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How Much Access Did Hunter Biden Have to Classified Documents? | Guest: Chad Robichaux | 1/16/23

2023-01-16 | 🔗

As many Republicans are busy crying hypocrisy over President Biden's classified document scandal, Glenn dives deeper into the reason for the documents and the amount of access Hunter Biden had to top-secret information. Glenn and Stu discuss the Left's odd outlook on Martin Luther King Jr., as leftists distance themselves from MLK's ideology. While the media obsess over Rep. George Santos, Biden's lies continue, with his MLK Jr. Day speech regarding Supreme Court justices being the most recent. Glenn emphasizes the powers of the individual while highlighting all the wins we've had against the woke Left. Mighty Oaks Foundation founder and CEO Chad Robichaux joins to discuss his newest book, "Saving Aziz,” which highlights the rescue missions made after Biden’s abysmal withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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ano America. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Let's see what's happening today. Davos starts oh, why am I not there skiing with the league? Oh yeah, that's the pact with satan. Anyway, Davao starts this week and it's a very different atmosphere will tell you about it coming up, but it's a different world for Davos, as opposed to twelve months ago. Why answer you truly? You will give you that and let's let's stop with the, I can't believe the hypocrisy of Joe Biden. Number interest is crazy: what are their key? Finding documents they're like practically being farted out of his body, and he said nero donald trump. He shouldn't have farted documents out of his spot, the hypocrisy of obedience. Can we stop it? I'm going to tell you what this is really about in sixty seconds,
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born so Kevin Mccarthy, He's come out said the discovery and more classified documents in president job possession. Add, highlights the hypocrisy. What inside the federal government now does do that because we- but is this is this new? Did we have we always said: there's more, you think. If Donald trump I mean, I guess I can go back in time. Think of rye reagan would have done that give armies eisenhower our view? What I've done that Maybe you can go on vague, like going to feel what I've done that it. This is the same story the same story. We got it Now, why is this story happening Well, let me give you they found more. Governments over the weekend now. Remember, though
GAO said: where actual only done with documents when they found rather bolivar They found more over the weekend at another. How many houses the skies like rattle mcdonald, roaming, Those constantly building another renault mcdonald house, how many houses does that cloud need how many houses that the president, he he's gotta more houses, told went to another house there like bob's, ok, it's sorry exactly over, but these documents rural- it don't matter. Ok, all right whether classified documents, so I'm pretty sure that would matter now. They went to Wilmington, and and and when I say they, they went to wilmington and rehab with beach, that's whereas other houses, and when I They I mean the same people that went to no his foundation with the university so high
Are they his attorneys now This started back in what was it november or or october, where the as an insult tourney yes were, to his office to pack up stuff and and closed that office, his attorneys, that is the world's most expensive. Moving company guy Why would you have your attorneys do that? Well, I could provide a thesis. Let's say You know you have something you shouldn't have and maybe, You ve done something you shouldn't have done you go. Your attorneys first, because. to them, you don't have to say I know this guy, which is them, as you guys can't talk right in legally everything. I say to you view here:
for peter ride right good. All these stops eager documents. There's a bite bunch of em over there. There might be a bunch of em. I think I'm have some sandy burger socks. I don't so can you. guys go in there, and if we find them do what you have to do. I want to know about it. Ok, president, has said last week, the iter he's told me: you know to not even ask about it. Oh but he's u those talking about it before they said that to you so the iter. these go in, they find it and they immediately call and cooperate. We all know that is big of Joe Biden. Now, that's why he had the attorneys there now whose house, but I have it with my corvette. I we're gonna come back to that state. That is like the safest place on or you have an all
corvette. I'm telling You can't break into that. The garage door, opener number has one allows Oh I don't you get it get in, because a garage door opens it's locked need some sort of like I don't. This is even beyond quantum computing to be able to get. asked one of those seers garage door, openers, so Oh will you come back to that when so then his other house, this weekend after its out in the open his attorney? these are there with the other house. Now I don't know why they have done all of the play since they could look, you know at why? maybe in november pay we found in the basement. You have any in europe next year. corvette worries at big boy. Sits is classified, has big red tape all over it now wage.
we go there. We have any other houses they do. I don't know why I don't know why, but their fully cooperating. Ok. Now, let's lets the test to questions here just to quit. When something says top secret to get a topsecret classification, what are they do Before you get that little card stew, usually do a background check that roger, ok, good, good good. What are they looking for, but maybe crimson? activity, criminal activity some way you could be compromise, or am I sure or you Oh, I just toured the soviet union vienna. There look for anything that you ve done that shows that you are on what not america's side or you
Have any friends that might be? Let's say not on american side or you have any business dealings with some people that, let's just say, are not on america side and then you also look file thing is Is he compromised with money with drugs? Is sex scandal is he is he prone to a honey pot thing. Ok, that's what they're! Looking for, because you can so easily me the money, and then somebody can come on go loosen boris, but I'm absolutely love america in. I just want to see the eye the sea top secret document? Because I want to show you how american, I am I'll, never say anything. The soviet union. Ok, are that guy could approach you know. So you need a little money. Maybe little heroin, ok
I can help, but Want to see top secret document That's what they're worried about? Ok,. Now wait a minute. This is in the president or vice president's house at the time he was the vice president and he had them their wild was vice president and then he to them there while he was president, ok lippman in there for a while who else has been in his house. Oh my gosh a guy who is constantly asking for money for drugs and hookers, a guy who is doing shady business deals with china and with russia and the ukraine wait a minute, exactly the kind of guy We all want to have access to top secret documents, but he was almost never there. Well
Let's go back to that ultra secure garage there, That's the house that hummed her Biden was renting from his dad. Now now with his art money, he was writing it from his dad when he had no money, remember I got. No money, height that's why she's pregnant? I couldn't afford a condo, ah poor guy. So his dad said just stay. My house, I'm not living there, you just stay at my house my gosh, what a great dad and he might wanna make sure. Is son grow up a little bit and you're gonna have to work for a little bit how's the the most Spencer. Rent in this area is six thousand dollars a month, so I'm gonna cut deal cause you're. My son, you just pay fifteenth, thousand dollars a month. But ten remember,
couldn't afford the condom right wing is a condom. Medium but more letters, gotta be a little more expensive. Fifth thousand dollars to his desk. it son now, where did is desperate? I don't have any money son get that money worry he's got a job with like bellissima doing deals over in china comply Wheatley his deal. No big deal no big deal job No, no one thing about it: nothing not get any money from it? just trying to help out his poor wayward son, given access to his house, so he has a place to rest his and challenge head wild dad charges, fifty thousand dollars a month.
