things that we dont like
than that one of the categories of countries you have countries like you, know Europe, where we generally have western values. They constantly say how terrible we are in everything that we do, that they don't like constantly critical of us. Our president. Overseas and criticise our supreme court in front of over audience is in these countries, but like it, other than europe. Basically that's what you have in the world. You have come Freeze that, generally speaking, our disagree able to us and our values and if you're, going to continue having any form of international trade, you're gonna have to put up with a lot of stuff. You don't agree with you now, basically should you basically and only eliminate the most egregious offenders and saudi arabia? While they do a lot of things we don't like, it does not fall that category. Four, the united states and also right, yet you so, but there's getting a lot of flak rang out. Yet players who are considering joining the tour as anybody
officially joined the yeah yeah. The budget to Phil mickelson was kind of a big first one, how to drop, and but they they're talking about, he got paid two hundred million dollars to go over there about two hundred when your dollar here pricing bowling over its gary he'd Julia, several joining that were, I believe it's why technically appearance fees so like have the opposite tournaments Yeah like go. I think I'd go for two hundred million dollars. I think I would I would to admit that, but I think I joined the sorry to say this to the south. You re being government right now, if they're looking for a new show called due saudi arabia, and they got nine figures behind that. Let's talk, ghetto no offense to gladden the blaze rain. But do you know if you might it's about like ok No sand, storms every now, they're good, how they're good idea, but you should like them. You should thank. We should thank the guy for bringing uses outing oil is all I love really coalesce oil
Doyle and you should be buying- comes out of the ground. You know yes, when we and I look the other governments right, do that as well as I and that's why I support this, you know do I really really hard to draw down? It would be a b almost impossible like you. Would you turn it down for north korea is a lot of people who would say no probably, but I yes you're right, you're gonna turn it down if its north korea yeah, if it Saudi arabia, I mean like coal, a cold ourselves, a lot of coca cola and no areas? We have known how about it? Why we have where hassler golfers about it We have good cause to. We have a relationship with this country like they're. Not there is a very limited amount of credit. We dont do it very often we didn't do it to russia. After that, took crimea where you live. Had you really go all out for us to get this pissed off at russia like north korea has internment camps all over their country, and we don't.
that relationship and I didn't want an outside relations. Obviously there are very strange country, but like China has in turn it camps all over their country, and we still have a relationship with them. Yeah. We still do a lot of trade with them very few people outside the right criticize the mba for the relationship they have with china, and if you do your you're called a racist and ban. one social media, and by the way, brittany, greater, is still still held in russia, is absolutely incredible: still she's bag. She wrote a letter, digging Biden to get her out and she's still there is real is the fifth now what what was she taken? She was arrested in was it march. It was after the war it was like I feel it was several weeks or a month after the war started, which is like ass, the fact that she was even their yeah as she goes out from what I understand goes every year, nea cause, you know, there's
money to be made in russia, and so they have a women's professional league- and she goes over there to supplement the income cause. They don't make that much in the w n b, a yeah they make they defied yeah levi, ok, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and based on that you know me, based on the audio it at the fan size and arguably they should make zero dollars from. Unlike lets me to we honest about, Arguably the number should be zero. Arguably, and I will say you know, people like all women, we ve talked a lot about women. Sports recently has been a big topic on talk, radio. I can't believe they're letting this. You know the swimmer win. These swim needs and, let's be honest about it, I don't care who, with the swift, meets frankly the literally the only thing that I care about when it comes to women sports. I will give you the one time, I'm interested what daughter is playing.
literally the only time I will ever be interested in women's work, although, where that's not where women's tennis I like watching, I think when the census entertaining eve and even as it compares to men's dennis because at least it's not just space ace, serve ace, serve ace, every single point what it says to me is actually more entertaining there's a couple things here and there, but generally speaking like I'm, not a passion guy when it comes to the authenticity of women sports. But it's its fascinated to kind of sea this stuff happen. At me, britain greener, is like one of the four names in the w mba. I might be able to come up with a view to a pretty famous relic a big star. I don't think I could come up with three others frankly Diana trust, you she's open dialogue and, if you think still place. Is she I pictured outline, I think, I think she's, like
two three years old bodies like the career of those of the sport is that, as has been around for a long time, could give you rebecca lobo, but she has ever sam tile. I'm it's true. I it's not something I care about. Generally speaking, I think it highlights the issue of of the trans stuff and how would not sit is to the average american really well, though, and insight I can tell you if my daughter gets a silver instead of a gold some day, because some do decided to come over and kicker, but it depends on this work. I am going to be very, very passionate about it and that I think that's how most most americans can connect to that issue. We have to be it just it's just that way too. highlight to the american people happy and how this poverty. Unless this is because everyone can quantify there, it's hard to quantify see it's hard to understand someone who's through a tree
and gender type of issue to the average american who isn't trans. Now I know polling starting to show that maybe the average american is trans. So I don't know how much longer I can make this point. I think about eighty like about eighty percent right yeah, but like the average, first and can't relate to what those you know what those people are going through? I mean it's it's and I I dunno. I don't know how to explain it. I can't ever comprehend or contemplate that it could happen to me. I don't you know, so I don't it's up. my lived experience as they say tat, but the average american and very much see. Ok. This is ridiculous here, You might do you like. I want. I want to be meeting. I don't wanna leave behind this year. I, believe it's been this'll, it's been months at least three months and and maybe four and she should have been released if donald trump we're in office. First of all, I don't think it would have ever happened. I don't think she would have been arrested the first place, but if she had been, I think, he'd ever
