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INFURIATING Baby Formula Shortage Explained | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee & Bethany Mandel | 5/10/21

2022-05-10 | 🔗

Glenn reads an email from a former “safe, legal, and rare pro-choicer” who no longer relates to the pro-choice movement. The media has stopped caring about people saying, “It’s time to fight,” now that it’s coming from pro-abortion leftists. While President Biden won’t condemn the protests at Supreme Court justices’ houses, Sen. Mike Lee joins to explain why they’re clearly illegal and “really creepy.” State Freedom Caucus Network president Andrew Roth joins to discuss the importance of organizing at the state level. ESG scores will soon affect states. Glenn reviews Ralston College, whose chancellor is Jordan Peterson. Deseret News contributing writer Bethany Mandel joins to share the truth about the baby formula shortage.

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hello, america, and welcome to the Glen back programme today. I got several points to show you where we are winning and how we are winning and what we should do in this position, where things are starting to break up and change where it talks about the economy. We're going to talk about the border we are going to talk about. The supreme court MIKE Lee joins us about what's now going through the senate, and I want to start with a very frank letter that we just received a and e mail from somebody who
It used to be in her own words, a modern pro choice. Woman things have changed. We begin there in sixty seconds Christie wrote in about our dog's experience with rough green. She said we have two pointers who hunt at least four days a week, if not for their skin has been dry and flaky and their coats dull and rough. But within two weeks of using rough greens, we've been able to see a bounceback level in energy as well as their coats being amazingly shiny and smooth and no more dry flaky skin. We couldn't be happier. Thank you, Rough greens is not a dog food. It's a supplement that you sprinkle on your dog's food and it's chock full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, you name it if it's healthy for your dog, it's mobile up, most likely in rough greens, and they want to make sure that your dog is comfortable eating. It loves it as much as our dogs do all year. To do is just go to rough greens, dot com, slash back rough greens, dotcom, slash back.
You gonna give you your first bag free or you Four. Is the shipping go now too rough greens, dot com, slash beck r, u F, F, greens, dot com, slash back or call eight three: three g, l, E n, n, thirty, three, eight three, three glen thirty, three or green dot com? Slash back, so I got an email in and I want to read it verbatim I can no longer relate to the modern pro choice. Woman died want to shout my abortion. I wonder: tended never happened up until last week's scotus leak. I had done a pretty good job of burying my twenty year secret. But the row, verses wade, information, earthquake triggered interruption. I can no longer pretend to be ambivalent or leave it to blue check pro lifers to speak for me my day
he's of repeating safe, legal and rare. That mantra like a good genetics libertarian in feminist are over. some pro abortion activists call their life ending procedure, self care like they just booked a hot stone, massage or a facial at a spa. This is a polite euphemism many women tell themselves not because we are cold blooded killers, but because, it's how we survive, we Have to lie in order to justify what is actually to king place denial. just a protective coat barrier from the truth. Remember. Any woman born after rovers wade has been programmed to believe that abortion is a natural born right, it's league Therefore, it must not be evil. It's a mess. Cool procedure. Women do it every day plan. Parenthood has a nice way of describing abortion on their website a d.
After uses a combination of medical tools and action device to gently? Take the pregnancy tissue out of your uterus gently: take the tissue out, benign, euphemisms that rap our hearts and minds in a suffocating cocoon, but I knew from isms to keep us in line. I was raised in the bible belt and I believe, that sex before marriage was the greatest of sins. You better be better off robbing a store by pistol than be caught fornicating with a boy, and yet I did fornicate with a boy. No boy I'd ever be proud to bring around my parents. gave him the option to talk me out of it. I just demanded that he paid half for the procedure and never speak of it again. I too
Myself, it would be easier to survive the hidden shame of the abortion. Then, where the shame of my sin on my belly for nine months, I took the so old, easy way out at six weeks, swallowed a pill. I got from some abortionist who gave me the creeps. He was no medical saint, like the ones portrayed in the site or house rules, nobly saving women from code hangar abortions. The doctrine My story made a quick baulk at the expense of terrified good girls, years later, I would I would learn that he kept a boarded fetuses in buckets And was under investigation for shady medical practices. I couldn't Leave his clinic fast enough, but at least I wouldn't have to miss worker skip my college classes. I could just fine my degree and still make my parents proud how convenient but the pill I took:
made an ugly, painful mass and didn't finish the job now, I had to see a real obstetrician to get it ultra sound and deal with the aftermath. This actors office was nicer, it had bright lights and think walls. Although my doctor professional. I still felt the quiet judgment in her voice, if to look at the image of my tortured foetus in this on the screen, I knew what it would mean if I did my friend his career ambitions would lose the battle to my soul. If I looked at that baby, the doctor told me foetus was still viable, but now most likely Mentally challenged the kinder thing too, who were to be finish. The job at an inn clinic and abortion, and the fetus is suffering And my own self torture, I woke,
from Anastasia to learn the abortion was complete. It was over so quickly the internal conflict hangs and hangs. You find weird ways to cope, not long Do I discovered in abandoned robin egg still perfectly intact. Rapid isaak- and I carried it with me for over a decade. if I couldn't do right by my own child. Maybe I could keep this unhappy egg safe. Eventually, I had to come to terms with the fact that the bird egg was dead and I got therapy. He was a good new york, psychologist, secular, liberal, tolerant. He helped me to forgive myself, but I always knew who I really needed to ask forgiveness. It's easy for one young woman with all those stockpiled eggs in her ovaries to be pro choice. She can talk.
Way the miracle of life like a rotten banana or bruised apple, because its easily replaced It wasn't until I was forced to confront the mortality of my own fertility that I felt the full choice of my regret, but I right, this letter to achieve redemption, nor to be the new phase of the pro life movement, see me pleading with women outside of an abortion clinic you'll, not see me protesting with a cutesy homemade sign at them. For life. You're, not gonna, see me sparring on twitter twitter, confronting baby killers with cold hard facts for now not even know my name. I suppose this isn't very brave my story is incomplete and god's work in me is at an end if state. mine is a modest mission. Maybe If I'm honest about my own wounds, I can hear
but other women like me to heal. Maybe I can love The terrified knocked up woman, the bible belt, who believes the best. The first lies in our society has ever told better than a conservative talk show could ever ever could come up with these are the best and the worst as the scottish leak ripped a bandaid off a festering fifty year old wound its naive to think that will fit this mess for the unborn overnight and d programme, men and women plugged into fifty years of slick, packaged lies. Slavery was legal in the: u s for over two hundred years before we fought award ended, And it'll be a no would be another hundred years before. We then state sanction racism when it comes was to the issue of defending innocent life. I know it's hard to be patient. This is it
Clear battle of good versus evil for many on the right, but you, need allies. Like me, the former safe, legal and rare pro choices. afraid to come out of the shadows, afraid. To become a political problem in the culture war, but willing to do quiet missionary work in our own backyard. I hope The day future progressives look back in horror at today's progressives fighting to keep abortion on demand, I hope For the day the new york times publishes the pro life version of the sixteen nineteen project. Maybe there call it the nineteen seventy three project whose mission to rephrase the country's history by place, the consequence of abortion and
contributions of the pro life movement at the very centre of our national narrative. Until that day, I just want to help these women be braver than me. To see beyond their impossible tomorrow,. If I had allowed someone the chance to. Let me be brave, I might not have had the same successful career. But I now would have a twenty year old, son or daughter to invest this unexpired. and overflow. In my heart, can a minute's james rodion about his experience with relief factor. He says the stuff really works. I've told so many of my friends by relief factor ever since I started taking it, I'm a mechanic and a veteran
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Ten second station, I D, we ve got to hear. Chip Roy has been talking a lot about binds border policies, are about the damage being done to the united states of america, MR secretary sector, do you know what this is this? Is it mobile morgue, a body trailer needed by counties and sell taxes overwhelmed by deadline. That particular trailer is filled with these bodies, twenty seven bodies are restored in this mobile morgue in south taxes, with dead bodies, a mug dead bodies like One found on a ranch just three weeks ago itself: taxes a dead migrant, somehow about compassion. How about the dead bodies found by migrants? Compassion?
