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Leftists Literally in Bed with the Devil | Guest: Rudy Giuliani | 2/18/20

2020-02-18 | 🔗

The Bloomberg campaign is the opposite of a Marxist revolution: instead of empowering blue-collar workers, he’s mocking them! A very generic “farmer” calls in to explain just how simple it is to put dirt on the corn and water it. And Glenn has a story of how some Democrats are literally in bed with the devil. Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, discusses how Bloomberg took stop-and-frisk way too far. And while Ukraine was investigating both Hunter and Joe Biden, is anyone looking into China? A new survey of the day-to-day experiences of college students found that conservatives ARE being targeted. And the lifelong Democrat who wrote about her positive experiences with Trump supporters has a follow-up: Leftists aren’t happy!

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armor view just or not smart enough to be able to conduct a daily business. We begin with Michael Bloomberg. His royal highness in one minute, as they call him back programme they want to when men built castles, but most men built castles, but they didn't get a live in one king, put a pie, fortified walls made of thick stone, surrounded those walls with a deep, impassable moat. That only had a draw bridge that you know could run across them and they put murder holes in the sides. The wall, that's what they there actually called murder hole. So you could shoot arrows at anyone getting too close to you a bad intentions. You know why, because the idea of breaking into somebody's house taken their crap is as old as civil,
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and if your monitored, when that alarm goes off simply safe checks, it calls the police- and they arrive at your house on average three hundred and fifty percent faster. It's simply safe back dotcom that simply safe back, not gone he's, not Michael Bloomberg on the phone? Is it hello, hello? when his back, I can't understand you the seller, speaking in the wrong end of the following year: hi, ok, bye, you do that about half the time
rival. I that's not my phone number, seven I want to talk to you on the phone you're, a farmer you're, a farmer, okay, yeah yeah, put some that's what you do now. That's what Michael Bloomberg says that it's all required. He could teach anyone to be. A farmer, Last week, a mile, You put your own shoes on you far what ok before you learn how to put your shoes was right.
How can you can you give me the process again, according to Michael Bloomberg, see in aground dirt on job to get the calm pop So now what does the water do? One thing I want to ask you about price: if you try the calm when a pop up canny, no leave we represent it leave wrappers. I am I supposed to leave. Rapid ok I say that in the middle believe wrappers happened to be a cop Gordon CORE areas to crouching to eat our eye, so Corn is between the leaf, wrapper and the core, ok, and what you get you put
Yes, yes, yes, you put a stop to make the corn and cook card in the latter. To put the carnival top really put. Top of the car. So I'm a little lost yourself put it it water, back cooks, the corn wow, right. How long had it did it? Take you to learn that scientific process three seconds, Three second, I was I was my mama told me. Hey put see you put the wind and corn pop out. Ok driver just the day. I was able to take my first shower Your first shower shower till yesterday. Really, yes, now, are you glad that Michael Bloomberg around
for sure all the farmers stance you see there is a big You need to understand right: what's the separation burst down people like me, who are forming a rough, and what do we do when we surely feed people all around the world and an end to keep people with healthy, produced a chip law across the world and increase our crop yield to levels? Member before state user? Keep me asked tractors better while are actually use it incredible. What well, but it's not as good as like what he does, which is stop prices to people Rough Rhineland, pretty impressive the information technology technology yeah, that's oppressive, could how
You gonna shares cap videos right. You got a video of a cat, do something cute, but I'm just gonna stay ass. If it wasn't for, like me,. Blue rail, gay shock and ship of thousands of refugees of produce all around the world with a global ship were supply chain. That certainly would be oppressive to anyone who I do anything about it, but heavy he's helpfulness. Videos get out there right, which is pretty damn oppressor. To write, or it will. Thank you very much. I'm sure you have some seeds to put in a hole. You know I've been doing what the seeds and put the dirt on tat the water. On top of that, the corn pop out just yesterday that the undertakings post We can't you appreciate it just yet
mother farmer from the middle of the country voting for Michael Bloomberg, which I think is a genetic is I mean it's still make sense. That night I mean all the farmers, although all the metal workers he say he'd, be he said all metal workers you just put up, he's a metal in the lathe new turn the crank in the door. Of the arrow and you ve got a job. The yet had the arrow, though that's important right, you gotta know costs they wouldn't be able to figure out which way to turn turn unless the arrow was now. I mean I wouldn't I don't think, there's the he's not talk king down to metal workers or too far to farmers yeah. I want to give in case you didn't hear this is the actual quote. Do we have the audio of him saying this? I think we do you yeah go ahead, you dig a hole, there is an endless remsen offense intended to be a farmer, you, it's a processor, you dig
Will you put a seed you put dirt? On top add water comes the corn than we had three hundred. You could learn that then than you have three hundred years: the industrial society you put the piece of metal and the late turn the crank on the direction of the arrow and you can have a job and we created a lot of jobs. One point: ninety eight percent of the world worked in the agricultural today. It's two percent of the United States now comes the information economy and the information it is fundamentally different because its built around replacing people with technology and the skill sets did you have to learn our how to bank and analyze that is a whole degree level right different. We have that.
We're back about different skills that you have done a lot more grey matter. Does you have to have more grey matter, because you, don't you don't think core analyze if you're a farmer or a metal worker incredible, but he had is us, is incredible: how it's either could not get something to grow out of the ground. If you pay me ten thousand dollars, you know how hard it is. How much you have to know about it's not like you bought some dirt on it. You know how much you have to know about the I don't know, I know I know you, I either I let you go to a store it. It's all there. That's why right and that's not because of me. It's because of farmers right is because farmers, and because it farmers, capitalism, they could be replaced. You know you know what this is. You know this is. This is the exact opposite of a marxist revolution, the Marxist used to say you know all the bourgeois,
yeah, all the shop owners, all the intellectuals. You know they're the ones that are getting us into trouble, so they went they killed any body with a skill in a shop. They did it to the farmers too, but they really started with the shop honours, the the bourgeoisie, the Thee, the capitalists that had it. Skill. Did we ever seen her? I collect watches anybody seen a russian watch before every you ever see. Anybody go oh wow, while that's a great watch. Where was that made the former Soviet Union still today, nothing good watch, making nothing comes comes out of Russia that any good? Why? Because, during the revolution they killed all the watchmakers, they kill them all. They couldn't keep time they had to learn at all.
From the start, because what they did- and they did this with farmers to ah you know what who wants land who wants land? Who wants to be a farmer? Well I'll, be a farmer housing work, you just you just put a whole underground, put a scene. It throws some dirt on. It, pour some water and up comes the corn. Will that sounds great Well, the farmers aren't producing enough Now you know nothing about it, except everything. You need to know right. Put a whole and then a blow to see in a border. Men about water. Yes, that's all you need to know you can do better than they can right. Sure I can a dirt in a seed and water. There yap, ok I'll, do it. They killed all the farmers, they just replace them with other people who never had any farming experience? You know what happened, people starve to death and they couldn't write down what
time it was when the person died. They didn't have any watches or clocks either. This is incredible this is the latest mentality that every Socialist always has they always we can do a better, which is due from top down You know now technology technology to analyze things when it comes to words all. With the crops you don't Dan laws, everything through duple dirt on top of the sea. We had they it Paul Did you put water on a? I did Paul. Would are eighty corn comin up you skip either stamp war. Step, two.
