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Hour 1 Pat & Stu (and Jeffy) in for Glenn ...What do you do when the cops pull you over and take your $500,000?...Utah Highway Patrol may be forced to return the money after state supreme court ruling...Since when is it 'illegal' to carry cash in America? ...'Asset forfeiture' ...The TSA is following you? ...Tiger Woods backlash for praising Trump...Skin Color vs. Content of Charterer ...Big changes coming to ESPN?   Hour 2 Lance Armstrong is back in the news? ...Is Ted Cruz really in trouble in Texas?...what polls to believe?...lets not forget who the real Hispanic in this race is?...The last thing we need to have is 'another' conversation about race ...CNN Trump 'fake news' outrage...Brooke Baldwin gets incensed?...Share your own personal stories of 'outrage' with Glenn Beck...#AddictedToOutrage    Hour 3 The war in inside the Catholic Church...Vatican in turmoil over decades of allegations...will The Pope resign?...very old accusations? ...Life without Water: Sweaty Smelly, and Furious in Caracas Venezuela ...Going Bananas at CNN?...they have no intention to report positive news about President Trump

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The blaze radio network on demand, Glenn Beck, Sproughton, Stew and Jeffy for Glen, eight hundred and eighty eight uh One hundred and seventy two thousand seven hundred and twenty seven hospital, while hasn't uh, it's been awhile and with all these phone numbers to remember, I can't just incapable of it now. I'm too old, I think, You mentioned on on the little pre show thing that civil civil forfeiture situation which has gotten so out of control in his country. We've talked about people who have been pulled over in Texas and they were on their way to buy a car, and they had you know thirty one thousand dollars with them and the law enforcement saw it found it took it and they just lost it. The guy with the pizza parlor who took his money to the bank every day, the cash
he made and brought it and took it from the till to the bank and because he was told hey if you deposit, ten thousand dollars in cash they're going flag that and going to you know, look into because it might be a drug I'll, be some sort of drug deal when you're depositing that kind of money. So she please brought in under ten thousand dollars that got it flag and they took it from him. I think took it from the guy at the airport, then at the receipt for the money from the bank so because I said if you're going to travel, make sure you have the receipts and proof that it's yours nope we're taking that yeah. In one case I pulled over had ninety one thousand dollars. I forget what he was going to do with it. He he was he was by something to he was on his way to to make some sort of purchase trying to take a cuz. I have the story here, but doesn't ninety one thousand dollars and they took it from him and he didn't get that. I mean
here's what he wanted to do with his mom. That's the thing I mean if you post, to be America, if he winds up doing something with his money, that's illegal! That's the time the charge him with it. You don't just charge a report assuming he's doing something illegal. Well, if you go evidence, let's see it with a crime but they're not doing and quite clearly the assumption of guilt rather than the assumption of innocence, which is what what our tire system is built up exactly in two. Sixteen there was a guy in Utah pulled over by the Utah Highway patrol because he was following a vehicle too closely, so he's following too closely. It exerts his car at his add a bag in it that has five hundred thousand dollars in the bag. They took it from him. This was in twenty. Sixteen, he still hasn't been charged with a crime. They don't have any evidence that it was a drug deal, but they took five
half a million dollars from him and he's been fighting ever since try to get back. He went all the way to the Utah Supreme Court, who just ruled that they have to give it back now, still haven't. They still have, because the feds and the state of Utah are fighting over how to divide the money. The federal government says that are as it's all ours and the just trying to take some of it. So I mean none of it. Is yours given right back to the guy or charge him with a crime? Let's see evidence then I'd be interested, would cause them to actually search the car for driver. We do close on the two I want to do it it didn't it didn't. Have that in the story. You think if your your brain around five hundred thousand dollars always say it's a okay, a drug dog alerted authorities. To the presence of narcotics, but none were found because there weren't, you know the money smelled like drugs birth. What dogs, my money, okay and the drug dog thing, eight, you can potentially have some value, but personality in a dog is not evidence
Yeah yeah, like he might give you a today's world news I know, but what I'm saying is, if you have it may give you the opportunity to search for evidence and any others. A lot of stories out there about how unreliable drug dogs are there. You know I mean they make mistakes or not right like they're, not there. It's not. Science right is right, you know they'd, be they might give you an indication, is about all it's worth and you're suspicious of somebody who's carrying around five hundred thousand dollars. Well, because we work with the hook, is around five hundred thousand dollars. Well, I don't nobody's in American, so has five hundred thousand dollars and you don't have any evidence that he got it well again. The drill along drug dog alerted them that there might that there was there as possible, and there was a there- was no drugs right so so leave him alone. Give him back his money, sent him on his way. How can how can it ill be America, when
you can just have your property sees like that and there's plenty of departments? That was the big fight with when the sheriff's went to do see and talk to drop right, we're all for that, in that guise of departments are yeah they're using the hey, were stopping drugs as a good benefit to enhance income for those department, and I'm sure it is, but you better be charging people with a crime to take their property. They better have gotten it illegal whatever it is in to cases you've just taken law abiding american citizens hard earned in some cases, life savings from them. That's unbelievable to me, and there are a lot of law enforcement officials who were in the super who support this really strongly and they say look it makes it a lot easier to get convictions. Well, of course it does, would you take everybody stuff and, and then you figure it out later
that's going to be easier to get convictions, and sometimes those convictions will be accurate. However, there is presumption of innocence in our society? It's supposed to be that way and the you can just flip that upside down and say we're gonna, take your stuff until we figured out is completely wrong, yeah, clearly wrong, yeah and then beyond that to Tional, yet to seek pieces of it, because you think you've gone through some some efforts to check out the story like no, you should be paying them. I am it's closer to rational for the state to pay someone it where they have taken them into custody incorrectly or I have handled them in some wrong way that it is the other way around. I mean the fact taking my money and then you go to take a piece of your trouble. Could you do me a it? I know a Jeff sessions is a big proponent. He's still reach he's huge on this, and he put it was the president. Actually, now the president- and this is one of the
few things anymore. They actually creek out. Apparently, but it's not it's. Just not right, You know wild at times it feels like it would be the right thing to do, and you might say you're so Well, I would never bring around five hundred thousand dollars in cash. Are we progress is are we are we hardcore leftists- where we say we get to kill bed bugs around. Where are we the people that get to say to others how much of their own money they get to bring in their own car? Is that really the position we want to take you have to ask yourself: is illegal in the United States of America to carry cash with you and if it is a large sum, show me the law yeah we got because it's not right, it's not illegal to bring your buddies somewhere. If I want to, if, if I want to Kerry five one hundred million with me in cash, if I have that kind of money I I should be able, and and if I get pulled over, nobody should be able to take it from me. It's it's on America and it's unconstitutional.
It's amazing how many people, how many politicians are in favor of it yeah. You know I So it's not supposed to be easy to get conviction. Supposed to be hard, the burden of proof right exactly should be hard yeah. If you gonna take it. Let me think What's happening here. You're, taking constitutional rights away from someone right taking away the light, the right to happiness right yeah, because you're in prison, taking away your second admin rights, you probably never get them back if you're a felon is. There are a lot of things: you're, just ripping away the right of Free association, you're, taking away you're, taking away tons of things that are constitutionally guaranteed and, of course, the constitution does not guarantee them. When you commit crimes, when you crimes, you lose those right, you lose voting rights, so these are really important issues that should have a very high standard of proof. They should have a burden that is due
local for the state to accomplish. We should be letting go some people who are guilty. We should be every once in awhile airing on that side. Instead of the other and Of course. We all want any someone who's guilty to go to prison and and and deal with those consequences. I am both what are the most important issues to me. Is is law enforcement and the cut police. Generally speaking to an incredible job. I mean hello I better in this for the society than I am, and in obviously, and then they didn't need to be said. No, I don't think, but you can't just because we won to to take criminals off the streets does not mean we can reverse the constitution to make it easier. You can't do that, not something that the reason the constitution is. There is to protect about these against these things, and I'm surprised, there's not more of an uprising on this. Because it's one of those issues you think the left and the right could agree pride
property being taken by the government right in the conservative, wheelhouse yeah what do you mean you're? Taking my government- and you know my money for nothing and the left should agree with us to yeah they're always complaining about how the police do things that are are wrong and in taking advantage of people who they shouldn't. Take advantage of. I mean their stories from Chicago where people and this a story about a guy who, Chicago and he was a a a repair technician yeah, and so he took his car, gave a ride to someone who brought his car into this to a shop you you give rides to people to work or wherever they need to go, and while he was on the way, giving a ride to someone else, I the car got pulled over, they said was a broken taillight and he denies what do when they decided to take the people out of the car and search them when they search them. The passenger the customer was found with heroin. Okay, now is he
posted beautiful frisk. Every customer that comes into his office. The cost is caught with it. They take this car impound and he's been fighting for years to get it back. Oh my god, not to mention all of his tools. Thousands of dollars of tools were in the trunk of the car and he couldn't get those back either. So he did nothing wrong was never charged with anything. Wrong was never suspected of doing anything wrong and the his car away for multiple years. I think it's still ongoing. At least last I checked it's cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars more than The car was worth he's paid to try to get the car back, because all the tools are in the back of this on the back of his car and he can't do his work without them. This is insanity and I guarantee of their charging, keep the car in there. That's absolutely the counter. Yes, they works perfect. So we can't get the money to pay the impound fees and then as the feet as he doesn't pay the impound fees they It finds on top of the vs with AG, and you have to go.
