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Ready Set, Reset? | Guests: Mark Thornton & Mark Morgan | 1/10/19

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Hour 1 Debating a Crises? ...8 Ties-In's to the Coming Global Collapse?...taxes, taxes, and the French Yellow Vest protests?...the Left and Right getting together to tear the system down...riots and bank withdrawals?...how Bitcoin could save the day? ..Glenn's Call for his radio and BlazeTV audience to Help?...What Matters To You, What has Meaning?...Research@GlennBeck.com ...the coming 5G Network  = Technological Game Changer ...A Must Listen: Stu's deep state Avocado theory? ...a New Lindsey Graham Deal is coming on the Wall, DACA?   Hour 2 'They Skyscraper Curse' with Author, Dr. Mark Thornton...How Austrian Economists Predict Every Major Crisis of the Last Century?...the mistake of the skyscraper curse?...Example: The Woolworth Building, 1914?..the market economy did not fail us. Instead, it was the bureaucrats pushing endless lists of regulations that let us down?...The Fed & Interest rates, the keys to the Global Economy?...the sliver lining of a Category 6 global economy crash? back to 'sound money'= Gold? ...Former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan, joins to obliterate the Liberal media's 'Fact-Checks' of Trump's Immigration address?...Mark is a career FBI official who served as Border Patrol Chief, under President Obama? ...Bad News (Not)? U.S. Carbon Emission for 2018?   Hour 3 'Something's Off with Andrew Heaton'...Young, Hot but Not rich?...a 'son of a bastard'?...when a Train turns the wrong way?...Dinner with the Italians and Dessert with the Germans?...Violent, but Cool in Scotland?...security without guns? ...Jeff Bezos and his $147 billion Divorce...she was there from the beginning; deserves half, $73.5 billion? ...Great News: there's a Huge Decline in the Cancer rate?...

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We're going to hear about just a minute. The brought you by American Financing America actually talked to american fine. I was by my house, and they were super helpful when it came to walking. Through all the options, and you know the the the the deal with. You is a perfect example, because you asked for something. Quite honestly in you know this. It was insane. Yes, I ask for something and say: yes, you asked, for you know you want one of those. I want them to pay me for the house right and, and they keep, they came, really close, the search and search and search, and you you found somebody else who is like you know. Steve's Bank of Ill repute, yes, and they said, if Steve, will give you that deal, you should take it and they turned the business down that it
It's not that their business is to find the right deal for you to advise you and for you to get the right deal, it's it's the best. It's american financing, dot net american financing, dot net or call the number on the screen, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program. Well, here we are. It is Thursday today we're going to spend some time on a few stories that it just kind of more fun more healthy, but we're also going to be talking to you about something that we've addressed on the tv show all week and that is what's coming next, I told you what I was it fox that the Arab Spring or the Arab spring in Egypt would destabilize the entire Middle EAST. He would lead to a caliphate, then that would spread into Europe and destabilize Europe and wants Europe was to stabilize the right and the left. The far right and far left would begin working together, not coordinating, but they would find the same things useful and that would begin to collapse Europe and it would spread here to the United States. I think all those things I can make the case that those all have happened now. So what comes? Next? We do that in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. We
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would spread to Europe members of the right and the left would use that chaos to their own advantage and it would eventually spread to the United States. Well, that is done now I mean we're talking about the border. What, Is it that Hillary Clinton just went over to Europe and said was the biggest problem with the destabilization of Europe migrant Yeah members is amazing for her to admit right. They caused it did those migrants came from the arab Spring and the Caliphate so yada yada crisis, you had to get him out. Debating now? debating a crisis and immigration, the left tells Europe wow. You guys should have done that, but they're still telling America you should do that. Doesn't make any sense. So that's sleep now, so What has what happens next in
This year of shows we're going to be concentrating on eight categories, and I want to spend some time today working on these eight categories and explaining them to you and then we're going to take phone calls tv show today. So if you have any questions or ideas or thoughts, please share them at eighty, eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty seven Beck for TV. At five hundred o'clock. It's live five hundred pm eastern time, and you call that number. I we recommend that you call a few minutes early and and that way, you're kind of guaranteed a spot alright So, what's going to happen next? Well, I I don't think any of these things are going to come as a surprise to you, but it, what we need to concentrate on. The polarization is going to get worse. This is the political polarization not here in America, but all around the world? polarization is going to get worse and it's going to cause more riots in the streets
unrest, civil unrest is coming, you're going to see again the left and the right coming together, because there Purposes will be to collapse. Things. So polarizations going to get worse. The economy's will then nose dived out these could be out of order. The economies could nose dive yeah and then the polarization gets worse, but the fight Anshel system is going to be in danger again. Some countries will collapse, like Germany collapsed in the 1930s oil Petro dollar will be weakened. Putting countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia into economic chaos and as this happens, you add the to it: Tak, causing downward pressure on jobs and wages and communications and education This will add more pressure on countries like the United States and China, and it's
some point. Because of all of these things, people will no longer believe in any system the government, the tack, thus after press all of it will be discredited That's when things it really dicey. That's when things like the government in tech begin to merge with each other now I've laid out on those last three radio shows the actors that were going to be watching and because- call domino's. To go over some of them with you, because I want to ask you if you are if you have experience or would consider yourself well informed on a few topics and you, could help us look for stories and connections. We need you to do that.
You can sign up and be part of our team. If you will, Research at Glenn Beck, DOT, That's research at Glenn, Beck, dot com and will give you some of these categories, but, for instance, I'm I'm not an expert on AI, but I am very well read on it and if I just a listener I don't know I. I know a lot of stuff that I watched that sector. You know I can, contribute stories 'cause. I see stories that are never making it into the mainstream and I first and how that connects to the future. You know I'm very fascinated with Russia, and so I watched and I I see things that are never in mainstream. We want you to be are the team that just would contribute things to us from time to time. So it's on our radar and again you can do by sending stories to research at Glenn, dot com I want to give you a story that happen. Yesterday that
explains exactly why All of these are nice to be watched and how any of these eight different categories, uh can tie in and be the catalyst for collapse, true chaos, global chaos and global war. Going to give you a story that joke It was announced or just happened yesterday during this show, if been following the french yellow, vest protests. Well, let me just assume that, maybe maybe you haven't the yellow, protests started just recently. Because The yellow vests were upset about a fuel tax that fuel MAX was being imposed, on the citizens of France and it was to pay for all the global warming nonsense well
People were for the global warming. You know we gotta stop global warming, but then, once that tax actually hit them well now wait a minute hang on, just as you know, tax us and so they wanted that tax removed, and so they started these yellow, what are called yellow, vest protests and it's about. A thousand people have been injured, hundreds have been arrested. Several people have died, it's been ugly in France. Macaron came out and he said: okay, we're taking away the tax. Well, that just showed the people on the streets, the radicals, not the average people but the radicals that were leading it, they blinked, we can get them now. I want you to give the people who are wearing the Yellow vests MO Most of them are just like you. The ones who are leading it are more like. And to follow more, like
occupy Wall Street. What's happened is after he blinked the le and the right got together again, not coordinated they're, not on each other side, but they won't both one What are the system down the like Occupy Wall but one of the big things they thought about initially was repealing the horrible gas tax. That was bankrupting a bunch. French citizens who they're preferable. Basically there that the old gas prices correct. So it's not. It was not necessarily just the left wing movement to start. It's that the people are now now, seeing that opportunity and grabbing control right, correct, correct. So now what you have here is movement that is now being copied all over Europe, this is happen, in Sweden. This is happening in Germany. This is happening in Belgium, it's happening all over Europe. It was happening in England.
This is a national movement in France. That now has seventy percent approval rating. Well, yesterday they announced that they want to collapse the bank and they to collapse? The euro? and so they are asking this weekend. Go in, they have french citizens go in and take it? east twenty percent of their cash out of their bank. Transfer out of the euro and into Bitcoin. If there was a movement here in America that had a seventy percent approval rating and it could convince. Seventy percent of fifty percent of this population to take twenty, percent of their money out of banks. That would be uh, real real problem for America. This
could be one of the things that collapses the euro that collapses the economy over in Europe, I don't know, if it will be. But this one story has everything in it that I'm looking for and is uh. Explainer on how these things can happen? political polarization, the disk distance between the media and the government that Friction between them has come? most polarization they don't. Their government anymore. They don't trust the banking system anymore. They don't trust any politician anymore, so it bubbled over and it went into street riots, then they're using this power to buckle the economy. This Will it bring the entire system down
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Relief factor: dot, com, that's relief, factor, dot, com and second station still. Do you think the average person that maybe is not listening to the Glenn Beck program has a clue as how post the world is on being totally reset. Definitely not definitely not Now we will look if you look at where we are the economies in a pretty good place think there's a people who follow politics, even if they don't stand. The underlying situation are so beat up. With the polarization that I think some of them,
you're like on the left. We don't like Trump are going to be. Maybe understand that or at least feel that things are out of sorts, but that's not what you're talking about? Let's not That's not what this is. There's part of it. That's an ingredient to this whole mess, yeah but really it's the sum of the parts that are concerning and the parts of some of the some of the things that we've always looked looked for it's the sum of the parts that led me to announce Caliphate. This riot in Egypt is going to lead to a caliphate now some people are like. Well, he wasn't a caliphate in Egypt now, but it was a caliphate which you were sounding out. The word, while you were condemning me, yeah Mercedes, that you said my thank you and then mispronounced. The word Glenn Beck thinks is Calef is going to happen. Excuse me a what, anyway, so I want to. I want to give you the categories that I think will
hope you navigate because with self education and the information you going to be able to find shelter and growth. And freedom the world is the world is going to be facing a we're approaching a crossroads we're either going to be, as they will be shortly in Asia in one thousand nine hundred and eighty four then, that's the Orwell book or in the west. We will be living a brave new world that's one option. We're going to be living basically in a cage and it's either going to be a a soft, cage self constructed self instructed, or it's going to be a nineteen eighty four nasty cage. That's one side, the uh. Is more freedom than the world is ever experienced.
