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'Standing for Balance'? (Riaz Patel & Julianne Benzel join Glenn) - 3/20/18

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Hour 1  Social media is changing everything about America?...Psychometrics, what is it?...agreeing to be manipulated...Who's responsible for our anger? ...Sen. Mike Lee joins the show to discuss the current state of affairs...Bernie Sanders and Mike and Glenn, strange bedfellows (metaphorically)?...standing against an illegal war...defining a 'declaration of war'?...WSJ: Mike Lee = 'Iranian Helper'?...Why Americans should be calling their senators? ...So sick of the name-calling...To Listen, To Look, To Be Honest, and To Be Wrong? with Riaz Patel...Texas vs. D.C. …. ‘We’ve jumped the shark’…people don’t really think that differently…we've all been categorized and pitted against each other   Hour 2 Serial bomber strikes again...4th bomb in Austin area in less than 3 weeks...zero leads? ...Nathan Gwilliam and Ron Stoddart from Adoption.com join the show to discuss the growing crisis of adoptions; by 2022, international adoption may be gone...foreign adoptions down by a shocking 80 percent…Hoping for President Trump's help...sign the White House petition today at Adoption.com ...the system needs to be simplified ...New Radio Segment: 'Fix Reason Firmly In Her Place'?...breaking down the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica story...Why is everyone blaming Facebook when they signed away their data?...For McCabe or Against McCabe?   Hour 3 An Open Letter to James Madison? ...Put on leave: Rocklin High School history teacher Julianne Benzel updates us on whether schools would support pro-life walkout...#Life ...Breaking News: School shooting at Maryland high school; 2 students hurt, shooter dead...school resource officer saves the day...shot and killed shooter ...Glenn Beck Radio's...adoptive son = Pat Gray ...University of California, Berkeley releases their list of 'Microaggressions' The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand courage back. The average american today is going to spend two hours on social media, the average tee major trousers is number with nine hours. That is longer than the average school day nine hours on social media. Only five percent of Americans were using Facebook back in two thousand five. Today the number is over. Seventy percent- roughly fifty percent of all millennials say they get their news exclusively from Facebook and twitter These numbers are huge, and our changing. Everything about a mare and the world as we know it, Facebook is dominating news and it is threatening.
Eventually render the legacy media outlets obsolete in the very near future. Let me say that again, in the very near future Knowing all of these facts and figures, What would you say if I told you that there have been people leveraging this power to manipulate? The way you think the way you feel and the way you vote a political. Data firm hired by President trumps election campaign called Cambridge. Analytical hits? Co fell Durban Co Chair was Steve Bannon they it's just that now, how do they do that This would have made George Orwell Cringe and This just happened to be done by the Republicans this time, but it was really last time with Barack Obama and everybody yawned. It wasn't a problem,
I'm telling you. This is a real problem, no matter who is doing it the process. It is called psycho metrics it involves. Mapping a facebook users personality and then analyzing the things that you look at in the pokes posts that you like this information was then used to in the words of the firms cofounder to fight culture war in Amerika, basic What they were looking for is what do you fear they would then take take that beer and manipulated into anger and action in the end, over fifty million people, were being manipulated by Cambridge Analytical, but maybe Facebook, users again actually legal fees? book users agree to this type of research information when you click the terms of service box after creating an account when this
Ray broke, facebooks stock went down seven percent, then our times wrote multiple, damaging articles, the pylon has even included a delete. Facebook hashtag on social media. Facebook responded by condemning Cambridge Analytical and river. Looking their access, it's kind of Christine given facebooks track record here, because the Obama campaign did the exam same thing back in two thousand twelve, but both face book The media had much different response to it back then, in fact, an article on June third, sorry June twentieth twenty thirteen in the new four times they said, They rode Abe. Praise filled puff piece on how Obama campaign harvested Facebook data to manipulate the twenty twelve election. The only
problem. Is they didn't use? The word quote: manipulate like there doing today, back when Obama, I was doing this. They called it quote technologically advanced formulas. For reaching voters and quote: I think our problem is with propaganda and lies and the problem is whether its on Facebook or the New York, I we're getting just that Davidson. The former director of integration and media analytics for Obama for America called. It quote, sucking out to the whole social graph. End quote: whatever name you want to put on Facebook like the New York I'm so didn't see anything wrong with it when it was being done by Obama according to die listen when Facebook found out the Obama came with did Obama campaign was doing this. They were
the but quote on our side and quote face, book is a private company and it can do whatever they want, but we're not entering a time where the primary source of information, our information, in this case social media. Is being manipulated and you to direct us down a certain path. Democrats in twenty twelve, the Republicans did ten twenty. Sixteen I asked you. Are we better off now, with this manipulation. People have been blaming all kinds of things for our anger. Are we really truly responsible for our anger if we have been played and coaxed. An herded into it
it's Tuesday, eight March twentieth. This is the Glen Back programme you're my glee joins us now with a couple of things that we need to talk about. First of all, my key welcome to the programme. Thank you very much Glenn, because if they were too good to be with you first, with any thoughts on what we were just talking about, with Cambridge Analytical Fascinating. First of all, that is something that can be called we're just looking for clever ways to access our voters one day and the next day be turned in something entirely. Different sounding is something that in os manipulation. I think voters can be made aware of this and the more there made aware of it. Perhaps less vulnerable they'll be to it, and this is a little bit scary. Did you see the? Did? You see the documentary from the BBC Gentle Foreign,
in England? Yes, I did. I thought it was fascinating and very well done, we certainly are very disturbing where they talk about how they have done this around the globe and have manipulated people and they they go out to find their anger, and then manipulate that anger into or fear into anger and anger into fits into action, but they also talk about going in this? to me you're, an attorney. Wasn't that entrapment they were talking about going out and and traps people into we know nefarious. Things certainly search to resemble that and in any event, it put people in a position where their acting under the worst impulses and puts people in a position where they're trying to catch them at their worst moments. But rarely brings out the best elements of society when our entire polo
system turns on a desire to harm others. So MIKE we have been exploring the bill of Rights and the constitution are broadcast over for the last few weeks, and I am convinced that Almost all of our problems are caused because we we're time have said we ve gotta do something That's something always seems to come back to, let's violate the bill of rights. Let's violate the constitute in one way or another. Yeah. I know you are. You knows, sharing a strange bed with with Bernie Sanders. Now too stand up again, something that Barack Obama started, and we are now continuing without any kind of congressional oversight, and that is a war in Yemen. Guess that's exactly right and declare you're talking about a matter forkel
There is not a literal one. I guess we after the hashtag me too, I'm taking a bigger, say who certainly said, but I'm glad you'd rather comparison between buyer she's a bill of rights on the one hand and violations of the structural constitution. The other than the two go hand in hand. They are always a company by one each one another, and in this case, what we have is a violation of the structural protection on the constitution. We call separation of powers where we have one branch of government that is supposed to declare war. If war is going to be declared in our country by our country. It has to be by Congress. Why? Well it's because the constitution says so when it says so because congresses, the branch of government most accountable to the people of the most regular intervals
we're gonna put America blood and treasure on the line. It can be only through the people's elected representatives in Congress. We drifted from that in recent decades and we have allowed presidents executive branches to take us into a theatre of war and habits, be involved there for years, sometimes decades it time without Congress declaring itself as a problem, so hang onto the second. I want to understand a couple of things. First of all, the present can say we're going in for an action, but did they eat. He has what thirty or nine days Congress has to review it in that time period and say where either going to fund this or not. Is that right that? Essentially, yes, now still in order to undertake war, that does require an actual by Congress. The present in repel invasions without occurs worthy nodded
Asia and the United States. The president can involve us in hostilities. If there is an imminent threat to the United States, he can take such action, but they had their strict time, limitations on them and. I wish to respond, but have we have we declared war in Afghan, stand as gangrenous actually declared war, two thousand one, in two thousand one and in two thousand to Congress, adopted two separate authorizations for the use of military force. Basically, the modern day equivalent declaration of war is the closest thing we can get to it, but we have not declared war. Since then we have not issued an authorization for the use of military force in that we certainly not don't you have not done so with respect to Yemen, where we are now in our third year of acting as co belligerence.
