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The 'Experts' Who Tanked the Economy Want to 'Fix' It | Guests: Sen. Ron Johnson & Rep. Beth Van Duyne | 10/12/22

2022-10-13 | 🔗

Why do we keep looking to the "experts" who got us into our current economic mess as the ones who can fix it? Meanwhile, Glenn lays out everything wrong with America as Democrats scramble to hide all the issues until after the midterms. President Biden appears to have given the same speech word for word, four months apart. Glenn and Stu discuss the corporate media’s role in allowing Democrats to be blind to what’s happening worldwide. Rep. Beth Van Duyne dives into the midterms and the actual issues Americans care about. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson joins to discuss the foremost issues for Wisconsinites. Recovering investment banker Carol Roth explains how America is in an economic crisis and how Democratic policies are only making matters worse.

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and oh if you thought your head was going to explode yesterday. No, no! No! No! Today it's it's a full fledged duct tape, alert, babied and grab the duct tape wrap your head, because today's news is even crazier than yesterday. I dunno how many times I can say this, but we're on an exponential growth of crazy news. Now we begin in sixty seconds every day, warranty on this show about the dangers of inflation and how the you know how they're going to take what's already a lagging economy and turn it into something we haven't seen in this country in a very long time- and I I pray to god that I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure, I'm not now the time that you need to be saving money, the most whether it is putting money back in every month or saving it by not
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six, twenty four forty or go to american financing dot net american financing in the middle of one two, three, four w w w that animal less consumer access got so yesterday, if you remember my head was going to explode because Why are we allowing california? to dictate everything to the rest of the nation member? like. Let them stand alone. They want to do that. Fine, let them feel the full consequence. Why are they drag us, along with it today, my question is this? Why We keep listening to the same people who got us into this situation by we Fascinated him here is just yellin from yesterday, our economy. still see the impact of
covidien in china and the slow down in chinese growth and with high inflation tightening tightening monetary policy? Many advanced countries, markets from really all of these factors are suffering. Many stresses so this I'd like to talk about, but sure from the perspective of united states. I think the united states is doing very well wow. We're doing very well other country, These have high inflation, tight money, Their central banks are tightening the money supply, which is driving interest rates up, and other having supply problems. But ass. No, I We're doing really Why are we listening to her? Why are we listening now Let's go to the genius, that's actually behind the wheel, driving this car over the cliff our president. What does he think about?
what's coming economically to the american people, prepare for a recession? long live in saying this now, how every every six months they said, six months they looked down the next six months. As neighbours can happen, it had happened. It hadn't. There's no has there is no real guarantee that your computer's, I don't think there will be a recession years, will be a very slight recession. That is down slightly. Ok are now me we perhaps I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe because there is one industry that is as just I mean has has made so much money my hand over fist. It is such a growing industry that maybe he sinking you know. J p is affected by the year by the fence oh and human trafficking. Industry chop sir. I mean it's not hard to find a job there, you're willing. Human traffic people because of the border, don't worry,
eastern european hooker, his son is really helped keep that economy going right run right, but just because Does this, according to department homeless, Gary just because of what we done on the border, there is only been a five hundred percent increase in human smuggling. So you know increase, that's right! Yeah, that's good! I mean up up up America's really doing we're only one year now: Talk about those other countries that are having some problems, you know with low It's becoming more expensive threatens threatening jobs, trouble with their oil and gas prices. High interest rates and high inflation. Unlike us, unlike us, we're good, but let me talk about those countries topped up that in the european union in basle annual conference said that europe has been coupled due to multiple lack swan events
says it can no longer count on russia for cheap gas and oil, china. They were depending on cheap goods and the united states. They are dependent on the united states for security, and now you ve lost all three. and you know now- they're gonna have to completely re. Imagine completely re. Imagine how europe has put together cause it's broken, and there gonna, be able to do anything about it. They just have to re. Imagine how everything works. They are looking now at an era of volatility, which is great, You know the thing I really liked is: he said euro. United states and Europe had a fantastic relationship and we were cooperating a lot in that situation might change now, but I mean I know I'm quoting, but I urge you to think what would have happened if, instead of Joe biden-
What happened with donald trump or someone like him in the white house? It wouldn't happen but in a way he was warning you of these things. and you laughed at him, but don't worry about it, because hear fine according to janet, you were doing really, I think, we're on the upswing, we're doing really really well. Now, we'll see, want to count the enemies here. We were we're in a, proxy war with russia right Ah, where, where fighting with ukraine, which I think we're really all we're doing- is laundering money through ukraine. we haven't made china too happy lately but we also have at a very long ally, saudi arabia, which I don't want to be tied to. tromp was fixing that then our are. President,
He got a little spicy the with the sultan or the prince over there and and said you know this guy's a thug and a criminal and he has no place at the table I wanted to carry him when I get in So now the the president went over and he said: hey can you guys maybe up the and they agreed as he left? They agreed to two hundred thousand barrels, which has nothing to utter. thousand barrels and then the white house wrote her missive to the princess at you broke your word, to the president, but are you doing said two hundred now you're going to reduce it to one hundred and the kind of peace, the pit the prince, often so he's like yeah. You know what magna reduce it even more than that guy. So they were the people who were there at the meeting said that he was asking for oil.
And he was asking you know just kenya just boosted up a bit. What's better is he was saying and if you have to cut it, can you wait until after the election that way, he could you know, vince everybody that we are on the move, everything's, good your gas prices are down, and then opec could lower the production of oil and then, after you, ve made a decision on which side you trust to tell the truth and to help you along then after that election, then could say: oh my gosh legal. What these easiest evil salaries are doing k now the prey and, in his come out said, we'd have even talked about oil. Really, you didn't you didn't really hot That's where does everybody who was in the meeting says yes, about oil, but don't know he didn't and he also says ridiculous that I said we were going to reevaluate our relationship if they didn't cut the oil
you know. I really can't the oil resident, who was on tv a day said I didn't we to reevaluate our relationship. so this is really good. Biden has now warned of cancer quinces for saudi arabia. He vowed hold saudi arabia accountable, he said, I'm not gonna get into what I consider and what I have in mind, but there will be consequences. Good, ok, all right! Ok, all right! Well, you know Why not? Why not throw that law? Gonna fuck, oh by the way. The other reason saudi arabia so pissed at us because of Joe Biden, is because he's making it d with their mortal enemy ran? So we got deco afore. So let's pick another fight, their o, o o. here's another fight. We just picked two you're gonna love this one We have decided to
stop all exports of our chips to china yeah. So the? U s: department of commerce, introduce sweeping rules aimed at cutting china off, for obtaining or manufacturing key chips and components for supercomputers, this is quoting, is seen as huge escalate urge ask in the tensions between beijing and washington, america argues that such advanced semi conductors can be used by china for advance military capabilities, though yet sal, quoting the Co, founder of the center for innovating, the future There is no going back to the way things were the latest action. The cat, between the united states and china has now expanded to the point of no return. great so
by cutting off the chips which I am not arguing that they shouldn't have. We shouldn't be sending them stuff, but right now I know my be kind about dicey time to do it now. we're forcing them to have to take taiwan, because One is the speaker of all of the most sophisticated chips. In fact, I think they make eighty per cent of the jib, so there It's going to be really good if they march into taiwan, because then who doesn't have any computer chips? Yeah us this is good. Does oh by the way last night, it also Biden. Well down on the warning of nuclear armageddon. Yesterday? He- sad it again. You know I don't think Putin will use a nuclear weapon by
I mean it could nuclear armageddon. If he does ok, that that makes that makes it makes it much more acceptable and in and soothing really do here, news, oh- and they also announced yesterday that NATO is going to hold a nuclear deterrence exercise now this His great have you ever heard of operation able archer. This is a great story. Don't worry it's in there passed, able archer was something that we did every year. You know, there on the border of russia, and we did it with nato was a nato nuclear deterrence test and identity way way back to nineteen. Eighty three, because, We did we held. This annual every year. We did it annual exercise.