More freedom for you than you can possibly even imagine today, because the world is changing and then the freedom factor that we are looking at is the charts, but there's not a lot of middle ground on this one. So You want to be aware of the world of tomorrow because you are so busy navigating the world of today and trying to figure it out. We need to watch a few things and I have always said that this audience is going to be the audience that turns the corner, if that's you, If you feel like you, know what want to be part of the good future. Then you need to be bone. Up this year on what's happening, so you can be the person that says. Wait wait, wait, stop don't go there because we are approaching that time quickly, all right
I'm looking at a few a few stories, and I want to just hit the categories first ability and chaos. It's important to look at civility as well as chaos, because you, I want to be in those places where civility thrives. Uh, I mean, I'm I'm really close to just telling you where I've my ranch because it's where people should live, but I don't want to necessarily need to be in the area who are my ranches, but you need to find places like that called California, LOS Angeles Angeles angels is the city of angels. It's a place. It's a very small farming town and it's important to for places of civility, farming towns are really critical to us because they
They know as farmers, that, I have to help my neighbor, because, if my Neighbor is in trouble, their crops failed or their tractor well went down. I've got be over there with my tractor or my tools to help them, because my well is going to fail. My tractor's going to be in disrepair. My crops fail- and I want them to help me, so it's this. It's It's a society that is self reliant and you rely on each other. There are some strange odors from time to time, uh most of the time yeah if your nearest milking cows, all but it's all so important to pay attention to the chaos site, who is the Yellow Vest Antifa even the old boys in in a very small way in comparison. Anything
that Lee is to instability or chaos. You got to be aware of it. Those who are and heard or feel they are unheard. We need to double our efforts as people to, Make sure that those who are Feeling alone and feeling unheard are now feeling unheard by us, and I need make sure that everybody in this audience feels heard that- that you have, oh, pay to have your voice and your opinion put out there? That's going to be very very important for stability. Other thing is: is politics of meaning and like for instance, yesterday Donald Trump walked out of the meeting with Chuck, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Now I could give when our on
love the in's and outs of that. But here's the pool except meaning if you go in to buy a car or a house and somebody says what are you looking for, you say: well, I have this. Are, must haves. If they say well, I can never even get close to that or I don't have that or I'm not offering I'm not willing to give that to you. What do you do walk out, okay out, because it's a waste of time he was a waste of the president's time because he has certain things are: must haves that's politics of meaning, nothing else needs to be said, you're listening to Glen back. Zip recruiter. Is the smart way to hire now zip recruiter? When I first started with zip recruiter, they were not use quotation, marks smart, because
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this Glenn Beck Program and we're talking about uh. What is coming in how we want to focus this show an I want to bring you in quickly on what we're looking for, because I look at you as a partner on being able to chart course for either the greatest freedom, health and wealth the world has ever seen in this next page in chapter of human history that I think we are now on the bridge. We are in a year from now you're going to be standing on the other side of the bridge and you're going to everybody's going to see this. I think clearly but we're moving so fast and we're not educating or even including the average, listen in some big topics, we're all concentrating on what CNN said and what Fox do and what did the what did Trump tweet it's meaningless stuff. So I want to give you eight
categories that we're going to really focus on and try to put the world into context show you what leads to a collapse and totalitarianism and what leads to freedom, so the first category we talked about with civility in chaos. It's important to look for you know. Goodness indexing and in faith and religion, where it's working it's also really important to look at civil unrest and war and instability and those who are preaching chaos, for instance IRAN and Russia. Now Cuba and Venezuela pics of meaning Is that really truly matter tweets? Don't matter tweets not matter, but the president is doing with the trade war in China matters, but not for reasons that most people even understand that best in Canada,
of the of the chinese ceo that was the. That was the thing that open it up for me, and I went oh my gosh. This is what's really going on. And you need to understand that Also money, and how money is going to change, how jobs and employment is going to change our debt. Of our personal debt, our credit card debt, european debt, banking banking scandals the way events are going to start wrapping peoples. Money. You don't even know that your money is really been trapped at the bank collapses here in America? You're not getting your money out there going to, good to you know the government will guarantee it but you're not getting your money out because the banks change the rules that I think you watch this weekend to see If France starts to trap people's savings and their checking accounts in there so this weekend, next
category- would be education. What are the jobs of the future? What are the education alternatives Entrepreneurship home edge asian the goal is a common core common or change names, but the goals remain medicine Medison. We have to look at in a couple of ways, both positive and negative socialized medison versus the free market. New ideas on how to provide healthcare, cheaper, hi, tech, healthcare thing, goodwill. We have to decide whether they're, good or bad, for instance, Humana Health CARE, giving away a free apple watch. If you just sign up, that's great! Well there. What they want is the information from your wrist. Are you exercising? Are you standing when it says stand? Are you moving in that become more and more intrusive? Well, it's good for the free market. Is it good? your privacy.
So with things like crisper in the complete live system that is coming and we're already seeing it in great Britain, we have to talk about ethics Ethics also plays a big role in the next category, and that is high tech. Surveillance a I a g. I a s. I the game, changers, the big this game changer on the near horizon is 5g. When that happens, you better, first and why a that's a game changer and plays right into China into China? things like empathy with technology. Which is the first jobs to go by. Twenty you're going to start seeing, suits sincere significant job losses, permanent job losses, for instance, in trucking, media is the next topic. The the versus the new. This is where the disenfranchisement really happens. What is
all the media talking about and what are people We talking about the deep platforming and digital ghettoization of the politically incorrect, which to the last topic, and that is something I call the United Corporations of America. Google face look apple, Amazon, Microsoft, who the buying? Who are they drawing what are they building who are they hiring who they merging with? What are they lobbying for right now? I think it's important that the people who are for net neutrality, did you know all that it was Google that wrote that law. Why Google, be did in that but they really just for you. What actions overseas, especially in China, who a silencing in d, platforming, online and who's advising them. On what hate speech really is the beeline the partnership with government
Those are the things that we have to concentrate on we're not going to you all of the day today little things other than like We just did with Donald walking out of the meeting. Yesterday we had sect that for an hour, Is it worth more if you're looking for meaning is it earth more than this explanation. Pat welcome to the program. You walk into a store, you're, buying a house and you walk into the real estate agent and they have a whole list there so many houses to show you today. Could is? Do you have houses that are all under a million No, I don't have a single house, that's you know, they're, all three million plus. Are you Are you somehow or another being insincere buying
rock saying. Well, I can't afford that. I told you specifically: we wanted also under a million dollars, I'm leaving is that somehow wrong? No, So how is it wrong that the president said this is a condition I must have a wall now we can talk about everything else, but in the end I must have a wall and if you say no wool, Why should I waste any, which is what he said? right just complete wasted time right. That's another temper, tantrum! Now that's what you do in your life, that's politics of meaning, those are the ways we need to start. Looking at things, this year and having conversations. Anything I missed good. Politics of meaning, but you don't have the politics of dancing. I noticed
I think, that's I don't that's in our twenty. That's in twenty! Twenty, oh ok, he doesn't twenty twenty one is the politics of you feeling good yeah, yeah, ok! Well, that's going to be fun right to the OU feeling good part, that's just the fun talking a little later than twenty twenty one. I don't know culture, just culture fit into one of these yeah I put that in spirituality. I put that into the first category of ability. What did I call it civility and chaos? civility. Part is what causes us to be civil to each other faith? Charity? empathy showed off its into the civility chaos category yeah, to make sure that we It's important that we look for the good places to and the positive things, because I think our job as broadcasters. If we take our job more seriously than just a we got to make money and get some ratings.
Are real job. Is broadcasters is too high? People navigate their world and find stability in their life. That's possible. Yes, It is it's just hard to find. Sometimes isn't it some days. It's like is there any stability? Is there any common sense? Is there any common ground anymore? There are days when it looks like there isn't like none of those things exist anymore. I know they do is just hard to find. So you know it was interesting on yesterday's program. Yesterday we had all the people from blaze media, not all of them we can fit. All of them on but we had a lot of them and we had them from significant libertarians too, you know if Nipigon Maga people, and what I found yesterday was similarities. There were differences, but the difference is, I thought were were healthy,
princes and could be bridged where we have taken the conservative movement and we've chopped it all up and we've I've been a part of that bring it all up we have to come back together and embrace in We see each other. If you say I believe, in the institution in the United States. Did anybody agree with with the wall through executive order still agree with, yeah. It was anybody, ok with doing it. That way,. I think about one person who was right was it? Was John Eller, I think saying he thought it was a. It was a viable, but he wasn't like super strong he's like I'd rather not do it that way. Yeah, I don't think there was anyone is like. I hope he does, that yeah. I think it's it kind of goes to. Where were you a fan, and I don't see another way of getting it right right right.
