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MLK Jr. Would Be a Conservative Today | 1/17/22

2022-01-17 | 🔗

Glenn goes over the absurd levels to which politics are affecting how we view other people. Glenn gives a monologue explaining how tyranny rises, manipulates, and corrupts and how we can stand up against it. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Glenn and Stu pay a tribute to the influential man, while Stu theorizes why MLK Jr.’s beliefs on not judging people based on skin color have been lost in today's political realm. Stu makes the argument that MLK Jr. would be considered a conservative in today's society. Stu discusses the disconnect between the Democratic Party and everyday liberal Americans. Stu gives an update on America’s COVID case and sickness rate. Stu explains the synagogue hostage situation that occurred over the weekend.

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hello, America, and welcome to Monday. It's the Glen Back Programme today, we're gonna talk about your your finances, inflation. What you can do about it, the fight against tyranny and the great reset, and I want to start a little bed with what's happening to our humanity. We go there in sixty seconds. Are answer this half hour is a tunnel twins books when it comes to bad ideas of sons. Us sunlight is the best disinfection. It is it's one thing to burn books. It's one thing to ban people, it's entirely different thing to ensue. fight that information with good information, good information, always wins logic, always wins in the end we are. A time of great
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great reset. We talk about the the lodging of every in that you think you know and the way that life is going to change in the way I'll just because of technology going to do a show. I want to write a whole book on on futurists stuff, but I want to do is show here in the next week. Please do widgets, do your best if forced me to do it, because I keep getting sidetracked on our children need to know for the job of the future. right. Now, we're still thinking about sending our kids to college and everything else. Almost all of that stuff is going to be worthless. Very very, very soon ay. I can do so much any job that will have a future too. It will be something where it is: creative thinking and
not so sure about that a I. Can already right music. The most important thing that a I cannot replicate is empathy. It is cold and calculated. It cannot fake empathy, it doesn't understand empathy and it may never its I I in the siphoned movies are it's always so scary, because it is cold logic, so Any job that is going to be there in the future. we'll be something like a nurse or a doctor or a teacher. You will have that the teachers will have everything judged, you know and grated by a I everything we'll be done, but the one thing that you can't replace is that friendly face. That kind is the one that can look into your eyes and see the pain inside. So,
With nurses, we're going to have a doctor a guarantee you in ten years, you're gonna want to know what a I says over your doctor that doctor, will not be as well informed as a I. However, you don't want the the a lie to spit out and say you have cancer. You have six months to live still need someone who is pathetic. Everything we do to in Hence our empathy and an t our children to be empathetic, we'll be a God send to them in the very near future. I say that highly enough, I will tell you that there are times say things on the air- and I just had this feeling- there that I say things on the air and I know them to be true and important- teach your children, empathy now, thee
the what the reason I bring this up right at the top of the show is. We are really going into a frightening place and it is part of the great reset you have to isolate people. This is this is from This is from any anything that we read in Solemn Linsky. All the way to practices being used today in Washington and in the media and also with the great reset, and I want to show you Where we are where we are lacking and it is coming in more double places, but I want to stop first at Cove id listen, here's the here's, the times on CNN. Listen. I regret that I highlighted from your column. It's this mockery. Is not necessarily the wrong reaction to those who publicly marked Annie, covered measures and encouraged others to follow suit before they pair
of the disease, the dangers of which they be little expand. On that. You know we have a sort of a cultural habits, not speaking Killop bed, of treating the BBC's looking at the Good I've done during their lives? I am not sure that in this case, that's entirely appropriate because someone many of them actually have promoted reckless dangerous policies, and I wrote there. They take innocent people along with them. So mercury, the only response- well, no, but as I wrote every one of these, that is a teachable moment. Ok, that's CNN. Let me go over now to em. and be see enjoy reed. You have this cut two or three. I think it is.
Ok, do we have the MSNBC guess that's a suggesting the tree. I wish list for the UN accelerated guys. I have em in in my shoes So I don't know what happened to them. Are so limited Let me just run these down for you, Joe Reed, Joy read on MSNBC is having a discussion and she saying we need to treat eyes. We need to look at who has had the the vaccine. whose had all of their boosters and weed judge them on a how sick you are we a Jew on. Have you. The things the government has told you to do. That next, one is the tree age list and the idea that we don't give you benefits that you don't get medical
If it's, unless you behave the way the government wants you to behave. This is against every bit of natural known freedom that we have ways claim to have here in Amerika here. Erika the idea of freedom. The american dream is is not too a car in the garage and a nice house and a picket fence. That's not the american dream, that's what the! aggressive made the american dream into in the nineteen thirties and Fortys the IMF, can dream was to charge your own course to be That's loan as much as possible, and yet you participate eight as a community as a good, Functioning Member of community, and you help there's around you that we do. Have a social contract, but it is not a social contract that binds you can
be a despicable person that says I don't want anything to do with you and your punished, for this the concept of the biggest universal concept that we have to decide. Whether or not we believe in. Were you sent to earth as a separate individual being that has your own faults, your own. understandings your own strengths, your own weaknesses, your own sins, or are we Do we belong to one another, I would say that just like every family, we, the to one another until one chooses not to belong to one another? We we don't hell, you're children, what to do once they become of age because they don't belong to you. They are their own person and you done your best to raise them right. But if they
mistakes it there make mistakes and the more you try to hold on the worse will become and the worse you relationship will become. Will that exactly what we are short of starting to do now, We are now looking and saying we. to control, other people, and yes, there, members of our family, otherwise, completely disown them and cut them off. No, when it comes to our own bodies. We all have our own choice. Now, here's the thing I really would like to ask: why reasonably of people I've been on the receiving end of all kinds of horrible horrible threats and everything else? Let me ask you what part of what I did was. lately unacceptable- and you would wish death on me- was it that I got cold ed before there was a vaccine. Was it that
because I had antibodies and had antibody tests, and I had several doctors, tell me, don't take vaccine now because already have them? We're not sure what the vaccine will do. We're not sure science is not settled on this, with the scheme and the antibodies it could help it may not. Let's go watch it closely, I didn't the vaccine, but I kept shake, checking my antibodies. I did everything I could to stay healthy. I take you know. I take my vitamins. I take zinc. I do everything that I'm supposed to do except get the four boosters and accessing others where and another direction. They got the boosters and the vaccine, and some of them People are perfectly healthy. Today me, of them or not, because, as we now know, this particular
Vaccine is three viruses out of date. May lesson it just like my having covered lessons having covert a second time may lessen the effects, but it doesn't stop you from getting the from getting on Accra is something we all expected. This is a good development It is becoming extraordinarily, passable transmissible but it is also low in its death rate. Ninety one percent in England vase. They stopped with many of the matter, king and and the the rules and restrictions? They stop those and they said it was gonna, be a horrid horror show, but it didn't happen fact. Now they have
Maybe he's had covered in Alma crown and it looks like they're pulling out of it faster than Europe and everywhere else what part of Any of this, eggs. You feel so superior. You feel that you should Take away people's health care by the way I didn't can anybody's health care I paid for it in cash? Take people's health care or wish ill. What power of the home of the human experience has died inside of you. What part of what part of politics has made this. So you don't even listen to another person's opinion. You have become a doctor. You have begun a scientist what's worse is those things are not true, you ve just come a soldier.