and what's in that house, vous boxes of top secret documents? right there. Next to the garage so You don't need Macgyver euro. need some genius to go. How do we break in that seers robotic arm? How do we do it? cause. You already have a drug added inside whose in his family goin. Yet lease doesn't take. Half your money really she's really bitter and angry with his dad at that time. He was is dad does sufferer? so more accessible hate, I hear you're unhappy about then
or those little top secret documents. You have our be fun. I give you more money. We say you or gain gay seen these three. So? Why is this all coming out now? Why did why did the hurting you go in two, look for all of these documents wire they turning them in and its good news. That we have a special council course. It is a very good thing: I'll tell you right now you say The justice department is corrupt. I have a porn at our spiritual counsel on it. Oh good. Let me try this all up in a nice little. oh for you in sixty seconds Unfortunately, some of the best tech innovations out there also represent the danger from cybercriminals take bluetooth. For instance, it's a great
choice for sharing information between advices, but it's also easy to hack so that personal information out there don't worry about it now, Joe by You know what your purse information, just keep it in a garage next to an old corvette and you'll, be fine or me maybe lifelong. They are. top of the line in cyber security. They have both preventive measures to keep you safe and because nobody can, you know, stop everything because it kind of off moving crime syndicate, while kinda like art comment. They also have a restoration team, but will clean. up the mass. If your information is hacked into, don't you we had a restoration team. Now in the congress
I want you to join now and save up to twenty five percent off your first year with a promo code back call eight hundred lifelock one eight hundred lifelock or you can go to life locked outcome use a promo code back either place? Why eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom, save twenty five percent lifelike dotcom promo code back ten seconds station id the ok, sellers Titus up in a boat ever lawyers, a special council, the house huh. Her by an innocent innocent. Looking like a little puppy dog with big sad eyes, Joe Biden, ok, Here's what's going on back in november, I remember reading a little story: woe as
I'm broke, I used to say oh wow story about Joe Biden, white house, was now preparing for the slot of the report applicants, who were going to possibly win congress, and they needed to have all these attorneys already diego. So they were already working up things. Ok, side bar put that off to the side for a second Why would you have your attorneys? Do they ass. When you know you're gonna, look like a hypocrite you might want to do that with your attorneys, so you could the attorneys everything that you know what's going on and they can't say anything and they could clean this mass and make it old news by the time used
in a case against hunter binding. We know this. They are eddie broad those out and they were cooperating every step of the way. we already know her. was paying his father fifty thousand dollars a month and he ran out we're all those documents were body. was crazy is dad was you know why president, he has a way word son. He was just trying to help him out. That's why we appointed a special council unaware of what was I just heard from the worst spokesman at the white house ever on this question play it again. Sam baby begins! Am it's usually when we play it and play it again: sam
Okay, does this undercut that argument that he would restore confidence, because here we have in the headlines, he is now under investigation, restoring independence in the department of justice. That's what we're doing here when we're saying we're going to refer you to the department of justice that is restoring independence as it relates to for a second. so the only reason why a special council was employ head to restore america's confidence and this system and it has nothing to do with now, joe Biden here. attorneys his spokespeople saying. I cannot comment on this any more. I refer you to the department of justice, while normally when they would say that. Imagine if it was abraham, lincoln and pay did this, there would be leaks
Abraham, lincoln he's under investigation, but here the stuff, aryan side sources tell us this time there will be those leaks, so you effectively now shut down the story, but they go Somebody super special on the case, yeah inspector gag, yet we needed inspector gadget because hazy gotta figure out whether you could a core ventnor, sears car door opener and get ended a place. That's what going out. This is all just pre trial, maneuvering pre investigative, maneuvering by the white house to make this we ve heard des before texas old knows. Get all of these things cleared up. So
I can say I'm not talking about old news, I'm talking about what's happening today. This president to concentrate on what's going on for the american people. That is exam golly what's happening and, if you like more evidence of it join me on wednesday, because wednesday? On my wednesday night, special on blaze, tv online, all this out, it's pretty! clear when you look at it, and nobody in the media is looking at it or think it's weird. Neither is Kevin Mccarthy he's. Alright cabo would have thought doable staggered of the media who go get cabin the Glen back programme. no matter? How? Well you take care of your car? One of these days is going to need repairs. It's that simple, and if your luck is anything like mine, it'll most likely happen a day or two after your warranty ends.
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you can get even more sarcasm on demand at blaze, tv as part of your membership go to police tv, dot, com, slash and the promo code is glad this isn't wagner the Glen back programme. I mean the rent alone at forty nine thousand dollars a month is money laundering. It certainly seems that way we cause you were making Europe in a very entered sarcastic way here, I was in passing, I believe, every word that the white house- it's ok, let's get, but some of those developments. I dont know that people know about it. I didn't really know about them either, where you have the fifty thousand dollars a month and rent from hunter by this comes from a document from hunter in for a background screening request. He doesn't like to word screening.
No, he does now so he's writing this house, where the corvette is where the documents on and he spending but everywhere fifty thousand dollars a month now, but I saw myself fifty thousand dollars, What's the explanation for this? What other than again this What we do the other side doesn't do this for us, but like is it p simple right that, like it, has made a mistake, He said instead of I thought that was the annual. This is what I was gonna pay annually. Exactly like I, you know. I know I've been on a bright, filling up forms of four and it says like income and start writing here, your annual income and innocent, and then you realize this is actually monthly income and I go crap and you have to change it like. Maybe that happened, maybe so maybe he'll or maybe he meant to write five thousand and instead of. Fifty thousand right. You just added an extra zero plausible explanation for both of these. Unless you look at the form, because four does not say he's paying fifty thousand dollars a month in rent. It says he's
in forty nine com, nine one. Zero dollars for nine thousand nine hundred and ten dollars with the aqaba does and its impact but to save. As I was saying, I can't tell you how many times I've gone into like rent an apartment. How much is this apartment? It's forty in a hundred three hundred and twelve dollars for a month or two thousand three hundred twelve darya, our gs. Fourteen hundred fourteen hundred and twelve dollars a month right, it's it's, it's a usually around number. I've noticed it s like fourteen hundred twelve hundred fifteen hundred, while fifty twelve adopting laws about you unless you're making this specific payment for some other reason: nobody rents there how son I know your desperate and I know you don't have any money so I'm just gonna loans to neuro. This is to his son, so
you would just say. If you were, let's just say it was going to be four thousand dollars a month or five thousand dollars, I'm sure it will for four thousand you'd say dad I'm really poor. I know honey, but you gotta step up to the plate. This is where six thousand dollars a month so too young for. four thousand nine hundred and ninety. Well, if you don't know it just doesn't happen now and then the other thing I thought was plausible again we're trying to give the benefit of the doubt here. The other thing I thought was but is this number he for some reason wrote annual rent rather than hopefully yeah so forty nine thousand dollars annually for rent of somewhat plausible figure. However, the problem that is his monthly rent, then work out to fight four thousand one hundred and fifty nine dollars and six
incense, actually technically seventeen cents, because it's one six, six, six, six, six, six repeating. So it's likely that some, charge their son, these Jeanne support points six cents repeating part of their a rental arrangement he's just very accurate. I got I suppose he does not take care of his documents. Buddies, extraordinarily act, accurate and I will say you ve got you, but you mentioned the forty nine thousand nine hundred ten dollars mean maybe a specific figure, because it was a specific debt being paid or specific payment, which I think is very plausible. Another one- and I dont know this: maybe you know it cause you're in the art world, but before the art payment started flown and I start either you for it, thousand nine hundred ten dollars seems to me to be a number specifically held below fifty thousand. It is fifty thousand put out
an alarm bell and some of these financial reporting- I don't know I've, never laundered money before not not well. I thought you were the argument that what they like now, but it does seem like something where you know we, this with hester when he was, payments to up the person he added Right, maybe a legal comp contact with earlier, and I can what the number was, but it was something like ten thousand dollars sets off all of these alarm bells, so we kept taking out ninety nine hundred dollars over and over and over and over and over and settler been that'll set. The alarm bells to which I and understand our latest looking at all of it? But how much is how much is forty one? thousand nine hundred and forty nine thousand nine hundred and ten dollars per month. Much is that for a year and then two years, because remember This is a time that tony berlin ski had said. According to the laptop you know, ok, I gotta keep ten percent for the big guy
yeah forty nine thousand nine hundred and ten dollars, which was the rent, amount twelve is five hundred and ninety eight thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars. Ok about six hundred, graham so it be like in point two two years over two years? we should look how That deal was where turkey Bobby Linsky said: keep ten percent. Would ten per cent be about six hundred grand or one point two now I dont think that, is the only way of laundering money and I'm sure that's not happening. I should say this is just my theory. What's going on here but if you were laundering money would be so easy to do it through ran because I'm just charging. You know my kids, in trouble, I'm just charging him. you know rant for thou. That's it. I'm just getting
