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The Dirty Little Secret About That Inflation 'Reduction' Act | Guest: Rep. James Comer | 8/1/22

2022-08-01 | 🔗

Will Biden’s new “Inflation Reduction Act” tax the middle class more? Glenn discusses the bills the Left is passing and how they’re paving the way for fascism in America. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss a 1960s clip of children eerily predicting the future and the possibility of age limits for politicians. Rep. James Comer shares his investigation into Hunter Biden, the Biden family’s shady business dealings, and predicts whether anybody will face the consequences. Glenn and Stu dive deeper into the ‘Inflation Reduction’ bill and how Republicans proved they’re no longer fiscally conservative. Stu explains what humanity will do if the heat waves continue. Why are the celebrities who are the most worried about climate change, like Taylor Swift, seemingly doing the most damage?

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the hello america and welcome to the Glenn Beck program from the world famous standing rock ranch in the mountain west. We are so glad that you have joined us today, I'm going to start with what is actually happening with our economy and washington. We go there in sixty seconds First, let me talk to you a little bit about our sponsor. It's relief factor. Relief factor has worked for me and relieving my pain for the last three or four years. What do you look that up? When did they start taking really Actually, relief factor has taken me from a guy who really the smith that I started. I started taking really factor because my wife for species- and I'm not going to see wine anymore and I'm a tremendous weiner. It is. of my greatest qualities along with
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little bit about. First of all, let me say hello to Stu. How are ya do very well glenn. How are you oh, my gosh, fantastic me. Let me tell you what is by playing on my mind over the last few days and show exactly what is coming. There is a new report out now from from the government. That shows that this in this inflation reducing bill, I love it. Do you love it still? I love it already, definitely going to reduce inflation. That much, I know for sure says the reader. Will the new government will recover river, pour it says, no, not going to do. That in fact, is gonna make it worse, and here the thing that was gonna left out on the edit room floor window nobody was voting for it, and that is that this one, careful Joe mansion, Joe Biden, bill
Is is actually gonna put the burden of taxes on every body, but the lion's share those on the lower and middle class? Four hundred The four hundred thousand plus they're paying them fair share, it seems as though a lot of money is going to be raised from those wonderful, wonderful people that are just barely surviving now the taxes are going to be raised beginning next year and it begins at thirty thousand dollars a year. So not only is it going to not really it's inflation because, what's gonna happen, there going spend this money. They're gonna take the money from you plus money that we borrow and they're going spend it but are they going to spend it there Spend it the way they want to spend it.
And later on in the program will give you all of the details of where this money is going. But it's you're going to be relieved. It's going to you know the green new deal. It's going all new green projects. she's wonderful, but he said how you spend your money. No, course not the average american is saying that global warming is the last priority, on their list. However, it is the binding legislation top priority so when they came, convince you to do a bill back better bill when they can't convince you global warming should even be in the top five. What they have to do is take control of your money and spend it the way they want. Now this Is it really about global warming? Is we ve told you before Gee scores are a room. it is? It is the law
are just transfer of wealth in human history. This is the biggest scam in human history, s g and global warming, that's not to say that global war, being isn't happen, all you have to do is read a thermometer. All you have to do is look at the pattern global. Climate change is something that is natural. I e, The ice age, so we These problems from time to time- and just the way the world behave? Gives and the environment behaves are weak travelling to it, it would make and to me that yeah, you can't do as much as we have done to the to the atmosphere. and not affected somewhere another. The question is: can we start it? Can we stop it with the plan that has been lined by Joe Biden where women job and can't win
in ukraine, his plan in afghanistan, was a complete disaster. His paw, and for inflation is a complete disaster. His plan I mean I don't love you heard this, but he said again with covert. He just was tested again this week, any as another case of goave it when he can. Control. These things. How is he expected his plan to control the weather. why does anyone have confidence that that would work is really designed to do that here is what it is designed to do. Me show you the pattern here. What is job and done with a strategic oil reserve. This, did coil reserve was filled and it was we were fine with it. The oil reserve is in case of war that the united
aids can fuel its planes. and its warships. So we don't have to worry about that in a time of need. If you use the strategic oil reserve, this dirty Recoil reserve is gone with A few days just from the trucking and all of the tree as partition on the east coast alone. It not made to burst. the stain the entire country and everybody's gas and the trucking gas gay so We are depleting that everybody spend saying everybody that I know says that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It does makes sense, because what do you know donald trump filled it up at the lowest possible price.
because we had an abundance of of oil. We were energy independence, so he bought it at the cheapest price and filled it up now, Joe Biden has taken and cut our strategic oil reserves, and it continues to go mill. in barrels at a time, every single day. It is reduced even more well here, made the announcement that he's going to replenish that beginning this fall? Ok, how much money is that costing? And who are we buying it from This is the first key to understand. What's really going on remember reshaping the economy, we are because in a fascistic nation everything you know about fascism and throw it out the window. You know far. concentration camps in killing jews and everything else.
things worked. If you live in ITALY or of ever been there, I think I male the letter back home when I was staying in italy for a few weeks when I was about ten years old, I'm not sure that letter has arrived yet mackay, nothing works in italy. So Fascism is a way to make things work, or so they say, centralized government and all the power, and, unlike communism, it doesn't take the companies. it has a public private partnership with companies. That's the fascism that america is now going down the road led by Joe Biden. That's not it can where fairy? That's, not a slam, put your feet things of fascism in neutral. They say capitalism doesn't work. We have to try something new software I try something new. They just call it sits,
acts of going back to the nineteen forties because they don't want to call it fascism but when the united states partners with companies They are now doing the first amendment so what are they do? They just have a partnership and they call them up and say: hey. You got a silence. These voices have you noticed that voice Now this weekend are being silenced and people are being pulled off of social media if they define inflation as two quarters of negative growth. You can't say that now, that's fascism, so let me get back to the oil so you're not going to be able to buy gas any more because it gets more and more expensive and it's going to get more expensive the minute the government starts to I oil itself too,
feel the strategic oil reserves and it's going to be. A huge order of oil and the government gets to pick which companies get the oil thorpe and get the money for the oil. So you should know this from anything in capitalism way You put in an enormous order and you're the biggest lion to store has do you get better service. worse service. Do they cater who you order they reach you exactly the same as everyone else. That's the key they will treat you differently if you're the best guest, buyer, so justice. We gave money, sixty billion dollars to ukraine, and they were definitely not
country that was going to O K. Gay marriage as soon as we gave them in the middle of war, where you know their popular It is in other countries as soon as we write the check and they cash the check and they have the arms and the money from us. What do they do they suddenly, pass. A law oak in gay marriage, That is not in line with what the people of ukraine want, that not in line with the president's linsky its in line with their version of congress? They did it because we said you're not getting the money. Unless you do it I wasn't gonna play with the oil companies. You have a big order, coming in for oil
buys oil from the united states and from our oil companies, which is not necessarily guaranteed if he does it with our oil company I can guarantee you. He will extract more than oil from that country that company he will now be biggest buyer, which will hurt you, but it will also give him the ability to say you know what I'm by your oil. I'm gonna buy it from another company. I mean unless you agree to stop doing ex wire z in oil. exploration now, take a one minute break and I'm going to give you two other bills that are happening, and Show you exactly how what we're building, now, with these bills that are passing in congress, is
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in the financing dot net, you can call them now Stu. What is a phone number. Their phone number gone, of course, is eight hundred nine zero. Six. Twenty four forty eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty or, as you mentioned american financing dot net, I am just trying to bring him along trend. It teach him, give him a little bit of rope. Let him breed the phone number. I know he'll get better, so nice, Maybe some day he took in vienna attend I can sustain, should I d okay? So now, let's look at the chip bill the chip bill was another two hundred and fifty billion dollars, and the chip bill was what. Was to encourage manufacturing, to make more chips here
kay. Well, we all know that. That's a good idea. It seems the only thing that we think is a good idea. Medicine make our own. vaccines here make our own. Listen here in our own insulin, make it here in the united It's no don't worry about it. We didn't learn anything from covered. We could just keep getting all of our medical supplies from China some reason we're doing chips. Ok, I think that's a good idea, but the way you do it to encourage people to make chips. If What the government even involved at this level, you caught the red tape and you cut access for those companies that are going to make more chips. You give them breathing room, so they can do this Instead, what we did was pass a corporate welfare bill and the government is good
that too these companies, so they we'll make chips now? Do you think it's that that money is gonna, go to any corporation that is not with, so full justice. Do you think that much he's gonna go to any company that doesn't have the right number of women and minorities on the board of directors. Do you think this money is going to anyone. That is not all down if the new way of of life. the new tomorrow, You think it's going to any company that is not green and is on the bandwagon for green. Of course, not. the united states government at two hundred and fifty billion dollars has just become the sugar daddy for chips. You have to think differently
they are creating public private partnerships so you no longer control through demand what you want the governor and is reshaping our entire world and economy by being the biggest buyer of of different things, So, instead of doing it the right way they pass this, be bill, and we ve seen it before. So we don't freak out but what you're missing here is the incentive for the government to do. It is different. This time, it's not because I think it's the best thing for you, or even the best thing for the country that you would agree with if they've decided the direction of this country, and so now, they're going to put these companies under their thumb.
