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'Learn From The Storm Of Your Life' - 6/8/18

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Hour 1  RIP: Anthony Bourdain... a present-day Hunter S. Thompson?...Glenn shares his own story of struggle...US suicide rates up 25%...the seriousness of clinical depression ...why is our society so depressed?...it's normal to have a bad day ... 'Please reach out for help'   Hour 2 Rethinking the G7 Summit of world leaders... 'who cares' ...Bill O'Reilly...news fatigue and the word of the day?...McCabe and Comey are still big fish swimming in the swamp...Attorney General Jeff Sessions may be on his way out very soon?...all the leaks go 'one way'... to Trump ...the collapse of journalism is happening right before our eyes...spying on journalists?    Hour 3  Dennis Rodman to the rescue?...traveling to Singapore for the North Korean Summit  ...Trump has been pretty strict on drug laws...There is no such thing as 'legal' pot in the United States...it's still federal law ...Better late than never...Is the New York Times finally investigating George Soros? ...Public university prohibits 'harsh text messages'?...our kids need to toughen up ...Recalling when Cory Gardner banned birth control?

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The blaze radio network on demand Back every gift, Storyteller, the writer who took CNN viewers around the world has died. He is, he was sixty one years old, he die. At his own hand, sir, Then confirmed it, The extraordinary sadness we confirm, the death of our friend, our colleague, Anthony Bourdain, his love of it adventure, new friends, find food, drink, remarkable stories of the world made him a unique storyteller is tat. It's never cease to amazed us and we will miss him very much. Her thoughts and prayers are with. His daughter and his family at this incredibly difficult time, Bourdain was in France. He was working on an upcoming episode of parts unknown. His As for an Erik, the french chef,
found Bourdain unresponsive at his hospital room early this morning, what's happening to us Kate, Spade took her own life hung herself with a scarf. There is a crisis that is happening by the way. Please, if you are in this situation, Please you're my voice. I have been there. I know, I know how tired you are of hearing people say.
Just get over it just be happy, go see a movie. I don't know what do you like to do? Why don't you start doing more of what you'd like to do. I know how tired you are of hearing that. And how tired you are of screaming in your head. There is a suicide hotline. If you are thinking that, please call eight hundred to seven three talk. Eight hundred to seven three talk: the lines are Paid professionals, unpaid volunteers, most of them.
Most of them have gone through it. Pretty. Us who have gone through this we now what it feels like. We know that it. May Sent to you. I can't tell you how many days I honestly thought. My family will be much better off without me. Everyone will be better off with me out may and I can't take the pain anymore, even people with physical pain, because I've head I've had physical pain in the last five years that I have looked at. My
I've with tears in my eyes and said I can't take it another day: it's not the same. You're gonna see a lot about this when Anthony Bourdain. Because this one's gonna hit close to home to the press. They will be searching for answers because they knew him and he seemed happy. I mean he was always saying what makes you happy. He was doing the job that they would all love to do. He was successful.
You see, Kate Spades husband came out and he said There is not there's no truth to the rumour that she Took her life because of business. Suicide rates have increased by twenty five percent in the United States. Twenty five percent. Twenty five states, Half of the United States has seen a rise in suicide by more than thirty percent. We.
Your stand, ve! No, without we'll talk a good game about the suicides that are happening with our soldiers, but their invisible to us. We we don't want to look. We don't want to look. We forget but were capable of forget who we really are, and When you are in clinical depression, Thee. The mind. Is your biggest enemy, because it knows you better than you know it's than you know you. It knows
every single trap door it knows it the excuse. It knows every problem, and when it is off balance it can vintage you, one hundred percent, that is you and you try anything you can wine women song, anything you can to alleviate the play pet pain, and you do anything you can to find the source of what is making you unhappy. For a long time- and I would guess, Anthony Bourdain. He and to all of these. Regions all over the world because he was looking for something his car. Students were always. What makes you happy what makes you happy.
That's not a question as we probably Configure now, then, border asks that again, travels into the jungles and goes all over the world and. Always has a question. What makes you happy he was searching sir Jim for the missing piece of him. People can understand being depressed. People can. Stand being bombed out people. Can Understand he just get over it If you ve gotten to the point to wear suicide, makes sense, you know that's insane, you dont, while you're thinking of it, but you right now. No that's insane
No rational person thinks that way. Everything in you is built tooth. Stop you from doing it. You know how you walk on, because you're in the empire, state building or you're you're some place near an edge, and your body even clinches have that venture, but saying back up every part of your body. Tells you when you are in danger everything inside everything. In your mind, every sense of alarm bells go off your endanger you're in trouble back away. So how could you put a gun in your mouth. How could you possibly I ask, around your neck. And hang yourself.
Because something is suppressing. Something is suppressing that add.
Mechanism of madness. There is nothing different between Anthony, were Bourdain, Kate Spade and our kids that are killing each other, the same madness. Perhaps the differences. We were lucky enough with Cates Baden, Anthony Bourdain. Their madness only thought that other people I value only they did not.
There is something wrong: there is something deeply and profoundly wrong in our society and we have fleeting moments, just fractions of seconds to wear that in that window opens up on our guard? Is down and we're not fighting about things just at this moment that we can open up and go. My gosh, there is something really wrong by the End of the day, experts will of all of their expert talking points. We will have all kinds of stats thrown at us.
Our eyes wool glaze over or we will think oh well say no somebody's doing something. I do you think the opium crisis is so crazy right now, there's a whole in each of us, and people are looking instead of for an answer. They are instead looking for something to cover that whole. Because too many of us are afraid to look down into that abyss. We are too afraid to look inside of ourselves because Even the strongest among us are terrified.
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Real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, sell your home now fast in for the fort, for, though the most amount of money, it's real estate agents, I trust dot com. The really interesting explanation their blend of talking about, then he Bourdain, who apparently committed suicide. We hit the Kate Spade suicide this week and As someone who is. Never, thank God, struggle, something like that, it's cool, clearly, not understandable. To me. I can't I can't grass What would bring you to that point? I saw I saw tweet last night about Kate Spade that said. Well, that's just what weak minded people do freely. Really that's what we minded people do I mean not to defend that point, which is kind of a mean, but it's like it's does seem completely foreign too. I think a lot of people, I know alike, I've always heard this. Like you know, someone goes through. If you saw
in the the United eighty seven Wall Street crash rightward baby. The rumour was people are killing themselves all because they lost their entire fortune. Everything they were for every time here those things slick. How is that? How you Decided that that is the end all be all of your life. Your value, there's a difference, though, between, like a crash something that happens fast for instance, the crack the crash you're on Wall Street. This happened in two thousand and two thousand seven in New Canaan or used to live. There was a crash literally, I was the only one who kept my house in the street ok, I lived in a town. It was almost all Wall Street all lost their house, so you you would lose your identity, your home, you would think you're in a row your family, the end of the world I can't get out of this whole, then, logically, you know. That's not true. Right, like losing a home is not the end of your life, correct, correct.
Even losing your failing, but not the end of your life. I don't think that that I think it's if I could be wrong, but I think it's different, more complex it's a slow decline when there fast Sean. Couldn't can see somebody who leans a certain way or is put their their value in something else and feels totally trapped You know, and you just don't know what to do. Remember with member the Netflix special where they were. We just talk about Nicole months ago, where were they to try to get people to kill someone within like an hour and there are able to meaning able to Julia? Ok, that's not that, not rational, that's insane, but that's just I've got my back against the wall. I dont know what to do. You know domain, and so you just make a rash stupid decision. That's different than clinical depression, right, crook, clean Cool Depression is.
