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How Much Will YOU Pay for Biden's Student Loan Scheme? | Guests: Jared Kushner & Asma Paigeer | 8/25/22

2022-08-25 | 🔗

Glenn lays out how much President Biden's student loan forgiveness will cost taxpayers, the unconstitutionality of the move, and how much it will make everything worse. Glenn outlines the timeline of the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump, exposing the lie that President Biden had no previous knowledge. Glenn goes through some of the top news stories, like Biden putting America last and forced sterilizations. Former Senior Advisor to President Trump Jared Kushner joins to discuss his new memoir "Breaking History" and his involvement in the Abraham Accords. A year has passed since Biden's deadly Afghanistan withdrawal, so Glenn highlights the good his audience has done for those in need, including Asma Paigeer.

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when you are about to here. Is this vision of entertainment and enlightenment. The program at no time to waste. I want to get right to the fighting student debt cancellation I'll, tell you all about it and what it means coming up in sixty seconds. First Keith roedean about his experience with relief factory says I have experienced decrease, pain and stiffness after taking relief factor
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expected biden is gonna, cancel ten thousand dollars for all federal student debts up to Joint filers earning two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That includes by the white house, his own emission, basically all but top five percent big addition to that is the pilgrim recipients who student loans. It will get up to twenty thousand dollars in debt counts cancelled. Now. Here's what I love I I feel sorry for the president once in a while, because I mean he's I don't know he thinks he's robin hood or aids or social, and I don't know, but he doesn't even get the redistribution of wealth right the plan to until ten thousand dollars and student dead, for anybody who earns up two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars a year is
possibly the largest single transfer from poor to rich people in american history. researchers at the university of Chicago have determined that president bush this plan will shift an estimated one hundred and ninety two billion dollars in earned income to the top ten ninety percent of wage earners. Twenty nine billion will go to the bottom. Twenty percent. That's insanity, the key to you- will be four hundred and twenty seven billion dollars to put that into perspective. Just this loan forgiveness, is? more than the gross national domestic product of hong kong and and eighty two other countries, if you like social programmes. Great this one, is thirty, six times greater than the figure
Governments spend spent on head start in twenty When he do it the support defence spending. Great is two and a half times larger than entire budget of the? U s army into may twenty two the way. This doesn't include the non cancellation elements of the Biden announcement, including proposals to significantly cut many borrowers monthly payments by more, you know Joe, arrests, loan forgiveness in the future? That's just today, so people who go to college, Especially those who get degrees and that's where most of the loan is sitting in grad school k. They tippit typically, egg one point two to three point: one million dollars more than those who don't get it
great over a lifetime joy security because they have a degree. So why are the little people helping out those people but a grossly unkind. Institutional congress, not the president has the spending power, but that It mattered for our long experts, including, Former obama administration attorney charles rose has argued that binding lacks the authority. nancy policy has said the same thing. Even that parliament of energy or I'm sorry, education, said by doesn't quoting Biden, doesn't have the statutory authority to cancel compromise discharge or give on a black? it or mass basis prince
balance of student loans and or to materially modify the repayment announced amounts of turkey thereof in the policies now reversed herself on this, oh you gotta be kidding. She's got out a bold plan. Oh my god. the department of education is now there were their citing that, specifically as having this authority, even though they themselves have said they dont, have it unbelievable. Absolutely on believable ok. So what happens when we poor, roughly other half trillion dollars into the economy. This is gasoline on the inflationary fire? It's all right, the burning out of control by jason firm in the harvard economist and former adviser to Obama. He said, Bill will increase inflation by point two percent or point three percent.
that is likely underestimated the knowledge that a president can unilaterally reduce student loan balances. Will cause debtors to upward revise their view of their own future. Income in courage in more spending. In fact, please play the cut. We just aid from Elizabeth war and here's what she said yesterday: ultimately what the data show us is that, because of student There are many people who don't move out of their mama's basement, who can't save up money to buy a home, who don't start small this is who don't start a family. You leave debt burden some for those people, and we have more economic activity, in other words, cats stood alone. Debt is good for the people whose debt is cancel, but also good for our economy and the rest of america. How how we
I want more spending. That's why a federal reserve is raising interest rates to to make people stop spending money. We idea of inflation to fight inflation. You ve gotta, get the rich joe to stop speck. Have you ever heard? We got a slow, this economy down, it's it's overheating. What does that mean? That means They're gonna penalize you through axis in higher interest rates to get you to stop spending money. I have to these? People are just they. Are criminally insane or they are just criminal What they're doing to this country is criminal. By the way, it's not debt forgiveness, its that transfer will get into that later
here. We are living where food prices are the most since nineteen seventy four rent are soaring The median rent payment for bank of america customers, their pay seven point four percent in July. More then last july, above hey how's your energy bill. How is air conditioning bill. You know, that's why in every six americans behind in their energy bill to the point of being cut off. One in six, americans o around eight hundred dollars that they just can't pay. energies through the roof and what are these people doing, what are they doing their Biden
he's shutting down our minds while sending our money to canada to their minds. I mean this is axing us or nobody's gonna be well you the average person is gonna. Cost is going to pay now two thousand dollars. Just for this, the average american hasta pony up two grand Ok, where we gonna get that where you get that mixed. if a sense that right you, everyone ponies To grant to pay twenty percent of the population, ten grand That's values, just a transfer of wealth. That's all it is. If you are not all the recipient here, you're going to lose badly and if you are a recipient here. It'll feel good for a short period of time and it'll scroll. The economy so badly that you will wine of losing all these benefits. Anyway, that's what happened with inflation. They go.
all these trillions of dollars away during covered and then all of it got way. Doubt by inflation within you know, a couple years, the other. The abbot deficit action. We just pass this in full reduction act, which one of the main selling points for it was. It was going. reduce the budget deficit or debt by three A billion dollars over ten years in eight days they spent all of that money, plus others? Seventy percent and eighteen By the way, they think that this is good Because will be an even more problems with the alone situation by twenty What he five their expecting another one of point six billion dollars. No, sorry cried. When I was six trillion dollar. We don't comment on bills that are minor points it. We just gave three billion to crane yesterday, we don't even comment on it.
This is crazy. This is absolutely listen to me. Please. everything we ve talked about over the years. It's happening, it's all happening and you have got to understand them at things can go awry. All we're waiting for is an event we think of this think of we get in a real energy situation, which we could this winter. We get into a situation where people can, not afford to heat their house, we're you are Another bail out, but that that's just in a band aid on the problem. In fact, its re, injuring another, Of your body, it it it, it will,
only make things worse and worse They doing you're getting rid of. of our energy and they're saying this is a good thing for us. It is not a good thing. These people have got to be stopped. We have got to get out and vote if we could, possibly win the senate. I dont know how that's gonna happen, but if we get back simply win the senate. That's the best thing that could happen to us. But we have to win the house have to this stuff. Is to stop them elections are going to be able to do anything except stop? It. but if they don't stop it in its tracks, if we don't. This is insanity inside anti.