Saudi Arabian led coalition against the booty rebels in the yemeni civil wars, This is really actually very important for people to understand, because this is a this is up proxy war against IRAN and Saudi Arabia is been asking for our support and we're refueling. Their jets were providing them equipment and were actually engaged a somewhat at their side and they are telling us. This is really important. If we, if we don't, do this, we're going, to you know, we're gonna have we're gonna lose a war to IRAN and Iraq will soon. The Middle EAST so important that we we talk about this, why is this one? The trip wire fur for you that you say I owe gay with weak. We ve got to stop this well bakers. First, while you used, the expression is as so many to working life,
the war in a ran. Unless we do this well, what does that mean? Have we declared war against IRAN now not last time I checked, but we have not declared war on a ran, and so, if you want to make us a proxy war with IRAN, look at least have that debate. That discussion. If somebody thinks that it's time to declare war on a ran, then we can have that discussion, but you can't just use a fact that well we don't like a lot of stuff around does in IRAN is perhaps an enemy to the United States in some ways, or at least its government, is that still doesn't justify our involvement in somebody else's civil war in Yemen, especially where Congress has yet to declare war? I saw a Wall Street Journal Abed that base Please said that you were a helper to around
I know you, my can, I know Oh you worden. He who were not one that was standing with the iranian deal Obama made your anything but an iranian helper. How does it feel to be called that it feels really really creepy looking you ve got a despotic regimes, in IRAN, with a disgraceful record on human rights, and I have never been called or thought of a rainy and as one way and helper in my entire life trap. So somebody somebody connected closely to the military industrial complex has decided that this is what has come to it. We ve got to resort to the politics of personal destruction and that someone who dares to stand up for the costs the United States and say that the american men and women, whose sons and daughters who will be sent into this combat field
in connection with our involvement in the civil war in Yemen- admit that big don't deserve to have the people's elected representatives in Congress, making this decision, and for that reason anyone who calls out on Congress to do that which the Constitution Cows Congress to do has to be disparaged as an enemy to the United States. This, disgraceful one, and I think the Wall Street Journal should be ashamed of itself, is in many instances he had engaged in careful thoughtful analysis. This is a notable huge exception. It worked in world war, one when Woodrow Wilson was shouting down all of the people that I got into his way. I'm not saying this is coming from the president. I have a feeling you won't say this, but I have a feeling. Well, let me just put it this way: trust Us Mitch, Mcconnell at all and anybody who stands and Mitch Connell's way as an enemy of the state. I think MIKE Can you tell me tell me
Eric people. Why they should? Paul there, senator and tell them you! You ve got a stand against this well said it will be voting today on a resolution that I put forward with Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont now Bernie Sanders is a progressive, liberal, independent new policies with the Democrats and I've never been described. That They ensure lineage constitution. We know who you are interpreted Republic, yes, and no. We have a resolution that called out the fact that we haven't declared war in Yemen and it there's no authorization for the use of military force in place.
Or our involvement in the Saudi Arabia led coalition war in Yemen against the woozy rebels, call your senders today and tell them to support this resolution and to vote against any motion tabled. This resolution today came MIKE, keep up the good work. God bless you. Thank you so much. Thank you very much You bet Bob. I call the senators the set duration of powers is really important. Has been going on. This was authorized by Obama, not Clinton Army, sorry, not trump. This was rise by Obama and it's got to stop now. Let me tell you about the hundred day tests drive that Casper Mattress has going on right now, baton. You just sent me a picture. A couple of days ago. She was living in a target and she said: there's a Casper mattress display rang the center of the target,
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Blue dot com use the promo code back here in a safe, fifty dollars off, select mattresses that is casper dot com, promo code back, in conditions, do apply back mercury, land back stand in that rarefied place, we're question with boldness and declare yourself a free thinker, I'm so think of the name calling in the tricks like the Patriot ACT, it makes a believing it makes you a patriot to disregard the first third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth, a man and of the constitution. Now is the time they stand for the constitution? You stand for the balance of power oh, that IRAN is a problem. You know, but most of our problems that we face today are com
By us refusing to abide by our own laws and our own suppose, because we say yeah, but there is no but when it comes to the constitution. I'd we dont torture. Now I don't happen to believe that water boarding is torture, we do it or own soldiers, but what hip creates. We are when we goes plain a terrorist to the dark of cells of a dictator who will do are dirty war work, so we can continue to tell each other. We don't torture. We neither believe in these things. Are we don't we really truly at a crossroads. We either believe in our constitution or we don't. I do why I support my glee and find myself in an awkward position of also standing with Bernie Sanders. If we want to grant the last president who did this, who started this,
illegal war in Yemen, even though we are there? Let's, this illegal war in Yemen nobody held his feet to the fire, now did expires and expires in expires we either believe in the balance of power, and we were either grant the current and all future president's new powers to work. Each war without any checker balance and have the courage to do it by changing the constitution, or we actually abide by the constitution, because we will never fix what really truly ales us until begin to live our own rules and stop lying to ourselves. Glenn back
mercury, here listening to the Glen Back Programme, talking two Cambridge Analytic up, it is truly frightening. What is is happening here now, so you know this happen under the Obama administration and the New four times just gonna looked at a wet, what's a new way of reaching voters? No, no! No! No! No! It's not culture, what they mean is they went in and they got all this Facebook data and then they found- This is Steve banning stuff and he is trying to quote change culture and by my chin, in culture. What they mean is they went in and they got all this Facebook data and then
found out exactly what you fear and then they played those fears re S, petrol joining us now He is a year. I know you hate this, but he was a holly producer and every time I knew. I could see anything about him and he's like I'm fine without just Hollywood. Why Hollywood? It is it is a thing I don't know I sort of like the your your tanned and vat, is what I think of all tat writing for really ten as much as you are, I'm? U around TAT, one of them foreign, it's true, you're, a pakistani immigrant muslim gay man, Married with two adopted children, so you check every single box and Hollywood every single pneumonia I am trends, and if I could just turn out, if had a rat who do right, so react as a friend of mine, been we ve, been friends. Now, for almost two years end
and he has real gone on a search to try to understand, and you are, this amazing journey you are coming you're, coming back and and reporting on on how people on your side, if he can All at your side of writing. We do in this tribal time. We do say your side, our side, that's what everyone's referring it. I think kind of I think you're turning into more my side, but but you're you're coming back. This time how can we do about how you said something surprising to me yesterday I said you know, I don't think the average Democrats wants to take away everybody's guns, and I disagreed- and I- and that was the fastening to me- that that was your perception, because I feel like the Anti gun grab them all put him in a bar floating in the ocean is the best plan right now, and what I am finding so frustrating is that you know unit we all children when they shoot children they dont aside, ask are you conservative? Are you liberal so chances are? We all want this to stop and
Me too actually engaged in the conversation of how, as parents, we can make the stop without going down the road hold the second amendment in its it's. It's shocking to me that your perception was that's no, no, that's kind of what you actually said. That's an american but democratic, wouldn't do that. An american and like no, no, no, no, they made their exactly. They feel it gets the most american protective thing to do that's that is India. That is incredible to me. I ve, no, I think, sometimes a many times a optimistic tat her face, and I try to hold off on the catastrophe as long as I possibly can. I just don't understand that, but we were talking about this facebook thing and e n in context you, weird short, you're, trying to help me and I'm trying to help. You understand
each side, because we have different languages and we have to start talking to each other, but necessarily to the politicians I mean to the average person. I a hundred per cent, and so what I did as I put on Facebook to to your two events of you are saying: are you having this in your natural life. Has your family or friendships rifted, and someone reached out to me from from Virginia and said this is affecting our friendships. Like I've been old friend twenty years, we parent together kids of the same age. We never talk about this and you could feel when the conversation came up in the room, but it got uncomfortable. What's interesting is when we talked they both realise is equipped to play that they have the exact same experience. Well tat. They had exact same experience being in the voting booth. Is that the Muslim Progressive stood there in paused and said I dont know if Hillary Clinton, what I want and the conservatives at that was my experts I was also in the Balkans out their labors Donald Trump is an option and they had no
ever realized until a conversation which was a year have to be election, that they both felt the same way, but they probably gone to their sides, defended its vehement Lee and do not talk about it. To me. The biggest fear I have right now is when I go from Texas to DC or to allay I'm jumping into completely different revenue information stream. It is a shocking amount of difference when I land from Dallas to Dc Eta, I gotta get to. That between these worlds and I'm cool, really telling people. But this is a new story in Texas. This isn't a new story, because the flow of information is so separate and if you do people talking and say: hey, do you hear that story, then? Would you when we first met? I think I put down on a chalkboard like ten different stories, yeah that were big to conserve it You had never heard any was inauguration day and when Obama, which I think is probably the most graceless thing to ever- do to exit. I had no scandals.