It's frustration and it's leading into into a point. You don't necessarily want to be an, but this is a long. You know it's. It's understandable. We've been talking about this with a twenty year. First thing in your mind that it's ever happened. Would you be heartbroken if it happened? I really think I really think you should so we should start talking about the wall. This way, look part of the reason why you're upset about free, universal Healthcare is because we- cannot afford to give healthcare to the entire world. And if the entire world can just walk across our border and then go into a hospital and get free healthcare, we're bank, we're already bankrupt, but there's no way of doing it. You can't have a welfare state and open borders. Now that doesn't mean you have closed doors If you have doors People can come in the right way. We want that, but those it will come in the right way and they'll make
neither will enhance our economy, they'll pay into the system and then we can afford more than we can afford today. If we have open borders. I don't know why we don't talk about it. This way, but it's the only way healthcare can be afforded at all. I mean it's still. Socialized medicine still doesn't work, but if you have open borders, there's zero chance of this working borders are real, serious, serious situation. You know Glenn's on going cascading caliphate. The theory that he's talked about years and turned out to be completely right on. That's I've come up with my own cascading theory? which starts with people? Finally, realizing that avocado is disgusting, right you see is already hello. It's already. I don't like it when you cut it and take the pit out, it's already bad, but oh, I was on vacation. My daughter took one out that had been in the refrigerator for a day and I'm like that is baby
Yes, no way they started around around get it away, for I think Jim Gaffigan says he buys them at the supermarket. Just immediately throws them out there because that's what you want to do with. So this is a theory. Okay, avocados discussing this destabilizes the mexican economy, because, as a new border crisis, the wall gets built Mexico retaliates by closing seventy to eighty percent of Taco Bell, patients in the United States, so this leads to a hot war which we would call fire sauce war. Okay, okay, then once three hundred million people are so die, Treaty signed it, which requires us spanish subtitles, to be on every television program in the United States
that's how it happened, and then we all commit suicide, that's how it happens at times and that's how it happened. When you find yourself reading spanish dubs, subtitles, you'll, know, you'll, know, you'll know it all started with your current Publicado in your stupid refrigerator. All right, our sponsor this half hour is simply safe. Simply safe is the best way to protect your home, protect your stuff, protect your guns, Even your prescriptions man, I hate. I hate to think that he, you know you have to lock up your prescriptions in your own home, but you probably have to lock up your prescriptions in your own home. The key in a in a liberty, say a what am I talking about. I keep confusing liberties, a did. You have a kind of a red, hot, hot toast. Yes, what he ate for breakfast and now look what's happening. You know
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take simplysafe dot com. Go there now back dot com that back dot com. So still, can you help me out on something the the Shannon Joy the show between out earlier today and she said it appears some of the big packers are softening on Daca and Amnesty Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity signaling that they did essentially take a gang of eight you billion in border fencing, you signaled, that's when, when that's what I suggest to, I said: no, I can you give quote on where I said that, because I didn't, if, if somebody took something I said to mean that no, that's not what I mean. In fact, the new deal which Lindsey Graham is proposing now is not just duck.
Remember: the old deal you a year ago was Dhaka for full border wall funding, which is something even I didn't like, even that in now. The new deal is Dhaka for five point: seven billion dollars, but the democrats- going along with that Lindsey Graham, is up the deal to five, seven million dollars for Dhaka, MIKE like three other democratic priorities on the border, and it's all. It's like Collins is involved in till this is not all in a bunch of sort of that gang of a crowd. No, no, We said we said we will. Talk about those things once the border is secure. We had thirty billion dollars. They were willing to give us just a year ago. It's five billion, that's not going to the border secure, it's not going to do it. No! No
and I hope the president does stays tough on this, but I don't know what he's going to do. I mean we're now negotiating for five billion dollars. That's not enough to get this border secure, I'm not willing to talk about amnesty at all until you've secured to the border. Alright, let about better sponsor quickly before we go on the national radio program, and that is relief factor. Every he has pain, and there comes a point in your life where you like. I don't want to live like this and I don't want to take. I don't want to take prescription drugs because it's just poised there is a natural remedy. Now for key ingredients that stop inflammation in your body and it you know it can be for you now the old, football injury or the neck or just sleeping wrong, I take it everyday three times a day, and I have
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it's a theory, but up until recently, nobody had really done the homework on it to see if it was correct or not. When the world builds an unveils, a new, huge skyscraper, the economy collapses. Is that even true we have? We have doctor Mark Thornton on? He is the guy who wrote the skyscraper curse. It's a fascinating theory. We go there in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program, all right.
Gonna pause here for just a minute here, yeah we change the clock around a little bit the the way we do. The show the front half hour of each hour now we're able to remove all the commercials, except for two so now you're were and by the way those commercials are live. Commercials like the what we're doing here, so we never really leave the show other than for for about a minute yeah about a minute. Okay. So let me tell you our sponsors field greens field greens, I don't know about you, but I hate salads. I hate greens, I like fruit from time to time, but I never want to be forced to eat fruit. There's like fruit. I would, be you know, I probably would have had scurvy. I would have been probably you know: patient zero with scurvy back in the day, 'cause I like to eat fruit. You know, but it's in season and what I feel like it. I hate it. You should have some fruit. You know you need is another salad shut up get, my face hail should never be eaten. Ever it's just food shut up
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You know this guy is going to probably have to talk down to us a little bit more going to pretend we're smart uh but he is a senior fellow at the VON Mises Institute. So I don't know if you can in are several mouse nieces. We don't know He might be able to answer that course he's an economist with the Mesis Institute and the author of the book, the skyscraper curse, doc Mark Mark sort. Mark Thornton is with us now doctor it's good, it's great to be with you today. Thank you very much so I have always been fascinated by the skyscraper curse and a it. Is I've never really looked into it like you did your book is absolutely fascinating. Can you explain what the theory his first? Well it basic theory is that when a record set
Skyscraper is built anywhere in the world by the time it completed in ready to open the world it's be experiencing an economic and so the curse is the. Crisis, It is associated with the building of a record setting skyscraper. Now, I'm not mistaken. It was the Woolworth building. Around nineteen. What was it one thousand four hundred and fifteen? Something like that that did not did does not fall into that category, and that was the world's first real kind of skyscraper. Well, you know building taller and taller for about a hundred and fifty years and the skyscraper occured earlier during the panic of one thousand nine hundred and seven, but as the wars building was being built, and it was being redesigned to go even higher to set the record and then, when it set the record in nineteen thirteen
there was no economic crisis that followed and so original architect of the skyscraper curse the stadium was named Andrew Lawrence. He called the Woolworth Building a mistake of the I script curse, but when I went in and looked at the detailed statistics, what I found is that the USA economy was good into a severe recession, just as the port deli, was being prepared to be opened in early, one thousand, nine hundred and fourteen. But what Andrew, extra forgot or just neglected was the fact that world war. One was starting in Europe. And all of the major hours of the world we're getting ready for a war? They were buying steel, they were buying grain, they were buying weapons, we were buying materials and so that reactivated the US economy and brought us out of what was one of the worst downturns in you
economic history. So it out me- because I I think it's fascinating. The Chrysler building is completed. There's actually new Skyscrapers, Donald Trump owns, one of them now by Wall Street and the the crisis building completed, we have the crash of twenty nine. The empire state buildings completed a year later in nineteen. Thirty, we go into the depression? What was it one thousand nine hundred and seventy the World Trade center? That's right, We were on a tremendous record, breaking a business, so boom during the 1960s economists from the Keynesian School of thought that they had been well to do away with the business cycle in cycle, courses were being taken out of the curriculum until one thousand nine hundred and seventy as the World Trade Tower one and two were being built
dim rising in New York City, soon to be followed by the sea, first tower in Chicago and what happened was just as this grandeur and glory for the Keynesians, was reaching the pinnacle s went into in acting crisis! We had this regulation of nineteen. Seventy through one thousand nine hundred and eighty two we at the US ugh going off the gold standard? Things were so bad. We had we price controls being imposed by Richard Nixon in nineteen, seventy one, just as the trade towers, were coming to a new record heights and so that was a spectacular menacing sort of example of why We shouldn't trust keynesian economics so before we get into you know what you see on the horizon, uh I really appreciate it was.