You are going to have blackouts. Imagine haven't blackouts throughout the country. The major can't pump gas. That means your bank was not gonna, be workin. How long do you think remember, remember katrina, you, seventy two hours said the two hours. If people don't think that something's gonna happen, that good guys are coming you ve got seventy two hours of safety before the bad guy start to go. Oh there's, nobody common! I'm gonna go on for a while. It's not good, by the way. This is exactly what we said would happen two thousand and nine. You know why we're in this situation, because Barack Obama insisted on pudding and taking off all all loans onto the federal system. In two thousand nine peace,
not at all bank shouldn't be involved in that we're gonna take tat on ourselves and we old. You at that time meant stop listening to people that I lied to you or who have just been so dramatically wrong. It was more in For them to score points. And say are worrying idiot. He is what an idiot what a conspiracy theories. I don't care what there innovation is but just recognise who has been telling you what's wrong they going on. Do not dismiss these warnings. Please we hold you in two thousand nine. This is what's gonna happen now that's crazy, look here here's one thing that you really need to know. socialism and marxism has collapsed,
This country. We are not the america we have been before. We are not a constitutional republic, it it has to be restored. It has to be restored. Has to be saved, even if it is in the hearts of her people it ass to be saved. It has be preserved by If he's a socialist man he's the worst socialist every he's robbing the poor to pay the rich Does it make you robin hood man that makes you the sheriff of Nottingham you're, not you're, not robin hood Try to make it always look at where robin hood, where it is what we are near the king anyhow, an army or a bunch of sheriffs that come to the doors of the common man, demand taxes and all goes to the rich and connected. You can't claim to be the good guy you're.
the reason robin hood existed. He was fighting you. This is a massive slap in the face of every america. every american and I'll tell you it's happened. another time in my lifetime of share that in sixty seconds, when your kids home from school, ass, what they learned during the day, how they answer you even if they're not being indoctrinated and they are the if this revisionist history that they are reading does not make them excite. Is anybody excited about history? Is anybody excited about new ideas and even the old ideas that create new ideas. Imaginations need to be fed time to minimize the damage from activists. Teachers get your kids out of school you every
You can you ve got The number one priority of all of us now should not be our house our jobs or any it has to be our families. prepare them for the world we'll twins, has eight different bundles of books for kids of different ages and every bundle. On sale this we can only this week only two days left today and tomorrow. I want you to go to that'll twins back dotcom, get a big discount on all of their bundles. Its tuttle twins back dotcom. Do it for your kids future. Do it for my kids, future tuttle twins back dotcom. ten second station id the So the last time we had a robin hood in the office. He did exactly the same thing: the law
Last time I felt a slap in the face was when the average man was losing his home in two thousand, eight, the act, each person lost so much so many americans lost their home. Their life savings everything and, at that time, I'm the share of came knocking at our door, and we lost our homes, while the giant banks corporations rate in the cash from our taxes in something called tarp. They we're bailed out, but we weren't, I didn't go to college because my family- and I couldn't afford college. I went when I was thirty. I took one semester. Why? Because I couldn't afford it.
Now, I'm paying for somebody else. You know? I would think that those who were kids when mom and dad lost their homes would remember how wrong or unfair things like It's really are, but perhaps not. Perhaps were passed the point of reason and logic and Self governance, perhaps american dream: the america an idea, the american question that was pose to the world in all mankind. Can man over himself or does he need somebody to keep the foot on their neck? Happy. That's now been answered, perhaps
Now it's every man for himself and grab it while you can, after all, everybody else is doing it. Why shouldn't I? When is it my turn? Chaos what is happening in our country is evil. It is evil they are not telling you the truth about what is coming are not telling you the truth of what they are building. You're not telling you the truth about the irs or the f b I or the cia, and an essay and If just said in that last paragraph, breathing that mark Smee as an extremist american. Let throw one morin I believe in the constitution and the declaration of independence as written.
Now I'm dangerous america. you're, not in the same nation anymore. We are not. Fighting to get our country back we are now fighting for and kinds freedom it is in jeopardy, all around the world. I was listening to BBC news world service today per day. reporter in india saying there is no freedom of speech left here. This is happening all around the globe. It's not republican and democratic back programme, Chris And rode in about our dogs experience with rough green. She says my dog is fourteen years old. I thought this might add to it
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outcome. Slash back rough greens, dotcom, slash back or eight three, three gillian in thirty three One of the biggest news days we seen in a awhile continues ablaze dvd com, slash Glenn. The promo code is glad This is the Glen back programme. I believe- and I dont know exactly how to describe it. This isn't quite right, but there is something about today's new cycle and I urge you urge you to get my full show prep today. Is there something that is change? Today's new cycle is probably it feels like the most important news day pass. billy of my life, and it's not quite right-
I dont know what it is. I'm sensing, but there are it's all here today, is all here we haven't sign up for my newsletter. This is the right. I've never released this before I started a few months ago, and I release all of the things that I read an ice is to pay pair for the shown today. There's like fifty, maybe sixty stories on it. But you read that and you'll understand the world. You'll see the things that you to see and not all of them. You know mother, just very different. Please read it, you can get for free at glenn, Beck, dot com just sign up for our free morning newsletter all right. Let me give you le stories here that are disturbing. First of all, Why is everyone blaming the seem ah donald trump. All of a sudden have you noticed,
This trend blaming yeah Because a trump has obviously requested credit for the rack scene reform many many more brecht now sudden. This could be reversed and yeah. Now those on the left is, like you know, donald Trump is really the one. What is it that's coming? What is it that they know that we don't know they did push, but I think what you're referring to as they there there's a big article that came out that trump and trump officials were. pressuring. The medical staff to not in libya, it's called an operation or warp speed, sensor or trying to push yard yeah. He was by the way, incredibly clear about how hard he was pushing. However, he did say at the time he would not Well, he was not required without forcing them to do something that they did not seem. A yank was echo By the way was backed up by anthony fallacy at the time found, she said they know we're not getting pressure from them. So what is it? What is it? That's coming our way on the vaccines by the way, a big
story. Nate silver now now need silver. If you don't know who he is. That's some five. Thirty, eight dot com he's not a republican now he's not a conservative he's he's probably moderate, left and he writes today. There he now has evidence that the liberal public health elites pressured pfizer to delay. The fast track approval of covert nineteen until after the twenty twenty presidential election by what it's an incredibly huge door. Now, a girl, my boy, you know that the vaccines have come an interesting road. Let's put it that way over the past couple of years, but at that time there is essentially universal agreement. Evaporated diary good for his campaign,
politically speaking, but it was also universal. What I mean we're never to heighten who, as their pressuring pfizer, don't don't release it. Don't release of dough release it thereon I'm paying trail saying that's a pipe dream: it's not come in and saying that it was probably dangerous of trumpeted. I wouldn't take it if it. If trump has a common harrison exactly that this here's another story. I want you to read: all of this is in today's newsletter. Another story. I want you to read today why ethics must be at the heart of invented reality from the the economic forum- you can find they said we forum, dot, org or just get it on my news letter in italy, take you write to the site. Buddy As you know, in bold print right at the top of the page, help us prevent the spread of disinformation, this article, has been intentionally misrepresented on sites that spread false information. Please read the peace for yourself before sharing or commenting. Ok,
so I did all of that and I still have a problem with what they are talking about their talking about? Oh, you have depression, put a chip in your head. you want to learn how to do something different. You want to have better memory, put a chip in your head. You Can't you can't hear things you know you don't need you don't know. hearing aids, but your a hard time in crowded rooms. You really want to focus put a chip in your head, a problem with your bladder control, put a chip in your system. It's it's. All about trans humanism now you have to read this yourself, but from a group world economic forum that, in our own propaganda peace, trying to sell you the great reset in that he's called welcome to twenty thirty.
