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Islamists & Socialists Unite? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Joel C. Rosenberg | 3/14/19

2019-03-14 | 🔗
Hour 1: Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is raising money for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in her home state …Let’s review exactly what CAIR is and what their parent organization, Hamas, stands for in Palestine …Tlaib’s speech contains subtle jabs at Israel, endless banter against President Trump, and a blatant historical inaccuracy …Would Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) speaking Hamas rhetoric (via CAIR) in Congress be grounds for a full investigation into her past? … Islamophobia should not happen in our country, but radical Islamists should not be in our country, let alone our government.   Hour 2: Bill O’Reilly joins the program a day early …Why are so many Democrats afraid to call themselves capitalist when such a small fraction of Americans call themselves socialist? …Progressives all seem to be willing to put their money where their mouth is while the Right struggles to mobilize …Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) attended Boston University, Bill’s Alma mater, but she never showed any promise in a political sense while there …There is no way that she could have known, without outside influence, that the congressional seat in her district was there for the taking.   Hour 3: Glenn tells the story of a nightmare unfolding for the average Venezuelan every day – This is the inevitable result of a socialist utopia …A caller explains how a decades-old quote by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi says a lot about the current state of Islamism in Europe and the U.S. …Author Joel C. Rosenberg joins the program to discuss his book ‘The Persian Gamble’ as well as his interactions with President Trump …Could arms deals between Iran and North Korea be going on right under America’s nose? …Is the true Axis of Evil comprised of Russia, Iran and North Korea?

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get to that bill, O Reilly, is gonna, be on the programme. Pat gray is joining us today, filling in fora stew, and I want to talk to you about scandal that everyone should know about, and this is something that I need you to share. Bali with your democratic friends, because there is a hostile takeover going on with radicals, socialist and Islamists. The Democratic party the day Grab party of our grandparents is gone, but let me start, let me start with this. Tell your friends if you believe that the information surrounding president drops dealings with Russia or to warrant investigation. Let me, Let me have you imagine this scenario. Let's
a word leak out than an actual russian spy network set up a propaganda network here in the United States and used it to spread lies an advocate for russian interests. Then they got did for it. They were out in federal court and the United States government, find them as a hostile group. What would you say if that happened? despite that, President Trump just continue to use their information and actively fund raise for them weed we're going out of our minds right Democrats This is exactly the scenario that is happening in Congress and no one is talking about. It will tell you about it in one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme We tell you about lifelong boy, Pat Taxis and his here. Are you excited?
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we're just going all big deal, not a big deal. Let me just remind you who care is before we get into this. We have the court case. I have someplace in this pile of papers, the the actual court case from the United. But of America versus the Holy Land Foundation is there was bout. In this case. For the very first time, is, there was an elaborate scheme that was launched by the Muslim Brotherhood to Tipp. Americans payment policy, an money in support of Hamas It was officially designated by the United States government, a foreign terrorist organization now, if anyone doubts whether the Muslim Brotherhood had a role in the creation of Hamas or if they advocated for violence, all you have to do Look at the Hamas charter article two states quote
the Islamic Resistance Movement which in Arabic would be Hamas is why of the wings of the Muslim brothers in Palestine, the mother, I'm brotherhood movement is a World organisation, the largest islamic movement in the modern era? Ok, so we Oh, the Muslim Brotherhood was involved, it's a wing, its wing, that's it, but it's a peace movement right. The Muslim Brotherhood of Peace movement, while article thirteen says- and I quote- peace initiatives. The so called peaceful solutions and the international conferences to resolve the palestinian problem, or all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. There, no solution to the political do the palestinian problem, except by G Hod. Oh ok,
so the Muslim Brotherhood created The Hamas very specifically Fight Jews and to destroy Israel in Palestine, but they all so created Hamas support group, and they ve done this all over the world. Now The reason why they put this support group together was too find money to support the fight, but also influence other countries to change their policies on Israel and to support Hamas, the mud. Um brotherhood quickly move to the United States and set up one of these networks. Now they set up three things: them Brotherhood in the United States establish what is called the Palestine Committee, the Palestine, The committee was broken up into three parts. They had to create a think tank, the United Association for studies and research, so they had a think tank. Then they had the Islamic Association of Palestine that
in charge of propaganda then they needed a fund raising arm to be able to channel money over to Hamas. That's why they cry in the Holy Land Foundation, known as the fun, so the propaganda arm became error it was created by the Muslim Brotherhood Palestinian Committee in all of this is in core documents. It was created. As a tool for the Islamic Association of Palestine by three men, NI, hard, Awad Omar Ahmad and refine Jabbar all week, and Ahmad we're both TK. I ve a wire of tat from the FBI in in but Miss meaning called the Philly meeting, This is where law enforcement were able to verify that the Palestine committee? The? U S its Muslim Brotherhood, was discussed
how they were going to continue to support Hamas and how they use these organizations to do it. In the official FBI court documents it is agitated. Who was that at meeting, and both men who started care were attending at meeting. In fact, they were key speakers at that meeting. A Maude was the person that actually set the meeting up and lead the opening remarks. These are The founders of care, it is absolutely indisputable with federal documents. That care is Hamas and me hard all wad continues to lead care to this day and age. Gonna play a role in a minute on something that happened. Just last week in Washington and nobody questioned. It is equally on a more Omar now, for
raising for Hamas through care. It is Rashid to leave. That is doing the same thing. I, ask you right now before I finish this monologue to. Please join us at the blaze. As we discuss? these things and hopefully whole flame and have a guest on in fifteen minutes who is gonna the slight update on something. But I know what he's working on and he good fear for his life here fear for being run out of of D. In society, because he, working to expose this network. And we need a place where our voices are protected. Advertisers have been very, very faithful to this programme,
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and take a break for station idea. I want to concentrate on this woman Omar here in injustice? Second, but first, let me you too. To leave right gene to leave. Is going to be giving a speech March seventeen. That's this weekend. She's gonna be Speaking of council on American Islamic Relations, that is care, she's, gonna, be in she gets. The nineteenth annual faith led justice driven banquet, so she is the headliner that is going to be raising money he's doing that in Michigan Omar is doing it in LOS Angeles
now. I don't know what to expect, but here are some excerpts from the speech that she gave last month in Chicago owner, fifteenth annual banquet speech. You know it's gonna be good when it starts like this. Hey MA am You know we always said the Muslims are coming. Well guess what I think we're here not only everywhere at all kinds of different governments. What's martial law, while we're in the United States Congress? Yes, they are here all right check out her. Does corruption of care. Thank you so much for inviting me to support a civil rights organisation that is around the unified fight against hay in racism. In our country, that's amazing, because care is known for its virulent anti Semitism
important to remember: cares ties to the Muslim Brotherhood think care as a spin off a sister organization of Hamas, because that's who it is the two founders originally worked for Visa MOSS Offshoot Organization the is make Association of Palestine, which I just told you thousand nine article in politico says feds designated care a cold conspirator with the Holy Land Foundation, a group that was eventually convicted for financing terrorism remember carries the up again arm set up by the Muslim Brotherhood? The United Arab Emirates has designated care. The United Arab Emirates has declared and designate care. A terrorist. Organization in Niger. Eighty three care spokesmen, Abraham, Hooper, told her reply for the Minneapolis Start Tribune quote: I wouldn't want to create
the impression that I wouldn't the government of the United States to be in Israel to be islamic sometime in the future and quote in night ninety eight care, cofounder, Omar Ahmad said quote, is isn't in America to be equal with other faiths but to become dominant the Koran should be there. I asked authority in Amerika and Islam is the only accepted religion on earth and quote now. He gave a little background her background in the story list, sometimes, I think an hundred allow. I grew up in Detroit Has it made me a better Muslim redid? I didn t grow up, seen everybody that look the same. Like me, I grew up with people. That word press before my palestinian family in Israel did.
