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The Coronavirus Is Not a Drill | Guest: Sen. Tom Cotton | 2/26/20

2020-02-26 | 🔗

Tonight’s Glenn special is a must-watch! Bernie Sanders is not your friendly neighborhood socialist. Catch Glenn tonight at 9 p.m. ET on BlazeTV.com and YouTube as he exposes the communist radicals behind the Sanders campaign. Last night’s Democratic presidential debate was a nursing home brawl! Comedian Nick Di Paolo breaks down whether air horns or trapdoors are better to avoid interruptions on stage. And the CDC warned that a coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. is a matter of “when,” not “if.” Glenn advises us to prepare, but not panic, for what could become the worst economic hit since the Great Depression. And Sen. Tom Cotton discusses the virus’ toll on Iran and what the U.S. is doing to prepare for its arrival.

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Man. I really would have enjoyed last night's debate. If it wasn't, you know the destruction of a country watching in Russia, I guess I would have been lacking in the whole time being an American in watching was a good night for the Democrats. It was not a good night for America, The who is pretty so pretty obvious things that maybe we should all talk about as Americans, because are not sure everybody's, like all yellow well, is obvious, yeah. No, I got it he's a communist. We should talk and will that in one minute this programme Joseph lives in New Jersey, Buddy almost died in New York City. He was struck by a van while crossing the street one day, fortune lay for him. He lived at tail. Tell the tale, unfortunately, for him
he had suffered severe and frequent pain for years afterwards and he really think there's gonna be any hope for him. That's when he heard relief factor he decide He decided in desperation and give it a try and a funny thing happened: Olive son. He could play with his children again without saying let daddy lie down for a minute. He could do every day chores he could do yard. Where again I mean you know there are some job with some consequences of getting well, it's like you know, Harvey wine steam pay. Your backs and better good you're going to Rikers Island. So I commend this for Harvey Runt wine steam. Or, if you just don't, want to do chores or yard work again. But if you're like mean you just want your life back, do a job did too I don't know what it's like it and hit by a truck, but there were days- and I felt like I was hit by a truck and relief actor help that go away for me and for Joseph he got his life back. So
percent of the people who start taking relief factor going to purchase more every single month, and it's one thousand nine hundred and ninety five for the three week, quick Start do it now, if you want a drug free natural way to get your life back easier pain relief, actor, Dotcom, that's relief factor, dot, com welcome to the programme tonight at nine p m. A very vague very important broadcast a broadcast about Bernie. Anders who he really truly is He is a communist play, in simple and, I think, Americans, I hope Americans are beginning to see this. He is not your friendly neighbourhood. Swedish socialist he's not
may call himself Denmark, loving democratic socialist, but he is a Communist and the spearhead of a very deep dress movement- that is much larger than him the, articles the Communists, revolutionary routes that run deep and strong, not in him, but all of them pull around him. There is a very big difference between Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. Many of us knew you know you could I sit in Jeremiah Rights, the church and listen to Jeremiah right and be ok even who are there for twenty years? I mean, if you only did it and had him over, and you credit him- we need to Jesus right yeah. Now, while you couldn't be well, but there was a difference, we saw Barack Obama,
for the marxist. It was bringing the radicals in to the Democratic Party and into the government guy what Barack Obama didn't do. And the radicals that were in the administration I have told me this now. The reason why that that fell apart. The reason why Barack Obama is not the end all and be all now for the for the people brought em in the office. The reason why he had heard huge crowds before and then nothing in the second term. It's because he used, all of the advisors of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party K He in bringing the radicals in with him. Jury brought people like and Jones done, etc. Those people it did have those routes. For the most part,
The main structure came from the Democratic Party, and so they came to him. Bernie Sanders is not that guy Bernie Sanders himself says you know that the target is the not just Donald up or the Republican Party, it's the Democratic Party as well, this guy is surrounded by Roy Nickel Revolutionary Marxists, is lobbyist. Really dangerous people now wrote this special tonight honestly For my daughter, my daughter, She she told me a couple of weeks ago said dad. I can't vote for Donald Trump and unlike well, let's sit down and talk about it. I can't do it then, and I understood and people who say you know I just I think, he's reckless or what I get it. I get it. I don't agree with you anymore, but I do get it
and I do have my own concerns, but there's nothing like Bernie Sanders and the problem is, is that even we have been a problem with this. We have looked at Parag Obama and said the guys marxist, he's a nightmare and we were wrong not on the direction not who he was surrounding with himself with. But we were wrong about the things that he got done, not because he didn't want to because he decided to moderate. Just as radical as Bernie Sanders. He doesn't like. Amerika and what it is. You know it's history as much as Bernie Sanders here they reversal of the constitution into a a ardor of positive birdies instead of a charter of negative, Linda Liberties, exactly
way, Bernie Sanders does, but he didn't pull the trigger Bernie Sanders. Will he will and so us to be able to convince people. We have to be able to say to them. Look, I understand, and I know you said you heard me say Barack Obama is the worst and yes He believes these things, but he didn't do all of them Bernie Sanders. Will these things, he's not backing who, in their right, mind. Can't, say anything nice about United States or for last night he couldn't say anything nice about Israel, but he can come up with nice things to say about about Cuba's revolutionaries and Castro's. But are you crazy. He's, not budging
He's a soviet lover the communist lover he says he's against dictators? Well, yeah against these fascists. Using fascist because he's pro communist. It's the thing that happened in the nineteen thirty's by men I fascist yet well, you're, just for a totalitarian state run by you, under the guise of international socialism, Hitler fascist, ok, fine, He'S- national Socialist same story. I want you to watch this today. I want you to watch this with your family I want you to watch this and encourage Those people that they think that you know. Bernie Sanders is this funny little Larry David Guy, the time for
us to making of us making him into Larry David is over its over. You must take him seriously Because he means it and he's not funny night. You will see it now. It's gonna be live, only live on Youtube on the blaze. Tv blaze These Youtube Channel and you'll be able to watch it there. For free? If any of your friends like I'm, not give him my money to go on back fine, they can watch it free there. The archive is gonna be available on Youtube, so they have to watch it live there. Now, if you're, a blaze, Strieber, you can watch it live on blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash Glenn, but you will also be able to join it late and watch it from the beginning you'll be able to. You know why, she didn't archives and because we will we
will make sure that blaze has all all access to this We have also done something new. Do we have the do? We have the share part activated yet on the new. On the new app. We will check on that. Ok, though we should Should have I dont know if it's ready yet were turning this, this new on one piece at a time Google for reason they they still do. They still haven't approved everything. Everything was in on time, when it was both, do we Green light willow, as we wouldn't have launched it without everybody, being able to say. Yes, I got it. We have all of the APS up now, except if you happen to have a Google product man, they won't talk to us about why they're waiting on it but they're waiting so hopefully that'll, be fixed by today,
being us heads in process you'll be able to watch it now at blaze, tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn. Nine p m tonight as when we do it lie food. What was your, what was the cost of getting Bernie to essentially do commercials for you on national television last night for the session? Raising it's amazing because he's talking about all the stuff that you have coming up here and he's trying now to come up with a cover story for all of it and it's not idle. Think he's going to or he's he's here the people around him. He doesn't have You know the the Roma manuals around him. He doesn't have the Democrats around him He is surrounded, wait until you see his policy advisers waiting till you see his his. Campaign managers and then you see all of the people around him. They are raising crazy
and this is why they don't feel the need to fire people who are praising gulags. I mean really threatening violent beer because it still but we are. We know a thousand of people like that. It's no big deal. They don't feel a need to cover that stuff in many ways, because it's been so common to their life. Everybody around them that type of person so come. You guys are over reacting everyone like this a little bit right. No were so I just gotta from the blaze app crew. It looks like we can. The share is active now, which means for the first time here watching some. On Blaze, TV, your embryo. A highlighted and share it to your friends and they'll, be able to watch a part of of that. Actually won't, be able watch all of it that they can watch part of that special clasping circle, yeah and all though, on social media we are going to be tweeting out all of the videos
segments that we're doing so. There's this is this is really information, heavy and you're gonna see video that mainstream media doesn't care to share with you you're going to see the people in their own words you're gonna see them over in a ran they're, saying about America you're gonna see them. Slotting revolutions around the world. You're gonna see them in their own meetings. Talking about They really truly believe in tonight I p m now we're gonna say we'd Bernie Sanders and the debate and the things that he said crazy also. I feel really bad for Joe Biden last night. Really you really bad, I mean I don't it's hard to say it's hard, because I think he's a bad guy who has really hurt national security and what he did in China and Ukraine Etc, but he's last night
He reminded me of my grandpa when everybody was talking to about dad. We took the keys away K. We took the keys away. You can't drive your truck anymore and he be like eyes, I'm fine driving my truck. I I know what I'm doing. In fact I have the keys in my pop. Ok, don't have the keys blogger, but I left the keys Are we talking about keys again? and he was defending himself last night. Was so obvious that he's completely out of touch he's come lately he's losing it. I felt really bad this guy, who You know I had a distinguished career. I don't agree with anything but he's and to be remembered. As a bumbling idiot I mean I've. I want family. They did they talk to me about ten years ago, when I start to nonsense, and I look like a fool. Tell me so,
can get out. I should Tom, I will let you know long term, a guy like two thousand fi. I think I think you'd you don't go out like tat. Now he will looked horrible, Are you not the yes, people were telling him not this challenge by the way, this challenge by the way his debate performance last night was reviewed. Well, this is like the best one add out of the ten. I think, I think the grasses, and I think that there is a panic now in some member with some members of the press there like. Can we saying bad things about anybody else, but Bernie Sanders. Please. I think there's a panic and they ve done it to themselves again again, done it to themselves more on that the actual audio in case you missed it off me, well you do and you have a life or something having just a second. Are We are talking about net sweet this.