rent from him. That's not money laundering, I'm just giving him a place to really at Forty nine thousand nine hundred and ten dollars, while that's a weird number to come up with anyway. By the way hunter Biden has asked the court to delay the mother of his daughter, navy. to delay deciding whether or not she could be given the last name Biden, even though it is her daughter, the mom wants. Baby to have the last name Biden and thereby Biden said you know right now. You shouldn't make that decision. She she's not the age to make that decision to herself, but it made she's for she's, like fifteen minutes away from being able to decide whether or not she's a boy or a broomstick. Are you kidding me she
make this decision for, but I would like to recommend to navy and her mom you do now. want to hang that cross around her neck gay, because gonna happen is when she grows up. She's gonna realize what a dirt bag these were and be like, oh I need a change, my name back I understand why you would do it navy would carry the benefit. of the Biden family name now that may, true, she might be able go, negotiate great deals in a hostile countries and in others who get cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap rent from greece. papa, alright, I'm going to confess I'm gonna confessed. I am a sheet stab
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It's all a conspiracy theory. It's all a conspiracy, they use. These things are too crazy to even believe you believe this stuff is a conspiracy theory. I mean just let's stick to the acts here, because the facts The facts will make you feel more comfortable. They make sense for instance, did anybody see miss universe? This weekend? That was rate. Miss universe happen. I dont know who one but the rest of the universe is passed off their like. They don't invite us stress earth. self centered egomaniac. So anyway, For the first time, miss universe is owned by a woman. and here is the woman talking about How this thing is going to change, because it's about time to be for all women
The news was organized fashion. From now on is gonna, be run by women by HANS woman, not worried. He all women really around the world to celebrate a pound of feminism. Or of feminism, confluence of accents is that those like you guys are treated as a fourth bidding them there. I was a little taken aback by the for all women. Like me, sorry So that's it trends, woman, a beautiful trans woman. You know, I don't think you're allowed to sail you're, not coming without sooner. No, I have a right from the department of homeland security. If I'm talking about, I have to say, she's abusive and, I did say, she's a beautiful tran
woman, but not a woman. I know a point that defeated it's a beautiful thing basis. Now a beautiful trends, woman, trans woman, which but we're on our own and not women are not women, their guy. You may not. You may have that have sown breasts onto them. You may not. Have spirit of this arrangement down really- and you may have try and are really ard, I'm trying soup births super super hard, so wait so miss universe is now owned by a trans woman. Jeez got and she's gonna put lots of trans. Why another? And I dont know for all women for all right and so you know- hey swim. Get on up there. That's gonna be great adventure. The audience is gonna, go through the roof. For that yeah did you they care. What would do they care about? That
is this the way it aired the one that trump used to own or part of is this? Is this the same? There was one of those might have owned one, but he one dinny one miss like teen, usa or miss usa or the miss amerika pageant. He did I think he owned the miss amerika pageant. I don't ok, you know why because it was just miss america pageant there wasn't at the time we're were like. Oh birdy, sexist all cars idolizing these women, and then you say no, no, we're not, naturalizing them we're we're. Looking there very, very smart, its miss america, some pageants or like now is like, Let me tell you about the mosier. I miss you united states, one you kidding me because miss united states, her outfit the moon on top of her head. I did This did not that's. The only thing I saw was this picture of miss universe and she
her head dress, was this moon. That was almost the size of her. Do you have it there? It is. Can you write their later? She we can I like is that your sputnik is she? Where is she? Where is sputnik? Yes, she's wearing sputnik? Look at this and she's walking out like this is just going to snap my back and she looks hilarious. What is there is, but what trump did on this? At one point? Oh did he yeah? yeah. This is one of them what he owned. I think he also owned a piece of miss universe, miss usa and miss teen. Usa. Uk and did he miss america he sold it at he sold it to this person. The I guess there. for four twenty million dollars, a trans tycoon. They called treads tycho the person now he's such a. I mean look at this big. It is big. It he made it. You made an arrangement with a trans person to yeah to have like no big deal. He doesn't care what he gets. Twenty million from does or does not care equal opportunity right
This is interesting. I don't know, I thought: how do you think the? U s does do we have the hottest trends women in the world? I don't know why I don't got this amount of chinese is not from america, so maybe stuck in the deck? I dont know whom we and I dont know right grandma wrecking that from america. She delegation. filipino ok yeah, that I love. You know this, but the philippines now america, it's the philippines, so she would be philippine, but she may have. She may have maybe your heritage mutual. born hearers at least we're at arguing whether or not she's, american or filipino and we're Well calling her a she. I know it's ridiculous, the trappings, you know what I mean. You look up there and you see a person at address, and you think it's if I had to. I know it's just because some horrible,
Pre judgment is prejudiced and I have learned dresses like s kind of like when there was only one area dresses and you know their breasts are pushed up, and she generally looks like a woman. You know you have this narrow you're like zero sum that some of the tradesmen, women oak- that's that's bob So about measures brought about, I saw somebody on tv that was not a beautiful trans woman and then I find out now she do that too. That's just her so, that's bad. If you are a bad luck in trans woman, that is actually a woman relax. A euro woman you're, maybe not so attractive. You look like a man. Could you enter one of these contests as friends of woman right and win, because your beat you? How did I beautiful as a transfer, I swear to you? He used to be a man. That's why I look like this. I
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what you are about to hear these diffusion of entertainment and lighted it? This is the Glen back broken
and are you sick twisted freak? We got a couple of things got out today that maybe we should talk about pay more documents found a Joe Biden place now you gotta be kidding me and now the cdc asean in all our might it'd- be some harmful things that are happening as side effects with the vaccine. Why you should still go get the vaccine. Rarely will give you that oh and martin luther king day is today. We just have a quick stop there in sixty seconds, so who do you think, was the worst mass murderer, the worst villain in history hitler star gang is gone. probably now that would give my vote in up they just killed I don't know about a hundred million people in china, but China's new model anyway.
there are many villains throughout history, even in america. The question is, what do we do when the next bad guy comes along? We just sit there. How do we recognize them wages the busy eating sea ports where it is at all end This is why you need to know history. We need to educate ourselves on what villains look like and how they started out our children Need to know this, everybody needs to know this. We as people can we spot these villains before they get anywhere close to holding a real power influence this, the tunnel. Twins comes in their new book, the guy, to modern villains shows how twenty two modern village villains. People like now rose to power the cell. right? The launch of the book, the tunnel twins, have their entire guidebook series on sale. This in orton series Tuttle twins back dotcom, these books, on sale this week tunnel
twins back dotcom, yet the books that teach your kids important lessons tuttle too in the back dotcom. Well, it was good to see the president out celebrating martin luther king day. I don't know how I feel about all of this, because I am not sure if its politically too correct to like him, except Martin luther king day, you know r, our other days acceptable. I'm not sure, because he said you should judge people buy Content of your character, and now everybody saint Martin luther king, was wrong. So I dont do I dry on a street is boulevard. Today or not. I don't know they seemingly typically don't say. Martin Luther king was right. They say the things martin Luther king said the same continent: character, color, the skin
not the color of the skin, though that idea is wrong, but they they typically will just stand by and act as if he didn't say those things like they are still like if they like having the brand name ryan. Looking at you act like he didn't say these things and you put other things around them. Eventually, everybody will think he didn't say those things and that great and that doesn't really work for Joe Biden, because he's been saying a lot of things for a long time that are absolutely not true here. He stocking at church yesterday about two political: heroes that he had his
entire life are inspired by the preacher was one of my only political heroes. I've been saying and Andy's heard me say it for years: I've two political heroes, my entire life. When I started off as a twenty two year old kid in the side as the civil rights movement got elected, the united states senate, I was twenty nine. I wasn't old enough to take office and two heroes got a Bobby Kennedy. I admired John Kennedy, but I could never picture him at my kitchen table, but I could bobby And no market doktor king and no longer to king he's twenty two and that's what I did heroes was was doktor king, no malarkey. malarkey was not. The hero was not I dont know who malarkey one? He was not the here right. Martin was martin luther king. Then he talks
out how martin luther king so influenced his life there, I mean he can't fighting apartheid south, africa he was there on the front lines. Listen. I've got apartheid in south africa and a whole lot else. They didn't want to see him common they they do. I see him coming, were you on any rose cause Andy was there and he was there and Andy will tell you the truth. Now, there's something else about his childhood that that you probably dont know that you should, I mean, he's a practising catholic, any good. church every morning. However, he went above and beyond. Listen to this here, Yes, I must say one thing. The rest I may be a proxy catholic category should go to seven thirty mass every morning in high school and then on college. Before I went to the black church, not a joke- and you know this knowledge- must not a joke. He would go
oh to church and they go to a black church. That's pretty amazing, then in the middle of his martin luther king speech. He saw a little girl in the front and just to stop it wasn't awkward or anything, but so many young people are going to do so much more and we regularly which your name honey, honey. It's good to see you maybe I can have a picture of you. Why leave? Okay? Oh that's right! That's really creepy! Thank you, but then It's right back into the speech, and I think this really says at a hearing these words, and I quote: to just one generation. segregation to the supreme court of the united states, end of quote. those are the words of cogent, cogent katana. He drowned jackson.
