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The Difference Between Men & Boys | Guests: Michael Malice & Lisa Boothe | 4/29/22

2022-04-29 | 🔗

Glenn explains that for society to be prosperous, it needs a combination of optimism, guidance, and wisdom. Glenn discusses the toxicity in which men are being erased and women are being destroyed. Bill O'Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, discussing the shamelessness of the Biden family, President Biden announcing the Ministry of Truth, and the crisis at the border. Michael Malice, host of "Your Welcome," joins to discuss the week's news, including Elon Musk and student loan forgiveness. Glenn and Stu discuss President Biden's latest terrifying press conference regarding Russia and the dangers of his rhetoric. Lisa Boothe, host of "The Truth with Lisa Boothe," joins to discuss the DHS' disinformation governance board. 

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hello, america, it's friday, you know I just a few years ago I would have asked- and I did ask where the leaders- the churchill where where's anyone that is standing up to this madness. Where are the leaders well we're seeing them now we're seeing people standing up and willing to take their say whatever you want about donald trump? That guy was willing to take it in the face over and over and over again Out of that, we have rhonda de we were have elon musk these icons. These heroes are starting to rise up the age of men. It is
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you're, dot com or eight hundred. The number for relief really factor feel the difference. So where are the men? Where are the men Last night I went to a concert of toyota music factory here in in Dallas, and I saw, The show with my my son and my son in law- of a group called a J R, I don't know if you know a j r, but that this These guys are, there are three, as they say three dork jewish boys sing pop songs and they, started when they were fifteen real prodigy and their brothers and they they started making. music and they still make music and their living room, and probably about three or four years ago. My son and I took a trip across the country.
is really having a hard time getting a handle on where his head was. And I said you, you The dj you pick, the song and he said if he's gonna like these guys, but but I want you to me now try this. And I heard in the more I heard the more I liked and I There stood my son because of the music he was listening to and This was a real important point in his life and our understanding with each other here is thirteen. in and I knew he was afraid of something I knew he was He was just afraid. the first song he played for me.
Was this listen alert on the back of my mandate as it? Whenever I don't mind, go worthier back, go way back home, go back to a man goes out.
Kosovo on allow. I don't wanna move on doubt. Peace at type, thirteen and when that song played, I just answered. No, we can't you and your mom and I are moving the minute you're out of the house, but I understood him the more I listen to this particular area, day, J, R, the or their lyrics are, the more the lyrics became. Something that you- and I were I would have this guy's. He would have immediately rejected it, but the more Thinking. Yes, continue to listen to these guys because they are alone last night at this concert, you really need to see it, especially if you have kids, but The average age was probably twenty five years old and It wasn't a bunch of kids, it wasn't a t. This is not a teen. Bopper knew no kind of group.
But it was so refreshing to see all of these. What are they? millennials. Twenty five year all the other millennials. Their listening to this group- and you know, arms, raised up and singing these lyrics these laws. ex are so culturally important, and rare today, the next When he played for me was fantastic a message you never ever here.
It's called one hundred days we gotcha with the one- oh my god I felt so do. Give me on the back days, made one hundred good story. Good stories might be interesting, the fantastic this is the opposite that our culture is now pumping in pcs, the opposite, they're saying how lucky am I I broke my thumbs. How lucky am I that I did a whole bunch of concerts and nobody came because
gave me something it gave me character. He read stories that are interesting. That is, fantastic, You put it into context as they do in the song, and last part of that was because I know Scared of you, no more, not afraid. We are not addressing the real fears. Can you imagine growing up in this age I care not even begin to imagine kids are not going out and playing You know the one thing I remember growing up, especially every summer was: I was out of the house in the morning. I would do my chores and be out of the house in the morning and I come back and I did have a cell phone. Nobody was tracking me nothing I didn't come back until the three lights went on
he would go and play we didn't or denies a play. we didn't know how important it is that your kids play without a referee. Your kid around play baseball soccer, whatever it is, without a referee and without adults,. They have to figure out how to get along to solve. Problems and arguments with out is going hey, you knocked at off. You only need that when their breakin windows. I know your parents knock it off, but go. We're out in playing. Organizing watching out for each other, all of that duff is lost on these kids to Imagine I mean We are all thinking to ourselves. I don't care who you voted for
We all know this things coming apart. This whole thing is coming apart That tension is in them to what tomorrow, gonna be like. They also don't have Any idea of what can be done and so everything can be done so there's no wonder anymore. I mean, I think, that's why you learn. Mosque is socially release this. Why I like him. The guy is looking over the horizon in saying to tell me we can't do it Of course we can. We just need to get all this other apparatus all this bureau. Creasy out of our face. Let people do it. Because we're in a new age we are being a problem now, because Our congress is about,
thousand years old. If you added up all their ages, you Enough experience to bring you back to the dinosaur age. are not looking forward there Horizon is maybe five years from now. And those are the people steering us it takes youth. to be able to look forward, it takes middle age. From forty to sixty two couple that, with a little bit of wisdom, Then it takes the older generation to go slow down. Slow down right Now all we have the slow down.
It's not wisdom, its greed and corruption. That motivates them. I started my son's last night. And we were talking about women in how to treat women. and. my son in law said: you know, I've heard you say it over and over again. And I've set it over and over again to my son, hey you don't treat women that way, hey you, don't it hey get the door for your mom, show respect for women and in me no traditional families, at least we are taught boys are taught.
By their fathers and others how to treat a woman? He asked me. have you ever heard anybody teach their girls How to treat a man- and I thought no I've never heard any and say: hey you don't treat a man like that. Have you. and in that vacuum we Destroyed man, men or not men anymore, the really nothing because a man can be a woman. We are taking apart the genders and once you take apart
this is the basic. building block of all of the universe. All the animal kingdom everything male and female, and egg and the fertilizer it boy, whales down to science, not thus science, but science, basic science you destroy that and everything else, because was a lie everything else, because does it get any more basic. Then egg. Fertilize life family? It doesn't
That's it. That's that's how it all began gang, and if you believe in evolution,. Those monkeys were doing something in the cave. So we are too destroying men, just destroying them, and I want to talk to you about that Gimme sixty seconds will come right back no doubt in my mind at this point we are in serious financial trouble as a country. You know it, and I know it. In others, there's a couple of things that we really have to pay attention to gender being destroyed families being destroyed the curve see, being destroyed and you know hey Let's go have war with russia right now. I can solve one of those things with the tunnel twins books. And that is inflation and destroying our money supply. You have to know what caused it this
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So if you look at you, you know history or you look at even the bible. As history book, You will always see men gathering at the gates, men gathering at the gates. Why? well the men watch for intruders. They made announcements, they carried out justice there in the bible convened with angels at the gates. the men at the gates, they were not only responsible for the physical protection of the city, but also the social and the legal and spiritual section as well The man at the gates. And some men men at the gate they were? protectors and supporters others were not Others also met at the gates and. Were the destroyers. So We still have men at the virtual gates,
But most of the men are destroyers or there I'm going to sleep, and I mean I don't mean likely drunk I mean spiritually or temporarily just drunk they're, not on guard. Men are supposed to be protectors, and leaders and supporters their family and their community there they protect. How many men are doing that right now, protecting our communities protecting Families, I is cops, do that leadership? Twenty twenty to this aim, should times, but not even the nineteen seventies anymore and where going back in
That is good. I mean in nineteen fifties, all women were housewives and all men work at the office and have a briefcase man. I'm glad those days are gone. I'm glad I mean it I think everyone stew that has been in charge of my television division has always been a woman. Hasn't it last twenty years, often yeah yeah great great, but where are the men and our I mean in position, I just mean where are men, We are men that are willing to stand at the gates, see what's going happen is men, Are going to get really pissed off soon? At all of this stuff, because their boots being erased and so there are men now that are coming back and saying you know whether it should stay at home. I dont know these people.
but I am afraid that that will cut. We ve gotta go back to crush duration, ok all right now oh and female mom and dad ok we may need men who define themselves men who serve men who care most. Importantly, men who are driven by a moral code. Do we have a moral code anymore? You know look at We ve done, we first destroyed all of our heroes. This is so brilliant in the way this has been pulled off. What did they do they chipped away? for a hundred years, anyone who could be a hero by the Am I was growing up, they had already destroyed the founders and everybody else, and now they were going after other heroes. There were
there's no such thing as an american hero, anymore, someone- Kids could look up to and then Last part. Heroes gave up on it people who used to at least you know to do. The right thing does hey. The kids are watching me in their kids. Look up to me that was over like I'm doing blow. What's the deal, yeah. I was doing it at home plate. What's the problem I'm no role model. you're a man you should be a role model people gave up entirely. on being a man well, at a place now where the men and the boys have to be separated. We have to separate the men from the boys.