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Are so let's, let's look at will? First of all, can you give me overall feeling stu, I walked away thinking, Joe Biden, if there were a trap door, Tom style would have been the the America the button on him and he would have behind the podium and gone through the trap door. I think Bloomberg might have been hit on that trap door. Last night. He hasn't done well beyond these debates, war in better than the first one. I thought the war and, I think, might have hit the trap door. Low but might have hit the trap door whose, whose there's, nobody languidly Hutu Judge, that's it. I thought I actually, if I wasn't aware of who he was or aware of politics in what's really going on. If I just Our watches thing is I got a vote for somebody to Morrow. I think Buddha Judge would have appealed to me
honestly. You look at this field and it's just hard understand how they don't think he's the best candidate right and I'm the only. The conclusion I can come to is that Democrats hate hate, gay people. They don't like gay people, they won't, Captain I present there is a very, very the others to me. There was a lot of, on whistles that I heard last night. You know a lot of this cloaked aunt homosexual language. You could see it collate, and I mean you don't look. All you have to do is just go to some of their meetings or just listen to them, and you can hear that saying it outwardly but they're saying I hate gay people I want a drink I'm all behind trucks. That's what I think, America. You know the Democrats America or saying, oh, I think so too its clear there's, the only explanation in all honesty, you look at this field. There either Fourteen years old
Socialists both or PETE booted he's not exactly like a good conservative he's not even close to a moderate. Now he's more he's more to the left, every single candidate on its ages to the left of Morocco Bomb agitate so that, owing to its judge, was the only one said speak right. Any was the only one that at times when everybody was having literally, it was like a bad nursing home nightmare. At times I thought there were just Arthur wrought walkers and gazed at each other. It was bad just a bunch of old now, sti, angry old people up there. You know it was a grumpy old men without any of the laughs and Buddha Judge, just once in a while ago. This is why I think everybody is gonna hate. The democratic party nebula, right here. That's it we're all thinking, I'm glad you said is I really. I thought I might be alone last night thinking he's the we got trump,
could go on his view. No on his rance, and if you have would a judge, I don't know how you I dont know how he does against Donald Trump, because he was playing everyone's anger game last night and its and reasonable and less chaotic and look if you go in trying to throw Bernie Sanders is gonna, yellow backup, Donald Trump against trumpets Trump is better at that you might even try. Different approach. I mean look, look I into a casino belly up to the poker table, deal tells you buy in its two thousand three hundred and sixteen dollars to play the hand. Do you put that Epps down if you're, smart, the answer's. No, you don't that is the average loss from a single breakin of your home? Twenty five hundred bucks? Are you Why do you role that ice when you put your chips down? Maybe it's me
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Welcome to the the Glenda Programme it was why don't I last night and if you think, good Bernie Sanders is just a swedish socialist nope. Don't you know You will notice that he is he's really getting angry at all of the people who are pushing him because the Democrats they accepted him and his they know who he is. They know who, in the boys know they ve always known and allowed him to get away with it, because he could help now that they are freaking out that this guy is an actual soviet. I mean his people. Said yesterday were really gonna. Have this debate, which has been the next six months? Defending Castro was not even alive by the way right I mean the boy s racy. It is crazy Bernie Sanders is: did you notice the anger he gets he's, not
backing down. He gets real. They really angry and frustrated when you challenge any of his gods of big government. Yes, why? He was just icing the audience last night when you when he started in on on the education system that Fidel Castro was so great with in Cuba, and he. Simone's in the audience or that railway round, yes, really Bernie were were colored irritated with bringing up Fidel Katy S. Magic joint programme, but literacy. Is that good? I love that too like the other, so was the auto body nobody's praising Hitler now the Volvo lying in his rage after the literacy system, in particular as well with Cuba. First of all, cuban literacy was very high before pastoral got there. Secondly, the literacy system, a system that they put in was usually a programme to promote present communist
up again, to get basely forcing people to read? Yes, remit? I read propaganda. Literacy was, it was already the most literate country in all of South American Latin American. Again it was. We had they would it not without without Fidel they were already. There still is right what it was as these are the thing You can read and you go to jail if you don't really what he's thanks people got literate either way in other latin american countries where they didn't have communism. They surpassed Cuba over the years they caught them. There were behind them, then they caught them they surpass them shandy receive. Let me let me just a laplace cut. Twenty four year burning campaign manager, Defence Castro remarks. Listen to this peace. Came there about education solely for this of Indoctrination and that's on text that I think that's why many people and looking at what Bernie Sanders are saying and they have problems
with it? What do you say to that there Is there is no candid on that stage who has been harsher on authoritarianism, Bernie Sanders hootings Fidel Castro and you have to do with nor the first half of the state where he criticised the authoritarian nature of that regime. You have to ignore the key. Instead of an made by other Democrats, you have to ignore a lot and you have to ignore. At our track record of going after a thought. During this time around the world that Bernie Sanders as compared to every other candid on that stage. Are you talking about what what are you talking about his prey? used to save them all if regional and by the way you know for this, for this democratic socialism trio going to this on the special tonight Glenn. But for this democratic socialist, the examples picks to praise are almost exclusively revolutionary. Socialists they're, not democratic socialist. I mean the on when you leaving close to would be Venezuela where there is some evidence of that, but things like Nicaragua, the Soviet Union, Cuba. These are revolution, and let me ask you this revolutionaries. Anybody
who says well communism. It just not done. You know the right way, assistance the wrong people get in their first guy, like you got a job as if he were, have died, Have you looked at Bernie Sanders if he'd didn't die. Everything would be ok, Bernie Sanders anger get a year's. Ok, he's not gonna make it a, as is that I'd medical opinion. As a medical opinion, look look, look. I don't think he's gonna make it a year. I think he did have a heart attack three months ago. I need not releases. Medical records. Are evidence of gang worried about? So what is your long term strategy? And you know that The title of this, of the show at least internally, is Show me, your friends and I'll show your future you'll have to look at the people around linen. He was great It was stall and it was bad well Stalin was the number two
And Lenin was not current, was in Berlin and was a nightmare. The murdered four million soviets so far in Russia, but four minute, four million- that's not twenty like style, and neither is it a hundred and fifty million, like Biden, told us about last night with a gun by holding out to me. That's too many, ok Like says two thousand seven hundred and fifty million Americans have died at the hands of guns. He's got me they're here it is I'm I'm out here it is cut. Fifteen. Every day our country over one hundred people die from gun violence, you all have plans. I know on this stage to address a gun crisis, but Congress has not been able to pass on. Your gun legislation in a quarter of its. Train just think about this. In those twenty five years we ve had Columbine new town. Parkland was if we could go on and on divines who by and I want to start with you, why should one have faith that you're the one who can
This done now, because I'm the only one that ever got down national media and our twice I gotta saw weapons band. I got magazines, there could not hold more than ten years in and got them emanated a ship. We added call an election with hanging Chad's in Florida and it was not authorized in addition to that, I passed the bridge bill would waiting periods. I lead that fight, but my friend right and others have in fact also gave in to the gun manufacturers absolute immunity amount. And if I stood here instead we give immunity, drug companies, we give immunity tobacco companies that is caused carnage on our streets. A hundred and fifty million people. I've been kills two thousand and seven. While you have to go out on Fridays tonight, I dont want liability, for I want liability for guns, manual, issues of a hundred and fifty million Americans have been killed since do that. Once avenue? I love about that? Is he meant it because he go?
and more than all the wars. Yeah That's a high number hundred and fifty million that's lorries do know the actual number it's a hundred thousand among its lead. Three thousand an hour or something it's. It's is outrageous, and I I want to draw the line at a hundred look at yearly thing when they say what you're giving them. Why no liability. We measure we did ever drug companies, but we would do that for drug companies, because, if I'm taking the product as directed it is prescribed to me and I'm taking it add way an it kills me. It is their problem. Now we have a gun. If I'm using it in shooting it, it would be called a backfire backfires on me. They do have liability because I was using the gun as intended.