Back to court and hiring lawyers. I mean it's insanity and there's no reason for it. I can't understand why people just aren't up in arms. I we should be. We should be testing in the streets on this because it it's one of the most unamerican things I think I've ever seen in my lifetime, though, is this is as bad as it gets in a free society, because you're you're not free. If we're, if we're able to do this, there's a there's, no proof there's no evidence. There's no due process well, the past, while possible use, did something wrong is, is possible right is school, so safety first betters money better safe than sorry thrown in prison. No, that's not how it's pat Stew and Jeffy for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. Pat's doing Jeff you've planned to bleed
Twenty seven Beck about this is civil asset. For your situation, which it is as unbelievable story as I think we've had in the last well ever, probably because, yes, you can just up currently confiscate people's Life savings earnings Eve It's is not their life savings. You can just take a large sum of money from them, 'cause they're, carrying it around in cash and not charge them with anything in America. Now, that's that's a pretty sweet for the government. That's nice, yeah they're! Looking for some new vehicles, they've, got to pay the rent to an under federal buildings of the local business. You know these are a big fan of it as well. Big big fans, yeah, the the service talking about in Chicago, was the Chicago the City of Chicago, not the federal government, This is one of the reasons why this is such an important issue to get out in front of it because these cities and the FED. Government are
all dealing with situations where they don't have enough money anymore, and you remember how we used to talk. I mean there's some people, I know who've had dozens of speeding tickets people there's some of those people have speculated that. Perhaps the town is just going for a money grab from people driving through it. I must say I I I think I agree with that yeah. It happens to be sitting right here had gray, but I mean that's a too common theory right. You know what happened and it's true, but at least they in many ways there is a violation there right and that makes sense having having exceeded the posted speed limit. But when can't get enough people to have real violate, you find others, because this is about paying the bills. The impound stuff in Chicago is all about them, paying the bills they're getting aggressive on going. After these people they have no leniency, even when the situation is because this guys had multi court rulings in his favor. But
Chicago still won't return his car or his money. Just how can that be know? And how do we stop it you know you feel powerless an you feel like well call your congressional representatives. Ok, I've done that a million times, and it's just to the point where we're so beaten down. We don't think thing we do is going to matter anymore anyway. So, it makes it makes effecting change pretty difficult and and here we are in a situation where people are just getting 10s of thousands. Half a mil millions of me they've confiscated tens of millions of dollars in the last to in fact yeah. I read it a figure about two billion. I believe that, but I that includes some who were actually charged with drug offenses. Look you know, police are good people. I think these are
us out liar stories, I think a lot of times what they're doing is pulling over people and and they they are drug dealers. In the stories white, I'm being true, I mean we're, obviously highlighting the ones where it doesn't seem like they are because it makes the point, but the issue, even if it is a drug dealer and they have one hundred thousand dollars in the car and less you evidence that they are a drug dealer? You can't take their money, even if they are a drug dealer, it's not the type of, where you can just be like. Well, I mean he look at him. I mean it's basically the big Lebowski. I think we just got to say he's probably a drug dealer. I mean if that happened, think of how many times Jeffrey would go to prison but look at him and just say I he obviously just deserves to go. Look at the guide. That's not the way I have that we could not have that. Look at him was enough. Jeffrey would have been to death along time along time we got the death penalty. I think running along time ago, along time ago, long time ago. Fortunately, for you look at him is in
It's not the way we work in America with good, right 'cause. We all know there's obviously associated plenty of evidence that if it, if people looked into it, they would find it. But you can't just say: look at him that's not enough. It's the knighted states of America not supposed to be, me agnostic would even you know, would IRAN even admit to that. I mean I think so easy and now they might do it all the time, but we're doing it as a as a as if it's legal as if this is an ache accepted practice in the United States of America. It's incredible government should never have enough power that just because you're driving down the road with a bunch of your own property they get to take it, it's insanity. It's like it's not like close to the line you know five years ago. I would have never believed that this was possible in America. Would you I wouldn't have believed it? You could have said but within five years people are going to just to be pulled over for routine traffic stops, there is going to be cash
in the car and the authorities are just going to take it. I'm like holding up their charged with a crime they might right nope, they don't have to be charge shouldn't have to be any evidence against them. If they have large sum of money they shouldn't and they're just going to take it from them, but but I wouldn't bug sniffed some drugs in the air yeah except there. Weren't so. Yeah, so I I also have another. Pretty amazing story, that's going on and you wouldn't think it was happening in America. Does anybody know hold that the TSA is having air marshals follow Americans on their trips, for instance. If I've been to a country that, the TSA suspects is It's terrorists related. If there's a lot of terrorism going on there. If you bend to that country, let's say Turk in the last little, while the there's a chance that they could assign air marshals to follow you on your trips and then
when you get to your destination, follow you there they've done that to over five thousand Americans wow. Jake, just assign air marshals, it's called the Quiet skies program and because it's not in the skies, that's why this guys are so quiet and they're just there without, without having evidence that that people have anything wrong there actually following them on their flights again the could unbelievable they might could. Might someday do something wrong. So there might be planning to do something wrong, but there's no evidence they've done anything wrong. Well, they bought a ticket to come to it to Turkey, for instance, yeah and it's named after Thanksgiving dinner. What are you going there for? What is that all about instant, quite stupid, right its patents to Jeffy for Glen this week? You know what I want.
Really insightful political commentary. The first place I go to his ESPN, that's where That's, where you're going to find out what really is going on politically in this world? Don't you agree, I mean that's it. Hub for for google discourse just seem to be their goal. It does beat the hub of political discourse. Now there's rumors that they're trying to reverse that the big step they've taken recently is blowing out Jemele Hill, one of their sub was it rising stars very recently, yeah. I saw that they just came to some agreement with hurt apart yeah, so she started out. She was on sports center and they kind of did this thing with her as a star of Sports Center one of the hours and they tried to really customize it for her and her her on air partner, and they try to make A big deal was very much. You know, sort of a social justice tilt on the news of sports and that wasn't working out so well. The ratings were not good. They spent a fortune on the show and got nothing out of it.
And then she started tweeting constantly about how bad Trump was and how evil he was, and I was a racist and everything else and, of course, that pisses off half the audience at ESPN or so They took her off of sports center and tossed her over to this thing called the undefeated, which is I guess sort of like a side website that only deals with like racial issues in sports and there I had a. Why? Don't you go hang out over there and I guess, even though she's even too crazy for that world of the house. Now, that's not working out. They're saying it's amicable, but everyone seems to be speculating that basically she was fired and now likely she'll go deeper into that world. Right shall certainly be embraced by some left wing publication or think tank or something that has been probably nothing to do with sports. Because of the stand she took. That's what happens to the left they get. Word for these things. It should work for the New York Times will be fine,
That is for sure she probably will do her psychologist. I mean you can tweet about how you want all white people dead and get a columnist at the New York Times. You know, and even if you're joking I mean I certainly would not be alone for conservatives. So there are rumors that ESPN's. Ok, we've, we've gone down this wrong road. We are seeing that people hate it. Let's reverse it. It's gonna be tough. When you go down that road too far, it's hard to reverse those things, but you know I did a at least today's news does not seem like they've made strides. Yet no, not when you not. When you see Tiger Woods, saying hey, I reset you got to respect the office of the presidency because he was and he was
being baited into bashing the president right now. Thank you wanted to know because he, I guess he plays golf with Tropicana. Only they've been friendly, have a relationship. So I don't think they're tight friends, but there yeah they they're gonna coins, and I don't I don't know, tigers political ideology. Do you know what isn't that is great yeah? That's fine has an effect. It is great because the right, I don't want to know, I just want to watch you play golf yeah. I need a. I mean, look he's he's apps. We free to express that if he wants yeah, obviously, but he doesn't want to, he knows better right right when we think about the guy. What would you limit your fan base? Well, he's not he's not doing that. So he said you got to respect the office well MAX color and of that show. What is the name of that show with him and Stephen a Smith
with a yell first everything they say first date, yet yeah screen everything they said, no matter what it is that they they yell at the top of their lungs. His true is yeah yeah. I I mean I really annoyed makes you like cognizant of not doing that when you're doing a show yeah. I really think it's it's not! No! That's really annoyed, he kind of is that I love Stephen is right and he's a great guy yeah. I know the fact that he's a lot better than Kellerman, that's for sure yeah I mean you know. Stephen is with us stood up in really difficult situations with strong's taken strong stands many times against what you would expect yeah and you know unraised supporting Republicans, and you know trying to speak. I think truth about some of the some of the issues that are out there were black white issues and you know he's I don't always agree with the guy, but that's what we do when the reasons why you actually listen to him is because you realize occasionally he'll say something that you don't expect
bill to go the other way and they'll challenge his own audience, and I I that's what I love yeah. I want that from a host yeah me too well. Eat Kellerman took issue with Tiger, will saying that you should respect the office. Here's here's what he said yesterday, say something about what Tiger woods. Ok go ahead, the but it really bothers me. I don't. I am angry at what Tiger Woods said because it is. It is a thoughtless statement dressed up as a thoughtful statement, and it their holds in contempt, the intelligence of the people who hear it, or else just a stupid thing to say, tell you what I mean to say that the office. You must have respect for office tiger be clear, Are you saying that the office therefore confers respect onto its occupant, its present temporary occupant? No respect for the office means