the ranchers, who had to walk out of their door, and this is what they face. Gentleman with rocks threatening, arrange, result, taxes only able to be saved when they are able to bring their dogs out to scare the people away in order to save themselves or the fact that you got houses being Yeah you got livestock dead on the side, because we ve got range is wide open. The little girl here with a brand on her arm a little girl with a brand on her arm because of poor policies, girl here in the desert found by range, was trying to say now about Oz voices were people dying from ventnor that hundreds of doubt, the tens of thousands, of americans dying from federal faces. Since americans face The americans, across this country dying because a federal port into our country time and the gentleman sire you know full well time and again, this was so tired of all of this. Aren't you are Just so tired of all of this democratic
try to claim the moral high ground on everything that they push it all about. compassion if we can just save fill in the blank. Record amounts of illegals are crossing our border record amounts of people are dying because of it not only are migrants dying. Americans are dying. U s. Servicemen are dying on the border. Fetnah overdoses are reaching now critical stage its now. The leading cause of death for adults, eighteen, forty five: Fenton in all the leading cause of death- eighteen, forty five and no one is talking about it. Including our local and city government,. I will show you all to morrow night, all of it tomorrow, wednesday night on blaze, tv, nine, p m the Wednesday night special biden is border bloodbath, the dead the crisis exposed
it is amazing to me how the Now we are now starting to see the fruits of all of their labour. We are I'm starting to see the starvation. I I'm telling you millions will starve to death in the next five years, because of what this administration and de the global elites have decide to do millions will starve to death, and we won't be in a position to help anyone. We talk about abortion as it's a right, it's death! We talk about r r,
fuel policy as something that will help the planet, but it will mean death. We talk about the border, but we don't talk about the death. Is a death called but we're facing And you know it's crazy. Is people are starting to wake up and their starting to see facts that we thought people new like? I always. At that meeting bill mar. I disagreed with him, but he was informed tat. We have the bill mar cut. Listen to this I learned things this week because this put it on the front page that are pretty bad, The things that I did not know about. Abortion, like in europe. the modern countries of Europe way more directive, then we are or what they are proposing a viewer Joyce
like it, a lot less in germany and italy and france and spain in switzerland. Did you know that I didn't know that I didn't know that that's right, ok I do I learn most people who are pro life are women did not know that he goes on to say more. Abortions are done with a pill. He said he and if you go into a clinic there done with a pill and the pills are easy to get at america, so for people who saying we're going back to nineteen? Seventy three we're not that's! Just factually inaccurate. I think there's an awakening that is happening. People are, people are going from woke to awake which is a very nice transition, a very for thing very, very different yeah, but the pills this is such an interesting part of this, because you know they you can Women are doing it in texas. They did a study on what happened in texas when they cut the abortion restrictions down.
six weeks with its recent law that they passed and prevented at least in texas. They think only about ten percent of abortions. that was people travelling Also was part b of people just ordering from online pharmacies in india. These pills that they, I can get these abortions and, like really I mean being honest about it, there's no way we're going to be able to regulate that out of existence. There's no! It's never going to be the case. So you know I mean we we it's not functional right How are you gonna? Stop abortion pills that are legal all around the world rise slowing in the mail lemon used is not going to happen. So what you, talked about with the woman earlier is the much some ways more important than rovers vs wade being overturned rovers waving overturn is an important part of this, but it's really like go to the gym. Once yes,
It's part of getting in shape, but it is only the first step of getting in shape and you have to keep going out and you in you have to change. You owe me. people like you, keep going then pretty soon. You just love it. I've never found that. I have never found that part, but we have to we to work on people's hearts. You know their resist this, we last week that came out the said. You know this. Abortion guys you better wake up. It's gonna stop hookup culture, yeah! That's it good thing, that's all good thing, yeah, that's that's! That was the big threat, probably good thing for our society. Is it not that they and a good thing for us as a nation as a people where I I mean I was shocked to hear I mean it's been. You know, twenty years since I've dated and dated poorly back, then I looked out, but was shocked. To hear that
People now expects sex and then depending on how that goes. Well he bought a relationship. Pull thing is flicked upside down. Everything I mean now lie down inside out right. What was typically the way you would meet. People is now like a creepy thing right up and meeting someone at a bar meeting someone at work. You know you know with the idea but you walk up to them. That you're flirting with them is now this creepy thing- and the normal thing is a few swipe, a certain direction, whatever direction. That is so you show consent beforehand, and you kind of reverse engineer. The whole process does not seem like a good sense. go way for a civilization tie our and now we can't get president Biden to actually call what's happening. The terrorist tv that is happening at our supreme court justices house. We can. We can you
call it terror week. We can't even get a president too disavow, those who are now saying exactly the same thing that many people said, four january six. They got him into so much trouble. We got a stand up and fight. was was obscene to say now you have lorry lightfoot in others saying it all. The time mightily joins us next, I'm back programme see what they're doing in the senate this week. Your best, I Sleep is just around the corner and here's the amazing part once you get it, it's just not one good of sleep? I should know. It is of broad You buy my pillow, and I mean my you know what I'm saying my sheep from my pillow are really good. It's not that the my pillow had a baby and it was cheap, but They came from my pillow and its great right now. You can check
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This is the Glen back programme, two things: the first, the new york times, the new times wrote to day. Before a mob of trump supporters invaded the united states, capital up, ending the nations peaceful transition of power and leaving at least five people dead, the right wing, radio, star Glenn back delivered a mess. to his flock of ten point, five million listeners it's time to fight it, I aim to rip and gli and rake Mister Beck said on his january fourth broadcast it's time for you to go to war as the left wing to war for years ago. Now they update that, even though we gave them all of this information a week before the story aired too. Days after publication. They updated it with this. Mr back did not Bobby for his listeners to invade the capital than a day later he urged marchers in washington to channel
your inner martin luther king. Adding violence is not who we ve ever been, but the lad which he used on his january. Fourth show was typical. the aggressive rhetoric that permeated conservative, talk, radio, ok, I mean again use, but civically said not to go or no so couldn't that why would they use you as an example? It makes no sense here. Is the latest snorri today A cargo mayor, lorry lightfoot set social media ablaze Monday evening with a call to arms. That's a quote: quote tomb friends and the algae bt, q plus community. The supreme court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms. We will surrender our rights without a fight. We will fight a fight to victory. I wonder if the new york times is going to say the same, her. She, Calling to arms- I
know what that means. Except call two guns isn't what arms imply There is a double standard here. The president won't will not disavow those who are now marching in full. Two of the supreme court justices homes, which is my understanding it is clearly illegal to do it you're trying to intimidate or change the verdict of a supreme court justice. glee is joining us now from Washington DC hallo. My power you allow grant was going to be with you good you don't that what they did to the times that sells, like reckless disregard for the truth, to make actual defamation. Oh
Really you you, you told them what you would actually said. and the story anyway, not reflecting that that is the matter that they corrected it two days later, no because they still the thing you in the meantime. Nobody reads: the correction like they're, really the original store yeah. This is part of a disgraceful is that they get away with it so Let's talk a little bit about. First of all, we, is happening to the supreme court. Justice is in front of their homes. My that's clearly illegal is not yes, it is. It violated virginia statue So quite arguably violates a federal statute. A eighteen
section fifty, no three, I think it is a bit of a who would seem to suggest that this is unlawful, but more than anything when this is just really creepy, it carries with it an implicit threat of violence. Because it says to the occupants of the home where they're protesting. We know where you sleep correct for the only purpose it serves, and if that has no place in society, you know I I actually dealt with it so my were dealt with this? I was eleven years old, my life. Other who was serving as present reinforce regional at the time have filed a brief in a case an adult an issue related to abortion related purposes, wake me up Abortion rights movement didn't like it, so they protested in front of our home. is the only one home at the time, but actually my older sister Wendy when she was there, but she was an entire count. She slept long, so I went out and talked to them.
the mobile home alone hadn't come out, yet they wouldn't come up twenty years, but when I saw that movie later. I thought I'd know about good deals. I started thinking. What do I do? I do I break out the elite. Fireworks dash than I had come. What may This bought on the indian reservation. The sommer report: do I turn the sprinklers it occurred to me. If I do any of those things. News. Crews would show up. That would be bad. Do I just wanna talk to him instead and the very first thing the lady said, There is a lady who appear to be in charge of all before call her, karen and Karen said to me: was a little boy will not here to hurt you that's treaty and its creepy anytime. You protest in front of the home of a public, the fish what's wrong with and I'm wondering if that would even be said today lot of these protesters. I mean the its vile. What's going on, just as it was vile on January six, that that was a that was a mob
and not everybody, but the ones that really kind of broke down the door, etc, etc that those people were in a mob mentality and joy vile? So egg yesterday, without anybody condemning these people in saying it has to stop the Senate v. to pass a bill to provide security services to the supreme court justices and their families and it was a unanimous vote Yes Can somebody on the left say that this is in violent and yet v vote unanimously to provide security. Well as- one of them were on the show whip asking for And I'm sure all the levies come on you're show cost of all the time. You could probably provide the answer. You I'm sure they would say. Look up the picture. so is there we want to make sure they have to do but look. There's no reason for them to not get down. There is no real.
