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Hour 1 Happy Hump Day with 'Glenn Beck Super Fan' Fred Mckostraff ...Beto continues to blow it while Biden says AOC needs to 'calm down' ...Don't know much about 'Adam Smith' with Charlie Munger ...Rashida Tlaib blames 'racist idiots' for her hatred of Jews ...Exercising our American muscle Hour 2 Texas bartender, charged for serving killer before deadly shooting spree. Her attorney joins Glenn to discuss his personal outrage ...Teenage girl defends her controversial videos ...The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands with author Rory Sutherland. Brilliant capitalism is the The art of knowing what people want  Hour 3 Jordan Peterson mentor and marketing professor, Dr. Gad Saad joins the show. Quality of Physicians is on a decline worldwide. The silent majority in academics does exist, but they need start speaking out. The importance of elevating conversations that actually have meaning

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with war she's, fantastic right. I can understand out that we ve had some negative feedback from former early recommendation. Audience right, I'm totally with them. I am about Lifelong Republic by right up uses which you loved her, but there are some interesting points that your audience brought up about here to talk about Elisabeth today, if we had a little bit of a little bit of a backlash from last night, but I will tell you, but somebody really gonna love writer, yellow by good, that you are going to love this parliament who is by his papers. Robert France, is a work now this guy past about attacks. It aren't you you wanna, say tax it. You look at this guided to say while I paid because that bottle I propose that you pick up not what you think of Robert Francis Aurora. No, you. First of all, I e the you're, the first democratic I've ever heard. Call him anything but better, and he is he's, definitely not a text he does
have any of the traits of Texas? I don't understand why people papers it he's a real bills, misconception as if this were done in a broader brought it up so tat about your audience is really going to love the principal it's not bad as neighbours that both banks, Bob Robert, if you weren't, were before about a gallop bob but he's got bags Republicans wanted a candidate he's. Why a huge they don't really know must have someone who's y know we don't. Let's that's not true it up. So I know what you're saying and went away. Where the under so laws to TED crews who grows, I mean you know, crows what're, you know what I'm saying you could tell what he is right: you're, gonna, lepers type of analysis. I know that, given it. Secondly, principle is white.
Your audience will love him, he's a man, these emotions and periods and all the other stuff. It's gonna with these women. Where am I right? Ok now you appreciate, I know he's which here That's not what these poor people, these people have a clause. I want someone who is really super rich Ryan number for your audience is gonna really appreciate. This would hit it so well enough for his money he's getting up from his wife. However, this is a guy really is going to get act on it. Have you heard his music yet is this a lawyer for music. I mean oral whitest music. You can possibly imagine bad. I pick up by this. Guy is about this part of the rear, their doctrine of Bob Francis was a directive that went out
permitted give me a call today, sky, I paid his music basically makes very better look, like Jimi Hendrix that basically we're we're here. Why have you Mr Back a huge lifelong Republican, been listening to you. Years and she came on the air in two thousand and thirteen I am a supporter of yours, but the problem with better was people think, MRS Sporadic, because people are calling him better here is the backstory that I'm not told anyone. This paper told you, because I'm a lifelong fan, reticence towards a twenty sixty know. It thousand men we win, nickname, not his Paso upbringing they came from a country club serpent and this. country club, sovereign, could not say Robert because he was one of these people from wherever those region
down there below that border, friends that we need and on whether you, by the way we really do, but when he was called Bento Bob break our work immediately. Had the worker fired, he had it two points here. at him, he had his family dog executed, these sorts of things that better will do for the Skydrive Robert will do for this country of the. Why didn't you go with better for so long? I was just about the media. I mean a fake news. Am I right this morning a green new deal? Why new deal so? I know you're hoodwinked, neanderthals in your audio thanks, a bunch of trees. You take your wonderful to do. We make sure he's not on again, please I don't do that for some good insight. Actually, our partners
it's it's interesting to hear the perspective of the Democrats ia how their communicating that yeah yeah well. It was good to hear the reintroduction of of Bob Francis, and I think it's going well be a no big it is people are really really getting. Cited right about better. Have you ever seen a campaign crash? burn like this, I mean he came in as they like that. Two guy, when he announced and its on from he was at fourteen fifteen percent. Somebody's poles and now is The two is worrying and one there's nothing there. You know tried to make him into the are F K, are f k? had real substance. yeah, I'm gonna, be I I would vote for our F K today. Would you I mean I don't think so I mean policy, wasn't, have lots of problems with them, but
still really if you are a digress like his race policy, I know use Benda nine minutes in I'm. I'd have to go back and really study the policy proposal. How would I go back and study him too, but by you'd have to say he's more conservative than the ninety nine percent are hundred per cent of the Democrats. Running today of K was tat. Was more conservative then any You heard me Horowitz, say in this yesterday, another person running for president for the demo That's who said basically, I'm more like J F K and Does he even of body even allow a J, F K, type candidate even on the stage know, even if they get sick five thousand donations, they're gonna, try to find a way to block it anyway. I think that's gonna be real problem for them. I think I mean they are there he wanted to be the most transparent, the most open, the most diverse, and they are, if they block him, and they start pulling shenanigans. I think there
real trouble. Now, what does that mean? The press is gonna back them up. But I think they could have some real legal trouble. Yeah I mean that's probably true. Theirs He said that there could be a long road for them, but you look at this. and we have all twenty three thing is twenty three candidates on the race, if you don't mind I mean what we showed he should be on the board. I mean you know people around here, just don't be respected, like we do admit, vigour in the debate? But if you count twenty three of them then there are some that are running as moderates they're saying like look, we don't want the green new deal and this is big thing going out with Joe Biden right now in that he's, and basically an overt fight with Alan. Andrea, Cassio, Cortez about they hate, but a yo see hates the old guard and the old guard hates her. Yes, and deep, of course, loves that in its it's the reason why she's getting lots of money and living in nice apartments and getting Alice attention, but
talking about her. Is this king maker and the democratic campaign, and it's a nome and she's in this fight with about the green new deal and she said well, we we don't have a there's, no time to compromise on our lives. It's like that sort of nonsensical talk and I everyone to go. Well. What does the Alexandria cause? You got Cortez going to do next, but who cares Japan's beaten everybody by thirty points, so here. She is those play the audio of Joe Biden, responding to a Yossi. Do we have play you never heard me say: middle of the road. I've never been the middle road on the environment, and I tell her to check that. You know nations, but the my record but nobody has a more consistent about taking on the environment and the Green Revolution, and I have and so plus
ok, come they should come down here, and we will, big Joe Biden, sound rational. You polo serious magic trick. I think that's good for him. I am the man with the Democrats. I think democrats I mean the numbers are showing it the Democrats better. voters in the middle of the country do not want anything to do with the socialists. It does seem that way, and you see that we know that the there's a lot o k it's who are now switch, no women this first all started. Everybody on more with a green new deal right, you had to be even get into the campaign. Lately, though, there's been pushed back You know I mean bite in his is the the highest profile one, but their several candidates in this field. Now, you're saying those types of things: even Buddha, judges, Hannah going down that road of of trying to position him
it s a little bit more of a moderate. I gotta tell ya, I dont think it'll work. If you ve already come out and said these things Yeah I mean I'm getting people look, the bottom line is if they gonna want a moderate, it's gonna be hard to beat Biden right if they want to go. on that road, if you think of it as two wings writers, two wings of this primary, these sort of socialist wing- and me I mean Right wing is ridiculous. To say when you're talking about Joe Biden, he's not he's right, he's not a moderate at all. It was the most aggressive senator in the Senate. when he was running for president in two thousand and eight hour, you use one or two- I can remember Bob Obama or him wasn't one or two bottom line, though here is he's not a moderate, but for this for the purposes of this straighten you think of them. Is the moderate candidates? Will you bite it up there? going for the social side of it. You ve got Bernie Sanders and Common Harrison Elizabeth Warren, a brand and oh Rourke and Booker. I daresay Booker her, and I mean