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happy message to america, even as we watch the reservoirs and lakes of the west go dry, we keep watering our lawns soaking our golf courses Growing water thirsty crops, inflation mounts and the national debt balloons progressive politicians vote for evermore spending. As the ice caps, melt and record temperatures make the evening news with it. that buying a previous and recycling. The boxes from our daily amazon deliveries will suffice when tv news that's broadcast video after video of people illegally crossing the nation southern border, many changed the channel and when a renowned, conservative, former federal appellate, judge test five that were already in a war for our democracy. In the january sixth,. Was a genuine constitutional crisis. Was it
mega loyalist snicker that he speak slowly and celebrate that most people were watching? I just celebrated I did our democracy was pretty solid, regardless of what happened on January. Sixth, I mean again, had they accomplish their goal, which was, I don't know, was it hanging? My pants was at their goal was there what it was holding up then the vote which they couldn't do it they. There was no There was nothing really that would have stopped the vote. I mean they could have laid it for a little a few hours which they did and then they voted anyway and everything was fine. Or do you do remember, of course, the truth here, pat wishes January six they were have have this vote. That may count the voting to two, namely the president was gonna, be right, and then what happened was that january six. They they did shouted the vote yeah they did. That was later, though, that initially planned right. It didn't happen at the
minute they were going to do it, but it happened later that same day That's a frightening the way. We should also note that, like mike pencil, a good part of the reason that did occur right, my You know he desires. You know he wanted to go. We repeat there, it look. It's it in the scope of the american democracy. This this of this day gets overstated quite a bit quite a bit. Sure it is it. It was a bad day. Bad things happened. It was right it was a bit was a riot and when riots happen I say their bad all the time. I know that is not the position of the media, who take tends to tell me that their mostly peaceful fires, but, like I they're all bad and but like, I don't think Accuracy was at risk, it and with its own going our stated its just its nonsense that democracy, which we don't have was at risk, where investor
At this point I mean there are elements of our democracy of democracy in our republic. Yes, but they were not at risk or not at risk. They were not at risk. These were the worst insurrection is in the history of insurrection, but he goes on to describe the left, the left is thinks the right is at fault for ignoring climate change and the attacks on our political system. The right things. The left is the problem for ignore illegal immigration in the national debt, but only mitt romney. Who really knows all that is wrong and needs to be righted. this guy. Who does who does he think he is any content used to just to just acquiesce to the left on a regular basis and accept their premise like january sixth and climate change. While I I don't accept the premise that man is causing all the climate change and I believe that I think that
the sun. Very responsible for the warming, of our tempers tell us more about his son, your fertile there's, two million degree burning orb in the sky and some but call it. The sun now million degrees. I mean on the surface, is only eleven thousand but as it travels out with all the gases and things, and they don't really know all the reasons it gets much much warmer, but then that sends warm air. Our way like in the mail no like through space- and these were nails actually come to planet and warm it That used to be the theory, but now I guess is also to its policy or do
son has nothing to do with it any more. What can you is there a way to see it like in a telescope resentment? Yes, re ass, you get don't do that, but their creative people are your eyes. The Glen back programme
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it's better Stu forgotten this week, This is interesting. A world universal music group worker claims he was fired for speaking out about abortion rights after he admitted he views to work because he was in mourning over the supply court decision to overturn it we wait. While you can be expected to work when you're in mourning, I mean that's, just inhuman
Michael Lopez, production coordinator, universal music enterprises, blasted the company as anti gay for terminating a queer brown person unquote during pride month for speaking up in defence of abortion rights, Last friday he says, like countless other folks, I was devil, aided by the news of the Supreme court's attack on abortion rights paired with the vote, of anti queer and anti trans legislation hard to process how companies expect us to be productive. While our rights are being stripped away, and yet they did expect him to be productive, what productivity. What about his processing tie? No, that's a big thing days. People take a long time to processing morning. All of those things need to occur and yet the universal music group said no
we want you to work, he said no, I'm in mourning, so they fired him fired him. They expected him to work on a work day. Wow So no wonder the fall out continues over that decision by the. U s supreme court to take no way women's rights, as we have seen many people claim, including we talked about jessica, beale, already also katy perry, gosh. Thank god. You brought this up yeah. This is so sad. We live in a country. Where women have no rights I dunno, you know that none Bobby making the same point, you know a lot. You will made the point now Yes, more rights to women these countries. Here it is, it is what your hearing, what does it mean
it's true or real or significant in any way. It's just ridiculous nonsense and katy perry went down that road a little bit. She said Haiti perry said: hey you. She said something about I guess a reference to one of her dumb songs about fireworks, which, unfortunately, she made because now I have to hear it over and over again ever july. Fourth, no word firework: isn't it quick points our playlist, like already the songs, can we all agree, the song sucks It's her say: law like life as a united, Emily agree the early. Yes, that surprised. I can, I know, you're in mediating, perry, FAO bigtime got all our cities and stuff you do all you all of them our everyone. so she said enough something I'm reference to her song, which I won't recount, because it's too disturbing, given that people liked it at some point but you said something about a spark. Learning is now women have less rights in us.