This is so insulting. How much more is this country going to take seriously how money come? Let me rephrase it: how much more are the Democrats going to take, and I don't mean the Democrats in the big cities, or especially the Democrats, the ones who are sitting there in their think tanks that are all about that. Socratic party. I mean the average person that votes for a Democrat. How much more? Are you going to take? much more. You gonna take before you realize, I'm in bed with a devil. In fact, you know what I actually have a story that will prove to you you're actually in bed with the devil. To that backs, I didn't think I could ever I thought that was so he's just a phrase. Now it's a news story today, right, kids, the
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and curb really too good. A really good. I mean he's also gonna, do well with the wood the geese or sat Bloomberg, explaining how health care will bankrupt us unless we start to deny care to the elderly quote you show up with cancer in your ninety five. We should say there is no cure. We can't do anything you heard it is all of these costs to govern out. Nobody wants to pay any more money and other right we're going healthcare backwardness. So now we have a problem and we ve got a severe and say which thanks
Nobody wants to do that. You show up with prostate cancer. Ninety five years old, we should say, go and enjoy the long life. Don't you young person? We should do something societies, not yet yet we are not willing to do that. Yet all that is fantastic. You know that sounds like gum, health care, rationing, o death penalty. That's never gonna that's. A conspiracy. Theory lie the Euro police lie the year. This is what we said when we read Fox when they were first talking about it. Look it all comes down to supply and demand. If you don't have a capitalist system- and you have said making all of the decisions. Well, instead of the almighty dollar making the decision
you have someone else, making the decision and that's a government official. So right now and ninety five year old guy could get health care. If he had money they didn't have money, he wouldn't get the cancer treatment. Instead, all ninety five year olds could get the cancer treatment, because some faceless guy is telling you that grandpa is not gonna make it now if grandpa happened to be you know, a party leader if Grandpa had to be well is well connected, woven grandpa, we'll get the cancer treatment. Is that fair? Is that justice? I will say to obviously the person whose ninety five years old today does get treatment. We should point
but it only in Bloomberg. World he's wishing, for they do not get the treatment or is an amazing thing. Is they want to implement universal health care so that they cannot be they can avoid getting irritated? I like, I can't take it anymore. Could I just please say just one thing on universal health care? I think so you. What are you asked permission so, yes of Corsica flesh? What are we even talking about this? For this is not two thousand ten. It's not two thousand is not nineteen. Eighty, it's, not nineteen! Fifty! What are we doing? Technology is about to change the world for ever. Health care is going to be universal universal just through technology, I know you don't believe this now, but you're not going to want a flesh and blood doktor by twenty thirty years. Jeanne blood down twenty thirty, you we're gonna, have a doctor and Ebay be like
yeah. Well, I ll amateurism used a farmer. But now I'm not anybody like ok, yeah yeah, you you said that checked out. What did the? What did the ice say? the eye, is already better in fighting cancer in New York, then doctors at analyzing their catching things that doctors don't catch, and you know it's weird: is they also computers? Don't catch things that doctors you like corona virus. You are going to have a analysed a doctor, be able examine you without a real person connected for Amazon or Google by twenty thirty most these things are going to be taken care of. If you,
your apple watch, which health insurance is going to insist. You do you you're, going to have an understanding of what's happening to you body long before. Why, Are we trying to put this thousand eight fifty nine system into something that is going to legally change by twenty thirty. It is the most ridiculous were building ourselves a prison where build, a trap. What do you say we embrace the future cause it's right around the corner more in a second year listening the choices we make in the things we spend our money on have consequences in some of them are intended. Some of em aren't many other reasons I am for lower taxes is because I, like I dislike would government does
and I dont want to give them more than is absolutely necessary. Will you can't, this control where your money is going, but when you can, you should right now you can stop don't hitting the plan parenthood Oh you didn't know you were you what phone carrier using because most of them are giving to plan parenthood and two organisations against the second amendment. Patriot mobile is not patriot, mobile, look there's only for real cell tower companies in their all on the same everybody's on the same thing, so you can get the same great coverage and plans that started twenty five dollars. You get this same great service. Would Patria Mobile, as you would with others, sending your money to companies who are betraying that by standing for things you're against Can you hear me now big carriers switch now a patriot mobile
I'd, come slash bag, Patriot, mobile, dotcom, slash back, let them hear your voice tonight on Stew does Amerika we go into one of those means you see on Facebook, all the time about socialism and all your friends post, so annoying could astute as America come to subscribe. Hello, welcome to the programme the Glen Back Programme with Mr Pat Gray earlier, I said Pat that the. When is it that they were the democratic and wake up and run.
Eyes there in bed with the devil. Let me give you a store. He where this is actually now happening. A Tennessee Pro life advocate has numerous problems. An activist on video ganging up and harassing her in front of an abortion clinic the brisk regional women's centre in her go so far as to allegedly touch and grab parts of her body and even liqueur. Do we have this? Do we have this edited Scareth go ahead and play this me clear innovations get away from me and has not tat. She may women at the end of a way for me later in innovation, Get away from me? You in fact off get away So let us get away from me. I do now
you and my fellow it doesn't matter what you get away from me. Get away from me, get away from me world out my thing. I've been a lady. I found on pushing me stop at seeing roman roads. He's probably get away away from me? I don't want your body on my body. I got here we're right now No, I don't want you to get away from me, oh yeah heroism these three. Pick it up. They chased them away. There just harassed This woman, there wearing red band, red vast, say pro choice. It turns out some arsonists.
You know o night and the things that they're saying to this woman that we couldn't air are just horrifying, just truly horrifying When are you going to wake up average Democrats? When are you going to wake up? What is it going to take before you realize you're in bed, with the devil, who are in bed with the devil you are in Add, with with truly frightening individuals. Bloomberg is suggesting basically
What a georgian Renard shoddy! Let me play George Bernard Shaw. I don't wanta punish enable had already number of people who my back to kid. I think it would be to make everybody come before a properly applied to all, just as he might come before the income Tax commissioner and say every five years, these seven years just put in there and say that now we will be kind enough to justify you if you're not producing much consume more clearly, we cannot use the bigger than isolation of ours, the passage of the human body, because your life does not benefit us and it can be a very much, but I was celebrated celebrate. He still is celebrated, he's still celebrated and they have girls
or chilling every year, every year that passes, that grows more chilling, because we are moving in that direction. Again. This is the guy who came up with. There's got to be some sort of a mechanism, as some sort of a chair where we could put in a a odorless gas could be administered to those people that we no longer need to use. Yeah you wanted to kill people you you just but he wanted to do it painlessly of course, come on we're little mainly a little gas chamber never heard anybody
don't even know you just go to sleep and then your ear dead you stay asleep. I mean that that is when you wake up Democrats. When are you wake up and see the path that you're on I mean I really feel like. I'm really feel like it were. Reading the Bible, Ryan. The newspapers agreed the Bible you're like wait, yeah, don't they remember just forty years ago, seventy years ago, eighty years ago, a hundred fifty years ago. We did this this in this and remember what happened. I mean where they dont Konecny, never connect the dots ever connect, the dots, never connect the dots and that's why the same things repeat: that's what that's like! That's! Why never forget has been so bastard
oh yeah? It's been it's it's a joke. When you got Bloomberg, it will see tomorrow how how how stunned they were by a guy who is so elitist that he called farmers essentially morons We heard from a pretty smart one earlier. I thought the farmer, the armor I thought, was very intelligent good. Well, he knew the four step plan. Yet he did, he didn't. For me to see the aground cover with dirt put water on it, and then the corn pops out what I done woods. I forgot the poor say us would lose. Was I put the dirt and a whole first, I didn't see, not added that see. Nothing. Girl, no blood were in my car wanna Bianca's did deprived. Six point: two corn
in a hole with water? What happened? No turner, girl, dirt and capital gaiety brass prank came not just a new review. Is that easy, Michael? If it was sir, truly that easy all there be? No our vision. Babies noted arbitration, none none, it's a little more complex than that, and I can't wait to see if Democrats call em out for that. I think they will discuss, are trying to win the though I say care and they agree with him on all of it was tat. I was thinking about this kazoo pull out today that has Michael Bloomberg at night I saw that were sent thirty one for Sanders. Nineteen for bloom per second place for Bloomberg. I think I kind of one Bloomberg to be their nominee.