No notice a slight underhanded, jabbered Israel, it's one of many in her speech and indicative of the growing anti Semitism among Democrats, especially with to leave and Omar. Also, the speech as you can imagine is along ran about the evil, Donald Trump where's, the light that we have now brothers and sisters, don't let Anybody take that from us, though Lenny they let us dim down. This is the time as to speak up. I dont want, as to sit back when he calls Mexicans a rapist. I need our community non muslim communities say how now, when they talk, Bob lack Marrakech, anybody that's being suppressed. We gotta say how now I'm not with our silence when it comes to us a muslim sister said to me and said to me how come you're so silent, Rashid? How come nobody saying anything about often being attacked as Muslims? and I said what are we saying when he attacks other communities now
a little bit of history, which starts with a highly questionable Annick D about her mother, and this is the woman that after Tromp one had the hijab on in a super. Can somebody yelled at her and said, take it all. He won. He said taking and she beautifully responded, you and understand Geez so was born in my country in Palestine. I don't know if she knows this, but the birth of Jesus predates her religion and her quote. Country The earliest founding of Palestine is nineteen, eighty eight, so she might be confused. Jesus was born about now, one hundred and eighty eight years before Palestine Then there is this heartwarming story about advice she received from congressmen, John Dingle,
when I was a state legislator. I came in to serve on a panel with him on immigration, rights and Congress, and was sitting there and he had his cane. If you knew him, he always had this caning, you always held it right in front of them. I was so tired. I had driven hour and a half to the panel discussion at you, We see a Michigan man, Arbour Campus and I sit down. My hair is the special just all messed up and I said Oh my god, I'm so tired of this. I don't know how you ve been doing it. For so long congressmen they all lie. He looks at me because I said you know what I'm talkin like these. These lobbyists special entered the lying to me about this issue. I was working on scrap metal theft in my and my district, and he looks at me. This is a true story. Russia, there was great, he looks at me and he goes young lady There is a saying in India that if you stand still enough on the river banks, you watch your enemies flow by day.
I don't know why you have to know at that moment. I feel so much better and I have no idea. That's really saying I'm not sure, but Mozilla, like you What kind of person he was right. Right, I don't even know what that story means she and to see your enemies dead, which would lead me to who are your enemies? How does that aid to your opening statement. How does that relate to the oppression that your family is faced at the head If Israel, it it's kind of an interesting little story, but I wouldn't be. Link that to a group of people who have been designated as a terrorist organisation by the United him, her arab Emirates and as a co conspirator of terror? tourism by the United States government. Now here Why I tell you this story and we're gonna get into Omar next I told you yesterday
About all of these questions about oh Mars, history, and how got to America. Now? No one will question this. Did she commit perjury? Did she this? a insane statement, she marry her brother to be people to get him into the country. Well, who knows. Is anybody looking into that It is really important that you know who the people are and who they are helping raise money for, as I said at the beginning, if we had evidence that Donald Trump was was raising money, For Russia openly,
stir this russian spy network that head and set up to provide propaganda. Change the mines of Amerika after we found out that he was working with this group and they work oh conspirators of terrorist organisations. We'd have problem with that right, but if found out that he continued to raise money after all of them, was known, I think, we'd, Calling for impeachment America have you for got nine eleven who who are the Democratic Party yearly members had Glenn back, who are they? Liberty, safe, is our sponsor this half our liberty, safe, in other words, the Horrible tornado in Alabama last week and the horse
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Dot com, Slash Glenn, this is the Glen Back Programme yesterday I told you- and you can find all of this now on youtube- export aid that I did a couple of days ago and you can find it at my page. It Youtube and prohibiting please subscribe in resident here. You need it. You need to watch that cause. It is something else you did. You know any of that now as crazy, actually didn't if it If it's true and AP has said that they can't pursue it anymore, because they just can't get the documents.
But they are not saying that this is true. They're, not saying that it is false notes is saying it's unproven yeah. I saw that yeah. So it's this is not. Conspiracy theory. This is something that is being blocked by com, woman, Omar? She can clear this up quickly. All she asked It is through. Freedom of Information ACT give the AP the information, The accusation is there's a couplers? Three actual, one she's wildly corrupt too. She emigrated to the United States and when she wanted her brother in that she action We married her brother and claimed that it wasn't her brother because the birth certificates were lost in Somalia, gang. And so she said no, I saw my brother and I When seen in when she filed for divorce, she testified under oath,
I haven't seen him my husband since two thousand and eleven well, not really hard to find pictures of people, and it shows that she saw her brother or her husband or whoever in twenty fourteen in. LOS Angeles and there's pictures of them, partying together and being together. So she lied. Your oath, when she last, I dont know it's been forever. I've been thinking lady was twenty eleven know. Her travel heard show that she trap begin to London to see him twenty eleven twenty fourteen. You would know that anyway, we're waiting for some more evidence to come in on that. Let me give you the stuff that we absolutely no. First of all, she was born in Mogadishu and nineteen. Eighty one she had to flee canyon, refugee camp in ninety one at the start of the Somali WAR she was
proved as a refugee and took to come to United States and ninety ninety five and she settled in Virginia but soon moved to Minnesota. That's where graduated. She went to actually North Dakota State University. She got took a degree in political science and international studies, but she was upon a policy fellow the Humphrey School of public affairs at the University of Minnesota, this this particular school, has care tentacles all the way through it. So she is now fund raising for care, and I could give you all the history of all the things that she had done with care. While she was a student, but let's get to mark most recent history, she now fund raising for care. I just told you who care was eight little sister of Hamas set up by the Muslim Brotherhood, that's all according to federal documents, you're a co conspirator to fight
terrorism and Hamas according to Federal documents now she's fine raising for care next week and that's what's been. Ported it on recently, but she's been fund raising for care for years. We have a Minnesota advertisements for a fundraiser back in twenty seventeen. It wasn't hard, but, oh my his name is on their along with her picture she's in one of the noted two speakers, because she was the then state representative perhaps she's a useful idiot. Maybe she doesn't Who care really is or is she a willing accomplice? was one thing to show up for care. You know her school or for a fundraiser, but it's not like she work there. I mean that would be bad right. Well, You take a quick peek at her Reza may its displayed in full view on our website the top law.
I ain't under community leader quote for our advisory board member for Minnesota Council on American Islamic relations. So we of a sitting member of Congress who raises money and used to work with an organisation that has direct. Eyes to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas a you designated terror group now he said earlier care founded as a propaganda arm for Hamas. So what have we and evidence that Omar was parroting. The same propaganda from the halls of Congress. Would that be grounds for investigation, let alone impeachment bar has gotten in trouble lately for making anti semitic comments back in February. She said the American is real public affairs committee or a pack was control the S foreign policy. Well, we started looking in two
a cares public relations, we We only printed fifteen for the show I did the other day, but it is press release. After press release, care has been pub Jeanne those press releases saying that a pack is controlling american policy for years That's their main thrust now would like to point out that a pack does bend a lot on lobbying. However, they do not, give a single dime directly to any politician care. On the other hand, does now if there was evidence that care Was giving money to Omar that in life, of her criticism of APEC would be a little more than embarrassing right, EL. It is a little more than embarrassing
turns out she's a hypocrite or she's, Spreading propaganda, exactly issues being told because she, is getting money directly from care Omar anti Semitism is, is dividing the democratic Pretty and it is driving the party further further to the extremes: even Rama Manual now is writing condemnations for Mars actions and the divide. Monks? Democrats eventually lead to a formal house vote to condemn Anti Semitism. Now here's where it gets really interesting. The Ended up passing what a condom of all hateful language. It was. It started out condemning her for it I Semitism, but it ended we're, not gonna, call out her. We won't even mention her and LEO. Anti Semitism is bad.