simply in my view, is the office holder should have respect for the office. That's the issue that the after american community is always had because, obviously, from an historical perspective, you know if one slash three of it has a darker hue, a dog and a pig tatian. You know the bottom line is you are black and it is that simple and you get even one slash three, I'm just going up there, one slash eight exactly so. What I'm saying to you is that clearly you are perceived, as being a black man in even though you didn't want to disassociate yourself from your others, ethnicity, who was Ty Who is Ty. I believe the bottom line is that that's the reason why he took that position for black Americans haven't respected that photographer. Quite some time we haven't heard tiger speak, want a plethora of issues pertaining to having a social consciousness on many many occasions. That is something that people implemented as well. Steven kind of a weird discussion there, 'cause one of 'em, is talking about the office of the presidency in respecting it, the other one
talking about something Tiger said a long time ago or or that he's always maintained, was that he was he's mixed race who's, not black enough. He, and so, if you don't, I guess, ignore whatever white fortune of you. There is then you're not well yeah. You're, not you're, a terrible person. Well, why should he deny his any of his ethnicity. You don't understand that. I don't understand any of it. To be honest with you, there is get no part of of my life? My personality, the thing what I do every day I get none of it from my race
I literally never think about it at all me that now will that actually that your way precludes speaking, we argue that right, like you, would they would be if you're you know, you're black, that is a big white thing to say it is a white thing to say, but but, but I ever under this is why I never understand things like the alt right. I don't care about it about it. I don't think it's complete. You know the size of your hands more, you know you, you know whether you have acne or not, is not a part of a characteristic that I care about, but not all say, they're, just it's just a physical characteristic. That means nothing who cares and so much so many people are so obsessed with it. I mean it. It flies directly in what Martin Luther King wanted, which is we wanted people not to care, he wanted people to not care about the color of the skin care about the content of the character and now the enlightened left has done it has. Instead, who did this way of thinking that
every single decision you make every car met you make about. Every story must be filtered through the lens of of uh of race or gender, or some other physically identifiable characteristic, which is in sexual preference. Sexual preference. None of that makes any difference. Do ever I I just I does anybody go through their life? Thinking like that, do you for your life thinking wow. I would like to do this, but I'm going to do the reverse because of my skin color. Who does that it's stupid? is a dumb way to live, and I understand why there's 'cause, because in our history. There have been real problems in this area and the fact that it's part, your your Lenny edge, is something that obviously you know people will consider as part of their everyday life, but the idea that Tiger the idea. We can't have one person who doesn't talk about this stuff,
We can have one freaking sports celebrity, who doesn't go up in front in front of the nation and bashed? president every five minutes. Really we had of a litany, the entire National Basketball Association seems to be set up to oppose. I'll drop. That's right! The fact that every every big celebrity take stance against this guy. Every day the National Football League there'll other people in the National Football League who are kneeling at the anthem and even when they're, not kneeling, saying well, you know the trump is raw for getting involved in this. Can we have one guy who, by the way, is in the middle of a return from a career crisis where he should be focusing on trying to win tournaments. Can we have one guy who's, not constantly talking about politics, and can we have one? Can have one person, if you're to listen to Kellerman in Stephene, the answer is no no we're not allowed to.
You can't let him just be him? Every single person of prominence must take a position on context and it has to be against or you get bashed, for that, too is not just taking a position, is gotta, be the right position yeah absolutely it does and, like you know, what I want is almost no one doing it my choice You know what look I understand that people are people and why should it be you and I should get along so awfully people are going to take stances. That's that makes plenty of sense right. People are going to take their stand, in their personal life. You can't stop them, you shouldn't discourage them from doing it, but as a person who answer to escape this world and nonsense every day and go to sports, which is why it exists. It doesn't have any importance outside of that I would love to not hear about your political views. All the time people come to this stupid. She nice to hear political views yeah. Well,
you go to the NFL or the NBA or the Pga to hear that you go there to escape from it to run as fast as you can away from it. It's interesting, though, that all the sports guys want to talk about politics. Another politics guys want to talk about sports. Maybe we just switch positions with Madison Stephene. Maybe that's what we do. That's a good idea that you guys come on in the water socks switched on in let's, let's trade, let's check it out, it will go over. There will talk some sports and you know what we will do is we will not get into any of these issues right talk about right. What quarterback
is going to win a quarterback battle? We're going to talk about we're going to talk about what running back should win the position battle. There will go into what the defensive changes mean for the new coordinator and that people might be bored out of their minds, but men will love it. I don't know if anyone I don't know. If anyone cares about the actual sports anymore, I know about culture. I do good college football. Really kicks into gear in earnest this weekend, I'm pretty excited about that. Pretty excited and then it's the week after it's what two weeks from now. Two weeks from for the is the other you'll you'll notice. The Atlanta Falcons playing the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, feel Malcolm Jenkins, is only letting his eyes but again That's what makes it better that's another part this is so funny. Malcolm Jenkins is a great player yeah, you know what so they
here they can eagles will sit there and sit through as much eagles fans will sit. There was much kneeling as he wants to do because they want to win the Superbowl, exactly he's just resting up for the game at Neyland and the same thing would happen with Colin Capper Nick we didn't suck if he wasn't a terrable quarterback. He would chat a job along time ago and people he was offered them, and we know that now, yeah, absolutely roll NFL teams, including the Seahawks and the Broncos, offered him back positions. He turned him down, so that's on you, man and I was on you and they wanted to keep that story line alive. They were going to leave so badly that I wouldn't hire him because he was taking a stand on Ray shot up. They kept it alive for how long and now that we know the other side of it. What with the no impact they've already got their points out of it? Yeah amazing, you know, fatiguing though, and Jeff I've talked about this a couple times in the last couple weeks weeks on what show
Pat Gray unleashed, which immediately follows this one of the strings on that show every day from uh yeah about one thousand two hundred and thirty now with chewing the fat, so it could be like we couldn't. We couldn't help but notice that you know how fatiguing was to continually see the NFL players during the off season. All on their per tests on my street quarters everywhere they were an you, just couldn't get away from them in their protest in their social justice. 'cause man did we see him everywhere. We sure area, except for weight, that I didn't see him anywhere so and I hear you know how important this is to him. Well, you only want to do it on Game day when nobody wants to see it. Where are you the rest of the time? You could even do it during game, just not through the anthem and no one would we oppose it yeah I mean I like. I would still disagree pop probably last year, some your point yeah, but is it on but they're talking about don't do it during the freaking song, well, yeah, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back it's it's doing jacket and black
back mercury a fee for Glenn this week, I was made a point about the NFL players who are kneeling. You don't if kneel during the anthem? In fact, it might be better if you knelt some other time during the game yeah like if you were to kneel before the the whistle by the start of play before cough, so everyone's kneeling on the field, first of all, ESPN to go out there and waited for the opening kickoff everybody on the fee takes a knee right and then they stand up Bobby for the kick off in play as normal right. That would be. I mean that would make an impact. Now I was able to talk about that a lot and I would agree with their point still, but it's away from the national anthem yeah, but that's the issue, that's the problem with it
it's just so many of them. This is not a music about the anthem, it is about the country. They keep saying it's not, but it is for all many of them, including the founder of this thing. Colin Kaepernick, who set himself was about the anthem who's. Himself and it was about the the flag. I mean, as you pointed out, you didn't see a lot of social justice, warrior activity in the off season when they're on vacation in tropical location, though sure didn't. You know I mean that's it's he saw from so you Well, it's going to to help people, but you never know interesting. Glenn Beck spats doing Jeffy for Glen this week also stay tuned for backerei unleashed immediately following this broadcast on the blaze, radio and tv network, we were About sports a little bit as it applies to politics and the kneeling in the NFL and Tiger Woods
trying to avoid being nickel and getting hammered for it. You know a people think he's not black enough because he doesn't just claim to be black. He is mixed and I'm supposed to talk about your your white portion at all. I don't wow, that's not racist. How is that not a problem for anybody you're supposed to talk about anything but being black when you're when you're part black part white, part asian? Why? Why is okay? I I'm not really sure. I don't really don't fully stand that, but he gets a lot of criticism for that. Yes, he doesn't
to just be black, and this is going on for so long time in sports, where you know it even back in the you know when when Oj Simpson was was playing football, he it was a big issue in his career early on and that he was not talking out about, and it was just for not taking a stand yeah, he did exam yeah, I didn't wanna come out, he did want to be involved in it and other players did you know. I'm certainly like Jim Brown was very active yeah and, by the way, still active now. Supporting trump is amazing at what I would have not all right, not predicted that wouldn't either, but it you know, there's that split and in this is the thing we were talking about earlier is: do we have to have everybody? Every single person that we see in the public eye, take a position on every political issue with the answers. Yes with it, and I guess the answer is yes, it used to be a situation. I think, before the two thousand election, where or like we need to get more people engaged in politics. We to get people we to rock the vote and I feel, like we've gone to complete opposite side of the spectrum now, where, where
too many people are engaged people that don't know anything about? The issues are act as if it's the most important thing in their life every day and that's not including eighteen year olds, who don't know a thing no, and what about this, Sixteen year olds, they don't know so let them they know less than nothing. In fact, we need to raise the voting age ever so slightly from eighteen to thirty five. Just the 17th of what I gotta double it silly, no I'm not talking about doubling it. That would be too much what do think about this proposal that you have be old enough to hold the office for it, for it is a vote for other congressmen as with congressman. We all dinner. Cortez five is twenty. Yeah. It was a twenty twenty five and then send it. Thirty and President thirty five
I think I'm fine with that. So you get as located more experience that right. You get a new, a new benefit at the polls. How think how exciting it would be? The first one to get to vote for a second vote in local elections at eighteen yeah right. You go for school board or city Alderman or may or whatever you want, even lower that one you may get even probably do that yeah that I'm okay with that, if you can hold the office, you can both for it's a pretty good rule of thumb. I think that's an easy one! Yeah! If you can't, if you don't qualify to be president, you shouldn't be voting for press. He is a new platform. You might get a little push back on that, but so be it notice. I make that after I turned forty two or whatever I am like at that point.
