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Rudy Giuliani Is EXPOSING the DNC’s Ukraine Scandal! | Guest: Sharyl Attkisson | 11/21/19

2019-11-21 | 🔗
Glenn can’t look at Adam Schiff any more! The impeachment hearings are just American disinformation. The Left insists everything Trump says is a conspiracy theory. Today’s inquisition features David Holmes, who overheard a call, and Fiona Hill, who will focus on Russia. But yesterday Glenn spoke to the president’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and he explained EXACTLY what he was doing in Ukraine (being a defense attorney)! He also corroborates a connection Glenn recently found linking Obama, Soros, the Anticorruption Bureau, and an FBI agent named Greenaway. Journalist and host of “Full Measure” Sharyl Attkisson describes the hearings as a last gasp of the State Department bureaucrats who insist they run the show.

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Ah, to day, Fiona Hill is going to be talking in and she's just going to make it very very clear that you know how the fictional narratives about any kind of influence on our election with Ukraine, isjust, just that fictional five second, will how we have the tape of them admitting doing it. We have the documents, of of showing who is paid for what we we yo have our convictions. We have a couple of convictions on Iton, she's, going to make the point to day that a ah that that a Russia, is the only player in this. No Russia did try. Influences our election and, if you'd like to go back in a tine tunnel, we luckily have an archyve section, the blaze, and you can see all those shows that where we talked about this in twenty thirteen, what Russia was going to do, but that's separate
from Ukraine, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glimbe programm Could you help me with one thing? If there is any one near the studios to day, I am in the dire need of an entire box of Docti that I will need to wrap my head just I Dids not get a stop it from exploding
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That's. The only thing, fluid everything is a binary choice? It's either Russia or you crane. It can't be that Russia was doing it. And you crane was doing. It couldn't be No, no! No, so we Wolt be will ask America to narrow its focus again to day. Don't look at big pictures you're to stoop and you look a I beg Young, it was only Russia joing E. This is the Glen Beck programme. Oh my gush, my heads can explode o king. Let me ye a talke. You bout, er, sponsor and Thet would get to it one minute. Ah, it's a my pillow. Is our sponsors michaelindels, my pillow, which I absolutely love from their pillows to their sheets in their towels. My pillow is an incredible company and they
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I look at him and I'm freaked out by his googly eyes and please I'm at just asking for the love of Heaven. Do not let Em have children with Alexandria, Cazio Cortes, because the Ail do a look like MIKE from monsters ink. So please don't let that happen. It just be one eyeball. That is just oh all. Today we are going to learn from the committee. How russhas, the only one who is dryno of Vacdos. There's no way anybody could pass. We do that in Ukraine, crane they're, all good. Not the whole story was that they warrant that everyone Yeu Crane, was incredibly corrupt. Now, wo
put, but not a mile direction, they're good, their boy scouts on the Electon e two of them were sends to prison and do we have the tape? Could we just play that MAS one o below e Menin? Oh, Here's the director of the National Anti Eruption, Bureau of Yugrain, which WA set OTD by the Obama administration and the sorrow's people, replied to root out a cerruption, so their hand pick Gye is art artumastiniac. Ah, and a. How do I say e it's his name: Steinic Sidnec Sydnic, O K Sydnic. Whatever comes m. His first name is Ardem. Do I care about his second name? By the way wo then he's the director of the National Anti Corruption Bureau? Of U Craine started by us. And, what's he talking about here, I winl Yo Wul other actually Helpd the Hillrequip
ye, that's ry, he's dragging about how he was working Tobut to throw the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now, if you don't think that they have any reason you think I was just bribery or whatever. No. No all of these people, because they are all George Sorro's people. All these people felt that Donald Trump was just going to be the worst. I ever for you, crane cause he's too pro Ruta Dupa Russia, so their count they believed was it stake, because he was just not going to do anything we're only getting blankets from the Obama administration. We need bombs and weapons Youl RDO that that o, ywhat he did he went in again. Them, the weapons that Obama wouldn't give them. That's just ou pro Russia. He is so they were all motivated to make sure
Athilary Clinton ah was was the next president. Here is admitting it. The head of the Anti Corruption Bureau then he's the guy who who did it and where tow bet to be told by who who a Doctor Hill Doctor Hill Kate. I insist that you call me doctor as well o k, I'm Doctor back Ah, so Doctor Hill is going to tell us how thereis nothing going on in your crane to day Jason welcome to the programme Ank, you Jason is our head researcher and and has been absolutely brilliant on putting this story together. We have another. I gain. I cant call them specials
or because really every show that you're watching, because this is so fast and furious. Every show your watching. If you missed it last night, you missed Rudy Juliani we're going to go through that Fon call from him. Yesterday on the tbee show it was jaw dropping now o course people who didn't listen to it. Just saw me doing it with Ruejuliiolick o jest o on Sparacee tarry in your Harry FACTS, an uncake whatever Anybody who has actually cares what the Trut Anybod who says yes, Doctor Franklin Doctor Franklin, a? I know we have a republic, and I know what it takes to keep it. I a ill. We have to be well informed and look at all of the evidence to keep a republic a Sepeople they actually watched to night. You need to watch to night. What are we exposing or
We have initially were just going to talk about George Kent because his name kept popping up pea. He testified last week. The Med couvrage was absolutely ridiculous. That's Kanawup. First put him on my on my right arand. They were talking about the guise bo tie in the Newyork Times the rordent air call about the guise bo tie. They were hie call about the Guis water bottle in the post as O. What are they doing Skethered setting him up to be a start. Why? Well? They were making ought to be this ultimate D. Bunker of all these lheo Lunous slunacy all hese conspiracy, nearings and the We dug into him the more became less just again, focusing on one single thing: an George Kent, but Everyth surrounding the man and then everything that was updated, M our special last week. It was moving rapidly Glen, while you were on the stage I know thing was happening towards Sorros's grand strategy. While you are on state and whal, I I believe either asked before we went on the
or I asked off the top of my head during the Special what is it that sorrels is going to buy? What is it that he's doing with this money's as ive? I lo Boky donts go to Rite big cheques and ballright checks in a in in the in yukrine. I prefer Rite cheques to Jeck Republic because I think it's funny, but I disrupt here and he said he's a right. Chack son he's got a these could to buy into their free market there you good it dispose S. Tonayer. Can I talk rether, nor I exposes to night Ocasso the Itisus. This is razy. It's crazy and all Bu Documitation is there and People in Ukraine are standing up going, help us yet you
got to watch every single show that we do Wen the afters, but is don't think of them. How they were every single show is like a special now yet because we are so deep into this wore following at real time the things of a hatch back in twenty fifteen. If you Wae, special last week VIP the the plan are still happening by it day by day they Y day. I will tell you by FA having even told you this, yet I need you too shore, this up with evidence, but can tell you what the game is of the Democrats. I ants. I ask this question on the air, a yesterd. Of myself. What is the hat is the end game? What are they going to do? How were the Democrats going to use it? I no and I kno sorrows but we'll have his fingers all over it, and I need you to look into certain laces and I'll tell you off the air, but I'd get a you on the air today. What I think the end game is
to tell you what the next year and the next eighteen months what's gone to happen with the Democrats and and Donald Trump the election all of it. I will you exactly where we're headed, INA, if you used to watch us on fox- and you are like all this then who, when the Chalk Board, is out it's the best when he's try to break in I'm telling you I'm doing the best work, I've ever done in my career and we are spot on. I know we We've got em, I hang out to Seck MIKE and Florida Shad. He just watched the ucranian special Hi Mike.