Mainly because I wanna hear them justify why it's ok for them to support a billionaire who's buying the election yeah. I want to hear them argue with all of their points for six months. I would be ready to do it because its eyes, I really think they ve said they believe in they're. Gonna have to disagree with two fifty to support this guy. I want to just Baskin it every day, so here's the problem would Oh I have the special on corona virus little hair, raising arising really everything's, gonna turn out. Ok is that the area these is that the conclusion everything's objectives, wooded areas, and we expect you to go back to zero really soon the railways and everything's gonna be great anyway. I'm doing this? I will
have not added into what I did. I said we have to at least add a couple of paragraphs to the economic impact of the corona virus. If the corona virus just impacts Asia and China already India is cut, to a screeching halt. Aspirin is four hundred percent more expensive in India today than it was three months ago, four hundred percent aspirin aspirin? Is it ass? He was a cure career of Nano analgesic. No, because in India gets almost all of their drugs from China. And China is not producing their. Their companies were supposed to go online last week. Now it's this week, we still don't know apple had to down. Raid there their first quarter expectations they're saying that if this goes on for another month and India, which
already on the on downside of of the economy in India really bad. If that really takes hold now in India, it could flip the entire world. Just the economic impact of this don't be careful on what you wish for on any one, because if this economy slides into the sink hole by summer, remember Bear Stearns went out in June or July Nan, didn't really have the financial impact until October October and said Amber is when the financial crash really hit and it was over verb. George Bush is one of those things. Then, when you talk like this and I and I think all the stuff is possible right, it could be something it's totally out of control of the president and everything else with economy crashes into the american people are not gonna, be engaged enough to understand. I think the difference
all I couldn't be: no seeds in holes in them put water on top and corn Papa downloads, and so That's why I really am legitimately. I have a rooting interests that it's not Bernie Sanders as their nominee, because, God forbid it gets down to a one on one and something traumatic happens: it's out of everybody's, giving oral limber guy he's gonna, say centres will say this: we tried the system in an iron rights. Not and then you have a socialist president again. Bloomberg is really would be a horrifically awful president, but he's but he's for Alexander's man, lotta baggage and has also been I'll, be I mean centres, I think, is maybe the most beautiful but sanders if he gets. Control of this country is uniquely terrible. He is, he is different than all of these- are the candidates, and one was really close. Close to him is probably Warren means tyres. I think it does. I think, Warren and Bloomberg our closer border bluebird have a different that have very similar view. Yet there
if there are more fascistic, I think a Bloomberg is more friendly to capitalism. Yes, then war and is the war and again came from that background, a machine she really her, and war, and is the war and again came from that background, a machine she really her her history is the exact stuff they talk about when they complain about capitalism and she was the one who is writing the rules which are about this. You're Schweitzer on on the show the other day. You know issues on writing the rules for all of these outside organizations and inviting them to come in and say, hey. You should write. These rules are Jews. She was doing all she complains about now. She knows them because she did the where you know so, but she's also very close to a socialist. He really We need a different category, though this guy's a constant lived. It he's ignored it wants it yeah. He wants communism network as we eat, say, always a democratic, social, democratic, socialist or battery. Saying now saying that for the past fifty years now he said it without qualifiers,
re, really freaking long time until they get this close to the presidency and all the sudden use a democratic socialist. Although there was a little bit different, any praised soviet communism You haven't Cuba's Anna Swale. Yes, all of it he lol of it yeah. He will. He is a communist. He is a communist they because he is. He has not met a communist regime that he didn't like he finds fault in everything, American, the free market does he does not find fault in communism? It just allow. That's not really communism, that's not really socialism, that's what he says when millions die. Yeah you're right, he is Bloomberg, however, is much more of a fascist. Bloomberg is the guy who will mean that in the end they
would they have to if, if the things began to fall apart, but Bloomberg, the guy, who will first come for your guns? He'll come notaries now openly he hopped about that. Guy limit online is illusory. He under the climate, absolute extracted and both of those in the name of the climate he'll do anything anything them. Thank you so much at least available on Youtube and, of course, wherever you get, your potassae should subscribe there as well as students. America- and you know, I was low- show called the bloodbath programmes while our, The market in the Trump economy is so good. You can buy a home today. That is forty, eight thousand dollars more expensive than a year ago and you're still gonna pay the same principle in interest as a possible. Well, it's not the housing prices going down. It's the mortgage interest rate,
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We have already Giuliani joining us in just a few minutes makes us don't talk to him about. You know, obviously, what's been happening in the Senate with you know, Hunter Biden and the President, but also he knows Michael Bloomberg, love to see what his Viewport hang on. Do we have that? We have a farmer on again no use the other turn during the final round. Other side have high or speaking under the European again press number, seven years more numbers in that I want to tell you one more thing about farm and then I left out from the four okay there's a hole in the ground and the corn seed was put there for you and me
hole in the ground where the court seed goes surmise made. But now it's not enough where the currency goes, somebody to make any Monday. Why would you do this work? No, I didn't there's a whole where the court goes. For you know they started Scott. Stop, hang up the phone. Why would we do that when we have the Johnny cash version, others all in the sky, farmers love this from of core the Seattle City Council meeting people to do we have it, people. As a and here it is because the country version Poland, treatment
back. Then century was murdered by their dream. Somebody at their dream, somebody treated not upon me, I or if you have the guts to get a common from Rudy Giuliani on the hole in the sky, where the treaty should be. Will he caught and I don't think he will. I visa forget the issued before with you, I'm leaving. I tried calling me chicken and egg fly Mcfly.
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Mr Rudy Giuliani, while under the programme, Sir very good, to see you again, how our? U sublime to God, I'm really good blood, have you I was on the programme. Just interested in your shave secret, because I shaved myself with a straight razor this morning and I cut myself, use a straight razor yeah. I do it every couple. A couple of days just to feel I Clint Eastwood my grandfather, usually straight razor, avoids what my. Rather rather we hear barber was he Oh yeah, you know I used to yes, and I decided a year ago, I had to learn how to do it all right. Let me ask you this year and our New York Studios- and I appreciate your coming in for the interview I enjoy it first. If we can before we get into the nitty gritty about Ukraine and Biden and trumpet everything else, can you get your your thoughts on Bloomberg. You know, Michael Burke,
sure I know Michael really. Well I mean I am endorse them for mayor. Why do people think that got him elected because of his very unusual time was right after September eleven right? He was way behind and I was probably at the height of the popularity of his like ninety percent approval at the point at that point, I too have an issue with him right now, because a stop in an question frist, which she said he inherited but he's not making a distinction. That's really important when I had stopped question and first wish I develop with Breton, safer and then and then Bernie Character,
we would challenge by the Justice Department as well, and I went down and argue the case in front of JANET Reno and Eric holder, and I demonstrated to them that we were doing a constitutionally, but the difference was that we had very clear records that people will stop for reasonable cause. Our success rate was of acceptable and the most important thing is, for example, the objection was that we were searching sixty eight percent african american males, but there are only about fifteen percent of the population or the point that we made is that they actually committed about seventy seventy two percent of the violent crime, so it was in fact I ve a valid was in fact a valid number. I just throw away my fact, I'm watching your watching on the blaze you just reach into his pocket. Cravat XL thought it throw it out and the related. Here too I waited catcher well or go to knowledge or really but
the reality. Is we showed that we we kept it very well controlled based on Terry versus the United States, your entitled to stop someone on reasonable suspicion and ask them a question? And then, if that develops any more suspicion of a crime, you can do a search and if the search reveals a gun or not colleagues or stolen jewelry, you can make an arrest. So you have to do this in stages, even the mere fact that they called it stop and fresh show, they did understand it,
stop. According to United States against carry it stop question for us. So here's the difference. My last year we were a little under a hundred thousand stops when he got it declared unconstitutional, took it all the way up to six hundred thousand sees that an end. He had a five percent success rate, five percent success rate for the five hundred and fifty thousand people who get searched, and this they have nothing on the amended its it's it's. It was a difficult things that he did. I agree with it because it is a good method for taking guns out of the community, but you gotta understand the constitution. If you're gonna do read the Terry case,
to understand. It is a very technical thing that has to be done and maybe his failure being a lawyer. Gonna hurt out on a lot less, let's switch over to tramp and the impeachment and what's happened since I think people saw this impeachment for what it was, which I think was incredible, just incredible. This is the most botched case, I've ever seen the Ipad. Never seen the american people show less interest in something they knew almost from the I said that this was just a bunch of garbage and its among its emerging for me and has been for the last three or four months that this was this was planned. This is not just happen, stance that you know they found a few. Did this?