We then you guys listed ten and I got up and I knew none of them because I, as his devoted audience, was never allowed to see any of them. I mean I'm pretty well read guy and I sat there embarrassed I watch, but I did not know didn't even know them that a shocking to me about it. Me why we're doing this project and we can do to get it again of these friends groups, communities that stop talking and take. Ok. First, connect. You been friends, you a personal relationship. We war is so fast compared to who you voted for so Let us remember that stuff and then let's actually have the conversations. So you are in your in Hollywood and you you're, a storyteller lay I must, and what is truly frightening to me. Is This truly now is propaganda. We have crossed. Into new territory from fake news to propagate to where we are where we are
potentially being manipulated and and were being being categorized and then pitted against each other in a scientific way, in a scientific and also in a story telling in an old Hollywood one a one year. The graphics package of the debates is like the graphics package of attacks and fight leave twenty four hours of cable news that need to be programmed. I'm a producer. How do you programme how'd? You get someone to watch CNN at four p m as opposed to HIV Tv. You have to get them excited interested feel like its devastating, so that need to create the conflict. To get the viewer to change. Channels is now constant. It's the new norm, and so the hysteria then you have to find new theories, new, correct, its idiot weaved that we ve jumped the shark and then now the shark is even looking at us in saying what the hell you doing. The shocking is like this is beyond me. So let me ask you this. Facebook engagement has gone down.
Twenty three percent in the last quarter, that's significant significant! You look at the cable news ratings, Can all television. Yes, I mean you seen em they're, there remarkable that they this slow and most people in America are not reading a story about how low they are. They just keep going going lower and lower and lower, and I don't mean I mean- and what what's called Cuba the amount of people even tuning in not stick around a watch it just tuning in we're tuning in anymore, except where we're looking debt, our phones, all the time. So. The tuning into long form tuning into half hour tuning The nightly news tuning into NBC Amy in the evening, is not happening, but the four three two minutes. Twenty seconds from twitter that is constantly going into our bloodstream, easy, constant diet of where we get our from
that's good, because what America needs is less perspective, a Yankee. We will need time for more soundbites shorter amounts of informing more talking heads. I m glad we need. We need more people just talking in giving their opinions, but I think the key in this project with us. Every time I come here is I talk and then I stopped and I listen and always always learn. But what have you learned since you were here last about conservatives? I have learned that I think there is a great again. Generally speaking, I feel that conservatives love generally being part of a group. They are proud to be Americans. They are proud to be patriots, their proud to be with their neighbours. I find a lot of liberal progressives are want to be very much in their individualised, individualised label with their agenda, their needs and I'm finding that intimate engaging conversations, and this is my students coming as a liberal, I am finding conservatives much more open to the conversation, maybe because their presence,
well I'd hospital. They are so much more open. Isn't it interesting that your perception is, and I think you're right that conservatives like to be part of a group. They like to be a part of the bigger group like America, etc, cetera and progressive, do see themselves. As my wife, my issue is this, and I want to focus on this which is very indolent individualistic except the v of a constitution which protects that India, Visual is celebrated by the right and the left the living breathing document that can be adjusted lying at the time. The progressive you no way is collective thought. How do you where the hell do. I don't because I actually, I call them on these hypocrisy. As you know, we have conversations rules, we would tat accommodation on abortion. We that's a tricky one and at some point I said, look we're liberals we're progressive, I'm pro choice, because I believe you know it's a woman's right. It's not my body. That is my proposal.
I thought, but I did look. We don't know when life actually begins. You know I studied type. If we're talking a grey area. What we are doing is progressive, saying we protect even July. We protect the weak, we protect the innocent, we protect the helpless o visit an example were saying: we don't really know where life begins, but we're not going to protect. You can protect the mother, find. That is a viewpoint. Can you not noticed that policy of it and they did very uncomfortable to me when I do about what they know, what would I do? Well, he, but that's to me, do you have a problem with that it's great to investigate that rightly, I happen to know in those directions. I have no problem with people who will admit. Look I, for instance, I am pro life. However, cases of policy any tribal black and white world, which is where we are grey, we'll be where the solutions are grey will be where people actually meet and engage and find out what the laws should be to side with the laws.
Great on somebody saying look, I M conflicted on this. I see my own hypocrisy in a tribal black and white world, which is where we are grey will be with the solutions, are grey will be where people actually meet and engage and find out what the laws should being decide with the laws b I feel like the gray pride is what I'm always would like it. So it's it's it's an important thing to say: I'm not just a progressive liberal alone had carried out banner, I'm not just to conserve christian majority that our views I live next to you in it. We have He out the school shootings are affecting every single one. If that's not something get over our own ego and the need to be right to say. Ok, we protect these children, then Dont know what cause is more important, Some of you did me an American in good stead and if you don't have absolute certitude on every issue
that's my ass. You are a traitor to be somebody audio. I mean I mean for really honesty. Aren't you can like an alien? This enhances elaborating about him. Actually I was actually born in the United States. Lies didn't know that year you're, just it was just a celebrity mortals and where we have a real quick risk, as I'm gonna wrap this up. I got about a minute its talk about the thing that you ve learned in the conversation, and we play the clip last night on tv. You made an observation about taking a knee at the NFL to somebody who was very progressive in like they are right to do that in didn't understand the conservative point of view. Yet it was, it was so simple. It was. Words are to liberals, like symbols, article,
evidence, and if you want to know how a conservative feels about the office of President or the flag, it's exactly how you feel about labels and symbols. They upset you, they hurt. You deeply his words his labels, racist statement, words, anger, liberals, they hurt us in a similar way. Symbols are hugely conservatives a hugely important conservatives of you want to know. How can they be so rather than about the flag? Will why'd you gets around about every single tweet every single day, Nathan riles you up words. While you are imminent arrival them up you one another's, does its analogous its interests and that's why the more I travel the more the civil Ernie just make me laugh I got an a plane and I got if I could get the people in Alaska November the people and their legs in the row. The people and commitment in Saudi Arabia Alex sedately, shocked at how simple the conversation would fly. It was what we learned after the wall came down. Yeah in nineteen, what ninety one when that wall came down and we met the people who are living on the other side, that weak
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The facebook is plunged yesterday. They tumbled seven percent in the stock market. I still, I think, worse, starting to see you know what possibly could be a soft spot for Facebook that could take them down. There are taking a very seriously, that's for sure, yeah busy meeting today about it yeah they should they they ve got a real issue back in just a second Glenn back mercury courage, Sri Lanka, bacterial bomber is menacing, Austin, Texas, and we we made. Entering a new phase. It looks like he's expanding his range over
another bomb exploded inside a Fedex facility near San Antonio, the FBI I suspect it might be linked to the previous four, but no Inquiries have been reported in the Fedex explosion. Sunday night, the fourth bomb in less than three weeks exploded in residential area southwest of Downtown Austin and the previous three bombs Raul disguised as package's delivered to specific houses. But this time the bomb was attached to a foresail sign and rigged with a trip wire to men. Walking through the neighbourhood, apparently struck. The Tipp trip wire were seriously injured in the blast Please say they see similarities in the bombs that make them believe is that the same killer is responsible, but some sought right. The trip wire bomb reveals a higher level of sophistication and skill, so investigators, I believe the bomb maker may have military or police explosive ordinance. Training perfect, investigate
also stumped, because a serial bomber typically makes the device the same way every time. But that's not happening in this case there are also surprised that there have been any demands or indication of a motive from the perpetrator police. Now are urging the killer to communicate with them and have raised the reward. Two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest, oddly, the fourth bomb actually helps investigators because of the increasing amount of trace evidence left after the explosion surveillance videos expected help. Crap The case is well on this one, since the bombers personally delivering and setting up the devices when this second and third bombs exploded. Last week, several outlet concluding CNN and wash in imposing eager to power on the idea that this was a hate crime. Since two black men work here, then an elderly hispanic woman seriously injured the post, even question. Whether there would be more urgency to find the killer had the initial bomb gone off in
affluent white neighbourhood, but some- he's explosion, largely sinks, the hate crime theory, since it was rigged to kill anyone who just happen by for the wreck, the two men by that were injured by Sundays Bomb were both white. When you are dealing with a serial killer like this, does idea that it might be racially motivated, make it any more or less evil is just evil period isn't? every murder, essentially a hate crime, it's Tuesday, eight March twenty at this is the Glen Back programme. We, kind of focusing on a few things. The last couple of weeks, one is drug use. Any of this. That should tell the world- would be a much better place. If I think I love the bumper sticker. That says,