strong and somewhat gabert end in ITALY, and I mean you could go down this list and find em with seventeen of the twenty three that are going for the socialist side of this. You got think that only one of those is really gonna be able to move through this primary and on the other side with bite? And I guess you Know- probably closures in more moderate camp. You have and the other everyone else's are loaded, are look either. He can loop religious doesnt. Have you no bullocks? So I mean you get those really it's it's, Itunes to blow and Joe Biden is good at blowing in o presidential races he's done it several times. He could easily blow this. So let me go back to Elsie. You know, Charlie mongers yeah, who is Warren Buffett's number to write? I am okay, so he was doing an interview on Yahoo finance, the interviewer hated Donald Trump, and it was trying to bait him and and and everything else. but I want you to listen to a couple of questions first
debt. The interviewer says some people say that you know there's. No problem with debt, listen people now say that federal debt is not a problem at all. Well, if you believe that you believe in the tooth fairy then we don't have any more taxes, emerald spread money in live happily ever after these, they won't work. Spare me about various. Can I go about so these are that this is something that a yo see is advocating the new monetary policies and modern monetary area. Madame modern monetary theory. Thank you and it is it really is you don't to borrow money, you just print money and you Bob. oh it against the future, because if you print money, you're gonna say that to create jobs and then it'll pay for itself when those jobs start bringing in ex dollars it's it's. Fantasy land, it, sir,
Keynesian in a way, but in in like a I just had fifteen red bulls sort of way. I get is really a hamburger. Twenty five Jack Daniels. Yes, he ain't gonna, be your wide awake when your lie not now not now is really. I've were and by doing so we clearly I now I could be up for days. I got somebody out. It is a new area of money and Regan Spanish made his manners span preparing programme for preparing. That's what This is a great point to why bother taxing the rich or anybody else. They drink is printed does my right by just turn the tax thing off completely, because we ve always known that it doesn't work now here he is on Elizabeth WAR in any Yossi. Listen this they're kind of I got my protect, make and illegal is love. Worm he's a man That appeals to me
I don't agree with her her attitude. I don't think so. Studied Adam Smith. Enough. and what about a yo see? Do you have any you take on her I think she knows well was it. Pretty solid home, you know it's funny there. There were reports initially that early at her years at Boston University that she loved to atoms yeah that she was actually a conservative and is by the way list, with worn, was republican for good chunk of her life. People often rumour that either now she was also running a casino. Well, yes, said: Missus Merrick peoples with native American, going. You know what you say about that are back,
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you're, really great way to just have a great time eat a lot of italian food on this cruise. It's a beautiful, beautiful ship and it happens next spring. Bring your family. If you can just cause, you and your spouse, and join us just go to come sail away, dotcom come sail away, dotcom again I'll, be there bill. O Reilly will be there and we're. Favorites now Stu come sail away, dot, com, that's come sail away, dot, com, tens, station. I do You know what I am. I wanna go to Rashid had to leave
blaming racist idiots for criticising our holocaust remarked. She was on with Seth, with Seth Myers. Listen to this some critical as the use of common feeling, you have said that it was taken out of context. I want to give you a chance to provide some contact. You know for Firefox out on Don't know I mean my grandmother, my living grandmother, my mama's mom lives in the West Bank, in occupied territories of Palestine and what's incredibly, the tragedy of the holocaust. The reason why Israel was created is create a safe haven for Jews around the world, and there is something like in many ways, beautiful about that. My ancestors many had tied or had to give up their livelihood, their human dignity to provide a safe haven for for Jews in our world. and that is something I wanted to recognise and kind of honour and some sort of way, but I also think its import because I want a policy people also to find some sort of light. This kind of what's happening, but also you know, and I said I want all of us to feel safe.
all of us deserve human dignity, no matter our back no matter? Ethnicity, no matter, even our political parties. We all need deserve that kind of equality and justice. And you know for me. I want to talk like that and then bring that to the light and was unfortunate. You know I've got a text message from a friend who's like hey next time you know really clarify. Maybe talk like a fourth greater, because maybe the races idiots would understand you better. You know it's what truly amazing about this is She says she wants people to feel safe. You want some justice out of this well when you lose two wars and both tie The the Jew said: pay do not go away, will protect you in this together, I won't tell you a little bit about a gold like gold line has the.
new or very, very old, five dollar liberty coin. This is a real piece of history: This is from eighteen, eighty one there's four of them here in this case and it's a piece of history for a reason: eighteen, eighty one! These were printed at thee, the mother of of all of our means in Philadelphia. All the way out to the granite lady in in San from disco, but this was a Five dollar gold piece anywhere five dollars anymore, that show the inflation rate, but what I love about these is the were the coins that people were allowed to keep these. Revived the FED gap. Bring up all of the gold coins. Few had something from the eighteen hundreds you could. You could keep it these coins survive.
It's the last gold confiscation. I believe they will survive anytime, any kind of take over the next time- God forbid the so the coins that I own you can. Damn right now: special pricing, gold lying dotcom. Let's go blind outcome: eight x, x, gold life wound the programme so glad that you have joined us. It is wins today. It is once again as I have leaving on vacation tomorrow. After the show we ve got a really special show line up for you to Morrow. Some really great interviews by way of great interviews did a God sad is join. s life not just little while on Anti Semitism, but he's gonna, be he's is really interesting idea. He's really interesting, as we could incur we'll story. He is the godfather of the intellectual dark web. Before there was an intellectual doc and dark web. There was GAD sat in fact, GAD is
the guy that Petersen called George. there's no Jordan Petersen called and said them. How do I do this went away? I mean I got a stand up. How do I do it? Gad? Who gets the guy who guided him through all of it this week, after I took the initiative and create a billion turnover Are you working on our answer? It's really not, but thank you Al Gore and Pat great for joining us here. We were just talking about eight o c and and and also Rashid, to leave and nonsense that they are spewing. The history changing than they're doing yeah the spin on it that her grandmother who lived in the West Bank gave up her homeland to to somehow pretty the Jews from the Holocaust. What a lie that is, the Jews went around the truck and loudspeakers and told the Palestinians stay in your home will protect you. We will ever
after you do not join the the arab world? No one will know her out, because when the party it happened in nineteen, forty, seven, the! U n did Israel their state and they granted the Palestinians, their state people forget that or they don't know that Part of history is never talked about what an end. Jews gave the state back yeah they gave the first war they gave it back, any nineteen, forty eight, when all the arab nations got together with Palestinians and attacked Israel, Ah then when the war started some you know some of the of the jewish commanders were like ok get em all out of here and that others were like. No, we will protect. You will see that even then, some of them we're tell em we stay where I want to stay. Right, protect you. Any aid. Has the the amazing thing? Is when she says you know, a lot about
Austrians died to give their homeland no. They died because they were on the wrong side again: re, Israel and and the poor estonian leadership was actually in league with lower during the call of the Holocaust, What other than man don't write is none other than she is exactly right. I just gave a speech last night and- and I didn't realize that in this way in the room that I gave the speech was There was a holocaust survivor, and I was talking about how Vive the Palestinians that the the grand mufti actually had gone over meet with Hitler. Anne had come back with blue prints of outwits. He wanted to be outwits all where the Middle EAST, to liquidate all of the Jews in the Middle EAST.