the seven hundred billion dollar agree green deal a guy in impoverishing you, so you don't have. buying power and then take. that money and spending at the way the government wants to spend it because they can't get you to do it they all do it for you. This is the way they get to a place where, in the end, you own nothing but you'll be happy with if you don't own it- and I don't know who owns it- the governor. And giant corporations, which makes you a renter and something that You can't necessarily get what you want. You'll get. What the government will give you. Let me tell you
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supplies can be disrupted and you should have a preparedness kit for your whole family right now, you're never going to get it. Now is the time they have specials going on right now for you and your family check it out at prepare with glenn dot com. That's prepare. We glenn dot com, blaze, tv dot, com, slash, Glenn. The promo code is glad to save ten bucks off your subscription to police tv This is the Glen back programme from the standing rock ranch welcome to the programme, and we welcome mr pat grey low pat. How are you, sir, off perfect? You know really really perfect year in every way, almost Yeah man, stew, is with us and stew how're you fast
adding her, thank you for sharing, I let literally but the way you tell a story. Stew is capita riveting while it was riveted. So let me let me I'll go to piece of audio we had last week, we didn't get to it and I'm sure, pat plated and at others have laid it, but I dont know what anybody else has said, and I find it absent the incredible from the nineteenth sixties, here's a club for the bbc talking to children who are predicting future in the year. Two thousand now listen to this, I think, will be a people, be regarded more statistics in us actual people and I think it can be seen. sort of almost machines everywhere.
I feel I'm doing everything for you know you'll get on board. I think it'll be so nice festival. This computers are taking us. I know computers and automation, and in the year two thousand they just won't be enough jobs to go down the any jobs they will be able to be for people with high hq high. I q can work computers and such things and other paper just not going to have jobs. They just aren't going to be jobs for them to have hm okay. I I would like these kids To run the fat, I don't know about you, but the thing that I grabbed out of this was who the hell are these children? These are children, they look to be anywhere from ten, maybe fourteen vocabulary
the thinking that is involved in this, are asked to predict the future and they're talking about a and people want, have jobs and listen again to the first one played again. you play the first one again, please plate just play from the beginning and then stop after the first one and people will be regarded more statistics and as actual people, think is conducive. Nice If people are going to be how old you think that kid is maybe ten ten looking at you if you're watching the blaze, maybe ten. Maybe twelve people will be regarded as statistic What ten year old says there. What ten year old says could see that even about next year,
our twenty thirty well, I think people will be regarded more statistics that they'll be numbers that computer, will be doing everything and that give us a lack of self worth. We won't be able to have the jobs just that people were highly educated, know all about computers are gonna, be you know, made this case in the nineteen nineties. Carl Sagan Carl Sagan made the point that these kids are making you gotta from these give this. Doesn't he did he stole from these kids? if he were alive today who I'd be after him What is amazing to me is how our Educational system has completely failed us. I can't think
create kids that are ten and twelve years old. They talk like this. Can you now dark? I mean there are adults in the Biden administration like this? Do? Do sin come to conclusions like this? They can't their incapable of it doesn't seem like there's adults in the bite administration. That can talk the right level with this rate. They don't seem to be able to get the range of communication. Do we happen to have speaking of that we appear to have been nancy policy monologue that she tried to explain the inflation build licit november of twenty twenty one listed as incredible always november? I thought it was from this bill. I just want you to listen and try to tell me what she's tired king about when she's discussing EL. The just is in negotiation in passing. We are sending stuff over to the senate. Most of the products that we ve done is.
So now we may have had in the last year or so, and some what we added a senate to their hearing for investment. Like hearing excuse me: Bernie, loves, hearing mansion he doesn't want hearing in the bill.
so summers and oriental, and then we had the family medically we figured if they are putting things in then we can put something in it. Even if mansion doesn't like so so we are getting some bird and privilege. I think I think mostly we're getting privilege scrub because privilege struggles deadly to a bill. Vertebral what's important. Is you have to take it out, but privilege violation can take you out sure so so we're again getting that as we go along as well. But when we pass a bill then they will see it and it's aggregate and make some it concerns any of this is called messaging because they have to take some of those things off regardless, no matter what you sent over, you said you weren't going to send a messaging bill, knowing every messy detail, but they might be sure
that what we said is not vertebral orbs, burble bird bath privilege scrub there the to sit down privilege scrub exercise its rigour, encase wow proof we just play the ten year old again from the BBC from and people will be regarded more statistics, actual people. Well now, either Nancy policy is drinking, which is ways been, the rumour she's either hammer its nancy Pelosi, its hammered dime issue. either drinking or she is losing it and I'm not sure, I'm not sure which, which it is honestly.
These guys that are income. Greece is the oldest congress, the oldest representation that we ve ever had. There's never been a group of people. at this age serve in Washington dc the age of the administration, the age of congress, the age of Senate go home, go home there. You know there is it's incredible to me: there's gotta, be a rule right, there's gotta, be it an age limit. Not only do I agree with term limits, but I really think There should be an age limit because so many of these people are starting to be significantly compromised nancy policy is one of em. Joe Biden obviously is another. You ve got two of the three most powerful p
yo aid, who are seriously compromised right now and we're not doing anything about it, well, I'll tell you that you know the average lifespan was in its thirty's when we wrote the constitution that was becoming Ben franklin was probably double the age of the average the average american and howled was he would he died, pat seventy, I think late seventies, late, seventies, okay remember my grandfather's era. You know p when they started so security, it's because the average age for it when you died when a man died was sixty one, and so they made it six five, so most people would not get social security, but it least you Have it in case you were an outlier will now people are and to be eighty and ninety years old and some people are great. I mean you know, we both know
heart surgeon that is no longer practising heart surgery, but he is ease, running a global organization and the guy is Ninety path, ninety one, ninety four and he is leaving older than a sharper than I am, Sharper than I am so I to say that you have an age limit, but you you should have common sense and decency and, family should have common decency We all know when our when our parents and grandparents are just not as strong as they used to be, and we Thirdly, no when their when they're just incapable of doing things, these p but if they had to drive themselves, I would bet you a lot of people in congress that are of her age would have their keys taken away from them.