Lord save me from your followers the problem is not with Jesus. The problem is with a lot of people who say they're following Jesus, but they're, not and statistics prove this out. There is no difference. Queen somebody who doesn't go to church doesn't believe in God when it Two marriages, alcoholism, drug use any of this stuff. That should tell us something that we're a team think church, instead of tending a church, and we brought in Nathan Harrison and you say last named William, William, Enron, Stoddard Roy it is with save adoptions and Nathan is the ceo of adoption, dot com and stop Tommy Little bit about adoption stuck come before. You tell me why you're here sure so adoption not com is the connection engine for adoption so
the family wants to adopt. They can put a profile online and a woman whose pregnant, considering adoption can go and choose a family or we have profile or photo listings of children waiting to be adopted and families can go, look through thousands of photos of children and choose a child to adopt, or if an adopted, IE and a birth parent twenty years after the adoption want to find each other, they can put their information and and- and we help facilitate a connection, so connect people related to adopt have to tell you, I'm adopted father and there's nothing better in my life, then that choice, choice to adopt my children are everything, and you know we were afraid it always. Oh god, I feel the same yeah it's exactly the same, and it is a marvellous thing? If I tell you if my wife, if I could just today, my hair, so I didn't look like I was my wife I'll say we should adopt again and she looked at me until it look at you we're going to adopt them ass for
the reality relationship? Now I dont large anyway. Here's the ears, the problem, adoption Overseas adoptions by Americans have gone down now, eighty percent. And places like Romania have tried to pick up the slack before and it didn't work first. Before we get to why this number is down. Why aren't people in other countries like Romania? Why doesn't the adoption work like it does here? Do you know? Well, it does I mean there are people in Romania, but there are not, as many people adopting in Romania, because it is not culturally as acceptable As it is in the United States that weird, when we first doing adoptions from Russia very few. Russian families would even consider adopting an orphan because they looked at them children of alcoholics in
socially inferior. But after Eric and started adopting children from Russia and the Russians looked and said: may who were missing something here and now the number of A stick. Adoptions in Russia is much much higher. So we have an opportunity to show it by examples. It do you think. That's a christian thing is at a christian trade that came from us or just something unique in us Brazil is the same way, a very christian country, but they dont adopt their own, and very much the same same issue. It's it's a cultural issue. There they're not used to going to an orphanage and finding a child in adopting the child, as you said Christians are to be doing it, so is it a christian thing should be okay. So now eighty percent drop in foreign adoptions, that's massive and I warn you- the next few minutes- are gonna- be becoming thousand fourteen painful to hear it's, because
If somebody in the former administration that- this was a head and was at the head of adoptions seriously, will help setting the laws here and then she said was yeah sure the chief of the adoption division witches in the. U S State department. And she's a civil service appointment which is a problem in and of itself, because she doesn't seem real high on adoptions, she's anti adoption. What how could You have the job, but that's right, a big in charge of adoptions of being anti it up. Why would we ever appoint someone to be our chief of adoptions in the United States, whose anti adoption the moment she appointed thousand fourteen she was removed from the Justice Department to the state any idea what the motivation was to put somebody anti adoption in there. What? Why was that done? Don't speck! late? If you know, I think they died
the attitude at that time, the Hague Convention had been implemented in the United States and the focus the government on any activity. Is to regulate and control. So she was moved into that position because she had experience in adoptions years earlier. Even though she had a proven record of being I've opposed. The Hague Convention and the regulations are it so she put in regulations, they did not go into effect because Trump came in and he reverse them is all right. Well, trunk came in and said, died we're going require that you have eliminate two regulations forever the new regulation you around okay, so the regulations already existed, but she proper. Those new regulations to manage
of timber of two thousand. Sixteen that would further give them. Can rule over the adoption industry are right. So what has happened to get Donald Trump to I assume ease opened this What do we have to do to get two kicker. I assume, take her out river these what mover to a more appropriate position that would you her skills, ah it in a more power. Sensitive way out precisely what they got in. There is pro adoption. If your gun to be a in charge shovelled I'm yours, a national programme, wow, okay, so what are we will do? What are you happy Lou, so we believe Donald Trump would would be very supportive of this. If this just got on its list of priorities of this, this became something that he focused on
so we ve created a White House petition. We started promoting it yesterday at about twenty five hundred signatures this morning, the why us promises that if it reaches a hundred thousand signatures that they will respond, the petition was actually created on petitions, DOT, Whitehouse, DOT, I fear listeners wanted to. I too find that petition. They could go to option, dot com and right at the top theirs bright, yellow bar with a link to it, click on that link and sign the predefined, the petition. Okay, so he'll look added if we have a hundred thousand signatures and take it seriously of of of correcting this out. How long will it take to reverse and eighty percent decline it'll take years? but died? Of course it has to start with a person being put in that position that wants to increase adoption a week, You have a problem in America where we have a need for foster parents,
and it's a lot easier to adopt a you know a little child than it is to adopt a twelve year old. It takes years to fix this. The problems in the other countries of foster, because I gotta believe I mean our foster Our foster system is not. You know a pleasure. I can't imagine what it's like in some countries, not good almost countries don't have foster systems, it's a system of orphanages and you look at the outcomes of those children. You look. It has as many as fifty percent of the girls that age out of those orphanages are end up in prostitution and you look at the homelessness at sixty percent or hiring you look at the suicide rate of ten percent is ridiculously poor outcomes for the children. The age out of those orphanages. You'd been done about this eighty percent decline in foreign adoptions. How much of that has to do with the russian sanctions that we ve heard so much about very little very little,
I d Russia closed even now the end of two thousand and eleven and the decline has tenured so I'd yeah, there was a time when China put a pause on adoptions that cause some of the decline. The China's one child policy was changed that caused a little bit of it, but there are so many countries that are now whether Russia closed its doors or not. The question is what is the State Department and help restrictions on them. If they do not have. An administrative system for tracking documentation when a child is born out in new boondocks then we suspect that there may be fraud with the documentation for a country like Nepal, with children, avail both for adoption, the you us, will not allow adoptions from Nepal because we dont trust their documentation and
question about Russia, isn't whether Russia closed its doors? you're. Not the question is: what is the State Department and help open those stores, What support who we provided to these countries to help them implement robust and ethical adoption programmes? And that's the peace? That's missing? We the State Department that has innovating and and helping I could the type of adoption system they want. Instead of trying to regulate everybody out of existence, take a quick break for that. I am come back and ass. I ask you this question: I know there are people that you know will come across this interview in they'll say Well, why don't? We start in our own country, there's some problems here with adoption in our own country and some things that we can t care of and some things that you know we all should be aware of theirs. There is a need in our own country and let's talk about them
in that concern. When we come back again, you gotta adoption, dot, com, adoption, Don COM, look for the banner up at the top and sign the White House petition to get there. Obama appointee removed from the State Department, or at least in this position, where she's overseeing adoptions, cheese, anti adoption do that now, Dobson dot com, another dirty little twist of identity, tax fraud, thieves, our hacking online accounts at attacks, attacks preparation firm, so they grab your account and then I put in for the refund to come to them once the IRS deposits, the money into the hacked clients bank account the crook contacts them I posting as a collection agency claiming that the refund was an error and demand in payments unfortunate a lot of people are falling for this. There are a lot of rats in today's connected world- and it just takes one lean- a weak link for the criminals to get in that's. Why
there's new lifelong identity theft protection. It adds the power of Norton Security to help protect you against the threats, the your identity in the devices that you're not It's not gonna, see these threats until it's too late, and if you have a problem, the age are gonna work to fix it now nobody, stop all cyber threats, preventive identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but Life Lockwood, Norton Security is Abraham. Able to cover those things that most people mess, go to law a flock dot com or call one eight hundred life lock and use the promo code back get an additional ten. Percent off your first year with promo code back at work, the eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com. Back mercury