I think we are starting to see some real. Modern day leaders rhonda santas is one of the elon. Musk is another one I want to, I want to continue our conversation, the difference between men, and boys next the Glen back programme you know the the left always as you know, this is the greatest charitable thing you can do is give to. You know the irs aside chair that's a waste of charitable funds? and it also hardens our heart cousin we're stand around, go wizened, somebody doing something about it. Will why aren't we This is why I love tunnel to tower I love good, honest charities. That gets you involved.
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he beat outcome. Slash Glenn is the place to go to subscribe to. Please tv use the proper code glenn welcome to friday. The glinda programme we're talking about the difference between men and boys, and we need good, strong men to stand up not strong man, strong man, strong men in our food I do you know the women could vote in the founding era. Did you know that not or not. This is this is something that the men of the age, understood the men, the thinking man I'm sure there were play, like my gauge gate, where chadian it should now call on fire last night and stove, but she smart enough to go, I'm sure those people existed gay but the found
The fate the men. they are wrong. We women voting they the problem with men holding office there was a joke In where was it to new Hampshire reads, a flat first, black man to be elected in like seventeen twenty three and he served. Eighty years as a black jack or sixty years is like a black judge in a community hey this stuff is, is new. Definitely not. American, not american women could vote but it was one vote for the property. So whoever property owner was so you know husband and wife widow widower did matter, one discover that all changed, because I think boys got involved, grieved
involved, power became involved and that's the difference between the men and boys. Boys are reactionary, their petty their distracted men are, rounded men supportive men are alert. There is actually this movement among the boys tube. I wish that I are you out of your mind,. while men at all have a place were shut up, go protected, gate, www, men protect rights. Men, families, men put common sense and decency. You know my, We were talking last night, my grandmother, Was asked to dance my grandfather's, like nineteen fifteen ass to dance, they had not met.
Four, but he spotted or across the room, and he went up to her and said hello. My name is edward johnson, and would you like to dance she said now Well, my grandfather never danced with her after they were married or anything because he thought you know they didn't talk a lot. He thought that she in like to dance, because she said no and it was like it there fiftieth wedding anniversary that and he said well, she d like to dance and east she. So where do you get then? He said you turned me down at aunt she's like because I did No, you! We weren't proper, lee introduced now. Think of this right now got glad trotted date: people I think it's creepy. If you go to a bar and you like work up the courage to go over to a girl. They said that this generation is starting to think. That's. Creepy has a creepy. that is unbelievably nerve. Racking. Now you just swipe,
and people are now getting into this place to wear we are working to have sex and then, if the sex is good, maybe we'll date. What are you out of your mind. How do you even date? I know girl I know women here, that not dating, because of that there are like. just hoping that some guy is gonna, go hey, I kind of like the old timey way and, let's get to know each other. That's remarkable: that's remarkable, something to be said for a code of honor there's something to be said about, I mean. Is there a better thing? I know I I don't want to date. You I mean the dancing thing is probably a little over the top, but will the properly introduced, meaning somebody that I know should Ouch, for you and say, hey clara,
I want you to meet my friend ed. You too. You too should dance kay, there's something to be said for for that We don't have there no trust at all. Things are becoming very toxic, thoughtless sexist women are being destroyed, they are Your girls are not going to be able to compete in sports Dave. Reuben said to me yesterday said you just wait. some guy who's, like the collins, capper nick of the nba is gonna, say yeah, I'm a woman. And you go into the w nba any old rush, the women, then what I mean nobody watches it anyway, so does matter by.
I might star watching it. If that happens here I know I know. a league. We need real men in amerika. Again, men who empower their communities and every one in them men who say enough is enough. Who thoughtfully choose for themselves when and what to react to men. who create peace and not chaos. We don't need any more boys. We don't don't we ve got plenty of them we don't need more boys in our you between our four walls. We need more men at the gates. Maybe this is just make, as I spend time with my boys me yesterday, and their grown up.
and I dont know what I can't relate to their world at all. I don't think any of us can world. Change dramatically, but boys are not being taught how to be men there being taught that being a man is toxic. John Wayne said a good man has to have a code. You know, that's why yellowstone is so popular because, As sick and twisted as it is, they had a code, animals. Why do we like the godfather? Because there was a code. Now it's screwed up at its bad, but there is- is no moral code. Any more.
Patrick Henry said great me. overcome the evils of life am lincoln said too said said to say of a man stands his tall. when he stooped down to help a child Ben franklin, theirs, ever been a truly great man who is not also truly virtuous. We hate dictators because they're, not men, their monsters, Hu, it is not about oppression, it is virtue duty service, What our whole life is supposed to be at the heart of man, food and at the heart of womanhood, is love. Love is patient and kind and selfless it's not europe it's not selfish? It doesn't it. Insist on doing things. My way it rejects darkness.
It rejoices in faith and hope. that's manhood at its finest free. Sinatra. You know some people get their kick stamp on the dream. That's all It seems like we are surrounded by now. People who joined want to stamp on dreams, and it's not, because not because. Their necessarily negative about it. It's just that just don't They don't have success. You're, not gonna, have success or you have success, then I'll lose some of my power, so I'm in a stamp on you look at what is coming. Four elon musk. The good news is here. We weave We ve heard the phrase before and I think there is nothing more true and appropriate to expire.
In today's world than this phrase: huh times create strong men. Strong men create good times good times. create weak men and weak men create hard times. We are in the area in the era of hard times, because weak pathetic men, Have allowed themselves to be stopped into oblivion with lies. Women need men like fish, need a bicycle. Really really men get pregnant? These are all lies Men need women, a good husband hose.