The right way. The way they say it to be used now. Nowhere nowhere do they say this is to be used to go out because hi on crack or you your crack money and we're going to shoot people. Can be used for that. But that's not why they're making those you can use them sporting you can use them for self defense. You can use them for war we can also use them to rob places. That's nice according to the manual nowhere in the instruction manual. Does it say by the way you should keep this in the back of your shirt when you walk into the bank, I Now the tobacco you're using the product as directed and it is causing you to die. There's a difference, there's a difference. The actual number would probably be you know: murders like fifteen thou, Will you allow year with the animal is so he was four hundred times too high?
four hundred only four hundred four hundred times of ninety, including or any species, including I'm sure, besides murders get Everything says everything: what firearms two thousand a year whatever gets through right around there Gunnar. Seventy three thousand over ten years gets including all suicides and everything else he's had a hundred fifty million there wasn't Amber. However, from the FBI. That said, there was one point: five million aggravated assaults in that time. One Some may say that he was in the level that maybe he just miss read the number I buy couples. Zeros will not, if you run in the war of my pudding, for pudding I'm telling you use is in trouble. He's he's in trouble dramas in trouble. Again, we an end people say you're being critical of it of a like? I don't see that with by with a with Warren or
Sanders or I dont see that same there's an others. It's there's something separate going on with Joe Biden S very frankly, a scary, its and sad as it set at and let me go to another sad performance cut. Sixteen please ears, Amy Club, which are about her uncle Dick. I have the bell. Anyone can check it out of the closet. Boyfriend loophole also to close the Charleston loopholes, another velvets out their universal background checks, but let me say how we win this week when in the middle of the country, while everyone talks about winning rural areas, suburban areas, I'm the only one here with the receipts that is actually repeatedly why being for the assault weapon ban, one republican congressional districts over and over again, including Michel Bachman Stiff. Having someone that can lead the ticket they can bring. People with her is the way you get, safety legislation. I look at the world, those and say: do they hurt my uncle dick in their dear stand? They do not
coming from a proud hunting state and still being able to This legislative avatar is aided. We want to do so first of all the seabed, hoof, I don't know how you do except you put him in isolation, chambers, every reason, a sound proof, booth and there might goes off now because they will be re mathematics having I still talking and that both nobody's us it's like. When you meet someone on Twitter, they keep kinda, they might be insulting you, but you don't know you don't know you don't know, and I think that's what should be done she's Chile, right but she's, talking about the progressives you have to stand. Berlin Obama Burma? a marxist revolutionary? Then he the aged and he what was it? John said drop the rat pose for the radical ends k, so he be a progressive and bird Sanders is not a progressive. What Amy
What which are here is saying is look. We have to be able to talk to my uncle dick in the dear stand have to be able to get those people what the radicals are now seeing what the Democratic Party is now starting to embrace is the death of progressive ism. It is now the revolutionary it doesn't matter Jamak through get it done we're right. Well, that's not very democratic, that's not very them Braddock, but they don't care there night awaiting its. It's like it's. It's like the communist insurgent book that you found in France, saw mills cuddling becoming insurrection, it's like then the the progressed in this country tied awaiting an and they're just jump on the Bernie Bandwagon say just do it Bernie just do it? Yes, just finish the job transformation that you're talkin about he's got to transform this country. While Obama started it, he plans to finish it. Could we please
play Warren where she was talking about, cut nine where she was talking about Bloomberg, a war, and that is a very serious charges at EU level. The mayor, yes, all the woman to get an abortion. Evidence do have of that her own words and Mare Bloomberg. Could you respond to this never said it period end of story, what categorically never said it when it was used. When I was accused of doing it, we couldn't figures out what what She was talking what she said. What she said was that blooming when she said I'm pregnant I'll have to go, he said just kill it May I ask what the problem is we're supposed to celebrate our abortion? Why Why is it offensive if the woman, the keeper baby, it suddenly is a baby but of on a kill it. It's nothing better.
And make any logical sense. I don't understand how war and has a problem with someone's just kill it. If you to celebrate your abortion background. We shake their valuable pod gas and on Youtube, is well known for Bernice radicals the fires of revolution, the Wednesday night special tonight, nine p Eastern Blaze TV, her I've Let me tell you about car shield. The car shield is something is going to save you a ton of money. If your car is coming out of warranty, you know what happens. You know what happens is like they sit there in the car company. That like when does the warranty alright needs to work, maybe two days after the warranty then again and so, if your car has, I don't care five thousand out of fifty thousand miles on it doesn't matter. If you don't, warranty? You need protection. Your car and the best is harsh shield check it out
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car shield dot com is the Glinda Programme twenty stew, and I were just looking online for the same exact clip from John love it's in Saturday at life from nineteen. Eighty eight: when love was playing Michael Dukakis and Dana Harvey. I think, was playing George H. W Bush needs, like and you know this man and the the moderator in SL, as an l, said, Mister Dukakis to respond any he just shook his head. He said I believe I'm losing this guy very, very funny at the time, but that's the way- fell last night about Buddha. Judge still had the same thing. We're looking for is that you look for the. I can't believe, I'm losing To this guy clip- and I said, yeah he's like we do so we
the apples efforts to does America an ivory additives, because its that's divine right is. It does feel like an outsider, who doesn't they're all horror, I'm policy tia watching them from as an outsider perspective, just as their performance and appeal, and it just seems, like he's lately, the best candidate out there right I mean I can say like everyone else like a thousand years old or can't speak or borrowed or communist comedy of earth, I mean what I call the shower has like the record that would make her the candidate but she's, just not very good on stage. Doesn't she's not good at it to catch phrasing. Now he's gone got a problem with that. To vote a judge she's a little bit, dusting soggy himself at times, but he's obviously smarter than all of them at least last night last night, his performance, it least cause you just had one minors were his leg. Really. That sounds like
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Did you why it last night? Yes, I did tremendous right. I was What did I came up with a great idea for a sitcom, the golden guys The birth have Bernie in by living together. You know Bloomberg Landlord and Tom stars wacky gay neighbour, coming Emma this. Would it will it was it? crazy. I felt like a really out control, nursing homes, fight Is it really? didn't I was waiting for somebody to get hit with green jello, putting in it Maybe a bed pan fly across stage, but that what would the moderators they were like? They might have all been mannequin stay sat there? get out of control. You know what our motto Glenn: they will like a boxing boxing ring
when one guy is like unconscious on its feet and getting the crap kick that in your yelling. Stop the fight and they just stand there and and and do nothing, that's what it looks like to me what but they did nothing. It was. What are you gonna? Do I, for one? Am I I'm gonna have a man moderator step, I'm gonna have a big burly guy like about from abroad, not yet already yeah? again you river, the old. The question where they put you in a sound proof box now Molly fifty eight. I think we should put em all in sound proof, little boxes, their podium and everything is in it. Proof Box and they all here, but the might just turns off, so they can begin their behind the glass talk and all they want. But we don't hear you anymore, sorry, ass or
even ETA would make a little funny. Haven't air horn like you have it. I mean ass, laid on that suck up thirty seconds. So bad I was. I was thinking last night trap door wouldn't be bad, oh my god, and yes, they got. The floor controlled by the audience, and you have to have its like impeachment. You have to have seventy percent of the audience doing it, but I think we could have gotten a trap door. Seventy per cent of the audience, I think we got a gardener pushed. Oh, my god. Can you explain? Let it not be in serious here. I don't understand. I know self. Caroline everybody's going for the black vote there, the country's sixty one five percent white fourteen percent black- I don't understand like it would be like if they help Democrat here. The Democrats have always had the advantage has always been the democratic felt. That's been the swing that they or that doesn't swing anymore, but that's been there edge and
if they lose Donald Trump. One, eight per cent of the black vote. If he wins fifteen percent of the black vote. This time there done there nothing they can do to win. So the idea that the black vote may be in play at all is a very big deal cause shots them out, but isn't it overall votes? That's what it is. An election wanna get them most number. It's a tiny slice of the electorate. If you get it, if you get a half of one percent of the White Boat isn't that way? More than did you see I'm giving aid, but its yes, but I dont know better you're everybody else's, so locked in and the Democrats are in play the Democrats. With the black vote it's in play and in it immediately right is forty percent of the democratic primary voters in South Carolina, as you point out next mean that's. Why they're focusing on it at least at this moment? Yeah, that's
That's a lie, greater hindering it too, but the final gulls, a general election, I'm speaking overall. Indeed, I'm sorry, I don't know why they kill each other over the black volcano tiniest, I dont. Even it's just math It is urgent, sincere question and I love the soup by the way you gonna court later banking. So here is the here's. Here's the thing that I would like to get too is you: can we just about Americans. I don't care what Lord you are a real. I told you I do do you I talk. My god. Oh my god I mean, who cares? That's what I mean if I'm a black person Watson that debate last, I'm insulted at the pandering stuff. You know I mean it's enough of the bed. The thing was like I'd, love black people more than you do, I care more and if you listen total tone of the debate. You thought I was nineteen fifty five year. You know,
especially with the defence of Castro exact in nineteen fifty five, we didn't know that much about me and really come to power today. We know all of the killing and everything else. That is what it was in the EU when he died was it. It was nine bill. Dollars that his family had in the bank account now nine billion dollars, a man. How do you do that? If you're not raping the people? No one knows yes exactly. I think you guys are right about well. I love how like lives. Warren stuck with her lie about getting fired because she was pregnant right I know you get pregnant. Nobody slept without woman ever that's now, that's about it's been blown or island. I love you. Bloomberg came out and try to say to Bernie that Russia wants you to win and you guys right, but a judge was the best. I think he's the best debater up there