And then I started talking about how you ve got a stand up when it's easy, because this is not the time stand up, is when you right now, it's easy Reinhard, somewhat a will and it gets hard. You're not gonna, stand up if you're not stand up now. You're not going to stand up and son become righteous. The that's not going to end this, this survivor, this holocaust survivor, was in the crowd people kept looking at her. As I was speaking, and she kept shaking her head like up. That's how it happened that's how it happened. While I mean it was really Power where there we are now mean: did you see the thing with them Bernie Sanders New campaign manager thinks of her son of this year, I know whose controlling the He Dnc remember
the day and see what they see right, Alexander, because you re controlling videos. Well, she she is remember who did they want to have as the head of the Dnc and their donors pushed back so much. think Minnesota use of yourself. You she's Algeria. He was here. I can't Alison was gonna, be the guy only because let me to movement did not happen really right cause. He was not a time when he was accused of yes, but it is also because some of the big jewish donors were like hello, yeah. So that's who is You know, I think, is the number two guy in the Dnc now Fi Ye shook here is new campaign manager for Bernie Sanders. He was the vice president for communications of the centre for american progress He was the liaison of the centre american Progress for Barack Obama, Nirvana,
think how radical they are. He then left to even more radical group. He was the founder and editor in chief of think progress. Then he became the senior adviser to Harry Reed and the senior adviser to Nancy Pelosi, then the national political director of the ACL you, now here's his background, he's a Muslim and as the member of the Harvard Islamic Society affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the muslim students, Association in United States and Canada, While he was at Harvard he could Who chaired the fun raises for the Holy Land Foundation? Does that sound you're turning yeah unindicted co conspirator in the what, which was the only land were that they were the there Why was the united they were
oh yeah, they were only really worry, was care that was the unindicted for records, feared he co, authored, veer, inks and fear ink, which claims that Islam Phobia is the product of a jewish conspiracy he has written positively about the tunisian Muslim Brotherhood, Islamist named Rashid guns. But she, I think his name is whose one of his quotes is. There are no civilians in Israel, the Population male feel my female and children, the population of Israel. They are the army reserves, soldiers and thus can be killed, that's who's running, Bernie Sanders campaign, socialists. An Islamist are working together for the destruction of the free market. In the western world and Israel
exactly what I laid out on the last chalkboard. I did it fox for the last year that you were marked for Yo Yo Yo. Wow. That's I mean now that's who were dealing with and then you look at the abortion what's going on and how extreme their becoming on abortion. I am really happy to see some of the push back from some of these states. I dont think it's gonna go anywhere may go to the Supreme Court, but I don't count. The Sudan would ort that's Adele Balanced trying to force their. They know that their new law, which essentially is almost a little banner abortion at any stage. So you can't get up and abortion any reason other than the mothers life in right and that past. Twenty five to six in the Alabama Senate, so the Ro Life governor her so It sure is all that stands between alibi,
and and this new abortion ban so they know that it's gotta be challenged. They know that it's conflicting with Roby weight, and so then it would go to the: U S Supreme Court, which they're trying to they're trying to get that. Let's do that. Let's have that battle now it's! and so extreme, when you're talkin about allowing babies born alive to die or killing them after they ve been born alive. something has to happen, and I I think I hear my life the gear. I would hope that because the left, while I know what you just said, is true, left continues to deny that that's what it is. So I say we leave the baby in the womb in our arguments, because it's so easy for them to discredit and say nobody wants that. That was it. the governor of Virginia leave the baby in the womb five minutes before birth, where they can still children
that's a baby in five minutes out, then, it's fully viable its fully with food be grown. That's a baby Europe, they'll call with killing at five minutes before its birth. Well, yours, it's alive, it's what you call Let your brain! It's right like this harpy bills, candidates name yesterday. I now saw what I bought people do when we definitely have a name for maybe, but merely by. That is that you have to pay. You couldn't say that baby can save us re, but maybe we could kill her. I I just love how you guys were calling this a heartbeat bill, and I know what you guys call heart beat. It will could be a drum Now I don T, you don't know who could be could be me no because area, music, Mandarin or how major given birth to a met for no right. We don't knows. Let me tell you something. I mean this sincerely, you don't know because the media, that just just that,
pro life media. Just hides this? U dont! Where do you think the blue men group comes from their birth as a group by women all the time so we had heart beat now know those guys aren't human There is an error. Has a troop decision be just drumming better n n n? This sounds funny right. to say that you wouldn't call it a heartbeat right. Let me read this to you from the Washington Post today and their coverage of the heartbeat bill, sixteenth its have passed or are working to pass bans on abortion after a doctor can detect what a call quote a fiddle. beat in the womb and Cuomo MIKE. What would they call? Can you slow? Who? Not only would it be a match for? No? What are you thinking? That thing is managed in the article what they call a fatal heart beat in the womb?
This is like very widely read out scientific denial here when they are an ultra sound on a woman, and you do not hear that sound. They declare the baby dead, So what else could it possibly be? And how can seven eight, I that is an alive I ride out, I'm a little confused on his well. You know it's interesting, though, is that our
Let us try to forces issued to go to the Supreme Court. I am not sure that even a good idea right now, because I'm really convinced the Supreme Court doesn't overturned work. No John John Roberts, not Robertson Cabinet, have all night. I don't have any confidence in the cabinet at least there's a chance, because it's early should have the chance. There were no freaking way. John Robert, who was now selves longest rooted Obama care with such reverence that he didn't want to overturn it before it has even been implemented when it was clearly unconstitutionally ease and overturn a forty. Some of your president knows no there. You know it's eight there's no way he's gonna do that. Here is the problem. We have turned the Supreme Court into a legislative body and that's not what it's for note We didn't higher these people, we didn't vote for these people. They are not supposed to be a legislative body either direction there. Not suppose to be voting with the conservatives, because that's the the conservatives wanted theirs.
Posts to be ruling on the constitution and its opponents. The emotionless municipal to be based in law, not horse trading miss possibly based in precedent to know which they use all the time right. That was a that was a progressive thing. You don't do it on precedence is eighth. ever dream of the left that they're gonna overturn rovers his way with the Supreme Court. Unaware disappoint people, but I haven't. I don't think it's a is that I will tell you this. I like the fact that people and states are taking an I love. Absolutely we I mean it's, it has to happen. You have to exercise that mustn't muscle of courage, because times great and terrible times are coming. They are. We are living in biblical times and Everything that we always read is kids, I'm fifty five, you read stuff kids near like ok, that's not gonna happen in my lifetime. It's all
happening. It's all happening exactly as described and who, if we don't exercise the muscle of courage. Now, if you are not protecting voices, if you're not protecting right, if you're not standing up for people you disagree with, but their rights are going away your it will be lost and when you speak out, it'll be too late you must exercise that muscle now make them right let me tell you a little bit about lifelong, According to a recent study ocean point out quickly before getting lifelike, Padre is going to be in on this programme on Friday and Bill O Reilly will be joining him as well. So it's gonna be a really good show, don't don't go missing, preserved do lifelong! I just said before you the lifelike calmer fired already started it. I know before you get into it fully
It was said this has brought you buy lifelike. That's why I thought it was a good terminated because they know that says really bad time. Thank you know. I thought I was a great time. People who listen to Pat Enjoy Pat would want to know that on Fridays will be hosting the show solo and an inhibiting gotta be joined by Bill O Reilly an hour to ethics, a big. I am taking one that crews my Marty book, the court. While I cancel that he cannot eyes, not your absolute, you dont want occurs, you don't think I can make that up and now I don't like it may now that you are clean offer. Are you're going to I'm going to strap you to a wheelchair, and it's like they won't. Let me cancel out push you out in the Mediterranean anyway, life dark. Forty five did go dark, pretty van aren't global malware, volume has risen for the third straight year, reaching two hundred and two hundred and six point four million attacks. On computers. That's an eleven percent increase just year over year, the
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a flock dot com, if you were listening yesterday to the story about that, Texas BAR tender, who is facing a year in jail, I am can't figure out. Why, honestly, I think this woman was a hero and what she did He'd have her attorney, I maybe he can splain. What the heck is happy in the great state of Texas on this: that's next I'm Hilary venture form an adviser. Now. Here's then, and still more, this amazing our coming up for you here in just a few minutes, and then God said about sixty minutes from now. talk a little bit about relief factor. Really factory is something that is one hundred percent drug free was created by doctors as food or key ingredients in it and what it does is it helps your body fight against inflammation in a nation is what keeps you up at night. Inflammation is what keeps you in pain inflammation is what his? Why you're your foot, your knee your?
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the fusion of entertainment and enlightened death is that combat programme. There is a story that we brought you yesterday that I just don't even begin to understand happening here in this state of Texas, Texas, of all places. We all know that if a bar tender serve, somebody who is drunk and then they get into a drunk driving thing is that there are in trouble right. We know that and that law was done so servers are not pushing drinks on people and pouring them into their car. That law was not meant for four lynn,
glass somebody who served for drinks over four hours and then the fog this person was drunk and so left her job to go, try to find him because he wouldn't stay and then tracked him to his house and called nine one one. It ends that he kills the members of his family. She is now going to trial. She may go to jail for this. I don't understand at her. Attorney is on with us in one minute. This is that land back programme all right so, dusk- is is a great thing here as we're getting through what I'm on vacation in a couple of days. At the end of what
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you played, I have your speak, my mind. This is stated yesterday. This is grave injustice. As I see this, we to get Linsey Glasses attorney Scott Palmer on to see if he could explain what the heck is happening with with Lindsey Glass and why she's possible? gonna go to jail for a year for something that the pull even the police say. You saved lives. Well,
the programme, Scott Palmer EG, you Leon, so can you can you tell me the story? What are we missing in this story? Why are they pursuing this? I have no idea some cases to be prosecuted in some are just point didn't never be disturbed. The idea that this case should be the legacy of this horrible. This is what we are talking about now then the metal often nightly domestic abuse in the fact that this is a premeditated. Her his crime. That was gonna happen, regardless of where this man was drinking or about drinking. He just who is it insult to the actual memories of seven seven people that were killed. couple things that I wanted to make sure they were clear on she. She did not know he was drunk. She did she. I'll call. You said I over a four hour period of time, but the end:
idea tat she understood he was intoxicated is about the fact question as the big issue and that something we're gonna fight, jointed, understand and appreciate he was acting strangely. Right and she knew him in some way or another. He was a regular there, but she serve too hard liquor, drinks and two beers over a four our period than any of your body, your body will will must be. Drink, an hour's where you live here. Are your body will work through that? How is she even responsible at all? Well, she she's, not in that's why the law is in I heard your enshrined in the dream. Shop area were sure over serve somebody and they get in a rag, an accident. Ok, I bet there there's liability under the civil law, but an end, the bar pursued by the lawyers that represented Thea the families- and I do
those types of cases as well, and I gotta be honest with you. If they came to me, with the theory that the bodies responsible for the death of these people when you got a mouse approximate cause issue big disappearing. Yet intentional out. That was the poet planned premeditated for about a week. He had a armoury anew in his apartment of thousands of them. it was a wild guns and he had been plodding their supper wait for a while, but to put liability on the bar or the bar tender for what he did is just it either I can see why you're angry and what you're doing a story and disquiet at the world has been tried to the distorted it doesn't make any sense to. Prosecute her. There is no justice here. There's no justice being done on this. We agree with you, is it all true that she left the bar personally, to stop right before leaving before he left. She tried to stop him. They were, they have a conversation.
