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Welcome to America 2017 ...93-year-old George H. W Bush accused of sexual assault...from his wheelchair...'David Cop-a-Feel'...Bring out the book ‘The Crucible': A media witch hunt is alive and well ...NBC fires news analyst over sexual harassment claims ...Remember when Ellen groped Katy Perry? ...Float or not to float ...Socialist pizza parlor shuts down for reasons you'd expect ...PragerU.com videos censored by YouTube/Google...PragerU CEO Marissa Streit gives us an update on how the left is taking over the internet...don’t let them do what they did to universities… ‘the new Hollywood'  

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Love, courage, tree gland. Back till he was a war hero. He was the forty first president of the United States, and now he's can add this to his resume. He is a rear, patter George H W Bush He is now under attack for putting a woman's behind in twenty fourteen. Now I've one can believe. I just said that sentence, but I did what Oh come to America, twenty seventeen yesterday the actress Heather Lynde accused H, W Bush. Patting her on the rear and making a joke quote. I got the chance to me, George, W Bush for years ago, to promote a historic television show. I was working on he sexually assaulted me he sexual. He assaulted me while I
supposing for a similar photo, he didn't shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair, with his wife, Barbara Bush right by his side. He then told me a dirty joke and then all the while, while being photograph he touched me again barber older eyes as if to say not again now lock the kids up. I know we're talking about sexual assault here, but here's the dirty joke. Do you know who my favorite magician is David Copperfield, wow, terrible Joe? For many reasons, one of which David Copperfield issues not even relevant anymore It shows you how old he is.
Bush was forced to issue a statement from his office on the matter that reads at the age of ninety three president she's been confined to a wheelchair for five years, arms fall on the lower waste of people with whom he takes pictures to try to put people at ease, routinely tells the same joke and on occasion he had This padded women's rear ends in what he and to be a good nature manner. Sir I have seen this is innocent. Others your view this as inappropriate to anyone. He is offended. President Bush apologizes sincerely o k the guy's. Ninety three. Have you seen him lately? It's not like he's out at night work in the clubs if he, why
if he was interested in sex, it ain't happening baby boy, she's, not a sexual predator. There That was not a sexual assault. You cannot put George Age W, Bush forty one with the likes Harvey wine steam. It's like apples, comparing them to bananas. Aware of we heard that I am sure no one would do that they would never call a banana an apple. Would they, of course,
not because they are clearly not the same Thursday October twenty sixth year. Listening to the Glen that programme, I don't think I could take it anymore, but really I it out. I don't think I can take it anymore, he's ninety three years old you think that I mean he's reaching up from his wheelchair. That's where he is are gonna arrest at a woman's hips, so ok, so maybe he shouldn't put his arm around you and you and your hip and patch. You I mean: are you really that? Is that really what you think you walked out of their going? He was copying of feed
he's ninety three well. He was only ninety at the time so you spry, I mean you have to have some common sense and some common decency the guy. Isn't that happen to think he is a sexual or what Z using its power. He was using his power over you really you're afraid you're gonna be trapped, his wife is there. It is, I know Barbara Bush She would knock him in the head if he did anything inappropriate, he says the same joke to make em but he feel comfortable and you laugh at this stupid joke in your like. That's that's a really bad joke. I can't I just eat, I mean I'm. A hugger
I hope everybody that comes into my office in and sometimes people leave, and he shook guys there like. Ok, I can't believe I just hugged him. I don't I done Nanda Hugger, I'm a hugger, you rethink and that really nope nope you're, not nope. Wouldn't you? No! No! No Would I what would reconsider? Why know? I would not know now, because I mean it's that world right now now I don't care I mean we have. We talked yesterday about another director whose we note being here's. Your hundred. If people in the house tomorrow help her into the all right, here's a different story, what happened with more copper, and if you read the accounts I did, although he denies them, we should point out. Ok, so and he's already been fired? Yet that is all, ready, been fired, he's out now. If he did these,
he should be out, but did he do these things witch hunt? We should do you know we should get. We should get the crews. Pull. We should start reading the crucible. Will they allow your kids to read the crucible in school anymore, because I know we used to have do we used to have to read the crucible every single year we read the stupid crucible. Why? Because to show us you don't go after com, Venus I'll. Tell you that right now, that's what that is The thing was about it was about the witch and in Salem, but it was written as a warning to society during the communist trials of the nineteen fifty's. And men, and we had to learn that in school, at a height of the cold war. We learn Joe, go on accusations. Don't you air do that it will be like the Salem which trials, what the hell,