You know I I make that argument now yeah, but I mean I in a way. I guess when I was twenty five, I would've been really pissed off about this, but then again, would you have with windy consistency start matter in this society? Would you had never really at a twenty five we have in our cable for cable in that race. I don't know there you'd be upset about a lot of twenty five year olds. Don't vote anyway, price, so Really, we've only seen one election in recent memory, where you know the king of the vote action record, which was two thousand and eight with Barack Obama. I mean he really did get young people, to vote more than any other, not in two twelve and you haven't it was a pretty more normal two thousand and sixteen was pretty normal. Two thousand and four was pretty normal. Two thousand was pretty normal, two thousand and eight was. It was a spike for Barack Obama, and you can understand that, for certain reasons, certainly attention that it, you know from media was so glorifying. He was based an archangel so you're,
standing by people like yeah. You know what I gotta vote for that guy yeah, but it it really. It winds up in most people who are young, it's not the focus of your life. At that point, it isn't and we've we've inserted in everybody's life, as if you have to take a You know strong positions on these things before you have any of the information to make the decisions and that's a problem, a big problem and here's another here's another sports figure. Jumping into the middle of politics. Lance Armstrong. He now throwing his support behind senatorial candidate Bed O'Rourke. That makes the Irish American Guy, with a hispanic, nickname running against TED Cruz, an actual latino, which is incredible. It's the weirdest thing like every. He believes, there's a hispanic in the race and it's their irish guy he's not anyway uh
Armstrong sent out this tweet. Dear my fellow Texans. We have a choice, this guy, meaning Beto, O'Rourke or TED Cruz. It's time for reasonable and balanced to talk on all issues we are for Beto. O'rourke are you we are not. You know I've I've been waiting so long to be advised by a minute, lative lying cheater and now finally Usually he stepped up to the plate and took swing. Did we was he asked, or does he doing this on at least doing this? Unless it's just tweeted it out? Wasn't that big of him trying to be relevant? That's good guy who lied to us. For I don't know twenty years he's tire rear and I made I believed I did and I defended over and over and over, and then
he just beat us over the head with no, I lied the whole time. Sorry yeah, I destroyed anybody who tried to say that I might have been on steroids in I just I just ruined careers and fired people and be little them and embarrassed them, but don't worry about any of that I've been lying the whole time yeah. I did everything I was supposed to. I broke all the rules I wasn't supposed to just to just to win hey, but trust me this time on Beto, O'Rourke. Ok, thank you. Is it possible he she actually working for the cruise campaign and now that this guy, like hey Trust, me Lance Armstrong, is the right choice. Well, you do which the that's a great idea you should start taking. All the people that are now are not trustworthy, that no one likes is like
ever and just have them all run around Texas in campaign for better Charlie Sheen, I will like any criminals. Everybody who's been discredited right. I like that. I, like it, that's smart, but smart baseball or do you see the poll came out yesterday from Emerson that had TED up by one point, two in this race, one Amazing. I amazing. I don't know that I buy it now. Well, it's interesting because I saw kind of a breakdown of this. It was surveyed, five hundred and fifty voters, but they were, registered voters not likely voters, okay that usually fifteen Democrats, that takes it a little bit and I do kind by Glenn's analogy on this of this race, where you want when you get in a you know for it right now, when asked you know about. This is a way for fans that work TED Cruz fans to be able to say you know, TED we're still mad at you a little bit
yeah, but be that good in the people. Some of that would be good at the boat you're still going to vote for him. Don't see. I don't see the race being close after the election. You know, I think I think the votes that will with five quite a bit yeah. You know it's it's interesting. I I think it's going to be fair close, I think you're right in the issue, which should be a blow by rights should be its test out with cruise a situation which interesting in that I think he's he's done a pretty good job as a center yeah he's he has he's been pretty consistently conservative. I, like his voting record quite a bit. There's very few states. Is that he's taken that I that I I don't like, but again the politics is no longer related to policy all the things that we've talked about all these years, really don't affect the general. I mean they affect people listening show right now, because that's what they care about, but the person it's all of feelings and emotion and four it with
who's. He has a weird, obviously no one the left likes him so excited about a bad here in Texas, but on the other side of it is you have people who love truck from the beginning who pissed off a cruise, because they obviously fought the primaries, and then he didn't endorse about the at the convention and they never really forgiven him. So while they might get in there and and again, but those people made arguments to us the entire time about it being a binary choice. I see when they go back in there. They're gonna see a binary choice in pit crews right right, but that is in a pissed off about it yeah they might pissed off that. He took that stand that time. On the other side, the people who are not trump friendly love to cruise at the beginning, more annoyed at the way he handled endorsement and those people are like. Well, it seems, like you kind of just become three other senator in Washington. That does nothing but kiss the administration's bought, and so those people are
too passionate about it. The vast majority of those people will also go in there and see it as a binary choice and pick 'em so uh, in the end, he probably wins the race and it's probably a five and five point type of margin, but it's got it's closer than it should be. I special but cruises record in his record is good you it is really good. He has really good he's done very little incorrect on policy yeah and and for anybody who still pissed off about the Trump thing either way it's time, to get over that and realize engine history he's being out out raised fundraisers two to one, but battle in Rourke's, amazing, two to one because all of this out of state money is pouring in from California and New York, and probably Cuba in China, where this socialist money is coming from, but it's a uh
there's a lot of it for bed. Oh, is it for some reason he's a superstar right now I don't even understand it. They're, seeing as the new Obama he's young he's a white guy standing there for somebody who's, not his phatic, by the way, they're dying for somebody new who's hispanic from Texas. He's not hispanic right now by the way, if because they had this huge article on him all they followed him around data all around have followed that guy around and treated him. They came to Texas and followed Beto around in his little run, Marge phone call thing with them for days is and then went back to New York and called TED Cruz maybe you don't know when you're in Texas maybe stop by yeah an? I saw a huge huge article on him on some website. It was like the eighth paragraph, before it finally said
it was the article. This was the article that claimed that he is providing his rise in Texas is providing hope for Hispanics. What, Why why? Why should so it would sleep there, hispanic in the racist cruise right exactly and he's the one who should be providing hope to Hispanics how it was the eighth paragraph in the story before it said the old, not hispanic. Well, you know look better so he's you know young guy he's generally of me of seemingly well spoken. Yeah he's had his moments that the left is really like. This hold him kneeling at football games. He get a response that really a bad response. I was also a gift to TED Cruz yeah. What actor he's becoming famous as the guy who doesn't like the flag is probably really good development for cruise? I think some, although it's helping the fund raising efforts of bad quite a bit up.
