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The Gun Violence the Left DOESN’T Want to Talk About | 7/6/22

2022-07-06 | 🔗

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot discussed the divisiveness in America, but Pat and Stu point out the hypocrisy of the message. Stu exposes the gun violence the Left doesn't want to discuss. The approval rating of President Biden keeps plummeting, as Stu and Pat examine how radical his presidency has been. Some radical leftists aren't happy with the Biden administration, based on a phone call between the White House and Democrat celebrities. A blast from the past shows then-Senator Joe Biden saying that "many fine people" fly the Confederate flag, which is just another case of Democrats flip-flopping. Stu and Pat discuss Pfizer's recent billion-dollar deal with the U.S. government. Americans are more pro-life than the media wants to portray.

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When you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. the program
with that stupid when this way you know those great still is lorry lightfoot, the mayor of chicago grand. I have to sit all right and attractive all more than attractive. You don't seem do, but that out, I was worried about people wouldn't know our opinion on her appearance, and you would only wanted them to note the area that very high here and now. We will talk about that and share with you, the latest about sixty seconds. The world of business has gotten harder to existed, especially for people of integrity, and it's gonna get worse before it gets better everywhere. You look, companies are telling the woke left line just because they ve been bullied into thinking. It's the only way and when the left's bullying leaves off their supportive ds, g scores and all the rest will make it make it. Even worse
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profound and such a peacemaker. I've noticed that too, and we tract of physically, beautiful yeah and you really feel that way because you ve brought it up several times. I now yak, as I am now huh it's the first thing that hits my brain when eyes how creative ory my sword sometimes I just blurted out my I didn't realize that I had already said it, so I apologize for that. No that's! Alright! I want to strongly, obviously you feel strongly about it. Yeah I mean it's. It's a bit redundant, you know because I just keep saying it but What people to understand it's difficult to consider the the regime. The administration of of of lorry lightfoot without Factoring in that you know, people notice right away how pretty she is yeah. I mean, if I didn't know better, if, if I didn't realize it europe
happily married right. I might think that you, dare you got kind of a thing for a bit concerned than my wife might be listening. cause, you now add its did. Look it's difficult! I'm a guy! You know Just a straight out all american mail and If you see someone like Lori Lightfoot and a male write, your sister, I am yeah, I am cis male now I was not born a cis male of course, had a transition actually transition in eighteen, eighty, nine digital Then I transitional back in nineteen. Ninety nine. Now it was not. I I'm not saying I reject Did my initial transmit transition gotta? Be that that's when people do that and even if you ve covered the news, your called a haider and you get thrown out of the media. So I just transition twice I just happened to end up in the same spot, just it just happens debts, but you just You try out for a decade or so, and then
and how do you know what I know how to coordinate our way, and I was born a person us when I forgot transition wise and then transition back individually or not retracing my steps- and I just decided to because of the way it was born transition back in because of the way you were born and mainly a lot. I will say a good chunk of the reason I transition back was lorry Lightfoot outline out just just so attractive out, even more yo. Ninety ninety, now you think she's good look about maginot back in eighteen. Ninety nine! Can I can't imagine I can either? Nor do I? necessarily want to, but anyway we're talking about the very attractive of chicago and her piecemeal being ability right now. She talked about, you know how toxic Discourse is right. Now here's what she had to say yesterday and then we'll show an example of what she's talking about our last week, toxicity in art-
public discourse is a thing, I think we should all be concerned about, it's in its it's ironic. Obviously there we're having this conversation happen on, in its day. We're not like a lot of other countries were independent, their version of independence day is marked with troops and tanks, and you know what we do in the united states as we can together. The media is here: here's are coming together, leslie clarence thomas, so that's I ironic, I think. As the word she you see. That's a good word, a really good word ironic, and throw in hypocritical, my earlier, I might say in what way back in the way that you she's Talking about the toxicity in our discourse after having been toxic
our discourse just last weekend, but if you it would be handled it a little bit differently and you know what just last week I was saying a few to clarence thomas and oh, I've decided that's too toxic, would it be a little different? It will be an interesting approach, wouldn't it yeah there is that there is something to that and politicians whether they meant it or not, used to exploit moments like that are the the to make a big deal out of it, but when your side did something wrong, you call them out. I mean not to bring up the example. That's, but I'm broke a million times, but that social, the sister soldier moment of the Clinton administration, where he kind called out like his up, people who were his own supporters. The end I think it earned him some level of respect at that time from people across the aisle who said wait a minute thanks for calling those idiots out, and I think that something to that it there used to be in
and especially when you're doing it yourself, you're calling out yourself for your own behavior you're right. She makes a statement, she says, look at the toxicities of provenance. Look there's! No! I don't like the the state. Of our debate in this country- and I am a person who just told you and just show you how much effort made on this. I'm a conservative lorelei put democratic. I've said nothing but how attractive she is the entire show. That is an example of coming. The ilo and rage positive about someone on the other side. So I obviously lead? The way on this army is obviously but and I'm a person who's, you know, sold Nancy Pelosi, sucks pens right. Andrew cuomo was awful. Awfully mugs on may say that let's talk about babies up I'd, say that and I I don't necessarily love that. That's how we do things here. I don't. I don't think it's a great thing in the world. I do Constantly engage, you know, but I dont necessarily think it's.
Greatest way to run a country, but there is little really no evidence whatsoever that our political toxicity has anything to do with the shooting admit this person this seems to be completely knots. He's gone, to all over his face. He has been talking about, fantasizing about and wrapping about school shootings. For god knows how long this not seem to be one of these things where these are. I just don't agree with a minimum wage policies of this country. That doesn't seem to be an example of this. At all, the the response every single time, especially from the left about guns, after every shooting strikes me as particularly toxic. They tend to blame the they put the ball, blood on the hands of their political opponents. That's pretty toxic, but I don't think that's what she's referring to here. This is not an example of some person, at least as we know right now and maybe we'll find this out there.