Where they say we'll you'll, oh nothing and you'll be happy there also say you know what the downsides, is you know everything. I say everything I think everywhere I go even My dreams are monitored, but it's worth it. We know from the people who are telling me this. No, no. No, there. This is such an evil planned such an whoa plan its easy to see why people go? Oh, oh yeah, marker, the beast its evil plan on what they're doing No, therefore it I am against it. California. By the way, yesterday so they're going to ban the sales of new gas pair powered cars by twenty thirty five. That means problem
he doesn't states will follow that because they operate under California's emissions regulations, that's even less important, though than the fact that the car companies, will all go along with because they want to sell cars in california, get these bright there. Can it be that making new cars that I mean Gary fairly already said: twenty thirty, twenty thirty or twenty thirty five Memorial or gas powered cars anyway, but like talk to people in the auto industry. I've talked to people who follow the stuff closely. Who say now that is, they're, saying but like when we get closer to it. If people still want gas powered cars, there's a good chance than they don't do, thou know they maloney s g standards and their eyes with e s. Standards. That's not gonna have a lock symmetric. Well, yes, it locks them in, but also it does something else. yes, g standards are making sure there is no oil gas.
clean at twenty twenty? Thirty five at this rate will be sixty dollars, a gallon. They will make it so rare you will not be able to ever afford ghastly it's interesting because they get look. Elon musk has proven. I think that you can have an electric car that is nice and works well and has all sorts of limitations, but the people really enjoy. I have a friend who has a tesla and he really likes it. He doesn't drive that much, but he really likes it. He doesn't have to drive long distances, but you know for him. It works right that it's plausible, but there is absolutely no suggestion from anyone to to cover here the industrial equipment, for example. No, for farm for four ito: ingest, process heating right? You think these are you're functions that only come from fossil fuels There is no electric equivalent there's nothing on the horizon
elon musk has like a few characters or trucks, but their nowhere near ready to to be widespread their aim for sale at this point there's, all sorts of things that fossil fuels do outside. of powering sars. You have to view everything remember I said years ago the operative word. we'll be chaos k you have do view everything that is being done through the lens of I want chaos b Chaos allows the system to collapse on its own weight and then, if I have the power or I reshape the globe, but that is exactly what is happening and people keep arguing as if this is a republican democrat thing? Why Are they saying the same things in europe in france, in germany, in ITALY, in england in Pan
we're all having the same conversations because it is a global effort. This is about our going to be a law. local community controlled by a federal government and that federal government, is it going to be a national government or will it be controlled by she stakeholders in the world in a new global government? That's what this is about. That's what this is about This is robin hood, your robin hood They are the sheriff of Nottingham, that's what it's about! They will get rich from you do you will do the work they will? the cash, but here is another story in today's news letter from guardian insects:
give media taste to food and help environment scientists. Fine, how many bugs related food stories, but is Earth is, does somebody knows something that you don't ok, I do know what they know. Do you know get rid of meat. Get rid of cattle which brings me to the next story, Did you see that California telling the ranchers to stop taking water for agriculture. Me. I think you shut down everything else everything else before you stop watering plants. They grow food. today's news is, is a maybe it's gonna I opening maybe what that's what I feel
I don't know something about today's news. Maybe if you just right that newsletter just read the stories they're, not from me. It's just the news that out and gathered in my producers gathered. We do it every day. Twenty one hours between how's that The number one job of everybody that works for me go. fine the stories that are out there that people aren't talk about that should be. They need to be aware of these things Maybe that's it because when you look at it it is overwhelming on what's being built next hour. Get into. I just did a special last night on how out of control the fbi is and I've new news today that is this bad is what I showed you last night and its facts. this is not coming from you.
You know green nurse dot, org. These are facts that we now know peace it together for you next hours, Dan by if you're a renter right now, but you have noticed something happening. Your rent cost over the past couple of years, in short, are going up. I bet you're, paying way more now than you were before lunchbox Joe got into office. Why is that well because landlords couldn't hold ranting, labour told no. No data to pay rent. Well, they want to make their money back now because they were put into tight pinches and they know they can get it because nobody, can afford houses. Why? Because twenty five percent of all american homes that have been sold have been purchased companies like black rock so anyway, if you're,
not having problems with rent. Yet you will maybe it's time to move past. That problem and look and finally, investing in a house. I know it's a big step forward, point where you rent payment is high, or higher than a mortgage payment it makes sense. Now the first rates are about five percent right now, but I have to tell you own it Only spell the end of the year me end of the dollar. They lower these interest rates, with what Biden did yesterday, you can catch on interest rates going up any, if not head for the hills. Please call american financing. I urge a column today whether your renter looking to buy a new house homeowner, looking to find better ways to save money month to month. American find it It can help you in big ways
Please call them american financing. Eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty or go to a man can financing dot net american financing Annabel us one. Eight do through three four w w w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, org back programme Hello, america: it is my job to keep tabs of the news and I think more and more hits to keep tabs of the news, so you don't have to but there is so much going on. I urge you to listen to the pod cast and radar work and join us at the blaze things. Her things are changing. You know, Charlie Chris yesterday said he doesn't want
any votes from the sand. His supporters. Listen to this quote those support. The governor should stay with him and vote for him. I don't want your vote if you have that, eight in your heart keep it there? I want the vote of the peace. who care about our state? Oh, my gosh He then says this guy is anti democracy, I'll be pro democracy and then what it's on his list. On his list of Dues is too issue and executive order too, reverse the legislation abortions rawness anas anna republicans, got through the house in the Senate governor signed it. That is the democratic process he got it pass that errors, a fifteen weak ban, so fifteen week she can aboard the child that is still
longer than france K Europe. They don't wait that long, It's still longer than France were, does precede the he'll, do he'll sign in executive order. I don't know about you. But I mean, I think, we're gonna. We are going to have a constitutional convention because we have to have one. We have to have constitutional convention. But one thing I'd like to get rid of is the executive order that these are out of control everything that is happening now is through, executive order and and the reason why you can't you don't understand. What's in these bills, is because no past separate bills anymore. We ass these enormous bills with all kinds of stuff hidden inside of them? That's gotta! Stop because we have to have the congress and the Senate make laws and we
have to stop the administration from growing out of control through executive orders, and if you remember right, I had a problem with it. When Donald trump was doing it yet don't run that country on executive orders, the Glen back programme thrive, assets is really important, is of a vague rubbish, swamis company, it just love Its energy index firm to go up against groups like black rocks. st vanguard. These are texas, just band blackrock! yesterday but texas, there being weak its shameful texas anyway strive management launch their first e, F and exchange traded fund. If you didn't know which is called d, r l l drill and its dedicated to investors, who are striving for america, energy independence. Let your voice be heard your money out of these mutual funds in these funds that are
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the line back programme,
allow america welcome to the program. Last night, I began to tell you just how bad the f b I is on this trump mar lago thing and what they were really looking for. Well, I've got some updates for you as well today and some new FB I whistle blowers, are out in that great by the way Jared Kushner also joins us on today's program. I really want to talk to them about what I think is the greatest accomplishment that nobody talks about. Peace in the middle east couldn't be done little mister short, pants kushner, going in what expertise does he have? Yet he got it done and now we're ignoring it and the world eventually will weep. We begin with the fbi in sixty seconds
in talking you for a long time about inflation and how bad it's been, how bad it's likely to get as we move forward, it is going to get bad this bill that not bill member of the days when we use the past bills the executive order that the president unveiled yesterday is going to what give money. that people didn't have and take it from other, so you'll pay higher taxes. If you had a loan you're, not getting it forgiven, I'm paying for it. somebody pays for it and then the good news is we all pay for it again in the hell of inflation. Anyway. Digress. Please please, please! if you are struggling, veered drying just make ends meet before you get into real trouble. Plea, call american financing and see how they can help. You
save you sometimes couple hundred bucks, A thousand dollars a month them now. American financing, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty they'll. Even Hope you repair your credit, it's a free service, american financing, dot net american financing, dot net call them now. American financing in the middle of one two, three, four w w w done them less consumer access dot org. So I want to go to a very important piece of audio that I think should live in infamy this is America got merit garland, just a couple of days after the raid on marlowe go first ip finally approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. Second, the department, does not take such a decision lightly? Where possible, it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as alternative to a search
too narrowly scope. Any search that has undertaken. Third, Let me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the fbi and justice depart agents and prosecutors, I will not stand by silently when they're in. Agriculture is unfairly attacked. the men and women of the fbi and the justice department are dedicated patriotic. Public servants, Do you hear that I want you to? I want you to understand what he just said. Look I the decision we went in Europe? be telling your tour leaks and other things that it was nuclear and then well back, offer that one! That's! Why we're not going to make that official we're just going to use the presto? to launder that lie but time gonna hear it. I do how Are you? How dare you quit his chin. The foot,
quality of the fbi. How dare you you will not question I've heard that before somewhere, let me Where did I hear it? It was kind of stuff A key when I had not class yeah I remember who used to say things like that question of ok, the look. Here's, the thing we now know the fbi lie. do the pfizer court, so they could spy on trumps campaign. We now know an fbi lawyer was found to have falsified evidence to milton to make their case to spy on trial. Campaign. Let me say that again, an fbi agent went in took a document altered document to say the exact opposite of what that document said, and then
The tool pfizer court under oath. And asked for the the warrant. could wiretap listen in and spy. that guy got a slap on the wrist. FBI employees were busted for trading gifts for leaked information. All of this stuff. We know Everybody in the country. No, is everybody paying attention because I'm really not sure. Now, president Joe Biden has insisted that he said this Last night, I am zero advance notice of august eight zero. Z,. shoe zero information? Really ok
You didn't know anything really nothing. I find that really hard to believe well, not with Joe Biden odo boom, whose report in time I absolutely below If he has no recollection of anything, MR president, we just briefed brief. Do you just a few minutes ago my going play tennis. Oh my gosh but I dont believe that no, one in the white house and that doesn't make any sense. I didn't have any advance notice. None zero noticed single bit: zero, ok,. Well now, there's a newly released letter came out. Yesterday, president Joe Biden, new attorney general merit garland had authors, as the fbi raid on donald trump marlowe goes home. Whitehouse officials- they spun, the president and his staff had no clue, no clue
but it turns out they enabled and at least knew about the ongoing investigation, and it gets worse now public. Tenth letter to team trump from acting national archivist. Deborah title no that the president's council had told her quote president by in the first two, my determination on respecting your claim of executive privilege in retaining various documents and that she had decided not to honour those claims. So It means somebody went and said: hey he's got all these documents. We need to get them now. This is is a year later Y. All of a sudden will last. Tat I showed you oh my gosh, we we forget. Oh, we forget about trump fighting back. We forget that he has a court case.