follow me. He's really fought more far left that he comes off yet without little midwestern, smiling and small town mayor. But radical too, but he is he's level headed and did you think he was a boy I thought here. Let me play that this clip is from Saturday night live from nineteen. Eighty eight, this is George each W Bush by Dana Harvey and what was his name is John loving on love at slaying playing, Dukakis, listen, her name is that a month and thousands around she's. Ninety four: she's. A widow live in social security and spars is around the cod I dont know what I sent to you must have sent the wrong cut out was, for my last special, oh, but you remember where Dana Car yes was so my allows them of it's got out and points alight. We're gonna do not keep stay the track. Any said how my losing I think that is rooted. Judge last night, booted judge was the one that was like. I mean you want
talk about chaos. Look at this can you imagine this with Donald Trump? I Amy that he was saying the things that I think the average person was thinking which It should help him pop through that but I dont know if he's going to. I was deeply not in South Carolina than big but I think that, Nobody uses a bit o down, yes, isn't all low toned down. Tell today, I like it crossed up nine about jobs. I had written here What I want to say I want a I Bernie is he's, got the energy and everything but but but a judge was right about that. Can you you think
divided now, I thought that was most salient point of the whole debate. Can you imagine if its Bernie versus Trump, you think would divide? I am hope and that's what it is. So we can so we can put this socialist wet dream to bed I'll. Try crush him. Like a bug. Wally, please tell me I'm right. Don't Tommy, there's enough people brainwashed I wish I could here's what concerns me- Rosamond Energy yeah. Well, both parties have, I mean Trump. Has the energy trump? Has the you know? They're? U, have Bernie Sanders I'll, be people who walking through walls of fire, to get to the voting both of over Donald Trump the same would be said with a Bernie Sanders. I dont think there's many people, but me There is making like, when you have something like the corona virus, that comes into wipes out the economy for six months now, just something like that is enough to is really, though,
If that happens, they gonna blame trumped. Of course they are starting to last night top, but people are that dumb that they can all you know what you're in trouble slept with chinese lady at the golden garden. Last night, you started off with occasional use your first day in America. Now I know he's gonna get blamed, but I'm saying very people. Can you just said a trumpet this huge follow. I dont think that would be enough and it's not gonna. I we ve trop, it's gotta, be over by April fool's day. He always really get out not be on record saying those things by the way. I sat next to a Chinese
on a flight to Mohican son with a lie Brewster on her lap last, I hit that a hundred two hundred and two degree. That's all I don't races, but I wore a masked by the way to yeah. I saw it. I saw a surgical, Mouser Inessa Mass Guy metal, diagonally Alec lack robber thing ever. Ok, we I got it so I was on a plane the other day, and I saw somebody where you a mask and I thought my it was to sit next to them for a second, I thought I'm not sitting next to the guy wearing a mask, I'm just not doing it might have been for his health, but it did not make me comfortable arrival what he may know what a protected you ride. I actually hit my thing: it had the let Yellow CUP come down and put their that was a legal act. I took a legion airline. Has the worst safety record. I looked it up in the United States and I could tell because when the lady with this flight attendant
given that will spell out nobody pays attention, adorning, demonstrate hydrant. Fifty people, the planet, get your nobody ever be potential, this could actually have the cap came down. It was half melted diversity. We do- and I say fifty bucks- that's good! That's good, like that. I like the Nick. Yes, sir. I ve. The last thing I want to talk about is that yes, the corona virus. Your thoughts on you know the CDC yesterday came out and said really wanna start to prepare here in Amerika for major disruption concern you at all yeah because I'm flying up I've been on a plane. Three this just that didn't bother me, but now it's touching me I get, I get nervous about it, but it is a simple solution. Folks, stay away from the bed So but Appleby telling you led the deep pride when
the delicious, but, of course this, of course, I'm worried about it. Didn't really Bobby till I look up my schedule. This is the most roadwork I got coming up ahead: The court has not gone that. Well, so I don't have a virus. Very Libya where you are be I'm gonna be Friday night. The decade of civic scented, Dedicated Illinois, Saturday, night Zombies and Rosemont Illinois still made it Tamil through. You knows yet now don't get Martin. Good. Our nuclear power creature that you're gonna make dip dot. Com is where you can find Nicht APOLLO American dancing is our sponsor. What said to Nick a second ago, in fact, when we see if I can find the CDC yesterday came out and said that we all really need to pay attention and prepare,
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Second station. I do think it while that's. What is that all about? I know it stopped welcome to the programme. Bernie's radicals, the fires of revolution is tonight on the Wednesday night Special you can striven blade tv dot com also blaze Tv Youtube. It will be streamed, live at nine p, DOT M both places. It will only be available on demand at blaze, tv dot com, if you're a subscriber, you can watch it at anytime at your convenience, beginning at nine p dot m tonight. If you have friends since then, and there like idle, I'm, not gonna pay Glenn back to watch his stupid special about Bernie Sanders. Just tell to look at you tube and our blaze.
Tv Youtube channel at nine p m. It will not be archived there, but it will be live there at nine p m also make them your friends anymore. You should not talk to those people or, if it's you in your ear, like you know, I don't have the money. You know to be able to subscribe, or you haven't made up your mind if it's worth it just watch it tonight on Youtube. It's really worth the price of admission and specially for anybody who in your life that you're trying. To make the reasoned argument that yeah, ok, I can understand how you feel about Donald Trump. I got it Bernie Sanders is a different animal entirely. The radicals, the fires of revolution tonight, Bernie Rat, calls the Wednesday night Special blaze even by the way please Hashtag, Bernie radicals. Bernice radicals- and we're gonna, be we're gonna, be tweeting out information all during the show. So you'll have the
quotes and the clips of the radicals will have all of us for you, we're gonna be tweeting that out during the broadcast tonight we ask that you would. Retweet. All of that information because somebody's gotta do it cause the mainstream media is not couple things you're one the dirty sent. Thing tonight is important. Even this is, I think, shocking. Even today, Rats, normal average Democrats, who think Barack Obama was a good precedent. Yet would look at this and say wait and it because it's even worse than what was on stage last night last was hey. Remember when Bernie Centre set these positive things about Cuba, unease not really backing offer them all that much buddies COS a fine that many still being critical. These are people he's choosing to hire and surround himself with right now, not always make sixty five, not in eighteen, eighty now These are the ones making the policy decisions. They're the ones running his campaign there, the people that he as himself surrounded by and when you see remember
of our mothers used to say show me your friends and I'll. Show you your future, I'm to show you his friends but the people there. On friends there, the people that are building his campaign and outlining his next his presidency and his admitted Croatian. Should he one, and it is a look into his world and his thinking. Like anybody else is going to show you and its critical, and we have done everything we can to make sure the language, and everything else is the way you can share it, Your friends in your neighbours who are good Democrats, look good everybody. This guy is in a cat, because I by itself would signs. Have you considered maybe making available again the corona special from last week, because I think you are a man just hit people yesterday. I think, for the first time, Amy
something that's over in China, where what's going on that city, He call yesterday, I think, really freaked people out what was it that freaked you out loud? Usually, a guy who is not I'm usually the bird flu guy? you're, usually Bola. It's not gonna happen, you're, not I still hold out hope that it's not gonna, be all that bad, but the fact that there are two the point now where their warning average people to prepare for to be really bad to me You may you may need to be cordoned off for a couple of weeks, how'd it how to schools plan for this, how do I had a universities, do it? How do out of any mass gathering? How does it even go on their way CDC is saying that they're saying it for reason, and they said very specifically, it is not a question of any more whether this is going to happen. It's when it's happened and how bad it's going to be. So yesterday was kind of a life for people, and you kind of did this special uncrown about a week before that line, and I think that would be something of a lot of people would want to see. Now this is the first
require that that has triggered. I think real concern. Stews point is, is well taken. If you want to watch that corona virus special from last Wednesday, please do it more bore today than it was even last Wednesday. You can do it in the archives of the place. Tv dot com somewhere in America, within the sound of my voices, a man walking into a bank to transact business. Business he's got a boastful man, but there, is an air of pride, not not dig me, but it's pride he's not flashy, but you notice him. It's I think it's his confident integrity that you notice about em. Maybe his boots of the first sign the clicking sound of his heel. On the marble floor, the bank draws gay swearing to wearing Tecovas boots. Now, that's a pair of boots. It was handmade with love and affection and took some
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Our girl virus is coming up in about twenty minutes. You do not want to miss it today, but too little folks, on the debating everything. I've been telling you for last hour so that there was a moment where was like Michael Dukakis, Saturday Night LIVE skit, whereas, like I can't believe I'm losing the sky, but that's it clip as we were pulling it. I was to do it. I thought that this is the babe last night. Let me show you the to places where we this in nineteen, eighty, eight being parodied happening last night in South Carolina, listen a million SAM Donaldsons, sundry, Chattanooga, hungry and lacking other basic necessities out of Bush admin. Duration, achieve your stated goal of making this a kinder gentler nation. Sam. That's a big problem
fortunately, in a format of these debates, makes it very hard to give a complete answer. If I had more time, I could spell out in greater detail, but I'm afraid, unfortunately, in a short answer session like this, all I can say is we are on the track, we're getting the job done. We can do more, but let's stay the course. A thousand points right. Well, unfortunately, I see my time is up, Mr Vice President, you still haven't minute twenty. What are now Diane, I must have spoken for at least minutes! Thank you! No, no just forty seconds, Mr Vice President. Well. Well, I must have used up that time. Just in talking about it, No, no, Mr Vice President, it's not been counted against you like I, just one want to take up some of Governor Dukakis his time
It will come out in the post to beg. You think, that's a good idea. You still have a minute twenty, Mr Vice President,. Of share more has to be done, but the programme is in place. Make no mistake: we are doing the job, so let's just stay the course and keep on track stay the course. You still have fifty seconds, but let me just some up on track stay the course thousand points of light, stated boy who doesn't know the carcass reporting. I can't believe I'm those in this guy. Let me show you where that first part happened, play cut ten.
