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The Greater Evil: Sin of Slavery vs. Sin of Abortion | 9/9/22

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Filling in for Glenn, BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock looks at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the abhorrence of some of the responses from social media. Jason and "Fearless" contributor T.J. Moe critique Carnegie-Mellon University professor Uju Anya’s secular response to Queen Elizabeth’s passing and the idea that a specific race of people don’t deserve forgiveness. Jason dives into the evil of slavery and how it compares to the wickedness of abortion. The dangers of abandoning the values of our founding fathers are being revealed. Jason breaks down the multiple atrocities that have come out of Memphis, Tennessee, and why these horrors are occurring. Jason talks about the importance of following the best game plan for your life: the Bible. BYU’s investigation into an alleged racial slur at a volleyball game yielded no evidence supporting the allegation.

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A woman named, I think, luge on you seen queen Elizabeth and scruciating painful death. Blaming her for england's, colonization of nigeria and other african countries, we're gonna, get into that and explain to Hu Jia and anybody else and has a problem with the queen Elizabeth they're, not why their crazy. Why they don't understand history. the world of england empires stand anything they just want to be victims. I'm gonna use voting bought with rebuke and refute that narrative
A state of great show plan for you here on the gleamed like radio programme, the the when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the program?
jason, went on synonym for glint bad. As I told you we're gonna talk about queen Elizabeth, but we are also going to talk about the murderer spree in methods and with that says about american culture. What that says about lack culture and also because I'm sitting england stare and I'm not sure glad has gone into this over- to talk about be why you and south carolina and that all incident last week that south carolina has used to smear, be why you over the duke volleyball player, wouldn't get in the queen Elizabeth Memphis and be why you Antacids show so show so honoured to be jason, whitlock. The the whole severely sitting in four glinda porter already of new york, new jersey, police officer, James kinley, past
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visited in a city near you, do good and never forget. Donate eleven dollars a month to tunnels to tower dot. Org, that's tee the number to tee dot. Org, that's tee. The number two that t dot org jason wedlock city they for glenn back. I hope you guys very excited. It's been a while, since I've said for Glen. I'm very excited to be here in Dallas later today, I'm going to meet with someone that I have a great deal of respect for it's part of the reason I have come to Dallas, I'm going to have dinner with the the
reverend doktor, tony evans, someone who's had a great impact on my spiritual growth and development over the past couple years, even though he doesn't know it, but during you know the cove with pandemic. They are only part. I it you don't want people I was forced to go online and look for you. No religious sermons to participate in tony evans is one of the guys that I stumbled across and I fell in love with and and now I'm getting to meet. Tony I've been I've been reading. I'm almost done reading his book kingdom politics so looking forward to that, but I'm more than anything, I'm looking forward to hosting this show and this three, our conversation that we will have to day and want to start with queen Elizabeth and her passing is too I don't we to pretend that I'm some sort of expert on queen Elizabeth, because I'm not or even the monarchy. I can't even say I watch tv,
We heard of the show the crown a lot of people have. What's the crown and love it, I've been told it's an x so I have nonetheless that, although I tend to so I I don't know a lot about the monarchy, but have been amazed at some people's reaction to queen Elizabeth death a woman name buddha on you and she's now answer either twitter pull down her tweets? or she poured out her tweet She wist excruciating pain on queen Elizabeth, mrs in yesterday, in the early hours, when the report first start coming out that in our queen, Elizabeth has taken a turn for the worse. uja anya a professor at carnegie, mellon university tweeted out,
this is one of her tweets that I think is still up if any one expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervise a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family. consequences which those alive today are still trying to. overcome you can keep wishing upon a star. Why are. You later said in an interview that she is a child of colonization. Her mother was born in trinidad and her father in nigeria. Parents met in england in the nineteen fifteen as colonial subjects. I fishing In addition, this is a quote from Ani, I guess in a television interview in addition the colonization on the side Nigeria is also the human enslavement in the caribbean. So there's a rick, lineage that I have to not just p who were colonise, but also people who were
slave by the british and seas. Blaming queen Elizabeth. For all of this an end it leads to those of you that have seen me her before sit in four glenn, my complaint that times that we're living in the conversation that I keep talking about is that a marrow and the world has moved away from a biblical world view judeo christian culture and values were moving away. This is a very secular person talking because forgiveness is no part of her mindset, agenda or belief, system, there is no forgiveness. There's only read
abuse in there's only revenge, there's only animals, and it's it's funny that are cool. It's I Veronica quite a coincidence that queen Elizabeth died yesterday and yesterday I'd exercise pretty much every day on my stare mass machine, they have said In my one of my speech, Bed rooms have turned into a gm, and every that I'm on my stairmaster. I try to make an attempt to watch it. They just sermon over you too, and so yesterday, I'm watching a voting bachman Sir Simon. That's cause this title. Let that stuff go the true story of Joseph and exercise and am thinking about
queen Elizabeth in people's reaction and I'm listening to voting back when in this is a five month old sermon believe he did ever did in march, and it reckless relates the way heat unpack, the story of Joseph direct. lee relates what were seen people's reaction to queen Elizabeth, they don't wanna, let anything go and voting unpack story about Joseph sedley, like some of are, perception of the story of Joseph is is is wrong. He I think he unpacked it as, as a rule duke a criticism of prosperity, gospel because Joseph enslaved his brothers sell him into slavery. He eventually it's in prison over false charges
of a woman, basically tell In her husband, Joseph tried to subdue sir and heat Joseph gets in prison, but then he gets a prison, because he can interpret dreams and pharaoh some dreams interpreted and Joseph did a great job of predicting that there's gonna be seven years of prosperity, seven years famine and king pharaoh. then makes em basically, second in command of egypt and an votaries point was that a lot of us tell the story of Joseph and we say may look how good god, oh god worse to Joseph and all the things he received by being obedient to god, and loyal god and loyal to his religious beliefs and faith and and vote. He is like god. Death is good, but.