land back. The United States is down eighty percent in an international adoptions, and that's because there is somebody that it was appointed by a bomb under the State Department TAT is they had tie adoption and is put all of these rules regulations in to stop the internet, oh adoptions, it's wrong and its dangerous for humanity all around the world and asking that you would go to adoption dot com and you'll see a banner up at the top click on it. It'll he came to the White House for petition the White House, promised over a hundred thousand signatures, and they will take this up in and review it. So let me let me let me pick it up where we left our conversation with Nathan, IRAN about International, adopt, and adoptions here in Amerika. Why not focus on the kids? Are we have here that's a great children in the United States in our foster care system are very important and they need to be adopted. Cheered, children, an orphan
just around the world are very important and they need to be adopted. It's not an either a question. There are plenty of loving families that would love to bring these children into their homes, its outer of complexity, not a matter of numbers of families. We need a simple, by the system and make it easy enough. These families can bring children. I will tell you: I adopt my son Rafe. Antonia, and I were horrified I mean she was beside herself for three years. We adopted in Texas, where its pretty clear, you know the new parents are the new parents period, but still terrified that some somebody would come knocking at the door one day and say: yeah he's got your son, God touches our hearts in different ways and sometimes were motivated to adopt an orphan, and sometimes we connect with a fifteen year old child in the foster care system, we but the. But today we have. There are laws that that mean that stuff does happen, but it is getting better here in Amerika in it yeah antics,
tat some of the best laws in the country but you're. Unfortunately, that does happen. Ok, so you go with working with. The government is where's the neighbour, yet it is, it is. If you talk to my wifi and I had to biological children and adopted twice, I believe that she went through with our biological children was nothing compared to what we had to go through to adopt? No, it is end, but this is it we can correct this. We correct so many other problems that we correct homelessness. I mean telling about the rates of of those in prison and homelessness and everything else. Well, a statistic I the other day, the ceo of via the United States Institute against human trafficking, said that sixty two Seventy percent of the children who are trafficked come out of the foster care system. Oh my gosh, so The foster care system is good, but its temporary and you need to
those kids out of the foster care system into a permanent home as early as possible, and the same thing happens internationally. We ve seen statistics that is as many as fifty percent of the girls that age out of an orphanage that leave an orphanage without being adopted end up in prostitution. Going back to the original question, too, we ve heard statistics a lot that up to two thirds of children with, eighteen months of aging out of the foster care system, two thirds of the children and up either homeless in jail in jail or dead. That the statistics for these kids, the outcomes for these children, that age out of an orphanage or a foster, homer ridiculous? The question Whether we should adopt from the United States are internationally. The question is: let's do Then we can to get them adopted. All of the all of the above and people say, there is not enough people. There are their plenty right there already a recent study from the Dave. Thomas Centre for adoption show that eighty
five million Americans have considered adoption we just and they said that the biggest reason they haven't adopted as the complexity and the cost. We need to focus on reducing complexity and reducing costs instead of increasing regulation in men amen. Thank you guys. So much appreciate your hard work and and everything you do, and let me just let me tell you as a dad married to a wonderful woman who we couldn't have children and we wanted it so desperately, and we worried about adoption. Let me tell you: the greatest thing ever the greatest thing ever blue adoption, dot com and- and please sign that Whitehouse Petition and let's get that Obama pointy out of the State Department correct this problem today: adoption dot com thanks Glenn back
mercury This is the climate. And I want to start a new segment on the program called Fix reason firmly in her seat. And here's how we're gonna play this you have. Cambridge analytical stop feeling for just a second stop feeling and just use reason. It's time, to act like Spock, no, motions were die, but its logical that we're all going to die fix reason in her seat for a second right. The press is very upset and everybody is upset at Facebook. Facebook took nosedive yesterday in the stock
of seven percent. Why because the story is is it they may gave bulk data to Cambridge Analytical. And Cambridge analytical use that to get Donald Trump elected, ok, well. That's all really. The story now fixed he's firmly intercede face. Look what they actually did. Is they sold this bulk information to an app. You agree that when you signed up for a free facebook, you agreed that they could do it now. You can opt out of that, but you agreed that they could sell your bulk d to an app right, and you actually clicked yes to the individual app when you installed it when you gave it permits kith other experts.
The earth is not just a you did dating Facebook and sell it to any one. You had to act, We agree too stall and utilise this app and give this app access. You agreed to it, okay, so so that app is the one that broke the a covenant or the the contractual rules by selling that information to Cambridge Analytical, so Facebook did what they were supposed to. Do you clicked on it, you proved it. You should be mad at the app, not a facebook, because it was the app that actually violated the the state it rules the contract they hold it to somebody that they shouldn't not because they sold without your permission now. The question is how exactly as Facebook responsible for this don't feel just think how
Oh, is Facebook responsible, as many people seem to be blaming Facebook because their this big monolith right now, and they certainly have done many things that I dont like yes, but on this issue. Particular case again you even the data you agree to give them the data view you agreed to let the app access that data you agreed to you click. Yes, then they gave the access to that up and that app a third party did something that they weren't supposed to and gave it to Cambridge Analytical so how's that face I mean the always before you go on? I just want to remind you fix reason. Intercede do not drag other things about Facebook that you don't like Along with this right, we're on Facebook censoring conservatives away and when I'm on another matter that we thought the pursed up this part. Let's not
The problem is: is we conflate everything and it's getting really confusing. I dont know who I'm supposed to be Ford, who I'm supposed to be against and why? Okay, so so fix. Reason intercede on this one feel nothing just think the only thing that you can potentially say- which I think is generally speaking unrealistic- is that Facebook should follow information while I was in as a follow up something big it would, they would ever know, but I think you could argue that Facebook shouldn't allow access to its platform from you know to supplement their response, some way of letting a company that did illicit things. Again giving them access to their platform with itself the size of facebook, I dont think its realistic that there are to be able to take every single app and make sure that they don't outside of it.
Platform. Do something like that. This is like this is like a bad guy goes in and shoots at a school, taking way all the guns right. That's what you're saying I think it's a bad idea. I I honestly think in a look. We we get because Facebook and how we can like face to be clear. I money that, if a man of it, but it's like when we wind up making this big scary monster right of Facebook, which in many ways they are big, scary monster, but in this particular case what did they do wrong? You know someone took data that the user agreed to give them to us, then that data went to a third party that the user approved That transaction of data, the third party held the data and then did something they weren't supposed you against facebooks rules. They said laws to stop this particular thing
He did it anyway. I was at Facebook swap are so there's question number one hears question number two: are we supposed to be mad at Facebook today or we supposed or are they are they forests are against us today? Are they traders to the cause to day here's? Why ask do not feel anything just think K very uncomfortable in today's world. Don't fit or in a safe space? This is about. The only audience at America has even capable of this task. I think so. I really do ok. So so I just want you to think Facebook is the left. Disorganization Facebook helps Hillary Clinton, Facebook
does everything they can to hurt the Republicans, but today. Unless you have just had the last thinking lesson today for some reason both sides are angry at Facebook. Why. In particular, flee why, if you don't understand the first question Would a conservative be mad at Facebook because What the charge is is that Facebook took all of them data and handed it to Steve Ban in his ears. Cambridge analytical firm. The handed it to a ban in where, if you believe Facebook is responsible for this right
then you'd have to believe that they were trying to help Donald Shrub. So there's hinders old again, don't feel anything, don't feel anything go dead inside four minute and just think that one through Now, if you ve already done the map and the first one, we could say well, they helped Hillary Clinton last time and and didn't have a problem with it. They they are sat because they they didn't hand to anybody this time, but an app They contracted with, went against their agenda and everything else, but see then you're Open the whole media story falls apart. But he has you can leave who can leave Facebook as a liberal entity, but you cannot also be mad at Facebook, for giving Steve Ban and all of them.
Raw data. You can't you can have both so which one are we going to choose today. Fix reason in her seat. I have one Can I get your Irish again fix reason for I don't feel don't failure, not even a little, not even a little aren't big New York Times. Report came out New York Times ok, so the white people had much much higher success rate. And this is to being shared like crazy. All over the internet, big story, R K goes who deep study in which they looked at ten thousand boys, ten thousand boys and first time, anyone in the last twenty years has looked at. Ten thousand boys will accept for now, whatever you're about to say doctor, because I felt that they like we should stop calf casting off.