Sparkler, less rights set of sparkling. What is the right of us now, guy, at least they got while tied into the news that gun what was like, ok well, they did say that the second amend, degrees degrees that you have a right to carry a gun. So therefore, like at least guns or a reference point here. Like for her, like I guess, because one place are dumb song once a year. She was thinking about the sparklers instead of women- have less rights. Sparklers now we're here, something interesting about the united states of america, that women can and do own sparklers. Oh that's a lie. Not true, it's true. They all now do the opposite. While very few spot colors own women that does almost never happens in this country. You know if you may have an incident here or there. I'd want a discount completely okay, but my understanding is very often it's
that was the other way around it's the other way round on the sparkle or rather than sparklers, owning the woman right. So I dont. We think that, that's you don't think it's accurate that that's accurate at all. Anyway, it's a weird because, like first of all, we know it, in this country. You can have abortion at any point in the pregnancy. That is what the most row world allows you to have an abortion in this country at any point in the programme That is the reality here. Ok, you may need to travel. There was a situation that happen in ohio. This is a big point on the on the left. What's it going to hammer home, because this happens all the time ten year olds get Eric all super super carbon now look. This is a terrible tat. What the backstory is fully honour, but like obviously A terrible! It's this ten year old, wanted to have got pregnant, somehow wanted to have an abortion and had to travel out
Oh hi and there's no such thing as a donor. People know this and then this this me confused the left. Whose seemingly wants to drag sexual intercourse in Every aspect of a ten year olds life bud. There is no such thing as consensual sex for a ten year old thing that occurs in some it's not possible. right. So we know that it was obviously bad things that led to this end this kid. You know that they want to get an abortion now look. This is obviously the most the most extreme of extreme of extreme of extreme of extreme cases, and this is brought up over the over the weekend. This shows like how crazy this is look at this. She can't get this abortion in ohio. She asked the indiana, and this situation happens. It occurs. in about point zero zero one per cent of the of case for abortion, I mean if you study stats last week, it's like point: zero, zero one very time, it's in credibly rare and
course, every single state that is banning courting quote banning abortion has an exception for life of the mother and almost all the states have it for raven incest, its most of them. One of doing nagging most states would have been able to write accommodate this tenure rights, but that, but what had happened was she had to go to india? They get this abortion now take out the whole debate. Like nine thousand miles away. Now, it's not that far forty seven thousand mile- it's not that far at all, they need to take out the whole. debate on what the right outcome would be here for this, for the situation is obviously extreme and terrible, and there's no reason to go into that at this moment. But my point here is by the way indiana another red state, none of the red state, so they go to another red from one red state to another red state. For her to get this abortion like my guess, is as this little girl grows up, but I assume she was a girl, though. Obviously men can get pregnant. Obviously I don't even know why you? What would you and bring that up. Oh, I just wanted to make sure we were close. We wanna make sure we're clear, no matter what
and my guess is as this little girl grows up then becomes a woman. It tells a story. The most consequential part, will not be the travel. You know I really just is probably three road trip is going to do a very small part of that story like it's. to be the terrible thing that led to the presidency, it may also be what happened with the abortion itself may, affect her as well. Who knows what I mean We cannot speak about how terrible the circumstance is here, but like that, Travel is really a small part of that story, and yet it was the only thing. The only thing that the left wanted to talk about, and so is: are we talked about jessica, biel as well, going over seas and being like? Oh, I want to embrace these overseas, as that would make things up. That would make things much much better. Well I do you know what these, what these more
look like overseas, because I don't think they do. Let me go. A few of them here. This is all from europe, our favorite a leak didn't stein, which everyone I mean how many times you got their idea about Liechtenstein, I've gotta somebody place didn't style. Yes, you ve gotta, who its illegal abortion, ITALY go excepting rape cases where a woman is under fourteen years old, so if your if to you and your raped? It's completely illegal, but if you're fourteen or under and raped it is. It is legal or that's the only exception completely legal. In malta, illegal in all cases in all cases. Thank you no exceptions in Malta, legal In all cases, while okay, this is enlightened europe now you're, I haven't, got to the big big name countries here. So this is where you get the good liberal, stuff right. Alright, ireland, now ireland, we know, has was famously had banned it until very recently, it was legal up to the now it's legal up to the twelfth week with exemptions for life,
health risk to a woman or fetal abnormality. in Andorra legal in all cases this mother in bewitched, kids. If she will not have her own laws, that's really we're she's, a which obviously poland illegal exists, in cases of rape, fetal malformation or serious threat to women's health care, Portugal, legal up to tenth weak, a pregnancy after a mandated. and dated three day waiting period in Imagine trying to implement that on women in a lever. Not wait. Wait three days nowhere. Switzerland Enlightened switch on legal up to the twelve week of pregnancy if a woman files, a written request that she is in a situation of distress and dark there's provide comprehensive information and recommended counselling on moral and material help and adoption cheese. Can you and me in implementing the system on California right out. No, that would