Soldier in whose army and the real intent I We all want to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I do I give many people, if not most people the benefit of the doubt that they want people to he alive, they don't want people to die However, I have a hard time giving you the benefit of the doubt. If this is the kind of rhetoric You choose to use all the time. How can I give you. benefit of the doubt, when your wishing people dead and your wishing to mark them after they die, because they didn't agree with you now, let's also the difference between people who were anti facts because those people exist and their people. And time mandate, which is what I am not anti backs, I'm anti mandate of the facts. I am for the individual making their own choice, and that is for you to go get the facts. If you want it, I am
For that, if that's what you want, recommended to anybody who is as multiple problems or is sick old. They should get the vaccine. what makes you so superior now don't understand this because we're not at the beginning of this week at the end of this, and I want to read something to you from an opera. over the weekend, that I find extraordinarily disturbing and if we start seeing each other. As only enemies as only people who are for the vaccine or against the vaccine and of even the grey areas, but that's we define you. we are done as a society. Sixty I can still be back, european financing in an SOS one, eight do through three for that.
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Second station. I D. Now I want you to know that I'm gonna give you some pull numbers and then an article. The pole, numbers are only by east on politics. So is only separating people on what they believe based on who you voted for if you self described Democrat, seven percent Support Joe Biden's private sector, vaccine mandate. Ok, denying support forcing the on into Manitary home confinement forty eight support jailing. Or finding those who question anything on the vaccines on social media, so half of people who voted for Dirt Joe Biden want jail. You if you question.
This is something where we have to point out to our friends. I haven't moved you have. I haven't moved on liberty. I haven't moved on the idea of the United States. I believe that we can disagree with one another and still live side By side in harmony, forty percent want people who question on social media to go. go to jail. And thirty percent of Joe Borg and Joe Biden supporters support taking children away from vaccinated parents, if you want talk about the unbelievable unmitigated call. and violation of every human right. Those would be it. Those would be. It But this comes in small little doses. Just like I really one try to spend some time. You did it with you today saying: look our problems are huge, but the Answers are simple and small. They really are it. It
It really truly isn't I'll make that case. For you later we you're looking at these, things. This, starts small? This starts with arrogance: It starts with overconfidence. It starts with Bee. In your chest and saying only my way or the highway there was a story in the SALT Lake Tribune which If you live in SALT Lake City- and you still subscribe to the SALT Lake Tribune, I honestly don't know why they're talking how about how government officials should be imposing vaccines should be imposing closing of schools. They should be imposing Dracula in vaccine. Rules here? They say the vaccine mandates for health care. Workers absolutely should have happened,
we might have headed off on a crown and heard immunity. If we add the vaccines. A truly civilized pace place they would find a way to Manta mandate, the kind of MAX fascinated vaccination campaign we would have launched a year ago and deploy the National Guard to ensure people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed to go anywhere. This not empathetic. This is not american and it's not even timely the Glen. Program. a little bit about my pillow, you get a great night sleep with my pillow. The guy a dream sheets from my pillar. I dont know what They cannot pact made with the devil, but that, gives dream sheets made from visa cotton, which is the the ban, soft is most durable. Cotton on the planet and MIKE made a deal
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Please, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn! The protocol is the great reset your say: fifteen bucks, hello and welcome to the global programme program. You can get my new book, the great reset it's available at glens, new book dot, com a lot of email on its this weekend from people reading it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Please spread the word This is, I think, the litmus test for anybody who is gonna go to Washington DC. Do you know, but the great reset is: do you know how dangerous it is, and what are you gonna do to help fight it? It is a story of real tyranny and
This is why we have so much chaos, and this is why I said for fifteen years- do not participate in anything that causes more. Chaos chaos The solution to chaos is always tyranny to any shifts in the kitchen to many people, a figure it out to me voices all at once too much plurality. Everybody's everybody's got an opinion we just- and you need time and you need rest and you just or exhausted, and your eggs stick with the fear of what's going on, and then too many cooks in the kitchen and it becomes lected fear and you start to think, Nobody really has an answer: Nobody has an answer. This is something Plato talked about twenty five hundred years ago in tat. times of extreme chaos, people will turn to the politician or the political party that promises to restore order that
what's happening right now in the chaos is going to get worse and right now their ignoring the thing that really is chaotic in your life, and that is your job, your business? and inflation How are you affording to do the things that you need to do I guarantee you there ignoring it now, but those people who are ignoring it will be the ones that will come to you with a solution and it will be a vote, a bad solution, but that's The way tyranny usually comes tyranny. You know when we think and tyranny, you think a Darth Vader, but that's not how tyranny comes. Usually, tyranny is pretty boring. What we want is boring. That's why people elected Joe Biden they wanted something pulled, predictable com and escape
from all of the noise, and so you do that and you give that person power, and sometimes you give them way. too much power, because just whatever it takes whatever it takes to save us. We I've always known in Amerika Power too. to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. But I think we have gotten those things because the specific kind of power that leads to tyranny. It's the power there Arises when the weak come together to ambush. The strong, an ambush is the only tactic they have it's an attempt to substitute violence for power. What they don't realize is is that Yes, tyranny involves one person or one party having all the power, but at the same time, tyranny stops the development of power. It stops the d,
movement of politics, which stir the development of human nature. If you notice that politics have really stop and frozen in time, what you believe about Donald Trump, we'll, never change what you believe about covered in the vaccines wheel, her change, nobody is willing to change their positions because no one is looking at anything, including covered as any in other than political, though. irish does not care who you are did for the vote this doesn't care. If you're in China or you're in Amerika, it does care if it came from a lab or nature. It doesn't care tyranny. Tyrants,. That the biggest problem is not their cruelty and it's incredible cruelly cruelty.
it's their efficiency their callousness. They provide stability, they provide productivity, they provide security and as things churn in their new world order. There's a coup it transfer of power that takes place. It's it's a theft. It's a heist: the power of the people. Is taken slowly bit by bit and put into the hands of a few at the state, and yet notice. It happening when it's happening, because we think of tyranny. Again, we think of the Jack booted thugs. We Jonah, action it happening bit by bit, but pot tyrants, dont gain power and a platform that expresses contempt for freedom, Hitler didn't do that and he didn't it all at once. He took it piece by piece and they he'll to your humanity. How did they
did you kill all of those Jews? How did you do it because those people are against what we believe in those people. Are the people that have brought the these problems upon us and if we in just get? There isolated, if we can just not work with them, then All of humanity is gonna, be ok, we're doing a service, that's how they got people to keep Other people. It's only in the end, you see how horrific the Idea is. Tyranny instead structures, your life for you better than Democracy ever could because democracy is chaos, it's complicated requires a lot of each individual to think into com. plate The power is dispersed among everybody,
so nobody has power over the other person a tyrant is like a universal remote. I mean I just We just need to shut everybody up. We just gotta watch. This show. But before long you start to realize the cost everything repeats- and this is where we're at now. It's still going, but have you noticed how everything repeats everything begins to be exactly the same. Everything has become about politics and not about power, symbols about right and wrong, not bout standing up in speaking out you're you're, not standing up with people who say we should take rights away from people who disagree with me medically, we should, their children away. Forty eight per cent of damage, That's who voted for Joe Biden say that you should too their freedom away. If they do,
agree with you on social media in the voices, are snuffed out. The disagree with you. What happens to diversity every I will be exactly the same individuality is completely gone, but usually tyrants, it gets worse, because individuality eventually becomes a crime. It's easy under tyranny, to act than before They want you to think how many times have you heard? Don't think don't listen to that! Don't read that any time. Anyone is ever told me not to do something. I usually end up doing it's usually I mean when my early days. It was because that's just the kind of rebel that I was, but now it's because I know you You don't have a good reason for it, and even you do, I'm smart enough to figure out and look
at that and say okay. I see why I shouldn't do that. But if you just blank me tell tell me, I can't do something I can't read something. I can't think something: You are part of the tyranny and the tyrant keeps speaking and acting as one no protest. No city councils, no school board meetings, no discussion of any kind in the end of this people keep their pay. In private, because the tyrant speaks forum, it may seem like people are still participating in public life, but really their only spouting slogans of the tyrants party this the way it happens every time and it leads to isolation. and isolation is the gasoline that turns the flame into an eruption, a tyrant,
is isolated from the people. Have you noticed the polls? The pole, members are saying that this administration and the Democratic Party are out of touch with the american people. They are not concentrating on the things the american people are interested in. Why? Because they are isolated. They have self isolated. They have take in anyone who disagrees with them and remove them from their sphere of influence. What sure isolate yourself. You lose touch with you manatee the People become isolated and we begin to assume that tyranny is normal and that our suspicions of it, are taboo. Isolation through fear, suspicion it's the fear of getting banned by social media, the fear
getting fired for some jump, dumb joke. We made me no one social media, maybe ten years ago, where we want to leave social media, but we're afraid to get off it more terrified of being kicked off. It. This is why the tyrant discourages people from worrying about politics. Tyranny is escape from politics sounds appealing, but it's not our police go beliefs are more than just feelings or convictions. They are the best Body and the mind of our personal freedom at its core tyranny is the expression of impotence. Not weakness, ample a powerlessness in a bill to act, the solution to impotence is the loss of power, its strength, its strength, not power.