They don't drive. Any more, I looks, like frankly, was eighty four, eighty four when he died, ready for any, for ever he was at the constitutional convention right. He was still brokering deals he was in a great deal of pain at the time, but he wouldn't take more in because he said it would at or opium pisa, because it would addle your brain and he wanted to remain sharp, isn't one of the problems that are you talking about what the age thing glenn like your issue with just the size and scope of government, because in theory right voters the reason why Nancy Pelosi is in our lives, because the representatives of some blue district keep voting her in there, have the opportunity to select someone younger and more coherent, they just choose not to correct, which is
not necessarily. I dont think against what the founders wanted right. They don't they didn't care if individual districts bad decisions. I mean they want them to make good decisions, but if they, its individual district, selects as they were preventative someone who the rest of the country doesn't like that in theory, fine, problem is that these people wind up running our lives if, if they didn't have all this how're when they got to washington, which they weren't supposed to? Have this wouldn't be a problem? It becomes a problem for everyone, because the policy has so much of an effect on our day to day lives and she easily is either drunk or incoherent all the time and they thought they thought that the the election process would preclude lifetime terms for these people. I don't think they envisioned somebody being elected. You know thirty,
times in converse meat now I'd first of all, because it was a pain in the ass. It was such a pain in the ass. That's why they put Washington where it is, it was a swamp, it was mosquito ridden. It was at a time where, you could get malaria from mosquitos, they knew nobody wanted to go and it wasn't. A full I'm job, you had other full time jobs, so you are like. Let's get mrs son. I gotta go back to work so They would only meet for a couple of months every year, so we it wasn't the way it is now and also you know, I go, back to america, the beautiful one of my favorite lines is more than self their country loved Joe Biden does not care he is building a Biden empire and a Biden, cash machine, and I read
Lee. Don't think he loves the country more than himself? And that is the case with a lot of these people. and they can they they may look at. You would say how dare you say that, but they ve convey stem themselves that that is true and they say well, if I'm not doing it, who would we ve got to change the country we ve gotta? Do this, but there in enriching themselves. This is so nancy policy is so corrupt. Joe Biden is so corrupt. Do you really think they care about you in your work? immunity? If you're struggling, I e the the new bill just was passed to reduce inflation, that's going to do anything but and is a tax that begins at thirty thousand, so make it thirty thousand dollars a year next year. Your taxes are going up. Is that
more than self their country loved see pelosi announcing she's going to taiwan when we don't do that, You can go to taiwan, but you don't in her position, announce it weeks ahead, you say I'm going on an asian tour and then quietly you go and then what you're done you announce it as your leaving. That's the way we all ways do it, but she doesn't love that country as much as she loves herself. Or she was drunk. Ores he's just incompetent. Which one is the best. These people should be shamed into retirement. shame on you. For being your now clear enough. I know if I'm not clear enough, I would never I'm on the air because it would be
responsible of me: they don't seem to care about it. Question is why, and then the real important question is: what are you going to do about it? Are you going to continue to vote, for I don't care of its republican indonesia, and I don't care if it's the guy, I absolutely love if MIKE Lee, for instance, is starting to slip. I'd be the first, one to sake you know MIKE. I don't I lose the seat, but you gotta go you guys, Let somebody else that understands it least today's world and is thinking about that not just thinking about trying to make it through a speech back in just a minute It's our sponsor this half hour. is real estate agents. I trust dotcom real estate
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the When you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment The program hello, america and welcome to the Glen back programme. I want to talk to a little bit about the matrix, but instead of neo being a hero, they just gonna woke up
here is let's say, acts smoking prostitute, using out control, sun, son and morpheus? Is the president of the united states of any this sounds familiar? This is all based on fictitious care any relation to anyone who is you know alive today or past its you're a coincidence, but I'd say this new neo bureau: the crack smoking person with the hookers. He gets trapped and the bad guys are common and lets say the bad guys. Are you know? I don't know the court system because it's against the law to crack and do it It's done and do dealings with china, etc, etc. Again totally made up, but morpheus says pick up the phone. There is a doorway and once he picked, The phone, a doorway
and he's away from all of the people they wanna thrown in jail. I think that that's a story of our times and May I just second getting it well, that's too close to the launder Biden story, even the doorway, where you can just going to disappear and nobody well, ok, don't think of that movie, I'm just going to have to tell you about Joe Biden, and his son near his son hunter Biden with congressmen from Kentucky who's been in stagnating hunter Biden and the shady business dealings james joins us next, But may I tell you about another fairytale once upon a time there was an old old man. Let's say his name was more and more
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I'm well. How are you I'm very good? I'm I'm glad to talk to you and that I'm going to I'm going to start with what probably should be the last question, but before we talk about any of this. Will any of this matter are these people, if we know found too, we know not have welcome to america with this russian laptop. Are they gonna go to? IL is anyone gonna go to jail in this family, I didn't want to be a hunter Biden or one hundred Biden's brother right now, and I can tell you that, regardless of what the department of justice does- and I think to be honest with you going, I think they're going to have to do something. And ah especially before january, if not if for no other reason to shield him from ever having to come in front of a congressional committee, I'm talking about hunter Biden. I I hope that you know
we ve got enough to proceed in january, assuming that the republic, in fact the majority, The chairman of the oversight committee. you already got and apply the four. committee hearing in january with enough of hunter's former business associates and some bankers where he had all those bank violations. Then I think that the american people will get to see a lot a in a transparent manner in a legitimate community where there are democrats there too, and if they want to defend the indefensible they'll be allowed to do that. But a a question and answer with some of the best members in our republican conference commute I'm at the gym, jordan on the committee- and I feel like marguerite
alert. Alarm or bulb are going to be new additions on the committee. We're going to have some real environ byron, Donald we're going to have some really good people asking the questions that you and and others who have pressed with this. I have wanted asked, and hopefully we're going to produce a a report at some point and turn it over to the department, justice and they're going to have to act on it. Because the number of laws and the number of shady business feeling that it probably compromise that administration is staggering, So you know I really don't care about the politics of it. I just you know it's The add on of you saw this break over the weekend, but one of them He d, o j officials that is now caught in another scandal, was poor. Of the lowest learner scandal over the irs and
we're seeing this with a d o J. The guys who are part of the russian scandal are now part of cover. Ups again, these people don't lie. No one will Learn a lesson: if no one's willing to teach the lesson that crime doesn't pay because right now it play it pays police equally, and in this case it pays in in cash right now in the department to have a lot of problems are the deep state is real. That's something that the republic and I ve been talking about eleven nunez, a few years ago, and it's coming out more and more with this potential cover up. I think ron, Johnson and Grassley in the Senate have done a good job, focusing on ah the deal
if a potential wrongdoing I mean look this evidence, one hundred Biden they've probably had for over a decade and and who knows if this ever would have gotten out if hunter hadn't left that laptop at that computer repair shop. So you know the fact that they did nothing. Knowing that The vice president son was due at all these shady dealings. He wasn't a registered as a foreign agent. I don't think it's even legal to be a foreign. I did you're, the immediate family member of a high level elected official. But regardless he wasn't registered heat in all sorts of trouble for for tax evasion, which it looks to me like with them. They might violation that it's more than just tax evasion in it,
Probably money laundering too I mean he, he is a criminal. The the banks have have said so much with these hundred and fifty suspicious activity reports. When you get a suspicious activity report filed against you from a bank, that's the bank covering themselves from liability, notify the federal government that they are pretty certain that their client is committing some type of criminal activity. So so this is, been in the hands of the department of justice for at least a decade. The f b, I you know, had an old iron because of all the suspicious activity reports that were found, but not just one back from five different might, but yet nothing was. we're done and I dont think anything ever would have been done. It's a upon. Her hadn't been done enough to leave that computer at that repair, shop, It is why the people in washington are so incredibly arrogant and they don't mind. You know really
we just leaving all the breadcrumbs out. I know hunter did as an accident, and I I think I personally think it was a either I shot across his dad's bow that I can sink you dad. If you view, if you know, if you're, if you're not helping me here, but that's just speculation, but if you know he he left it, there are a hundred and fifty lags from the banks. I showed this about a year ago on the stuff we found just over in ukraine and theirs. no way that the average person would say. Be walking around today, just based on the hundred and fifty flags is that accurate. That is accurate, drove a bank that community bank and in kentucky for over a decade my families been involved in that business. You know a if a bank
I dont know if anyone had ever gotten more than one to fisheries activity report from a bank and very few you're down, but very few people ever getting one period, but once you get one in the bank has to call the bank examiners to come in no bank once the banking amateurs and thereby I don't care, a little community bank or through wells fargo? Nobody wants to it'd be like if you owned, an energy company, won't the ba to come by. You know just check on things, nobody that nobody wants that and for them to do it. If, if our bank ever had one once it got settled, and it's a big ordeal with those bank examiners coming in and having to look at everything once that happens, our bank would be like you know what I let the door hit you in the rear end on the way out. We we don't want to fool with any more, and these banks continue to do business with him and it's. The only rational explanation is because he was the vice president's son, but remember these banks flag days and invited the examiners in knowing that this is device
isn't it son. So you know this didn't just end at some low level bureaucrats death this one all the way to the top and and the fact that nothing was ever done about it, and you know they say well an investigation and our that's on tax evasion. That has nothing to do with the suspicious activity report. That has nothing to do with the deal in ukraine. The deal in russia or the deals in in china and then since the evil they say well hunters, not anything since Joe was vice president. true, we ve been investigating this artwork member. He was an artist for about a week ago. Pretty pretty sure that the the buyer of the artwork was in china and we were, that information from the art gallery owner the Biden white have sent their council to meet with the gallery owner to coach them on how to shield them from congressional overshot.