ain't early rephrase it any good husband dislike. I get my wife anything or do anything for me life. You know, even in the worst of times your like Joe, tell me just just tell me what to do is to stop the madness tuesday, We, I don't understand that actually does come from a place of love and and point surrender of like I guide? I don't Speak your language, I don't even know what you're talking about. and good women are the same They may not understand, but they just want. her husband to be happy. Hard times are here, because we have Ed weak men, but how times create strong men
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you can find in your area and you interview them yourself. It's a free service to you, you just ride is tells I'm buying or selling and we'll line you up with re, estate agents, I trust, dot, com, real estate agents. I trust dotcom. The Glenn Beck program miss a day, miss a lot visit. Laser tv dot com today and never miss a meal. when of truth. on tomorrow's podcast. and our long interview with dave reuben. That is I It is really fascinating. Really fascinating. He is an easy and amazingly brave, deep thinker. We talk about just
everything he talked about trans issues and can we can we play this the next part of this is that it is actually the trans thing is actually rapidly anti gay. I think we might have discussed this once, but if you were to take, a five year old boy. Say he's a little more feminist. So, instead of playing with geology over transformers which, by the way I plead with it and then I'm gay ok doesn't matter, but but so there there's all sorts of people there are. There are heterosexual men who are more feminine and more loving and whatever, but they happen to be straight, and then there are gay guys who are out in the woods wrestling guys. I have friends that come on man yeah come on, I mean really you're, not yeah, cause they're, very flamboyant they're, not they're straight, and that
that's a beautiful thing right. You you're, not gonna, believe the glen humans or are really very sharp, is have all kinds of crazy nuts right now, I'm in condition is really complied ashen, as aerial tie, its wiles yeah, but but really think about this, and now you take a five year old fibre odin twenty twenty two and this vibrio plays barbies and is a little more feminine. Whatever that what would happen keaton school now we know which is that the teacher most likely would encourage, or even the parent encourage them to start talking about gender identity, o o europe. While you are a boy but knew you feel like a girl, don't you and then bob lauer two years down the road wherefore he's down the road and Abigail schreyer wrote an incredible book about this universal damage that then they are literally transitioning this boy into being a girl with puberty blockers in the rest of it, and then ultimate will lead to a chemical, graduation and the whole thing and most likely what
boy was was just gonna, grow up to be, hopefully a functional, gay man and that's it. So it's actually anti gay. I mean that's that it also anti wet and its anti women, because you got who who yahoo? Who bodily has male genitalia stare? Have you seen the time lapse? I mean people show you all sorts of videos with her there's any. Did you see it there's a time lapse where they show you the racing, there's just a camera on the race and when used, The time lapse house he Whatever is just blowing passed all of those women As you know, we all know that there is no, it's not right. You know if, if this isn't it being transsexual, are different in this will reversed. Girl said I'm sure they're already, but I want to play football. I care at all. If they wanted to play football. What I would say is: can we protect her, right, because she's more I mean she may be built differently, but probably not, though
I see in a high school with my son playing an on line that guy is enormous. He's gonna kill you right arms, broken legs, broken ankles that was last season in my son's little school right mean grace. Girls are physically not as big as as boys are, it's just reality its reality, and it has nothing to do with anything so. Why is it I can't I say that to protect my daughter and why do I have to protect my daughter is they're a back programme,
when you are about to here- is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program
hello, america. We got a lot to talk about bill, rallies coming up the age ass, this information, governance board, the border crisis, elon musk, but I just wanna shorn this in quickly. The fighting family has no moral code, country should be saying, shame on you not just because their crooks, because of what they are allowing to happen to their father. There grandfather, their husband doctor within this yesterday. It's humiliating will enhance our underline effort to account the russian oligarchs and make sure we take their take them there will be gotten gains, we're gonna to caesar yachts, luxury homes. Another you'll be gotten gaze of prudence, toxic,
a club, the guys who declared talkers? Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh producer bag. This is horrible. This is horrible, is really bad. It's really bad, and you not saying this with any joy and I dont want vice president come as president. Okay, This is wrong, by your family. Shame on you most people who turned to relieve factor. It found themselves missing the ability to just enjoy daily life and I'll. Try all kinds of things usually only find out that none of those things work and then some happy day they decide to give relief factor at try They have heard me talk about it. They have heard me how I got my life back honestly. I could not hold a paint rush in my hands
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I guess, if you're mad at the Biden family, for what are you mad at them? For I'm I there is no shame in that family. You know bill, you know johnny, and left before things got crazy steel births. his name. Seinfeld laughed big, he didn't want to go out. You wanted to go out on the top. This is, humiliating its. Dangerous for the country to have our leader even look like this, but it's all so humiliating does no one in the family say we ve got to stop grandpa grandpa you've got to it's got to stop. I got it. Okay, so you're. It's a humanitarian play by your feelings. You're, no see you're, making a joke out of this, but I actually do feel bad. because I wouldn't want that to happen. In my family nokia, but look the by
the family is a plutocracy yeah. He couldn't say: yeah saw in all there. to win it and to them. Winning means amassing power and money, not so says. Oh, if Joe is doddering, and people like you and me are marking him to some degree, which I will absolutely admit. I do I do tell me, I'm not here, ok, but I have respect for the law this is the present yes subtle. I would at this point in history binds the third word, president, that we have ever had Third, hang on hang on, hang on hang on. Draw wilson, Jackson, no words. president James buchanan, the immortal lancaster pennsylvania guy who allowed at the civil war too, pretty much a cape without doing anything herbert hoover number to harbour just like
sat there for two years? Is people start after the stock crash and did absolutely not Meanwhile, you know what I, because I'm a fan of calvin coolidge, who also did nothing, I have a private problem with guys who did something like I don't know round Everybody up, take em If there are landed, then profit off it like Jackson or wilson who set in motion. What we are now dealing with, ok, but which are what you're discounting is that wilson, How can a defence because Wilson, at a stroke and Edith, was running the country? Nobody knew it, you'll by running their country. Now nobody knows it, but you cannot was with the war I mean the loot wharton wilson was announced in jackson,
did some good things right. So you get. You got a tender at council. I know he'll murmansk hitler made the volkswagen well, whatever hitler. Eventually lines are at our out a great artist. The way way way near name one thing by, and has done that its help this country, nothing. Why can't? I can't get big up all right, so so bill levy. Let me go something he has done and that is start this. this meant story of truth. I love it I, the ministry of truth by nina genco whip wow, Bryn, Mawr, grad. Okay, I'm heavily moulded the russian collusion story ass. She knows truth. When she sees it appeared. The suppression of the hunter Biden story again it
okay, yeah so she's in charge? I mean what does Joseph girl bulls ring a bell to anybody, hello, nina So this issue, another in a long line of try. The movie by woody our way back a travesty of a mockery of the m whisper he is primarily a mockery, yeah, that's what it that's. What this I know but but don't take it sure, is we back. I mean, I know that that needed despite eyes? As you and me, I don't know if she knows you're supporting cast, I dont know, but he s buys is ok, but she doesn't. That can be able to do anything hi there I m trying to calm the waters you didn't have any. I hope you are right. I think we are headed. I I I put. that I'm wrong and there's a good chance, I'm wrong on this, but
I feel like we are headed towards a nasty war. Where Every single bit of executive power will be used in either picture. I don't have given up already autumn. The democratic party I do have one, and if it looks like nina, is gonna get top. I think we I consider Giving hers too, was a sacrifice. Your lamp, she ll have already know. It may therefore like here you can have still been can't do anything else here. Let me, let me ask you this so you're not concerned about this matter, this is an extension of the deed age, ass, labeling, you know parents as terrorist and everything this is is just another. boy ridiculous obviously, of a mockery of issue. Do cannot make a can you make the argument for people who might be listening? All I you know, I don't want this information. Can you
the argument that we This is strict Lee prohibited by the constitution and why that's important? Well, Actually I tried to do anything which they won't. Ok, this gotta be like our hundred may. Org is the head of homeland security. What is allowed? Andrew do all day, nothing, nothing! That's! I mean it's gonna do all day. Nothing all of this is a sop s o p word the day to the far left, but it's over it's over they already know that Biden has failed. They are desperate the flower around trying to find some way. They know November is done, no the democratic and lose both houses. Everybody knows that and nothing is gonna change is gonna get worse. They occur. He's gonna worse and it always does when you oppression. on consumers who have to cut back their spend
put gas in their tanks and air. Condition their homes, so always happens now there looking ahead, two thousand twenty forego unholy. You know what you know that republican job to viable candidates. Only to this anderson drop it and to be one of those two guys unless there's other things, I come up, ok, but they the republicans two viable candidates who could win at this point a grudge had no one now there gasping. We trying very secretly to convey michelle obama to get into politics. That's there. We hope and that's where we stand so all Others get all this information. This is just a smoke screen to get people's attention away from it boy and of the democratic party ill. I would have said to fifteen years ago your dead wrong