Is there is no regulator. Theirs. There's nothing it's normal to have a bad day. Now. Think of think of this, as you have a bad day but then the next day or feel a little better or later the day or you know Clare. You started feel better. Think of as an elevator. That only goes down only goes. There is nothing in your chemicals, nothing your brain, nothing that actually goes, ok, you're. Alright, it has its it's more than psychological is Chemical NEA, so the elevator just keeps going down, lower and lower and lower and lower. Now about how bad you feel at the worst moment,. You haven't had a good day in political depression. Sometimes for years you have not felt you're at the end of your rope. But the more important part is
were arguing with you But that that was the part that I think help me understand that a little, but because everybody has that right, you're you're, arguing with your own in your own head of what you should do. If there's something you know you shouldn't do, and you find you self, occasionally giving into it whether its everything from me an extra drink. A to some other setebos additional, even food right. If you try to eat healthy, I know what happens when the old time, because, as many could see, I don't eat healthy, but you get through multiple. We a beating, healthy and then there's one night, and you know some August pops over unexpectedly. Let's order a pizza and really can I mean look at me. I name and expect this to happen this and you go through an hour. A set of arguments are convinces you this time. It's ok for me, it is. There is no. The difference between a v the alcohol, And the bowl of
scream in my mind the way I justified it, so I would get up every morning and I would say, with alcohol, I've just I'm not going to drink today. Today, I'm Joe it's not gonna do it. Today. But by the end of the day I had found a reason and it was very logical, Teddy was a really hard. Today was just I got. Eat up so badly. I'm just I'll do this tomorrow today, I just need I'm just gonna have this drink. Today. I'm just gonna have that bowl of ice cream. It's been a really hard day a I just it any more, total sense to you. Do you, Failed yourself and failure every day begins to build and grind on you and you start to say you worthless, you're, capable of anything
you are so pathetically. We and you create what you think, I'm back mercury, Is the Glenn Programme free time every time. There is a way overdose or a suicide, you will hear all kinds of talking heads and all kinds of anchors who are searching for answers? What could have been done? What could have been done when it comes to alcoholism, nothing, nothing drugs, not Unless that person is reaching out for help, nothing. It has to come from within when it comes to suicide mentioned yesterday, Bobby trees I haven't talked to
I dont, know how long years. He saved my life, he said If my life, I was. I was headed toward a bridge with my name on it. I just didn't. Have the courage to. Do it, but I was headed in that action every day I would drive by please Lord give me the strength just drive my car into this bridge. Abutments. I'm looking to I'm looking for anything that makes me feel good and everything I'll call drugs etc. Would make me feel worse, you make me feel better are temporarily, and then it would make me feel worse. Couldn't get out of the cycle. I told Bobby. We were we work together and
TED Bobby I'm, I'm I'm I'm leaving I'm just I'm Goin away said where you go, and I said I don't know when he said What do you mean, and I said I don't know I just like that. Everything is falling apart on me and I just have to get away from from all of the problems here and I'm just making things worse, and I just I gotta go. Now he had been suicidal. A lesser man, probably would have said that and make any sense come on gland ledges come on Come on, let's go and have a drink or come on. Let's do something together or just sleep on it. You're gonna be better, he knew. Just by the way I was talking. This isn't reasonable. He said. Will you come with me? First someplace I sit where said, come just come with me and meet my doktor at the hospital, and I said
not going to a hospice I've You dont know I'm causing all of these problems. I'm doing these things. He said. Oh, I know. Oh, I know I know Come with me to the hospital remember going with them at home, hamper the hospital I'd. I just remember just remember the room and the doktor. Looking at me with compassion and saying it's not you! It's not you after some tests were done and they were just talking to me just being taught him. It's not you please give this a trial. And I remember. I don't even know it was like a fog lifted. It was within two three weeks. Fog lifted and I remember brushing, might if in the morning and
Looking at myself in the mirror and thinking where have you been talking to me, self we're we're. Is this good Glenn, and where is this optimistic Where have you been. People don't understand that when I sobered up this is ten years after Being suicidal. When I sobered up a good Friend of mine, Jim Logo, who does mornings and Corpus Christie, he. He said to me: Glenn, When you least expected expected, I see what you mean, he said, you're going to want to drink and I said I know I know I know I know I'm I'm I'm.
Getting a yo yo to drink at five o clock, and so I'm I'm I'm a busy fibres, Isaiah, whatever When you least expected expected, he said Does your brain you know you're down you know you ve ever been to a psychiatrist, herb or even a dentist who, in the day, it says to you, are you buy You ve lost every day, and you know what the answer is. No. Well, yes, you know, I I haven't furlough while our, but why are you lying to them?.
The same thing happens to many people as they go to seek help at a psychiatrist, their willing to go so far, but there's a sub basement that they know that the doctor doesn't know, but they do their never go in that they'll give the doktor enough. Why they're lying to the doktor, why they are are wasting their time, the doctors time their money? I don't know, but we ve. Done it, and anybody who has been to psychotherapy has done it for sure. It's not go in there. That's where your brain is living. Your brain knows all of that. Brain knows the tricks that you play the excuses that you make. It knows every single back door to you. It knows your tricks, because it's you And so you find yourself arguing with you
It knows the worse things when you're trying to talk yourself out of it and saying I'm really not. It will remind you of the worst things you ve ever done, in ITALY, even expand on those things beyond what they were. Five years in two. Sobriety there was a day that I Two hours, I was just like screw it I'm a drink. And as soon as I said that to myself My breath was taken away, because I remembered my friends words when you least expected expected that day, my excuse made sense, day and I realized, then try have spent the last few weeks just building a case that,
This is reasonable. This time it is different. I didn't do that. Sub basement of my brain- was doing that. It was convincing It was turning. It was plodding against me. That's who you are an argument with all the time, and you know that you're better. Else yourself, you're in that her dialogue now I your coming to that gunfight com. Lately unarmed, that's What happens when people have clinical depression, your wife, walking into a gun, fight. A? U got. You got nothin you're naked. There is not even a rock around you to throw. I find it fascinating.
Because people will say Kate Spade she had everything. People will say He bore Dane: he was at the Heidi at one every award, yet the show that everybody, you know it tv news wanted to do He was, he was famous, he got a travel the World Patchett unless something Amerika. I should tell something that ain't. That is not what life is about. That's not what may she happy in fact the more success you have. The worse it gets because if you're feeling this way, when you have nothing. If you are capable of holding on long enough and then
successful. You think it's the next job. That's gonna, make you happy it's the next car, it's the next house. It's the next wife. It's the next: whatever it's the next stop in the middle of the jungle. I this time I'm gonna go to China and I'm gonna have a dog The soup- and this is the one where it's all gonna, come together for me,. Kate Spade she sold what fifty nine percent of her company. What she's but for two billion dollars. How could she possibly be unhappy because not about fame, it's not about fortune its. Finding meaning and who we really are. Question with boldness, even the very existence of God. For there to be a god. He muttered really rather honest questioning over blindfolded fear. I've always told you that story as
way, I found God, but it's much more important to me than that. If you read my book, the Christmas sweater. That dream happened to me and I think it was divine I was at the end of my rope trying to sober up. Done everything that I could, but wasn't making any progress and in my own head. There was the good Glenn saying you gotta, look further yeah gotta to go deeper and. The typical gland said: please, your mom's. Death and all that stuff, it's old news you're over it. It's no big deal everybody has,
problems gear. Over it grow up the part of me that was reached, thing people saying to me get over it. I was saying that to myself when, when a self said, dig deeper. I was unwilling to because was afraid. I was afraid that there was a thing there. I was afraid that there was a word. Sky there. I was afraid there was nothing there that I really was this this key, that was still afraid of being himself. I was afraid that there was, but there wasn't anything good. There wasn't anything remarkable. There was nothing.
And I refuse to look. Question with boldness, even the very existence of God, for there be a god. He must surely rather honest questions over blindfolded fear. Of course,. The only way a flower can grow is if there's rain wheel oil, the rain, we avoid the storms of our life, because no it will come of that, oh good, will come from that is she ate the storm of your life, look at the store of your life will teach you, but it takes a credible courage.