And we had a hundred thousand personnel over. There are sixteen thousand of which were flown in from the united states and the ex sir. The exercise was tooth syn, What are you gonna do if somebody launches a milk? Now the soviet union knew. This was just an exercise that we did every year, but reagan had been a little spicy call. Them a terrorist organisation, say if they were in evil empire. and so they no longer trusted the united states at all as they knew raw reagan wanted to collapse,. so what they did is they they had these new things called computers and he's computer programs, who started a track? You know that were there in russia and they were very sick
to get russia had only the best computers and the best software programs. and and so as they were doing this, what happened was it looked like we have launched a bunch of missiles on their computers and were convinced. We launched a and of missiles. It wasn't just the computer and they had during the whole operation they had all of their planes out with ten It warnings. and they had loaded all of their missiles. They had also taken all of their missiles out of the protected shelters open the glass doors they were ready to launch. If it were, send for the little red phone. Hey call me
we probably all would have been vaporized, but that has that maneuver. You know the way where there, where they're, just trying to just have a military acts, the o exercise. You know that that is just to see what we would do the soviet union word launch a nuclear deterrent. What would our deliberately? What are we do you? Now? Nato got together Did it every year, having done a long time but made I decided with the united states. Now is the time to try that again. He, though cos the trust is so high. These people are good to get us killed, ever been in a situation like I don't know, you're.
You're driving, whether they have incredible outlaw enzyme, though I I got it and he's swerving all around the road and you're like kuiken, we are going to die, is vine. I derive all the time and I dunno the drug That's when somebody says stop the car now what we're almost home with little is really stop the car I mean their driving or I'm gettin out here. I wish we could get out, but we can't what we and do is elect a new driver year. One that shouldn't have is licence taken away. what do you say? We do that? Kids in just a few weeks, we vote as always drunk friends or in the car, to go and hey, shut up. He's fine, he's oliver garden
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Seventy percent of the people who tried or go to order more month after month, because they stop seeing our relief factored in, calm call eight hundred for relief, eight hundred the number for relief or get the ninety ninety five three week, quick start developed just for you its relief factor. Dotcom eight hundred number for relief relief factor feel the difference. Second station idea, so I'm looking for that. Very slight recession happened some time next year. Nobody saying that nobody is saying that. Did you see? Did you see the federal reserve just trance bird, three and a half, billion dollars over to switzerland oh, how we found out. They don't have to usually say, but for some reason we found out about it, they did a couple a day
you don't remember when I was given the my luck? I think a couple of days ago and I said, look it's gonna take gus two years to find out, but I guarantee they are transferring your money your money, oh to credits. Peace now They won't tell us what bank in switzerland my eye sneaky suspicion. It's the one is like here on fire hair on fire. so we got that going on, but don't worry about it everything's fine, it's great what I feel fine! I had great night sleep last night, Have you ever seen such ay like blatant attempt to by an election to lie until just get us pass this this november date will say
anything will do anything. I have an idea that you're talking about I've, never seen anything like this before no nine nine election fraud I've never seen it. They just their buying off pink. students with their weight. You think you've heard the lies. Okay, like, for instance, now you are just talking about the buying off students. Sued loan thing, yeah, not supposed to do that right right. The yesterday he comes out and says: supreme court is like an activist group. Now it's not even a court and so they're doing it anyway. Okay, but you I'm leaving you haven't heard Anything until I show you and compare and contrast to speeches on what the country
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oil gave one in december and the other one in march, K and Somebody has taken these and put them together, side by side, so this purportedly four months apart, okra gang for since apart. I want you to listen to the details on this, because you don't give an update on something for months apart without the details. Change, right, well, yeah, obviously so running them together, side by side. You will hear the one december and the one in march, at the same time, listen I use it all available to dress migration issues, sworn work taken? gasoline gas prices? Last We can ask the largest ever release the railway station. Retorted praetorian reserve currently sizeable I've, oil and gas prices,
want to drive together in other countries, india, japan, republic of korea, the united kingdom all joined all agree to release additional oil reserves. China is doing so as well, do more as well once more. I never really wants us all, and I guess you have to trade overnight, but over the last month lightly newborn archaeologists association action. We see similar oil and gas ourselves unwelcome significantly, in fact that I totally agree with gas icy guess. Relational marking, the wholesale by about ten has fallen around ten percent. So now either one of those, and I would imagine, while I mean I mean it, could then the one with the holly on the mantel or the other one. Maybe one of them is just like a I I don't know, but
Do you give exactly word for word the same speech for months? Apart about what you ve just recently done right, give you said last week a meaningless. Coincidentally, if these, both these weeks the previous week, the exact same per cent chant change last year, which would be unlike yeah yeah, that's, It's weird and it just lay just copy and paste it essentially one speech and then real like did it as a have it appears or months later? That's what it appears as anything depressing What's up ever given the speech like now he always ago, he would know the normal circumstance. The president would recognise that use, giving a word for which there is no such thing as a normal. That's what everybody hired this guy for you hadn't return to normality. Returning annul, I'm nervous just go back to return to normal, but a great trip. Yeah hey, have
We have the cut of bill mar and Dave reuben yet find out. We have this. We do. I want you to listen to this now. This is bill mar and Dave reuben drave room was over at bill mars house and they taped an episode k of David nowhere and its. It's quite interesting, you can watch the whole thing on blaze. Tv acquainted sting you're gonna learn something about bill mar, and this is an honest thing about bill mar list. To them as they are talking about. the left believes. The right is just this conspiracy machine and we upset about nothing and they start. talking about how discredited Tromp was by the left side. Listen to this.
If you can't concede the election, the jewel in the crown of america. Yes, it is that every other areas where so many other countries had problems with the peaceful truck. That's like the one that really crypts everybody up, didn't trip us up until in and now going to trip. But that's not so I disagree with that because for four years when he was president Hillary Clinton he's an illegitimate president stations say that she did it on twitter. Twitter he's an illegitimate bs. It is. It is a hundred percent. Ok, if she said I don't remember that it is. It is certainly not something it's in the minds of the people in this country. It was not promulgated. Maybe she said at once bills, I'm different context, its into come that, like heller, britain's as he's not is made a career bill, I'm amongst which does not respect. I think to me: that's a blind spot with you at that,
We know that when you just said that nobody really paid attention to that anything are huge per cent of the country. Have the country saw hilary calling him there's a tweet. I mean I can give you the tweet after ok, it's one tweet. Nobody is not unaware of. What do you mean how many guests I honestly don't know the answer to that. I don't don't make about you, but how many people are on MSNBC for four years, saying he's a russian operative or russia installed him or you know I'm not even trying to defend trump. here's, the here's? The thing that you should learn from that Do you remember when we had robbery s petal here now and he was a liberal hollywood guy and he started doing his homework and he's like, while I'm not being told the truth about trumps supporters and we became friends, and I invited him here and one day we realized this guy. honestly I didn't know what had happened, the previous eight years, and I said rias rias.