You cannot overcome tyranny by overpowering it violence I can destroy power, but it can never too its place and tyranny, will all he's collapse always And be replaced with something else way. Marxism will never work. You can take away a person's property in their family. You can take away their private life. You can make him powerless. You can make an important, but. we think of ourselves still as a as individual and we have to think of our nation as a family We have a shared investment and I dont care if your little sister was wrong or right or whatever When my little sisters being beat up, I stand up for my little sister ice.
and up for my family members, I stand up for the bully and if it is a member of my own family, that is the bully I do not stay up for that Bali. I stand against that. Bully our nation needs to be a giant neighbourhood again, commune not a castle, but at a space filled with private properties Connected invisibly by coming it by neighbours by strangers, friends by p, that share citizenship in the same values and not very you like. I go to your church. You go to my church valley, is that we believe in the sea did he of Man End sanctity of the individual life. And believe that everything is not political.
when social power becomes political power. Social power can make people think they have an obligation to the majority when the beauty, democracy is it protects the voiceless and abandoned it, protects the centres it protects the rebels, that's I. We have always been a nation of underdogs. That's why I've always like rebels because they are the voiceless they. The downtrodden, the tyrants. wants you to believe that politics is a religious war, but policy Isn't war and peace? takes isn't religion No compromise on the battlefield? There's no proviso the devil but politics demands depends compromise, not obedience and not submission
one person one thing more important than the majority: If we can remember this, we will be ok. The one thing more important than the majority is that one lone voice that disagrees. With a majority. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. Who is what Sarah, who is the real estate agents? I trust outcome real estate agents. I trust outcome is a company that I started a few years ago and they are I mean really I'm very, very proud of the team that we have assembled. They work they work day and night on weekends. I mean I don't know how they do it, but they our keeping track of all of the best real estate agents in your area, This is something that we have put real estate agents. They dont work for us. They just we just monitor them and
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welcome to the programme for blades of twenty seven be easy. K is the phone number. It is more than fourteen day we have some stuff on that you're coming up in a little bit as well as they wish talk today about the beginning. Of the term for Glenn Youngkin bushes, started off pretty quickly. I think it's it's gonna be an interesting thing to watch over time. This is a purple state. Red state Eric's you'd be a blue state at this point and the that you have a republican governor in there. That's going to do anything, that's moderately positive is probably a win, but is good. The ongoing gonna wind up being the type of guy you want to see continue, go to further office, or is he going to be just a better replacement, then a devil governor who wears black, face that we don't know,
find out here and will give you updates on that as well. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven eight thousand and twenty four number to forget to pick up Glenn's book, the great reset it's available now in bookstores everywhere, and you can subscribe to Blazetv Stevie dot com. Slash Glenn, promo code is the great reset. Fifty bucks off your subscription right now. This is the line back programme my back, thank you so much lorry appreciate that lots coming up here in the next. If our we have the little love tribute to mark for king I am about. Who is that a tribute? It's really more of a tribute to his vision. I think there's something interesting to look at when it comes to Martin Luther King, in that these, really just a conservative figure at this point. Thirty we ve talked elevator king many times about the fact that he or she is- she talked about it many times that he was a republican, but
you know he really is just a conservative figure at this point. There's only one side of the Isle advocating for judging people by the content of the character and not the color of their skin. There's only one, right now, at least as far as the extremes go, I will go that come up here in just a second,
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The Glenn Beck program,
hello, America and welcome the Monday. There is a lot on our plates today and it is Martin Luther King Day. So we thought a little bit of Amr Luther king. He has become an unbelievable conservative hero now and the left is completely rejected him freedom of speech, freedom of mind. What did he really preach? Also your economy, the the White House seems to be ignoring inflation, but your feeling it we'll talk about that and so much more, including the stand off at the jewish synagogues that ended just right around our house. Here recently over the weekend and what that really means and a look at Russia so much more all coming up. this our standby so ten minutes can really change your life for the better. Nobody
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excess dot. Org. We will be able to speed up that faith. When children, men and white men choose untrained, ploughed pot of something happen, it will be able to join hands and sing in the work of the only goal. Spiritual we create arise from the dark and desolate Father, a segregated them through the sunlit path, the ratio of now from the quick sands of race us does a solid. Around now see the promised land may not know them to the doktor. Martin Luther king had been wounded, probably critically wondered in mental Martin Luther King, the apostle of Non violence and the civil rights movement has been shot to doping members. In all the more important for a world rushed young white man seen running for centuries. Man's freedom has been crushed contained or at best discouraged, and sometimes in several ways,
in the days of Solomon. He D cried. The man could learn too much that one shouldn't dig deeply, nor read too often saying that too much reading led to the weariness of the flesh for knowledge is where Adam and Eve went wrong, thus proving that learning leads to man's downfall or his sin saint Paul centuries later said, basically the same thing Fifteen hundred Francis Bacon to the cane trying to convince him that man could never learned too much that knowledge could not somehow also contain the serpent. Yet free thought continued to be squashed Emmanuel The man who first described the milky way is a collection of sun in the fashion but we now know it rose in seventeen sixty there are, many things that I believe that I shall never say
but I shall never say the things that I do not believe the courage to speak. Once more in seventeen sixty our most precious freedom. The freedom of thought had not yet been born, yet just a few years later, on the other side of the globe said a man alone in a hotel room, his wife dying bed hundreds of miles away from him, as he said, Such words on paper We find these troops to be self evident that all men are created. Equal with certain unalienable right given to them by their creator, among them life, liberty and property. was later change to the pursuit of Venus sure the slave trade would fight They come to an end
I'm not sure. If we really understand the impact of those words, man has never been is free to think man is now the time. These dissidents didn't make a statue of liberty in Tiananmen Square out of Happenstance arrogance changed the world, our I'm a thought allowed men to discover electricity. The light bulb the key the phone the motion picture the radio television, the computer, to put a man on the moon. You may well have a spacecraft on more. It was in the american censure of the theory of relativity was conceived. Lee Einstein to say the things strikes me about America. Is the joyous positive attitude to life, smile on the faces of the people is one of the great Assets of the American he's friendly self, confident optimistic