would look at that as added as they had made still that switzerland, ITALY, has ninety days from the date of conception to request ray west than abortion determination must be, must be due to health economic. shall or family reasons some fairly broad. You can get one but still, ninety days, finland, illegal up to the twelfth week of pregnancy, only if a woman who could provide a social reasons, such as poverty, extreme distress or already Having at least four children, so if you're the fifth kid you're. All your autumn that you're an auto distress to this family and tat when you have a six two kids. So you would know how that works. Yes, in france, this is the country that she was actually talking about legal after the twelve week of pregnancy later stage. Abortions are allowed if two physician certify, that of the abortion will prevent grave permanent injury to physical or mental health life or of the woman or the child. If it will suffer from
incurable illness kind, that's the and that's the way chrysophora jessica, beale belgium, legal up to the twelve weeks, to see, with six days of counselling prior to abortion. Six days of count mentioned whylome counselling, germany, legal up to twelve week of pregnancy exception. Made for serious threat to my mother's physical or mental health, trimester abortions are so to a mandatory three day waiting period and counselling. These are all far far more after then you s laws were before Roby wade being overturned. and I remember going through this endlessly initially at the time the Selenium states been russia or group of countries, and russia had laws roughly equal, two, but a little bit more conservative than you talk to Utah wow. Denmark, legal, twelve weak exceptions made for rape and threats to health or life and
if a woman can demonstrate the lack of financial resources to care for child spain, legal up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy, Sweden, eighteenth week of pregnancy it's illegal after the twenty second week. Abortions are grant. between eighteen and twenty two, if prove by the national board of health and welfare. Can you imagine requiring women go through that here, netherlands, up to twenty one week's led up to the twenty fourth weak, if medical reasons dictate england up to the twenty fourth week of pregnancy, but again like are all more restrictive than what our country, what just a few weeks ago, yeah, ok I'll they did not just of the state's iowa was up to the twenty second week, south carolina, the twentieth, weak virginia, twenty fifth weak Do you saw these anti liberal than the european all these more liberal, so I mean why you go through that. Listen, you say, while Europe had my
two more conservative rules on abortion than america was ahead and they all came out and spoke against us even though this country will still have lost far more liberal you'll just have to move a little bit for them and like that I can understand people like well, some women don't have the money to do that. Plenty of these charities they're going to step up and pay for it. I mean the companies are doing it if you work at a lot of these companies, but there's absolutely tons of charitable organisations that will do it and you get this stuff, hail to you. You know from india, pharmacies in india very cheaply its. It said I mean, I think, that's a tragedy but like to act as if this is some major change in our country. It really it isn't. If you to get an abortion, it's a great step for people pro life cost, because now it at least allows us to have the argument before the acted as if this was some constitutional right you can argue with which was nonsense, at least that out of the way to relate to produce
and be easy gate more come up. This is the Glen back programme
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its it's to proclaim the Glenn Beck programme aaa seventy seven vs uk joey chestnut at dog eating contest. It nathan's again yesterday for the fourth of July, which they do every year and he wins it. Every year, boys fifteen out of the last sixty river there was a rivalry at some point, he just put was put that away yeah. It's completely, not a rivalry anymore. He wins by you, know: fifteen twenty hot dogs every year. the guy's, a world class eater. He just is oh yeah and so he got attacked during the competition yesterday, we think we have. The we have the video check this out and either hits
or bumps into him somehow and chestnut just takes him a headlong, then owes him to the ground and start eating again and the sign are that he was holding up. You know it was something about how animals are treated its car plant. It was some environmental thing, so just ignored. It went back to anyone. The competition put dungeon three hot dogs rising, I think it must have A little bit cause last year was seventy. I think seventy six hot dogs he put he ate during the competition, so he didn't quite get there, but he still won by mma a lot. Like sixteen, I beg you won by sixteen hoddan. There are the stories of lake parents whose kid is trapped. a car, they lift up the car to save the kid that is less fascinating to me than how you can eat. Sixty three hotdogs in minutes. Sort of is how I can't comprehend
it still girls, what he does I ll do it. I can't I can't watch. I can't why there's something about a wet lenny I goes like now. I don't know why you idiot the taxpayer. It's not good to the text that I got it all. This is the line back programme. Let me talk to you a little bit about rough greens. Now I love my dog or if we have three seasons, we have entire house of animals, but we have three dogs. If you love yours as well, we have that in common- and I will er Is that when it comes to your dog you'll, pretty much do whatever it takes like you just want to give them the best life possible. You love them. They love you unconditionally, which is kind of nice. Everyone else in your life that she's, you know they they come and they go right. Pat they come and they go
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psyches god does some ambition to may be the president in on it up. Until this point we asked, many times. Lakota they have their benches so bad. They ve got nobody. What are they gone back to hilary AL gore richard? apart. Maybe richard Gebhardt can be there nominee still still richard efforts still still richard whether basque either bet, but do you know if you're, not gonna, run the president incumbent, if he's not gonna, run I Bela harris is not really. Appetizing to Democrats. I don't think, but Gavin newsome. Maybe it might be, he might be the one that they turn to anyway he's starting to run ads in other states, including florida. Here's what he ran in Florida.