has been some rumours of some of his postings having some cordon unquote right wing and they say. Never, encompasses everything took to the media when someone does something bad, every everything they to quote quote right wing, so I dont know. Yet if this is accurate, but it doesn't to be politically motivated. it seems to be random, to be a very troubled person doing some very troubling things. It does not seem to be a politically motivated crime, What is our toxicity have to do with that? Nothing, nothing So what will it just like these standard talking points that the very attractive laureate lightfoot you came trotting out after she just violet. them. Yet stage in front of tens of thousands people last week and how is it that you dont at least acknowledge it, do not remember what you did last week and It's done many times before As a matter of fact, she's contributed to the toxicity, alot mean when the
Dammit was going on she's telling everybody hey stay in your house, don't go anywhere, you can go to James. You can't get your hair done that nay. She goes out and gives her hair done, then, when she's crashed it about it, she's all pissed off. What will look I care about my hygiene? I know the rest of us. Don't I will say it. Obviously obvious cares letter harriers very, very attract, but that is a person who is highly a specimen show use We're model we would say she is Jesus supermodel about it. Even trying Jeez walks out everyday onstage, auto super she's on auto mode, pat and look he she needs to get her hair done. She needs to get her hair done. She's, not like us, pat no she's, not like us, or does she look like she's important yeah? Why don't I? Where does dumpy guys and what are her gets cut? It doesn't get cut when the pandemic happened all of our of our when all the hare cutting places around here, all the salons and barbershop. Were closed and so on
sat therefore months and months and months without a haircut like most people, in that period, and you know, unlike most, people we have to be on camera everyday doing our shows do as america pack re unleashed and did we look a little terrible times, probably, but you know what I care, because no one goes to us for our looks they do go to lorry lightfoot for her looks that's why Why do people know that for a fact absolutely key, and why do people move to chicago? It's not as stop violence. Writing. Why would you go Yuri lightfoot, legal for lorry lightfoot. That's why you go there. You move to Chicago specifically to view lorry lightfoot and just you say that you could viewer from afar Ali baba do you think of watching the super bowl live or until television are going to be there in person, he really does Lori lightfoot at Lori. Lightfoot speech is the equivalent to the superbowl. In my mind, and you saw this yesterday with her incredible points
it's amazing that people like lorelei lightfoot are actually in charge of cities. She has been catastrophe right Is there anybody do argues with this anyway. Any democrat in Chicago. That would argue with the fact that lorry life, what has been a catastrophe, this is- of someone who has his now look her attractiveness aside, she's not been a good mare, no We, you not look, what's happened, Chicago, while she, ben been the mayor of it, they had the idea we call it this the golden mile or the. What does it called? we're all those great job here on michigan avenue. It's a great say, although it is a great city when you're not getting shot, and they were all been analyzed and they were broken into on a regular basis for the whole summer of twenty twenty in and then not she's got the shootings that happen every single day and then a week and you ve got in the dozens of people, have been killed or oftentimes killed and wounded by gun?
I urge the normal course of behaviour over and over and over it's so stunning about it. You know it is and it's so bizarre, the weather the left approaches this there is this, Constant shirt of violence in the cities. move and run by democrats for decades and decades and in some cases a half century or more honest in most instances now and it just keeps churning and churning in turning. No one seems to do anything about it. No one seems to care about. The media doesn't seem to care about it and you have three giant buckets of corn, gun violence which in again it's kind of a weird way to look at it really blaming the tool used right the person using the tool, but let's go with it for secondary and these gun violence, these giant buckets. You have the gang violence. That goes on, generalised crime in these cities every single day, which is a huge chunk of the problem. We are talking about gun violence
Then you have another huge chunk of the problem, which is suicide: about half half the half the gun, debts this country are suicide and you have these who huge things that the left doesn't really seem to want to do anything about it. I don't care they never talk about it. And then you have this one tiny little fraction, which obviously does it matter if you are involved in one of these things. I mean some of the details coming out of this island park. Shooting are just heartbreaking. I absolutely awful in every single way, and if you're in in seville that obviously there's no waited to to make that pain feel any better. But it's like it, is a when you're talking about a nation is a very tiny fraction of what we're talking about when we're talking about gun, violence or violence overall, and just because the left if this is the way to convince people, Your gun should go away this
is how this is the one they go after all the time, and you know because often their guns, that our perch first, legally much more often than than the typical murder right. There through the system they go. They pass through all of these laws, and still are able to often get these guns where you know that typical, a cool gun. We ve talked about this before that. The deal jaded study about state and federal prisoners and they asked them all the people who got caught. gun crimes, they said: hey where'd, you get your gone, they did a survey of them. They fell. One point three percent of them? Got it through a retail purchase, one point three percent, so but a lot of them were stealing them from friends stealing them from relative from of friends or relatives by giving the union of gifts from free
relatives. People just gave them the guns. Sometimes they found them on other crime scenes. Sometimes they were both the black market all of these other ways, but none of them regulated none of them that any of these laws would actually touch none of them. I'm a one point: three percent, so trying to micromanage criminal behaviour of one point, three percent of people who are already criminals, but punishing ninety nine point, nine percent of the regular people out there that by guns and dont use them for the nefarious purposes. It doesn't make any it would make sense in any other context, but here we are because of people like. relate foot. The very attractive lordly foot and other politicians throughout america who you these things for their own advantage. Obviously, pat no one could make the statement that lorry like put made yesterday with us. face if they actually meant it might you just war, onstage, saint behalf, the supreme court justness clarence, thomas and
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common sense gun reform. Can we get some of that? I know we just passed a giant bill about it, yeah but like. Why don't we have more done? You know why don't do something tat. Thank you sought after something something, for example this. the philadelphia mare went to canada couple weeks ago, he said quote was in canada. Two weeks ago, I never thought about a gun. The The only people who I knew, who had guns, canada, candle police officers- that's the way it should be yeah, that's pretty consistent with the second amendment is already consistent. Would you say I dont know I I know when I go out. The only thing I can think of when I'm in the united states of america is guns. When I want mountain about. All I can consider our guns got. Are their guns on that person, disease a gun. This is how the ethics of the ties, how they thought about covert, and this is how they think about guns that they were. They were like, oh my god, that persons of disease vector is how they ve spent the last two years and out of it