but I learned a very good lesson: the old The thing I am certain of today is that I am not certain of anything. I ray that you are absolutely right on that? I just act. I mean I'm a catastrophe, so I see now. I know I know you ve got the food stocked up. When I saw you again today, the one thing I've learned over the past fifteen years. Now it's not to listen to all right now. It's not yes. Definitely not that definitely definite referred to earlier, definitely no wave a magic wand logic. You know that if you had, you know if you had had sent honestly, if you had sent me a copy of your new book, I don't know what it is going back. We
the name of the person aware that it through you. I don't have it on videotape here I don't know a jury value that boy and its common out next week in bloody, bloody, bloody blotted out bloody killing the killers I have a serious thing after you take your break, but I want to tell you about it because everybody seems wants to know. Your wife told me that in your sweep. You bear feeling! You know why. If I found out that my wife was actually talking to you, I think it would be divorce. I'd be like way to hire. You told me you oughta handling, not I built around coming back and sixty seconds. Let me tell you about my life: lock, you don't have to swim faster than the shark. You have to swim faster than the guy x to you. This cyber cybercrime, you'd think
and cyber crime. Is you know this giant shark yeah? Well, that shark is giant and it is going to eat you, but the guy Thanks to you also healed fine right he's online he's doing this it, no he he'd. Actually he might maybe a cyber criminal and your I'm gonna see it coming. You'll pay attention the shark. What you won't see this coming as you think it does it's not to happen to you, it's going to happen to all of us most? Equally, your information is out six hundred different ways. It's when it all piece together on the dark web that it becomes extraordinarily dangerous for you know We can prevent identities after monitor all transactions at all businesses, but there's somebody a lifeguard that sitting in the chair, looking for the sharks and the and the swimmer. Next you with a shiver. They can't see all of the ships by
what they do, they will swim out and pull you to shore and then patchy back up in case they missed that civ, its I flock lifelike, calm, save twenty five percent right now, if your first year with a promo code back at one, eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or flock dotcom, promo code back. Do it now ten second station idea: let's go to the border crisis bill. This is lobbying testimony yesterday by our department of homeland security, where they say Oh, you know we had. We have an under control Y Y and its to get really bad
so I have nicknamed our hunter may yorkers Alfred newman magazine what me worry ah love This is the most vivid because you can't really see inflation other than your wallet getting lighter You can see the devastation of an open border policy. That Biden has embraced You can see how weak yorkists was yesterday and he's a weak man in order that the partner homeland security is in charge of protecting all of us from harm and peace. the guy in charge, george and would have slap this guy fifteen times turn a modest side down and the matter that house chamber yesterday. That's how weak, in effect and I just give you one example
What are you to people on the terror? Why? lives have been apprehended at the southern border of forty two day and the question into our hunt was: where are those people he couldn't or wooden answer that question. are you blanket kid me- I even think he knows where they I don't know. I don't think he cares waiting on ok. So if the american people can't see the destructive nature of this ministration, then they are hopeless. an end in a lot of friends voted for Biden, and I have to admit that taunt them a little, I load a little bit. I gotta look at them. I give them one of our bumper stickers regret your two thousand and twenty vote. Yet we have those on bill. O'reilly, dot, com- and you know take a little delight in it, because
there was no doubt ever in my mind that bide would be a disaster. Because he is not a smart man, so we, start there, not a smart man, and then you age, seventy eight you know he's not gonna get any smarter and so we are now seeing a the hapless administration with now ability to solve any problems and everything. is getting worse in america, where is literally there's gonna, be a revolution in november, it tell me the tell me the breaking point on the border. Is there one? I don't think so? It's just gonna be a tree in your hand, two to three million people every year coming in a country that shouldn't be here,
the narcotics driving by our prime all over the country, leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths, but again people there. Most americans live in a little world that they have constructed and unless the drugs or the migrants come into that little world. They don't act, visceral lay like they are with inflation. Ok, because that ok, ok limit. Let me switch topics kind of on this. I'm gonna take it to politics per Bloomberg. A bipartisan group of senators, will meet thursday to discuss options for passing immigration legislation this year. They are they are now taught the republicans. Pushing amnesty again now there Putting the darker stop that they ve been pushing forever, but that's not gonna happen. No legislation is gonna, be passed. Nobody upload, I'm saying, is
If this is what they are thinking when the border is on fire, when they have our every every opportunity to make both moves and here's how she's getting it really yeah drop it administration had it under control. and people voted him at office. Ok, tell sickening it is the remain in mexico, prob policy had down migration into illegal migration. By about eighty percent and narcotics were not under control, because they never will be because we don't really ever seen policy there, but the flow, was it record? Breaking as it is now so is, like this hasn't binge. Wouldn't be solved it. What did it took three Here's a do it, but he did it and then
in the first day in blows out, the remain in mexico opens the border, and now we have the travesty. Okay, we got two minutes bill. Tell me your story about tokyo, killing the bushes this week marks the eighteenth anniversary of Abu Ghraib and you covered it. I covered it tremendous black of the united states all over the world as U s. Personnel, cia and military did Paul true terrorist suspects in two thousand and four, and there were pictures two cbs and put it on, and everybody remembers that right killers, the secret war against terrorist documents that day. The united states does the same thing, but we subcontracted out So american personnel don't do it because there is a law saying they can't do it, but no law saying that we can't pay other people to do it and its being done horrible. Here's, the kicker
No, it's not horrible. No, no! No! It's whore! You either do it and admit you're doing it Or you don't know? I wouldn't do that either. I had await this book. It's all classes, I'd information in a block. As you know, okay, we would not have gotten back albert daddy, without interrogation- I take you through it step by step. You'll be murdering thousands of people today. If we I didn't use coerced interrogation and the fact that what he did Kalen mauler twenty six year old american relief worker who we personally rape and then ordered to be killed and our parents to live in arizona and age believable what that guy did and you special forces took em out. information glean from coercion irrigation aright. So the name of the book is killing the killers it comes out on tuesday gotta bill O'Riley get assigned copy, it
killing the killers. Billow riley dotcom bill will talk to next week. Thank so much the Glenn. Program. So barber rodion about dogs experience with rough green said we have a six year old, cocker spaniel had some behave. Issues over food. She never see to be satisfied with the opposite problem with my dog bow. Said is she also had allergies. Where we are. a few days into our bag of rough greens and we already see an improvement, she's eating well to the point of licking her ball and my fingers, if it has, he residue on it. So far, so good thanks rough greens, rough greens is not dog food is a supplement that you put on the dogs food its, whereas vitamins, minerals, probiotics, which is so important, Annie oxidants, you name it. Is this that we are supposed to have all the time and it is cooked out of kibble food, so
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David in the studio yesterday and its available now for all blaze. Tv subscribers came last night. It is really well worth the watch and I think for for the many reasons, but one of which is, I know, friends who counted, Dave, Rubin out and said you know, Glenn he's an atheist He doesn't believe you know he believes aboard on demand, you know, etc, etc, and I said don't count him out like that. First of all, we need people that think differently. and of all you watch cause he's a logical thinker well, he has embraced god he talks about. He talks about that in the podcast and. Where he is on the abortion issue, I we call him pro life. Real cause. I remember what you know, foreseeing dave
kind of aid, this transition- and that was one of the issues he hung on two for a long time. Long time aren't. You have to watch out. Why have you not? Everybody will describe him that way on and off. He describes himself that way, but I think he's prologue he's like I just dont know. When you know I think a week swear, we I don't know, but to the right of way out of the left. Correct I hear he's only issue is, you know, come like right, an incessantly run. All with that wasn't publican position of george w bush S. Visit leave was not dave, reuben he's a really honest guy and and very very, very smart brill looks at all the issues. Deeply. You find that podcast wherever podcasts are around that'll be available tomorrow or right now on demand eglin back, not dot com at the blaze, tv blade tv dotcom, slash Glenn, my malice is with us another really smart friend
he is the author of the anarchist handbook? and a host of your welcome Michael myers, welcome to the programme. How are you Michael? Are you there? We ve lost Michael. You know what this is the age. This is. This is a first step of outrage. Information board there, like Michael malice, too dangerous, to be her address, yeah delete him. Immediately. I look, I you know. Let me let me play living play, something I think elon musk, which I want to talk to Michael about, I think elon musk is the howard hughes of our day, member howard hughes, richest man in the world howard hughes, took tea w a and made it a global airline. He changed everything. He was attack, because the government was in bed with pan. Am
and they called him in front of congress trying to destroy him, and- and this is how he dealt with it- listen editor. My eyes are quieter now. If you're gonna wait now I who have been removed or marred by that whether or not you wouldn't produce them- and you said you didn't know as I am with them- I don't remember about with my well. What was your I remember getting off the record, the elementary huh, I'm asking you what you're, after while bickering back and forth you are before the committee and you're going to answer the question. You asked me that now about a reply that I made my answer, as I do remember the man who gave them what will you bring mittermeier name at Nicole o'clock beckett, I know and all that go well. When you try to bring him in all, I don't think I'll. Try stop. That is if that's not elon musk diseases and they're gone. No, I don't think
