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NPR's Accidental Pro-Life Ad Will Shock You | Guests: Rachel Bovard & Seth Dillon | 11/4/22

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WallBuilders founder David Barton joins to highlight the importance of protecting the integrity of our elections and what he’s doing to help stop election fraud on both sides of the political aisle. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu as they go over NPR accidentally releasing the most pro-life ad ever made. Bill O’Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, discussing the upcoming midterm election. Author Michael Malice joins to discuss why we shouldn’t forgive and forget the actions Democrats took during the pandemic. Senior tech columnist for the Federalist Rachel Bovard lays out what Republicans should do if they gain control. Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon joins to discuss the importance of free speech as the Supreme Court is set to rule on a case regarding parody.

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When you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the programme,
america we are going to cover the world. Today we began with the vote. How secure is it begin with David Martin in sixty seconds it's friday? are some fine day we're all going to be driving around in flying cars that it's gonna be amazing. You know until those flying cars are not under control and then it just exists in some prison yard and you're like what what happened here and they're like nah. You are questioning the alert jerk anyway and when the check engine light comes on on those flying cars, I think we will all check it immediately. but right now we avoided least I do when that thing comes on your like rap, it's never! You could win the lottery and
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and been doing this for a long time? First, let me before we get into. You know that what we're looking for and what Teams are out looking for four voter distortion, have you seen anything like this on the ground before far as your I call you and you're like I'm in alabama and ten minutes later, I'm in new york and you're all over the country. Are you seeing anything different, An unusual this time around with what you said: on the ground attitude, food or in turkey, do any indication of how it's going go. Last time I saw something like this was and ninety four so with than ninety enjoy great, never new, gingrich contract with america. That's the last time up saying this kind of buzz in the grass roots. So this is not even this is beyond the tea party
thousand, and yes, this beyond the tea party, wow. That's amazing cosette was I mean everybody knew it. Then everybody knew it. This is so quiet and underground. There's no rallies or anything. There's a lotta rallies there does not covered well, I mean what we ve done with just got off the road within a hundred and thirty two cities and twenty four states and sent me six congressional districts we think are flippant and when the only ones doing that there's plenty out there they're just very little coverage of em. How is the church getting involved. Are they actually stepping to the plate here, that has been our exclusive focus. Is there and I would say absolutely yes, there is. then things that we have seen now in the off your election in ninety one where you had virginia etc and then what were seen right now- and this is particularly on the process side- a lot of people are really interested
in the glitzy side of elections will see the results but you're a few get involved in the process side and that's where we been. We recruiting people to be in the process get on the front end. Will should not the back end of election saunders. What can be reported be part of them. That was the problem. I kept warning rob you know this david over and over and over again look there, This going on, you gotta be ready for it and what have After the election, they I fully said you should have been saying this before the election attract, we could have helped you before the election. We can't help you now it's right so having these people out and and monitoring, and I know I mean we're, thank god Right is fighting in the courts in trying to get things is clean as possible. Where do you? Where are you concerned the most about possible voter fraud? were concerned the most about places where we don't have much influence on the process? Quite frankly, if everybody gets,
equal shot at the table. I forbidding to I at the table were ok. I saw Michigan. Was it there supreme court that came out and said that you Was it yeah? It was in michigan where the where the courts came out and said, you've got to have sides at the table and you have to leave the room in the Republicans see, every thing, and that is, that is really what you asked for IRAN, both sides and I don't want. I dont- want the reverse of what their try. Now that I just I wanted to be clean. the unfair, if a farmer republic- and I won't democrats at the tables well watching the lecture? Why and by the way in texas, we prosecutor republicans as well as democrats for election erode you're, so it happens on both sides So what are you saying? I saw some numbers from you yesterday that shocking. oh sure argue that this is what is happening with. We're sure of what we're seeing ourselves with our people on the ground
we have the reports of that and those are first hand reports, and so, based on that, I'm pretty sure of what we say. I can't tell you else's out there. But I know what we're finding okay. So what are you finding things that we think is super important aunt and by the way, work with Chad calmly, with faith whence we partner on this were done around us together. Van tassel, Chad is faith. Win a dry is bar. None, the as thing I've seen it along tat. She had not both been involved in politics from the local level through the federal level, so we ve got a lot of experience in politics behind the scenes and a process, and I want to go back where we started in virginia because it worked really well. There was called the mrs bessie project, a seventy nine year old lady said I want something bad elections, and so she went to the local election bored with their sunday school classes, and what can we do and talking to chair said. Well. What you need to do is just look at the voting rules. Just see who the active voters are so voted suit? You can find out and they did that and they
one guy who registered vote in twenty seven locations. That's not good deal is in virginia and virginia this in virginia and ninety one propre ninety one election we pre ninety ninety one. Yet the ninety one election were yankee, was elected governor, so proud that election go ahead. I don't understand the ninety one. Well, there's there's five states that have off your elections. They dont elected numbers are given your so Virginia's one of those that isn't off your luck, ok, virginia kentucky and when he was in twenty, what what did I say? Ninety? Well, that's all I got. Why are we going back to ninety? Ninety one may want to orient. That's ok, I'm stuck in history. It is twenty one, twenty one and twenty one sorry yok intellect in twenty one. So is she took her sunday school class and they started looking voters, roles and tolerant. Look for two things: look for peace but who are over a hundred years old, not maple over a hundred can vote right, but look form and just make sure the real people and
the way we just found this in Michigan. Just couple weeks ago we found a guy, then Jason Daniel, who was over a hundred voted twice and twenty twenty, and thus The story the story was, he was born in eighteen. Fifty he lived in a civil war and is still bone in twenty four. It's that's a little issue that so and Daniel we're looking for those kind of people and and that's what that's, what miss bessie in her clashes. Looking for an that's They found a guy and what was two thanks. Look for people who, over one hundred or look for more than six people wretched at the same address, not that they can't be but just check, check and make sure. And so they went through an they found. One address was seventeen people wretched there and they called shadow said we think he said. I think it's a really big house want, you go look at it and they want looked and was a cow pastures and open field. There was not even a barn on an open structure and seventeen people voted out of that that empty addressed. So that's what we're
Looking for that's what they flag on that's what they're looking for that's what they're going after. So I want to make sure that we're really clear on this, because you know you can go to prison now for, for you know any kind of this information. I hear you you're saying you're not so that this is enough to throw in election or you can't trust the electoral anything else. You're saying europe, europe People are going in. In cleaning up all the stuff that both Democrats and republicans should be upset about yeah and- and we don't know if this will win an election or not. But we do know that, if you do this upfront, when you get the the election both sides can have confidence that it was a fair election and done done properly and that's the big deal as you want take the question marks away from the actions it has been argued for the republic. Dr either side is questioning the, actually as a republican if I lose the election, but I had all my people doing paul watching and we checked the list
we lost the elections, that that's just the wet and that's the way you are. We used to trust it. That's right and starting in two thousand, you know two thousand on the german that's haven't lost an election that they haven't claimed fraud and that's really damaging and its damaging if we do it to what the way you fix, it is not shutting people up at the you fix. It is the process opened the prophet eyeballs on oath sigh, that's right there to watch it. That's exactly right yet and so michigan. In addition, defining jason Daniel michigan they they had than the names and sheets of one hundred. So you asked for the active voter. Listen Anna Virginia was sent hey every friday. I want to see all the newly registered voters and wants it, and so you just look at the list and you Now, all volition check, everybody make sure the legitimate, but
If she can one of the voter list, we got the top sixty seven people in it. We found obituaries for and they're still voting. Oh, my god, that's a problem. You can find obituaries for people who are active voters so David. Let me let me take you back to the she again the last time they started: covering up the windows and ignoring twenty twenty wine. That raises questions myself out just so that it does not even that it does. even mean that something was going off, but you will see that and you're like wait a minute. It just suggest to you that russian pass the smell test right I mean I could I mean I grew up in the pacific northwest we had shaky pizza. They had a window where I could see all of it. I can see that what they're doing to a means to assemble it. Why can't I see what's happening in an election? Okay, so Are we at all of the polling stations and has that bit cleaned up in states? This is
One of the things that you had not been working out is getting church foe. to show up and just be Paul, watchers ill train, you in every state is different. That's right! the cool article two of the constitution makes it clear that the stage control elections I'm places manners of elections, so some stuff it you can be a poll watcher and be anywhere in the state, some states you have to be from the county in which you're going to do Paul watch our rules are all different, so we get people trained on the rules in their states and here's what it is in your state, here's what you can do so we recruit. and recruited hard? And at this point now in the bad we get word last week we have a pole. Watchword, every pull in place and the state or nevada its excellent. We have a pull watchword, every polling place and state of michigan. So those Then they know how to behave. They know how to live, been. Try if their better. I told you gotta go stand over here. That's yeah, I know what you can do. You can interfere with their surmounted. You can put eyes on it.