And if you are someone who is depressed, Dorothy of your courage. I am sorry I feel like I have wasted forty five minutes, trying to explain to people who have not gone through this. What it feels like to go through this and most of you- and I thank God for this- will never go through it. I should have spent my time talking directly to someone who is going through it now, please. There is a reason you are listening to me right now, please. Do not dismiss this opportunity, there is hope,
There is a lorry is lorries It is the difference between the first part. The wizard of OZ, and why Dorothy hits Then she opens that door. It is called I know all of the color all of the good all of us, The sunshine all of the good feelings it is gone, free right now. It doesn't feel like any anything is gonna change, but it does it does. Life is about to get so good for you. Just please reach out for help
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I agree with the idea that that's a wasted half an hour. It's it's an idea that convincing me a little bit man that its could be more common like it's, not a foreign illness, not yet all its common cold people could go through it in its. I think you spend too, as I understand it, making an understandable. I think that common cold is a good example, is spreading. Its flew lies in America. Mercury. Back well forget to Jim Summit going down just few days. The real fireworks are happening at the g, seven, while east over Twitter. In Trump and met drawn, came out swinging over social media yesterday, this year's gathering of the richest nations of the world and their privilege, otherwise known as the group of seventy g seven, is setting up to be less like a gathering of lords and Ladys and more, like Lord of the Flies street, brawl
here's just a couple of the haymakers thrown yesterday. First one comes from the French. The american President may not the mind being isolated, Bertha, neither the way, mind signing a six contrary agreement, if need be ha fresh, fresh. And is getting a little testy, the president took them shot on the dry and counter punch with his own uppercut saying why is the European Union and Canada informing the public that for years, they have used massive trade tariffs and non monetary trade barriers again the? U S totally unfair to our farmers. Workers and companies. Take down your tariffs and barriers or will more than match you boy. Apparently, president Trump debated, whether not even bothering showing up to the G summit this year, which I think is a really good thing. I mean no He agrees with what he's doing so. What's the point.
I don't agree with the tariffs that he's doing you know the trade war Or that even flirting with one, it's not what we need to be doing, but I agree with something who really gives a crap about the g7 by all means skip it. We watch a movie something nothing else could be easily replacing your time. Of President Macrones Twitter threat, Libya. Recoiled again, though we may signing a six contrary agreement David need do ah here That could be bad, but I'm just right now trying to figure out a single agreement that the gene then signed. Had had any real impact like ever, I gotta better question what the heck is it, the bigger these guys do the original
group of seven was formed in the seventies after the collapse of the exchange rate. Nineteen. Seventy one He came together in a crisis. They ve got a whole lot on nothing. Ever since group has now become an elaborate meeting where the laws and a lady's may I present add it just You just show how awesome they are than they get together over evoldo snap, some selfies with their peers before captain their flight back home. But addressing real problems like the collapsing italian economy. Now, as the global debt crisis that we we all started in two thousand eight nope. Let's get it is to this we'll get dressed up in ridiculous closing going to instead of vocs I can tell you whether viruses are writing now
by the way the meeting is being held in Canada, the Seer Guinea, but what they are neighbours up north have establishes this year's g seven agenda too, dance, gender equality, fight, climate change Promote respect for Diversity- and Inclusion Ok, thanks, Canada. Thank you think. You for jobs putting a little bit of frosty on this cake and reminding me just how ridiculous irrelevant. This whole g7 summit has real become.
Lemme it's about eight June, a little barely since the day. I am gender food right now and then I got some fluid surreal. Well, under the programme, Mr Bill, O Reilly how're, you, Sir, mccrone. Imitation beggars got a little metric in does it. I thought you know integrating with. No. That is totally debts they every black in every language somebody got you, a bill orally welcome to the programme. Where am I wrong under the G7 summit, where matter to the american people lab we get hose in our trade deals all over the world.
It's always you know trump goes in any sees eight years, Brok, Obama and then years before that of George W Bush doing absolutely nothing and having these unbelievable trade imbalances rise, arise and rise. So it's trumpet wrong by saying that the United States gets hammered, in trade with all of these foreign countries right we do, but he goes in and instead of saying to them look we can do it. I'd where the easy way, the easy way is that you do take firm steps and take more of our goods, or I can threaten tariffs and threatened to come over and build a golf course. Countries that I would like our better than tariffs. Canada, scare him he's. Gonna are building golf courses but,
you're right in American. Don't care they don't have a g. Seven is, I feel, sorry for Putin. It used to be g, eight, but but once potent murder rate got over a hundred thousand, they voted a map right, so its energy- seven and about their an end. There were all inclusive, except for the lad, a mere Am I do mind if it was that? Would you mind if it was a g six? Who do you want about us? Europeans are Sabre rattling for their own people. They know that they make a deal. Trump may have to get an l b g t person to make the deal for him. That's all you gotta do It's already China's as well will. By ninety billion dollars more a year. View as goods already and he'll get it Do you like a hundred and twenty five or something like that, so that and then you ll drop the terror of such what he always does, and saw the Europeans who sabre rattling for their own people, they know that the amount
The deal from me you have to get an l b g t person to make the deal for him. That's all you gotta do is bringing in that somebody of that stature, bill, O Reilly, forgetting Bill o once again with his hate, forgetting leaving off leaving off the queue I for questioning, there's two cues now so you know he's got the first year. Not the second q. Oh my gosh billow riding bill I am I am I am- more concerned about the tariffs than than you are, of course, however, I'll. Tell you there's something else going on that trump? Has you know that the Trump is people of using- and that is the sell off of the balance sheet from the FED? It is healing countries all around the world and
we're getting a double whammy right now is: should we do anything about. I don't think we should, but do you think we should do anything about the sell off of the FED further chase of? U S dollars This is unbelievable macro economics by Glenn back. Everyone are you. Are you processing this? I have no blanket idea back. I don't even know what you say loud, one cow, ok, all right! Why they I'm a geek on this, and I know I'm a dns, a very impressive yeah. You do it in your macaroni act, because I can you are a sucking up in soaking up all of the reserve currency. We cannot afford to lose these dollars, no, our stability. Let me go to this your latest tweet has been on the inspector General Michael Horowitz Gimme, your thoughts. This is such a died, so next Thursday, a trumps birthday
the department filing and put out its report. It's not gonna put out. It's all report just stay here: frequent stuff, not there shouldn't collusion stuff? wait a minute. How long do you need to put out An initial report on the FBI in both matters but they're, not gonna, do the Russians just Hilary. We all know the FBI the fix was in. We all know that. Okay, that's what it's going to say. It's not going to say it that harshly. What it's gonna say that call me in the cave, the two top ranking FBI officials. When light Hillary Clinton they held back starve. They exonerated her before she was interviewed, she'd dated and port people under oath. They allow too wise to be in whose of suspected case to be in the interview. It's insane does like fifty things, then
In the same, a cable I d be I'd, is he'll be charged, he's gonna be charged. Ok, call me he'll ill can apply above it in the nether world. Unless me Abe, turns on call me, which is absolutely possible if they squeeze them. If the Justice Department squeezes meantime we don't know anything about Mahler, and can collusion, ok, something and without may play devils advocate here. Is it could it actually be good there We are not getting the Trump and the Clinton stuff at the same time, because the media would only focus on the Trump stuff and completely bury the Clinton stuff now, but the media can focus on a trump unless there is something that no. I know that that's what I mean so we're just getting their Hilary stuff first dozen, that give it enough air to have me be a little bit of a flame in the media. I doubt it
the media is gonna. This is a one day story for them in and talk it away and I'll be well she's really matter by the corruption, the FBI is hurting country and that's what I always come back to. I want the best for the american people Pressure is gonna, go over to Singapore and try to negotiate this little right. Man at a blow up the world. Ok, that's pretty serious I'd, say well, they see it any New York Times concentrating on Mahler Mahler, Melema, Russia, Russia, Russia, Donald, Donald, you knew Donald Junior emanates insane, it's in saying, so what they could do. Was put this in a place where it would be harder to use smaller as a college. Your word the day cudgel to Antwerp because more doesn't have anything on trap, you does it and but why
and it s his apartment in doing this is because it embarrasses I rose and style he appointed Mahler added it undercuts or if he ever did come up with something, so they don't. We'll do that. It's all politics back, not looking out for the folks. Built in the warm and take a break, and when we come back, we you will you take the american people through the Mikhail story, and what do you think what think is going to happen and what it It really means and then also I want to get into your article. Your latest not bad, also and Bill orally Dotcom called the news news. New research shows that people are worn out, by the news- and I We have talked about it internally, here in the last couple of days and what we think it means and who is talking about and why we are
by the news. But we'll get your opinion in just a minute when we come back first It shares some recent feedback that we have gotten back from our partners. It palm Beach letter and ticket worries crypto course. Ninety seven percent. Ninety seven percent of the listers who have taken this crypto course even afford five star rating: it is something that is very, very much worth your time. The. Don't master course now What this is. This will explain what blockchain is, will explain how to buy and sell crypto why it's important, but the pitfalls are because even if you're not going to invest in it, you need to understand it. It is the future theirs. The comments lessons are easier to understand straight to the point. Helps me understand how go about investing in crypto currencies as well as blockchain technology. I was really really satisfied with the lessons, especially five and six, which clarified, submits procure perceptions. I had about buying and selling crypto currencies thang.