Side and I should like: what's goin on you're, not acting strange, he was very veiled, but he was saying and she was asking It is about Meredith, which is actually opportunity. and he is now has nothing to do with her cancer, you lied and the appeals of master manipulator according to his mother, any very adapt round, which means you use able the mass kit intoxication people into serving him, which is exactly what happened here. So she just got a bad guy from him and he and believing and she just did not feel rise, or she will letter. We leaves the bar who who leave their work, nobody nice honest, Scott? I think linsey- is a hero. I really do I ain't. She did something extraordinary did and she left the bar, and I understand that the house that he wants you, MRS Ek, swipes house,
and she has moved on and at length. He thought that Mr Spencer had moved on to It conversations. We were friendly, dont best friends, but unless you supposed to be at the bar, I met the house that night was a cowboy, I think the airplane Falcons first came the current uncertainty. and she was working sheriff bar for the people detained peoples with it. Haven't seen here yet and she's painted a lot of folks, including him, but not enough meaningful time to observe him. His walk his dinner and that will allow the of the probable cause evidence. about how he was walking in his mannerisms, but hurry how you she's a bar tender on US sports night good heavens, I'm this is ridiculous and she does call her by manager and then they called the owner, and there were some text message that they be quoted. Cheng it. You know she she thought he was
you're crazy or something? Maybe he was great use about to commit mass murder that nobody knew, but she leaves the bar little. leave the bar and has a customer man. Unlike last short anybody sectors hold before I've got to go extraordinary. Moon on her part drives down with her co, but I guess bartender, who wasn't working, that night came off the off the clock and she goes to the earth, the home of Meredith and she sees these vehicles and you ve got behind like in the alley way. We have alleyways in taxes and she's freaks cause, I'm gonna mediately discusses premonition that something bad happened. Why is he here? You ve not supposed to be here. What's going on and she links up is it is bizarre behaviour called I'm on one and they tell her to leave, get all the way and then eight minutes late, Seven people their debt, but if he had she hadn't called name on one. The swat team had not been able to be out there with a did. More people have been dead,
indeed, if I'm not mistaken about the other were a worker that she called initially wound a fly. in down officer as well in this process if they try to counter police at least twice during the situation that I'm not that's news where I have not for now, but that doesn't make it. It certainly makes stands to reason that they were, it worked out in a moment and they were looking for help there, just fearing the worst, not knowing what he was going to do didn't know what and who is the prosecuting attorney what Is he thinking Was she supposed to do. She did more than any one else would have done. So. Here's the rub on this planet police department not tee a b c from what I understand. The planet police department issued this warrant and when they do, they prototypes up an affidavit. Three it is a one sided municipal court judge has powers to issue a warning and they did is, I believe, unbeknownst and without conferring with recalling county gesture.
chinese office have not. Nor was it you have to understand. There was an officer involve shooting they shot and killed Spencer High shortly after he he murdered these people. So there, whenever you haven't this will involve. Shooting there isn't a Euro grand jury is convened, an intrusion inquiry and, of course the council has to get a grand jury and beat to be noble, and that's what happened that so there was a whole football. The huge involved investigation from the plane police department- maybe the Texas render to involve it's all that happened. You know in seventeen and eighteen, so This all the evidence, everything I was was presented to the grand jury, was examined by multiple investigators and Wendy was cooperative during this entire time, because they did they did the plane or police. Not commend her that night and say it wasn't for you there. I've been more dead, that's my internet that aid commanded her. They continued
commander and understood that she was having Massa PTSD. I believe they preferred her to a therapist that, as part of a government glad that is Europe that is touches and concerns the piano these dick victims of of family violence and things of that nature. Since you ve been in therapy, they know this. They are aware of everything and they do this on April, on the very day that the civil law suit was dismissed voluntarily by the play of journeys less last in this last question for x, I know you ve gotta run you in reading your history. You you have a lot of really positive results for your clients, but who are also known as a entering into play negotiations you're, not gonna plead this? Are you ah died. I plan on never having this case darkened the courthouse door. This case has not been filed. Islands
I don't I'm a trial or I gotta trial when, where necessary, of course, bbl e cases when one is the right, to do indirect? I understand it so now this this is if this gets file, which I'm we are working with the aged office to encourage them not the file. This case do not accept the case from the point of police department. That's the first that if it does give accepted, which I'll be surprised if they do you accept it after the uproar? That's been an you're you're you're. The prevailing attitude across this country in the world is I've got an email from all over the world and support of her is don't. Prosecutor shall hopefully to call a candy distributors, all this is listening and I'm in my job and myself yet job is to encourage them to not take. Whilst cases taken, we will go to trot Scot. I tell you, there's a stool and I take this one's personally. We we moved to Texas because there is common sense. Is no common sense in prosecuting this. This woman. She
She should be look viewed, I think, as a hero, and if you will keep us up to date, anything we can do to help. We will. This is wrong disgraces. Absolutely wrong. the two percent, we'll keep you up to date? Not forgive me. Some good news that the case has been refused were much under great thank you very much. Scott appreciate him. Ok, lifeless, so many ways at Samara. Cybercriminals can take. What is yours when your purse, identity is exposed, someone can use it to commit identity theft. According to a recent glue. we'll malware. study. The volume of malware has risen from the third straight years reaching to hunt, and six point four million attacks- joy in last year, just Twenty. Eighteen, that's enough
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as for ten seconds station idea, so there is a theirs. fourteen year old girl on Youtube and she has eight hundred thousand followers. That's a lot. She is Fourteen she's foul mouth and she is saying all kinds of things that you just don't say in civil society, or at least in this pc world is the kind of stuff that committee. And might have said yes is the girl, but nobody has the balls to say it seems like a goes way beyond that. Thou right in you could see these real hard core comedians twenty years ago, saying things like this
but she yeah- maybe but she is she's way way out of the norm now but you listen. This is her on Muslim cease. Fourteen years old, listen to this since the can, I become a devout follower of the prophet Muhammad supposed to say: I've been having a ton of fun. Of course, I get right by my four year old husband every so often, and I have to worship a black cube to indirectly, please an ancient Canaanite God, but Ellie Second, to go soon framed in stone, but there are some gaze and the cops can do anything about it because California Crypto Caliphate, the only part of Islam I absolutely cannot get into is the entire you stuff, Personally. I just can't support any sort of animosity towards Jews. I won, Maybe a nazi. Now what I. now.
