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It's Time to STOP Funding the Authoritarian State | 9/6/22

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Filling in for Glenn, BlazeTV host Steve Deace discusses the current culture war in America, spearheaded by a demagogic president and a manipulative administration. Blaze podcast host of "Conservative Review" Daniel Horowitz joins to expose the Biden administration for selling out the American public and what the latest data says about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. Steve and Daniel discuss the various Nuremberg Code violations our government committed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) joins Steve to discuss Republicans' chances in the upcoming midterms and the country's current horrific state with Democrats in charge. Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States, joins to critique President Biden's divisive and dangerous rhetoric and the rise of Democrat fascism.

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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened. The program
what is happening right now is the most cynical nihilistic attempt to base the citizenry, perhaps in all of american history. We will not take that date, but we're not going to put up with it either today how to fight back peaceably but aggressively. That is our focus today on the ground. That programme, on nine eleven, two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven people were killed in terrorist attacks on american soil. The tunnel to towers foundation has been supporting america's heroes and their families. Ever since. when I first responder or military service. Member doesn't come home and young children are left behind. Tunnel de towers pays off their mortgage to lift a financial burden, bring the family to financial stability. U s. Army, specialist, jason wheeler is one of those heroes. U s: army, specialist, jason, wheeler
a realistic after nine eleven, but a training accident injuries left him unable to walk. After years of trying to manage specialist wheeler and his family moved into a mortgage free, smart home, there was custom designed for his needs. Our nations heroes people but their lives on the line for our country and our communities. They need our help, help those here. I was in their families joint tunnel to towers on its mission to do good in their honour donate eleven dollars a month at t t who t dot org, that's tee, the number to tee dot org and It has been a great weekend? I wanna. I want to begin with something It may seem a little ordinary, a little humdrum. We are the steed day show we are filling in here and the glinda programme here on the tuesday post labour day, and over the weekend.
A chance to move my mama back home here too iowa. That was the good news. The bad news is as the first time I got suckered into helping somebody move in fifteen years and am reminded how much a sex, but it was. It was for a worthy cause for my mom to come back home. I got a chance to enjoy high school football Friday night with my son. A chance. The next day, with my son and a good buddy of mine to watch our beloved demi shooken wolverines kick off the college football seas and saw a lot of great collar Football over the weekend, my my wife surprised me, with tickets, to the fortieth anniversary, fathom of an addition of what am I all time: favorite films, a star back to the wrath of congo to go, see that my daughter, my oldest daughter, now got her. Her wedding dress arrived today, she's getting married here in about a month and a half and the youngest daughter.
Freaking me out with her first serious book, come what else tide I got to go down at the university of arkansas and watch your oldest yeah compete on the highest collegiate stage. You know for the university of arkansas but playing a division. One soccer have yet to do that. Over the weekend I mean that's a dream. Come true for any parent right area, Got a dream: come true, ben god, yet have been poorly fall asleep on your chest. What you watched, I will win with to say knows anything about the dream. Coming true was that last part to safety in a field? Guess why were the most iowa hawkeye win of all time? Why do we bring all these things appear at the top of the programme in there? This, It really that much different and probably what went on in a lot of american households over this labour day weaken here's. Why. It is these moments these and marks these exceed Frances. These things that pre
vs generations of americans took for granted ass. They were faced with an external threat. That are being threatened right now. These threats are coming internally. The calls are coming from inside the house. there are beyond nefarious forces at work in our culture today,. Every war in all of human history has been a culture war. Every war, esben The style of war. Propaganda military, Stick this. dial of war may change, but cause of the war has always been the same, my culture will dominate yours. My culture will replace yours, I'm trying to preserve my culture, save it from yours. All wars. in the over six thousand years of recorded human history, all of them
then culture wars we in the midst of one in america right now What has gone on for? white house in these last few days, and and and this is saying something after the last twenty nine months of covert stan. Cavanaugh before that well, we ve all endured here these last few years, really unprecedented levels of deception. But we have sunk to a new level of nihilistic cynicism, apologise not for the redundancy there. We have. on to a new level of nihilistic, written cynicism with the antics of this senile discreet, of a presidency. in their attempts to be you kinda behaving the way they do. The way they behave at every time. We see antiphon every george floyd funeral. The way they behave.
In every mostly peaceful protest and attempted. Bates you into this After they try to trap you into an on january six, now they want to bait you into something worse, but Take the cynical ploy in props to all of us for not taking the bait the last few days don't take. This cynical ploy to mean they don't mean it they do This is a man who, over the weekend said I beat big pharma lie. Last at this time he was attempting to turn you and I all into their test tube lab rat pigs for non working shot with escalating and more dangerous risk profile. Every a single day.
or you could not work market, the beast kind of left behind book stuff. This is what he tried to do it this time last year and he announced it on September. The knights, in total violation of every syllable morsel, constitute an vow of this social compact, the constitution, the nuremberg code, the bible, anything you hold sacred and wholly in this world for decency. He did a full month after his own cdc admitted on national television, the shots when even stop you from getting are spreading the virus anyway, but he was willing to panic, over. to not elected, not accountable non suitable entities. Perhaps make you infertile. give you a never ending ringing in your ears: mayo, cardenas, a heart attack, sudden adult death syndrome. No, These attempts to bait us our cynical but a neo, but that does not mean they're, not serious doubts
the course of the. U S, civil war and a lot of you know this history, because you listen to the Glenn Beck programme. So your historians, because clinics. During the course of the civil war. lincoln did everything he could. To not sink into cynic. Cynical nihilism. to anticipate that the time would come we'd have to reunify into one nation again. And it would be more differ both in ever more americans were still killed and antietam than any singular event in all of american history. For you casually invoke diver, Civil war, brow and all that kind of stuff understand the carnage, that ensues you know who wants a civil war hell because they each side of this argument just the same. It was going to be difficult enough with the carnage to reunite into a singular country when it was over, which is
over and over again, you watch lincoln, despite. The devastation on the battlefield. Take the high road, rhetorically. never before in all of american history has there been an attempt to bait demagogue, discredit domestic political opposition, or at least half the country like what Happening right now, with this regime, we cannot take the bait. But we also can to stand here and take it either. Nine weeks from today there will be an election. it will likely go well to some degree for the Republicans, but a lot of them. Frank. You and I both know, aren't gonna be worth the effort you make to go to the polling boat to vote for them.
So if we lack. Outside of the state of florida and a few other places. If we lack your political representation, how fight back. Peaceably But aggressively. That will be the subject that we will discuss for the next three hours right here on the Glenn Beck program, the. If you are looking to get involved in the real estate market during these todd ready on time at any times being make sure that you check out our friends over at real estate agents. I trust dot com. It's times like this, that you need the abbe. the best real estate agents on your side, guiding you every step of the way It's where real estate agents. I trust, comes in ice started or glenn started this company. This is what happens when you hand me glens, reads: glanced
this pronouns, don't I found that the first time we ve ever invoked incorrect pronoun usage in the history of the show and meant it that cynicism or parity pronouns Glenn started this company a number of years ago with his brother is a free service to you and what they do is pair you up with the absolute best agents in your area, making sure we get the best deal when you go to buy and the best part When you go to sell, you can check them out for yourself today: real estate agents, I trust dot com. The name says it all: that's real estate agents, I trust dot com. Ten second station id the going to be joined here in a moment By our good friend Daniel Horwitz, I want to show you a visual, though throw that up there really quick, Erin, a sigh by side, visual, the
their scheme here, oddly matches. There, if you're, watching on blaze tv on the right, is the cover of new book? Pre sales are out right now, MIKE Mike co. Author is going to join us here in a minute. Daniel orbits right, of the fourth reich confronting coded fascism with a new nuremberg trial. So this never happens again. You can it's framed like a nuremberg trial. We go back and and show you where, literally, the bodies are buried from locked down to mass to the jobs who is sponsible, who needs to be held accountable with a nuremberg like trial, pre sales are available right now and amazon dot com. You can read the open argument again framed just like a legal proceedings. We don't have checked, there's we have witnesses you. Can the opening argument right now for free at trials and execution dot com trials is plural execution, singular trial, an execution dot com, but if you see the
cover there when we put this out a month ago we had no idea, Joe Biden was going to give the speech that he did the cat scheme there for those of you who thought that's a little over the top rise of the fourth reich truth, ladies and gentlemen, and fellow non binary beings is much stranger than fiction: bring Daniel horwitz under the programme, now my co author of rise of the fourth reich brother, when you saw the visual. of the desecration. I mean: what's that, wasn't a speech that was desecration of independence hall I mean for his next parlor trick. Why doesn't antiochus epiphanes, just slaughter appeared on the altar? I'm sorry, what isn't by just slaughter a pig on the altar I mean that was a desecration of independence hall, When you saw that visual and then the cover of our book dude
I don't know if that's coincidence, providence serendipity, but its freaking creepy hasty. Its reflective of every thing we are seeing from the side they tell you Exactly what they're going to do? This is what is so bizarre about everything. That's happened in the last two and a half years, I don't have to believe some sort of right wing, blog or conspiracy. They do it out in the open, hey yeah, a bunch of people are dying. All of the shots, don't work. So therefore, you have to get more the nest and work. Therefore, you need the shot, but If the shots didn't work, they're free, neither the mask, and you will do it anyway- it it doesn't matter. It's like they'll tell you one thing, and then their policies will be the opposite and people lap. It up reminds me of that. The service, sir less generation that has a new service, that they would have very seriously over the news, and while they doing it, they would blithely take off their clothes. Like wait. Wait
But what am I looking at account so that that that's what it's like? They tell you what they're going to do it? Just it's bizarre. I think they're, not the issue where the issue we don't take it seriously enough. Maybe that speech was a turning point. I don't know, but that's why we warned about this, whether its covered fascism, food fuel, there is nothing they won't do to achieve their goals. And yes, if that means killing millions of people, millions of people around the globe from the creation of a in the function virus the blocking of treatment for it and then the creation of a vaccine that oh, my gosh Steve every hour. More information comes out about it on the causal relationship everywhere, perfectly lining up with the demographics and the timing to indicate a record excess deaths and then plummeting birth rates and right nine months after the take up of of a childbearing women getting the vaccine.