For these valuable tools, no Although I began with a solid understanding of crypto, this presentation had met. Real meat on the bone, which add to my trading strength and flexibility? That is now better. Developed simply stated my understanding and confidence had been noticeably enhanced. Thank you. So much we were looking The expert that could explain it to us that we convinced him to explain it to you. Smart crypto corps. Start come, go there now, smart Crypto course dot com or call one eight, seven, seven pity oh back, one aid, seven, seven, p, B, L Back Smart Crypto, for dot. Com failures? The here's? How I think a lot of Americans feel in the Pew Research report, which will get into later kind of verify, So people just exhausted by the news so a cave thing comes out. I think there's a lot of people that are kind of
twisted in it actually probably really interested in it. They haven't really been following it because they just don't think it's going to make any difference, even though it's gonna to be really good for the conservatives in of your playing politics. We really but really bad for the clings bad for the Democrats, bad for the press, but Now, that's going to happen so I don't really. I am been following it fill me in Belarus were soon become not to indict Andrew Mackay for lying to. The FBI century did that to the National Security Advisor for the Trump administration. You know justice for all. So what happened there was. Let me keep second in command to call me that that he had hands on research? possibility for the Hillary Clinton email situation, because it's always away. It is always a second guy who dies the
a day to day and then call me floats above it just a little meetings with everybody goes out on the road that cutting our atomic. It then apparently yet order from the Obama administration through Attorney General Loretta Lunch, you know there's not smoking, God. I don't think you going to see a memo that gave it is basically look You know this is a low level. Beef was shadow rapporteur, quickly that code for hey you know We don't want to see her in chains, That's the way it goes in the government. You know when you hear the word: let's wrap it up quickly, any government office that the message to the person we don't really want to pursue this any further. That were the case God from Loretta, ledge, ok! Mackay, no use in big trouble NAM, a cave in second in command, happy eyes. Wipe runs as a Democrat were. I think it was the house representatives in Virginia think otherwise,
and get a lot of money from the Clinton's best friend, Terry Mccall up so there's a personal connection is all kinds merchants here right about administrative. Surely didn't want the Democrats presidential nominee, to have to be arrested that wouldn't be good deck. That's not a good thing right So all of this going to come out, but in words that are fuzzy. He saw Michael or which is going to say today, ten, a Judiciary committee where you at all it could have been more aggressive and ale backstop unaided and do this and they didn't do that republic as well on em and the Democrats, to try to make excuses soda Where we are right now, but I think Andor Mackay will be indicted, I don't see how he can't be indicted for lying so am I owed. So I go back to my original question. So he's indicted, but yes, nothin the changes. Loretta. Where I mean do we
We can. We can all draw our own conclusions what was said. You know on the tarmac what was really going on why the language of the memo was was changed, You know all of that stuff, but we're never really going to hold any body responsible. For any of that are we Mackay, bright, yellow, my lips. Call me. Which is entirely possible, suggested It doesn't like call me then let us is but does is call me still is that of fish. I mean, I know it's a mere fish, but really that it's not that it's not of those as your still workin for people, hairs why two big fish, you can establish that the second in command of the FBI. He's a liar and fix was in the Hillary Clinton investigation. Then
can't do anything to Donald Trump at all, or anybody of associated with died away. We wait. That's not gonna win. People were investigate right, but that's not what I think we are looking for. I made maybe I'm wrong bill. You are. What do you think the folks want back reeled. Justice there, Real Mackay just those indicted he goes to trial. But what you just said was look we do that, then you can't do anything due to Donald Trump. No, I want to know. If these guys, if the fix was in four Hillary Clinton than good so then what is the truth? Let's put those people away and let what was the actual. True actual truth is it. Hillary Clinton did not secure classified information. That's the truth! That's a crime! but nothing will happen, but nothing will happen to them all night Hernia big issues, where you been exonerated, but you know that
truth, you want to know the truth. She didn't secure, classified information secretary of State for her own personal reasons. That's the truth! That's the case! All right! you know and the press will leave that went alone, but you, if you if you try to use that same thing and say well, but now you go after drop they're not going to leave this alone until they're just untimely death there just two fold just burning down there. It's like it's, suicide in the media. They just don't see what, doing to themselves back in just a second, The claim that programme bill O Reilly let's, let's go to the the the whistle blower worthy the leak that It has been found now a twenty six years. Old girl. From the New York Times. That was sleeping with a
Fifty year old guy was you know in the Senate Intelligence Committee. She is tweeted like in twenty thirteen about pay as anybody anybody. Instead it like a zone, Barnes relationship just really getting well. Apparently she wasn't and and so now impressive, saying: oh, my gosh won a victory for victim a bill horror. I understand Molly the chair dog, again, okay, so what do you think it is usual for these These media outlets, it all kinds stop going on that is corrupt fired up on this. I voted. How am I you met finally mentioned under rightly dot com by saying that not only are Americans fatigue but take the whole business just collapsing
the whole journalism business and you can see the establishment knows it would use they fight back so hard. Now, at all there parties and conveyed all we're the defenders of premium So why do we need more voyage, but You know you have is a system now where the trumpet ministration in this comes from. Session to be around much wrong about away, as attorney general, these leaks there they're gonna hold people accountable for them and you know about subpoena Report- is they will end up there this our report is that will there because they should We are well aware we have one way way way way way way way way. We should spy on reporters, I'm ripped orders. If there is evidence wait? Wait I can't breathe and bringing up your breaking out there. Evidence of a crime, I too have evidence of a crime.