started to get plan somewhere in twenty fifteen. I can trace it back to a meeting in the White House and twenty sixteen when members of the Obama and binding and I see met with ukrainian officials. I have three witnesses to this three ukrainian witnesses under oath willing to come to United States and swear this that you correctly you s, officials told the Ukrainians, to dig up dirt on man afforded particular and then inside meetings on Trump and and on trumped Junior was followed up by telephone calls. One of the people involved is the suspected whistleblower. If that's true, he be there at the beginning and the end Europe. In other words, he be there at the beginning of trying to stop tromp kind of like Peter struck. I have a plan to prevent, but if I can prevent it may have an assurance PA
to take him out. I mean this is not a way to relate to a presidency to it of candidates. He there's a sickness to this. They get very, very close to a conspiracy to bring about a coup that went on for two or three or four years. Not just get off for short of so are you satisfied that something is being done to to make the people pay for this? Piracy, because it really army that I'll know that, although that, when it ends, I am, I am not a patient person is never a long investigator investigators tend to take on because the very precise and they want everything perfect. I mean I did the commission case in two years in the camps. The mafia. We did the seizure of the Teamsters. In three years we took
for the entire union and tossed out the organised crime, people and strict threatened it out? I liked to investigate fast I like to get it get it done fast. I think evidence China shrivels up when you let it go to on a lot of these mines prosecutors. You know investigate forever, so I'm a little impatient with us with the time it's gone by and then like. Let's look, let's look at which, like some of the crowd summit crimes here? There's a Dnc official name Alexander Super who was giving infamy with chart with getting information from Ukrainians and turning. Over two american reporters. Well, that's two legs to crime. They were supposedly investigating president from for that he didn't do how come you're not investigating her for what she, the democratic socialism, unity, it kind of leading edge and Joe Biden Enow admitted a bribe,
on January forgotten the day twenty Eightth or twenty seventh of twenty eighteen. He said. I told that prosecutor. I told that president. If unify the prosecutor, you don't get your one billion dollars. That's the crime of bribery. There also is also evidence that Ukrainians can come here and testify that he had an earlier bribe, slow Chaskey. Who was the crook that hired Biden son? Basically, the payments to Biden son were bribe to Joe Biden to get Joe Biden to protect the company, because, when Biden bribe the presence of the Ukraine, he got him to dismiss three cases, not one the case against the sun, the case against the oligarchy, who had stolen five billion dollars and now has that safe in his possession and a case against the company that was gonna, be seized by the ukrainian government. That
Crook, the oligarchy organised criminal is now sitting in Ukraine, fat and happy holding. So this is a very, very serious crime at the highest levels of government and its only because of a corrupt media that this thing is not going forward and the fear that our prosecutors have that they're gonna, be there going to be read by the crept me like we re trying to do a billboard, never try to intimidate him right Rudy, Do I don't know if you saw last special last special? I did too did weeks ago, yet Cogema excellent about column, whiskey, and the you know looking at the document from Latvia and seeing the money trail, and we know where that money, what we know that it went to call him whiskey, So he's sitting there with a lot of this money he's at the same time, is made a governor right. Where
right where the war is happening with Russia he's known as building military, the military and buying all this stuff with his own money. He of used his own money, but is there a chance that this was a, legal war that net we didn't EL through Congress. Is there a chance sure that sure there's a chance and color moiety in the process developed its own militia eight. So we that is a very frightening man I mean. Is that, basically, you know, if you think of, if you think of Ukraine, think of game of thrones? If you watch with Roans or think of Medieval England before they had a king, I ten or twelve barons the oligarchy are at war with each other and an alliance with each other. All the time what all of that, not all of them a violent. Some of the more I I should say not all of them a crooked but much your that's right here.
But he is, but some are more crooked than other end in cologne. Whisky is frightening. He's here tony Sopranos kind of character. Hazy tend to be more volatile and out of control more violent, but the others do killing two. I mean, for example, Shokhin who's. The principal witness demanded that that Biden had fired in September October got very ill brought to the hospital that of bringing to Austria, and he was examined by the doctor, who save the life of. Therefore, people that Russians, craniums of poison, and that doctor, whose world famous has a gave me an affidavit saying he was poisoned with mercury and almost killed and lost. It was the use of a good deal of his kidney and end, and he probably is going survive, but this is the one Biden had fired this. Is it
Biden had fired all of a sudden. He gets poisoned with mercury two days after they re present president poor shape goes home. The ring fear and Ukraine Glenn and nobody here gets it because their covering it up corruption with our media could be as bad as binds: corruption, the real fear in Ukraine. The top of the top of the food chain here is porch Anko poor Shako got maybe a hundred million he's the guy who built the that huge palace for himself right, now. I think it is still he stopped. He stole. He stole the ukrainian people brought blind. He was a good friend, abides
that woman you're a covert shoe was against corruption. She endorsed him for President everybody knew it was the biggest crook in the country, the democratic, so funny. In fact, I have a report that are put out because I put him out one or two a week that says that without any doubt, during the Obama years, corruption in Ukraine increase dramatically well. How could not have decreased? president, went there: uncommitted, corruption, brain of his sons, relationship with corruption, ok I just as Rudy Giuliani, is with us and our New York studios for the blaze and were thrilled to have him. We were want to go over. Some of the things that are then have have happened from the horses mouth and where's. The progress on it. Rudy Julie, unease also don't talk about his new podcast damages. The second are corona virus, as if it's not scary enough good,
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hundred lifelike or go to life, locked outcome makes her used a promo code back for toys, five percent off its life, lock dot com, promo code, back We pause for ten seconds, then back to really Giuliani Rudy Giuliani is with us, is podcast is common sense and broody. I want to go back to something you just said a minute ago. Your ear releasing these documents in dribs and drabs. Why choosing to do it. That way, while I'm sure they do it that way, because I actually have released them before one or two more new. But I really stems in February and March of last year, in the hope they be picked up by the FBI. The Justice Department, and maybe change the mind of the press that this was a real crime near and all they did was tried to destroy
John Solomon hoop did thing wrong other than to break a story that he should write ports? A for I agree hand they made there's some kind of scoundrels printed, nothing, untrue! There's nothing that I set. That's untrue that isn't supported by evidence right. Did they say: Shokhin is corrupt. Shokhin says the same thing Biden says: Biden says I forced the president to fire the prosecutor with the threat of money. That's bribery. Shokhin says he got me fire right, the only just. They have is Shokhin can prove that he was investigating Biden Sun and I now have the procedural documents that show that all during that period of time not only was hunted Biden under investigation. Joe Biden with under investigation What were they decided? What were they investing Joe for their very
a number one, because there was a nine hundred thousand dollar payment, that, with denominated for lobbying Joe Biden did know whether it was a wandered or not. They knew that the fourteen point six billion to a hunter with was lobby, and there was always a theory of the case that those Chaskey, the crook reached out to Joe Biden when Joe Biden became point man for the Ukraine and made a deal with him. You protect me if they try to take my business away and I'll, give you son or no show job and that that was the real bribe, and there are witnesses to to that so he was under investigation to see. If that were true, Rudy is there. Is there? Was there anything else, beside just greed, in your opinion,
and I have a hard time thinking that all of these people were involved and covering up for Joe Biden and everything else. Just for greed there had to be more to it to make people feel like they were doing their patriotic duty, while I'm in that the binding thing? The binding sounded strange to me at first when I heard a because I never thought of Joe is a crook looked at his history binds Madonna for years gone. Does the pattern port point? Man means he gets named point man and a rack, he fails to negotiate a status of forces with the iraqi government and his brother James makes all I'm gets taken to have it a part of a one point: five billion dollar housing programme. He knows nothing about housing makes maybe heaven If a bill have a billion dollars the kid make somewhere between or even know how much they think the binds God somewhere between eight And twenty million dollars because they haven't been able to go
all of the laundry transactions yet and the United States has cooperating. And then the one China comes a point: men. China becomes up a partner, it is private equity for health. How is it possible that we actually live through the son of the vice president being a partner with the government of China. And bind, did nothing about, and not only that, but is the things here. Crushed here know anything. I know and do anything. It is its fine to me that you know we look at Google and say what are they doing over in China? Here's Hunter Biden investing Face plus plus with chinese money and making me many off of the rounding up of their citizens and putting them in re education camps. I could make a pretty damn good Rico case against Abiden family, where, where the enterprise could have to have an enterprise, is
Biden, family. Their job is to monetize is public office which they do for big money three times when he's vice president, you got three other situations whenever the senator for lesser money itself back in its more they haven't most Rico cases, so money than most Rico cases and it's been used, and I was the first one to use it against white collar crime and political corruption, So I had Peters wiser on whose done an awful lot of this legwork he's great and with a gun to him. Now I know He said something to me. That is that it puts us, the path of Ukraine. If something doesn't change- and I want to go there and talk to you about that Injustice- Rudy Giuliani, joins us from. Our studios in New York City, more with him in just a second standby
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got a place. You read, our com is a promo code, glad you're to save ten weeks after subscription Glens special on corona virus or covert. Nineteen is coming up tomorrow,. Really Giuliani joins us from our New York studios. He is releasing a podcast episode on Wednesday, where he looks into the prosecutors file and releases. A new bombshell document and he's talked a little bit about this. We will I wanted and when Are we looking into China?