Steve. Yet this is the fourth right, so glad the color scheme. Finally caught up to it, you mentioned I mean, there's so much data coming out now I mean Katie bar the door, I can't even keep up with it brother I I know you're on top of it, so I didn't, I didn't even know what it I didn't even know to ask you, because I don't want to leave any everything out, but the amount of data that is coming out now about these jabs I'll. Just it to you your. Where do you want to even start on just what's come out in the last few days or or week or two? So the most important thing is: this study are published in vaccine. cadets, that's the journal and they they give a lot of problems with it. They delayed that for months, but finally, it was indeed published and it's written by european american australian researchers a lot far from it familiar with peter dough. She, who is one of the us,
as he is the editor of the british medical journal. That's their version of a jama for people that don't know what that is. Yeah and combined. There was a sixteen per cent higher risk of serious adverse events of special interest. Basically, what they did. This is the only one of its kind. The did a follow up of all cause, I would say hospitalization, but has position, is one of the manifestations of a serious adverse event on, but this is basically death, long term disability life threatening, so you could have a very serious adverse event that doesn't fit the bill. This is very, very serious, including death and all cause
and the trial groups of modena and Pfizer compared to the placebo. Now, let's be clear: it's only six months, it was very early on and it was before the boosters which we know is it there's numerous studies out now that show it's dose dependent and there has been exponentially more deaths from those that got three four shots. So this is only the first two and they found a rate of twelve point. Five per ten thousand again serious adverse events of special interest. That's one in eight hundred! If you would do my rough math, would you know if you'd take the number of people that got the shots in the? U s in the world that would work out to be formed at forty, eight thousand people in the? U s dead or seriously serious or life life threatening injuries, while ten point six million around the world and again that was just the first six months that just before the before the boosters and they found obviously more deaths in the and and serious injury the mo during the trial. Because of an you know, it's it's just a higher dose one hundred micrograms and the straight up paired it against the benefit set off in reduced highest positions of, for example, on Pfizer. The excess risk of serious adverse events was ten point, one per ten thousand, meaning that had a slight amount of efficacy in the original.
a strain now very likely caused more dominant strains to come, so that was washed out later, but right off the bat from day one with the participants of their own trial. They knew that it had a net negative cost benefit analysis. I've got less than a minute. Here too, everything you just said. So, for somebody drive into work right now in forty seconds sure, from day one. If you follow up on people that were in the trial and had the placebo, you would expect a lot fewer people in the trial to land in the house. spittle. In fact, many many more landed in a hostile, sixteen percent more or equivalent of that urgent care things like that. What is the matter because we're sitting in debating why people are dying suddenly right, why people are dropping suddenly and ended on a micro?
it's hard to prove without an autopsy dieting button and macro level at your seeing that many more coinciding with we'll come back mauritania horwitz here in just a moment the Glen back programme The name of the book rise of the fourth reich confronting kobe, to fascism, with a new nuremberg trials, so that this never happens again. Four hundred pages or two hundred and notes, we breathe in the receipts again covert stand so people, like my man, ship roy congressmen, Texas hippies in the majority next year and you'll join us next hour He knows where to go where the bodies are buried. My colleague and co author dania horwitz, and I we made it as simple. As possible so that these republicans next year, when they get the power you gotta, give them nine weeks from today, are without excuse, if you a preview of this booking it pre sales right now at amazon, dot com, you
a preview of this book. You can read the opening argument. The opening statement of the prosecution- that's daniel when I read it for free today, will send it to you. If you go to trials and execution try was plural execution, singular trials and execution dot com Its trials and execution dot com- quickly go look ran at a time in the last segment re summarize forests, the most pole, analysis done by force and the procedures. British medical journal, some scientists from stanford- and you see, lay here in the: u s: scientists around the country doing a risk, benefit analysis of
co. The jab just summarize that force one more time sure all cause death all cause injury all cause hospitalizations will matters on a micro level, everyone's going to debate. Well, who died of what all we're seeing a lot of death, but who says it's from may of up from the shots may be from coven. Maybe it's from something else. The problem is when you do a trial and you have a trial group exposed to the therapeutic that intervention and you have a control group, a placebo that gets something that is just benign and you compare the total outcomes. They found that there was a sixteen percent higher risk of severe adverse event, whether you
he's back to it or not. In the trial group. They found this. It was across all ages, both modena an pfizer. They knew this early on, and this was the fact that the unblushing did all of the participants a few months later. So we don't get to see the follow up to this very day, the real long term, side effects, but at least short term we see from day one they knew there was more liability, then benefit not just for children, but for every one. In fact, it was only for adults the than this trial, so they knew it was negative that steve. That is straight up. The most profound violation of the number
code of all time that was given to over five billion people based on this very trial. The first thing they did to violate the nuremberg code was create the virus itself with their gain a function. Research specifically done to measure bill over potential, meaning they were specifically can to gain a function with the intent of causing these viruses to leap from animal, the human they wanted to measure it, they were already playing with fire and then came, though the lock doubts. I want to share this with you, this This is from a gentleman named Ben Duma talking His family, his cousin. who has had a had a lot of mental issues and during down Daniel. He lost his support group. really and his accountability. And in this story is, is this beyond a sad.
when night. However, when working on home repair with his dad, my cousin had a psychotic break, he This grandma by bludgeoning her on the head with a pipe ranch, and then he turned on his mom and down syndrome sister, putting them both into the hospital they both died. A few days later, I blame the solely on the locked out of my cousin had been getting the mental health care he needed. Three people would widen, be dead. My cousin wouldn't be a killer in his day, it wouldn't be a widower son of a dead mother and father of both a dead daughter and a killer son, There is more to this noble by now you get the gist of it. The power Miss that we taken our book of Interviewing witnesses, whistleblowers they are all on the record from the department. Defence to health care. But then, all so people who at who suffered because they were denied early treatment. The study that just came out over the over the weekend as well ninety two percent of
dignan, with early proper dosage prophylaxis. If I've met in how many people were denied early, proper treatments that unnecessarily died as well, there must be a reckoning. There's names there. Our families. These are people. There must be a reckoning for people like this, like ben Duma our friend charles who have a friend that we all know an entire whose friend was involved with substance abuse lost. His accountability has twelve step programme committed suicide, these people, they need justice and retribution for what this system did to them Daniel. So it's both justice for the past, but obviously deterrent for the future Because they are not done, that was the opening act. This is the point. This was the great reset and then why? I think in the book the the biggest point we do, you could sit and talk about the data and the sign in the morality and the legality of every single aspect of this, but when you put it
together. Our main theme is showing how it is impossible that this was done by Accident, even naively, even bizarrely, even stupidly, it wasn't malpractice. This was done on purpose, we're like why would they Keep shutting down schools overrun Over and over every new day when it was clear it was all pain and no gain. Why? You block treatin for that long. Why? To this day, is the yeah. You know you can get my record ideas and yet doesn't work, which is why you need you up these, but you better get it. You can be kicked out of the military again. There is no evidence that they're changing everyone thinks cdc, is changing their policies, not really just a broad based day to day stuff for the majority of people cause. You know they're facing an election, but they have not change it. Well. The answer to the question gets back to the original question, which is: why was
created because it was created and whatever the answer to that is still therein lies the rosetta stone to understanding how the same people seem to predict. The food and fuel crisis seem to know what was happening kind of created, institute to policies that make it happen in the eu. hey they're, talking about co, they'd like policy for energy, even this coming winter again, that was a grooming event. What occurred in march, twenty twenty most people fell into a through panic, but there were clearly a group of people in some industries and in some governments that clearly knew about.