We're getting classified information is a crime so- go to. Would you the judge who looks at the evident and says Wired report. You have a problem with that. I see I you know as somebody who has gone through litigation involving the. U S, government the government can claim anything is classified the governor can claim all kinds of things and you have. But we all recall you look I'm skeptical too. Will move it to your skeptical too? how can you up one way. And in the way they go. We destroy the president of the United States. Ok, that's! But that is what leaks are it? Would you like this Bilbil, rightly ok, say things to businesses offers
Do you have a landline Mabel you dated it's? The dogs fall the dark, eyed him into another room, and now he's we're losing is going in our Asian attacked, perhaps somewhat in the government of spying on that could so be what I would agree with that a relics he's a danger here. He isn't it well. Are you there not to reconnect? We lost him. Looking unless you there were. The connection is an interesting point because Tina James Frozen at Fox NEWS was targeted as well by the government and they looked into his private messages. I love admirable that bill I'm sorry, that's article poligized, all my fault! The dog is running. While I don't know I know I know I know we lose gotta come over stewards dog whisper arise. We gotta come over and whispered into this territory, so bill the. What is the difference between this and James Rosen? Ok, the difference! Is that rose in- and I know this case very, very well. Rosen
it not doing anything politically, driven a right You you basically have a system now. Will all these leaks are designed to do one thing we move: sitting president its subversive. It's not journalism, it subversive ride, so, let's leak stuff, to any we vehicle. We know hates Trop and they'll just point the leak. So in some way sure out to wait bill is the situation that I was in I, has given class. The final documents by government. Course by government sources that show corruption, the government would not release any that information wooden verify any that information. I had testimony from
people who risk their lives to be able to get this outwardly different, situ way. How it's it's the same thing they did. The same Obama could have said easily this. This is one way league Glenn back and after us for ever it's just a hatchet job. You actually had people I'd, who you could point to giving you information that could be verified I know that in way way way way. I could not. While I was doing it, I could not. In order for there to be a warrant on you- and I don't even remember why there are why I was not another- was no, it was you. I was a boy. I was I went to court sued by somebody who said I that wasn't that wasn't me and that's all a I have
government documents that showed? Yes, it was the government didn't come after me, but the gun would not release any information and I had no case without that, it's a different situation, no because you basically were reporting a story given to you by a verifiable source you needed back up, I wouldn't do it because they didn't like you. If you had been with the New York Times, they would illegal stuff out and save there, but this is different. This is basically you're leakers inside the Trump administration that no didn't go to reporters who print anything. They tell them without their effect. You shouldn't anonymous sources doesn't have to be true time after I'm after time. It is untrue Is it true yet its belief? story, cheer and paddled gets I'm. What do you make of this? I would ask to be true. I mean business
really dangerous to a free society. Here. Have this and adjust the bomb is responsibility too if they believe this is a good five political version to make a case on it. Does appeared at the guy did lie to the FBI about whether he was contact in these particular reporters bears investigation is the investigation. I can't do that for them, but I am sensitive to the fact that you don't want the government rating news rooms, but what I say back to the original premise of my column on the wily dotcom journalist. Collapsed. He's up at the american public tired. They are sick and tired. They so here's the you actually we correct they don't even know what they're doing to themselves you don't even know it's probably job, is no
a watch tv news anymore. So there's would you, but you you're right there killing themselves, but do let's not kill ourselves with them. You know The founders were quite clear on freedom of the press, in fact, if I could quote hey, he said say admit The does the citizen and the press We have the right to say everything which his passion suggest. He may employ all of his time all of his talents. If he is wicked enough to do so in speaking against the government in math is that our falls scandalous and malicious and and did and their whole lives will be ruined and no press If he condemns the principle of republican institutions, blah blah blah blah blah. However opera, He may say these things, to the basis smooth motives. Even if you
describe to them measures and acts which never had existence, thus violating it once every principle of decency. In truth that man hey, I would ve executed him. Right there on the spot. He actually he actually with you actually was forwarding the we need the winning argument so what he- and I really believe me- he had no idea about cable and about internet and about all this, what this guy, Please say is what you can. Drawing any american citizen by leaking fall story about them. Press that will finally did and their whole lives will be ruined and actual catch, no press and the government. This is about the government. This is not about regulate the press. Nobody regulates the press back. There's only one person, one person, one entity that can do it- that You violate national security laws and you new leak. Stop that you are coming and did not believe by law. You can be investigated what you'd
nor have any recourse, and I didn't have any recourse when we were attacked. Falsely we couldn T the art. Ok, I guess on slot, be ass right, that's. It got you can't do anything to help us, but if you're subverting the government by We printing things that you know are true and you don't even care to check out worthy I can't removing the present in the United States that, and it has to be investigated- Doesn't the first amendment, though bill pretty much guarantee that the government is not going to regulate the press? about regulating the press. It's about setting standards for people working for government led, classified information technology, so wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Ok! So now hang out just a second, then this is a different story. And this is a different story. They viewed
going after the member of the press. Ok, you're going as being investigated to try to now the subversive within the government that illegally linking the national security stuff. That's what's going on. I look Unlike the put everybody in jail, every Dishonest journalist jail. I'd want to do that. Let me put on every dishonest teacher, but we can't all right. They always my opinion or whatever. We do this work We're coming to a point in this country where one of the institution set up to protect us. We, the people, fallen apart, its corrupt aright. It doesn't work for the truth. It doesn't care about the true. I agree with you on that the cow am I wrote, undue o reilly dot com? You can use look I'm not cable television and listen to this propaganda day in and day out back blacks all over the place.
The beach reported. That is true, no retractions couldn't care less. I mean it's just. Believe what should happen right and that's why I know that's why I kind of like to watch it because it's a fire burning itself down. I don't want to. I don't. In arsonist setting fires in my own camp. I dont want to be setting fire. As to the constitution. It will burn itself ill burden, after the ground. It will. I agree one hundred percent, but on you. I can't watch it it's so angry You didn't hear going. I let you go. Personally and had a million dollars. I do you make of that. I guess I did. Just is angry as as you do, but but what
What are you? What are you going to do start I'm doing what I can run and my own operation will rightly dot com, just as you are always and your dad you're doing well in your doing good and you anyone great annual budget we have, we have to fight it now. In the precincts of individuality. Yes, plenty offers to come back on television. I, but I'm not Do it. Unless I believe that Aren't you going to stand behind me. I and gonna fight this stuff, because I'm gonna have to take people on it is so grew? I can't tell you you well, I don't have to tell you cause. You know what this new should know that what was set up to protect them oppressed that wouldn't them honestly is gone. It's God. Thank you Obama. Thank you Donald Trump. Both presidents,
that Obama on favourable side and on the negative side, now bill? I want a change topics because you're even more fired up, then your dog now and that's not healthy. That's none of your using the same end on a money I wanna do see. I want to see bill if you're coming down for the museum next week with all of the Nazi S, s stuff, that's going to be here. You got that we're coming out killer. Yes, ass really excited about that, I'm in any any chance you're coming down to check the museum couldn't next week as a mom, yes inundated here, but I'm Try to get a private you going of this. Well, maybe maybe maybe I will make here's a problem if I can download Dallas, where you guys, you guys gonna wanna hang with me now. No one really well had a hand. Well, no chance not have would net
