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SPECIAL EDITION: The DEFINITIVE Debunking of the Left’s Gun Myths


In this special edition of Stu Does America, Stu Burguiere gathers all the biggest and most outlandish gun myths you’ve heard from the left and COMPLETELY debunks them. School shooting deaths are increasing? DEBUNKED. Assault weapon bans work? DEBUNKED. Australia’s gun confiscation program yielded positive results? DEBUNKED. All that and more, as Stu Does America presents the DEFINITIVE debunking of the left’s gun myths.


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Hey. It's glenn. We ve seen how the left uses every tragic event to try to infringe on our second amendment right. The same people bring up the same myths about guns over and over again, and we have to set the record straight soap, blue has developed a special for this episode of steel who does america. It is the day, finished if debunking of the left's gun myths. Now, if you know sir, from the radio show you know he loves to take the scalpel to nonsense of the left and he doesn't. every day on his podcast on my radio show, but I want you to take a minute now and click over to his pipe. Cast and follow. Stew does amerika for new episodes every week day or click the link in the oh notes.
Does america welcome to our special programmes? Do debunks gun myths? If you think telling the truth is important. Please support us by subscribing to blaze, tv employees, tv dot, com, slash to use this special promo code, debunked right now to save twenty bucks off your subscription, and you can follow the podcast or the youtube channel and supporters for free. We really would appreciate it. Last week I was walking through my kitchen when I got a news alert on my phone. It read there has a mass shooting at an elementary school in texas and when you saw that you probably sad and angry and felt empathy for the victims, but I felt a little different. I felt scared at that moment. I had two kids had an elementary school in
access now, while rationally, I knew the odds of our school being affected were low. You can't help but have that and where your hearts keep. This gives a beat. I mean it's just natural and no parent should have to go through that the left wants to paint us as heartless monsters, but that's not true. We hate gun violence just as much or more than the left us We not only grieve for the victims, but we also see the rights that have protected the nations freedoms withering away, and we also know what comes next is understandable to feel emotion. After what we saw in texas, emotion comes. Naturally, it's easy to prey on people's emotions, try to push through an agenda. Never let a crisis go to waste. After all
some of the lowest forms of humanity will even try to exploit this tragedy for their own personal benefit, but I don't want to be better work. I want to do what does not come? Naturally, I want to suck every last ounce of emotion out of this for the next hour, and I want to focus on the truth. There is a time to be emotional. When you see that news alert on your phone there's a tie to go against what seems rational when you're a police officer about to run into a classroom and take on an active shooter, but this is the time to act rationally. To make sober decisions based on facts and reason and to know the truth. This episode We are going to look at some of the most common myths. Myth of misunderstandings, outright lies
all of them being told by the left and the media about guns. What does the truth about gun violence? Have we really have twenty seven school shootings this here. Why is that happening all the time. Over and over again, is it true that more guns means more murder. How can we stop this? What about australia's approach did that work Why does this happen in other countries and why about our rights and Joe Biden is always saying you couldn't a cannon at the time of the founding. Is that true Can we and should we ban a our fifteen? Are our fifteen's really two hundred times as deadly and will banning assault rifle rifles even work? Did it work? Last time we tried it. The truth is whenever something like this happens. We hear the same arguments over and over again the same people telling the same lies or, at the very least ignorantly repeating those lies over and over again
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to do with upside I. This is Glenn back and you are listening to a very special episode of stewed as america, the definitive debunking of the left's gun myths- if you like what you hear a tree take a second right now and follow stew. Does america for new episodes every week day or you just click the link in the show notes honourably phoebe dot com, slash do promo code is debunked for twenty bucks offer sufficient to police tv. Let's get right in this. Remember the goal here. The left wants you to give up a concept personally guaranteed right? That cannot be infringed. That is a heavy lived for them. The first step in that process is to make you feel overwhelmed and you need to feel like this is always happening like it. Never stops like every where you turn is another school shooting you seen this heading, probably online. Over the past week there have been twenty seven school shootings in twenty twenty two. So far it comes from education, weak they ve been.
Maintaining a list of school shootings for several years, but to get the twenty seven and make you feel overwhelmed. They include stuff like this in illinois A seven year old student was grazed by a bullet when a gun Another students backpack accidentally discharge that scout counts as a school shooting in north carolina. Teenager was shot an injured in the school parking lot during a fight over a gun, on a teacher work day, so not in the school not on a school day, but still a school shooting. In florida, a male student shot and injured an eighteen year old student. Please say this sitting the shooting appeared to have been the result of a dispute between the kids so a shooting occurred. Yes, it was an isolated incident, however, was not a random attack on the entire school ten, more of the recorded we'll shootings didn't even take place inside the schools. Several were in parking lots of you or in buses or vehicles around or en route to
schools and handful took place after school hours during sporting events or graduation ceremonies of the twenty seven recorded school shootings this year, if you think about what a school, really shooting really elicits in your head about. Four of them were even close to what most of us would think of when we hear about students being killed, school, and that includes you vanity, and only one child. In addition to the valley has died. Thankfully, there is a reason why we always refer to events that happen four years ago and tat. years ago, because the reality is not that we have constant school shootings, but rather that we have had one really. Really horrific incident. Very recently in its on our minds. I want to add a little perspective here, because the media wants you to believe that your kids are constantly in danger and perhaps more importantly, that they are.