In our society, everything she just said is unacceptable, However, the only speech that needs protecting is the speech we disagree with. I dont like this because she's taking on a religion, she is being destroyed back full yadda yadda, but she has a right to say these things she's. Clearly, clearly in intelligent person, going about caliphate. Why? How many people knew about Caliphate? When I was talking about a caliphate, I mean she say she sang those words. We don't know that I kind of If you look at the video to me, it just seems like its Sufis written for for them like I don't know whose rescript right I mean she generally my reading a script, maybe I mean you're audible, she wrote it, but I mean it doesn't seem I mean it doesn't seem like that to me kind. The part that the part of it terms a meal eleven, like your. We put our
but your kid up on the said to make this commentary and and and your writing in a ring- have them use the effort a million times and talk about being raped. I'm not, I don't think has it as America's greatest parent. I dont think I would go down that road. I you know I would. I dont think that that would be a good time. I will be saying to my son, even if he wanted to do this or my daughter, I would be saying you're gonna destroy your life. Don't do that? It's not it's not right! Here you're going to destroy your life. Don't do it in a forty. the old, certainly minimum, as you may Glenn, doesn't always listen to their daddy. I so we know that we could put, but the weight of the jokes are written it. It just seems like it some it's an adult. Writing them now here she is defending her videos, listen apparel, because those eight hundred thousand of you, I'm burdened with the duty of baby sitting in indoctrinated. You and I
are the social responsibility of treating like cattle, worse blubbering retards, if they can't think for themselves. Let me put it in blunt terms, for you: there's no thing is the social responsibility of entertainers you. For decades now kids have been getting tat. Leftist public schools, none of you Ben I, but soon put some videos up on you too, without any pretence and suddenly the brainwashing people do beg me kicking and screaming, to stop disseminating the ideas. I believe in any one major difference. Not only am I inactivated to that. Most agenda is to warn you grew up with empty v, and nowadays they watch call bear we, on the other hand, group with the internet, so we have no centralized source of information that controls. We think we filter out truth for ourselves, we're not lazy. No one is brainwashing kids, because I shall be learning from having free access to information and there's enough,
you can do about it. Keep crying about how scared you are that were being weapon eyes for the upcoming crusades. What you gonna do tell me to watch. Contra points kill yourself. In any case, I am wondering whether concern what I say instead of being concerned with the parents, what their kids watch me, but then again these are the same brainless. I believe it would benefit society if every mother would ship in undocumented routine a woman to take it children. While she works a secretary calling as brainwashed won't do a thing when we're kicking your ass in every metric, Societies is awful was his turn it off so now about time. I'm good was that show others than the USA, Canada, as legislators burn all think I M ready. I'm ready Do you have any excess Ernie raises is Elysium a real thing? Can we go there? There's a couple things if she is this entails, didn't I mean I could have seen its wait. A minute wait a minute, then Shapiro by
Shapiro. We knew him at that yeah. He never would voted on that Norway do today, no one. Never I'm not saying that. I am saying she is making a least a cogent argument. It is not necessarily one I agree with, but she's making a cogent argument, and it a back? This is the backlash you will see from the next generation because this generation says shot everything down. The pendulum will swing back. This is your future euro, lessening TED Glenn Bank really factor If you are in constant pain, you are not alone. I know because I was in constant pain for years. The issue is to see you can't live this way. You just can't live this way and
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today. Is that one year anniversary of embassy, moving to Jerusalem, weaving joint production between the police and feet wire dot com celebrating it starts tonight, clumsily Stephen There is there's a book out new book called Alchemy, the dark art and curious science of creating magic in brands, business and life. This has to either the I'm going on vacation in a couple of days. This is a book I'm gonna be reading on vacation because it talks about how we are missing. How People are feeling and I mean how do you get somebody to drink red ball when it's horrible, mean it's horrible I've had won and still gave it to me, and it made me feel like crap but it, but unless I get it
and tastes good oft. Almost the charm of it in some weird way. I don't know. There's other competitors like in the new monster. Rain stuff is really good, taste Delicious, So Rory Sutherland is a Add man. He writes the spectators Wiki Man column. He also presents for the BBC radio, for in in England. His TED talks. How have you know seven million views and he is, the author of alchemy, and we welcome them to the programme I Rory. How are you going to be all very much you man, I am fascinated by what you ve, what you find owned and where were headed give me some of the give me some of the highlights here. First, let's start with red ball, how do you? get people to drink red ball when it tastes like garbage
if you sat down and let anyone with a muttered completely irrational people. As you said, we want a drink to complete because the first thing they say It's ok, you're new drink after taste, Knighthood Coke, I'm gonna, cost less than Coke Richard but it really big time was that people get great value for money, but it will be the most successful competitive coke in financial terms, as probably be missed expensive drink in a tiny, can look case, kind of horrible, not kind I myself would have stated quite clearly, I really quite enjoy it believe me: the coastline everything is deception is affected not just by reality but by context, and so, if your promises that you drink cows, Khartoum, all psychoactive powers, but I didn t swear disadvantage. It's actually a kind of proof point.
engaged by the way, is a diet coke, as distinct from zero diet. Coke is deliberately made to take a little bit more better than ordinary keg shifted. The news is very small mental trade off. We don't believe it today. so does. This is where these things planned, for instance, did, did the people at Red Bull did they did they. Stinted. We know this or scientific quickly no there's that they had to make it tastes like dog crap. I think an awful lot of excessive in capitalism ah powerfully accidental right. So I would ask the question You probably know that Canada is put next to the Taliban in shops, because the argument is that children, my parents to be correct. My. How does she is that originally this didn't happen to plan,
what happened is people notice that if you had kindly next to a tail, you saw Bore candy and it's a kind of evolutionary process in capitalism? I think which is much more free market capitalism, capitalism, the lethal is a process of discovering what it is. People want we ourselves, Hopefully, no. We don't have introspective access to One of our brains in all of our preferences are very large part. I think, is of consumer capitalism Does it experimentation and selection a kind of darwinian thing right one example, I find fascinating use. Google now that we have the honesty to lose a very
search engine with. But if anything out of my right, however, did a very clever psychological trick innocence that at the time everybody else was trying to be a portal. They put sport schools, they put whether information they put breaking news. Google, just gotta search bar unto bumpkins right now, actually psychologically, that's very astute because there's an unknown things college, equal, the jack of all trades sure Stick, which is that we tend to think with something that only does one thing is getting better at it, but something that does multiple things No I've. I've often thought I've, often that worry that that page also lens Google credibility. Because you're not associating with anything then information that your looking for so I never see and add that for something that I like or don't like, I never see a news story that I like her don't like, seems neutral, even though it's not
I agree with you. I think the very simplicity of the thing is psychologically brilliant. However, I think the reason for its simplicity, isn't intentional. It was Larry page at the time, was very good at coding, html and it was kind of a ban on. Quite often, I think what happened dice missed interesting case. in terms of the vacuum cleaner. I think in terms of what makes a successful innovation. We probably pay too much credit to technology and too little psychology advocated dice. Nothing. The magic comes from the fact that the thing is transparent and you can actually see the dirt figure. Removing from your floor indicated by. I think the brilliant psychological inside is simply that waiting for a cab, Waiting for a taxi is inordinately less frustrating. If you can see where it is, I envy you know. I had no idea that this came from a James bond film or want somebody watching it can use them.
The story of how this came about losing one of a kind the blue bird, like English, Canadian. watching gold finger. I haven't done anything finger if you remember it this afternoon, were bombed. I think he's tracking him through the Swiss out goes is it arose, voice which is made of gold, and that is how you smuggling go out of the country and bombed, have to track him and there's a little map a moving map in the face of his asked the Martian DB six and on the map. Which enables him to follow. Go fingers car while remaining out of sight they ve been very, but we ve got This great enjoy watching me something like ten years ago, looked back and said. That fact should work when you order of taxi wound, brilliant, a multi billion dollar decision there. You view make the case that we don't vow.
are you things? We are a society of things and you say we don't value thing we value their meaning. Yes, I think so True, which is that economics is a robber baron, visible discipline because it applies to treat everything is if it's a commodity, It is what we know exactly will be bombed, how much value we attached to it. It assumes the when making decisions in a world of complete certainty. Now, in truth, in between what something is and how we perceive it. There's a lot of noise guy on the context in which we perceive it. Something can seem expensive or cheap by the way, entirely dependent on what you compare it to the famous example, rolls Royce Maserati stopped exhibiting
because they have little shows because a four hundred thousand dollar com looks insanely expensive at a cash it declares causes yacht an aircraft chose everything changes. You been lucky Leah jets all afternoon, a four hundred pounds, Donna car is updated. It impulse by ITALY, Candy Anti Castro ledger anyway. I just have a couple of those well on air and so who is also sightless breath that, as the example of this is quite an expensive coffee, if you compare it to grant coffee, it's a cheap coffee. If you compare it to Starbucks. so Rory I was, I was against Donald Trump during the election and I'm a conservative in in were in radio here and television in America? But I against him- and I could not understand how my audience was flocking to him until
after the election I started asking the question: that I would have asked any of my friends who were acting. You know a radically and saying I believe in this, but then, gonna go vote for this annex asking the question what happen being in your life there I began to understand how p bull felt, and I know facts, don't care about feelings, but feelings, especially now in politics, are playing the critical role its how, because People on both sides- and I all over Europe and in England with breaks it there. Are those people in breaks it that are racist? but there are also those who feel like they. Ve been left behind, not listen to their losing their culture.