Think eyes, as we learned from virginia eyes, Israel important when we had these watch. Us like miss bessie go yeah places. There were three election clerks in virginia that quit They found someone is watching them. What are those election quirk clerks was arrested last month for voter fraud, twenty twenty one, so election clerk doesn't want to be seen, doesn't want somebody just standing in the room watching again that done. ass? The smell test. Irrational doesn't mean that there's something going that's right, but that humming I would never have anybody. You know, I'm I'm counting money for something I know they're not here to rob me. I have no problem with watching me count the money as long as I feel they actually feel better about it. Yeah you can't confront people in line and say show me your id. He can't do that, but if you're there just eyes on the process and that's a
really important thing, and so that's what we're trying to do is get people with eyes. On the process and every single state, so I was with MIKE Lee last night in washing in county. the reddest county in america. I believe- and There were people there about half of the audience, raise your hand said they had voted early but when he said look, if you haven't voted, make sure you take out your ballot that was sent to you and the crowd when knots no go appalling place and they don t, just don't trust, the the mail in ballots. Have you seen anything where it was a little shaky last time that it's been cleaned up at all, where we one of its main cleaned up till we see what happens this time, but we do know that there's been a bigger push for people to vote early because of the fact, how many people shut up last year, alas,
election on election day and said you ve already voted. You can't vote were women. I haven't vote you'd melon ballot, but I haven't voted. Yes, you have so the rules, people, yours or micro, say last night you like you afraid that, because, as of they ve put, so much money into the ballot system that they won't be staffed enough or there will be something that would would happen. That is just because they don't, they didn't have the money there. Were planning a more people voting by mail that yield at their and you may not have time to do it. Or or whatever and there's there's that possibility. But there were a lot of people who felt like somebody voted for them by mail that wasn't them and so That's why they're urging early voting because get there before someone can do a potential fraught any dont melfort fraud there was. There was nothing
except just the anecdotal evidence that people said I haven't voted, and you show that I have well we're not going to let you vote because we showed our help, and so, if that's fraudulent, you don't want that going on. So then the most I believe, the most popular idea of that with it We argue about that unites people is vulgar idee laws, it's very its wildly. It's in the eighty in the eighties, on your arm in democrats approved by african american voters, when it really is one of the most popular policies in our public discourse. So there is another problem and NBC found it yesterday and I'm gonna share that with your back. Would David Martin and sixty seconds first I want to talk to you a little bit about relief factor. I mean it. You're gonna find you will find that morning hike up the side of the mountain or the gym membership that you finally got around to using all the time or the half day. You speak.
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I didn't even think about this. I didn't even think about this and I'm suddenly against voter idee NBC, said yesterday. That vote I d laws disproportionately affect transgender people. and they are worried that people asking for voter idea from transgender people is vote, Suppression could I mean, is really hurting the transgender vote. I can see that if you're, Picture under driver's licence should be mail. You walk in with the dress that my confuse people little bit right but I don't think you're fooling anybody, you're, not a man might I think I could look at that and go the up do delay
Six, not working for you. About very ago. There were sera real year transition. It looks the better chance you have devote yeah, they get really good. I might have robbed my never broke out so David Lee. The one thing that the rapid, the democrats Setting up for with this, you know a danger to democracy. is they were Hillary Clinton just came out and said there are you planning on stealing the twenty twenty four election and what her dear of stealing is, is that republicans will stand against the fed we'll government taking over the vote and they should- and they constitutional constitution and I've got just add a commentary here- that's another proof May the Democrats not rid the constitution much because we are saving on democracy. You haven't read article four, which prohibits democracy. You have to be republicanism
difference will help me out on that, because in article four it we have two minutes, because in article four it does say: Aids have made public and former german right. It does say that states now also congress care and that's right that amend this from time to time. That's right! So what the argument against the demo. That's amending what they can and what's happening, congresses oars respected the states left them alone. Now they will come in with uniform dates. We want all elections on this day, whatever they can. Do something my dad. They ve left alone the process side and said that's up to the states and when election dates. When you have federal actions, that's all set, but the state can choose their own state election data. Five states do like like Louisiana, unlike our virginia Others who choose to have an honest, even odd number european even number so
congresses, eyes left alone to the states. Now the federal elections is what congress can have a lot more influence over and the car. cetacean does say you have to have results reported by certain day and that's where they the kind of federal lies in as a standard federal election day right, but they left the states alone in a dining gotta. Tell you this whole talk about. You know it works and we may be days before we find There's no reason for this. This is like covert in us just walking into a store and they say: hey, there's no potato chips and we may have em intel, probably three months from now shouts like it said the states of amerika. I should be able to get potato genoa. You know demand. We ve done my whole life and had, generally speaking, we ve had me so the result we knew, which way. Was full of falling. You know, except for sections like the year two thousand I dont, except that we have to wait days to find it.
in Pennsylvania authorities said it may be weeks for them to bike and when you're saying something like that, your original question and that's bad for the state of pennsylvania to make an announcement like that David. Thank you so much for everything that you do if you want to get involved, just go to wall builders, dot, com, wall, builders, dot com and join the fight. The Glenn Beck program right let me tell you a little bit about tunnel the towers these. These guys are delivering on the promise to do good and never forget the sacrifices that america, his greatest heroes have made for us. Let me tell you by mario nelson after nine, eleven mario was involved with the recovery efforts at ground zero and that's what motivated him to list enlist in the? U s. Army was sent over to a rack, we're Sadly, he was killed in action. He twenty six and back home. He had a wife and a young daughter, but
the towers foundation saw to it that he received a mortgage free home, Because of you, you kindness, your generosity, it provided that family with a financial stability they needed right when they needed it, the most, whether their ensuring that families can stay in the home or you know, make new memories in the homeward dad was or mom was org coming up with ways to make a smart home for those who have been injured in the line of duty cops millet. every fire men. Don't eight eleven bout dollars a month to tunnel to towers dot, org, that's tee! You ve got or to duty dot, org only four days, so election night coverage and place tv go to blaze, tv dot, com, slash remit terms, used the protocol code, red wave.
This global programme. So I don't know if you all saw this. We welcome pad gray to pat gray, unleash from that, graham least, which is a pot gas. Now, where do you find that podcast cash you could it pretty much anywhere. You get your podcast where
their available hardware hollers. I hot hardware store in some cases, eliza re down. No really. I was speaking of luxury, I'd rather watch, and so would I go to watch o alive. Yeah like you want to go to the blaze. Radio well to watch you'd go to blaze, tv no doubt be grown. What if I wanted to have safe like thirty dollars off of the subscription, could I do that you couldn't do that? What if I were only hand right now, really yeah shot? I? U can really they're making that kind of its day are because the managers are out of town rang blaze, dvd com, sledge remit terms as a public good red waving, a safe thirty about yeah nice are it's gonna, be a fun fun night, lecture night. You don't want to miss a second of the coverage. Now NPR aired in abortion. Now.