The things that Joseph receive were not good. He was taken from his home later he was stripped of his name. He was even a pagan, wife He served a king that didn't believe in god, a king that saw himself as a god, and he goes so I pull the tell the story of Joseph s. Sort of light man look how good god was to him and look at all the things he received. Are missing the entire story? In the end, the point and basis The Joseph story should be told, as. Why we need to let things go the power. or of forgiveness that Joseph
entire story is about forgiveness, and it's about it. It's just. I was just tell em too. Day mob, all that he's living that We place on earth your boy Basically, living in your land of affliction and and those of us that sooner round thinking that there is some place on this planet. Those of us that are believers, the fish. place on this planet. That is ideal and is gonna, be out. Heaven here on earth, don't under stand off I don't understand our religion, don't understand the point of christianity. Damage stand point of service to god, because This world is falling and every This is your land of election, and so I started thinking about odor on. You
whose somehow thinks that great britain are angle. Our queen Elizabeth, the monarchy, that these people, are her land of affliction. In and they should all suffer enough if they suffer and if every, if I had just been left alone in nigeria, My whole world would have. In my whole, life would have been completely different and I would just be happy and content It's all a joke. If this world is fallen, and so the people there trying to demonize america try The demonize england trial, demonize, the monarchy or whatever. Like me, that's this. World. We are living basically in a state of purgatory and our real Homeland is with guy and in Heaven in every place we live until then is our land of affliction and end. So that's why we,
to embrace forgiveness and heavy a deeper understanding of our life purpose, and our real peace fulfilled, met happiness Joe. boy is going to come in our after life, but we don't have. Their mindset across The glow are me here in america anymore, because we're very secular society and in a secular world. In a godless world there is no forgiveness. There's only rebuke retribution, demonization, villainous position of other human beings, so we're gonna have that That's not gonna bring t j mo into that discussion because today knows the by or even better than I do far better than I do actually an, and I'm going
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shop blinds dot com right now and save up to forty percent state site. Why get up to forty percent of everything it blinds that calm, blinds outcomes, rules and restrictions may apply. Ten seconds station. I do well jason wedlock sitting for good work. T J mo my side, kick him right hand, man here with me in Dallas, t j k, Elizabeth has died or are you were you rooting for her to have an excruciating death. I was not a royal family is irrelevant to me although americans seem to have a crazy infatuation with royalty. I don't know why that is. But this is why people are of such a mega markel. She was a second rate actor who now
gets the attention whereby she has? I think the number one podcast on spotify now she passed oh rogan, with early apps megan marco s is popular on spotify. She just released podcast hit number one pasture rogan for the first time in broken. Had for years and because she did nothing more than we are was I the royalty, lets those greetings again empty in a week or two they're gonna, come back to earth. You brought, she probably gets a little extra boost because she's relatively new brand new as opposed to job. But anyway I can continue Because one of my thoughts literally yesterday was I don't. I don't get I've never even cobbler along a long enough to remember when princess Diana died- and I wasn't that interested in that I'm not that interested in, royalty. and all that an end, I thought that was light. Part of the reason
we got away from england and- and so I don't get obsession with rotti, but also said aroun foreign excruciating. There, actually for somebody that, to my understanding, has no power only influence right. It's like I think it did. They said thirteen prime minister's fifteen united states president's that she ruled through and so rule is in quotations, because I think she is just a figure, but she helped guide them through some times and John, hardly one of our producers here was tommy. One of her, the accomplishments adjust staying out of this social media mark. and when everybody gets dirtied up and dirt comes out and she's. Ninety six, I just Don'T- know she'd, be on twitter. Now I get that, but I'm saying nothing came out about her guy too, and so like as the social media is taking everybody out. She was still seen as the queen and your majesty in all its or things up,
I just don't know how you mentioned forgiven, I dont know how somebody who I think she can ruin and nineteen fifty two to a pretty three. So she's done. Nothing of this is this: is post war a war to stuff She's done nothing as far as all the colonel all the different issues this person has she's done None of that. It was her family lineage? Perhaps, but, she's done, virtually nothing to get somebody with virtually no power so my big issue with the forgiveness thing is we're we're not even blaming the people who did it or blaming p or who are descendants of the people that did things because you don't have anybody else to blames. You should be forgiving people for what they do. None of us want to be known for the worst thing we ever did: if we are going to live like that, we're all screwed, that's what you said to the first place, but you Certainly, shouldn't be blamed for the sins of others, sir
Their argument is that your benefiting from the sins of others, this you know the Great Britain, the empire whatever and the descendants of the of the those people are benefiting now. But here's my letter. fitting to what she do. It work It is this girl. Eleven should show me what terrible life she's. Let me I want to see the terror things that have happened to her now in in place today were virtually everybody on the globe is better off than anybody in the world was two hundred years ago, and so on. Many of these things are happening. She's, the one benefiting from all of this people that have have you no rising tide Let's all about she's, a beneficiary of these things. No, I soon and theirs. Also just the argument that its and I dont want. I don't wanna appear but if I d xiv and understand like.
power and what and this is what I like about the show of thrones. What I like about the replacement, the frequent house of dragons as light. Does she understand what human beings, regardless of skin color, what they will do for power and and they will concur and will owe presses. The word they use, but they'll impose. Their will is a more accurate description on on others, does it really matter matter, color and ass. She understands it. Black people, africans, soul, its other into slavery, and so you want to blame the people that the Slaves- but you know blame the people that saw the slaves and- as it relates to england they in slavery,
for a lot of other people will die. Beeper stay with the Glenn back programme. The jason whitlock city for Glenn Beck on the Glenn Beck radio program honor to be here? for those of you just herring for me for the first time- or maybe you heard me before- I want to tell you- you can find me and my fearless programme gotta youtube dot com slack jason whitlock and that's where my show airs every monday to friday, six p m central time. That is, seven p m eastern time. The show is fear listen bold! I want you to check it out and find me on instagram at the real
jason, whitlock, but Firstly, I want you to find me at youtube. You the dot, slash, Jason whitlock check fearless programme, because you'll hear conversations like the one we are having I now about queen Elizabeth and people's foolish reacts. And racial eyes, secular reaction to queen Elizabeth and appoint left off with, as it relates to this old and oh on you, professor carnegie melon university, carnegie in pittsburgh, I believe, is issued ivy league, it around I really here, ivy league educated, no surprise there. These black leads ivy league educated elites that have all this animas tort, white people,
toward christian values, because queen Elizabeth represents christian judeo christian values, that's part of the animals here, that's that's our we know of his party animosity, gets all the animals, there is a secular world view that believes in punishing people that you decide We with there's a secular world view there, believes in punishing white people in wishing excruciating death and pain. Ninety six year old woman who thinks like that. other than someone who has no connection to god or a biblical world view or any type of religious world view, these secular people that think forgiveness is
antiquated quote that think they are not in need of forgiveness The reason why I believe so far mentally foundation. Emily in forgiveness is because I, oh I need it. I know all the mistakes that I I have made and will continue to make, because of my fundamental understanding that I am a fallen human being for the seed of Adam so once you accept that and these people don't their gods. They, then have elevated and evolve well. Past any of the sins that have afflicted previously in vain and- and I find this laughable and an end as
black person and a descendant of slaves. What I find most laughable about it is that we think- and I know that- and because I'm not an end because I'm going to be imperfect, in this moment I am going to say something that probably the line up with a biblical worldview, but I'm gonna say because I'm flawed and imperfect we These people running around. It think that this jenny, creation. This late generation of human beings have evolved well past the people the sick. Teen, seventeen eighteen hundred richest, so above slavery and those people participated in slavery and and all just the worst human bait. And again, what I'm about to say is not probably biblically sound,
but I'm just sorry,. The sin of slavery pale in comparison to the sea and of abortion. My ping, I'm not, I'm, not speaking from a biblical point of view, I'm tumble when I feel the murder of kids in the womb. Never giving someone a shot at life is worse than slavery, hate my debts, Think of me, what you will I'm a sell out. I've sought our black people. I don't care what your reaction is. The same. In my view of killing a baby in the womb is worse than slavery, so Benjamin franklin thomas jefferson, george Washington, whoever, the king and queen of england,
And the sixteen seventeen hundred they would working with us today. and the normalization of of abortion and people out in the streets protests dreaming crime in going through convulsions. My body, my choice. I get to kill babies. How did this is fundamental rights. I have to kill my baby in the womb. Been I call him tom jefferson, richard Alan, the the black this, the african methodist church in this in the seventeen had they would look at us today and say, These are depraved animals. There out on the streets fighting desperately for the right kill babies in the womb.