Can we sit down here for second, I chalkboard and river stew stew, and I and maybe pat we put down all the stories that had happened. To see if he even knew about any of them, for instance, d. You know irs investigation, the truth on Ben gauzy, the the truth on you know a lot of different things. I can remember any of em right now, but and we went through he honestly didn't know and when he saw when I said he said, that's not true you were there in your like pulling up online. There is the story, o thou story! one time ran on age, twenty two of the new york times. You know they report these things, but people don't see them because they don't they never bring them up again they report them, they never bring it up again. And then somehow or another their blind to
of the things, and maybe because they just accepted it they don't even here that so much of it It was the surrounding coverage right where you know Hillary. You can say it was ill. She would he's in a legitimate president. Iran can say that donald trump, the russian operative and to react. that by the media as apple who could get paid put context around? This? Is yes we're doing restorations and soon the walls are closed. consumers have the sky on this, that's how it represented, and The opposite obviously goes on here that the second, a even an accusation of we know something from the election. it was immediately dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Now again, you could say. While you want about the facts on those cases, but the surrounding context immediately points of view are who too the media correction, I believe one of two things correct and in a look sheet that the the coverage around trump
what do you mean? Ruben is right. There I mean it was something like forty. Some odd percent of of Democrats believed he was not even elected legitimately. The same thing with george w bush, but it was oh, it was half half of Democrats believe. that nine eleven was an inside job by george bush, half half half you want. But conspiracy, theorists! Half! That's that's the baby What made Alex jones known to the public was that conspiracy, the nine eleven conspiracy theory now, because alex shows, is seen as a right wing figure. Everyone's reversed their position on this right, but that was his theory and democrats who believed it brought that in too your period, so we're lou, king at half the nation that really there not necessarily in denial, they really No, they haven't hurt about the things that are really going on. no. All of it. You know
many times have you been told that oh yeah? Yes, g, that all a conspiracy theory so they say that on c c b, S and so tune that out if there was ever a story there like gods, conspiracy, theory, and so they don't know. What's going on at the media allows this sort of offer amp for everybody. If you don't have to look at that, you don't have to look at the hunter Biden laptop. It's a it's a conspiracy theory! Don't bother looking at it, you don't need to learn about it. It's not true and you get that for immediately when there's a story, that's the unpleasant for your sigh erect and you get to in this sort of bubble, where you're protected from all the bad news of the things that happen to europe chosen candidates right, we have to find a way to start just boiling things down on the truth on stories on just you know, get the news letter every day Ivan, morning email. It's my show prep and there's probably anywhere from forty to sixty stories in every single day, and it is why
I and my staff assemble for twenty four hours. Twenty Actually, twenty one hours in between shows, we assemble that and then it what I read out much more than that, but these of these are the things we ve narrowed down to that have a chance of getting on the show and, I want you to read it because you will get in education on what's going on it and you will see its it's much bigger than Even you think you can. it for free, just go to Glenn, backed our common sign up for it now tonight, on my wednesday night special. President Biden is, is buying votes he's by votes with student loans, he announced that he's partying pardoning everybody convicted of marijuana possession this on the top of the things that white, the white house is prioritizing student
marijuana sex chain surgeries for children, abortion, but that's! That's it game changing for america, but that's not what most people are talking about. Has there ever been a white house in a majority in congress that is more out of touch, the real concerns of the average american, too a serious discussion of what this election is really about mainstream media is missing and what the rules are telling us. We have. The guy does trafalgar what the pole They are telling us. maybe you're, not hearing drew me to lie election of consequence- but the poles are not telling you tonight nine p eastern on blaze, tv dot, com and blaze tv you tube The convenience of modern american life sometimes complicates our efforts to maintain our values. For instance,
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dot com. Slash back patriot, bull dotcom, slash back! You can get free activation of use a promo code back. You can also nine seven to patriot, stay informed sign up for the free newsletter today, glenn back down com. Hello and welcome to the programme- and I ask you what reasonable human being that actually cares about. Other human beings is looking at situation in europe and thinking here we gotta wait. We gotta shut down those nuclear power plant. Yeah I mean we schedule himself. There already remain. Let's just keep em, you would be
If it were me- and it was just me and my family and men they were going to freeze to death or not freeze to death. I think I would say, hey, let's go those babies up and running Why? Wouldn't you do that? What the hell going on these people. Don't care about the average person They have their ideology, its malthusian they Have their ideology and they're just gonna go forward mental care, they don't care You can read about this and so much more in today's in newsletter today, there's a couple of things and I'm just not gonna get get to buy, call supreme court. Morven advocacy group than an even handed court, despite the you'll challenges. The white houses unveiled a simple student loan forgiveness application.
you don't even need any proof for identification you, it is fill it out, while we found that that's been a good practice in the past. right. You know with grudges, it's society, other things we have a group of new york sheriff say they are not going to aggressively enforce the new gun control law. Oh my gosh, by the way epoch eyes own stats, read about it in today's newsletter, Glenn backed our come fbi over twice, as many were, stabbed to death, then with rifles. So it's an amazing story, although Biden yesterday was bragging about how is going to get an assault, weapons, bat yeah, which is important, yeah bright ideas, Yet you better hurry, hey. I know also fbi offered christopher steal a million dollars if he, if they could just cooperate, but the trump allegations. The is that how he is that how we operate the f b I now is that is that it, oh by the way, no big deal no big deal d.
Can these companies believe so deeply the freedom of their fellow man. Now they can all bagel freeze to death, whatever but I am so upset with russia that honours no abandoned all of our property. There nissan announced on tuesday, that the company is going to sell all operations in russia to an entity? the nations government, so nissan nissan. everything that they had an owned format, you factoring fur. Car sales, the car lot everything they sold. They sold a russia for the for the outrageous price of one year, oh this, because I am fascinated by that like this
it's supposed to be me mean to russia, I you're giving them all your assets for a dollar. I understand that, like the it might look bad to take money from russia right now, which is probably their thought here, but like no here's, what they're doing they're punishing russia but they're. Also saying hey, don't forget we're kinda on your side, because when this all blows over where we would like to come back and sell more cars, so just take all that has taken maricopa. I think that's what it is: wow yeah! oh, we don't care. We just want get regiment. Russia can take it
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welcome to the lender programme. This is one of the most amazing times in american history. I dont know if there's ever been a time quite like this, where half the country is either heart of this. I hate america, which I don't think it's true or they ve been duped or almost hypnotized into this. To tell it. Carrying bent
We're seeing now from the left. Democrats are only talking about things that I don't think anyone else is talking about the average american, both democratic republic- and, I believe, not the ones in watching and not the ones who are, you know, really die hard. You know republican and I die for the party or Democrats. I die for the part of those people who get about. I am talking about your neighbour that mabel differently than you, I think, they're affected by inflation, their seeing gas prices there seeing what's going on, and yet the poles roof The fact that it's close, not sure, that's true. So this hour, I'm going to talk to a couple of people. We have SEN Ron Johnson from wisconsin he's going to be on with us in about thirty minutes, and congresswoman Beth Van dine. She is, she was
the only district that by one in and a Republican picked up a seat and it's her seat. it was close last time. What is she hearing on the streets compared to what is she hearing in washington from politicians? We begin in sixty seconds. Some companies do a really good job, that is to say they sell a great product and then they get out of your way. That's great, but then some companies go above and beyond the call of duty and rise to truly strong now my patriot supply is still donating. Ten percent of all of their proceeds to mercury ones, relief, efforts in florida, so two days ago. I got a number that that over a million dollars now tat is remarkable. This company to do we didn't ask them, they vote tiered. My patron supply please.
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probably the most unique freshman experience ever. I got sworn in january. Third right that we had january six happen, then we add on impeachment vote, after that we were at a time of covert where we were separated in office gold distance, and then we all had to wear masks. It has been. It has device of time in congress as well as the rest of the country, but it's been a while twenty months you know I was watching parliament the other day cause I'm a complete geek animal watching parliament and that- and they just yelling at each other, and I used to hate that. But it would. Watch it this time and I thought it Lee their debating. I never see anything where the chamber is full and your actual debating stuff. It's usually just somebody standing in front of a chart giving a speech to no one in the chamber. Is
accurate is absolutely accurate and you I dont know how much of this is covert related cause. I've got members on the other side of the isle, who have not been there, since since covet started so we have been voting by proxy, we have having committee votes, have been having committee meetings by zoom on end. Just haven't they have their offices closed, their their staff doesn't come in they dont meet with folks in d c, on when they have been heather constituents stitch when companies they're not there, while so how bad is the disconnect between what you hear from costs? issuance wants and what you hear from the political people in Washington DC. It is really disconnected when I am in the district, where we had over a hundred round tables and business. Worse we gone out, I mean that's been much. My job is to go out and find out what people here want me to be saying in d c,. I want to be represented what their priorities
it concerns in their issues and what scares them and what they want me to do about. That's why they want me their bright and that's why you congress has such a short period, you're running everybody Meyer, all the time, all the time you ve got two years. Your term is two years you're in and out, and that was made by our founder, but on purpose to make sure you stay connected with their constituents ends echo what I've hearing is in our economy number one on people are right We upset that their paychecks or much smaller now they may be. getting more per hour more but We look at and partaken to account inflation in If you do the math eight point three percent, which let's face it it's higher than that blushes go with a eight point. Three percent right, you know for for for arguments sake, but a point. Three percent is basically they taking an entire month's paycheck in burning it. When you do the math and you think that so everybody's is is taking. One paycheck Democrats have basically burned from every buddies wallet on
their affected by that, when they start looking at gas prices which or let's face, I know that the Biden administration cake keeps wine to blame russian war in ukraine another blaming the south every month. It was growing up. I ever since this president took office and its because of his policies, inflation because of their lack of fiducia responsibility, but again their policies. Spending like like crazy people. Trillions trillions of dollars more than any other administrations ever spent in the first twenty months, more dead than we ve ever accumulated in our in our country's history. That's what people are talking about their upset about things like not having baby formula on the shelves still still still, but it really rambled sooner. I mean you weren't texas, you think about the border crime that we ve got going. On their you think about the millions and millions of people that have entered our country illegally and have it affects our communities. The fetnah that this this administration does
not even have a plan won't even admit that there is a problem. That is what people at home are talking about. It is incredible to me that human trafficking, now: a billion dollar industry on our border and nobody seems to care They said that it's gone from a mom and pop. When you talk to the people who are down the border, they said it's gone from a mom and pop operation to now like coca cola, that it is That organised it is that why an expansive I'm in their making billions of dollars what the people in washington d do. They really think the Democrats that they are they ve got a winning message or do they know their in trouble. So when you talk to folks one on one, when the cameras aren't on on Democrats will admit that they're in trouble that they will admit that that fiscally and that Biden has not been
exactly what you consider responsible and oil and their district or talking about it. They will admit that not everybody will admit that. But you know- and they won't admit that publicly but yes see they are they are hearing from their constituents just like we're hearing from cars and the arguments are the same, but then they say that and then you look at the board at the end of of in your like: every democratic voted, yes to spending more money to being more fiscally irresponsible to sending billions of dollars outside of our country. two to hiring eighty seven thousand, I s agents but ignoring that we even have an order problem bro So there's one thing that they'll say but there's something else they vote and that's the most frustrating part cause. You know some of these folks are going to get given him sliced folks really are smart. When you talk to them
you just shake your head at the roads because it doesn't reflect in their votes? They've got. You know, brain cell, what the people in the district when you're talking to the average person, what do they think about war and putin? and hollow that you know what this is something that Republicans had been warning for over a year Persons are my relaunched. I remember with la hague and from afghanistan here right when we start Talking about the lack of leadership air, how, when your allowing terrorists to basically control your foreign policy, what message that was sending out on? We said exactly what was gonna happen, you're empowering folks in russia your empowering. You know on the that the government in china. So when russia, when in actually mean a putin, went into ukraine. I don't think it shocked. Many people we knew but that was going to happen
china going into Taiwan will probably be next again. It is our foreign policy that dictates that. It's not a lawyer form so? It is the fact that this is the the worst track record and I mean this sincerely- this is not hyperbole. I'm I'm not just thrown amount of. This is sincere, challenge any one. To show me, sir, buddy, who has made more mistakes quota, unquote or mistakes than this guy. and this administration everything they have done, works to the distant antics of amerika and I'm you know you you quickly get to the point where you like No one can be the odd of being wrong and have it work one hundred percent of the one hundred percent as I'm not in our favor. It just doesn't have that the odds are too astronomical. It depends what your goal is correct.