only going outside the word that I was going to shoot them, even though these babies situation, while it's a problem, very very rare, it's important to say now there were fifty one shot and seven dead in york over July. Fourth, we can now you didn't hear anything about that because I guess they it didn't happen. pray. I dont know exactly waited here about that, but then that happened and one other way, there's another city where it's very difficult to obtain a gun, yet very difficult who is now like intentionally passing unconstitutional laws, which literally in the opinion, from the other day from clarence thomas, it talked about how you, and just name like the entire island of manhattan as a special exempt zone from they carry permits, and then they just basically did that Well, you can't carry. You can carry god. Of course, I'm in the supreme court set, but you can't carry or other people might be or where there might be light or
our kindness, but other than that you can gary wherever you might be a york mare by the way, not shot newark mayors, It was not shot this weekend, which is news in it. Self, I suppose, but we were was robbed, excuse me. He was robbed a bye, bye and some person at gunpoint, afore over his wallet and cell phone and then was assaulted when he refused to abide by the demands so little for the big city is going well tat. I guess it's my salary here and I think these policies, if you just continued a role about for a couple more decades, give give the day rats, twelve fifteen, more
decades and these problems are going to start to subside. Well, that's the thing give them a chance. You get, we gotta, give him a chance, give them a chance. You know you're going to find out what's in these bills, when you pass them and now that they're passed just give them a couple of centuries, constant and unchallenged leadership and everything should be fine, the Glenn Beck program, These days, you use your personal information to do just about everything, especially when your online, but with all that information just floating out there, it can make the internet a practical gold mine for identity thieves. Actually, I hats. That's not fair gold minors mining is actually hard work. Stealing your identity is dean. Firstly, easy is also incredibly costly and terribly frustrating. If you get act now is an easy time to join up with life flock and help protect yourself with lifelong by norton
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seven back, then stupor glad glinda peremptorily. Seventy seven b, he'd seeking yet another pole dad bored so well or our brain dead. President Joe Biden he's is really not doing well in these balls. I bet you know, there's a problem just haven't, communicated their message well enough yet to the american people. If they could just community kate, what they're trying to do to raise inflation gas prices. We re
Who allow free flow of illegals in drugs and terrorists across the? U s border if they can just commuted Why they're doing all of these things? It would be so much better for them. You so you think pudding, Joe Biden, in front of the people. More often, for him to fall over on a bicycle in public is exactly what needs to happen. Yes, exactly really see for him to stumble uns damper and not be able to get his train of thought, gone and say the wrong numbers. You know assisting with numbers he can also have a number correctly. He can't do it. It doesn't matter if it's written other teleprompter in eighty font, it doesn't matter. He just can't give you a number of what the deal is with that because he can get through. So things some of the time but can never get through numbers as to SAM. He screwed yeah
If we do it, there's like a mental blocking of some sort- and I think the mental bloc as it is, is turned from a block into a giant wall yeah that is impenetrable really can't capital. Now, let me go some actual numbers here, Joe Biden, earning money started and off ass, he was run of mid fifties. Approval rating and there as high as flake. Fifty nine was new, fifty eight or for some hours at the monmouth poll. I think he Peter fifty four, but he has constantly, fallen from those levels and to give you a sense, it's it's very typical for president to start their administration in somewhat of a honeymoon pair. You ve heard that phrase before you get this sort of but burst of everyone in america them. Generally speaking, the american people, like the country there were to at least give a new president. An attempt at success right ice are gonna, say: hey, I'm done the same way like I was
very comforted, Joe Biden was going to be a terrible present. Now I don't but I thought I was gonna- be vis bad either you just gotta be terrible. I can tell you, I did not think would be this pacing utilise gotta be bad, but there is no way you could have ever predicted how bad he would be here. I think I think that's true I mean it. I dont know think of what I expected to be different I I didn't think the withdrawal from Afghanistan where botched as badly as it was right since, like can't think inflation would be almost ten percent I could go a real number being close to twenty percent. I didn't he This would be one hundred and twenty dollars per barrel, which they're down from that now, but one hundred and twenty year dollars a barrel yet to use sic and the reason why cause you might say: how could you not think Biden was going to be this bad? Here's, my by two part answer to that one is we went through the obama administration where you have a guy, who, I think, arguably one
more committed to the ideology than Joe Biden is a guy with sixty votes in the senate, filibuster, proof majority, who of course, spend lots of money, a launch bunch of new programmes, and we didn't see inflation like that at that time, right right, so, like Think ok Biden is pro it has less support. In congress is ass convincing of a speaker. You know, We see every one loved obama back in the day on the left, and so you keep get less done and while he be as bad as obama, it might not be worse than that the second airily, I would say you know, as a guy who who went through, HU. The obama administration who is in the end the obama administration Biden, was obviously a guy who is far left, but never seemed as committed to that ideology, as is obama, was our many people around him. Instead, what has done. Has is try to run this as
if see as president. Really, he has been Only has he been a bad income? president, which I largely would have predicted pretty easily. I think he has been much farther left than even the president he served under. It means I don't that's an accurate. At least he is governed that way he's govern that way, with razor thin majorities tried to pass six really dollars of build back better spending. With fifty senators and many talks about a frugal he's been. I didn't get that done believable and he tried to get three point. Five trillion done, that he tried to get one point: eight trillion that he's tried over and over and over he spent. one point. Nine trillion uncovered nonsense that we did not need at that time. He then, and got the republicans to come along for another one point: one trillion of infrastructure spending that we did not need.
he's gone through all of this and he's been while the general if the direction of incompetence, I think, was predictable with someone like Joe Biden, who has never really succeeded at anything in his entire life, I mean the other guy has been a complete failure at everything. He's attempted in his entire so. This is what get when you, when you select someone like that, but like he has been met, much more incompetent than I could have imagined I honestly believe, if you a random stranger off the street and put him in office. He could not be worse than Joe Biden this and that's it gimme. A lot of this might just me because at times he's completely to doubt, but I think that if that stereo what more true all the time it things will be, going better if, if he handed this off to leftists poor generally professionalized at what they were doing so he's advisers who around him.