And they want to sit around and pass judgement on us because we imposed our world because we and people both are bad. Both our ban. but you'll never convince me that abortion, isn't worth, and so the I'd look at these people to think they have evolved to this special place where this much better than the people of the past in anybody connected to people of the past that there's some it's better than their and many of these people are on the front lines fighting for the right. to kill babies in the wall, but we think we're better than there. I just
completely reject that disagree with it an end as it relates to the people that want to demonize queen Elizabeth in england. In that time, they understand. That was my point before we went to break about just the history of mankind I in me, Kinds: nature of conquer impasse using we'll imposing a set of values? not saying it's right, but I'm saying everybody did it and does it did it and does it, and so that that there wasn't these blue people in africa that weren't trying to impose their will on other people there gonna come out in seven days. They got this far
the cold movie coming out called the woman king and it's about tribe of amazon warriors in the homey africa and they're gonna. Put these blue Women up, as you know, greatest warriors than the history and they fought off the french in and in the french were come in their to colonise and take over in these amazon women warriors forum off the wall. when king and these are the greatest fighters in the world, gonna, leave out the real history that the effort, in the whole me their prey, Mary trade was capturing other black people enough and selling them a slave. That was their industry they were slave traders, that's what they were
fighting to defend, and it was actually the colonizers who ended that practice in africa. In that part of africa there still slavery going on in the world. So this is Oh gee, on yea and in the other people there. want to criticise queen Elizabeth want to criticise america none. Want to hold black people responsible for participating and promoting and being Stu gaiters of our own oppression. It's it's it's this belief that why people have this magical power over black people that relieves us of our own accountability and an album
god of why people had tricked us the though people the homey africa they would have ever enslaved, they're all they would have never slow sold their own into slavery. Yes, they were and they did, and they were doing it for her of years ago, they didn't care who was come into by the slaves other black people could come and by the slaves and they were selling them to them as well. People hate me for it. Or maybe they won't is just factual. It's a blessing. I am here in amerika, because god wanted me here in amerika, and he didn't care how I got here. He wanted me here and I feel bless because I was my ancestors and I have been turned on to the christian faith and
If not for are afflicted history. I would not be here and I would likely not be a christian, although you know there are some great christian ministries now in africa of of got a little too long again, but I get talking and sir you spoke a yell at me and say: jason shut up and I was also let tee day I have a few words in here edgewise, but we'll do that and say don't go anywhere the Glen back programme jason. Whitlock sitting proclaimed back on a glimpse of radio programme happy friday. to you and yours, we're going to continue our conversation about queen elizabeth one let jump up here, but first, I want to give our full number one. Eight eight eight, so two seven to three to five one
eight eighty seven to serve two three to five invite your phone calls. Love to hear from you on this queen elizabeth topic today, I left off speculating talking about what franklin, thomas jefferson and men of that area generation with think about us today. You don't think I Far enough, I don't, I think they would think we're ask it to frederick. I think they, Think we're that insane we're we're living in a time where it is acceptable. The official position of the Biden administration is that children should get hormone therapy and sex surgery, they think they're living in the wrong body. That's the actual mission of this administration in a way which will having a time where people think that men can become women just by thinking it and that kid should be a drag shows in that way build a kill, kids on demand and
that we don't need men at all, really what's the point of men, and so I mean think about it, their time were, men were the the app luke necessity for survival that they would look at this group of people who pretend to care about the same, do you have life while also demonstrating the most life wrecking behavior possible. They think were absolutely insane. They'd pay, no attention to us at all yeah. I I I think, and and people will not like me for this but if care, unless we ve become so godless, an n I'll look. A flawed man, that believes in god and wool think v. Man or woman who believes in got regardless of What their sin is, what their flyin fly at least they have a chance of correcting. If
stay on the path of believe in god and put any effort into bed Their sins we'll be corrected, and it's no different. If you'd look the history of america and look at the history of of of england, and why I they were one of the first, if not the first, to outlaw slavery. It's because of their dale christian values and am particularly Here in amerika, we look at the sacrifices that christians may during the civil war during the fight in segregation and Jim crow. That was again These atheist, that are benefiting from a now don't I understand that it was believers. who were willing to die during the civil war and they weren't kidding themselves. People act like All the civil war really wasn't about indian slavery. Yes, it was
Listen to the battle him, a republic, the these their singing songs on the battlefield about dying so that other, Men can live furry it that this was believers sacrifice, in their lives, for the benefit of other people, the christian values. Are what made this country great? It's? What increase the freedom? It's, what gay freedom to my descendants and people did look like me. It's why why men have the right to vote now. It's why we can live eat drink educate ourselves wherever we want, and now these people to abandon the that has liberated us, we're nuts not better than our forefathers we're.
Bandit in their values and repaying the consequences. For that abandon. The is the Glenn back programme. Gotta fan as a second, our plan for you as well. I want to take your phone calls. I want to start this hour. Taking your phone calls one. Eight eight, eight, seven, two, seven, two, three, two five! If you want despite our queen elizabeth conversation of sleep in the second, our we're gonna transition to memphis I don't know if you guys. Second, are aware of what's been going on in Memphis, but it is turned into the most dangerous city in america. Is murderous method a young man, a nineteen year old, live streamed himself on a shooting killings very we ve seen eliza fletcher hunted down stalked rape. kidnap and murdered thirty four.
School teacher in Memphis there's been a series of tragic, violent criminal. hence in lovers explain to you the culture that created it and what we can do to fight against that culture. I'll go anywhere. The shows only gonna get better the
when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program I went about jason with sitting in four Glenn burke gonna. Take your phone calls one eighth, eighteen, seventy seven to three to five barbara barbara en masse it now can. I do.
No, I can't do that. Oh I'm sorry, I should be teeth. We're going to take your phone calls here next and we're going to transition into a conversation about Memphis we're going to do that and the third hour of the show we'll talk. Some byu I've been wanting to do that with Glenn's audience, and so timing is perfect. I want to talk about byu and south carolina in the allegations. It'd be white students, chanting racial slurs at a volleyball player from do fantastic friday show for visa were about sitting there for Glenn Beck live here in dallas appointed What tony evans later I'm excited to be here for hot, doubtless, but that's what I mean I mean: what's a more powerful don't go anywhere. What about there's no way back host a fearless sitting in four glint back you find me and the fearless
program monday to friday, six p m central tab at you, too. Dot com, slash, jason, whitlock. I need you to go there right now. You can multi task. Listen to this show, go to youtube dot com, slash jason, whitlock, this w h, I t l, o c k hit that subscribe. I joined the fearless army. We're provoke, promote in strong masculine men to stand in this time, when men are many misdoubt, when america in the world is abandoning our biblical values and we're paying the count. Expenses. For that you can see it in our reaction to queen Elizabeth people actually wish seen her a painful deaf people holding her responsible for the mistakes and cause and since all of us participated in, there are no victims in this world, lip
now. Do I consider babies killed in the wounds of victims? Absolutely they never had a chance, but this whole thing where everybody is a victim. Jesus died on across four hour, since he was a victim. He paid the price for all of us to live free and he washed. Our gave us grace and mercy for our sins. I just I just don't have a lot of tolerance for this victim culture and victimhood. This very prevail right now and the lack of forgiveness that we in society, but I want to take your phone calls have violated this conversation. Barbara in as has been waiting patiently, Barbara welcomed, I'm back radio programme came. Thank you so much. For my part, I think you and people like one back amazing and grave I'm here just about abortion,
a common line- and you know the queen said that greece is the price we pay for love, on which you talk about her husband s, death, an everyday in saying the past hour, so I agree with, and I think that pay the price that we're paying for right now for turning our backs on god and schools, about everywhere in the bible- that what do you think about child advocating the wrong for a younger man on king kinda thing. That's what you think You think that's what he should do and so far broader. No, if you listen to me- and I didn't go full in depth on this- I dont really care about the monarchy or I will end, and so what