Or the the only ones that have the solutions, the solutions that can easily be implemented? If, if, if just those darn republicans, would get out of the way, that's the way they talk about this stuff, the average kid goes to school. For about one hundred and eighty days a year, the average school has about five hundred students in it. That's about ninety thousand students student days per school per year. Right now are focused understandably on one school in new, but there are one hundred and fifty thousand schools in america. That's thirteen point five billion times every year that a kid goes to school and almost every single kid on almost every single day never has to face anything like what we saw last week. In fact, even if your child went to school in val di on the day of the shooting you still
had about a ninety nine point: five percent chance that your kid came home now, that's not acceptable in any way, obviously needs to be a hundred percent. This doesn't make any one who has to deal with the impossible grief of losing it. I feel any better and the physical and emotional scars are gonna hump this community forever. It goes we beyond those who were killed in the incident, but I live, it out this way for two reasons: number one, your best defence. Against this happen. to you or someone you love is not gun, control or even red flag laws or an armed security at every school, your best defense is the odds. True, the media wants, you to say, that this country is filled with maniacs, looking to murder kids around every corner, but that's not who we are statistically. Even when you consider the terrible mass shootings that we have experienced
cool remains one of the safest places your kids will ever be. They be learning c r t instead of math, but they are not constantly on the verge of catastrophe. The second reason I point this out is to illustrate how difficult a problem. This is to solve think back to europe. Is in school. Remember that kid who- a little bit off me, you thought maybe he might wind of showing up at a school with a gun. If you can't remember that kid, I hate to break it to you. It was probably you but every school has one or more these guys that add on how they might just go off the depend at any moment. At least that's what we think and we had a hundred and fifty three. And schools, and over thirteen billion school student days to try to defend changing
gun laws is not going to stop a problem that is such a needle in a haystack. I know it doesn't feel this way, but this is not an epidemic mass shewed shootings at school are incredibly rare events, and that's not me saying that those are researchers at northeastern university quote. This is not an epidemic masses, school shootings are incredibly rare events, these exceedingly rare event, we're not talking about even one in a million, even include mass shootings that aren't in schools we're talking about something like one in a hundred million, your chances of being killed in a mass shooting, are probably no greater than being struck by lightning that's not me saying that that's a criminologist from the minnesota department of corrections who literally wrote the definitive history on mass murders in america quote: mass shooter,
are exceedingly rare events, the average annual rate of u s. Mass shootings is less than one Per one hundred million people, chances of being killed in a mass shooting are probably no greater than being struck by lightning end quote this: isn't a needle in a haystack, it's a speck of dust on a needle in a haystack and that's it these incidents so difficult to stop. Once they have come ingrained into the dark reaches of our culture, but even if their rare events Why are they increasing so much? Here's the thing there I know it feels like they are, but they're not over the past thirty years, the most dangerous year when it comes to risk of dying, from a school shooting was the year. I graduated high school nineteen Indeed, four, that's not me.
Saying that that's northeastern university, again, here's the charge to show you exactly how it looks. This goes back to up to two thousand fifteen. This particular chart obviously doesn't include the last week There has not been a rise above sandy hook, level, violence since then, and what you see is that we have a major down trend down since the mid nineties. That's in schools and the overall peak of mass shootings in this country was not twenty twenty one, it was nineteen. Twenty nine mass did get a lot of attention and that understandable puts all so the main reason why they occur the attention, the spectacle of paying the anguish, the terror, the fear that's what these shooters are after, but the simple truth is this whites premises and scary? Looking guns get the focus from our president and our politicians but mass? things only make up about zero point? Two percent of the
others in this country's zero point, two percent guess of horse, we should do whatever we can, within the bounds of the constitution, to eliminate that zero point two percent, but even if we're complete the successful at doing so, we still have ninety nine point, eight percent of murders that still remain the old, whelming majority of which occur in democratic run, cities supported by decades and decades of democratic voters and policies, voting Democrats over and over and over again, and that's why the president and the media dont want, talk about it. You know,
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I trust that cop I this is Glenn back and you are listening to a very special episode of stewed as america, the definitive debunking of the left's gun myths. If you like what you hear a tree. Take a second right now and follow stew. Does america for new episodes every week day or you just click? The link in the show notes today were demanding the big his claims about guns, on the left and in the media. If you want more of this type of stuff subscribe, blaze, tv, dot, com, slash, do the promo code is debunked it'll, save you, twenty bucks off your subscription The foundation of the left claims on guns is the more gun control. You have the less violence you have, but fundamentally we know this isn't true. Look at recent past here in amerika americans by more the guns today than they did in t nineties about four times the number of background checks perform.
Ninety ninety nine, but violent crime has decreased radically since those years with homicides falling almost by half between ninety ninety one and twenty twenty. So what does it mean exactly in a period where violent crime has? and by half we ve added a hundred and fifty million guns to the country's constitutionally protected private arsenal. Again a hundred and fifty million more guns, half the rate of violent crime, but our rates are still higher than other countries. that's true! So why don't? We just do what australia did to give you some baxter about about australia in nineteen. Ninety six, a man killed thirty five people with a semi automatic rifle in australia, twelve The days after this happened, they pass the nest, in agreement on firearms or the nfl quicksighted
there is always a good idea to pass new laws when you're in the middle of national mourning what could possibly go wrong, but it wasn't just a set of gun control laws. It was a full fledged gun confiscation programme than that. Prohibited automatic and semi automatic assault rifles made it tougher to get a licence tightened ownership rules made. People I'm in street a genuine need for their guns, take a fire or arm safety course launch. A mass gump gun copies action programme among a million other things before we move on it's important to realise that this programme goes much further other than any of these sensible gun solutions. That any Democrat has the balls to propose this confiscation programme collected about six hundred and fifty thousand guns think about that they forcibly bought back somewhere between twenty and thirty five percent of all the guns in australia. To do that here, you'd have to
forcibly buyback close to one hundred and fifty million guns, and if you see how got past the cost of all of that and the fact that its obviously unconstitutional and somehow avoided the civil war that it would start. You would still have as many guns on the street that you had in nineteen nineties when violent crime rate we're twice as high a need still have a country with double the amount of guns per capita than any other country on earth So it doesn't make any sense, but did it actually work in australia, was it a success in australia, leftwing outlet vocs attempted to make that case following the texas shooting with this headline. Australia confiscated six hundred and fifty thousand guns, murders and suicides. Polemic did of course their own right up of the research, doesn't support that headline quote bottom line australia's gone by back
well have save lives. Why lead by reducing homicides, almost certainly by reducing suicides. Again australian lessons not necessarily apply to the. U s, given the many cultural and political differences between the two countries, but about gun, violins and how to limit it? This seems like a worthwhile The thing to look at got that the headline is deaths plummet the article so much like it might be a worthwhile thing to look at. Even this, though, is us, and you can tell by the way they write. The article, for example here is their big mike drop, claim ready for the rand. Authors conclude the strongest evidence is consistent with the claim that the nfl reductions in firearms suicides, mass shootings and female homicide. Victimization so: how are they scamming? You are, first of all, they give it away.