if he handed off the presidency completely to those people things would be going better because it Those people would be able to do things in some relatively competent fashion. Afghanistan is the perfect example that path We all knew, though, what the left wanted out: I've Afghanistan they want to get out of there as soon as possible. In the event of nobel prize, Ties are defense. We We all know the way that they and a lot of us were on board with hay. Eventually, this needs to end like the way they did. It was was just pure and utter incompetence fuelled ideology that boy did them from any other downsides and that's it the thing: is it almost impossible to predict data it's almost as if you hired someone who's intentionally trying to destroy the country. That's what it feels like at times. Yes with Joe Biden, which there is a question. We ask almost every day on unpack re unleashed, which happens:
italy before the show life and then anytime, you want on on your podcast. But if you were, trying to destroy the country. What would you do differently? and think of anything. Now I mean there, they ve covered all the bases and then some after its work the thing to spend one point: nine trillion dollars on on stuff. We didn't need when you come into your administration. Almost every administration seems to get one bill like that at the beginning, like you know the the stimulus plan with obama, everyone seems to have, that one bill that they get past the beginning. The tax cuts for tromp, like everyone gets one through it seems they, so he gets the one point: nine trillion dollars through fine. Obviously, it's not fine at all, but like we kind of expect that and but that was really before inflation started hitting in. In a noticeable way in the statistics it was happening. I think it was bubbling under. You saw you know things like crypto currency react to it right and have that big run, and
kind of lead those numbers, but it didn't leave the spending the spending was there. It started, obviously in twenty twenty, with the covert stephanie really and then, once with the country had already started, bouncing back people we're going back to work. We spent another two trillion dollars on it, so that was really the thing where democratic ict, Amis will come out a guys I'm with you want a lot of stuff, but you gotta stop right and people or in the obama administration the treasury. secretary of the eu in the obama administration came out at hey, guys, you do this now. We're going have massive inflation, but ok they get that through then the inflation happens. They do the infrastructure bill and then he still once multiple. Trillions of dollars of spending after we ve seen the results. After inflation, has happened after everybody's already paying the price for this. They still want to spend more we'll trillions of dollars. So there's this weird intersection where president Biden
stands in the middle of every single day between companies. eat an utter incompetence and an odd I, the illogical, lock, that's movable by fax. You know we ruined goes back to you, don't chairman MAO right, whose I get look things going so well, but we just keep pushing through you know. Yet, there are ten million died in rio. Let's keep what let's keep going in Actually, this will turn around and they just keep and going and coming and going and knowing that sort of ideological debt. Commission to this nicholas spending, and these terrible ideas is fascinating from Biden and then his seclusion of it is always terrible. So two things combined you, the lowest approval rating ever recorded from. Any president output adele, this day of the presidency missis now he's he's surpassed trump, was the other guy who had a low approval rating,
again, the asterisk is always there with trump because he started without the honeymoon period. He is rule reading, was literally the entire time. He was president, never above fifty percent so started much lower than these other president's, because came in, obviously, is a pretty divisive figure by age is dead approval. Writing was never his thing, That's, not how we won the presidency. That's in how we govern he never he'd never tried to be it's like broad base. Everybody come together guy. He was a guy who said look. This is what I even if you are going to do and its what a lot of people on the conservative side liked about right. He just didn't. He didn't care. Well, that's not what Biden ran out. He's read as the opposite of that guy who was supposed to bring the country together here big, united who's, going to everybody together, so we started at fifty four percent by summer he was down in the mid forties. Then you had afghanistan go on. He dropped down to forty two percent,
and then, since the end of the year, forty to forty percent, thirty, nine percent, thirty nine, thirty, eight percent and then yet again another new low. This is the monmouth poll. Thirty six percent approval rating again lower than any other president. At this point in the presidency, in recorded history, going back to believe it's truman, so pretty incredible. if you could just communicate better what he's got his his message? Yeah just needs to be communicated better and then I think it's skyrocket you do yeah now. Do you think he could clear these numbers is. Let me give you. The breakdowns by parties are a three percent approval by republic. Now that is re three three per he was never seen that I don't like we ve ever seen. You might say: that's not so good right now, I'm going to say right off the bat that doesn't seem good and I'm going to allow you to believe that okay, but it's not too or one which are
at the other, lower options or zero. It could be zero percent us a good spin on that. To do so. A it's three percent, which is much better than the alternative era of zero one or two we're. Ok, it's bad fifty percent higher than to now independence, though, must absolutely love. They love absolutely love. You might say what you were in a stereotypical worldwide My cat is a zero percent approval rating from Republicans one hundred percent. For Democrats and fifty per cent from independents right, that might be what you'd expect independents twenty. nine percent. Now that is The catastrophic level is look at its catastrophic. It is People are Democrats who just kind of say their independence. Like you know, I'm registered independent, obviously I'm conservative and do not vote for them kratz, but I am a registered independent. I mean I've been that my entire life, so I will under the category of independent, and so this is true
both sides there's a lot of people who register as independent them in a surly in a party they have real leanings people are included and that twenty nine percent. So there's a lot of our essentially in there and they they are counting in that twenty nine percent. But this it might be the most disturbing one and it's not going to sound that bad, but only seventy four percent of Democrats approve. and those numbers to give you context of that is about where Nixon was among republicans when he left office. While only about about seventy percent approval rating for four nixon when he left office. Among republicans, so Your party basically doesn't abandoned you, rightly you're, always going to have Oh said those people with you, it's impossible to get at lower, not impossible. She put a passport, and but it's difficult to get it any lower than this, this is basically your bottom. It's really hard to get your approval raining down to seventy four percent. Among the party that elected you but just duress and happen very often,
and here we are seventy four percent. You start getting that into the sixties out on their way. be that talk, and I think a lot of it depends on what happens in this election. Coming up, asked whether he is the candid and twenty twenty four, they definitely already. They don't want, and yet we should get into some of that may be on morning. There's some big there's a big stories that have come out recently on this budget celebrities called the white house. they had this little call that I've been doing we're hey guys. What have you guys do? Some tik tok videos UK can pose some tiktok Here's what we'd, like you say in your tik tok videos, to support the administration that is it going on for a while, but now although celebrities, why? Why are we gonna? Do that you? What are you doing for us? A glare fighting back, like. If this election goes as Thirdly, as it may for democrats, you're gonna see, I think, a real push, someone like gavin newsome to be the candidate instead of Joe Biden? I don't ever gonna put for kabul, Now I don't think so either. Why? Because she's, a black woman,
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I don't really going to draw that worried idols. Ok, I don't think you can go too far. Wouldn't it comes to Deborah messing, that's how important she is she's. A prominent problem also teach us scholar, yeah. You know really genius genius is a great word to describe her and her ideas YAP and some of those ideas, we will tell you about because their profound and need to be understood coming up soon. This is the decline back programme. Let me tell you about american financing, there's something about a business being family owned and fully geared towards the best interests of its customers. That has always been incredibly important to americans, really everybody, and it may mean that even you know something in the cuckoo coming months
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it's not like it's. A hundred per cent of people are still twelve percent and think we're doing great who, even if your democratic How can you be so? That's you just gotta be like screwing with the pollsters there's a certain amount of people who will just say the thing you're not supposed to say to a poll, in fact in all the time question. You ass. You will not get zero percent, and that is true, but I have never seen eighty eight percent If that were on the wrong side, I mean that's unbelievable. I'm saying that twelve percent, I think, is life. Oh yeah. I know I think that it's like nah come on. That's it! It's incredibly know you want us to say we we. Obviously things are going terribly, but hey yeah. I did I had that conversation with my kids this weekend in that they here's the. I think they you're a lot of bad, you know bad news. They think things aren't going well and watch the news. Obviously there nine and years old, but you get a general idea that people are a little upset with the president. We live in texas, so
