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Saudi Arabia's Investment in BlackRock PROVES ESG Is a Scam | Guests: Noah Rothman & Sean Reyes | 8/17/22

2022-08-17 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu go over the massive blowout loss Liz Cheney experienced in her Wyoming primary and the decisions she made that led to the loss. Glenn exposes BlackRock’s ESG scam as they company is accepting millions in investments from Saudi Arabia. President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act as America’s farmers are already speaking out. Michigan attorney general candidate Matthew DePerno sets the record straight on an allegation he’s facing from his Democratic opponent. Author Noah Rothman joins to discuss his new book, “The Rise of the New Puritans: Fighting Back Against Progressives’ War on Fun,” and the importance of laughter. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes shares exactly how his state is fighting back against ESG scores taking over.

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the program, what a coincidence and I'm going back. What are the odds? Welcome I'm glad you're here from behind by cardboard microphone. We have news of Liz Cheney. All this is going to be fun. You don't want to miss it. We begin in sixty seconds all right, dog, as we like to say in my hood protect yourself, you're, not protecting yourself. Every time you go online for any reason block its taking it's only a matter of time before some cyber criminal comes along and decides that today is the best day to steal your personal information and, from that point on things, you're gonna get a little complex for yeah quickly Why not try to avoid that now? Nobody can stop all cyber crime or monitor everything, but the eba, the.
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Naturally, it wasn't a victory speech. She's gonna go on listen here. She is, rate and original champion of our party. Abraham, lincoln, was faded in elections for the Senate and the house before he won the most important election of all links. ultimately prevailed here. our union- and he to find our obligation as americans for all of history. Think she compared herself to Abraham, lincoln hut sure what her point was their other than an eye. like abraham, lincoln and so I'm watching my presidential campaign. I mean, I don't know what she was doing and you know In all honesty she has, and Abraham lincoln. The man in Abraham, lincoln without the beard now Cheney is it. Is it.
Not yet sale. I do know you're right, that's mean it's just a word. That is, that is the same bunda anyway. So I'm kind of sad stew. We don't have. We don't have the list janey to kick around anymore target. yeah hey knows at an interesting approach of any one of the strangest elections, probably of all time, as we kind of noted, little bs regularly cheney voted for donald trump in twenty twenty people forget this. She voted for donald trump into you twenty. She was then, obviously turned against him and said the stuff, but he did after the election. She didn't like, but then survived a republican leadership vote. After all of this, and then still,
talking about it and then eventually was thrown out of leadership and has become the enemy and was elected was defeated handily by by an opponent who glenn was so anti trump Two thousand sixteen, but she among the people, organizing the overturning of the primary on the convention floor in twenty six did you get tat cross to be the candidate instead of drop as she come so far the other way that she's now the pro trump candidate and Eighty who voted for the from been twenty twenty is now the anti drug, candid and long life points it is like all of our beds are on the edge of a worm whole. Every day we get out of bed. We put our feet on the floor and we we just like like a water slide shoe wherein you another america that is kind
like the one we were in yesterday, yeah. I can't keep track of it. It's so weird, and you know so. The final was sixty six to twenty nine, basically about what I think people expected going into this. There were some crossover votes from Democrats, but again not enough. but meanwhile me to make any particular. france, and so it was it was. It was a blow out chinese already onto that hurt thing. As we said yesterday, you could tell was about because the way the media was covering, it is talking about how she's got more to her than this. This is one bump on the road of a longer journey, and she leak this to every single reporter in the mainstream media. To tell that be look, this is a big deal. She doesn't care about this. It's the next thing. That's the big deal. I did it was a little much when she started seeing my heart will go on ahead
she is trying to make herself into this. This is a martyr type of period here for her, I suppose, yeah at its aid. It's a strange when I was talking to someone who follows politics, but not like super closely: And and he's like look you you don't know anything about loose change, than she doesn't like trump you know- and it's like this is her- problem here, it's not that you can't disagree with drug it's all. You can have your an opinion, but when you did Kate, your entire life, to be obsessed with one individual. This is you're going. we defined as to how people who your state feel about that individual and when it comes to donald trump people wyoming like I'm, going to bed, you know, hearsay ears. Amazing thing is my pride one with with her, is, like you said, She was all in in twenty. Twenty tat. She was all in twenty twenty
and then he does this thing on january, six, which he cause, he didn't do it, but I didn't the way he acted on January six, I decide that, like eight, MR president, on tv right now and say, stop, and indeed on the day. I was really really pissed, I'm like what are you doing and then I kind of got over it enough. You don't mean He was in responsible, so a kind of way, and I didn't like that- I'm not gonna die. kate, my life to destroying him, because that's kind of way. I don't know psychotic break it. might be a little manic in its approach to life. It's like going, two going someplace, where you ve had you no good meals you ve recommended the place, and then you have one meal, that's
cold and hued set out to destroy it. I want their licence revoked, I want them out of business. I want a bird their business down, and I want to pass on their ashes. That's all really what it's like yeah, it's. Weird I've been out, look what I think we ve certainly asked for for this over the years. Politicians who believe in something that's not popular to stand up for it. I have no problem in bracing that general vibe, in that I am. I People are saying you know, I don't think she genuinely seems to believe this now. I dont know what It's hard to understand that from someone who voted for the guy right. Like you know, it's one thing: if you really thought he was a terrible president for four years, and then you say okay, this is the. This is pushing me over the edge. I have to stop him in any way possible. You're someone who wanted for more years of this guy right up until the actual. Unless you write like, I think don't think she is. I think she is someone who
her nose and said all the right things and at the first opportunity to naive him, she did I really you cannot make its psychotic stew, it's a psychotic swing. it really really every really just like it was a rag event right I mean there. Certainly no, it did change some people's minds. I suppose, but I mean over all. Overall when you come when you look at it, it's it's like. I dont think she did this cause. She thought it was a helper win this election. I think she had to have known going into this. This would have made her political life more difficult, so she I believe it let her go out and do this, but with that comes the consequences from voters and voters. Tone agree with you. You know either public voters in wyoming. You ever think what you're doing is. You know, come lately wrong and they sent a massive message. The turnout was huge yesterday, but I think stew Think of this strategically, I think,
A humiliating and devastating loss puts you right where you need to be to launch a presidential campaign. Don't you but let me as a meadow over or call on one second get better like here's somebody out there who gets it? All out stacy, abrams she's, these online do know it's true I doesn't make. I don't like the bigger thing here is: what is the constituency for a liz cheney presidency? She she basically runs the state of warming, it winter family runs the state of warming and she got twenty nine percent of the vote there. So what? it. Is the constituency other than the possibility of her running as an in depth the candidate to you know, sir shave votes from donald trump and what give the presidency to Joe Biden or Kamel a hairdresser gave a new summer, whoever else's running made. If that's this attitude, which I dont see what the alternative is there. I don't
If there's any I don't think any other path for her to make an impact. that's that's a strategy that does not support someone does have a relatively conservative voting record oconnor mirror she's gonna, brave and she's, going to take that stage with total He says he's there about, so she gonna shoot he's gonna be the one that takes him on and she will last all of about forty five seconds. Ok, she will he will harm all her around, John it too. every single person meal pummel her the popular. and then she really be set up for breakfast bitch. there's no other way audience for this is not how you would win a primary there's. No one is going to come in to the republican primary and take a stance like China is taking the envoy
You can take us here I'll, say: hey, I'm different, the donald trump within this will these ways I don't like the way he did x Y uneasy, but to come in just say this man is Satan is not me, there's no way to win a primary doing minnow. So here here's where I think I could have tolerated I could have tolerated, and maybe the people of whaling would have as well. I don't know I don't united live in wyoming, but. I think if you had a view of with donald trump and then you, you know something happened on you know January sixteen year like ok, that was really bad. You'd handle it like everybody that I know who This was a donald trump supporter is adonis donald trump supporter. They were really angry that day and now There too, the point of I didn't like how he handled january six- I just don't like it. It really bothered me, and it said, bothers me, but you know he's.