The theory on why this is happening now. There's a there's another theory out there that like, for instance, the Sears Tower, whenever to build a tower, and I think it I think again. Woolworth was the exception of this whenever you, whenever they build a record tower that company is at its peak, it's all downhill from from there and you kind of- can understand that, because you're thinking, okay, well they're arrogant now the way you look at the skyscraper in the things you say why this happens, makes total sense, so, explain your theory on why this is true. Why it happens. Well, you know the people bill be still They may be arrogant and they, their arrogance, may have risen as a result of the position that they've risen, but basically the underlying cause of all
this is cheap credit, lower interest rates, artificially low interest rates from the central Bank or our federal reserve in those low interest rates in the short run cause people to you know, invest more invested long term projects invested big, spectacular projects, because you know the The credit is cheap, they're, making profits, everybody seems to be doing well, and so the FED can create a rosy. Comics scenario in the short run, but what it's really green causing people to make the wrong investments in the economy to go beyond what would otherwise be economically rational and so number one signal: the number one price in any economy is the interest rate and when the FED cooks the books and reduces that interest rate for
economic, political or whatever reason they do it for if they do it too long and too far, ultimately, they're going to create mail, investments or bad investments like record setting skyscrapers which otherwise would never have been built. So it's interesting. It's not necessarily because it's a example of humorous or it's certainly not. The cause of the economic trouble is a symptom of something it's of somebody else's his yeah hello. The the central bank's interest Doctor Mark Thorton is going to continue with us here in just a second, the skyscraper curse. Now Let's look at where we are today.
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is the promo code Beck, you get a free foot rest as well. It is x, chairback, dot, com, ten second station id. So the author of the skyscraper Curse Doctor Mark Thornton is is on with his on the Glenn Beck Program and EE. You say that the skyscraper curse is real because of low interest rates that the FED has kind of cooked the books on. We are now coming out of a place, it's the lowest interest rates for the longest period of time in the history of our country and maybe the history of the world
what is that say on? What's coming what one it's it's scary to me. As you said, this is an unprecedented financial environment that we just left and euro interest rates. I've never happened in human history and that's the background, where that's the background, for all corporations who You know what their finance structure is, is dependent upon an environment of low interest rates, and so, as we leave this invite kind of ultra low interest rates. You can expect a lot of those bad investments which we can't necessarily pinpoint right now, but, as go forward, a lot of those investments that people been making in real estate. Knowledge G in social media. A lot of that is going to be revealed.
And I think we're starting to see this in the business. News where profit expectation they haven't been met, revenue expectations haven't been met, cost production have risen unexpectedly for a lot of firms, and so when your revenues are coming down, your account People are backing up and your cost. The production are rising. The profit disappear in the losses. Star reveal themselves and then, of course, you have companies that are going to have to react to that restructuring with bankruptcy? foreclosures I think this is a worldwide phenomenon. It's not just the US, the S Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, of course, is still at it. Really they haven't yet start.
Retrenching and central banks around the world have had to match those policies to protect their currencies, or at least the balance their currencies and so this is not just a US phenomena to us lead phenomenon. But it's going to impact the entire world, uh, People in the know realize that there's there's corporations all around the globe securely in the US in Europe and Japan and China, which are very all vulnerable and- we can expect over next two years for this crisis really to take hold we're just seeing the leading edges of it right now, and it is this sort of storm. That's is this a storm? That's headed our way, put it in a category one through five, three I would say category six. You know the, The silver lining here is that this is going to be uh.
Very bad economic crisis. In my opinion, I think the empirical information is following that opinion and the silver lining is that we may have an opportunity to get the world back gold standard or some other, more sound monetary system. He will tell you mark. I've talked to I've talked to people in the you know, banking and very high up in in that now makes, and they all I mean they're, all in opinion. They all believe the only the same crap that they all learned in the same schools but they'll Tell you that there's no way the world can afford the lifestyle that we have with the gold standard why we got off it. We had to buy more stuff, we wanted more stuff, we wanted to great society, we wanted welfare, we wanted to cars. We wanted all that we can't do it with gold standard. What do you say to that? Well, we we can do it with the goal:
standard. The gold standard is what the world you know. We left the world of animals in you know wandering around uh. We, we discovered sound money, silver coins western civilization began to take hold a few one thousand years ago. So this is a brief time and we need to learn the lesson that sound money, which is independent of any political wishes, is the way to go, and I think we we can see our way back in the coming crisis, so we can get rid of welfare. We can get rid of social security. We can get back on a monetary system that sound and stable, and I think, yeah. We have a great opportunity here in this economic crisis. That's coming forth. To return the world to more human directed purpose rather than political
when you say category six with what glory, would you put the great depression in? I would say that the five. Hold on hold on hold on hold on you'd, say the great depression was a category. Five and Coming is a category six, that's correct and You know one of the reasons the great depression became great is that FDR and Herbert Hoover If you solve it politically, they tried spend their way out. They tried to inflate their way out. They they wanted to. You know, create also government jobs, which is the wrong thing to do if you allow the free market to resolve an economic crisis, you can make it much shorter and much safer for people, and I think that we can reduce that category six rating on this coming storm greatly. If we were to be able to pursue a more traditional pout.
I mean when you had. We had Wilson that scared the hell out of people followed by Harding and Coolidge, and their recession, which was far steeper than one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine and the great poet led to the great depression. They of that was over in like eighteen months, but they stop spending your you're in you're, in a situation now where the world thinks that socialism is the great answer. Not really looking at a country that will say you know but we should all tighten our belts and we're in this together and, let's all suffer together. We going to do the opposite. Don't you think I'm afraid we might, but I think that there is a way out hardy. Uh set the standard heat required a balanced budget in a depression. He required that the interest rates be increased rather than cut, and so the store
record is on our side. Yeah is the free market? Economics works. And the socialism that we employed in the new deal did not work. The social, some in the japanese bust in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty nine is not worked in almost three deck the pain over there and stration, but the keynesian doctrine has not worked. It's only made things worse. It's made economic she's last longer. So let me ask you this one last question: we've got only about a minute and I could go on for a long time with you um it you you say the when these, when these buildings are the ribbon, is cut. It's it's under way. Is there building we're. Looking at now in the skyscraper curse that when this happens, you think that's that's that's the time. Yes, there is Is there building a record setting sky screw in Saudi Arabia, out in the middle of the desert it's planned to be.
A kilometer tall, the record, the world record and the only reason it hasn't set the world record already. It was, it was scheduled to break the world record in November of twenty eighteen and wouldn't be complete, but only the corruptions until in Saudi Arabia brought that project into delayed mode about a year ago, so it would have already set the record and so it's anytime you're looking at anytime, you think this could this
He had in November of last year, alright mark. Thank you so much the fascinating book. You should read it really good, solid research. It's called the skyscraper curse. The skyscraper curse by Doctor Mark Thornton from the VON Mesis Institute back in a second with the facts on the border, you're listening to Glenn beck- I don't are you with? That kind is little sobering, Now, the great for centuries, the great depression was a five yeah and we have a category six that he says is already started you might want to think about? What do you do with your money? Cryptocurrency? I do not I believe you should pour a bunch of money into this. I do believe everybody should have at least one hundred dollars in it. But, most importantly, you need to educate yourself on Bitcoin Crypto Currency,
works. What blockchain is and that's why we have a course that has been made specifically for you. It's smart, crypto core. Dot com. You can get it By calling eight hundred and seventy seven Pbl back eight hundred and seventy seven Pbl back or just go to Smart Crypto course. Dot com and get all the information take this course and open your mind to a new world, Smart Crypto course: dot: com he's a former border patrol chief career FBI official and he served in the marine core. Mark. Morgan is going to tell us what's really going on in the border next. So I'm tired of the he said she said. I want somebody. Who's actually done the work somebody who is not politically motivated In fact, if I can find somebody who's politically motivated, perhaps even in the other way
It wouldn't be bad if I could just get the facts, Morgan is a career FBI official. He served as border patrol chief for the last six months of the Obama administration. He was ousted by President Trump at the beginning of his presidency prior. To that he was the assistant commissioner, to the US customs and border protection and a police officer at the LAPD. He served as a uh. He served in the marine core for eleven years and I just want the facts. On what's really happening on the border. I don't want political spin welcome to the program Mark Morgan. How are you I'm doing? Well, Have Nick Land you bet, can you can you run down and fact check
the things that have been said about the border, and can you tell the american people what's really happening? What are we facing? Yes, I can in Glen I tell ya if, as american people listing, I mean what you said in your opening is your introduction, which I appreciated is exactly why I have broke my silence after all this time as time went by at first I wanted to give people deference that hey they were just misinformed or because they were viewing facts with their own individual political ideological lens that that they were unintentionally. You know misinforming people but, as time went by you know I I don't say this with with happiness, but I I feel that there's actually some intense behind the distortion of the facts and, what's out there sure and that's why I broke my silence. Okay, I'll give you one example. If anyone says that the wall
ineffective that they're simply misleading the american people. There are facts and data that shows that the wall as part of a multi layered approach of infrastructure, technology and personnel when those things called us together and they're provided effectively along the southwest border when it works and go to the that you know there was an article that was just published by the Yuma County, sheriffs in Arizona. That said, when the wall, when the wall along with technology and personnel, came to his territory,
so over a ninety percent reduction immigration and he's all overall crime in this territory reduced drastically. That is a fact. That's not made up the night before the troll. When I go there again, I was there. I I don't understand why the hondas are not listening to the experts. Look, you know. So it's not that the President of the Board for council. And the job and the current White House. You know they didn't want me there and they removed me, and I'm here today, as you said, to say that they're right and the reason why the right is because they got decades and decades of the date they dedicate their entire life along the southwest border protector of country and they're out there saying that the wall works. He talked about in the Dallas San Diego. We could go on and on for ever where it is back to Glen. It's not.