I glan or YE I'm good. Are you I'm very well Ih? Oh, I want this spattle and is egly. Make your head spin am an you. He did a great job of peeking it altogether and I collect a need to watch it like five more times to really Ges a handle on what you said there. But my question is of you that since you've put that out, have you been countacted by any politicians to question the vlity validity of information and the other plans to get you to testify. When, though, so, can ever get the opportunity to call any by bore. No- and I wouldn't Bey, I wouldn't be ye shouldn't call me, I would be the editade immediately as a conspiracy, theorist and everything else. I would be a bad witness choice for the Republicans to call, but I can tell you Thaet a people. They should call that have actual first hand knowledge of all of this stuff am there have been two republicans that have reached out to me and asked
me for information. I sent them all the original documents and that I have not heard anything back. I have. I have talked to friends on Capital Hill and said what the e f S is wrong with you Guyse. What is wrong with you and the story that I get back is Glenn it's so complex, it's got a look like a. A crazy, crazy conspiracy theugh. How do we go? television and this out and I learned something from Rudy Giuliani last night. Who haveen to seased last night, show MIKE didn't naw o k, I'm you tube or you. If you are you a subscriber to the blaze. I am Nat only just what is wrog in you. Let an Eriously would't a me were here, LU pouring our heart out: it's a o, a lookthe MIKE, don't hang up the phone after I'm done,
producers get him set up for a years the subscription to the blaze. I I will I want you to watch last night show you can see most of it. On on Youtube because we streamed. It live on you tube, and then I ran out of time for the twenty two minutes, and so we went extra. A an Can find all the extra on blaze, but it's only on the on the blaze but watch Atchrurdy, Giuliani, think that everybody says about Ready Giuliani lately is the guy's gone nuts, the guy's gone nut like flaylan and yell an and scream in right? That's what everybody! That's whatever he says, he's Arudy, Giliani or what's happened to him. I can tell you: what's happened to him because the real rude
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Tis, a difference in his demear Yeah he Seemsa. He seemed very focussed right. Moriht I wasn't scattered, he was in yes, he heknows the details of this very well Kay. Now, if you have, if you have spent ah two years of your life and your oing. The detective work Pey and your going in and you'rd get your gathering all of the information and you're a deal with dirt bags,
liars thieves trying to figure out what's true. What's not you ve put your whole life into it for a two year period, eighteen month period and you're getting hammered and you knew you're gonna get hammered, but you're a prosecutor, you you're one of the year, the guy who put the gun Pino crying family away. So you ve got credibility and you're like ok, but if I get the evidence, they're going to listen to and be able to get it out and then no one listens to it. Everyone calls you a kook every no one will look at the actual facts. They talk about the hearsay of this burden, but they won't look at actual paper documents and court record's that too
le shift. This narrative, eh and now you're on T vbe, and you know you have four minutes and the person is like yeaya ya. But why re you bringing out the whistle Ploor why you tryin to do that Wha? Would you know you're in bed with all these really bad beat and you're? Like look, I evtie it at some point. You go nuts yesterday, a Rickie who is the executive producer, the she came in afterwards and she stood there and she looked at me and she shook her head and she said I just witnessed. I just witnessed a therapy session with two people who are so close to the edge because they have the facts and no one will listen and the country is at stake and seems that we all know it's corrupt in Ukraine, but it's justa
corrupt here, and you really didn't- think it would be that way and no one, even the people, porting. The president are really interested in the truth. She said tha two of you were like right, write and he would say something to me an I like pi I' no end in this, and it was a chance for him to not have three minutes that the jam in this big, complex thing and try to convince someone. He could lay the facts out knew he knew instantaneouslecause. He had watched the specials. He said that, and he said you're spot on You'R right on, ah and that gave him the opportunity to be the prosecutor that he's always been
Rudy hasn't gone nuts. The press has just frightened. This is my opinion, has frustrated him to the level of of just exploding on them. Just loating o k, the a hearing is about to begin with. Fiona Hill who's got o really ex. Hing stuff to tell us that it's Russia and you prayned, didn't do anything IB. Twenty sixteen you're listening said Glen back. Ah man, I'm going to need to double up an my relief factor to day I can all resist. That's not how you use really factor that you cont double up on bad days. Doorwell, I'm not to admit that on ear, how I DEA, I don't, but I feel like I should to day cause. I know Head is going to explode in just a few minutes. An it's going to be a robbing my green headache all day. Ah and up, maybe maybe really
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Rtalking about coming up to night, I'm of Tdie show five p m e searing. What a blaze to be Dat, CAM, he's the promo, Cove Glen and seep yourself, ten box, o Pdmm quickly before we go to the hearings with their just doing opening statement. Crap a letme go to a Jordan and Missouri hello. Jartdan welcome the Glebic Programme, a head ant Glenal I ony say I'm tently not to at all, but I've been fuch like you why he is sticking to the Smow Crickel Quothing. I gan after hearing the testimony of her and juliany on your special night. I mean I finally get it if oh
there, an fenitor Jonken as pycinically acting a president about per pro calling Y Fussrding because know why ar you go so obsessed with us as not Avd, nothing you do of Thatso, I underand. A lie you so and Triften upon it even tog. It may not be best thing I get it. I finally get it. I'm see. Tat youi have two really Cuicklect Questionesd Glen after watching TH, aanything last night last night, the about the FBI and away have you reached out too and his paket the over ho, who I mean not the prime didn't understand when you like GUI the Koofo, much deper than no and hoping bar Patrick has Ha Patrick has disappeared, a he's I think he's left the country am an he's, Kan have disappeared and he said to me that we he'll reappear at some point ah, but he is working on some projects
that he said are too em that are completely unrelated. I mean hi left over stocks sold all his stock divorced himself from the country company, because it's the company he built and he didn't want to hurt it ah and he said he's doing some things that will Lome guess help expose the deep state. So he'll call us when he's back on on the grid, Donna anything a won, not thing after watching your third special arm in worring. If you could explain orabout, who Jean Sharp is. I know that Fellowinsky is kind of the the guise orctrated of modern DA pagins decide in America. Hawne Kan T shot the system, but I know Jean Sharp Cunn of one of the founders of NED, ah that you talki fhem, looking hes kind of a modern day, and I think he fuft we help, but the min and Day Aquitalin of Afagan tocials of
rut things around the world- and I didn't see him mentioned in your special. I missed it. I don't know that we've done any work on gene sharp I'll look into a an c. You know what Rolles you know it there's something there that that I think fits ah, but a congratulations and good for you undoing your your own homework am on this and so will ill look in a Jen Shar, a Jason Aughtor go to Jason, who is, are a chief researcher a on this? What are we expecting to hear from these two that are being called to day? Am I a very little interest in David Holmes unless he turns out to be a relation to Sherlock Holmes and am very interested? Ah, but I, but I don't know if that, do you know that skill runs Rell, deep with with David Holmes, because you'll probably say who no wasn't aware of Culuppa O was, aware of the e theya
c being er overrun with sorrows in Clinton and E. I even knowhere, but Brissma Briese was dirty. I in't know that I am interested in Fiona turn you my cunthere there. I think that what she's doing is probably exactly what I'm I would do in in this case, and that's what infuriated me about the one thing that I disagreed within a July. Twenty fifth call was mentioning crowd strike and mentioning that whole conspiracy theory about the server. Ah, that I fully believe as it is a complete dead end and a conspiracy theory ans it stupid. We do know that Russia was Involvedt. You don't have to go o on right now and testify to that. We know that Russia was involved in interfine with the election, We also know that you crane- and this is what this is- where I get really frustrated, because there is a diversionary tactic. What she's up there to do right now, she's there that make, you think, Focussan, a the conspiracy theories and they're trying to say that's what the Trump Administrats
peoplied, rugilianny or focusing on as the conspiracy theory Han, I wit this bull. They want to focus almot weave me Talki Ther's, two Ukrainians, a officials in their government that have already been convicted for interfering in the? U s: twenty sixteen election, that's a fact. Fo then do late, not like interfering like I'm going to do this on my own directly working with our state department. Rectly working with our a justice department directly, Nhat's and the Obama and Hilary Clinton e campaign. That's wasn't it is o the do that directly in you, Crane MO parallel, a interference campaign was going on in the United States from the ucraniand. In the United States with a deancy operative, that's Whyt. They keep naming at Cilippo Celuppa so we know these things or fact we know they happen. This is not a conspiracy. Therly have the documents for the love of PETE. We have the documents the court case we have. The con
Chinns. We have the we have th hidden camera, with a gui amitting how it was working and that's why it's so hypocritic Latt, that's! My shift is saying you can't call people like Chiluba. Those wer can thot those or conspirastorie sod. He were. I Bagan allow those into the inquiry. They wanted. The bag coffee on a hill right now to testify about with a probably crowd strike and the server they wanted. If a on that ye otherth. They are going to say that everything the presidents talking about is a conspiracy theory, and so they tperjure themselves any more than they already have they're going to keep it rr. In my opinion and Jason agrees, that they'll keep it really tightly focused on that and they'll keep that focus on that be, as they need you to believe that that's all the president was talking about all that Rudy Gilliani is talking about. That's if you see a glendaer
special on this. That's only about crowd strike, we haven't even mentioned crowd strike in any of our specials. Why CAS it stupid? I Ben Bloodly, it's dumb that that's dumb. I, if I more informationly. That changes my mind. Hey I'll, give him Mey a culpa, but I think it's done. I think Also another reason for for doing what they're doing to day, only to discredit anybody who's talking about he. Ate investigations and a you know they'll say lit, is to say look. I I want to know I want to know what was on the tape they missing. Nineteen minutes, you know Nixon? I want to know that ah I want to know I want to know which dock Mansandy Burger, took out of the National archive, and smuggled up. I want to know what those documents were. I know at I wouldn't mind. Knowin you know was
as wall alone. Well, we know two of those things actually happened We know two of those things they could tell us about in OTO mean I want to hear the tape recently the left came out and said that that they were talking about, I think, raping a young girl in front of Martin Luther King or it was happening in the house, and he said nothing. The left just came out with that and said the apy AI has documents, ah and transcripts, and I believe, a tape of it o k I want to know the truth about this. This this and and also you knows, er shooter in Thet in the trees. What they're doing to day is like he believes that there is an extra shooter in the trees when everything else. You have documentation, you know happened, we don't know about the
tutor in the trees were pretty sure it was justly Harvey Oswald. Right I mean least I am I'm pretty clear on that they're trying to use one thing to discredit everything else, but there also doing something else that is real. Dangerous. They are trying to convince you that the Russia Investigation on Donald Trump didn't really cover everything cause he still kind of in with Russia. Does this this this? These conspiracy theories are coming from Russia and look who in fires, he's doing the work for Russia, no not doing the work for Russia and and Muller had he come out with something about Russia, he' be in peged to day, but nothing happened with Russia and but that doesn't mean that Russia wasn't involved. We
all know that Russia, because we did specials on it, starting when twenty thirteen Jacent thirteen Jason. Easy? We showed you what they were going to do. We warned we sweet begged. Why is no one standing up about what Russia is going to do in this next election? We talked about over and over and over again will they did it. They did it, but it wasn't involved with Donald Trump. He didn't orchestrate anything with them. That's what mauler came out with they did invite and involved themselves and try to thwart our election and they're going to do it again, but everybody's made it about doll Trump, not rush. What are they doing now? They're goin, to make this about Donald Trump and Russia again and expect that you only can believe one
ing while it was either Russia or? U crane. You crane rin, Russia. Russia wanted Drup to win because he so pro Russia and you believed that not, but not you meant people believe that in the country, what do you think you could the Ukrainians to believe that, of course, get the Ucranians to believe that coause. You know who, as spoon feeding than that, dsorrels Hilary Clinton Borocco BOM of the State Department, the embassy every one was Oon, feeding the ab, the people in you crane, look Hilary Clinton Jrle he's goin to go to the side of the Russians. He is so Anta you crane. Had it in there that the Democrats we're making that case it's in your best interest to help us win.