It caused did it was premeditated mamma you and I know how long it takes to put out a book. Somehow clause schwab was able to get his create reset book out three seconds there again and now we have tons of study showing this was circulating throughout twenty nineteen and numerous parts of the world through analysis of the sewage and in many different cities. This was around them lot longer than we knew about it, but there were those who certainly did know about it. Here's another note I wanted to share with you in our audience Daniel my mom passed december of twenty one off from of covert treatment at the hospital she was denied monoclonal and antibodies admitted to the hospital without a family? Member outcast is unbalanced needed, not good. any of those early treatment. You guys talk about that. Try to put her on a ventilator she goes on to tell the story, but then she says this after her death, I reported the neglect to the hospital.
After did aboard the nurse to the ohio board of nursing, requested a meeting with my congressmen more in davidson who likes to be on fox, but not me with his constituents senator apartment is a total waste and an attorney you inform me, everyone is exempt from any legal prosecution because it is covered. I pray tee People will pay for their crimes. This is from a woman named lisa. Telling us her story now. Warring davidson has retreated me many times he's got a near hundred percent score over there on your website. Conservative review liberty score that Why I'm talking? That's? Why I wanted to mention him, because if, if If people that are usually with us on good issues like warren davidson cannot be moved, to understand the urgency of this moment and the justice that must be obtained here and achieved for people like lisa and her family. Then
We ve got a lot of work to do here, brother red wave, nine weeks from today, or not your thoughts. This is why we wrote the book Steve I mean I at first I figured hey it's over with me. We don't need to write this, but no, we have not rectified that. To this day render severe is still standard of care, and this has spilled over other things, aside from covert that hospitals are now killing fields that they do things that every first greater knows you wouldn't do first, so in respiratory distress, they they rather than ain't. I inflammatory style push opium lloyd's end sedatives things that relax the breathing just on gill kicking
families out not giving them proper nourishment we we dedicate a big part of the book to this. You can't move on from this, or we need a patient bill of rights. We need a reckoning as to why the hospitals are doing this. This is a big problem in this ties back into the third reich, which is now the fourth reich, with with a greater technology in that a certain amount planned it. But then the entire medical profession in germany went along with this mentality- and this is what we saw in america- they all went along with this, that were immoral, illogical, illegal inhumane and they have no problem with it to this day. There is no reckoning with that how they would take someone who is on their dying breath. It's not like they had any anything to offer and they would try. Rum deserve your toxic drugs, no problem, the drop of a hat and people are saying. Look let us just come in
doktor administer I've in we know it safe, doesn't work or not. Let's try, we have nothing to lose and they would fight them in the courts. They would appeal if they lost at a district level. how do you explain that I dont know there's no benign its innocent explanation for it at all, and that's why There is no benign innocent explanation and that's why what we need our trials and executions. That's where we need that's would have. At nuremberg, this absolutely the worst And rights, global human rights abuse. We have seen as species since then. That's why you wanna go to trials and execution dot com. That is the website. You can put your email address and there we will send you the opening argument a preview of our book and this give you a taste of what is coming trials. An execution dot com. Again, that's trials in execution, dad calm in the name of the book right of the fourth reich can
wanting covert fascism with a new nuremberg trials so that this never happens again. Presales are happening right now at amazon, dot com. I've got about a minute here, Daniel I'll give you. The final word go ahead sure this would be bad enough if we were completely done with it. The fact that we wouldn't seek justice. We would just walk away from this, but the reality is we're not done with any bit of this you know pfizer is going to, out with a six in one shot. They just a bragged abandoned all sorts of strange for our as feed flew covert. Using this seem repudiated platforms, the Lebanon of particles, the mri, nay spike proteins. What is going on here. The lack of care, the gain of function all of this, the war on treatment, the warrant, doctors, the silencing of doctors, this is still going on to this very day. It is shocking how we could just walk away from this, and yet republicans don't even have a plane
the table: it's not even their number ten item, even the conservative ones, on what they plan to do, get of them unity. For for that the vaccine companies get rid of the project which exempts everything the hospitals the now practice. You name it. We ve seen this up pharmacy west. virginia that they gave on diluted shots to people. It was all good the message that went out. It's all good. No, No, we need to reverse that. I don't even see the purse as the build a sponsor to get rid of the product again, we have a lot of work to be done. We at we need to recognise where the fourth reich and, if bite speech didn't do that, for you again, you know you're beyond. help grades to have my brother procedures always are. I take here see later you that's the one and only Daniel Horowitz. You can read his stuff, it conservative review dot. Com the all all the data part me everything that he just cited part me every study that he just mentioned:
it's all linked over there right now, tat conservative review dotcom! That's where you want to go conservative review. Dad come back with more of that That programme here in a moment climb back, joined the conversation. Eight eight. Seventy seven be easy I back here on the glinda programme we are this today show we are typically right after Glenn here. If you have a place to be subscription, my name is today's, alongside totters in an errand mcintyre. If you want to get a blaze tv subscription- and this is the weak to do it, so you don't miss any of our shows in the future. If you like, we ve heard what you ve heard so far a day Twenty is which you can use your promo code. It plays tb, dot, com, dace, twenty A twenty percent off a blaze tb subscription at a blaze. Twenty I'm sorry days, twenty at blaze, tv dotcom, journal
thoughts on the conversation. We just have a Dana horwitz you're in the final couple minutes so the hour Well, as the shows resident aunt, I've acts or were well before covered with Daniel ends are talking about. Don't think this is done. It's going go on? Well, that's because it's all part of the plan and has been for quite a long time, there's no teachings in this religion. This magical power of vaccines before we had chicken, Vaccines introduced for no reason we ve had avant garde, you're, so vaccines, we prepared free, sexually, active boys and girls being being given this. Why what his ultimately been the point. It certainly hasn't been for health nothing else. We need to understand that their an agenda here that goes beyond our fundamental wellbeing, you know when you hear Joe Biden call half the country more than half the country x? extremists doubt for one second that there will not be
follow through in some way shape or form on that rhetoric they have. They showed you with covered here there more than willing to follow through, on whatever the depths of their depraved mines can conjure at any given time that how these things are connected and that's why the rise of the fourth right, that is an appropriate name so nine weeks from today is an election A lot of us are going to event. We're gonna be angry, though be some form of a red wave. Will it Accomplish a darn thing, we'll talk the next hour. We congressmen chip roy from the state of texas here on the Glenn Beck programmes dating
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened the program:
So nine weeks from today there will be a mid term elections. It will likely go will for the republicans. But what are you running on? What are they plan to do after getting power at the expense of let's go Brandon we'll get it out with, though one of my best friends, congressmen, ship roy here in a moment, any study special announcement just came down from cdc, we'll. Let you hear that audio in just a moment here on the glinda programme, No thanks to people like you, the tunnel to towers foundation, delivers on its promise to do good and never forget the sacrifices of amerika greatest heroes- heroes like me, soda familia, who couldn't wait to join the n Y p to protect our community proudly war who uniform
and then she was ambushed shot in the head in the line of duty solely because of their uniform. She was proud to where she has survived by three children, Genesis who was twenty at the time of the murder, became so guardian provider for her twin, siblings, peter and Delilah, who were, Twelve and thanks to your generosity tunnel, two towers gave her children a mortgage free home for some families. The foundation brings the comfort of knowing they can stay in the home where they made memories with their fall in love. Once for other families, the foundation enables new memories to be cherished forever, help our nations greatest heroes and their family stone. I just eleven dollars a month. That's it to tunnel two towers at tea too. See dot. Org, that's tee the number to tee dot, org the
where did talk to congressmen, ship roy here in about ten minutes and we'll find out? What is the agenda, the vision he has won its published right now? the blaze. You can read it and will share some of that with you here in just a moment when the congressmen joins us on the show. But nine weeks from today is an election. Will it mean anything. Will there be the reckoning the danube horowitz, and I were just talking about. Will there be justice? Will we at least get the lindsey graham variety of getting to the bottom of nothing. Despite nightly appearances, unshorn hannity, to lie to america, no good actually get to the bottom of why they create this virus. what did they know about the true risks of these? Not a vaccines, we'll get it With chip roy here in a moment, but if you need yet another reminder, Of why there must be accountability
and again the website to go to. If you want to get the opening argument of our book rise of the forthright trial and execution dot com that trials plural and execution, singular dot com. available for pre sales right now rise at the fourth reich? If you want another example of why there must be a new nuremberg trial, you won't even believe this brand new announced with it just came down from cdc.
the you like being inoculated against an already extinct. There were five jams, not enough the heart. Stopping rendition of the formulation is available in three flavors chocolate, vanilla and strawberry same spike protein. For that alone, lasting sensations, the world you care, tested on just like you for extra super duper safety with an extra kick electrolytes for your pleasure. Look at this loser. He didn't get the larder and I was pretty boyfriend left him for lindsey, graham dubious science, denying loser the harder it scattered the job I put the alright, that's obviously parody.