And this administration should it had long wait. They have blocked our efforts with the art three hundred, and this happened while Joe Biden was president the art sale. The suspicious activity reports happened while Joe Biden was vice president, so we're not going to let up on this, and you know the key to getting the answer is is hoping that you know hoping that we take the majority in in november, because the the chairman of the oversight committee has subpoena power and the chairman of the oversight. The committee can call for the hearings- and I can tell you the first hearing- we're going to have- will be on a hunter Biden. Any shady business dealings and the whole reason we're inviting writing were investigating autobahn is because we fear that he has compromised this white house, especially when you look at some of the decisions that are being made. china weathered cell in the oars, urge or care. I saw kramer where ukraine,
look what I got on ukraine and russia member. He did not. He didn't sanction the russian oligarchy. He left to oligarchy up the list of people. That Biden sanction those two oligarchs just happened to be too that had paid a hundred in the past. So there are a lot of things that happen in from the bind watch out that we believe a direct result of hunters shady business dealings, ok, it's been a hold on just a sec. I need to take a one minute break and then we'll come back and I dunno how much time you have if you would, in the break, tell the producers. So I know because I've got a lot to talk to you about if you have, if you have the time first level, Are you about our sponsor this half hour, one minute and and we're back our sponsor? this half hour is relief actor in a lot of people who have ventured, discover, relief factor. Julie was dealing with pain almost every day, her hand hurt constantly almost more. then she could bear pointed. See. I was exactly where you were. She tried a lot of
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and second station, I d so we're talking to converse with James comber, who is giving us the latest on the investigation into hunter Biden, Biden, families, a business dealings. when there are now, I think seventeen or eighteen pieces of evidence, separate separate occasions that showed o business. Joe Biden was: was it lee so aware, but it appears that he was really involved in actors. Business dealings. Is that true true, and I would argue there are more than that. But yes, there are at least that many can you tell me what that means. You well for evil
hold during the campaign and then there in the first year and a half of the bush administration, Joe Biden has denied any Knowledge of who hunters business associates were ever having talked to them, and things like that. We know for a fact, based on the the people we've talked to, that were the former associates of not just hunter but Jim by now, so and- and you know, he's as big a problem as hunter he's just smarter than hunter. I think that Joe Biden was the brains of the operation, but but regardless the hunters, the one where we have all the evidence right now and one examples. Eric Sherwin was a business associate. Hunters you remember. He was in the white house twenty seven times, even though Joe Biden claimed he didn't know who the guy was. We are I have an email that shows sure when was communicated with with Hunner any says in the email hunter your dad delaware, tax refund check have come in the mail I'm going
the deposit that check into his account and then turn around and write a check on him to you for the money he owes. You know who has access to your checking account ago, someone access to your journal. We, you probably would know who they were right and indifferent, What a lot of of seven seven, even even though until you've ever ever, hetty recollection, but he's also got access to Joe Biden shaken a girl and you know- maybe it was in a blind trust or what I don't know, but he knows this guy. These are questions that need to be answered and you've got all these associates. Now that a of hunters that Joe Biden says he had no knowledge of, but they have all these meetings. in the white house to what we want to find. An investigation is hunter and in june Biden they would pedal their services to advisor.
Asian and other people, american company that were trying to do business with china, russia- and they would say you know, we have access and the government at the highest level. Our lifetimes Biden, We can help open doors for you. We can help you navigate the bureaucracy and all that if they were successful in What they were doing, then they had to have people in the government working with have A- and I'm sure you know Joe Biden is a a probably one of them, but you know Joe, does it do the work? Joe would say all right? You need to call someone so at a a a in this state department. You need to call so So when the department of defense, you need to call someone so and this government agency and that's what we need to to find out and I think you're going to see that a This family are all working together and I think you're gonna see that job
and had a lot more knowledge of what hunter was doing, then he has guy. We already know that, but I think it's going to be even more than what what we know now, when you get sending over as much money as we spent on the first five years on the war of it in afghanistan. That includes shock and awe, and all of that money we spent that much money sixty billion in five years. We sent that much arms and money over to ukraine in one year and they still have their hand out and did we send an accountant, because I am very concerned that a lot of this money as it did. When hunter Biden was there, It was one point: eight billion dollars just disappeared. in private bank, are was watching it and do
you feel like people are being appeared or being paid off or that that he is safe. I have no confidence in them. money, I'm sure some of it has reach where it was supposed to go, but I'm a member of congress, some of the top republican on the oversight committee, have asked these questions. I have no accounting of the breakdown of where that money's being spent you know they say: okay well, so much for humanitarian relief. So much for arms! Well, I need more specifics than that when you're talking about sixty billion dollars- and I I don't know that anyone in washington could answer that question- exactly that money's gone and he knows it they'll say well, there's always government waste. Well, it's how how much has been wasted and where is it going, and why are we spending this money? I mean I look at russia's.
the bad guy? I would love to the russia. Russia is weakened, but at the end of the day we don't know where they were. These tax dollars. You're going and conquered should never send another penny to any country area set it resolutely. In a word development are we have congressmen James Colmar, on with a cease from Kentucky he's talking to us about the investigation into under Biden more in a minute decline back programme in financing and am one eight three, three four w w w that animal, less consumer access, dot org? I want it given in just ask yourself a question. What is holding you back right now? If anything is from being where you want to be financially, and I dont mean inflation although you and I both know- that's a reality- forget about the transitional economy. Horse crap, I am talking about the things
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We are talking out two guys: it's been james gomer. He is chairing the latest on his investigation into hunter Biden in the bud Biden business dealings congressmen. Thank you. Staying with us, can you tell me who edward Preux it is hello. Lady someone we get requested information from. We have access to a text message between ion and MR prove it to where major prove it, who one of hunters, financial planners? Who is ocean honour on how to a a switch. activity report
how to avoid getting one of those on up upcoming foreign transaction hunter was about to make now these transactions that we're getting flagged by suspicious activity report. What flags those are, if you do, a transaction, with a country that sanctions leaders like take Syria we're like that, are now russia, but it wasn't russia at the time or You do tragic, It was more like a drug lord, Watch the movie ozark and you saw the guy was walking off the list. You know that then puts him at a sanctuary you know or if you're doing business with someone suspected of criminal activity, so it could have been where you know hunter was doing business with a russia. You know for for profit.