its independence day. Let's talk about. What's going on in america, freedom under attack in your stay here republican leaders there banning books make it harder to vote no restrictions streets in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors criminalizing women Lorna held a zone. I might delay for joining us in california. still believe in freedom. Freedom of speech- sure to choose freedom from hate and the freedom to love you're free to take more binding I can't take it This is fascinating. Take it as a tactic now gabon Some is terrible. He is he's terrible governor for the state of california and is then an awful job there and what's fast, beating about it. Is he in this? Is it good, I can really only be seated anything. I guess he's good at you know
leaping with his friends, wives. Other than that I dont know. What he's good at ease disobeying is on orders during a pandemic dogma is that he is good. It is good that they get a good again, some good restaurant reservations when when no one else is allowed to have them he's a read books, what they would pollux did they ban In florida they didn't ban any books, they needed so that you couldn't discuss all turn to have sex or any sales any settings for that matter too. Greater in first grade in first great through third. I think it was a kind of guarantee. Third, I think it was seized come on, it's so ridiculous, banning books restricting speech, making it harder to vote really know, let's go to delaware and how hard it is to vote where they don't even have early voting? they don't at it. You can. And one day one soul
so ridicule and then criminalizing women, a doctor's. Nobody is talking about criminalizing women, no one. It won't wait. A minute I am fine, I'm talking about I'm talking about a pad on it'll, be honest with you. I am talking about criminalizing women when women commit crimes. The criminals, criminal they're, not criminalized, because they're women they're criminals because they commit crimes that supposedly an abortion is trying to refer to abortion in their ear. As you point out tat, there's really, there was a big article, the new york times, as we can about the for people who are pushing for you know one can only women we have locking way women who want to have abortions are therefore I don't know if that's what they call, it seems like too many look. You know that, while I guess It's true. It's been like, because Robert wade was this big barrier right. This big, this big thousand foot wall that essentially We can have these conversations about the nuances of abortion policy. You are able to implement any of it, so it's kind of a non starter
Now that was gone, and so now the pro life movement, which is always many many shades people who were very, very restrictive. Some people who are does like hey. We need a limited at fifteen weeks. Whatever, like the pro life movement, always encompass a really wide, variety of people and opinions. Side of the argument now we're gonna see some, I think separation. they are there and see some people who are really restrictive and some people who are, I think, that's going too far and that's gonna have to shake itself out in the movement. It's why you have different states, indifferent laws. Again, I don't think that's the this particular issues good application of our federalism. And are our tradition of federalism in that I think protecting life is more important than that and I do believe it should be. I believe I believe I support and would support and think republicans should pursue a constitutional amendment out long abortion. its they're not gonna get a through, but that doesn't make difference to me should be proposed every single year.
every single year key proposing it until somebody does something about it. But that being said You know you have a a situation here where someone like avenue some is gonna. Try to to present this information like. it's some terrible thing. That's going on in florida when half of his residence move there like, the state is emptied out to go to florida and texas and other places. Last year alone they lost a net three hundred sixty seven thousand people too, florida too idaho and the new text and the person who should be most excited about that is Gavin newsome, because those people weren't there to put against him and his recall right right, like it what state he might be in office here so it is fascinating. What has happened with Gavin newsome because of the recall, which is a typical dumped arctic by the media, and a lot of people are for it, which is like basically like
they are saying governor some strong, he He won this his recall action easily. Is it All that impressive guys that a democratic california could survive a recall by what is essentially eight percentage points I think it was. I think he won fifty eight forty two, if I'm remembering right, it was somewhere around there and in there likewise won by sixteen points yet, but if a there's only two ways to go, so if eight percent of the people change their mind. It would have been tied. We know it would have maybe tipped over to the recall side now we know the dynamics of that election, and that, like larry elders, guy that we like and is in he's good conservative, that exactly the flavour of government lookin that would necessarily winna statewide election no easily arnold schwarzenegger as a guy who's. Essentially a Democrat EM look, I think, those guys suck. Yet. I think irish most legumes stuff sucks, but here still like that's the type of canada that may have been able to win,
well when he says screw you, freedom, yeah, that's oxide, that's galvanizing about who saw that guy, but like is it all about impressive? No, like you in fact they were able to come up with the with the, Amount of energy against Gavin newsome to get the recall done in the first place is the second time in recent history. It's happened, then you have a situation where that was pretty amazing to start with, then he was pushed to the brink by Larry elder right. Who again is a a guy like that? It's a talk show host and his and it is has never served in electric light elected office and is also very conservative, something that I think would be real great thing for california, but the california voter typically does not agree with remember just a few weeks before this election, it looked as if Larry elder, really had a chance to win like it was very
post polls were showing it only a couple of points. Now he extended that lead by a couple points he did what he had to do in a bad situation. You can give him that, but like not like this with some great achievement here, no yeah he won in california, state that had already voted for him. He was it hold onto the election and not get removed from office. It's like sailor. Donald trump survive- that that day, impeachment vote. That's great that shows you super strong, Emily shows you did what he had to do. Get to the impeachment boat but like none of the media was saying all this shows the strength of donald trump, but that's not what happens and woods grating. california, is they have the freedom to pay seven dollars a gallon for gasoline and and about a million dollars for a thousand square feet of homespun yeah. You know I got twelve hundred square foot home, and I have the floor