They interfered as well, but we on the other hand, unlike the Democrats with Russia, have evident that the democratic nominee was involved and that's not a hoax. That's not a theory. That's a fact period open closed fact: Is there anything that she could say a Jason? Who, who is she, what is Heris her connection to all of this case she's? Not even on our chalk board? Is she no? I I I wasn't looking at her as any one, significant booking n n and whose homes almost the guy he's the aid that overheard the call at the restaurant. When sonland was talking too Trump and TR, talking very loudly so that the rest of the table heard it, and so he was the guy who said I heard him say he wanted investigations and then Wher Hesie
He also said he heard Bidin and a and Berisema did he not. Ah, I don't remember that part of it. He did say, however, afterwards, that you depart someone tickally said in his testimony. I don't remember thy call but like yet. If, if I got in the phone with Trump Hy probably did Pregut the investigations, he brough him a all the time. So then eh the part that he did not agree with his aid homes. Is that Holme said after we were done after he was. Do Call. We started asking him questions and we asked him about like Dusek ye know, does Trump care about your crane and some said I didn't care about few craine at all. He cares about as his own. We know the bide and Stelf the politic step. Te helps him in politics now Soloh did not corroborate that story, but that's tha, apparently the testimony from homes. So it's he said she said on right at again that they, he said, is Sanlin who has
out of his way, a in the last couple days to be critical of Tropen whene. He handled us its like the they are allied at some level but like he was. He did not shy away from taking shots at Trump when he thought they were the right thing to do so. I don't know, I mean e know it seems. Is it possible he just forgo Otas he said, but the big set here is that sonland said and I am not a note taker- don't take notes. That's not what I do. Holmes, apparently, is a note taker. So after this meeting went back and rode up a cont, Erraneas, if yoremembered, that Kibepas were all I degeraneous, Levo Abouthaayeh Ye Herme, hear so we'll say: he's Yeat Apla it Gould. I love those. I love those note takers, my god seem to have any note takers that are republican anywhere. How Hap, but Strom is coming office. My gosh, the note taking of the Democrats, is eh Thanksgiving, just a weak cutches. Next, we cried I' still enough time to get rid of
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See him and everything he's talking about in a different way. Ah, you can watch that full interview, an behind the pay wall at Blaize, Tivi DOT, come most of sup, but we ran out of time during the show, so we recorded extra, and that is also behind the pay wall at blaze. Tv Slash Glenn. I want to show you one thing: we are you're going to hear about how the s all conspiracy, its all conspiracy, ailing to do a state department in all this stuff, its crazys consversing, and they're care to play everything on Russia? Well, I yout know. This is why you can't be binary when it comes to a facts. Doesn't matter when when all of the testimony is tainted because they're from you crane or further from Russia, you don't believe you have to able to say: are their facts to bake back up what they say, I'm in to play, something that I'll translate for you. Do we have do we have time Bun le O King Heroskafaga,
this is a guy from parliament He says with support and direct collaboration with the. U S, Embassy Teck camps under which press preparations are being made for a civil war in Ukraine Teck Camp projects prepare specialist for information warfare they discrediting of the state institutions using modern media potentia revolutionaries for organizing protests toppling of the state order and they had broughd is overseen and under the responsibility of the. U S ambassador to you Grane now, can dismiss that, because it came from a russian or
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hello, America, it's Thursday and quite for you today, we have some amazing things. Yesterday afternoon I spoke to Rudy Giuliani. He was on the tv show and he was He was America's prosecutor. He was the guide that had seen in a while he's the guy that put the Canbeno crime family away, and I think he was that guy because I know story, I know the facts that he knows and so he's not trying to shout over somebody or convince them, and he laid out a very cogent case and I watch it is. I want you to hear some of it echoes. I started with pressing him a Sodland's. Testimony quid pro quo, your Uknow Thesain, your the guide, a Did you even go a to euphrane?
What was your assignment there? Were you running a shadow foreign policy? All of that share Atkison FA, the Ysmiglebec Provad the rest from the a testimony that's happening to day. It's a pack show Ar Ight, we GE Into it, in a minute and my wife, I told me that she would know what she wants for Christmas and that's the next yeair and a congratulation. Soniats can be very exciting watching you open that Big box and go on to you Onder within the Bicg Pox under the tree. Ah, it's the next year, who'd ha thought it squeezing Ofha AE thy MAGIC of Christmas Goone MAGIC, a Chris was what you do. As you tell one of the children and then the children say you know what mom Orly wants. She really wants the next year and then I get to Fiel It's a surprise and you'll. I go wander what's under the train, otherwise just go shopping anyway. It's a exchar great Christmas present. Ah, you can give Ex cher o Comple
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her de Zicry, so yesterday and we are going to break in if there' saying anything important on capital hill. Today. Ah, in fact, let's breaking cill, we break in real quick. Now the president pays that's enogh after us me bat's an at one. I think actually interesting things. We are talking with this last hours than widely reported at Holmes. As a big Take her. This is the guy had overheard the call with embassadors on little. My gosh were Trump. Was me a kind of screening into the phone and he heard it at the table and then they talked about this afterwards we are told you took notes apparently did not take notes about that call. Oh he's a Note taker! I did not take note about that. I'll, not take notes about that did, take notes about a meeting. He was at a with Zalynski the day after the call with Trump now. Zalinski apparently said reportedly cording to Holmes during the Me
President Zolinski stated during the twenty fifth of July call. President Trump had three times re some very sensitive issues as Innocet quote, but he would have to fall up on those issues when he and president trumpet met in person. M. Of course, noidye with those sensitive issues were Bease was not on the actual call, but, as the only eye of in up date on President Zalinski and that phone call. I have additional insight about that. Fone call July twenty fifth on something the president was worried, Abo I'm going to show you the president was right as zalens. Was wrong on that phone call. I llshow you, the actual evidance of it to night at five o'clock you don't miss tonight show it is it's like a many special it's full of facts to night that you need to know specially about the boat. I wearing Kent, wait until you find out of a vat guy, I'm all right
Let me go over what happened last night on blaze, tv with me, Roddy Jiliani. I I talk to him about a lot of stuff, but I wanted to get a few things out at the beginning, for instance,. The Democrats are saying you're running a shadow foreign. Olysee, as I Wat's happening. Listen the testimony to day was that a we're communicating with the Ukrainians without anybody's knowledge in the state, running a a shadow foreign policyha, ha ha ha so well. I do
by your laftbu. That's not true, Plas! No, no! No! I wasn't running a Sher. What was your mending? What did the president ask you to do in you crane? What were you doing with gout two part Bu blend? We have two parts to what I did pot. One was my investigation as a dessent lawyer to gather exculpatory evidence, evidence that would help to make make im innocent Shon remember. This began while MOA was still investigating russian collusion November twenty eighteen, it happened to be at a very sensitive time. They were seeking Aquit answers for us from us on russian collusion, also Mister Weisman, who, if a completely add a control on ethical prosecutor who worked for a mother had a been questioning Manafort in what I consider to be a horrific manner, he had a misolitary confinement. He would take out out
what days and he would say to him waren't you, the link between Trump and Russians. Then, when he said no Y put him back in solitary confinement, they Shou Goo Jelly Matal for it. If you'd like to you, know, stop being locked up for twenty three yhourds, if AG just lihted so I knew they were hot and heavy on this russian collusions thing, even though I knew a hundred per cent, it was falses. So when I got this shp en evidence about ukrainean collusion in which they mentioned, that Jo Biden was involved in developing some of the collusion I jumped on it and I started to fine people and you craned were willing to come over. To talk to me about it, people who told me that they had been blocked from coming here by the american Embassy, specifically by the ambassador, Iovanovitch. Because she and her embassy were involved in collecting the dirty information. There was a particular FBI,
name Greenaway who they said was very involved in collecting not only the dirty information but fraudulent information on that of she had since gone to work for George sorrows, which gave it its own interesting flavor, and she was working at the Anti Corruption Bureau. Was he not. She was working at what the Anticorruption bureau is a a contradiction. Wesais, I knew up som. The Gero was set up by George Kent, who was one of the witnesses here. Yep I mean I I was looking at a my Wis liken shock, but if Stoo with a sit bon, but George can't set up this bureau now they took all the corruption cages away from the prosecuted general that gave it to the anty corruption girl and they got rid of all the cases that offended sorrows and they included all the cases against Soris's enemies.