for them to not call it off. It is inappropriate, as I have yet to have this conversation with any of my colleagues, republican democrat or otherwise. Ah, who is is in in which they will disagree with the suggestion it's inappropriate to show up to someone's home to protest, it's not appropriate. I don't know why They can't find the moral courage to express publicly what I think, all of believe privately, which is it that is unacceptable that was the problem which january six for many as we are like, whereas Donald trump, why isn't he stepping up to the plate right now and so this is horrible. Stop it right! Now let me ask you: there's a bill now going through and in the senate and its to codify row. Can you,
What's goin on here, yeah you're still moving through Senate and they want to codify role but its row on steroids, it's worse than road or, worse It basically says that no state can any law restricting abortion anyway and guarantees abortion. Why until the moment of birth without any research. shouldn't by any other law. This is a. This is a very radical proposal. This is substantially farther to the left than what see from any ordinary american americans understand that recovery. and how they feel about abortion. More broadly the understand the closer you get to work. The closer we get to the point where a baby could clearly survive outside the womb?
Nearly all american support some restrictions on abortion, but they want to get rid of even though this act is intended to protect all people with a capacity for pregnancy. Gender women, transgender men non binary individuals, those who identify with a different gender and others who are unjustly harmed by restrictions on abortion services mike I gotta leave. If I were running for the senate- and I was kind of in a purple state- I who had We really upset at the democratic leadership if I'm running as a Democrat yeah, and why wouldn't it be, but look they're trying to impress it that certain radical french element of their own base- and this is where they're going to do it- the next step, they're going to do it they're going to try to pack the supreme court or hashtag expand the court. There's money in my liberal colleagues are now using that hashtag. They want to add justices of the supreme court of the united states, which is itself a huge missed.
All these things are designed to be legitimize denigrate and isolate those supreme court justices inclined to vote project so he does masterfully written majority event mike you were part of the crew that you are a leader in the crew to find these supreme court justices. They're, saying now that it looks like this is good b, the filing rule or ruling. Do you believe that, yes, I I do believe that, and I also believe that the reason these people are freaking out so much is that there are a there are afraid of the same thing, and so that that's why? I think, if this does in fact happen. It will happen very, very quickly and they'll move on to saying this is an illegitimate court, so we're going to have to change it. We haven't seen this is nineteen, thirty, seven. Ah, it's white. I started seeing this. About a year and a half ago wiser reign the book it comes out junior
available for pre order now called saving nine thirty nine explains what happened last under debate, how we stop it and white such a global idea. It's It is a book that is right on time called saving, nine and very good, egg, the the the feel that they are trying to pass. Let's just live in fantasy land say if we say that it passes. Ok, isn't there still what the supreme port was saying shouldn't be done that it should go to the states? It's not a federal issue yet so based supreme court brat. majority opinion written by just a said that these are the sorts of decisions that ought to be made by the people's elected lawmakers, a a and not by nine lawyers wearing robes on the supreme court of the united states, for the simple reason that it there's nothing in the constitution that nature
it is something that the court's decide nothing in the constitution that even makes this federal rather than state. Now that there have been some places for federal law, the way in am most areas, but most laws, most of the time that affect most your daily life or state laws not follow a lot with follows. Logically it there's nothing in constitution, making abortion distinctly a federal issue. Most laws deal with abortion should be handled the state level does that include if new york for california includes new, no partial the abortion or after birth, abortion. Which is now strangely being talked about in those states, does The federal government have a role in stopping any of that, depending on how far can We want to push the envelope congress could try to a certain.
more authority. Another. My personal view is that this is one of those areas that really is perfect for the constitution. For the constitutional principle federalist beaches. Look there there isn't a lot of national security. National consensus on this issue right before in Utah would decide this very differently than the people of new york and people in mississippi very differently than those in the state of oregon, and you know sometimes that that debt is part of the constitutional compromise. That's part of who we are. That is the compromise that we allow people to bring themselves differently according to local preferences. Well MIKE, I want to thank you for all the work. You did with donald trump and and ted cruz to get these guys on the supreme court and and and as well is because
I think your work that we have these these people- and I am hoping that when we get a republican in office that you are appointed to the supreme court, I thank you. make a tremendous supreme court justice. Thank you so much mike. Thank you very much You bet by the way, if you wanna, support mike in his race for senate, you can do that. by I don't love, checking up motto likely for senator whatever the hell. I don't know who the best. The best way to point people to a site, but yes, Look at this again and again- and this is an important week. I think, by the way, to consider that If you are a person, who looks The ruling from from Alito and looks at that in a positive light. And so in maybe have dreamt of the day roe, vs wade would be overturned. Your entire life, for example,
it is important to highlight, as you did work there at the end, the really vital role that mightily has in. ruling he was the. I was actually that's why they're coming after so hard right, he was the guy who put together the list, along with the federal society, a couple of other people that you mention. but he was really the driving force to get that list in front of donald trump that he wound up. Selecting from as three justices and in the office with him campaigning for these people really trying to educate donald trump and who they were and getting them to be the canada. Bout MIKE Lee. You don't have the situation that we're looking at this week. That's how that's how crucial he's been to this process and if you care about this issue at all, you should remember that, as you, Look at who your vote. for here.
You talk over the normal. You have edwin mean nothin who's running against him. Who is pro choice, and so that's you know, that's one thing even have gone. Fortieth is approached us on an eminent. I guess he's pro choice face either regardless I mean it's one of these. Now it's even if you had somebody else you are considering likewise, is such a vital issue. He was so vital time and I tell you that the left knows it too bad. The right doesn't but the left knows exactly what he's done back in the good old days. If someone came along and stole your identity, you just met him out front of the saloon at at noon and settled in man to man. You know I was the most convenient place to play. You know paper rock scissors, but today, you actually probably can't even find the person that is stealing your identity and destroying you good name and credit. Nobody, catch everything, but lifelong identity theft. They are the
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Tweet message me just died during the break its lee for senate teeth it lee for Senate dotcom, unlike ok, whatever I can't I urge and why he would find that to be important, he is so important in the senate. Please, if you can help the left, evidently knows what It has done for the supreme court and what he is capable of doing and they want him out and there they are pulling out all the stops lee for senator sod conklin back programme. Let me I'll. Tell you about american financing. Have you called them? Yet? What pain on krim, your credit cards already: the loans are to five point six percent. I think for interest rates by point. Locks asked very fast and it is gonna go. It's gonna go way up.
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program
and hello america and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Alright, we're going to talk a little bit about the economy this hour, specifically the Snp as now just hit the the the. U s states, with the credit scores pay all of you states. What's your e s g score yep, it's begun, which means we better get serious about who we're going to elect and we can't have any manzi pansy rhinos. We need real people that understand the constitution. I would I would love to see the freedom caucus in charge of the house that has to happen, but we need more people in the freedom caucus, we're going to start there in sixty seconds. So what
kiss k I s s, stand for well, there is a certain part of boston mass where it stands for keep it simple soap and because of a young man named Gabrielle, who was inspired by reading the tunnel times magazine to start his own business, and he did If the research even recipes online, having is chemist father help and require the supplies he needed. Gabrielle set two percent to work, creating his own product, its simple soaps made from goat's milk. Then went door to door in his neighborhood marketing his product these days. He sells it on line He had a dream and made it happen. He an american dream and made it happen. This is something that is not being instilled in any of our kids and if you think this is inspiring, think about your kids
What will that led them to do It is no further now than the pages of the tunnel times. It's a magazine dedicated to teach you your kids about entrepreneurship and other freedom related things get access to the magazine right now at a reduced price. Forty nine dollars for the entire year. Yet this to your kids, help inspire them. Tuttle twins back dot com, teach them the american dream, Tuttle twins back dot com So there is an opinion in the washington post and I was listening to a podcast the other day featuring two hard left americans in their late thirties. I won't name names, but you know the type socialist intellectuals who use terms like dissident to disagree. themselves. The conversation mainly centred around a few themes, the kids today or to self righteous and judge mental, the democratic. credit party is corrupted uninspiring, donald wasn't nearly as bad as everyone said, and I
is the good old days this how bad is so worth the red today in the washing imposed. Again are millennial, leftists aging into right, wingers, yeah, I think there is a real push back, and hopefully there is a push back not to the uninspiring republican party, with areas as the awning we have well, that's the we have because nobody is doing anything about it, except for the freedom caucus freedom. as is inside the democratic party, just like the progress if caucus was inside the democratic party and is this is the antidote to the programme save disease. and and I just hope that it is spreading all over the country, because we need people that will stand together,
in the shade of the constitution? Andrew roth is the president of the state freedom caucus network. He is to create more freedom, caucuses all around the country, and he is with us now high andrew how area I'm glad you bet. You just started one in nevada and south carolina right Just last week in illinois, we ve got five total georgia mississippi after a while the latter in illinois, our plan is to launch another five the seven this year, so we can have maybe ten, the twelve total gone into the new year. Ok, so What what does the freedom caucus so for people who don't know what does it? stand for and what are you looking for?