foods and and things like that. According to the videos and all that other stuff, I don't know that it's illegal to to a just order, a you know, a a prostitute in a in a foreign country. Unless that entity is suspect, of human trafficking, glad the indirect lie which is right and proper which is the money that hunter with his dad's payments hunter was paying a russian sex ring involved in human trafficking? That's why they were flag, and I have to tell you but before I would take any advice from edward prove it if I'm the presidency. I states I would tell my son a stop hiring hookers this it is if we are incapable of that goal. Hire workers from russia because its a clear way: russia and china. They are
known to put people in compromising situations. they have for some somewhere to blackmail our officials its. Putting over and over again it is, and the date of the text by this point hundred already received over one hundred and forty suspicious activity reports, is fbr. The f b I and the d J had to know that he was up to no good, but yet We can tell nothing's ever been done about it, which, which raises a suspicion that john turning grantly- Why has the f b? I didn't happen by now why they done today is eating out of step with the singled out here, but you don't do anything that which was fake by the way you don't do anything without urban who actually have proof everyday. It there's evidence
unlike anything, Adam schiff ever said this stuff with hunter Biden. We have evidence of wrongdoing, and yet nothing has been done and in the eu it would lead and any investigator in congress to believe you know. Is this put Joe Biden in a compromised situation? this put him at a disadvantage with some of our adversaries, for the potential of blackmail with the fun or or whatever That's why we're doin that investigation? There is absolutely no way that putin, and the highest levels of the Chinese by agencies there no way that they didn't know about these things. So if we, were worried about a golden shower taken by donald trump. in russia, which was completely made up Why would anyone think that they haven't used this or wouldn't use this against Joe Biden? It makes no sense
it makes no sense, and I can tell you that the videos that are only laptop some of them worried that we ve been told by close association of honour it pretty prevalent. There were a lot of transactions made there, and I don't know that what we don't know for sure that which wire that prove it was coach anymore. But the fact that it was called you name on how to avoid a suspicious that give your porch who's that prove it knew that hunter was up to no good, and I was trying to to protect you from that shielding from meeting further investigated. So we want to know what that transaction one, but whatever was it was a foreign transaction and by. everything that we can deal. He had transactions with three main countries, yet transactions with russia with ukraine and with china.
So, who is that mean that china, russia, apparently they ve, never blackmail the russian the guards I. imagine hunters, business partners and Joe Biden business partners could use blackmail. I have a feeling that the people that work solved are worried that they're gonna be thrown under the bus jacket, hunter, in the president off, isn't it ass line of inquiry would be to give them immunity for their testimony cause they ve got to be free to bet they're going to jail. Numbers wound They are in another method. You posted broke last week was from a james galea, who is another one, honor by the soviets and it. This was a phone methods that would recorded from from person that was worried that they would get thrown under
birds for somebody shady business dealings of hunters, that it was coming out in the press and is James. You earlier reply back. Don't worry the big I've got her back so when he that girl you're, but casey fagus hunter associate along with Bobby Lansky to identify, Joe Biden as the big guy and court we all know from hunters, well. It is a that you had saved in her. That is it that in fact, is make sure why the big guy he would try Ten percent of a chinese caught me that at the very end with the chinese com His party by deadly, then that a huge huge problem for Joe Biden, Oh, let me go back to ukraine for a second The money we sit sent over that these are just a couple of things. I don't know if you have the answer, but I hope somebody in washington is looking into this
the money we sent over suspiciously as soon as we sent that money over the president as it is the landscape and the their version of of congress. Did you. in their mind, on gay marriage and I think this has samantha powers, fingerprints, all over it we exacting a price for this money. You know gas would be as good as mine glenn thought that this administration has not been transparent with anything there doing in ukraine. So so could you I mean who looks into things like that, and also the oligarch at Zelensky, just pulled the citizenship from is the guy that owned, bereaved ma and had dealings with, provide bank that we. At our missing one point: eight billion dollars in an hunter was connected to the bank and bereavement.
but also Joe Biden through hunter, got that guy we're just talking about ozark got this oligarch off that list. We have but not come to the united states, Joe and honey Biden got him. We got that removed, so he could have a visa to come here into the united states and now after give the money, the guy, who this same oligarch that helped get, a lansky, the presidency. Over in ukraine who's, the guy that hunter and Joe Biden were involved. With now. Is citizens ship is Ruth revoked? I'm wondering why he had any idea that one that I have no idea David glinda, the the oligarchy that by demonstration. Administration is clearly shown. Favouritism, too, are two oligarchy who have paid hunter Biden for
Who knows why we'll call it consulting services? Those too oligarchs, you're going to be the key to ensuring a lot of questions about potential wrong. Doing quid pro quo in every other problem. Legal problem, the hunter and potentially his father are gonna have in once republic to take them on board in January hope the department. Yet I will before then, but I dont have confidence. They will well. One thing I am afraid of with the department of justice is that they take. They try him on something skates on it and then double jeopardy. Does those that apply to you I hope not we've investigated every. We were still going we're still going to have hearings with the with the associates at work, I have hearings with the banchorie will try to get me. Of the high level people that this administered You should have let off the hook the oligarchy- you know if in the united states will do anything
We can to get to the bottom of the truth, and these hearings are going to be transparent and and they're going to be a real committee. It's not going to be a nancy pelosi. Handpick committee, with everybody everything viewpoint. This is gonna, be a legitimate congressional hearing. and and we're going to publish a report and we're going to walk that over and add it to the depart of justice. If the Biden, if Biden, is still president and ah there's, you know the the people are still in a girl we're to be very transparent with american people on what we publish and what we expect of the department of justice. While thank you for that Is the last and do you have evidence that the secret service colluded with the violence and covered things? the white house, and do you have evidence that the deal J was involved in covered things up.
I don't have any evidence of that. You know the secret service is, as has been the most varied it's a lot of different things that we ve been looking into, so we have nothing there with the depart rejected. I know that johnson and gradually feel like they have a little bit of evidence, that's more of what what the Senate has been. into what I've been looking through. The house is more revolved around these banking market, because once we get these once we get these suspicious activity report, they will specifically say what the bank thought. This was a suspicious wire with this person who is sanctioned in russia. This person, who is sanction, error this business, who is sanctioned in china, or we believe, was money laundering here or we believe that this was an excessive wire from
country that there were not allowed to do business with, though those suspicious that give your report will will be able to ensure a lot of questions and answers, as a you'll get an enormous way along the path of a investigating hundred Biden's wrongdoing and shady business dealings. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it congressmen coming from Kentucky. Thank you for the hard work, sir, and I do indeed hope that you are in charge of the can, eddie and that it is transparent. The american people cannot have. those door dealings any more. I hope you are as transparent as as you, you say you will be. I pray that that you have the committee. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you guys know that back in just a second as to lose our sponsor this this half hour or so. Sir, of course, is rough greens. My flock it's lifelike.
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sign up for the free newsletter today, Glenn beck dot com, the, This is the Glen back programme are glad you're. Here still, you bring up to speed on the latest with John stewart ted crews, debate back and forth on odds for me, Yes, I can. Even this is a narrative. Tat happens over and over again, where John Stewart claims some moral high ground about how he's just fight for the people. That's him. That's John stewart he's, air, for you, are these dastardly remodelled lincoln's want to stop helping veterans or nine eleven survivors or whatever else he's making up that particular day. So we see this
over and over again and this time it's about legislation that would help the people who have been affected by burn pits. This is now a long standing back and forth about veterans, healthcare. Basically, and, of course, John stewardess out their use in that crazy, ass bomb that he does cause he's here is just a colleague had these just committed, but every time something the media covers it as, if he's the president of the united states and he yeah use the f balmy goes after child ted crews, so the only reason he doesn't want to spend this money because he care so much about. about you know not spending money in any he doesn't care about veterans and once literally, accusing them of wanting veterans to die, which is totally acceptable bill and discourse and of totally that's that's what You know you could say that about school children and everything else which makes those set by the conservative ones.