Biden's approval is not even the after thirty six percent, he is nationally any more people do not generally like bite inherent access, but it's you have to keep reminding him yeah? You know we have a really good. Things are, great and then the Joe Joe Biden centigrade president, but we still have the country in the world we state Still the best place to be like trying to keep that july. Fourth spirit alive a little bit. That is a bit challenging honestly and I think it's a bit unfair. It still is legitimately the best country. I do not want to go anywhere else. I loved here there's a lot to love, but man, that's a challenging time. It is at its heart excited about the future with the sort of leadership is and that's why? his approval ratings that thirty six percent in the new monmouth pole, but there's even discontent. Among you know his
stream is base, like the hollywood elites, young people like Deborah messing, who is on pleased with with him right now that people might say what you might say, wait who is Deborah messing like that might be argued Your question like wait. Why? Why are you saying this name as if I should know what it is? Of course, Devereux messing was one of the stars of willing raise the foundational educational pro. graham, then aired in this country in and the fish yes nineties, yes nineties, and maybe the early two thousands Joe but Joe Biden about this, about willing grace just to give you an idea of how important willing grace was willing. Grace probably did more to educate the american public than almost any anybody's ever done! Better now you ever anyone ever haven't you ever. It was like the founding fathers, for example. Yes, that is they ve willing. Grace was by far,
more informative is educational than then than the founding father. What about some of the religious scholars and leaders from history pops in yet leaders of churches, sprite, not willing, grace we'll go so far. exceeds the albert einstein. You know I'm one of the Donovan rate. Not now even not to win a willing grace level. Now. Ok, willing grace. You have to know its importance. I am I I don't want to miss gender anyone here. I will be very careful but was she grace am I to assume that she would grace in will and grace. Yes accurately can't you us are good. So she Debra messing the former will and grace star was among dozens and dozens the here that word again dozens ok of select, a democratic supporters and activists who join d call just Citizens of some breeze and activists who joined a call with the white house.
last monday to seek to discuss the supreme court. Overturning of rovers is weighed the moon. was fatalistic and enough. Sometimes you need to stop and say we ve been saying that may be aren't going so well. Think of how great it is. There was a fatal listing called hiding twelve, that dozens of lobbies and the white house may be a bad person. I love it so much. I love it. I have to leave it to your face. I love that, and I now get we were talking about laurie life for the very attractive by the way, like all earlier saying that we need civility right after saying, f, clarence thomas end, we also what civility, and also feel great about that, an uncle just I've made I almost makes me feel romantic. I love it so much she up. You know it is like. I want to have a sip of wine. I wanted she's sit back, and maybe some candlelight lit
it's a romantic evening. With this story, the mood was fatalistic according to three people on the com, it is us also quote, co cod organised by the advocacy group. Build back better together there, you have worse knaves that these are built back better together. It's a collection of words that ay. I write that I dont even understand it's ok monkey it build back better together, we ve. Obviously the history of build back better and very it is very good. wait, a bit of evidence that it was created overseas and just translates poorly just like a bunch of foreign leaders use this before Biden picked it up and it seems like it's just they just translated into stole a sort of great reset. Ask
breeze from other world leaders and like got build back better but mark let em mama letting mamma mamma it's terrible. Well, they'll start would be yeah. I know but somebody's like wow, that's perfect and it ends in her room and then you added together that we had set up bill black better together who would name their organization? This is, as you like us before, you're all right, like Someone who had a giant dart board of words and just throwing darts blindly added that the first four words it hit they put in the name of that organization. It's just terrible endeavour! messing by the way is grace from willing grace and that one of the main issues during ordinates joan grace, probably do more to educate the american public and a more formal anybody's ever done it's what the guy. I don't want a collar precedent here.
Because it was sometimes we are critical. We can be critical of our leaders, and I want to be very careful when we do that. But I dont like way. He seemed to allow for a possibility that some one was more educational heat easy almost any one else has burdens, not strong enough which acts as if someone could have possibly maybe he's, not thinking of it at that time, thrown he's allowing for the possibility that someone taught us more than willing grace, and I find that to be offensive. Me too, I, If that's not what he meant to you know, maybe he's just trying to allow for something like the alt right to that might have a different opinion, but I feel like will and grace was definitely number one in our education over the three centuries at least search, no question, no question so Deborah messing from willie grace said she and Biden elected.
I say that one more time because, as you know, she's she's resolute grace probably did more to educate the american public. Almost anything anybody's picture these lunatics sitting at home, saying Deborah domestic think she got Joe Biden elected what what kind of inciting rehearse and you have to be to be as to have the lack of influence of Deborah as messing and think you got the president elected or do you have to be completed equally off your rocker to think that, and yet she does Deborah messing, said she'd gotten Joe Biden elected and want to know why she was being asked to do anything at all. Yelling cut. I love this. I love this phone call pet. she's yelling at the white house, yelling that their didn't even seem to be a point devoting, others wondered why the call was happening there. Afternoon, participants received a follow up email with a list of basic king points this
is how your society operates. Everybody. This is how why Why is the media all saying the same thing at the same time? Why All these celebrities doing the same and instagram posts at the same time, because a white house, is telling them to do it, and this is why they think that everything we do is call ordinary, aided in patent law because that's how they operate, we do not Now on the right and a lot of people argue. We should because it's obviously somewhat of an effective tactic, because people are idiots and they fall for this stuff. There's people out there like Debra messing. Yes, who, who got that president elected and taught us more than animals anybody ever has well. I will understand why we didn't educate component anything anybody's ever done. I dont use of his work the word or isolate they're, probably in all need to be removed from the state missy I another gap for Joe Biden. They definitely taught us more than an whatever
afternoon. They got the follow up email which gave these dozens of celebrities and activists, a basic list of talking points and suggestions of biting clip to share on tiktok. This is a real story. I'm reading you right now. This is just word for word from cnn, my gosh, why the call three days after the decision eliminating federal abortion rights that really what did, but in camps It's the overwhelming sense of frustration among democrats with Biden, It offers a new window into what many in the press its party describe as a mismanagement permeating the white house know how dare you say that top democrats complain The president is an acting with, or perhaps is even capable of urgency. The moment demands and that's interesting because they think he should
overturn the supreme court's overturning of rural verses way, nor what that's, what they believe, they're so stupid idea. They believe that he has some sort of mechanism where he can make this all go away. While you can And while there is a bit of fan service, you can do in these situations and it's it's happening in new york right now, for example, that the ruling comes out in the supreme court, where maritime thomas rights, the opinion hey, you can't just say the second amendment is some secondary right that you will have to respect people get to carry their guns around Really they say specifically, you can't just turn like yes with there. this, you no special exception certain areas. You know a court house, a bank Certain areas where you dont have guns, but they know the uk say: manhattan is protected. Area, which is what they are essentially trying to do and so that overrule happened. The rule was tossed out, and so
kathy hopeful went immediately to the legislation. They passed a law that basically did that. That basically said well, of course, Now you can carry a gun. Where were we agree with the supreme court on that? But we agree, but we're going to or their ruling, because that's our system of government, let's pass a law that basically designates the place? You would possibly carry a gun as illegal to carry a gun exactly The supreme court said you can't do, and so the fence as part of this is their activist friends. There the porters their idiot, Deborah messing, we'll say good their due. And something about this. Now Cathy hopeful knows that eventually this will get overturned and the court it will probably get overturned pretty quickly in the courts, and she this will eventually happened, but what she can do then, is playing the court. She does have to take responsibility for any of the things that occur she does it actually have to govern. She doesn't have to actually come up with a plan. She doesn't have actually do anything. She just puts it on them.