For the court justice to just one general. You segregation, the court, you write. It took only one generation to get there to get there. That is good, who was she cause she's our first black supreme court justice right? No, no Now, who is it? Who is our first dollars? there's another one currently on this. Korea is already there. So he was on the supreme court, but he was our first. That was back in the eighties No, no he's done. You look at it because, I'm pretty sure it had to be clarence Thomas now covers now use. Did you gotta? Look it up, because I I don't really think we count clarence thomas as a as a black person. You know no no
No, I'm pretty sure we'd have to say the first one was, could John G brown jack, who was incurred, burn JD, dry cleaning of that lady lack lady? I so who the first target marshall. Third, Good marshall? While an old timey name when one was thurgood martial law on the supreme court has to be a generation after the supreme court? I mean after the civil rights movement right because it was just one generation from the civil rights right. Supreme court, which, if you're doing that? That would be. Clarence Thomas, but that would leave out thurgood marshall nineteen sixty seventy ninety ninety one, nineteen sixty seven was thurgood martyr so that not even a generation. That's like ten minutes after the civil rights movement
Why? Why why why why why Why seriously why it took america really ten? It's too, but not a whole generation. A guy was more likely. I don't know enough about thurgood marshall, but most likely a part of the civil rights movement. And he's there. he's on the scene. He's an attorney he's fine, but no way he's gonna be a supreme or justice, because he's a black man and erica, says you know enough of this and boom there a black man on the supreme court. Why are they making this like, it's happening now like eat too he's taking. Victory lap. I want everybody to know not only was eyes there which he wasn't not
he was I in south africa which he wasn't, but I also in the guy who brought it all. We waited a a generation now true. Why is this? Why? Why why? Why are we putting up with this? Why. We know it's not true, Do you think that the truth has no consequence? I mean the lies, have no consequence, if you speak, lies over and over and over again. What did that? Just do that to store in our history. gravely distort in our history everybody will say, while he would didn't go to the black church in he didn't even meet these guys that he saying he matt what what is it. I mean He has been called on this over and over and over again, the all of you
involved, are like eyes, natural, etc the church he was speaking at pastor That is true. And he knows it now. these here to say nope. I see what your drive. I d cover for george santos george santos, who it is obviously the number one guy. He even remember leadership position for georgia in our eyes for many many minutes and and you're trying to cover This is what what I'm amazed about here: you're times wrote another three sorry this weekend about your santos, a guy who Anyone know who george santos, I thought. Maybe it was just an honey. I know I know the name and unlike who the hell is george. He is the guy who was recently elected in new york, the his. scott sworn into office and he fabricated parts of his resume- and this is
non stop coverage new york times for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks, this guy to resign healed about where he worked. He lied about committing a crime when he was nineteen years old in brazil. all these things, and yet this guy Joe Biden, continues to grow up in front of search after church after church and tell this completely fabricated story. Over and over and over again. They have fact check this with people who are. in the church at the time with meat with everyone. who is there, no one remembers and being being there, the guy he says was pastor, wasn't even pastor when he's talk till this. This story, What this has got on peace, the president, President of the united states. Does this all the time the new york times, does not care and then- Seventy eight articles about george santos: how is this possible? Can I be so transparent about this? How can you be so transparent about
All of their lies, nope. Nobody see here so here's the thing I was say nobody cares. But that's not entirely. True, I think the. majority of amerika actually cares, but they don't care. about all of the politics that go with it There are no longer going to care about things. They think no one's going to correct. No one's gonna pay for it. You know Joe Biden, he lied about this in now he is now is, give away all of our money- and you know it was all based on whatever sancho institutional. He can't do that and I don't really care That's what the average forces says I earlier now when, indeed they actually do they just
I think it will change anything, and so they there I'm not putting any of my time or energy in any of this. That is exactly what I told you. Obama was trying to do to us in two thousand eight jury, member when the new cycle, all of a sudden, became breathless. Where was like thing, sure thing after thing and you couldn't keep up with it. It has stopped since two thousand eight well that's what you're feeling They warn you out on look it up. Double standard, They warn you out on absolutely everything, nothing. were changes. The republicans are part of it. They get in office, nothing changes. They do the same thing natural for humans to go or why the hell. Do I even care? It's not
going to change anything. Imagine the people, in phoenix. I do the people in arizona who actually leave that it was stolen from them times in a row stolen from you think, they're gonna care Voting next next time, which is the first thing that could possibly happen this. I am giving you this vote work, thing that could happen. Is you go I'm not for any more? I don't really care saga change there, just stealing it if you retreat it's over, it is officially over if you say you see this in your like this, guy is lying over and over again You may not get him. You know, kicked out of office you're not going to change the media's mind, but you have to stand as a sentinel of truth. In your own life and in your own sphere of influence, because we can
let these things just become true and they will will become true no one stands to challenge them and I'm saying you're going to win nationally, you ve got to win in your own homes. You ve got to keep. You are the keeper. The flame of liberty and run now. Most of us that flame is either out for most americans or there Just a few who embers of coal left you ve got to blow that back into life in yourself. I'm not saying that you have to worry about every single thing in politics, because I'm tired of it I have resigned myself. I really believe that The only ones court this out now, when I say that I'm not like so you are gotta go on vacation he's got it got. It is good
We're gonna go to a movie now I leave the only thing that will save our nation. Is god almighty? and it is going to happen in a bid nickel, sized miracle in the end and he'll get credit for it. but I will tell you that ain't got happen if we all, go our own way and do nothing we have got to stand up and just say: hey, just one, that you all know I just want to. Is this: from from Joe Biden on Martin luther king day, happy birthday You know it was. This is not officially his birthday, but happy. Martin luther king day. Isn't this actually? No, I think those of washington's day or something, but anyway You know happy martin luther king day, I still believe in the words of the declaration of independence, which martin
their king called america back to this stuff from job It is a lie. I'm not saying it. Cnn said it. C n n said it. Nay, nay, said at once back had just a second I want to talk to you a little bit about buying or selling your house if you're doing Now you need an expert, you need. Somebody who has clients already lined up looking for a house like yours. How do they do that do that online. They spend enough money to generate interest on their websites to be able to get people to look, and so there are ready, searching for homes, So when your home comes up, they already know. I got buyers for it. There so many things like that that actually put real estate agents into a different category when you
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Did you see the buffalo bills? Quarterback and what he said. Josh yeah He said I mean I I know you didn't you. We're just going to say that, but you didn't want yeah josh, I'm trying to explain it to people who didn't know who shall I was saying he did not have a good day yesterday. No, no winning winning a play off game. You think we ve had a great day yeah. Now he was not angry. He was playing against the giants, we want and what now, what do not work out wealth for him maybe because he wanted the score to be twice as high wow, so he played an
if c, vs nfc game and the giants won, it was, it was the first time it's ever happened. Yeah. That would be the first time that has ever happened to that sister anyway, anyway, yeah, unless you go back to the superbowl from back in the day, maybe that's what you were referencing, that's exactly! Why any worse, you know what I mean so jot. This is why you don't get into it. You don't follow. It's I'm, sometimes just speaking of historic things. Times you? Your sports knowledge goes right over my head anyway, Josh Alan. We all know the quarterback of the buffalo bill said it is real. He said anne want to get into this a little bit. He said you know spiritual, higher power, I'm not going to judge I you know, I don't want to offend anybody but afterward. happened. Guy is real and he
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course was responding to what happened to his teammate damar hamlin, most said, Lamar alexander, but vs into hamblin is right. I wanted to see if you were pay attention anyway said the senator forgetteth So so ease, responding dollar that and he says over the weekend, you know I've been the most stud. You know devote a guy and end, but watching it watching what happened on the field has moved me deeply, and you know spirituality, higher power- and you know you don't believe in that- I'm not gonna judge. I dont want to affect won't what who would you know when you can witness something like this and and you have B, I am so offended by what he said.