Yesterday, you released information about how you will pay for your major proposals, but not all of your details are clear. You proposed more than fifty. Trillion dollars in new spending. You said: Medicare all wouldn't turn you trillion dollars, but you can only plain how you pay for just about half of that. Can you do the math for the rest of us how many hours you have to to her? Why, regardless of a joke, you he's saying that like they're, so I'm spending so much of your money, the math will be almost in a calculation that cannot be done in a it is short period of time. That's not a good, in your favour, write em in the he's making and someone else. That's what Trump would say in this debate ran out of time. We have. It's gonna take forever to calculate that math, but this is why
he making that joke, because he thinks that's strong. I can't, can't make that calculation in the village period of time, and that is why club which are said to or Warren we. Two hours- she said because you are give you all the rest of the debate, You still won't be able to do it because the the calculation doesn't exist. I believe he did release a plan to pay for his plans and paid for about five. Ready trillion of the nineties. In point three trailed k, r and D. Forty trillion is who are based on complete the absurd estimates as to what he would get things like the wealth tax which, by the way is completely unconstitutional anyway, is not going to be passed, but even if it did it wouldn't raise as much money as he sang it would in a week I dont think
understand what Bernie Sanders Bird ready Centres is not looking at passing things you're, not as they all said. Well, you we gotta be able to come up with a consensus here has said himself watch special night. He is said himself I'm going be a very unconventional president. Not gonna wait around for things to be done. He's here he's. Gonna use the executive order in way is that President Obama and Donald Trump have never even dreamt of and he's going to push it through in his own mind at least here is cut- cut number eleven. Let's do the math. First of all, let me go on. I think she was talking about my plan. Not yours. I think we were think about mass and it doesn't take two hours or do the math about those. Let's talk about what we now. Let's talk about macro economic negative, so here's the bad thing, though, is the math
drivers by uniting is was all had Sandridge. I would have liked a writer and earth right on my turn there's a lot. You have been named checked. You are allowed to respond Wolf for them. Now, listen to Bernie Sanders cut. Fourteen on his hatred for anybody who has any wealth of Mayor Bluebird has solid and strong and enthusiastic base of support problems a billion years If you knew how old is, the audience was just dripping in billions You dont one. One thing you have to notice by this: in his people, sitting about back was Bloomberg and bite in both of them had good debates, how Much of that is influenced by what the crowd does, because the crew,
and I dont know if they paid people together mayor out on a hard. They work to get volunteers in there that support of those two candidates, but the candidates were cons. Those two were always cheered for when people wrecked them they were. Food and I swear the the difference it makes having a supportive crowd behind us in this situations, petrol! I not be overstepped. Why the view how this an audience view? an audience they they whip them up into a frenzy and you're not go in the view if you'd be in order, a car, you know what's up I'm really deeply. Conservative religious and, I believe in Donald Trump Pattern, I'll give I'm in New York. Let's do to done that. He doesn't happen. Is Bloomberg. Now suggesting that Trump is gonna call the spread of a corona virus, one of them great problems today you read about the virus. What's really
but here is the president's fired. The pandemic specialists in this country two years ago. There is nobody here to figure out what the hell we should doing, right and nobody's DE funded he's defended centres for Disease Control CDC. So we don't have the organization we need this very serious things that you see the stock markets falling apart, because they are really worried, and I should be. We don't have anybody to respond, and that is that its soul and absolutely irresponsible so we are responsible to say that we now have anybody to respond. We we are The United States- and I to tell you about this in about half an hour, the United, it is about to go to human trials on a new drug. A new anew act seem that may work. It is something entirely different? It's not like any other vaccine that anybody has ever created ever before,
Tec is so far ahead of the curve we're about to go into human trials. Today, the United States of America to say we are not prepared for this, May in the end, be a accurate statement, because we has the federal government ever been prepared for anything, I was on the air the year before Katrina saying: if hurricane it's here, it's going to be the biggest most dangerous natural disaster in a man Rick in history they are not prepared to remember that Chowton sure do a year. I think too, day or within a week of that happening. Before we're never prepared for these things. I've been on the air for forty three years now I've been brought guy I was reading about the the
the russian leaders remember when they all were dying there. You are probably about four years old. They were all dying one after another after another, after another than the Pope died, and Paul was was brought in I I was doing that in Eighteen, seven these in the nineteen eighties, I'm telling, you. I am reading headlines on the air and I'm reading things that I've never seen before. I've kind of seen a lot of never seen this before it yesterday and today, especially, I feel like I'm. The I in the movie on the radio. That's again. The virus is spread again, but nothing to worry about the federal government says everything is ok and its under and then they flashed to the scene where its job chaos outside or Morgan Freeman comes in says, but
wasn't under control tonight. Ok, I feel like I'm, the guy who's, eating that stuff. Now to you, I'm telling you that you, should not panic. But I am also telling you in the same breath. I don't believe this is a mass death thing. It's not going to be. I mean globally globally, it's going to be, but it's not like this is. This is not a bowler Kay. This isn't even the smallpox this is, Going to wipe out every member every family, had at least one member of their immediate family die. That's not going to be that. Ok, what this will be is a major impact on your life, your owing to see things in the next year that you may have ever seen before, unless you remember the great depression. You're gonna see grocery stores that have empty
elves for a long period of time, you're going to see stores- clothes man. This amount of businesses going out of business. Those things are very likely to happen just because of the impact in China, but for anybody any ready to use this politically anybody to talk. Cut down or to cause fear, this is real this is real, he is going to impact us the prey: it should not be saying, there's gonna be over by April, because nobody knows it may be. Hopefully it will be but nobody knows, but the economic impact is probably already said in the place, we are going to be feeling this economically. And it was shameful for what Bloomberg did yes, for political purposes,.
I want to tell you one more thing before we take a break in fifty Minutes I'll. Give you the information today that you need for the corona virus, but what you do understand going forward. You're going to have to read between the president's words. You're gonna have to listen to the cdc, but a president speaks to the world. Any speaks to the markets, I think was the New York Times. Is the item can't believe he's talking up the market of course he's talking up the market. Do you want the president to say and stock market man that can go bloated, hell no Let's have him talk up the market. You have to understand. The prey it is in a position in procure is times where he can't. Oh
waste. Tell you everything you need to know, because it will affect his words are being watched everywhere. They will be taken out of context. They will be used against him, and, more importantly, against you in our economy, he's got to british project confidence. So listen to the president on this please listen with a grain of salt and understand what he's doing and what any president, if it Morocco, Burma. I would be saying the same thing. What any president Should and must do at this point here information away from? You is not what the present does and I dont think our president will. I am do hope. No president would that's why, say, listen to the CDC and what they said yesterday. I ve net- I have not heard, the CDC ever say before it.