We doing in again. That's to say that any of these specific accusations are part of a witch hunt by any means right. No, I don't oh I don't know Mark Halprin at all. Now it has been on the show a couple times I dont use energy has been, but again it's just that is it doesn't matter like this. Claims could be very well when David, it's just like we, soon, their true just by the accusations being levelled, and that is not a healthy place for society to pay so can also living just let me just let me just say this. In case. You don't know what the is accused of two women and is They have some credibility. I gas because they see they. They also have but from the time that
play. I remember she came out of his office and she told me- and she was very upset about it, and it's consistent with what she told me at the time. Now that who could mean there's you know for people in collusion, I don't know, but what Halprin was accused of was walking in a woman walking in to his office. He grab her breasts, he forcefully kissed her. Without an invitation without consent. And then kicked her out of the office. Another time, he walked up to a woman and impress tis, you knows- The technical term junk is that we are looking for yes, was seen o in and around full standing and pressed is junk against her
on her shoulder because she was sitting down and I don't even know how he would it be to mount the chair and she felt very uncomfortable and I guess he groped her and then she laughed ok, that's not the same that's nice, at the same as what happen And with George W Bush and women, if you're going start to say that that is sexual assault? You are going. To destroy any credible, anyone has on actual sexual assault- Words mean nothing anymore rapist, it does mean racist, it doesn't mean anything anymore. No but he believes any kind of euro rate we have actual. Nazis in the streets actual Foxy's in the streets and people
compare other people to not cease all the time I have. Myself. It is a mistake, it's a mistake! If you don't stop using these terms. For everything- a thing will have any meaning whatsoever and look you know This has to do with the surrounding circumstances. It would not be appropriate for thirty, five year old guy to start grabbing somebody's but were padding a. But it's not a problem it's probably know, probably for Bush to be doing at either. Obviously, but I mean the sexual assault something I don't say something if I am in. If I am in a wheelchair, and you know the time is right. I know what I mean. I know that cause he's a decent guy. George H, W Bush is a decent man. Now too, if I'm in a wheelchair and I'm Glenn back and I'm a hugger and I'm not I'm a guy,
a huge, I hug you and I'm I'm I'm all right, I'm not a serial roper or anything. So if I'm in a wheelchair and I'm gonna take a picture, it is normal to put your arms around people. So he's have you seen a picture of him. He looks auto, uncomfortable and so awkward in that a wheelchair he's trying to appear normal and sweep, his arms around people's hips yeah. And this is your right. It's a joke to Lynn feel comfortable right exactly and look again, though, if you put them in the event in an in another person. It may be unacceptable right up, but again all about these circumstances. There's a picture that Ellen Degenerous posted, oh my gosh of
her with Katy Perry was king, various birthday and Katy he's. The Pope picture is Ellen Degenerous standing next to Kay Perry who, as is normal practice wearing almost nothing from her belly button to her head, but is very low caught dress and she has she's ample see right. You couldn't say everything, but the nipple pretty much yes and Ellen is leaning over with her face approximately four inches from her boobs and says Hake, happy birthday, Katy to bring out the big balloons now Ellen say woman, who is attracted to other women too, to add so it's not just and is there is, no that's air of sexual assault in Hollywood. Is that what that is Sleep not ok, but why. Why are you
but why? Exactly if that was a man doing that it would be horrible? Okay, so it's another woman, but she is attracted to other women. So what is the difference What is the difference and this I think, where you have the where the witch hunt comes in, if people are actually sex or actually assaulting people- and we said many times- we want it to start wanted to stop. We want them to go to prison. We want them to pay huge penalties for the yes, that the above and beyond, That, however, there has to be a standard above a few p say it in an article that you you and you can't just have random people saying that making claims with no evidence act as if that shouldn't good person lose their job or go away forever? Yes, They did it. We want that to happen, but there has to be due process. It cannot just be we have