against all of the people that smeared him defamed him and cost him The presidency, Anyone related in this russia gate crap he has the documents and he filed them. Lo and behold ass. He files this in court, and he says, he's going to release them to the public all of a sudden, the gun It's very interested to see what he has so the fbi. Went to the president said: hey. We need to get these that, where you gonna, enforce executive privilege no, no, now here's where it gets really. really bad a core in two that ever fort ever rule and less right, wing newspaper the new york times they reported that
Biden has been telling his aids that he wants garland to indict trump quote: forts something ha. Well, so you know who the criminally, as you just need to find the crime that doesn't sound good. Does it now Multiple fbi, whistle blowers in clouding those in senior positions. According to senator grass liese office, are raising the alarm about tampering. senior food fbi and justice department officials in politically sensitive investigations running for Election and campaign finance probes across me, multiple election cycles prior to. many twenty the presidential campaign, some of the
content of a laptop belonging to Joe Biden, son hunter Biden, became public. It appeared showed damaging information. But the media and fbi and the o j and I ve been ahead of cia for a while now so I know I know, a fake. When I see one, although I didn't see it, but I And tell you right now, all of us in the intelligence world, we know that came from from russia, really by the way you talk you ve got, throw michael d out and get yourself a good cia agent. You know a good, Cia operative to be Their cause. He's gonna clean up the government. Oh yeah, Oh, you trust the cia. Now that's gonna be good. All of these people
in on it now listen to the latest. After the ep, according to whistle blowers after the ep, I obtained the hunter Biden laptop from the Wilmington delaware computer shop, the way so blowers stated that local fbi leadership told employees, you will not look at the hunter Biden, laptop the fbi, It is not going to change the outcome of this election again. I hope you understand that the longer your office stands on the sidelines and delays investigating the fbi's actions, the harder it will be for you to uncover the truth and hold it. the visuals accountable for wrong doing the fbi.
dirty the fbi, the irs are entering remember both of them Those were started by woodrow wilson, both of those we don't want. A federal police force, Kay the fbi, The d o j D, a t f Why is it that, when the Our rests, who eat but apparently needs the. down a door. Why They have their own swat team. federal government, should coordinate with the state this a federal police force right now we have a guess. Oh now I know that that is. I know that
heated to say that. But just let me ask you a couple of questions. what is the gestapo the gestapo Started as a good thing, the german people thought at the beginning. It was a good thing and their wearing snappy uniforms do so the cost but was given vast resources vast investigatory investigator. invested. Investigatory powers, because they had to find the enemies of the state. Think that's what we have in the fbi. The sky does stop o spied on male and phone calls there. Now lying defies accords, so they can do the same. Our post office as and drafted in to the intelligence agencies.
the gestapo had power to render any one an enemy of the state speak up at the school board. What are you? vote for the wrong person. What are you by the way enemy of the state. here's the list of characteristics being used by the fbi to identify and individual, especially especially anyone who disagrees with the government as potential shoal, Terrorists, you might be a domestic terrorists in the eyes of the fbi and its network. If you express, libertarian philosophies that can be Statement or a bumper sticker exhibit second lemon oriented views and our aid or gloved gun club membership red survivalist literature, including pocket lipstick, fictional books,
Show signs of self sufficiency. You stop food ammo hand, tools, medical supplies, if you fear, an economic collapse, if you buy goal, or barter items. If you subscribed to religious views. Concerning the book of revelation mine gosh. This is evil. If you voice fears about big brother or big government, if you expect about constitutional rights and civil liberties you believe in a new world order. Conspiracy, I dont say this with joy. I never thought I would say this, but the f
I and ii intelligence departments, the the irs. They are not good, they are becoming a threat to the american people and the the congress better act We vote you guys in you better act path. The bill. So when you get the senate, it can be asked in the senate? You ve got to the these military style organizations and, if you don't believe me, that its military style wait I'll, give you new information? You probably haven't heard anywhere next, so I mean look you're already on a less you're, probably on a dozen list, so will say
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ten seconds station. I e a year. So let me just give you a little update in a put in respect what our government is doing, the irs just was ended funding that would allow them to hire eighty seven thousand new agents. If you ve ever watch a dallas cowboys football game. these sold out stuff. ending room only crowd in the dock. cowboy stadium is eighty thousand, so that means There are seven thousand irs agents waiting outside of dollar
cowboy stadium. I have do you know That the twenty six agencies from under the president, twenty six, not law enforcement agencies, I'm talking about the the small business administration, ok They spent one hundred and ten point six million dollars on gun. I ammo and military style equipment kay. twenty seven law enforcement agencies spent eight hundred million on guns enamels. So that's fbi board the troll ice, the marshal service, the eighty of data they bend, eight hundred million, but veterans affairs, the irs, the executive office to the president, the social security administration, noah. The climate cops
they spend one hundred and ten million, and if you If you want, I mean why the department of commerce arming up? Why Is the food and nutrition service arming the bureau of engraving in printing. Why, as they are trying to disarm us, why is the s d, a they arming up right now I don't have. The answer that would make anyone feel better, but we have got to get out. Vote this november and don't just vote If that mealy mouthed republican,
Why you know I'm gonna sign a bill about a flag burning amendment if they don't get it get them out the Glen back programme hello. I am chris higher ceo of indeed our mission is to help people get jobs, and that's why we created the here to help podcast a friend one said the best way to solve an old it is with a new lens. Each week we explore help experience, strength and hope them to want to help others and how this is helping to shape the future of work. Listen to the latest episode wherever you get your podcast or watch now at indeed duck forward slash here to help. Nine eleven, two thousand nine. hundred and seventy seven people were killed in horrific terrorist attacks on american soil. We all vowed that we would never forget
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head over to blaze, tv dot, outcome, slash, glenn and sign up, be a member ablaze tv use the promo code glen to save ten bucks, a birthday My goodness Welcome to the Glen back programme were so glad you're here, go through some of similar stories that we're just going to have time to hit and and honestly in today, show throughout I'm hitting about. Maybe forty percent of the news that you will find in my daily show prep newsletter, this is, I don't think anybody has ever done it to this detail. before I just
its raw news, and it is what I read every morning what my staff, my all my producers, work on for twenty one hours after a show. We begin show prepping immediately for the next day. Show and about six months ago. I just felt that the news was so important and I couldn't get eighty all into the show, and you might miss something I hid in vienna, our one or our three or whatever. So we least it after much debate and You can get it now at glenn backed our com. It is free just so up for it, I'm using about forty per cent of what's in that news letter today, is on the proba today, but let me giving up some. Let me just give you some of the highlights, because I think today, for some reason
going through all of it. I thought this today is different there, something different about the news, and I have been able to put my finger on it. It feels like them most important news day of my life of my career, but yet I that's quite right and I dont know what it is. But maybe you can figure it out, Let me give you some of the stories. At last, a police identify a man accused of defacing rainbow cross walks with swastikas so Of course they arrested this why not see? Oh no he's not a white nazi he's a black. National list. he has a an account. online, where he talks openly about killing people and our black or the master race. The vandalism, of course, when they were
It's gotta be white nationalists that are new and probably white, christian nationalist. No, it wasn't some of his pulse make reference to a master race of black people, other post, our religious in nature. He targets Joel witnesses for portraying biblical figures as white. you know he is he's not a well man buddies also black Biden has announced yesterday another three billion dollars in arms few crane. My search staff is working right now. There is something very wrong with them: that we are sending over there there's some very wrong. Then I think old scores are being settled. The old pal nickel scores. Remember this was the playground of george soros of Hillary Clinton of Barack Obama of