and in a year or you're wrong. A hundred percent time depends with the goals You know- and I would argue that what's happening at the border, they're they're turning a blind eye because it at one actually have to face that exactly what they wanted to happen is happening on. They dont want to have to admit if you go down there and they talked to people who work there, but we have had millions of people enter this country illegally. We have had an a o, a a democrat party, who's wanting to have their own rule for What's on opening that voting rules up for the entire country with eight hour, one where they want to have people who entered our country illegally, beale devout, they want to be able to have people who were sixteen vote. They wanted it not have on voter, I d So you think about that plan and you can start easily thinking. Well, maybe their goal is to have millions of people come into this country illegally, because their hoping that they're gonna vote for them and change the way that our country looks yours. First in asia, where you now, what are they saying about this.
This is a scary part. You know, I know that I go home and I talk to my constituents and they don't like what they see, but it's not you at home. I was in south korea for a week I came home and then I was in on Cambodia in singapore. All of these countries are drastically different from one another. but they all had the same message- the you right now is void and where there's a vote of leadership. China is more than half to be filling that void, and they are doing that on doing that. Every single day, you think about the rare earth, minerals that they have rights to around the world. Seventy five percent of our erstwhile rare rare, an hour how we, I believe we have a lot of them up in alaska, but you'll never get anybody to open those up. Possibly potentially the more that we rely on on electric vehicles where those, those minerals bomb. Lithium, nickel, r o are controlled by China and that's where
The Democrats similarly pushing our future like an whose benefit is, though, are those policies working? Not u s. So let me take it one minute break and then come back, and I would ask you so what is plan for republicans because honestly bath, you know this is as well as anybody does. Republicans will be done. he'll be done. If this is a congress, a just does investigations and does show boat stuff. You actually have to do something, and I'm shocked at the leadership knox. I don't have faith in the leadership, but I'm I'm shocked that they they haven't ray really come up with a mere day. One day to day three, here's what we're gonna do. I want from you can can house and a senate without the white house, actually change the direction, or at least but fingers in the dyke back in just a second.
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these three week, quick start for nineteen. Ninety five right now, relief factor, dotcom call one aid. Rid the number for relief. Eight hundred for relief, really factor dotcom. Ten second state and I d so we're back in studio with congresswoman who I just love. She has been in the fight you or the mayor of this town one First, move to uranium, two thousand levin two thousand said: and you have been in knock down, drew I out fights for really important things even has met here. I didn't know how you did it, but so you're in congress helps is so so Beth tell me and they make a difference and will the republicans do anything in your
of a team, sir. I I would play Why individual part, in my mind, my my independent part, which is, I will continue to to fight I'll, continue to do say what I'm going to do and do what I say and we have worked lost. Twenty months. Republicans have worked on this commitment to america on one. I was ass, Kevin Mccarthy's, so as he announced sir Kevin Mccarthy. What we are all lit and wellness there's about thirty of us that were in pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago and came out with the commitment when I was in an south korea, I had lunch with newt gingrich and he talked about the contract to america. How you need to tell the people what you stand for one thing last twenty months since we ve been fight, against what we ve seen, but it's not enough to say: you're, gonna fight, ya, sad to say this is what we're gonna do and so the commitment to america was basically these are our priorities, so our priorities or america's priorities were look, safety. What we ve seen with crime! We looked at what what's going on the border, we looked at it ability and government the fact that we still have proper-
voting we're not getting together, we're not debating on as a key or ass you, ve got congress who were able to buy with insider information stock trade so holding those account of those folks accountable. Looking at her feet, sing over last several years. How much freedoms that we have given up I am sure that we are looking at holding onto those freedoms, but also how money were spending. Are We can have a future that is free or we can have a future that our kids or grandkids or great grandkids are going to be constantly paying down debt. Oh I and then also looking at the economy. The fourth part of that is looking at the economy and making sure that we are fighting inflation? We were lucky. Policies that mean when you throw trillions of dollars into a system, dont be shot. Inflation goes up, but making sure that were protecting that economy. In not demonizing our american businesses, so you're watching what's happening with the banking sector. Right now, as they are freaking out there for you, they weren't freaking out before two thousand and eight they were like nah no problem here, unlike rarely and they're free.
out and warning really bad things. Are there trying to get the fed to stop tightening they're trying to get the fed start printing more money, and I was feeling that's what we're gonna get Because you're either got to stop the heart of the economy: pull all of this back in or uruguay to keep printing and then we just die through. You know, hyperinflation. Eventually, you believe we can pull this back gather I mean this a trick. That's never been done before. I think in two thousand and eight it was easy to identify what had led up to that. I think, looking at the the last couple of years, covered elzevir, elsa shouldn't how he pulled back. We did exactly number of cases exactly what we should not have done, the opposite of what we should have done yet we're now filling those ramifications by the way, those ramifications, especially at school kids, were going to be filling for years. I believe we can get back there. We do, we've seen what happens with one party rule for two years. It has been a disaster.