Shut up, shut up, stop find a couch everything I mean we get it, we get it and you you know you can couch it like. Hey, I'm not trying to preach to you, but man. This is affected me deeply. I am, I mean, I'm going back to praying and everything else Well, I'm not that's poppycock, ok, cool move on with your life there. Real problem in america when everybody when christians are all apologizing all the time for everything, is a real problem in the country. And its it comes from this weakness. Bull crap, you you're gonna have to apologize to say no dude over there. Definitely a woman. You have to Apologize
one you should explain where it. Why haven't you should explain especially de, if you're saying that to my third greater glass as a fact. I don't know. Maybe we should have a conversation All of this stuff is weakening us and, as I was saying last half hour when people say I don't care, don't care anymore What you are saying is I ve given up, because I know nothings gonna change. Well, first, That's not true. a lot has changed a lot has changed. Just just look at the. reset they're going into the you know why the economic forum they're going in and they are changed, all kinds of stuff this year, because
Really honestly of you, you think you don't have an impact a year ago. Last week we publish the book the great reset. Nobody was talkin about he s jeez. Nobody even knew what it was always talking about great reset. Nobody even knew what it was, and if anybody was talking about, they were saying, was a conspiracy theory Well now guess what the world economic forum is doing: their change in their language. Again. There in retreat, peep goods people. Now you who made it efforts, so don't give up on this because things are changing understand given up on things like your water. Gonna pay a heavy price buzz. There's gonna be a hearing on that. That's not gonna happen soon, going to happen. but on things like our schools, boost happened in the last year liquids happened in the last year in
schools. A lot has changed. Let me ask you this. Have you would you have heard vis a year ago, now this is at the oxford union ruler mobile, and this happened during a debate at the oxford union- remember universities all woke. Listen to this statement. It's gone viral over the last week in the sin of this now want to talk to those of you who are work and who open to rational argument, a small minority. I accept because one of the tenants of work. This is, of course, that your feelings matter more than truth I believe in you. I believe there are those of you here who I woke up international argument, so let me make one we are told,
The euro generation cares more than any other about one issue in particular: not issues climate change We are told that many of you suffer from climber anxiety. we wish to save the planet and for tonight, and tonight only I will join you I will join you and worshipping at the feet of saint gretel of climate change. Let us all accept right here right now that we are living through a climate emergency and stocks of power, there's a running extremely low? I do you in this view. I truly do now what to do about this huge problem facing humanity. What can we in Britain do. we can only do one thing. You know why this country is possible for two percent of global carbon emissions, which means that if Britain was sink into the sea right now. It would make
salute me? No difference to the issue of climate change. You know why, because the future of the climate, going to be decided that asia latin america by poor people who couldn't give it about saving the planet? You know why, because they are poor because Paul. I come from russia, which is not a poor country to middle income countries. Twenty percent of households in russia Do not have an indoor toilet, what they have is an outdoor toil. And I don't mean one of those nice port to lose that we get here. I don't even mean a glass than report salute I mean a wooden shack with a hole in the ground, the holes, the collected fermented memory of the last ten thousand visits how many of you gonna go home tonight and say, let's rip out our bathroom and erect the siberian thousand the back garden you know why should they
A hundred and twenty million people in china do not have enough food. I dont mean that their own get dessert they suffer from malnutrition. is that the immune system is breaking down because they don't have enough food. You know get them to stay poor. Imagine you she jinping the leader of China, you are ten years old, there was a revolution, a cultural revolution in your country and people came, and they go your father in prison Your mother had to denounce him your sister, killed herself and you along and joined the protection of your formerly powerful father, was sent to a village where you lived in a cave house. and here you are decades later. You have claw your way The bloody and greasy pole of chinese politics to be the undisputed supreme leader of the very communist party that destroyed
family- and you know that the main thing you have to do- to survive and to stay in power- is to deliver the one thing that the people of china, one prosperity economic growth. Where do you think climate change ranks on changing things list of priorities? A third of children who live in extreme poverty in the world live in india. Means they are starving and dying of preventable disease now about Ten months ago my wife got pregnant, not me because worlds go. And for nine months we talked about what a boy would look like He might do when he grows up. We looked at babies,
and videos on youtube about what the fetus looks like at nine months and twelve months and twenty months and eventually was born, and he is This cute little bundle of joy. Is cuba, then, about eighty percent of poppies now few said to me that I had a choice either my son had a serious risk of starving or dying from preventable disease in the next year, or I could press a button and he would live, he would go to school. He would bring his first girlfriend home you'd, go to university and graduate and become awoke idiot. And then you get a job. get married and have children and become a man, but all I have to do, is press this button and for ever the day of my sons, life, a giant plume of sea or too is gonna, get released into the atmosphere.
You, euro, very young, and most of you are not parents. Let me tell you something: there is not. We in the world would not smash that button so hard to handle, and you are not going to get these people to stay. Poor you know even gonna get them to not want to be richer, and so I put it to you It is in germany. There is only one thing we can do in this country to stop climate change, and that is to me scientific and technological breakthroughs. That will create the clue an energy. There is no, The clean, but also cheap and the old, the thing that woke this has to offer in exchange is to break wash bright young minds like you to believe that you are victims believe that you have no agency to believe that what you must do too prove the world is to complain, is to protest. is to throw soup on paintings
and we, on this side of the house are not on this side of the house, because we do not wish to improve the world. we said on this side of the house, because we know that the way to Prove the world is to work is to create it is to build and the problem with woke culture- is that is trained to many young minds like yours. To forget about that. Thank you very much that is no hot. Clear and understandable, woke ness. does nothing to change the world. By jenny cell has some pretty exciting news for you to ring in the new year. There introducing their latest skin care, innovation, the micro biome moisturize, her the power of probiotics. That means, of course, it helps target skin, redness, pesky wrinkles in fine lines, patchy, blotches,
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your purchase, but a genuine cell dot com, slash back jenny, zelda com slashed by It's a g at you, see l, dotcom, slash back when the conversation, lady, seventy seven back the Glen back program so there was a republican state, senator. in texas, but has just filed senate bill, one forty, seven and the governor of Texas said he would sign it. It bans
Let me see if I have this: china, IRAN, north korea and russia or company or other entity, that his headquarters in these countries from directly or indirectly holding controlling any kind of stock or ownership interest, which has held or controlled by individuals who are citizens of this country. Citizens of these countries, among stipulations level, blah blah blah. Basically, you can, on anything in texas, get on any land cannonading. So is this answer your question last week, your autumn where's texas, on this. Yes, this good news, you're good beer, excited about I'm excited about this, I think, is good. We didn't ban Venezuela, which is north korea, ran china. Russia, Venezuela, would have been nice. Cuba would have been nice but that in all its fine, let's find it.
It is a step in the right direction and it hasn't gone through yet, but it's in the process bright in the end and that's good. We we have got to stop these foreign pennies and foreign countries from just devouring us from the inside there just buying up our land. Then then, what then, what and why are they buying up all of our farm farmland? Stop it. That's good news This is one of the things that we talked about this little bit because both the governor of texas and governor, Lord obviously, are least talked about. I'm into santas is really talked about us in this world abbot, maybe on the outside a little bit but there's a new story from things access to that talking about the field as it started to develop and none of these rights. What can candidates know what to do because they don't the know for sure about dissent? Is there not sure whether they want to jump in to be the alternative to potentially trump? Who are they? they're, saying em right now, you have
Such nicky hayley is making the first initial moves into going sooner, announcing a campaign pale peo is has a book coming out later this month, which is usually a heavy. dictator that you you're going to run a but it's interesting. Because you get in, I mean pale and hayley both obviously served under president trump erected. Ministration pumping, hayley? They found they had an easterly outwardly antagonistic written, maybe a little bit and at this point between trumpet Hayley avail pale, has had a good relationship. As far as I know, it's interesting that he would be one of the first people to be running potentially against his old boss right, and you know I, I think, You'Re- also seeing these governors sort of position themselves, because you can't I mean, if you're, if you're descent, as you just won reelection you're, not going to jump in immediately going to have to wait a little. While I think, before he's going to announce this, I don't think seat before summer. Right I
probably not he is running. I just know we're losing out in my mind he is running one hundred percent he's the one that makes a lot it's like some of these second might pompey owed to meet note no offence to the guy. Does it make any sense? It's not that he's by round to give me a bad precedent, but that being said, we know if p what might pompey they're going to vote for donald trump right rapidly? That's what you're gonna say. Now, there's a lot of elevating your profile that goes on when you run for president, to people like that run for vice president and you're gonna see a lot of people run for vice president. There really running for president of the united states. They want to be the vice president's. That's what some, This positioning is all about. If you're gonna go head to head with Donald trump you're gonna lose if upon pale or he Haley you're gonna, lose your friendship because he's gonna come at your with both barrels, both barrels,
that doesn't usually work. Rolling back programme we What you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen back programme
in the next sixty minutes, you're going to feel entertainment, but you will be riveted by the story. You're about to hear enlightenment. You will understand the power of the spoken word and the power that you have that you probably don't even recognize. We begin in sixty seconds. First, let me tell you: I've got a lettering from Tammy. I want to read it to you. She said I've been wanting to communicate to your team, how much real estate agents- I trust, has star lives, so you no real estate agents. I trust outcome. That is my company. It's group of a whole but load of real estate agents that we really done our homework on to make sure they have the best. practices, their fans of the show and everything else a year you're kind of meeting a new friend but somebody who really knows the business indeed get you the best deal for your house and for your new house, says content
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State agents. I trust dotcom find the best agent in your area, at least the ones we recommend. We think that the best it's real estate agents, I trust dotcom. That's real estate agents, I trust dot com, a free service to you. you the forward just a bit of it from a saving aziz. I first met chad, rubbish, yo in twenty sixteen through mutual friend David barton. I had heard about him double deployments in afghanistan, struggles with ptsd and suicide after he came home. Our shared love of history independence- dependence on our faith transcend the dark valleys of our past and desire to use our struggles to pay it forward these instantly bonded us. I could tell you It was the real deal, a man. his word. He was a man of honour.