I'll. Do it you're lizards, know about the house, freedom carcass and we are operating under their blessing and under their asked, she's in may believe in limited government more freedom. Both economic freedom, cultural freedom from the work left and that they have made great strides in the halls of congress. But if we're to take back this country they recognised, as do a lot of people that the fight is at state level. Now, they're all these big issues, need to be one of the state level, whether its election integrity, school choice, seniority. The list goes on So so we need organised at state level and all confers like a lot of people, don't know who their state senator is or their state rap, and there is a lot of mischief and a lot of corruption having at state level. But the good news is that there are a few conservative
in each legislature, who we can help organise by bringing them resources and expertise that we have to create. These statements Cox's. So that's what we're doing and I'll tell you what it is citing project in mortgage. These things around as quickly as we can. I will tell you the what I've seen travelling around and talking to the different state legislatures there seemed went without the freedom carcass There seems to be a group of people that are angry and key. And work within the system and you understand it, because in some of those states the system is so corrupt on both sides. But there's got b and organizing factor that can get things done. and I think that's what you guys are doing in in washington and you're the to me
this is the answer. The answer is coming right now from the freedom caucus, witches, dont pay the game- either side. Just let's rock and the power to the people That's exactly right and the state law makers. I mean just think about it that everything is working against them. I'm a first of all they're they're, citizen law makers. You know they've all got full time jobs, or at least most of those. So there either Busy you know, harvesting the crops or or doing their ninety five job in their taking time out of their busy life to go to the cap ro india, a representative which means Don't have a lot of time to read the bills to understand how things work so the establishment- ready has them under their star plus they dont have staff and if they do have it's usually provided to them by leadership, which means they have an actual spy in their office. So any dynamic
Conservative in any state legislator wants to do something proactive too limited. Size of government there a lot of forces working against them, but we can change it and that's what we're trying to do work bring them resources, staffing, all sorts of things so that they can strategize they can meet. and they can they can figure out which bills to kill in which bills to to push up and here's the best part Is it we can build a coalition of supporters behind them. as I mentioned before. Why are people down their stay rapporteur state senator is but that we plan on change now we want to turn these people in the heroes, because, if they see fighting for limited government and liberty, is something people will respond to them do more of it and so their colleagues for them as well, so so are you going made a lot of
are you going in to the end of the state, houses or you're talking to the wraps that you look at and say this, these? These are the kind of people who we want and your talk to them one on one. This is both the grass roots, but does the politician come first to make sure you have somebody that you can port right away and then gather the support for that person Definitely we have a pretty rigorous vetting process. We reach out to the grass roots and we basically asked them whose the most conservative member in the legislature and they usually land on one or two people, and then we start talking to them we give them by laws. I like a template which they can take to their colleagues, and it's a base going accountability document, basically it of them who they can invite into the freedom caucus, how they can kick people out win.
Freedom caucus takes a position, its expected that all members follow that position and if they don't they, to submit a letter, basically explaining why they can't men. If you racket, many of those letters, then it's time for you to go. The bilateral important part, and then after that we try to identify somebody in state, knows how things work. Who can help that freedom carcass operate? the person behind the curtain, who can help read the bills? Make vote recommendations build coalitions. None of this is happening I now, and this is what we were gonna change and I gotta tell you it's working. I mean we're just in five states right now, but its work and we ve had some major successes. A couple of chairman of this day, prim carcasses and been on your show and have explain that success that their having so. I think that the best is yet to come.
well, I I hope, you're right, because a lot of these people who I have I believe in all over the country: They are there beaten their heads against the wall there so outnumbered and they see what the problem is, but it's so dirty I mean I am I you know because I'm fighting against he s. G the money that is being pushed around by the big banks and the lobbyists is just insanity and people don't the time to do their own homework on it to problem yeah, that's why we just need to bring more recent resources on our side to level the plan and filled in I'll carolina interacted today in a big big bill decided on certain The king of need,
I know I know a lot of people, don't know what that is. But basically, if you want to build a hospital in some area, you literally have to get you'd literally have to get the permission of the incumbent hospitals right. It's a it's a it's, a racket that the government has set up and in south south carroll right now the Senate wants to repeal certificate of lead in the entire state and the majority leader in the house, a Republican promised to repeal but then, when he realised that there were enough votes actually do that he killed the bill. Well, the south carolina freedom carcass is not taken. no for an answer so they're going to an amendment to a new bill that will repeal it and we're gonna find out today that successful or not well, but, but I hope it is. I know here in texas by my local area, where wanted to build a whole hotel, a hospital, and I had to get you know the certificate of need and that the end
higher thing was, was just a scam. I mean it's p, I don't understand how many things and how many big businesses have colluded with your state government to get special things that you don't even know about, I don't know yeah it's it's. I would call it a soft form, a corruption, but maybe it's a hearts form, because it's happening every day, the about people million about it, but that's what we're trying to change. So, if we able to reply today. I think it's gonna be a huge victory and you know: everybody's favoured state florida doesn't have certificate a maid and everything, she doing just fine dire there yeah any excuse that that we need it for the health of for public health reasons is just nonsense, so we're really excited ok. So how do people get involved if they are, if they want to get solved at all and help, but they do
so our website estate freedom, carcass dot, org and there you and go and see which state freedom caucuses. We have up we also urge people to recommend state wraps in their state were having commerce nations were stay law makers all across the country when I quite to burma, and Why- we're just we're getting there, yeah and and I'll tell you why there are actual patriots and states like that. I sometimes, I think, the liberals data the bar our best opportunity, of course down. The Democrats have been in charge for so long that they ve got lazy I mean it's, you know you're. You know it's one thing to be a catholic in rome and another thing to be a catholic in china you know we're not surrounded by it. You have to work for it, and by was I I think I was much sharper when I had to be in new york every single day,
battling it out every day, he's in the streets and a dinner and everything else. He can you get a little lose severe and if you're in a very conservative area, yeah you're in the lion's den yeah. So I I really do have a lot of ah hope for states like that. In fact, like I mentioned, we just launched the illinois freedom caucus. Those guys are going to fight for right to work, lower taxes, they're going to take on the corrupt just a man they ve got a lot of work a lot if there is a lot There is no one. I will leave a voice yadda get behind andrew. Thank you very much, mrs andrew roth. He is running these state freedom cock as you can find it state freedom, caucus, dot, org, state freedom, as dot org. You want to sweep up and clean up your state and get it back to where it should be. This a very start state freedom caucus dot. Org bob wrote in about his experience with relief factory said I been able to walk without pain for over a year, then,
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actor dotcom. Eight hundred the number for relief, eight hundred the number for relief relief factor feel the difference and second station. I d from the wall street journal. They should this should wake people up. Please ideological criteria will now influence the credit ratings of state and local governments. Thanks to the Essen p global ratings In addition to rating governments on meaningful financial, correct criteria in march, the biggest of top three credit rating firms began to apply environmental, social and governance or s g rating system. So what does this mean that you or town might be financially rock solid. Your state might be rock solid, but do you
have non gender bathrooms schools. It's now moving past we're going to boycott the all star game. Now your stuff It will lose not business financial services unless you play ball ass He global says it incorporates yes, g risks and opportunities into the credit rating analysis of public issuers. This includes big you as an open, ended categories such as how estate scores on managing carbon pull. call unrest stemming from community and social issues and adverse publicity that results in reputational risk? I. for all of these states that said ba. You now will deal would at some other time. You know they're, not gonna. This is business, doing business it's now.