as well, and when I say we is the Justice Department doing anything on China, not I know of coin, I wouldn t- and I can't I don't know all their investigations, but I am close to some of them, but I would normally be called they are not As far as I know, looking at China, nor are looking at Iraq, and both of those there's probably cause to believe a crime was committed, and a crime eerily similar to what was done in Ukraine. Among other things, as a prosecutor. I'd look into those crimes. I told you possibly Rico case. But also with prior similar acts, because and particularly the Iraq situation, in which one to say. I didn't know my. My son was involved in this and making all these millions here, but justice you years earlier, you didn't know your brother did the same thing for half an hour,
years before that your rather brother did the same thing: and you didn't know you didn't know about the policy scheme that went on in their paradigm, company and you'd, nope. I might go on about eighty, so she's. So here's the thing Peter Schweitzer, whose whose done research for gosh good part of a decade- just the bindings alone. He he, I was talking to him, Last week I think friday- and I said you know peter- why won't they invested, this, and he said it's because Glenn there in his opinion There are too many Republicans and too many p involved in Congress. They don't want to open this bag of worms, they're all dirty to some to some extent. None like the bindings, but there still already do believe, that's true and isn't that what the Justice Department is supposed to do
I don't know the facts that Peter knows you can ask me to deal with a hunch. I have found great reluctance on the part of the Senate to go near this. It's almost like no like a cone of silence, like all my, but you know, but I thought maybe it was senatorial privilege or but you know, senators don't get to commit bribes at the highest level of government right and vice president. Certainly too, don't do that Agnew didn't get away. Agnew took like ten thousand dollars. The sky took,
fourteen million dollars- you can't let him get away with it- is also an issue here of national security. It is true that a corrupt Ukraine is not very useful to us as a bulwark against Russia and all these phony democrats talk about. Oh, we want to support Ukraine in Ukraine as a bulwark against Russia and they ve been corrupting it for eleven years. A corrupt Ukraine is useless. A saw you cry where, when you give them more of the things I'm going to review just one small example: as four million dollars was given to improve part of the criminal justice two million dollars never got. There went to an italian NGO, there's a report. That's gonna be brought out that shows how there how their money was diverted so that if we give them,
four hundred million. We are not sure that any more than about two hundred million gets to what is supposed to be used for Rudy. I dont think that there is anything that the president can do. That is more important than getting the justice department. The end, the State Department cleaned up, because if it we don't clean this up. I am I. Lawn ordered? I am I bread, white and blue. I love the FBI in everything and even I am stepping back from the FBI and the Justice Department in saying I dont know I dont know if, if this is clear, or dirty or what we ve got to clean. This up or we don't have any trusted institutions, and this is the only president. I think that will but there are there that area, a statement on tape of one witness that I you, it is an expert on this and he's
he says quote: President Trump is the first american president to raise this on accountability of money, this waste of money, this theft of money in Ukraine, involving Americans, we always blame to just on Ukraine, Ukraine, you stop your corruption Imagine Biden going there and telling them stop your corruption and they all looked at him and say yeah go way to stop. It is get you get out of here. That would stop it dear. How about an hour, what are the no show job, four million for your kid that might cut down on the corruption Joe? I thank you can't be a phoney. You can't be a phoney and exhort other people to stop being corrupt
when you put money in your pocket, Rudy Giuliano you gotta, run. Thank you so much police Angela referred to the president, give him our best. I will and will try to thank you so much bank, you, members, Rudy Giuliani. I have to tell you there is When you talked to Rudy Giuliani, there is there's John Solomon Peter Switzer, Rudy Giuliani. They have the documents, they know the story and when you sit down and talk to them, you know there's a lot of people you'll talk to and they get a little squishy here and there. There is never any doubt in my mind when it comes Ukraine documents and what he knows on this, the same with all the people that are being discredited it it. There's just this sense of honor. No, don't don't trust me now here, here's a document, not I'll go
look for yourself here. I have them on tape here. Here's this this in this, there's no one that is debunking this. That is doing the same thing. They're just name cos Ling dismissing mirroring or confusing. No one saying now: What let me sit down, I'll explain it to you see here is the tears the chart here's how this went nobody's doing that I mean you ve done so much on this already, and I certainly possible that I forgot about it. But did we know the Joe Biden was being investigated erectly, no denying that we do just gonna through that in mid sentence. In the middle of the interview with no, I think that's all you need to follow up on yeah? I think so too, is being investigated by Ukraine by Ukraine by Ukraine. Repayment rough sums, yeah. I have not consulting well you gotta concerned. We, of course you do. I'm your friend
Now can Scot I would find that astounding that would show how ballsy he's getting too he could just say badges pay me directly. I'd like to see the paper workin on that one aright. We're gonna, continue to follow this story and will have updates as they happen. I'm I'm praying and you should be to praying that we actually are making progress in Washington behind the scenes, because I mean what I said I you know we don't fix this. I dont know what kind of country we. Why do we have Mexico, or we have Ukraine and what's always made us. The best is that we have been a country that general we had a rule of law and once we were totally lose the rule of law. There's nothing left also want to talk to you a little bit about something that huh
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It is ITALY. Seventy seven be easy k we're just talking about Donald Trump and the Rudy. I were talking offline and he said you know light by helped write some of Reagan. Speeches and I was a you know, Reagan guy, and he said I think. Donald Trump is a much better president than I expected, and he said I think, he's starting to rival Reagan. And in some ways I mean I've. Always that always has bothered me, but in some ways I think he is right in the way
Reagan saying Mr Gorbachev, tear down this Wall Reagan went against the State Department, his advisers, his speech, writers is chief of staff over and over and over and over again before he walked on that podium at the Brandenburg gate. The secretary state looked at him said, Mr President, do not put that line in that will cause all kinds of problems he's a Otto? It wasn't in this each they removed it against his wishes, He said it anyway, and and look what happened, and I thought that in the same way of the bold I don't care what Your advising me to do in a one of the things that have talked about it before George Bush, saying: hey, whoever sits behind this desk they're gonna make the same how to decisions to the rude same advice and same advisers. What Donald Trump has
done is shown that that is Washington, wisdom, not necessarily true, so, in other words, for seventy eighty years we ve been told all Nan. You recognize Jerusalem as the capital it'll be Armageddon. No wasn't You move the embassy Armageddon. Nope, wasn't you go, after in you hit somebody like solemn Ani. Hang you take him out all world war. Three nope wasn't if you dont, on the other hand, if you don't react to the Saudi, our oil fields and you're, not tough on that, if you just let them get away with it. Now I mean he's: raking, all of the traditions, and some of the things that our lies and we ve known there lies. You know how much, how long do we have to try this state department. You know that
let me get my enemy is my friend hey, let's get involved in everybody's business. How long do we have to do that? Spend a hundred years? Look what its brought us and to me. I think that will be his biggest could be. His biggest accomplishment mean yeah. I think that at the Jerusalem is a really good example of the other Reagan. Ask sort of activity right leg I mean in Reagan obvious, didn't even do that in front of me. He didn't do that, but trumped id and despite it being promised by several presidencies, a minute yet, and they were all advised by the Sami people and Trump just doesn't do it. He just doesn't care between that and You know I hate the way he has done it. He is such a hammer he's not a bull in a China shop. He is a bull with hammers on taped to each foot, husband,
AIR dropped into a China shop. He he breaks everything and the way he's done it with the press. I don't think I am not sure that the press would have been exposed the way it is now not because of him, but because he points to them. They hate him so much. They do anything and everything which is just discrediting them Have no credibility laughed and it's not because of him and what he said about them, it's about what they say and do about him. The proves him right. You understand what I'm saying. So it's not like it's it's it's because of who he is that the press has discredited.