Little ideology. It's not twisting. That's the fact. So yesterday, yesterday, the spin was from Nancy Pelow, see well in a tunnel under the wall. Yeah as when I I tell you again, I I'm trying not to throw myself into the political arena. I think it's almost impossible to talk about that that usually without it being in use in politics, but that is a bird get your list statement. It is absolutely ridiculous why? What show it was the fact or call most used yeah
have always been use. Are they successful? Yes, that is a Monday news that that is a a small problem of the overall problem, and I can tell you that the customs and border protection specifically see the peak there working everyday to improve their ground sensor. Technology and total technology worked with Israel, except for improved that technology, so so that the arguments disingenuous so because the the bad guys change their tactics, techniques and procedures there, for we should do away with other and pushed not sure that helps reduce the other techniques they use. I mean: do you see it doesn't make any sense. Can you can you help me with, because I This is a humanitarian crisis, because so we are so we are sending mixed signals all the time. People are
their children over the sex, trade is just outrageous rape on women, you have a percent chance if you're, a woman you're going with mule thirty thirty percent chance of being raped, describe how a wall is actually the humanitarian thing to do you have anything but yes it it and get good you're you're you're, one hundred percent right everything that you just said: you're one hundred percent right and that's based on my experience in fact and experience. Of a whole heck of a lot of other people have been doing this a lot longer than I have 'cause. Remember is the FBI. I was in charge of the El Paso division. You know from my from my office. I could see Warez, so I've lived it for two years. Work it for two years there right on the border, and I'm telling you what, when I became chief of the border patrol almost immediately- and this is back in two thousand sixteen almost immediately. You know what word I would use in humanitarian crisis, and that was back in two thousand sixteen
two thousand fourteen is when the onslaught of family units and then involved. So the unaccompanied minor started this. This is not a crisis that just happened today. It's a crisis, that's been going on for a long time and it is a dual hatted. It's a national security and humanitarian crisis and here's where the wall helps so look again. It's a no one is- and this is where is disingenuous to when people want to try as a sound bite say. Well, the wall won't solve everything, that's absolutely correct, but guess what no one's ever said, that there's not a single border patrol agent and the history, the border patrol or any leader within the agency that has ever the wall works, but is a significant part of the Multi layered approach and here's where it will help everything that you just talked about by building a wall, the infrastructure technology in personnel. What is going to do is take away the
avenue from the cartels and from the coyotes. They will no longer have the avenues to to what would I really think the systematic abuse and torture of of the people that through this. I agree right and is actually what you just said, and this is what I don't understand all of the pundits political side either. I what I don't understand it. It's just what you said. These are long curls. That number will be in a small bowl as part of that that the human smuggling effort- and they are being forced into sex, trade and etc. It's horrendous, and I think that we would not support everything that the expert says. We need to mitigate that and have a positive impact on that. I don't understand you build that wall. You have the technology, you have the personnel,
it takes away the avenue from the cartels in the coyotes and now the only way that somebody can get in is to the point of entry, and that gives us a heck of a lot. Shop talk to Mark Morgan, a former border patrol chief, so the FBI for long time, yes, marine core so with the wall, This is something that a lot of people will bring up mark. Is you know, as you pointed out, tunnels could theoretically go under it, could you saw through it they could climb over it? There are ways to get past walls, but the theory. Is number one get rid of the low hanging fruit right people who don't want to do that to your going to delay anyone who's, trying to attempt that, so that border patrol can get there an and it is well a sign when you're in a country- and you see pictures of the wall on television there's a lot of that'll be dissuaded just from knowing that the wall exists. Are those things accurate again
you know, you've done your homework and you talk to a lot of people. Everything you just said is right: it's a deterrent. It's a delay. It affords united Border patrol to use other operational tactics to secure the border, and let me mention something about the tunnel again, because again, it's just an outrageous, so so because there may be other methods to get around it, you don't want to build it again. It makes no sense that defies common sense, and I I know the american people are smarter than that. But let's talk about tunnels for just, for example, it is used, but it's you because you could imagine and it is? It takes a lot, a lot of time, energy and effort to build a tunnel? That's just not something that happens all the time and it's easily dot. It's very limited happens at
very little in the grand scheme of things, and so again that the argument is just ridiculous and it's like so you know, because my neighbor's house has been broken into a few times. You know what what's the point to get my security system right, because because they can still get at it again, it's just a makes sense. Then um mark. I urge you urge you to keep politics. Out of this, you are a power, spokesperson because you you worked in the six months of the Obama administration and then you know Trump did you at the beginning of his presidency so you have credibility, have credibility. You know you eat I don't know if you're a trump supporter and not a trump supporter. I don't want to know, but I know that you worked for Obama ousted by Trump
and you have the facts. Please keep politics out of this because you will. You can open people's eyes and minds because you don't, if you next to grind. It might be grinding it the opposite way. So thank for that, and thank you for being willing to take the slings in arrows for for standing up Can you and I go ahead? Okay, no! I'm state that! Thank you. I I I sincerely appreciate you giving me the form, because that's exactly right and again, that's why both my silence- because I I I don't have a There'S- there's nothing political! I just want to provide the american people exactly what you started off with just the facts, most hawks, truth, honesty and the facts. In the light I have to I that, if enough people get out there and they tell the fact, the american people will get it and understand it, and we can do the right thing for
are you are you up on the fax enough to tell the truth about the illegal immigrant child that died right around Christmas? That especially it because your Cortez has been saying that you know the the border guard is so bad and so wicked that the you know in their custody. This child died. Are you the familiar enough with that to be able to tell the story. I am enough because I think there's also some historical context. It's important to anything and it's hard to talk about this issue, because it's so emotional and so forth. The charge with without talking about comments like that, but here's. What I would say Clint is that on either side of the aisle it doesn't matter, but when somebody that we elected to go to represent us says such devisive saints um to accuse men and women so that get up every morning and put on the badge and risk their lives, and I said last night
soccer in the United Border Patrol agents, a hundred and twenty seven of them have given their lives on the front lines of this. This country, protecting and and that that's not manufacture, go and that's with. Real, that's real! That's not a manufactured stats, that's not a manufactured crisis, and I can tell you if you don't mind. So when I was chief, I remember going to the border patrol and- the cheap control agent man could be, and I were were- were headed towards border was like midnight, because a whole group of being a minor set had gotten there. I want to see that firsthand at home, he told the troops know that I'm there so we walked up and we see this is a large group of unaccompanied minors and there's a little boy. The look to be about nine eight hold the hand of what I believe to be his sister, which was about six or seven.
But what I saw- and they were terrified right. This is not a little boy in this girl, terrified hold each other. Well, what I saw was United Border patrol agent knelt down in the dirt and he's talking to them in Spanish and he's talking to them with I mean I'm getting choked up right now, because he he was talking to them with with the utmost dignity, respect and compassion. He had no idea that she was there and I'd look at data. Looked at man could be a and I said, wow he's talking with it the ease this local port like like they were his own. Yeah I've, I've, I've, seen it myself mark I'm out of time, but I've seen myself thank you so much and would like to talk to you again Morgan, former border patrol chief on the fax, all right,
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I don't know why it's fascinating to us, but uh. I think we- to talk about the Jeff Basil's divorce coming up, He is going for the richest man in the world to the fifth richest man in the world and his wife will be the tide, or fifth richest person in the world and it's getting kind of messy will talk about? also Kevin Hart I want to just touch bases. I love the fact that they're just eating their own right now, yeah. It's it's interesting to watch, it's like a national geographic film and if you to the doorbell we'll get into that coming up in just a second another sad piece of news: we'll go ahead. Okay, the Carbon emissions are out for two thousand and eighteen yeah and they have surged meaning we are closer.