Except it's not There's nothing in there that actually isn't being asserted to you as true. They're, bringing you all my crime boosters, because they tested them on eight mice, guys eight mice, eight mice. Now Perhaps it is providential that they are saying you cannot get there a poisonous, ah mccrone booster, if you didn't get their previous poisonous japs. So. you know I prayed about it a man I mean I'm just this? They drive a hard bargain arisen, I mean I sweated this went out, but. Like they used to say on,
On a run, that famous reality show that no one watches any more, because there are so many these singer shows now It's gonna be a no from me doc. and I thought about it. really. Did all the mental math so wait. I've gotta go back and get the old poisonous job to get your new poisonous job. I think, we're all the dice. Your taught I'm to pass on this one I know that's parity, but that's right. everything in there is what they are asserting. if we use to laugh at this stuff and by the way, one of the best medicines against their attempts to bait us cynically. A nihilistic glee is to mock them, There's an old irish proverb that says what the devil hates the most is to be marked to mock, to laugh as I saw this again When I wouldn't saw the fortieth anniversary of star trek to the wrath of khan and when win,
kirk, is baiting coffee, I'm elastic. He says I'm laughing at the superior. Your intellect this, monica movement takes itself very seriously. it takes itself extremely seriously those who succumb to it, said there are the heroes of this story. They ab salute we believe there, the good guys you need to be fixed. This is why they won't let you have a national divorce, they won't. Let you go. You have be converted. You need to be fixed, there's something wrong with you and I are the cure. What people who succumb to courts. Can often be moved by the most is not a learning as much as I love to do this a learned, discourse
A reasoned, deep debate on why they believe that feces, they believe. because we're tends to happen when you belong to a cult What this is when you belong to a court. you're beyond reason, you're beyond being reasoned with you Need the rhetorical intellectual equivalent. Jimmy cagney. throwing alive grape through to great fruit in the face of a hysterical woman in a movie together to stop being hysterical. That's what you need. You mean slept around a little bit, metaphorically speaking. Of course,. And one way to do that: to reduce this to the silly pile of steaming Ash, it actually is to market to write it to scorn it.
Jesus referring to herod, as that sly fox, telling the the eyes ears in malaysia, if you love circumcision, so much go ahead. Your entire penis off and showing you really mean it and be especially holy. Paul referring to the sorcerer and acts as a son of the devil. This sort of discourse is used throughout the scriptures when it. Both are so far gone in their own bs there beyond being reasoned with you just have to now call upon it we're to call yadda Complete and total malarkey. Just nothing is true there. Nothing is your man. Does it work? It never work It was never going to work. You are a tool put down the wrench.
A to you to that end, we're gonna have an event here in about nine weeks, called an election. and based on all the data that I am saying it will go well for the Republicans. I think about an eighty five percent chance right. and so when the house I'd say about sixty five percent, though also when the senate. What's their agenda. What are they running on? You guys know errand. You know the runner, no idea tat. You know what the republican agenda is. Programming, a little less hard. I dont know what it is. I don't know what the run and I mean it could very well be that we like No, it carry lake is running out and areas owner. Everybody knows mass devastation of everybody trying to do mass devastation to us. That's all she does every single day, it's Run to scientists and drag, and I'm so in on her right now than I am
to become a fan boy right? So you know it. People like her and the scientists and a few others are running for the vat The majority of these republicans that we're about to grant power all over the country nine weeks for now, what are they running for me. We note the running on we're. We're not Joe Biden. where the senile let's go brandon. What are they running for? What's the agenda here? What are they going to do The vision I mean Why did the policies that started as down this inflationary road? Many of them voted for with the covert bailouts, for example,. Did they learn their lesson today, Vladimir Zelensky is going to do the opening bell? in- between switching green search, search and and and and fighting a devastating life and death war were every minute towns to get a ring. The bell of the new york stock exchange and provide you some remarks. Get a fund another thirteen billion that waste? Why The agenda here in front of my congressmen. Ship Roy has a piece it today.
over at the blaze attempting to answer that exact question Its titled, not one additional penny for federal tyranny. one additional penny for federal tyranny here here? Let's hear more about what that means Congressmen joins us in a moment here, you in the middle of trying to buy or sell home right now, how's that going given the way the housing market is gone. Absolutely knots. Mortgage rates have gone absolutely not sphere. In the let's go brandon year, I'm guessing you might be a little bit frazzled the kind of thing that was an easy to begin with. If you ve ever done a buying and selling of a home or doing them simultaneously, as I had its never easy, during these unpressed. many times, think that's you, absolutely the best realestate asian, on your side, guiding you every step of the way. That's where real estate agents, I trust dot. Com comes in the name kind,
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Epic joins us now here on the Glenn Beck program. It is good to see your brother. How are you will be at a great long, labor day weekend, a density one caught some of texas country music. Last year Robert came with my family. We had a good time, the family. Out back to work. It is back to work. Let's, let's start The question you heard me pose a few minutes ago, I think right now. It's about eighty five percent odds and united go into this for the audience, but you know I've got a bit of a background in forecasting pulling things of that nature. So I'm not just like you know Paul in these numbers out o my backside thing. It's about. Eighty five percent odds that you're going to be in the majority in the house next year, what size that majority willoughby twenty seats will be fifty seat? I don't know, but I think you'll be in the majority. Adding is about sixty five percent, as that republicans will capture the senate as well, but let's This focus on your chamber for a moment the house, ok what're, you gonna do with the power that yeah chip, which the agenda
Are you guys having discussions about that at all? Is there any foresight at all? What are we going to do with the power? that we have, because when I see things like The guy who runs the freedom kok is that you're part of scott perry. He may vote to come fi, so called gay marriage and the federal code this week. and this is the same guy. That's getting roped into the same. Cockamamie fascistic trumped investigations that they're doing the trump the rope in him taken a cell phone and everything else. Does he not understand that the same people behind what is going against him are the same people that are behind the pronouns and The eradication of gender meatball surgery on kids, reed phoenician of marriage and if he votes for this, they will then turn right around and attack the church and first amendment religious protections. What what's going on
inside your caucus right now, rather than just, we can't wait until the Democrats continue to suck and we take advantage of it while Steve Updike's. First of all, I don't accept yet that we're going to be in the majority. I think we have to go, earn it a kind of step. One for this current house republican conference is to go out and earn it by demonstrating. We will fight for the american. People. That starts right now in september, when the funding for the government expires on september. Thirty, that's the focus of the abandoned I put up on the blaze today which is that as step one again we're still in the house representatives. Unlike certain candidates, like carried talk about her santos, you're running their states may go out, leave their agenda and drive a message in a vision for the country. can do that, but we right now have a job and our job is to hold the line for the american people. Don't just capitulating give up
september thirtieth under no circumstances should we give the pan the democrats to spend another dollar of our money to borrow another dollar defined the authority reinstate the funding as agents they might go out for you to funding happy be going after parents or act down in moral logger to go after you know that average hardworking american citizen, rather than the corporate cronies this rolling over us. That's our job, Right now in september, Joe we're going lean into that fight for freedom caucus, you can win into that fine, I'm guessing that the Senate will capitulate. What happens when Susan collins and mary band of you know purple staters, you know breakaway have read staters ok even say. While we ve got to find a government dont jogger stand, look, we need to stand up right now and say that we have an agenda. We believe we should find a government that will stand up for the people.
if they want to shut it down on their watch. While they could draw the white house why they control the senate, why they control the house, then that's on them, but we should stand up to the people, but against the that's just step one step too just to actually answer. Your question is that way We get the majority of the people or you know, a gracious enough to bless us without majority. Then we come out and say very clearly that working to stand up for that, they want to stand up for america that were not, to just write a blank cheque to fund a government that woman can you carbon tariffs? We should fight that no more schools getting shut down, no more military, getting fired, no more vaccine mandates- and I mean not- we stand up her energy freedom. No more rates on our ability to have the energy. our choice, don't pursue germany, dont capitulated. China have oil and gas and nuclear power. We should stay uproar, secure board that stops maintenance, dots cartels and I mean secure it
the policies these is that we need to stand up and put before the american people We will do it. They give us the ability to control this can be clear about it. We can lay down out and I'm going to be doing that in the next several weeks. You and I are both generators. So we kind of came of age politically during this era of the contract with america and and I would argue with with the exception of the things trump try to do. That was really the last time. I can remember the republican party after winning an election opting to end laughter and actual counter agenda. Go on often with it in an attempt to in post, something counter to what what is currently being done in governing on something other than hey we're, not the guys you hate even more and in one of the urban legends- and maybe it's not. Maybe it's not mythology, maybe it's true one of them
Once that has really changed. Geopolitics ever sets is theirs. An urban legend bob dolen newt gingrich were on air force, one with bill Clinton during the ninety ninety five budget fight, and I bill Clinton, said debacle and new gingrich. It was not you guys. Have me outnumbered I'll, give you whatever you want, but if you If you asked me for absolutely everything, I'm going to face a primary for my left from a jesse jackson or somebody else, primary presidents never win. You'll. Put me in a no lose scenario where I have er no win scenario where I have to fight you so I'll give you eighty percent of what you want. Ninety percent of what you want, but if you ask for one hundred percent, then I'm going to have to refuse you might have a shutdown they asked for one hundred percent. There was a shut down. Bill Clinton ended up getting reelected after that right, that's that's the that's! The That's what you're? That's the tail you are told there in Washington DC. Do I had that chain of events? Correct, ok. since a lot of the same people are still running the republican party now or that we're in
back in ninety ninety five, that has been the conventional wisdom of your party ever since, when it comes to these budget fights, are you prepared push back against that yes same course, that's what the republicans have been doing for the last twenty five years is cowering in acquiring corner. Somebody says Something about shop now, but let us be very clear. I am not advocating for down. You're not advocating for shut down were indicating that you stand up and fight using the power of the purse that the founding fathers specifically gave us not. This is important for me for all your listeners and everybody paying attention the house representatives, people's house, the part of the congress closer to the people it specifically constitutionally empower to originate. Spending bells to be able to use the power of the purse tourists strain executive afford. Then we damn well do it. Instead, cowering and a quarter about it? What they didn't. Ninety five
they did in the ninety four contract was energizing. American people what they did in ninety five by passing, loggers bills in doing what they said, they would do laid out strong republican majority in congress, we switched the body a balance of our democratic control, the house with a previous. What's the big deal, you know they space, we won congress, I hold it right there. I want- and I wouldn't you finish that point here when we get back here in just a few minutes, congressmen ship Roy, our guest here on the Glen back programme. He says it's time to do battle against this authoritarian government. Not another penny for federal tyranny will continue chatting with him here in just a few moments, the Glen back programme, I back here on the Glenn Beck program. We are the crew from this D day show filling in today for Glenn. We are right after glenn in fact, noon to two eastern every day.