Self, the press has destroyed itself, that's true emanate because they hate him. So my normally obsessed with my right hated all these republican President Bush yea. I couldn't I mean not only of France. I don't think the differences and necessary The level of hate its level of obsession they are completely obsessed with. I think it only fair- and and it's not much of it is lovely limited session of session of destroying him yeah I mean I got to destroy him exactly I mean they said lots of badly. They Cobb George W Bush a terror. Think of what kind of accusation that is for the president, whose president on September eleven That's not a minor thing to say about somebody and but heat. They could have continued to do that. If you have MR nice guy, but this guy has finally said. I don't care about what you call me. I don't care cause I'll call you words and that's not.
It's the baby way. In my opinion, that's not the way I want to behave but because It is happening, it's late. Since all of the fact that has a you, for I mean is that we are in the middle of so many interesting experiments. Right! Now! Oh, my gosh big it not personally have Trump who came out of what we have from basely from a sailor. Eddie Business Man sort of world into the presidency, and you have heard of it another expense. That's never before been seen or tried before, which is Bloomberg right now, which is a really fascinating thing to watch. If you just care about history in and politics, and can someone spend I mean he spent? a hundred million hours, and as already that does not include staffing in organization which he's paying double and triple almost what anyone else's paying thirty thousand our field, organizer jobs, heaping aid, five years. All of the good ones are going to him, of course, because guess what the market actually works hum and he is phrase he's he's pushing
self into position or he's in second place national, and he is- is much in he's buying the election every they say when I love that, because they always I I don't look he's got the money to do it Kay whom he who has what name one vote he's purchased. No, no he's not, flooded, the airwaves he's doing everything They say there again said again: each person that answers those pull questions has only been really make a decision in this never denied by my number I unexceptionable the field organised I'm just about those guys. I think that's what always sad news about the Republicans Vicky themselves. The Grinch are driving the roast beast airlift,
rate, our for you there's a new study out. That shows that conservatives actually are targeted were no way yeah yeah stunning stunning, yet is also new pull out today, Michael Bloomberg, nineteen percent in the bull that has thereby centres at thirty. One leads, but that puts Bloomberg in second and qualifies him for the next debate, which is to Morrow night. So he will have a chance and when I say area the tramp there after after hard because he's been completely at me- to attacks is now to be of a debate stage. People, like all changed to debate stage point of qualified to allow women the debates- that's wrong. You don't want to be in the debates that easy in the world, for him to do is just avoid all of us this. Immediately unnamed Democrat. That is number one I mean every time There's a shoe store. They keep trying issue on and they all heard their feet. So it's that perfect,
you that they haven't tried on nor really know much about that. They really like the one They just seen the advertising for now I gotta try it on the agenda, you ain't, gonna, live but feel that at last hour the prevent on a nice the fusion entertainment and enlightenment so are conservatives targeted? Cannot, of course,
we all know this, but nobody in the press wants to recognise that. Well, there's a new study out, targeted we go there in one minute. This is the Glinda programme. As your phone falls twirling toward the sidewalk, everything slows down man, you see, your entire life flashing before your eyes, Had it that long so much to see it's not like you're wondering if it's gonna break hidden by the case. After all protecting your devices on the outside no brainer, but why, when you buy a case for what's on the inside this, criminals, love to watch your activity and steal your information and when you're using an unsecured network, why give them the pleasure with Norton three sixty have layers of protection layers of protecting clue.
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looks like there was more dialogue, greater respect for faculty free speech, right and increase tolerance on both the right and the left If you look at a new, a new piece of evidence, three professors of the universe, of North Carolina server, surveyed undergraduates to get a sense of campus and the climate I then focus on discreet. Can controversy such as the time and twenty fifteen when soon protesters ceased role of a room where journalists was speaking or in twenty nineteen. When a? U n c student assaulted assign carrying antiabortion activists, they thought to understand the day, the day undergraduate experience the results of the survey distilled. More than a thousand responses to email questionnaires cannot be applied to. College in America, but the findings do illuminated what's happening and a highly selective pub. Institution in a swing state where to
thousand undergraduates are enrolled. Now. Listen to this Good news is in classes where politics Comes up large majorities of self self identity of self identified. Liberal and conservative students say that instructors encourage participation from both sides and want to learn from different perspectives, suggesting that concerns about faculty indoctrination efforts are unfounded, poet, schismatic, bull, crap rapid, my throat students reported they worry less about censure from faculty than they do from peers, which brings us to the bad news I'll majorities, favour more viewpoint, diversity and favour free speech, norms and intolerant faction of roughly quarter of students believe it is ok to silence or suppress some widely held views that they deem wrong students across political perspectives
engage in classrooms, self censorship, students, heart divisive stereotypes about classmates with different beliefs and as such, actual minority are not open to engaging socially with classmates, who does share. Their views, disparaging com, about political conservatives are common, so here's what they found point five point: five percent of survey response to respond and said it would be appropriate to create an obstruction. Such say, campus speaker endorsing the idea that they could not address an audience. This thought rotarian view was held by nineteen percent of self. Identifying liberals three per cent. Of moderates and three percent of conservatives even split there by partisan, more
Three percent of liberals and one percent of conservatives thought it would be appropriate to Yale a yell profanity at a student for endorsing and objectionable idea, also troubling where the under I do it's who reported having kept an opinion to themselves in a classroom, even though The opinion was related to the class because they were worried about the potential consequences of expressing it almost sixty. Eight percent of conservatives censored themselves in this way, along with roughly four nine percent of moderates and twenty four percent of liberals. So I want you to what this means. What you're feeling is true, what you if, through in your daily life, is real. It's not just you
how many times do you hear somebody who has a crazy liberal view? That's just doubts, bout knit like yeah Of course everybody believes this. And you don't say anything or no one in the room says anything, and so you feel as though maybe that's the popular viewpoint. This survey shows its only held by about twenty four percent. Now but it was less than thirty percent. I think it was less than twenty percent that won the revolutionary war. It only take A small it takes a tipping point of eighteen percent. If that eighteen percent is truly dedicated. They can chew. The world they are. They are also trouble knowing where the undergraduates, who reported having kept an opinion to themselves in a classroom. Even though
opinion was related to the class because they were worried about the potential consequences of expressing it almost seventy percent of conservatives censored themselves in this way along Forty nine percent of the moderates and twenty four percent of the liberals. Think of that you have Seventy percent of conservatives, fifty per se to people whose I'm in the middle and were all bowing to twenty four. Percent of liberals expressing on popular views can reveal critical blind spots in prevailing thought patterns. The authors of the report note Even when, even when a view is wrong, it allows both parties to better apprehend what the correct view must.