No, let's donald trump and he's gonna do what he does, and you know why. what bothers me? He either is the candidate or isn't the candidate for me and if you if they would have said, look if she would have said look. I was for donald trump. I was with him the whole time. And I love him just loved him, but then, instead, I've going psycho over it. I decided to come out and say guys. I dont, sure if he's the guy for the next election, he was great in the time but he may not be the right guy, because He's he's he's stir. Is it up every time and we need somebody a little more calm than donald trump and You know he stirs up I don't know, but it should be left up to the peoples. This, though, is this. What is this the best way to defeat
this social is of a socialist marxism. It might be, but I think maybe- Rhonda santas would be better. Okay, I Those conversations are happening. But those conversations or not you I really really liked him now he's got be destroy iraqis. Yet now it's true it's interesting because you know. Obviously we do. We have a lot of guess that come on the show at ST as america I go on other parts. All the time and when I think that the most I'm always interested to ask guests. people who are other hosts, commentators and the conservative world. Who do you? What who do you want an and I I mostly interested ass people, who are trump supporters. People who love donald trump were and the whole time who would walk through a wall. Fired but both for the sky and twenty twenty. What do you want in twenty twenty? Four? Who would you prefer to you want trump to run again? Do you want to be someone like dissenters and
All of these people that I've asked have been If trumpets enormity, I'm one hundred percent on board right, like there's, no theirs totally on that run that run, but I would the answers have been about fifty fifty, but fifty percent want trump to run that he's the guy he's. The only guy for this time period by fifty percent are also look- I love trump he's the best. If he's a not many great fine, I'm fine with it, but honestly if I had a preference I'd. Rather, have someone like dissent is because I dont there's too much by it's already built into that package, and it s not a slave to make out. I guess that asylum, Donald trump and I dont know that people like lynn, I do know people I mean it was here. In in new time in salt lake city. I did speech last night on s g I'll. Tell you about that. There's a me as genus today, I'm I'm here, and I talk to some some real heavy republican heavy hitters and they
said the same thing. They were alike. Look I'm! I'm all in I'd even raise money for donald trump, and I have- and I will but we would not run. I think that might be a better path because the temperature would be lowered, and I just just wish. We could lower the temperature on things and then they always followed up with if he runs I'm one hundred percent in it it's this weird thing that, lynn jamie thing doesn't exist. I really don't think it exists and is probably true. I think they have the same feelings on the issue, but I think I shall give up I had, but you don't think that jake, the same feelings do you. I do believe he ate you ve got a commercial for her on that front. I know it's a shocking. It is interesting to get you have basic the last two arrows of republican politics,
the ballot last night in a way right with loose cheney, continuing bush cheney, vibe and then Sarah Palin, who kind of came up during that tea party era? and I was a sort of converted more to em, maybe a more magua character. If you want a separate those two movements, but Still it an interesting thing last night and she became the weather I'll alaska election works. We're not morocco know who what wins that for a while, but it's kind of interesting decision is going to the other guy. Here'S- the well would most likely here's the last word it. What was at stake last night. What Are we gonna go back to the bush kind of republicans are we gonna stick with the you know, the the try true gosh, we're gonna compromise and work together on this and will always lose every compromise or
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scottish national party council of institutionalized man, splaining Has appointed a man as the country's first period dignity. officer and I think that's I think, that's great it's. They say a court ruling Of course, what do we all say that it's about making people aware of the availability of period products for anyone any gender, Never they needed now I don't know the man that has a period, but if you do have a peer where you have you know, maybe months of hair. blood flow from down stairs, guys, you should have that checked. I don't think he's put some sort of pad or a big bandaid down there. You should probably have that checked because.
You don't have a uterus, okay, so your bodies rejecting something else, I'll, be your ideology that is making you bleed downstairs. I dont know bud, just think, it's great that they have now a a period, dignity Officer and- and they have just passed their period products act too. People know that guy, You bleed downstairs to you probably should see a doctor, Maybe we should put that on the whole of the acts you know like. If you have this for more than three hours, if you bleed once a month, guys downstairs, go see a doctor, the Glen back programme. I know I know well, let me tell you about our sponsor
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You get a free bag right now, just trial bag make sure you dog, loves it rough green. Dot com or you F, greens, dotcom slash back rough green, dot com. Slash back. Strive to blaze, tv at tv, dot, com, slash Glen, the promo code is Glenn welcome to the Glenn Beck programme. Let me give you some good news. Media matters. Stu media matters very upset with our upset, yeah arable are usually on your side and almost every issue right. right now, George soros and I are like this media matters quote the wing influencers, leading as social media crusade against s g o. Now now let s look at this.
First of all, I want you to remember the right wing influencers, who are leading a social media crusade, it's an interesting word to use crusade, because there implies religious zeal, elon musk called. Gee, a scam, I so, I am sure, have a right wing influencers, leaving it elon musk called yes g. Can iran must the guy who runs the largest electric car company in the world and is building space ships partially too. scape global warming is a right wing influence or know that I'm talking about The guy who's. All of that plus, was dating a marxist. Ah, about one solely or right wing influence or their glenn yeah. So
Yes g, according to media matters. Listen to this. I think I'm gonna have this blown up in framed. G is attracting more and more attention from right wing media influencers like elon, musk glenn back and James Lindsey Those are those two eggs, a good girl paying. I like they feel bad today, their life Oh yeah had to throw glenn back in it yeah, but ip pretty good their power a growing number of conservative media figures, seizing on the opportune did turn yes g into the next battleground in the culture wars in part by fitting it into the broader great reset conspiracy theory. These guys But the one thing I like about this, this grouping of elon musk Glenn back and james linsey, is, I think, for the first time you can honestly say your middle class. I think in that grouping
If you are middle class there you go yeah, it'll, classical and his ear, and I also because I never want to be the smartest man in the room in that grouping. Nowhere clung here, death imminently that old diamonds demanded the right he I'm the one that gets the drool cock. When I walk in so, there are very upset very, very upset. because he s g is being misleadingly cast as a tool for the elites to force a turn. and a cool agenda on unsuspecting americans specific. Investors is part of the far right, great reset and spiritually theory I know how you can call this a conspiracy theory anymore. I mean even the new. Your times is thou admitting that it's happening, and there upset, because people are talking about it and their against it. It's the is not like that.