do and all that ceremonial stuff I dont believe and royalty. Now again that doesn't make me a harsh credit of them, I'm sure there's a philosophy behind them our key and in what they. represent an end in a symbolic nature. What that represents to a culture but just don't believe in I. You know I am about as anti elite a person as there is on the plane, and it doesn't matter how much money I will make or what celeb friends. I've made or people may see me as a celebrity. I'm always go to be jimmy enjoys wedlock. Sir and Jimmy whitley my dad, didn't graduate from high school, my mother the thirty year factory worker, I'm just a working class, Joe and
you know. I don't have animas towards the right family but I'll I don't have the great interest that others have in thought about it. You know if they were game of thrones house of dragons cas members, and I'm probably would care if this is it To be sure- and I mean the watch the so the crown maybe that'll give me an appreciation for One reason now, king charles, should it not deserve assented. The throne is, he is a serious climate activists and he's going to if he does have that sort of influence. He's button. The one saying that our time is running out. We ve got to take drastic measures if he does have, that influence he's, got our energy issue, dvd right, tat story and nineteen. Eighty nine about the world into an end in two thousand. I remember the p reporting that in nineteen eighty nine that the world come to an end by two thousand, and we didn't do something about the climate. Was he involved in that article? I don't, down below in line with everything else? I'm sorry and here the it- and this is
just. This is July of this year or prince Charles speaks out on climate change and said the climate crisis really is a genuine urgency, And- and this is where an and barbara thank you for the phone call and again this is just part of my belief system, and I dont know if I'm right or wrong, but this whole notion that may there's going to destroy what god created. I I find it a bit laughable. Here's! The only thing I pushed back on that abortion is the embodiment of that that man participates in the creation of that baby. I did not come a grass. I did not create the sun. I did not create the trees, birds
I had nothing to do with any of them and so people's ability to destroy what they have created. I believe you, and so we have crew. Created a culture and societies and trees and nations in borders and embryo I'm looking at us through ourselves. The things did we ve created, but those things they ve got spells out in genesis, then he created, I just now we have the power to do that and so
that swear it again. That does not mean we can't damage or ah not handle what god created appropriately, but I I think it's his garden and I don't think I'm powerful enough and and again I I think I think he'll destroy us, but I know he's made a covenant that I think will be destroyed before we ever destroy what god created. We will destroy each other yeah. Yes, I think that's true. Now I think we can do damage to things I mean we were. We light things on fire all the time and there is, but the general theory on climate changes is what most conservatives the climate is always changing, has always changed throughout history, and do we play a
pardon that perhaps, but these climate activists are so insane, there's not a single thing that they have offered us that doesn't take us back to the pre historic times. So, unless we're going to get rid of all of these microphones in every bit of unless but he wants to live under california rule what's happening today. We have two pretty cool your house and don't turn it below. Seventy eight because sorry were running on wind turbines in there, just not turning fast enough for us to keep up then I'm not into this, and I actually believe me- pardon me, actually thinks the solution to all of our problems, though, is to get rid of all of this technology and end, and I joke about because the amish or quakers or whatever, that I see on horseback and amish up your arm and- and I I part of me- thinks hey they've, got it I and- and I say that sincerely, I'm not trying to jump to be There's a lot of questions,
they get eliminated. When you take away all of this technology, I've talked about this or on fearless again, there's no debate. About the necessary measures and the value of man when all of the technology is taken away and and so when people can't eat, without a man goin out in hunting and women are capable of doing so hunting, but that data deep but lifestyle in sixteen hundred seventeen, hundreds or whatever women, sitting around go no mayor labour silver. I better go. mere man, so that I can survive before one of the bears in here and kills me and thing that I love and or some other man comes by my house into says, he's going to conquer me and beat me over the head and drag to his. How this does why arranged marriages worthing cause? You were protecting your little girl,
Here I am assigning you. A protector may not be, love of your life. That's not what interests me! Somebody's gonna, protect you and I'm hand and you after that person and people were so oh appreciative of that protection that they did love their protector and again human life. There was no debate about the value of human life, before that a child was a blessing. The greatest of all my god. If I have a son, he's going come out here and help me form if I have a daughter, she's going The help her other or help us around the house or she may do some of the farming is just Child was an amazing blessing. No one thought I let me kill baby in the wall. It's an inconvenient. If I now hear What else is gonna help my family? There was a reason that Abraham was so.
I did when I told him to be the father of many nations, because you actually took pride in your offspring, and that was a part of your lineage b. We could say: oh these guys all came from Abraham and he's the one who trained up these. right and end. There is a measure that I think we should go back to and there's a happy medium like we used to women and say why don't you have any kids what he doing and now it's like, I couldn't possum I bring a child into this crazy earth. There is no way this world and I'm like listen to the crazier. The world gets the more kids. I want as a man, I, though, the crazy this, world is garden and because I do not think I could handle thinking, I was leaving my kids to this world. That we ve created is why you have a bunch of kids. I've got I've got a kid. I've got a sixteen month old, another kid on the way, and I want as many as my wife will. Let me have because what you do is you arm them with each other, and so as one kid that don't have just one kid that kid's probably in trouble when you're gone, you have five kids, they can take care of
Alright, I'm gonna take some more of your phone calls when we come back. I keep talking too much. Sarah keeps wagging her finger at me. I'm going to do better, don't go anywhere. The shows gonna get better what about jason, we're like sitting for glenn back, let's go back to the lines might in colorado while them. That radio call like you be quick, I dont hurriedly, you got it well. I would like to jack. Suppose your comment about the amish just now, because technology, I think, is helping us thanks to places like pre worn, which I've given as a birthday present to my wife and a christmas that to my mother in law. I think that that's where we're starting to see the switch around from the acceptance of a boy, listen to the utter horror and tragedy that it is because, as soon you can show
a young woman as young as grade school an abortion actually is and what its accomplishing. I think that his chin in the hearts and minds, and I think that you give me new ammunition in the argument against it. I think that you are spot on that. It is by far the worst of two evils compared to slavery. So thank you for putting that little era. We, my quiver, I'm going to be in that one might pretty to shouting now pre born I'm an authentic supporter, they ve supported my show fearless and we support them. It's just so very soon affordable donation there. In chains the life of a child in the womb and change the mother and they see that human and when they see that human being inside of them there choose life more often,
they choose to go through with the abortion and pre born is a eight organization for people to get behind. I suggest sure Glenn back and his audience is very well aware that a pre born, but thank you for the phone call, my David David, in what what makes a man made the law and order. guess I just wanted to give you a little panama, I guess in some encouragement you know, I heard you say last segment or a couple of seconds, and you know how some people might not like this, but what I'm gonna say an evening, I'd. Rather, you didn't leave them to your judeo christian philosophies and conviction, because one of the reasons that I listened The boy is one of those big land and all you guys is because of that you re a crushing founding and there's a lot of things that might
instead to me, as I was growing up, that I didn't want to hear- and I did, but I didn't like it, but it was the most import they want you to hear some oftentimes, nothing in the people. Take some sort of. Then too, I believe that many lay near the most, so don't apologize for that kid bill in it, and I will appreciate hearing your voice. They do David, I presume, the phone call listen. I've told the story. Many times on. My cell fears people probably get tired. hear me say it and at and I dont tell them just tell the story factually not with a great deal of pride but when I was a sophomore in high school, I was a pretty good football player expect it to be a start or on a powerhouse, highschool football varsity football team, but early