So he is so is speech against Muslims. It turned into something that was so milk toast that it meant nothing and certain He did not condemn Omar or any one who was making anti semitic comments. Now? How did the Democrats come to this? How Can they not be unified? in chastising somebody who s Anti Semitism will the question, could be? Did some outline out the outside lobbying group pressure, the Democrats to leave Omar alone and water, the anti Semitism talk. If you go to backed out, come and you watch the video that we posted or you tube on Congresswoman Omar, you will see the photos. The photos and the video of
are going into her office the day they were going to condemn her just before or they release this bill he's going into her office and who comes but Lindisfarne Sore, a good friend of care and some one else someone who was standing right next to SAR sore. They went do a closed door meeting where they did allow anyone in this fight but all that will show you in the video was taken at the capital before the House vote the man standing next to Linda, SAR Sore is knee. Hod Awad the same man, that is the head and founding member of care them and directly identified by the FBI. As one of the palestinian Committee members supporting Hamas, the guy Who was part of the unindicted co conspirator.
To fund a terrorist organisation. Now does: But he have a problem with that, does anyone have a problem that, when he went in to the Congress woman's chambers, they were going to condemn her when they came out suddenly, that bill had changed. What's that all about her presence and two leagues present, in government, is dangerous not because their Muslim but because they are tied directly to care and care, is tied directly to the Muslim Brotherhood, and a sister organization of Hamas, is
our policy being manipulated because of care is the Democratic Party now, beholden to socialist, and the while its weird, who said that back in o, eight that is lost and socialist would work together. A crazy person said the hats ass one is actually I get it. Dell Alba down my spine when you, when you consider it like that, How could you consider it? No other once you know the facts, but nobody very few people know the facts, nobody was willing, nobody's talk here about that. No one is willing to take on care listen about and to it from you and me they're not gathered there. Not that's, not gonna know it's. Why
it's. Why and there's more facts coming there's a fax coming in in the we ve been I don't wanna give too much there is there are more facts coming and when they come, they are going to he dismissed, but they will be official documents and why you see these official documents. America will after decide are we going to allow this to happen, or are we going to have the balls to impeach and what they do is call it. A witch the car they gradually will they'll say how Islamophobia Islamophobia I am dahlias, try to silence everybody who is it up in Amerika? Is I'm a phobia should not happen. But is Lama cysts should not be? in our quite honestly, in my opinion, in our country, let alone in our capital
Is Lama cysts want Sharia law to be the highest law of the land? That is on American unequivocal and anyone who will not state that is a coward they are a coward and they we'll come to destroy. We, gas, for your support at the blaze. Go to blaze, tv dot com, Slash, Glenn, just use the promo code, Glenn and you'll save ten percent or ten dollars for that first year, our island tell you about our sponsor we, by the way we will be following this story and more perhaps next week, billow right he's coming up. We're gonna talk about better and everything else in just a minute for let me tell you about, the reason why you need a VP in if you an end? A mall,
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Slash, Vp N, Glenn Back programme. Janine Piero is, is or attack from care and I'm not really a fan of Janine. However, still yet still sheet. This is you get an unacceptable get, it cares crosshairs and it's it's a tough life. What did she say? She said: Does she was talking about Olano Mark and she said think about it. A more words ahead. Job is her. Adherence to this is Lompoc Doctrine, indicative of her adherence to show the law which in itself is antithetical to the? U S, constitution, K. So what's she asked a question? Care is not demanding that
They should be fired and then going to launch a boycott of the sponsors Intaglio they may and they may fire and they may fire her cars already. Certainly, Power Fox said: we strongly condemned Janine Puros comments about representative Olano, hard them Omar. They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly that doesn't sound. A supportive of Janine peril so You you know lot, people don't know this history, but the president of Egypt not Nasser it gave a Beach and nineteen fifty eight and addressed What he said was the Muslim Brotherhood set with me and made request he made request that I had to make their wearing the hid job in Egypt mandatory that every needed to wear their headscarves. The audience laughed, he said your skin.
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this is the Glen Back Programme so but always running. Also, China said that they will help Venezuela restore their power they concur with Maduro looks like the United States may have collapsed. Your power grid wow, Prompt may label mexican cartels, foreign terrorist organizations, twenty twenty, the Democrats say they have to pack the Supreme Court plus the GEO P senators. Finally, for the first time in what fifteen years, somebody in Congress a saying, you know what we can, lose this power. This power belongs to us, and the national emergency is now in jeopardy, because
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Motivation. That's gonna Bob shut up since that I now is now so anyway, Let's, let's, let's, let's go Well, why? Where do you want to start battle? better ways of standard issue, a Democrat, not a socialist. Channeling Robert Kennedy our present himself. I beg you, study tapes of r k say mannerism same here: You know he's gotta following Willie he distinguish himself. Maybe you gotta energy. You know bernie- is one hundred and twelve years all the minutes. Pretty tough I was coming on and he's gonna make everybody be social justice will return and we'll take a look
well, we should and will let all the people in guess where humane country in our standard issue, we go to something. I think that does make a difference. The GEO P senators Let's say you can't do that emergency powers. It as MIKE Lee Chuck Grass Lee Tom till The earn spat to me RON Johnson, Jerry Moran Lamar, Alexander Ben SAS, Roy Blunt Rob, Portman, Todd, young Mitt Romney A TED crews and Roger Wicker Was this gonna houses gonna I would Donald Trump and and what does this mean it doesn't mean much, I don't believe all those republican centres will vote against a national emergency decree. I five, vote against it? then trouble veto. Both the House and the Senate bills were made, reconcile them.
And find a money to build some of the wall. I mean There's no deviation. I'm it's like Trump is worried. Those he's having corn even cabbage with the Prime Minister of Ireland today, that's all they would. I urge you gonna, be doing irish step, dancing pleased or maybe lose faith in our government even more pleased his, but that's where trumps casualties Musket was irish stuff today, Any really worry about this, because it is indeed out anything which is interesting in two years. He'll veto. Have some men go on. I understand the GEO Peace Point of view because they fear there'll be a democratic procedure. The next time around and you ll do the same for entrap is doing yeah she every time you turn around. I got us yes, but I really think there is a national emergency on the southern border. I'd like to see you know some improvements take place down there,
so do I I I don't know any other way to solve this, because, mainly because of the weasels in Washington, that said they cared about the border mainly the g Opie, but also the people that have told us even through you know, Obama and end up and Bill Clinton, all those people who use to say that we know the border was a real problem, is a real problem and they just don't wanna, take care of it for some reason or another, and I think it's I think it's despicable. So I don't know what to do about it. I think the american people know what to do about it. Welcome she's not going to pass any kind of profound, immigration laws, because a democratic party understands they have grown strength because of mass immigration MAX into a contract
No doubt about it. I mean, if you look at a demographic, summarily ninety ninety using a bear them. Today, hispanic voters have grown fourfold in the country, and most of them go Democrat. So that's what you but even when the Republicans about our conversation do anything. Therefore, aid and they don't be branded a racist and others are so that's where we are. Let's go to the Democrats. They said this week that they blame if they're gonna have to pack the court in twenty twenty. That's dangerous boy! Is that's insane I mean after tried to do that. One of the things that Americans stood up and pushed back hard on mean I can't nobody. Even those who have the r is behalf, saw, were totally different ball game. What aid
Sixty nine Congress decided to grant me night Supreme Court Justices and it stood from eighteen, sixty nine to the present day, but Congress can change that they gave seventy five if they want now. It'll be abroad, will be a fight. If the Democrats, take the White House and the Senate. Good added absolutely could happen. I mean building, We have. We have the people who are running now for the Democratic Party they won't they won't even admit that there, a capitalist sure I mean because that's evil back, its evil to succeed. It evil bad money, but it's not, but it is not with the vast majority of Americans, both Republican, and Democrat. Is it right. The polls show that only twenty five percent of Americans really wanna be socialists. Ok, bye,
get a little tired of the vast Americans where's the vast Americans that, because that I'll do anything. They do say yeah. We are we don't, but whose run wild in this country, whose controlling the media in this country, whose controlling social media hope Progressive to spite me nobody absolutely no way way way way. Not through don't don't don't say I M back beside you and me are already the audiences of of our combined reach for for most of right, America with eyes, yes, but there, organizing they dont know how matters on the right Dont know how to and you can and will wait a minute. Progressive left know how to a progressive laughed right doesn't know as a progressive laughed is willing to take their money and put it where their mouth is.