By the way? Did I say the widening company rose yesterday in house at times, but nobody hissing ten thousand boys in about two deck: ok, so ten thousand boys? Eight thousand, I grew up in rich family rich family. What they found, yes, is that the white boys grew up to be rich adults. More often about twice as often as black boys grew up to be rich adults. Okay, so the white people had much much higher success rate into growing into rich and upper middle class adults. Then black children did past right and so this as this as the headline shows. It is thence of data that shows punishing reach of racism for black boys. Now you look. The surface, and this is what everyone is doing and you'd say: hey, it sure, does their black boys
his white boys saying richly started out with the same ceiling Ryan they both are rich right and then is that advanced the black children flu one up in the lower income areas along More often than white showed that shows racism can ask your question sure: fix a reason and receive your area. Is it because he is yet it is fixed used to divorce. You said black boys and then you said black children ok is shouldering, nor is it boys. Did they also study girls? Interestingly, they did Ok, they did well to work when they find out about the girls, so that even the two statements of fact here
they gave you do this. You have to scroll down a few paragraphs here when you get to our any as you'd. I'm already I'm a headline, I'm already thereabout, I'm really angry about the black boys. In the racism of our society. Right, black men consistently earn less than white men, regardless of whether their raised poor or rich, faster bastards right the other side of the graph yeah. I know Such income gap exists between black and white women raised and similar households. No such income gap exists. So women exactly wait, wait, wait. Maybe I'm feeling those bastards did they just check families that had one black child and an adoptive wifi? Oh, no! No! when you used the word bastards, usually you are feeling a little bit weakening
That's a set of rules for when I do this as a game we should now is he's. Ok, I know who we're back out of the gate yeah, but what's so it's interesting years? First of all, how can it be race if white women, black women. Have the exact same results? In fact, looking at the chart, you cannot admit it's. It's almost identical so. If it if its race, if its racism, black women? Would or much worse than white women from the study. Yes, so may way of very ill way. This would disprove the headline that racism was the cause here unless, for some bizarre reason we only racist against black men, but that means it's not race right. So, let's just this extends further than this The other thing were told in society. All the time is that sexism is incredibly
vital and happening everywhere. Women having worse run of it, then men. However, get in this, it shows opposite, where the black box These are the ones that are hurt in this study, though black boy are the ones with the worst results where the black women don't have the bad results. So again, I don't this shows listen. I can hear in Texas. I can still hear the liberal heads hoping in California. Think anymore again makes no sense, does not compete. Fix reason in her seemed to be a free thinkers, celebrate that you are an independent thinker, aright every
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It may even helping on that they spotlight the strongest applications that you receive. So you never miss a great match, zipper critter! It's how you find great people. Final today, how zip recruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes in industries to followed Qual defined the qualified seas? I get this job. I should be saying You like fries with that all sizes in industries and you can find the most qualified job candidate with immediate results right now, post your job zip recruiter for free at zip, recruiter, dotcom, slash back that zip recruited. Dot com, slash back, back mercury. Glenn back at an open letter James Madison be able to share today. If we don't run out of time,
I also? What are you gonna? Do you play on? We apply in other acquit game with me. Sure, like this ok another quick game of of fix reason in her seat. Am I suppose to be am, I to be with the FBI or against the F B. I am I supposed to be with me, Kabir against MC against my cape. Well now intimate and hang onto the second it with the Republicans world four Mackay, because Mackay was in trouble with the death. The reason why this home investigation started was does. He was in in trouble with the Democrats. It was you Conyers? That said you know we ve got a real problem here, nor our republic is at stake, because he's leaking information that hurt Hillary Clinton and so White Mackay information. We know that. That's why he was five right, but it would mean that information her Donald trial. It heard Hillary Clinton, it was. It was hurting Hillary Clinton and that's why,
John Conyers in Elijah Cummings said that the the the the investigation needed to be open for them stagnation that got Mackay fired was launched by Democrats, so not sure if I'm supposed to be for keyboard, gins Mackay, because now after he helped Donald Trump and heard Hillary Clinton. According to the Democrats, now the Republicans Are you mad at him for some reason and Glenn back mercury courage shrink back an open letter to the honourable James Madison, dear Sir,
I'm running, to request your help and guidance it's been out and about two hundred and thirty years since you wrote the constitution of the United States, you intended to establish a person, a permanent, cohesive, Democratic Republic, the first of its kind on the face of the earth and, in that time, He meant you and your colleagues outlined a government that would be subservient to the people that it would go its powers from the consent of the governed, having been through decades despotic, you know right from a king in a parliament that you didn't elect you later- a framework for a government with very very limited powers. Instead of getting a powerful, centralized government your constitution. Instead set forth a system that would it you're, the people would retain their natural rights. They never have a king over them that the individuals, Aids would retain their own sovereignty and control of their own destinies. Your constitution was
pretty for mean it was pretty amazing. Quite honestly, I mean it was impressive for, good many years Oh it laid out the two houses in the legislature. Anyone you ensure that rural and agricultural states would not be ruled by a densely populated urban state manner. Your document was really quite brilliant. Three answers of government each having the power to curb the our of the others designed to ensure that no branch of government would develop the power to take away the rights of the people of the states and, while the solution details. Very limited powers granted to the government. It also provides for the flexibility being able to amend that by the people when they did. And their freedom and security might be better served with with new powers that they would choose. To grant the government or powers It would wish to take back from it. In short, you road, the constitution, to secure the Brett blessings of liberty, not just for you guys, but for us to creep,
upon this earth a great experiment, a nation of individuals who would self govern where the govern it would never be allowed to steal the freedom and wealth of its people. Jim. I'm just tell you loud that fail ha. I mean good idea and everything by in really work out. If the goal of the cost petition was to form a government that had limited power over its people and would never grow to deprive people of their liberty, their property in their lives. Then yet bit failed, wow Don't get me wrong? I made it had a really good run, The nation, you help found a mean became the most powerful nation on earth. Freedom was let loose upon the land or ingenuity just in the United States on income. By a controlling, centralized government, it was able to build the most prosperous, wealthy and powerful country than his ever existed on the planet we ve lived. Billions of people around the world out of poverty? We ve harness the power.
The atom that we vehicles that have went to the moon. We drive in vehicles that have eight hundred horses under the hood miss Madison, I mean the the name you guys envisioned near constitution. It was real for a while when the government out of the way the people did exactly what, you thought they would. They would flourish. Wherever it really last I mean today in the nation that you founded, we ve lost most of those freedom. Do detailed so thoroughly com, the Tunisian, designed to ensure the government of limited powers, yet Emma it don't even read it anymore? We don't even know what it says in its like a dusty given its at a museum That's really the only place it it lives, today, in fact, tomorrow in the Senate, they're gonna, stand and say, hey, the president, because what the last president did, the President,
and just declare war. In Yemen and us fight it. Without going through the Congress, there try Actually, you know take control of the of their power in their branch to make sure they keep the Fraser Didn't check that was from the last president and then also Congress. I think it's today or tomorrow by to Morrow they're gonna, pass a huge budget that none of them have even read yet easy right and if anybody stands up on the floor of the House of the Senate and they actually defend your document. You know that thing. You guys slaved over their ridiculed, they're called traders minutes, it's really not son. What's going on. In short, Mr Madison, I'm I'm writing to ask for your help. I need your help. Understand cause you wrote the constitution about. You wrote it with this fatal flaw in order for its function of ensuring a government with limited power that is incapable of taking away the rights of citizens.