The military veterans to die. It doesn't even work with their own narrative and it's not look at when has this republican party shown any any added appetite at all to stop spending they spend on everything the bottom line years. Every time Jon stewart is involved in one of these situations you always know he's lying. This is the Glenn Beck program, the oh golly, thank you so much hillary. I I appreciated. There is a lot going on today we're going to tell you about the new, a r, a bill that just ass, the house. Speaking of that, let me tell you about a our five hundred armor, mostly I think the second amendment its normal in vienna, people think of firearms, but it doesn't only protect guns. It also.
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hello, america well, there's a couple things going on in congress that you're just gonna love. First of all, the the inflation reduction bill, which is nothing but the best bet build back bill. The green new deal that last week, we're going to give you the details on it and the house has passed on friday, the a are rifle ban the assault. Weapons ban is back and there's a couple of Democrats that voted against it to republicans. voted for. It now goes to the senate, but remember there are not interested in taking your guns. There really not interested there They are very interested in taking your guns and it won't stop. There will give you that and look at the economy
this and more in sixty seconds you know. Just last week, everybody from Joe Biden to JANET Yellen was looking at the american people with a straight face, saying inflation. I do not think that word means what you think it means ah ha now these people know the straight shooters that they are an honest as the day is long. Have gone to the social media platforms and this weekend they start. banning anyone like me. They would say, Inflation is defined as two quarters of contraction of our economy. Its way always has been now You can't say it on social media boy. We've got somethin, I don't they in
haven't, heard brazil, russia, india, china, south africa, planning to issue a new global reserve currency, because you The fed in this country is in doing enough to destroy the value of the. U s: dollar! Listen don't know how much clearer it can be, but it it time to spread your risk out. You should have food insurance. You should have a food storage, you should also have gold or silver. Please, find out if it is right for you, but do it now the world is insane now every legal tender bar purchase this week, you'll receive two of the new one out silver, benjamin franklin rounds at no cost, don't wait for this sure, it'll seller quickly go eight six six, gold line. Eight six gold line or gold line dot com so we are coming to you today for the last week at the standing rock ranch in the mountain west, and I have to tell you
I'm so nervous. I could vomit. I did something foolish and gave in to somebody who said hey I'm starting an inspired arts league and, all about storytelling and that purse and was my art teacher and So I said- oh you, you want to get some art together you know you could use my ranch in the summer so today and if you're in the art world, you might know some of these names. Jeremy, lip king, Michel done away Mom adrian stein, albin viz, sulk clung HO richie carter, thomas black, sheer thereof, me too my ranch for the next four days and we have some really incredible. People that are teaching story
angus and Sarah Fletcher? They ve done research on how the brain works in and how to tell stories, and we think that there is a problem in the inspired arts league. We think there is a problem with landscape. I mean you can do landscapes and those are great, and beautiful and many artists do, and you do portrait who is telling our stories In the you know, middle ages and the dark ages. We got out the dark ages through the renaissance, which was based in art, and these guys were storytellers. The statue of David. That is telling the story of David and goliath. Sistine chapel is telling the story of god. They were stories. Even you go to the ancient egyptians the hieroglyphics. They were stories was telling the american story now, and I can tell the only one doing it is. Florin he's the
only guy that is actually telling a positive. american story, my arm, it is true, I tried to tell stories are just finish this, this behind me. If you happen to be watching the guy who's on the buffalo, nickel, iron tail and there's a great story. The goes behind it and all of my art is- is story and people are hungry for it, and artists have been taught to paint, but they have not been. taught to tell a story. So we have these eight storytellers coming in to teach this week and I'm just I'm excited to learn a whole bunch of this. Week. So if your answer stood in any of this. If you're an artist go to inspired arts league dot org, it's a five or one c, three I've donated to it, but
It is it's doing some amazing things in their just getting started. This is act it's the official kickoff but they've already made. a real impact and were always looking for artists that want to EL, the american story or the story of god, whatever story. It is you're trying to tell joint with the inspired arts league. I inspired arcs archly dot org, So let's talk about but first I guess wrap up last week. We are now finding out. What's in this bill, you know the the Mention Biden build back, better, hey we're gonna reduce inflation bill, it's not going to really reduce inflation. In fact, we now find out some of the things that just they couldn't find time to print before they ve murdered on it. It's going to affect everyone,
these taxes that I mean everybody's taxes. If you make thirty three dollars are more a year. Your taxes are going up next year and it's all This green new deal Stu has been watching all of it, unfold and I've been watching what's happening with the salt weapons a r ban that is now past in the house going to the senate. So let's through some on, let's start with a bill back better mansion bill. Here this is a bill. That is spent an incredible journey on this one because, as we kind of all remembered the Democrats and really wanted six trillion dollars of spending throughs Bernie sanders at lincoln. his estimates of the white house came in at I think about three point: five trillion after they whittled it down to try to look like they were being responsible. Eh. Both mansion and a cinema oppose this famously so they could not get to fifty
which are they need to get to, and this particular bill correct. So they went back and forth a bunch of times. They first lowered it to. I think two point one trillion then, to one point: nine trillion, then, to one point: seven trillion and these numbers are, as you've pointed out multiple times glenn in in real depth, not only here, but also on your tv show That and spending number is really a misleading thing to look at, because it's much more about what the bills going to do on the negative side, then it is just the spending, but as we ve all seen, we bent one point: nine trillion dollars on this with bill at the beginning of a presidency which led to a good chunk of what we're seeing now as far as inflation. So a man and if we had gone ahead without an extra three point, five trillion dollars that they wanted back in twenty twenty one. Now, of course, since then the republicans have come on board heard for a trillion dollars of infrastructure spending. Not
mention that there are, many of them were on board with all of the other corbett spending that we had going on, and there was Another proposal for two hundred and de billion dollars of spending for this ships act, which, theoretically, has some sense behind it. As we seen what's going on in china. and taiwan. Oliver chips are made taiwan. We have a major problem with the supply chain. So in theory, you can understand why you talk about this and why it might be a bipartisan issue. Even though again, I don't think this is the right away to right way to approach that problem. But you can understand that the problem exists so turner. Fifty billion dollars is on the table and republicans were basically like. Look we of course because they always do will go along with a ton of your spending requests. Republicans do not,
the problem is that we might even that we might even add more two years spending zalm gaze, yet they usually do end and we ve seen now. This is not the tea party era. There is no there is no leadership voice on the right who is arguing for less spending. That is not that's not a position that freedom caucus the freedom created there are not enough. There are not enough there in yeah, exactly roads that you write, rewrite soldiering Europe there's just not really anybody there so their this two. Fifty billion dollar bill is going forward, but Mitch Mcconnell does not want the building. better thing to happen. He's drama line there for whatever reason he's drawn the line there on spending, which at least its drawn somewhere- and he says he doesn't- work- This is but that fifty vote threatened was still sitting out there. They can do this at any point until This election happens and they leave. They leave office assuming republican a win one in the house for the senate.
oh, it's been sitting out there and mansion keeps coming on and he comes. He he's off and he's on and he's off and he's on his off, and so finally, the the Mcconnell says: look I'm not going to go ahead with the children, fifty billion dollars and ships spending on ass you say the bill back. Better thing is done. Well, what this reconciliation thing, we're not gonna! Do it this time, it's over it around that time? Joel mansion comes out of, says: gosh darn it this is over. I will not negotiate. Any more. I am john. We have had these conversations, it's over big media splash, everyone reacts It was crazy, so Mcconnell to chuck Schuman and says: hey chuckles iron. I remember when I said I'd go along with you. If, of course, you stop the build back better thing. Well, it looks like it's gone, so I'll go along with you on the chips act. The chips act goes through the vote.