of joe and hunter Biden this. This was a. no of money that I've been loss. We ve sent over there- and this is you know, ten years ago, this lost don't know what have we done. I put that one point: eight billion dollars. I just can't find it did. I leave it to my other suit and I I don't have any evidence now, but I have a few If you want to start looking up some things, if you're good at being an investigative, more but I'm telling you something something's really wrong there. By menstruation has now moved to formalised dhaka to protect six hundred thousand migrants from any kind of legal challenge by the way where up to four million people that have come into the united states under his watch also Biden has now move to fund canadian mines while block u s, mining, that great
love, that it's good for canada, mexicans, analyst list was killed hours after publishing a story about local officials, involvement in a disciplined, the disappearance of forty three students in twenty fourteen these buses filled with these students, was found just shot all up. We that they were surrounded by police. They came and for some reason they just opened fire on these buses and then the these were gone. Kids were gone. What happened. No investigation until this guy starts to question and he publishes something online. He killed within a couple of hours. I defy now. This is interesting. Spotify spans how much a hundred million dollars on Joe rogan that's what it was when it was reported, as I think it was a lot of reports that it was even more than ok
Let's just say it's a hundred million, that's a lot of money for a company biggest investment when it comes to part caused by far by far Did you know that spotify now there's they started looking into this. Never it recommends the Joe rogan podcast, that's like that's like watching a b c, and they say tonight: It's a new episode of your favorite show on NBC we're running this stuff to their not advertise they are not suggesting it he's cut out of the algorithm. Washing imposed a rape survivor, a rape survivor. Says the washington post falsely ascribed to me the view that the court's decision in Dobbs the abortion case to open the door for
worst several sterile sterilizations by removing constitutional protections for women. he's bodily autonomy was false, position is, in fact the opposite. she was raped as a thirteen year old girl and then Sterilized against her will by the state north carolina after bringing her baby determine who wish, we're doing progressive sterilizations. What why is that happening? I thought we stop that in the nineteen twenties and thirty's by the way, So you know. The germans didn't come up with it. We did. We taught eugenics to them, literally, the top. View genesis.
in the world were in america and they made a journey over to jerk germany. To explain to all of the very sophisticated german progressive science scientists. What could be done? through eugenics They learn that from us. Judicial watch they go eight organization that really, if you can help an organization they they are really good. They just fine. EL the foyer lawsuit against the national archives for hiding the records tat to the raid on trump's home, and yet another senseless murder April massive george soros prosecutor in virginia drop charges. Against a fell in with a history of gun charges, now I can
aren t you if your car on a gun charge or I'm caught on a gun charge. They will throw away the key, but this guy Was a fell in with a high street of gun charges. He was led out. He was freed by these sorrels prosecutor. Well, he didn't uses time well. Francis rose shot two innocent by standards in the head, while raw, in an apartment complex in alexandria, virginia by the way. Alexandria virginia used to be a pretty soon. Place it's right across the Potomac river. from Washington DC. It used to be a place where.
You didn't fear for your life at some point. This is all the gods of the copy book headings. That the truth will return it has to the question is: how much of everything will it burned down in our quest to reestablish it because breathing we're doing now the institution never foresaw any of this any of this because this. This is all insanity. I mean literally it we have gone insane. We would It will be remembered as the craziest and god
less destroy us before we can use our technology. Please destroy us if we are not careful, we will become the dark nation. Ever we will go from both the shining city on the hill to with our modern technology in the hands of the wrong people. We will kill millions, hundreds of millions. We will make now look like her. and I fear that already happening in some of our policies, but there right now there not our policies there. be blamed on america, but it is the world economic forum and Our policies in it's so important for you to know that the this is not an american problem. Yes, we are dealing with here,
Every western country in the world is dealing with it as well. that's why you see protest and that's why you're not being shown. The protests have you. Ever lived in a time where there have been massive protests in europe, and you I see them on the news is that? I wonder. Because they don't want to see who they don't want you to see what their facing, because their ahead with the farmer, there ahead of us? what the farmers are saying now is none of this works. You're gonna stay of all of europe and the world to death you continue down this world because we you can not farm. That way. They don't want you seeing that you have to actually go search for it. So do does look up european protests farm There's an
see the truth of what the these policies that have albin, given power and teeth through the inflation reduction, act. The epa has been given the power, the money and the teeth to enforce this. Now on our farmers, red about these things free. You can find my news letter at glenn, back dot com, Glenn, back dot com, is a free service to you is being online. Make you nervous. If not, probably should every day, while you're being a responsible citizen going to work, there are people out there who are spending their due he's trying to figure out fun in new ways to separate you from your personal data, and it is not just you know, people in their basement. There is data being collected,
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from flooding, silicon valley, one, eight hundred lifelock one, eight hundred lifelock or just head to lifelock dot com, make sure use the promo code back and save twenty five percent stay informed sign up for the free newsletter today at Glenn, Beck, dot com, the So Jared Kushner joins us in just a minute. He's got. A new book called breaking. History really excited to talk to a minute. I think he it will go down in history, as will his father in law, Donald trump as as pulling off one of the most amazing honestly miracles. Ever I mean that
about their Abraham record their eyes, I remember embassy. He was demeaned by the media for in control of anything. How could you put the middle east and control of Jared Kushner and. You know I never was. There is never any credit given to the trump administration for what happened there, but I don't think cancelled it right as soon as they got in they desire screw that movement moving the embassy that rumoured that was to cause a major world war and we were all none of had happened, totally ignored You know why he just wasn't. I ask him, but he wasn't like a state department member everybody else has been educated through the council of foreign relations, and then they go into the state department after they ve been in college and universities, and they are think alike he didn't he didn't and we He's got a new book out and it
its fascinating that that particular part, especially, is fascinating, how they viewed the middle east in a complete lee different with they viewed. It is a business thing it changed everything. Is I wouldn't look at it as countries? We looked at his business That's it I'm trusting it's exactly what people want it out of the trump administration when it started and I'm in the least there are played heavy heavy dividend yeah, but the credit for it. Nerd Jared could your joins. Us asked the top of the our local news on most of your most of or affiliates, and if you've missed. Any part of the show is a good one, get it wherever you get your podcast, you can get the Glen back podcast, please rate and review for us. It helps other people, discover the podcast, but you can get it where ever you
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and hey tomorrow's the one year anniversary of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. We have your tree up to celebrate, because I do. It is great. We'll talk a little bit about that. Also, the disasters just keep coming this disaster of a of a loan forgiveness is not forgiveness. It's a transfer of wealth, the largest transfer from the poor to the rich in american history. It is the same amount of money that we spent twenty twenty two to fund the entire us army, but no big deal. Let's just give it away that and Jared Kushner, a guy who's, actually quietly done a hell of a lot of stuff and really never got credit for him, for it he's got a new book out really really good. I mean it's well, I'm going to ask him a couple of questions that are in the book and you will have to read the book. How did the jared Kushner become the guy who cracked the middle east peace accords Jared Kushner joins me in sixty seconds? Look there might be. You know something you want to change in your house, refresh things spice your house up just a little bit
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apply. Do you remember this from Saturday night live. and I was in my little kush ball gerald cushion I have sent you all around the world represent me Elizabeth, who just me you're like a little jewish, Emily No, it's amazing. In the time that guy went on to shoot somebody on the set and kill, em behold wind which I didn't see coming and also I don't think people saw coming. The the abraham accords jared cushioned joins us now. And his his new book that is out breaking. History, a white house memoir, hello jared. How are you.