I you know I went to a birthday party with my son this weekend in one of his friend's house, and we were, as I was pulling up the house. I saw you TED Cruz sign and I realize it's. The for one, I've seen yeah that I had to literally as the first TED Cruz signed. I have seen the entire time still sitting couple bumper stickers. Now we mock better signage, all the time that we were had twenty five siding it in my neighborhood this weekend, so there to do so. Okay cells to I've got two in my neighborhood as well, and I've seen zero TED Cruz signage, but I I chalk that up to he's already there he's the known quantity. You know he's not the new guy he's nothing exciting one thing, because I'm not going to put a sign of right exactly yeah, but still there usually is. I think, candidates from both sides in that the passion seems to be behind Beddo O'Rourke, but you know a passion of much smaller amount of people. All the reason why they are making this into a big deal is, is the
you can turn this state blue, it's over it's over forever. If you can, if Texas is blue, every national election will go to Democrats. We it's about how important this we've not elected a democrat senator in thirty years, so it just to me big cities have, though it's our only store of big time electoral votes that we can depend on when it so the presidential election Texas is it. I mean you floor. It you get sometimes sometimes you can't get it. You know, there's other they're eating cake in California. You can't get New York. You know you get some mid to larger states, but you know I mean even States like Georgia, are trending the wrong direction, but for a lot of electorales, it's Texas, it's Texas, you that's enough to have Texas have to yeah. You lose that and we're going to have to pick up ten left wing states. You can't do it. It's almost impossible and
if Cruz losing this race does not mean that they lose the presidential. You know the presidential race goes away, but if they can get this state to think it's. Ok, it's you know. Maybe I should vote for a Democrat this time. Nope that you know if the electoral future of the Republican Party, the leak we got. I I agree with you about you know through our big cities, of all turned that way. Well, yeah I mean we would spend that way for awhile, though yeah eight hundred and eighty eight twenty seven Beck, it's pat doing and Jeffy for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. Seven hundred and twenty seven b e c k Texas, you're on the Glenn Beck show I was I was calling earlier, was Sergio talking about Tiger woods and an I've heard a lot of what you've talked about since then. The growing up in communities like like mine,
hispanic half hispanic half white that grew up in predominantly hispanic and black neighborhood and there is a there's, an expectation almost that, where if you, if you're mixed race or something if you're, half hispanic half black, you know it's like hey what you claim and you know know, there's like an expectation to like disown your white parent plan going, you know going through that you I I don't think it said bad as it once was, I'm thirty four years old. So don't think it's as bad as it was maybe ten years ago, but you know coming. I think who is in two thousand and eight, I was going to vote for Barack Obama I'd. I was registered to vote by Democrats. It. I knew nothing about politics whatsoever and which is like hey. You gotta vote for this guy, and here he sounds real good and if it wasn't for the tea party, like protest in downtown Waco,
I never would have had a different, a different perspective shown to me. But because of that you know It learning and actually started watching Glenn when he was on Fox an you know, clean show, really kind of show. You know it. I help me learn a lot more about that history, where the nation comes from what you what what it was what's to the United States of America and and so that you got to be bold enough. Speak up and say hey, you know I'm not gonna diss on my mother, just because you know you expect me to be this purist or some. You could, but it absolutely is racism yeah and you shouldn't have to disown your mother. Why? Why Would anybody expected to do that? It's it's outrageous that that's the expect. I I don't even seriously I I don't understand that. How did we to a place where you
affect: people who are half white, half black to just say, Yama, black or half white. Hispanic to say I'm all hispanic? Well, what about your other parent? You just you just ignore them! You just forgot about them. They don't exist and certainly what we saw with Brock exhibit right. I mean you know it's exactly what we saw with him. You know if you noted that he happened to be mixed race. You would all that's resets racist! Now again I got it's not an important thing to discuss purse, but I mean it was to him. Left is constantly bringing up broke about was constantly brought it up. He was a you know it. There isn't an obsession with race in this country. An obsession. Everyone are, we need to have a conversation about race. The last thing we need is another freaking conversation about race. All we've been talking about all we talk about all the times. When do we gotta the conversation went? Haven't we had the conversation yeah, I mean it's just ridiculous. It's never ending. We do now
not need another conversation about it. People should just get over it and realize that you know there's other more important things about a person period. You're listening to the Glenn Beck Program Lot of people outraged about the President, and his response to the death of John Mccain perished on the share Ished John Mckay. I've always loved him all my during two thousand and eight when these supported him so strongly against Brock Obama. They just loved him. And they wanted him to win and they they tried to help, but take the I couldn't quite get across the finish line yeah by calling him one of the biggest racists in the world yeah lying about how he wanted to stay in Iraq for a hundred years, be
basically saying he was one of the most evil people ever born and grew up to be even more evil than expect by the way he might not even be eligible for office is reporting Panama. This guy, like oh, my gosh, I forgot about that yeah which they who brought that up yeah. He was born in America and then he chose Sarah Palin to be the vice presidential candidate, which shows nothing worse. Could it ever happened? What a horrible horrible person to to have chosen Sarah Palin, because but an extremist- and we said this at the time I mean goes back years and years and years now, but it was it. The point is Mccain loves the media man. He kissed the butt of the media for decades and kept saying, go on Teague on MSNBC all the time and say how bad the The Republicans were, and he explain that he be that maverick and I think he would shoot it down to specter talk, radio, the media to say you know what he
Is that one rational Republican and we're not going to Basham the second he was running for president? They could I'll turn the second. He got the nomination there was over, they all turned on him. They trashed him constantly until he conceded he conceded the race from that moment forward now he's largely been priest, in fact, they've been doing some african when they've been doing these retrospectives on him. What the the things they've been citing are his the biggest thing they cite is his concession speech to a Barack Obama because he basically said hey. We should come together and it's still you know, even though I lost it's still our president, which again is a is a good settlement, and it's a sentiment that everybody says I mean you know the only again like trump it turned out. One upside down he's basically saying that if he lost he might have, problems with it but he didn't lose. So we haven't seen anybody, don't do anything other than that right. And Hillary Clinton came out after the election was like look. You know this. If we have a we, we have,
Full transfers of power at me now she's been obviously terrible, uh many other issues, but that's a pretty basic one for a politician in the United States, and so so they went with that and they said that was tremendous. They said when someone in a town, town Hall called Obama an anaerobe, but no he's not he's a good person. We just disagree softly playing that one over again again, that's a good sentiment, he's obviously correct on that one he was, and it was a good thing to call out, but I mean the guys be in an office for forty years. The moment you're picking are all moments that he disagrees with Democrats right. In the end, the talk, radio thing and a truck for you things the third one yeah he bashed radio and said it was uh. Oh my gosh. They love that loved it yeah. Of course they love it when a Republican agrees with a Democrat he's just a Democrat right just because you have an r after your name when you say thing again, this is not every vote of John, go back and find vote
with President Trump over eighty three percent of the time. This is not a I who was constantly opposing him. He was with him on most issues and if you look at back at the issues, he voted against Trump on it stuff like raising the debt limit, and we all were where the health care thing, which was an issue. Is she Health care was probably the biggest biggest one. However, you can't over blow that one there almost no chance of that succeeding. It was a hail Mary pass and you know what you don't when you're, when you're down by four points? In the last seconds of a football game, take a knee, which is essentially what Mccain did as opposed to throwing into the end zone. But the chance of success were some was so low on that, because a m, we can go back and re Hash, the whole car thing, but you a if you remember correctly, it was the skinny repeal and it was it was based. In an empty shell bill that they had to build afterwards with the house they could. They were even close to agreeing that was supposed to go into it almost no chance of that succeeding. I would have
he liked it. He voted yes and then we gave it a chance, but there was almost no chance of that. So I'm glad you got to that point, but you better not be saying anything. Bad about John Mccain died, not my friend, but how about the right? How about the surge? He strongly supported the surge in Iraq. Did he get any breaks from the media on that one up, nope? No, he was trashed constantly. We talked about the one hundred years quote. Where he's going to stay in Iraq for one hundred years they made him. Look insane in range is not saying that at all and they penned the economy, the bad economy on him yeah. When it wasn't him his deal? That's right. So this new outrage, because Trump didn't say enough didn't say the right things lowered the flag then raised it back up and now they're. So angry. It was interesting to watch Brooke Baldwin, who you know she just absolutely at my certain loved. Of course, John Mccain. You know she did on CNN. She was outraged. You know just I think, to watch
president. I saw the flag pictures this morning from the White House, but just to watch the president with President Kenyatta, Kenya twice. You know now not saying anything anything about this hero this lion of a man, it's despicable! It's despicable Are you a news person? Are you as journalists? What the? Where is the objectivity here at all to speak! Now now you can say that, as an opinion, person is yeah, maybe Brooke Baldwin is that I have right now. I don't know that much about her, but I mean is that something that should be on CNN you're, calling the president of. Despicable! Is that really something you should be doing and Tom Brokaw said something very similar, despicable disgusting? Something to that effect. I mean they're, all just breaking down and letting it go what
well I was just waiting for the Tom Brokaw come out as possible. We mentioned I'm broke out. Well, there were no else in what he said so impression. If he would have said despicable, it would have been just spoke a ball, but he said I think you just okay, so it didn't really work. It's just a it's so fake and it's it's a cell in the fake outrage, just fake outrage and that's the big thing. That's what Glenn's new book is about writes about in the addiction to outrage, and you see this all the time I left I would. We should get a going addicted to outrage and send us your examples of the left. Free hang out over nothing. I mean we have a stack of him here. You know a guy who was the president of the human students Association of Association he has to. He is resigned. Why? Because he retweeted this the following: tweet RT
women don't have penises, if you agree with the idea that women do not have written penises, retreat that you should retweet that, because of that, he had to resign are now again, I would It's a humanist guy, very not nervous, would agree with him on anything except for the fact that women don't have penises whoa whoa whoa wow was on some of Jimmy sites. They do, but that's a totally different. Totally different situation and again like if you find stories like this, send a post, tweet them at world with Sue Ellen back, will use the hashtag addicted addicted to outrage, because I want to make a huge collection of these or where you send them We give on twitter just hashtag addicted to outrage. How about this people paying men are paying eight hundred and ninety five dollars at a May. All feminism camp to cope with their own. Toxicity of GOSH. This is our world really bad
professors get two hundred and forty eight thousand dollars a in a grant to study gender microaggressions. A university has banned snowball, fights and water guns that these, like how many people have been killed in snowball fights over the year Well, water gun fights, I will say I saw the documentary ELF and it did look dangerous in a particular film people got pummeled pummeled at long distances. But again these things are all over. The place. Progressives are constantly jumping down these roads because they want they want to pull you over, they feel like. If, if they can, they can intimidate you into silence. If everything you do, you have to feel bad for, so they just don't do anything and that's a terrible way to go. So, let's If you have any of these stories, hashtag addicted to outrage on twitter, you confine on twitter by the way at world of Stew Pat unleashed