them to pay one and a half million dollars. For that I mean it's out. Rage what's happening in California, you can't afford to live there if you're, any kind of if you have any sort of normal salary, you're making fifty or sixty thousand dollars, there's no way by a home in California. maybe get a shack. You could maybe winter shed but you're, not gonna you're, not gonna, buy a home when you make an fifty thousand dollars in california. No that's that, amy- I remember, there's a timer member this a while ago, but it was if you were making the minimum salary as a player for the san francisco giants, you couldn't afford the average home. I remember that and I dont, know san francisco and say it was a scamp here too expensive, too expensive to afford the EU would not qualify for network language, wasn't at seven or eight hundred thousand dollars salary. They were talking of hunger- maybe maybe at the time of six hundred thousand somethin like that for a minimum. It's incredible, and we should also-
without that govern newsome when he was, air of san Francisco. I reference it briefly here, but important to remember how crazy this was. He slept would like his best friends, wife. Oh that's right, it was, like just some of the zone of affair, it was a healing the best friends wife, whom he hired under him as a staffer. It's ramen slept with the staffer he's a douche bag. Oh he's a terrible human being in so many ways, and this is probably the smallest of them. Who am I to judge I'm just saying he's going to burn in hell right, yeah, you're, not judge, I'm not judge you're, just saying that one little thing about one thing: he's going to burn in the fires of exactly that, but, like what happened to the me to movement here. She has come out and said. Well, it's not really! Me too. I was Thirty, three years old, I knew what I was doing and like venza acceptable thing for republican to say right, like a republican. The republicans The argument is
and actually have agency and can make decisions of their out of their own. Have been democrats. Have that power dynamic their yeah, that's what they say. They like when you know a celebrity sleeps with some underling. They say it can't be consensual, because power data has the power dynamic there. I member they said that with Lucy K, when he, when he had his situation going on, and he so powerful you couldn't. This is not at all areas to his will write. Couldn't this was their argument that there are some comedian that came out and said, like you know his thing was I don't get into the details here, but his was basically pleasure in himself. Well, while others watch ripe, oh yeah, to asked for permission permission, and they said yes, they didn't leave me said oh yeah sure which they could have let it go to, except for, though, or died right, so they said yes and they sat there and endured this spectacle
and the reason why it was a meter violation was because he, a powerful comedian- and I guess, control their comedy careers. yes, which is complete nonsense, wasn't one of them on the phone there there was those katy. It was on the phone. There's one up yet where the the beat you have playing against Lucy Kay was that he was on the phone with her with a woman, and she believed that he was touching himself while they were on the phone. He didn't may he was or or like work, It's like! I don't know, I don't mind. No, I I don't know how to display this. I don't think he did not. I don't think no heat emission on that no heat, if was doing it, which we don't know realise, and she didn't know, but she see, I guess it sounded like he was missing god. I don't want to think about the details, but by being here that their entire complete for radically adding this guy's career was the power dynamic,
now, gavin newsome, who, the mayor of san Francisco it takes is a direct staffer and weeks or their, which also happens to be the her best friends, wife, what this is about is worth wipe, excuse, pemberley, gill, foil Was he married around now this war of me, and you know I don't remember, I think he wasn't at the time to remember I don't we I don't remember eyes, he wasn't one point mary to fox well, former fox anchor kimberly gill, foil, ok, but which is again strange. People tell me that he's a very good looking man and He looks to me like american psycho. If you you know, and I guess, I guess he was a good looking guy in that movie, he did murder a bunch of people too, but in part of the charm. What are you perfect? Are you perfect stew? Your honor I made my Roosevelt gay. Well then now none of them
I have to be, we are putting tarps down in my apartment and brutally slaughtering people. While listening to who you Lewis and the news really doesn't that that was my particular mistake, but we all have our struggles, that's right exactly what I'm saying we want, the avenue some Has his that may or may not be the same as the character and american psycho. We don't know, we don't know where no one at all times, I wouldn't have predicted, he's sleep with his best friends. Why wouldn't either we would not either I would now. I certainly wouldn't bring my live around him now right, but back then it would be probably surprising, probably was surprising to his best friend moves by the way out enough. I mention he slept with his best friends, wife and, was a direct staffer of his, but we should overlook that because of the good,
great job. He did on covert question mark. Well, look. He doesn't have anything to do with the presidency. It doesn't mean he can't be a good president. That's right! It's his personal life, alright, his life that the eat dining out in the middle of the covert restrictions, not really his personal life, no, no, but the For one thing, you again that personal tripoli seventy seven back
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yes, there are several. What happened by thanking you for air was happening, but I think the affair was happening before they were separated. So I gently they may be wound how laws the separation pot at pasco, possibly and now she's with diatribe junior is weird I mean from it's one extreme to the other yeah I mean it. As far as illogical you no significant other session, seems to be. She was not like one other straight news: people right now. She seems to be conservative, conservative land and I got you know, look you can overcome a certain amount of political difference in a marriage, but its that's doing it not that much. You know that I feel really I must you just an hour if you don't talk about it, yes, otherwise, you'd be at odds all the time well yeah, it's julian! This virus it when you know so many things you're coming up in that's what people talk about around the dinner table. You certainly talk about it when you gather on the fourth of July talked about those cuts thinks yesterday at that would make me crazy yet, but a wife was
super liberal and I've been seeing. You know friends and relatives in everybody. You know I've. Obviously, friends, relatives that are very left wing, not so very should have of the rovers weights, Jewish is, as as I was, and you see them getting in Rawls man like that? I just stay out of it. I don't do this for a living. I wanna come home like post. I know right opposed on facebook. Might I just don't feel like it either? Why people get into that stuff I do, though, at some point you have to recognise the the just. Lack of ability that you're going to have and changing someone's mine and that's crazy right, like some people are just not send they. Just there there go and it might have been. They might be completely saying that every other aspects of our life and wonderful people, but they have this thing that there hung up on and there never going to listen to you. opinion and you have to be able to lead that behind too
maintain a relationship with a loved one if their truly left one right. If you really love your brother, your sister beer, because in Europe your uncle, your friends yet you figure out a way to say: ok, they're nuts on that, and I you throw up your hands and you you just move on with your life, their support. of abortion or opposition who abortion is not going to change the actual situation as it as it relates to abortion. It just I think it's hard for people to let go of because, if you believe its life cycle ash man. This is really important. How can you not see this as life so that louis a routine about abortion replay, let's make If you really believe its life what're, you gonna say, say well, never mind go ahead and kill a baby, making thicket I was like the indians. The really truly inconsistent position is the one like at field months, eight days three hours and nine seconds: it's not a baby, but ten seconds it is then