few people saying something happened to me multiple years ago and we all just jump. A ban, we're going to say that person's dirt back. They may be a dirt back, but there has to be due process to get to that point. And right now we are the witch hunt part of this, but some of them may have which is like I don't know No, no, we some of them now it is the only way days. The boy you gotta do more, but seeing if they float. Really good point thrilled people. Throwing people who bidding being a sexual predator, we throw George Bush drive him to his wheelchair and through into a lake diffee floats. We. Oh he's a sexual predator. If he doesn't float he's innocent
it's not a good way operate a legal system. You don't think now. Glenn back we have to. We have so many things to do. I don't know if you saw the tv show last night, but we did something fusion gps? That, if you don't oh, what's really happening on this boy. We broke down and like ten minutes on the chalk boy It was really funny and really good way for you to understand it showed you all. The connections showed you how crazy this thing is. And you will understand it in the end. You can find it at the blaze, dot, com or Glenn, backed outcome. If your subscriber make sure you're you're watching the five o clock show where were breaking down, they the the two biggest stories of the day, in a way that you can understand them and they make sense,
and and next week we begin with a series of chalk boards and next week, Series is: what is socialism and we're gonna we're gonna teach this in bite size. This is over four days, so you in your car you can watch it and every but you can walk away and have a conversation on okay. So what does that mean? What is socialism and do your? I urge you do your own homework after the show get your kids to get online check that out show them how How to look for truth? There's a lot in there to that. I am how many times we talked about Social is on the show. Fifty thousand yeah, but I there is a lot in there that I had never heard before really interesting, like parts of this, that the whole story that go even before marks
but no you and socialism is in the Bible. Now it's just. I called it, but it's in the Bible. Wellbeing. Sort of in a bad way here in the old testament is a bad thing. But if you go to you look at this and there is a whole week of the stuff in a really explains it. Well, it's it's! It's an AIDS and entertaining presentation of it. So it's not me. I'm boring because I think, there's an there's a chance with something like socialism, yeah you're, just gonna fall asleep, but there's something really vivid, samples of it being tried that there's no vivid of succeeding, obviously there are a lot of examples of the way it was tried in sometimes tried wheels Stalin and things like this is really bad people who were involved in that Lenin an end, and you know it learned these. We show you. We shall you really good samples of good public people actually trying it like the pizza parlour in Boston. They just did some socialist pizza experiment and they
They wanted to have a socialist utopia, it's a pre, it's a pizza parlor. They got a hundred thousand dollar grant to you to open this pay everybody above minimum wage and do all but nice social justice things they just close down. It doesn't work, it doesn't work. It is a flawed economic system. Now it might make. You feel good but it's so much better to make money and then give it away. You who's. The capitalist system to change people's lives in a good way come up with something and they did pizza effort by all accounts- It was really good pizza good, so make it the capitalistic way and then take your profits and invested in. Something that you want to invest in like
children and you know kids without faces, and you know worms without years. Whatever your cause is, I'm a huge supporter of worms without ears. Actually I'm a platinum board member. Are you really yeah good for you at all? It's important to make the but there's a lot of asterisks around this claim, but Elon Musk as a good example of this dialogue must be made a lot of money in it in the capitalist system and he decided. One of the things you wanted to do was do all this green stuff. So Tesla he's build. All these other. You know evokes solar companies, these working on a hyper loop. All these things that he thinks are gonna be very helpful to humanity and I may or may not agree with many of them a lot of them. I don't care about us his claims when it comes to the environment, but he makes a real the car. Now there are a lot of aspects around that with government funding that I don't agree with an as yet, but I will tell you if, if he didn't have the government funding huge would have found a way to make the car cheaper. I think he started on it because he's got you what millions of dollars that he made in the capitalist system now is applying them, so what he wants to support,
Glenn back. This is the global programme. You know I would. I would like to write love to have a boy never use this word before in a positive I'd, really like to have like a symposium some time next year with some of the best minds in the country, not only the conservative minds, but also the futurists minds on how does. How do you know? How do you get a message out? I think the days of of people like me are numbered. I I worry, and it is changed in the last six months and end