If one of the first cases they dismissed with a case in which his end GEO and TAT was supposed to have embezzled a lot of money, but not only that collected dirty information on Republicans to be transmitted gotten by Ukraine, it could be transmitted to this woman Alexandra Super an People wo work to the Democratic National Committee. I'll get couple of things, sir. The learned, Hu Ye learn there if Youv flatched our specials you You really learned, I think one new thing and that is something that I have said. I I have to talk to Rudy Giliani. To know I mean I don't understand. I understand what he was doing there. I pressed him about the two bad guy,
The'Re smearing him with his answer. To me, make sens will play in a minute, am Bata. We've said in Factf, Sto Whan, I talke about this just the other day. I why wouldn't I en trop just make him the head of the state to Barwin and he wanted Bere Poringly, then at was the big thing he wanted to get the job right of the beginning, the administration. So look at how this has been framed. This has been framed Hatrudy. Juliani was going over to do something with foreign policy. He wasn't she was go. Over during the Muller Camp at the Moller investigation to to. As the idence personal attorney, to show n do this. So is going over because he knew that the steel Dassier was connectd. Do you crane so sgoing over and trying to build a case that no none of this
and the steel dossier is true. He wasn't involved in with Russia and here's how they gather the information it has nothing to do with the state Department and while. You may agree your disagree, I'm sure the the would be like all well, I disagree with what he thinks he found in Ukraine. The bottom line is Itsvr underis hendable roll for a personal attorney. The udder' job as a personal attorney, is to find the best defence possible for your clatract. So now it at clears things up to where, like. Why was even over there? What was he doing Why didn't they? He was being the president's personal attorney. He was building a case against Moer's case, which ended up being nothing. But in that journey. He found all these things and was bringing those things to the president as a personal attorney. That makes one hundred per Since- and it also shows that this-
Department by saying he's running a shadow policy, it shows they need you to believe They need you to believe that he was over there, meddling in State Department affairs, that he was just this wild hand grenade no nope. He wasn't Yet he might have been a wild hand grenade for you, because you were covering additional things up. Ah, but they've spun this to make it seem like yet he's the guy he's the guy he's Thateos. Se to be the target of a lot of the witnesses. Yes Andi, especially at the state arbun who were saying, we are very frustrated because it a broody. Whatever he's doing, it's differed them we're doing in the Ukrainians are confused, which seems to be there the point they keep coming back and
two, which isgenio even argue that they's ad a bad idea. But you can our yuths impeachable that impeachable conduct cat omin to take it ta. Break because hill is a doctor. Hill is giving a testimony right now, and I think this is important to hear, because this will be the Imn mony where she is trying to make thee am the is that Russia was the only one that was interfering in twenty. Sixteen and that's ever elsetrop is bringing up, is just a conspiracy theory, so we have to take that as she's getting they're getting ready to ask her some questions here. So we will Ake, a one minute break and then write to the testimony you might av. Erda the other day when do challenge me to a race in our cars. But when it's on brother
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com promo code back we break for ten seconds then to capital ailed, the chief in his cogoa Goobily eyes, cheapers creepers, where yo get them people originent here he is he's asking like Alidogeter Hill and they produced during investigation calls in to question the accuracy of intelligence committees. Finding that Russia intervened to help one side, the help Dhold trumpet the expense of Hillar Clunton. No, intelligence commute questions that finhdting an nortice the uppy eye. Nor does the Senate that I partis an intelligence mnored, a Zena's Tinglin american word of this committee. They as a separate issue are tryin to Complat those issu lis, there trying to say hem, they're trying to conflate thee, trumpe involved with Russia to throw the election. No, he wasn't
that. The Russians did try to throw the election, but of course, did as well. And I know one of those starts. You an ends in an e and has Retari e retrain in the middle of it sorry There's a tough on in. I gettin Tuffle nose Tougerin life, I cuffer in my was in my head a so here. She is think that this would resonate withon. Our Ancholeague SAM on the committee or from the republican Partywh should the of the Russians was realdy to perp Ao Begame, the president, by trying to tip their hands on one side of the scale under a cloud. So if Secretary former First Lady farmer, Senastor Clinton had been elected as president as indeed many ex,
says ere in the run up Phearr to the election Urning melatis, I that they be bepicted, and she too would have had major questions about her legitimacy, and I think that you know what we're seeing here as a result of AL. All of these are Ives as sir. This is exactly what the russian government was hoping for. If they seed misinformation, they see doubt you have everybody'sf ngthe legitimacy or T Exodid over a candidate, be at President Pallese deliginely Assuh, as I need this later, an ten the sholt at Akhe s. I want to tell me, what's coming NASH against the other, that they would pet one party against the other, and that's why I wanted to Makeic a strong point at AR very beginning, or I could, because there were certainly individuals in many other countries who had harsh words for both of the counters, who had harsh words for many other, our candidate, Sjue,
The primary spent a lot of people who were running for president of the republic and signed a role. There are many people who are trying themselves to game the outcome Youtube. As you know, in the United Kingdom the bookies take bets, you can go to lunch, Brooks, are William, Hail and lay a bet on who you think he's going to be the case. Slip pip, so the russian government were trying to learn their own bats and all whey wanted to do as give a spread. They wanted to make sure that whoever they had better honor, whoever they tried to tip the scales buld, also experience some discomfort that they would beholden to them in some way that they would create just the kind of chaos that we have seen in our politics. So I just want to again emphasize that we need to be very careful as we discuss all of these issues to give them not forget that they can use against as in twenty twenty- and I quite agree, there's none of it. It and I think, your absolute right, the Russians are equal opportunities. Dlers. They will not only have one s but they'll also just seek to so disk.