I think they thought this was going to help. People go oh is that it is safe and effective. I'm not sure it's going to have the desired result, but I think it is important to have everybody. Look at it look at it and that's what they were saying. Look at it, it's not so bad! So I want to play, are we ready? I wanna play what and pr played? This is the sound of an abortion and nor medication abortions are done in the morning and then in the afternoon they do surgical procedures like right when my daughter started to be difficult in this
patient is now one of the patients you heard before she's asked that we not use her name she's from the go ahead let us stop just continue to play a place. Can we just get to the place where they're doing the abortion she's from michigan charity has one kid she's having her abortion at about eleven weeks. Nearly all abortions in michigan are before thirteen weeks patients and northland. She said I could report her procedure org. here are some of that now. It's I get you set up on a table and we're going to give acetate medicine coffee going gonna pull this out under your leads most basic. Or partially wake during the procedures they get. Ivy medication for pain and anxiety-
Sir demmed their soothing music actually fizzle out like a child birth, george, medical, stronger, bare legs, the stirrups boats varied and pretty I'm next, you looking to do the opposite relation unimpressive inches, keeping that's brandy. She, one of the staffers her job. Is to monitor vital signs, but it is also to hold the patient's hand and talk her through this, whether it's a birth or his horse. It is often women guiding their women. Why not etc. This procedure on anymore. I think, want to. I don't on to I know, but that they played that on NPR thinking that This is something that will make abortion better. oh yeah, listen. How did they described it replaced
soothing, music and somebody's there to holder can't we lower. The light is like this: it's really nice during that human and they turned the vacuum. Instead of you get a nice like see, sounds when you getting massage, you get the sound of a vacuum space, the only difference current to which vacuuming a human baby. Out of the that was happening now me, I would like to play because we, this is worse as his orders. The blaze has recorded an abortion, and this you'd need to hear
everyone here. We are a long way. I don't know if I can get it. I dont know now Yonah wish and that we should have no done. I shouldn't I loved it. Yeah course that was the audio. If done lemon and dna morning show wow, I know who can ever be able to hear that we now see it now, and I realise that if that HANS, your dreams, that's our fault, that our bat not have done that brilliantine, we really bad. So that is it really amazing, because that is some that we ve talked about for years and years and years that eventually they're going to start airing abortion series actually data, here's what here's? What happened? We actually did this before and we did it with. You know, like cnn, and we played it, but we wheezed glare for a whole week. This is fifteen,
ago, twenty years ago So after a long time ago, and we we prepared, we had people that were saying this is horrible. The laughed is out of their mind. You and air this yadda yadda we and we did is we aired you know just like we did with don lemon. Abortion ever shall write a basically an abortion of a show, and we we were making the point that just the thought of it was upsetting to be. just the thought of your actually going to play that more furious, that we would air language. They were urim and We never intended on doing it because we knew it would be a hell scape. To hear that to hear that that was We are now fifteen years later to where they think maybe I'm wrong, but they think
airing that abortion on NPR a few days before an election, we it'll be helpful. How far we have fallen. They may very well learn a lesson that they are not right in that particular belief. it may not be so helpful in. I think, what we ve seen we seen the present interviewing, you know try getting interviewed by trans people, we, going on and talking about how kids need to have. We know what words are cached. I actually wrote down for he asks that was so amazed by it, the surgery. That of course doesn't happen for young people but with that never happens except all the times at its happened, but whenever you call them they say this never happens there about it again today for some reason on some pod and the term they use was physical, gender confirmation surgery
physical, gender comfort. Now you don't, you have to change the names of things that no big deal exactly and when you're confirming a gender ear confirming that they are what they are round, changing, changing it and their say, they're, making it sound like their confirming the gender. Yet when they were the gender right, it was late but in their little world works because, formation comes from your head. You, whatever you think, is truly unbelievable. It I think, like the they're trying so hard to get that person in the middle, it doesn't think about the self, a lot to say have: why? Wouldn't they let them confirmed their gender? Why? The m is their physical gender? Why would they why? What let them have you know of nurturing care when it comes to their gender identity, and it's like that's not what did its that's the problem. I don't know if you know this, What exchange operations
pennsylvania. They ve been funding them. and in twenty fifteen days and seventy eight thousand dollars on exchange services, gay Twenty seventeen spending on gender transitions for children for children too a million and rose to three million nine hundred and twenty eight thousand eight hundred and fifty four dollars. That's it. One in twenty one, almost four million dollars for the on children, pennsylvania. That should be a wake up, call That should be. How do you go from? Seventy eight thousand dollars engender affirming care and surgery seventy eight thousand to fall
four million in a year. A six years later. What happened? What happened? I'm sure just do just a huge growth and the amount of people who feel that way, either that or its social contagion. I mean that I don't see how you deny this: these number. or jumping at such ridiculous rates that can't possibly be they just claimed. People are more comfortable with it now here s what they claim, but it's obviously the rest now its operating in an angry dick, I'm selling you there are massive lawsuits coming ma. If lawsuits yeah when this thing starts to turn around all of those children, less hey it's fifty percent of them work, through a phase, all those children say I can't have a baby anymore. I don't function like a normal human being any more. I was fifteen years old, and
a firm, this you didn't have me go to therapy. You asked me no questions and I went in and did this the law suits are going to be staggering. That ceiling by this one. It is play some Brady are going to have to come out and and file. Delay already are they are in great britain. It's happening yeah, but The number you mentioned- fifty percent in sounds like a lot, but when I've done research on this in the past. They they did. They may look at a large group of people who we considering doing this and that for whatever reason didn't wind up doing it there, very sure. They wanted to go ahead with it, but either write another parents blocked them, or they didn't, have the money to do it or they couldn't get the care whatever it was, and they checked backing. like twenty years later, it was almost Ninety per cent of people who were thankful that they didn't go through Almost ninety using high eighties, that is like, These are the name all these are real people right then. These are
people who are worried now about? They can admit it? They are admitting it. They almost went through it in a much more difficult period right when it was not not, as is accepted, and they are things for that they did not go out with it. Just just think of it this way the good news is those children won't be able to have children and it'll be better for the planet. Never say some carbon. That'll be wonderful. Interesting to that one do go through with it. The suicide rate among those people is twenty times higher. Then the national average twenty times in law suit city tat? Thank you so much, no, no, thank. Thank you are going to be part of the election coverage group will be great and make sure to join up blaze, tv dot, com, slash midterms, you guys are going to pop over to the studios. America youtube channel for the post's coverage. When did the we hours the morning right, we'll come over.
you finish at midnight on place tv you pop right over to the students. America, you to china will keep goin, we gotta three hours in india to go I now you could cut comrade. I know I've got a slot open by the way. Here's the thing I would like you to go to faith wins dot org. If you want to be trained to be a poll watcher you wanna be involved, I'm not sure. If you can still do in some states. I think you could still do it faith, wins dot org, you wanna, be involved, faith, wins: dot org, our I bet, you're, a kid mom clipped out thanks. And coupons every week before grown grocery shit grocery shopping. You remember that this paper on sunday, how heavy it was because it had all of the inserts and all of the groups, and then how embarrassed you were when mom pull them out of the person? Everything came to a screeching halt in the checkout yeah. Thankfully, thankfully
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the welcome to the Glen back programmer, said lady here I did they, most important our broadcast, I think than I've done in forty five years. Quite a statement- and I will say, has not been broadcast so yeah technical you're lying once again right. This is one of your podcast for this weekend, right yeah. It whitney web. You mean I know who she is. I've been watching her for year year and a half it's taken us that long to get her to come into the studio. She lives in the andes cheese. Can citizen cheese move from america? She went to england for a while. Now she lives in the andes.
and she's very difficult to get to come and you know, direct flights, no direct, so she was on and she is better than I thought she would be, what what she talks about nationalism, rave about it and over this one, I'm telling you I'm I'm forcing my wife to listen to this, because no man is a profit in his own home and I'll be like honey know. Things are really and she's like he had brought back that brought back rembrandt and think I sound like a charlie brown teacher in my house and and she ties everything together, everything all of it, though, whole picture online. Anyone I've ever I mean we from jeffrey sixteen too the Clinton foundation to trans humanism.
Elon musk e s, g, all of it and you get a full sure in one hour now she's like she's, a little like ben shapiro, because the facts set were coming out of her head were like. Oh, my gosh. If you just take time, if you don't believe it look it up to just wrote a thousand page two volumes set on just Jeffrey Epstein, and she does incredible research and She ties it together and you, if if you listen to it, really listen to it you will understand. What's coming, It is the most important our I've spent in career, Her name is sidney web sites available right now, at the blaze tv place, tv dot com, slash. What is it
Flash election, for the place, even appellation feedback on such midterm, mid, promo, red red. We make sure you listen to this. This weekend, the Glen back programme american made that mean something to me. It to really mean something to every body. It man, made in america every piece from ground up now we're getting you know made in america or assembled in america even made in america doesn't mean it was made in america, it doesn't mean anything anymore and we know it because we can you get the picture that you want. Are they pull? are they readily available to you know? Because we don't make anything here any more that's. Why I am on a mission with american giant to bring back manufacturing here in amerika, so
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When you were about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment programme.
Hello, america and welcome to the Glen back programme. I wanted. I wanted to give you something from ron claim: he's widens chief of staff. This is what he said about the Biden speech, listen carefully cut for the president decided a few days ago. That was important to issue. One final warning on this issue to make very clear to leave. No doubt that we have people out there still peddling. The big lie. People now raising the issue of election denial in this election. One final warning: he we're here get the news of the weak and some perspective from several different people in the next two hours. We're gonna begin with MR bill o Reilly in sixty seconds.