Every broadcast stay right here, I'm blaze tv, that's myself! Sti days with totters an errand mcintyre, and if you like, what your hearing you wanna hear, more crate week, if you're not yet a subscriber to blaze tv to make sure you know miss our show in any other, exclude have commented the glen, and so many others do for blaze, tv you, twenty percent off today with a promo code. In fact, it's good all of this week day. twenty is the promo code for twenty percent off a bleak his tv subscription days, twenty d e, a c e day's twenty. When you go to blaze, tv dot, com use that promo code to sign up for the big discount that's days. Twenty blaze, tv, dot, com, name, the peace, that's up on the blaze right now, not One additional penny for federal tyranny, congressman Chip- Roy is the author also one of my best buddies. He joins us now here again on the Glenn Beck program finished the point you were making there before I had the heartbreak chip go ahead, steve me look. Democrats have been completely control of congress for the better part of the twentieth.
Certainly less fifty or sixty years until the contract with america. We should things up and said, then republicans about a heavy dose of control. The olden times where we weakened, as one republicans, have played their part rat light. We should stop that, you ve, taken engender straight to the american people and do so problem after the night Five so called shut down. You just walked through the history. They Clinton basically did instead fired and ninety six, it was boggles weak, a stout. Watchman agenda. They cost him the election and have assault showing ninety six in twenty forty my friend in your friend ted crews- and I was there- is cheapest tat. We pushed hard to try to stop obamacare the american people. What this means DC? Listen, they sat in her. They were rally new rally behind that amber Africans actually did very well in two thousand and fourteen, not because of the establishment said they said. Oh, we shut that ted cruz down. No, we demonstrated that we would stand up and fight for the people, that's what they were,
see right now. Here's the court good for you and your great team? There are you free or we free right now, Are you free of your borders, wide open and federal, boring at your communities? Are you our military, getting fire because it won't take an extra el job in our right away, free If our militaries now I woke social engineering experiments, are we free, many companies are running our healthcare and you actually can't go to the doktor of your choice and public health bureaucrats telling when our schools are gonna, get shot back? Are you you can't say your kids to the school of your choice and empower parents. Eta. Being indoctrinated with some woke agenda, I can keep go. No, we are not free right. These are the same as the long train of abuses that the powers laid out in the declaration almost two hundred and fifty years ago Publicans have a duty to stand up. and start writing blank cheques, borrowing, money, printing money.
To find the very bureaucrats are undermining our god. Given liberties, that's the agenda. The american people want to see They want is to stand up for them and to do so not wild eyed, but just being very thoughtful and truth, no more federal blank cheques one dollars go into these authoritarian and the irish where the fbi or the cdc in an asian all of the federal bureaucrats, no more blank cheques for open borders. No more blank cheques, read it tommy, what doktor I have to go to no more blank cheques for a military, let's not actually being trained to shoot people, things off, but is it woke engineer, experiment we go out there and take that to the people may enable rally behind, as I promised, chip how many more sheets awfully photocopy machine over there at the treasury that gets passed on to us as inflation? Are we going
after pay for for those green shirts over in ukraine is ringing. The bell at the new york stock exchange this morning after gives in it, and then you can give us an address of course. How many more you know, Ben stiller poem, appearances. Do I have to pay for how many more lindsey, graham walks down main street ukraine, how many or parties in other parts of ukraine. Do I have to pay for how many more green shirt, so many more sean pen visits I mean how much longer does this charade go on. well, this is one of the things that is being done purposely by not just the Democrats, but the republican defence establishment. We're gonna, be all too happy to say sure. Yeah we're gonna have to fund the government, also number thirty, because gosh Don't you understand ukraine is going on. ukraine is going on and I pray for their pay and I I'll even mine, providing some baseline of support to help people stand protect some of our interests. We do have interests in eastern europe, but a fifty
billion dollar blank cheque was absolute offence to the american people and now they're back for more they're. Now saying they need another. I don't even know the number yet right. He keeps moving ten or twelve billion dollars, but you've got to reply dr supplies, but keep reminding them support, including support to their governments d, and this is the problem we are actually having money. That is, we know going to their oligarchs and we know that it's going often wasted waste and fraud stories about that, but it is also going to the chinese communist party. Spending money going there. That then goes to the chinese calmness. We know what the chinese communist you're doing other buying up land in texas and we're all sitting around billing, friggin wind farms and solar panels, empowering african damned adversaries, Joe yeah I believe we should be writing. Blank cheques degree Ukraine steadily composer, another friggin magazine cop we should stand up for the interests of the american people. Wish begins and ends we securing our own country would actually
establishing sovereignty having a strong military industry, economy. Will we not print money, said it down wigan proper bud I am very, she also launched magazine cover stay, california announced last week that it will no longer permit. Car sales of gas powered vehicles in twenty thirty five, literally seventy two hours later same state of california, governor government put out a directive. Saying hey, you: ve got a power down, including your electrical vehicles, because we don't have enough electricity for the the season of heat that usually comes end of august late september out there on the west coast. They did. We're going to mark this on the right road, yo yo, yo ineffectiveness, moronic. They know exactly what they're doing you're, not stupid This is all about control, they notice. They know. They know that the average american cannot afford a sixty thousand dollar av
They also know that we're gonna go right into the ground, to dig out all the cobalt and lithium and everything else we need for these batteries. The same way we ve gotta dig out the the oil out of the ground. They know all of this because it's not about environmentalism, it's all about control. How many People in your caucus realised this. Well, not enough steve and when I think of you in and lobby actual just slight, but of here that I do believe more in the conference are recognising this assault on our way of life. I had a big republican converts meeting I drove in march. And we had to go home and you are you know tom and mark morgan, the gaza or come in action. member of the texas delegation- I see you remember, come up to be go. Will shipping I know it was so bad little. You can't make the stop with words have and now you're talking about energy. What they see just mention here taxes, I met with the head of our caught. You runs our grip and still going to be pudding. Eighty percent wind and solar.
And you great this next year, meaning all additional capacity. Eighty percent of it be wind and solar. Even for the train wreck last february in texas, this is all because of what money money steep? They want their free quota, free money coming from washington and guess what we're doing nothing. On the whole c o two issue: we were driving c, o two levels down to the extent that that drives your agenda. We were driving those down with clean liquefied natural gas, but we're not any any nuclear energy plants. Now what are actually producing more gas plants really the number we should ensure the number for eleven. with coal fired plants in china we have about two hundred and fifty thereafter one week were adding not. We are stupid people Steve and it's time for people to step up and stand up for our communities. We stand up proudly for fossil fuels and nuclear power. We should act push an agenda that says you what power too.