and without envy the american lives or for his goals for the future. life, for him is always becoming never being he's. Emphasis is laid, on the We and never the eye So today, as we are free to celebrate, relax, think Reed say anything. Ask your of this. Are we still more about the goals for the future? Is life for us always about becoming and never being, and are we still part of the weak and not the eye? You know when Jefferson first wrote those words They were words of trees and certain execution. but today they are free to echo throughout the land as words of the American Spirit and our hope that
Do hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights and among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and in
Supported this declaration with firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives our fortunes and are sacred on our founders change the world with those and over two hundred years later, a black creature from the South Doktor Martin Luther king helped make sure that the promise of liberty was real for all American free at last free at last. They got all my. We are free, Lance what We have a question for you would see. You know the real secret to effective world class skin carries well, is it the goodness,
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Jane you, sell dot com check it out now g and you see l dot com, its genuine, so dotcom, ten second station. I did tabloid seven. Twenty seven back is our phone number, as we look at model Your king and Glenn had that look at really the foundation of what my Luther king seemed is came to stand, for. you wonder where that legacy is today. We have seen an incredible change and wist in this story line the story line that I am. I don't know that any of us could predict could have predicted a couple decades ago. There time were seemed as if everybody agreed you don't judge a person base
the color of the sky, their skin new judge them by the content of their character. That was such a fundamental, an easy thing. I think for so many Americans, because the The opposite seemed insane. We all look And yes, I went to public schools in the United States and was taught quite clearly that slavery was bad. I know you can watch MSNBC and they will tell you that our Education system does not give that sort of information to its students, but it does. everybody who learns about slavery in the United States learn about it in a very, very negative context, which of course it deserves so Why has this changed recently? Why have we all of the sudden become a country its elites seem to want to redirect that instinct
that Americans have had for decades, the instinct to judge people whether Their character is strong or not Glenn said many times. There are a lot of good reasons to hate people you shouldn't. color of their skin. It's a stupid one with good reason of dislike people there a lot of them are just awful dislike. For those reasons, good reasons not color, Skin color The skin is an asinine way to two separate people. Why not some other immutable characteristic? Why not call of eyes. Why not color of hair? Why not height? Why not a hundred other things it makes no sense to separate people based on the color of their skin, and it was something that I really. He thought we all sort of agreed on. We all
I agree that some people, the very limited percentage of the population, do agreed with that. Then color of their skin was a good way to go people, but we knew those people with the hoods marching in the streets. We know those people are really small percentage of people and we I'll come to a time were particularly the Democratic Party has decided to apply this. Terrible vision of the United States, where these people are everywhere. Everybody Hidden, KKK, member, but K K is around every corner this, of course, not. Only demeans what people who had to deal with Actual kkk have to deal with. back in the day, but it also ITALY gives a misleading picture of the United States is today. This is this, is not a racist
if we look around the world and one of the most potent questions to ask yourself when someone says the United States is racist, is asked compared to what as compared to what as compared to some utopia. Were everybody's perfect. Well, yeah. I guess I suppose, if you compare it to that then yes, everybody lived in a racist place, their entire lives in every corner of the globe, but we are at a part of our history. Now we're just stupidity rings as compared to what ass compared to history, no ass. Compared to other nations in history? No, we are not a racist country as compared to current other. countries around the globe. Are we erases country, no.
That is simply not true. We go through the five hundred ways. It isn't true, but I want to focus. On the legacy of Martin Luther King and his message: what he'd term would he decided was what you want. push for as he was making these speeches all across the country that we remember today and it was identifying people individuals figuring out here, don't judge people he ever said. Let everybody do whatever they will hunt. He never said make sure think everybody's wonderful he's certainly never said, make sure you judge every african American differently than you judge people with white skin. I was not at all the goal. All the goal was to be able to judge people as individuals and important to remember what racism is
racism is collectivism. It the thing that conservatives fight against all the time: the aid. here that you want to represent an inch the jewel as not a person per with an individual minded individuals, soul, individual life, and indeed we'll collections of, cares and loves and irritations and all the things that go into forming a person's purse, reality and character. It's not that is that they are a member of a group They are a member of an identity. Think of the way people talk about identity now used to be bad right. You wouldn't want You didn't identifies a member of a group. You have identified as yourself, maybe a member of your family, maybe of your faith,
It were formed around ideas and things you cared about, not the cholera. Your skin, that was never top thing was ever that then, what your sexual attraction was. That's not have waited too form of civilization. Certainly not smart. One. supposed to be about who you are and left is currently in a country in a state of war against that vision against the vision of Martin Luther king again the idea that you should judge someone based on the content of their character against that vision against it. Who could be against that It's a pretty simple rule. Never ever in your entire life, not even once more, any decision based on skin color that should be
of all a laudable goal and secondly, pretty easy to accomplish yet the lead is on television. On social media constantly trying to convince you of the opposite. You should, make decisions based on the color of skin. You should judge people by the color of their skin you should treat people differently based on the color of their skin. Is there the country that we want. I was raised. Believe you were as well to want the opposite of that. We a holiday based on Martin Luther king because he was trying to convince people that use judge people as individuals and man, start foundational to this country. I don't know what it is. We are now supposed to be all right.
that person, because they are a member of a certain group. That's that's supposed to be how this goes. You're telling me. If you happen to be white, you don't know what irritating white people they ve thousands of inferior. We got their entire list, I mean it but a town of Cowboys, France. I can give you a thousands thousands of white people that irritate me and you know what they are of people of all races. That irritate me probably the same with you, but you know think of it. That way, because you're saying Only insane people or people who we're hoods and carried torches, those people might have different view of this. But you look get the visions of even the the very few very few white supremacist that exist in this country today and you re there writings and you look at their.
platforms and what you see is a lot in common. The modern left, not the right. The left. Ask Richard Spencer, if he's for or against universal health care, guess he's gonna say ass, rich. Spencer? If he's for or against abortion in this country? Guess what he's gonna say? It's gonna be the opposite of what MSNBC tells you he would say I'll. Tell you that much It is a country, that's been torn apart by race at a point where we should be completely of have conquered it and the like continues to try to pick it that scab for power It is something we should universally reject and it's a great reminder today go back to original message treat people as individuals and that's that's the promised land. That's the that's! That's that's the way to turn your country into one that stands for human rights.