Closer to the apocalypse. Women didn't we just close down all the coal plants and everything? Yes, a ton of coal plants, actually it and it's up and it's up which is terrifying and then the reason I think is is the worst part of all, because it's been off. Been following the United States for quite awhile, he, despite the fact we haven't signed on in any international treaties about it, because we've been switching from coal plants to natural gas yeah and not varmint, or is it just because it's it's worked out better for light, where we going up, I'm not What's the worst reason of all the dark, oxide emissions rose by three point: four percent, because The economy was so good. And it overwhelmed the whole point plants close all ST lip right yeah if we could just go back to you know agrarian kind of society? We would be able to
whole. Are you know, pull our plows with our horses? Not cows are horses and we'd all Well, we be hungry, and many of us would starve today have died, die of disease, but hey where the virus might as well picture mobiles awesome man. I've been with him for awhile and they have great service and you get great phones and you get all the things you'd expect from a top notch cell phone company except for the donations to all the causes. You don't agree with, because left wing organizations, get tons of money from big cell phone companies and it's your money. So why give it to them and give it to Patriot mobile for the same service and they're, going to donate, to conservative causes that you actually believe in which crazy didn't you get to select them. It's crazy is. You spend your whole day working and
and preaching against these things and while you're on the phone you're paying planned parenthood, that's not yeah. If you don't believe in it, you probably should be giving your money to them yeah. So that's why Patriot mobile exists. Patriot mobile is fantastic company and go check about patriotmobile dot com. Please is the place to go patriotmobile dot com, please or column at one. Eight hundred patriot
the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program, three countries in the news, France, Great Britain, China. I can see France, I can see. I can see China's underpants or something like that- that China has just come up with a a new make, a drone which Andrew he doesn't understand at all, and I think I am with him, but we begin with what's happening this weekend in France and what it may mean to you by Monday. We go there in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. Hey. We cleared a lot of the commercials out of the first half and we only stopped for two minutes, one minute time in this first half hour, so we're with you and we just give you a live commercial here and
the first one. It's a relief factor and release factor something that we really really believe in there's a lot of people who are on relief factor here in the studio. And I started a year ago, Christmas And I take it three times a day and I've seen an enormous difference. I mean life changing difference in my pain level. I got you know. You've got him to everybody's, got their complaints and I just couldn't, leave it anymore Just couldn't do it a year ago started taking relief factor, my wife's, it just try it. It's all natural, and so I'm like that's not going to work. It we did for me and for seventy percent of the people who try that quick. You know quick, start is a three week: trial, twenty percent of those people go on to order more. Just like I did 'cause it works. Try it
get your life back. It's relieffactor dot com go to relief factor dot. Hum with Andrew Heaton? Is the name of the podcast that you can hear daily with Andrew Heaton an he joins us now, hello good to be back in yeah yeah good to have you back. How was your, how was your holiday is great. I was, I went to Oklahoma for Christmas and I went camping in Eastern Texas and I went up to New York to visit friends, so I had a great time holy cow so I was only work- is all over the board. Yeah yeah. I was the change from like Oklahoma to New York. You know, ok, so uh I lived in New York for six years and I think it's kind of like if you've been stuck in a car with someone for like three or four weeks this you have no patience whatsoever. That's how I was when I left New York coming back, though I had. I had rebuilt all of that
that deep breathing is, you know, handling it's fine, it's fine! It's a great place to visit yeah, you just don't want to be trapped live there. I think I think you can live there. If you are very young or very we're very rich- and I am smoking hot, but I don't enough money to make it work long term. So that's then I tell you something when I was living there. I was very rich and no no Is it better, but it still sucks you do. You need all three of those things. 'cause Glenn was rich, but certainly not young, and certainly not an you
obviously are very hot yeah, but you're not necessarily richer, and I'm no one. I I I'm I'm thirty five. As of yesterday yeah, a quarter of my life is over now yeah and you know we think you're going to I'm very optimistic, I'm not good at math, but I'm thinking like a hundred and twenty by the time I thought all right, all right, yeah you're, not good. At math and one of these days you can find somebody to share your life with yeah, I'm working on that. I I think I think this is the year this could be the year this year are already looking to three wives. When you look I'm I really I like. I, like playful goofy. Ladies, I just joke around right. So that's a big deal. I, like I like open minded people who who are tolerant. I don't I don't really like fighting. I'm not combative, and I have a lot of really weird friends, so whoever whoever I wind up with has to be fairly poor, two other ideas coming in sure like yeah yeah let's see you fit in with us yeah. I I think I fit in here
yeah, yeah and we're we're pretty eclectic. That's it isn't that that is an understatement. I I yes, that is the minimum FDA regulation to use for the School of Motley Crue. Well, what would you say? The actual term is even like which is the minimum I mean I I don't. I don't know psychology that when I am sure there's some kind of term for right, so uh, let's start with France, France yeah having riots you familiar Regula S writes that it that is their national pastime. Yes, yes, this is pretty serious that seventy percent approval rating with these rights and they just changed yesterday about this time they announced that with The seventy percent of the french population likes the riots, and yet they side with the side without the riots were like the top political acknowledgment video they side with the people who are right. Okay, got right,
so the leadership came out and said this weekend. We want to try something new, because we want direct democracy. Which, as a historian yourself works at super? Well, every time it's it's. If you want to be a greek city state for eighty years. It's pretty good yeah, you say outside of those yeah, not not gonna work really well, really. So they want to direct democracy, they want make up their own laws and, they're going to try to collapse the euro beginning this weekend, real quick. I bet that could work, because I'd like one of the problems. Direct democracy is ultimately the people with the most free time run the country 'cause. If you have Your you don't have time to go online right laws, but everyone in It's only works three months a year so that they might actually be able to make that work there as well. Ok, alright, so they're telling people go in here euros out of your bank account and put it into cryptocurrency they're, saying that they like
take everything out but didn't just take at least twenty percent out. If that happened, if that seventy percent of France to take twenty percent of their money out and cash it out of euros. You could have a economic disaster on your hands all across Europe and trying to run on the bank. Are they trying this and that's hopefully going to lead to the collapse of the Euro correct I would be a make a vicious. I would say it became the champion of of crypto currency brought down the euro. That is not a prediction I had for twenty nineteen Mister robot season. Three. It happens, though, yeah look for that yeah, good guy. I've got a plan for what French should do, because the the the when last I was reading about this with any great degree. At the time I don't know, we dealt with this, but at the time the police were threatening to join the protesters and at that point it's kind of game over because they own,
books that are you know keeping marginal order in France to the police, because the the these are gone for protests to write it there's a qualitative difference right. So I thought, if I were back from what would I do, and I came up with a brilliant solution: okay, as the government you go on, strike That's right! You! You go we're joining you, we agree. We are we all right, president. I am going on strike. I am not going to work anymore. None of my. It's going to work anymore war with you, it happens, he runs country, and the answer to that is Germany. And I think that alternately, ultimately, what France needs to do, outsource its leadership to Germany for right right, you know, I think if our government went on strike that, before you know, they've outsourced their leadership in Germany before did not workout as well charge right there yeah, you know it. If our government went on strike, you know if open close in Schumer said. You know we can't agree on anything, but we're going on strike, I think the America,
people would cheer. Yes, I I think that could be a fairly popular thing. Yeah. I think everybody would be like ok good. All of Washington, goes to the Florida keys, yeah much museums, for while they can be a lot of fun right. I think that would be a very good thing. There are real issues with the shut down now, because you know you, there are some serious things that are going on with it. Obviously, the people who are out of work- you have the people, you know like these big park school, others, businesses nearby that are based on the traffic that goes there. You have a flood insurance coming up for renewal is also food stamps, but That might turn people around on. This is no law. Can craft breweries get their labels approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms, which apparently they have to do so no no varieties of craft beer coming. To play. I think that could actually cause enough pressure to shut down the whole,
devices how long I've been an alcoholic. I first thought: when did craft the macaroni and cheese people start making fear man macaroni beer. That sounds like a like a very popular horrible idea for about six weeks. Like I don't know, Wisconsin we love beer, we love cheese, so it's three cheese beer more. You talk about Safeway beer that can become a good vitamin. Had beer cheese which is which is true yeah, this could be a thing we may have just created a giant somebody craft is going. We getting out of the macaroni and cheese business you're welcome yeah yeah. So if uh I mean because this is a serious thing with our economy, China's economy, if you're, would collapse you know I have Ibm doing this seriously with some of the wargamers that we talked to who are the allies and who were the axis powers I mean if Europe would go.