in training camp first day we put the pads on my one of our assistants. Coaches called me. The p word out in front of all of my teammates and he basically was being critical of me because of a game I played in ninth grade while it and at that time, might gray, with junior high at our eye and in a junior, volume I played very poorly against a very good player and tony birch it of our system coaches first, they were impairs. It don't worry about. Would like he's a p. You know we face. Some guy he's gonna fall that change my entire approach to football. It was a very hard. difficult truth. In this day and age it would all mel parents would probably be protests in. How dare you call my kid? The p word it actually is
I me it's the reason why I ended up getting a football scholarship presented. A reason why but went on to become captain of the team we want to stay champ ship, we were naturally rank, I'm in high schools, hall of fame, because tony birches, whose now my best friends in life. He was just an assistant football coach there. Now, what am I? friends? Life called me a p word out in front of everybody, and- and so here I believe in telling uncomfortable hard truth. I think they can actually inspire people and needed that at that time, not suggesting you do that at home, but it works for me, Beth and texas, I haven't left you a lot of time to be quick without hurry. No problem, sir or I believe in and looking back in history. You have to be able to study both the good and the bad and people. So elizabeth stuff is making me remember a you know going back in time, or we can't apply today's standards to what
I did in order to understand them and I can't get so filled with hake, like people are around me as on the left. I I just I mean to me: that's a lack of god allowing that hate to to take over their heart, and it's it's. It's very sad. It's very depressing. Seeing people doing that to themselves, I refused to go there. Thank you for the car. I would hate to be judge just on my short I've only got fifty five years to apologize for what I could do it this list of shows for all the things I need to apologize for, thank god, Jesus Christ. Four gave me of those sands I'll go anywhere on top memphis. Next, This episode is brought to you by progressive commercial insurance. It's all the passion, project, side, in small businesses. We see you, you have drive, but if you drive,
more than you dreams, you're, more progressive commercial, auto insurance. They look after you discuss, receive driving. I was sure was a more plus as your business grows, you can simply add more progressive, customizable, coverages, protect your drive to work and your drive to do business get a quote in as little as six minutes, a progressive commercial dotcom. The title the insurance company and affiliates discussing covers elections are available in all situations. Jason whitlock sitting in for Glenn Beck on the Glenn Beck radio program. Thank you for joining me on this wonderful friday afternoon, here in Dallas hope, enjoying this shell we're going to switch up topics in dive into a topic. I've been passion about all this week and that's the events that have been trained by in Memphis tennessee. I think it was wednesday morning there was an all all day: murderous shooting spree in memphis tennis
A nineteen year old, easier kelly has been accused of, Streaming live on facebook, as he drove around the city for most of the day. shooting at an killing. He killed four in three others, police, eventually, hunted him down and arrested him, but that's not the only thing. that's been transparent in memphis you we saw late last week. I think, a week ago, today, ah Elijah Fletcher thirty four year old school teacher kidnapped raped and murdered while taking an early morning, jog she's on adapting the guy's name is clear: offer absent, kidnapped, raped and murdered her thirty four year old school teacher away,
If a mother we ve seen in this is all unlike in the past six days weeks, we saw a. Political activists, their murder by another woman over it. spewed over money. We saw a few male minister, murdered during a car jacking in Memphis memphis according to the statistics, is the most dangerous place in america. Memphis there's a one in twelve chance. If you live in Memphis, you will be the victim of a violent and or property crime in This a one in twelve chains, memphis in twenty twenty one and twenty twenty set records for
city of Memphis as it relates to murder. Memphis is a victim and suffering the consequences of a demonic, baby, mama culture, tie. This is altogether. I know you guys. Listen. The Glen show no. This cause no glenn talks about it all the time the destruction of family is the destruction of america. when you destroy the family, you destroy all norms, all morality, all order. It's all destroyed when you destroy the family. Myth is like a lot of urban cities dominated by what has been
all or what is being portrayed as black hip pop culture is being brace, it's it's embracing baby, mama culture and and this week on my show on fearless, we talked about a wrapper by the name of J fizzle. He did an interview with with some pod after youtube show where he showed up on set with seventeen of his baby mamas, and he has twenty two kids Twenty eight years. All in this what's being celebrated in normalized in here pop culture, people are afraid to speak out against it. because the left has said any criticism of that culture is races and they define that culture as black.
And what the culture really is is demonic. It say tanning its entire god. It's secular its due as thou wilt, Alister crowley's philosophy, and it's not black people, it's the culture and so the message I want to send to you all today in the message we putting out on my show all week- is called sure kills not color. And this is why those of us that are believers, regardless of faith. If you are a believer, if you believe in judeo christian values, if you are but look, I'm a christian, I grew up baptist I just I dont- want to limit it to people of my fate
few believe in god, you have to develop the courage to stand on your biblical fe and criticise the culture, not the color, the color, is not the problem. I am black christian, my family, black christian black, isn't the problem. It's the culture that many, but people have adopted or that hollywood and the puppet masters have a sign to black people. That culture is they take and we have to have the courage to speak out against that culture And the only way we can do, that is if we make god for
and centre of our criticism of that demonic culture again when it eight. I have a saying, a philosophy that I'm trying to promote a monks. The people that follow me show support my show, and it's that bad, rain witness requires courage, not perfection, and so what the law the us is, they hold us to a standard of perfection. If you're, not the perfect person shut your mouth and we get to determine who the perfect people are and the perfect people never say an impasse. Eyes were an that's a standard that none of us can kill me we all say imprecise things, and but they use that.
Precisely say: oh my god, you call us when a boy, therefore, your races therefore shut up in a faint comes. Your mouth is poison and and all you you gotta, be why you and we'll get into that, and some kid wasn't even a student allegedly said, the word at some volleyball player and because you would to be why you are because you or be why you you're part of that. and so shut up and and dont criticize has anything and if you do criticise what is being called black culture, your races, going to have to stand on our faith in our biblical principles and we're gonna have to it's. Gonna require courage to do this, not perfection. I am flawed, I said, thank god for Jesus Christ, because
I said I dont: do it proudly I've just flawed? I'm just human I'm the seed of Adam is just going to happen My sin is not going to silence me from speaking truth. You can't let your sin again. I know some of your signature. Jason is easier for you, your black. it's not really easier. I get caught all candid I pay a price for speaking truth for having the hurry to stand or my biblical worldview. I get persecuted just as you. It's not easy. The summit money I could be making. If I was willing to sell out. made my name in the sports media world and laying their pay and a guy stephen a smith already s pm twelve thirteen, in dollars a year.
That there is no one in the sports media industry and I worked there and worked it. He s paean and worked fox sports him had mall television show and made millions of them. Others doing those tv shows, but there's no one in the sports media world who would ever any by with a brain. Who would ever argue that stephen, a smith has one tenth of my town. And I don't say that to denigrate stephen, a smith, I'm just being factual about my talent and record of accomplishment as a sports media person. But I'm not willing to tell the kind of lies and to display the kind of cowardice it make it takes to make it in that industry in modern culture that has turned so secular. I'm not willing to do that. So there is a price that I'm
hey, and so I don't want you so it's easier for you, like your black, not as a price on paying for certainly now- and I'm too in you. You have to have the courage to pay that price. Don't let your sin silence you this and so that the strategy, I'm tellin, you us talk about the culture, not the color, because the collar isn't the problem. It's the culture. If you see people invested in believe in in a culture that leads to death and baby culture leads to death. When you keep bringing key, aids into the world. Did you I have no intention of taking full risk. Accessibility for That's how you end up with me. eighteen year olds draw
I've been around the city of Memphis. Shooting people on facebook lie that is a nineteen year old who clearly been abandoned by mama and daddy. and I don't mean to demonize his mom and dad because I don't know, but I know that call Of myth this- and I know that culture this- vase of in many of these urban areas in cities that are racked by violent criminals?. You can't have seventy, seventy five percent of your kids growing. up in single parent homes are growing up and go a mama's hauser aunties how's our foster care, without kay destruction and violence com. Along with that package. We have. to criticise that culture we have to rid our society of that culture.