doesn't exist very weird thing: it does exist and these crazy people, against that yeah and the other thing that they keep writing about. Is that these me these mean corporation genes are. Branding stuff as yes g when in reality it stuff, they would have just already invested in inner getting extra they're just there. You know right just room taking money, m, idiotic investors who think he s. Genius is an important thing and then just resting in the stuff. They were going to invest in anyway, so they they are very much aware that it is happening in their complaining about it. Not in the way Your complaint is that go far enough, of course, but yell that acknowledging that it exists in I will tell you that I mean it. Truly remarkable dear. are we released my book, January, on the great reason, and remember: we talked fist even days before we release a book. Nobody,
is going to read this. Nobody knows about this. Nobody is going to pay any attention to this. Is anyone gonna buy this book, you ve gone from that. to now it is part of the Zeit geiss in a lot of in a lot of people's lives, it's it's it's out there. It is known it is known as a problem still, about what forty percent of the american people have no idea what it is, and I think about thirty percent of the american people, think they know what it is, and I no at the number of people is that that do actually no s g is always by the by the left. is always positioned as the free market, but concern is your against the free market. These are companies, making a decision and yes, she is just to help. People may could decision when they are investing, though it's not you,
no stop! You know it's really had when the left makes arguments like that. Would we love the remark it? What are you talking about? It's like when they say? Well, I don't want anyone between the doktor and their patients. Like all really in this mountain case, I don't care, I know what's going on here and they all of a sudden become knows it s all achilles heel, urine yeah, exactly opposite. That's the thing with the s jeez, like all the sudden there, just so supportive of the free market. They can understand why anyone else would possibly oppose it. You oppose it in every other instance I think we're onto you on that point in and the awareness here I think the rising in is no small part because of the book, which sold Lotta copies you ve talked about it, on the air and is it is grown. I thinking in influence conservatives circles certainly and has I have grown to a point where you know the awareness is more broad and general. I mean I think people do know about this, even if they don't know all the details
They know that you know there. Is there something going on here and it's it's not gonna wind up with well for the american people now to really not by the way, if you think that it's just away too, you know let people decide. You know. Let me ask you? Did you decide that we shouldn't drink for oil anymore? Did you decide that oil is in the past. Did you decide that we should shut down the oil fields? Did You decide that exxon should slow, its growth by twenty percent decide that because your money did your money, he's being held by like places like blackguard, a black rock vanguard and state street. They invest most of our retirement funds and you're losing money or not. only an enterprising attorney.
Where did start to think themselves chief, I bet there's a class action law suit that could be had bet, I could soon place like black rock now I'm not an attorney, so I don't know, but I bet I could find a lot of people. Do you have Malefico fees or whatever the hell do you have? leprosy. Did you ever work with Glenn back you might be in, for big money there's gotta, be somebody out there who is thinking you know it the message mesothelioma thing is probably played out by this point: maybe did you have your retirement fund managed by black rock, where they do tell you in advance that there there s, decks there s g index, which you were just placed into. did. You did. Did you lose money because it's under
reforming the esa p five hundred and now they come out and said yeah you would expect to lose. You know, maybe for the next ten years. Oh. Well, I don't have a problem with that advice. Fifty five. There is a class action lawsuit here, however, the states are also taking action I am here in utah, where their treasurer hello? Oaks is doing a great job so far, are on s g, and he's not going to invest these its money into something that will kill the state and also provide the best return on the investment for the for the people that have their pension through the state that has to be done, it happening in arizona. It is happening now in all. almost all of the red states. That's half the country, you
stoke their money off at black rock. and there's a problem There is a real problem: they didn't think that this would happen now just so. You know, if you think you're you're on the right side, not only my money in black rock cause, they don't have anything to do with the price of gas alain. Let me tell you that black rock, which is v, Harry there there, the leader, literally the leader, and he s g right in view your mental, social justice and governance K? That means no more petrochemicals the s being social justice and we ve gotta be we ve gotta be kind to everybody whose different I mean. Let's not, let's not verbally, be head people who are different and then
the governance, let's have a whole variety of people. Do you have somebody who's strands, gender, on your board of directors, so black, iraq is so super super super locked. and he s g that yesterday they took, a four hundred and fifty one point two point: seven two million dollar investment so have billion dollar investment from the governor. And of saudi arabia now Why would Saudi Arabia put half a billion dollars in two investment fund. That is not enough. Performing in fact underperforming the esa ninety five hundred? Could it be that they likely idea that they are encouraging companies like exxon to stop drill.
for oil, could it be They don't like the fact that we could be energy, independent and not care about them anymore is at peace. I saw both know about you, but I don't look. saudi arabia? As leader in the e, or the s or the g, they're kind of the opposite in each category. world's largest oil producer, it ease out. They jail or kane or kill homosexuals so that she's out. I don't think They have a wide variety of people in any of them businesses or government.
yeah, I'm pretty sure black rock is talk it out other but lack brok doesn't mean a thing. They're saying this, is a sham g is not about the environment is not about social justice. It is not about any of it. It is about power, can all and money. But I can't wait to hear what blackrock has to say why there, yes g investment firms, so We too have half a bill, in dollars from saudi arabia. That's like the new adsl and were being funded by the nazi party that doesn't Guys, I don't know, that's obvious, that it doesn't work back in just the sudden zeros our sponsor this f, our peace. We in mobile. I love patriot, mobile patriot mobile.
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predicted it and he was exactly right now he is Acting something else he said Its economy is headed for on here, finished, inflation and or severe recession, and it will be Out of control, and a high hard landing. and he said- it's going to last? A very long? A very long time, long, protracted severe. So that's good news from jerry help me along this time. Let's hope I do too, but he's not but you know what he's not figuring in is the bill they signed. Yesterday, the inflation reduction I know it's interesting. The bill is passed like I'm. Seeing all these mainstream media reports,
talking about how the inflation reduction actual obviously will not reduce info they're all admitting that now after its past- and we spent seven hundred and forty billion dollars thanks. We takes for that thanks for that, you could been critical about that as it was going through and maybe pressure on them to at least change the name from a blatant lie. Yeah, I think, though, that the c b o is very timely. You know that they came yesterday as the and was still drawing on the page and said Yeah budgets. in the bill. It's a lie. It's really not gonna. Do any of the things I mean, including protecting those who make under foot. a thousand, in fact, beginning with people who make ten thousand dollars a year,
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when you were about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program all american from talk, radio, one o five, nine k and r s in salt lake city, where
in town adieu and yes g lecture today and last night a home, a broad. Our case, you don't know it is a great radio station. We thank you so much for listening and thank you for hosting need. Today we ve got quite a pro. Am lined up for you. Coming in just a minute: catholics, apparently, according to the atlantic, have now weapon ized, though rosary, yeah, yeah, yeah it's a dangerous, dangerous weapon. Rosary now kind of sets you are dangerous. Chair is, We'll give you really all that the attack on Christianity and the labeling of half of our country, as terrorists begin therein
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Able to were really able to explain why they called it the inflation reduction bill here it is, but if you have to, I call the fill every pothole act? I mean voters should expect you to fill every pothole. I mean so. Should voters measure the success of this bill on how much you read this inflation in the next couple years, so therefore this bill spends out over several years and so that tax provisions, for example, some of the tax revenue will happen immediately. Some of the benefits in terms of deficit reduction take will materialise over time. So again, this is really an investment in our economy. It represents the president's economic vision transitioning to an economy that works better for american families by generating
the kind of growth that, based on stable, steady productivity gains in the language of economists, so that kind of growth that we know we need to be making in order to ensure that we continue progressing for the decades of any name is just a name, but there are definitely a lot of other names. You could have newspapers belt, I fly that so funny how you lied to the american people that I lied and you left us for dead funny. That's funny. You know you're drinking problem, that's affecting real people and ruining their fighting to see who acted like you put a sign on the door. That said a safe space we all went in and there were killers and rapists in the room. That is funny that you would save me. The joy you are gosh. These people are evil anyway, the sea be ok,