a flourishing lifestyle? You want to be able to manage the climate and an enviable to power in air conditioning in the heat, you plug into tat at your house, your electricity bills based. We're gonna, double you're, gonna, basically adding another airconditioning unit gear. or if he didn't you If you look up north The no one talks about that. Little talk about all the side, effects of windmills and solar panels and empowering china in repose, get up and go. Oh, don't worry, we'll do carbon capture will will do it Do we love me environment, two guys, believers, of course We live in it, but we actually want to have power and we can have so. Let's go get it. Finally, I want to ask you about chip We can this nihilistic senile disgrace of a president claimed over the weekend that he's been fighting big, pharma, his entire career, and in this year he beat them september. Ninth last year
president issued an executive order, which he had said numerous times in public. He had no power to issue he issued an executive order, say I mean this is like a left behind book stuff. You can't work in america. Unless you take one of these kova, japs, this came a full months chip after that? rector of cdc, russia will linsky admitted on national television on august sixth of twenty twenty one The jobs no longer start spread of the virus and that those who work at could still spread it to others. So, august. Sixth, the cdc director admits it's not a vaccine in the traditional inoculation terminology that we become accustomed to a full later the press. Violating every syllable, morsel continent and vow of this
we'll compact, the constitution, the nuremberg code said I'm going to make it that you can't work in america unless you take it anyway. Since then, everything we ve learned from escalating risk profiles of what happens with children, pregnant women, etc. Where a lot of the stuff we didn't know, we suspect in last september that we do actually know now we're talking with Daniel horwitz about that an hour ago, and now he's their claiming, I'm the one that beat big farmer chip. He tried to turn us in detail: tubes for big farm that we can't sue that we can't criminally charge or we can hold accountable on any level whatsoever ship if that is not in peaceable. Tell me, then: what is The great question is the right question asked in terms of what's been happening with the power of government being levied. He gets the american people, beginning with cuba. but I would argue in many other ways as well. I mean there's a reason they want these. Eighty five thousand new iris agent pride is purposeful. It's not revenue! It's it's to be able to go out.
at target targeting american people specific american people, but but let me just say one thing: there's married to pursue impeachment of my work is there's married to pursuing peace by president Biden for what been doing in violation of the principles the causes should the text the constitution, separation of powers Targeting americans going after american citizens dare to challenge the boers we'll get on the lesson and garlon it is the way focused so much on spending and deep funding. The authoritarian state is causing the absolute thing we can do and we only the majority in the house and sixty in the Senate scenario. We need a majority in the house and sixty seven in the said joe, my basic point, put your training wheels on right now demonstrate in america, will your fight for them by stopping the giving the checks to apply the checks to the da just checks. department adjusted the checks, the president, the
By that I mean the dollars, the blank cheques, the printed money You go after us and that I think is the threshold question then in talk about whether and how the president or my workers or garland or fancy, or the other public officials who were potentially still in power Finally, the constitution and committed in peace all offences, but it is a clear that this government has been undermining the well being of the american people, targeting the american people violating laws and a process, this whole student loans moscow torrent framework nor in the law, the text of the law, the boar. My orders is literally lately disregarding law, dad operational control, the board, the attorney general going after parents and targeting them. With these andrew official tat, we re not going to finish, go ahead. I one minute go yet they all these public. I health officials and then is right on the top of his, and it is Biden who knows exactly what he's doing and his administration grayson.
brother check out his peace over at the place, not one additional penny for federal tyranny. It's available right now, congress ship roy from texas- you can read it over at the blaze good to see you my friend pressure. The time I take it. I got lost multi the exact same. You guys nate the whole team over there is well thank you. I will come and our rapid power to hear in the glinda programme. In a moment I'm back programme, I wrapping up our two here on the glinda programme. Let's get some multinational conversation that I just had with some good friend congressmen shepperalk from tat this air, no start with you. What did you think? I think important to remember at at moments like this. Speaking broadly in in this this american moment.
voting Republican is purely at best, and I mean at best and it's a stretch at best defence measure. Voting geo p in in in any seed in washington is at a self defense measure, these people don't just disagree with you apparatus of the republican party? Doesn't just stain you. They actually, they actually kind of asia. They actually they don't just disagree with you. They disagree with you date date. They hate you, so I it's important, to remember we talk about devoting geo pe. We have to make our commute. If you live in a red state, make as read as California is blue beard right now, the balkanization, the organization of the united states is action. What's going to save us in the near term. Save the entire country at once. You have to
You read states as read as possible and in closing. I remember just give it kind of illustrates the teacher out of the what five hundred and thirty five some members of congress. I think we did this exercise one time, there's, maybe twenty of them that we don't feel like we have to babysit on a day to day basis. That's how far gone the gps, a washington, I'm guessing you're, just going to say what he said. My favorite thing that chipset is. We are a stupid people, a man. Our three of the Glenn Beck program is next stay tuned, hey I'm getting wider by the way. I've got bill bar to thank, for they have been my c weapon, the sheer I'm trying to lose the last fifty pounds I had to lose several years ago, and I had to lose in fifty and only lost a hundred cause. I that's got tired Our iverson levels of tired now I'm trying to lose the last fifty before I turn fifty I've dropped. thirty of them this year, built bar, has been here. It's should stop just the protein, I'm looking for, but also
We tooth satisfactorily satisfaction and I crave so many great flavors at a brownie batter one of my favorites here during the show a little while ago, four box of my all time: favorite chocolate chip, cookie dough, chunk at home. So many flavors. You cannot beat it built dot. Com is where you want to go built com is where you want to go. Promo code back and you'll get fifteen percent off your order for built bar at bills: dot com. We have one more hours ago and I'm going to begin it by really annoying todd That's coming up here in just a moment:
the when you are about to here, is the future entertainment and enlightenment. The program
the show were just talking to my good friend congressman chip roy last hour, the what's the g o p agenda. Well, he's laid out. We think a pretty robust one that we would rally behind. But what did they? Let us down again. Do we have other options we do and we'll discuss that here in our three of the Glenn Beck program stated the I back here the goin back programme. We are normally after the glinda program right here, I believe to be. I am still days with totters in an errand mcintyre. We are noon to to eastern right after Glenn back each brought. Stay here. I'm blaze tv and, if you like what you ve heard so far, did anyone here more great, we
to become a blaze tv subscriber, because that will you also won't miss glens exclusive, outstanding wednesday night specials as well days. Twenty, that's my last name, d, c days too. Is what you want to use to get your twenty percent off blaze, tb discount, when you go to blaze, tv dot, com, again, that's play cv, dot, com and use the discount code dace! Twenty! We just through talking to a good friend of mine, spaceship roy of texas laying out an actual vision for republicans. No just stand there and not be democrats when people are voting in their pasted the day at the dams and just take advantage of it with no plan of what to do affirmatively on your own. In fact, he laid out a plan for to do with the budget battle at the very end of this month. But what is with couple of exceptions like the governor of florida- maybe the would be governor of arizona republicans republican again. Let us down. again
Do we lack any other options within the conventional political system to peaceably, but aggressively push back in the spirit of the age. The answer is: no, there is still one other option. Another good friend of mine, mark meckler from the convention of states he'll be joining us later in this hour. To talk about that, but first I have We know TAT this We in different ways this could go down there is. There is many ways this could go down, but in ten days from today, tat emma, the As you know, we already one what to say, because I their there's so many ways- and I know this way- because we go this way a lot. at this time of year. Right kids go active school football season kicks off and a middle aged man's fancies turned to christmas because, as you,
I like to say I have the palette of a twelve year old. I had a sense of humor of one too, and I am a year round christmas slappy. We we didn't. Even they down oliver christmas decorations from last year? We must lead the way the house like so much a hundred and ten days from today. It is christmas, time, and he really getting america now, I'm not getting left them up now. We we left them up now, I'm not kidding. I mean I am. I take very few things seriously christmas is one of them. I am in absolute christmas sloppy, so in order to indoctrinate the rest of you into my christmas slot sloppiness. I thought we give you a little pre preview of some of the great sounds of the season.
it's bad on christmas memories like the songs and carols you love, and only pericarditis, and his m r n a's have all your favorite holiday songs in one non random, controlled study, it's beginning to look a lot like a backstage pass to get into anywhere. You go from inspiring hymns like oh holy spike, the protein blood stream track that bullying, because they lied and they don't stay in your arm. Oh little, town of woo, we can't believe you lied your run by creeps. Who should be put to sleep, spouse they don't live
Do traditional christmas classic such as well decade of lock down my true or its day to me breaking, soon. Christmas,
The chess with me said georgia nice to the people far and their fear remnants of fear. Then there's those funny novelty songs to lighten the mood a grandma got run over by cuomo. He left her to die and it effected nursing home. I really can't stay baby, it's covert stand. I really must go and baby it's cold. It's dead. I saw the bear skiing santa claus because the cdc said so last night jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell causing. If you do get that booster, then you sure are ballsy and of course, we remember of the reason for the season Hampshire teacher
sure with some day rag. The world No, Yours does know: what's a boy or girl, a pun answer a phone chain so say ring presence of old from a man's day with the hers or that his soul was so. But that's about all this collection has so much more to offer like rudolph the red nosed redfield. All I want for christmas is my fifth vaccine deck rochelle with facts and data.
Wonderland little jabber boy have yourself a little waning efficacy, happy christmas! This is never over and more all. This can be yours for a high price. We can't name yet because inflation, but don't let that stop you from this once in a lifetime collection call now at one nine hundred and six six six vax to order only available while supply chains last must be double mass When you call again, that's one nine hundred six eggs yea accepts. No put you in this spirit, furs and it. Actually don't gimme your bar homer, you ve got it right now be just whistling a little silver bells right. Now, yes, but not for the reasons you think. First of all, I love the fact like you, were off ere. You already talked on the show about the union.