I feel like that middle ground is actually the more insane position when it comes to depth. Of course, it isn't everybody is our most people. but like the middle ground is the one that seems very strange to me. The Glen back programme wednesday. It's all about celebrating freedom like the freedom to completely customize your window treatments. It blinds dotcom right now save up to fifty percent off everything site wide for their fourth of July sale, ordering window coverings online. It doesn't have to mean sacrificing on style or service shop. The latest styles at blinds dot com. They even have outdoor shades that make your decker patio the coolest place to be during the summer backyard, barbecues tawny and I love their design. Experts we have used them leave, use life consultations. You need
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We were talking about the situation with the overturning of roby weighed and how that just really affecting our our country right now, and it is such a its problem to me it's the most contentious issue in america. slavery- probably would you think that's have accurate. I can't give a more contentious augusta shook She is the most it's probably up there I mean. I, you know you think of like guns, but I don't think that's not. I mean look at the statistics on gun, pulling it's not really real. That is not nearly as divided as you'd. Think yeah, I think that's probably a good good one, it's so tensions vice president commonly harris just like in the end of roby way to slavery. By saying that the Supreme court's ruling was an example of the united states government trying to claim ownership over human bodies
that's that's fasting, isn't it? similar to the emancipation proclamation. Yes, If that was easy going for, could I think there are real parallel, sir? Don't think she was going. Exactly? No, I don't think that's what she was going for, but that is, I think, really realistic parallel it's the type the thing that a society looks back at in horror. This is how did we allow this to happen? Sixty three million the end by the way, it's gonna go by millions and millions of millions from that number, but sixty three million babies. Last year, I, how can we, so we have allowed the future generations will not look favourably on us for allowing that for so long dislike. We look back at slavery is harsher right. We all look back at it is terrible and where people Democrats, especially very pissed off about that really get well and read our you'd about it for a very long time. You know this is this
first of all shows the real central failure of row and casey, because both of them, basically brag about their power to end the debate the contentious issue. We walked, provide this solution and therefore it won't be contentious any more. That was essentially the thesis of both roe and casey. Didn't really work, not it failed miserably, which is one of the things that even even ruth Bader Ginsburg would talked about, as it was just bad law. Yeah. It was about what look even after he was. If she was alive to vote on it. You know she would vote voted to uphold it will be very reliable, but still she did not think that was good law I want us, I mean what anybody who, in that field, like it's, it's a different thing there's this idea that the left, when they see that institution they see the supreme court. What what they they see. Rights are things that they want written like we talked about the right to internet or have a right to internets. Would you too
think about the right to internet, about where words that right at any point before nineteen. Ninety right leg out there that right didn't exist if you created it after ninety, ninety five, what you have to actually put it in the constitution right, you know just it doesn't just magically up. We could happen by the way. It's not in the constitution, but you could pointing in the constitution would think twenty eight amendments, but they won't goethe, that process casino. It wouldn't need. Never! any known. Lemme. Honestly, I bet you it's not comprehensible? It could happen if with people we want only two hours. I would guess the pulling on something like that would not even be bad. I bet you they could get positive, pulling up much question, but they were amateur. He assure the internet issue a constitutional amendment two to make internet available to everybody. I bet would be something that people would like, because that's what it would that's how people most people think is its something that I want is great.
Wonderful too. I like it. Yes, if, yes, then constitution right right and it's my right, health care, I really like it. I really want it. It's my right Therefore, I shall have it it's in the constitution. I swear and, of course, we ve had people argue for a constitutional right essentially to high speed internet. We ve had that in the past is wrong to lock we're I'm from pembroke. How do you have the lumby tribe of north carolina sure, yeah? Okay, I have two children and my chemo the best for my boy's corpse you want to buy used for Jacob. My aunt is a transferring student oldest to ewing, cpm broke and isaac is in the the great Pemberton middle school. While I thank you for that, families who across the state either dont have access to high speed internet couldn't afford or who can afford it sure we were stuck with
alex service in our home, don't save until two months ago. No longer this. Now this is how lonely old layers in two months ago now is actually Thirteen years Two months ago I mean we played this, so so many eyes. How do you still haven't it? She doesn't incredible that you have access to this figure at the press. A button. Yes, as is so good and this is so this is it. This is a clip from the lumber drive. There was a north carolina, far right, she's, testifying before Somebody like any move like any move, thrashing it's the legislature in north girl and she really wants access to internet back. Well. Why has it in she got it to market? Go she what I get him, but she had dial ass if she had an hour at the whole time, but she did have high speed until two months ago. Yes, she's very upset,
about this and what the government to pay for her and exactly. I feel that this is put my family, my sons in particular sure at a severe disadvantage, nor has it has as it depends on the internet. to complete his assignments for school right. Often uses the internet afterward come report projects or of time suggest do research like you know important right, I watch him. Struggle is strict dialects, service and observed him get frustrated are now because he could not move around on the web. Lackey lie. Lofty lacks to see that he could not move around. I'm aware will likely locks see that's situation yeah. That means its constitution. If you want something like that, it really an annual on a really bad idea, and you can't afford it will, of course, since the constitution that you you can have it, I needed to do
seemingly easy. Assignments took him hours to complete know how stupid is this It is now up to us, which I had all she's internet. As I said earlier, it is heartening to watch eyes. It got very upset, discouraged frustrating for because he could not do what he needed to do or what as a mother, it breaks my heart and causes me to feel that I have failed will yeah some way until two months ago she had she had embed miserably, not by little bit but miserably failed him. Yes, now they typically they had internet me, and this time I was a slower internet when they preferred and now they have the faster internet yeah, but but she's she's, arguing on behalf for others to get it. I think, and by away