Going to cripple your state if you speak out on an issue on the wrong side or you don't speak out on an issue on there. side or you pass some bill that gets national news and it is deemed by the global elites, To be on the wrong side, your credit, adding of your state or community we'll go down You have a school that is up in arms about the school board, because what being taught do you know this due to the credit rating of florida. what's gonna do to the credit rating of any community or state hello utah? Where are you
you find this score. This article, by the way in the wall street journal so enough of it's a conspiracy theory. How is a different than the chinese social credit score, for example, while the chinese, all run by communist, and so the communist do what they're supposed to do in each province or state or their killed, oh so, no force a vile and those for the islands, but I mean this social credit score is exactly the same thing and it starting with the states and it will, oh too. Well, what businesses are you doing to because remember the e s g score? You cannot. do business with businesses that have a lower s g score, so this will cut back from state. Business being done by anybody who not playing the woke game. what we are running out of time. America, you're running out of time.
if you don't know what I'm talking. Please get my new book, the great reset We have gone from conspiracy theory. It still call conspiracy theory, but The hell is this:. isn't this exactly what I warned of exactly I told you and it's now in the wall street journal and it currently happening to states because ass in the global said That's the way. They're gonna start rating the states, the net matter how good you're finances are you're playing ball with the woke mob, if not you're out. You better wake up better way, got conservative states take a stand now or lose the Glen back programme. American financing, animal ass. One eight do three three for nobody too. you w that animal, less consumer access, dot, org anew
or shows that almost seventy one percent of americans feel their paychecks. are not gonna, be able to keep up with inflation, not Just to be able to get ahead, but to just keep up We all know where this is coming from the people. Supposedly fighting inflation are the same ones, giving it to us in the first place. We you ever responsibility to yourself in your family, to do what you can to get ahead while its possible to get ahead, swear can financing comes in this time American financing is there with power to maybe help you. some of the bank's flexible mortgage turns return and terms cash. Refinancing. Even debt consolidation- please call them don't work for the banks. They work for you, american financing, at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty, it's a mess,
like in financing dot net. So how did all this happened and what's coming next? It's all in the great reset the new book, my Glenn back, yet it at Gleneesh new book not come The spirit of america is now wakening. Thank goodness it is. Starting to happen. Higher education in america is now undergoing a revival and the old system really has been exposed for nothing other than a propaganda machine So what do you do? What do you do if you're putting your kids in college, this Jordan Petersen has left his tenured position of a professor at the university of toronto and he laughed.
Because of woken is and how it is captured our universities he just announced that he has been appointed as the chancellor of ralston college in savannah. Georgia now people behind ralston college had been working since two thousand six to raise funds and receive accreditation as a university they now offer, an m a in humanity's, but this way wrote, in thereof on their website, ralston colleges the answer to what exactly it's, no secret, The integrity of higher education, the eyes dates and elsewhere has become questionable, not least, because most colleges and universities are no longer places where freedom of inquiry, freedom of speech on which free inquiry depends are protected, let alone celebrated. Nevertheless, our vocation is not critique but to show another way Roy in colleges devoted absolutely and without qualification to freedom, freedom of thought, freedom,
speech, freedom of association and to all other freedoms, economic, political, religious that are transit to human nature, so stead of just morning, the loss of higher education people now are starting to set step up and phil the market void thing oh berry, weiss or university of Austin, our each of our nation's future? Academics cannot be. Pumped out of left wing universities, a cat, so this really good. Your kids can now go to hills, dale, university of Austin or rules In college, that's too, or options than he had just two years ago, and it is a fantastic development things are changing in america, but again we're stilling having problems, and I want to ask you: who we are
a baby shortage in america, but not a baby shorter, but a baby formulas shortage in amerika, and I wanna talk to you about that to top of next hour. But Ask you the question: are we gonna take that sitting down? Are we It's gonna sit back and blame the president, while parents are going all across town, just try to feed their babies. Are we going to accept the fact that our products are made here any more than we have to rely on other nations, are we going to accept the fact that now now the government is saying: hey, hey, you don't be better, not make your own baby food. Why we ve done it before They were doing it when I was a kid, and I mean besides the fact that I'm nuts I mean I'm turned out fine. our ancestors faced odds? And faced with tenacity and faith, and we live now better.
Anyone in the history of the world is ever lived, thanks to those people who just did it didn't wait around for permission. if you happen to be find yourself in the unsuspecting town of Loch port new york, there an even more unsuspecting cold spring cemetery, If you find yourself there, your most likely gonna walk past the grave of jesse holly without Been given at a second glance back, I mean, You never know that this answer spending tomb in it is the man who inspired one of the greatest feats in american history never even heard of him. Jesse holly. two hundred years ago, Jesse holly was an unlucky new yorker and he was in debtors. Prison
had a flower business, they went south and he couldn't afford to to keep going. So he had no clear shot to the coast. And he had to pay for expensive boat rides to the atlantic. with his freedom. Because he went into debtors. Prison There's prisons, where one of a nasty or english ideas that followed us into the new world design for discomfort, It was the shameful home for any man who fell from grayson and landed face first in bills. we didn't have bankruptcy. Then, as Jesse replayed his fall, one directed, seem shaded every single memory and it was infrastructure or lack of it in his case, lack of infrastructure. He couldn't deliver his goods. That's why his business Failed. He needed
it is goods out to the coast, and he couldn't and That's why he was in prison. There was no efficient way to travel and that's what caused him bankruptcy now. This were today it just what have been the part of the story where you no jesse railed against the system and demanded reputation, rep reparations if he was the right skin color may be some group. Would you rally around him, but in do that in of wallowing jesse's realisation gave him an idea. It brilliant idea, but you can't pay post bill a bail with a brilliant idea, so he drank. did his Ingenious, albeit lofty plan from, prison time on his hands. He drew did in excruciating detail the plans for a major statewide canal connecting buffalo why
If lake erie in albany with the hudson river, providing direct connection into manhattan. He published these plans at the Agenda see messenger under the pseudonym hercules. Nobody knew that he was actually in prison, now. Perhaps it was not. Perhaps it was destiny, but the future governor of new york just gonna, be a reader of the messenger and love the idea. So now fast forward a few years July. Fourth, eighteen, and team? Do was now the governor of new york knows Port from the federal government no with any real experience in engineering. Endless crew takes of naysayers. This July fourth was marked with the smell of gunpowder and the sound of dense rocks being blasted into pieces as they broke. around for the first time on the
idea of jesse holly's called the. europe canal at the time. It was a forty foot why glorified ditch run across new york, Javert, actually do said the idea for the corral was little short of madness. But these were homesteaders. These were farmers irish immigrants paid in whisky some of the times that actually did it. There were no experts and despair the odds it was Eric and ingenuity that opened the eerie canal and changed america forever. It was completed and Eighteen, twenty five Is a success, grants and tourists go from new york upstate, you could go. Take your goods, down state to new york.