Book coming out with Daniel or what you ve got a movie coming out in less than a year and a farewell watching this you're talking. This is my magnum opus. This fight is work. I've ever done right here and you could how you leaned into this, that you have a daughter who is it true, being in theatre, you can call they merit is merely an award winning singer like no. I got this. Yes, it's usually other things I hear you we ve said in anger on that's others. It's you say all the things we ve said so many times with rage and our voice, and it's got that just decision off key joy in it it it. It is truly the magic of christmas that lifted that entire enterprise up going back and listening to that- and I mean I've not listened to it since last christmas is just now- is the first time I've heard that since last december holy cow. It's I mean we were we were parodying stuff back then, when, when air- and I put that together, you know that round thanksgiving of last year, but printing shhh everything that's in there is that it's not even parity, now wait a minute
it was still considered revolutionary to say in december of last year that the spy protein doesn't stay in europe. No now we know it. You know It goes in. Your testes goes anywhere ovaries, everybody this stuff. We submit as parity a year ago. That's in that incredible production and earn put together from last christmas. That's news! Now! Everything in there is news now think about that. Like this is isn't withdrew. The writers of black mirror said didn't do us another season of the show, because they couldn't figure out how to up with stuff that was actually crazier or word What was really happening right now, but that you are onto something we larger than perhaps she thought it too I mean when Steve corral said: we cannot do the office today, because the our ability to communicate as a peep
to one another and tell the stories that need to be told is getting increasingly very, very difficult. So this is This is a way of being subversive. This is almost like thomas more stuff. I need to criticise the king ice now. How do I do it yeah? So I I write far seeing eye right utopia authority. As a saturday s That's a great analogy, so the there is one last line of defence here it should the republicans prove. how many times in a row to not be it. Ok, it should they do what they typically do in all too many cases, with few exceptions when we give them power turn on us, instead of them right. There is one more line of defense here. We will talk about that here in a moment and the Glenn Beck program, the
I back yard the Glen back programme and I have, after being initially sceptical of fear of the whole idea of a runaway convention, because total depravity kind of guy and I have zero trust, for human nature whatsoever. Have. streamlining high view of human worth indignity, because we are the imago day. We are the only beings and all of the universe made it image enlightened, of our creator, but be as we are also fallen. I have the exact opposite level of regard for human nature, so I can be very trusting people beginning with myself right. So I was initially sceptical and then we got closer and closer to the end of the ballgame. Here we are at least at a two minute warning as a civilization. We are least there at least there if you're, if we are not living for romans, one kind of stuff we have
eight, increasingly growing segment of our society. That is true who pushes too that break at the very least so or at least at the two minute warning part of the football game. When you realize you know some of the traditional more conventional methods of winning here made. b is open to us. We might need to use some things that are within the rules they're in the rules, but there are limits. Bit more radical, a little bit more risky because Nothing's riskier then having the game go final and where the losing team, and then it doesn't get replayed. That's what the final means. It means it's over right, so after initially being sceptical of a convention of states, I've now become a full throated advocate of it has spoken on behalf of it, whether it's here in my state where I live now, iowa my original home state of michigan written about it extensively become good friends with one of the people archive the architects of the joint just now mark meddler for the convention of states, it's good to have you with us brother. How are you
It's going to be here and good to see wearing a lover ensured I gotta say it was a good week it. It was a very good. We can so yes, go blue. I know we, on my old hometown station that our group listen in michigan football. I, when I was a kid we I am in grand rapids michigan, so I listen grown ups and wanted to give those folks they shot out of over there, of course, but let's to a football game of a little bit more serious imports, When we look at it as an analogy, the debt the creation of independence hall last thursday, when I'm calling it s really was a death, creation. That wasn't a speech I can't think of a moment and in american history, where a national political leader spoke about a large segment of our own people. The way that he did, I thought it was a cynical attempt to bait our people into acting worse than whatever they were entrapped into on january, the sixth. But I also think that they nihilistic. We mean this market pursued policies as if they think this way about law.
Urge segments of the people and its not just campaign. rhetoric, so With that in mind, I think, whatever our of them, that you thought we were in before last thursday, the clock at least when at least a minute or two later didn't it. It also idiot I'm in what you saw in bold relief in colors in graphic representation. Is the new democratic, fascist party, the Andy F P, that's what the Democrats have become today. Biden used all the symbolic g of a fascist, rising government. I hear fascist language. He vilified his opponents in a way that essentially, potentially leads to genocide. I mean what he's doing is dehumanizing the opposition, but the opposition must be silenced, push from the political square to remember mussolini's definition of fascism. The inventor fascism said it's everything inside the stayed, nothing outside the state and, importantly, nothing against the state and that's the definition of today's new democrat fascist party
He also sit over the weekend that he's been fighting big farmer, his entire career. He beat them this year. A market was almost exactly a year ago. That he announced the worst executive order? In my opinion, in all of american history we stuff out of like left behind books, you couldn't win. Are you couldn't work? Unless you took a job which his own cdc director had admitted a full month prior wants stop you from even getting or transmitting the virus, but you have to get this jab anyway, and now we are seeing all the the the risk profiles, the various database, surging and reports overseeing with data all over the world. The study in thailand a month ago, eighteen per cent of teenage boys, had abnormal h e k, gs after getting a full dose dose of pfizer the israeli data, the uk data, our own data, the study from the british medical journal, the profile and everything else he was willing to risk sk the end
fertility rates of many americans, the nervous systems of many americans, the cardiovascular systems of many americans, the hall so many americans, the long term health of our children. In order for you to work, if that's not a violation of every last morsel of the constitution in social compact, at this wait? I dont know what it and I just think it when we when they say what they really mean and then act on it. We should, probably listen to them? You haven't got correct and again I am and appoint back to fascism. This is totalitarian, fascist control and always starts way by the way they they never say, hey, we're going to do something really evil, they say we're gonna, do something that's really good for you. It's really good. First society, Jonah Goldberg wrote a great book, about this and not a huge Goldberg van anymore, but isn't really books anymore. That's another! That's a topic for another date is Jonah gold works to read the book. See once wrote. Do you know the answer to that? You don't know what those they answer that so continue on with what you say. How likely
by liberal fascism, is the best examination, the history of fascism in the world and its as it always starts with liberals. They always say that they ve got some great utopia. scheme that they want everybody to adopt and when you won't adopted ultimately they're gonna force you to do it and if that doesn't what they're going to do a story in prison and ultimately kill you. There where I see this government headed they're gonna, throw their opponents in prison were already seeing them. Do this they're doing aids on innocent people, they're calling parents, domestic terrorists, the the eyes target people? Eighty seven thousand new iris agents to target people like you and me specifically be as we don't agree with what they're doing which brings us to this election and I think it's at least eighty five percent, the republicans. In order to win the house a conversation with one of our best buddies chip. Roy about that last hour,
it's their agenda, and what will they do when you can just hear in ships voice he's fighting his own caucus to get them to do anything with it? Ok, it's about sixty five percent. I would say right now that I think they'll win the senate, but as long as we've got old, ditch over there running things will just keep driving us into one right. You know, and- and so a lot of People, especially we're getting baited into this hopelessness and terrible and we'll get around you up and you're, not a citizen, and you shouldn't have a job. You should have a vote. We can steal your elections, we it over. We want to you this hopelessness, this baiting we're being baited here into a certain, come that the spirit of the age would love to see essentially create an fathom devastation of our of our way of life and really if the last bastion of liberty in the world- and I know a lot of our people mark- are increasingly feeling hopeless that my vote. Will even be counted. Even if I go vote for these fake republicans. My vote won't even count and then, if it does count, though, we do not do anything that that huh,
closeness will not just remain. playing within the system forever. So is there another option in the answer? That question is yes, we'll get it out here with marked metzler from convention of states adjusting the Glen back programme, so I believe that a convention states might be the last opportunity we have within our constitutional framework to save our constitutional republic, and I think the spirit of the age is showing that maybe it agrees because it is beginning to attack
the convention of states movement after ignoring it for many years. The guy who runs the convention of states force is mark. Meckler he's our guest here on the Glen back programme, so explained our audience, who, of course, we can be very familiar with this process, but just in case one more time. How does this work? It's right out of the constitution? I mean this in some cockamamie? You know hare brained scheme, it's it's right out of the constitution mark and Why is it that if you guys are really a false flag operation and are going to make it even easier for the here too the age to finish off. Why are you guys getting attack so mercilessly by them at the moment them Yes, oh, let's start with just sort of how it works. The basics, article five of the constitution, contains two ways to amend the constitution. The four is the way we ve always done. Twenty seven amendments. When two thirds of either our sorrow, both houses, the congress, call for an amendment. They can they put that amendments to the states for ratifying
should by three quarters of the states the alternative method. If the federal government becomes unresponsive which clearly it is right now is linked. two thirds of the states requests to gather in convention. They can then debate and propose My in other words, make suggestions to the states and those cigarettes he's go the same way as they did from congress to three quarters of the states for ratification so we're doing. Right now is putting out a resolution, nineteen of the requisite thirty four states our resolution already sore way more than half way, and it calls for discussing fiscal restraints on the programme and like a balanced budget amendment tax cap spending caps et cetera. Anything that wouldn't the term limits on congress met. Congress, but also importantly, the deep state federal. Officials, bureaucrat staff first and then finally- and I think most importantly, anything that would impose scope and jurisdiction limit on the federal government. Like saying no, it can't be involved in education or energy or in
You're sweet spot, our swedes by you can't be involved in healthcare get out of our business. So these are things we can do and then you're right we do have opposition and even by what I would now call tools or are willing conspirators on the right who say this gonna be a runaway convention and we lose our constitution. Those are absurd arguments and, by the way, if you listen to the recent boy put out by senator rest, feingold the socialists from wisconsin who's, this You buy RON johnson. He says this is a serious effort than it's nothing: Liberals should most fear that book came out this in the last week. It's been covered steadily in the new york times favourably, the eight I'm abc favourably and pretty much everywhere else. The left is. crazy against convention states right now because they know, as you say, this is our chance to pull the rift and stop leftist overreach or restore the constitution. I have made the analogy in the past when I've spoken for you guys of comparing the can the article five convention to hail mary pass that
is something that you do you do you don't do cavalierly you don't move this choice. If you're down in a football game, you know most of the quarter to go ring with, say five minutes to go because it's a it is not necessarily the most high percentage play out. There can be intercepted to act as if that can't happen, I dont think is, is it is you know is being honest, intellectually, honest, but when you're sitting it towards the end of a game and the game will go final and if, those final in year behind on the scoreboard. That means you lost final. That game will not be played again. It will not be replayed. You law. The game to just sit there and continue to act as if you can hank strand this thing and matriculate the ball down the field in the final seconds of the game is not realistic and that's when you throw that pass. If you're worried about losing our constitution, tell me exactly what part of it. We have retained right this minute, it's a dead letter to at least half of this country right now.