Everyone I have ever met with. That is a multi millionaire, billionaire they're, all looking for a return on their investment. What do I get? What do I get? here's. What media matter said: nothing except These policies being put into play so you're doing something, because we all believe in change the right with with the big money. They don't step up the plate, George Soros, who can gather, Eighty five billion errors put him in a room will fund for a decade some of these crazy radical operations and it works because then you can actually put the structure in that bad. That's the problem! the people will organise, but they will organise and they did it with the tea party. They will come together
cannot get any money with your power and putting together a effective counter punch to the crazy. So on the progressive laugh and there should be, but the problem is the conservative leadership is afraid, it's afraid, our alma Mater Fox NEWS. There scared didn't get a media matters it nobody fighting them, ok, there are you saying that they are not they're gonna they're, not gonna, fight with Tucker Carson to keep him. They may keep him. But there are naturally not fighting for him. Get all I'll think they could not keep him after what they did to me. I mean I've lost, a million two hundred thousand viewers from eight to nine o clock. Since I left negative This guy overboard now gonna be there. Now, our, but my
they don't fight whose fighting trump fights the press, an end in my column, gesture least Andella, Riley, dot, com, winning that fight one guy against ten thousand, but he so powerful, because president, that it actually winning his fight against the press. The item Thank you drop vision, organizing against the sorrows people he's doing nobody, because, because your exactly right, I think we may be saying the same thing, because people if real influence in real power will not put their money where their mouth is. Nor will they come together. Look it before the bigger the House Ryan it Jack. When he was in there. Nothing. Immigration, nothing, no fight back organization, nothing, why be scared
he was scared, like even ass. He policy is scared of those people, those progressive, let people policies petrified of those people. These are issues verbal assassins, they can ruin you and whose against them. Will you you know that they are powerful when the guy who was the guy on television he's, at a media matters. Now guy who was on television saying? Oh, my gosh look at what he said. Look at what Tucker Wilson said on Babo the love sponge at this in time into them between two thousand six in two thousand eleven? In that same time, He was on his blog talking bout trainees talking about how the Bangladeshi he is, and we have to learn that worth discussing and by the way divine. She had a very good column.
Appeared in the Wall Street Journal today. That's Mr Sharon dad it's, MR! What I'm trying to the EU is that all of our policy in this country now, including packing the Supreme Court, the move to socialism? All of this is being driven by the social media, that's whose doing at Alexandria, Cassio Cortez would be, the game show, host and Tulsa If she didn't have social media behind her and she could say why can you know fifty five times on the game, show but she is not. People got a wise up bill. She is not a self created person she's, not she got millions, a dog. I told him that last week. Yes did you over the guys out and forward back where I told you to do night, I don't show up at people's houses, but a priest terribly abbot it. You know, I'm I'm, I'm sure he would so oh, so then what what
or in then bill well I mean there have to be packs political action committees formed and money donated to those pats on the traditional conservative side and they have got to have not lawyers and enough communicators whereas when these media matters, people come out with the news and when the it'll come out and everybody else try to kill people like bread, cabin or that they provide a balance and an aggressive postures to at least count. Now I know they're not gonna, get time on CNN and MSNBC. That's a big problem, media matters a pipeline right into the mainstream media s where's the conservative, traditional people, but they could get on your show. Em. I shall. I will tell you media matters. The Washington post actually contacted me yesterday ends as we know you have experience with the media matters and
we're doing a story, a medium matters and wanted to know if you had ever found anything that they had ever done credible. I didn't you, respond. You know verbally. I just wrote a note. The fact that you could even ask this question with a straight face shows you are this deal the Washington Post, backward more bill, O Reilly here in just a second. We recap everything from the week. It is usually he's on Friday. It is Thursday, sorry to bring it to you. If you just like our crap, I thought it was Friday he's here a day early hour. Let me tell you about the Palm Beach letter. Things are changing rapidly rapidly crypto currencies, blockchain technology? I think they're gonna play a significant. Role in the future. I just don't know how exactly or what, it's gonna hit, but Bitcoin Increase though, is not we thought it would be right now it is. It is so weird
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station. I d, so Glinda programme filling in fora. Steve brigadier Stew, is the one in the only the very lovely and talented Pat Gray, Dag you! Yes, yes good. We here they'll welcome back to the programme trump me a label mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. What are the ramifications of that? That's good so you gotta have in a later with Mexico City, of course make out her luck would have it does it it is cartels as dangers to the world not just to you max the city and we Washington D C,
and if we find out where they live, we're gonna drop a draw modem We see a caravan of Heroin Laden vehicles. Blow them up from the sky. That's what you can do on a designated terror watch, so United States can spend send special forces. They have to get permission, but you can do all kinds of military action against terrorism, a designated terror groups. You can but deeply bill that the United States. Whatever do that, my word now I think Trump would hate. You gotta get the poem should not the guy in Mexico, city yeah, there he he would go along with it. Does he want these people? They continue to corrupt his country to the extent they have. She want that
I will tell you: why should get the? U S military, targeting you for death, the equation changes. Does it not? I will tell you that I wouldn't put it passed. Some Texans too, have already hired people to do things like that. Navigate come on then draw Warfare Obama used it and even know the extent that he used it, but They really put a herd on these people from the sky and what happened? What happens when they have pictures of dead little children yeah dynamic in Mexico. What word that I mean that you have to be.
Harry Surgical, and you have to be very careful. I understand, but just the chill that that would put in a cart tell realm would be substantial. I think yes, I wonder about the chill on the other side of oh, for you know again, drug cartels. It is a serious serious. It's killing, to thousands of American said that the bottom line on it. Ok, so we want forty thousand on nine eleven and then we, I doubt thousands islamic fundamentalist. We lose a hundred thousand a year when doing anything to these cartels, make sense that anybody on this planet mixed it a lot of people to they had soiling. They that double the murders that the? U it states that don't even report most of the motors yet within that's what
third of the population of the United States, and he needs it city thousand murders. Last year alone, I put the number sixty to seventy thousand. You can then go to Acapulco right so all, this at a movie, fun and apple, go almost, could not do a remain computerized alive. You can't go. There is control by cartels. You realize that sixty six american citizens were kidnapped Mexico last year. Back. Did you know that? Yes, it is sixty six or eight of this event, these people and declared war on restates the car doubts. We understand that no heroin cocaine every other, Dr Methamphetamine right across your border, your PA, Did you do too cowardly to stop it? We know that we're gonna make billions of dollars and blank you so tat. I will get two days ago. You tear group, have fun the drawn in your backyard, So when I was, I would do him when I was it CNN
I did special on the number of Americans that had been kidnapped by drug cartels and brought across the border. All these these young girls just taken and nobody cared except the people in the community. I couldn't get see an end to move when I went to. Fox. They say although they did help they they we'd get on that story, no, they never did people are not willing to do their heavy lifting about our border. Here, listening TAT, Glenn Bank I must say about Ex chairs ex chairs, if you are a if you're sepia right now, I feel for your back if you sitting in a bad chair a great care to sit in is an ex chair. You also get a free foot rest if he just use the promo code back Ex Chair back Dotcom Exchequer back dot com,
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to introduce you to one of the best people. I know his name is MIKE row. The way I heard it with micro. This is a great podcast that gives a unique take on american history. He explores everything from pop culture to politics, athletes to actors, history to Holly,. What it's called the way I heard it and he shares stories for the curious mind with a short attention span. Each episode is ten minutes or less about a famous person or an event that you know filled with surprising facts that you likely didn't know start with episode. Thirty, six, oh brother, I mean you want to talk about a family divided by politics. This story revolves around another presidential election about making Amerika great again. I have a big reveal it, and but I won't spoil it for you, you'll love it gotTA, Michael.