Was dreamt up in a prison by a guy who is bankrupt, carried out by amateurs, it's an american legacy. You know one of the reasons may be why his grave is really kind of unknown, and his name is unknown is because is a lot of people at america. Did these very things the unheard of the unheard of it the crazy idea that made us who we are flying machines, telephones, assembly line, skyscrapers. We took it all on. we wouldn't settle for anything less. You know the torture. The statue of liberty is not torch of freedom. It's the torch, of imprisoned, lightning electricity electric DE, what were the americans going to do with this, Prison lightning
not just a welcome too. All from all over the world saying you have a dream I stand here at the gates. And this is a special place. And I hold in my hand in prison, lightening the I'd that you can take something from nature and me into something that sir oeuvres mankind. I look at the baby food shortage and it pisses me off. I look at the shortage of of anything Our stores- and it's almost everything that we're having short and we're at the beginning of it and it pisses me off. I look at new york. Hospitals are running shy of x Y z. We have the right medicine. Why? Why
And we're all sitting around waiting for the government to do something. again. Why we're the p all that, despite all odds we took it on. We didn't settle for less and that's what they're telling you to do now settled for less americans have to settle for. Alas, no, not going to. I want that spirit akin america, because that's who we are since, when are we the people that throw our hands up and accept? new normal. why are we willing to sit around waiting for the government to fix it does lower your standards. That's on american. We don't lower our standards, we raise standards and that our legacy
vote matters. What you do with your dollar matters. Here's some people that raise the standard. There is a new economy being built and its being built, in spite of all of the experts, and all of us people in washington and the woke people patriot. Well is part of that new economy. Patriot mobile right now, if you're spending a lot on your phone bill, you most likely our compare it with patriot mobile, you should get out of it? This is a company that is raising the standard. This is the company that is not with the woke people, they are not awoke company. There are ways their wide awake and they know exactly what's going on in this country, and they are. working in their spare time to fix it in depth fight for religious freedom and constitutional rights and the sanctity of life. in the meantime, they give you
rate phone service at a great price will save a lot of money there on the same cell towers as everybody else. They give you the same service make the switch to day support monies that love america that feel like I It's time to rebuild america patriot apple dot com, slash bag. Go there now, patriot, mobile dot com, slash back or call nine. Seven. Two patriot Glenn back join the conversation. Eight eight eight seven, two seven be easy: the Well! Well them do the Glen back programme. I wanna talk to rubber, curious zackie. Who is heavy? I don't if you ve ever read the book rich dead, poor, dad, but he's great and of
friend and he is kind of given a warning here. He said when inflation goes up and it it's gonna go up means not talking about this he's talking about what's coming when inflation goes up, we're gonna wipeout, fifty percent of the? U s pass population I know right, you have to read them In our view, what movie or yes when inflation goes up, we're gonna wipe out fifty percent of the? U s. Population now does she have to read on, or you know, listen on, and I want to make sure that I Your stand, what he sang, but he sang we produce anything in this country, anymore, wailing produce bubbles, that's all we produce he said the keystone oil pipeline all of this stuff that they're doing with energy. Now with the food shortages, etc, etc. That are going to come. He said where
I think what he means is we're going to wipe out half the? U S, population, meaning where you know. wipeout. The savings and retirement and everything else you I thought of the port may be fairly phrased, yeah because it does sound like he's he's, so many having chosen level event Irena well, I mean Obviously there is one story in the news about a ran that is an extinction level event They are now That actively try to find the right attitude and equipping equipping their missiles with. Nuclear warhead too blow them up. It only takes three to blow them up the right altitude over the north american continent that work. fry all of our systems and
That's an e m p and if that happens, ninety percent death rate in the first year. because they're mets, based on a war game that the government did write years ago, yeah ninety percent death rate, and it's it's weird. If you really stop to think we're getting less less dependent on technology, though oh yeah, no, I think we're gonna farm and now yeah, oh yeah. All of that stuff. Can you imagine. Can you imagine what people what people's lives would look like that? No one knows how to do anything. I'm inclined include So I'm like number one on this list. I do know how to do anything. Now, you not number one. Don't think. I know how to do things. I'm number one now you're you're too, prepared to be number one on this list. You ve got me, no nine. The average person nine years of food storage and for you to six months of food. They like you, you really are prepared, like you do too taken
the steps, the average person is not done. Those things you can't me, you can't imagine an mp. There is a great book called one second after that comes from the e m p, the other. Has you know global energy shortages, and that comes from the left and that once called world made by hand there both really really good depending on who you're talking to you know for the story line, but you'd, you don't understand what wiping out our technology, really means running out of energy, what it means then in one second, after it really does it go job of saying, oh and after a week, those with diabetes start to drop off cause, there's no refrigeration, within you know the first after the first thirty days, those who are taking psychiatric drugs or heart. Edison or any
those things there are no longer being delivered. You can no longer get them those peoples to die. It's it's amazing. How many people are alive? That wouldn't be if it wasn't for what the modern technology- and I mean modern technology of just being able to go to your CBS, her walgreens, along until tik tok, goes away because we cannot live apparently I'm just not. Judging by my household, we can't live about thirty seconds without it yeah. I dont think it ever goes away. Everything broaches integrity, disease decline back programme
when you are about to here- is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program. hello America, baby formula Really America has america,
as a shortage of baby formula and what, being done about it. Well, there's a lot of willards there's a lot of ringing of hands, and then Biden said that it was gonna get tough if we went against you know of vladimir Putin, is it? Is this what he banned or Oh no! No! No! It's the government! They they still having come out with their investigation of one of the baby formula factories. So what is it that america can do instead of sitting around whining about it and making parents? honestly, if I had a newborn, especially one that had special needs of the formula of certain sort, I would be losing my mind right now. So is there anything we can do we go there and sixty seconds. So what
The truly motivates our kids. What shapes them well, I will tell you experiences, experiences and things that excite their imagination. I knew I wanted to be in radio when I was eight years old, my eighth they, my mom got me a record said pulled the golden years of radio and I sat there and I listened to all of these. These great old radio shows an eye it. It's at my imagination on fire with the spoken word That's what I wanted to do now what is setting your kids mind on fire. I mean you know besides tik tok, which, as you know, nothing more than a trojan horse for china. Don't worry about it. Airborne use in it tunnel times, try that tunnel times it's a monthly magazine for kids from the creators of. tunnel twins and every issue has big ideas that promote personal responsibility and freedom.
Owning your own health and education as well as profiles about kids who start their own businesses set your keys. its mind on fire the magazine now at a reduced price. Forty nine dollars for the entire year inspiring kids at tuttle twins, back dot com, the magazine now, forty nine bucks for twelve months, Tuttle twin speck dot com, three men now she's contributing writer, further desert news, editor of heroes of liberty, book series and the latest target last night of a man once known as Keith oberman hers. I mean he's I, sir, these that's is still his name, but most people don't know his name anymore. we'll get into that here and a second bethany welcome thanks. So much for having me, you bet you bet, so we were talking about this yesterday in a meeting and I don't understand it the baby formula shortage. I dont know why nobody
is doing anything about it, and I don't I read This bothers me that way. Living in a country that now just expected to get over it. You know, if you know and that that's not america. So what I know it's not! so what's happening with this. Take us from the problem. Two possible solutions. Sure so I mean, one is having supply chain issues across the board from everything from lumber. You know the car chip, Though I mean it turns out that there are consequences, the shutting down your kind of inga, shocking docking problem is you're listeners, but there are unintended consequences to such an action, and this is one of those unintended consequences. Almost fifty percent of the baby formula that our babies in amerika, you, It is made in china and
you know Shanghai is currently locked down and he can't get things on and off votes to and from china, and so there's a lot of that going on. I'm there's a lot of sort of staffing issues across board that our leading you know to drug stores and all these payments worth having a hard time getting things on the shelves, but the sort of major passivity In fact, there was a massive recall at one of the biggest formula chinese called at it, and they found that there was a bacteria that made its way into the formula. Can that with extra we dangerous to baby. If intubated died, go it wasn't super duper overreaction on their part, but they decided to him I personal opinion. Do you recall was maybe a little bit too broad and they pulled of formula off the shelf and with no real plan. For what do we do we replaced that are not in the marketplace and so
There is also not really that a plan to pass the formula that they pulled off the shelf and see if it was in fact say- and it wasn't me, but it wasn't- it was in the region pull this all off? They also shut the factory down and the factory still not operating yet because they had clean it? There's a bacterial infection so severe that it killed to babies and hospitalized, I think, fix so I mean it was. It was a really scary thing and parents have you know that you know what the their baby, a safe but uses sort about the lack of urgency that we see on the part. The government in so many ways that we really gotten a window into in the last two years. A total lack of urgent plea to treat this as as, as an emergency when it one of my sort of favorite stories about this. in it during cold days a week, We learned that the vaccine was somewhat dangerous, ted teenage boys that car causing heart issues
and then the FDA scheduled meeting three weeks away on june teeth, and then juneteenth became a national holiday. They were, like you know, we're gonna honour that holiday, we're just gonna pushed back another few weeks, and so but we were administering a vaccine teenage boys that, with potentially a life threatening to their hearts and that they pushed off for five weeks and that that sort of lack of urgency and government bureaucracy that we saw with in our hearts of teenage boys were saying the same thing with formula right now, so you know it's crazy. This is why you know a centralized planning never works it just you have never works because the people in charge of all of it that have to give the Oh heads and everything else, our government workers and nest. Not necessarily you know the fastest store, understand the concerns down, but down the line. Heart attack. Let's be honest. What you say why the most
potentially I'll well beyond all of us who sat in the nba before in those those with people right now, sitting on the manufacturers, so like ability to get food out What is the company waiting for from the government? I mean they have to get the ok, that everything is Nathan, that everything a sanitary and that they can either release everything that they pulled off the shelf. So they have completed. The company has completed everything it was supposed to we're. Just being for inspectors. Basically, I oh my gosh, oh my gosh, so I mean they are ramping up. They say I mean the issue is also. They are ramping up production by they're, afraid the poor more money into it, because then it's going to increase the cost of formula which is already got up significantly with inflation and so something the vitamin stations can do. They can say we will pay the difference we will get
more people in the are running twenty four seven and the real foot the bill with reading We need a formula of affordable formula produced right. Today, and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen, because this is the priority and babies are our most precious natural resource and you're, not hearing that from the administration, and you would be the I'd buy employed support because it sounds like a public private partnership and they love of those yet So what is it that parents can do because I'm seeing all these warnings? No don't don't do anything. What I'm not gonna, let my baby starve- and there, I'm pretty sure that I mean I was probably get no little whiskey in mind, when I was a grown up of the bottle. you know they had do I've done a lot of hard me. Does explain Allah by there had to be thing said you know,
we were feeding our kids back in the day before formula that we can do again not for every child. The special needs children, but for them your baby. So, the push back a little bit with that, so most regular babies, who don't have special needs, there's enough? Switching. You can do that you can find an alternative is like you know. The cvs brand is an island, You could get like the target brent like there some wiggle room waiting, so it's not a shorter your baby, it's not a short for average babies as well, so it but not nearly to the extent that it is for babies who are on special formula. The special formula shortage is particularly acute. and those are the majority of the parents- that I'm hearing really panicked. Like the apparent with the average, baby, no house me, it's just can take formula m. They can they can sort of run around to different stores and usually find something in stock.