about yesterday- and they were talking about how it's not going to reduce inflation. It's not going to reduce the deficit. In fact, it's going to add to the deficit: it's not going to help the gdp. In fact, it's going to hurt the gd. Oh and raise taxes on the middle class today. Would not do you and a whole irs's thing. Yeah, that's yeah that is coming they're gonna come after you guys they have to this. What the ceo said yesterday, thank you for the timely update and by the way cabo- is known for making things look better They actually become so that fills me with the worrying for a hell scape. I I will say glad I did hear some pretty important things about the irs, and this is important because it before and if you ve ever called the irish before, which I am sure you have
Oh you know like. I call them back in eighteen, eighty, six, I'm still on whole. Ok, you ever pick up any time that was that selling point of this bill. They said because their hiring eighty thousand new employees, someone might have the phone, when you call that is Fantastic- and you know it's really great, Is there going to be so efficient you're, not even going to have to call them? There call income busy you anyway, this all about the the united states government has a no agency that vienna. It states president the This straight includes the department of exit education, agriculture, commerce. All of it, though, all have they all have private armies. Let me ask you: why does the department of agriculture of armed officers, I mean sure sure I mean the the
very well known wars, there between the corn, farmers and the amish. You know when they, when they their extreme is yogurt feud going on with the amish there's nothing that will quell that other there. The united states department of agriculture army. They our developing things and they are putting you into this. Extremists position, look at over in europe. There they're all ready forcing the farmers to live on these. Yes g rules, which are by the way completely nonsensical that as that It's not even happening. This is a conspiracy theory. These aren't the droids you're looking for their already. Protesting and the fao farmers are being called the extremists. Have you forget
grows. Your food rose food. Now I get by food from the supermarket. Oh ok, then, don't worry about the farmers. They are targeting anyone who disagrees with them as an extremist, and this is why this special tonight on the blaze tv is so important. You have to understand what is coming for you as a christian now as somebody who is interfaith that's not the most popular I will tell you you're gonna you're gonna. Look at these days. If you were, let's say a mormon or a Jehovah witness you're gonna, look at these times for those
for those people as those days don't come back, it's not going to be easy to be a christian soon and they had all starts with, white christian nationalism. They are making crew students in two extremes this and they are lying about our faith chris these are the next one in lie in line and your faith is now on trial. But it's a it's a kangaroo court, calling any witnesses. On the other side there calling witnesses that agree with them. it is so misleading and so dangerous. You need to understand how they are paid, christianity in america. That's all! I do tonight show you where this all breaks down, give you the rebuttals to these things, so you can share them with your friend too, and I did I didn't say friends I did say share it with your friend, because, if you're, actually
gin today, if willing to stand up with it, stand up, for you probably have one friend, but you need need to be able to answer and all your friends and have them share with others? This is in mature smear campaign, but it is going to be relentless c and and came out with an article last week, burger debunk that tonight and also look at this one catholics weapon ized, the rosary, From the atlantic, the yale fifteen is a sacred object among christian nationalists. now you would ask yourself what is a christian nationals? Stew, if I Do this. I say what is Christian nationalist. What would you say, a republican coquet. And while the brainwashing has worked even on what would use honestly, what would you say, a christian nationalist? Theirs
a vision of a christian nationalists. That, basically, is is an idea of a of america that is built on christian. Prince poles, but is closer really to a theocracy and is exclusionary toward other faiths other. Races usually is included in that as well. The idea that it be country in history that my we label. Christian nationalist country not labelled not actually one, but one label that. I had an example that was named. I mean certainly they like to say that about hitler back in the day, germany, of course it was completely ridiculous. Sir. We ve cover that many times we need to get back into it, but a hitler, not not Should not a fan of christianity wanted to end. All of the churches was literally outspoken throughout
is not only comments were commentary with close advisers but you know admitted much of this publicly that this was a long term goal of fascism but wipe it out. But let's, follow christian nationalism anyway, I think, is the approach of the result. Christian nationalism they ve defined. This and you'll find out all of this tonight to blaze tv, if you are not a member May I ask you to join us. We are in the fight for our life right now. And I I ask that you would join blaze tv I know your money is tight. I know, I know I think and pray about you all the time. I e I honestly, every time I noted the grow, restore or an go philip a tank. I I wonder.
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and we sure would like your support at blaze. Tv just sign up now become a member of the family or save ten percent use the promo code, Glenn blaze, tv, dotcom, slash glenn, so tonight we're be talking about this and you need to arm yourself with it, but We continue with this from the atlantic. The eight hour fifteen is a sacred object among christian nationalists. Is it now The radical traditional catholics are bring. A sacrament of their own to the movement, this extremist fringe, rosary, beads, have been worse when in to a conspiratorial politics and- and absolutist, gun culture? In all? I have to tell you I can remember I can remember sister shaven and sister una Mr Julie, as they would be whispering the rosary on their knees
I remember walking in to the church as a kid candles and smell the church and incense and they were there and you could just barely hear them and I'd walk up behind, because I didn't want to disturb him, but then one would hear me and they were surprised and they all I heard, was Andy. took the re hours out there like straight down straight down, and I was like home gosh confirms our sister, I'm sorry, I didn't know ah they're, so radical those rosary, people, the armed radical traditionally have taken a spiritual knows. isn't that the rosary can be a weapon in the fight against evil. Now. This is a new thing cause. I'm. Pretty sure I mean- maybe it's just me- I was raised catholic. I always thought the rosary and doing
things like praying was a weapon in the fight against evil. Yes, but now they're taking it literally. It's a garage, that's what really is I've seen him I've seen him before. Jason bourne I mean they ve change. Did you know from reality, but the real jason bourne when he goes in each other? people out He uses a rosary. How do you think that Hope is doing what ass to kill people uses a rosary anyway, social media, pages are saturated, with images of rosaries draped over fire arms how many times have you seen. I hate that this is the They do now to show a movement when they can't find one like the day. They were saying after the ray on the other, the of our logo residents of donald trump. They said the
words. Civil war were being tweeted. once a minute now our four hundred million people on twitter you're getting one tweet every sixty seconds. This is not a new story. Ok, any combination of words is being tweeted once a minute on twitter, apparently cheerleader. We I couldn't find a humvee nope, not happening, oh ridiculous, but this is what they want to do so here. Here's something I I just want to point this out you are a new on traditional catholic theologian, so europe for this, you know new, more open, progressive, Hey everybody can be whoever they want to be and we should marry everyone in everything You should not be a written about.
and you might want to reconsider your name. The theologian Massimo fact gully. Described a network of conservative catholic bloggers. Commentary organizations as the catholic, so labour militia that actively camp aids against algae bt, q and the acceptance of them. in the church. These rad trade- Add this is a new word: rad trad there, article traditionalists these red dread, rosary as a weapon means represent a social media. Diffusion of such surging and they work to integrate? ultra conservative, catholicism and other aspects of online, far right culture. The rosary in these hands is anything but wholly says mister, fogg ali. While it's like doctors Zeus,
But for millions of believers, the beads which provide it will provide for a sequence of devotional prayers always traditionally looked at as a source of strength now take on a new meaning. More of this year in just a second. You don't want to miss our commercial My answer is really factor Kalen rodion about our experience. She said I can't believe I'm not hurting anymore. I can't believe using relief factor. I've been hurting for over forty years, but today I'm pain. Free, I tell all am I and about it every chance I can get relief. factor, is great and I just wanted to say thank you. You are welcome, I'm so glad caitlin that you tried it Thank you for writing in hey, listen, you try really factor. Will you write to me? Will you tell me going on in your life
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We have guy who is running for the michigan attorney general spot, in the banana republic of michigan, He is, he is under attack and it is so important We have the best aid Jeez your state has got to a tough as nails, Agee because the aid jeez treasurers and the sheriffs are going to be the ones that stand in the way of of this despotism. We talked to Matthew deeper deep. he persano coming up in just a second. Again running for the michigan attorney general office, oh in more fun with less chain coming up the Glen back programme,
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I have never met, don't know anything about him, but I have a very good friend lives in michigan who really watches things closely and says. This is a very honourable man, a guy who is cut from our same cloth up in She again the but his opponent is: is making all kinds of accusations, and I honestly barely know the story, so I'm gonna ask him simple questions here, and Matthew. Depinto is again running for michigan attorney general he's the candidate. Their math How are you, sir, great glen. Thanks for having me I'm sure now. Let me see, if I see have, I have this right. Your democratic opponent, the current Agee our heard her name, but she claims that you are part of a conspiracy with others to steal.