I'm gonna do it well, do the programme- michael malice? How are you michael andean, grey thanks so much guys, so I you know I I look at elon, musk and he's gotta know what he's in for, but I think he's gonna like the modern day, howard hughes, it would mean, you know how I use ended up right. Oh yeah, yeah. I know it's totally how musk is ending up, isn't as the end of this, like musket zena being into bottles theatre like that is only if you invented side of his skin became translucent, jan and it was, it was very kind of horrific stuff in the air. Conditioner was covered involved. I dont think you lot must knows what he's in were to be honest, you don't know about tat, you. Why? Because I dont think even president shrimp knew what he was in for
Nothing! People, don't appreciate the level of malevolence that the enemy class is capable of and as a good example of this is brett capita. If you sat down brak carbon, our who, as you guys know, worked for the bush job, Administration he'd been watching it for a long time, and you say I'm down. You said you know bright. This is gonna, be an intense. You know, information process. What do you think's? The worst is going to happen and eat he was set out. They would make me out to be a racist or there's this one decision or- and you know this nemo sets the president- the fact that he'd have to be on Martha Maccallum talking about what he left his virginia arrive, never entered as my friend we'll tell this house that there is. We call it a Glenn back tax I read that so many I need so many people who like are not pin I don't care about that. You're gonna come under attack. Now I gotta get at I'm tough, and then there are like. I had no idea, why
it's even like to approach the gates of Hell. Until I said I, like you or I'm working with you and you, Don't really have an idea: and I don't even have an idea what it was like four trump and probably elon musk. You might be right, especially if you ve been the darling of Other side you're like now, there's some good people, they're gonna, defend me. Now they are, they all shut their mouths this house works, a he's got not only have literal children, he also has in a space sexy. He has tesla. These are all vectors for attack and the other it's very easy for any bureaucracy and they already announced going to start investigate him to start sniffing around I mean if you're dealing with space. I don't know how many treaties, did you know that contract each other? He was dealing with it Surely that there's gotta, be you know, even if there is a completely clear likud? Ought it you know? If so, if your your taxes are completely clean and you had the best accountants at a mirror,
it still very easy for them to be like a right were basically gonna give you you know about prostate exam and just sit down and go through everything. They do this Andy Warhol every year for the last fifteen, of his life. I know they did to rubin after he endorsed Larry elder. They audited him, though in California. So I do not think elon musk has any idea of what he's in for, because I don't think any of us has seen you know. The kind an enemy class at this level of losing control millilitre got a precedent, elected belarus. I just said he doesn't. You know he thinks that this, department of homeland security. You no truth board is, is nonsense it'll, be overturned by the courts in it, but it won't have any teeth. It won't do anything. I think he's wrong. I think use this until its overturned in the courts, but they will just use is ngo full steam ahead against their enemies. Well, I I m kind of take a moderate between the two positions
judges in the same way now that settlers was on twitter and facebook or I'm sub, were you note some department store, I can say well, according to the s heels b. According to this other organisms in this person's white nationalist, so on firing them, because I have my finger on the scale. My thumb on the scale on firing them, because this other objective organization is telling you this is a bad, and now they're gonna say well. The permitting was it yeah daily, be started when your times, article John smith, comma, who, according to the permanent almost security, is eight misinformation, information agent combine than the rest, the article rights itself. So that's how they're gonna weapon eyes this, rather than some kind of explicit over the head orwellian censorship and liking. So we have real unmask fighting back. I think we have run dissenters. Dissent is fighting back. I think starting to see some people who are like ok enough is enough is
this trend. There are What are we starting to go? The other way? Let's hope so, because one of the worst things about trump is he broke the bear. decades he knocked down the walls, he breached their fortresses and then it just stood there, making fun of them yeah. He didn't do anything to press the advantage. You didn't dissolve any department in washington, heating, cut the budget, he didn't you no kind of any careers other, maybe some republicans, so he trumpet and the fact that he still going on place like peers, morgan and npr, and he generally thinks that he's be able to move these people, and I don't blame him- has an entire career new york. You know before he loved it adds a politics was. Supposing that he was a darling of the view. People forget this year as a new yorker licked ear. He was a big media personality and he still thinks anything. Any president thinks that the power, the personalities enough to get people to live
them and he's really really wrong. Yeah lemme go too of the student loan forgiveness that the binding thracian yesterday said the president's not concerned about this with inflation or anything else, There are so many things wrong with this talk about student loan forgiveness idea. Well, there is no group more privileged, I'm not being sarcastic or ironic. Then college graduates. It is the most coralie the thing to not being homeless, not being unemployed to being able to get a job. It's you have the most advantages on paper. It's more than being tall being you know all these other things, I suppose they give you privilege, there's if there's any group there I am worried about with their debt. It's like the destitute rail. If you could wave a magic wand, what about people who are in credit card debt, if there was some way to help them with the huge interest rates, as opposed to college graduates who have that resume which will get them- I had its such so
really a buy out of the worst people which, as you know, young college graduate. Were very, very opinionated and very very on it. Helen and and and and and knowledgeable it's just an awful awful idea. This is a function of the government taking over. In large part, the college loan industry and its just add, frankly, What I think we should do is seize all the endowments of ivy league universities and distribute that money as reparations pay off the debt that way I have to tell you, though, those endowments they pay, me off so much you fifty billion dollars in endowment and what are they doing there, not paying taxes? They are working, in star system. They are churning out monsters. I mean it is those endowments piss me off yeah. Just this sees them tat, mom sure harvard and yale have the best lorries in america. They produce the best lorries in america built. There have to be some workarounds and
This would really needs essential element of vitamin away. This is from an anarchist you're saying you sincerely would support v african governments seizing the the downward funds, let's just say taking the endowments from harvard, is my compromise, You said, Mr Michael always gotta talk to you have a great weaker than take your guys, you by Michael malice. Ah, perfection is almost almost always imitated but rarely duplicated. That's me, that you're gonna realise this. When you A chance to compare my pillow products to your run of the mill sleep products. If you have trouble sleeping you are going to love, but my pillow pro. You really are true, The visa dream sheets you're used to sheep, the sleeping on whatever sheet, and
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For the free newsletter today at glenn back the dog so it is fascinating to me he'll on I mean Is a bright man? He must have thought all of this through, but Maybe Michael malice righted he just didn't. He doesn't understand how vicious system is gonna, be I mean you are going to space if youve piss of china, russia, europe, great britain, america. Canada of you're goin in his ways. Unless they launch you, I'm thinking just right? you brought me russia yeah, like they.
the ukrainians are giving elon musk credit for turning the tide of the war because of what is it with starlike and give them access to the internet, which is able to meet them well to communicate with each other and maybe change the course of the war. I mean. Who knows what can happen. This guy he's already glad not living in a home and leaping at the factory half the time, this camp possibly end well, I just like The guy and I'm reading eurozone like howard, eight hour hughes thing feels like that way. This is that this is weirder than how are you use, because you won't end up in the top floor of a hotel with long fingernails he's gotta. and up with him on mars, going living mark s area of it. So you know that's the howard hughes thing is an interesting example because he felt like he could do anything, which is where sk as the government He d, he went ran a foul of the government and they came after him and they weren't able to
necessarily was lately, destroy him. It was pushed him and pushed him and pushed it was his o OECD that destroyed him. I'm convinced if he wouldn't have had o c D, he would have succeeded, but in the He just couldn't function anymore because became so paranoid and so on he D that it he could not function like her. Tional human being. I for one am shocked at how transparent the left has been in their hatred of african american immigrants. Fighting climate change apparently they just despise hamburger. He is an african american immigrant. Yeah guess I mean really. I don't think of this. What the word of the, what of the left say, is the most important thing. Climate change immigration. That the the the hatred of african americans, yes and also of the war in ukraine,
helping ukrainians. He is like a key figure at all all these things and they hated girl They hate us so true and even left africa. to become an african american because of what was happening to the black. He said you d want to harass black people every day in the armies, and I left. it's hard to imagine how they turned on this guy who is the ultimate exert? Maybe this is the problem, please the ultimate example of the american story. Right again, a guy immigrant who comes here legally and lines up turning into the richest man in the world, that's not a story, they want to know, I guess, but man, it's a great story, the great american story and you have another. You brought a pollutant. You know
He has a tendency to legislate this way. Elon don't go up on any roofs and stay away from open windows. The When you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.