in the disclaimer, from the paragraph directly before their big might drop moment here, it is quote twenty twenty one matter: some of the available evidence conducted by the reincorporation corporation found that its very tricky to pin down the car vision of australia's policies to a reduction in gun violence due in part to the pre existing declining trend that, when it comes to overall homicides in particular theirs specially gore evidence that Australia's buyback had a significant effect. Nevertheless, and then they have their big might drop moment. Nevertheless, they, nevertheless to all of that, that's like a lane on site felt yadda yadda sex and note the words they use here. There's not us especially great evidence. What does that mean that my friends is the vocs translation of this line from the study quote. In total evidence is weak for an effect
of the usa on firearm homicides. Why would you turn evidence is weak into not Specially great evidence I mean, I guess week is not especially great but the only and you'd say it like, that is to fool your readers and the analysis from ran. They looked at five studies, four of which try to actually compare real world australia. Before and after the gun buy back here's what they found. This is member this city there talking about two thousand fifteen study found quote no evidence of an effect. It also found a notable drop. in non firearm homicides, but nothing significant with guns. A two thousand sixteen study found quote no evidence of an effect, though it also found a bigger difference in non firearm. Homicides
who doesn't and eighteen study that found quote no evidence that trends differed for firearm and non firearm, assault motor assault, mortality for men or women, another two thousand and eighteen He found a small decrease in homicide rates, as opposed to a prediction made by the authors of the study of a sin. In the future, and this only showed up among women, men showed no statistically significant difference. I'll also know that somehow VOX seemed to have missed a few of the other studies on this topic. Like this one from the university of melbourne that concluded, there is little evidence suggests that the australian mandatory gun by that programme had any significant effects on firearm homicides, or this study from the british journal of criminology. That said, quote the gun, buyback and restrictive legislative changes had no influence on firearm, homicide in australia course. All these studies are filled as well with
France's about why you just can't apply australia's nonexistent solution to the united states. Luckily, rand also did a study of gun laws generally for all all those people that say the sciences settled that there are easy ways to stop mass shootings and gun violence hears what rand found another give you all of these. First full trim Balancing raising the minimum age for purchasing guns include effect on firearm homicides, raising the minimum age for possessing guns, inconclusive mental health, permit prohibitions, inconclusive domestic violence prohibitions. lucid background checks through the dealer. You know a the background checks we already have, they say as a moderate amount of evidence that they are helpful but background checks for private transfers, the ones the left is always begging for inconclusive effect on firearm, homicides, gun licensing, inconclusive waiting periods,
lowest confidence level, limited evidence. It changes firearm homicide rates. ban on assault weapons, inconclusive bans on high capacity magazines inconclusive, bans on low quality hand guns in inclusive child access prevention laws. inconclusive. How about pro two way reforms like shall issue concealed, carry. Surely that's going rates of violet skyrocket right. No. Inconclusive the only policy that had what they considered supportive evidence of rise in homicide was still your ground laws, but amber and this does it sound right when you say it, but homicides. Always bad things. The legal definition of homicide is quote when one human being causes the death of another. Not all homicide is murder and some killings.
Are met, as some killings are manslaughter and some are lawful, such as when justified by an affirmative defence like insanity or self defence, so it would make sense that stand your ground laws would increase self defense shootings. I won't read all the category again for you, but there is a similar result when it comes to mass shootings, inconclusive inconclusive, inconclusive, inconclusive, inconclusive, inconclusive angles of england was if inclusive and inconclusive. You guess the point here isn't to say that no laws could ever have any effect. Some of these policies, you probably would even support but porn to understand that we have little to no evidence that they actually work. This is not the equivalent of water freezing at thirty two degrees, but the left has two presented like it's a rock solid science, because their goal is not to solve. The problem is to vilify you, the gun owner, the conserved,
If you can just be someone who disagrees, you have to be someone who's denying science risking the lives of innocent children. Just so you can get your jollies at the range is a despicable tactic, but it's also essentially the official democratic party platform. At this point, So, ok, ok, ok, so none of these laws show any real effect. Why doesn't this happen in other countries? Here's the thing it does. If you list To these claims carefully, they always use a little sleight of hand. First of all, they eliminate all mass killings that we're coming. by and sanctioned by various governments which, of course hold all, the top one zillion places on the mass murder countdown, but they also eliminate everything outside of other rich countries. It's not really clear why wealth would be the characteristic to look for when you're. Comparing these things, part of it, I guess, would be.
a record keeping, but more conveniently it allows them to eliminate a lot of countries that look a lot worse than us one recent, sure who decided to look at the entire world rode up. The results in the chicago tribune quote from ninety ninety eight to two thousand fifteen, the? U s makes up one wait for nine percent of murders worldwide. Two point: two: o percent of the attacks and less than one point one: five percent of mass public shooters. All these are much less than the americas. Four point: six percent share of the world population of the ninety seven countries where we identified bass, public shootings, the, u s, ranks sixty fourth per capita its rate of attacks and sixty fifth in fatalities. Major european countries such as norway, Finland, France, Switzerland and russia off had at least twenty five percent higher per capita murder rates from mass public shootings. Another trick the media uses is that they simply just don't adjust for population.