I had a mamma show several times to share his story and speak on veterans care and how he's organization, the the mighty oaks foundation was working to combat veteran ptsd suicide suicide. Hearing his words. I said sign me up. My wife and I Our charity mercury. Why became a supporter. We remain. in touch over the years and when the debacle began in unfolding in Afghanistan, I didn't if the decision a second thought, Chad and I locked- are and dove in together to do what we really needed to be done and we did Ed what our government wasn't doing saving as many people as possible from the blood bloodlust of the taliban, to these, whereas ivf meaning they were qualified for special immigrant visas because they helped our country and american troops when they were deployed. on for a couple of more pages, and let me just give you this, I
Chad. While this crisis made me ashamed of our government. It also made me ponder about the american people. I was at the point where I was absolutely hopeless about america. I thought we're just not gonna make it, but then saw people from all walks of life and all income levels and all parties come together and say this is wrong and we'll do so think about it. My heart swelled are now national honour may have meant nothing to those, in washington, but it meant everything to countless americans, for the first time in my life, I felt if the government in elites would just get out of the way the people we saw. all a lot of our problems. This is a book that too is the story of what happened in afghanistan, and I mean really in afghanistan.
Aziz was the interpreter for chad, while he was over in afghanistan. For how many tours did you do over there? I did eight and now all eight where, with his ease his were very very unique scenario and of my job specifically in the way our relationship less. This story is also a story of god: the miracles that happen when you just do all you can do and then doors just start to open its pretty crazy, yad and gets to set the example of when you're media the gods burning of your heart and you step board and faith level. Sazen and sank. Radiance given our five seven that we we walk by faith not by sight, and we see things impossible in and they are impossible at times, but you know the things that I gotta skateboarding somebody said to me. I have had several Christian say to me, you know, quite what are we going to do? What are we going to do and I'm like? Well, you know, I think the only thing that will happen is if we turn to god, and we really need to turn back to god
and they're like their yeah, I know. But what does it do? I keep wanting to say you know that, guy. You look at Xavier and me too He rose from the dead, that's a little harder to do than saving the country. I think god could you could take this on if we all just rededicate ourselves to him. Wait- this story, and if I could get one thing out of their stores aiming as easy, it is to tell that the story of I do in miracles today, because what what AP, in a in a in the rescues of seventeen thousand people by the way, by by just a handful of civilians who had no money to do it hadn't done humanitarian operation like that before and in we're, not with the government anymore, it is a story of a of a divine miracle, I'm not smart enough or capable enough. I have the experience and background to do these things, but I'm not smart enough capable enough to pull that off. It was too big, other thing would end in view this amazing because you went and Actually were over there- and you
doing the work, but you, like you, said you didn't, have them me, and I was over here raising money not connecting I know raising the money, our audience was given money and I was saying internally: we don't have any guys on the other side of the fence right. How are we going to get them to these planes and that's we connected yeah and it was amazing organization after organization all brought puzzle pieces together and try that We were all short of Is it is? It was perfectly orchestrated series of events that, if any one had to have been speaking a lot about this if anyone looking back now, if any one of these pieces work well or adored it and open the whole thing network. Yeah I mean when we went there, you know. Obviously my original intent was to go rescue. My friend, you know I I had I had did a to that with his ease. He was yours,
oh dear to me, so I'm going saved your life several times, save my life on three occasions. So, to give a little background of how we worked, I was at I was in a J soc task force, a joint special operations command task force with one of our premier sp operations- units anna, was what's going to f o their advanced bourse operator, which really is like the best way to describe as I'd be undercover. You go in a single thing capacity by yourself and you work with, local national. To go out That's your unit in amounts. Afghanistan across border impact, stand to build the emperor structured up put ourselves on target to capture the bad guys. That was my job in Aziz was now I'm interpreter, but he was my teammate in autumn we spent weeks and months like that either you're going to hate the guy, I love the guy and I fell in love with him. He's a he's one of my best friends in the world. He he saved my life multiple times, but I'd say he saved my life everyday, like don't walk there, don't eat that. Don't this person to be speak right now. They're gonna kill us like a seen and put his lay his lifeline for fur several members, I mean
we just got him recognized by: u s. Congress who's, the first afghan every recognized by us congress for the for the rescue of four navy seals that an operation he and I are on our side- ask admiration to recover these. Clandestine extraction, is poor seals, our continent's taliban village in we're out options in those aziz who stepped up and said anne. I do this, let's take this vehicle. He it was through the night in his taliban village, and we got these four navy seals out. So he's an incredible human being. You knew when this was all falling apart. He you that position, then on the list would have I mean he had been in the browser six years for riding habit. He d been anne S. S ivy process for six years is a broken. System is supposed to take nine months right, but six, Yours is close to nine. My turn a nine upside down. It looks like a six anyway, so he is, You knew immediately. There's no way he's gonna get out now,
because I had already tried to use my relationships in congress and senate and, and it just wasn't happening, and it wasn't happening for many as abbeys and, like I said it's a nine month process and a promise that we gave in two thousand and I know interpreters and we had. We had a we had forfeit. This hour are committed to them. And in a visa guy who had access, topsy information service, bash operations from fifteen years been polygraph if he couldn't get out yet another lesson than others right. So so, I knew he was in danger in April, not august endeavour job all back in April, one of our or teammates that had turned on the taliban ahead, had been hunting Aziz before hit the sky. Had ten our team members killed, who are friends of mine. He had he drove away about what he adds to my drive a vehicle bomb in my house. Look, four Zizi jihad me condemned it by a foreign intelligence agency, which I can't say which one way I mean it's a really guy, we had him arrested, he was put in jail, but it press
obama's administration, let him loose and as with many others, and he turned back to the taliban, so he's looking for aziz ali back in April, and so we started moving as ease and I'm getting more more desperate, and we president Biden and now said date to say we're, gonna, withdraw on the anniversary of nine eleven march sank, and I knew a couple of things one I knew this was could be catastrophic if we go into. If you want why further, was purity and national security of the world the catastrophic, but secondly, My heart went selfishly to my friend and said I have to go get my breath so Where did you first girl? What did you do? What was your plan? Might I add two plants and the first one to work out. The first plan is called richer mcguinness, who works for tucker cross and he's an when under cover with antigua and be a lamb and you could You have to do it now said: hey you want to store in afghanistan of the withdraw I'll get you there
air will go in and we'll get it will get my interpreter on the ground to be our cultural liaison. Once we get there, The interview we're gonna fly back to do by interview, him this family and then these ever go back and area daily collar actually removed it And now, but it happen, the faster we couldn't pulled it off, and so I say we're just gonna have to go in and get him, and so I call calling former spent operations, guys that knew I could trust because of Needham long term they had the air, so fo level experience to work independently and air mature guys who had already been to combat, so they wouldn't be itching to go and get into a gunfight with the how about it? Is that what you mean by you knew you could trust him. Can you have addressed him in that yeah? That I mean I want to bring guys we're like hadn't the chance to go get some in combat and envy out there. That was not well we're goin. Therefore, the time for combat was over. This was a bit rescue my friend his family and potentially others. But where is she? It was one of our teammates we're guys.