In a lot of the people that we are going to elect to defend, it have really no interest in defending it, or at least they lack the testicular fortitude to do so. We are we don't know what a border is. We don't know what a boy or girl is we're doing. Meatball surgery on our children should go on. If this is not the last few minutes of the game, I I don't want to, contemplate than what the last few minutes of the game look like This is, in my view, the time now that you go for the big play to try to win the game before it goes final, and to carry on your analogy- and I think this is important when we having congress right now are at best third string, quarterbacks bench warmer mitch, Mcconnell Kevin Mccarthy. These are the is that are going to lead the charge to restore our constitutional republic if you're putting open them. Then I think you're putting your hope nowhere and is likely to be trampled under foot. I put my hope in the area can people more. Broadly speaking, you speak to a lot of good. patriots every day, all across the country converse with them dialogue with them. I do the same. I've been in forty eight.
dates in the last few years? I know the grit that is still out there in the heartland of america, and I believe that we can restore the republic by using the tool founders gave us for just this moment. Ask yourself a strategic question: What is more, likely to be the effective long term play a week, we vote these republicans over and over again, and try to take some of the names you just mentioned out in these primaries, where they, we cannot spend all the time that seventy to one ok, that's that that's that's the that's one option the other option. Is we call in article five convention of states and we prove samuel. Adams was right that it's always been a committed minority that an ax the most social change, and we just out, organise and out galvanise at grass roots level to make sure our people are at that convention and the job done, which were those are two options short
let's go back to gettysburg antietam, which I believe absolute. The bows of Hell is trying to provoke us too, and do not forget more americans died in antietam than any other singular event in american history. Ok and the civil war was so successful that the political battles that led to it and then came from the end of it we are, still largely discussing in talking about here today, a hundred and fifty years later right so If those are really your two options on the table with within the current political schema that we have right now, which of those two do, you believe is most likely to be successful. I mean, for my part, active. I agree there weren't a fork in the road right now in american history and the country's going to come part one way or another. So one way is the way you describe its antietam, it's the violence and I think for peace, who say we should do that later, stand what war actually looks like they want to know they should talk to a veteran has actually been in combat, whether she just look at footage- ukraine, right now? If they want to see what a real war in a real modern country looks like
this hideous and there's nothing good? That's going to come out of that, like you said, it doesn't really resolve anything, we're still fighting those fights today and so on options are, that or go back to federalism and only rode back to federalism, is too collagen. Member states, that's why the founders put this in there and look Steve. I know you talk a little bit about the potential risk. I just want to say about the risk. It takes thirty eight stay sir, how to fly anything that comes out of convention and I'll challenge. People, if you think you're you're, worried about an amendment that can come out of convention to be ratified by thirty. Eight states. Tell me what those thirty it states are because and what the amendments, because I've never had any body able to do that in over nine years of promoting this cause. Where are you Right now, in terms of building a critical mass. So in nineteen states we have over five million people involved and really, I think, if you want to know where we're at as far as building critical mass look at what the I've says our opponents on the right that the fringe on the right say to us that we- for sore eyes were left is, were globalists but rest
gold. A former you senator just put out a book on this. The new york times is talking, italy against us, a b c m s NBC, where a hit recently from business insider leftist business publication on that was run all over the internet, including on vice and a p, did a hit peace against us. The left knows that we're getting two convention, there are thirty one states with both legislatures controlled by republicans. Thirty four two convention, so we're very, very close people want to learn more about this mark. Where can go go to convention states, dot com causes important, look Steve, you you work every day to educate people than the question becomes? What do we do now and the answer is: get involved, go to conventional stays, dotcom sign up to, and get involved in the fight if you guys are getting funded by sorrows brother, I'm charge and a lot more for my next convention of states. Speaking Engagement- well we're looking forward to having you're gonna be gets me. I want more time about the website for people to learn more or to sign up if they want to yup convention
They start com click on to take action. Tab volunteer today, convention of state stockholm, I gotta see but take care base you. You bet I think one thing we need to consider here is that we are wrestling against principalities. and not mere flesh and blood, and that, The the same people that are. Spouting the doctrines of demons, quite literally, actually Our hated by those exact same malevolent forces just the same vein Therefore, their destruction to. and this is what you always see when these forces gain sway in a culture is when they take out the righteous. They then
heard on their own enablers and collaborators. We see this historically as well. and then I think we also have to recognize. At the same, Lord many of us are trying to serve by stating in the gap in this culture speed truth to power. Speaking truth, in truth, was age. just as he died for us when we were his enemies, he died for them. While they said, Are too. And I think this is an event. This is a very important perspective to maintain. So we d become like that which we oppose So we understand. What it is that led to the founding of this country were trying to save and preserve in the first place that were in an era now that we're not just patriots now
many of the foundations were trying to conserve, had been destroyed. What can the righteous do The foundations be destroyed, and that a lot of times. it requires becoming a pilgrim. How did church survive for two thousand years against. all forms of oppression to they persecution without a republican party, without a u s constitution, how did it survive. It understood what it meant to be a pilgrim. And I think that is something that we need to understand and recover ourselves in the era in which we live today, a comeback, a moment and wrap things up by talking more about that here. On the Glenn Beck program, stay to the Glenn Beck program miss a day, miss a lot visit lazy. Dot com today and never for a moment of truth,
the the final furlong here on a tuesday after labor day, it's been our honor here on the Steve day show to fill in for glenn back here today and the glinda programme. That's myself, totters in an errand entire, and we were just talking about how we need to also read SK what it means to be a pilgrim what it means to be a stranger in a strange land to to rebuild something to reform, something to start something new to restore something that had been lost after the success of a tiny number one book last year, fouch in bargain publisher came to me. And shortly after rush passed away and said, hey think, there's a huge hole in the market for conservative children's books. Would you consider starting a series?
and after thinking about, I said only if it can be about america's christian heritage, if it can be about that I'll, do it, if not otherwise, good. You are better than me they said all right, let's go for it, so we are here to launch our very first one coming up in november and its title: why thanksgiving day pilgrims Darted thanksgiving, for the same reason they came to america because left god. this comes out in november, you can get to pre sales are available today, overdue, amazon, dot com for really in november. Why thanksgiving? And it goes into the story pilgrims that the amount providence, but how? to be orchestrated from above for them to even get here, for them define a native who happened to just know that in this entire continent they just landed happened to land in a place where found a native who had been saved from slavery by christian missionaries in their part of the world and knew the language. What are they of that.
Now very good unless power but is involved in that really is american history. It is his story, that's not white nationalism, but american history. We use firms like puritan nowadays to denigrate one another without the puritans they got on that rickety boat called the mayflower. None of us would be here today to enjoy things like a long labour day weekend, we need recover our history. We need to understand why thanksgiving occurred. Why the first holiday celebration in american history show that we truly understand American history So if you want to get a copy of, it is available. Now why thanksgiving the pilgrim started thanksgiving for the same reason that came to america because they love god it's over level today for pre sales at amazon. book will release coming up
You're in november taught in here, and they should get up early in doing this man, we have fun always but we're back at our normal show tomorrow, noonday to eastern run after glenn back here on blaze, tv days, twenty, if you want to strive for a twenty percent discount catch. Us tomorrow subscribe to our I cast as well john three. Seventeen
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