ORD and then I say is had he could have een say for Buzill else, one side in then Dell, but there's a so Ddis Hord, I you do't, know they'll also up Peos that they don't care. They want the chaos on Relection and Amenon, a? U S, ally as a way of driving a wedge between the? U Crame, isn't that true Woll, not subsinutely the and in fatins in e jest know. The point about you are salies. The Russians like to put a LOS of blame on you, a solleyes av for Instod that they are perpetrated, perpetrators saw that recently, with the United Kingdom, The a russian secret services attack on a former Surviveis Tus Scripple and his daughter and Salsby in England, or you may me seriously now that the Russians, I should kin form my head, exposed, dearsetting e them aand and I don't have dune people my hand, so the pieces will be ad probably partity Ofmdya and I apologize inyvan enough efore we had exhalleced the homes. Er is laid out. The Russians have a pity a howst
Ukraine and Ukraine. How is this happened only not in America, all of the wind that we have and that talk you may seem deepening when we Vidio tape when we have them in their own hemales admitting to the when we have a court case in train where they convicted two people of this, a Tifinite Sile that rushes, what country do you think that is? I iam. This is I es to be America. I I don't wif this America Ry now AOU seventeen of the Don Basser as a later period. Ah, a great deal of hostility. You are, I told about what is the rod of the Russians Wone to do once he cried so Mather. So cord right, so DIS, corse and lose faith in our institution. That say out of Melinacs have any faith in our institution. I don't even ha faith in the Republicans on this, where the hell o ther ublicans on this seple love. Yet I was obviously at your deposition of read your open testimony, but, as you learn more facts, you start
ethings in different light. I have been a fel. Your open exstatement is very much consistent with the Europic statement in that position. Losted, the Ba truck in front of the guy who says some You are not allowed to call any of these people in in TE question. You 're not allowed to talk about any of these things he that you know when you hear you know a a lot of evidence and Youl start to hear more and more. It starts to change your mind personally commit on a So he knows exactly. Was the Additiona testimony. Does it? Has you look at things? Maybe a little differently while he shutting down any one listening to a new evidence. Here we are, and we are Urchy Cranans to commit to fawn the rule of laws. You said, and only on this genuine, genuine, incredible allegation, and are we doing
ke them to invest. Igate the present's political rival. Ye credits are pretty sophisticated actors, aren't they am Theycan Recky a hypocrisy when they see it you. What is that cude Orant is Ove AR prosecutors in its proceeder, a ability to Osecute cases away when the state Department with rdsorrows set up an anti corruption bureau to vague pick, the cases that cannectually pursue credible, elegations, a that's our policy we've been doing that for quite some time, with some success and so focusing on er or cases, including prticular cases, where there is a interest of the president, a just not part of what we've Don Looke HU, you din. I ask so another questihoun follow him. Follow am Was it a case that should have been done cause? It was filed four weeks before a joke
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if you miss by way a America I just I'm for the first time in my career, I have to tell you something: ah I can't take the impeachment hearings any more today. I can't it's, not good me it's I mean it's just a my head will explode and it's it. What that is, is thing, but disinformation a I. I refuse to carry it because it is the hero. You're talking about the Russians, this american disinformation and I won't carry it. I can't do it without correcting every sentence they have yet. As of the the acts are out. There's ntoo much in your head about the Hory T even to break this doubtaily, O wean go through the important parts of it ye having justly hear them run their mound. Not Undoit. I can a do I'm who to night show
you don't want to miss five o'clock. Please don't miss tonight tonight show Most every show were doing now, unti thee because we a'm doing the best work of my career a and we are on this. We are on it and if you liked those shows where we were showing you connecting all the dots you like those shows we used to do on Fox. Right now. Every episode is like a special, so make sure you join the blaze watch it join us every night at five o'clock, because we are on it like white on rice, what a race s! There's brown rice too. Why would younly point out the white righte? Ah I wante tell you what we did last night. This is available on you two. We could watch it for free, ah that we ran out of time. So I had to shoot some extra things and dot. That's on the blaze behind the pay wall, but I went threw. Some of it a here is
bat TA, here's what Rudy Juliane said to me yesterday when we're talking about russian collusion with us in November of twenty eighteen. This is before as before. Biden with one of a president right, it's wilve, Nobesarial investigating Brighk, a former colleague a mines called me with e intomation. The information was, it says, just a shortnit, a bit that. You will believe it is a lot of a cosulcall collusion that went on in a you crit, not in Russia, that what the day was going on in russian, looks like it was really going on in that you Cray, it included just a servant issue and a a the servant, it included specific information that was developed by the Ukrainians that was turned over to the Democratic National
metti and that was used to try to a stop chop from getting elected years a mid. A twenty sixteen. It also included a to very strong evidence that a lot of the steel dasier I was produced. In are you Crainkiev and also things I did. Olike. Glen Simpson spent a fair amount of time there during the time that the dasier was being written and that the THA document that reopened the Mataphord investigation went through the Glunc Simpson Company and that there were real questions about whether it wasn't a fraud and also no question at all. That has been Improth, used and leak to the press in May of twenty. Sixteen o the New York Times to write a story basically saying Trump. Has crooked campaign manager correct.
I got all that evidence. As a defense lawyer, I said to myself ow a luwyer ow have what a the censeller always wants. I'd go prove Somebodys T of Descrime O ka- I want ad Icu to a the section where I I asked him about the whistle blower. He He didn't play along with me, but as I asked him must follow up question. It's important You hear his response. Listen do know the name of the whistle blower and if it's a Eric, Caramelogiust coughs, o woo. If I won't say if I do- or I don't knot, the name of the whistled broo, I don't know all the facts that I would like to know about the whistle
or, but what I do know is I'd no longer call him a Whishle blower. When I write up at pieces or give lecture TE talk of it, I refer to him as the anonymous enfoment. Well, he is it if it is the guy ERI Carmela, whom we think it is His finger prints are all over a a deep state of the throwing of election, the the stopping of fa of prosecution I mean he's in the middle of almost all of this stuff. So if Eric Ericarmela is not whistle blower. Are you aware of Eir Carmella's Rooul Aty? know, if I can comment on this wait any I don't knowak MI of IC, possibly I can comment on this part of it. I can tell you without being able to back this part of,
facxs right now that I am entirely convinced that this whole episode is just you know, of one chapter and it leafs at three or four chapter plan I, which I guess was best described. I struck to then came from being president and then should it become president, the insurance policy to remove him, and this this ukrainian stage also had a pre election stage, because the book, the black ledger against metaphor, Cinemas, which turns out tobe a fraud. Well, I iv wan't Eve ething out a form li en of it before you see in Livertor the New York time to hurt him during the Elecgend.
This is really important that true, yes, the black letger is a Fraug a case, so ye you're ready for this one ha. In fact, I think he' let Myo lie, think play this cut. I think it explains it in this Kut FOT Yetthe eye had occase. It was two years old on Thatfar went back to twenty fourteen Et Teaye had dismissed the cave if it is a rogue every and green away is now working for so as Mante to reopen in order to reopen it. They needed newly discovered evidence, a and oh an. I was it when this, when this meeting took place in January of twenty sixteen at the En Asse, what the nobomba people were asking them, you craniins to do OGO get us bad information on Man Afort, so we can open the investigation, an
OM behold. This black leisure shows up on the doorstep of a parliamentarian. Who then brings it to the prosecutor, but also doesn't forget to bring you to the New York Times. First, so and that's what they got convicted for in you crane those two neepl or I weren't Thein Vollat seeking the Blathlet CI. So her us hear's This is amazing, and we haven't revealed this yet on the chalkboard. It's a fact we found out about a week ago or two weeks And we were going to include it on a Soros section, so the Anti Corruption Bureau This is something that they're all we got a talk about: corruption, Neve Derlod. There are pursuing cases that had nothing to do it, ein'ting This is a Soros. Obama plan and its very well documented. We have all of it. The state department, the o, my administration and George Sorrels worked together,
form this Anti Corruption Bureau, it's it's It was a shadow prosecutor's office and they would decide what's worth pursuing in. What's not now, if you're doing Crim activity or you investigations on people, it's good to have your own little shadow, a a shadow. Just Department, isn't it so they have Thisa corruption thing I'm new name that you heard was a Greenaway. She is a an FBI agent that was assigned to this Anti Corruption bureau, so she was going over to help teach them or about corruption and how look into cases neg. She nt over there. She was working there with the Ukrainians that she is the one that went and helped gather the information on a thele. Along with the guy. Who is the head of
heanti corruption, a bureau all right. So she has the connection back to the Deo J and says we of information that he has not paid taxes on all of this money, and we could open a case on him if we get any kind of evidence. On a taxes, nay cause. There was all an old case that had been dismissed, but they could reopen, if there was any new evidence and they screwed up the first one, so they ad the evidence they felt to convict him. They just needed a reason to reopen it So she tells the Sytnec. The guy was the head of the Anti Corruption bureau. He goes And he he finds information in this black ledger. The black ledger is then opped off at the New York Times and given to the Justice Department, Lhe Af B, I now so you know Greenaway
as since left and she works for the George Soros Organization, the guy who discovered the ac ledger and they dropped it off, went a court and was convicted of interfere in a U s election because of the black ledger, all right. He gave the black ledger. To the justice and the New York Times with the intent of discrediting Donald Trump. The the Ukrainian Dnc reason for that was to discredit Donald Trump look, he's working with crazy people, who love Russia Cay there corrupt that was their intent. The FBI. Agent said we can open up a case and nail him when they went to court hear any of this. The prosecution did use a single word from the black ledger:
not one word. It wasn't credible. They got him on income tax evasion on an old. Aste that they had already had of twelve million dollars, that ase had already been dismissed. They blew it. They needed something to reopen it. The black ledgerre opened it when they got to trial, they threw the black ledger out, be It was not true, or at least so, sketchy, but they couldn't
They didn't want to use it because they they thought it could be picked apart by the defense, hence, and then Aoll case would be thrown out. I feel a lug jumping Intol, a godfather three inn, an understanding the characters except there's just so much crap going on and Utis. So many different people, but which direction? Is it going to hurt the president's case or to help the president's case? Which direction is a going if you listen to them whom they keep focusing on? Like I was at the table, I heard it. I heard Thatof a well. I don't think that's what happened but he's a great note. Taker hoo came ie and take any notes, but I'm pretty sure that's what happened with their cissing on this little stuff right, we're talking about the throwing of an election and our government. Paying for it. Our state department involved in revolution in Ukraine that