not saying that that's right in that you know whatever by, but it's not a panic situation. Right and an I, and I think that that if I were that parents, that is what I would do, the the formulation of formula is really specific and there are a lot of different minerals and nutrients better in there. That you can't do at home or you you might not get precise. I spoke to a pediatrician actually intact My name- is whitney. Morgan and Arm- and she told me you know- I've seen- babies come into my office and I've seen babies die when I was working in a hospital. Their parents tried to stretch of formula, can and put more water in and it bit messes up their electrolyte very quickly and it can lead to hospital mendes! more easily than had been. I think many people anyone wants to consider on, but also one of this risk things is in all our bees recipe, I sent her one of those recipes. I said what do you think about this sort of break break down the recipe and she's
It is lacking and a cop new trans that, in the short term of apple we keep a baby alive, but in five months we're gonna noticed them cognitive issues. that are now you know permanently in place because the state was not getting the brain food that they need. It basically still in a lot of a lot of people- you grew up on this homemade formula by a lot of people didn't go up. There is There there's a lot of room for error and we saw that room for air with what happened in the abbot on your company you know the who can they were they the best safety? because in the world and to babies, died of the bacterial infection. So I would really really caution parent again, I d I wind formula because they can go really wrong really fast and I think it's more dangerous then than the shortage. I shall answer I wanted
but I'm glad you told me the truth. I just I mean we don't understand how blessed we have been as we are losing things, nobody thinks a baby formula, as I mean This is you know you the if, if this would become a cue, for a long period of time would change our society, a lot of babies warrant die, or I mean it's. You don't even think of that, because we're so used to having it yeah Actually what one of the first things I have five kids and I mostly breastfeed, but I also understand that, like it happened and one of the first I did. One call that started was by a couple of cans of formula just in case, because we saw things flying off the shelves, and I was like no I'm just going to have a couple of cans or breasts
my baby right now, but life happen things can change, and this is one thing that I'm scared. I'm scared of flying off the shelf. ok and let me switch topics you work. I can you give me the the tweet here. Still from cheese, overfishing, no no, I mean, I guess, he's just sad in his nursing home tweet. Things out, but he d came after you yesterday because your homesick lacks like a mother free, I'm others they had good after Bethany had responded to Steve esteem schmidt tweet, he keep overrun said I imagine putting home school mom in your bio and not understanding you ve just ruin the lives of five innocent children, which is the worst. That's an animal yeah, I mean he's like a really bad human being. I waylay rehab
sort of saying in europe like never like poor saw honestly, I feel about him like he If you remember he went after mitt romney. I christmas time last year, Rami posted a picture of his like beautiful, enormous family perfect in every way and he treated something like this- is like my worst nightmares. Something like that It says a lot about. You had its while you say and anybody who can see that home schooling I mean, just what we ve learned about the teachers unions and and see our tee and and it s a yell. All of these things How do you not see that? Putting your cut your kid in the wrong school. Is much much worse. Much worse, yeah yeah, I mean I would among Montgomery county maryland and the test scores that have been released about what happened over the last two years are
mind blowing, like are known as the abilities of choice, brand in middle school to do. Math went from like they were testing at, like sixty seventy percent to about five percent I'm on level. I will tell you I'm across the board, though I know I'll tell you I'm having a hard time with my kids in high school, because they're just there they just as it is. like they just lost his lot or what they did, they lost two years and it is their just this struggling so hard to get anything back. We ve just destroyed a generation, no answer have thank you so much appreciated bethany go thinking so much ground. You bet you can find her at her website: heroes of liberty, dot, com, heroes of liberty, dot com or follow her. Bethany Sean dark, Bethany shut. Dark back into it,
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nazis that escaped and are in in the jungles of argentina and sam, be might be those guys you thank you you never know, do you never know. You know you were sometimes you admit there are times that you do know are, So where do you want to work? Souci Sophie's choice happening here. I have the old and war or I of the economy that we, really hit yet gosh. Those really important. Once we know the war is, I think, can waited day. Don't you think? what's going on over? There are men and not if you happen to be in mario pull them in that. I really think I can't really really bad, but yet the economy, I think it is is, is the your burning story right now because of all the more its tanking, we're seeing this in big in there in the regular stock
gets were seen in the crypto markets were seeing it everywhere all at once, and it does like we're, leading towards something ugly, bad well, first of all on the markets, the reason why the markets are going down anybody, because the treasury and the fed are no longer in invest sitting in the market that with something the fed never did, but when the stock market got to be a little dicey in a little rough the fed decided to. and up some money and invest in the stock market. Now having to sell those stocks, and so it's kind of like a free market again. So all of that free money is some of it, some of it is going away and
That's what's happening, and you may have missed this if you watch mainstream media, oh yeah, but there was a debate a while ago about whether inflation was going to be transitory and that everyone on the mainstream media said it was and every one of them administration said it was, and you probably said it wasn't you won that debate. I don't know people even realise this, but like they're, not even trying to say it anymore, they have now acknowledge. Ok, we were wrong on that now. You're, seeing people like powell making moves and any he's a he is a. He looks back at what happened in the rigid administration, for example. When and was turned round in a positive light. He looked at that and said he, an acolyte of that school of thought. Oddly Now he didn't do it early on you're at the point where you have bite by the bided administration, helping to me
in that process and that's terrifyingly scary. One reagan did it. I was absolutely terrifying and it's worse now, because they're out of options when you just if you just know what's happening in japan, and how japan is spiralling now and on the edge and can't their bills unless they continue to get bailed out by the fed and the fed can't do it because they are gave them seven trillion dollars. At the end of last year. Oh, you didn't know that seven trillion dollars they can't do it anymore or it'll cause more inflation here, we're kind of at the end of the road, because it wasn't one hundred sure could have been one hundred from the Glenn Beck program. Why stop there? American financing in mls one eight? Two three three four w w dot animal, less consumer access, dot org when the weather
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Can financing they'll help, you just call him get their advice now: no obligation, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty american financing, dot net, bucks on your blaze. Tv subscription, nepalese tv dot com, slash Glenn, the promo code is going. so yesterday, the mayor of chicago, whose done a bang up job I mean, who could possibly say something in a negative way about the performance of mayor light, and she's done it with elegance and beauty and class and beauty and beauty and beauty and class and beauty
so she's done all of that and so much more and then yes Today she came out with a statement I said you know it's it's time to fight the gotta fight, now is the time to fight fight fight, and so will you know everybody's all up in arms about vienna words fight. She said My friends in the energy bt q plus community supreme court is common for us next now that doesn't sound like they're gonna put you in chains. Does it does anybody ever notice that these things don't happen does anyone know why you know that didn't happen either that there is that weird attention span thing? But I think if we came up with a way to solve it, our society would be in a much better place. these stories that come up there, the biggest story in the world we but an opinion, they have an opinion on it and then
just kind of goes away. It's like the transitory inflation thing like that was a big story, we kept saying: it's not transitory and they It was just settled, but there was never, point where people said: oh well, you know Glenn Beck really nailed that one that doesn't happen, That can only do this if it would just happen. Now. You know why, because world dory the goldfish wrong we're all dory, yeah, But why are we talking about by that? With that guy you? I will say no, I do have two young children, but I don't quite were she was forgetful right? Does that? Yes was that a young woman she had sheeler memory, probably as that it, oh god, I've short term memory problems, hey, I'm doris. I have short term memory problems. That's the way it happened over and over again: okay, she's, not a goldfish. So you may not a goldfish she's, a whatever fish she's a are tuned. Sarah, let it go the point anyways that that would be like there are