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get your life back with relief factor relief factor dot. called number. Eight hundred for really that's the number for relief, eight hundred for relief or relief factor, dotcom field, the difference. Mr bill o reilly. Welcome to the programme, sir You do that bum in pretty good. I'm you drive Am I am feeling good about the election I kind of like living in this hopeful period. Uh huh an air, but I I do think it's going to go well. I think the Democrats are still showing real signs of desperation. Maybe I can do to make your life more pleasant. This is it serbian question below yet you gimme some perspective on that are happening in your bed. So the big lie right yeah,
Ah, this is a quiz for you back, I'm gonna give you the scenarios the hague lie. medium why little lie back. Ok, I first one the The economy is strong as hell a big lie, the border is secure. Massive massive bigley lie why is transitory, crazy lie? Oh I saw The big lie ron Klain, a troubling work him up a gear we mass of going. You flies right now we have you any yeah are so it is bring a little bit back did about the big lie. Now
uh as far as the allergic concern. Here's how I have it back stay with you. There is through there. I am here patiently waiting for your predictions, write this down. Please! Yes, sir! I'm So there is a hundred percent certainty The house will go g, o p, that's grandeur party, for those of you, don't have a historical reference, and I believe that the pick ups we'll be in the forties woody sheets, drought not allowed. I remember back in Clinton, you Clinton lost sixty five seats, bomb, a loss in the fifties, I believe, I think, has influenced area. but if it in what we were starting from a closer starting point, right there, and this is a very you know. A ninety habitat is a matter because it is about which party you, the power, so you're. Gonna have a very solid house representatives the republican hands.
got it in a shared it right now and ask a change. I got for pick ups for the Republicans Fifty two forty eight, the final call where fifty two who will still be a problem, because you can never count on mitt romney who, by the way, yesterday, tweeted that the reason for the red wave is met Mcconnell and america. I should be grateful for him, nice yeah, you know. Look, I don't care about mitt, romney or actually put in an interview request for him a this week. It will be your least watched show, or but you're out here you're running, but he saw a phrase and I won't do it and I know him for long periods.
so he's afraid and- and he plays playing a lot of games- he's very bitter, very bitter yeah. Here's the thing bill and the the rhinos are worse worried about this new class coming in and the Democrats do you know that they show their desperation when they are clearly just going for their base, everything is about their base right now, just the fear of the Republicans and what they can do I know that their just trying to get their base to show up, I think That's what a the brock obama play is all about what camila, who came to new york yesterday, they're they're, basically pleading with african americans to come out and vote pleading with them as for you right there about. It the rhinos are concerned. I couldn't care less about that. I don't analyze party politics, I don't care what Mitch Mcconnell. Does I don't? I don't get into any of that? Okay, the the a
essential thing that americans need to know, that now we live in an age of unreality which means that the present the united states can go out last week just last week, look into the camera and say to the american people into the world. The united states is one of the lowest inflation rates in the developed world, and he doesn't right after that, on the nose renews until o reilly, dot com, and I know you're there every night back every day I put when these countries lower inflation rates than we do right out, that sound bite now by no there are twenty countries, would look now because he doesn't know anything he sees fog. He just walked around his long, but the great media where its trump said, something like that they now it I've days this array right outside the big words, do but
the days of power counting pirnie biden can say outright. These things that aren't true and Nobody in the media and which is the final. Information to the american email, nobody believes the media and nobody even base is questioning now and looking they go and that's it I mean that's crazy talk it just crazy taught it as it is the whole thing that speech last week about american democracy being in peril and vote for the Republicans that was the theatre, of the absurd Looking there any goin we one of the most robust elections, mid term elections in the history of this republic this year the gate with apparel is, if everyone in engage,
in this mid term elections. Where is the threat the threat to them? Of course,. if you don't vote for us, People in I gotta take your social security way and are going to do this. Let me give you a really good example, and you might like this back or not: I really care whether you like it or not. I know I know I know you like on it the most Popular cable news is the five it gives a highest readings. Are you can believe it all a prime time? I would have tolerated really an and so night to actually over him. I would have committed so japanese term. I had been in bribed diamond I have a glock show beat me. I think I did a couple of times what I remember. If I remember a couple of nights when I was on vacation yeah, so anyway he got this five right and, of course, fox stacks. It
forward a wine conservatives gives one liberal your concern, but we understand yeah, conservatives, jessica par law. I mean and liberal jessica problem. You are now ok, so I, used her when I was there for a little geezer entails woman, and he is taken one williams's place. Member wants. I try to forget him, but thanks for breaking out again saw one just went off her anyway So just a guitar love looks into the camera and says: republicans are, owing to this troy, I care and social security, this is on national television right. Not, yeah. I heard in opposition, nothing
if you mean on the five year and the other four I don't think even they attacked? You know what she says anyway, and I got no got builders impaired, I'm sure they're gone, Easy question is what you base that on right, what what data used it any republican candidate in the entire country, one. to do away with murder care and social security. it an easy question right. No, no, no and this is what I mean so it these propaganda. now so easy to spit out there our and that we live in this, megan of cacophony. Another big words do cacophony words: and people are so angry about it. But here
the anger is going to help the republic. I have to tell you bill. There is a sense. Some of this idea he has been so overplayed. For instance, I know is this week when they were saying in a democracy, is at stake at these evil. Republicans I laughed I mean I laughed out loud. I thought to myself, you ve called us. everything under the sun and I am so sick and tired of it means nothing. I don't mean anything to you or conservative people. Republic could be able traditional people it does I think it means anything that left I may have to be unbelievable moron divide into any of this right. The point is that, are in an angry time and yes, the law ass the election. The anger worked for the progressive directives.
Because they hated tromp, saw my right and independence. She did as well a trump large because of how we govern, because that was fairly good, but because so the emotion of anger. Now, two years later, that anger. He did into the conservative precincts the republican precincts soda Why you're going to see a red wave on tuesday and anger is not going to dissipate in three? a days, particularly if you're shopping for groceries, Are they gonna make it worse? A bill o reilly back with him in just sixty seconds stand by take moment here just to talk about something I take seriously, and that is comfortable sheets There is nothing worse than tossing and turning and not being able to get comfortable and my wife's insistence,
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measures are being taken in the city, a brotherly love which right now want one most dangerous places on the planet. I know I saw you say- I saw thirty five million dollar home in pennsylvania, new third five million dollar home the owner who built it tried to sell. It only nine point. Four that's how bad things are in philadelphia anyway, go ahead, so african american voters have to come out en masse for fishermen, nothin has absolutely no connection other than you, let's or violent crime and criminals out of prison and most violent criminals or black, as our most victims african organs are mostly victimize by violence, right, but I don't mean to be fair. He also held
an innocent black man at gunpoint because he thought he showed a diagram. I believe it was a shy. Guy might have been a bazooka receive. He had what he would have used it anyway. Anyway, so that's what it's about If the african american voters mobilise and south philly, better men, you win, because I'm terrible cattle the issues he looked like Bela, Lugosi, other, better marabella, our new. Let me ask you about the race for governor in new york, yeah, I think Zoya, is the only good when it's the same exact thing is in philadelphia. I'm there That's really drawn to mobilise out good american votes in the city. I think zelda gonna take ninety percent of the counties in new york. State twenty million here they'll take now thirty percent of those counties, but if they can start the boat in brooklyn, the bronx in manhattan, poor hopeful,
Then it's going to be a real close deal. So are you going to be, I mean? Will they be able to pull that off? I mean new york is a nightmare right now they have to him nightmare. Look it's it's! It's about ward precincts! This schools way back to tammany hall, new york, yeah, alright, so the the precinct commander or the Democrats in the block commanders go out with twenties and send and give the people money and they wreck the people in their registered voters, and they say you're going to vote for all they don't even know. Local is one of many of them. Okay, but they go okay and and is done literally on a blocked by block basis because the blocks- contain thousands and thousands of people in the apartments and what's gonna happen. And so you don't know the distractions.
that are gonna, be there on tuesday, but you do know that that operation, is well under way is actually only hope. Look, xo would attack crime hopeful. Won't. and I have liberal friends and they won't admit to me they might vote for. go, but I say them if you vote for this woman. You are voting for more black people dead, because that its use getting killed. So you can vote for Cathy. The opel want more black people dead. I don't know you think that's extreme, but it's true. It is absolutely true. He is not going to do anything about If the violent crime problem in new york all right, real, quick, I just gotta- throw this in. I notice you didn't say the big story of the week, which was reported by cnn after the as capital attack on January six, members of the un.