East in my lifetime that I know of a give you that uptake fifteen minutes Why were here muslim? Tell you about my patriot supply yesterday I have my food storage. Hang up. Food storage couple of years ago years ago, actually, probably ten years ago now and were set, were set. However, I hope, I'm not having to dip into my food storage at this point in use. Patriot Supply yesterday Tanya went to Costco and she got milk in dried milkin, and things like that that you know we just keep on hand you need to have those things you need to have: tunafish, peanut butter, etc, etc, dried milk, but please this could get very, very bad, economically v,
free, bad. I'm going to show you what's happening in China a little later on. If I have time, but the economic situation over there is becoming dire and the average chinese person is going to have a fifty percent pay cut this year because of the coronavirus. That is the thing that's going to spread around the world, and I really urge you to do the responsible thing right now. They are offering a special, too weak emergency food supply kit. You can get it to day. They will. These out to you in two days, but as of today, their projecting at least two weeks or more. So, if you want to get this, you have to order. The demand is so high that it'll take you two weeks to get it. You have to order too,
hey there still honouring their forty five percent us off special and they'll ship them as fast as they can, You might even want to consider getting a larger kit, but please go to prepare Glenn Dotcom! That's prepare! We Glenn Dotcom Olympic Programme. Alright, our corona virus update one of the more important ones we have. We have done this coming up in just a few we're. All gonna talk to Tom Cotton and see. If we can get an update on the weapon easing of the corona virus. Do we know where this came from yet because or something going on apparently in a ram and will give you more and that coming up here, listening Glenn
hello. America gate is Wednesday. I Wednesday night special tonight is a don't miss at night. In Pm Eastern Bernie Sanders the rat call fires the fires of revolution, Bernie Michael's tonight at nine p, dot m we're gonna talk about that coming up in a minute, but first Corona virus update, and today it is one you do not want to miss what you you didn't know The CDC said yesterday how it's going to affect you and what you should do, our girl virus up eight in sixty seconds, is therefore about programme. There are two kinds of real estate agents out there: the kind of treated like a hobby and the kind that you know they bus there, but because they really care now, if I ask a which to to which of the two types you're gonna want to deal with when it comes time for you to buy or sell a house its clear what you're gonna say. I A long time ago was frustrated with the hassle.
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that we really really liked weed recommend anybody in your area. We. Recommend just somebody we're gonna recommend the boy Only so fine Whether you're moving and you need somebody in the new place or your selling and eat somebody there, all you have do is call real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com, all right are virus update today, let me bring you up to speed total confirmed cases. Aid one thousand Two hundred and sixty three, the total deaths now Seven hundred and seventy forty three countries have confirmed cases. Another fourteen countries have suspected cases, but most countries don't even have the test for the corona virus. Yet night percent of active, confirmed cases are considered serious or critical, requiring
specialization- or I see you- that's nineteen percent- there are now fifty seven can cases in the: U S but zero deaths. Yesterday The CDC myths that it is not a matter of if, but it is a matter of when it comes here the United States U S. Residence they said, should prepare for the community spread of covert nineteen in the. U S person person spread at the household, workplace, church and social event, level. I want you to listen carefully to what I'm saying I don't want you. To panic, because I don't believe this is a major. U S! Death event, this is a major economic event at least first this year, Donald Trump is key.
The right when he says you know I think This'Ll will be over by April. I don't know if it'll be April, but the flu season is over in the spring. This is a flu. It means it give us more time we want is to delay. This is long as we can to get into summer for this flu sweet season to stop so it it goes away. So we have the rest of the summer to be able to prepare for what is coming next year. The CDC said people should repair or prepare for requests to self quarantine. Avoid all unnecessary social contact, both personal and community preventive measures. Now think of what this is going to mean, this means that the princess- I just read something last night- that their worried now that the new James Bond is gonna, be a failure at the box office because who is going
go watch a movie in a movie theater, especially in the chinese market, and now in Europe, but I want you, just to play this out. The reason why I say Lee is this? Is it thousand eight style warning hopeful Lee? None of this will happen, but we are looking at an event, if you just take the thee, the movies, if people aren't going to movies that means they're, probably not going out to eat before so there you. The restaurant industry there not drive their car, so they're not gonna, be using as much gasoline they're not going to be buying any popcorn. They're not gonna, be buying any candy. They're, not gonna, be gone into the theatres in the theatres, are going to lose money, so they're gonna have to lay people off. You see how this goes down just with one industry. This is going to happen to all industries. It is already
happening and I'll give you the details in China, but it is good to be happening soon. If you had plans to go to ITALY. Please These do not cancel any plans right now, a you don't know what this is. Gonna look like if we get gets. Four weeks away. Eight weeks away, of weeks away. You don't know what it's gonna look like beyond that. If you would have cancelled your airlines flight, if you were flying a flying air italian, and you last week or two said, I'm gonna get ahead of this. I'm cancel. You would have lost money today, Eritrea has said we are going to relieve if you want to cancel, there's no penalty, so there are reasons too?
day reasonable and make the decisions at the last minute prepare to go just know that you're gonna have to evaluate the week before, but don't cancel things until you know Churches are gonna, have to start thinking about. How are we going to meet person preventive measures, including frequent washing of hands, cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and common per This is that would prevent the spread of a cold and flew communion Preventive measures include the possible. This is on the CDC yesterday. They include the possible close of schools or tell us schooling, working from home or telecommuting, and the postponement events such as sporting events, concerts, trade, shows, etc. Think of the money that is going to be lost
I'd rather lose money then lives. But I want to emphasise this to you, because if you are in business, you should battened down the hatches to give you an indication, I live my own words. I am in the middle of redoing this entire studio. It's the fortieth anniversary of this studio complex. It's never had a coat of paint on the outside. Ok, ever it's a concrete building, its never had a coat of paint. I wanted it to look nice, so we ve painted it it's taking four months to paint this building. It is so huge repainting an inside
the outside his four months, we re doing things, I've already spent money and torn this building apart. I have to put it back together now, if I had the information today that I would add that you know it two months ago I would have saved the money and said you know what we can wait on everything. Let us wait and see how things work out, because major disruption is coming. So just prepare for that face to face, according to the CDC face to face interaction should be reduced whenever possible, as should physical contact such as handshaking CDC indicates American should be prepared to be self sufficient for up to two weeks in Kay, of an at home quarantine if it is required, include two weeks worth of food, water, medicine
and all other household supplies. This is not a drill. Just read a commercial, and this is not a commercial. Now I just read a commercial for my patriot. Supply Ivan about my patriots apply for a long time. I told you about a month ago. You know now the time to get something and they were offering a forty five percent special there still doing it on their too weak cats. The deal is two days ago when I, reading that they weren't behind two weeks in shipping the demand is so high. Now it could be too x or more before you get your emergency supplies. If you want things like that, you ve got to order them right now,. It's for you before this again, not a commercial. I don't care what you do prepare
Glenn dot. Com is where you can get the emergency food supplies. Forty five percent off you can go to Cassio. I've done both. I have both My wife just went to Cassio. Yesterday she got peanut butter, tunafish, dried milk, things that will last things that are high in protein, things that you must have in the house for two weeks. This is, we must prepare for something without panic. We must prepare for something that we I've, never seen in my lifetime in Hong Kong because thing sir. So bad! Imagine you can't go to work imagine. You work at the movie theater no one's going, the movie theater they're, closing things down, you are a part time employ you're not getting a paycheck, yet mortgage still has to be paid what's happening will what's happening now in China, Hong Kong is now giving each it.
Old, twelve hundred dollars and they're making fifteen in available to small businesses, there is bailout that may have to happen. Here in the United States because of this, and it's not because of business mistakes like the last bail out. This is because there were, there could be a pole, no, where there's no business now some Good NEWS There is a new possible vaccine, but it is not just a new vaccine? It is a new kind of vaccine, a ass based drug maker. You know the ones we all are host to hate, has sent a new experimental Sars Cove id to Vaccine National Institute of allergies and infectious diseases to begin clinical trials. It's the rapid development of the corona virus vaccine. It's not notable just to be
because it's less than three months from the discovery of the violence a virus, but because the development of the vaccine is a brand new type of vaccine, traditional traditional vaccines- they have. Basically you know one of the colored inert. It's it's a dead virus and you have to inject the dead virus into you that tricks your body into thinking. Oh you're getting sick, and so you get a little bit of the sickness and your antibodies are triggered and it helps you not get it when you're actually exposed to the virus. The problem with those vaccines is, you have to grow. The virus in giant That's then kill it then put it in the vaccine. This new vaccine is different because they have synthetically, constructed and RNA strand from scratch. That mimics.