It relies on people, I mean The constitution hold so much promise for people, but we are willing to trade, their freedom for the illusion of safety,. Like, I said. If I mean, if you stand and talk about limited government, you're shouted down as somebody who has to hate children, you know you you, hate minorities are women our government is expected by the p to solve every perceive problem for every person, every group on earth. Today the government has to control, the weather and the climate. I know I know I know we have to end all disease and poverty works. To ensure that people don't get fat or art skinny, we don't get addicted to drugs, don't get Caution playing sports. The government has to control hate speech at something I'll have to tell you about later. To ensure that nobody's feelings get hurt today,
People are willing to trade, their freedom for the illusion of safety. Here's what I really want to know Jim, where that come from Now that steel into the world, what Sir, he'd, what route did that grow from whose doing whose killing us, whose robbing us of life and light mocking us with the sight of what we might have known does our ruin benefit the earth. Does our ruin help the grass to grow where the sun to shine? Is this dark? Send you to have you, have you pass this night. Did you imagine this evil. In your era, James. I'm sorry, if I'm judging you too harshly, but that's what we do now we look at people are the pass inmate of woe. They were flawed, what idiots, but did design and build the most powerful, free and wealthy nation that has ever existed. It was your framework. You desire,
a country that would see human beings for the wonderful creatures that they are, that would risk their nature as a species that would like them to think and act on their own you're dead, can it really is brilliant? respects, a man is a man because of his nature, self aware being of free will endow by its creator with with rights that aren't grew added to or depended on any other person or group writes that belong to each of us just because, where human The original human rights guys out of you know that that's a big deal now except it's not we talk about but we don't know what it means. I just wonder what you might say to us today. I should say to my colleague or I miss Massey just before they Dan upon the floor of Congress today or tomorrow, to defend the constitution, but
just say to a school teacher in California was excuse for for expressing he fought and encouraging logic and reason. What makes you say to me: I've funded those in government who still try to live by your document? I I consider self. A staunch defender of your doctor for most of my life. Maybe you would say to me hey thanks, for the note sorry about free nation thing. You know good luck in the gulags, Jim, oh, I don't know, maybe you'd say don't give up. Keep defending your liberty, we do it in my day when a government stood against the smart, false out, and it worked Maybe you just tell us all the simple truth Constitution says to peace paper thought is. A paint paper has no power over you. It has the power you choose to grant it
Freedom in your liberty are guaranteed by a piece of paper, nor could they ever be their security. Guaranteed by each of you acting and work. Together to ensure your fellow citizens don't act to do. Drive you of them. Maybe you'd write to me and say it's not the constitution that failed the people. Mr back, it's the people that have failed. The constitution, it's Tuesday, eight march. Twenty on this is the Glen Back Programme, Julian Brazil. She is a history teacher in Rockland, High School California last week when they kids were walking out. She just asked the question. This is a This is a march about the second amendment and constitutional rights. Would our school be right and justified?
to allow a seventeen minutes walk out from school if it was pro life? Well, that was too dicey unsafe. I that's unsafe, king, so she was expelled from school and put on a The strait of leave when we talked to her last week, we wanted to get an update and find out what has happened since Julianne. How are you. I'm good. How are you are very good and I would say that James Madison would be overwhelmed by your brilliant prologue there that with something else. Thank you very much, but what are you didn't? Have a history teacher in the California fact plants question of things so So when you the last time we spoke to you, we're just getting the facts you, you were mainly getting the facts from the news
You said your teachers union was standing up for your right to talk what what has happened since well. Ok, tell you got that I'm so appreciative of people like you and me have such an appreciation for the industry. At this point b, I genuinely believe if that, had it not been for the outrage and the backlash from not just my local community could make Americans do have rallied around me, like you would not believe, but this nation, and because of people like you, my school district, completely reject it basically everything and even though they violated not only the first moment, but my sixth amendment due process very ever sleep, I genuinely honestly don't know why they ve. Never tell me exactly what I, it wrong. I was apparently with never a disciplinary issue. Back yeah like you alluded to, essentially, because
I question whether one protest would be afforded the same, convenience and courtesy as another protest. I think a few students thought that was inappropriate, inflammatory they were uncomfortable and I take it. From this is go ahead, Nano go ahead. You take away from this one well written that the kind of frightening thing is that to students and one parent complained, and that was enough to take a twenty year unscathed, teaching record and put me on leave without giving me a reason. Why that's pretty scary is that gonna be removed from your record There is nothing on my record because apparently this was not a disciplinary issue, but my record is still unscathed. Might by reputation is somewhat defamed, but I can handle that, but there there's no display my good right now. Ok, so I'm just one
because I mean, if I were high school kid cause your teaching AP classes, reddening your teaching, your college level glasses. If I were, if I were in your class, I think just as an experiment. Would organise a walk out for Life III If I didn't believe in it I am. I was the kind of kid that would have organised it and said Let's find out what they would say, well, you know your history. Well enough that the ACL you love to do test cases. You know Scopes trial in nineteen. Twenty five with evolution much past, whether evolution is ok to be beautiful in public schools. So I say: let's test this: am I
wood- and this is genuinely not coming from me, but I'm going to go ahead and advocate for it. I have a student who is actually meeting with our administration and going to go ahead and test his he's unbelievably brave and courageous. To do this, but, as I told you're producer, and I don't know if you want me to go ahead and suggest what what they might be doing by God. Let's put this right, so George Clooney, backed with his own person, money the hashtag enough and your team vogue and women's March of power. All these people united behind this too, will organise this protest or haven't. We fought the undue Hashtag life and we try to maybe get a Clint Eastwood or TIM Alan or a rare Hollywood conservative to back this and maybe get the heritage Foundation or the american family associations and less sure what this
see what happens cause you just had Jim Cathedral in studio yesterday at Sir we might have some connections to some Hollywood people that might want to do that. Is it you can? Can you just? Can you we pass on my producer, or you know ass this, the student of yours. If they would like to come on cause I'd love the talk to the student and yet In fact, I actually asked Miss. He was willing to have his. They bought. Their new took four hundred percent. Yes, his name is Brandon Gillespie and I would be happy to afford you. This information- I am, I am literally I mean I'm impressed beyond belief because
he, and I just want to be clear that I never advocated. I asked a bright jor came to his and it came to his mind because he actually understood my question and the actual thought and his eye. I wonder if this is ministration wood and he has the courage of the audacity to make an appointment and see what they say. Well, I think there's fantastic, so we're going to reach out we're going to reach out to him and me we will ever come on tomorrow and I am sure that we have a few people in this audience that wouldn't mind helping with that
gosh I mean I might even want to attend ages. I lit up by ear opening their way so insightful, and I have to tell you that I do believe that we can get back to a place of respecting and appreciating James Madison and this document that he created. Am I received a barrage of emails that there's one email that stance to me that I, like, I think we can get back here. There is a lady, I don't even know where it would. You know there's all these people are coming from out of everywhere, but she said I am pro choice she said, but I would put my own money behind you and a movement to test this to see if a pro life moveless an oral,
Yes, who this person is it's an American, some absolute? Yes, America? Yes, there baby and at their current aha people who actually getting Ok, ok, I yeah we're going hang on to get the information, but count me in its July Julianne Benzel She is the rock high school history teacher. Will talk to her again she's fantastic scientists just the science experiment. That's all it is a system of social experiment We are known for our science and discover you do not feel we volatility in the stock market. Wild swings in Bitcoin, my gosh. What is really going on today, two dollars
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Goldline, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six goldline asking to get their special by calling them now. One thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or Goldline DOT com Glenn Bank, Mercury Glenn that vision internal sea of the programme. Are you taken more than God Bless voted the gentlemen- and I was so during DE? The teacher talking about this when the girl walk out happened. I made sure to talk to my son, whose thirteen about why would be port and no matter why? Even if a friends way to stay inside, because if we don't want to be this does useful idiots and we talked about the real subject in everything. So when I heard you're talking about what the student is doing. A really excited me- and I was hopeful that make this- can spark something nationwide, because at something can encourage him to actually participate in and that you do proud.
As a christian amendment, you know I would be the boy any teacher were to push back on it. I would be glad to back him one percent in standing up for what he believed when the others were given a free pass. Oh, that means some might say that would be a sharp stick in the eye, but I'm not one of those people. So events. I will take this and we're going to do have a meeting right after the show good bakery join us tomorrow, because I really like this idea, and let's see and people stand up for the right of people that they disagree with to do the same thing. That was storm, will they get the same response in school? Glenn back mercury.
This is the Glen back come and let me go to mark our mark your leg, let my programme, I Glenn. Thank you. I just wanted to thank you for doing that. Batman on adoption on, especially bringing the attention to the petition, that is currently up on adoption, that Tom on the White House petitions website removing the lady from the State Department who is in charge of the adoption for this country. My wife, coincidentally told me about this last night He works for a Michigan based adoption agency here, Michigan she's worked there for over twenty years, and she told me about this last, as we were watching tv, and I was just astonished at how but the line it is her house, somebody in charge of adoptions in this country who is anti adoption. I urge all of your listeners to go,
I find that the Chechen online, the as yet it's late this lady, she was formerly of the Justice Department and She is anti adoption and she is in charge of all foreign adoptions here in the United States and she put in regulation after regulations and Adamo Obama, appointee and she put in all kinds of regulation. Donald Trump said no I'm going to do that. She put in additional regulations as they pulled the old regulations out that she had created an adoption. Our down eighty percent, this creating a crisis and some more Nicole than I might think that that was the point we ve got to change this and Donald Trump. Will he thus needs to see that there is a their groundswell of people that are are we hunting this to happen so go to it.