he's doing great. Thank you for having me and thank you for reminding me of that or that that snl skit. That was quite funny. I mean they really hammered you at one point. They put you in little short pants and I dunno about you. I think you but based on response feel the same way when they first started. Mocking me on saturday at live. I thought it somehow or other, even if they're making fun of you. That's that's grady, even better, but how everybody said jerry push for how could you possibly sardine, no middle east, we were drawn occur, crack this code for eighty years, is now, and yet you did, can you tell a little bit about what you write about in the book about how you crack that. sure? Well, first of all it it, it was definitely I challenge that when we got involved it was it'd be a better know. Maybe they thought I couldn't make it any worse than all the professionals who'd worked on it decades before, but ah, but but what I did was I went there and at our brain about this extensively in my book. How
first year was really spent just listening. I was meeting with all the different leaders and I was asking them quite She was actually at a hard time processing at first because they were so used to not having these the ask witches. America has so much power the info. things, and we ve done some things that actually have made this region much worse. If you, or in my shoes, what would you be doing? And and finally it got to really interesting conversations, and I listen to everyone's point of view, and I I really realized that pieces about the future and that you have to. will a focus on their joint interests, let's put everyone on the same side of the table and then there are certain patterns. That became very clear to me that were content. To what all the conventional wisdom was in? There is one example: given the book where I was meeting with one of the great foreign policy, academic sues well respected. I dive blade african my approach- and I said what do you think I have a chance succeeding any said. Absolutely not. They said why so negative, you said jerry nobody's made it
Buddy betting on success, the middle east in the last twenty five years. I like your bringing new ideas, but you just have no chance of being successful, but Ultimately, by building strong relationship by thinking outside the box again, I write a lot in this book about president trump my interactions with him and my interactions with all the world leaders. We took a fresh approach. We tried to Empirical, we tried to be pragmatic, we saw things what they were and again we were firstly, criticized for the approach we took in the middle east up until it worked so in the book you talk about David Freeman and he the bankruptcy lawyer in manhattan and, He suggested, and you guys decided to use that to look at the israeli palestinian conflict like a bankruptcy, so Can you explain that, and is it that you these were not? You know council foreign relations years and years at the state department that you came from a business background and head of totally fresh set of eyes.
So you have the always look at the situation and put yourself in the other people shoes and try to figure out where the fulcrum component driving a situation, and so we look at the situation. You know you, you couldn't quite the israelis and the palestinians. One was a democracy. What was a club technocracy one? Had a superpower familiar everyone was basically you know just just kind of they did it was. It was kind of a con job at some point, and so we saw it for what it was, and we we're trying to be balanced. We were trying to be honest and I think that that really really was was was distorting for a lot of people, so we we saw that Whole palestinian situation was or they got buildings. As if aid there was, it was never conditions based, and we basically said, like you know us, foreign aid is not entitlement. If we're going to give you this money or we want to see certain things happened, and so we worked very hard over a couple of years to do certain things gotta. I give president trumped tremendous credit, for we did because we move
embassy. I take people into the situation room and how he had opposition from sectors. State sector defends the intel said world war three would occur and what he basically it was he calibrated the different advice, she bade a very measured decision, decided to go forward with it. Despite the advice, if everyone that it was gonna clause war, he cast me which gl to all the different leaders and saying: look you know, don't you can't cherry pick your relationship with america, we're helping you with a rod and we're helping you with military we're helping you with the economy? You know, don't don't mess around with this, and so he made the decision and everyone said the world was gonna end and then what happened was the next morning the sun rose with exceeding the sunset and like moved on, and it was done and the same thing and with the iran deal so present trouble is starting to realise that certain variables that people thought were next actually fluid might give many examples in the book of these interactions and how we moved on- and all these different elements in order to create the opportunity for people to see the israeli palestinian issue for what it really was to see that it really was about leadership
This day empowers they can maintain the flow did they had and they had no interest in making the lives of their people. I believe that that the job of a leader is number one too their people safe and number two to give them an environment where they can have opportunity to better there, in their children's lives and have hope and and and excitement for the future so and the palestinian leadership, which was was not doing that in Europe book were talking to Jared kushner in his book making history, a white house member, you you talk, bout. One of the things that you were doing was and totally makes sense you, united the middle east, because you I recognise the common foe was a ran and that kind of brought people together, an end when your dad garrard, when your father in law, the president, out of the around you know these stupid, dangerous, ran a peace deal that made a difference
how much of a roll did that play and what Does it mean that we are sitting down at the table with a ran now too, so the For steel on two thousand fourteen was probably one of the worst transactions ever done. It may be history of of diplomacy, and it just me actually no sense ran, was on a glide path to a nuclear weapon, had got a hundred and fifty billion dollars in funds that were basically now there using to define hezbollah mars, all these different people. They were chanting debt to america, death, Israel. It made absolutely no sense, but what it did is a kind of scare, the crap out of all of the arab countries. Ok, this is it the biscuits, that bad and actually, when we got there, they were starting to build their relationship with china saying look our we'd go way when america,
Did the deal persia, we were thinking. We had to teach our kids chinese, because america is not dependable anymore and we should wait guys, wait, wait! A minute calmed down here these these these relationships that we ve had with you guys have been long standing many many decades. We, I agree that what happened here was terrible, but let's figure out a rational policy and we we? What we did is we re, impose sanctions on a ran. We took their their oil exports down from too in six billion barrels of day to a hundred thousand, we really decide their economy and we we they were data foreign aren't you reserves and we stop and would trump you say better ran, is that they never won a war. They ve never lost a negotiation, and so he figured out how to really create a better condition than what we inherited, and we really tried to do the incoming administration, a much stronger hand, which was only buttressed by the fact that we had arrived much more stable than when we got there. Isis caliphate was was was eliminated and now we have the abraham accord. So all the way from Haifa. Our goal is to try to create a place of security from Haifa, to miss scott.
in a moment and then get economic connectivity between it. All basely show the iranian people that there would be opportunity for you to live a better life if you join into their so instead of following the get we had six peace deal in the last six months. I write about how we made those occur. Instead, the administration runs and goes back to a ran on their knees, beckoned to make the old stupid deal, and so the id no sense to me, but I think that what you see in this book is that we came with an outsiders. Spect if we tried to bring common sense and again We really broke them all done a lot of issues. It did things contrary to what people where the conventional thinkers in washington did and why they did those things for decades before it. Thereby didn't understand. Why they're going back to some of these things. Now that you know we ve seen that these policies we're different, now, are working. That bit makes absolutely no sense we're gonna be short on time. So I so many questions I'd like to ask you. For instance, you know
if you would have thrown in bad stuff about president trump, He who would have made a fortune and left would have loved you and leave left you alone, and you didn't do it. Congratulations. yeah. I have learnt that the love of the left is something that is it's not worth what people I think it is. I see people contorting themselves and saying certain things that they don't believe or not saying certain things that they believe are, but the left has no loyalty. They turn on you in a second and a. I think, it's much better to say the truth and and look I. I do think that being in the white house, I saw so much information asymmetry in terms of how we were covered. What we did but agenda to courage in this book that I tried to capture happening at the same. One was that we run to relent the tax being accused of collusion with russia and treason, and then there were impeached fur for trying to investigate corruption in ukraine and attacked by the media
to show what it was like living through. All of that, while also getting all these It's not right when president trump, you don't as we had done, inflation was low. Gas prices were low, wages were rising, the wealth gap wish ranking we at peace in europe. We have peace with your with china, we are making great deals, we had them on their back foot and that didn't I happen by accident, and so I tried to take people inside the room in the tree or the negotiations with pride. put in the negotiations with with king solomon negotiations with with president, she how trump used his unusual style in order to it if these outcomes at the end of the day, I I find a lot of my friends who are on the left. They hyperventilate over different things. trouble say or how they d they perceive it, but I their results matter, and I want people understand how those results were achieved and has been very disheartening for me to watch how again you put the government bureaucrat, back in charge and inflation is rising. We have a war in europe, china's do not being provocative with taiwan, north Korea's firing off weapons. I write it.