your seals for shrieked marines green, whereas we had a couple of paramilitary offshore shaughnessy, a very experienced guys, and one of the guy said hey this is group thirty thousand orphans. What are we them too, and in that we had a pause for a second said the skills that we have in the room. The passion that we have to do this? Let's get as many americans interpreters their families. Women showed and christians are to be pursued. Ask me peoples we can and- and I believe it- I think everyone in iran was believers and christians and I think we all this burden on her heart. Why call that task for six eight provides essex. Eight here my sent me and and we just all wanted to be obedient to that and if anyone get credit breathing, and until you get me, credit would double well for angel award in congress, has recognized me for this, but if we get any credit for anything, the only thing I feel like we deserve credit for was being obedient to say yes to that burden, I put our heart because after that everything was a divine miracle. I mean within three days
the sovereign or talk to the joint chiefs and got permission for us, civilians they go and H. Guy airport, which deal decontrolled into a sabena evacuation any by knows anything about the military, that's impossible for that and I was stolen, know how it happened there, permission to go there and they said they would better manifest now set. We have to move people visas to the country which is huge, at the beginning of the paperwork. The only place that's allowed is right here in laredo texas, but in the real world you know we have to have. We have the duration? So we called the royal family of the euro because we had relationships there with us. When a family members to our teammates actually had a stork relationships there and we told them all we're gonna do and they said not only where you can you bring them here, but we ll give you a monitoring centre, doctors, food owing to care. am anna and will work with the state department to bell to actually get them to us, because a lot of people gave a slack but we're bringing people to the. U s: don't have the ability to bring people to the? U s had the ability to evacuate people from Afghanistan, but bringing the
america's not up to me. and then and then that happening in there. You, the romantic, says after that now, but we can give to see seventeen planes and pilots which sounds like a lot, but we need more that, but that was amazing and then the I've seen it happen all within three days is I got an avant with you and you told me that you got behind our microphone because you want to do what would you what you have this year greatest weapon thing and you tat your use, your voice and and and people responded and and out. I think you're, like I don't know, I was gonna happen, but we raise billions of dollars and what we could do that new. You connect to me with rule a dollar amazing, amazing, human, being mercury one and we, synergies and effort to start coordinating the procurement of planes well to manifest planes and get planes rotating at an inn in the blood, majority of of does the seventy thousand people we get out
Complaints that mercury, one in your issue at them- please it during this year to be it's amazing, seventeen thousand people and it started with go over and see my for a start with I gotta go over, say my friend I am we did get us the first day you we had. We had so much happening. We end up our our team in adobe, which is where I was we're running operations where Tiemann cerebral arose, running washing DC to take applications and make sure they are the right people, now, just anyone where vetting the right people, which unfortunately deity- deadlines that in people said they were concerned about who is coming here. I was too, I want to make sure I mean I was exhausted on every single person that was in our ports, you on our planes? We were desert the united states government in sedate yard, and carry out me weep. We did our. diligence and we can bring him straight? It america, we put him through a filter process, airport, a country but
you know for us, we have that process running was very intricate and it was amazing how fast I'm so proud of everyone who was involved. How fast were able to get a system in place. We had our ground going outside the wired age, kyar and three man teams they grab people. S we can coordinate rescue list and in no one stop to sleep. I was so amazed everyone ten day if you stopped for administer asleep. He felt like your trading outburst of human life and ass. I know see my phronsie spray or read about in the book. He lost seven seven pounds in ten days. We didn't know how we do know how long we had. We just knew we couldn't stop, but when that gable up and thirteen of our service members will kill. We we watch the military, well, those gate shut and u s military did not want to leave, but I too, but we didn't have to and we chose to stay. I was here. Let me give you gimme a minute here and now we're gonna come back. The name of the book is saving Aziz by
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second station idea. One of the worst things that I saw was the welding of the gate closed and our service military men being blown up in all those women blown up and looking at the eyes of the military. I I know a lot of these guys they hated what was happening. They want I to go back out area. Do this the right way go. I mean the whole thing from the beginning in your first of all, a lot of people, in a pump sure allow EU listeners pride disagree at my initial statement that we should not have left Afghanistan, maybe even yourself, glenn-
but, but am I want to say this notion of left like we did? We shouldn't left like we did Twenty years that we, the american people, were soto, so the lie that we're in a twenty year war- there were in his endless war and we had to leave and we had the rush to get out. This one that wasn't true two. There is inconsistent with the history of the successful history, be nigh state military strategy. We we were in a support, an advisory role. We had been kinetic warfare and afghanistan since two thousand eighteen, the? U s military had twenty five hundred to four thousand troops at bottom air force base which, by the way, the most strategic place on today's grow blow between Iraq, IRAN, russia and china will participate an international effort. countries from all over the world and it was actually working wherever was participating together to fight the taliban it's important through soup We can devise an afghan national army in afghan national police in a small continued effort? The, if the people that actually went out and bought were special operations units which would do that anyway in syria or africa all over the world, and so
it was very successful working in to see we had to leave because it at military contingent there is consistent with the rest of the world? We saw have aid thousand troops in japan for it that germany during two thousand south korea. Why was it a rushed to the twenty five hundred troops out in forfeit our boy he's before our civilians leave our equipment there before our ship before our civilians were evacuated. So why was it rush? This I've been answered so yet let me what I want to go there, because trial was wanting us out of there as well? Yes, why would we abandon that airport? I don't wanna, be a war etc, but Why would we banned in that airport. When we come back, the name of the book is saving Aziz by chad, rubbish yo, get it were books are sold, it'll, be on the shelves tomorrow, the Glen back programme
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then was enemy. Lines it was an enemy lines and then suddenly became enemy lines, said earlier that you know you don't think we should have ever pulled out of afghanistan. I think that is, I think, most people don't understand there was another option on the table and even donald trump didn't take it. That could have dick here, the war over then just said, but we're keep with all of our allies. Bagram, air force base- because that is strategically so important. If let's say you got a problem with china, russia around, which we do not just But all of the left has army, not sorry all of the west as a problem with the three. So
Why wasn't there taken? Because we could have said war is over we're just keep in the base takes twenty five other people to run it. We're not do anything else, just keep in the base. You know this is a better place in question to me, because the answer doesn't is it is that the question questioner newman asked answer. There's no answers to. Why didn't do this? I mean president drop begin negotiating with the taliban to be fair. I do not agree at present a drop negotiate. The Taliban edinburgh at present by negotiating taliban. Who did didn't? I negotiate with is the most important event our international partners and our allies to say hey. We want to leave bargain air force base. They didn't talk to the afghan government that we spent twenty years. Putting in place they never talk to them, the only talk our enemy of twenty years in this the question that should be asked of both restrictions and particularly the one in charge at the time? The by demonstration of? Why did not? We do not talk with our international partners. Why did you not talk with the afghan government? Why did we forfeit the most strategic location, a globe to protect them,
from international terrorism, and now I can't kill donald trump were willing to do that and then Biden. Wouldn t I would say well bite It has a lot of ties and you're giving that air force. May I didn't china come in on backroom pretty quickly pretty quickly, I mean what will in ferris and talk about this in a book general kellogg and others have said that present. I did not intend to give a ballroom airport, also soap. workers. That's the thing that thing: if you right of kept it, it would have been, fine right would have been fi that's exactly right in, and I thanked him to appease the public. Put a political option. Did you say renew as a but the war is over? I never even heard that option I had for even heard that option since it was over and we gave away stew, as is the same with you once we gave away bog room and China was rushing in and I'm like women women what what's happening
and everybody was explaining how critically important bog room was for that part of the world. If you're trying to secure things It never heard that nobody was making that point. Yeah I mean am its. Is it the only people that had anything game by us, leaving where our enemies, china, specific and a lot of times, you look at some plantation, you say you're. What was it? and bought it who had you look a dentist who had something again and in a the united states of america had nothing to gain our international partners, and our allies are, on the one hand, that than against people get to stand up and again there are people that had stopped again. Was IRAN, pakistan, pretty Pakistan, I aside and international security intelligence service, which is like their cia, was what it wanted to be there as well as your china and if you look at china's possess, and in that part of the world they want And have always wanted the mental rights, the hindu kush mountains in people.