Keepers, met for a late night dinner at an all of garden in suburban virginia and spent hunt heads of dollars on italian feast, breaking news from cnn went to an olive guard. They went to an olive garden yeah and he's been hundreds of dollar two hundred dollars and their leader not divulging of what was what was talked about their but anyway, we got it give we gotta get run its go ahead and I just want to update everybody and killing alleges. I know you are very interested in out a book in performing bill, a major bestseller, all the lists everyone and the excellent christmas gift. The legends, illegal danger of celebrity at ties right in to the attack on the policy home which, by the way I mean the people, believing that
hippy, it was really a conservative and I believe they believe what you want to believe. You, ok what he hears the kicker on his back, and I know you have many many more important guess than me. If the hello sees believed and self protection story might have been ten seconds talking about yet I do all. Thank you so much much appreciated right, like right we ve got. We ve got quite a programme lined up for you still yet to come, stand by
we're going to we're going to talk about what the republicans should be planning for right now, with rachel brevard coming up in about a half an hour. Also seth dillon on freedom of speech is the Babylon bee ceo, coming up Michael malice next to Glenn Beck program, so Lind wrote in about her dog's experience with rough green. She said I tried the trial size to see if it would actually help I ve noticed a significant change in my dog within about a week she's an or dog too. many issues throughout our life she's been moving better and in general she's, my more alert and active. I offered again and will be giving it to my other dogs, hopefully it'll, do him some good as well. This is a great product anxiously watch lin for just trying this. I know you love your dog as much as I do, and everybody else that has you know, dogs, we love our dogs and we want the best for him and kibble food is, is dead,
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Welcome to the Glen back programme, glad that you have joined us. Thank you. So much Michael malice joins us, a host of your welcome the podcast, and Michael is here to talk about a few things said. I would like to discuss with him hello, Michael malice, how're, you, sir, how good night, ok, so Michael theirs. I love, I loved, exasperated sigh dies whenever I join d like it, friday. I just wanted to be the weekend, makes them feel like Monday. Up, let's see I wanna, I want to talk to you about a couple of things one of them is about freedom of speech. college students, a new and new pull out col students on the first amendment, they
college students are actually say, yeah forty Eight percent of us think that for hate speech, death penalty would be ok. Death penalty would be ok I do I may they understand free speech. Well think all would take is just one bill that would define political advertisements as hate speech and we'd solve the problem of american five minutes. I think they do understand hated. I hate speech because the law is whatever people who are in power decided is the right to privacy was construed for fifty years to me, the right to abortion there when the law says. Congress shall pass no law, as you know John Adams. There were imprisoning journalists for political speech right. So free speech is in many ways in this country are that, just because there are many other examples. Free speech is just whatever
lawyers and politicians decided is so yeah, it's it harkin's back. Woodrow, Wilson, your you or not, with agree, and I think any sane person agree is the most despicable evil president he had people deported for their political views, jaso there's a lot Is it really hungry people it? He had people in jail for their pay, radical views as well. Even political views that were that create was things like we shouldn't a draft to fight europe's war. It wasn't some kind of crazy call called to vote. In political views, kind of like we should have a clean, fair election and maybe voter I d, the deal is now saying that you know that's that's dangerous speech, dangerous speech about. They're kind of right, because it is dangerous to them. They are not yet realised. I think people conservatism actually appreciate how much of things have to be construed from the perspective of the government?
Not the citizenry is perhaps the damning gases wanted, because when you, you know the supreme court, a political body the? Why would congress validate and have the president nominate a supreme court. That's going to restrict their powers. The UN's and we are all the other direction so and after two hundred and seventy years you need the barricades can only hold so far right. So Michael word as we're talking about free speech, things that used to be verboten that good get you and you'd be called all kinds of names, people would say we shouldn't treat this person in a hospital if they get sick for anything, we should cut them off now those things about cove id Ok, to say how were there is there was an article out about forgiving in forget. we know what was said and done during the pandemic.
And it was proposed by the left, and I don't think so. It was passivity imposed by a brown university professor named Emily Auster, and what was interesting is if you read her article in the atlantic which has been a malevolent publication of demon ism since world war, one at least they were at one, the big one since advocating for us to get into the great war. So they've been at this for one hundred years. This isn't just recently that they've turned to the outside the people, she was saying that needed forgiving, where the one, who wouldn't get vast and at the same time I through this lady's old tweets and she was urging people to get vaccinated if they're pregnant And she was insisting in this- are her words that if you get back there
if you are much much much less likely to spread the disease and she calls herself a data driven professor- and I am don't believe in forgiveness, for people who did things like this, and neither do the Democrats tish james james when, after president from an his children for running the trump organization, something he did not obviously do as president? There were? No, repercussions for all the nonsense with bread, Cavanaugh Julie, sweat nick, has never you know had any kind of legal. Threats against her Michael up a naughty got taken up a legal system not because the, but not the republican party. None of the Democrats, who put up with that nonsense to the boy work up and I'll have to go on fox news and was talked about when he lost his virginity, had any consequences whatsoever. This is in a symmetrical warfare and the republican party is job, is to sit in their hands and tell you how decent and honest there, opponents are, but would it Do you actually think she was sheath? She was try
beg her side that we should forgive people Yes, they do, and I see that this I know I read- I read the article, but do you really believe that was her intent or she was like? Let me be bag, Adam is say we should forgive cause, the tides are changing and people are remembering these people. I think that's absolutely her intent because she is now and other people like that. Are coming under having repercussions yet even forgiveness, and lowering tensions when things start getting bad for them. At the same time, when things are going well for them, that's when they bring out the knives and the guillotine so I think she is sincere, not in the sense of that she's magnanimous good person, but she's, syrian that she's clever in that wait a minute. This is a good strategy. They're getting upset they're going to try to do something about This may be. Investigations may be legal action. Why? Don't we just pretend like nothing ever happened and move
with our lives. Thinking about her in particular. Is she was it a pretty big, a stream voice in encouraging schools to open when she was one of the people that that really was the you again. Obviously, everybody in the right was saying this from day one, but he was saying this to the left and got heat from the left when she was saying she wanted schools open it is. It's really is sort of a bizarre case yet and I I mean she's clearly or someone who thinks for herself the fact that she's pie the only one asking for the forgiveness, but it's just like I- I don't understand what it's going to take for the right this country and Republican specifically to start, your punching and start having people feel consequences for that, the things that they ve done. It's so obvious to me that this is just like professional rustling. When you have an organ edward, the hollenbeck, harlem growth globetrotters. When you have an order position whose job it is to pretend to have the appearance opposition. But when push comes to shove, their fists bumping camel hair,
on the second floor. There yelling each other in public and laughing about you behind your back gray with you, but I do think that the people have have had enough of of this. And it's just gotten way out a hand. You don't talk about kamel Harris I really it cemented in my head. I saw speech he gave a couple of days ago about the school buses and its granted the feeling in my head. I know why I dislike her so hutch and its because she talks to people like their four years old and she talks just soda. You know- and we all use The love school buses did we love school verses and you We have you have this happening years. Hillary Clinton yesterday, coming out in time King about I dont know, voters really understand what is at stake in the mid terms. what they really mosaics. That's not there
publicans argument, because, of course, if you look at your crime statistics, which they are not interested in examining the state with the highest crime levels, are states run by republicans s just a fact. We saw that in our view, Clearly, in the recent debate and the homo for the governorship donna The lies and the can common sending tone to to all americans that disagree with them is just I mean it's just enough just enough, but let's pick left. Let's us take risk. Take her argument for the sake of it's own face. is the air serve you that people in new york city shouldn't be concerned about crime because they're hot there's higher crime, bahama like of what happens in that committee. Has a new yorker, literally every one in our home was murdered each other in terms of the crime
waits for me and my family in the streets of newark. Of what relevance of that there were, of course, what people in new york city would compare it to his previous eight years. The new york city right there compared to what was it like in new york city and you know local tried this the other day where she said oh well vetoed crime is down, in new york city by thirteen percent or whatever she said, and, of course here to partial year and she's compare. But the most important thing is she's. Comparing year to year, she's not comparing to pray in levels if she'd two two thousand nineteen crime is up: thirty percent plus in It is still to this day. It just was up for if five or fifty percent last year? This is not an encouraging statistic: it's not something she should be bragging about, certainly, but, but I also think it's it's it's it's false, because I'm quite confident that rural california has lower crime rate, its then, let's say dallas used in europe in which our cities so to compare one state