for the country, I think we can walk and shoe gum as they will have to govern and governing on those. Those four major principles at which has talked about, but also having investigations is gonna. Be important. Are you? Are you gonna, rain and leave the power. The presidency far, as I mean he's just doing, edicts me You guys have baron your walk past anything they want Well, it's not just the president, but also the president's cabinet- and you know we have. We have said from day one on I majorca. She has gotta, go! Okay, Marcus is part of the problem. There is there's no doubt in my mind that the mannings be impeached, so look a cabinet members and making sure that that if we had the senate, that's gonna be restored, well for some who those folks are that we are. We have people who actually be up for the job. It's one thing to have the president be what am I a? Let's? Let's just be nice and say, he's m, I a and a vice president who's on my eye, but making sure that you've got cabinet members, but also making sure that you're going after those those-
glaring those on things that have happened in the past illegal that need be addressed to you need to make sure that people understand that people are going, held accountable amen. I hope that is the binding family and found she would be included. That? How do people get involved in your campaign if they want to help love for him to go to death for texas tat come on we We are running every day. We are also trying to help a bunch of other people across the country to make sure that we take back our country and we make sure that we take back the majority. So we got a lot of great candidates. They're out there, Myra Flores asteroids a king and Jan Higgins on these or fire jennifer ruth green is phenomenal. Help these people put come over them. The finish line: death for texas, dotcom bath for texas doc, up as always great to see you keep up the fight. Thank you we come back in just a minute with senator RON Johnson from wisconsin. The Glen back programme
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to forty five percent off site wide at blinds. Dotcom. That's blinds com rules, Restrictions may apply. Did I back to back students, america and glenn tv, unbelief de vigo to please tv dot com, slash Glenn. The promo code is glenn This is the Glen back programme tonight on the Wednesday night special my programme at nine p m eastern, what the poles aren't telling you the election is now four weeks away. The white house and the cabinet and congress Senate seemed completely out of touch completely out of that they're. Talking about it's like there,
governing some virtual reality: game version of america out of touch with real concerns, a bolt, democrats and republicans tonight, a serious discussion of what this election is really about. What the main stew! media is missing and what you need to know heading in two november tonight, election of consequence, So what the poles are not telling you tonight at nine p m eastern on blaze, tv dot, com, blaze, tv, you tube as well to continue. This conversation, we have senator RON Johnson. Of wisconsin, who is running and doing quite well Now it is close, but will it don't know how its close in reality. Let me We just some stats on wisconsin thee, inflation increase in overall all prices. Fourteen percent,
monthly inflation cost six hundred and seventy three dollars per month for monthly inflation costs up a hundred and four dollars energy up a hundred and fifty nine dollars a month me poultry fish egg prices in the mid west region have increased by eleven percent dairy prices, dairy its wisconsin, dairy prices have increased by seventeen point, four percent cereals, bakery price, prices in the mid west have now increase by set ten point, seven percent and the best dad of all you're gonna love it come to scans and specially this time of the year when the blood on the sidewalk matches the leaves with and has seen nine percent rise in violent crime. I can't believe he's not winning with nine. Percent. Right now, senator Johnson welcome to the programme. How are you
the morning when it is worse than that, since two thousand and nineteen statewide murders europe, seventy percent going out, you know, It's either up ninety three percent, since two thousand and nineteen have a governor in china, governor running, guess: lieutenant governor buys coup pledge. You're their goal was to reduce our prison population by fifty percent El Barnes real. My video saying that reducing prison population is now sexy. No, it's dangerous! and here you see that in statistics we I refer to inflation- is a doubt, the? U help started by the administration, he's now worth only eighty eight point: three cents, if you're a senior on a fixed income but see you are fortunate enough to have a nest. Egg for ease of calculation- let's say one hundred thousand dollars that hundred thousand dollars is out worth eighty eight thousand three hundred dollars that that's what the Biden inflation, but democratic governance has done to you.
and I always go what I call the list: horribles record inflation, a forty right relation rapid gas prices skyrocketing crime baby. For me, a shortage of open, born why illegal immigrants, deadly drugs brits deadly cities, but what is interesting in was causing the people's really. This port me there obviously being crushed by all those things there how it concern about that, but there's far more fundamental concern on their minds. Is it will just moves? This country mean literally big look around images. Look at how in saying that what we are trying to do when calculating our children? The weakness of biological males competing with her daughters, expecting the shore in their showers, scream history, injecting children with gender blocking drugs. In its don't tell their parents downloaded not in wisconsin concerns are concerned, the fact the weirdest losing our current
senator retorted centre around johnson in wisconsin. I have to have just echo this a bit. I know you will you know me for me. I know you and and when I in two thousand eight was saying this is what's coming, I'm still shocked every day: I sit in this seat as I see it all unfold, I'm Amy it's like we're living in a funhouse or crazy house. It's it's nuts, what's happening when you're talking people on the streets, Are you seeing any Democrats wake up? Are you seeing the Republicans really motivated to come out and vote definitely republics are more motivated. The I shouldn't have democrats showing up to our parent meetings because their eyes had been opened up about what has been in
acclimated into their children during koga, and you know the the sad fact, though, is it's it's hard to get democrats to put a yard sign out, or it is hard to get a Democrat. Who truly supports me too? maybe go on camera and see I'm I'm I'm a democrat and support ron Johnson, because he has the courage to tell us the truth, because they don't want to be vilified. They don't want to be cancer cancelled. People are afraid that we we don't free and open speech in this country anymore, or you can say anything you want to if you're leftists, don't worry about that whatsoever. But if you're conservative you've got to get better, keep your your mouth to shut. If you if you want to continue to work. If you dont want be cancelled at work, if you don't want be vilified and society its it's a it's. A very sad state of affairs I will. I will tell you you're right on this That's how we lose the country if people are not willing to stand up when they see something wrong. I mean you know good men
willing to do nothing, that's how it ends is so equal. Let's go back to crime for a second running against mandela Barnes. They were least, almost a thousand violent criminals out reduce the population by fifteen percent. I think you said their goal was fifty percent he's going around saying that he was endorsed by law enforcement, but I don't think that's true. I think he was for real joining the the police was he not? Well, actually, I d trotted out a big nine endorsements from police officers, some retired to active duty of those true denied that they endure.
Damn, he might, he might have your pal totaled up something like twenty. Now I I am endorsed by fifty one of the seventy two county: sheriffs or police associations, trolling, almost forty five hundred police officers. So there's no doubt who you know who supports law enforcement and who's supported by law enforcement, but no he he The code used the code words by cord bullshit. We allocate more of policed by his. He says it pains him to see a fully funded. Please budget usually go out. He said the founding of america was awful. He said, National parks were only produced for the german of white people and basically calling our our national parks racist know. He is a radical leftist he's hiding in sheep's clothing or he's by and large, been hiding from the press. We've somewhat smoked him out ah, but he is
It didn't take hard questions. Of course, the the mainstream media in wisconsin here most of them are complicit they're. Corrupt use of the problem. Glen is the radical left, has infiltrated all almost every institution of america they won't admit it. They won't admit the radical after they wanted mitt, thereby in the media, but that's what's happening. It's only normalizing. All these things are we to do sit back and look. This is crazy, he's just crazy, but We normalized by by the media and by the radical leftists in these institutions senator next hour, I'm going to be talking about the economy and what is coming, and I I unwise days like today I look at the economy and I I think we ve hit the iceberg thou. We ve just hit it economically. We ve hit the ice, burke we're at the point where you can't he can't
raise interest rates very much more without collapsing and you, sir we can't lower them or you're just going to stave off? You know, hype inflation. If you, if you, keep em high. If you don't you you're, just gonna speed, hyperinflation up, in my opinion, you have me. Accounting in europe in your background, are are with their. We The point now, where its damn close. To a point of no return. Two trillion dollars added, to our national debt every single year, just from the I zing interest rates alone, no listen. I'm I'm highly concerned the last three years we had got some point: five trillion dollars toward that were thirty one. Thousand get free, just returned the interest rates and we had the last three decades. Last century five point four percent and supreme regional instead, pre reasonable rate of return when you're, risking only
some some money I will run we've, been keeping interest rates artificially low at one point, four percent, if we were just return to that thirty year average, that would add one point: two trillion dollars to our three hundred and fifty trillion or three to three hundred fifty billion dollar annual interest, expense that that's what we spend on social security every year, I'm so no! It's a! I think, eight point: five percent inflation, whatever, where exactly it out right now, but that's just a sign of a harbinger of things to come. Or is this the inkling of of a debt crisis? And, of course, what sparks a debt crisis Couldn't we stick with the? U s and say it all: you ve got a credit to stop people, you some money, but not at that re use. You go back to that thirty, your average of one point two trillion dollars thrown on top at which would have to be paid for you to fall through debt and then is shrieked skier, saw a national financial balance sheet is no different than a family other than issued orders and origin.
To larger, but you simply can't incurs so much tat. Have the debt be so much in excess of national income without a day of reckoning is completely understandable, but so many people. Why should he see and the general public, because the media generally supports all these left you, sir policies. A bitch is worsened by the graveyard fidget, not paying attention. A guy like me that the pointed out I just get vilified here: May I get lied about you, I won't I m so cruelly. No, I want to say that I want to save medicare than just pointing out the greatest to any government programme. Is this mass? Your death is spreading in our growing out of control senator RON Johnson from wisconsin he is running now end could probably use your support. Where do they go? If they want to support you work on campaign. I don't ask that's wrong jobs, you for certain
at the time, and I I didn't support rep Mandela barnes raised twenty in dollars into his campaign. Account last quarter. He outraised doing quite well because it supports your programme and others, but we need to put tell them I I need a lot of sports, so RON Johnson presented dot com if we're going to save the Senate seat and we need to do so. If we're going to save this country- and are you confident run that I you know we we we take the senate and it's not a do nothing senate, but the republicans actually get their ass in gear and do some things well, I sure we're going to use every ounce of influence. I have
To make sure that at a minimum we become william F, buckley, conservative stance, work, history and yell stop consulting the best. We need to do a yeah. We we need to bring some function back to the senate, pass a budget you'll put attached to a probably probably have to increase the debt ceiling, but attached to the fiscal controls that's doing was designed to a prompt and then go through an appropriation process. You know, starting in April, bring up the ten appropriation bill makes a democratic vote not to fund our troops in what we do right now. Just wait till the end of the fiscal year. Do these massive appropriation and that is a huge huge prop. You fix that just that alone and america ray balances up a little bit and it, and it would be felt if you would just pass budgets again, haven't had one since two thousand aid.