the? U s is a big country. It's a lot bigger than new zealand. We way more mass shootings than new zealand, that's true, but on a per capita basis. You are over four point three times as likely to be killed in a mass shooting in new zealand, then you are in the united states. Now some might argue that they have that one big shooting and that's messing up their numbers, but even if you take out the christ church shooting you are still about one point: seven times is likely to be killed in a mass shooting in new zealand. Then you are in the united states. The bottom line is all of these country to country comparisons have incredible amounts of problems. We are a different country with different problems and different trends and different cultures and different times have different cultural crimes of spectacle. Some places its terrorism, some places its cause, I was running over crowds, some places its political assassination
I mean it certainly was here back in the sixtys and seventys may, it was serial killers after that, and then there was extremists. Tourism, and now it seems to be mass shootings. Of course, the biggest difference between us and other random countries is that we have a second amendment, so unless you're gonna repeal it and then start going door to door collecting weapons, good luck with that. All of these comparisons are meaningless. We already have all of these guns in private hands and I might note one other thing to the left, even if you take some of these guns and make others harder to buy their still a border. To our south that you seem to have absolutely no interest in protecting so you want to deal with that. You have absolutely no credit,
woody. The this is Glenn and you are listening to a very special episode of students, amerika the definitive debunking of the left's gun myths. If you like what you hear me tree- take a second right now in follows: do does america for new episodes every week day or you just click. The link in the show notes welcome back help us debunk more of the left. Slice go to blaze, tb, dot, com, slash stew, the promo code is debunked. He'll save twenty bucks off your subscription and you'll help support efforts like this to take the lie out of the news, it's really hard to do. It's happening all the time. They are constantly stretching the truth and telling lies. We need to call them out on it. So if you watch job in bumble is way through his speech last night. If you watch em bumble his way through the gun debate for as long as you seen him in public life. You have definitely heard this claim.
the second amendment from the day it was past limited, the type of people can only go, type of weapon. You could do you couldn't viking, at the very beginning. The second amendment didn't say you can own any gun. You want big as you want. You couldn't buy a canon when, in fact, the second amendment passed. When the amendment was passed, it didn't say anybody can own a gun in any kind of gun, any kind of weapon. You couldn't I cannon in this. This a member fast. Second, I must not absolute one we passed, you couldn't owned a You couldn't own. I canon. Let us drop this one quickly, Joe Biden with many other things, has no idea what he's talking about David. Our sawney wrote a book about the history of guns in america. He notes quote, there is zero history cool evidence that americans were barred from purchasing or constructing any type of weapon. They pleased not only
are, there are numerous accounts of the american military using or purchasing private cannons private? tears as the name strongly suggest rooted law on their own cannons as well? The right too, canada is so ingrained in american history. literally lewis and clark only them alone with a rifle that could shoot thirty, times before reloading by the way, David French was even sympathetic to some restrictions like red flag laws, wrote quote. It is historically indisputable that the founders protected the rights of americans. possess weapons. They gave individual citizens far greater Military parity with the government that amount in citizens possess now. The musket was the prince weapon of armed conflict in the eighteenth century and or can leaving his home with a musket, was on par with a member of the continental line,
not so with an american who possesses any number of our fifteen or a K. Forty seven, the contemporary between civilians and the military is vast and growing. Weapons of war, indeed about, This these are couple the historians for you. It seems highly unlikely that there restrictions on the private ownership of cannon, said juliet sweet, a historic. in an director of military studies at paler university David compel research directorate. Second amendment project director at the free market independence institute agree quote. I am not aware of a ban on any arm in colonial america, charles seed, You cook points out. We don't need the past tense here, americans still via cannon if the cantons want to buy, was manufactured before eighteen. Ninety, eight, muzzle loading model, you can do so without regulation they saluting cannon it is also exempt and of its
either a saluting canyon or a cannon or a pre eighteen. Ninety eight model, you need to pay a two hundred dollar tax stamp villains, forms, wait a bit and well, that's it cannons. Our categorized destructive devices under the nineteen, thirty four national firearms act and their legal under federal law and in most states you may have to jump through a few hoops to get one but get one you assuredly can. As even left, leaning, political fact notes. Biden was unable to come up, come up with an example of a law. In private ownership of cannons and historians of the period doubt that any existed to that contrary. There are documented instances of privateers or privately owned vessels setting sail with cannons during the period. We rate this statement false as making as it is that they would actually all Biden out
What is more, amazing is the date of this fact check june of twenty twenty, this guy was called out years ago for blatantly false claims by a bunch of historians and he's still trotting out as a central part of his argument. guns, two years later, that you could know what a cannon back when the secondary It was past now. Some might argue that Joe Biden is just an idiot and that's true but no one other than him is talking about cannons. Is that true? Well, I guess so. He seems to be the only one talking about cannons. Why not just ban a our fifteen's? Well, that depends on what your goals are gold to ban a scary, looking gun, or is it to stop gun violence? Because air fifteen's are not the issue here. Rifles of all types but including the our fifteen are immense. School part of the problem quote
all rifles together, accounting for only two point: five percent of homicides, in fact. More people are killed each year by personal weapons, also known as hands and feet. Yes, more hands and feet kill people. Then they are fifteen's and that's by the way, not just they are fifteen's all right. combined. The number is just slightly higher for air fifteen's and all rifles combined, then clubs and hammers. Less than one third of knives and restricting the purchase of guns doesn't go very far. According to the bureau of justice statistics, only one point three percent of and federal prisoners used a firearm that they acquired from a retail source. Laws are cute everything, but criminals don't care about them. So where did they get their guns if they had them? the number one source by a mile was quote off the streets,
underground market, the sick the biggest category. A war guns that were bought for them illegally by relatives and friends. Many of them, also shockingly stolen- which I believe is also technically illegal some were found at the scene of other crimes at all up about nine Be percent of these guns came from other means. These things happen about twelve times as often as purchased at guns where's and about one hundred and twelve times as often as the purchase of one of these guns at the vilified, show how this relate to mass shootings them well it does seem like most mass shootings are carried out with a our fifteen's, and undoubtedly some of them are the machine Many of them, though, use hand, guns and remember. We already tried banning, quote unquote, assault, weapons long long ago? How did that