another is the complete fallacy, yet because crime occurs in large levels in cities, it's not late. Wide is completely amid misconception correct and what and who runs those major cities in most cases, almost all cases in all cases, yeah so I'll case right No, I mean she's talking about states. Let's talk about cities, talk about cities. michael thank you so much any predictions for next week. We're gonna have the time our lives on the blaze. We are thank you very much Michael mallet, he is gonna be joining us. We have everybody kelly is gonna, be with us. Megan kelly's gonna, be with us. We also have we have steve days, who is really bout, that Tween stew and steve it's it's facts, facts, facts, facts,
saxon, poles and and the analysis of what's happening, those fun. It's gonna be a lot of fun. We also have Dave ruben who's going to be with the governor of Florida and that is that We gonna be interesting. Stew- and I were talking about this earlier- that if you look at that race, if he wins by five points great, but if wins by eleven twelve. Thirteen fourteen points that changes, the entire. Conversation about twenty twenty, four, that that race is going to be one of the low key, fascinating to watch, because I don't think that the result is really in doubt thing to centres going to win the question is: how much does he went by and what impact is that have in the twenty twenty four decisionmaking process, not necessarily for the average person, but for the powerful airs and the real money in the republican party. If
see rhonda centres when this by double digit remember, he won by zero point four points to get this job. If you, He turned a zero point: four percent urgent into ten twelve fourteen points in one term the money in the democratic party, is going to start saying, excuse me, the republican party is going to start saying mode, the democratic party's going to be terrified. I write about the republican party's going to say: hey, like I dunno, I mean we we will think Donald trump did a great job. But, like is, is there something different it was the scientists, it's gonna, be fact fascinating to watch. I know if two santas, though, will run if trumpets running and trot he's gonna announce like next week: de. I honestly think morning after the election he landing at this point, but I get like I feel, like I'm one of these people to think. If you not gonna run because you think someone's going to beat you shouldn't be president anyway, you know. If you can, if your work, you shouldn't, be you and even be involved in it. If you're not going to stand up and say yeah, you know what I'm the best person for this job and that's not in an
adversarial way against other republicans, who you might very much well like, but you should be able to have the balls to stand up and say: look I'm going to run. If I think god has the resources, I think he just might think for years, and then it would be my turn. I can finish out this calculation. Never never work. Never does it doesn't ever work, you're right, all right, patriot mobile, I want to remind you that you still live in a country where you're allowed to do business as you please. For now it is so important that you support companies like patriot mobile, who not only share our beliefs but sir and behind them with action. Patriot mobile, is america's only christian conservative wireless carrier, they don't in a portion of every single dollar. They make too organizations that fight for causes that you and I care about thereon, lines of getting the transgender crew? out of our schools and the sex stuff out of our schools. R t there front lines of the fight for life. They share your values and that
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This is the line that programme still, how are the poles moving and what are we seeing on the ground? I think jenny good. Things are seeing more movement in some of these more. Enhanced models that try to do this now. I think I think by thirty eight now has it as a fifty five per cent chance, which is the highest. It's been in a very long time for republicans to take the senate and, of course, the houses you know all but a foregone conclusion in most of these models lucky ears, here's the thing I would like to impress on you and we have four rachel provide coming on just a second she's she's, really into let's start thinking like long time ago. But how about now certain king about the things that we should be for. What do we stand for? It's not enough just to stop. We have to add we
to do things that are going to strengthen our republic and I'll. Tell you one of the first things we have to do. If we want to think that way, is we gotta get rid of Mitch Mcconnell day that day after Wednesday, I promise you I'm going to be asking you to call. The senate and your senators and tell them dump me- Mcconnell I think, with real soon word from the people. It might happen this time, yeah there's. Really fascinating poles. Here with the federal race, five poles came out just in the last day, veterans, three of them oz, is leading to them so
I dunno we'll see. I mean I. I still think ours will pull this one out, but it's not going to be easy, and when this I think sometimes we get a little too optimistic with red wave talk. We gotta make sure we're understanding where this this race they're not going to see the results from pennsylvania on election night king during their laws, are ridiculous, yeah, so more in just a second, the Glen back probe There is only one thing I love more than coming on this programme and killing how maison built bars are, and that is actually eating built bars. Look at me think I eat them. Ass, directed now I'm the kind of guy. That's has well wait a minute holy. They, these are made with real chocolate. They taste candy bars and they only have a hundred thirty calories. That means I can eat like seven of them, not necessarily recommended but built dot com
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When you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. the program,
so they went back programme. It is friday, it's not enough to win and stop the Democrats. Not where is our positive agenda? What should we be doing if and when there is a red wave or soon army? We begin that discussion in sixty seconds. There are lots of ways, big and small, that you can have an effect on the way the country is headed getting out and voting next week is huge. The biggest thing you could do, but there also way you could shield yourself against the effects of where our country is right now and where its head, it no matter who wins, I'm telling you now the economy is going to go through the floor, it's not good what they ve done and we may be passed the point of no return on trying to avoid a deep, deep recession or depression. I don't know, but we ve got
stop the spending. At the same time, we are raising interest rates, it's doing nothing for inflation except hurting the people. Now, if you believe that the dollar is sound, this is for you, I don't. I it's just the best thing out there right now, but soon, as somebody comes up with something better, it's gone We have a gold line. They have asked me to design a series of coins there. The stand with god series and we launch them. The first one had Benjamin franklin on the face this is the second coin in the series now and when they're gone, they're gone. The second one is the mayflower, the mayflower celebrating the four hundredth anniversary of the landing of the mayflower on one side and on the reverse on both coins is the parting of the red sea with moses.
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freaking out about what they're doing what should we conserve, and what should we? get rid of what our agenda rachel's. To talk about that with me, high rachel, how area hey glenn to be with me again. Thank you. So I am looking at the commitment to amerika. This is Kevin mccarthy's plan and the The other there's some really important things on it, but I don't think there's any real huge thinking, on this at all and their redesigning all of amerika. What are we talking about funding, till changes in are in our approach to freedom. I think, because there is still no agreement on the right that that's even necessary, and you know you- and I have discussed this before, but there's just you know, the republican conference in the house
the senate is they lagging indicator always of where the base of the country, is, and in some respects, that's by design right. We're supposed to rule in this country from the bottom up not covered by the top, has to get it at some point, and my hope is that with this election they do. The problem is What can they always learn the right lessons from winning an election? They they think. Oh, you know we ve been given power because we said the right things and they must, but no in this case especially the voters are coming to you because they want the beatings to stop right there coming to you, because the other guy has just gone so completely insane that you know they don't love republicans. They just think maybe they'll be less crazy. Right, though, instead of king. They want a mandate, they actually have to prove themselves, and you know I don't see. A whole ton of sweeping in operation to be completely honest in that document. But what I'm really going to look at, which I think people should really
holding on to see how serious these guys are is when they come in December. The lame duck session the first and you're gonna have to deal with. Is a government funding site? Yes, there are some report he's right now who are saying, we should just pass a year a year earlier the funding bill, a massive omnibus package, no, no, no life on earth! Why on earth? Would you just put this in very plain terms? What that would do with such is essentially will watch in all these insane leftist democratic priorities for the next year. Why on earth. Would you a newly elected congress just got your legs out from under your feet, republican majority. I have to tell you I am for putting together, let's say a bill that will you know, keep functioning for the next four months until you you have your crap together to them stop this put a new budget together, pass it have the approach
relations committee put em back into work and turning things off, you can't with out the power, of the purse? You will not stop the d o J. You will not stop the department of education. You will not stop the irs, you ve! Just won't you of hearings and that's it yeah. So much what is happening in this country is funded through the federal government and not exactly what you laid out. Eddie, I think, is exactly right. What they need to do is that short term funding bill a short term containing resolution in february or march of next year, and then they really dig into how the fund the government, is funding this tyranny against us because, as you point out with the power of the purse is how you control the bureaucracy. That is how you control, all these agencies and I'm sorry, I think, oversight, hearing them eight, but not if they're not tied to legislative act, no teeth. Who cares you're, calling you're calling you
the cdc up in front, to say. We want to know what's really going on, you have no teeth, what are you going to do about it? I want answers and I want them now. Otherwise, sir, you don't get any more funding your we'll be laying everyone off tomorrow, come in here with the answers it D, the thing I think and I'd like to get your opinion on this. I think monday, sorry, Wednesday, we should all pledged to each other that we are going. hold these people responsible and we are going the in their face all the time. The first thing that we have to do is get rid of mitch. Mcconnell mitt, romney tweeted yesterday that met Mcconnell is really all the thanks to the coming. Red wave should go to me sure Mcconnell he saved us.