That statement or write your big deal, but the lithium in those mountains worth trying the dollars and they are heavy. What in those mountains, lithium wow? I wonder what we make with lithium like cars, your phones and everything else, and they those men all right- and I said this on. I said this in an early august and in some one that I was on a radio show with cut said, owes conspiracy in literally September first china had get them rights of those hindu kush mountains to have them. Now, from another thing that China really wanted, was access to or they wanted to buy oil. They wanted access to iranian sanction oil. Don't they sat between our between sanction oil in china's purchase? Was you a nice military? That's that at the bottom air force base, and so as soon as we were gone, they started moving oil across the border. To be sure, we get rid of the air force base and instead of the military, which I don't know as it has ever been done, we put Biden, puts the date department in charge. The F, which have
ever done this before no, what what is called his anneal operation, noncombatants, evacuation operation in this a deity function and so the reason you have different parts of the government in situations like this, you have the state department which, as the diplomatic relations and diplomatic negotiations, they had jerry that exercise military force, The two should never trade possessed in our or merge. There need to be two separate efforts in the community should certainly should notice in his advisers. I'm sure certainly tell them this that put an end, co operation in the hands of the state department was like saying: hey the baggage, alert works on a plane, let's put them in the pilot seat, he's going to crash the plane right and that's what we saw happen. The state department did not know how to do any operation. They treat that airport I can embassy and they use our military to secure that embassy, and so what happened was that our militarism ought now to go out to rescue civilians. Americans, our allies,
they had to stay in god that airport, and so they allowed the taliban, closed, the otter perimeter and being controlled out, louder perimeter, and so we would have said that we control, the hiv airport. But the truth is we didn't detroit, each airport, the taliban. not a perimeter any by nosey. Indeed, by strategy knows whoever controls. A perimeter lance base control what goes in and out in actually ultimate and ultimately controls at land space. So I would say that it was in competence, but then I mean you know you had personal experience. I had personal experience. Do you remember the day stew that I came in after a phone call with the state department, and I said on your show, I blew my stack anatolia and I I said that I'd never ever thought, I would say, as I just I just went through this meeting this to parliament is on the other side, and if this is our state form, if this is our government, I will renounce my citizenship and I met
and I still mean it today- it was there- were bad guy, as in the state department and I dont know: what's the intent was other than to frustrate everything, the good guys we're doing what I mean I know my my appreciation and loyalty to our afghan allies may be different than than some others. However, talking about americans blue, passport holders like me, are you in afghanistan trying to make that airport in the wider saying what they want? if they want to evacuate. All they have to do is go to the airport. The taliban controlled airport. The taliban at the time were shooting people outside the airport. They were taking people who passports away from them. They were cutting people's arms off thailand. Cars and dragged down the street abide a blue passport. The last thing I would do is your job we're. So I mean it was hey excusing skills. We officer, I got a clue passport dead, I mean I couldn't
Imagine being an american volunteer nurse or schoolteacher or a or a worker, or a christian missionary trying to make it at airport. In that scenario, and we are state department- did not do their duty their duty. to the american people to protect them, we evaluate them and when the when the white house gave a date and said gonna back away by this date. There was a huge mistake with fortitude man, because you never gave any negotiation. You never gave a date without terms you don't give a date at all. You get terms it and get an autograph data they withdraw, but if If you want us to leave you to, let us at every american out? Every one of our allies out are eighty five billion dollars and equipment that we went out. If you will was to do that. Then we'll leave if you're gettin away we're not leaving an that's the position, the white house she, but instead the gave a date and even try to back to negotiate the date to renegotiate the taliban, say no in a cave. Do it no
from the united states, including the united states, was in georgia, negotiation that by was, and we ve sold it to them in a car. American lives. Do you believe this mass was done by our president in some degree or another because of deals. that he has made elsewhere like china. I do I mean- and I know a lot of people that think it's conspiracy or partisan for me to say that none of this makes sense at all. And so it leads me to believe that there has to be altered motive this the day his here, the joint chiefs, his national security council, the all of intelligence committees all recommended that he did not do this. He chose to do anyway. Why he do that. Why would he abandoned american american. why would he evacuate the military before american civilians. While we leave eighty five billion dollars and in an american military, women in technology? If I left it lost
night vision, goggles I'd, be in jail right like an inner? Why would he do all these things so hastily I mean it. You talk in a second day in office. This begin to sex in office is begin in his dough agreement, was such a joke to say that taliban is a new taliban and they, the Doha agreement, says a day. They will not. And allow terrorism that take place? They are terrorist liking they're not go out terrorist, take place. Terrorism take based your terrorists, it it was a complete broken, and then the big there was any other reason. Besides being International influences from places like china would have influenced the present decision. That is just as you some. I can't go after believe that that his relationships in china is here, with china, imp I stand because they were the only ones with something again. Saving. Disease is the name of the book and it is how chad to get your listening to I gotta, get one guy out and it ends up being a homo
twenty thousand people and you played a role in this, so this is in some way your story as well, and yet you need to read it saving his ease. The last question Out of all of the stuff that you witnessed in and were part of and and that you wrote in the book. What is the one thing that you hope people will walk away with was and then what do you think? The most important message of this is so one last story it in and that'll help me answer this question When we, the air flips, were over and we couldn't fly people out, anymore. We we knew that there are thousands of people stuck in the past year. Ballet went across his cheek a stand milton and staff short Dennis price knew that information from the other side. We and his cheek a stand spit ten days on that border ended ninety miles aboard reconnaissance rush. And where they are, the chinese were there that taliban were there
and every night we swam across the river into into afghanistan, have allowed to get us. People out replied information now: grauben intelligence agencies and ngos, a light like mercury, one and in an end of people there they'll get them out in it. You know dennis price and sees brain TIM Kennedy and in some amazing people. Dare stance and georgie like just do some amazing things and we all had been asked another given us, as we know. Why would we? Why we go and do that obviously, for we know why, but people that we didn't know why we do that in december Europe is the right thing to do and- and I think what people saw a new start this earlier. What people saw governments at a world wouldn't do right thing: people stood up. Do you I think it is a lesson on that day. Adding they the lesson, and that is that we put so much dependence and our government. Much as americans. We we looked out. midnight I struggle with them. frustration. This has american, but we saw
People stand up and do the right thing in spite of our government and then and then we were in this interview- and I was asked that question in there my friend, cece perry was asked another question that I never heard asked before a name and of your said: was it worth it, and he said it doesn't have to be I know so profound me because I think so often our lives, we take the ass We return on something that is dangerous or something to have transactional. But doing the right thing doesn't have to be worth it you're doing. The right thing doesn't have to be worth it and and I think we could use a lobby that in our daily lives that I do right thing doesn't have to be always be worth it. I am honoured to be called friend of yours. It's really just an honored and no, you really is The same everything that you you do. The name of the book is saving aziz it available wherever you buy books, make sure you pick it up.
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everything right now it blinds dotcom rules and restrictions, may apply the Glen back programme. The saving aziz by chad rubbish, oh, we just had a and you're gonna see this thing everywhere it officially launches tomorrow he came in to give us the the first interview, which I I I am grateful for but eager to see it everywhere and it can be advertised everywhere. It's going to you'll hear it on the blazon, probably on this program too. I just wanted you to know when you hear it, and I love this guy- he's a good dear friend, dude and this is he is the guy because we were dealing with when we were doing the afghanistan thing when we,
we're looking for who is gonna, go in and do black ops, whose go in and get these people we had a lot of people on the ground inside through preachers and stuff, but they're, not military and why? Why do you know who to trust? Because you get somebody over there is like you know, John wayne or alcohol shoot em up, not like John. We never did that, but you know what I mean some cowboy. You're in real trouble and then Chad called and he's ok, listen I hear, and unlike com, my gosh, so fantastic Edith, let's go completely trust. Him he's a total Anna god he's mean he's probably the closest to us Tom cruise action real life. Action figure, I know,
and if he can't do it, he knows somebody who can do it and you can just trust him. It's great that it's! You know, we've done a lot of great stuff with the audience on the show over the years. It's hard to imagine. We are ever going to outdo that, though I mean the fact that this audience was. as a matter of alt and saving of those people's lives. Seventeen thousand people and credit put that into the oscar schindler list. So eighteen thousand people. think how many people you saved and couldn't save any more than they wouldn't. Let us save anymore, the Glen back programme
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