This, but it is not the corona virus and this RNA strand interacts with a healthy cells inside and but it doesn't take over cells to produce more of itself in the Lie viruses do so. This is inexpensive till vaccine is far since, to make because you're not having grow, the virus and working with lie virus obviously, is really tricky the effect should be the same, the cell. She to produce antigens that will cause the immune system to perfect produce antibodies. We don't know buddy, if successful it will be the first time any vaccine of this type has been produced and it could pave the way for using similar antiviral medications not using lie virus, which is really really good. That's an american company that did this Michael Bloomberg saying that we are not prepared and where we don't have, the people is untrue.
The world will look to America to solve this problem. Yet again, and my guess is: if it's not us, it'll be the Israelis, but we through Capitalism will solve this problem by the way the United States, there was a global test of. Verona virus emergency staging that happened two years ago. Three years two years ago. Two years ago, did it all over the world. Number one in Ryan readiness was the United States. It is reason why we have fifty six, fifty seven people here and zero deaths and our number isn't climbing. Yet it will because more people are going on planes. Do you remember what happened right after nine eleven, we were told our pay,
our duty was to go, spend money and you ve got to get the air. Lines flying again as we as we stop flying as we stop doing the things we always do. I warn you. Real economic trouble is on the way and that will change everything We have to be calm, rational and leaders, so it doesn't change our political landscape for the rest of our lives. Alright, taking seven months off from work to recover from an injury is not an option for a lot of people Robin for Ohio works, a correctional facility and, after breaking sure, her wrists, she was given the bad news she's really determined. I mean she was like. I'm not tired. I'm not gonna sit at home for seven months, so much to the surprise of occupational therapist
Robin was able to return to work almost three months early and the reason why she believes it places because most of the pain was gone. She was able to work through her pain and work through her third be a lot harder because of relief factor. It reduced the inflammation which helped her heel, faster n, helped or deal with when taken properly relief factor attacks, the inflammation that cause as much as more pain. Seventy percent. People who take it going to buy more and a costly one thousand nine hundred and ninety five to start their three week Quickstart trial. If you want a drug free natural way to ease your pain and get your life back, go to relieffactor dot com, that's relieffactor, dot com, we break for ten seconds station id
I want to talk to you about restoring the covenant. It's happening Gettysburg July. Fourth, all of this flu stuff should be behind us by then at least for the summer, but we are watching things we. The big crews coming up were watching things dated day to day, and you know who the wheat we do. We just don't know. What's going to happen, things could be better in three weeks could be worse in three weeks, but none of us are going if it's gonna be bad
We're watching it don't change any of your plans on anything same thing with July, fourth and Gettysburg, but I think this is becoming more and more important, and maybe we're gonna be humble enough to do this. We are going to restore the covenant on July Fourth and Gettysburg, and we invite you to bring your family there. I'd be Somerset, won't have to worry about the flu but tat. We invite you to bring your family there and restore the covenant, and even if it is bad, we're going to do it on line, even if we all have to do it in our own. Separate places were going to do it online. I don't think, there's anything more important right now than restoring the covenant. The covenant is, something are pilgrims made George Washington remade it on his inaugural address and that day, and then also Abraham Lincoln, made it the last one at gettysburg we have rejected God. We have gone against all of his
rulings- and God will have a humble people and the special land- and I fear we will- we will lose our right to this land if we are unrighteous and we don't turn our ways. The good thing is, as we always make mistakes, but we always turn back, but we are so far down this road. I dont know how to turn back quite honestly, because our kids in every else have been so indoctrinated and the world is changed. So much humility is coming our way
when we are down on our knees, but we can re, make our covenant and reclaim those blessings that had been promised to us. Please. I urge you to go to glinda com, slash, restore and reserve your place, so you can be there. It is it's going to be a literal once in a lifetime four times on this compt continent kind of event. This will be the fourth time only since the pilgrims that this has been done each time it has been done. It has been a significant event. We want you to put to pay. So please plan on your family coming July. Fourth, and again will give you all the details and keep you up to speed on everything that is going on, but
and ten. You on make your plans and if you cancel at the end and because things are, you know it's an act of God kind of stuff, but that's what we're looking for is an act of God and I have a feeling the humbling is coming and we want you to be there for the covenant to be able to say we are turning back to you. Please help us it's in Gettysburg July. Fourth, restoring the covenant just go to claim back dot com, slash restore one of the reasons why we need this is we are turning into a country? I don't even recognize if you watch the debate last night with Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is not a swedish socialist. First of all, there is no such thing anymore. They were socialist back in the sixties, fifties and sick. These and early seventies, and then it collapsed and the socialist here never of loud that get out
but he's not a swedish socialist. He is a communist He and you saw a part of that last night, and that is quite a statement to make, but tonight in a very reasoned way. I am going to make this he's all, with their audio their own words. The people surrounding Bernie Sanders at nine p m to night. It is a don't miss. You can watch it live on least tv and plays tvs. You tube at nine p M, eight p m central nine pm Eastern, and it's only on demand at blaze, tv dot com, don't miss it though Wednesday night special. Bernie Radicals, the fires of revolution watch it. Anyone whose thinking maybe I'll vote for Bernie Sanders is that labelling programme. Ok,
You know what I've been saying to you for the last half hour, please look into your finances. You know the stock market was down. I don't even know it must not be down to bad. Today, say I haven't seen any renews alerts yet and coming across my screens, but it's down almost two thousand points in the last two days as things in the economy get worse, that is, companies sang I have to protect. I have to lower my expectations on what we're gonna make and people starting pull money back will where that money going gold is now at a. I don't even know what high, but a super high right now at seventeen hundred dollars. It was yesterday seventeen hundred dollars, please consider having shelter from The storm, I'm not talking, pull all your money out and put it in gold. That's crazy! Ten percent five tat is what I have put it for me and my family, but gold line.
People that can help you with this they can make its super easy will explain it to. You make the decision today, but make the decision to call them today. Gold lie calm. Eight, six, six goldmine, eight x x, goldmine tonight is the big special Bernice radicals. The fires of revolution go to blaze. Tv dot com is a promo code, Glenn unsafe ten bucks and you can watch it on you too. Periphery. This is the Glen Back programme. Glad you're here I want to show you if you happen to be watching on the Blaise Aldo aye, but if you just listening to us but play the video of the Minister of Health, yes, I believe, even though that enough- in IRAN he's a standing. Next to the guy there, giving this press conferences- and he is Wedding. Profusely he's wiping his face. These white his nose hockey and there are saying hey, there's corona virus thing going on chance had the jagged, while he has it together, he has it would so
We have seen from Chernobyl the serious I wish we were like all the state representatives are up there, hey the seat that made up her mind and his fine up here. It's not I mean it is it's crazy what's going on and they know it's in in a ran, don't make sense because they are worse than they are in China. Far as the death rate, Tom Cotton has been tried get to the bottom of this. He is the senator from Arkansas Tom welcomed the programme airy. Senator, I glad I'm good neighbourhood good. Now we found out- and I I can't I can't seem to- here this out- and I know you that you're the guy looking for answers, but the you said about Autonoe six weeks ago that you were concerned that it might have from bat soup in that market. They have not been able to find patient zero and it didn't come from, and this is really important- that we find these things you said:
about I dunno six weeks ago that you were concern that it might have been a weapon from that by a level for plant. If you will, therein, whew Hon, found out any more. What are we thinking this? Actually, where this actually came from? No glad we haven't found out, eight, I mourn are caught. The Chinese Communist Party continues to restrict access to woo hand in general and the laboratory in particular, and continue to be dishonest and deceitful about this virus. However, I would note that, just over the weekend that global times, which is the chinese communist parties, international propaganda rag, admitted that their first origin story, which you cited Glenn, that it
for a food market and will hand was false that was conclusively established by chinese researchers over a month ago in a report that I was citing in MID January, that virus went into the market before it came out of the market. At least fourteen of the first forty cases had no contacts the market, so it raises the question: where did it originate and we don't know now I could have been another food market. It could mean a farm, it could have been a food processing slowly, but obviously, when you have China's only Super laboratory that deals with human infectious diseases, including the corona viruses, just a few miles away from the food market, it is only responsible and reasonable to ask the question don't even have to say that China was engaged in dark biological weapon
research. They are actually say they had bad safety practices. Maybe they were researching vaccines or diagnostic tests or nervously the rocks, but they simply won't provide us any answers and until they provide as the answers until we can get our hands around how this outbreak started. We need to The questions and demand answers from the Chinese Communist Party. So is there anything I thought of you immediately when I saw this come out overran because their immediately saying this is an american zionist plot against China and against IRAN. The numbers are so skewed in IRAN and I trust them less than I do China, but there numbers or so skewed. Their numbers are saying that there is a twenty percent or a nineteen percent death rate of those we're getting corona virus in a ran, and I thought