We are the ones that trained all the people for the Maidon revolution. Now you can agree an sable, that's a good thing or, bad thing doesn't matter. Is that what you want? Your government doing? Try ingthese these people to do revolution, cause it's happening all over the world and we have theevidence of it. It is a fundamental issue here, which is the t. The argument you're making is that we should be looking into these things because they're important for America an a big time way- and that is the media- is not making that argument there. Making the argument- ah Altrump, it's trap. It's about tr, and if your point does not relate to tromp, if it's natters, he thirks it his daughters s, their Lesen matter is ot the heart of this, and so you know the idea that you know you can even our it would't even be the worst thing in the world. At this point, his pusione from the mediar for them to say you know what we think. Di'll trubted these bad things will we also think JO bided did these bad things we ase
the real world. That's exactly what would happen. This were fair. You would say well. The first thing we have to find out is: did the president do these things did Joe Biden and his son, these things was there another country, besides Russia, that was try, throw our election and twas the other side. Looking into e using and colluding with you crane, that's What happened in the sane world tin, a sane world and en Franklin said, I gave you Hera we gave you a republic. If you can keep it only way you keep. It is if you're well informed too many lazy people are willing to even watch a special to. Figure it out? We've done all the work you just have to watch, it don't be lay
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witnesses are the ones who conducted shadow diplomacy and she's Absolutely right. It's nice! It's nice to have credible people she's up next, hum you're listening Pislesspe. I have wealthye the a the prosecution, the story telling part of Leya a Va Miknow, the testimony to day in the public hearings. That's over so they'll get back too min up cross examination, sometimes later des Praly sleep or dead. Anyway, I'm losing your hair. Really sucks
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came slash, safe k, e p s, dot comes slysh, safe, Cupum, Unm, Limt Oemdent, an than them them eur. What he say, o Oa af, entertainment and enlightenment. The investigated reporter and host of full measure with the sherelakidson joins us to I'm, throw another log on the fire, its good to have somebody of Sherackinson's credibility looking at the impeachment it ay and in a what in her latest exposaic the state and Wist witnesses are the ones who ere conducting shadow diplomacy. Sure Kinson E one minute. This is the Glimpec Programmere
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Rresponded in an anchor at Se B, s news, P, BEA See an n Ian boy then they found out. She wasn't grace progressive? She actually looking for the truth, no matter where the chips fell. So they had o run her out on a rail good thing for Us there is something called the interwebs. Ah, the Informy super highway. I really gave her a home now She also has her her own show with Sinclair, called full measure: and she actually looks for the truth, Sherol Ackinson. How are Yom? I am correcti. Thank you, nor are ye I'm very good. I mah I'm interested in in in hearing your theory and what you found ah in with a
to permanent in diplomacy, but let me just say that I think we without trying to be a sort of the contrary and icy something entirely different than what I think and come of the Republican CY when I listento these hearings than it is sort of the laugh. Galf of the persistent bureaucracy with in the state apartment just on speaking against a pr who came in and did exactly what he said. He was in a deal sustained him with his usual Tahte charge. They didn't like it and I would go so far as it say, then v is some key admission by our diplomats that they took action, contrary to what they understood. The president's Forin policy Devires WAR, which I believe is extra constitutional and perhaps worse, but there they seem to think we've now heard it fated explicatly. They think the bureaucrack they run. The show in the present works for bear.
Ere out of their mind when heeded a fathing the way they wanted him to Fevher, they have a Llot. The states of Arment has a lot invested in you, in and am, and a policy calle civil society to Poineu that was designed by Hilary Clinton which use at the State Partment Porocco, Bama. Ah and and some other an some other figures that to usually only belong in conspiracy theories like George sorrows? Ah, and they have this coarse up as a matter of policy, and they spoke about it at the time Charil, with AB with people who were in the room, helping design it that they needed it to be institutionalized. So it wouldn't matter what presidents
do when they came in and went that's not what the State Department is supposed to do. The state department works for the president, not for themselves unelected officials, and I think that, the revelations it this Themix Pluxly saying otherwise, and I woas also point out. I looked at Thee disclosures the other day for the foreign agent's registration actess is ware foreign countries, Dith Glowes, the lobbing, the Foregn agents thare hiring here in the Uet, the lobby for their interests. Most countries have in the congressional fumery may be a page of people. They' hired. You know to do a certain things. H is grain is by far the biggest that has pages and pages the people, as highed in the last few years to lobby journalists and members of Congress to make contributions all kinds of things, and I don't think ti've any coincidence that everybody a advocating it looks to me like the Esfate Department official, that found
like their advocating for you craine and tying to change the privatent mind. You are swadter than other way round right, Heene! I I here's the thing that I is lost on me. Why people can't connect here, I'mi, Qould Proclo is a way of life. I mean its it's commerce, it's free market. It's our marriage. Everything is spread. Qoit, Quidbroke sheat on me an a prowlin uge ANG around. Ah my my adthat. If controversial Whinthere is not a Preca for for an aid or why youh not see, then I irful to find that there havn't been conditioned that had expected to have conditions that Why would we? Why would we just give money away, especially to a country that all sides even Currady Yucranian say corrupt, his hell? Why we have conditions on that money and
knew has orison the last day and a half least in my mind. There is such an effort by the as to make sure no one would commit a new craim to an a corruption investigation or lookin. Election meddling in twenty? Sixteen? Why the harm am in the Navy life. There may be long that there wasn't anyeither good evidence as their wife thumb like leading political concluded, their wives based on first an interviews but left Jus say there. Isn't there wasn't any luck, the harm of having the investigation? That would show that? Why are they fo held Ded on keeping the plesses is claimed from committee to any investigation in the corrupt, or twenty fixteen or Brith life Tay get strange shiril? I I would love to have your brain around this. May I ND you a box of documents from the State Department, a fro it from the court system in you crane, along with Vidio tape of what we have on on officials. Admitting to these
ings because the facts are all there. No one is willing to go there and it is if, if this becomes just about Dol Trop, in my opinion, Sherehon, this ole thing is if Donald Trom was doing something wrong illegal than he should pay the price. If the crats were doing something wrong or legal. They should pay the price, but we need to overturn every stone because our republic is at stake just likely with Russia if Donnal rump was colluting with Russia. He should a impeached. I care Erwhose, right or wrong. I want to know the truth. Well, I'm unconcerned that the persistent gerography have has been quite effected.
In punishing anybody around President Trump so far that has gone off script of what they want to happen and if their aim to make it were a president can't institute for policy, can't copper investigations into corruption, can't condition aid. I mean we ve been given up any notion that the constitution that says the present determines foreign policy that play. We basically been said. No today the bureaucracy, the five be things the present just have to go along with them, should conduct you something that President Bush told me in the oval office. I was there the day that Barack Obama who then then trailing Hillary Clinton he said that you know if I had charge, I would diut, send our jets. I don't care about their air space if, if I want to find you know the bad guys and therein, Afghanistan I'll, just send the jets over, and this is at the time where we kind of thought that
Maybe Afghanistan was kind of an ally, and I said Mister President, I mean Can we do that? It's an ally. What would that mean? And he looked and he tried to comfort me- and it spoke the hell out of me- he said clan- don't worry, I don't who sits in this chair when they do, they will be advised by. Xactly, the same people they'll see the same facts and they'll realize the president's hands are pretty tied. It's just going to stay the same. What can you imagine being an outflatter like Trump who comes thin to change that? Who understand that and think I parrifule to the nation right fore. You get your jet fashion than I have good Authoriy. That said, he whitpered in his own office when he met with Hertanpue because other people would lift me the work for him. He g an tried and you want to do thing, but nobody around you, the port that haw id an implement anything. This is what
I think you know term limits are so important, but I think service limits are important, these stitutions, if you've been and you've seen five presidents come and go. What do you care what the president said? about at all of you guys and the arrogance grows and the the programmes again. If you shouldn't please I'll, send you the information. Look up civil society to poino and They were really doing in what they still are doing in Chile, OM they vhei institutionalized this. So I runs under the radar and the as May or may not even know it, but that's is truly what they're covering here and every single one of these, a the people that are been testifying, they're all involved in it. I mean like deeply. I I have emale
that through Foiy, our request that if they've come from them and have the money. I have the State department connections. We we have all of it it it's it's. Ot, a hidden secret, is just that no one will look into it in the press and I think that's aas. They bated about Trump and I thay m- I give an interview with the Oftening Thomic Crana winter. He wrote a book called Fabe the Sois, and he touches upon what you're saying that he goes back historically and says this would desined the swamp as we know it, just by divine with thought that there will be bureaucrats, the permanent government. They call themselves that, despite what the election found and we'd be distracted by the elections, the permanent government would be the one running the show, and I think it is exactly what we are seeing today. Itit really beget. It really grew out of Woodrow Wilson's frustration with the League of nations. He
knew that was right, and so we just have to get this done a n between him and F D Ar it just grew into this this this hydra. That now is, I think, beyond most people's comprehension, because they don't hear about it ever by design im what oudikaragi looked up a quick quot from the Blook and Cranuitte the opit that early social finds of getching out the plan of what an administrative fav would look like often used the brave Perma. Government instead will still have election and thei're useful cod. They distract citizens, but what's gon to happen is we will be the leviathan of a in a garment in no way affected by the results of the election, and that's exactly where we are it'. I've never. I've been doing my research on this. You crane thing for about a year and I what we started to find body.