legally analyze, voting machines connected to the twenty twenty election. She says: five tabulate ers were taken to our tail hotels and or a in error. A m a b and b's in oakland county were for others, not you broke into the tabulate hers and perform tests. On the equipment, so you are trying to steal the according to her eyes. Understand it you're not trying to steal the election. You were trying to perform a test on this. Hotel room after you are. There's stole these voting machines, the story right and what is the truth. he the a have the story right. The truth is that I, after the twenty twenty election, I filed the lawsuit in michigan I received a court order allowing us to analyze
an election system and election equipment. Weee you know my expert witnesses performed test and machines and she now is coming forward a s all my opponent, the most the attorney general in the country making These allegations that she knows are totally false. because she was my opposing council? In the case, she represented the secretary of state in the case law. What the actual facts are. They know this is untrue, but right now the latest pulling shows the colonel plus one? In the as an advantage, she's losing terribly she's got a forty two percent graver ability rating. She wanted put drag queen in every school answers. He's come out with this story
in order to try to discredit me. Will you had me at court order So, let's, let's move on So what is it that you are bring to the table and you will clean. or change there as attorney general. Why should people vote for you Well right now, Michigan has the highest crime rate in in in decades we're now We're cannon sex trafficking. Are we not only a threat now flowing across the borders, destroying families and killing children and art regional and other road prosecutors across the state refused to do thing about. It is time that we enforce the law. I've been practising it for twenty five years. I practice constitutional law, involved in in criminal cases as a defense attorney it's time to go
in our state. It's time to enforce the law in its time to stop. Analyzing criminals. That's what I'm gonna do have many other issues. Also in the state of failing education system So we need to fix our state. We need to bring businesses back and that's what we can do as attorney general's, we can enforce the law, make the states the state safe and make it a favourable for business. doing enough, for my opponent refuses to do any of that she seemed whitson. he wants to run on a social platform bringing queens to our schools in it. terrible the destruction she's caused in the snake? Now, if I evade Have this right in twenty twenty she was accused of, weaponizing her office because she went after She went after anybody. The the
P l see which we all know, southern poverty law centre, is a joke funded by george soros. She went after those groups. They were called hate groups. Any comment on that boat. She in order to she's gone after people for religiously held beliefs, the federal court, to have smacked her down, saying she's weapon urged her office against religious people- They just recently in a recent michigan supreme court decision. This all of the cases should filed in the water investigation saying she weapon ized her office against her political opponents and created an unconstitutional star chamber environment. That's the courts! words, not mine, but what she does in the state is consistently go after her political opponents like me, like
others and she refuses to go after anyone in her own party. We have a video where she's come out and said she couldn't investigate governor wretched Whittemore regard The five thousand plus nursing home deaths related to the common pandemic because of their friends. She says I have coffee with Gretchen whittemore, so it's two different for me to investigate all of those death, while so how do you mean in us detroit for one in michigan overall, not necessarily known for its clean government How do you when tend on being you know, commission, Gordon, if you will the one guy that is
standing up to this point as agreed. Question. But what we ve been doing in this campaign and people can find me the colonel for am I dot com or fight format, dot, com, We ve been pushing into these community he's the detroit area. We ve been talking about these issues that affect the cambodian population and the black population. We talk about the crime rate, nobody likes that we talk about. education, parents want a say in their children's education were pushing for a parental rights, in this state? And Now these are the issues that were fighting about the people actually care about. They don't want drag queen in every school they're very vocal about it and we're making great head roads into it community. How much of it
block. Is she too? Stopping this progressive, not look, I don't hate drag. wiens, I don't he peep I'd I'd. Just please If my children alone leave, I children alone, when you're adult do whatever you want, but leave my children alone. You or in a wildly corrupt, a state with the unions and everything else. What is doing to help further that, and what specifically, are you gonna do yeah she's doing absolutely nothing to change the corruption in the state of michigan women she'd been ranked at the very bottom of the list of forty, forty, nine and fifty as the most corrupt state in the union. Rank bow, depart of justice, show our attorney general just add to that
lemme. She doesn't do anything to enforce the law. That's a huge problem, state? We have these prosecutors who refuse to prosecute violent, stolen anymore were down to in some areas some counties, one third of the police force, because these police they they're nervous scared. They know they can't make ready unless they ask permission and we have more police under investigation right now by my opponent than any time in the states history. And when I'm in office we're gonna change that we're going to enforce the law, we're gonna, prosecute violent crimes, and you know we're gonna make sure that we always support the police and army are attorney general. Just she dismissed eyes use is that she hates the police. She supports defined the police movement,
in her. Entire administration has been only about promoting algae, bt too, and so The issue is a mistake. So we're too matthew, a deeper. He is running for the michigan attorney general office, These stand on E s g. Well, we know where opposed to this day s journey problem I am entirely and that's what our opponent continues to push. You know environmental, social governance, they may push credit. A race theory. They push all of this on our students. Schools right now? in in michigan, and if you want to renew your medical license, you have to go through critical race. The early training
you have to promote e g in the state. It's terrible. What they're doing in this state? Listen? I've been, that's the gate, and since I started to run for attorney general, you know I've been out of of Some of this very same movement by my bag, you been investigated by your bank yeah absolutely them the more you get involved in politics in the state of michigan, no more speak out against the corruption. The more these institutions want to investigators and that's what My opponent, doing right now wish he's come out and say: she's gonna use tax payer dollars.
given to the attorney general's, assuring the use that money to investigate me in order to promote her own campaign, that's the height of corruption, right. and that's exactly what she's doing that's quite frankly and illegal. I'm paying financed violation, but nobody will do anything about it in the state of michigan Matthew. How it tell me and in not necessarily about you or the state of michigan, but we have the irs being weapon ized of almost every no. I should say that it is an hole of government approach. Now Every single office in department is being weapon ized. The american people I think, are beginning to wake up, then see holy cow fbi is out of control
You know that in your state, with the gretchen wit meyer kidnapping case, where are we? If we don't get the right, a jeez, and how long do we last like this? Where we don't last much longer, if we get more but girls, like Dana nestled in office, we are heading down a road of socialism very quickly Dana for his signed onto to litigation, where ex ago, is come into the united states to stop gun you re actually making guns, also signed onto that radical limitations, dean and also supports support. Partial birth abortion up to the deal. library at any time. For any reason, your many people will say that
The partial birth abortion is murder. Dana nestle sees it as a path to happiness. So my are going down the road of destruction they want to, weapon eyes, their offices to attack their political opponents in that's, that's the the sort of the strategy right now, if they can't matthew, did for. They were going to take you out anyway way. They can Matthew de porno, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I'm up against a tight clock. You can go was website fight for matt dot com. Telling you the attorney general's, are wildly important want to change things on your state level and protect the people in your state. You have to have a strong attorney general that is standing up against all of this stuff.