it near about how trump was able, the relationship with king John Kim jong on and going to the door see how he will walked into north korea? Nobody knows how they came about and I would almost didn't have. Many many times since I wanted people to really understand how he did this? and why him being the He is empowered by then and more with the right people around him enabled him. Who accomplished so much europe Your book is fascinating in mid. Is I mean it really is a thriller if all of the things you just laid out, it is it's a thriller Let me ask you one thing: has there is theirs parts of the book that get very very personal and What am I reports is. When you talk about your grandma, we ve only got about two minutes Your grandmother was sixteen when the nazis invaded poland.
your family went from ghettos to mansions in three generations, which is remarkable. Can you talk a little what your grandmother went through and held it up did you with the abraham accords. Sure. So my my grandparents were both in in belarus and and and the nazis came in my grandmother. I write about how, in our town they took a fifty fifty educated jews, they shot him in the head, the nazis, and then they made the young women. Like my group, their clean, the blood off of the star ones, while they had your other juice playing instruments to to do so the braided who is a brutal experience, they joined the resistance fighters, the woods they were out of account of temper thousand two hundred fifty that escape and then ultimately, they got married and hungry. They came over to america on about Die right about how my grandfather went to new jersey, he was a carpenter. He said he
fraid of heights, so he couldn't work in the buildings in brooklyn, so they said go to new jersey. They have shorter buildings there and I and just an amazing american story- and I try to take people through that very quickly, but out of That, for me you know, get I've. What I saw in the white house going from the sun. If u g, a big grand set of refugees is that america is an absolute amazing country. It's a it's a place with an incredible opportunity. We have amazing people and what president from tried to do with the administration was to allow for them I can dream too to be prevalent, allow for it to be deep to give everyone equal opportunity, uh, and I think that's what our policies did for me to be able to work on the aber. accords is a grandchild of holocaust survivor region. I talk about by interaction, with the germans, where I was actually very disappointed with the lack of enthuse Ass, the lack of of of having with that they had with those given that you know the whole plight. That will have the middle EAST. I explained how it really is
a remnant of the post world war to anti semitism that existed because of the holocaust. Because of the nazis, and so that I just think that it was an amazing honour to do it in an extraordinary story, and I really you know- I believe that god as his hand and in everything we do I I'm very, very big believer in that and just very very grateful while these experiences and to get a lot of it was very difficult. I right in the first year about how I had to it ass. I was surrounded by what a complicated people, but I go through the Since I learned that I was trying to give people who have never was, served in Washington who, who obviously followed the trumpet ministration new, follow politics, a really insight into what it's like to serve in Washington, what it's like to to work in the white house and what it's like to kind of navigate and all the lessons I learned so that hopefully businessmen We will continue to go and serve and government, so we don't have the key political class that often his trial He power as opposed to meet people's lives, better shared kirshner, the knee
The book is breaking history. If you don't know where have you been? He was a former senior adviser to president trump and This book is really a thriller to see from the inside what was going on and how they did the things that they did by the way you are nominated for nobel peace prize. Please tell me, you didn't lose it too, like gretta. Third burger now, I locked into a journalist who nobody's ever heard. I guess I guess they created more peace than we do. It's cried. I did I did say to it. She noted that that the peace is the prize, and I see every day I get. You know peoples, the pictures of israeli fruit being sold in almaty, supermarkets are of new flights or new business deals, radon and and really reuniting israelis and at an end and muslims? Is it just a jews and muslims in the middle EAST? Is it such a beautiful thing and so the devil Your business is anchored ever in terms of the past,
The difficulty that that that its unleash well, I think it was truly a miracle I agree with you. God was in the centre of that, and I can't thank you enough jared cushiony author the book now ready you so much. Thank you. Our aim. In almost all cases, the secret to success in buying or selling a home is having the right real estate agent. It's not justice, what's happened. Somebody who you know ray. I have an open house on saturday on when I invite all of the real austerity redrawn is or what they want. is their plan. What is their advertise? the plan and not for you, but for them. What is there website. How heavily is it trafficked? This is the way you sell a house. There are things that you need to do in my company, real state agents. I trust we go through these and we vet. These a real estate agents who, like nobody's business
they are, they are scrutinised, and it's not like your part of the team and then you're not scrutinised. We follow up to make sure that they are still hitting everything. They need to hit real Estate agents, I trust dot com. It is a free service to you, then Work for me they just we recommend the right ones. In our opinion, it's real estate state agents, I trust dotcom real estate agents. I trust dotcom ten second station, I d like we gotta, have it back. I wanted to ask him: what do the people in the middle east? Think of us now? How can we ever get that back which, upon the rugged, out from the matter on all of them? After all this work, and then we're back at the table with iran and begging them for stuff, and it was not just the people in the Middle EAST that didn't trust us now we wear it.
Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of screwing all of our allies enough? honesty and We recover from that one. I've by I dont know if we take, our reputation will ever recover from that. It's the biggest foreign policy catastrophe in my lifetime. Plato take at least a cup of presidents and being stable to be able to do that. Are we? have some really good news about this. One year anniversary share it with you in just a minute. The Glen back programme, so Henry wrote in about its experience with relief factory. I was having periodical lower back spasms medication, is there therapy? Nothing was helping desperation, I gave relief, accurate, try. He said I love this. To my surprise, at work I mean, I know
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join the movement at belize, tv, you gotta, believe tv dot, com, slash, glenn and use the promo code glenn to save ten bucks it was a year ago tomorrow that we betrayed the world. The trade, our own values and we betray those who Ed helped us for so long to try to in peace and decency to Afghanistan, the world, Nord, the taliban forever this kind of like we're doing again now atrocities just went on there nine eleven woke us up. And then we see
The nation building, which is always are achilles heel, but that time women grew up free and not seen as just a woman who had to be covered head to toe and couldn't go to school. Couldn't do certain things subject, only to her husband people still trapped in that, but I want you to know what you ve done. It's mainly because of this audience. Now there were many other charitable groups that were down on the ground, etc, etc. I believe we were the only ones that were flying people out. So wouldn't have been able to do it without them, they would have been able to do it without us. Do you know how many oscar schindler's there are now, if you d needed to the DAS arena fund a year ago, You are an oscar schindler. You see,
saved lives and got them out. a year ago. I talk two young ladys as and her sister ezida A pseudo was here in amerika and her sister had we come back. Here home to visit mom and dad she was. She was in trying to remember. Not the philippines. Will she'll tell was getting an education and she was coming back home for the holiday and she was walk in the streets and all of a sudden she saw the black flags start to fly and guys with guns. Mattel on were back and she escaped in a harrowing escape well she's, here in amerika. Now, thanks to you, asthma, why come to the programme. I thank you
much for having me, can you you better than you did when I first talk to you after you first got here. You sound happier in and more at ease, absolutely? I am a lot of things changing in my life since last year on its it change in a good way which I am very grateful to you and to everyone who do did to the nursery fun you guys are like really served. As you said me and you saved my family and, as you mentioned about the oscar schindler you are all of you are certain here you bad as well. I got a phone call, I'd try to remember where I was and I happened to be adopted, where it was, but I happen to be with David Martin, who is instrument. Also in everything that happened and we gotta. call
and we were told her. Parents are the united states and it this summer. I think that they finally got here. Wasn't it couple. to know tat the day. they made it to night to sit in the end of june. Almost budget. Think of July right, yes, yeah and Is it true? You haven't really seen them you, you met them right. You just and seeing them, because here and now in the college has now been done. He came to night said they were in national conference centre in inverse genial and in the government facility and the garment was not allowing anyone who was it. families or their loved ones. They did in allow me to go and visit my parents undine
The gunman moved my parents to philadelphia and it's quite follow. From where I was leaving in virginia, and I only made it oh, I travel to philadelphia one day. am I made my parents for few hours and then I had come back to virginia because I had to come and get ready to attend such genetic. I remember when we made the promise that we would get your family to america and I think I thought at the time cheese I dont know How we're gonna do this? Your dad actually was heroic in his help with the america, and we just abandon, left him behind your mom? Your brother and why really needed to get him out and wanted to, but man it was it. as a unsure,
especially in the last year with the taliban. Things have gotten really bad again in afghanistan and the knot. You're right things are very blue. so it's way while and then afghanistan and unfortunately, because there is no free media ghana, some Angela anymore. We hearing about these noose around this part of the world but- There are a lot of birth allocation wireless that all of us are dying and you did huge job like this nothin fund and Demar crew on I mean thing, thank you so much guys for like taking my parents out of afghanistan safely, not my point, but ass for my brother, which made I pay me out with afghanistan safely. Yes, my father critical scanner men for almost seventeen years with a u s forest,
and they ve got the man and he had an hiv, but he he he would have never made it out of afghanistan if it wasn't it for you then an your heart and your kindness generosity and willingness to help people like my father, so thank you. you're more than welcome. If so, gracious how you doin in school, I'm getting good. It's been set week, I'm getting sat alone. Finding my car says it's went ass I'm trying try to remember where you were going to school. You were somewhere in asia. If I remember right, And then you came back home. Where were you adding in bangladesh bangladesh and to what the for woman guess then caught how it started. How different is it from?