And they don't agree with. What's going on, but nobody's listening to them, and I don't care what side you're on, but that is big motivator. I all around the world. Right now are these people who feel nobody's list to me. I don't matter. eventually that failure detachment you, might call the technocratic elites to use the standard term. They ought to be for that happening. Yes, yes, I did you probably the problem not necessarily mumbling technocratic, all in being a leaves it to the court in the same way I met people very similar in terms of their education got off the summer in terms of their background and their capacity to The stamps among whose life experience is different from IRAN. Things may extraordinary bad antibiotic,
besides. The Trump is in many ways a persuasive genius. I think he's an instinctive you might expect with the real estate industry beneath instinct. Do salesman a remarkable cod if you take something like we're, gonna build a wall back concretization. In other words, what you say is you you actually take what your aiming a newly truly make a concrete case now. If you want to actually respond to people, concerns over immigration. She'd say something like going to hold constructive tripartite discussions, will object to condemn canadian allies and want the same thing usability I think, to connect. I want please, someone is a billion with a private jet. His ability to connect with a far wider tranche of people but Hilary God. I think he is remarkable and fascinating I am entirely in favour of them either hold on
I would be more forgiving than most Europeans are near by also do welcome the fact that he is from a slightly different mental moulded least, but I do think the political cost, essentially certainly a large number of solid, both bottle and economic questions. They come to old thing to say Why I anything you're exactly right and I have begun to understand him and even appreciate some of the things that he does I would love to have you back Rory of our do ever come to the eyes state aid, often as I can, but love to sit down and talk to you, because I am very concerned I'm up, then I guess and and typhoid and in some ways of Edward Burmese, and We are entering a time now of of these. corporations in, for instance, Amazon. They
so driven on data, they say that when they can predict us at ninety five percent, they're going to stop being really of a cat log on line and more of justice delivery service there, just gonna, be delivering stuff to us before we even order it. You look. You has become as on approval when I was a little correct, preemptively send a thing: that's correct, asian! Well, send it back so there we're entering this time between Facebook, Google, Amazon, where I am not sure that whose leading who advertising is going to change dramatically. It concerns me and I'd love to have a conversation with you. Would you would you come back? I also think there's we'll scope for concern, because what we tell finger was impartial, such as choosing to buy online or, for example, an outbreak the main line because its numerical digital, we test
You see it as being impartial and objective They always things carry with them. The prejudices of the people, you, the unconscious, prejudices many cases of the people who designed them. They got a music in the UK, because if you take Google Navigation, it gives you an option travelling some about public transport. Or you could make the same journey by car now in Europe? If you live, outside London. The logical way to get Central London as you drive to a nearby railway station and then had betrayed into London. Google com understand this because its to color for them to understand the driving somewhere and then catching a try right, lots and lots of cases. The way in which things are designed carry with them. a lot of unconscious assumptions about what a good decision is that it may not be
Rory I'd live, I'm gonna! Let you go, but I really thank you and I hope that we can spend more time together, because I think you are I'm brilliant in on the cutting edge of the future. And when the consequences and what's happening right now, Ray Sutherland in the name of the book is alchemy, definitely a red premium. Should you should pick up blind sod com? Is our sponsor? Blazer comes constantly getting stories like their citizens comes from Tommy in Claremont Florida he set the blinds were perfect, I saved money, their higher quality than the box store product are windows, brand new. That's that's the weird thing. Is you put it the cheapest way to change the feel of your house. You choose the window coverings in your house and it changes so much he's in our way:
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harder for researchers, define cures for horrible diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer, diabetes, when did we sign up for foreign countries, Minos setting our drug prices when did when that happened, now frameworks is doing all they can by raising the alarm and in trying to get people understand what's happening with socialized medicine, in stopping it in its tracks, but boy this gonna be a hard hard battle, they are way ahead on the left. They need your help. It freedom works. I would urge you to go to freedom works for me. Dotcom freedom works for me, dot com and tells her Terry bizarre to put the America first and fix patients not prices. Freedom works for me. Dotcom! Go there right now. It's freedom works. For me, a dot com are coming up in just a few, I'm really excited have GAD sat on now. I was nervous the first time it onto a prayer
because you know Jesus you're, smarter than you got here. Let me I see is alot smarter than me. That goes without saying, but you know when you meet somebody that you respect you don't know how it's gonna go. You hate to have deeply really respect disappointed and he has done the exact opposite he's an amazing amazing man who I just I just love he's joining us next, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back Programme, a new friend of wine. Gad sad is, is in the holding a pen right now he's about to come on. He is in evolutionary behavioral scientist. Basically he's a professor of marketing He is,
one of the greatest thinkers of our time, in fact he's the guy that Jordan Pearson called when Jordan said. I think I need to speak out because, because God said had been speaking out in speaking, is by for a very long time, he is really they call him the godfather, but the godfather of the intellectual dark web before it had a name. He just naturally, is that guy you are going to have a wild ride if you ve never heard him. If you have heard in he's at his best, GAD Sad joins us in one minute. This is the Grand Buck programme, jazz GAD. What work, how we should market the exchequer still and support a guess. We
we should have thought of this in advance. He probably like you know it. You shouldn't do is start an advertising with a question about high should talk about it. That's one thing he would probably demand: yeah yeah, all we know is really comfortable ran, said it in an really enjoy it and when you're working at home office are accusing a chair all day. This was what I will be saying. You should relate to the audience. Ok, yeah oh Ebby ever set in a chair and your but falls asleep k that that's happened, every one, seven everybody but falls asleep in your like about really doesn't do that much all day wise and need to sleep more than I am. I feel it should be awake when I needed to be, or it should be awake right now, I'm working I'm sitting and aid goes to sleep. So one thing has happened with the next year. Its super super comfortable. It is like a bed for your butt, but your but doesn't go to sleep at anything short gap can prove that for sure now that's that's gave map
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do it now, Promo Code Ex wheels Exchequer Back Dotcom, projector, doctored GAD, sad with us now allow doktor. Are you well I'm? good, I'm a little offended, you ve never responded back to me. How are you doctor at how are you, after our How are you doctor thanks to him? I was just like I was just gonna say that it's quite be saying that To my coming, aren't you discuss but I refer to as the wrong. Jeremy of evolutionary psychology there's a reference for you. Do you really fascinating so again out, we just had Rory Sutherland on. Do you know who he is he right? What do you think of him
I dont know much of his words. I I know of some friends. We speak very highly of them. I think we follow each other on sulphur media, but I couldn't say more than that to be honest with you here, a new book out called alchemy and we were kind of talk. King about the the way that feelings are playing such a role? Now in? in marketing, and you know how I didn't understand how people We are voting for Donald Trump until I said what happening in your life, and then I then I realized, why people were so strongly behind him. They felt that way. Warrant being heard. Nobody was listening v of belief. political ruling class was doing the same thing over and over they'll tell you one thing do another: he was caught from it. Different cloth, they knew
and he was piggish button a work. They will just wanted, somebody that would bring. Make up this system They thought he could do it in any was a wise enough business man that he wouldn't destroy the country. That was the eye opening to me. I mean I mean I think you're right on that of course feelings matter. When it comes to marketing products, marking politicians, I think the danger is when we get people think that feelings and gained are, if you like, antithetical to one another we're both Athinking animal Anna feeling. Yes, what matters is that you apply the correct system in the proper. You know for the proper decisions or, for example, if I am selling
perfumes, then I need to trigger a dynamic emotional systematically. I don't I don't sell you a perfume by telling you here is what Harvard physiologists think of this chemical compounds rights. I need to sell you fantasies I'll, show you gorgeous girl on Mars, without falling. On the other hand, if I'm trying to sell you mutual funds, but I need to engage in Gaza the system. So it's not so much that we are either feelers are thinkers. It's that we need to apply the rights system in their condition, I was wondering if you're selling me mutual funds. I would real content. As I think this why conservatives lose the battle, I contend that the fastest way to a person's brain is through their heart and so you, you paint a picture of what, People want to be they what they want to do, what they want their life to be like and then show them the facts that back up This is how we do it fair enough. I mean
I'll bet, you're saying that you could never either have a strictly cognitive appealed, marketing at the oars strictly affecting the owner, and I certainly but can keep up, and I- and I think that's true- I mean all the way to brain surgery. I mean I Your daughter is we're looking at having brain surgery for and she's been having testing out like crazy, the over the last year and in while I want a doctor to be able to explain it and really be precise on exactly what he's going to do and I need the. I need the facts on exactly. What's happening I also want to feel from him that he is compassionate and understands. This is my daughter: absolutely by speaking of physicians now in Quebec, they are trot. We are thinking of changing the medical school curriculum to no longer included a grating