Rago was disturbing in the more we look into it and it is its truly terrifying it. If, if the Senate doesn't pick this up- and suppose what's going on if they make this just about Donald Trump. This all of this stuff is just to show it's just a show and nothing's going to really changed the thenat in the midst of all busth and twenty fifteen or twenty six feenth darted a ukrainian Carcas that not a co infidite. I am sure that this was Alled of law being and contribution, and I think a lot of them im talking about the publicans were tied up in dead, in the ucranian interest in the way we don't understand, and they are not doing much to counter the alt narrative- that there was no uquanian an appearance in the election, their kind of sitting, silently by with maybe a couple of expections they're, not holding hearings, they could hold they're, not counterpointing. Some of these things that are not true, so I'm not really confident there. The
do a throng and great job. If you're looking at them for a counterpoint, Sureo may I have af fare the May. I have the one of my researchers deu e, a bunch of raw the information andwe, give you the outline on it, but I would love for you to see these documents cause. You are absolutely right. I think we have proven the case beyond a ruse reasonable doubt with official documents, there's so much more work to be done on it and it has to be exposed May I reach out Tew after the shrow ad LA art love her look at it. Scherill think is so much appreciated. Dodgless. Ah she's, the host of full measure, with a sherlaxin ah and Justave, really a really very bright woman are making decisions really hard specially decision on how to bend your money? Well, they
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So I want to go back to a an interview that we did. Am it was posted like six o'clock last night. I think ah, and I got up twelve hours later and already over a hundred thousand views on Youtube it we, it was the show we broadcast the tv show law as we did it on you tube, so everybody could see it. Swe ought to make it free. Well, I had so many things to talk to him about, and he actually We only had that amount of time and he actually extended it for about ten or fifteen minutes. So we just kept rolling tape. All of that, the entire interview with the exclusive is behind the pay wall to day at Glenbeck Doc. I'm sorry at the ad blazed. E Doth Complaze TE me dot come if you're, not a member. Yet please join us. Please, ah we're doing the best work we've ever ever.
And we really could use you as a member, a your money will go to help pay for all of this stuff and I thank you if you are a member and make sure you get the best value bang for your buck watch the rue Gilliani o it with the extended ten minutes on it and don't Usto night show to night is Toany like a many special it date. Thas shows are really good right now, I'm, but I go with Rudy Giuliani, what he said part of what he said in that exclusive clipped. The you'll only find a place tv. What is it really all about Rudy? This is cut six. What is it really all about what this is really I all about, and that is AR training people up, enriching themselves, slipping countries one by one am and we we heve them on the
otape talking about it, Dowing it in you crane. We have all of the documents, really not hard to prove we have a release. Document from that was leaked out from George Soros himself. Outlining the plan and the money is going from the State Department to George Soros, and it is, I think, it's really nefarious and evil, but, let's just say, you're in the state department- and you think this is the right thing to do. Isn't this? What Donald Trump, perhaps unexpectedly, boled on to with you that you meet you and Doltrop LER a hand grenade in the states. Apartment becae Tis is not eliva you're right, right, Clen, you're, right on target. I will tell you one quotation: I have from Youkrainian witness he said
To me- and this is you know after tromp- was an office for a year on a Haf two years and I'm trying to get at visa for one of the witnesses. He said you don't realize that everyone, an you cra, knows that this embassy works for sorrows Nottrunpif. It is so or all sorrow's people it's so as any. I Keller that thy tale are justifying ambassador tell a late military record, whatever whatever, whatever his embassy, is, the embassy to holding up the veses before five people that could come here and blow up shift completely fraugulean investigation, so Rudy a knowing what I know. I don't think the chief wasn't scorn around the erect. I asked him one last question is Aur Izar is our hope that this will go
to the Senate and the Senate will expose Allf this and he said no. Ah, I'm looking for just one thing. I have a hope and it's being dashed every day, and I want you to hear it because I think if there's a chancebu, we have to assist in this I'll. Tell you bouthit next, Boo, o you're, listening rung Bach. So what is it you do when you 're in so much pain? You can't you just. Can you a do Necessary things around the house, you can't sleep at night, half of the time, and you know so: e like si. Like I wouldn't work, I could slir on T House Oldey, you start to feel guilty and like a potato and it's horrible That's the situation that Dan found herself in she was the hair stylus for twenty five years. She had
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scribe used the Promoco Glen and get tamboks on now one it gets to Ruddy's hope, but no again, or Reatyd guliani again, as if he's a rose canaver. He in this country that Pea China Errings is that we are going and that I revolved around him. Yesterday, Rsthought, it pointed out you Heem, avoiding the big story of the day and the big story is a wane, Essum has dropped out of the presidental race. For the Democrats, Waine Messem is out, now. S is isn't Wain Mish. I thought WAN Messem was like a wasn't that the actor's named from Blake Willind Gray, Sir, and that was her name or
I don't know who he is yever a messing. Is that your trash as that's head, Dever men? How, ai. I, as she would be a more likely candidate, then Waine Messem a Mesimania ever hear of it nope. Ah. Well. I apparently the Democrats wanted to shut that one down Ye Vica S, here's a guy who was clearly going to win ye as it do Democrat he's a devn. Stop trying. Now, I'm presending, I don't know I could tell I had SOS America ER's a guy who is absolutely going o win this race, and now it was just you know he was like a. He was stalking the field and waiting for his moment to pounce. So Likebetto, a no better, no look at you I'm sorry of like please, I don't want. I really want to get to ready Juliati. I don't mean to drag this out of a se. So Betto goes up to lie. Fourteen per cent and slowly fades a Yet he never had that. Well Ing. Anyone o have this big rise and fall yet was waiting for the right moment. She stuck it
Epresent, I am not Gan entire Lalon, very exactly I didnt eat and Ewn Piek at one per cent iu to Stayet there a vado and waited for his time bright and the Demor has pushed ibout my guesses because of the Fung raising stuff. They are like well disguised, Brirng, end uch of our money from other donors, how much money last quarter when he raised five dollars holy cow now not at me five thousand or five million, but he race legitimately followed a five dollar bill. Yet Oh who is he seriously? Oh is waitn. My chadisa. If the Mare of Miramar, Florida and the very mere mar you nteresting thing about mere Maur, a bigger population than a PETE Buddejudg's. Tewt, really yes, cause I've, never heard of mare, MAR Florid, really well Yam MI! You have. I have well good news.
Mermar YO get your Mayre back, yes, he'll, be there ye? I was hard to campaign with the fibr a Ight so some years, so I that's sad. He was present really says a mere moral lot of the time o case. So let me ye. Let me talk about Rudy Gilliani. The last thing I asked him and you Coul find this a blaze, tevie dot com, Slashclan, ah the exclusive of the Rudy Giliani Ex. The a interview that I did yesterday, ah is SI is found there. This is one of the things I asked him I said so. This has to be exposed are we hoping that it will go to the Senate and they'll expose it listen, but what I am hoping for is that one of our brave senators starts a hearing and calles all those ukraidian witnesses. Let them get up there and testify. Why haven't they? I don't know- and I don't know I me that's one of the first.