We have a thank you and I would love to go through because these things pop up all the time every day. You can find a batch of stories where people have to deal something. This is you know going to back to the issue where you know so into clauses on the town square and people get all freaked out about it. There's not a real outrage there. Everyone, so there's not a real outreach there, but we fake it. We act as if something terrible's happened to or make us feel alive. I don't know if, maybe society. Maybe our lives are so cushy now that we can all find food. And we have shelter and the for seventy two degrees every day that we can't find anything real to freak out about, but there's plenty in the world to freak out about that's real. You know uh. You know Christians are being killed all over the Middle EAST Muslims are being put into death camps in China as we speak, North Korea
we've only a million, though only a million. I mean most small percentage of all the people in China. Granted. It's not very many when you about right at one point: four billion yeah, I'm less than one percent double ganger notice. It now you're not even going to notice scary things are approaching in South Africa, for example, another big one, you know there's there's stuff all over the world. Would you worry about that too? By the way on the south african French, that there is any genocide happening? An we acknowledged yeah that there doesn't seem to be evidence of that. But there is it's a fact. That they are changing their constitution. So they can confiscate white farmers farms without compensation during a minute and the hatred is brewing yeah. So it is definitely something to keep an eye on. It may not be an hour,
control situation, but that's pretty it. It's a troubling one yeah, when you're going to take people's farms without any compensation. The really standable confusion. Obviously other than the fact that it's difficult to cover these stories in in these in these areas is that The general crime rate is so bad in South Africa. It's what has one of the top five or ten murder rates in the one in the world, and it's not all white farmers getting killed. Now it's everybody getting killed everywhere, yeah black, it's not just a rural areas. It's it's urban areas! It's a really bad situation that they cannot seem to control. Hattiesburg is not a safe town. Now I mean really it's it's it's not and if I would really encourage you to go to. If you go to the blaze and listen, I read Leon walls column about this, as he goes over all of the sort of different. Are you
it's in points about this because there's a lot of people out there with you know sort of agendas, pushing one side of the argument. Another in the media right now is pushing out that we talk about South Africa. I think everything's perfect there. It's basically Beverly Hills manually, all sort of right people are saying you know it's white genocide all over the place near a true right. When you look at it, you see a lot of nuans in there and he explains it really. Well, we did a segment as well earlier this week. If you go in the podcast, you can hear that as well actually was last week with glad he did it it just to understand where these claims are coming from and what they mean because look, there are real real violence going on there. It just oddly, or like general violence and so and white farmers have been the subject of that violence not exclusively and not at a real high rate as relative to the rest of the population,
If it happened to your family, it's pretty high rate, yeah yeah, I mean it's pretty bad. It's not nothing and I think the media father got killed in front of you know a five year old girl and that apparently happened. To documentarians That's a pretty high rate for that found God I mean it's devastating, and this is the problem with the media in that because, I don't trump. I guess tweeted about it. Now they have to be against whatever heat we did. So what we did was it was bad there and he wants to look into it and actually kind of, as you pointed out on the news and why it matters the other day pet. You know we basically just said we want to look into it, we'll see what's going on there and that's a totally that's what he should be doing like when you get more information but
It is now dismissing it because they want to make him look bad in reality. There's a really big problem going on there huge crime problem. The government is preparing to take land from people who some of some people who have owned it for a really long time, in some cases, our hundred years right, yeah some of come about it more recently, and that's where I think you know the agreement. But the issue here, I think, is, is in pressing in that you have outrage. John both sides complete outrage on both sides. You have people who are saying it's. You know they're going to wipe out every white person there and you have people who, nothing is going on and their outrage that the president for tweeting, about it and in the middle and that in the middle politically in the middle of two people, group of outrage, arab, people say I would really like to know the facts in this particular case. It seems like Trump, is one of those people missing like let's look into our look into this is all to study it so that
It's a reasonable approach. She didn't call it genocide. He said I have asked my record. Area to look into this yeah okay. We should thank you. That's ridiculous should because there hasn't been a lot of good reporting on it right. You know it's only been recent that people actually looked into this with any any he's sort of you know resources that I mean that Brook Baldwin's of the world, the right he says something it's wrong: He doesn't say something it's wrong: yeah, okay! I got it thanks. Bro turbo two seven b e c k: it's Pat Stu and Jeffrey for Glenn this week that still injecting for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program, triple eight seven, two, seven b e c K. See the list of people that are going to be participating in John Mccain's funeral and so pretty
first group of people, Warren Beatty, I guess- is a close friend, Joe Biden, Gerri Kurt Phil, Gramm, Russ Feingold, Henry Kissinger, Barack obama- George- W Bush will be there Lindsey, Graham Joe Lieberman, Michael Bloomberg, to diverse group. He got along with a diverse group of people, said well the maverick yeah he was definitely a average. Yes, Glenn Beck pets do for Glen this week. You know the main. The May story on on this latest cap scandal didn't main telling of the story seems to be. How could they let it happen again? How could this have happened all over again after what happened in two thousand and two they
clean their house. They didn't get this mess fixed. They they did nothing. Essentially, that seems to be the narrative, yeah, so many Catholics who, like look, I stuck with church after the last time in two thousand two, even it was really hard and I really hated what high is that? What I knew happened, but I'm on this I can't do it, I'm I'm done defending them. This is this. Is this is unacceptable. I think it's an understandable instinct honestly by the way it's the way it's been presented, yeah, yeah, so If you don't know, the story was from Pennsylvania, where they showed in excruciating detail the three hundred priests abuse. One thousand children over seventy years now my gosh awful, so how coverage actually been accurate about the story because it's uncomfortable to kind of talk about it, because you don't want to seem like you're like excusing any abuse and there's no excuse for it. It's all all horrible.
In some ways the coverage is actually been too generous. For example, the number one thousand children is one hundred percent were percent. Sure that's true love. First, well. The report only dealt with fifty four of the sixty seven counties, so there's thirty in counties in Pennsylvania, didn't even look at we know there's more kids. They also said they believe the real number of children who whose records were lost or who were afraid to come forward, is in the thousands. So they think the numbers are much worse. But the question is what what do we learn from this scandal? Yeah? I know how how did the catholic Church not learned from the skin right it hit in two thousand two? How do they not fix this? So what do we know before? We knew that it was really bad. We knew that a lot way too many priests were doing terrible, terrible things. We knew at the church handled it horribly for many many years and then in two thousand and two the Boston Globe and others report on the abuse
cycle and all you know the details, they break the story. This turns into the huge scandal, and we all know, but that they make a movie about it in a spotlight light, wins best picture big, that's what happens when you make movies about how evil the churches and how good journalists are. You win best picture and that's what happens. I love the fact that that movie kind came out in twenty fifteen twenty fifteen two years b for Chappaquiddick comes out, but she TED Kennedy died of old age. It took him so long to make a movie about that. Well, that's what That is yeah Toll Kennedy. I think you're right, I mean Kate Mara, who played Mary, JO compact me what, born until fourteen years after the incident, eighteen years later, she was born and she grew up to be the exact right. Eight to play very joke affect me where you know spot like cabbage. As in two in two thousand and fifteen, making ending a big movie about it- and I was I
like they waited a long time, those restraint there before they actually made it. So they- the movie comes out. Everyone knows about that, and you know it's possible to overstate how pad the scandal was. It really was horrific, oh my gosh, and what the church did to cover it up and how they was horrible in every way. The church oh wants us to believe now that, two thousand and two they've turned it around. They've they've changed the way they do things they've addressed these issues as much as they can, and you know things have changed so does this report that narrative up because certainly in the impression that I got when I heard the coverage of those the narrative. We all thought because they to everyone was talking about. That's the that has been the culture in the catholic church yeah. It's still the culture of the catholic Church, nothing's and nothing's been done. I mean Tutup,
five point in this: listen to Chuck Todd reporting about the scandal what's happening in the catholic church. Two weeks out of Pennsylvania is something that is going to have reverberations here. Pennsylvania grand jury report released this week, five more than a thousand child victims of more than three hundred abusive Catholic priests cross, the state- that's just one state of Pennsylvania, this isn't in eighteen, never mind what we thought they made movies about in twenty. Oh two, and things like that. So quite clearly is saying that this is a new allegation. It's not the two thousand and two thing: this two thousand and eighteen folks. This is different. So I went through the nine hundred page report and Incredibly extensive, one of the first things you notice when you're reading the report is going to be really hard to punish the priests involved in it, because a lot of them are dead,
almost I mean a high percentage of them are do dead, and so the priest that we're doing it this year in twenty eighteen, like Chuck Todd noted they all died on infantile. They don't expect that hatch adopted the death penalty. Did they really did? No, they did not the reason why a lot of the priests in the report or dad is because the report is filled with a lot of really old stuff. What very detailed. So this isn't new stuff. This is not new stuff. As Chuck Todd just told you wow, I know this. None of what we're hearing is new highly look. It's very highly detailed. That's new the details what they did, how the abuse these kids, those things are new and necessary. I'm glad that that exists, and I'm glad that the the grand jury did that report. These are not new instances able Beyonce happened after
the initial scandal. Wow. If you look at sun, believe you go through all of the the dates and and and try to figure out. You know what, if they were looking at 1970s nineteen seventies, nineteen eighties, eighty five, eighty one, seventy eight sixty six there are there are two allegations in there from nineteen forty eight in nineteen, forty five and forty five Hitler still Chancellor and yes, abuse is going on. There is a you know, one priest from nineteen fifty abuse someone and died in nineteen sixty eight. No does not mean the abuse is not important. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't cover it. We should, but let's see This is completely misleading. A lot of Catholics are looking at this and saying wait a minute. These are already said, they're going to change this yeah now I will Is you know as much pedophile accusations as I could possibly stomach
I try to find something that happened. Recently there was one accusation from two thousand and six. That happened, however, the priest was not actually actively a priest. I was receiving retirement benefits so that that's on there. There is one case where a priest that was a caught with child pornography in two thousand and seven two thousand and four excuse me. Is dismissed from the church couple of years later. He also you know. Hughes and likely embezzled money from the church, and I don't think, there's anyone who saying that the catholic church doesn't Embezzling money certainly detractors would not fight that and they were actually states that the almost all of it is before the early 2000s thousands. We, the bulk of the discussion in the report, concerns events that occurred before the early 2000s.
That is simply because the bulk of the material we received from the diocese concerned those events and, while the rule out anything from the more recent past, they acknowledge things have prove noticeably. They right recognize that much has changed. Over the last fifteen years, we agreed to hear each of the six day we investigated so that they inform us about recent developments in their jurisdictions. Their testimony impressed us as forthright and heartfelt. It appears that church is now advising law enforcement of abuse reports more promptly. Internal review processes have been established. Victims are no longer quite as invisible it is that not also really important talk about shoes. You know, I'm sure it's a heart too detailed how bad these things were. I need to be. TIM's deserve to be to be able to tell their stories. There's no doubt about that, but do oppression that someone like Chuck Todd gives you that this is still spinning out of control, that priests are currently still abusing a lot of.