Option dot com and sign that petition, and it will get to the White House and the White House, as said yeah, if you raise a hundred thousand, we will bring it up and we'll seriously too. Yes it. So we need a hundred thousand signatures adoption dotcom. We could do that today, Glenn, and I would like to announce the adoption of Pat Gray wow, so subtle then were written. We're going forward. I had well there's a show in this half hour was struggling a little bit enzo you always bring in and adoptive kid. He usually a little younger than fifty six Yang Dog CART cousin. How what you talked about glance at his real down? You did use, so there was a shooting in Maryland today and we pray and
thoughts, go out to all of the victims and we naturally we are setting out and are our hearty thanks to the sheriffs department. Apparently there was there two wounded, but only one killed, and that was the shooter himself peak. As there was a guy in school, we the gun, a good guy a good guy and he shot him. Because more guns can't be the answer to guns Well, I can't be. The answer was usually is no one here, yeah, that's We don't go and we don't armor soldiers with flowers, nor why we don't speak German is rising. Isn't it interesting that that's what they're they're continual refrain? Is you don't stop guns with more guns? Well, it's exactly. What's happened over the twenty years in this country. We have by some estimates. A hundred and fifty million guns more than
body in the history of the world, probably combined and the gun France has gone down by fifty percent, so yes, stop. Yeah? Well, we have it that we had official today, that's how we stop I would again The guidelines that it was the reporting early reporting is is indicating that it was the school resource officer. Well, remember that the guy in parkland well, reporting is sometimes inaccurate, like that is sometimes say, it's an invasion from Uganda and an old turn out to be not just want you to do so as it is only you know. I should have learned this because Stew came in and right where we went on the air to day. This is happening and I said you want to talk about irresponsible reporting. This is this it is real, CNN, have a kid in the map in a math class away, from the shooting in lock down at that school. And he said they started the interview and they said your ear there, and he said yes,
can you hear anything no, we haven't heard anything we just now that we're in lockdown, apparently there's a shooter. We ve all been on social media, and so we don't have any facts ourselves because we're just locked in here, but we're on social media law the rapporteur at Sea and say do you know how many have been shot or killed? Yes, well It started with one, but it's up to seven now it now molly get in this from social media by maybe seven killed so far. Ah, let's see you're talking to a stranger nuclear, to be a kid in math class, who has said to you? I have no contact at all or information on what's happening. I can hear nothing I'm just rolling down social media to see what's happening and they. Put that on the air I
because I believe it is not the best moment. I love that that's hard to say. No, because I've been you would they would never in theory, go and social media and just start reading twitter posts tweets about. What's going on all this, This breaking this person just says. Seven people are dead, however, ok to call a person whose completely random and have them Reed Social media to that too, to see an end and put it on the air that clarity with regard to which there are just a crazy kid. They were. Gotten away with this plan to if it wasn't for those pesky hid it. This is true, though I mean it's, it's a really encouraging right. I mean you know the faggot. You a lose lose perspective on how but it probably most of these school resource officers are with this. With this parkland situation, with a guy standing outside for Vienna Tenant, You know you gotta, remember that they try to use as a way of disproving
the idea of school security being effective, the giant- and this is one example of Milton over. There was something in parkland that was really really really wrong. Really wrong, I mean did Do the news came out this week that that the school themselves it said, make we should institutionalize than a family? said we should institutionalize? Nothing was done. The army forced institutionalization where they can East evaluate him for three days and if you do that, it's almost gear t he wouldn't be able to buy a gun so had they too, can that one step worthy evaluated him for three days he would have been eligible to buy a gun legally could prevent. I mean the Meda many things along the line that could have prevented it, and you know you got it worse. The laws you gotta go with what we have, which is why nothing works with Gratian, either we don't have forced the laws we have if you Jim
do that, it would be a lot better situation for virtually everything that resource, of today in Maryland, if this is true and the only one that was killed was the one he shot. The shooter like the the killer or the attempted killer that cyst, heroic and yeah gives you faith again that you know these guys aren't clowns, sitting in earth, our schools, yeah added. I think it lends credibility to arming some people in this whether that's you know retire, veterans or are we our police officers or or you arm, teachers, somebody in the school now has guns and away to put put a stop to something. I don't understand how that's not a good thing is the fear that that If somebody gives the wrong answered class, the teachers gonna turn on and shoot em we do. What do we have
problem with armed security in banks. No, we don't. It's a thing: we don't have a we go to any federal building. Does Europe? Does your bank feel like a jail cell? No, no, it doesn't know little do, have a problem when we go to went when you go to a federal building now and there's, there's armed security everywhere now add in Euro a basketball game or a football game he gets is their security as you go into, it doesn't feel like a prison. It feels like ok, there's a level of pay action here when you're gathering large amounts of of random, people and now I'm in sometimes you gonna do that that you gotta the Superbowl every single year and they take some extraordinary measures. Does it ever feel like you're, in a prison at the Superbowl? No, I mean you know they and their it's really extensive to us. Yeah, but you don't. I went school because such a high profile I'll event that arose watching, but it's like they emitters, huge so security, but still like they do a good job. They don't make it feel like a prison, rightly has put in
want that to happen. You d want to scare kids and make it seem like every time they go round the corner. There could be another gunman, obviously, but there are in other there's reasonable things you can do here and certainly with the amount of nonsense. As patents pointed out many times, what's the school in Texas that has to arboretum than it seven Lakes area there he goes, and that so I mean when we're spending money on multiple arbour freedoms in a school, you probably can directive of some of those funds to someone with a weapon and train to use it that can protect children, it personal, it's going to be a waste in almost every single circumstance. Almost every one of these guys will do nothing to actually take gonna shoot earn their entire lives and that's great but I mean why not a little bit of added security. It's not it's an is long as it's not over willing and ridiculous. We could take it. We can. We can make a sensible path that I think
I you know find it interesting that I knew things were good. You know in Maryland it it wasn't of mass killing, when I saw CNN stop covering? It was really yeah. I mean. Why is this? This is still news. This is still this plays right into the culture. More shootings are happening. Here's another one hears another case: why? Why are they not covering this one, old wall and they got really excited at first and started covering it, and then they found out another to see here, let's go back to Trump bashing and they did immediately and it isn't in a huge think about this. You have a debate where both sides, we know that there were conservative side, is beset largely school. Securities. The answer the other side is said, gun controls the answer, here's one where it appears early on that these, cool security that was in place, stopped an incident that could have been much worse.
If that proves to be true, that should be a massive massive story. Well, all they do is tell us at all. You know die when it got us, never stop their mass. Should endeavour of in this looks like an example early on, and there have been plenty of other examples by the way. This looks like an example right. What three days the march for our lives for days for the march for our lives, just gonna, be even noted. No, no now. Let I bet you you watch tonight on tv bet you, if your watch and CNN Maidenly relieving covered their brief mention, maybe that it occurred in Gaza, but then move on there's no round panel talking. Well now wait a minute. These. These kids are saying guns, don't solve the problem but ears here There's no round table ever that? There's nobody! There's nobody in a there's, there's there's nobody in Maryland. In an arena with during parents going yes, yes, the officer fix, did the
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watching the and see a tournament, you're, probably very familiar with Simmons College, which is a huge, huge, huge college that everyone everyone's family but they have a at their library. They now list six anti oppression categories of micro, aggression that I think you should beware of climate, the them. I'm sorry that the aim of the college again Sir Simon so entails, remains, and its six anti oppression categories when it comes to micro, aggressions Anti Racism, anti and media. At what intolerance measure as it is that like is it being? Are you it transgendered with amnesia? that is not done like. I can't remember if I started out this way or not, if you, if you don't own aunt, I turned his measure: hey or I'd I'd get under Anti able ism aunt Islam, museum, Magnesia Kay anti Semitism, which I think is against the same,
an answer queer media queer means yes, ok, now in the anti, as is Lama media term, suited sternly warned that saying God bless you after a sneeze is to commit the micro aggression listed as assumption of one's own religious identity as the norm. Ah, but Mary Crianan lesser hard. No, this conveys ones perception that everyone is christian and believes in God. They want to make a note very clear, though the term micro is used, because this is an invocation of religious hierarchy, the individual level person to person, whereas the macro level refers to aggression committed by structures as a whole, MIKE in no way minimalist is or otherwise evaluates the impact or seriousness of the aggression. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate this follow those simple rules and for those of you who don't know how you started male or female, you'll figure it out, you'll figure it out just
just run forest run Glenn back Mercury
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