SEN Ron Johnson. Thank you so much for everything that you have done and are doing, keep up the fight eight and we support you here. Thank you. Thank you. Ve been you. You got a great man. american senator ron Johnson ron Johnson for senate dot com, aright I want to talk to you a little bit about doing some amazing. And that is saving a life. Literally saving a life today, little while back unexpected mother came into pre, born clinic undecided at this point whether she was going to keep the pregnancy or not Well, when god brings the and he often likes to bring the downpour that woman heard not one not to, but all three of her little babies heartbeats, and that was that now there
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born dot com. Slash back. That's pre, born dot com, slash back the Glen back programme. welcome to the back program. You know, wouldn't be fine just for a day without all the weird stuff to be Tom cruise you have a lot of money to spend. Well now it's not even that, and it's not even his good looks. Although the lake, He looks at me and he's like man if I could just look like Glenn Beck when I was his age and I'm like you are actually older. Yeah
ok, you need seriously is a shot up. Now, Tom cruise is going to be the first civilian to do a space walk, and he it's going to be filming a new movie in space that guy He has done some of the grid not over, which I would do like. I don't want to if climb. You know I don't know go down. Flying a helicopter that spinning out of control don't want to jump out of the you know, khalifa tower and our space, maybe but not really. When I get there, I kind of inside them like guys we're not gonna. Do this now no seriously. No. No! No. Why are you shoving me out the hatch
I mean that guy does he's done everything and he seems like he likes doing this stuff, which means he's just going around the world getting paid. He has to do all the stuff he wants to do anyway. I was working in into movies exactly right, exactly right. He was like what do I want to do. He said the real. You know the debt jumped out in one of the emission impossible jumped out of the high. That's really him jumping apnea, and he said he wanted to do that for years, almost twenty years he wanted to do that. See do you have just having fun getting paid millions of it would be nice. I bet not stressed out right now. You know about the country now I have no data to back program or imagine what it would be like if he could flip a switch and make every order odor that is in your home, just go away. Sometimes my dog, big german, shepherd lots of hair. we'll go out into the pool or
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment programme
and just what do you think things can't get crazier they do. This administration is doing everything. It's like opposite day. It's like I dunno we slipped in a wormhole and wherein in a parallel universe. That is the the reverse image of our universe. You know what I mean and you're the only one that is like. No that's a really bad idea, but I feel like that area. I was like nah small big deal, claiming he's talking about. Nuclear armageddon, again wait a minute he's taken on the gig economy hold on. How much is he spending here? I think this is all bad nah, don't worry about it holy cow. It has gotten worse and we're going to take you into the economy and what you need to be prepared for, since nobody will tell you what to be prepared for we'll do it. Somebody has to join us sixty seconds. We begin we
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meeting or something today and you're in town for that land. Welcome is always carol. Bangs. Its funding being studio- I am so carol- I just said to Senator Johnson from wisconsin that I feel like we're on the titanic. Now we ve hit the iceberg at full speed. and I'm looking for a band to stop playing, so people can go away what happen and its time to get into the lifeboats cause the things we. We got to save what we can in the people. We can because we're gonna have a lot of rebuilding to do yeah and it's the people. Put us on course to head the iceberg way way way beautiful. You know
agree with my note what you do you know I do agree, and I am very, very lacquer. I know I know I know you don't have to tell you that everything is going away. I spurred mega yon instead of the titanic, get if not the case, but it is these people who said, oh, that I burke, isn't there who know we can totally maneuver our way around dead? These are the people who second hano, ok yeah, Ok, so I was there and maybe we hid it, but you know that that was some other reason we didn't, you know, wasn't actually there when we saw it, but now we ve got all these great ideas on how to fix the behind us, and none of them are good ideas. Let me ask you this: if say: you're the head of the treasury or you're the head of the fed. Lord
but everyone ideas that I think would you'd better out. I think we need better all you or even if they re, even who was just you don't owe me. Can you be like you know better than these glower guy off story outer anybody off the street? You You don't know what your name is coming here: you're now the head of the fed. Let me If you were the head of the fed- and this is the iceberg part, How do you stop this from going down art because you have to raise interest rates? The traditionally to pull money back in, but these interest rates would have to be thirty percent easy but dont your great. This kind of money back in When we were in twenty and Jimmy carter, yet we will get to that in a second. It. First off, if it were fed chair, I blow The entire fed powers- and I say, work at a working to put myself
I a job at some point in time, but in terms of the problem at hand, wait wait. Let me give the soul the audience understands to suck. Inflation, goes down when you suck money back out of the system. That's the theory and that's the way. It's always worked, hang on know what you're thinking and the problem is, you can only make interesting its go so high before it sucks, the money out that is needed to run the economy so that have the country is say with going to have higher andreas, and now we got a lower the interest rates. I dont know what to do because it just free So let me put this in layman's terms. You're talking about this battle between flame shin and putting it
us into a very deep recession, not that we're not already in a recession with some of the people like to pretend that we're not right, but a very deep recession in those two things are at odds with each other borderline depression. I mean depression, really is kind of defined by the unemployment being very Mary I write and little order again. Duration. Right, though, length of know how deep and how long this goes, but there's another factor in here which is because we are the world reserve. Currency is something called the trip Angela, so not only domestically are we at odds inflation, verses recession, but on a global from a global standpoint. You're at odds. Do you make decisions for the benefits of the? U s, which I am not sure that we can, but let's just pretend that maybe we can or for the world, because the world is on the precipice of a
ass of global recession. That could cause all kinds of reverberations here. So this is the massive puzzle that these central planners again have created because they thought like. Oh, we can figure this out, but they do I realize they aren't smart enough to figure out all these moving parts, so as fed chair I need to slow the titanic down so that we can get people as we talked about and into the light boats. Verses. Not crashing into the ice because that's just not possible at this point. It is not possible to see on the titanic the I'd. I'd personally, don't think that its possible everyone's is like. Oh there's, a very narrow path, though cable that there's, like you know as near as like one of my hair, is they re there's no narrow path? So let us be honest about the the time to do. Something really was before two thousand eight once we, he went down the path of baling everybody out. This is the inevitable outcome and everybody you know at the fed in all the experts and the banking people they are,
No, no, no, no! You don't understand, and I kept saying to them. I do understand, I don't think you're either telling the truth to yourself or your ear geared you're. Just a crazy man, because you can't do this at the numbers that we're doing it yeah and that the thing is that not only should they have not done what they did, then they shouldn't have kept him. Place for as long as they have and they shouldn't have double down and that's the problem is that we keep having these opportunities to go yet. So we have made mistakes and we're going to change course, and we don't want. Instead, everyone goes no. I think this is fine. We're gonna continue, marching down or or I'm not seeing the problem in the way that other people are anticipating seeing the problem. So since they're not recognising it, we have some more room to just continue to continue on until they wake up and realise that it's a problem once you wake up and realise that the problems there then.
becomes too late and were in the situation that were sold monday. I did a monologue on credit sweets I said, eat gonna see in two years, because the fed don't have to tell you that for two years, but I guess guarantee you, we are sending our money over to credit credit suisse right now to do basically what we did in two thousand eight save the bank. That's too big to fail. Oh, I don't know why they release this information, but last night I'm reading we spent three. We sent three trade. Billion. How much? How much do we said? I don't I don't know, but I doubt it was three trillion yeah I'll have to look at. You look at look that up for three trillion: seven angering it's a staggering amount, but let me tell you why they did. That is because these, the swiss national bank said that credit suisse is a systemically important bank correct. So, of course that they are too big
to fail. We can't we know we can't bail out the little guys. We have to make sure that the big cronies are taken care of. So, of course, buddy was gonna come to the rescue and when you say somebody, it's always the: u s and it's not the? U s, it's you and you and you and you that literally because it's our money or the printing money devalues armani. So so isn't now in the place or soon going to be in the place that we were at in two thousand eight So there is its four indifferent reason run right, but by but again- and this goes back to the fed. So, let's tie the solemn, a nice little bo because we have a dollar that is strong against. Other currencies is not strong when you go to the grocery store, but as strong against these other reference he's out there, I like to call it the skinny a kid at fat camp it's not great, but it's the best of out of all of them and because of the
energy situation that they have all created their dependent on importing energy energy and, to some extent, food is priced in dollars, which means these countries need to access dollars in order to pay for these things, so they only have so many choices. It means they either continue to devalue their currency. They're gonna have to spend more more of their currency to buy dollars or they sell dollar denominated assets like treasuries in order to get the dollars to pay, and so this is a vicious cycle. When they do that, then the aid- yields go up the dollars thence and we end up in this crazy cycle again, and this is why it is so complicated. The Feds decision isn't just inflation verses, You know a deeper recession here in the: u s, its literally potentially creating a global currency crisis is potentially creating a liquidity. In the treasury market in a crisis there is potentially you know it all.