work out exactly what there's been a renewed effort lately to try and claim that assault weapons and the ban of them in the nineteen nineties was successful, but the government itself told the story. Lee twenty years ago. Here's what it said, although the ban has been success, in reducing crimes with assault weapons. Any benefits from this reduction are likely to have been, wade by a steady or rising use? Of now then semi automatics, with large capacity magazine which are used in crime much more frequently than assault weapons. Therefore, we can not cannot clearly credit the ban with em of the nation's recent drop in gun violence. And indeed, has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injurious ness of gun violence based on indicators like the percentage of gun crimes, resulting
in death, or the share of gunfire incidents resulting in injury as we might have expected. Had the ban reduced crimes with both assault, weapons and large capacity magazines got it so boiled down. There may have been fewer deaths by us weapons, but they were just replaced by additional deaths by hand gun healy. Went on to clarify in general. We found really very very little evidence almost none that gun violence is becoming any less lethal or any injurious during this timeframe, so unbalanced We concluded that the ban had not had a discernible impact on gun crime, in the years it was in effect the studies. Their went on to say that assault weapons ban, the assault weapons ban could potentially produce at least a small reduction in shootings, if allowed to remain in place for a longer timeframe, so maybe some point in the future.
Might have started to work. Actually, quite the endorsement there. The left wing media has now just begun to literally fabricate evidence out of thin air now, unfortunately, for them Kevin williamson, caught them in the act, salt Now is a professor at fordham and a contributor to slate here. gently made the claim that a our fifteen are too hundred times as deadly as muskets. So where did this claim come from when pressed he reference a nineteen. Sixty four military study, which is trusting, because the cartridge used in the air fifteen typically wasn't even developed until a decade later after nineteen sixty four it. So it's weird that would have references in nineteen sixty four, when pressed. Kevin williamson? He basically said took a military machine gun from the study that was listed as one hundred and fifteen times as deadly and then just
increase the number because well because he wanted to eventually slate decided to issue a sort of correction which still doesn't You have much of a basis, but that's not really. The poor As williamson notes quote, I have a good deal of experience right in writing about bias in gun policy journalism. But this is not bias is fabrication We have a professor at a major university writing an if in a major media outlets on the subject of a very contentious public policy matter and the first claim a fact in the peace. is simply made up in order to be after a week, argument made by IRAN or who believe with good reason, apparently that he could count on the yes and laziness of his editors and the stupidity. His readers to permit the fabrication to go undetected and unchallenged- and this is the crux of the whole shout honestly-
The media hopes they can get away with saying what ever they want whenever they want. True or not, most people will have No idea that they're lying and even if they get caught, they can fall back on the emotion of the moment to shield them We need to do something, they say it over and over and over again but this idea of running quickly in any direction. Even if there's a brick wall in the way is just blather. We, need to do something just means. We need to do exactly what I want you to do when the american people here that they instinctively want to put back and now you know why they find it so important to take your rights away. I this is Glenn
and you are listening to a very special episode of students, america, the definitive debunking of the left's gun myths. If you like what you or make tree take a second right now and follow stew. Does america for new episodes every week day or you just click? The link in the show notes, sometimes these gun control measures seem like good ideas. Sometimes they sound decent. Even to conservatives, you know some of the stuff. Is it wouldn't be super restrictive to my life? It's not that big of a deal and that's an understanding. Instincts some of the. If we were actually dealing with honest brokers, maybe some of this stuff could be stuff. You could talk about with the other side. The problem is there not honest brokers? There is an agenda here and it's quite clear what they want to do. In the long term,
and every time you see one these little baby steps, you have to realise that you're, just shortening the time frame until they get what they want, which is your ability to protect yourself, your constitutionally guaranteed god, given rights, are gonna go away, they do want to get all of these guns off the streets. They do want all the powers that you're seeing being utilized right now in canada, where they I said basically, guns are going to be banned completely with this generation. You can't transfer them, you can't sell them, you can't buy new ones, so guess what happens eventually, boys and girls. The problem is, if you give them an inch, they will take
thousand miles every single time, the same thing happens and that's why it's so important for you to know the facts and how to push back against these arguments to make sure we don't get caught up in their traps, because that's what they're like they're laying here traps for all of us, Did everything we could today to do with there as many of those traps as many of those gun myths, as was possible in this hour, but of course we couldn't fit everything in what are you? Glenn gone back, wrote a book a few years ago that goes into even more depth and deals with a lot of the constitutional arguments associated with this as well. It's called control and if you don't have that, you should have it in your library, our on your device, but we still have tons of stuff that prepped for you and the special today. So this is what I'm gonna do we're going to extend this episode on our podcast feed so where every you're pod cash. You can go there, look for students
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Take a second right now and follow stew. Does america for new episodes every week day or you just click? The link in the show notes are welcome to our extended Bonus coverage here, stew debunks gun mess. We went through a ton of them already. We appreciate you hanging out and try to get as much information on this really important topic. As is possible. I was I through my cards here- and I I look at this- U s, murders by weapon charge that we featured and there's a there's, a viral video That's going around that's about this chart. Basically, it's a guy out in front of me and our convention he's wearing like a an oxygen going up his nose and easy. He's, got the all liberal comes up to them and says: hey, you know what do you think about gun rights? And he says you know or use unless murders there. And hands and fists. I think he says: the guy pulls out is full and he goes any pulls up. The charred and he's got