things are becoming more and more clear on the railroad lines that have been laid by companies like Google, you tube Facebook and even apple. Is poised to get into it. How do we? How do we A for news. How do we do news? How do we deliver news when these companies can just wash you out? People are not talking about the fact that Google has hired it's. This quote its first one thousand journalists, end quote they are going provide news and it's going to come all through them and if they don't like you, you're not going to see it, it won't be. I mean it'll be on some dot com, but how do you find it
It's already beginning. You know we are going to be doing a special next, probably after the first of the year about media matters and I want to show you how media matters is operating and how they are already at places like Google and Youtube. This in their own words there already there telling them who should be dropped and whose him who who has an opinion that is important and who has an opinion that isn't important, which is offensive. What is you want media matters, deciding that, because that's who Google, Youtube are now listening to which brings to a story yesterday that we talked about and if you have any money the end you are looking to Hell
somebody learn and gained some knowledge in a in a very effective way? I want to make a donation to Prager University Prager. Diversity is Dennis Prager. What he has done in his team is unbelievable and what you have done is truly remarkable and they make these five minute. Educational videos that look. If you have a deal, current opinion you, you may not like it because their very effective, but you can't tell me that they are inaccurate. They are. Done by some of the greatest mines alive today and they? now being censored on Youtube and be demonetized, which means you can't. They can't make money on them. Now. Here's a
they operate on donations, because I don't know how many thousands of dollars each of these videos costs, but they're not cheap to make, and so they have been making them on donations because vague they can't rack up. The views like the young Turks did, who are complete conspiracy. Theory guys come, completely discredited and yet veil sell for a billion dollars Prager, you is never going to be able to cash out at a billion dollars. No company is ever gonna buy Prager. You they're just not We can't eat our own and we must support our own and Prager University. I can't recommend highly enough that you support them in every way possible, and if it is just spreading their video, so they we have now
They have now filed a lawsuit on Monday against Youtube and who do we have on stew mirth? treat she's the ceo, I love this woman, a so smart from Prager you, hi Marisa. How are you hide Glenn? So, thank you for this amazing introduction, I can't tell you on creating it is to have good people like you, and I cite well well. Thank you. I have been watching you and cheering you from the sidelines for a long time, and I want to do everything I can Anne and I've already pledged to you that mercury one is going to give you a person judge of everything that we raise for education, because I think you guys do unbelievable work. So Marisa tell me what is happening at Youtube. So
I'll tell you something really interesting how we heard about this the begin with about a year and a half ago, we got some emails from students. You know we have. This student group called Prager forth their essentially our ambassadors on campuses across the United States. And they started emailing in saying hey. What's going on, we ve been watching your videos, we use them on campus, but for some reason we can't watch them.
When we get to the library was been wanting to share them with some other some other students, and we couldn't figure out what was the issue wired? The able to reach see these videos. So, as we looked into it, we figured out that our videos are being restricted in their being restricted from the exact audience that needs these videos more than ever. So those were the though the students were the ones who told us. You know we can't reach the video, so we started looking into it and we send a few emails to go and say this must do what we said. This must be a mistake. Why would her videos been be censored? We read through the guidelines. The guidelines said that videos at our censored are usually pornographic in graphic and I hate speech and in violent. Obviously, anybody in their right mind would watch videos and agree with us that these videos, or none of the above, so we started looking into it further. We heard crickets from Youtube for almost a.
Here until we launched a petition that this past summer and got close to three hundred thousand signatures. At that point, you to finally responded to us and said that their reviewing or videos- and we have this in writing by the way they were view- videos and may deem them inappropriate and only appropriate for mature audience. So the very audience that we're trying to reach as essentially blocked from the king, so our video, so so the audience can get a handle on this. This is these are the same kind of people that say that we have to teach about transgendered, is chant transgender ism to our kindergarten classes. Yet buildings in college cow. Handle. Why communism hated as hated as Nazi ISM or or the ten commandments? Thou shalt not kill, you can't handle that, but a kindred.