Dot com, slash podcast and listen and subscribe to the way I heard it. That's am I k e r o w e, not coms, lash podcast, that's micro, dot, com, Slash podcast, This is a global programme joining us, Pat Gray, filling in first do today, who is off for a couple of days for some unknown maybe it was raining. I dont know Canada and Bill O Reilly joins us, so built the night, Sir, Court of appeals just gave more protection to asylum seekers. Seven yesterday and so we only had a hundred thousand asylum seekers last year
and now, according to the night circuit, appeals court, we can't send any of them right back, so they have to have it a jury trial here before we can deport them. Is this going to the? U S Supreme Court is gonna, be as is going to wind up where there I mean there's just a deluge, though, can't do anything about course, I'll be five hundred thousand in the next two or three years and I'll go to the Supreme Court Freeport a rule that the government has the discretion on what asylum cases to hear. They will overturn the night circuit, but this is another example of where the country is going. If the progressive, let's get power are right if they take both houses and the presidency. This is what you gonna see a totally open borders situation. Everybody knows the the and the cartels are involved, the people smuggling. Everybody knows that as well.
But he doesn't care they don't care. They want open borders, its amaze. It's amazing to me how how far away from the people. Things are things in Washington. Are I mean it's it's it's like they just there Is there a foreign entity? Now almost the federal government has just becoming this foreign entity That is not reflective or representative of the people at all. Let me ask you this bill, your head, where, where
that way when what let me comment on that, but you want to look at the entire state of California. Look at Oregon, Washington State. I mean these states were more radical than Washington it so there there is finished in the country and its so dangerous on pain of myself. I don't know. I don't think I agree with you that most Americans, or with common sense miracles, noble all policy, would be geared to giving every body an equal opportunity to pursue happiness, to alter and dramatically change everything about America, that's insane, but that's what the progressive left wants will suddenly the progressive left. It is also a z, Islamists that are in charge of things like care and we have to
Congress women now going to do fund razors this weekend for care. This is a. This is a sister organization of fraud Hamas, it was created it by the Muslim Brotherhood through the Palestinian Council to tube a propaganda device to change people and I'll. Tell you that the real power in Washington. That everybody's afraid of is care. Made Janine appear oh, he is said, do you have her exact quote, Pat not in front of me? it was she basically said he. I know what it is. You want to know what it is. You go him. He was quite a day if some muslim woman where's idly whether that indicate he doesn't have a lieges the constitution, but he does have it to show real law. He asked a question provocative question no death and then she was condemned by around news network,
Yeah we're you surprised that Fox basically condemned what she said. Yes, I what you can do that in another way. So if, if the network decide if it believes, Judge Bureau in over the editorial line and was purposely offensive Muslim, America's that you put her on the next day and a half per debate, the issue with a designated Fox person right and say: ok, what do you mean do you understand that your remarks could be hurtful to certain people who are in the minority and may be here for an and that's how you do it, you don't hang them in the court of public opinion. That is the fear of it is. Is that an agreement with what
care, is saying, or is that the fear of care on the part of Fox look? I am not yet gossip about islamic intrusion into the american culture. I just don't see it as a major problem because of the numbers, the numbers in the past by very many Muslims here. Nor is it a year don't force trouble carries a bad organisation. I it we all know that it sympathises with killing, but there are a lot of bad organizations. This is enough a priority of my well. However, if if you are going to raise a point about
The law because of you go by Sharia law. You and not, then accept the american constitution. You can't nap. Sharia law is dramatically operate, so if you have a congresswoman wearing, I believe you can ask which is more important to you, Madam Sharia LAW or the? U S, constitution, it's a pretty simple question right and it certainly legitimate to ask it. Well, I think it's either its extraordinarily legitimate. It is an aids easy, as are you a capitalist to answer, but there Don't ever want to answer any of those questions. Did you
and I ve never been out of congressmen all bought at a bad impotent. Our american friends, it yes, but we're done was simply just ask that question. That's all right, madam I'd like to know you can email It struck me them on a programme, Korea LAW for the constitution, which has your allegiance. You can't say both right. Isn't that legitimate, he absolutely Let me go Duke cause Cortez. She in in room remarkable video. From a hearing. She accuses wells. Fargo, ceo of enhancing the caging of children. Then is she says that maybe the bank should be held responsible for global warming because A finance people that do things like oil companies that
harm, the environment build responsible for global warming back, you are I'm ok, I did it and I'm sorry look anything back our eye. Take your apology, can you stop? Do I don't know a wily goddamn? We have a mind ties of Congresswoman Cortez, saying like and you know, you're a hundred million per year so guy, I know When you hear someone when you hear someone say the word like every other, patents for every other word? and you know you know you know, you know,
Then you know that person is not thinking. If you are thinking about what you are saying, you don't they like you know, so I have now confirmed that she comes in with a script written for her by others and throws bombs simply to get a ten That's why I'm convinced is happening with the conquered. I will tell you that there is a blogger out who made this a very compelling as Mr Reagan, I don't even know the guy's name. I just know a logo on the screen from this. Mr Reagan, I have not checked into it, but the the The evidence that presented was pretty compelling about that she was selected. She there was a casting call, by a by a liberal organization. They have
the people who did it on video saying we did a casting call. We wanted to see you RON blah blah blah. We got a thousand applications and out of that, we found a casual cortez. We met with her, it shows the video of- meeting the conversation that they had. Then shows all of the conversations of the leadership that has now around her they were saying a few years ago and then word for word, her saying it and once who ask her be on the top. King point, like you know She has no idea. I would be careful with that door. I yes glad, but is also up. It could be planted so that you were reported and then they would
you as you don't bigger propaganda eight hour. I agree with you. I that's why I said I have not checked on this right and I've only slum at what this war and went to Boss University, my alma mater. He was a terrier right. Wildly was at the university, really didn't distinguish yourself in a political sense. He wasn't in the student council was an ominous paper. Was it protests thing, wasn't doing anything new we do not. We know is that she was dancing he's in a video it be you dance. We also know she made a video praising Adam Smith, which is the
exact opposite of socialism. Ok, I don't know I'm not familiar with that, but we know that her district in abroad was right for her coming in and winning could not have known that on our own. We had to be recruited to do that. She was because he had no poli information. That probably was a wing nana date that business is being wrought. No doubt and the guy in Fort Worth is, is providing no use a dollar, We do a variety of different bank, but that, as far as we know in fact, realm bill. It's her! It's an amazing time. They were living in the country where, where you can, you can just produce candidates and they and they. Everybody buys into it. It's all the world
but a stage were living in that time. Bill think there's a lot of binary going on board the day, scenery lot, because people are paying attention back. Why? Because they have their smartphones of day, and I want you and Tony Robins this weekend to discuss that that that is the main topic of conversation and he called me by the way, the break in he's a little nervous. When are you coming over? When you tell banana hands, then I'm on my way Well, thanks. I've got a big, but they will use it as a good thing. Bill orally from Bill O Reilly. Dotcom, that's bill, O Reilly, Dotcom, join him in his fight in his stance. In his stand every day with ie no spin factor whatever the hell, he calls it adds bill. Bill. O dot com
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Dot. Com, slash, be easy k, Zip, recruiter, The smartest wait a higher. This is a grand bog programme. I dont know if I can make the full two minutes we were just talking about. I have a twenty second clip of what bill a rally was talking about in case you haven't heard it Do we have that in the control room? Do you have your vote to an we have thirty August, and do we have Thirty second yeah, ok, well, maybe we'll. Maybe Try this one come back, see how long we can take the likes and then you know, you knows, from light like from one interview, one interview with Leslie, Elsie, Cassio Cortez, what one to me
its of just well, like you know, like you know like, but like that's crazy, crazy she's, Bitch does this at every speech anytime she's, any time she's off of teleprompter or a written speech. That is her speech pattern. She just talks like that because, like you know she doesn't know anything like really yeah she'd like she's, not like you know, Smart Sapo, less illegal! Really! Really! I know it's hard, wife Tartu believe here I mean cheek she's people talk about her like you know, she's sure, she's twenty nine years old she should be able to. Have a little more gradually from past him univer. I am convinced that perhaps you know this whole. You know college scam that somebody paid like fire,
million dollar sixty eight Ahern in Libya. In b, you hurry because lorry laughed aunt, Becky media her to get in the balloon bitterly? after they taped her pet you're too, like the body of Arnold sorts of agar and said now, she's rower and power lifter and somehow another she got in, and because I rest his history. I can't, I can't imagine it she is. She is she's, got an economics degree supposedly, and a foreign affairs shares and Will it become our life? And you know like talkin like why, She has no idea, no idea what you're talking about our back in just a moment with the lights going out in Venezuela and where
Where is the press on this story here? Let's take when really factories are swallowed sponsor. If you are in pain, please try this kind of looking at my best friend news in pain and please trend, because it is, it is remarkable. I didn't use really factor for awhile cause. I just did percent drug free come on man gave me, doesn't have drugs, I'm a guy who's woken up on the operating table. Twice takes you know it takes horse pills to keep me down. So it's like a really unit. Mash up some flowers and it's gonna help no ads actually hot what it is:
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I wonder where all those socialist convince the Venezuelans? No, no! No it's going to be great where they are have they apologize to the Venezuelans for what they ve just put them through, lights have gone out in Venezuela. You there next. This is that land back programme- american finance, incorporation in the middle. One eight do through three four W W W that animal S, consumer access that or you know when it comes for shopping for a mortgage and coming up with a down payment there, a ton of options- and most of them are designed to help the mortgage company and not you, the mortgage company in their underwriters. So how do you know who to trust who works for you who works for the banks? I want you to choose the lender whose in it for you and the way you know they're in it, for you is they are salary based mortgage consultant,
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financing, dot net, eight hundred nine zero, six? Twenty four forty. Then it Venezuela, the lights, have gone out. What is it like to be in Venezuela today? I gotta believe dark for one thing, except flows: torches.