China's phony goes no. Actually, it's guns are way higher than hands in fists and the guy to sit there and he doesn't know what's going on. He doesn't know what to say, and he says, oh what I still want. My second amendment rights then they're, basically like this Guy look at a sucker outside of the nr. Eight is and nobody's talking about now, of course, when you look at you the chart again by any chance. If you look at it, what he meant. Of course, was rifles, he's heard the chart. It's true. Rifles are used less than hands in fish. We mention it just a second ago. He had heard this interesting but got it kind of slightly wrong, and you know it was wrong, but to try to make this guy out to be an idiot who didn't know what he was talking about is totally unfair. The point is the a r fifteen is used and much less death, if you were deaths than then hands and feet, any aim as add up, I'm sorry he's not Well, that's one of the reasons why we wanted to do this particular special. It's because I know I know when we were put in this together
We are looking for all these gun myths and an someone come would come up and they like what about this claim? What about the cannons thing? I was like in our spent a while I kind of further. I mean that's not true, I m pretty sure, but it's been a while, since I looked it up, let me look it up. I take some time we do the research, we bring, you all the quotes and everything else have them all in one place, and now next time you hear somebody, probably saying that you can go back and come back to this special and know where the information came from get the sources, see the charts see the quotes, see who said it all that stuff, it's all in one place, because it now, I don't feel like me. Too much too many brain cells are dead. Already. I can't remember everything anymore. I want to make sure I can come back to a resource that trust so hopefully you're getting that out of the special tonight. Let's go through a few. These other things that we had, perhaps not just didn't, have a chance to get to One of the things I want to talk about is
as idea that ninety percent of people support these common sense gun measures. This is a thing, a trope, that the left brings out all the time, you'll see it from mainstream media sources constantly and a part of it is actually true there. When asked people respond to poles and say generally about ninety percent of people- sometimes it's in the eighties, sometimes as in the nineties, support things like universal background checks and now there's big caveats to that statistic: number one most people don't understand the nuances of gun laws. They don't understand that almost every weapon purchased right now already goes through a background check. If you go from zero background checks to universal background checks. The support probably would be around. I meant maybe not universal, but from where we're from zero to where we are now I'll, probably be around. Ninety percent of people would want. People want some sort of background check done on the majority of gun purchases, however, They don't know that there already checked. I mean you know:
I'm not a gun. Guy have talked about this before and not a guy who's constantly at the range I do owns and firearms until they were lost in a tragic boating accident long ago, all of them at the bottom of lake never to be recovered. So that's unfortunate, but one point did by bought several guns and some of them I bought at gun stores, but I did, by one at a gun, show and I've heard the gun show loophole thing over and over and over again, I pretty much thought I could have sent in my ten year old and he could go by one. I mean that's pretty much the way the media presents it. But, of course that's not true. It went through full background check this, I did at the gun store. You know that is kind of what goes on with almost every gun purchase. So that's part of the reason why that number is so high in the ninety percent. There not supporting the democratic proposal there, just supporting the idea that people should have background checks generally, when guns are purchased, thou go beyond that the debt, the left has full
selves. With this, they have actually heard their own movement by believing the hype on these points which I think, any any person who really works in politics has to know the truth here. The truth is that ninety percent don't support that credit policy in maine. They said they decided to put in a background check bill basically to be voted on by the people and put it out there and they made it really like tailored to conservatives right. So what are the big complaints about background check? Law our well. What about what? If I'm, given my gun to my son, when you get see, turns eighteen I just want to give him the gun or I pass away, and when one handed down to him do I have to get a background checked to give the gun to my son. What we're out hunting and I'm using my gun in my body- wants to use it. If I handed to him can we get some violation if I don't have a background check all this stuff in other they're, not the vast majority of of of of transfers of
funds, but you don't want to you see how seriously they take gun crimes. I used to live in pennsylvania and I lived one block away from the river, so every when I commuted to work, we did the show cnn and fox, I would go walk to the river. Then I would cross a bridge I'd be in new jersey and I'd go for another about a mile before I got to the train station, and then I got on the train and come to new york. While I was terrified terrified that I would forget and leave my gun in my trunk and they get pulled over in new jersey and then go to prison, because that has happened to people who have just gone across the river. The convenience store or to a restaurant or whatever get pulled over and then wine of going to prison because their gun criminals, so this is a serious thing anyway,
the main law was tailored to those concerns. They really did go after and try to persuade conservatives to say: ok, we'll go along with us now they did a study and basically try to figure out what was the expected support level for this this, vote when they went in front of people. This is in two thousand sixty and they expected eighty three percent of the vote. However, it didn't even pass the only got forty eight percent of the vote. That's because answering a question to uphold Her seems like the right answer to say is, of course, for background checks. Yes, of course, in reality when faced with the actual policy, it was only forty eight percent, it didn't even pass the other. Dates were essentially the same stories, though some of them did pass in California. They expected ninety one percent only got sixty three in washington. They expected the one percent only got, fifty nine in nevada. They get the expected eighty six percent and only got fifty percent, and this is because people don't actually support
these policies. The way the media wants you to believe that they do they. What everyone to believe these policies. Overwhelmingly popular people want these gun restrictions. Got owners are demanding that, but they just won't given those restrictions on law, abiding citizens who aren't the ones committing the crimes as we covered earlier in the programme and- and this is goes on as well make corn from the new york times pointed this out. That guns are very specific issue in america. Now I kind of breezed by this quick In one of the in one of the segments of the past hour, but it's not like we live Guns here in amerika, we freaking love them. They are Arguably one of the most essentially defining characteristics of our culture, and I know Europe what's a year, that's why we never anyone die in our lands, sharp. We people run over thousands at a time. At dino street fares
generally speaking, we never have any shootings, which course, as we covered earlier, isn't true either, but, like guns, are central, of who we are in this country. We are one of only depends on who you ask, I would say, we're the only one with a actual second amendment. In our constitution, some people say this is highest. Three countries in the world that have that type of thing, but the second highest gun ownership per capita is yemen, and given that I think fifty two per one hundred people were at like one what one twenty one thirty we have more guns, then people, nobody else, has half as much except yemen whose slightly over that amount when it comes to gun ownership We really do love our guns and there's just no way you're going to reverse two hundred years. years of history by a couple of law.