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So, where he's still recovering, as you may know, unfortunately, for the left he's not drop dead, get is a big, hope over the weekend and over the past week, but maybe just maybe Glenn, which is drop dead and we can all celebrate on social media of another person having a health. problem and while I know we can all come together and hope for things like that of our political opponents, so far still alive. We will update you, with any change in that particular information, but that's what we know right now, men of but which Glenn the best and hopefully will maybe she'll be back tomorrow. Ages just had appointments and that that could not be moved today. So, can I bring you through the rest of the programme and interesting talking about the Martin for king part of this, that really I would have said this a few years ago, but really, I think you can now kind of classify Martin Luther king conservative figure he certain
at odds with everything the left promote. when it comes to race at this point Bartlett This idea was not, you know, think at least I don't remember the speech where he was like you know. What we need is twenty four hour unattended drive through voting member. Ever being the pitch. The pitch was not. we need to send ballots every home when they don't even ask for them. The idea was equality. The idea that African Americans should have equal access to the poles as everyone else, something that I thought everyone in Amerika was currently for apparently the left is, is shaking me off of that all in a strange sort of fans service. For this Bizarre woke idea,
ology. That is positive. over the past few years, local Ngos goes into great detail as to would be why this is happening and how its being used in his book, the great reset that's out now you can get a glance new book dot com, but interesting about it. Is you hear this all the time you watch? MSNBC or CNN. You look at social media read any other major mainstream publications and they treat these things, Is as if their obvious as if quite clearly what we're seeing. He is an effort by the Republicans to depress the vote of Africa. Americans, it's their only goal. Is their evidence to support this. Sometimes I will give you the Thee This one thing It is from the Breton Centre and
it is a the idea. over the past year, so there have been The four hundred and forty bills with provisions that restrict voting access that have been injured in forty nine states. You can see it but beaten because he said all the time by politicians and Joe Biden, big speech. He said it was over four hundred rules that have been proposed and then I think he felt sleep about twelve minutes. They woke up when he said in states in country. Squirrels Then there is about fourteen minutes of silence but here he was still awake. I think his eyes were open and his mouth was still movie, wasn't saying anything and then there's another eight minutes he started dancing and then Finish it up and said this is bad, so interesting speech, but all in all. But this idea that hundred forty built with provisions that restrict voting access. In forty nine states, just in twenty twenty one is a massive talking point for the left right now. This is their case
to harass, European Cinema, Joe Mansion. All the Republicans vote for their horrible bill that federalized elections across the country, is the terror idea. We should not do it for a multitude of reasons, but their supportive hey wait a minute. More problems are resolved. Voting rights for people to vote. They don't want mine, these devote they do. What democratic voters to vote or passing all these laws to restrict voting access and is port to understand that, first of all, most of the bills didn't pass their four hundred forty of them, but most of them were being proposed and nothing happened with them. Secondly, It's important understand what it means. When you say you restricting voting access, there were because some tightening of voting access in some states here's the important part of this. Compared to the twenty twenty pandemic election. If you can
twenty eighteen or you'll, find it is the opposite. You'll see, expansion will get into that in the second. But if you go act to twenty twenty. We had a pandemic going on. Remember these are being changed in spring and summer of twenty twenty when were at the point of the and everywhere we have the least amount of now knowledge. We don't know everything about it. Yet we're still learning about it. We don't know how bad it's gonna get. We don't know, a huge break out? Will anyone what a shock to the poles at all in November? So there's Some sense to look at these things and say: how do we make it easier for someone who wants to vote now that now ever justifies mailing a ballot to every single person. Who is eligible or not in the United States? It's that has never been a thing that was supported by any idea of the pandemic, but maybe making it easier for someone to vote absentee makes sense. Maybe
an outside drop off of an absentee it makes sense. Maybe there's a couple That makes sense right in that particular I climb. However, of course, as we always see You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste, and so the Democrats decided to pass lots of different rules that just happened to benefit them in large ways and then based. Play blame it on the pandemic. Now the they were all ways propose always propose as a one time pandemic measure to make it easy this one time and as we know, this is what the left They propose these things as one time craziness and look we're in amazing times, and we have to do something different and then, when that time ends when the pandemic fades a little bit people have vaccines or natural immunity to to help fight this off
when there are treatments available well now understand that? Basically, it's almost impossible to pass this virus outdoors when you get through all of these things, the left just then says, actually the only thing that isn't. Racism is all these pandemic rules in effect in perpetuity if you have any of them back off to two thousand eighteen levels, or even even more open access two thousand eighteen, your racist. You are a terrible person and you just want to stop minorities from voting. I mean this is Joe Biden from a speech. The other day is, calling it Jim Crow to point out. And we have that clip warrior here. Do we have the clip from Joe Biden Jim, two born, I was about to insidious things. Voter suppression
election subversion is it about who gets to vote is about making hard about is about who gets to count the bow. your vote counts. It all started. Firstly, it is a fact average O Brien says, does not permit. It means it. One hundred percent is hyperbole. There are That is the better. They Joe Biden guarantee for you, so areas, insulting. The people who actually he had to go through Jim Crow, almost sclusively, led by democratic policies by the way. But these, credit policies. They are now saying you're coming back, even though, this now easier to vote than it has ever been any one's life
Where did it to take that away? It is easier to vote now than it has ever been for anybody. It's much much easier, and this is something that's hard for the american people to swallow, but I want to make sure that everybody in this audience understands it, because I think you already do sure you understand that it's totally! If to tell all your friends this is well, if you can't figure out how to vote in the United States in twenty twenty two? You are an idiot. That's it you're, an idiot. You should be able to figure this out and honestly you're enough to not be able to figure out how to vote in a year? Twenty, twenty two! Perhaps you consider not doing it because You can't spend the time to figure how to vote into one twenty two anymore. accessible elections in
history of America, maybe you don't herr enough, but you're, not putting in enough time to be able to to justify your own vote in MTV that I think insurmountable damage. Back in the day when they did these rock the vote campaigns- and you know what rock the vote says- basically hey you, you have the ability to vote. You should make sure you show up well, you know what is that true. Is that true? isn't there more to it than that. I haven't thought about any of these issues for twelve, but let me go rock the boat there's no There is no pride to be taken in showing up to vote vote after learn something about what you are voting on. Learn then vote. The order is important
You need to learn first vote after don't just vote, don't just rock quote rocking a vote does not being for anyone except wines up electing the people, dumb uninformed. Voters want elected instead Take some time. You might come, We're conclusion that disagrees with me. You, come to a very liberal, version and say you know what we need is socialized medicine. You might think that I don't know, learn fact one about it before you vote, don't take. Pride in showing up our knowledge and pressing a button there's nothing to brag about. You don't deserve a sticker for that you deserve a pin for that oh up with some information show up.
After learning about what you're doing and then you can press the button on the fancy machine learn then vote The order is important. Shirts. That say just that learned then vote. The order is important. Stew does marched outcome and I did that because it seems to be a foreign concept to a lot of Americans. So I go back to them Brennan Study, more foreign, forty bills, with provisions that restrict voting access have been introduced in forty nine states and the two twenty one legislative sessions in the same report separated. Just a few words It also says this more than one thousand bills with expansive provisions have introduced in forty nine states in the twenty twenty one legislative sessions more
then double the amount to expand, Election access then wrist retract it and even the retraction that we're talking about the restrictions are really restriction, certainly not base to any time in our history. but that's Jim Crow to point no. To me. This strikes of desperation. The left is looking up And feeling and getting old Lee desperate to call Massive expansion of voting rights Over- let's just take it over a short period of time, a decade massively expanded is much easier to vote by male. It's much you're too vote absentee. It's me easier to get access to now than it was a few years ago. This is the easiest time its ever been available.