To tell her know and then she could say, will I sure aid. I try to do something in that door. Supreme court. Stop me again and let me try a new law and again that one would be overturned, because this how're system of government works, but there are a lot of Deborah messy. In the world. Not! I was influential as Deborah messing but as dumb as Deborah, wherever they can possibly be as influential as Deborah messing, because willing grace prowling, did more to educate the american public and almost anything anybody's ever done. That's yeah! So a lot of you I don't have that sort of influence, but they are as stupid as Deborah messing so She will cheer something like that on shall say. Well, finally, someone's doing something, but it doesn't mean anything and- and this has been a very calm- refrain we're starting to see this, and you know you see in the world of sport, the time the nfl
spend some one for me, no fifty eight seasons and then, of course, it just gets overturned in some arbitration hearing and the innovation could say. Well, we tried we did what we could do to overturn whatever your hands in the air. What are you gonna? Do it's very too michael tactic going into an election. This is exactly what cathy hopeful is doing in new york and it is, probably what a bunch of states are going to have to relate seven Seven be easy. Gay more patents do for glenn coming up. Life is about being active, whether it's about going on your daily tasks are exercising. You know your well when you're, regularly active, but what happens and being active, actually hurts by the end of the day. This is the position I found myself in a number of years ago. Everything I wanted to do in my daily life. All of the activity it called for was held captive to almost constant nagging pay,
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is there still more from the big phone call with the hollywood elites in the white house, so good pat this article, I mean I don't. I don't praise cnn that this often, but this is just this- is just fantastic- two dozen debt leading democratic politicians and operatives, as well as several within the west wing tell cnn that they feel this goes deeper. The questions of ideology imposture. Instead, they say goes too questions of basic management multi democratic politicians have reached out to work with Biden, whether its own specific bill, brainstorming outreach off don't hear anything back at all, probably better than it actually answering because he's so incompetent potential. appointees have language for months waiting to hear if they'll get jobs, or we'll be done with adding invitations to events are scarce. Thank you calls barely happened even some aids within the white house, wonder why Biden didn't fire, anyone from the west wing or at the food
drug administration to demonstrate some accountability, or at least anger over the baby formula debacle. Now, of course, they, id respond to that with operation fly formula, one of the most successful operations in the history of the world world, not as successful as will and grace, which had real impact because will and grace and grace, probably did more to educate the american public than almost anything anybody's ever done, and you can't approach even broach that you can level, but but it was successful. It was nonetheless inside the white house. Aides are exhausted feeling forever on red alert, batting at a swarm of crises that keep growing enough for the way house press secretary current jean pierre, to make it and joke about the constant eleventh, our decision making in the building when under fire at a recent daily briefings. When corinthe jean pierre is critical of what you're doing consider
in her job performance. All that is really saying something. She is worse terrible man, I mean I hate I mean to say we never like these on the left know that lie every day for the white house, but she's really bad at it. She's exceptionally bad. I swear this had to be a hand, picked choice of jen psaki, because saki was not good at her job, but she looks like greatest communicator in all of human history, comparing her with corinne jean pierre Goringe, jean Pierre, can't get through one briefing without reading, for multiple minutes at a time, again she just looks down at a binder in stares at it. Reading on related responses to the questions given every too I mean peter do something bad brunswick, Circles everyday really
embarrassing again, I like the fact that the that the administration gets embarrassed over their terrible policies, but it is it's it's on it so disquieting to watch the leadership Your country act this way so competently at every turn. You'd like them, yes to not be so awful the weird thing to ask for. I know I don't think it is. What did I get is terrible? What if there is an alternative world in which they did it to screw up everything they touched, I'm just thrown out there is a possibility for a future ideas for, what yeah? What if you didn't skirt? all things yeah all the things would have all the things weren't screwed up, all that to all the time imagine what that would be like now, because Breton too of this are almost solidly here. Screwing everything I mean they're the opera of the midas touch re everything they touch turn to crap yeah by good, said scrooge.
all of the things all the time. What, if you, targeted, screwing up of the thing, some of the time it if there were That would be better instead of all the things right at all times the other day, as of now so yeah this year, just ideas were thrown them out there. I don't know if they've considered any of them know clearly, they have not know, but I mean look Do you have to understand that they they could still turn this around with with real power players behind them. Like differ, messing, oh yeah it was that she was on, will and grace pat and then was probably did more to educate the american public than almost anything anybody's ever done right. It's fascinating that got elected to the white house by that guy. The Glenn Beck program it and if you're home project to do list, looks anything like mine. Its long beat the heat, and put on new custom window treatments from blind start com at the top of your let's stay cool and save,
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This company nepalese discussing covers elections not available in all situations This is where it just talking about our work. Therefore, president, that we share something from the past. Joe Biden is kind of interesting, because something was said more recently along these lines and the person who said it was vilified demonized, they still bring it up and it happened not our no three or four years ago. Four years ago, maybe five job
back in nineteen. Ninety three talking about confederate flag waivers and here's what he had to say about them as the cylinder made a very moving look speeches, a son of the confederacy. acknowledging that it was time to change in need, to a position that soldier carol, mostly braun spray. On the floor of the senate. Not in a federal charter. A organization of many fine people all who, who continue to display. Better flag. I wait.