closure, of course, at work to get twenty million dollars in federal money. Of course, signal has been here now regulated thrive like they lie, yeah bushes, ass, and so I will do. Could you come up with an a constitutional amendment for internet access. I bet you, you probably could I bet you could now that constitutional amendment will not mean that you get to keep your accounts Obviously they could still ban. You that that might be why the Democrats would oppose it. If it was a constitutional right for you access the internet, they might oppose it, but again constitution can be amended. It's ok, you can try it and we should try to do it. More often is a horse would fail and they they should fail. And it is hard because it's supposed to be hard. It is supposed to be a difficult process, because the founders knew that they done a pretty good job. I think, and the You didn't want people just willy nilly change
The constitution on a whim. What it had to be something right, people agreed on had to be something that you were passed. Should it about be logic, and enough states decided that no, this new amendment was the right thing to do that they gotta pass through yeah. It's not is the story of the twenty seventh amendment is one of my favorite stories of all time, which is. It was an amendment that was around at the time of the founders and it's an amendment to basically limit congressional pay. the cap. Vote themselves arises here. If they vote for itself with they say: hey congress should make a million dollars a year. They have to go through an alert, before that kicks in so big. vote themselves, a huge incorrect right. They have to be at least in front of the voters to vote them out if they get angry about that prairies. So was around at the time of the founders of canada. Halfway through the process of ratification, and then sort of died on the vine but
no expiration date, in short, is distorted, sat around and some college student I think, was in texas. Looking around and noticed it hadn't this thesis and wrote some like thesis about hey, like there's, this constitutional amendments would be called, do sort of like trying to revive it got it always states, they finish the ratification process and it became an amendment in the ninety nine. These incredible fascinating stored, just some guy who, doing some research and surely amended the constitution, a measure salt of it really amaze, really cool but like it can happen. You know like the left. Obviously just wants to get rid of hans and they obviously want to raise money off of this. They want power. They. When all these things to happen, we know their motivations are not pure, but at their motivation really were to get rid of autumn weapons, which they seem to think are on every street corner vague would go for a constitutional amendment just for that
no automatic weapons, basically in the united states. Now we great, this country is treating the second amendment as if it prohibits the automatic weapons which, by the way it does not you can you first of all, can get an automatic weapon to this country, very difficult to do so. Secondarily, there's a lot of constitutional law gymnastic that went into allowing those weapons to be banned. The way they are in the first place right, but in theory you could go in and get that done. I mean. Certainly, it would be supported by the american people, but I mean look. A lot of people in this audience would disagree with it, but like what what's the polling, I'm no automatic weapons. Ninety percent is pregnant, probably a real ninety percent with automatic weapons, unlike in over there reversal- background check pulling in our end, and so maybe they can make they can try that try. It honest about your motivations, their motivations, clearly to get rid of woods, weapons overall and when reverse engineer, their goals,
You can see how they keep getting to the way they cover these crimes. I don't care about the inner city, crime, it'll care, I don't care about gun violence to why they never talk about tripoli. To be easy k, more patents do for Glen coming up stay informed, sign up for the free newsletter today at Glenn, beck dot com, the These days, you use your personal information to do just about everything, especially when your online, but with all that information just floating out there, it can make the interim at a practical gold mine for identity, thieves. Actually, hats, that's not fair gold, minors mining is actually hard work, dealing your identity is dangerously. Easy is also incredibly costly and terribly frustrating. If you get act now is an easy time to join up with
life flock and help protect you self, with lifelong by norton lifelike, it. Your information and alert you to personal identity threats and if you are a victim of identity theft, a dedicated? U s based restoration specialists will work to fix it. Life flock. They can't protect you from everything nobody can, but there the best in the business. In my book, eight hundred life flock one. Eight hundred lifelike or lifelong dotcom use a promo code back and see twenty five percent of your first year, identity theft protection starts here. adds patents do for Glenn Joe Biden privilege ratings continue to plummet, yet we we a new segments do. Does america called today, the president hit a new low when his approval rating
the official title that I feel like I do this segment every week and it's pretty much true monmouth fall out now, thirty, so percent approval rating for Joe Biden, fifty eight percent disapproval. This is from you will show you what thirty eight there Six in the last month, he started up in the mid fifties back in the day and has dropped pretty much every consistently since he got into office. He now has the lowest average approval rating according to five thirty, eight of any president, ever measured at this point in his presidency, listen to this right track wrong track for joy you're twenty twenty one comes in, comes at office for forty two percent right direction. Ok, and you we don't. We of laugh. We can tell we tend to be a little frustrated about things january. Twenty twenty one. A lot was going out of that month, we're in the covert situation, yeah, okay, he go all around. It's mid, the mid forties, the end of April and then
june, twenty twenty one is thirty. Seven percent takes up to thirty eight down twenty nine percent in September right on thirty in december. Four percent in January twenty twenty two twenty four percent mark, twenty twenty two may Twenty two eighteen percent- june. Twenty twenty two ten ten ten percent right track. Eighty two percent wrong track. I've. I've never seen it where's that that I had to persist in Baghdad. Now the two percent ceiling What why don't know? One percent says I don't go the one percent says it depends. What dunno the always depends. Writer I mean it. Gotta depend on something one percent at ten percent rate of eighty percent right track and only Seventy four percent of Democrats approve of this presents performance that might be even more stun number. I bet people notice that other July fourth gatherings, because it's it's now
You know a lot of a lot of Democrats are expressing their disapproval for the president saying stuff like you know, it seems like, but he's not quite all there they're noticing that cognitive area, but it's policy as well. This is a disaster. While the dc is the Glenn Beck program, the.
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