bill o author of the new book, killing the S s the hunt for the worse war criminals in history, it comes out, September. Eighteen, thanks so much bill appreciated. Thanks but by the use fired on you as you learn ass, they once and hard to argue with passion and the feeling behind it, because it's true, I get risk because I mean the way they got. This guy was to go after the reporters, private encrypted messages and emails and all sorts of stuff, and it's like well you're getting into an area there. That's really if he saw fine until it happens to you and our side. Liberty, safe It saves, and there now making a really easy to own one. Liberty Safeguard comic by liberty, safe at a great price and receive twelve months interest free payments with zeal go down and zero a pr they even offered liberty safe for his low is twenty dollars a month. These are just rate safes that you're gonna keep your guns
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speak like that. Once if you have one conversation where they have that much knowledge and understanding of the world in its history, how am I gonna be thrilled with college and here's a two week reprogram in their common out sounded like that and there they were all. What we were talking about last night on tv was in a what did you learn and pour the stuff they learned and the the under standing of it, even in two weeks is, was phenomenal if you or somebody that you know is between eighteen, twenty four and would like to be a part of our leadership. Training programme check it out now at mercury, one dot, org, Slash, L, teepee, it's amazing back drums upcoming meeting with Kim Jong OWN in Singapore. Turning into the super bowl of diplomatic summits, not for the historic talks, but for the advertising. Some lesser known brands are seeing. This is a golden opportunity, to be seen in that, with the world's cameras all trained on Singapore, so scrapping
companies that could never really afford me know two million dollar Superbowl add are springing up. Action for plane tickets to send celebrity endorses the Singapore. You know like celebrity and movie star, Dennis Rodman, and then that's it. I mean you, you remember him from double team, with John Jean Claude Vandam right yeah no. I don't remember that either but anyway, Dennis Robins agent, who knew he had one confirm this week that Rodman might be travelling to Singapore to offer moral support to president an Kim Jong now, It turns out that Rodman also might have an additional reason for making the trip a certain new crypto currency is negotiating a deal with Robin to draw attention to their brand and exactly is this crypto currency new? coy me and No, I mean that's right,
to occur currency that gives marijuana dispensaries and pot farmers access to banking services, no surprise. Pop coin was founded four years ago in Canada, this would not be Rodman first time to plug pie coin which I actually I mean it's not like, I'm down on pot goin. But actually I think this is the free market at its absolute best. You know, dates decide. They're gonna, sell pot, ok, the Federal Herman says all you, but you know you don't have any access to any banking services. Okay, well, Pack coin, to currency has paid for his trip to North Korea last year when he wore a pot coin, T shirt and cap and then promoted on twitter. Nothing better than next to murder is dictate in murder. Is dictator, have a good time advert using pop coin pod,
in spokesperson, Sean Perez told the Washington Post posed. We had pot Goin, definitely believe that Dennis Rodman deserves the noble Peace fries jointly with President Trump and Kim Jong own well, I remember the days it, I was smoking part everyday proudly, we do with you pot coin. Isn T, the only company attaching itself to the summit. There was awkwardness during the summit planning this week, as North Korea apparently insisted on. Someone else cover. The cost of its accommodations in Singapore so not only are they a communist nuclear regime that starts its own people, there also cheap skates, but don't worry the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons and the of all booking site, hotel, planner, dot, com or chipping into foot Kim Jong earns sick thousand Dollar a night hotel bill. You know what good the good it's the free markets, as if that wouldn't have happened, do you know who would
footnote bill us Emily me talk? Is cheap. What involves Kim Jong its fried age, you and your lessening the Glen by man but better hurry up with the pot coin thing, because it appears a a partisan bill too? Elizabeth Warning Corey gardener. Now, if you dont Corey gardener, you might not have he's gotta ban birth could gain and birth control air he bed. Birth control will that's a least what the ads against him said when he s running has how did it happen yet? Honey, difficult Gardner Control. Now comes the she materialism. We're nickname, dig that out, but you have the greatest political adds of all time and get it another example of how ridiculous campaigns are turned into us. For a gardener move to ban birth control. One anyway
anyone believe. Yet it was even now No, yes! Well! Actually, in the added said he bandit. So I have no Mr Miss that story, but Elizabeth warns on this bandwagon as well. This is interesting and that I think it p today as is getting on the plane for the G7 that Donald Trump, also said, he was supporting this now. He isn't confirming say what see the details, but he says he's generally speaking behind it is called the tenth amendment through entrusting states these states act. And the idea is to make it if, like Colorado, legalised marijuana, they would be able to access banks. And all of that, so the use for pot coin might be going down the drain. If this actually happens, considering you haven't courtyard, the man who band control working along with Elizabeth, worn and Donald Trump on something may act really happen the other day
The other is in you. I say on those Donald Trump and I support that cause trouble is pretty hard on drug loss he's a guy who hed has had death in his own family do too, alcohol, ism, he's a guy who does not drink at all. He he's been. Very hard on in Scotland is not just a lot of air get on this issue. He said we should have the death penalty for drug pushers right exactly that's great. Yet it's a great one, however, I'm glad you know he did do that instead release the woman he released a couple of days ago, who was a drug pusher? If, yes, exactly social, it's interesting that he is leaning this way, one of this the crazy speculations out there just thrown out there. Is that the real guy who doesn't like that idea of legalizing marijuana or pardoning people who have to drug crimes. I know who you are going to say: Jeff Sessions,
that Europe does a spook. It, though, not as George Soros and is also very, very, very concerned, and I wish you get it or sars- her admit that there's an update on that, but Jeff sessions that he's so annoyed with Jeff sessions that he's here I mean what part part now the people to Jeff session does not meet our area. That's probably a silk bacilli nonsense, but it does. It is interesting. It doesn't seem to fit with where he's kind of study these issues before. However, I think this is the right. Right a minute I think ideally situation where states can make their own decisions on such issues. Is Federalist. I don't exactly understand this just breaking now right now I don't under. I don't understand this law is that this law is what by the way confirm? The tenth amendment, so that is the government were allowing states too, honour the tenth amendment sort of I mean the idea.
That the law should exist. That marijuana is illegal. Federally which, by the way, if you happen to be smoking at this moment, it still is right We everyone's gods, legal in Colorado. No, it's not it's really not its. If it's it's is Colorado in the United States. So yeah, it's federally illegal right, it's a federal. When we banned in and made me wanna, illegal. You know when that happened. I've read this before, but I dont revolve, follow prohibition. We had all those prohibition guys. What do we do with them? We know It has closed down. You know we should go after those dope, smokin beatniks. We should go after those p,
Golden are dragging our children down into refer, mad never eat her Venezia, I mean it. Look, there's been some bad Supreme Court s judgments on this even fairly recently, even by good justices that that in people who grow pot in their own state, its no interstate commerce, there, it member that was a lumber there like well If you grow part in your own stated, never leaves at its consumed in your state, yours radically affecting the nation wide network and market of pot there before its interstate commerce, I mean you that's one of the one of the worst cases of because of the use of the commerce clause that we discussed over the years. But this one is saying: like look its legal in these states you shouldn't come. After them you should. They should be able to have access to the banking system, just like everybody else at its basically
move towards legalization right, or at least decriminalization, where Obama said released, it can do this and work out? How to Morocco to send in reads to get people who are dealing with pot if they make it legal in their state. End. A key occasionally still did it, but that was the general Tendency of the administration Trump came in and said well on offer really on that been wagon, and they have done some of that, but he's was to be now open to the idea, at least with marijuana, to say Hey you! Let's let the states deal with that kind of an interesting development and again, if you're, if you're, giving a giant endorsement feed Dennis Rodman Maybe you should know about this information, because this is the first time I believe Trump had commented on interest in this specific legislate.