It's not the collar. We want to get rid of its culture. I don't really know. People then have a problem with my collar. I know people like myself who have a problem with the demonic culture that doesn't care for its key is the does properly carefree its kids. You have a right to objective that you have to have the courage to Jack to that criticized, the culture leave color out of it, stand on your biblical belief That's the only way we save this country. That's the only way. We write the wrongs, going on a myth. This and in other cities around this country. I've gone to long says frowning at me. I need more discipline as it comes to the microphone
don't go anywhere? I got more to say on this ext the Glenn Beck program miss a day to miss a lot visit, laser tv dot com today and never miss a moment of truth. The the What makes it the Glen back radio programmes jason? What like sitting in four glint back jason? lacombe host of fearless But Jason whitlock write your own blaze, tv. You can all find me at you to dot com, slash jason, woodlot, that's where my programme drops Monday to friday, the six p m central time. Seven eastern please go to. Too bad coms. Last jason with market that subscribe button, joy
the fearless army, because we have conversations like I'm having right now, every day, on this show, and I want to go back to this memphis issue and and why The solution is, for those of that are believers to invite people into our culture. And I am speaking now specifically to those you that are christians because I gotta talk about what I know and my christian culture, has no color these eighty? these anti god people they of colorized culture, they have demonize crew. The entity- They have demonize those of us that are believers and where the root of all evil and it's a joke,
and we must have the courage, not perfection, the courage I am imperfect, we talk about this. On my show all the time. I am imperfect, The contributors on my show, I don't know all the details of their laws, but trust me they're, imperfect too. We don't require perfection, we choir courage and particularly man, if you don't man up and have the courage to stand on your biblical faye work. To lose this country yoga. to leave your kids and oppressive marks. its communist run, country, you're going to continue, to swallow. The boot of these atheists left is in your kids,
I don't get it even worse if we don't have the courage to stand on our pay and invite people in our culture and explain to them. How demonic, godless, antis, family culture that they have embraced is going to destroy them and to destroy, this country and to destroy the future of their keys. Culture is colourless, invite them into your species decline back programme. Today I want to talk a little bit more about memphis, just persecution and not on this show, but later on earlier work, actually talk to royce white, about steed, ban and answered Bannon's latest arrest in new york or more for asylum seekers. the ban and is being persecuted nets and truck he's been purse
cute it in my belief, because of his faith and in because again overseas relationship to donald trump, and all that, but mostly Steve van and has a biblical world and not see him. That's not like everything about tromp was perfect. Has again I keep going, but none of us are perfect. but believers are going to be persecuted. We have to have the courage to tolerate that affliction. That's I'd! Go back. The voting and what are you talking about Joseph? We have to stand strong the
when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the program I, while back to the show tj I was bringing up boys. Why cause he's going to be on the fearless tonight, I'm doing a bit of a tease on our show tonight. Voice white connect,
good to see band and being mentored by Steve Bannon voice, the former n b, a player that is a regular contributor on our show. One of the brightest guys on our show. I say the deepest guy, perhaps on our show, he's very connected to the bandits- will have an interesting discussion. Give voices take on what's going on with the persecution of Steve Bannon tonight on fearless that'll, be on youtube youtube dot com last jason, whitlock at six pm tonight today, in this final hour of the show, we're going to continue the discussion about memphis and then I'm going to talk a little bit about byu and the accusations that their student body they're at but campus atmosphere is unsafe for black kids and so south carolina women teams aren't going to play there, I'm on getting into that and more in the final hour of the Glenn Beck radio program,
or what about jason whitlock sitting in for Glenn Beck? The phone number to call is one eight, eight, eight, seven, two seven two three two five I want to in It's you into our conversation about memphis and what's going on there and my argument that we have to be willing, as believers as christians, the criticise, a culture that is clearly demonic and say tat if the whole d action of family, the whole normalization of blowing up the nuclear family You don't need mom and dad All you need is one strong woman or who strong women or two strong men or foster care. or grandmama care or anti your uncle care that it's gonna work out: perfect,
There is no society in the history of the planet, no successful society he and the history of the planet, they didn't start the gods, design of man, woman and child. That's the blueprint and that's a culture, Amy body can embrace and we can invite Amy body into and we to remove color from the converse- station and talk about a culture. Did we want to invite people into that will lead to their success? The wolf? to them having a purpose driven life that will lead them, a fair, better person. It produces kids who are confused about who they are and what their purpose is on. this lifetime on this planet.
But we have allowed the left to color old culture and we ve The left demonize judeo Chris gin culture. We have allowed them to paint that as races and it's not an and get the left has seduced black people into a die. Do a culture, this demonic and leads to their destruction, and we keep looking at the evidence all these major urban areas, in cities across amerika kids in total chaos key totally about dipped objecting to any kind of authority, whether it be law enforcement or parental school teacher school principle, any type of authority, their rejecting and their rejecting it, because the authority figures did
god design them too old. A nation mamma and daddy that has been disrupted. and we're paying this as some type success story that, and this is I'm gonna get real specific and intolerable. what's goin on, were black people, but again this whole black woman is the backbone of black america. Is the weakest backbone in america. If that's the case just look at the results here. One and while it's our here, lab stream and murder. And again I must say this all these years, but I get We can't even have the discussion about what's going on with black boys in america and how they keep falling father. and farther and farther behind and we keep all its white people of races,
maybe but its conservative white people, it's the culture that we have adopted. and or been assigned by the left you? This is almost sports person. Background of sports are play college football. My my career, initially was covering sports, fickle whoever the worst coaches and nfl history writs cold, tight. I don't know whoever, but so wondered comes in with a horror, written this game plan and you follow that her renders game plan for us, sixty straight years. You never win the game. You never gonna get. You may have some individuals who have Oh, he ran for one hundred and fifty yards, but his team slaughtered by fifty point
so you may have some. The visual success stories, I have a momma or daddy, or my daddy ran out on me, and this person has success and blah blah blah and my peers. Whenever together in this individual, had success, but when you called look The scoreboard overall what's going on with kids growing up in homes, where seventy two seventy five percent of them are born into a single parent homes. The scoreboard is crystal clear it's a losing game plan emphasis two years we ve been following, that demonic game plan, dear facades, the may be emphasised is family d. emphasizes godly order. The results are all aware and its time
change, game players and fire the head coat, and they won't do it or we're not helping enough for people do it by save. Look where we have a game plan that works. It's a two thousand year old game player is called the bible. It works. the founding fathers of this country set up this system in america specifically for this biblical game plan and the people not every person, but the people in mass numbers who follow that game plan rig I must have collar, and this is factual information, regardless of
or if you follow this game plan, the results speak for themselves. I mean it's amazing black, why asian a teen. You follow that big. Who game plan in america you follow it anywhere on the planet, but if particularly following here in Amerika a system design for that game plan This was why haven't Jim brown in your back field guy, bless you would Jim brow and then says now: here's game, play right here. The works boy In brown is a running back and in your when championships, but the left comes into says he I know you got Jim brow. Jesus Christ. I know you got here, but I got to say tat
a game plan that I want you to follow. I want you to follow. Oj game play a Hannah. You, Jim brown, but follow. oh did not cause all day with a grey running back. But you get my point I want you to. You know, make whitlock you're running back, that's basically what the lips in plan is put Jim brown on the bent. Don't play Jesus Christ cry running back, play whitlock he's dead. three hundred pounds runs a six flat. Forty Fifty five years old, wrong gust of wind hits had so many loses. His balance play him running back and then, when it doesn't work, blame white people, maybe ahead Jim brow.