That are in the streets. Imagine a darkness, something darker and scarier than the deepest parts of the ocean darker than an awful darkness space, the darkness of night, a house shackled by darkness, because there isn't any electricity and there hasn't been four months. But then again, that's not the dark. I'm talking about the real dark is the dark part that lives inside of you, the things that you now have to do on a daily basis, just to stay alive around the corner. You hear the beast: you'll shouts from Caracas jail the prisoners have taken over the least that's what you here, they ve they can do a better job of controlling themselves than whoever
has been doing it. It was a hundred years ago. This country was lavished in wealth two long ago you two were rich. You were healthy in that shall be nineteenth century russian diplomat way you ate. Well, you probably eight too much black. It'll beams and fried bananas, saudi negro, cruel, just thinking of a tender shredded beef and the carrot and irregular tinged broth. You strode through steakhouses on special occasions you Ain T bones like Texan, you drank chalais in lines now back from Argentina, occasionally glass of cognac. Now because you were drunk but because you could, because you enjoy the sprouting goodness of life, had to offer man that life it seem like it was never gonna end now you yourself, you're a bag of bones.
Those jutting out like false teeth at times. You think about all the energy waste just breathing, and now you can barely afford a single egg, one egg eggs. They followed the backside of chickens and I can't afford it both quivers at the thought of a Friday tender so tender. Something which is the product of fork oozing under the fry. Papaya rotisserie, chicken, lost a hundred and twenty pounds since it all started going to hell and now you're in it. Suddenly. You weren't, read your middle class lower middle class. Even that's just how good things used to be although there was always the sinner block, hobbles that you can see from the plane is land in Caracas.
Now to spread the office? were used to work as an accountant. Now abandoned overtaken by squatters people like you, lost everything who limp a little more each day toward their death me, and all in black now patrol the streets were shot guns, black bulletproof, vast black tarp, like shirts, black pants black military boots, people emperor cars in the street, because there's no ago. Nothing, you do gasping a bit below a crucifix statue. The left, tilting head of Christ blazoned. In a soft and sad light. The bird rise of daylight breathing into a new day. Christ. Perhaps for the first time you understand suffering you, stand his defeated. Look, look of hopelessness,
in violence in death hopelessness of surrendering surrendering until it stops mattering. You hope you have that one hope left, that all things will change but you really hope that Anything begin to change It was also promising at the beginning every was going to be able to live the high life and now Only a handful are They are the ones that leave behind the gates. This you think to yourself This is the socialist utopia they promised. All of us is Venezuelans as you, there under the statue?
You begin to replay at all in your mind and wonder are all those Americans, those celebrities those from Hollywood. Praised our leaders. Helped convince us that this was road to prosperity, I wonder what there Tonight you know they all praised. They all praised me Hugo's this, and then they came back and they were on the Maduro Bandwagon because he was a bus driver. He was a guy who was one with the people. And he was going to carry on this great tradition started by job as well. The story is it was already falling apart when Chavez got sick, let alone it is death, it
already coming. Undone, it doesn't last long at some point. You run out of other people's money and so It falls apart and the Craddock Socialists will say we believe in the free market. We believe in the free elections of a democratic socialist country. We have to have free and open elections until people start. Turning against you, then all ways Ike Maduro? They either rig it or they cancel the election and that's what's happened, but where are they it wasn't too long ago. Let me remind you with the words from shore. Unpin Oliver Stone Danny Glover and NOME Chomsky that, oh, things were looking up in Venezuela. This was about a new future
Well, the first of all, I consider- the President Hugo Chavez, my friend and Certainly and thou lie about the things that I talk about in the world and that he too, nobody in the world on the top preciously about the country that I love of people often considered me descended and from Haiti he is one of the most important forces we ve had our Lisbon will wish you nothing. That's great strength he has shown over and over again from my very american point of view of my friend has an injustice, it is only possible to be so inspiring as he is as it should but history as we commemorate and celebrate man, other people, can we go? Is his memory live
it says, as you could do you to realise this vision of a participatory. Democracy one involving all citizens. I've done with characters and would say favour the underdog. So here is a man who has been picked on endlessly for years and in that way. I went there and I want to make it about the american media because we seek got enemies. America is gonna, say paradise and reward to its got worse and worse and worse. Why do we go to these extremes? Push exaggerate deem it out why I was harder is to create create a better world not to talk about what so exciting about at least visiting Venezuela. I can see how better world is being created. Them can speak to the persons inspired. Where is known Chomsky today on the better world in Venezuela, where it
the press holding any of these people accountable. How is it while people are starving to death literally starving to death? Our press here is silent and upholding those who refuse to even say their capitalists and art I to drag us into the same exact better tomorrow, Sosius sauce, a socialist utopia that they saw to the Venezuelans just over a decade ago, really factor how's your pay but your pain level. Like you know, sixty percent of Americans are in pain every day and most of them have just given up there. Just like. I can't I'm just not worth it, and you don't think that there is going to be any relief at all in sight,
That's the way I was but a year and two months ago, and I know a lot of people here at the studio where the same they tried to take relief factor relief factor just try for three weeks, three times a day. You take it as directed and for me, pain was greatly reduced, gone some days, relief factor, dot com, try it I'll. Seventy percent of the people who take it come back to order more month after month, because it works really factored out eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four or relief factor dotcom. We break pretend station. I You know in one of the socialists that is, you know, really bringing people to socially. She does, she is so eloquent in articulating how it's gonna work and why it
works and how much it costs and how much it will cost you really good at that. It's it's hard not to see her. You know make the case and and and and go you know that loud. Like they likely, while always while whatever I mean you know like, like whatever here is not cause Cortez from one interview itself by South West Life like were fight now, you know you know then lichens like like whatever you know like their whatever alike, will just like it's like like, like this, like, like Blake, don't hold back to emulate about incremental, oh yeah, oh cash.