oh my many fine people. I ve play the confederate flat whereby her that before I can, somebody else said that with eggs and varies eyeing people almost exactly the same phrase. How so it just unearth that instead started the you know, circulating on the internet and appreciate whoever spit. Was it sent that to us? Because that's incredible, that is really incredible. Ok, wait. You the exact same thing thirty years ago, and now it's the worst thing you can possibly say and like they did. The same thing applies to tromp that apply to Biden at that time, which is you know, like the point was more broad than saying they're. Both there are fine white supremacist. That's what they're saying I know they're saying that you know some people use that flag. For I mean look. The fur king dukes of hazard, use the flag right. It was It not seen
a a right or wrong, was not seen as a white supremacist symbol its entire time. It was seen as something as it became something of a southern heritage symbol and like so a lot of people that put it up even though maybe they should have seen it another way. You can argue it, but they put it up because they just you know like the south, that was it. It was some big reboot. We know they were glorifying slavery and I think that's what Biden is referring to hear right, like he's referring to people who didn't use it. That way. Now, I think, he's an absolute raised, which is how to go about white supremacy right there exactly, and this issue has that albania to travel with it. That's how they said it that's what they did with trump lay acted as if they didn't understand that. There's this idea of plausible deniability not is there. Actually, what happened, but can I come up with a scenario
that will allow me to convincingly argue that I think that's what he meant. You know. That's what's happening right now, with the january six stuff, it's like well donald trump, said he wanted people let into the area around a speech No, they were armed. and his what he said. This is the accusation from the testimony in the january, sixteen, which I know you weren't listening to salami recounted quickly, she said, a cassie, hutchings Hutchinson said: hey in the word I got was that he said he wanted. People lead in that were armed than his answer was well these pete. These are my people, they're not gonna harm me. You announced king about their armed, but they're, not gonna, hurt anybody, so so what hey security relax! These are my people they're not coming after me. I think everybody that hears him in the context of that moment with that for and understands what really occurred there, that that is what he say if it, if it happened at all,
that he sang look. These are my people, I'm not worried about you. Let me the man, I know you're trying to protect me, but I'm not read about that. Just because they have guns does not make them dangerous. I'm a guy who believes in a second amendment, everybody understands everybody. I everybody on the left understands that what donald trump met without they are saying publicly- is they he didn't care about anyone else mine people with guns being around because they were gonna, go, kill mike pants and and and people in congress, not him. So I didn't care about them here. want to lead them dowdy one and that it be aren't getting knew. There were two target, those other bad people that we're trying to steal the election from hinges: bull, crap and now, oh it everybody knows, that's not what he was saying there, everyone, but they have plausible deniability, but because they ve been able to come up with this region,
He was justification of another way. He could have been thinking in that moment and then they all act as if they actually believe that's what he meant. It's the same thing here you know over and over again the same thing is applied that the both with the good people on both sides for our fine people on both sides was an example of that they knew right after that in the speech he said, I'm not talking about the white supremacist. So they knew he wasn't referring to that right, but they packed it ass if he was and then a bunch of people down the line, dont look into it and think that's what really happened when that is it's a real problem, it's been. I would say it was all round before donald trump, but it was really brought out from the media when they I had to deal with it up, donald trump. It set off this thing where they said. Well, we don't have to try anymore. We don't have to act like we're. Trying we don't have to look.
like we're, trying to do journalism anymore. It's this is too important. There's something going on here! This guy's too bad he's easy differ. Creature we have to treat him differently stop acting. like where journalists just go for it. And that has set that has set honest. I really what they ve done now, really a series of events. I think it's really damaged our institutions. Ella trump has had problems with its institutions as well. It doesn't always care about them, question about their have. This he's gone on. You know it is not just the media, doing it. It's everybody doing it at the same time, but the media seems to lead it. because they're, the ones that are supposed to be the responsible party here we all know politicians act on their own behalf. We need they act in there. Their own best interests? We know that about politicians. The media is supposed to be the ones coming and saying hey. This is what's true, and this is what is not true friend, help us dissect one policy to make claims which
are true and which ones aren't and they ve given up that responsibility. They seated at completely yeah, I mean it for our business. I guess because then there's someone else to call out and say hey. This is true in this isn't but Manasseh, another! It's good for society. Overall, no, that's just one of the things that I guess we ve accepted along the way is that the media has just flipped, to a biased organization as a whole. and that's just the weights gotta be now just like. The Democrats have flip on certain things like when it comes to the pandemic. They ve completely flipped on big they harm it used to be the big bogey man. There were terrible people, they were over charging the elderly. Here they were responsible for driving people into poverty to just because they wanted to be healthy. All sudden, now they're heroes, big farmers,
it doesn't get any better. Oh for democrats, weird I mean so we I've done the show for twenty years, plus now You ve done you. No radio even longer entire time. I've done it. The Democrats hated big farmers, the coal companies hated them absolutely made documentaries about how evil they were. The every movie that came out was about how a pharmaceutical company was screwing people over. Yes, they literally hated all of them all the time and then all of a sudden they lost them all the time. then, honestly, the saving, the opposite has happened on the other side, where I had another republicans ever loved pharmaceutical coming. But they certainly were more defending. They understood yeah that, yes, they charge a lot of money for them for their products.
do a lot of good things you on research and development, and almost all of that is done here in the united states, by the pharmaceuticals in amerika and so yeah, and the price is a little higher. Basically, every major development in modern medicine has come, come on the united united states and many of those companies that you does it mean they're angels, but doesn't mean they're perfect they have, they have done plenteous stuff, they ve gotten in trouble, for they have literally you know they ve gone, rude trials and done things that are wrong and put out magic medications that at some point, have hurt people in there all that stuff. True, they also do not want a really good things and I think the Pretty sure I could be wrong, but I'm pretty The correct attitude toward them is to work give them and watch them on their merits, not to love or to hate them but just to say, ok, look. These guys are doing a good job with this right now these guys are doing a bad job with this right now, that's kind of us,
simple way it doesn't seem like that the left just seems to be absolutely despising them for forty years and then absolutely loving them and treating them like their god, a whole hearted embrace. Now what is so weird time? They could see that day, no Absolutely not so strange. I don't dont want even more interesting. Is that it was, it was tromp pool working with all of these companies to bring about this vaccine. I seem to have forgotten that little ass but yeah like the ignore everything about him except this, but then they don't even give him credit for that nope. They act as if he had nothing to do with it. I just will never understand it. I was doing a podcast the other day and they were like. Well what do? What do you think? Some of the the the? How did politics of you know how to with the things that you notice about politics that were strange, dawned upon pandemic and, like I can't come up with a better example of that than that just it's. This store forget the reality of it. What's true and what is it for a second, it's the
strangest thing. I've ever witnessed in politics like the left, salute Lee despised everything. Donald trump touched you, she came into public view and and they told everyone in the country to not take the vaccine because Donald trump helped it going to force a vaccine through without the proper safety testing, but then a global fund, a separate council to do, bull check, Donald trump work, because they were so scared. It was going to be a scam and Joe Biden won the election and all of a sudden it was the better say that had ever existed behind. It was perfect and on the other side, all of trumps supporters and not all but many trot supporters whose with trump as he campaigned on vaccine development cans.