Your team, Jesus and the gospel in the bible, and the entire gay, his here's, the instead so this is all you need to do- is all the wisdom right here is two thousand years a collective wisdom followed And you'll have success. Now do my way, I'm smarter than two thousand years of collective wisdom, its insanity, its absolute insanity,. But we're doing it when we come back, I'm going to take your phone calls and then I'm going to take up a phone calls. Then most to be why you be why use put out a statement if you saw this, he did, but they put out a statement today, about their investigation into the racial incident will get into that in the final minutes of the show, but one
eight eight. Seventy seven to three to five is a number to call will take your phone calls worth combat Bobby jason with our sitting for glenn back before number one eight, eight, seventy seven to three to five market, ohio has been waiting patiently. Mark wylder Glenn back radio programme, hey thanks for me on. Listen. You really inspired me today. These are some peggy with bad need. A lot to be sorry. My credentials. So I'm the father of eleven children live or boy. seven girls hold on mark a mean eleven kids, a meme, playing around out there. You ve you got that
You got several ivy league degrees. You got a masters degree appear today. Every eleven years you ve been busy man unrealistic, I'm just a guy and Europe's elvis. for for my current so and I have fourteen grandchildren so far, and only half of them are married and oh by the way. All of them that had kids were married m and you know for orson story of more in the military. Ah, you are. Can we go in law enforcement? Now, I'm three of my kids are credentials, asters and I am not, but I will do you know he's a story so I ve been to bill you'd, be a pastor, go ahead at thirty years ago, when we had our second, yet we talked about it and my wife quit work to be a full time mom and we gave up their people. In common. I was only too I mean this was thirty years ago. I was only making you twenty five thousand here she was making
that's what I was like air we'll be order, even pizza right. So we end thirty years later, at each of which he homes schooled them all. They are all. amazing catch and there is a cost about. I mean You probably gave up a lot more box, but really struggled you know, and then I do. good. I did good my curve. I've been able to take care of them. Were you upper? no class and you worked hard that this is the first time I have been able to call in them all its work, and I don't have time to listen to the radio, but I'm going up see my mom causes of my first day off and almost a month, and my mom lose hours north and it's like well my, stay off. What am I gonna do only because you, my mom, this stuff's important so wrap what you are talking about should absolutely get an award for worst father of the year will be a father to any of them. They care anita sounds like you: don't care
and, yes, it makes a difference and you are right of our culture called culture. Is the killer I mean I look at it here in Columbus, ohio, all the shootings, you know they're all inner city and he used his baby. Mama stuff doesn't get it a kid needs. A mom needs a dad. My it is an amazing mom mark it like you produced in an amazing family, you're gonna, be rewarded for that. You already been rewarded for any sound like you produce good fruit You are rewarded this society and in a week Thank you for your service and in I say that no permanent and you walk because I need I knew exactly. Journalists. Well, I'm glad you found me- and I hope you found the fearless part tacit wherever pie
as are on apple, you can go subscribe on apple as well. We're directing people today too You two paid you to back harms last, jason whitlock. As w h, I t elsie carry. You did do that right now. Thank you mark Pritchett to fall called blake blake, Texas, leah, hey, have jason gazing wedlock come into the captain. I gotta complain about the coach see what we got is a twelve mile But we got the wrong twelve man to the god or the government for three: generations. We ve seen the government step in and take responsibility the mail. and raising the children, and it was a convenience for these people, but it it also sidelined the man from being part of the family because he had died in order for the fair We need to get the money if it even a family. At that point I mean I've got
admiration remark and is a million jobs, but it doesn't even you. Dont have meaning lucky in life. We just gotta, be dedicated to the right thing and we need who coach, because that dedication on the twelve man that ban everybody wants ain't god. It's the government and eventually the governs gonna, run out a good people, because the forty nine percent, or can really hard, are going to be voted by the fifty one percent, the even more carter and after while its top, you just can't do that as a society anymore. You copy, blake. Thank you for the phone call good stuff, like the analogy t jake is basically I'll. Go out Therefore, why won't talk about running bags is light we Had the right life coat. Jesus Christ. We had the bill, belch a graded and bilbil bilbil vince, lombardy, Phil jackson, radar, Brac tony done
all of the road and the one we got them most amazing coat great playbook, the bible and I'm looking at people rejected. And then get mad at the people they keep sand haven know try my playbook try my culture and an We ve convinced as certain segment of the population, that, if you, if your white and you by their culture your races, if your black and you try that all you're a sell out and in its it's the culture and the formula that works, and it's been proven throughout the history of time and so, if someone can point me to a great society or any working properly, functioning society that work?
without man, woman and child as the foundation that nuclear family, structure that know why we call it nuclear that god bless god: design family structure, that's what works, and we can't move away from that. If we continue to move away from it and if we continue. Two demonize that structure that game plan we're going to continue to get the result in the council. What is that were seen in Memphis and these other men. Just cities. We're saying this whole country torn down, because we are rejecting the bill. Bela check a play books, I it it it baffles me. Well, we got thirty second security I ramble too, must bring. I want you to jump in here for now. Twenty nine the what you're talking about man, woman and child it.
Turns out. It was not just a biological necessity and a time where it actually takes a man and a woman to make a child, and then it takes both. You take care of them. it turns out. There is far more to that. Even when you have the technology, where a woman perhaps could make it by self she's not going to meet needs. Mad men aren't getting their me these men at all. if the kids aren't getting their needs met. That's the number one pick: a woman wants the blower life up about it. Was to blow his life up, have at it here I draw the line, Tell me why you nets the Glen back programme, The jason whitlock synonym for Glenn Beck on the Glenn Beck radio program today
if you ve noticed this, but I certainly have have notice. The number of women calling the show today with me sitting in this house from mine, standing is less when glimpse the hose in a women, tend to stay away, but I think it's, my good looks the weight that I've lost, that the the female callers have just just come out of the woodwork and we're hearing from many of them today about how much they've enjoyed the show I must they been joys, looking at the show, if they really don't even have to hear me, they just need to see me, and so the rating for women is just gone through the wolf rule. and so I normally wouldn't do thereby squeeze in one other phone call just because share linen think has been waiting for two to three hours. To talk to me. I think she called, and actually before the show started, just hearing that I would be on so. I share online welcome to the glint bet, radio programme.