ass, the heads could end up just youtube beings in a massive fire salem they have to think through all those implications, and that's why I were fed share right now. Where we started this, I would have to pause, because I dont think that the fed has the tools. to combat inflation since their supply, read it anyway? They can't print oil, they can't print labour, they dont have the tools to do all they can to his crash demand and if they do, they take the whole down with them. ok. Well, I think I'm going home now are more injustices, carol roth by the way you can get her news letter in the things that she right the blaze the blaze. Dot. Com you'll see a lot of her articles and at your web it is well carol, roth dot com, slash glenn, rank that that's actually
project coming up that you know about, they can sign up to find out about that. There is going to help them battle their way back with wealth, carol, ross, slash caravan dot com, slash, Glen, you're, going to announce it today or not denouncing it, but that, but if they get the that mailing less. They will be among the first of good thing. Yes right, let me tell you about gold. I actually saw a I who was traditionally against holding gold and he just did you re, I dont remember who it was, but he was a guy traditionally against it. Any said now. really at the time now, the time, because all assets? All assets are gonna, go way down the he predicted way down, and of gold goes down it'll, be like the skinny kid at the fact. You don't I mean, and eventually he said, gold always resets. The everyday yeah. Do you agree with every week? We can talk about this more, but if you just think about at what we just said, the fed eventually
having to go back to continue printing these central banks having to go back to printing like we're, seeing and at the bank of england you. This is a long term trend you saw something out of saudi arabia that their opening a gold refinery. There is a reason for that. So, just in terms of the tenor of the global economy, you dollars, reserve currency and all these machinations going on is the one thing that everyone Kind of agree on is gold. You know it's a It's amazing, too, because if you think that the government cause we're just making a due to different dollar, we're just make a dead at dollar. It's gonna be completely different at it. At that No one is going to have any credibility. We gonna have to show Show me what that's worth show it to me. No one will have any. There will be no new, no face in the good name and credit of the united states anyway,
call gold, the gold line right now they got a really good special going on the legal tender bar. This is old pieces, I actually help design this and they had it made by the canadian meant It is little teeny gold bars that are spendable. If you well there, you can. Keep it in your wallet and you we get wherever you needed to get and do things to do with those and its much more reasonable to use. Also, if you do If you get a free, benjamin franklin, cop, around free silver, mind your business bar and a free silver maple flex bar, which is exactly like the the gold bar that I was about a minute ago inventory on these. They sell out quickly, don't wait, call eight six gold line, eight six, six gold,
her gold line dotcom ten second station. I d it, can you explain one thing? I saw an article out of europe and it said that because there are no investors because of vs g by there's. No investors in experts wearing for oil, etc, etc, and the fact that we are headed towards price destruction, meaning nobody. afforded do anything so nobody's gonna, be using gas and you're gonna be staying at home, so the price of gas will fall through the floor. They think, then, banks will have, or any investors will have a call. On their investment and they won't have the money to be able to do it
so there are stuck in the same kind of trap where it's this vicious circle a true. Is that right so there is a case to be made that zero, as we kind of go into a global recession like a very deep lovers: recession that there will be demand destruction, but you have to remove. for that we just had opec plus decide to cut production, two million barrels per day so and your china still kind of getting back and ran running in terms of capacity, so I dont think that oil and gas are going to go back up to the levels that you know. Perhaps we saw earlier this year, but the idea that it's all gonna come crashing down when yes, europe you're stockpiled on gas, but let's like a three month, stockpile at what happens after that, this, issue that we have with energy. This isn't like a month long or a winter long as you and all the sun, we're gonna come out. The other side in everything
gonna be rose and there's massive under investment. That's can affect us for years, so it's not just that you can turn the spigot back on. I know you know when you see of these big oil rigs that are out in the middle of the gulf those things are made here, a lot of them But they have specialised parts, but, like one company makes those things these are on leases for ten years, at least so, if it puts, up here goes some other place south america at least- and you don't just build an oil rig like that overnight we're talking years. Of restarting this sounds really familiar. It sounds like an twenty twenty one. A bunch of people said: wait, you can't you turn off the third of the economy and then turn it back on whenever you want and there's gonna be absolutely no dislocation ha, that's weird. It's the same
here. You are losing the the parts manufacture you're losing in the case of nuclear you're, not a knowledge base of specialised expertise. You cannot just flip the switch back on there's no meaning full sort of rush towards investment, because all these companies believe that whoever next regime is even if there is a friendly one and between that they're, just gonna double down on these bad policy. So why would they make a ten year fifteen year, multi billion dollar investment when people are come out sing were coming after you? It does that you show me the incentive. I will show you the outcome that is charlie monger and its for every single thing and in turn of energy it. This is not just the next fumes this is a moral time. Multi year disaster with of human suffering- and we were talking about already in europe- just the implications not just on
heating, your homes, but on the food sector bakeries and dairy b of the companies that may massively use energy there not able to produce at the levels that they could, because the energies, georgia, bird yeah- is I mean those what happened to sri lanka right. This is craziness, it is craziness, there is such a and I can only its malthusian. You have to hate human kind, go down this road because it so clear what the right applications are an obvious stuff right now go! Oh yeah! Ok, ok, ok are we were I got it then That's one thing right foot to stay, singly focused on this and continue. While people are going to face starvation and freezing to death. its there's. Something deeply deeply wrong with you. So I ve talked about this. This is what the fell dead right,
I stayed with that myopia thing with covered. Now we have it with energy so when we come back, I want to talk because bank of america just said back alive about to shed a hundred and seventy five thousand jobs every day. This month, I don't know, if that's way out of line that we know from a bad time or what you know. What that number means I'll ask you in a second, and then I also lets dog I'll here's another bad decision federal government is going after the gig economy? And you can't do that to America mean but they are, but they are so what Does that mean what cha is going to be safe in over those over the next few years, hey. I have an idea. We should get together and vote
vote we ve got to overwhelm the poles and send a very strong message. Enough is enough. The Glen back programme, ok grab a mirror, just look into it for a second, I know handsome right, I know I know and now just say into the mirror. I want, steal that person's money person is you so you have to imagine you're, not you're. Looking at a picture not me anyway, that's a cyber criminal theyve. They Looking at you san, I want it. I wanted any Well, you have to be read nothing. They were there. after your identity, but also your money. Your good name is the thing that you will really regret losing unless you have online protection right now
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nor dash plunge. in the stock market, as the labour department proposes gig worker change. What does this mean siren? about this and the war on small business. This is one of those things that sounds really nice in theory and as absolutely terrible for economic freedom. This is basically taking hallo formulas? Eighty five law- and we know the california is you- know the the stamping ground that the place where they test every bad idea that they are not national and they scully said. If you are an independent contractor, that's really going to work for us anymore. We going to need you, unless you have your own business entity and Are you running yourself like a business entity? We are going to need you to be an employed and that creates all kinds of issues not
for uber unless they like to sell it on as we're going after. The big guys, but really for thirty two point: six million small businesses and the fifty three million people who want to have flexible work because small business owner from me the to have to bring somebody on when I might only need them for a month during busy season or what not. Now I have to make men employ. I have to pay for insurance for them. I have to pay their portion into social security. It may screw up my for one plans and mice, cept plans and all those kinds of things, because now you have people who you don't warrant, employ, is that our employees- and it just trickle through your business- I as a small business owner, can't afford that these bigger guys they ve got access to capital. They ve got big human resources departments, they even though some of them are fighting it yourself,
them love it because it shakes out all of the competition and then, from your standpoint it takes away your economic freedom. They liked but choice. Will what about your work, your choice? Why do you not get to work? I want to work flexibly. I went to work, you made one day on number one day on door dash one day on something else, and the idea that, just because you have somebody uses your platform from time to time to earn money. Men is your baby. that are going to become your employ. Now me I'd. Does your shoe shine on the corner of a museum every week? So why is he not your employ, but this is, It gave away to the union's shoe this big special interests and to certain big businesses that will rush economic freedom, and this country I just had a guy from door dash, but we ordered some. then from some restaurant and