these: things are not going away. You better do it. You can't around the margins to try to manage this situation and that's why We know security and mental health in those types of things are far more likely to get done and far more likely to actually make a difference. To give you a sense of how unpopular gun restrictions are with republicans, they are less popular then Hillary Clinton, I kid not this is from now comes analysis in caliph They looked at heavily republican counties and found in two thousand sixteen. When the gun background check bill The referendum was going through thirty. One percent in those countries voted for Clinton for president, and only thirty percent supported background checks in maine, same story. Thirty five percent supported Clinton for president
only twenty seven percent supported background checks and other issues were just as popular. I mean forty five percent would rather support taxing the ring. for schools. Forty five percent legalizing marijuana forty six percent, raising the minimum wage among conservative counties and yet night in points behind that was background checks for guns. These are not popular? As the media wants you to believe and as I think we covered in extreme death- probably too much deaf honestly, probably too much detail, but I really wanted to paint a picture for you. This is not settled science to any of these things really do much of anything. There's no at they're trying to act, Like its you know, the two and twelve degrees is one water boils that is not what this is. It's a totally differ. situation and you ve seen them do this on so many different issues, its science, that
Franz men are actually men and not women. It science that you know see our t should be taught in schools. It science that every every cove id thing they said beginning to end with masks and all the rest. That was all all settled. Science. Global warming settles I've everything settled science. They have to make you look that way to bully you and that's just not the case with these gun laws at all and other big thing we we wanted to get too but didn't have the chance is the idea that Then these are all white people notice how these are all white male stewing, these mass shootings, you get a bunch of white males they come out there. shooting up schools there they're all races. This is a white supremacy problem over and over and over again you hear the same thing and you always know when it's not a white guy like an tulsa, because they don't they report on it. For like ten minutes and a bunch of people
that with this is gonna, be white supremacy and then they delete their tweets and this story is forgotten. For ever. The head is just that and every single time, here's the graph of the ethnicity of vast shooters. Between eighteen, eighty, two in two thousand twenty two I'd say that about a hundred and thirty on this list about sixty eight of them or why twenty one are black. Eleven are latino asian eight. And their native american three might say: well, look that proves wiper Four are all the mass shooters there by far the biggest about get, but white people are also the biggest part, the country about fifty six percent, to these mass shooters are white. That is, are lower than their population represented representation would lead you to believe you'd. Think they'd be about seventy seventy five percent of that shooter and instead only about fifty five percent of mass shooters. So there's a huge difference there, and I will tell you right now,
An EU asians out there were watching because you are over represented in these nothing numbers and if we ve learned anything, we know that intensity is the most important defining characteristic of any person. I used to think that skin color wasn't the matter. But now we know, thanks to IRAN ex candy, that it's the only thing that matters Let's see, let's go through some of this as well and have a defensive uses of guns. We had a ridiculous congress person, I would say the audio on radio today yelling these things are never stopped. Guns don't stop. Mass Shootings- it's never happened before it had happened the week before, but d of uses of guns are a something that happens all over the place. All the time I tweeted today, actually of an amazing amazing video. It's a video from inside somebody's house where he's looking through the people He sees somebody coming up to the door and he turns around calmly,
ox inside then you see the door get kicked down and as they did, the burglars try to come in he's just got in. There are fifteen pointed right at their chests the second. They closed the kick that door down men you want to. People move fast while they go really quickly the opposite direction, its attitude as america. We want to see the video and it's really illustrated of of these types. of situations here, let me give you some of the facts here. This is from the journal of quantitative criminology citizens use guns to defend themselves, at least nine hundred and eighty nine thousand eight hundred and eighty three times every year, the journal of criminal law and criminology published a study by scholars gary collect and mark girths. that reveal that got owners use their legally own firearms to defend themselves, an average of one point: eight plus million times per year, centre for disease control and prevention. Now As you know, there are never wrong for anything
They estimated annual defensive gun use ranges from about five hundred thousand to more than three million times per year. That significant and the best thing the best and the worst thing about defensive gun use is like the video I told you about, there are no shots fired. There was no true of gunfire, it wasn't a shoot out. The gun just ended the crime, the crime, to get really recorded and maybe because they kicked the door open. I guess maybe that one would if he reported to police, but the bottom line was there's, nobody hurt, there's nobody injured. Nothing was stolen. No one was and went to the hospital. No one ended up in a cemetery. It was just an event that would have been much much worse and instead wound being nothing. That's what and do in the overwhelming majority of cases they stop the event before it starts and
one of the issues that I find to be so perplexing. The left has gone down this road for a very long time where the I said. Well, security! Isn't the answer? Maybe it can help occasionally im just gonna make kids feel like they're in a police state and I'll look. When I go to a bank, I don't feel like I'm in a police state. I and I understand certain things of value need to be protected. We do it at federal buildings, we do it at courthouses. We do it thanks, why don't we do it at schools and they say well, there's one setting out there that we didn't get a chance to go it's really light on details, so there's not much to really pick apart. They just kind of give you the summary and not really the underlying data, so I didn't think it was worth too much time plus it's just obvious that it's not true the dear that secure. If you have armed guards, you are more likely to have a mass shooting now there's a bit of a chicken and egg problem going on here and to their credit that the study authors due note that it's not controlled for form, characteristics of the school. So I mean one of the big issues here is