because too many of the student, getting high stressed twice, We want a physician who is handling life or death. Is the life or death decisions too? be sufficiently week that they can have a or a be good I mean imagine how much you in fact, realising people went even further, she's not or foolish to be, could no longer handled the indignity of being created, and there I saw I saw a report about medical school where people said that their for too many too many white people and too many men in it or something I can remember. and they said we have to change that and I'm like no, let's just get the qualified people. I don't care what color they are. I the most qualified person to be performing surgery This is what I call by the waiter there's this whole movement diversity, inclusion
equity. Dr taken the three letters and created the act acronym die by religion right cheered, professorships are now a sign as a function of whether you adhere to the dye theology or not, imagined right, the highest level of excellence and academic, there is no longer determine by your accomplishments, its determined by your sexual orientation, whether you are delayed or not, your skin color, it's absolutely I truly wonder what it is that most academics are going to have the best stickler fortitude to wake up and start speaking out again well, I will tell you, I think you guys in Canada way ahead of us. I mean I don't I don't say I dont know what it is in Canada. Maybe it's because you have to fight every step of the way, and we have this. strange belief that our constitution will protect us by our bill of rights, but it's not gonna protect us. We're not stand
for it, but Canada. The academics in in Canada see to be being very vocal, while, certainly that can I get the damage why, at the forefront of it? Yes, you're right, but I want I would love to see- is the islet majority right am. I live often recounted. I I get innumerable emails from fellow professors. Canadians from all over the world say hey! I support. I really support you. Thank you for being an academic you, but please, please, don't share publicly we support. You therein lies the problem. I know something. If you can't even have the courage to simply say that you support the guy who's fighting for your rights then we really have sunk into an area of cowardice that difficult camera. I just gave a speech last night to a jewish christian organization. It was the anniversary the establishment of israeli yesterday and- and
Little did I know of a woman who survived the Holocaust was in the audience, and I was talking about how know how these things happen and they don't they. Don't they They don't come as monsters. They come first, no kind of wrapped, in goodness in justice and everything else, and they they start with political correctness and They train you not to feel comfortable to speak out until you, or cowering behind your curtains in your front room- and you know if I open up those curtains, they'll kill me. If you don't speak, gout when it's early, you not going to have the fortitude to to do anything later and we for in this point, where this flex point now, where it's about to go really dark, I think, and if we don't standing up now, I don't think we're gonna make it,
the name or palm becomes true. I could I agree with you. I just and preparation of our chances are that we might be talking about Anti Semitism. I pulled out some stocks which are discussing my forthcoming books of this summer. pure research centre survey on an unbiased organization non partisan. They do these very exact, global Shirley opinion Jews and select countries. Here here are the bath for unfavourable opinions of Jews I'll just list. four or five countries. Gay stop stop start. Do not stop. Let me let me take a one minute break and then I'll come back can give us that's one in one minute back. We can. I talk to you a little bit about realisation, as I trust I com. This is your biggest investment. Your home is your biggest investment deal the em? If you invest in a formal one k, you at least go up to the person incorporating go.
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asked real estate agent in your area. real estate agents. I trust dot com real, state agents. I trust dotcom ten seconds. Station. Eighty, Today is the anniversary of the embassy opening up in Jerusalem the one year anniversary. It seems like it's been fifteen years in some ways the on your anniversary. We have, real problems with a ran. We have just pulled our people out overran from the embassy I dont know what this means
I really don't know what this means we could be going to war with IRAN and the world. Will change and as always when socialism is in vogue, so something else. Anti Semitism and anti Emmett ISM is on the rampage right now, gods it is with us. You have some stats from around the world. The oddest give you two quick fast. One is from my Pew Research centre here. Are the percentages of people pulled in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and austrian territory, so the neighbors on Israel and terms of their unfavourable its course towards the Jews. Ninety five percent, ninety seven percent. Ninety eight percent and ninety seven percent- may lead that things in ninety eight percent of people polled in my home country of Lebanon hate
choose. What a surprise that we had to leave Lebanon in eighteen, seventy five so soon, Vienna, Norway, we ain't so so when you have somebody like Rashid to leave come. out and say that her grandmother- lost her land and many Palestinians lost their lives. So so the Jew whose could have a homeland well hurry. You process that is this is what I call I don't love. We discussed the platform that we try to do what I can do about. This is what I call the collective, much houses and right it's what you gain power by always feigning injury right or in this case, if you need to be the victim right, so she needs to always view the Palestinians as the victims. And so she constructs story now where she still remains or her ancestors remain. victims in the ground now and it's outside delusional. It is action
Lee not anywhere close to actual history and delusional. Why I'll give you I'll give you a personal? So we were. We were obviously forced to leave Lebanon at the start of the seventy five that Nike seventy five lebanese war after we left my parents kept returning to Lebanon until nineteen eighty when they were kidnapped by fibre had palestinian terror groups, and they found out that our own home, non has now been taken over by palestinian refugees. I dont construct today a narrative that you know the ears to my political views. I don't hold any ill will towards all Palestinians, because this happened just be truthful and but she's incapable of being truthful
she always has to create. The narrative of the Palestinians are the victims and the evil. Jews are the oppressors you're an atheist GAD. I am to believe in evil. I do I do now. I dont think that one needs to Ouch. The language of the distance of evil, any feelings of coal construct people are born with the random combination of genes that constitute a regionally their parents, and sometimes people are born Paul or short, or with a blue box on their face or without a blue box. Their faith and similarly, through random mutation. Some people are born. For example, serial killers are born without the capacity to feel empathy. That's not rooted in a theological construct, its just the reality the random combination of genes. So is that the theirs I build
if there is a force of evil- and you know I don't have to take it to Satan Loreen like that. I can just take it to you, Oh you had these really sick people alike. blur in girdles and everybody else. They were really disturbed they their force of. Will became a m in infectious and it its spread. and that evil force that they had within them caught a lot of people up into it that that weren't necessarily evil they just kind of were swept up in it right away, meet some of the most classic and best known experiment
in psychology. So, for example, the Milgram Experiment- maybe you might know it, but if you just gotta briefly, the Yale examine the experiment. What well that came as a result of many of the inner foot soldiers, the Nazi Footsore ACT. They are not an evil guy. I was just kind of I was caught up in the moment, I'm so what Milgram wanted to do was thirst, whether you're there was. There was truth about whether I can take completely new. more people put them in a condition. Were I forced them to conform, and then they would do actually horrifying case that, as he found out, he could get people without them. Knowing that this, why they made up thing, he could get people to administer voltage two fellow students that would kill them simply through his authority a you agreed to participate in this experiment that them and soap so you're right, not every single
he was an evil guy, but certainly the ones who orchestrated were is this is it goes back to, and you probably remember this book, I can remember the name of it, I'm looking for it on my ipod here, the the book, the soldiers in Poland it were. Some of the best policemen Poland, not evil. and how the Germans turn them into. Asked a massive killing machine right And anyhow, and how you do that and I'm I have to tell you with, the Anti Semitism. That's going on with this new pull that we ve talked about earlier this week, where A forty percent of the population looks at the other side as not human,
the twenty percent of the Democrats in thirteen percent of the Republicans, say that we'd be better off. If there was some sort of a mass killing of the other side, We're headed toward some really frightening stuff. We'll get you! opinion on that and so much more with Doktor GAD sad Professor, can Courtier University and just a chest of, Why is wise guy the Godfather, if you will of the EU actual dark web godsend. More than a minute here: listening TED Glenn back aright Simply save home security knows that the stats prove this out that if you have somebody who is robbing houses, They come to your neighborhood, they come to your house and they see a security system.
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God said is with us, he is the the godfather of the intellectual dark web in them a friend and distance. Somebody Irish really truly remind admire because he is, he is really truly open to lie. being and that's our biggest problem is so many of us are set in our ways were like knives, not look. If somebody can prevent They can present me with new facts. I changed my mind. I just I just want to see the facts behind it: GAD we're we're talking about Anti Semitism and- and I want a kind of broaden this a little bit too. Where were headed in the world because you really are euro. Behavioral scientist you're in evolutionary bear behavioral scientist you're an ad man. If you will and have you read, Christopher Brownings, ordinary men not case
about the police battalion? I think one, oh won the polish police, but chap Deleon and they were good guys and None of them wanted to kill Jews, and before you know it, they were the worst squad out there. It's the nineteen sixty they went back and they talk to these guys. What happened? How did this happen and its its fascinating to see the psychological undermine. things on how you go from a good person to a really evil person that was, you know, gladly participating in the Holocaust over a short period of time. We have. We have a system now that we're doctrine aiding our kids with socialism antis.