Are you out of your mind it's in body that bitch Mcconnell I think that was one of the most tone, deaf things I've seen and I I worked in republican politics, so I see a lot of tone deaf things every day, but historically significant that, especially when you consider Mitch Mcconnell pulled money out swindle, then its seat in arizona and new Hampshire and in Utah he haven't spent a single penny. Supporting incumbent mike mightily and mitt romney has has not know of the state colleague colleague, has also not endorsed lee, which is just insane mitch. Mcconnell is taking credit for Joe Biden accomplishments with them because he has not really done anything. I in my mind you know too, to really push this majority across the finish line. He wants people who agree with him to refunds, and if you will threaten to become an independent finger in the senate, you will not receive funding from which o connell, though I not only think voters have to be aware of this dynamic, but I think, having mccarthy is going to have to stand up to macao,
as well, because, especially on these funding battle, even if Mccarthy keeps his conference a mine, his biggest opponent is across the capital in which Mcconnell in Senate appropriateness incident. Republicans, You know who want to see these massive bloated funding bills that do nothing except for a potentially fund, the worn ukraine, that's what they one. They don't want any accountability. They don't want to fight for the priorities that people care about. They don't want to rock the boat. So what we have to see from mccarthy is aggression I think, against center. public and planets. You think we will see is mccarthy. Just another empty. You know power lover Do you think he actually wants to fix the system, though I think, Mccarthy's an operator right. You don't reach that position when how being one- but I will say this with my candidacy assessment- is that he is run.
and playing smarter than john vainer or paul Ryan ever did, and I think he is actually opened who being led a little bit by his conference in ways those two or not. You saw very adversarial relationship between painter and ryan, and the conservatives and his comrades, Mccarthy has at least rhetorical been open to them and not encroaching I don't know how he's going to end up, but I I hope that he understands the stakes at this moment and and beyond its ben shoved in his face to some extent policy has ruined the. How to representative house democrats are have just gone complete the insane emma Mccarthy ass defeat. I bet it's been in his own workplace, so I think, maybe perhaps better than Senate republicans. He understands how the absolute lou see that's taken over the democratic party, and so I hope that that is a game by reality that forces him to deal with it. So
I mean I know the policies, but what has now he Pelosi broken in the in the house: I mean you just look at if you, if you want, but the rules. She you know, have stripped the wasn't there judge of any minority rights that existed in the house at all she got the motion to recommend a shit, were moved any check on her own power, the motion to vacate the chair, which is what mark MAO's used to unseat John vainer? That's now, god, because you know she wouldn't stop being used against her, but then also look at the january sixth committee. I don't think people fully grasp how that turned the institution upside down. It is the most full committee? That's ever existed in congress, where, suddenly you can demand that text messages and males of your own colleagues. Were you in demand that on U s, citizens with no check out
can haul in your political opposition into depositions can the latin them with contempt of congress and subpoenas that has never happened before ever in congress and now those precedents? This is a public and want to use them make him, but she has the mentally destroyed any attempt at collegiality in the house of representatives, and I would hope that they come back, come back to bite them to some extent, you and I haven't even discussed proxy boating. The shame of proxy horrible. The help it represented. A horrible magnet magnetometer enter the house floor having to me who spent a lot of time working the outbreak representatives. The institution is unrecognisable, rachel, the one of the priorities has to be we rode out all of the the things you know why
sit down without you and find out where you live and if you're lying he should be tried, and if he's found guilty jailed, we have to start fixing some of these things that are so wildly broken. Where we know people have done wrong and found she, I Leave there's enough evidence there to put the man in jail, but let's, let's actually the right thing and have a fair hearing and a fair trial when it comes to the president, president is so deep in corruption that he cannot serve the rest of his term if the rich public and start on all of these hearings and the economy goes through the floor. They republic are just gonna, be there are going to say there are nothing but a. Nothing congress. All they care about, is hearings and trials and
could lose support. What should they do so There are two things that I I really only want to see from this congress in the next two years, and I say the next two years because we are potentially while very likely divided government, where you have a democratic president and our public in congress bite in is not going to fight tooth and nail against any major republican legislation to be only two things. I want to the us congress a funding, fights where again as we just so much of this tyranny is operating through the funding bills and impeachment, and I mean impeachment plural, yeah. What we have learned, what we have learned from the german the what we ve learned from all these special council. Investing and then DX, they never punish anyone ever held accountable and that's it
pointing, but I think the lesson there is the only accountability these guys have will be is through is through congress, MR congressional impeachment, and so the only I want to see from divided government is funding fighting impeachment and if they are not prepared to turn oversight in that direction, then the over meaningless, and I think there is a great temptation it for that because every member loves to go to these overstate hearings and create a virus youtube moment. Bowman and that's all there good for what we need are people doing the hard work people going through the documents, people subpoenaed issuing subpoenas for bureaucrats doing them before congress in demand. Documents and then taking that information and holding them accountable for it. I will tell you I will tell you if they do just those two things, but they doom add a rapid breathtaking pace. They have it chance of actually turning the country around and being looked upon as me
More than just you know, I do nothing congress, they ve to move quickly and get through it as fast as they can, and is reasonably as they can't nobody wants to see a long drawn out thing. They ve had for years now, three years on Joe Biden. You should have all of that. Let's go get done move on because the american people they to see the your exactly right funding cut off from the sea. Somebody has got to stand up against it, and against these executive orders, and if its not congress, this time around no. If the people will ever re elect republicans again, I think They need to understand how serious this is. People want to see action
and you know you have the kind of clear through this oversight, mass poor people accountable, get the funding built under control in terms of what were spending, but also or spending on yes and then you know, with hopefully with that in the rearview mirror. You know you have a republican president, twenty twenty four. You have a republican congress that can come with an actual forward looking agenda and begin to implement those big changes, those big reforms to the country, you know and and save a downward spiral, but a week and to do the talking points. We can't just be pounding the diet and hearing rooms. We have to do the hard work and to your point, we have to do it quickly, and I think that is what is on our shoulders. They won't do it if we just go to the ballot box vote him in just let him run. We ve got beyond them every step of the way. Thank you, much rachel appreciated, gutless butter. You bet you can find her work at cph dot, org,
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staysail now through ill november. Eleventh, you can save fifty percent off site wide at blinds, calm rules and restrictions may apply tens and station, I d I know stew has a huge. Weekend, because you are gonna start like really building. Finalizing all these spreadsheets and these dumb things that have to be together, because I mean you, you go through a lot of. It bodes well with all the poles, but I You have to have a certain thing built for that lectured night and I gotta do at this weekend idea. That's my dumb weakened and now he's univee spending up to his elbows in numbers. He's such a he's such a
and this is how I get the chicks. I know this is why I know it was around. I know I know I don't know some others don't see them, but in my mind I see them when you finalize your your forecast, doing the bigger big reveal on monday on students, america encourage people to join. Do the final aboard for us for the senate, Four governors is well going through all the races there still several that I prepared, her to keep at it too has have categories long is humanly possible right, but eventually we have to put them to one side, or the other set will do that on monday, also about the house. I would like to One thing we have not been able to dive in as much as I would like is the best, initiatives which are always an interesting part of this and a bunch of them out there as really important ones yeah. So maybe we can get into that a little bit on radio on Monday cause yeah that would be worth going through, but
watching these posts. There are several races, the federal one it is still up in the air. Both arizona races are close enough that they could go either way if you know the tip pulling error, which is usually a few points. Even poles are decent they're, usually viewpoints depending on where that goes, its the control of the senate, it's it's not quite the house probably but alive these, close races could go either way. You could see fifty three fifty four, Republicans, maybe even more you could see fit. three or fifty four for democrats too, it's not crazy. You lose the senate if you can't get control of the Senate, we're in real trouble, we're in real trouble, Glenn Beck program, wow, it's kind of like yeah tuesday really is kind of important for the republic. it's a lot easier to prevent identity from being stolen than it is deal with all the problems once it has been stolen, you can easily
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dot com, one eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong lifelike dot com, promo code, back placed you be dot. Com, slash, mid terms, the provocative red wave to save thirty bucks, This is the Glenn programme. There is something that is, I find extraordinarily disturbing, and the supreme court is hearing the case right now. the first amendment in protecting parity believe it or not. This is why it is so important. There is aid New pull out that I talked about yester I am sorry last hour that Forty five percent of college students, but