one of the reasons you have armed guards as if you ve already had problems so you're, probably more likely to have issues at a school that has armed guards because they put the armed guards there, because they worry that something might happen. So there's a chicken and egg situation going on there, but the thing tat more than anything else is all one hundred percent of mass shootings and with armed security, all of them that's what happens. The question for you is not whether they end with armed security. The question is whether the cops com, after the shooting is done or, if are there in advance and can have at least a chance to prevent it, as we saw in parkland having an armed guard on pro this does not mean there's no chance of a mass shooting if the guy decides to sit by the stairs. Well now it's not gonna work very well. You need to have people who are actually doing something if you ve got nineteen cops, outside of the school room. While he's going on. No, it's not gonna work that well, but at least it gives
a chance. At least it gives you an opportunity to fight back. You put one of these free zones out there? These people know without exception they will go into place where no one can protect themselves and that is a place. I want my kids to be anything else here that the connecticut weapons ban. We are going to talk about as well. I just feel like it was a little too in depth to go into in a short period of time. They pass an assault weapons ban. There are budget studies on one of them in particular that one that shows evidence that it worked. Basically they decide they couldn't, and this is a problem with these studies- and I will give some some some leeway to the authors of these studies in that like
I have two connecticut right. You dont have connecticut one in connecticut too, when you pass the assault weapons banned in connecticut, want and everybody all the same. People are there. They all do the same things in we can judge easily, which one worked in which one didn't you. You don't have that what the authors tried to do, and I would say, did intentionally to make their numbers look better was to create a what they call a synthetic connecticut. Yes, beautiful synthetic connecticut, I grew up in regular connecticut. I can imagine what synthetic connecticut might be like it's gotta, be a wonderful place to go. so synthetic connecticut basically was a amalgamation of rhode island and a couple of other areas to make it kind of like connecticut, with the same general, demographics and the same general population and all the rest, the issue of since there was one big shooting in rhode island in this time period, which makes up almost the entire difference between synthetic kit, etiquette and regular connecticut. So
I mean. Basically, what work we can say here is that we defeated our gun. Policies have defeated sim city, but other than that I don't we learned all that much you guys have been great and in sending in a bunch of different claims, and I would encourage you to keep doing it. This is something we want to do more if we want to take these claims, especially these big ones, seem to last for ever and debunk them, one by one, give you kind of a collection of videos and pod that you can come back to when these things come back in the news? It's an important part of pushing back against these mainstream media narrow when you know they don't have the facts on their side, but they do have this one. potato voice that you're supposed to trust that most people to have time to go, read a bunch of nerdy studies to to learn every bit of of the back side of these Efforts to change your mind me that's what they are. These are efforts to
change your mind, so you think and I mean there are a lot of these mass shootings and maybe they are going the wrong way. This is a real problem in our society. I started the show today saying that of telling you about moment where I saw the news alert and my heart dropped for a second, I mean I can't imagine none of this none of the stuff we talked about is going to make a family that has dealt with this feel one little bit better. When these terrible things happen. There's no answers, there's just no answers and it is in red of lee frustrating to have to talk and tell people hey, there's nothing we can do, but there there are some things we can do. Say, it's hopeless. It's not that we can. We can't work around the margins to make these things a little bit better. There's some evidence that some of these things can help in certain ways. It's not as easy as we want to believe it is, though it is really really hard
Have a free society. A society with four hundred million guns out in the population a society that allows people to move freely that doesn't have great, create mental health situation does not treat that particular ailment very well and is it is a country where we know someone like this guy. In new vanity can have no criminal record and peoples will say well red flag law? Well, you know the red flag law. I would look what he did and say all sorts of red flags all over the place, but the person who is closest to him. His best friend had an extensive interview and he covered a lot of this stuff and said he did all sorts of weird stuff and said weird things, and I thought he was joking and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and he ends it with. I, never would have thought he was capable of doing something like this
It is really really hard to figure out who is going to do something like this and how to stop them without convicting people of crimes they had not yet committed. It is really really hard if we value freedom to stop this stuff completely. Luckily, the old, Well, the majority of people are good. They actually are good people. They dont want to commit crimes. They don't want to hurt other they are generally speaking, good people- all we can do is do our absolute best to be vigilant, and hopefully the events over the past couple of weeks have encourage some people to say You like that weird. I know I'm gonna bring that up to somebody, because I don't have that one So far, we already have seen one case like this, where a student hey. I think there might be a problem there. It looked at some of his messages and it looked like he was it
used fantasizing about doing something terrible and they caught at early, that's good. There are things that we can do, but it's important to understand the facts and it important to have that foundation of understand about these issues, so that you can't be manipulated and, more importantly, Europe's you're. Here already, you probably are already sceptical about what the mainstream media is telling you, but that your friends and other people around you take the time to think about the other side, because they are not getting it anywhere else. Thank you for joining us. If you have a second subscribe to this, odd cast right now we can do more of this stuff, the more you if you subscribe. If you screw subscribe here, you subscribe unfollow over on youtube. That's all free! If you take a second, helps us stay on the air and helps us encourage the the network to give us more time to do these things. And if you go to belize, tv, dot, com, slash stew, that's the main place. You can go to do real to really support the efforts of not only myself, but you see the stuff that Glenn has done.
That steve days is done. You know, Sarah guns is always going to fight with better work or do in all sorts of great things here: police tv. So we do appreciate your support. Blaze, tv, dot, com, slash do the promo code is debunked. We will I only have a great weekend- and I hope you take some time to yourself- to enjoy your family and not get bogged down in the news all weekend This show will always be here when you want to get bogged down again, we'll see them. If you like what you hear make sure you take a second right now and follow stew. Does america for new episodes every week day or you just click the link in the show notes?
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