Nor can the handle transgender ism. I don't understand it exactly. I'm embarrassed that is argued that point an industry. That is the point that our students, in our view the ship, was making. So we we can't allow the left to take over the university to take over the internet as they have done with the university, if we lose the internet, which is obviously the way people get information. These days then then, what's left of this is that this is the new Hollywood, and I mean, I think, for instance, face Look, I think, is replacing is a replacement for the telephone, the television the newsroom talk, radio, it's it's all forms of communicate. In that we have had and if you lose in Facebook and you lose with Youtube and Google urine we're going to be found your neck
we're going to be found. Do you do know? Mercer. We have a internal, a bunch of eternal documents from media matters, where they say they are already in house at Youtube and Google advising them on what should be caught and what should remain did. Were you aware of that? I am certainly not surprise. I mean from from the way that they ve been dealing with us. It's it's not a surprise to me that they have is vital. Its complete hubris as well as they believe that they can get away with it. They believe that people on our side want fight, so Maria But what should people do? I know you filed a lawsuit, but what should people do so? First of all, we are
in July it and we know it suing. Google flash Youtube await very heavily on us, obviously was a very big decision, but we decided that we have to do it and will take any help we can get so we ever. We have a petition which obviously brought some awareness to you too and a willingness at least communicate with us. If you can sign the petition on our website to prageru dot com, that would be immensely helpful and share it with other people. This this specific case is going to be tried in the court of public up and as well as in the court of law, and we need you to help us win the public opinion and bring awareness. If you think about the word, Google people think that taken they use it as a verb right you can go. Anything in anything, but that is not the case of public should be aware of that. So we want everybody talking about it in and of course, financially, this is not going to be inexpensive. So anybody who can help us in any way and by the way even five dollars is shows me
and my team that we're not in this alone. So anybody who can give anything at any level is, is hugely encouraging and we need anything we can get more aside. Thank you so much and your team is, is truly remarkable and, and I would go to work for you any day of the week. I think you guys are remarkable and I'd be proud to be an intern therewith arrived at the people. You have assembled, I'm sayin sincere either give Veuve created something really truly remarkable and you're making a difference, and I thank you for that thanks, whereas at last they think you bet Prager, you die come now, if you're a student, you cannot google this if your using it. If you're at a university, you can't google this and find it. This is the problem If you are not a student, I want you as two. I want you to Google a couple of things I want you to Google. Why
I did America fight the Korean WAR, Prager you and watch that I want you to. I want you to Google, what's the other one, why communism as hated is nazi fascism, Google the world's Morse per security minority Christians, you watch those three things. Those of all been banned now by Google by you tube, and you can fly in them, unless you have a settings on computer that you have set them, so your kids can't watch them they'll, never pop up, for you here at a university or fewer at a government institution you will now or be able to find them? But if you don't have any filters, you're gonna, be able to find it, and I want you to watch those and ask yourself why why would those be deleted? Why
There are those with everything couldn't get on Youtube. How many times have you walked in and you ve got your kids online you're like what the hell are you even watching How many times have you walked in on the Disney channel? I want you to watch those and tell me what you would say if you walked in and your kids were watching those videos, I'd hugged my kids, google them and then do everything you can to support Prager you Prager you dot, com, next hour, I'm gonna get into how the media is changing and going to change, but how everything is changed we're gonna talk a little bit about Bitcoin
and some people think that it is the biggest hoax on the planet. Other people think it is the future I will tell you that I do invest some money. Only only money that was like play money was like I don't I can handle losing that you know don't put more if, if year someone and you ve got like two hundred dollars in your like. We can go out for a weekend and spend that or you know I can put it in Bitcoin- put it in Bitcoin dont. Do it for the weekend. Don't do you know save up for a month if you have to whatever it's worth doing that, but never anything more than that, because you I don't know, but the world is changing, we are here and twenty twenty nine, it's the end, Real Revolution. These are the next ten years. This is it
Glenn back back. Let me quickly. GonNA, Andrew and West Virginia hello, Andrew that about a minute. Go ahead. Who agree with your. Surely you don't want google you to doing what they're doing my concern? Is it sound almost like using the government? Try to push? Almost a regulatory response on them to say this is how you're going to operate when you're a private sector business. I just think that maybe that should be looked at from the perspective of encouraging other private sector businesses to compete with Youtube putting it not will be embarking okay, so I agree with you Andrew in theory. I agree with you, The lawsuit rate makes a rather important and nuanced case that is worth hearing
or reading, and you can see it up at Prager, you dot com and you should read it the eye the idea is that they can in to stand for open dialogue and they're not, and that puts them legally in a different place. Glenn back,
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