It goes on for two minutes after two minute near you know about it. Tightly edited yeah so She said it so many times that it lasted for through mitted straight like it's a lot like well, like you know, whatever right, but ever like yeah. Whatever the lot, let me go to art in Georgia. Hello, art welcomed the Glinda programme. Let me ask about you: you can have a better idea, a desert in response. Which were time but earlier about Islam and whatever you. Don't I want to remind people must go back to two thousand and eleven I got a video was put out about muslim demographics and it talked about how a culture if it is to survive beyond twenty five years, must have a fertility rate of about two, point one one percent in two thousand and eleven at that point. The United States
quality rate was down to one point, eight now, supposedly, according to the way demographics work. This is irreversible. This cannot be changed. It means the little destruction of the american culture, as was founded now, could daffy actually talked about the easiest way to conquer a nation, he said quote, there are signs that allow will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. The fifty million Muslims in Europe, the fifty million plus Muslims in Europe- will grant US
victory now he was so. He was talking about how to literally take over nation without the use of war and what he was talking about was you first have to build the population, then you have to get you a people into the government. Now we look at what happened since two thousand and eleven when, when all of this, when, when I discovered all of this and since then we have seen an increase Lee, you, you gotta figure, the average muslim family of eight point, one children seriously compared to one point: eight. That is a serious imbalance within the demographics show. What could obvious talking about his first create the population one
You have the population. You can then begin to get your people into the government through the election system, and once you have your people in the government now you can begin to change everything to bring it more in line with the Koran and is long. This is look it up. He was talking about whether things had made good dopy, so dangerous to european culture, as we know it so art. I thank you for your call and you're right. I you know those now Where is our accurate? I I am. I don't think you have to wait for. I think that same video says by twenty fifty it will. Europe will be a muslim continent and Munich numbers or numbers, and if you're not if you're, not replacing yourself, one point eight means to people get together so I just don't have it and they have one or they have none
and so you're, not even replacing yourself Muslims have a replacement rate. The eight point, one that needs like two point: nine. Is it together, So you know that the problem here is that the the Socialists, the anarchists, the communists, and the Islamic have all begun to work together. All around world and your seeing that here in Amerika, for instance, I just I just have to ask the question is an honest question out of some one, it was someone so loyal to the Koran. Insist on wearing his job and and be with a group of Muslim that were started by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas? How come you be in that group.
And say I am so devout? I have to wear a huge job and at the same time,. B for women's rights and gay rights. And trans rights and all the rights of of everything that the left is pushing We know that the Muslim Brotherhood is against. All of those things we know Hamas is against all of those things. We Oh, that care as a as essays other or sister organization to Hamas. Created by the Muslim Brotherhood in their charter? How could they possibly? How could they possibly tolerate somebody who is for gay rights. And rights, women's rights and outspoken on those things? How. I am not saying that Muslims are intolerant, I'm saying those or
Negotiations are intolerant. If you what are those organizations in their home countries, they'll kill you. So how does it happen? How's that we don't have to wait for the birth rates to take over. We, are on the verge right now of losing our country and losing all of it, and I I've I'm not sure that more than thirty percent of this country understands that I think there's a good ten percent, that's involved in killing. It and they know- and I think there's probably twenty or thirty percent of the american people that are awake enough,
No, the facts know what they're talking about. Maybe twenty percent the rest. Where are they that's enough to make? was what thirty percent of the american population that were patriots in the seventeen hundreds and they affected change yeah. So we could do it. If, if we stood together, it can up absolutely be done because there was no more than one third of the population in that was for the American Revolution right, but you have to be totally dedicated lives This is a group of land then? Eighteen per cent of our of our population, socialist anarchists Islam assist. That's that's! That's gotta be less than twenty. Four our population, but they are dedicated to it. Every breath they take is for a new right, her utopian tomorrow and
those are the only people that actually make change you're lessening TED Glenn back Alright Lifelock Lifelock would remind you that taxes are due, and you know sure, while you feeling the warmth of being so incredibly charitable when you're feeling the warmth of all, I could give the government two dollars and they're going to keep zero dollars and sixty cents of it and wasted and then take zero dollars and forty cents and apply to something that is probably also very wasteful, starting to feel the warmth of giving at this time of year. But then, let me remind you, there is a Grinch cyber criminals they wanna take. What's yours. What they want is your information. They want your birth certificate.
Are there with Europe. Europe pass codes, they want your social security numbers, they want your information and they ll sell it. That's why life lock is here. They are the best in the business go to lifelong dot com and get ten percent off right now, lifelike dotcom, ten percent off one eight hundred lifelike or lifelike dotcom. Also, if you'd like to hear more from your sternly, you can listen to my show everyday pedigree unleashed seventy eastern six central only on them tv This is the Glen Back programme. Good friend of the programme, Joel Rosenberg has a new book out is called the Persian gamble, and I want to get into that here with him in a second but d, at a meeting with MIKE pants last week and a a surprise
a meeting with the president, which is which is odd for you, because up until like the the day before the election, you were a week in a very few p the Lord never really really and never trump. I was I I thought he was coming catastrophe. I thought it was a catastrophe as well, but I hasn't in and I dont consider myself ever a never trumpery I wanted is, I didn't think you would do any of it, but it soon he started doing it? Unlike ok, give credit where credit is do a good job. Well! Well, football is going see, glass, greatly back and doubts and on the show yeah so so well, MIKE Karen Pens, and I and my wife Lynn, we ve been friends for them. The when he was back in a house and hidden in care had been reading the novels and they want they restock. We are sure we love to get together, and so we become friends.
It's good to see him and catch up. We talk about IRAN, North Korea, the Middle EAST, peace initiative. We are great lunch together, at the end of that he said you know, have you ever met the president, my son, no I never I've never even been in the oval office, not Glens version of it up and come with me now. I can only invite presence known me for a long time diagnose the ups and downs where I've been, but we walk in the first person I see is the sector state my compare, who is also a friend and I am grateful as a reader of the novel, so that's fun. John Bolton, if I know John JIVE know each other for years and then actually I know the vice presidents introduce me to the president- and you know I thought I A handshake! I mean I've never been in the room, never met him. So I was like I want to thank you. In Jerusalem. Now, my wife our dual! U S! Israeli citizen! So thank you! moving the embassy to Jerusalem? This historic, you
Who are the most pro life pro Israel President Hammer, possibly history and possibly there I would say in history to say the least modernist. We are now well else. History is not belong in a modern version, so so but there was some yet he was very gracious you for warm, but he said we have a seat and the vice president woke privileges, one You took me Joseph influential offer is sold like finally books, but, but I didn't want to, but breasts now we ve got to. Now the czech Prime Minister is arriving and we know the there setting up a lunch for your statement, sort of it but presence, we ve got time sit down, so my head is swirling a little bit because I've written a lot of thrillers crimsoning lay some room, I've never ever been, Sit down he's behind the resolute desk he says so. First vault MIKE Present says to me that your and even jackal- I so that's true- I am he said,
your name is Joel Rosenberg. Is a jewish, my so well on my father, ideas, gentile my mom side, but I am a jewish follower of Jesus. He said Let us look confusing to your israeli friends well and to my friends too, and then he said to you when we talk about drew from the embassy and that decision how we got there and he asked me how he's doing in Israel. While I said you are the key, If Israel likening than country didn't know what to make of you, but now you are going to say blow people away be in the Middle EAST Atlantic right then he said right now, you're novelist so tell me or not, for she said to me a little bit about yourself so as well, and that's better, I said listen. I was never tramper until the Thursday before the election. Now and I'm not sure how often the term never Trumpery used in the oval office in the last two years. From the registry is, I didn't look like often
you have. But at least a good way where I well, but he took the bay. In a sense I wasn't bad, but I mean he ok! So what happened Thursday before the elections as well, had descended my ballot. My wife and I from Israel by Fedex to get there in time and my wife said to be. Listen. We ve gotta fill these things out were obviously not voting for Hilary. I know, will obviously not she said so this is it it's. It's a bite, rejoice, it's either or- and besides, are you with MIKE? Karen beings, friends and fans of the novel. Are you really vote against a ticket, or some one has read and liked your novels that you're planning in the present laughter bad or we may all dead. Fortunately, em so I said I wanted to say to you. Mr President, I was I what my I specifically said was your your uncle.