they're calling that Jim Crow to point out because they are desperate there, looking at what is going to happen to our party in twenty twenty two and they are terrified. They are as terrified as Republicans are excited now. Publican Party has come up with incredible ink readable. evasive ways to lose elections. So you can't put anything in the bank. but the bottom line is they are terrified as to what could come in November, Now they are trying to rally their base behind this false ridiculous. I yeah that we in the middle of the Jim Crow era, part to attend herbal unneeded sequel that is not occurring they want to be true. They want their country, to be a racist hell hole to win an election. They would
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does not feel at all. Like March twenty twenty, it's totally different animal all thing can be said there, but everybody, I know, is sick. everybody is now we ve had so many people out here. Please don't have we have enough to staff shows there. Constantly rescheduling everything, because we ve done it. but right now, so. It is happening to every business around the country ran out panda. We do see, may be the very peak of this. May we passed the peak of alma crime. Will give you a little detail on that. Come up triple eight. Having twenty seven back, his opponent
when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and Enlightenment the Glenn Beck program,
Still there in four Glenn back today, we gotta get what's going on with blood young in his first days in office, spreading a little bit of a splash left, not exactly happy with. What's going on, what have you an update on the overcrowded wave and where we are in this psycho? Are we getting closer to the end of alma crown, and maybe does that mean the end of all this nonsense around the corner and will be honest about what the left is trying to do right now, it's not positive. We're gonna tell you about it anyway, triple eight seven, twenty seven back is the phone number it's a bloodbath programme you're playing a team sport or in our if it's an end visual sport. We know you wanna get the best out of your performance and we see
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state agents- I trust dotcom, so it s a little bit last hour about the legacy of Martin Luther King, who is here today because I think at this point the left seems to hate his guts. What they say on a daily basis. Look at this, they criticise? They are outwardly siding with organizations who are describing Being colorblind in a colorblind society as racism, they are really trying to make decisions based on skin color in every arena of life. they want you to believe that if you judge people based on the content of their character, you are the bad person. Certainly that's what we see, at least in the media, and I think this is
important distinction to make here. This is not everybody on the left side, every Democrat not everybody's like this, but that is: what makes it so disturbing that the meat Second, in hue woolly presence. That is the truth. Jesse Single, put together a thread here and I'm like over a couple things in it: as he highlighted some poles who talked about before, but he but to be on the left, and he writes. The democratic party sucks is addicted to lose a losing is full of Whitey losers, and I'm annoyed that it's. My only viable option as an american liberal who doesn't want to waste his vote, he says level of just sheer profound, crippling disconnect from everyday Americans. I never have had any idea about these figures, because if you consume liberal media, you are almost system equally misled about what the True values wants and pray or anyway, to some some polls that you
might be familiar with. Honestly, you might be connect did to what Americans really believe on these topics, but the left. Isn't if you're watching MSNBC, you have the exact opposite of a perception of the american people A morning council pull found that only forty one percent think it is a bigger problem to american democracy, that it's too hard to vote, rather than voting, frictions not being strict enough, in other words, american people say, wait a minute. Is it too hard devoted too easy to vote with forty one percent are saying yes to hard, devote. That's the bigger problem. Now to that's. That's among the black popular now. These are the people that are supposedly so affected by these terrible voting loss and is but people that around ninety percent, democratic, usually devil, Product Party. Voters, the
Voters are saying, wait a minute. What do you mean it's too hard devote! That's ridiculous that too hard to vote. among Hispanics it's only thirty four percent but think the bigger problems is that it's too hard to vote rather than being too easy to vote for people shouldn't be voting only Thirty four percent. honestly, if you watched MSNBC, if you watch CNN every day, and that was where you got your information, what would you think that number was ninety percent ninety five percent represent. Is there any when that disagrees must have no idea remember black person or hispanic person who says they disagree thrown from their race. They are disowned by
their race by MSNBC. I dont know how that works. I don't know if they have control of such things were. They certainly seem to think they do. In a month, pole eighty four percent of non whites, saving support requiring photo idee for voting. Eighty four sent of non white again. These are the people who told are targeted by such policies. They that we don't. We don't want them to vote. You're conservative, so we don't want any minorities to vote. Of course not sure we say we love the constitution, but do we really mean it? Of course not it's just a way to justify our evil policies, yet Eighty four percent of non white say they they support photo can you imagine an MSNBC or CNN viewer. Hearing them, Statistic.
they would assume it was a lie. Assume it was misleading information. They would assume it was stopped that you should get thrown off of social media for uttering another thing. It is absolutely true and of course, its true, it's really when you think about it for just a moment. Of course, it's true too, believe otherwise he's racist to believe but that African Americans cannot bring themselves to acquire a driver's licence is about the most insulting thing in our political discourse, think of how ridiculous it is to assume that based on ethnicity, the or color of skin, an entire group of people is unfairly targeted by getting
and I d America is about the most racist thing you can possibly think yet. The left makes it part of their platform. Their giant zilch of president is in What are the american people pounding has had his hand on the desk saying how much each so believes that this Jim Crow to boy now this vote or suppression in every way, this fake act they are putting on who does it fool Only fools the morons in their own part that are already get to vote for them. This is how desperate they are right now they are trying to make sure they can lock in the ale, see vote if you, can't lock in the Irish Sea vote and the Democratic Party got a massive problem and they do.
the representatives are retiring in droves. They are seeing the poles they are seeing the I d they their daily lives. Erica Party, I d votes and their almost always favouring the Democrats, these, even when Publicans do relatively well the Democrats he'll perform a little better in generic voter party idea, at what we are seeing now is Republicans, are winning those. No, it's a long way to the election. A lot can happen. A lot will be tried. That will be changed. A lot will go on, now in November, but they are seeing the writing on the wall and they do not like what it spells. But two from two thousand nineteen. This is a pole from MSNBC. and see me. This is a pupil getting my polling outfits, Used but its Pew Pew Research Centre,
question is what percent of people say? Rafe race or ethnicity should be a factor, college admissions decisions now any time You say well, of course, we shouldn't judge people, by the color of their skin. We should judge them of the content of their character. That means not giving extra preference to. Someone who is a minority student. We judge them based on their grades and what they have achieved. We shouldn't, for example, advantages to any particular racial group. Nor should we punish Asians, who apparently could be the only people who go to college. if you have an invasion. American congratulations! All of your test. Scores are higher than all of us. White people combined. Congratulations! You ve done it. You ve, dominated all testing scores. You see this at Harvard. We ve talked to people who are fighting these lawsuits where ivy
League institutions are discriminating against Asians people, had orders to report to internment camps within the last hundred years. There descendants are being. discriminated against because their Asian, which gives them an advantage. I don't even understand the logic anymore, but it's happening in college after college. After Knowledge is insanity. so should race or ethnicity, be a factor in key. Admissions decisions if you're an CNN viewer, if you MSNBC. If were what would you believe, you'd say? Well, of course, white people probably dont want that to happen, because white people are bad people, whiteness has been and therefore those people are making the bad decision- and they don't want race to be a factor in admissions,
sentences, don't make sense, but the truth is, Seven percent of Americans believe race or ethnicity should be a major factor in college admissions: seven percent: seven. Other nineteen percent believe. but it should be a minor factor. So some relevance. Ok, maybe you could summarize that viewpoint as all things, equal. You have to students, Maybe you give the advantage to the minority group seventy three percent say it should be no factor now that my be something that would surprise the MSNBC viewer, but it also they might chalk that up to Well, there's a lot of white people here and why he bore to hold onto their power. And therefore
We know that would explain it, but they ve broken down here. They ve open it down by race only twice Two percent of white people believe it should be any factor whatsoever. Seventy eight percent say ok, maybe seventy percent aid should not be a factor at all. Race in key admissions among I, however, only three the eight percent of black voters believe it should be any issue at all when you're talking about college admissions. sixty two percent of black voters say: no, we don't want. race to be afraid, Two admissions emissions and honestly you'd understand why considering what it was a factor in admissions, it was a bad factor. Why would you want that says instituted again just by changing the colors. It's a bad system. The system rotten at its core. His bed
voters only eleven percent believe it should be a major factor. Twenty two percent say rates should be if factor at all in college admissions and sixty five percent say it should not be a factor, bizarre twist. The group that is most favourable to racial consideration when it comes to college emissions are agents which there being hurt by this, but still fifty eight percent of Asians oppose those ideas and You might again think ok. Well. How does this happen? It's because generally speaking, the american people are saying, even though our on twitter don't seem same sometimes, and sometimes we get so many voices from the ale wing of the party. We don't even understand who are police cool. Opponents are. But even among Democrats Democrats only Ten percent of democratic voters say This should be a major issue when it comes to college emissions and twenty six
percent say it should be a minor factor. and so the overwhelming majority sixty three percent say it should not be a factor at all We can summarize that viewpoint. As you know, the same one race should now be a factor in any decision that you make. This is what we are supposed to stand already. We ve come through the port, Where was controversial, and then some people most people agree with in some didn't and then made a holiday for the guy who popularize the idea. One of them. is not supposed to be a controversial viewpoint at this. At this time in our history, don't make decision is based on skin color. Yet that is We are told by the media over and over again What would it be great if some cyber criminal trusts hack, dear network
your personal information, and then they were caught and sent to jail like that's how this was superb. To happen, I don't if we defended the identity, theft, police? Yet, but I like that good idea, if that were true, It would be a much safer place to be on the internet a course. It's not true. It's not possible. The internet is big of a place. There's too many people with person. All information that have been stolen, that are already posted on the web that are scattered in too many places. But there is Hope is important, understand how a cyber crime and identity theft are affecting our lives and lifelike is here to help you can catch everything. Of course, but they can catch a lot more than you can on your own and if you become a victim, the restoration specialists are there for you there and help you clean up the mess, get everything set and straight again, and that may be the best thing of all you wanna be made whole after some. Something like this happens in they can help you with that. No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but you can't keep what
yours with lifelong by Norton, join now and save twenty five percent off your first year with a promo code back call one eight hundred lifelike or head to life. Locked outcome use that promo code backward When you five percent off its life, locked outcome code back ten seconds. Stationary. I will tell you a little bit about what's going on in Virginia coming up this hour Glenn Young, can went into office and decided he want to get rid of Sea Archie and this is something that he was of course elected on this platform. He went in and did some executive orders and they want to give nine of them total and that big focus of it
was stopping CR tee in schools. Among couple of other things for some anti vaccine mandate and mass mandate type stuff as well, they will and the details about here before the end of the show. But- What's interesting here is: what is, why was the sea are teething effective, why people recoiling from the idea of critical race theory. this is sort of gospel on the left wide? The american people reject it all This is a function not of branding not of politics, not of the republican media machine, but instead it's it's a product, the american people being. Generally speaking, a sane group of individuals who dont want to judge people, immutable characteristics that no one can control and that do not and who you are as a person critical race. Theory
pillar rises, the idea that not only he's race, incredibly important to determine who you are. but also should be focused on at all times should be the main focus of the way we think about each other. Every student, should be brought into school and taught that race is the most important thing and how does that play out long term? You tell every white student that the Only source of their power is their white. Skin color had it play out long term. what do they think when their thirty forty and fifty, if their brought up under that ideology, If they really believe that their in color equals power, how do you think that and self to society. should know it's happened before the tab for all over the world.