they forgot a salad? Now I wasn't disappointed. My wife was disappointed. This guy comes and he is the you so great an usually when you know you have a solid as their walk in to their car. You could have like to pee as missing in that we like you call and they'll just deducted sky was like no, no, no! No! No! I I'll go pick it back up No I'll, let him know the mistake I'll go pick a backup and where they not really! You don't have to it's a salad and- and you know a bargain and please don't I'll pay, you extra, don't go get it and he he said. No, no, no! I gotta, I gotta go get it so he did. I tried to tip him. He wouldn't take a tip. He ed. You know what I have come. Ass. My life has crashed. My wife left me, It was cheating on me. He said I ve gone back. to school. Gonna get my doctorate in whatever and he said, I'm providing a good service, you ve already,
Tipped me enough. I want a fair deal, and I want to do my job with integrity, and I thought This guy is phantom where currently higher there's got to get its voting for the latest jesse's fantastic, totally and but he's looking at it, because he can do that when he has time when he's not studying or going to school. Exactly at that is huge for the american people huge, we have kinds of job openings. We have one point: six, seven jobs open for every person. If you want to become an employee, you have that supper tonight. People don't want that. They want flexibility. They want the opportunity to be their own boss. Do
if they want to do on their time and you've, got the government saying, I'm sorry, you can't, we can't make a contract together. I can't do what I want and said: Glen, I'm going to work for you from time to time. That's not! Ok! We are going to dictate that to you, we want more taxes, we want to interfere and what ends up happening is it takes those jobs away? It makes them go away because the reason these models exist around the economy is because they are independent contractors and it works for both parties when they go out and they survey these bees independent contractors? This it was rather be employs. The overwhelming majority, say no, so the only people who are bad benefiting again special interests, big government, Let's see is, is
I mean this: can they just do the? Can the labour department just do this? There is going to be a comment period and I will put something up on my twitter. We need people in force us, like you vote. You need your voice. Is you need to go? Call your representatives? You need to come and tell them to keep the garment out economic freedom. Let people work the way that they want to work absolutely no on us actually listen. Another comment thing, so I Thence holds that you're, so few people, you know it, maybe not the comments, When you call your rap, so few people actually pick up the phone and call that if they get like twenty calls, their freaking out, like flickr you're a barrage, so you actually can, if you get a group of people together, make a difference because it's kind of like twitter right. You know all this but in a few people start saying something that everybody saying mess in those that squeaky we'll. That gets the oil that vocal minority that can affect change
beverly right now in everybody's on edge with the economy. Last thing we should do is totally out of a job takes. You now seems like not a great idea. One story federal reserve enhanced. Six law urge banks are gonna, participate in pilot climate scenario of social. credit system at the helm What what is this? I think I know what this means, do you know exactly what this means conversing. Ah no! No! No! This is just that you now harry. It is bad is a conspiracy theory. This is just we're just trying to see this climate thing player. To see if we can be stable and if the credit score thing. Will work at me ever there saying it's not going to be, could pretty much count on that's what it's going to die and that's the concern over the federal reserve potentially rolling out a a currency. They control a central bank digital currency, not
troll like where they control the money supply, but where they can actually control the one that you own and they can program it and they can take away your ability don't use it now, those kinds of thanks so much. Gas? Is that is sort of what there piloting there already talking about c b disease, there already trying to develop that and so much like we ve seen some private companies try to do lately say well, you know where it were not happy with dunno you a too much meet this this month and so on. Not gonna. Let you by this burger, we're just gonna shut that access down, but hey. If you buy the healthy salad, you know you can access it. If not you're gonna have to to wait to access your money. I mean that the again the opportunity here, for just a massive control and and of economic freedom. It does the most on american thing I can think of.
There is one other thing that I wanted to talk to you about. We talked about it. Yesterday. Caution was just in my head now just slipped out. I can pay pal central bank, digital currency, well pay powers and paypal is one way to get into this tomorrow. We just ran out of time but pay pal You know they said I e our worries. That was a mistake. All of that did you see what happens to the other one examined and a fine They said they were gonna. Fine people turn two thousand five hundred dollars. You know If you broke their standards, their standards were way broad and then they came back and said that policy get in here, I must have mice in the equipment here and it was specific to misinformation, because they are actually a couple of other things that they already still find you for that they didn't take away. This was a new thing that they added around misinformation, and the question is: why is a payment provider
during a team to monitor information by what leaden look one, what play does that make sense other than the planet that we ve been talking about. Where you all these different for says, come together and basically conspire using my word to use to take away your economic freedom? So let me just give you this dance. Norman. You know he still here is the he's the head now of paypal, ok and he his focus, and this is all in his view, known on his stuff democratize as in transforming financial services and e commerce to improve the financial health of billions of people, family and businesses all around the world He has vast experience with pain since in mobile technology. Now leading pay pal to quote re, imagine how people move and manage money and how merchants and consumers interact and transect that's great pay. Pal
now been listed as one of the top companies unjust capital capital letters, just just capitals, and forbes? Just One hundred list featuring come, he's doing right by america pal, has also been recognized as fortune change the world company for its work on tackling biggest challenges facing society and leadership. Dell. Is this an impact to bin recognized by several notable organizations. When I This can. I can I got yeah. Is it the world economic forum where no here, that you think o cow, what are they wash in this guy for he is one hundred black men of new york honour dan with the excellence and economic empowerment award new york.
urban league presented him with frederick douglass award, let's see in twenty twenty one. He also received the voices of solidarity award presented by it'll voices me he has won. The oak crown honour presented by prime minister is avery battell into twenty the rod were. Robert F Kennedy, human rights, a ward. He won the ripple of hope award dan was recognised by endeavour. Global the high impact leader of the year award for anything financial and that less so far. No so far, no, however, he is on the council, for economic education Dan was recognised with the brenner legacy award in honour of the late supreme court, justice. You know who I yet a lot in common. I guess, with common human did dignity with her.
Also he's a doctor, a few main letters, blah blah blah blah blah. Now right third unfortunate list of the world's greatest leaders, this guy, cannot get more awards right, nor a gay is top twenty business persons of the year name, one of the most one hundred creative people, one of the top. fifty see oaths top ten mode the innovative seals in banking. he's also a life member of the council of foreign relations. He is also with the world economic forum. As a member of their international business council and the boy of governors and the board of stewards for them. You sure of financial and monetary system shot full shocked. I tell him I'm shine when I heard the heart re imagined. The man that came into my mind was the world economic europe is not just on the with the world economic forum. He is part
The w e of international law is an is council. You know it's so crazy as go back to who were the two founders of paper. Was the merger of elon, musk ex dot com, peter tee, all guys who sewer you interested in freedom and free speech and now look what become we're going to have them come back and say paper outside. I know I know my letter better. It's become both embarrassed. Thank you. So much care will talk again. Such a pleasure roth carol: roth dot com, slash glenn every day the threat of economic turmoil looms closer and closer on the horizon. We're already seeing plenty of it as inflation continues to spike at record numbers. I don't want to be the one that gives you all the bad news, but why stop now you know things are gaining steam. You need to prepare and you need to look for the things that
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eight eight. Seventy seven be easy. I have some good news kind of it. nasa actually not that's. They asteroid out of its off its path. good I assume considering the competence of things lately. It's now towards a situation already. I have facilitated on the wrong side. Saga are bad yeah. No, I think the bad news is means we won't be hit by an night come on really yeah. Do we know that for a fact yet
It was another asteroid coming Glenn it'll be okay, but they're going to make it look like it's a new revelation now that they have us, you know semi, confident that a we can move that now, they'll be like oh We just saw this asteroid looks like it's headed, write directly towards earth. Don't worry, we can take care of it, all of the elites are going to be. In this part, over here, but that is because there are gonna be watching a really boring tv show there. You stay appear on the surface. I mean we talked. There is only a couple of reasons why you try to hit an asteroid out of orbit number one. Ok, you wanna tested out just in case something ever happens number to theirs. something coming that they know about, and they need to test it out because they going to have to use this soon number three: as stored, we hit was already of interpreters You know what you know.
I I I would only say that I wouldn't say they would do it just to see if they could do it, because some day it might happen to us, but then again that sounds like such a waste of money. They might do that. I'm! You know what you're the smart thing to do but say don't ever do the smart thing now! That's true! That's true and buy them they they knocked off and it changed the orbit by thirty four minutes or something like I don't know. Is that enough? I hey, we all know thirty, four minutes longer, don't worry. I see jack bauer and it's clicking down and all of a sudden, it's almost a zero and it goes poop and thirty minutes. I'm good. I'm good. Alright, alright I'll get a little more time to figure things out the Glenn Beck program,
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