certain things that we can all talk about. That would really improve our society, man. That would be a great one. It would be just like: ok, hey everybody, let's look bad at that a thing we were all talking about incessantly three month ago yeah, but we don't have that turn out and how should we adjust the next? perceptual. The next story, based on what we learned Let me really interesting. Well, to be great. If our society would do that, it would be interesting to if just somebody just had a sense of memory in themselves, but I dont know people see the I just don't think they hypocrisy and means of making such a big. he'll out of calling for violence on january, sixth, Use me as an example: the new york, times used me as the prime example. So, first of of january six and that's
What I said: here's what the new york times two days before a mob of trump supporters, invaded the united states capitol up ending the nation's peaceful transition of power, leaving five people dead, the right wing, radio, star, Glenn, Beck, delivered a mess, to his flock of ten. Five million listeners it's time to fight time to rip incline rake back said. It's time, to go to war as the left. went to war for years ago. Now, The left went to war for years ago, clear what I said, but not in this particular context. We talk the new york times for a week, leading up to this article. We gave them the tapes, told them exactly what it was. We gave them the actual quotes. They refuse to print them until correction. Two days later, MR back did not lobby for his listeners to invade the capital and a day later, he urged marchers to really kind of channel your inner martin luther king. That's just
that violence is just not who we ve ever been bought the language he used on his january fourth show was pickle aggressive rhetoric, the eu- I mean you guys, polluters. You should have given him. The January fifth show where new specific made italy sad to even go to the event before was a riot right. We nunez I'd love to. There could be problems here and I don't think it's a good idea to eat go to the january, fit six rally and you that's right. You did give them, I did it and they didn't put that in it all and drive them skip. The January fifth show to include the january fourth show where you weren't talking about going to the riot right and the of the other was the january six transcript. Also anyway right where it was. What was going on was terrible. So I'm looking at my tweets from January six, I'm looking at other people that have tweeted on January six, and it sir
quite amazing how all of these people all of these people- here's ted crews storm in the capital need to stop now? The constitution protects peaceful protest, but violence from the left and right is always wrong. So they need stop now and it's always wrong and yet ted crews, you know he's a maniac, but look at what you know like Foot is saying up in Chicago. Look that president Biden is now. Condemning the eye. leave terrorist activities. Those who are marching in I mean what is the definition of terrorism is to gain its two guys to a political viewpoint, changed into the favour of the people causing terror well, if I mean one of those houses with the supreme court or even in the neighborhood, I feel terrorized. Two hundred percent wanted a city amber, and we should remind people that this has not eat
occurred. Yet this view- protest, this being a fire bombing of pro life centres is occurring b for the ruling has come out. It's not even official rise, a draft. We have no idea what is gonna, look like it could return rovers, his weight, it might change. We have no idea so during the protest on January. Sixth, here's what Kevin Mccarthy had radically extremists. That's what he said. What is unfolding is unacceptable and on america on american, it ass to stop who has as weird I haven't heard the white house say these things why we know why and it's about time, america starts just feeling comfortable, saying it, because the damn craddock party has been taken over by absolute radical marxists, who are
looking to destroy our country and our unity. That's what's happening. and I don't put all democrats into that. I think a lot of democrats. You know just look the democratic party is the democratic party used to be no law, people are just getting their bare news from my oh, I don't know twitter, facebook, tik tok, and they don't realize what about to happen. and so they'll just listen more. These lies. You can't lie the way this administration lies. I mean don't get me wrong. there's lots of times that who to hunt down from to be like bats now, right now, that's not right, but. Donald trump and it's not about ism at all patients done it I wish you wouldn't of but with donald trump. You know
go and in You know that girl, and in has any but I believe that everything he has ever built is actually the most. Luxurious the best of feeling the blame. How dare ever, how dare yeah you tip. I know anti try now stream is, I know not what I mean. You know, that's he's. Looking what other assets in his book. Yes, what I read the part of the deal, what it was like twelve yeah- and he goes through that, specifically he taught about how you? U exam you rate, knowingly. It's just part the process? It's part of you do it and you have to look at everything he says in that context, because usually there some sort of negotiation behind it, that's usually you know usually the way he works and that's ok. You know I mean, I think we all understand that with donald trump in our work
although these other guys are nothing but truth, tellers and man if I don't see just as much exaggeration from them as we'd ever from donald travel and I also see actual dangerous lies Dangerous lies what we're doing with oil and gas is not acting this at all. This is all putin A dangerous lie, balance typically been particular bizarre because he went who his own voters and said elected me. I will stop fossil fuels in ten years right, like I will. I will not do all these crazy things they're doing to expand fossil. Fuel use and then you come back to the american people when their gas prices are high and says I have done nothing to affect these prices. I've done nothing to affect the supply. In fact, we have more supply now than ever, and it just these these oil companies that just won't
the oil and then he goes back to his science as these oil companies, all they want to do is pump oil because you're so greedy He's saying the exact opposite: no, because and your this is the problem, We have an opportunity to get out of this right now we could supply the world with oil oh and energy, could supply our farmers. with oil and energy, but we choose not to so. We gonna go through really tough times mark this down on your calendar. I believe in the next two years we are gonna, see massive starvation. Hopefully not in this hemisphere, but absolutely positively for sure we will see.
Our like we haven't seen perhaps even in our lifetime. Massey of starvation and that's not counting what won't be seen in china, but on the african coast, And and here's the worst part of it we We all know it's coming or anybody who is paying attention knows it's coming. and what are we doing about it? here intentionally sabotaging our own farmers, and our own energy system, so when the time comes, when all of these people are starving, ridden amber it the conservatives who were standing up going guys you, going to kill people with this. You are going to be responsible for the deaths millions we
not going to be in the position to help like we have in the past, and that is the biggest american tragedy oh and by the way, other country south of our border will all oh, be starving. and how are we gonna help them all will we just allow them to come across and help themselves. This we are setting ourselves up for something beyond the great depression. I just hope, that those within the sound of my voice are take this next election seriously, and I say that, knowing that many people in congress in the senate listen to this programme, you have no idea. What's about to hit you guys, you have no idea. We have got
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Call them right now do your own homework, please, eight six gold line, eight, six, six gold line or gold line dot com, the Glen back programme, hey if you'll love meet, expect- be poorer. It looks like we are headed now for the meat prices that will be the highest level in generations generations that's, you know, that's good! That's good! You know, I'm sure the inflation on the meat prices. That's you now, just temporary, it's gonna transitory yeah. transitory, we're. Looking now another sixty seven percent more for beef pork products increased by five percent and
chicken more than eight percent, and you know, of course you know, you're eating out, that's gonna be even more expensive. The problem is there is a shortage of just a couple of things. Labour fuel ok afraid of that. And fertilizer? And that's it That's ok, we got plenty. Ranchers got plenty ranchers and they have the cows. They just can't afford to feed them. Now, here's good news, while prices, beef in store, you know. Instead, is increasing there is no additional profits that are being made by the ranchers. So the ranchers are struggling they're, not there's. No, greece. You know and nobody's getting Rich on this, which is nice- and because the feed costs are so high that decided to plan a lotta. Soybean instead of corn, but
well, that's good because they don't have tat, bore fertilizer corps, and also feeds. You know a lot of the church. gains in and stuff like that and so we're going to have less corn you know next year and also that affects the cattle feed as well, but on that a price is gonna, come down the line back programme,
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