People associate their political power and their very existence to the credit of their skin color bad things happen over and over again This is why you fight back about it. It's why even in a in a blue state like Virginia the people said no? We don't want this. I don't want my kid going to school to learn that there's Skin color is the most important thing about them. Of course, not. what year is this. The focus here should be the exact opposite, and that's I Glenn Young can wins. That's why the the left wing, occasional establishment is being pushed back on. that's. Why, when you look at all of these things, in push so heartily by the left that
the american people to say you know what I dont want this. I never wanted this. We were supposed to beaten this by now and regard rigour, was of all of these attempts to popularize these theories. I just don't. it's going to work the amount, People don't want it and they are going to continue to push back against. That's why you see people. Parents normal parents, not even conservative parents, only but Peter from all over the country, stepping up and for these school board and saying hey Jack, no get my face with this nonsense: I'm gonna teach I kids character is what matters not the color of their skin world school. That way, we're not gonna, be tearing down M l case statues. We want people to believe and listen to the things that he spoke about, not ignore them. Not go the other way and until you left wakes up to that fact, they're gonna lose a lot of elections. The gun
programme which wouldn't be too disturbingly frankly Nine eleven, we know, happened, a terrible, terrible day two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven people were killed and terrorist attacks on american soil the tunnel to tell Foundation has been supporting Americans here. America's heroes and families ever since this is a great organization. great organization when it first responder or military service member doesn't come home. Children that are left behind tunnel to towers pay, off their mortgage to lift the financial burden and bring their family to stability. Four catastrophically, injured, veterans and first responders tunnel to towers, builds Morgan, free smart homes, enabling our most severely injured, arrows and to live the independent lives they want to live and now Operation home base tunnel to towers is gifting tiny homes to homeless veterans in a world
often filled with darkness, the tunnel to Towers Foundation is bringing a little bit of light and something that is just I we ve been talking about this organization for a long time. They are fantastic. Our nations heroes, people who put their lives and allied for our country and our communities need your help: these heroes and their families to join tunnels, to towers on its mission to do good. In thereafter, eleven dollars a month at tea to tee dot, org that's tee. The number t t the number two then T Don T to tee downward back. It's what about programmes to infer Glenn who is out today. He should be back tomorrow, As you may know, he had the vivid he had the Rona. He had the crown the almost rum is in the house.
all over the house, the House's cake, Norma Chrome, nobody in the house. Has it everybody across the country. Has it right now, apparently like businesses are open, everyone's just home with the Omar Cron. At this point, you to admit it will be: really good, scam, just say: you have it and go on vacation. Can we be? but this is what should happen. The american people need to come. Gather were innovative people, we realise these things. If you haven't had the crime, yet you say you ve got the Koran and post those pictures of your island get away. That's why should be doing right now. Asked me not the best lesson for children, but that's We were glad, as you think, is actually really think he's homesick come on to be honest about it, He's either on some scale, ski slope or some island and he's just hold everyone here? He has the Koran. And then behind him as a green screen. That looks like his house. That's! What's going on least that's what I believe.
It is at that point where it is incredible. We Cancellations that have happened, the appointments that have been moved, the businesses that can know of staff there she will businesses, it's really incredible. it's really incredible. What has happened now, looking at what's going on nation wide. We see for now, a few days in certain states, the northeast eastern states that got hit with a Micron stuff He seemed to now be trending downward quickly, which is really good New York, maybe a leading the way on that day pretty early and now we're getting out of it pretty early, but there's a bunch other states critically in the Northeast Rhode Island looks like it's finally hit that Peak Connecticut As well, Washington D C And the noise now kind of hitting that Peat Pennsylvania as well and states all across the country. Now look like we're here. a peak in this is about the time these. They thought it would happen.