The chaos Anyone within anyone sound of my voice that bats against Germany against german legend didn't of Germany kept Germany Independent Bank to like they like for years now I mean like it's since the invention of the Euro, we're like yeah just going to keep our bank just in in case something happens once a year or so like they can. Tomorrow, yeah they're good to go and so their economy? I mean like I was like I, I used to live in the? U K and and there's there's still a little bit of of a head to german resentment and that some of the older folks are like. I thought we defeated these people have taken over because- economy. So good Germany economy is good unless Fran, hence in ITALY and Spain, and everybody else goes out their economy. But fifty or eighty percent export to the Euro zone
okay yeah? So it makes sense. If that goes down, Germans are in trouble it would. It would necessarily follow that if the currency implodes that the the trades on what is well yeah well yeah, I think I mean I think they could I don't, I don't think they have the euro, no, they wouldn't have to, but the euro, as we would know it would be over. That would just be- Well, they probably would make trading more difficult for sure 'cause you have to. I mean they would all trade with each other, but the promise of the European Union is over it's peace, asperity- that's what they guaranteed well, I don't have either So what are we doing in this? Do you have of how serious these things are when it comes to these protests, because I think, like you get that sense that, like in many times were like anonymous and they'll be. Like
in four hours, we're going to destroy, Mark Zuckerberg's, toilet and you're like at eight, and then it never happens. The end of things all the time you still go and body in a store that it's still working right. Do we know that is it I mean we're to pull out. Only percent of our money and put it in bit coin to collapse. The euro is that is that a legitimately three have seventy percent approval rating. That's kind of scary part yeah. So if Let's just say, occupy Wall Street or Antifa had seventy percent of the country behind them and then you had in that seven percent you had another seventy eighty percent there was like yeah, I don't have anything else better to do but- just do whatever they say this weekend, if seventy percent of that seventy percent would go in and take twenty percent of their money out of the bank that that would be very harmful
with the for the french government right, but that's a name yeah. I suppose that's right, that's that's asking all the people to put their money where their mouth is, which is usually a division and Poland yeah between ahead, you want more stuff. You want higher taxes, no okay! Those are those are right irreconcilable but like Richard pull people yeah when you're talking about collapsing the euro and collapsing the financial system, I think more people that are like uhm- wait a minute. Not sure 'cause. It benefits. My paycheck right? How do I cash football games? Wine? I do it wouldn't surprise me if it brought down the republic the as it were on Republic five right like this, just this
the last one to galls last one. It started out with a reboot a lot more frequently than we do they're like an old computer, and it's also not it's not just France. Remember the yellow jacket thing has spread all over Europe, including England, well, if you, if you had a good portion of people, I don't think it's going to happen, but if you had a good person to people do it this weekend, he could make a real run on the banks, and that's the thing you want more with Andrew Heaton here in just a second and the rest of the broadcast. First for one minute, let me just pause here and tell you about american finance. American finance is: place that I would go if you're looking for a loan if you're looking to refinance. Right now is the time to refinance if you have not refinanced, yet and you have a a, we call that call interest rate just just double rate, get out of adjustable rate because it is
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only time you want to put those two, those two people together, the best ideas, keep them in different rooms while they're eating. So they don't talk. Yes, don't don't know, there's no, don't know, there's two should be no marriages are and if you're worried about world war, two I feel, like Germany, do the heavy lifting in world war, two I'm not as worried about about ITALY well ITALY on their own sure. You know ITALY's not going to be able to. They feel some kind of I've been there. A cup I love ITALY. It's a wonderful country. The people are friendly, the people are beautiful. That said, though, I feel, like watches, are purely fashion statements in ITALY oh I I took a train from it- was the german part of Switzerland. I took it down from wherever I was Interlaken to MILAN and the as a mother training answer comes and goes passengers. Paula gys. The train will arrive. Eight minutes ahead of schedule and I was like Why are you and, conversely, when I got on the train from MILAN to Venice, we stop for
a half hours. No apology! No! No! I finally great looking it over so the ticket, so understanding in a vestibule- and I I I grab the conductor- knows I'm sorry to bother you what what what's going on. I guess all I can do good acts because I'm I'm so the train made a wrong turn and I was like to train, could steer the training. I can absolutely no. There was a steering wheel in the fridge you mess this up. It's probably I'm not worried about you guys. You guys go to reading too. So I mean you would if you look at all of them, like Eddie No, the the british or just you know, Fran snow? Spain, maybe is somebody that you have to worry about Ireland, no got it. Schottland seems like you know there. You know the reason why they throw those posts- oh yeah, the temper. Yeah have ever seen that yeah so they they they say, hey we're going to put our
Office, guys in a humiliating skirt and may, throw a tree and they did that as England wouldn't allow them to have any swords or any weapons of any kind. So they're like all right. Well, we can't train with weapons, so hey not to bring Which is off that tree see how far you can put uh throw it honestly, that's how they kept. You know trained. They seem like a fierce opponent, but they really you know ever since Braveheart. Really now I you know, I think they're they're plucky opponents, but they have warm hearts deep down. That's what one of the things I love about Scotland, when I visited, because I I I lived there for a couple years ago, back in his cottage yeah, quickly. I'm english Scottish. In a little bit of German and my on my dad's side of the family were Mcgill's, which means the stranger so bastard
I don't know why we didn't keep that name that limit Bastard family sounds a lot more fierce than the guild, but yeah it's down at the big bastards which castle you get attacked to Williger Castle or Mick Bastard Castle Fortress mastered. It sounds like it would kind of be a tough week and I'm going to go after castle in Castle Mcgillicuddy yeah. I used to live over there. What about Scott's is that they are very friendly, but they seem homicidal. So you'll walk up on the street go hi. How are you I'm great? How are you I'm fine. I think you should meet some of my mates come with me and you're like this is where I die, I'm going to get there and then you go, and it's like. I write this case from America. We're going to be in paints and you do it. I've got a bunch of best friends, it's great and then the sang in Glasgow. I didn't live in Glasgow but Glasgow. The saying is that it's so friendly, they stab you in the driver to the hospital. So it's like it's simultaneously violent but cool. I said you know. I know somebody who grew up in schottland and
He said we were really even afraid of the police, the police would come. Please come he was. He was a rough and tumble kind of guy and he said we were in. You know some bad parts, of Scott Lynn, where you don't really want to be, and he said you know we would be in fights and stuff for the police would show up, and we alternately stop fighting and I'll turn around go back up they don't have any guns or anything. Or what are you gonna do back up? yeah? I think I would. I would be somewhat careful, but the other thing too, though, is that remember all parties in this equation or drunk so the guys might well be on their third time, which is perfectly acceptable at one thousand one hundred o'clock in the morning right and so, like you, don't know, it's kind of a loose cannon, you have a careful, the covering on today's podcast today we're going to cover gridlock and the underlying reasons behind it. Today was a really clumsy deal brown on
if you tell the ground. Yes, I think I have. He was just a security firm out of Michigan, like he runs private security firm and I was fasting to to talk to because he like the He runs a like kind of this kind of like a chunk for everybody in this one, because if you're libertarian, it's like yeah, I'm going to have my own private security force, but he doesn't use guns 'cause. He finds that they accelerate. I want something so like. If you're, okay, you little more wary, he was cool to talk to and then tomorrow we're planning to have on Jonathan hate. Which I was looking for too. I think that'll be a fun Chevy ever talk to him before I met him a few times. I've not interviewed yeah, but it is his books made a big impact on me. Yeah me too me too. He is he's a fascinating guy specially when you you start. The beginning, where he kind of thought he was the typical progressive, liberal and then went oh, no, not, much I mean still were not in the same. You know we're in the same neighborhood. You know live in the same neighborhood with each other, but
You know not in the same necessarily house, if you will politically speaking, but he's a fascinating guy. I think he's I mean he probably votes Democrat, but I think the big distinction New York yeah he lives in Yeah, but the talk to having read his book. He doesn't view political deviation is a form of Harrison, yes, which is really important. I think he has a way out. That's on the podcast! That's tomorrow's Andrew Heaton, some things off with Andrew you're, listening to Glenn Beck. I want to talk a little bit about Lifelock. You know: we've been looking into technology things here, for some upcoming, shows technology, he is just the greatest thing and the worst at the same time, It is said that the the best commercial for Lifelock is just life in continuing,
as it continues. You realize how important it is to have this everyday. You look at the news, there's ten more things that you know. Packers and crazy people have thought to get your stuff to get your identity and even if you know, even if you're a mom, at home or a grandma at home and you're. Just posting cat videos- and you think I know- but he said no- no, no, no, there your information so get life. Lock. Now they can't protect against all threats with the best in the business use. The promo code back end save ten percent at Lifelock dot com, Lifelock, dot com, slash back promo code, Back Lifelock, dot com the? U had a twenty five year milestone unlike every other. One of these is actually good news will tell you what it is coming up. So I'm reading about Jeff Basos in and his his
divorce from his wife, which is really sad. They been together for how long five years, twenty five years Ann. They've had great relationship. Far as we know on the you know, on the outside great relationship. She's been there the whole time every time I've ever heard, Jeff Basos and his wife talk about marriage and things. Now this is obviously years ago they vote given the impression that they're real partners- and you know like I couldn't do what I couldn't do it. Tonya does Tonya, couldn't do what I do together we can support each other and we we make it together. I don't know if it's like that with all marriages, but
I've always gotten the impression with basil. It is like that because she was around before or Amazon he was. He was a millionaire. I believe it was four years after they got married. Yeah he was first a millionaire member, this guy's, the richest man in the world. How forty seven billion dollars. I think she can you make a great case that she absolutely deserves half of rethink all yeah. I I think absolutely it was certainly there's you don't have a prenup in that situation. They both had nothing yeah in the the relationship without lots of assets, so they don't have a prenup. And you're talking one hundred and forty seven billion dollars billion billion. The richest man in the world, going to be getting. Something like seventy three one slash two billion dollars, which is a lot to get. You think you even fight over that you're with twenty for twenty five years do, you think, even fight over that or just say, here's half! You know
hope it's like that, I'm in they did release a very I statement in our relationship is changing but we'll still be friends, type of thing: yeah, What should be indicates. Maybe it's you know. I mean he to walk away with seventy three billion dollars he's still in a decent spot, it's more than I have by a significant amount, it's more than how much, for instance, how much? Let's say compare him to somebody who has you know fifty thousand dollars worth of wealth so You know you might make. Fifty thousand dollars, but you know, you've, got you know between what you have invested in your house and your car. If it was paid off and the 401K, then she got around the grand yeah, which is decent right there. You know, depending on what stage of life you're in that's a lot more than many people have, let's take his one hundred and seventy four billion dollars, forty seven yep? Okay, what is him going out and go on all it's a million dollars yeah, give me four of those how how much is one million dollars to Jeff Basil's compared to