They can change the course of your state fight for matt dot com. If you would like to join campaign or help him out or find more information, Matt depend michigan state general attorney general candidate. Thank you for your time we talk about our sponsor this half hour. We are so privilege to be able to tell you about car shield considering expensive everything is right. Now it's gotta be a relief when you can find something that isn't getting more. Lastly, one of the many reasons I love car shield is because have to worry about what is going to cost me. When my car, my truck breaks down, I have old trucks at the ranch, I just want to drive until the doors fall off them. Well, a chip goes wrong, We five grand hits it and then
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the well come to the Glen back programme. We ve got a couple of things. We know it I've been on the off of the rise of the new puritan. We have him on and the best attorney general in the country. In my opinion, andrea, joins us about e s, g and other things facing our country talk to them about the f b, I 's corruption as well coming up the Glenn Beck program. Let me tell you about our spotlight, sponsor it's grip. Six right now, right now There are their people all over the country, taxes, sky checklist. With the fifth oil rig for the day, making sure the machinery is working? You don't case, I need to drill,
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The What you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the goin back programme
and can we just for the love of a laugh from time to time, apparently just want something that is just entertaining and not trying to brainwash me or my children? Can we not make everything about politics? There is a new puritan movement afoot in america, except is not being done by the right or the christians. Well, christian heritage. well now there is the rise of the new puritans. When talk to know a rough men who is just written a book about it, the the new meal movement that sucking all of the flood name life right out of amerika.
gosh, they're, just such fun. People know robin joins us in just sixty seconds. First, yo ravine just came out nouriel roubini is the guy who predicted the o eight crash. He was right on every goal. He is doctor doom, it's not going to be so bad and then six months later, oh my gosh. The entire system could collapse. no he's right last time yesterday, he came out and said, hey. You know. I know everybody's happy about this Inflation shouldn't reduction bill, but it's not gonna do anything. In fact, it's gonna make things worse. We're headed or a very severe recession. If not depression, it will last forty years and we could have wild out of couldn't Roll inflation headed our way as well beg you dog, could do so may, I suggest you call gold right now, I don't know
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Gold line, eight, six, six gold, mine, no rough men, who I think we really gets it. Is the yeah it just written about the right of the new puritans. The war on fun really know welcome come the programme. How are you, sir, very well. Thank you so much for having appreciated you bet. You bet, So Stu and I are in the midst of reading your book- we haven't got it all the way to the end yet, but I have to ask: you: do do progressives know that their most embarrassingly on right now or later to they know. This oh a daily, absolutely down, they would reject the premise and they sort of recoil at the assertion that they are pursuing some sort of a moral framework that they have imposed this moral framework on every aspect of life, especially
the political aspects of life they don t them I am less fun, let's chill the left accommodating than their parents and grandparents, but they must certainly are there having less want their having less sex, they are enjoying life less than their elders. they're having less sex. Oh yeah I'm gonna that chapter that is at one with the show that that is my very fallacious chapter, sex and boost its colleagues title temperance, all the chapel are organised around unimpeachable moral values because they are pursuing a moral ideal about how society should organise itself. So when you think of progressive, you think they have sexual prescription, right. But if you dig into the literature around the many proliferating sexual identity that thought about self gratification or self fulfilment, it's about the political programme associated with
these things they have to pursue and advance a political agenda couple that with the labyrinthine or consent rico I remember now in statute, in places like california, but mostly and norms and college campuses, and you have this unnameable labyrinth. That has erected around consent, which is absent. Consent is obviously a crime, but we could. it now real legal and moral and social consequences. If a q is miss red or a signal is overlooked or should human behavior intervened iraq as complicated process, the result is less tax, people are reporting, especially young people are reporting having much less casual intercourse than their parents. Did I have to. I have to tell you. First of all, it is a religion, what they're doing a religion. So you ve got puritans absolutely right and they are imposing it on all of us, but I I look at people who are like this and I think to myself how
Could you not be just miserable You believe, all the things that they believe is a life of misery yeah. They don't see them Well, this miserable, but they are making their compatriots- are off thirty, nine out of ten people I spoke with are, who would most of em wouldn't go on? The record for fear of consequence, to end the thank the partially thank those who have, which is. I heard that. Yeah. Well I mean there are real social and then professional consequences for going against this movement. It's not a big movement but a punches way above its weight, and so these guys, democrats, they vote democratic it wouldn't boat republican with a gun to your head, but they didn't get into the business of king, delicious food and writing screenplays, and do it broadcasting sport because they wanted to do politics, they don't they have just been drafted in this movement and its sapping them of enthusiasm for their life's work, and they really really with that it.
No keep you who live in these. You have some great examples in the book of of this type of thing. The Hamas splice is one I'd like to hear about the burrito truck to do truck a truck that was in the pacific. Northwest these to win went down to mexico fell in love with the food Viewed chef picked up, some recipes brought it back to the pacific northwest and it was a profound success. They were commercially successful. In fact, a lot of the people who are targeted by this movement are successful and I think that their success in genders quite a bit of resentment I'm, but they brought it back to the pacific northwest and the media environment down there, which is beholden to this group. Progressive set of ideas just went about destroying the thing because they had stolen the heritage, from from the hard working people at mexico. They hadn't give them any credit. They worked, giving them the improper remuneration, as they were due to varying nebula.
His idea of what would they have violated, what prescriptions late ignored, but that this thing was just these. Two women were driven out of business and the burrito track, which was started, which was loved ones, I was driven under our business, impartial ideas also because it was so good, but had violated some unspoken written ideal about whatever cultural come at a price edition, is it's very difficult to define, but its believed to be. Someone's form of theft, as though culture is a a a zero sum game and that it has been commodified in some way. an I when I read that and I thought about it, I have just seen, the new elvis movie, have you seen the Numa Elvis movie. I too had- and I heard good it's very- very good-
but it taught me something about Elvis I didn't know- I didn't know that he was so poor after his dad died that here his mom lived in a black community in Memphis, which never happened. He was like the only kid in this but white kid in this black community, so grew up in that culture. You grew up with the music. That's why He moved the way he did and at the time the programmers of radio? Would many of them would have loved to play the black music, but they couldn't potable man on the air and when heard is music. It was the black culture in black music sung by a white guy, and you know it shows maybe king and all of these legends who were friends of his going and take it. Take it, I'm glad people or are listening to it now. You would look at that and it would be cultural appropriation and they would hate, and I think they probably do hate
Thus, in anybody like him, because He was just stealing that no, he wasn't, he was popularizing it. He was break. A barrier, popularizing them and end and creating synthesis and theirs this idea abroad that synthesis in mute. in culture and cuisine is some a form of theft. Is there needs to be there's a racial essential element. That's put tibet that suggests that any creature, kennedy in a creator, works of art and the meeting and synthesizing various influences into some finished product represents some form of attack on culture, even though what you did it is absolutely correct, and in art and and music europe Supposing you audiences, to this thing, your creating up a broader understanding and acceptance of these cuts
gerald traits, albeit perhaps amalgamated not necessarily adulterated, they confuse the two. Probably deliberately the expansion of the broadening of the exposure to these ideas. These cultural traits used to be something that we would celebrate and accept this as an right on adult good. It is not like, I know, was a guy who I grew up listening to on the radio. He was very, very good whose name is charlie brown he was originally tat cagey are in seattle and then cuban I I study, at his feet. I was lucky enough to to work with him when I was very, very young, and I watched him and I got to when I started doing my own show. I called him up and I asked him hate charlie. Can I can steal this, and this and this from you and he just laughed and he said- and I think this is true with almost every because it's not your not living in a vacuum and he said glenn
you steal from me, you stolen twice and that's what we do I understand that it all is just kind of that's where you get your inspiration and you take it in you, make your own in your move, not stealing things word for word, etc, etc. Let me Let me ask you a because I'm I'm watch I mean. I know Europe like you, is a lot higher than mine and I dont know if you, if you're, if you watching like the marvelous, miss maysville, which I think is fantastic, but it centres around this woman in the nineteen fifties. Early nineteen sixties, who wants to be comedian and one of the running characters is Lenny Bruce and Lenny bruce, would absolutely be in progressive jail right now if he live today and you All of these great comedians that word there to push back
on the man whatever it was. They push back these people, Ricky your vase, make it, I think, because they don't apologize and they don't stop. Can you talk, a little bit about the effect of apology, and what's happening in in comedy yeah on the very same sentiments sing of public morality that took aim at any grew said: George Carlin, that richard prior or at work today, the executors of this campaign, are not on the right. They used to be this weekend that the tendency that saw something that would corrupt, you integrate society and innocent cultural fare used to be a tendency native to the right or in part, because we are all errors to this puritanical tradition has found a home in both political coalitions over the years I'm on when it comes to comedy.