Or it gets signed literally the next day, Joe mansion comes out and says by the way we come up with a deal We have a deal now to spend hundreds of beer, billions of dollars on the reconciliation bill that just said, was dead a few weeks ago. so it all. I ask goes back to mcconnell getting absolutely schooled here by chuck humor. How do we never learned our lesson. How is it it never works out. The other way why why? Why why? Why you buy ev. I want to know why every little bit of this you deserve when you do a deal with sure it is How could you not know he's going to lie directly to your face at every opportunity, kentucky
What is wrong with you? Stop giving us stop being us, Mcconnell! Stop it stop. Here dirty he's in bed with the chinese he's he's engaged and nepotism in everyday stop it. Guy is worthless, absolutely worthless. It is. I swear to you he's like a democratic infiltrated he's like going to pose as a republican but chuckie you and me baby. You get along Mcconnell. You could certainly say he's done. Some good things, particularly in the supreme court, is, does not have a drink us today, without without Mcconnell holding that line if you know, he's and he'd typically vote It's get our votes like a republican he's, not the worst guy he's, not he's not you. adam kinsey or re like he's, not a guy who's out their constantly voting
now. Even Susan Collins he's not that nice, but I head of the senate the part of the republican, the powers such a significant part of this he's always playing games and here's a game. You played injurious games. You get dangerous results and this is tat s so now they ve been see. No again, if you have principle, you just don't vote for the two hundred and fifty billion dollar thing in the first place It's the problem right around. You say this is a bad idea and we're not going to spend as much money when we're sitting here complaining about inflation every day. How do you have any credit, building on a major issue like very when would the republic is have gone over almost as much money that was spent on the bill? El complained about from Joe Biden, has been spent in multiple different bills, but that the republicans have signed on two areas its they have very little credibility here. They're only hope is that most people don't know
background of this stuff and will think well. At least there a little bit better than the Democrats, guess they are by. I mean that that that gap seems to shrink all the time. just slower they're just slower at it, and maybe because they do, I have some stops in there. Some people were fighting against it now or maybe they're so incompetent that they can't pass the same kind of bills, or I mean maybe they're all like yo, I'm all in a marxism. I think it's great Karl Marx, I like Karl Marx, let's do it and then they get up. They put bills together and so the act fuel Karl Marx, whose in the democratic party steps up These guys are worthless. Now, maybe there just in competent and that's the only reason why they're going slower but they're taking us off a cliff just the same cliff the sea, cliff you watch, I mean there. Think you're gonna see after the election if the river
africans win which they could screw up in a big way. I mean looks like they're going to theater the senate. Up already, I mean at this point. I don't think it's any better than fifty fifty they win the senate, aye aye, sir that from what I saw that from man your favorite website, what is it five, five, thirty I'm they that there's! No five! Thirty grand! That's terrified areas, ain't, fifty percent! Because They were they. In fact they were. I get forty percent that the damage at would hold it now, they're up to I think, fifty or sixty percent bah, I mean leave them. It's probably result of things like these. Are the latest pull from pennsylvania that has in doktor oz, down double gadgets. I'm out, you know a guys. Never made any surprise. I guess the guy who's barely alive. The man is barely alive and he's been, doktor oz by eleven redstone have a problem with that. Is I mean they? Could I mean?
you could have you know those old pictures where they would kill, outlaw you know in the wild west and they just prop his body up in a coffin. who could have the Democrats in those pictures and they would stay we voted in office. Let me take a minute here and tell you about our sponsor this ass. Our way, the fed, and the president's tell you that, despite two back to back quarters of negative growth in the economy that we're not in a recession who do you think going to believe them? Well, sadly, The answer is a lot of people, a lot of people people who don't understand enough to be able to discern that they are being lied to people who have never eight attention in school people who have paid attention in school, we're straight eight students, but what they were taught was garbage. I mean
this cannot be us. This cannot be our children and we are no better if we don't educate ourselves and we know, you know, knowledge is power, that's why They didn't teach slaves to read and write. as the new knowledge is power, how many of those slaves would be embarrassed for, all americans today, all americans, that we have taken our education so lightly that we're all just up bunch of nincompoops. I want, to check out a new book. It's called american history, America's history strike while the iron is out right now, it's a great history book, but it's more than that it is doorway for your children into the world of understanding that they have to have if we are to keep a republic You gotta tunnel twins back dot com, Tuttle twins back dot com, and
see america's history. They just on a book launch. You can preview a free sample chapter ready with your kids. You'll see see for yourself why it's needed! Why it's crucial in the here and now, you'll, see everything cloning in the offer, including the audio book version, so get Tuttle twins back dotcom, go there now get america's history. Tuttle twins back dotcom, ten second station. Hey, really good news. Hawaii has just accepted its last shipment of coal, and there very, very excited about it, they're getting their final delivery and the governor
called it a huge step forward in the states transition to cheap energy. It it's! The chief This form of energy now call coal is the cheapest form of energy. the dirtiest source of power for awhile who, but there us there. Finally, shutting down the island's last coal burning plant. Now he did hey that replacing, Projects are a little behind schedule due to the unexpected global events with the supply chain, but you know and bullshit novel. I should prepare to pay a little bit more for their christy, you know, solar in batteries or oil generated power, which is five times the cost of coal. But it's all gonna be one. that and the people in a white you're gonna be celebrating now that there they longer have coal coming in, and I think this is fantastic.
Dixon was about twenty percent or sixteen percent of the of the eye when's electricity, but let's from flush it down the toilet in hay, let's not our or more coal, I'm sure those plants are going to be finished in no time. My house just two weeks away from being finished, so I am sure, the governor. Is probably saying to the people of why just two weeks it'll be finished in two weeks: don't worry about it. Just It's gonna hurt a little there, a little back alive five times. You know it's great get age. Five times is hard, but You know. That's like just going into a boxing ring expect you to box me and lo and behold: you're fighting MIKE tyson go worry about it, Don't worry about it's, not a big change, education, hawaii decline back pro at these countries, as these countries in our country, are just
going to go down the tubes, and I don't understand why people are like. Well, it's you know: it's not a problem. We don't have worry about. Why worry about it? You know we have plenty of stuff Let me tell you about tunnel the towers you ve been elicited me or watching me for any length of time. One of the things you probably know about me as I believe that good people can make difference in the world, even if it seems like it's only making a small one results. and be gigantic on the other side is the butterfly effect. Here's the tunnel to town is foundation. I want you to look into them today. Don't take my word for it, but I believe this is one of the greatest terrible organizations we have in this country. They been help out since nine eleven. They do amazing amazing work all throughout the country taking care of our of our garden our cops are fire fighters are service personnel that are injured and heard or killed. Please check them out
and then don't eight eleven dollars a month, www tee to tee dot. Org, that's tunnel, the towers tee. to tee gotta work. Isn't it time to subscribe to blaze, tv go to blaze, tv outcome, slash Glen, promo code is glad to save ten bucks nancy policy and her bar I'm probably some ice cream, flew overnight to asia, she's in singapore, sharing, shanghai or one of those s countries our cities, wasn't that one of the like trump was talking about s countries I think anyway. She says she's in one of those, and she is not saying if she's gonna go to
to taiwan? Now she just won't say she's, tight, lipped and most of it, tightness is from the face stretching that she's had done over the years, but she's very tight lipped. Now and and it's nice as china said pretty, You know kind of like we're thinking, maybe act of war if you go, but who are we to say so? its fabulous and we wish her all the best. We really do now here's the the next, a story that I think is kind of important You know, I just told you that hawaii was taking themselves out of the coal business there, not taking any more shipments, and don't worry that the other plants, a solar panels, they'll be done in two weeks. Don't worry about it. and europe is in the same exact situation values good news people are darting to rethink like natural gas. I mean that's pretty cool
right and what about nuclear energy thinking they had already. Turn off all their nukes in everything else. Now, Russia back online, sending them the gas, but they ve no cash. Where did we put that extra twenty percent? So now there it down by like twenty percent- and they're not sure if they're going to have will they know they're not going to have enough they're, not sure they're, going to get anything once it turns to winter with russia? you know russian seem to be. I dont know. A little harsh from time to time and there pissed off at this point, and I I this coal fire plants are being revived in germany, billions are being spent on terminals to bring in liquefied natural gas, and the are looking for any kind Natural gas who has any kind of natural gas. So they could sell europe and we
Look the world over and we just gambling and godfrey as natural gas and I wish we could help europe out, but we just don't have any. We have none. So there on a knife edge, the german. biggest cities are now saying that they are going to have to reduce everybody's in after reduce their thereof usage, their consumption of energy by sixteen percent. I think that x, One per cent of fifteen percent in nice round number about fifteen percent. They got it down to sixteen, and so I think that means you know do now I use it for slice toaster unique to, but not for and you're not allowed to heat your home, over sixty eight degrees and you are not allowed to air condition your home.