That is obviously a positive thing, and if you look at the nation wide short now. you're seeing ethical. My chase, who said it, looks like a classic brontosaurus pattern, You see a very long neck us align straight up and at the very top is that turn around tiny head at the top of the broadest source neck and me, be just maybe that's the turn of alma crime. Now overcrowding I've been as deadly as previous waves. We talked about that quite a bit still is. In a not not a funding to deal with in the economy is been hit very hard with the Obviously people's health has been hit hard with us as well, because, even if you don't die, a lot of people are just getting sick and its miserable Even if it means being, Eventually, kind of this endemic flu Situation that we find a hope it does, b because it's a lot worse than what we ve had to deal with over the past couple of years. It still sort of sex. We ve got that going on
whole world just seems upside down this weekend. In TK we feel Texas, there was a terrorist Attack or at least an attempted hostage situation add a temple in college Texas. Now, if you don't know, call if you'll, Texas, one thing you may remember it by is early on in the pandemic, when all the mask mandates were happening all over the place, they were the first town to say yeah. we're opening up. There are the first time I remember opening up their restaurants, I believe, was late April. Twenty twenty they open up the rest on their like look, but we're not gonna gotta play this game. They were also. They also said we're not can enforce any management is in our lab. We talked to the mayor at one point in he's. Like look, I can assign resources to that without getting two things to do you unaware ask him: ask you dont, you don't start ups to harass you about your personal health decisions, so this is a town it's near by where we broadcast from an
great little town and vague beheaded. Terribly scary thing happen, where sir, One came in and took a bunch of people hostage at a temple and started we believe ranting about convicted terrorist who is held in the dark area currently Them freed or wanted to talk to her. It's is somewhat up in the air. This point. The good news is, of course, that everyone made it out there, with the exception of the I holding them hostage, he did not what he made it up. they are, but he just didn't, eat and walk out. I soon they were moved him from her premises, but he didn't walk out of the building. and that's a sort of a crazy thing. I mean this is wrong. Near where we broadcast from that right near where many of us live here I have friends who were close enough to be able to look out their window and see the sea the flashing lights, the gunshots here, the flash bangs as it was going on the sake why it be known
a great little town, where you do not expect something like this to happen, and thankfully deny and as the worst way possible, if they only defended the police. Do imagine how well it would have gone so you have that the situation going on them: had to deal with the football weekend, which I don't know depends on. If you care about You might not, but I had the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia, eagles, vantages watching them get absolutely obliterated by the Tampa Bay buccaneers. As honestly, I expected it would have been nice for them to show up at some level, though,. It would have been nice for them to at least try or at least look like they were trying. Maybe they were trying to look like they were trying, but they get hopefully blown out, and then I have to deal with the cowboys they win if I have to come into this office after ie and Eagles loss and a cowboys win that would have
I would have fixed the Koran I would have been. on an island saying I had covered nineteen, that's what I would have done Luckily, though, I had the cowboys to depend on to completely choke and blow the game in the final seconds. That at least I had that to fall back on and now I can save my alma Kron me. Fake noses for another time for another, wonderful vacation, It a strange world were living in and we are now looking or to an election. an election season where everything is gonna get crazier and crazier, where. the desperation from the left has got to scare you. One of the things we ve been Glenn talks about an is new book. The great reset is how plan has been around for a while right this idea, to essentially in some
is admit failure. You know it's trusting, because this is something that's going on all around the world, but as it applies to the United States, the great reset Is a sort of re mix of a bunch of old ideas and one of the important things about it is the american people have never embraced socialism like other parts of the world have this is country that was built foundational on individualism and yes, We come together in many aspects of public life, but the general concept here is that we are all individuals that can make our own choices. and as long as we're not affecting other people, we gotta go on with our lives com, This can access, no civics connects us Culture at some level connects us, but it's a pretty basic level, and people can make of different choices. They can even be cowboy events, all sorts of TAT
we'll terrible choices. People can make and we respect those choices. but that is now come to the point where the far left, the socialist led the aim of sea left. Has realised that like this is not a winning nationwide idea at this time we can't tell people it's socialism. If we do they're gonna reject it. So though, about it in different ways, now, of course, NATO sees district, she can say she's a socialist and win a pair Vermont will elect Bernie Sanders over and over again, and we know that there are certain pockets of the country that are friendlier these ideas than others, but as a nation wide idea, it really you take control of the tree with this sort of philosophy, at least yet you have to very, very slowly. Well, how can you accelerate that you can
try to accelerate by running a o type candidates. But that's not gonna work. The way trying to accelerate it. Now is through the great reset, where instead of pressuring voters to vote socialist policies in you go around the Policies is an Eu Who's, the market that has said does so well by prayer during companies at higher levels, international but he's that have to deal with this stuff overseas and have them in it all over this country. So it's not a choice. it's! No longer the american saying, ok, you give you're giving me two ideas. I clearly select idea number one over idea. Number two: this is you there No idea number to this. just the reality of the world and once a good amount of time trying to figure out how to solve problem and he's got the solutions in the book, but it's not going to be easy
it's. It really does require all of us to wake up and change. The way that we do things. And not only that but weak others up. The book is been either number one or number two on Amazon, for we know the whole week spin going and forth with atomic habits which is a long standing war between Glenn, back and good personal. habits and right now, go back has been winning in the books keep going back and forth, but Glenn is defeated. His personal habits- that's that's for sure, but those are the reason why that book is connecting, if you think, of those two books, in particular in there's a reason why atomic habits as the number one or number two book in the country its January is a really good book. the way, if you haven't read it in your looking, do change, maybe the way you live and manage
Maybe you think your life has gotten a little bit out of control through covert. I would highly recommend atomic have It's really really good, but its January and is a book about habits and everyone's try to have the new year's resolutions and change the way they live, and it makes perfect sense that have really book about habits would be number one another to. Why would a Glenda Book be there it's because of his appearance? I'll tell you that much it's because the great reset it something that people kind of understand can feel is going on. Don't you understand it? A lot of you want to know more about. It want to know where this research is what's real and what is it you? I will tell you you can get a lot of free things on the internet is a lot of stuff out Jeffrey tells me about the lot of it all the time and man. It's it's. Fine. He runs a lot of these sites have so that that supply it but
searching for the great reset on the internet, you're going to get a mix, you're gonna get some stuff, that's real and a lot of stuff that isn't a logic. There is a great reset conspiracy, theory thats, not with his book is about them. is about sorting out what is real and what is it in their words and understanding what they mean in context, That's really important because This is a movement, that's gone around the country really quickly and has been exceeded. liberated by cove it covered in the climate and several other things have been used as excuses to implement these policies and these controls over you over the things that you buy over to the job but you have over the laws that govern. And you need to know this information and you need to be square on it. Not only you know, so you
can further your own understanding of it. I know up further mine by reading it, but also to help others understand that it's not just conspiracy and sure you're, not telling them things that are true. You have to know what is really true here, because if you start look in on the internet, you'll find all sorts of fake stuff, and that will only weaken the defences the great reset. The book is key all the great Reset Joe Biden and the rise of twenty first century fascism is available. Wherever books are sold in get, glens. New book, dot, com. well what you teach our children about. This country really does matter what they learn in school about it matters as well. We ve been talking about that quite a bit over the past year, the amount, experiment has proven over and over again to be one of the most important things in the history of the world. That is not overstating it, but we are never more than a generation away from losing it all. The tunnel twins books, said
how to teach your kids the truth about America, her history, her principles, her free market economy, which has been a rising tide, lifts all boats around the world. These books are fun and entertaining I love him, my kids love him as well. I have almost nine now and ten year old and they loved these books. Are, you know. staff has a bunch of people who have kids as well. They of them as well. It's real important that you educated kids and give them something. That's entertaining it's like I'd, be a boar, fest good stories wrapped around a fundamental. Can preventive principles and constitutional principles, tunnels These are having a great sale, it's thirty five percent off right. Now they have their books. plus or giving away the activity workbooks at no additional cost is a great present for if you have kids or grandkids discount off the normal price, good Tuttle twins back dot com to get a discount Tuttle twin
back dot com to you, Tt L, E twins, back dotcom, keep your kids saying in a crazy socialist world, its Tuttle twins dug up the back programme, parents should have a say in what is taught in schools. They should have a say it what's being too in schools, because in Virginia parents have a fundamental right to make decisions with regard to their child upbringing, education and care two parents. I say we respect you and we will empower you in the education of your children, now those It's actually go outside the borders of Virginia too
that parents, don't have a say in how the educated they get visa and how their educated. Now, if you're gonna get up, schools obviously come parents will disagree and they, but they also have a say. That's really really important. It's why Glennie Uncle is now the governor Virginia. He signed in a bunch of executive orders on day one delivered, the first delivers on his day, one promise to restore excellence and education by ending the use of divisive concepts, including critical race theory and public education, He also a an executive order about impairing power. powering parents to decide whether Children, where face masks in school, so getting parents can choose there is an investigation against the be allowed and counties School board. Regarding the sexual assaults on what went on there There's another one talking about Virginia being open for business. against another one against human trafficking, trafficking and anti Semitism and they're going
Withdraw Virginia from their regional greenhouse gas initiative. all on day, one so as Iraq. Today, one forgotten young can in Virginia the stories up on the police, dot com- you can check it out. There get all. Details. This is something that is or seeing real movement on this around the country where people are pushing back against this standing up doing something about their own situations and we're here for it I mean I am here for I love watching it. I love parents who are stepping up doing something about their local communities or to keep covering and Glenn is back tomorrow. It is legal and back programme dishes decline back programme.
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