afghanistan and bangladesh. How different is virginia tech baby related. And I'm in a very positive way get all my ma many resources available in the campus. That are that that you can use a to get a law degree. Can and also get enforceable, successful in in our dealings, indian west, see and also to make sure that the establishing a good career after we graduate from pushing it takes. So that's a death or some other parties, the campers its huge and its vague. It's it's quite a nice place to pull around here, are really friendly. What do you gonna do with your education? Would you want to be
right now, I'm missing in the and big data analytics it's a mix of computer science, finance and baker data funds and I am planning to- but I graduated from university- I am planning to build a modern financial system for afghanistan for post taliban afghanistan and it caused now? They did not have any financial system. The only financial system that is in use in afghanistan called how a if anyone is familiar with it. It existed since it century I may for crop. Did its way to club. Did and um it's it's, not Women do not have any control on it. They can attack. Said nordic cannot grow caught it or monitoring like anyone who wants
transfer money from outside the country to incite illegally and then distributed among the militia. This was one of the methods, the talibans or financing dear yet terrorist group and how they become power. In afghanistan and managed to seize the control The government you can watch. This really powerful interview I did with asthma and her sister at blaze, tv dot, com, slash glenn or on my website at Glenn beck dot com. It's pinned right to the home page. Today it is fascinating. She agreed to do the interview a year ago, with one exception. She said I will do it. I believe we accept. She wanted one thing in exchange to that and the american soldiers, and it is a powerful power Full cry fast, the hand it is writ is so great if you would like help her with her education. You know the family left breathing behind and if
like to help her with her education. Even do it through van mower go fuck me or by mailing a check you can find out all of the information at her website asthma per year. P s. I e e r asthma a p a I g g g are dotcom, will put that also up at glenn backed outcome, as we think So much god bless my best to your sister in your family Oh my god, she was so afraid last time, but she had just got off the plane, even during the asked of financial times, it is wise to make sure you don't put all your eggs in one basket. My thank you and I can agree on that. And you also could agree that these aren't they ass a family financial times this week only
line has a self directed retirement, account special for new applications, which means old fora. One K, accounts, ts, p accounts, traditional roth irae accounts and so much more when you complete your irish application this week and you don't have to buy anything you're just receive a suite of free silver and copper products. Just for your time it tunnel, free items just to get you started, call goodbye, today and find out how they can help with your retirement accounts. Call aid. Six six gold lying eight six, six gold line or gold line dot com. You can also contact them today for your free exclusive copy. carol. Roth's latest gold line news letter you can get that tell with what happened yesterday. The white house did yesterday Inflation is going to be even worse, even worse than we expected.
oh, please head your bet. Eight six six go line. This is the line back programme.
The wait a minute: oh yeah, I don't have a monkey pox update, but that hasn't stopped us before the fact we haven't had many a monkey pox updates. Even though we've played this song almost every single day right right, some would say this is just a cheap way for us to play this. So it's an earworm in your head and you're singing it all day and you think of us sometimes not so fondly but you're. Thinking of us, yes, and that's normally one hundred percent accurate, but today we actually do have a pretty. I think major monkey pox update. What's your impression of the monkey situation is raging out of control. Now, while we were in the united states, we had like fifteen hundred or fifteen thousand or something were number one in which I liked I mean we were number one. It's the only thing left that we're number one in the nation and I'll take it by now. Well, that was my impression right. We were. This is a really brave, really big problem. The question was whether it was going to cross over and hit everybody tomorrow. Who knows what can happen? Well, new york was kind of the epicenter of this, which shockingly it seems to be the case with almost all diseases. Weird ladd were not there anymore, but did you know since the beginning of this month, monkey pox cases in new york are down. Eighty percent- all you need to do is just say, stop having sex the man on man sex with ten partners. Well, that didn't seem to be a big part of the decline. Yes baby, so there you go. That's good news on Mcgee laughs. In a time when you really are struggling for good news.
That is good news that had been theirs fewer cases of some terrible virus for that's good, that's good, so so we are pretty much covered everything we had to today. We know well what about you? What about the big podcast this weekend? Maybe even talked about that. Yet how we haven't. Rob schneider, rob schneider very funny. Very he is he's a fan. I didn't know, then he admitted this. He admitted I said you're, not you not the brightest you're, not the brightest bob, but yeah. He admitted it and I said so back in the because he switched to Republican. I in turn Thirteen- and I said so, you're a Democrat. You know back in that. you know twenty away in during obama, so you must have hated me. and he said no. I said I did, but I watched you all the time
I would be like eight this guy, but he's writing about, I would start that's how you get infected and how it starts its like monkey policy. So it is really very funny and refreshing and not now, He wasn't it. You know you not tat. He says some pretty remarkable things like you really anything. I don't care my money, I care anymore that's when you get really good interviews, oh yeah, and that's the thing like he's not like he's out here. Promoting some big thing. It's easy just! He actually just cares about saying what he believes is true, yeah and cares about. You know I don't know like speech, he cares about We lose that anyway, We talk about it. It's interesting. He saw the m this. It hit satanic versus guy. That was what was his name.
skip salmon, resolve and rusty. Thank you when he had. His attack and you, when you saw so many people who didn't come too, in his defense on his right to say the things they might say. Oh well, we're sorry he was stopped, but it was well. This is what happens when you say bad things about the prophet, and it's like that. And even like islamic cleric, saying that I'm saying like journalists and writers, people who make their living off of free speech no longer think see. A criticism of certain people is: ok, it's a scam, we think in our society. Ok, thanks for bringing me down and a happy place and the rob schneider monkey pox up to and a muggy box update I'll go back there again, we're still number one in the world with monkey pox and the rob schneider interview. The podcast is available for blaze. Tv subscribers right now on demand, make sure you get it the Glenn Beck program
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