There is no evidence of this. The letter that came out the other day about Pope Francis so and I'm not a fan of I mean I wish you would spend more time on this problem. Instead of telling me what I should be driving yeah, but even that report can sit There are issues about whether people were punished and still soaring those things out. In more recent history, but that allegation goes back forty fifty years, you know this The report does say that things have changed and just say that things have changed. I mean that's amazing. I mean because that's the main beach right with the catholic church is that nothing's changed after the initial you know it'll in two thousand and two from the Boston Globe and it seems like everybody's putting it on this pontiff that hey how come you're not addressing this, why? How is this gotten swept under the rug again? Well, it kind of didn't I mean they did address it, it didn't get swept under the rug, they have improved
and most of these charges aren't recent yeah. We don't know vast majority, apparently yeah, also the overwhelming majority. You know I went through probably two hundred allow sins and there's two or three that happened after we have the two thousand two scandal. I is that the impression Catholics have of this latest outfit certainly isn't the impression I mean we haven't heard anything like that from the Vatican. I've been hearing them lament, we out another massive scandal in their embarrassed by it and they're ashamed of it in their disgusted and they should be discussed. It makes if this is all from. You know the distant asked and they've changed. Well, you did what ask you to do at least right. At least you know. Look we can't rule out. We. We know that. There's a recent allegation against the pole pool which you know when you've probably heard a little bit about where someone who's accused again to several decades ago
was maybe not punished by this poem the same way, the last pope punish them, and we don't know all the details that still there still may not working that out, but it I've seen that there is at least look there's, not you can't say just like any population. You can't say that there's not still issues going on it does not seem to be systemic like it, to be before and ways they talked about. This- and I thought was- was I for our entire society- was the cat churches out the investigative business the what they tried to do for many many years is one of these issues would pop up they try investigated internally. They talk to psychiatrists. Who would tell them? Well, you could probably rehab this person they if around to different areas. They do all sorts of different things trying to act as if they were their own police department and what they're doing now when they get these accusations is turning them over to an actual police department, and it's so funny to hear the left come out and say: well, the Catholic,
obviously they're terrible they're evil. Look at what they're doing they were trying to litigate. These issue who's internally, it's a rape, it's a child must lation. You can't do that internally by the way. Let's praise universities for litigating rape accusations internally. Let's all talk about how the rape culture is proved by there, some think Brook court at Michigan State. Let's all act as if that's the appropriate way to do it. It's not! Let's all fact about how we should now go in the media and talk about me two allegations for many years ago, where no one has any evidence or any chance to defend themselves. These thing need to be litigated through the legal system, not through your opinion, not through the media, not through any of this, not through the church, not through the college. You have to bring them to police police need to investigate them. Legal outcomes need to be decided based on evidence and truth. You can just say try to handle it
treat your friends differently. Favor one side over another that doesn't work. We have a legal system for a reason and It's not serious enough deal with rape accusations. What the hell is it for you have to be able to go in there and bring these things, and I hope you know that went with the meat you situation playing itself out. If anything comes out of this other than the fact that some people who were absolutely abused are able to tell their stories and everything we we encouraging people in these situations to go to authorities at the time. You have to be there's no way to investigate these things, without that you can't get the truth by right to litigate them fifty year after the events occur, it just doesn't work you wanna, just people are people are going to their memories. They're pulling things out. They think they remember, sometimes their true, sometimes they're, not sometimes of sometimes they don't.
It is impossible to figure out. You can't just believe everybody, as we've seen over and over and over again yeah. You don't have to to be believed immediately, as we've pointed out with the me, movement, you have a right to be taken seriously and will look into it and and let's get due process going and let's, let's at least let the accused have their day in court to you know present their case. Isn't this still America in it's amazing, because this is not the way this current, like scandal, is being presented as a this is being presented as if it's all new stuff, as if it's all happening all over again? It's really. Important to know this is These are all almost all the allegations pretty amazing, yeah sure eight, seven hundred and twenty seven Beck more coming up.
Let's do an Jeffy for Glen this week, well. You can uh hear us as well on the news and why it matters every day and there's a podcast available to it's been one of the biggest one new and noteworthy on apple for awhile. Now and it's a pretty high in the charts. It's the padding gland and Doc Thompson. Sir Gonzalez, it's a really good conversation about. You know the news of the day you can go to remember to you can subscribe to the place, theplace dot com, slash tv! If you sub hi there you can get all the shows you get all the you know the there's a lot of extra stuff that we put up there every day on the news and why it matters was an extra segment. All the news, why matters overtime, which is to become the longest show for title of any show in in modern history yeah. But you know it's an extra. You know ten fifteen minutes of us going over additional things like sometimes much longer than that, and sometimes it's almost like, I feel like
What is longer than the actual show yeah? Sometimes it is longer the actual show which is good. If you're, a subscriber you'll, probably looks good, death row time doing it? We do do you like doing that. Show it's a lot of fun. It is, and the other thing is what's great about: it- is Jeffrey's not there right and that's not a lot of the show. No definitely not are you gonna come on. How come you don't know? I don't know so what I'm being shadowbanned knives shadowbanned. Really we need to look into that. I'm going to look into the Jeffy Shadowbanned, not with a lot of effort, though no I just did I just looked into it. I found nothing. There's no shadowbanning going on will look into. It will look into it with the same effort that your social media puts into conservative complaints about shadowing it's all over. There is no chip, know shadowbanning going on. So that's good to hear can come on anytime. You want! Thank you, don't worry about it, don't worry about it. Have you seen the things are so bad in Venezuela in this.
Socialist utopia, and so it's hard to believe 'cause it. This is a socialist utopia. We heard about that from you know Sean Penn and Danny Glover, and all these big time, Hollywood celebrities who went down there and love Chavez and the socialist things going on there ever It was great. It's an oil rich good country. It's a first world nation, they're doing fantastically well you're so bad. They don't even have running water. Most of the time. There's an article written by somebody who lives there, talking about the fact that when they're lucky there's a trickle that flows through their apartment buildings rickety pipes, he say uh when I'm lucky they deliver as much as thirty straight minutes worth of water, whoa enough have to fill up a two hundred or gallon tank in my kitchen and trigger a celebration I'll do something crazy and run the water until it gets hot. Before I jump into the shower. If that happens, the tank is hoku.
Hooked up to the buildings distributions system, so we didn't have to be there to collect it, but in the past he did Have that, and so you had to be home in order to collect water and have water so uh, apparently, income carcass Venezuela. They go without reliable access to all kinds of basic essentials, food yeah, water medicine, toilet paper, toothpaste? They don't have these things 'cause, it's all dried up, so they don't do their dishes. They don't flush their toilets. They don't take showers, they are in a really really. Horrible situation where they can't even get the water to run through their pipes in Venezuelan I don't know how this isn't being talked about more. You know, it's kind of
the situation in South Africa, where it seems like people just don't know about it and the people who, do know about it. Just dismiss it which is kind of what's happened in South Africa. What an odd moment for the Democrats to openly embrace des credit socialists right. Here's, your giant example. Failing right in front of our eyes were the worst failures in history and we see be embracing it now in This country is unbelievable. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck more than that program coming up with Pat Stew and Jeffy, the is the Glenn Beck program play. Seven hundred and seventy seven Beck clip. You play little earlier from CNN Baldwin me out. Listen to this, you know just I think, to watch the president. I saw the
flag pictures this morning from the White House, but to to watch the president with President Kenyatta. Kenya twice, you know now not saying anything about this hero, this lion of a man. It's just pick, it's despicable. Is it and is lying in of a man, so they love John Mccain, how they love him. They always talked about him like when he voted for the surgeon was just office line, man slower to man and loving turn the Iraq war tied when he when he was a group opposing Barack Obama for President a line of a man, you got a vote for this line of a man the, but I I'm fascinated by what CNN is attempting here and you know: I think CNN, there's some good people on. There are some good reporters there. They do some good things, name, one what do we talk to Jake Tapper many times? Yes, you know there, you go one yeah, there's there's! There's there's several, but it I I I would say the name to
the issue. I had to go through all the name, because then I certainly would be well that's the problem because he can't write the issue. I think I would have here with generally speaking, is they seem to have turned in the era of Trump too something they're not supposed to be like they started this out. What we know when shopping, because Trump says things and isn't you know that a lot of supporters say things and sometimes they're, not true right, I mean we see this from both sides of the aisle all the time yeah, but their eight. There are things that are false in our political discourse. This is gonna, surprise anybody. What do you do? You want to Hillary Clinton, one which is not so much what you're saying you want Hillary running? I don't know. Why do you think you know we've been here in a little while you have me this wow, I'm saying that all so their research
on CNN's response to this idea that there's all these fake things out there is to push back and, of course, obviously there from the left there saying that Trump is lying all the time and all the trump supporters are lying. All the time- and I was talking about this yesterday, CNN was headed in a different direction. Member that they were, they were headed in a pretty good direction for awhile and then all of a sudden they did this. Who turn and went further Left and MSNBC? Now, all of a sudden they've taken the MSNBC position an have to oppose everything on the right, and certainly everything about Donald Trump, the kid down everything with the derangement syndrome for sure they did. No, it really had. It is, I think, honestly, change the fabric of the company in in a way yeah. They did the end. I don't MSNBC is less left or more then CNN. I think