the program then again welcome to the glinda programme its right it. Before we begin this hour, we had a lot to talk about well preliminary about patriot, mobile I'm doing business with companies that really despise you and they do they your values they under appreciate you. They work against everything that you believe it I mean if you leaving plan parenthood, and that should be furthered then keep using verizon because donate portions of their money to write directly to plan parenthood. Shout your abortion! No thank you. and instead of not just not doing business with rise, and I want to find a company that actually is standing
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There was a lot going on yesterday I mean not a lot going on with Joe Biden. Could we play Joe buttons? of stumble yesterday during speech on ukraine Will enhance our underline effort to account the russian oligarchs and make sure we take their take there it'll be gotten gains one in accommodating twice really caesar yachts, luxury homes, another you'll be gotten. Gay agenda is twice prudence, toxic plutocracy, club. The guys who is a club talkers laptop for dessert bad guys, they're. Not clip talk, receive their club, now. The guys that are the club talk receipts glow. Neither the kleptocratic now he's talking about the guys that are the klopstock recital k that certainly did have regular. How are you ok?
but he also said ill be gotten. It's not ill, be gotten You got me, that's for ill, be gardner. Even so haughty there's sand eel begotten saw right always did not it, and then accommodate where we're going to accommodate the. Why are we accommodating le beheld guards? I thought we thought they were bad. They are they saying america, please take by yacht. Right. Ok, will accommodate, will accommodate lydia S I mean that is just it's sad. It is really sad and remember, this is in his speech that supposed, is directed to americans, but its direct Did right to putin these asking for thirty three billion dollars in additional funding and we're gonna get tough on these. It could collapse accuracy, people,
This is so said. You think anyone in russia is like. Oh, you know he's on the ball not eroded, underestimate this guy I do not think anyone in russia is. I think this emboldens russia right there get this and they say well, sky were really gonna, be scared of this guy. I really do think that is a major problem. We're dealing with right now and I watching all these gas everyday, I had to come up with a way to mentally categorize them. So we came up. the Joe Biden. Triangle of guy after the gaff triangle. Vocations is gonna, vote a keeper trying or what is it a triangle? So you over the top? of a scary, Ok so times you watch one of these cause. You got this scare ride to be brought more three to mar yeah yeah, sometimes and the bottom, I think the bottom right is is a sad,
right, because sometimes you walked Joe Biden. Global, just as this is this poor guy and then the bottom, left of each part of the triangle is funny. Sometimes you watch your biograph gaffin there's. This is larry and and occasionally you'll get all three yeah it right in the center of the triangle would be all three. You both think it's funny scary and sad all the same time: equal portions yeah, but most of them I've noticed usually lean one way or another like that. One is not fun at all at all. I don't find that to be funny at all. I feel it'll be sad and scary. and so I think, equal parts I think if they become that line now becomes between saddened, scary It comes. You know. The scales of justice right is equal. It is equally as sad because you look at it and go oh my gosh. I feel so bad. Why, as is, why is his family doing this? This is so bad and then you're like yeah, but
the russians are watching this this this get us all killed. This is terrifying, it really is. I just absolutely bizarre circumstance because look we've had presidents that have given us funny material for Saturday night live back in the day with gerald ford who didn't fall, launch there'll, be a bush behind the alum and just look him, and you know that was great style. Clinton would come on all assignments and and do creepy things that he was funny and eight of donald trump had plenty of funny moments. He was president said erica. This is totally in a different world. You know what you know. What donald trump was of hysterical there's only zoning. Stray like hysterical to scary you know that here there was the roles of the polar opposite. There were times and you would sit like one who is with with
with korea with your alike. That's funny, he's call it, and you know that you know the fat short guy, that's kind of funny, although there could lead to us being vaporized ignoring me right, you know, but he on that scale. he knew where he was. I think that's the biggest difference. I think between trump of keys. Up look trump said. Things that were at times varies was scary as hell like. I am saying that you know going after. Army. He says himself, he says when he had the sichuan and with russia, and there is, problems in ukraine. He told them was going to bomb? Moscow is what don prompt says he told latin reboot, and now he told heap He told me about now are not now z cushy. He was, he said. You know if you take taiwan, I beijing right down like you
look at that and say wholly crap. That could enter us into a conflict. We do not want a part of right. On the other hand, there donald trump had a way about him in which he doing these things intentionally plan. He thought He had a way and it seemed to prove to be true to to deal with these foreign dictators that had a a a a a bizarre mindset that the average american probably doesn't understand, and it's because I think he did business in new york durham. amber. Why it around the world. Do you remember watching the trunk buildings going up in new york and they be like done before you finished a sandwich and you're like how did that happen? You know everybody else. done in seven and a half years, heap literally in five years built, I think, five massive skyscrapers changed the highway and added run under his skyscrapers and built upon There is well. He got
all of that done, gay and you we go, and this guy has got to be the shady ask he whom how does he get that done? Does he have to pay off whose, the bottom of the river with concrete choose. You know how that done now- we know it's because people believe that he's crazy enough to do at year. End he's not he's not doing anything illegal. This guy has been in vain. two gated by every global intelligence agency- and you haven't found anything on this guy. There is such a sad story of the new york times today about this, but it so it's so I actually they don't visit in the triangle exert every second. This will be a funny, I think, in this sad part, but also some sort of funding. Ok, this is the headline likely if trump indictment in Manhattan fades as grand jury wraps up the
negation continues, but new signs have emerged that charges against former present trump are unlikely to occur in the foreseeable future. If ever, is that you more This guy just didn't do anything. Is that it goes that somebody you maybe I don't know consider. Maybe he didn't commit cry which I am not going to be updated. I tell you- and I told him this to his face. I there's no way don. You have done you ve! No way you build those buildings that fast and get on at dawn without like at least a pay off into the mob, its new york for the love of peat. You can have a slice of pizza without a thing, Maybe a little bit needs to go to aveda. You know what I'm saying you know and there's thing. There's nothing what's funny, because He has a a bizarre combination that I think is jarring to people at times of real,
restiveness and miss sometimes anger and and I'm I'm gonna do whatever. I want you're going to stop me and the opposite. Like remember: part of the kim jong own stories him calling him his friend, I know and saying like in taking this guy, who is an absolute you know, hermit and embracing him right. There was it was It started with I'm going to make you explode and then turn into this guy's, a great guy. We hang out all the time and like neither one of those is getting into the average per se, or I think donald trump to yeah, and I think it, but I think he knows he is he's intentionally playing these fringe. as as negotiating tactic and has been doing it senses real estate days. He utilised it often to great effect. Through its presidency, and so why At times he says things that make people feel uncomfortable. We all know he's doing it.