One of the things that you see now among this particularly puritanical inclined progressive, is to emphasise the pain that someone had to endure in order for you to enjoy them has tried at the punchline on innovation thus in the fans of the the comedian Hannah gatsby. The comic and who is funny when she wants to be? She doesn't always want to be I am sure, will build the same pension that would otherwise led to a punch line and give you release and doesn't break the tension that lets you in marinate in it and absorb her pain and it may be interrogate you about that, joke that you told five minutes ago and ask you why you That was funny. Why, with my suffering funding and that's what they love much: they love the anguish. They love the order, because it is a sign of your thumb, your prudent understanding that suffering exists in this world, and if you don't dutifully dwell if every second of your life you are sacrificing,
a moral mission to advance the progressive project and make the human experience just a little bit more tolerable. This is a very poor and a good idea you never let go. Hang on, hang on, hang on. I've got to take a quick break. I want to get to the apology and then I want you to explain a little bit deeper this. This, anti comedian, I'd never heard that term before anti committee, an end. You know it's different, then like Andy Kaufman who just for his own entertainment would just make people wildly uncomfortable, but that's a complete Lee different. Look as I understand it, we're talking to Noah rossman. He is author of the rise of the new puritans, a great book you want to understand. What's going on with the left and new religion and how it affects everything there, of the new puritans by nor rossman back with him in sixty seconds, uk
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when we all, we are often bombarded with demands that you apologize for your conduct. The apology provide, you know absolution and that's why I differ from a lot of the very of really scholars, who have called this a purely secular fate- I don't see it entirely of fate because in a faith in them western tradition, there is deism that expiate sin there can be no absolution person in this particular faith, because there is no deism and because it is, an all encompassing social code. I like an it more to cure it in his because puritanism wasn't just a faith. It wouldn't just congregation want them. It was a way of life. It was a tough solitary and philosophy by definition, because it was total when it comes to the apology. The apology, as we all observed, you just a more delicious target and trains more fire on you, and this is That's true in comedy, as is their several examples,
I'm the comedy chapter, but there's a particularly interesting that I led off the book with about a m a grocery, a grocer enough in minnesota that was again very popular, very successful. It was added by keep Allison for the floor. The house of representatives got a diner is drive and entire guy fury featured it. I saw it turned out that this, the honour of this group I had a daughter who, in her youth of fourteen clean, respectively, made racially insensitive remarks online. This was picked up. the online community that they attempted to force him to to apologise and and to make out solution for assent. He had to fire his daughter. That was not good enough a pledge that she would devote herself to good work for the community. That was not good enough. Eventually, the cold his lease terminated, the least because only it was because that was the paradox.
The penitence that was deserving of the city had committed the careless parentage of wilful daughter, and this is what this is as moral code as you can find. It goes back to the founding of the country, when you are apologizing in any other tradition, you would find some absolution, This particularly uncompromising tradition offers no, solution for offences against it it is. I will tell you are right about this, as it is a completely different cut, you don't call it a religion. I do. I just think it's in an anti christ style religion? There is no forgiveness, and without forgiveness, we've we cease to function normally, as a society youtube, you just can't leave in a society where there is no forgiveness, we are held accountable not only for everything you ve ever done, but also anything your ancestors have done. That's a pretty
shallow pool of good people that can be swimming around thank you so much for the for being on the program today. I'd love to have you back love to do a podcast with you. The book Is the rise of the new puritans fighting against progressive is progressives war on fun? No, a rough men is the author back in a minute I appreciate you bet the Glen back programme, I want to talk to you about a great way to do good right now, time you're, tough inflation is sky. High prices on all kinds of things. From gas too, we are heat air. Everything is up. So when you do good you
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the latest on everything with cheney and more on studios america tonight followed by Glenn tv, don't miss. It believes tv dot com, slash Glenn. hopefully we have shown genre is on the attorney general. I think he's the best attorney general in the country right now. We're in trouble a bit about he s g and the overreach from the federal government- and I was just saying earlier why, does the the department of agriculture have. an armed force and I told you at the time and many people thought I was joking, because of those amish, and I mean sometimes those amish just get out of control. And what are you gonna? Do you gotta and they are fifteen to go in there as the department of agriculture defence force, those are my shout. You know I mean
and lo and behold, I get this the story in aid miller, a Miss farmer can tens preparing food- the way god intended, but the united aids government doesn't see things that way He is apparently refusing to abandon traditional farming practices. He doesn't use gas in our oil products. He also doesn't use fertilizer, so you know, and it's all organic and the government does and like it. So they are stopping. Thank god there find taking a stand on these damn amish I can say that we can say what cause you're not listening or they can use electors. they their banning their grass fed beef. There. Cheese, their raw mill, their organic eggs?