now, while load up. Thank you. Cnn hasn't been making so much news about these opinions because they present themselves as objective. Where ever said be see I mean I know just like you, no they're, not they're, not yet projective on a lot of these things. They they both. You know Fox, comes from the right, I'm Cemex the comes from the left we can handle that CNN. May the big deal about how balance they are and they keep coming out so far left, and he, let me illustrate this- you remember this big, campaign. They did after Trump got into office about the apples in the bananas. Listen to their. The first spot and obviously there's a lot to criticize about CNN 'cause. They don't hit this standard, that half and seemingly but listen to this commercial. This is the first one from the apples campaign This is an apple. Some people might try to tell you that it's a banana, they
scream banana banana banana over and over and over again they might put banana in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a banana, but it's not. This is an apple. Ok, so service made fun of that ad and criticized it a lot because they don't. If that standard, often enough right, the idea, though something is a fact, and it's a fact, and you can't change it. Even if you tell me something else is true. We know if the fact is, truth really exists right and is something I think. While I don't think CNN hits it as often as I'd like is ACTU he would CNN should be doing. That is actual a good ad, the
point of what they should right, absolutely like we, they should be saying: hey here's, what really happened! Here's the truth. Let me tell you about it and it is out of gender actually kind of what they once were and that's kind of what they once were in the in the sand. Is a nineties. That's what CNN was because of the early two thousands, you know all the even I don't know till just a few years ago. They were closer to that idea. I think they at least they're. Certainly a left, leaning network. There's no doubt about it as much. Almost all the mainstream media is nowhere near what they are today, no where near so. So let me make the case that this second commercial is where it's gone wrong, because the first again this is them trying to tell you how wonderful they are and how great their coverages they first say that we always tell you an apple is an apple, no matter what? If someone else tells you a banana we're going to it's an apple, but listen to this next add it was a follow up and they've got a lot less attention, and this is where I think CNN is really gone wrong. Is this? What CNN should be doing? Listen,
This is an apple and this is an apple, and this is an apple, and this is an apple and when you put them all together, you've got a case now they have a case of apples on the screen and obviously, if you're listening, there's a bunch of apples- and they made made a case CNN's job- to make a case about the news, lawyers take facts and turn them into cases. Talk show hosts. Do it all the time like we will constantly go back and say: hey here's, a Brock Obama did. This is why we believe this about Barack Obama. We cases opinion people build cases right. Why is a news organization trying to build a case against somebody that is not what they should be doing, its actual the complete opposite. They should be put in the x out there and letting listeners decide for themselves right. They're not
They are they're, acting as if they're prosecuting attorneys in these cases, that's not what they supposed to be doing post to be laying out the facts and letting people decide for themselves, and I think they think their job is. Here are all the things that we think are bad about, Donald Trump, and here our case. So you should agree with us that Donald Trump is bad and that is, I think, the absolute opposite of what a news organization is supposed to do. That is fair and right down the middle, where you see this from their hosts. All the time they'll be like Donald Trump will come. And say something about. You know whatever hill he'll misspell, something on twitter They will go through for ten minutes and review to you all all the other times he's misspell things on twitter. Now he that does it they're, not saying anything false. He did misspell things on twitter right now, I'm just using a dumb example, but the h there try to get you to believe that he's an idiot. You see
sometimes when they go through someone, there's new corruption, scandal or there's a new scam, that comes out where that looks after the president. They'll build the case that the White House is in constant turmoil by listing all of the past eight years, accusations and all the other things that may or may not have been true to who are now filled with Mccain the list all the other times. They've had problems at all the other times. They perceive him as being a jerk to Mccain to prove that he's being a jerk to Mccain this time, but she was would be trying to prove that he's being a jerk to Mccain. You shouldn't be trying to prove he's despicable to Mccain's. She said you just be, laying out the facts and let people decide themselves if they think it's despicable. It's not. Your role fits for opinion to layout a case and supposedly CNN, said down the Middle NEWS organization, but they're not not right now, they're, not not right. Now there you can like Trump not like Trump, but you should still want him to be treated fairly. You should still want him to be treated with the respect of a president, but all
just factually you can when there's these reports that come out and these newspapers, you might not like him as a Trump fan, but it's ok for them to report on those things and then try to get to the bottom of 'em, but don't try to build the case against the guy. That's not your job. I feel like that is really where they've gone seriously awry because you're patty when you want more when you listen to their coverage before before the election really heated up, you get some good things get some bad things. You get some stuff where they they took on the left. You'd get I mean they did uh lot of reporting. That was critical of Hillary Clinton before the election, and you know some in the election there's some of it as Trump. I don't think they ever thought Trump was going to win, and this from the second that he actually won. It seem it's been on the organization inside out. If they've already decided right, I mean that's part of the problem. Is that they've decided that we're supposed to hate him because,
they do and we're going to show you all this stuff that will make you hate him, because this is the stuff that makes us hate him. Yeah and you shouldn't know that a news organization hates anybody now there be there should be no sign of that. There should be objective reporting and then listeners decide if they're gonna him or they're, going to love him or they're going to be somewhere in between that's the way news works. Is you just present the facts and leave it alone? and I think, unlike the normal reaction, this were, I think, great, like ratings. I think for Fox and M S. N b c drive some of these decisions where people want opinion. They won the case made. They want these things to happen because it makes them feel good or whatever. Who don't pretend to be just journalists. You know like I was. I saw an article that somebody said that Sean Hannity's, a call and the question whether he's a journalist, an
and then there was a big to do about Sean Hannity's, not a journalist, you're, calling him not a journalist and shot him he came out and said, of course, I'm not a journalist. I mean I'm an opinion person, it's essential Glenn, and I and you all done you guys all said we're, not journalists. We don't pretend to be, though when you have somebody who's, pretending to be a journalist and supposedly down the middle and just presenting you with facts. That's where the disit comes in 'cause when you have a Chris Cuomo? Who claims to be a journalist? Continue you with opinion or that's to say Ocean home was a great example of this, because he is his background is as an attorney and he he thinks you even hear it on the other side with him at times he will. He.
Season attorney making a case against whatever, whatever guess he I he has on it, and I obviously ninety percent of them, he you know, are, are going to be on the right. Any goes crazy on them, Do it occasion on the left he thinks of himself. I think, as a guy just process, shooting a case on the air and it's not it's, not a good look for a news organization know and tell me what's actually happening. Show me the news. Take your emotion. I mean calling the present United States despicable on the air from a news organization is ninety close to the line. To turn right I mean it's now we calling the present United States despicable is not. I mean it's our opinion and that's why people come to the show if they don't, if there go to CNN for opinion, then be honest about it, stop doing your apples and bananas, that's just 'cause, you can do that. I mean MSNBC is doing it right. They have Rachel Maddow's out there she's, not making she's, not hiding the fact that she can't stay in the president, she's super liberal and she's making that cake
every night. The case of why Russia is there was collusion in Russia. You can tune on Tunein to Rachel Maddow and she will make that case for you out a nightly basis, but that not supposed to be CNN's job and I don't know what I don't know they lost their way. They really seem like they did. Eight thousand eight hundred and eighty seven twenty seven Beck Pat Stew and Jeffy for Glenn on the Glenn Beck Program- eight hundred and eighty eight thousand two hundred and twenty seven b e k, just two minutes. You can help you stick around for Pat Gray, unleashed EMEA, the following this program on the blaze, radio and tv networks. So this this really strange development about the catholic scandal, the latest one something we haven't been hearing from anybody, including hierarchy of Catholic Church, which really is
kind of surprising to me, because these are virtually all old allegations that happened prior to even the last big scandal. It's basically uh, but an accounting of that la big scandal from two thousand and two: it's all the cases up, seventy years before two thousand and two: how is it we're not They were not aware of that. I don't know, I mean Chuck. Todd certainly didn't seem aware of it with no. He didn't railing about how it was happening in twenty eighteen and completely, Amy had no understanding of the story, as he was telling it, and we played a bunch of clips that either people didn't know that they were old act actions or they were intentionally wording things in a way that you should probably most people would take it as if it was a new allegation. You know the kind of if you leave out that detail- or you say it's just over a long period of time. It makes it feel okay. Well, it's it's that whole
the other thing we talked about an continuing into the present and they still haven't dealt with any of it yeah. It doesn't necessarily seem to be true. They're talking, now, but this this latest letter that comes in and they want Pope Francis to resign over a and get out, and I would not say I'm a fan of of the way Pope Francis is dealt with many things, but the act. You know they're trying to push back now. It's saying what what what is. Hughes here is potentially disturbing, however, They were. Not kids and does not seem their argument is that it was not an unwilling thing now if you're a pre you're not supposed to be having sex with anybody. So any problem like that, if you're just hooking up with parishioners, that's a really bad thing. It's not, but it's different than the scandal as we understood it, certainly well pedophilia, yeah, yes, which is how we look at this as as
but they're saying these are willing participants and women. That is, that is the claim. Like eighteen year, old, plus girls, but again every that's against the rules of the catholic church? Yes, but that's a different issue, but it's a different issue so will but we'll see how it plays out. Now some of these accusations are very old as well. We may hear new ones that come up, but it's in or to have it's an important distinction. I think, especially for Catholics who you know, might be questioning this thing that they, you know believe so strongly no kidding yeah and a lot of Ammar, yeah yeah. Alright, we'll we'll. Let see you tomorrow, right back here, filling in for Glenn, Glenn, Beck, mercury.
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