Ions that I have between our party and their party. Why are they stik? They seem so better organized to do cheap, horrible and things. An all I'm asking our party to do is do something valid. Go prove just how big. Acorruption corruption in Ukraine was that had a bearing. Our election in twenty six days. They spent forty million chasing a false claim. I know I'm willing to guarantee them. They were going to prove the truth and probably for the price of a few airline tickets cause we ve already we ve already. We have the documents, we have the documents and could there be more yeah, but once that flood gate is open, I'm too I'm too ing you it's corrupt to the core dthat. We need to find. We need Nee to find a Republican will do this. I don't know why Mylee wouldn't do this TED Cruwze. Where are you buddy, where you, where Arehe
Publicans. That will take this on and have a hearing. Seem more and more break about at a sword to day just about the Bightin part of US year. Hunter Bidon, fresh off a brand new child in the family congratulation summer, her vider! No, it's not his! Well, havely no head is no har Situten Inparental tests, THA Terro out of the Dena matched in Analianc tikers Byhalls, his fraudulent son Dian Itesque conspiracy YE and the good thing is thou ye came out on Jobaten's birthday. Oh it So I what a better birthday presen than a new grandson. He had arfect obbect so except for the Grantson, they were fighting against. Well, sir, so? This is a new story about a one of the baylouts hat, Hapen Hor, UN, two thousand nine, aha and It was one of things. Bernie Sanders pushed hard against it is gotd only gon go to the wealthy entitled people nobod. That's not true, because Joe Biden remember Joe Biden when a
bail, o money came Jo Pine was the point. Man is the point man. He was the guie to make sure there's nobody better to make sure that no funny business went on then Joe Bidon, so Joe was on this, so as he's all over it, but errand I Knewly might have really been all over Evry Lik e to say on this one, if I think Yo then was all over and really because it seems like a new reporting to day that one hundred and thirty million dollars of that money while went to Hunter Bitin's firm and shockingly its routed, I'm sure by an error through the. Aman Islands and another subsidiary, but it za in that it did eventually get to. Ah, the erbide and firm now, no one sets up a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands pity. Well, I accept fact when he jist happen to be passing through on a visit. So Hey'Ll just go to the Caymans
aathere. I needed a bank account and you didn't new company, so I hought we saw a times. Sometimes the eight m could be down and I could be Thow there now I need. I don't know, I don't know, stop storm by a breath. You know of a possible right, so I might need a hundred and thirty million dollar. Sometimes you do sometimes you do you want to have that ability to get it and that's why Joe was there too make sure that legitimate tax payer money went to a legitimate source like as company. It's only nine figures, though I and could have been twelve right now. Here's the thing thoes Anyo know about this, because Burney was on this particular YE TE actually not yet fought against this whole program, saying that thought it was hus afraid and I people who are entitled in a lean connected hum you' thik. You might been right on that one we should get information to him CAS up bed he'll be all over that now,
he as surely he will a an you' think HEU. We t right, he say he's in a fight. Agait diskuyies lose out es in third or fourth place in Aripole they're, all in it Nopm they all. Or beholden to it, but look you're. When you have a lot of new children, you need to tend to you're going to need funds to tend to them. Lo now, yester pay Child'Swort. Do you have? Do you have kits that you Noba OM. I got spread all over the world, well all over. Then you should try the hunter biting work. Ethic, aye, just agait, If I n, I don't have kids all over the world, I don't have kid said: you'd orgit, a pop up in my live and egg. Ah this as this as your I'm legitimaely a go. Ah pretty sure, I'm not an I e, now Hunter He really didn't think that he was the father he's a straight up guy, you know
he's definitely not a strait of guy. I if he ever read his personal history, Haids the lie Heriff now he's least do never drinking Brom droraou. He do does he does Cryimg prowlers ad mid a genery have about seven time any of those things, and so he was very clear you when you are when you have the sobriety of Hunter Bitin. You know you know I'm in a committed relationship here and we love each other and I'm Goit. Ta know if that trial. How happy are you gled, as a man who went through a battles without the hall and drugs? How happy. Are you now that you didn't have any game back? Then Creakes, who knows what you had into really. I am really happy. Morcchle Jo E Don Tom to I say so, the neteary Esider to come as a surprise, ANA, LAD, chicks in the audience ES. Ah, but chicks, don't dig m know they don't an not atus old, never have ye, never have
and I don't understand that I I meann it's like I have all of the qualities of a gay man di for the Eighy sex part and the physique, the Givs isn't well, you know Janat's, but that said he's general is Aghe right. You know that you can't say all game. Men are really. You know fit Mat'Stre What'Str. Why Luck, you have a sexual preference, unfortunately for women as women rai, I'm a lesbian I've. I will only sleep with women, H, Unga the Tasemet to have all the traits if Y a man which all women are supposed to love, they always ie here. The good ones are all gone or gaing it like nine thousand romantic comedies of might Itcur got to be true, bland hose qualities. My wife can barely stand me at this point as a orjer doyhw. Can we not sleep? So you know we 're like s, I'm
Think I'm just about the point to where she I got a stop from watching old movies and tv shows cause she might see like Rickie and Lucy, and should be like. Can we get those beds, this hepper bed, a lot more spait yen who get those cos are so small, there's nothing that could happen on that, be either Honeywiser cubical wall, but Whoo Nave, Marketo anywhere la yah ale. Talk about something a a sincere this a this next week. I is thanksgiving.
We are now preparing for the four hundredth anniversary of the pilgrims landing. Ah I shall stew to day I was up and I't. That was what David Barton and the always teaches me. Something new is Ike have ever seen the fever seen the quarter or the half dollar Tod Jessis, ah yet's, a half dollar f, ever seen, th fifty cent piece from nineteen twenty poor, one I'n like no David, I haven'n and he's like it's. It has the pilgrim it as the pilgrim's pilgrim on the and the Mayflower on the back like hour shut up. I never seen that said. Tisaya is so was made for thee, three hundredth anniversary of the eighteen. Twenty there was a big celibry the one. Twenty one hundred year anniversary and celebrate, but it got Cun a weird Kas, Upe, Mass Choses Erlik. Oh thou shalt not celebrate. Ah,
M Y in sixteen twenty when they arrived, they were pretty happy. There Wis a little celebration there, no dancing, but there was a little celebration. This was like foot loose times, Rekeleza exactly right, right, Cannet Bacon was there. Ah anyway, Nobodey even knows about it. Nobody VEN knows about it and that's the problem with our country. Our history has been stolen from us we are not. We are not remembering who we are. I want you to to your family this week, this coming week when you're altogether- and I want you to talk to them about the the real meaning of thanksgiving? In fact, let me give you an aim. A web address four hundredth dot, Org, four zero zero TH h, Org, four hundredth Dodorg, that all other things that you need for your table to talk about Thanksgiving and what the pilgrims actua.
Diad, and what really happen on what America really means and I want you to share that with your family and then I want you to ask them. What are we gwaint to do on fourth of July now I have been a guy. I was Mister fourth of July for a long time. Oh yah- and I don't like the fourth of July anymore, because all about James Brown live in into you? What is that Leana? cus or living in Azeric as he has born in the? U s a lives as not Lun an silies of Morepasia as Awes Centry born in. U I say, is not positive. Akay That's all it is it's about fireworks. Ah I I I think it is about fireworks and I think fireworks could be done very a good. I think there could be a fourth of July celebration that would be unfricken believable
if it was done by somebody who wanted to really tell the story of America anyway, different story, I'm sure unrelated to this, Could you ask them to save the date now? It's not tat happen in Plymouth, but the week and before I'm going to be in Plymouth and you could, you could go and join me in Plymouth for a big celebration there so save the date of July. Third. Fourth, an fifth before July's in a Saturday third, fourth and fifth, and if you'd like to spend the weak doing some really cool stuff. That will tell you about. You might want to save from June twenty seventh, which is that Saturday, before all the way to July Fifth, no not getting out in front of the plentyg on this. Are you, while you're talking about it on the air before it been now jurjust? No, it's just ye im Sain saved the day using I'm,
E Sussdays Ages DA, not plan other things right, Howqua, don't plan anything at that time. It's not a good time to plan cause. There might be something else, YO De you're rights, the widow TE might it is, there might not be Aigt e may NI be Anythir of anything, so just save the date. I it back in just a second, Oh you excited for Thanksgiving. Are you? Are you all that you're to be with your family. I am undi yah yet because I don't I all the family members like are all going to be there all thit ha. Members that you like her canto, be there yere and the oan that, like me, more borly that, like me to so there's some of those I'm spending it alone Hurk anyway anyway. I I want a to a little bit of a blind stock, calm Blindstock calm it can
transformed the look of your home, not not enough time for thanksgiving, but maybe for Christmas, and it can up date the look at your home and it's really ex. Expensive: if YE use, Blindstock com, you will save a but load of money. Believe me, I just did this a Butlod money, if you use blind stoct, came, go eplaces, fine things, but then, before you buy it go to Blite. I comes ye, have something the same or better. Literally about half the cost. That's what it was with me right now all through November. Twenty. Fourth, you want to do something to the window. Treatments of your house blind, shade, shutters Thot. You can get forty Persent off of everything, and already the really low cost plus youll get ANA or twenty dollars off with the promo code back so forty dollars off everything at an extra twenty dollars off blinds not come from a clothe back blind stock
Promel Gode back rules and restrictions may apply MO. This is the Glimbec Programme, Thepin'T Itddititedit and that's when we started this movement on the college. Campus af, the fundamently changed the culture. No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self defense and that rarely ever occurs, and so we have to dischange the culture period and
plunching at it and plunching out a eny poison. It Ahl tell E, oh, I so torn. I so want him to be president just for Thisamy a near least Penominy, and we got to stop domestic violence and we hast got to keep punching at it. Keep oll. My goddess is too good. Ah by way I ran out of time to day. So I I ipe I wat spend the time to tell you? What's that? what's the next step from the impeachment hearings? What's could I happen that dear? What's could o happen after Trump? Is re elected I'll? Tell you Morrow's broadcast and Billoriley you're listening Ta Glen Band E mood.
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