and their rum grass fed water, buffalo and all types of produce. because some their dangerous their dangerous. According the federal Woman will give you more on that story tomorrow. We sean re as on with us. He is the attorney general and I was asking stew earlier today off the air. I've never ever gotten involved, in attorney general races, I've! Never you know, I'm here in general and I'm running for my racing ex state, I've always been ok they'll find another show to beyond. I can't tell you how important the iter, the generals are in our states. They are. They the sheriffs and the treasurers are the last line of defence, and if you don't, I have one that understands the constitution and as spine and will stand up for it. You're states
be in trouble and sean re, as is joining us now from the great state of utah hello, sean lost? they learn. How are you doing in my here get price? You hear me all right if I can't hear anything We are having a loathsome technical difficulties here. Sorry about that, Why don't you give us as Glenn's kind of reconnecting here? Give us a give us a picture of glen or your hello? Can you guys hear me? Okay, now we're not hearing anybody at all. Ok, Why do we put him on hold and will come back to him here in a second? We were to get it. I talked to him about some of the e s g stuff, going on and all of the all the nonsense that has gathered around this movement here in the past few months, months and years, and really it hasn't been something that I think most republicans or conservatives had really followed at all all over the past couple of years as it developed into something much much larger you
I have a situation where we know we can go back to AL gore and we can find people talking about getting rid of the combustion engine so many years ago and something that seemed so completely impossible and futuristic that never come, and then you see the news yesterday that the challenger in the charger from the old one of the main muscle cars. You do you consider in the united It is going to be going all electric here. Interests ex couple of years, they're talking about them. Ex versions of the challenger and you know the hellcat and the red eye and all their different versions of this are going to be the it they're going to be quote on electric muscle, cars? After that this, this where you're taking the attorney general here here. He can't hear anything so I'm trying to what we're talking about energy standards and how fast this has come. You ve, missed you ve, missed him up
miracle and I've missed a lot. I dont know what happened to my my ears, but I we can now here and I'll, try I'm sorry audience I'll try to get this show back on. I was trying I was trying to discuss. If we discuss off the air before no, he did. You cannot call doktor carr a muscle, car, no, no, no new and most people don't understand that all cars any kind of combustion engine for the most part, except for its not ferrari, might be lamborghini do remember which one it was as if some do, oh god, you gotta wit, with with an exception of mugabe, almost every car we'll be electric, almost every car com. Money is facing the combustion engine out by twenty thirty, two, twenty thirty five, so you won't have combustion engines anymore. Well, that's a problem
and that means you won't have gas. So if you have an old engine, it's going to cost you. Only ten bucks, a gallon if you can get it to run it and they're getting rid of all that's, not the free market. That's not. Free market john re, as is now joining us. I'm sorry shown we had some technical difficulties. Are you their problem, can you know what I can I can sean, I'm gonna, take a quick break here and in injustice? Second, they will come back and have a longer conversation but tat. me why the attorney general's position is so critical in every state. Now, when were the last line of defence to defend the constitution, to protect people's liberties, their property? That is Actually, with this administration executive orders coming out every single day that threaten, our liberties, trying to take away how we educate our kids
how we run our businesses, everything a glenn arrest, on our ability to stand. For the rule of law and there's no one else in the position that it envy journeys general who are able to do that way that we can to litigation fighting back. and in Glen we appreciate your support. As you been with us out, there is weak fought this administration at the border. We fought them in the courtroom and all across the great nation, why, thank you, guys are amazing, and I have met many if not most or all, of the attorney general's that are at least a republicans. Some of em are ok. Some of em are really good, some of em but tat most of them are fighting hard with against yes, g for one
in fighting against this bloated government? That is out of control? And I want to talk to you about that as a rule is rich in regards to s g s, G, taking a double hit from the the states that are doing it right, and that is the attorney general and the state treasurer and utah, the state treasurer is marlowe oaks, who is, Take a big swing, and I want you to talk about that and what you ve just done, which is, I think the the real! Well, I can't I could I couldn't decide. which one is the knock out punch taking the money away, hitting them legally, where they should be head and we'll go wish on re as on that and if you're, an attorney general you're, you're you're anyway, Loved in politics, you'd need to listen to. He is talking about John re, as we continue here in just a second star sponsor this
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leading the way here on e s g, and we also have a treasurer, I think, the best treasurer in the country is from west virginia on yes g, however, he's only taking on the e and not the essen, the g. This is all important. So, let's look at you g in what's happening and how the attorney general's can approach it. What are you doing? John and thank you so much- and I appreciate we all do your voice on this, because you, I agree that this is one of the greatest existential threat to our liberty of our time, and most it's a total china. Yesterday, its china. If we fail absolutely and here's the thing glad at best and when I say at best it's all bad, but at best it's a very dangerous risky gamble with other people's money with our american
public money, trillions of dollars of our pensions and our investments that at best, but at worst glenn. It is in essential threat to the constitutional underpinnings of our republic, because it undercuts the whole political process it hyper. Politicize is the boardroom. it makes political mercenaries out of funding, ledgers ale asset managers. Historically, the prime direct If you will for them there fiducia duty. What the law requires is that they maximize shareholder value that they bring returns back in a healthy and responsible way and, as g turns all of that on its head, it is progressives away way of totally undermining the political process, because they can't beat us on policy that state aid policy,
in a or at the federal level, so here here's what the state a geezer doing, and I appreciate what the treasures do glad you mentioned them, but they absolutely have helped us lead out on this. They raised the strong voice and bring awareness, but what they can't do that we can his investigate and with those investigations then prosecute or litigate and all all of those things are in the works right now. I can't disclose everything we're looking into there are rules about that I get its now. You must not start it's not just You there are multiple; States involved in this correct or not absolutely not just you tat, we We are one of the leaders, but there are so many other states. You talkin about arizona, kentucky taxes, you're you're, home state of texas in them attorney general can back in there all of us working together We couldn't do it alone, glad it's such a huge undertaking that we would try to do it alone. We have them
together at it's, not just the ages. It's not just litigation. We need legislators to create better paul cigarettes, tat, track and fight back on this. We need fund managers, we need people like our friend be back, ran the swami to create alternatives so that people as it but there's a market solution. All of these things are the solutions, but state agencies are standing. before right with the tipp of his spear. We feel that burden and that responsibility, and we appreciate your prayers and all of your listeners helping. So when I, when I said last night on stage you happen to be there and- I said I think, some rising attorney, there is a class action suit down the road because its under performing the essen p five hundred and this is retirement money. So if I'm fifty fifty five I've sixty sixty five, I'm getting
screwed right now and they know it and they shall organise a ten year window will wait a minute I may not have ten years for my investment. What are you doing in violating their fiduciary responsibility because they want to affect politics. Absolutely glad. You said it better than I they're taking or dollars voting your dollars for their policies. Net zero orthodoxy were, about they. They make it sound like its inevitable that this this is all gonna, then an, and we all have to jump on board. That's how they try to cloak vit these very you know short sighted investments, be sir, not good investments now a by do want to say, and because I know you and I agree, we ought to be good stewards of this earth and conservatives get short shrift. that. We ought to be paying mind to how to protect our arm bush should not mortgage away the rest of our lives and our freedom in some silly effort to
push one particular brand of the dark see in any given. That's that's how they treat it and they demagogue, everyone right. Anyone who dares stand up against orthodoxy, even elon musk, a person whose bill attack tighten a great whose built his entire empire on a green approach a responsible approach they? demonized him with this. He s cheap. We just yesterday s estate, I jeez pushed back against the earthy sea because there you for comments on a proposed rule. Glenn this rule would require your fund managers. Again, not just words, about trying to maximize return for cereals, hard enough to do that, but now They want them to start reporting all of these e as jean criteria. It's what standard imposed I'm dead and that's why we in you talk, let out pushing back against them signal
chance. Shame everybody into this is not right based on merit. This is like sometimes I've called it corporate affirmative action not based on merit an end that you want to perpetrate anywhere Glenn. I know that you ve got other guy. And other things to talk about, but thank you so much for letting me get on. I appreciated Shawn. Is there anything that the american people all across the country should do to be able to help guys like you? What can they not absolutely? of all reach out to your eternity and express them some support for pushing back against this. This half the room in a priority for us, but also get involved with your state legislature we need to pass better laws that we can then go out and enforced. That's how the american people and get involved, educate yourself on. gee she up a huge threat. God bless. You learn that thing John John re, as tourney general all of the republic, most of the attorney general sewer republicans are on board on this, and they
or alas, last line of defense and support your treasurer in your state as well. If they are pushing back the Glen back programme
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