Low seventy eight degree, so it's gonna, be very nice gonna, be very nice. They're gonna have to sacrifice a little bit the city is also ban the use of mobile air conditioning units, and and heaters- and you know I don't know about you but, and I thought this out a lot because I care the planet and global warming. And what are all these people gonna? Do you know that a die from heat, and I I have an idea. You could write this down, germany, you can take this for free, it's called air conditioning and I know you want to stop the old, the energy tat. And solve two net world gas or nuke. Your plants or, Dare I say it coal until you at those things running again, but you're not gonna, do that. Well, then people are going to die.
And there's just no way around that yeah, but is a well thought out plant I been thinkin about four years. Do you have been glad and end there's this idea that we can't impact the earth? If you think about things in through that framework, you have a problem, if you think about things in a framework of world affecting human life and and having human will flourish. you think about things a little differently. I, like you, wrote in, can you imagine I just can you imagine stew, they're saying is global warming. The whole world will be like phoenix arizona yeah. What which we know has no people, they're all die. You know he'd exhaustion and I feel bad for the population. They act as if we can't see what a world would be like if there were a lot of heat way. What, if you had a community there are, you saw a triple: did temperatures often yeah what if we have them, ready. We see how people, while people deal with that they're, not try to make the same point about them.
West, where they don't have a lot of air conditioning people in the northwest. Don't have air conditioned people in seattle? Don't have it yet. You get some here's what you wrote an inconvenient book. This is back in the two thousand and six. So this is not you coming up. some men, it would this solution when the heat went on time as in three leader, but the heat wave of two thousand three hit europe, nearly thirty five thousand mostly elderly people died. The size and scope of the tragedy gave globally bring theorists, an opportunity to spout their views to almost every news camera on the globe. They claim that events like this justify the EU spending an estimated one point four for three trillion dollars by twenty twenty three, which is right. On the corner now to alter its energy history enough to possibly if climate change a hundred years, Go there's nothing! You can do about a heatwave except stay away from fat, smelly relatives. Now we can do this monopoly thing called condition: the air thirty five thousand air conditioners cost about two,
point five million dollars, or perhaps you can pick a few vacant office buildings that your economy and its double digit unemployment rate can't support and turn the ac on. Then just fire up a few gasoline power, school buses and shuttle old people to the air conditioned facilities. Repeat every time it gets hot guy, we would only it was a yeah yeah. There was a it was a tough? I mean I worked in a think tank for a very long time on that technician, user data, but it meet again. That's what the left loves to leave out of this equation. The fact that we can new things to solve whatever issues there might be. So if we do get more heat waves, which I don't think is a certainty, but if we do, then we will deal with it what is the main thing we're trying to do here? Whether comes through the climate, the main thing we'll be trying to do is to limit the amount of peace, well, who die because of the climate. Right it's been made metric, you'd, think we'd be focusing on and you
I think we're focused on, though, that chart of how that has progressed has not shown up in any. U n! I p c c report that we do have it, though from your book and inconvenient book, and it shows the rate of death from extreme weather that has dropped by about ninety nine sent from two from nineteen fifteen to two thousand in this in this book. It ends at two thousand and four that we know the rate has dropped farther since then, and because we ve come up with solutions to deal with these things we ve advanced and adapted and made a life for people, yet the left always says the opposite. Look at you couldn't quote. Heads like whoever wrote that or you can quote bill maguire whose just put a new book out last week: hothouse earth inhabitants guide and he
argues that, after a year of ignoring warnings from interest, is now too late to avoid the catastrophic. In acts of climate change and at this point there is nothing we can do now if I'm writing that book, that's where the book starts. That's where the book ends, you close it buddy out a few other things to say now the unit city college of london earth sciences he's a professor there, sad that they record breaking heat waves across the uk and the danger wildfires I mean that's global warming. And as we added a further into twenty twenty too soon it'll be unrecognizable to every one of us, meaning the world, and I that's true! It's already recognisable. You know when people are saying heat wave is going to scare all of us to death. I am sorry
burn all of us to death if we don't die in the fiery flood anyway, the He is now saying that we have to have zero admission. We have to have it right away. I don't know We have two because well It's too late to do anything about it. I say we take all the money and by air conditioners myself how there are some things that that can be done, and that is well stops taylor, swift from my from flying in a private jet She said the issue is now found out. taylor swift. Yes, America's sweetheart, her jet hearst, co two emissions total about twelve hundred times More than the emissions from the average persons annual emissions, seven metric tonnes, she's she's twelve hundred times that her jedi
it's more carbon dioxide than any other celebrity jet, but she says: wait. You can't pin that on me because least my jet out and other people use my chat. I don't use it all the time. You know it's other people, but do it well she can try to get away with it all you want, but we, No, she should probably be in climate jail along with somebody else, yes leonardo to caprio. We all know and love him. He as a survivor of the tight. Annex who knew but he survived, and yet he still has the courage to get onto big boats. Apparently, he's got a vacation record on large, like two hundred and fifty foot ya.
That is doing a lot of damage to the environment and the the man who took him on was the brazilian president bon scenario, this this weekend, Leonardo dicaprio, you know tweeted about the rain forests and now bottle And the brazilian president wrote hey, you should give up europe, the europe yacht before you lecture about the environment here in Brazil, okay, he was just pictured on a hundred and fifty million dollar yacht it's the largest manufactured in Britain it produces about. two hundred and thirty eight tonnes of carbon dioxide per michael per mile
and he said, look do again leo. I mean I could tell you again: give up your yacht before lecturing the world. But I know you progressives you wanna check and the entire world, but never change yourself. So I'm gonna, let you off the hook, but between us. It's here to see a dude who pretends to love the planet, paying more attention to brazil. Then the fires harming europe and his own country. You know that's a problem. He says LEO, unlike the places your pretending not to see by brilliantly playing the role of a blind man brazil is and will carry on being a nation that, with the most preserves you can carry on with your hollywood star toys as we do our job in my government, the air deforestation is way lower than it was in the past when the crook turned candidate, that your brazilian buddy supports was in power?
its clear that everyone who tax brazil and its sovereignty, for the sake of virtue signalling, doesn't have a clue about the matter. They dont know, for instance, that we preserve more than eighty percent of our native vegetation or that we have the cleanest energy among g twenty. Nations he goes on and on and on its I stay here, somebody fight back and just not take it when it it's true that they have the cleanest energy among the g20. He should be heralding them, but he's not instead, he's on is on easier, lecturing everybody any targeting brazil? Why? Because it's not a progressive candidate that is currently running. The country sacking just a minute. our sponsor This half hour, I'm sorry, I'm sorry is rough greens. Let me tell you a rough
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