Which, again with warning gardener the guy who burnt than birth control on board it mighty might be something that can actually happen. Aren't let me any such horses here and and jumped onto the George Soros Morris, which is is fascinating. That is coming out right now have even following the George Soros saga lately. While I, of course I have and finally the New York Times, we all think of the hundreds of broadcasts you ve done dedicated to the inner kings of the finances of George Soros any and every time you do it. What is it It's a secret to company a secretive organization, that's hieing! Where they're putting their money. They're, not hiding there. Just there, that's a shell. It's a shell game show then move money over here and then their one step away from George Soros, and so that can do a little bit more and two steps away. From George Soros? Any can do you know
the subversive thing might notice the entire process of Shelby is to hide. So that's why Hiding was an appropriate way to describe ok, it's a shell game, you're hiding shell. The issue here is. The big deal is not that you found this. Right. The big deal is in bad, but weeklies International review, a bright barbarism right Wing Organisation Douglas out, then four times is the first time its ever been reported. I was pretty amazed by this. Is a secretive entity accordingly, our times, beholds fifth, ten percent of this. This poor situation, they remain out of the spotlight because they avoid vigorously avoid any public attention. A company can broad by top employees of the billionaire investor? George Soros I mean to see them. Mr Soares. Investment, firm source fund management is weak. And the company s blood stock,
excuse me. What is the name of s? Blood stuck? Oh, the open sea and we will look up the ship business and they work a Gavin Murphy he's an australian base in New York. He served the source is fun long time. Tax council he's the manager of ESA Blood Stock Christopher Mountain chief financial officer for cirrhosis funds, family office, president of S, F, blood stock corps, Filing Show Tom Ryan, an Irishman based in Lexington Kentucky is the teams of blood stock agent s F, which is part owner of Newgate in Australia, they have their involved as well, could not be determine how much money MR sources firm, has committed to this business. Although we know I mean look at us this winter, this straight up may finally, right
the New York Times his as used their investigative abilities to dive into a Soros based business. And really tell the truth about where this money is going, have a feeling, it's that the especially now that you have just done the tell on this show and if the sniff other really showing that's the tell here so by the way working with China on this as well, So let me give you the full stop, you remember, I'm serious thing legitimately did a major investigation into George Soros. They did everything you ve done a hundred times with George source and is it'll interest. That's all completely true! Here's the topic boy
if the strapping Chestnut COLT Justify wins the bellman stakes on Saturday to become the thirteenth horse and history declaim horse racing triple crown two of the three groups that have an ownership stake in the horses breeding rights will be front in centre and the celebration winced our farm China horse Club owns twenty five percent, but a third group, a secretive entity that holds the remaining fifteen percent, will remain out of the spotlight because it vigorously oppose, avoids any public attention is accompanied control by top employees of the billionaire investor. George Soros, oh my gosh. He always right it is to find if he owns a piece of oars. This time, my leader, you don't do it because we thought that you don't look like you do that, I'm looking up
Blood start a crowd. How is that I mean who we'd get involved with something, and I keep coming up with its aim of old or yes and a horse loadstars its death is amazing, I'm meeting that is what they ve covered in this massive investigation, which is printed hearing. What ten pages well, don't worry that I think I was hungry, that is just band him and his money from the from the state because they say Mary did sources. He's trying to infiltrate and collapse our system so is a bad guy, but don't worry about that New York now, what's what city with a horse racing important, protect your home, we're home security, but now many homes, security companies are thinking. How can we protect your home and get the most amount of money instead of thinking? How can I protect your home How can I protect people's privacy because that's what people are concerned about, especially if you of cameras in the house, and you have somebody you know
monitoring, but you know your home twenty four: seven, whose monitoring what what what's the privacy like? Simply You ve got to work on this, not only to cook to develop a great system that put you in charge because you own the system and the monitoring is only fourteen dollars and ninety five cents a month, and you can council at any time. I mean there's no contract to it at all, but they also wanted to make sure that any cameras that you might have in the house is gonna catch. The bad guy breaking in are only on an open when you want it to be, and so they went to the drawing board, they already do the design this great camera. They went by to the drawing board just before they released it this a few years ago, because they said you know I don't want a camera on in I hope all the time I want to know when that's on and when it's off while will put a light on it that wasn't enough, they went They found the exact kind of metal that would hold up that was thin enough, but still enough of a sound, not too much from noise, but
every time it would open you would be able to hear it Jake closed Jake. So they but the light on it and they made it so you can hear it so you could trust it. Protecting your home, protecting your privacy. It is simply safe, simply safe, bet, dotcom gather now. Ten percent off the entire homes, security system and unbelief we'll price, simply safe, back top Beck, dotcom that simply safe back dot com. So do did you? Did you remember the store we talk about the other day about the a I Norman that the tried it this a I algorithm and just feed it, Duff from as we reported the other day, the dark web, and it turned into a psychopath. Ok, not bad idea, a really bad idea. Well, there's stories out now that are saying: no, it wasn't the dark web, it is
just one read it user. That is to make. Let me see if I can quoted exactly a year that is dedicated to document and observe the disturbing reality of death. So I just just why read it use that is, that is drilling Deep down on this day, Suppose this ay I to that And now the inkblot test, the average ay. I sees a black and white photo of a small bird, Norman seize the day I met its pulled into a dough machine think about workers that is worded it where I see that right and it's a lot best after unplugged. Testing keeps coming up with that stuff. Now areas. I got ok, that's a really bad idea. Let's not, let's not do that to a I.
Opposing it today. This isn't the dark web says one read it: We say that an old Sophie saying that says that which gaze upon you become. This is the I worry quality and evidence of that truth. That would you gaze upon you become. What are we gazing upon every day. What is it that were You know, as we're looking at another has taken out of our kids. Just put it on ourselves as we're looking at outrage after outrage, after outrage, we're doing all of these things and in its anger, building upon anger, building upon anger- and we watching it angry vengeful people. And it is a possibility that maybe that's part of the problem is were gazing upon this too much.
And when it comes to our kids. We also owe our kids know the difference Uk Array well some do some don't, but if we keep fee this garbage eventually dope these- but we just found out with Norman The same thing that's happening with us. Are we not? Let me weird we are. I. Well, you know we're we're intelligence, we're authentic intelligence We're feeding it in and with a sigh is trying to be like us, and so at the very big six stages, theirs which is Phoebe the steady diet of this and see what happens a man's. Try look. It's obviously true. I mean when you when we know your kids, ouch lots of sports. They wanna play sports when you spend time with an old friend, you think I'm gonna spend times my old friends more often right I mean you don't like it
of course, there's some influence its. It gets cartoon into every swap Joe every single person that box of violence can become violent, no, no, no at it, but there is a cultural movement that happens, overtime right and explains the twenty five percent increase in suicide rates in America, land back Mercury. You're listening to the glad about programme. We would love to have you here at our studios a week from today. All next weakens so starting. I think it actually starts Thursdays. They Saturday Sunday and are doing a dinner of theirs especial dinner on what night, as Emerson Thursday night we haven't, I'm doing a I'm a special dinner, And film screening and personal tour you this something you don't miss
it is the screening of operation to sought with a question and answer from the members of the underground rail road team and the Nazareth fund. Also, the director of the film this film is unbelievable. You really need to see it and I believe there is also a dinner involved. Perhaps and in the Mediterranean a map, Friday June fifteen six thirty here the studio saw a week from tonight at six third here at studios and we'd love to have you all. You have to do grab your tickets. Now you can find them now at mercury. On dot, Org slash tee an F June fifteen on Pat, will be out of town. I will be doing a tour with Jesse, however, but you didn't do it real Friday are doing right, Ursus Saturday I did tours on Friday, those Georgia and you can generalised and not leave Inter Saturday morning, oh come Friday. I want to show you that, right now that we have the gettysburg address going the I've, I'm that's
Isn't that somebody actual yet the actual argued gettysburg address in his own hand, Gettysburg Address now it's really cool on loan from the Likud Library, yes, masses the growl. So anyway, we have that going on. Also, we have an update on Venezuela coming up in just a minute. What is it like to lick to live better right now? Better now, it's not now show is entirely correct in now there finally doing it right, We also. We also had another suicide famous suicide yesterday spade killed herself couple of days ago, and now it is Anthony. Four from CNN and parts unknown and sat here. You know my favorite person idiot logically speaking any attacks a lot attacked a lot of conservatives. But Sad to see anybody suffer like that, take their life.