purpose, but see here's the thing here. Here is the honest to god if he is v Prime example of something that I have tried to live my life by because somebody When I was young gave This axiom in business and I absolutely I believe it to be true, and it's easy. see for me to do now? and you know, since I says I stopped drinking, it's very easy: don't make threats, make promises. So when you are negotiating for something besides be this or I'm not gonna. Do it. well Ok, well, blue. Let's do this and is now it's that or I'm not. And do and I'll be ok with walking away, walk, walk away, say now you walk away and you just make people promises. Look you do this I'll, do that and that's just the way it is no hard feelings and people
don't know how to react to that, because you get this reputation and I believe I have the same kind of reputation in business where they're like that son of a bitch. might be crazy enough to subdue the right now- We call you that all the time you see how those like he's just- and is such an advantage. He donald trump is the poor. I am example of that we're He will just say to people, and this is why he built the trump tower and I've told the story, but as one of my favorite stories of time, let alone the best done. drop story tromp goes in. You have to buy the your rights, not just the land in manhattan. You have to buy up as well and if you own a building- and you have a lot of money, you could not only by up above your building, but you can buy a cross, you can buy the air right over other. Buildings as well so
tiffany's been there forever has lots of money they wanted make sure that it that fifty who did not have these big skyscrapers, so they buy all of the year rights. Donald trump buys this space, this old decrepid building on the next block, and He doesn't have the air rights and he tells his architect build them. bit beautiful old spacious golden building? You could possibly ok and and so he's working on an ace. Oh I've got a meeting next week. I what you to draw up a four story: bud straw city, I bade the ugliest dig you can possibly a badge and out is established for the coal is this: how do I know that he always gotta? They got a sad little plugged up some, but anyway, he so He is He goes to tiffany's
Hence this a beautiful building scrape and about love. It and, if any says its spiritual, but we only their rights and we don't want big buildings here. I do you'd say that rosy other went out just gonna be you promise, if you don't I'm going to build this monstrosity and he had, The deal he left them, he had the deal, by the time he got back to the office. We told them. You can make an ugly building which would ruin their neighbour, their beautiful neighbourhood horrid, and instead there are ok, build the tall trawling beautiful and the reason why they did it is because they thought heat might do it. He might do and the same thing with beijing you tell gee that. He laughs, gay at first z laughter that drugs has looked at knobs ears no other. He was or not I don't know, but
Neither did the president of China the I can guarantee you at that moment. The president china went up. It's just my. Do that you know. I mean let's not go around right with us. How are we treating Putin? They m right, looks at this and says well, look which has happened in Afghanistan, this guy. Just this the wilds swings of energy with with jobs, we're sometimes he's out there and he looks kind of normal and and speaking normally and at times like this clip democracy clip where he can't looks like he might in the middle of the world, word fall asleep seriously. He may just kill over and go take a nap in the middle of a word. You know they were. They were jacking, but John F Kennedy during the cuban myths crisis, I mean they were screwing with his with it, is kept
cole balancing medically there again medically, because he was in so much pain. He needs so many steroids. Then he also needed pain killers. They were injecting him during the cuban missile crisis and Jackie o actually had to come out and say no. it's it's nothing he's just in. I can remember it's allergies, its allergies. It is really causing all of this. No, it was the steroids and he was flying off the handle. You know you get very aggressive ends, it kind of like one was donors as a president and that you know because they ve done this to so many presidents. You know they ve got to be jack, be twelve yeah right there just giving and beat I can guarantee they ve jacked, with the give him something or give something the presidency to get me go in charge by system go inject
with whatever is legal to get me get me going cosette ceiling, it couldn't understand. does go from here. He seems to be functioning to this is a frail old man that could break a hip, just standing there and we know it's legal, because where would he have any access to illegal drugs not like he has one and then could require a? Let me tell you about the entitled twins today is your last day to get the little twins and the creature from jackal island for free, while back I The publishers to make it available. All you pay for is shipping the is so important at least to me, because this explains the fed in allowing expanded to your kids, but I really think, Ninety five percent of americans will learn a ton from this book. No matter what age you are it's all about inflation and the fair
otherwise known as the creature from jekyll island. You can get it free, but today is your last day you just pay for shipping who tuttle twins back dotcom, Tuttle twins back dot com, this the last chance to get this free book for your family is critical. that your family understands inflation, the fed and money printing, and all of that this put them on the right path: tat twins back dot com. Tens, and station eddie, hey, you know who's, not on honour, just information list or banned from twitter who's, the supreme leader ali Khamenei, from from around yesterday on the front page of the paper he he you know he we, he wrote an object,
Hitler was smarter and more courageous than european leaders because he knew what to do with the Jews you'll find this online. There's nobody censoring this logic. hitler showed by expelling them from germany. Is that he's smarter and more courageous and all the european leaders, hitler except The Jews and european countries live by ransom and confirm the myth of the holocaust. They look for excuse for their cowardice and humiliation, otherwise, if they knew the Jews as ukrainian blue eyed immigrants, even in the words and slogans they would keep them among themselves and free them from this misery and anxiety. Neither corrupt, they corrupt the earth. There scholars are involved in distortion, usury, fornication and killing the profit. and also they they do murder people So I was that was on the front page of the iranian state newspaper I, I am going to tweet this out as
Knowing this information now I wonder if I will be censored, even though the newspaper and the ayatollah never censored for that. This is dangerous. This information actually now information. If you want to use the correct terminology for ds de age ass, will they stop this apps? lovely not back in a minute line back programme, so you car broke down. it's problem, here's how you fix it, you're right me no money out of your while it may affect just take it while about remove all the money.
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IL dot com, slash back, save ten percent. Now, on your plan, eight hundred and three nine one. Eighty eight eighty eight car shield, dot com, slash back and blaze, tv dot, com, slash Glen. The promo code is glen to save off your subscription to blaze. Tv You know this. I was just thinking about that triangle. You know the Biden triangle we're scariest up at the top sad is, in the bottom right hand, corner and funding I was for other presidents, that would be a scam. where does he would also have good right there is no there's, though, place for a good at home and theory that there's not a hit, there's nothing that he has said that you're like how they will that's good. That's gonna, go birds, gonna, be good for a year the bite in gaff triangle of emotion, amber tragedy, opportunity for a positive comment. Doesn't it doesn't,
I don't want to bring in a friend of the programme. Lisa booth. She is now the host of the podcast, the truth with LISA booth. And this is from fox news- channel she's, a fox news, channel contributor and are we We gotta find your podcast on the fox news channel or not but I am and its launching this monday s again at birth is governor rod. The answer is my governor because I fled the communist day. Nor indeed did the florida, and I cannot be happier all that is fantastic. Its went to ending on its forty minutes and we got into it issues.