We are voting for Mr Tromp, because you don't trust that he will keep these conservative promises. I sure that's true and I said, Durham precipice present. I have to say that you have kept so many more of these promises and I thought that What I'm just being very honest when I thought he wouldn't, I didn't think you'd ever do those and and the promises that you ve cap, you ve, scrap the nuclear deal. You ve appointed the judges the justices to the Supreme Court right off of your lists, which were good ones and half of all. Yes. Well, ok, yeah! Ah, I be added to the less yellow, admittedly, but I still think they're very good, all the federal judges? Yes, the pushing NATO to spend more money on their as France is the biggest tax contact form. It's not a flat tax, I'm a forbidden. I worked from helped. We want to help you from actually itself what does but look at the economy near sighted. So afterwards,
I am just jump out of the oval office. Second, the vice present says you know you didn't have to confess to that, and I said ass. She might, I think I did I. I think he needs to hear that those of us who sat back for a moment. Then he said well, how do you know arise not doing that now? I super must present I'm trusting that you and the men in this room. He should be affirmed and hurried to the extent that we have agreed no, we didn't get out and get it into the tweeting and some stuff. I still at the for spending another still issues yea, but my goodness, so I may wait most, which mostly talked about the thereon nuclear issue, North Korea so lightly asked me about love ya. Now, I've! Never I've only about five four minutes left. So, let's talk about the realistic aspects of the book. This is North Korea right selling arms to arrive.
Because United States is distracted with Russia. How realistic is the scenario that you out lie that you outline, and I know you are friends with you- know many b, not just in the administration, but people who wore game these things. As this a real concern It very real concern at an and I and the present asked me about the book, and I said this is my elevator pitch. What if the ER the reigning regime took the hundred and five a billion dollars that President Obama gave them for the J C p away. The e g IRAN Nuclear deal where they take hundred fifty billion and secretly go to North Korea and say: look you guys have sixty fully operational nuclear warhead new need cash. We would like a by a half dozen of these warheads off the shelf. What would happen That's the premise of the Persian Gamble and the presence at while he sat back.
Moment. Then he said well, how do you know arise not doing that now I superman private, I'm trusting that you and the men in this room are working every single day to make sure the person gamble never comes true. He's just come back from Hanoi is pushing the of Koreans to DE knew her eyes. Why? Because, ultimately, this is the That is really the threat that that you have North Korea starving its people. Desperate for cash. Iran has cash, but doesn't have the weapons that North Korea, US have and that the minimum Glenn I'm concerned less actually about than buying, though bends and shipping them to IRAN. That's the Persian Gamble version, but just buying than the nuclear test data right in a sense in IRAN doesn't have to test nuclear weapons. They ve got a lab in North Korea right. You just have to buy the data. And this puts them far ahead of any other country once they're ready to pull the trigger as it were, you don't you and I have to
of twelve mom over and over and over again and people always dismiss this, and they say all that you stuff that they talk about is their drive for a nuclear weapon. Is it bout power for the regime and their place at the table of the international nations. Or is it driven religiously a vapor rising Israel. Well it the the second. But IRAN's leadership, not the country, not even the government, but the regime via the ayatollah, his inner core right. These men believe that the end of these have come and that their mission is to hasten salary, the coming of the twelve, a mom, the so called these the their Messiah any doubt in your eye, by destroying not only Israel, the little Satan but the United States, the great Satan, and that's too, we have to keep
clear that Israel's only only the minor objective of the two alternately, ultimately destroying Christendom, which they see as the United States of America. That's the ultimate Jack. That's why? So? That any doubt in your mind that if that would be no person is dubbed the twelfth mom and they come down in your mind that that is the scenario in the book of revelation. Yes, I do, I would have a doubt big, but it for I dont think remit, will allow us to unpack the Theatins Lily S guitar, but but but but generally mean That means that I did several years ago, starting with it, Elsie, mom, Damascus, countdown and the Tehran initiative. That was a series of the boy, Paypal does say in the new testament that there will be fine, messiahs in the last who will be able to do even special wonders in and terrible miracle that will be deceptive Matthew chapter twenty four:
So I imagine I can imagine scenario which a twelfth mom some person at the the she is logic worth it. That's the guy that that pushing could come. I dont believe it would be the ultimate false Messiah, the anti crisis we com, but it, but the Bible does indicate that there could be people like this, the rum earlier to deceive, to destroy. Ah, yes, it is by the way one other point on the icy anew axis of evil emerging, and this is the Russia, IRAN, North Korea Triangle, yes was fascinating to meet glanced at it in my previous book was the Kremlin conspiracy. We talk about that last year, where Russia try said: do a fast grab of of NATO countries, Baltics but when you look at it Vladimir Putin and him John OWN, the Ayatollah Khomeini, I these men have entirely different political philosophies,
religious theology and ask a tragic right, so the question becomes why what draws these people together, because their very different- and that is a hatred hatred of the United States and Western said. But I believe that in real life, setting aside the Persian gamble on the Kremlin, conspiracy Putin believes he can manage this alliance with you whenever I dont believe he can, and this is what makes me the classic sir, about where this is heading. The quest for power will always lose to the the quest of of moral, religious fervor. You know when you put the Russians against people who will die for God, don't matter or the God is right that usually wins cause. They don't care, they won't stop, and I think anybody who deals with them should red realise that, let me real quick, you know you
what about the new access of power, and I would add one area, I would say the that, add one more in that, and that is China. Did you see what China said yesterday? I did not vote This le you know out of power, and they said that they, supply, they'll, fix it and they'll supply the power for Venezuela and They also agree with murderers conclusion on. On hacking their power system. Let me Let me ask you this: what version. You know these guys, you know pants, you know Maduro if we hacked in and pulled their power down and we have caused this chaos is a black black stain on us, I think, is a country I dont see it because I don't see any follow up, there would have to be a strategy. You re shut the country down. It's it's an immoral concept,
right. So I dont see that ok Glenn. I see China's arising power, but not yet in the full on, but take us on. One last thought, though: yes, from one conspiracy, so the president we finished our meeting presence of hate? Let's get a picture so where's the photographer gets a photographer him here and he calls me over to stand next to him and the vice president their side. So I take this moment. I got a little bit hook spoke Glenn. I say, Mr President, my previous novel, which I we have brought you a copy. Is the Kremlin conspiracy now has nothing to do. The allegations, are going to celebrate. He laughs, I say, but it it's about a Russia them trying to invade NATO, but I want to recommend that you take the Kremlin conspiracy. You walk out on the south lawn you hold novel up to the press corps and you say the Kremlin conspiracy, fiction, people its fiction there get in Marine One old. Why are you will drive the left? easy we laughed? I don't have to do it.
Great area in my room. I am it, but I think it behind you, Joe always good, to see you. Thank you. So much in the name of the book is the persian gamble. The persian gamble, novel by Jewel Rosenberg always worth your time, and we are backing just a second first. Let me tell you about our sponsor this f, our it is simply safe Please safe is a great company that has it was started by a young. I was just trying to help his friends stop crime from the burglars, in steel and his friends stuff in their neighborhood. So he put something together and then everybody in the neighborhood is like this is great. Would you make one for me any realized? He had simply safe they are one hundred percent committed to helping you fear lass at home will protect your home. Twenty four seven, no hidden fees or contracts. This is why the fastest growing company protecting over three million people. Now they still run.
Like a small business and they are still protecting small businesses and your home with just a few, Clicks you going to see how good it feels, Fear last, when you go to simply safe back dotcom use that the address simply safe. Back dotcom and you're gonna get a ten percent discount its please safe back dotcom, get your discount now by use. Simply safe, back dot com. This is a landmark programme. Welcome back to the programme. It looks like a small, yet is now pleaded not guilty to sixteen felony charges. Do he's been stricken. Do that for well, you're, not gonna, get any help on this. One
is facing now sixteen to forty eight years for sixteen counts. If he's found guilty on all are actually saying believe it or not. They think that even with that he'll get probation job but that- would be my get. That would be a slap in the face to justice anyway, hate tonight we celebrate the night. Twelve project. Believe it or not, it has been ten years, since we started the nine twelve project ten years ago this week. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for but you have done and continue to do more than it the hat tonight at five o clock on blaze, tv airless.
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