Yeah, he's kind of a show that everyone in cable news, although like left wing sort of journalists loved because number one they all fret about we're, not spending enough on newsrooms anymore base. Plenty on Anthony Boarding, show I mean they spent a fortune on that show. It was really highly produced strictly Eudoxia into yeah. That was really is being active. It seem like that's, they show you how I did say to fit to now. That was what they really are made a move sea and in a few years ago to try to do more, like documentary style, roof and would have done more in like that was the first one re. Yet it was about the first thing. They did. You hear that that was not the first thing. They did. They get a bunch of documentaries, though, since it on our side of them are very body. Also, culture was gotta better than ours to what I was caught it and that I'd want to sorting veal yet like it had a a journalist, look at that show in a little bit of the way of like a Hunter S, Thompson or veto the sort of journalists that go and get in the middle of it and they go
Splore their cultures, and they just you know they drink a bunch of be no drinks men, they sit back, they try crazy foods and they know it's not about having what right, though, that only s earnest Hemingway the Hunter S, Thomson and Anthony boarding all the same characters in all revered by people and on the left in the press. They all it's suicide. They all committed suicide. What's a weird thing, I think you're chasing something you're, that's not real right, like when your kind of always looking for the crazy chicken foot food, that's going to its tastes better than last chicken foot food, but ya, had they whatever spider you're about to eat is gonna, be the one thing that puts you over the top and the greatest food of all time and they chasing something without reaching that night. It is a great food, great drinks, great friends, that's a night! That's fine! There's nothing wrong with the night like that, necessarily, but it's enough that
you're chasing as your life go. I think it's gotta be somewhat empty. I think the only one who has conquered this that I know of that could have been this way who lives this kind of life is, is Anderson Cooper I mean the reason why he goes and travels around his cause he's trying to, You know solve the the in his head be no on his is father and his brothers death in oh I'm, I'm not going to I'm capable of defending myself, I'm capable, I can go anywhere and I will survive. I will survive no matter. What is thrown my way. That's that's the demon that he wrestles with that's why he would go out all the time, but he is able to then stop and be at home in Vienna. A person mean now that you know Ernest Hemingway wasn't able to do that if can buy a real clinical depression with this sort of world. I feel like it's gotta, be you,
Hence it is early dark place. I guess I've seen many people discuss whether or not he had no real No, they already was saying no they so yet he was happy and TAT was tat. He was happy I'll have seen. He's talked about depression and alcoholism, and things like that in the past of another. What is aid she was in without stuff now he's got I mean that the show is, was pretty successful for AM, I think in yes, I'd elixir, yeah, so you're, not lives and another alcoholic there's not a problem. There, though you know those alcoholics They are just lawyer, an alcoholic while other than me you're, the one who's or other, I'm the one that I'm the one that is different from its different though pat. What's on your mind before we, but you was scoot after your own. You know we still have again, Sir well about it. About. West Alabama, prohibition on harsh text messages. We will hold, it was
West Alabama University has banned harsh text messages. Can I say something looks like all caps at this is crazy. This is no other frowny vague, haven't left is always said all you know these parochial schools that are cracking down on. You could say that you can't say that, and you can't live this week. Billing it they're doing it hurry what is a harsh tech and who did who decides? I guess there was you firstly West Alabama University administration does, but if I send you up but Mogi is too harsh. My have eyes that linking yeah yeah, that's why it's ok, harsh use it to me with the eyes like squint you like its angry, then that's an angry peas, thereby be right. If you tell me before that, the angry piece of both, then that's harsh right. I you know how about we teach
kids how to deal with a little bit of adversity. Instead, I am, I know, we're we're trying to stop the bullying thing at all about that he'd bullying, but banning harsh text messages. I will not help I'm in the middle of writing the our next book, which is addicted, outrage. And I'm really having a hard time on on one thing, because trying to say let look here is why the addiction is happening. This is why it's really bad. You don't want to. Be a part of that, but it but it I don't want to- I don't. They have to be really careful because I'm not saying, let's all just get along your outrage. Many times is just to find. It really is justified. So it's not like hey. We all you gotta do not be addicted to outrage, it We also have to toughen up. We have to be kind and toughen up we'll talk Many times we gotta. Stop that the His patient trophy mentality were yet we have to
Job dumbing down, curriculum and stop changing the rating system was lower. Please it's a little harsh zalm. Some little will cover motor. Did you send without message? You just said I sent a smiley face, all just a softened, the blow yak, as that would about sending aid Then she some poop out. Yeah, I know, but it was smiling use. My lawyer, who is, is it possible that these colleges are just looking for something to do because with Corey Gardner banning birth control, the sex? I don't think you're simply setting as much time bright with that? That's right. I heard an interview on tv where the woman was asking. You know how this happened near began. You play a piece of that they're they're. All out. Did you try the corner market course grocery store sold out drugstore come on, so everyone sold out of condoms. How did this happen? for he gardener band, birth control, and now it's all on US guys and you can find a condom anywhere. Nowhere in the pill was just the start. You can help me
that's. My little brother was counting on for college Corey, cut them on climate change. That everyone knows is weirding our, whether Corey. The it sweeping We worry denies its. I forgot about that look. I had no idea that going on in the real world, they knew sweet peas. We don't like Cory's world, become your world vote by mail today or vote in personal ember for somebody else we pointed out, and I didn't get out Now- are going out of our age. Look what had come out sweeping ok, do it's better if it is trying to appeal to progressive in the middle sweetie. As we heard, hey
What does he paths and worst adds up everytime? I your call regarded as he does, and I will say this its work to the point that I completely associated with banning birth control that not even though he has that they like night, not learn build any bill. He proposes. I gotta Corey gardener gotta be about. There's gotta be up to US guys. You can't find a condom anywhere aright better sponsor this half hour? It is car shield, tell your car shield has has saved me but blow of money and hassle and he'll do exact same thing for you. If your car breaks down, you're gonna get him. But a huge repair believe that stupid little light at check engine goes off your power probably gonna get hit with a repair bill will win win, he'll go in
This change, your royal heads as anybody ever walked up and there like. Well, we also in you just immediately break out in the cold, sweat and, like you also what if you found a bunch of money in my engine, what just happened to me? I was added a sore likes to same exact. They make add Ives basic things being done and they started that That's just it own, no yet again say five thousand dollars for what car shield get your car covered car she'll dot com? I want you to call car shield dot com right now at one eight hundred cars sixty one hundred one, eight hundred car sixty one hundred million the promo code Becker Visit car shield, dot com, promo code back, that's promo code get car shield, dot com, deductible, they apply. We have something coming up next on this whaler.
Imagine a darkness something darker and scarier than the deepest parts of the ocean darker than that awful darkness of space, the darkness of night, a house shackled by darkness, because there isn't any electricity and there hasn't been four months. But then again, that's not the dark. I'm talking about the real dark is the dark part that lives inside of you, the things that you now have to do on a daily basis, just stay alive around the corner. You hear the beast: you'll shouts from Caracas jail. The prisoners have taken over at least that's what you hear. They feel they could do a better job of controlling themselves than whoever has been doing it. It was a hundred years ago that this country was lavished in wealth. Not too long ago, you two were rich. You were healthy in that shall be nineteenth century russian diplomat way you ate! Well, you probably eight too much black turtle beans and fried bananas, saudi negro, cruel just thinking of a tender shredded beef and carry it in a regular, tinged broth. You strode through steakhouses on special occasions. You Ain T bones like Texan, you, you drank chilean lines now back from Argentina, occasionally, glass of cognac, not because you were drunk but because you could, because you enjoy the sprouting goodness of life, had to offer man that life it seem like. It was never gonna end
now. Look at yourself era. Bag of bones, jutting out like false teeth at times. You think about all the energy waste just breathing bend now. You can barely afford a single egg, one egg. Eggs. They followed the backside of chickens and I can't afford it. Your mouth quivers at the thought of a Friday tender, so tender pops open, which is the product of fork oozing under the Fried papaya rotisserie chicken. You. Ve lost a hundred and twenty pounds since it all started going to hell and now you're in it firmly you, weren't ridge. You were middle class, lower middle class, even that's just how good things used to be
although there was always the sinner block hobbles that you can see from the plane is you land in Caracas now to spread the office were used to work as an accountant now empty abandon over can buy squatters people like you, lost everything who limp a little more each day toward their death. Me and all in black now patrol the streets were shot guns: black bulletproof, vast black tarp, like shirts, black pants black military boots. People hamper cars in the street because there's no way to go Nothing. You do gasping a bit below a crucifix statue, the left, tilting head of Christ and blazoned soft and sad light. The bird rise of daylight breathing into a new day
Looking at Christ's, perhaps for the first time you understand suffering, you understand his defeated. Look, the look of hopelessness and violence and death, the hopelessness of surrendering and surrendering until it stops mattering. You hope you have that one hope left that all things will change, but you really hope that just anything begins to change.
It was also promising. At the beginning, everybody was going to be able to live thy life and now only a handful are, and they are the ones that live bind the gates. This you think to yourself. This is the socialist utopia. They promised all of us as Venezuelans as youth sits there under the statue. You begin to replay at all in your mind and wonder, We are all those Americans, those celebrities, those from Hollywood praised our leaders and helped convince us that this was the road to prosperity. I wonder
what they are eating tonight. Glenn back mercury.
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