Be a substantial portion of the respondents, fear social sanction or even outright grading penalties for sharing their views students who self identify as liberals some ten percent say they hear disrespectful, inappropriate an offensive comments about foreign stew, at least several times a semester, fourteen percent said here disparaging comments about Muslims, twenty percent. Say they hear such comments about African Americans. Twenty say they heard comments about Christians. Twenty one here comments about it, Gee BT, Q, individuals and Fifty seven percent of self identified liberal, say they heard such comments about conservatives, fifty seven percent Among moderate sixty eight percent say they hear disrespectful inappropriate or offensive comments about conservatives at least several times a semester.
Out conservatives may face, social isolation, flee. Ninety two percent of conservatives say they would be friends with a liberal, you friends, liberals, to ensure right I have friends who literally or communist well, not communist, but they like Karl Marx they make sweet wheat tender love to Karl Marx. They just don't shoot anybody in the head to get there, but they leave all that. Crap were great friends, I'm at several great friends what what it? What is the problem you go? You know, that's not a requirement of being friends, one rough that you agree with him on every single political rights right. They might be Eddie everyone's gonna idiot friend, you know These guys aren't idiots. I just think their ill informed. I their ill informed, and you know got it lies in what I mean thing to say about a friend the mayor to among
Liberals almost a quarter say they would not have a conservative friend twenty five percent they would not have now. Did you hear the story? We gave you last week I gave you a story from it was on medium and was from a doctor, Carolyn Births, Sancho anonymous democrat of two decades she's. Organizational psychologist, Annie, Compulsive Nigger. You might member of the story just because it went deep into the knitting World who knew there was a knitting like society out there, but there is, and their online on Instagram and apparently about ten percent of the knitters. Are these kinds of destructive liberals.
And they were ass. She said they were going after the giants of the knitting world. I didn't know there were giants and aria huge. Should you I watched her knitting show every year, and it is only right. After the cigarettes Zimmer volume, yeah I've watched its gets. The word champion world chairmanship of love nearing the end of any related, so he was a she. She still is she's probably get up the who did she say she was gonna vote for dear member. I have let us Donald Trump now now, but she went Djibouti judges, who should decide on the primary she was gonna Buddha Judge, shall she's not changing our political stripes. She just can't take it anymore and she went to a Donald Trump Rally in New Hampshire Beak, she wanted to show I D go see what Donald Trump in his. Borders were really like. She said I've open myself up.
Start meeting more conservatives and she said there, nothing like the left. Nothing they're, not haters, they're, not trying to squash people. She said, of course, there are some she said, but there this movement that is just killing the Democrats inside the Democrat. So she said, I used to consider any one who vote of her Donald Trump, a racist. I thought they were horrible and yes even deplorable and worked very hard to eliminate their voices. From my from my space, she said, She finally went to Trump and tromp rally. She said it was for hours before he was set to take the stage and the line already stretched a mile from the entrance to the arena. As I waited, I chatted with the folks around me and contrary to all the fears press everyone was so nice. I was not a I was not intimidated and I was
never in fear my safety. Even for a moment these were average every day people they were veteran school teachers, small business owners who have come from all over the place. For the thrill of attending this rally. They were upbeat and excited and chatting Let it slip out that I was a Democrat. The real action was good for you welcome. Once I got inside the atmosphere was jubilant. It was more like attending a rock concert than a political rally. She says that she now over the line a few days she's she sees. The left in whole new way. She's been dealing with It's like celebrity status now and she says not all the attention has been positive. She, too it's Sunday that she had to turn off the reviews. On my facebook page. We keep because people I've never spoken to and never certainly work with dont like
I wrote an article that says: Trump supporters are not nazis. She said I'm through about doing a follow up about experiences of trump supporters who have been excommunicated from their family, their friends, their social sick for circles, just because they support him. I want to get her on the air. I, love this. Why? I think she is so brave and I like the fact that she's not changing she's like I'm. Still, I'm still going to vote for PETE Buttigieg, I'm not going to vote for Donald Trump. I don't need you to check your vote. This is this is what has to happen in America. We do have to agree on the president of the President is whatever we just have to stop dehumanizing each other. We to start, seeing people as people and all is required is just talk to one another and that's why that twenty five percent shut you up.
That's. Why that twenty five percent has to use the fist has to shout and shove because they know if we talk to one another, What are we realise that were not all that different? We just disagree on a few things and we become the people and the America that we have always been so I want to talk to you a little bit about my dog. You know he is, I think them stubborn dog in the world when it came to eating he. What I not making this up this last Christmas. We all had to take turns feeding, No, and so we are all kind of trapped in our cabin in it, was snowing outside and sows. Like your turn to feed the dog onawandah the dog, I mean my dad all of us,
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Thirty, three! You can order on the phone. Eight three, three Glenn, thirty, three! It's not a dog food supplement, rough greens dot, com, slash back, go there, get it for your dog. Do it today, ten second stationary pushes of it. We have the author of that. We have the author of that term of that medium article on with US tomorrow, around this time, so you d want to miss that. I want to talk to you about the Virginia law makers and thirdly, the gun ban. It looks like the sheriffs are saying we don't care what you do, although they did the Virginia one. Aid fund like it's gonna, go through when they bade Democrats even stepped up against its attend to five having found yet
remarkable, what's happening there. I wanna also bring up to speed on something that happened this weekend in Plymouth Mass. It is the forum The anniversary of the the pilgrims coming and the pilgrims were the first ones to make the covenant and They made a covenant that they would be here for God and they would live righteous life and the had the longest running peace treaties with the native Americans, its everything that Sixteen nineteen and the New York Times is lying about they they were exe exceptional people, and that is where our country came from and not Jamestown will over. We can somebody defaced print, Plymouth, Rock and painted spray painted. Profanity all over it, and and they went up to the monument of the covenant, which is this,
Some on monument most people have never even heard of that was made for made during the civil war. Abraham Lincoln actually wrote a private check to help build this thing. It's unbelievable. It really tells the story of America that whole thing was defaced. The covenant is under attack in so many different ways. Please, I urge who to join us Non July. Fourth weekend in Gettysburg were doing restoring the covenant, which will tell you more about it, restoring the cover. In Gettysburg Pennsylvania the weekend of July. Fourth, it's the third fourth and fifth. If you want more information- and you want to make reservations in Vienna, bring your family we have tending sites are v sites. You can go and I'll tell you know in a five star hotel that you there's one thing they were doing.
You're gonna get so sick of me. You're gonna be with me the only two other people that can do this may stew. Barton, TIM, Ballard and historians and we're taking you from Plymouth the Boston to New York. To Philadelphia to Gettysburg, it's all inclusive you're, not gonna enough. Left open your wallet for a week. It's real You wanna be amazing trip through history and that allows this right to Gettysburg four July. Fourth, where you can just show up with your family on July fourth and just watch the fireworks, it's gonna be great, don't miss it check it out a Glenn back dot. Restoring the covenant. Go there find out formation and reserve your space right now, you're lessening tat glance,
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On demand. You can fly and a live version of it. Only there won't be any there won't be. It comes off of Facebook or Youtube immediately after the live, but you can watch it live there if you wanted to share with a friend or join us at Blaze TV, but it is on the cross. A virus tomorrow to Morrow night at nine p m? And quite honestly, it's got a few of us. A little freaked out I'm not freaked out by it. I am freaked out by what I think it's going to do to the economy. If it doesn't turnaround quickly will go in, a little bit of that, but we're also going to show you video that has been verified best. We can we're going to show you the difference between fact and fiction on this, but you will see actual footage from the hospital the number of body bags and
we believe is the burning of bodies outside of thumb of the main city. That is is very disturbing. Now. Let me give you just the facts. On this real, quick, it's gonna, take the cove id nineteen is is what they Your name? Is the corona virus? It is now seventy three thousand four hundred and thirty five that have been infected and are under observation, the problem with that, where is the White House, said just a few days ago that that number is probably at least a hundred thousand short and that's when they were forty thousand people that were reported. This number is probably an excessive of half a mil one. Slash four of a People there have been eighteen hundred seventy five deaths, so you know in twenty four hour period since I updated this, that's a hundred higher.