buddy who has fifty thousand dollars, so Fifty thousand dollars. Wow so he's one hundred and forty seven billion a million to him is the same as thirty four sense to someone was. Fifty thousand dollars- oh my gosh, thirty four cents. Oh my that's incredible literally, could go in because if you have fifty, one thousand dollars and third Candy is the zero dollars and thirty four cents apiece you just go grab a handful. You might even put a bag full in there. You're like I don't care, through think of that yeah I mean he's going out and buy Bugatti's. You know like yeah, give me one in every color and uh make a call up to yeah with a device that will create a new color. Never before seen by the Human rights yeah. I mean think about this. We Someone fifty thousand dollars think about a normal holy
that guy's rich person, someone with a million dollars a million dollars a millionaire right too in there, difference between Jeff Bezo spending, a million dollars. To a millionaire, that's like six dollars and seventy nine cents, oh, my the value meal right. Okay, it's an extra value meal. You oh my gosh, so that goes back to and again you know a best advice I ever got on money was somebody who said to me watch is enough now this is a guy. You know who, I think, helped invent styrofoam, so he had a lot of money and I said I don't know, and he said you have to decide, because it will never be enough. If you're really successful, it will never be enough- and I remember saying to you when we first started out spend what you make it
it may seem like off. I could just make one hundred thousand dollars you're going to you're going to be in exactly the same situation, if you don't think about it and going in plan and be disciplined right, otherwise, you're going to make one hundred thousand would be like. I thought this was going to free my life up. No, you just bought more stuff. The bills go up for the house gets a little bigger. You know the heart gets a little nicer, but still you're still spend the million dollars if a million dollars- who Jeff Basos is like six dollars to a millionaire, make it a little easier to go. Yeah she's been looking for twenty five years take half especially that right, like I mean first of all, Jeff Basos isn't, like you know, he's not exactly the rock right, like I mean he's, he's a he's not like sexiest man on earth. At any point he will not be named that so did to be with someone you know, like I don't know a lot of people find
Cologne with the smell of money? Yes, very, very hot, and that's the thing like if you're someone who spent time with you for twenty five years when you warrant a millionaire when you weren't rich, when you were just this kind of you know, nerd right I think, you're really smart guy, who might have a good future an she for twenty five years. They had four kids together, actually yeah. So I feel like you're right. I think, there's a chance that he's like look. I can deal with seventy three billion and she's great, like I don't think out of the question is going to the kids. Anyway, it's in wind up going to the kids anyway, I mean so they wind up. From the richest. If this happens, the richest person in the world to tide for the fifth richest and yes, not bad in the empire is still going it still going me. We Let me ask you this: a guy that stable That has the marriage for twenty five years. He now he he was. I don't know if he was caught cheating, but he was cheating yeah, that's the other
part of this, which is really rough? I mean twenty five years and then I did. He he's been in an eight month affair with a television anchor who is married to like a super agent in Hollywood like the biggest agents in Hollywood, so she was married too. It's going to be all the initially yeah. This is going to be your TMZ programming for the next two years. But I think it's interesting just because this is a unique guy who's. Probably we were talking, off the air. I think that there's probably better positioned in the world business than anyone in the world. Think of that's just the richest, but like the best position, Amazon and and watch the Washington Post's right, like you have you, your living in Washington DC you've moved in your head quarters to DC clearly, because you want to the political clout your
going to be there, making the lobbying making new laws. I mean that's really the world that we live in today. It is it It's cronyism on I can't even say steroids. I don't even know what you know. What time steroids this would be compared to, but so he in with the government it one biggest clients is the Pentagon. He as a company that everybody pretty much trust. It's not like. Google, I mean It's not yeah, you would put an apple, you would put an Amazon, you know echo. To your house faster than Google. Yes, and even though Google is better, probably at that particular device yeah. I mean it definitely seems like they are big,
the less of a creepy, vibe correct and then the Google, so people are less creeped out by you and yet they probably shouldn't because your fingers are in every single pie. Everything. He's got the Washington post so he's here, influencing media who's better positioned, I mean I can't think of any he is an amazing position, and it's and he's not. He hasn't hit the I'm bill gates. And I'm going give away all my money face. Like I'm sure that happens at some point now he's getting. A giant chunk here: and I hope we don't really care it is worth it yeah. That's really not charity. She must have been really good guy, Apparently something was fantastic about her, maybe she's a great chef. I don't know. Perhaps that's it, that's a it's amazing how the body so now the question is: does this if you were a big
shareholder. I mean somebody who really was invested in him, a guy. Going from a twenty five years of stability? Now, maybe you know that he's really been a day the whole time. But a five years of stability. Now into a I'm free what do you think that does to Amazon That would you think people are worried at all about Ah, basil's. He he, he could say, hey We want to do Spacex we're going to Jupiter. Stability when it comes to instability. When it comes to your mind, so you really don't you really don't all right? I want to tell you about gold line who's. Sponsor this half hour. We had a guy on last hour. If you missed this portion of the program, back and listen to it with a guy
who wrote the book on the Skyscape skyscraper theory, which he VON Mises economist, and he did the study of Why does it seem like every time a dry and skyscraper a record breaking skyscraper is opened, the world goes into economic chaos. I'm in in the course of talking to him. I said what do you think is coming because his theory is wrong. Solid- and I said what do you think is coming he said. Oh a bad storm and I said, give me the categories what's a bad storm. He said category six, he almost said Sharknado, but he left before that yeah category six I said: where would you put the great depression the gory. Fifty And he said in November, he thinks we're already in it now it's this with. This is the edge of the storm that were in
May. I suggest you go and listen to that interview and then they pray on it think on it. All call for gold line could get some information about gold or silver and find out if it's right for you, but I urge you urge you! I haven't been like this since two thousand and seven with you. I urge you. It is coming please, do your homework now. I don't care if you buy it or don't buy it just do Your homework go to gold ign, dot com or call eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one hundred and eighty six six gold line. Do your homework, read the risk information find out if it's right for you but bat. Batten down the hatches 'cause it's coming, one hundred and eighty six gold, miner, Goldline dot com,
This is the Glenn Beck program. Sometimes we don't recognize the good things in life and we really. We really should there's a lot of great things. There's a new stat out about America and something that has gotten much much better. Recently, over the last twenty five years, we have not had a twenty five year, milestone of one slash four century of executive decline in the cancer rate in the United States, a quarter century it's amazing how you would you would you would think that that's there's! No, a possible for that to happen, because our foods, giving this camera medicines givens cancer sky is giving us cancer right yeah I mean that is one thing to every time. You see these health claims on Pinterest, and you know you Instagram, you think about this for a moment here. That rates are dropping so dramatically if everything new thing the introduces giving us cancer. Why does this continue to happen? I mean it's. It's
So much of it is just such nonsense. Well we're getting we're getting better at detecting and curing it yeah. Well, that's part of it too, and you know honestly, like still a lot of people die from cancer. A six hundred thousand cancer deaths it, which is just in the US and just in one year, however, one of the reasons for that is. I know it's but is actually positive, is that I know six thousand people die celebrate. The reason is a lot of people are now living long enough and surviving other things that they're getting old enough, that they're actually getting cancer they're surviving the periods where people used to get it in their 40s. Well, now I get it in their eighties, but there through all the things that did that were threats before getting all the way to the radios and then they're getting cancer and dying from cancer. So it's to you that the people who are eighty or die and that's what I'm hearing more people longer live better outcomes. Yes right, good in a weird way, yeah, I think just like it's like the obesity thing, the obesity epidemic. Well, that's terrible! Well, we're kind of like! Is it a good
they were all kind of like choosing to die now like now, we have sit there and say you know what we get to grill really fat and we're going to eat lots of hamburgers and french fries, and that's going to be the thing that kills us it's much better than starving just see my tweet to Bernie Sanders yesterday, so Bernie Sanders said. Let me see if I can find it real, quick, Bernie Sanders tweeted, something yesterday about how people in America are starving and they just a just struck is odd, how many people in America are starving, and so I I posted, I can't find it. I posted to Bernie. You should. You should have spent some time with my mother. Because she she always taught me the difference between starving and hungry. She is my mother used to say: you're, not starving, you're, hungry yeah, there's a difference and Bernie there's also a difference between what you need and what you want. Yeah. I mean
the United States of America is one of the greatest success stories when it comes to fighting hunger in global history. If it's not the most free market, in global history. There's never been the problem with obesity noun, you think- Bernie. Sanders. Is old news with Warren is the new Bernie Sanders and competition. We have word today that it looks like Kamala Harris will be running for president. It's expected that she will be announcing. On or around Martin Luther King Day get out ahead of us good, good thing, good thing there won't be any race involved. No, no. There definitely will not be an issue in this campaign, sure sure which is interesting a poll yesterday on Twitter- and I said you know why I ask this in one of our guests yesterday, if you had to pick three it three draft picks out of this democratic field. The potential democratic field, who would you say, are the biggest threat it's like who are the ones that are the most likely to actually win the presidency. And it was interesting to see there was a lot of thought
the pricing, I'm out of love for Joe Biden and then I would say Joe Biden yeah come all I hear is number two. I yeah and better was another one that was up there. Yeah is well tolerated. Idol three does the three that I had. I thought because Biden had come, is the only one in this category right he's and he's got that long history. He can, I think, fight with Trump a little bit and maybe survive it where and he's also not seen as a communist he's just seen as a Democrat, now the fair or unfair, or Comala Harris, and I think at some level, Beto as well, are seen it real far to the left and better tries to hide it Kamal less so, but this start to heat up she's. We could have thirty candidates in this. I think she's going to be well yeah, but I mean Can we maybe tomorrow we should look at the thirty candidates. Because,
how many of them are actually serious. I mean it's going to be great to wow. We on the right side of this one. This year, oh my gosh, I'm going to love that it's going to be fun to just watch all of them climb over each other to get to Stalin. We had thirty of the best conservatives. I've seen run last time. This is Stalin City, I'm going to it's going to be great fun, you're listening to Glenn Beck
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