Hi Jason so great to talk to you got a new found. This is the first time I've watched along such structure, it'll be a show, are you filling in for Glenn? I'm there I am very excited to be able to share and back up what you said, because it's a very important message monsieur le our procedure. Call it up calling me and give me those words of support I know the glen appreciates you as well. Well, I'd like to just say what I've been very greatly support. Is the message of culture? not color, because my experience with the leave. Believe welfare mostly caused this culture was I'm. Why am I sister Y got sucked into the welfare culture which totally destroyed the lives of her children
The only thing that saved me was my faith. In god, I started following harder. After that, I made my own mistakes. I got divorced, unfortunately myself, but I got closer into god and followed him and he hold me and save me from that awful culture and it was not I can also not only their upright, not a black weight in those hispanic friends your lives were all destroyed and their kids lives No future, the ones that I now I can't speak for. Everybody obviously are some people that use it you get out, but the one I saw analyse one young girl. My heart breaks the house. She believed by just they and on welfare and taking care of it. His along I'm getting fucked up, and all about that she's doing what you supposed to do for her kid. She had no idea that there's a different way, that marriage and provide
Maybe your child yourself and not depending on the state. It that's the way its support the bay and they don't understand why their lives are destroyed and their kids like go into such bad places and I I watched uncle tom, to which was a great great he showed the marxism in the end, the welfare state as being that caused the that code, that godless very very gathers, and it is not only a card, it also puts up a barrier between the church reaching them because their god is now the state. you. Ve got god fearing people, we tried ministries that try to reach, but because the state provides everything leave, they have no interest because they have to give up something cyril and thank you, god is very jealous and he wants you to be dependent on him. Not the government anything else, and so
when the government tries to make you depended on them. They actually work. Immigrants, god and working against. What's best, All of us. Thank you so much for the car. I want to spend the rest of the show talking a little better. Does be why you situation that when all what the duke ball player, any accusations that be why students shower the do women's volleyball team with racial slurs and other taunts and harassment byu. has issued a statement this morning. My red part. or maybe all of this statement will see asp of our commitment to take any claims of racism. Seriously, be why you has completed its investigation into the allegation that rachel heckling and slurs took place at the do. first, be why you women's volleyball, match on august twenty six review, we reviewed all available video audio recordings, including security, footage and raw footage from camera angles taken by be why you tv of the match with broken
seen audio removed to ensure that the noise the stands could be heard more clearly. We also reach Two more than fifty individuals who attended the event duke athletic department purse no in student athletes, be why you athletic department personnel and student athletes event. Security management and fans who were in the arena that evening, Including many of the fans, india on court students section from our extent The review we have not found evidence to corroborate the allegation that fans engaged in rachel heckling or uttered she'll slurs at the event, as we stay it earlier. We would tolerate any conduct that would make a student athlete feel unsafe there That is the reason for our immediate response and our thorough in instigation As a result of our investigation, we have lifted the ban on the fan who was identified. Having uttered racial slurs during the match. We have found any evidence that the individual engaged in such activity be. Why you
sincerely apologise to that fan for any hardship. The ban has caused our fight. Is against racism, not against any individual or any institution. Each person Pact has strong feelings in experience, which we honor we encourage others to show similar civility and respect. We remove and committed to rudy, not racism wherever it is found. We hope we can join together. In that important fight, there's more than a statement. I will stop there. Let this thing was bogus from the start, and it just didn't make sense. And again I don't I don't have a great deal of expertise with be why you I do speaking in transparency. twenty years ago for some data mormon woman and the mormons that I
experience. Racism was not their issue, do some disagreements about John smith and their religion. Yes, that's an issue will, but that's well we're here to discuss racism, not their issue. I found out within the past year, A do did I grew up with one of my one of my brothers, best friend my best remedy to call his name tat, poor black, do may to a black. Why just this pressure? on this gas. Since I was in seventh eighth grade. Can't remember, maybe six maybe longer than that he's a moron. He and his wife? I had no idea and I've been mormon from twenty five years. Some of the best people. I know blind eye. When they told me there was a man you're, more ribeiro, ass, small, but questions about this experience as mormons
Racism is not the issue there. Dealing with in the mormons church the whole idea that a group of college kids brigham young university, a religious school be showering. Young girls with racial taunts just did it makes sense to me, they don't they rarely cos and be why you, but there a sporting event is naturally tell of us and their shouting are not nasa but just televised this tunnel. vast and their shouting. Racial summers some young girls, I just didn't, buy it dance daily and other people, and indeed the whole thing s p, n stephen smith immediately jumped on this. Other people mainly jumped on this So the story offer what a nineteen year old girls word and her guy mother, whose some kind of democratic politician in texas that has a history of being
anti white races and has a hiss we are promoting rachel hoaxes, it now made sense, I'm glad be why you has finally found its wording and did it oh it s actually think be why you handled properly got following your sword immediately and then do the investigation take all the rice have do with it. Wants you to do and then let the facts come clean up the mess and that's what they ve done and So I think be why you have some credibility to their report because their initial handling of it they with her at her word and then an investigation and found out something different. I kind of like Maybe why you have not, I was weak, I don't thank you assume, somebody's guilty, suspend someone, expel them from any campus boarding event and then come back and say your gear
until proven innocent we finally proved you're innocent. I didn't like that. I also think that, while it does probably give some of credible to their investigation. I think their final response was weak. I think you sure got hearted dance daily and I think they should have gone hard at older. Go unheeded on still. Why read those they did not by But just by put not this report, I did they do by name, I think single, her out for singling them out and say you're trying to defame our good name, and we take this stuff seriously in this is who We are and where a mormon institution and you ve got it out of your way to make sure that people think we're something. We're not we're not gonna put up with and so the same law suit that she filed against mozilla a few years ago for defamation. They should be filing that same lawsuit against her. Certainly you gotta go off it, I'm so tired of the defence. This is different. I would like c b, while you go on full often and I will go on
there will go on offers. No one thing it where I think the I'm fine in pulling back. Is this girl's, probably that the duke young, lady she's, probably eighty nine. In rural areas or you don't need to go hearted her if she's gonna fight but body else involve needs to get the hammer So this is a lot of defence. From my way, too much will take some more of your phone calls and wrap up the show backs, We cannot just a few minutes left with you, but I have more time for those of you who want more, may jason relaxation and proclaimed back check out my fearless part. ass, an blaze tv show, the show errs on you to animal. See we but on youtube. You can. Finally, you too dot com, flash, jason,
lot so airs every night at six p m it premiers on apple another wherever podcast play at four p m you just want to hear the audio, but, as you can tell The response today show female audience really wants to see me and- That's why I've no baggage? It's it's! It's mary unicorn yeah. I really am, and but it's just such an upgrade from how much better. I looked in gland even unshaved, like I'm right now, but I think that's what the women are responding to jessica in california be quick, but don't hurry. Ok, The long term listener first time collar. I'm calling an because Come coolly agree with everything you're saying and how the destination of families is being created with this new culture and new wave. I am mother of four I
a minority, and I wish more women would stand up to against this demonic society that we ve created. with just accept awaiting the family, removing the men from the how poor didn't more women who believe in the nuclear family would stand up against. What's going on, believe. We would not be the minority. We want success in our society and our schools and were having it muddy by these waters of everything as a huge gender. Is them all this doubt it literally removing god I've been destroying our future I'd I home school, my children now because of all the chaos being created and it gets hurt, my heart could see the power
that society is going and being in california, one of the most horrific liberal state. There is war without mercy. Yours is worse than the your time jessica. Doesn't I got cigar, though I appreciate the cod and want to be sure, but I want to get some others in haiti in new mexico, the quick, but don't hurry I challenge you to do your homework gun mormons. I was raised the moment, my whole entire family farming and they are at the most racist people. I have ever met. I am in an interracial marriage and my children are nothing but wet backs. Because the mormon community and my mormon family forgot to hear you know the thing Let black men become priesthood, never my days earlier, yama were unaware of their must, go to europe they're racist. Thank you heidi,
Alison Irian and now you force me to be even more transparent. My dad races. Awesome human bay. He was flawed. He grew up in a time where he s awful things happen to created some animosity in him. he couldn't get rid of and had some real strong objections to some of my dating choices and, ah so I'm just not some one. People are flawed and peoples, feelings on race or far more complicated than what we can produce. and in a short converse station over the radio and Alex using whatever you ve experienced from your family and behaviour, but
I've lived it in my own life and I'm not you'll. Never get me to write off my dad ever because I never saw him treat a person poorly. I never saw him treat a woman that I data than he disagree with never saw him treat her poorly these issues are more complicated. Just all people are racists and the blah blah blah, but I appreciate your phone call. I appreciate you guys linley me your ear today. I hope that done. Glenn justice. I've been certainly enjoyed. It hoped to be back check me out tonight on fearless fearless with jason whitlock will. Talk about be why you we'll talk, since the ban will be fear, This is the line back programme.
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