It was yesterday doc We are now looking and seeing what this is. What was We are now as we try to look and say. Ok, who is this affecting new This causes have been put forward as factors that make it so dangerous for some patience. It seems from early data, and this all can change, but early data is, but it has in common with other strains of corona virus. The elderly elderly are most likely to develop severe cases, others of serious cases, and deaths have identified smoking history of heart disease. Diabetes and asthma as complicating factors Still. Other media reports have pointed out additional indicators. Gender of the victims, sixty percent, are of the severe cases. Are men? Even more controversy surrounds the suggestion that the possibility the virus is somehow targeting certain
races or ethnic ethnicities for more serious infections than others. Now these are coal, more morbidity, factors, that's what they look for, what what are the combinations that make things much much worse and they're. Looking at things like smoking, things dead things that you know your your heart and respiratory things. It would make it easy for your lungs and your heart to shut down. There's one thing. However, that Nobody is looking at and it is I think, the number one indicator on whether or not you are going to survive, and it is communism. And I want you to just listen to this now. This can change, but I don't think it will in China over
twenty percent of the cases that result in serious complications requiring intensive care. Another lifesaving message measures the twenty percent of those infected are, intensive care in the rest of the world. It is below ten percent in China the case morale. Mortality rate is two point: five percent outside of a commune. Country. It is below one percent. Now. It's early and you can say well add to have we have more data yeah we do we do we do. But let's, let's look at the facts. Sixty eight percent or over the age of fifty five sixty two percent, her male forty, six percent or smokers, are former smokers. Forty one percent were diabetic were had a history of heart disease. You look at the medical records and here's what you see. Here's what you don't see.
Among the eighteen hundred deaths Ninety nine point: seven: one percent of the victims live under brew. Rule communist dictatorship, and they under the care of the Communist Party, this is what's called on. Ninety nine plus probability meaning your past relation and into causation what's causing this ninety nine percent are living under a communist regime. That might be how could a form of government be the decide in fact, or on how sick, a patient and whether or not it would turn deadly. Well, since you don't this in college anymore, or let me help you out under communism, each person is award of the state there to serve the interests of the state collective if an individual? Now
needs to be sacrificed to serve the state than that person can and should be sacrificed. The state is superior. Here too the individual? This is why they are holding back so much information. They knew early in December, but the state took that doctor and jailed him undercut capitalism. Each person is an individual Cencian being who is a whole unto themselves, independent of and superior to any government. The state was created by them. And the state is a servant to them. The states. Only reason to exist is to allow that person to live the destiny that they choose and to ensure no other person or identity deprives them of their right to live. There they see fit. China is the exact opposite under communism, each person is an inherent burden on the state, because the state
has to provide that care, the feeding, the medical treatment for all citizens. This creates automatic perverse in Sensitive for the leadership every I've saved is another mouth to feed more burden. The government, every dead victim rim moves that burden from the state under capitalism We are yet another taxpayer, but also another inventor another another. Consumer that contributes to society, to the degree that they see fit, and reap the rewards inherent to the contribution each person and each company has an answer to have to see that every other person lives a law. In healthy and prosperous life. Your communism, the goal of is the continue out the UN, the continually? How do you say that word? never say continuity, continuity! Thank you and continuity of the state at all costs. No matter what story,
must be told and who must be sacrificed. This Why we have the doctors, now being jailed, the guy who's, who you will see on a video game, and said I need a hundred body bags at day at my hospital and has been going on for thirty. Five days will already there its double. Double the numbers in one hospital and it's a rural hospital. Where is- that guy today he's in jail. Most likely, we will not hear from him again undercut it is in the goal of medical research and treatment, is to help make the Central Committee and the Politburo look good and stay in power. This is why president he, is now making a too of non hot spots. Saying everything is everything is grey in and we're on top of it he's may
the tour of all the non hot spots, trying to tell the rest of China. It's ok to go to work, and it may not be ok to go to work. We have asked system that gravitate towards life, because three individual matters, That's why, when Bloomberg says what he said about the elderly, we have that, Sir, play that audio when he said this about the elderly, about how, if you have cancer in your old, well kind of tough luck ground All of these costs to going out. Nobody wants to pay any more money. At the rate we're going. Healthcare was not bankruptcies, So now we have a problem and say which things which nobody wants to do- that
You show up with prostate cancer. Ninety five years old, we should say, go and enjoy. Haven't. I still have a long life, not you can do We should do something societies we're not willing to do that. Yet we're not with to say: hey. We need those resources elsewhere, so you don't get any. If you live in rural Oklahoma and you have a just, have a country hospital. You're gonna have a hard time getting care in that country hospital. If covered, nineteen hits us here like it did in China. Just fact: don't you have the Right
to have the same kind of care. Don't you have the right as an individual to be treated like everyone else here. The answer is yes ass and everyone will strive to make sure that that happens. It's it can't it won't just because of the just because of the disk fusion system, supply lines and number of people it just won't, but here's what different there won't be. A central body that says those people live. Those people die Because the farmer is is worth as much as quite honestly, the homeless, guy or the CEO in America that's the way it is is ninety nine point. Seven, one percent of the victims of covert nineteen died under the care of communism. The
is the number one coal more morbidity and morbidity factor turning covert night. Into a deadly pandemic. Communism and, let's not forget. Currently, the leading candidate for the Democratic Party, is a guy who has always loved communism, look, I I wanted one. You know I love Walmart breeders. Gas station attendees parttime funeral home directors as much as the next guy, but I wouldn't
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state agents. I trust Dotcom Glenn back this this opium crisis in America is just fly. Under the radar and it is, it is really bad and I think it's Franklin County Ohio, they're they're talking about opening a second morgue because of the spike in Fenton all in and synthetic opium.
Overdose. It's there is there's something you know eat. We took on a crack in the inner city, and you just don't hear about taking this on the way it should be we'll talk about them any more tomorrow, the virus in the charts on that is one of the most incredible things went best back in the patent astute patents do days. We did achieve visa this game with Jaffee wherewith. We would do. We would put charts up on the board and make him predict where they went and, of course he had absolutely no idea. Major daily Jerry. It is evident only numbers above eighteenth only Harper, I think the results, but there was a chance, we did with opiates and we showed where the crack epidemic was here, comparing that too, as nothing, nothing average compared to a hill in your backyard. It's incredible how bad this is bad, and you're right in it. It doesn't seem to have that. The urgency of that no wisest and on why we, obviously they
they're doing some things for it and new nine of trumpets, try to step up and spend a bunch of money on mad and about whether that stuff works. We don't know but eat, say it. It was it. It doesn't seem to have the attend. Maybe because it's more suburban, its honest focused in the areas where the media is. I don't know exactly what it is, but they're so We're dynamic to it were, does seem to be pushed sort of. In the background for one of gigantic problem, it is maybe maybe because it's in and in the inner cities crack was, and everybody could see it- and this is just you know, affecting them armor high, knows been Vondra country that don't write it down a telephone case. You didn't hear the latest from Michael Bloomberg, here he is talking about how easy it is to be a farmer in a metal, metal worker. Listen anybody! Even people in this room, son offense, intended to
be a farmer, you it's a process of, you dig a hole, you put up the seat in you put dirt. On top add water up comes the corn, then we had three hundred. You could learn that then. Then three hundred years of the industrial society, Can you put the piece of metal on my way to turn the crank and in the direction of the arrow, and you can have a job and we created a lot of drug now, he's saying that, but today's world, if you're going to work with Peters, you need to be able to analyze and think farmers, don't have that thing.
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