Did you ask him the most important issue? Why willie not come on the Glenn Beck program? Yeah, I always see. I wish I had this conversation before. I interviewed him and I would have yeah. I did not I'm sorry, I feel itchy. So what did you learn from from him. so what I wanted to do was one you know we got into a lot of the the culture cultural issues. We talked about. Some of this transgender stuff that is happening at night with disney I talked to them about I mean you looked at that rasmussen poll, I'm sure you saw it where fifty one percent of Biden supporters actually supported putting people who weren't vaccinated and designated facilities. Twenty nine percent of Democrats supported taking the kids away from ensuring vaccinated, so I asked him how close war we How close are we to? is becoming a reality and so
I got into a lot of that stuff with them, but I also wanted to get into the human side of governor on the fact that we spent- I am talking about fatherhood push for this push for fatherhood in florida to get fodder, fathers and step up be accountable. We talked about it. wife, his marriage into we got into a sort of the nuts and bolts of how Thanks to you and to I wanted the kind of get a different side of them. Then in people might see in the tv. You know in that forty minute interview where I sat down next to them and you know, got into all this stuff with them, so it is really interesting. I love and I'm so happy that his wife is doing better. Now she was, you know, going through cancer treatments, but so glad that she is doing better because think she's the key to him. She is more conservative then he is- she is. You know you grow up you're around. communism, you kind of get it pretty quickly, and
from everything I've heard she is just eat who she is she is a you know. A combination of a ronald reagan- and I do not mussolini- may be a little bit where she is just like this Is not happening and I love that, because I think that a lot of times. The spouse throws people off track and I have had the chance of meeting her a few times and then she is ablaze with all the things you chief, so smart this really amazing woman and walking around with him. I was like you know: I've had the chance of meeting her she's awesome and I was like well, I guess that's what you make or eater and then we both started. You know laughing about that because, ah you know and- and I asked him cause there's this rumor- that she's his most did it vital that she's really the person he wins and you the most and policy we get into that convert to there. It's just it's a different side of him than you know. People get typically with t v, so I really encourage everyone anywhere. You get your
I cast, you can go in iheart radio lab wherever else, the truth at least booth its, such amazing conversation, you don't want a minute miss. It would govern around the fact that an inquiry they have an interview, a steep ban in coming out to it's gonna, be a banker weak, a huge weak and just really interesting stuff. I hope everyone like that and what are you approaching a ban and with what He'll brilliant. You know I mean this. I mean you know this glenn, he just so smart and really talk about you. He was sort of one of the guys in twenty four. Keen. That was really pushing the realignment and the republican party that we see in our now. The democrat party is becoming the party of the coastal that had mine. We saw last year with a with the abc illegally parker. Fifty thousand dollar tesla out had a whole attracted like role. That is, as you know, and a right is really become. This party of the working class which is why you're seeing this growing momentum of hispanic
moving towards republic and justice in the change in the two parties into I really get into that at the beginning, with I'm not asking him about his wonder why that was important to him. You know he grew up in a democrat sam working class, democrat family. I now, of course, through the conservative and enter we try to get into that as well and just picture. Immigration, not just in a what we're thing, but what's the impact when you have millions of people, your country, you don't share your value to you know, don't I believe in the rule of law who, who don't believe in our culture, are like what does that do to a society so sort of just you know trying to get in. Some of these deeper issues, as opposed to just under surface level, stuff that you know people are talking about when you talk to them and ask about the the difference between big t, traditionalist and small t traditionalist he's a he's. A capital t traditionalist and that is a scary scary thing in most people, just look at that and say, oh
he believes in traditional values that small tee just once, a return to whatever traditionalists in these and something brand new- and it's quite terrifying act. We, and he is a big believer in it. Well, you know, I think, there's a whole host of things going on in our country, diet ito are concerning, and so that I want to do with my pie. Gas is just sort of figuring out right now, fishing after how about I mean going. You saw it like it. Sort of scary how quoth analysis at all America is the cheering we'll go. I don't think that goes on its doors. you're going to finish I was just gonna, say you know, I'm thirty, seven years old, I dont think I ever realise. Just how close we are. It stuff like that in america me mean you, you just sort of always believed that, like free,
M is here and will always going to be a free country and live off the case. So the point my pie, gas and what I want to do with it. Just out of some of these deeper conversations to try to figure out who we as americans right now, what do we believe the country. What are we fighting for? You know you. You said something really important. How close were we or are we because of covered with this man story of truth that the de age ass is putting together. It takes why- on emergency and that thing has teeth and you lose all your rights I mean you can Have the government be decider of. What's true, and not because the poor, ass was set up challenge the power challenge the government. How can you the governments say to the press, this you can report, and this you cannot report. If you to be free. You can't
and it also just shows that the work has no regard for a constitution or anything that this country is supposed to value, because I thought the whole point of the first amendment was to protect us against the cup. There are against the government pack their speech our ability to speak out and speak freely against the government and the here you look at the abuse of power that we're trying to win, I mean they have the d o j going after parents, and we know the to me. This is a party that is not afraid to wield government hours and abuse their opponents. We thought with obama the arrest of to target conservatives. We saw them spying on reporters. We saw what they did with the f b I and the d o j going after trump and a baseless investigation, and then, basically, you know giving hillary went in and her team a path for breaking their phone do hammers We government evident right, though We know what they are capable of, so this is not just small ball stop and, of course they don't care about this information to their purveyor of why this is about stifling any opposition
controlling society power making sure- no daylight or accountability for what they're doing that, what the bow and not wait so scaring account for the data they think we're terrorists. I know it is it's so bizarre. As the media was the the biggest siren bond agencies? Like the d, a chess and saying you know after nine eleven they're gonna spy on us, they're. GonNA. U know make people disappear, blah blah. They were. Clear on the dangers That organization could could pose they but to be more right. I think, then, that I was at the time on the dangers of the patriot act and everything else: and now they would they have control of that agency now, I don't care, it was never about rights. It was never about anything other than power,
hundred percent, and I you know I've. Just I've gone through. You know personally and politically is sort of this awakening over the past few years, really starting with trump, and you know, properly. Exposing a lot of this stuff was happening in government with the fbi. Ideology. Spying on him that abuse of power with the government in our having the west be happier I see a basically accusing father of you and has been of gang rape at their willing to do that to him for political power says and are willing to destroy anyone for political purposes, co and just seeing how the west doesn't care, no regard produced, destroying live No shutting people down and blocking people down destroying your small businesses, things that people have worked their entire lives. War have been passed down in their family, just no regard for life, liberty or anything, and so I just gone through this awakening of towards realising what we are.
It begins, and then you look at that pulling, as I mentioned. Originally, when you said I mean these people literally, I didn't get the vaccine, they wouldn't put me in a camp if they were will the do sell me not for real ray and then now we ve got what's going on the agenda with the ministry of truth, don't like I'm awake and I think, of other conservative. I know you Ben and you are in a way this Asturias. Does anyone know a scary who are where we are right now the country we are literally at war is just a cold war. but we are at war with ourselves in this country. Lisa. She is the host of the truth with LISA You can find it through iheart media. Wherever you get your podcast, I hearts truth with LISA booth and it premiers with Rhonda santa's on on Monday monday. Yet thanks a big fan of earth. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you know. Let's do it ever talk you out of the technocrats,
I know he tried, but I tell him I know LISA. Thank you. So much god bless. Let me tell you about to go live. What do you do with inflation like this seers. The problem your dollar going to lose. Well, if you may, you're at the way that we used to in the eighties your dollar. He is going to lose seventeen cents. This here today seventeen cents, that's pretty remarkable, pretty remarkable. it's gonna lose more and more so You just keep your dollar that much He is going to buy less and less and less by the end of the year, so you on a buy something that holds its how you and ass it that's what gold or silver? That's why it is a hedge against inflation, because it will. Old its value. It's not gonna
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line or gold dot com. The growing back programme, this is the Glen back programme, so I found out something really exciting about the about. The woman is running the department of homeland security information desk? Ok again, She apparently was a wanna, be broadway nine cancer We brought willa down. She wanted to be a broadway star at sea, that way? Yes, she's got her little funny song about disinformation that we saw in making the round now there's a new clip out of her body. the ring about site just Glenn? I can't
nothing, I hate more than the fake broadway thing, you know that if you dont like broad, why don't I wouldn't say I like broadway musicals, shows like our anyway but, like I can I and other non violent live. I can get in a world where that is yes, I think I got at our way of getting live in the world that, in includes broad when he s done it. I might not walk into the theoretical, but I'm currently living in a world where it exists kay the person who is bad at broadway but as seen broadway enough time to try to simulated and is really bad at it. I can I live in a world where that I can't do can't do that. There really is not okay, it's not okay, and you know I am not typically for heavy handed government action, but in this case you know all people that want.
To be broadway. Stars of that could never do it right, but they ve seen a lot of it is their dream and they can rages emulated poorly just how happy at it. Yet. I would just like then at least removed from the nation now and I can go to a sunny, rivah, sunny island somewhere else split. Would they they would not? Let would they falling? to domestic terrorists category I wanna category. I gave we get control this panel. You know what somebody else gets elected in this thing exists. Point me head first thing: I do with the disinformation board is excommunicate all people who attempt at what she does while because a she's terrible at it and she thinks she's cute you haven't even without as there are no and it's just I it's agonizing, yeah, there's just something about it. That will really like it's under my skin in a weird way. You know a lot of guys suffer February reason do not like broad. I
what is theirs yeah now, it's not a problem. You have no agenda romanians like it, but I do appreciate the fact too bad. A lot of people drives them out of their mine and I use that from time to time it set a very effective tool. If you don't, you know, I don't mind it all. You could just get understood skin like that. Oh yes, you can have. That is crazy and because I could never do it as I hack at it all. He wants to kill me. This is the Glenn Beck program,
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