geez. I ran China, North Korea. They all kind of work together on being a bad things. Is there? are we looking into what's happening in a ran at all, so you are right glad not to trust the governor ran on this matter. Anything else and I suspect that one way in those numbers are so skewed. Neuron is that IRAN is still lie about these cases. They got to the point where they can no longer conceal it from their own people credibly, but they are still managing the flow information, but they're, saying they're, saying now that there is as our scientists as much as we can or saying, there is no connection to China that there's no patience zero there either. I have not seen reports, ok, but I every every case in the world of which I am aware, has some kind of connection back to China. It may be two or three persons remove as some kind of connection your correct. It is not just the governments of our
and China that collaborate lot, but there is obviously a lot of chinese tourism that goes on in IRAN there a lot of chinese labour that is export it around the world to fund remittances back to China Erect, and I thought that the second possibility for the outbreaks juicy in IRAN and throughout Eastern South Asia and the Middle EAST is chinese migrant labour going to these countries. But the reason I suspect that you see such high rates of mortality in IRAN is that they are under putting the cases they have. Unfortunately, there were probably lying all along hoping. They can conceal the cases that are present in their borders and I got to appoint. Were they I couldn't do so. I no notice, I don't love. You saw senator they video that we just played that. I was just describing on here that the health minister, that the head of the health Ministry in IRAN, standing next to another guy from the health Ministry and the
the main minister, is already feverish- is breaking out in a sweat. They now admit that he does have corona virus, but here's the sky, telling everybody what's going on and he is he's sick spreading it to everybody else, suicide in the room. I have seen that video realizing with it would be funny at a Monty Python kind of way more if it weren't so serious, and this is why, when they're so many unknowns, white so important that we continue to err on the side fashion so that we can continue to over share information with the american people. We be up front and honest with them about what we know, and this is important about what we don't and that while we are prepared for the worst in the United States, we are working overtime to prevent the worst. We You know there was a test two years ago here in the United States for corona virus outbreak. Not this one but Forbes outbreak,
like this, we were number one in the world on response. We were the most prepared I believe we are prepared, but I dont Emma. We haven't if this goes, we haven't seen anything like this in over a hundred years and in others going to be. Things were not prepared for I really concerned about the economic impact. Do you our government is moving and doing all of the things that we can do is is the administration. Doing all the things. I know that the president who play speak to the nation later today about the krona virus is deeply engaged and he's driving along the response. I think that we are doing everything we can at this point. The only thing I would like to see happen faster is to get testing kids out of the headquarters of the Centre for Disease Control Lana and get them to all fifty states. So out on the front lines you can have prompt test and a matter of
wars like we do the blue and opposed it has to take a matter of days when I go to and from Atlanta, and there's only other, only four states now that have those testing, kids. Unfortunately, that's the case. I think that I think about the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration should aggressively use their emergency authorities under establish law, to encourage laboratories around the country to develop, gets get those verified and get them used. In addition to producing more of the established,
yet we have at CDC headquarters than you would think that there would be a big market. Somebody, a capitalist, would look at that and go that's a growth market at yeah. These laboratories it out whether thereat academic institutions or big hospitals. I they develop their own test, frequently for all kinds of malady. So there's no reason they can't do so now, but with the proper standards and protocols it will accelerate, the dissemination of tests gets all around the country. Even if we do have an outbreak gland, let's say that we had five by people. An Columbus Ohio come now grown. Environment is much if we know it early and we can isolate those five people it's much better than it. There are fifty or five hundred people. Oh it's not just a matter of time to prevent every single possible outbreak, but also containing it as quickly as possible. The economic impact, unfortunately, is gonna out of our hands actor.
Degree, as we saw in the market this week, we, our economy, is already dependants in many cases, on supply chains from China. I think this is gonna open lot of eyes to appoint I've long may that we should not be dependent on China in that regard. Thank you, but one way one way to mitigate the economic impact here in the United States is to prevent Lord they'll help yeah lay in a we ve always been blessed by our oceans. Air travel has changed this somewhat, but we ve always been blast by these Oceans that surround us and we were pretty isolated Nino compared everybody else and it has protected us and if we can stay healthy, you know in bar doors open and get the resource that we need, we will be able to nurse the rest of the World Bank to health if we collapse? This is not good, but is really not gonna. Wait. Now we
we should be leading the world about diagnostic testing, therapeutic drugs and vaccine research, and I'm competent the best minds we have both in and out of the governments and private research organisations can develop a vaccine. Develop their pewter drugs much faster than some of the Debbie Downers predict. Do you do believe this is virus acts that we ve been looking for? First ten years, I hope not Glenn, I hope not out out. This is a virus that we can bring under control and that we can develop. Quick testing for windows. Belet backs aims, for we can identify the kind of people who are most vulnerable to it. Right now looks like the elderly.
The medically and far are the most vulnerable, more severe cases and bring it under control as quickly as possible and not in not kids right. It's not hitting kids the same way as its old people. It still it that still an unknown among the reported in farm cases. It appears to impact they are severely than the young and the healthy. But again that's why we have to be prepared for the worst, even as we try to prevent the worst. Thank you so much time I appreciate and similar Tom cotton who has been on this from the beginning. I appreciate your candour and the efforts that you're making. Let us know how we can assist you. If there's one thing you can count on its their cybercrime. It's a train. That's gonna! Keep on rolling the postal service just issued a warning about a series of email scams. Where's we're criminals notify the recipient about a failed delivery. Attempt of package worth a hundred thousand dollars and all you have to do,
is called the postmaster general and given your personal information and then you can come and pick up the packet, sometimes even have to pay the online postage charges. Yet the you as postal service. Doesn't do that. You know when you find that out after you paid everything given him all your information than you the post office there like this, this not from us and about this. Is you have to be aware and cyber crime is affecting all of our lives and identity. Theft is a serious issue and sometimes identity is somebody. Identity is stolen, every two seconds now might be yours, and if you miss it, it can be too late. If you're only monitoring your credit is good chance, you're gonna miss it things like yours, security number, there's all kinds of identity threats that are out there, the Good NEWS is you, no one can prevent identities after monitor all transactions at all businesses. But if some like yours, security number is, is stolen and lifelong is on it. Lifelike has the team to help fix it. They don't just Colino pace, to be you how they
fix it. I wouldn't even know where to begin on how to fix this stuff, join now and save up to twenty five percent of your first year by using promo code back, that's promo code back at eight hundred lifelike one eight hundred lifelong or had a lifeline. Dot- com, user, promo code back for twenty five percent off one eight hundred lifelike or lifelike dot com. Yeah we're in a situation to tomorrow's? Do we talk about this because- You have a serious situation happening with covered. Nineteen. Are the corona virus coming an economic problem, that we haven't, possibly possibly seen since the great depression and online two thousand aid, eight or even the great depression, it's not anyone's this one's, not gonna, be anybody's fault. This, isn't it As everybody just went out, there were reckless, and while the chinese government,
the marble, but it's not like we were, you know, buying two houses we couldn't afford, etc, etc. Me we were doing that, but that's not what's causing this. This is an act of God. So how do we hold America? Together? You know in two thousand. Eight hey. You know what the bank's made their bed so no bailouts. For the banks, how You going to do that keep America afloat and I'd like to talk about this I have some ideas on this, but it's like really controversial freely. Quite crazy boy. The other alternative? I think he's gonna be international socialism in Bernie Sanders we'll talk about that on tomorrow's on tomorrow's programme tonight, at nine o clock. I urge you, could you please start tweeting now Hashtag Bernice radicals, but start telling everyone you know to watch tonight
on blaze, tv they can watch this Wednesday night Special about Bernie Sanders anyone. You know that is true. To make the case that Bernie Sanders might be good guy or he's not on reasonable or whatever we have to nip this in the bud right now he's not Larry David. This isn't funny This guy is a radical revolutionary, but Obama was a marxist, but he was a marxist proof of progressive. He believed in the slow road. That is not what Bernie Sanders believes in and all of our moms told us Show me your friends I'll, show your future I'm going to show you not his friends, I'm show you the people who are building his campaign. Who are his advisers, the people around him, the people who are knocking on doors. The thing they are promising right now, they're, not afraid of saying it. He's
Fraid of saying Castro was a good guy, hello, that is bad as it gets. This is a must watch special tonight for anybody, who has anyone in their life. That is thinking. Bernie Sanders, isn't so bad. You need the information to be able to arm yourself now tonight as you watch, it watch it with a second screen. So you and follow us on Twitter and on our social platforms, because we're retweeting out all of the information about Bernie Sanders and who these people are that we introduce you to tonight. We're doing dirt. The live broadcast at nine p m again, you can watch. Live on blaze, tv dot com and you get the archive, so it will be on demand, As of nine p m at blazed The dot, Slash, Glenn, feared having signed up yet please do ten dollars off tonight. If you do it right now add blaze tv.
Dot com, slash gland, used a promo code Glenn, your friends can watch it on our blaze tv you tube channel for free, but it there's no archive. You have to watch it from the beginning at nine on you too, but that's a way for them to watch it for free make sure you see every minute of this tonight.
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