Criticism collectivism We have corporations that Michael wrecked involved from n y. You has said to me recently: it is: not selling their sole there, not just the hitching their star to the ban to the current bandwagon by put Nike by putting Capper Nick up. They are actually pushing for socialism, because they believe that there is going to be a corporate united dates of America and these corporations that are so big up at the top are be able to really control things, we get into this place to wear Where does advertising windows? become evil propaganda and- and when is it,
plain old advertising, but we're coming to a place where it's going to be. predicting us so much that It will seem totally natural for us to go. Oh, I want to buy their product, but is we're being manipulated? Well up? Get me that's exactly why I love. I mean the scientific discipline of market because I like often remark life as marketing. Marketing is light, so advertising it of itself, is just a mechanism to transmit information. Now that mechanism can be used for various purposes. It can be used to convince you that you should not leave the seventh day life and stop smoking and stop eating franchise. So so there's nothing inherently evil or good about admin. I think it's really how you use it. So in my case, the way that I use some of my marketing know? How is how can I construct messages?
Let our appealing- and that will sway people too, example, get engaged in the battle of ideas. So it's not just about marketing of Coca COLA and Starbuck. We market ideas. I mean if we are good academic. We should also be in the business of packaging and selling good ideas. So it is in that sense that idea my marketing know how in selling good ideas and killing bad ones, so, how are we? because I don't hear anybody with a good marketing campaign on the free market. I don't hear anybody let's, let's presenting that in a way it seems relevant or are winning what I think I think the reason for that is that the public discourse is really carried out at such a but now and trivial level. Light was still talking about, should we be,
getting Donald Trump Junior to too you know to testify, and so on, and rather than talking exactly about the issues that you thought your body is the death penalty, a good thing for a civilised society or not, but are your views on abortion? Should one should be our proper fiscal policy? Our monetary policy are for coffee. Most people. Don't want to talk about these things. The driver engage in gossip even in the context of the political arena, and saw discourse is really. The level of a five year old rather than elevating to fit out of you know well thinking about. So how do we get people there? We got them to read my book and conceal my material. That's how it is really what you. What you do is that you, you maintain aid it discipline of You said earlier always wanting to learn right. I mean one of the things that happened to me whenever, wherever go on vacation with the family as I go through. This pro
in my personal library, where I'm in another panic about got three four hundred books that have yet to read and the question becomes which book am I getting another Sophie's choice, I'm doing it today, myself, I'm going over to Morrow. Now, why is that you and I are sitting there- you're torturing ourselves over this, because we are hungry for knowledge. I think if we can get people to listen, less to our young Granby and worry less about Justin Bieber and about what you'll? Ever you don't mental chicks people to every day and elevate the conversation. I'm not sure there is a panacea. There's a magic bills by But, but you see here, is a problem. I remember back in the nineties peeing. So clear and every conservative I knows I will never give my finger print to the government. That's outrageous! I won't facial recognition? That's got to be stopped. Really, weird
giving our finger print to apple and facial recognition, delightedly the the power of brave new world. Is so strong that either When people no, this is destructive behaviour. This social media thing that I'm hook to its just struck if they will not get rid of it, I didn t, know it, and that speaks exactly the point at people engage in bad behaviour, not necessarily because they don't know the consequences. This is from a classic intervention strategy or if you wanna get people to stop smoking, explain to them that smoking is bad for them, but which person alive today doesn't know that smoking is not good for you. It is a great story. I had a physician want, but I went to see. I was suffering from bronchitis and I used to suffer from asthma. I went to see him because I was suffering from bronchitis. He was changed smoke
in the consultation rule by hand, Hey doc? You think it's reasonable for you to be any just laughed but offers rather worried by the disposition. now that it was inappropriate not only to be spoken in front of me, but to be smoking for his own life, of course renew. So it's so it's much more than simply providing people with information is providing people with information that is actionable. Let me if I can just give you one example using the smoking example, Young men who heavily smoke are the ones most likely to suffer from Iraq, At this juncture, young man usually does offer asylum function, but if they are heavy smoker, they are much higher risk to suffer from others function. If I want to stop a young man from small telling him that he might develop lung cancer or your heart disease when he is. Seventy five is not going to catches, telling him that you won't be able to perform tonight what the gorgeous girl will it doesn't take a fancy Evelyn
Hey psychologist, to understand that point was not so much providing people with information, but it's about providing them with the right information, however, when the pleasure is so great- and this is one thing I am very concerned about when the pleasure, or the reward is so great and it not real life. For instance, you can say you know, look you who playing these video games or or in aging with pornography in it It's like heroin. going to rewire your brain and you Studies will show that you will have a much less fulfilling sex life in real life. If we're doing these things online. They don't really care. I love listen, I'm the one who crash tat mystery will be booking themselves. They had to Stockholm that the government
right. I mean that that's that really is very much the piper stuff that I do right. How can I get you well to engage in some action. Using some appropriate persuaded technique. I want we absolutely not to repeat that's, not simply the fact that people do bad things because they don't know any better. So, for example, when it comes to son many women are much more aware of the deleterious consequences of some panting. Yet they do it much more than men, but about not having the proper information. It's giving them. The correct information, Can we be sure of feeling on on Edward Renee? Is I think we briefly mentioned him last when I was on your laws on. I think so. This is a propaganda, die correct. oh. You have that right. You hadn't really looked that without ever exactly avid route, and I remember someone I thank you
rode on Europe. In your conversation, what is a perfect marketing- and he hasn't dogs into this- show Do I really need to get into the sky writer? You should you? Should I be fascinated to hear what you think, because he's you know he's a reason. We have eggs and bacon for breakfast and he was not an ad guy. He was. He was the father of propaganda. He won the World WAR, one for the west. And Incurable said. It was because he learned from him that the Germans it is well is as they did and I'd be interested in hearing your your take on on him, because we are, worse were We are entering a new world where we're easily manipulated by these giant companies, without our knowledge at all
I don't hear anybody talking about this in in any real terms. They talk about it, as you know, fake news, etc. But that's that's not what that's, not the only concern. The concern, is what these companies are doing with advertising Heller using their their analytics. in their algorithms to Kate. Directly to us? end and sell us things that we're just gonna find absolutely reasonable, Eventually, one of the best ways to get people to become, if you like, Lifelong consumers, loyal bramble consumers as to get to them one day our very young, why they don't yet ass cognitive and emotion, apparatus to milk counter argument against. This is why we have laws that you're not supposed to directly
I get children on the waters in age and yet when it comes to forgive me for I know that you are a man of faith when it comes to religion, while straight out of the warm I could be selling my product in this case by religious belief, come my child, and so what do you think it's going to happen? How likely is my child ever going to develop his own thinking about this particular issue when I am add revising them straight from the outer the warm, but this can only apply to religion. now when it comes, for example, to trance activism now and indeed on great one which started about your gender fluidity. Why is it how come too proud history? We haven't had to have that conversation, but suddenly, now we need to be having these conversations about two spirit that people and gender neutral people when the kids are five years old. Really Why will tell you again when it comes to religion, and I know you and I disagree on religion and and- and I think our disagreement is healthy butter
my son came to me a month or so ago and said He was very nervous and he said the dad. I don't No, if I believe, in God I said rate and at times him by surprise, and he said what- and I said then, you shouldn't believe in God, because I do I want you to do your own homework. If you find that there is a God grey but I'm going to ask you to tell me: Why? You believe that if you do There is no God, I'm gonna. Ask you to tell me why you believe that This is your journey, not mine, and I
position is so commendable. While that's brilliant black Africa, I think either a bright. I don't think I'm alone in that. I hope I'm not. I don't think I'm alone in that. I think you should have had a conversation with my parents and nineteen seventy to see how these nineteen seventy two uses. Talk to my parents do so God said. Thank you. So much God bless you or not Universe bless, you aren't you. May God bless GAD? God bless you. Yes, I guess allege guides, you can follow him on twitter. You can follow him on Youtube, make sure you you look him up again. He is, he is Just truly fascinating and you'll learn a lot whether you agree with him or not. You will learn a lot from God, Add sad, that's s, a a d gad, sad,
you're a constant pain? You are not alone, and I know because I ve been in constant pain- have been Oh right, now My arms are completely numb and I love that no love that is fantastic better than when they're just shooting pain? I don't have led the pain and fatigue from the pain that I was having over a year ago because I take relief factor. I didn't think this would work for me, but it did I started taking because my wife was right whatever and so just a quiet, her down I to hit and- and I honestly I didn't take it because I didn't see you at Work- it has worked for me, big time I take. It
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