eve that hate speech should be punished with execution. Forty five percent. We have lost the idea of the bill of rights and its slipping away profoundly the case it is being heard now in the supreme court is about the onion and something that the union did who knew they were even in existence still, but they A parity about this police force and I'm not gonna, get into all of it. but he wasn't really funny. But it doesn't matter it's not about whether it's funny or not with its whether or not we are going to start prosecuting people for for their opinions their ideas or their comedy. Imagine thing like Saturday night live. If they
publicans were in charge and the d o j break down the doors and scoop up all the writers. A b insanity right in anti will that's what happening, and if you lose the right to parity, I can get in t you pete. like me, will not be on the air. many days after that ruling dylan is here. He is the ceo of the babylon be who has who was Joe Two filed an amicus brief to this brain court and joining sides with the whip the onion welcome How are you great I'll, be with you why so tat me about you know me: fun of the police got the onion into trouble. Tell me the keys
it's acquaintances here? If the supreme court doesn't get this right, Oh man, I mean you know this is a situation where you had a guy did what it was. This guy are no back with his name. He was your satirizes local police department and and make he found a man and he actually got arrested and talked in the jail. A jury did a quit him yeah he sued because they shouldn't be able to come after him. For parity in this case it now appealing all awaiting a supreme court, because the judge ruled in favour of the police. When you find this logic, so The applications are huge. I'm in love with, idea that joking about powers above us, the authority of this is what comedy is for. This is what satire sports the whole people in power accountable and
the idea that you could be arrested for it. I mean this is a marketable idea. Bis itself needs to be mocked, but it also needs to be taken seriously. That's why we did file a brief, an actual real brief in support of of parody and satire, because yeah, it is scary. I mean not only would we not only would we be potentially subject to getting tossed in jail or for pr jokes, that the powers that be don't like um, but you know it it would just it would stifle, or it would stifle any criticism of these, as you know, in and in our criticism, is so important, a healthy democracy, To tell you. This is the stuff that happened in italy, in thirty three in germany, you, you could not make fun of the nazis and they would scoop you up, and that's the last year that you know you were ever seen in public it is it is terrifying that lee
hunger, the youth of this nation. They I don't understand freedom of speech yeah. respect it? Well, you know innocent the problem with pre the recent mockery so powerful such a threat because it exposes the foolishness. You know it will be it. It undermines our great, and so these people want tradition How can you be marked? They can't handle that they don't want that, and so did you everything and to try to make policies and guidelines that make it restricted that you can't make these jobs. I mean that the reason that were were locked out of twitter is because we made a joke that was considered he conduct and really Joke was read it rooted in the true there's, nothing paypal about it at issue. a grain of truth in it, and so you know that neither these are speech, depression, that in the way of controlling the narrative, and then it makes that comedians job impossible, because his job a humorous jobs to poke all. in the narrative, so what it had summoned rate that you can't do that
then you know they're just protecting our power and in making sure that taking place unchecked. This ruling on parity would affect the comet comedy clubs and the comedians correct, I mean they would have to be nervous that they'll be cooped up if they say something, that's out of line, oh yeah, be stretching far usher, but you're really is targeted. At importantly, this kind of mimicry that parity relies on parity parity. You have two minutes. Something that's real. You exaggerate it until you start out curious in finnish for the punchline right, but then you know the punchline. Is that and then a saturday night live yeah exactly yes, yes, so it could absolutely impact comedian, like that. You know that these jobs that people think a real
I like tina fey saying I can. I can see russia from my house and people thinking. Sarah Palin said it. You know, like people, think these things are real and absolutely jokes like that. To get you in a lotta trouble with it becomes president. how do you feel about twitter in what sense? well I mean you. Ve been banned from twitter. Elon musk has now taken over he's, fired a bunch of people get by has he reached out as anybody reached out or you reaching out to them. Are you acting to be reinstated. Why can't speak about that on the record? At this moment, but I am hopeful that must must taking over twitter is. Is it huge, partly because he sees what the problem is here with speech. He values, free speech, values, values, robust public discourse he thinks that both sides should have a seat at the table, and so what will happen
twitter, where you basically had one side that was there was patches, not dominating the discussion? But but you know they were there. In the control of what what can be said and what can't be said, I'm in they're using they're using these euphemisms and they argue for missions like misinformation and hate speech. I'm as ways to you know curb speech that they don't, opinions that they don't like even facts that they don't like actual actual true that they don't like it You know he saw the danger of that in the end and I think that his desire to step in there I do think that is a genuine than about speeches thought about You know about money, he overpaid for this thing. It is there making sure that pre speeches preserved where it's worth actually taking place, misses the mark Alex square? Now, though, on an unhoped for I am hopeful, but we will see how played up said. Thank you, sir
good luck on the case and were praying for you, you guys gonna win. You have to win. Thank you. glad you like it or not. You bet, ceo of the Babylon, be by the way you wanna talk about e s, g and stifling speech and general mills howdy. And What a surprise pfizer have? Just you in the growing list of people there saying yeah since elon musk game now, if we should advertise anymore this the great reset. This is just bullies from giant corporations and its sickening listen. I want to talk to you about. podcast that comes out everywhere. You get your podcast tomorrow. It is available now at blaze. tv, its whitney web? Now you may not know who she is, but this part cast one sixty two. How elites will create a new class of slaves?
We should introduce you to whitney web and it should also Spur you on to do your own homework she is somebody who was one of those kids. I think you know younger that She was a contrary and for what and she didn't trust anybody, and so she would us go out and look it up herself and she's continued that now thirty one and she has uncovered some of them. dangerous stories of our lifetime and It is I opening in as a two volume book out now called one nation under blackmail. The song the union between intelligence and crime, that Gave rise to Jeffrey Epstein, you would think that the Epstein story is about saxon everything else and it is but
you will understand what was really going on and why you'll never find out anything about it. because of her research. Her book is a thousand pages well Commanded, we talked about that We went into trans humanism, wealth. If you don't know what that is, you will, after all, you will you'll understand what that is. After this podcast we talked about. The world economic forum, the techie leaks, elon, musk She is gonna tell you ve plans of Biden and why is pushing for electric vehicles and how that's gonna end up? I believe, This is the most important our that I've. Ever done in my career. I know that's quite a statement, but
I felt that halfway through, I think three quarters of the way through. I said that tour and I reconfirmed it at the end. I believe that if you listen to this podcast and do your own homework to verify everything you will understand the world we are now living in that most people are dead asleep too even the most informed still living. In a way cause. I dream state. They, having fully processed what happening to the globe. This is a very important broadcast do not miss this one. It's one sixty two. How elites will create a new class of slaves with
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state agents. I trust, dotcom, the growing back programme. welcome to the land back programme. The supreme court is hearing another very important case. This one is acts and enterprise versus f t see it. Could it could but the f t c into a little closet and that would change everything it they're about to have If it comes out the right way, they would have much of the power from not only the f p c, but I think from the entire administrative state can. Control the the if europe, Company you can't breathe
the empty sea and a court gay the agency, you say your exceeding your authority, you don't right, you can't go to court, you have spanned year yours dealing with the f tc until all the internal hearings are done, will they, where you out and by the time he would be able to pursue its too late to over This is saying no, no, no if they overstep their bounds. You know right to court you and sewage immediately that would change the administrations, administrative state, entirely: it's a good step assuming it goes the right way. That would be great I mean that's, the minister of state is far too powerful. Far too large wheels about the most important election that has ever happen, and it happens to always be current election wherein
ain't us only with we ve mocked over the years, like everyone always says that everyone always says is the biggest and most of all an election. Part of the reason why it tends to be true is that every two years. The government is a larger yes, ray two years, there is more invasion into your life every two years there. This administrative state grows to the point where it micro manages your life a little bit more, so the p who are in charge of that administrative sate are moral, and remember that what the Democrats say they always self diagnosis, They are saying that this election could be the end of democracy night, that's their words. democracy. We are a republic nodded secrecy in it is intentional and its time If you don't know the difference, you need to look it up, but What they're saying is their new world, the democracy that they want? Not the republic
that this election. kill that yeah if this election goes the other way the republic will die This is the last possible election for it. ass being republic. We ve got to allowed in very high numbers and save the republic. It is hanging by a thread, get your vote in and overwhelm the system. It is critical. You do have the power, do it the Glenn Beck program?
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