Stand the vaccine and never want to hear about it again, leave as Donald trump sets back as like. I think it was this great thing that I accomplish alex shut up. this guy. They love straight over your word. What about it? I don't care. What is true, what is in it is the most the strangers en masse will change. It is a political, major, political out, completely little pool at least which do the opposite side. Is it really legitimately fascinating to watch that happen? And I you know that will be one if, if that will down in a in political science. Study for the ages No question: do you realize that people are commonly Harris were telling you? This was like poison like october, twenty twenty
by january. She was getting the job done. Yeah everything is fine, it's the best thing ever and this is going to protect you. You won't get the virus. If you get this in fact, you're going to lose your job right. Are you a first responder who dedicated your life to solving this crisis, you're out and you're out of the streets in fairness to trump supporters who flipped on this as well? It was partially the mandate that made them flip. Yes, I d untold weakens lost or else there that I want to know, and that's very true look. There is and everybody has there there there's it's it's, pure right, like you know, a lot of people who are big trump supporters got vaccinated. I mean you know, I mean look. Trump did very well with elderly yeah with elderly supporters, and you know we are ninety some odd percent. So we know that a lot of people who are big trump supporters did get vaccinated, but I think that's why I think your point is so valid here. That is that so much of
his attitude and language and approach of the Biden, administration, infuriated people who were very open and forgetting yeah, I'm always open to it in the beginning, yeah and it's like and then wound up, not getting it, because people were just like get out of my face what are you talking about? It was a violation of their personal liberty in a fella giving in to terrible government programme, rather than just like. Ok, this we know this medicine works or does it, which is how you're. So this is how medicine supposed to be in our interest to make medical decisions based on whether you think it's good or not, not how the government is forcing you into it and threatening you to be fined earth be thrown out on the streets from your job. Really hurt, you really are Seventy seven triple eight trip
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firstly, that the vaccine they keeps telling people to take now is it still is of ancient rome liking it was created two and a half years ago we went through a million variants. It does. It is it's a stir. in part of this, and that, like and separate from pat vaccine of whether you want to take it or not. At some point, does this go back to a normal health care item I get some point: is the government not paying, but we all have their health, insurance or abubakar with salt. Oliver healthcare problems all right, so rain wet with some point. Does this go back to like you? If you, the vaccine. You put it on your insurance, like at some Why does this happen again or are we just now I get my they just go into. All word is auto into they pay for every piece of care like this is not sure like in front of our eyes here yeah, I
I think it goes back to normal because eventually were to treat this as part of normal life. I mean, I think that word there, you weren't robbery, and this is why I am quite sure, Texas right. Will you why? Why are we spending billions and billions more from the government to these companies? If you want to get it, but you know you're responsible for your health care right, that's how everything else is. This is the line back programme getting to the gym working out his great idea, although it and put it, actually have gems in in texas supreme court overruled them. So they don't have it. You don't even have options, and it would be great if we did, but I'm not sure That's it you gotta, do the gym here. The problem, of course, want get to the german. If you can find one that's not banned, is
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the when you are about to hear vision of entertainment and enlightenment, the program,
that is, do the russian oil man are. We making them suffer whoa whoa man that embargo that ban on russian oil has just crippled them. We'll talk about that also confidence in institutions in the united states, not what it once was, will get into that and lots more coming up in sixty seconds the if you're living with aches and pains, especially if they're, frequent and nagging and relentless. I want you to take a moment and think back to the last time. Your really felt good. Can you even remember what it felt like now,
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we put the hammer down on russian oil because our supper greek right now They do not make it a dollar, well set for the fact that russian oil exports higher now than they were before the invasion of ukraine other than that, it's going really well should crude oil exports by countries and regions there they ve in. exported less to europe by unfair julie, india and china have made up the difference and then some so there are actually exporting more thanks to india and china. so they are, and turkey and turkey and turkey they are lowering the price, obviously to get these there. They ve lower the price that the money is it necessarily as good as it was before, and if
has come down. They could be in some trouble, but this is also we should point out. Not just we fuelling. the russian war effort and keeping their society afloat, but all really helping china, because there, lying tonnes of oil at a discarded price, the running their economy nandi. Counted oil which we can't buy and that europe can buy. so China has a not only do they get the benefit of not being the target. Our ire right now, because russia is They also get the benefits of this I ve important part of their economy coming at a heavy discount nice, so? It's working workings well for worked out well for china for china, so, yes, the throat It really is about not so much for us, and now russia has taken these twenty percent of ukraine,
so they now control twenty percent of ukraine. Now again, look do you want to control a bunch of stone buildings that, collapsed. This, which is essentially what they now control they control rubble. They control a bunch of rubble they destroy. Look. This is a terrible everywhere. Ever every part of this is a matter for everyone. So there's not anything to celebrate here with exceptional china. That seems to actually be done pretty. Well, I guess india as well, who you really be at ally. I mean our maybe our biggest hope in the developing world. Here's a True that is essentially, That is essentially embraced. Capitalism at some level there what we want. What we wanted china to become right this. This huge, huge company, Urca country with massive production possibilities with a huge bases of consumers. That means that as many as china, india and
It really is people who think of china's biggest by far, but really are not right. There's verve reliably point four billion to one point: three billion, I think very close between the two of us. Here's a country that had leadership that loved us- I mean why go back and watch the footage of trump visiting a vigorous twenty nineteen. They think the guy who loved the guy. He got a lot of really well with their leadership there and they. were a real hope for the future and honestly, ever since
by its been in office. I keep believe they don't love Biden, a guy who said this about their people, the largest growth in population in the inner from india. You cannot go through an eleven duncan gonna. Let you have a white and inaccurate, not myself. What does your? What's not to love he's, not joke about that. If you really are a lot of the indian people, people from india working its evident, lemons, delaware, ever been stereotype about that marriage Hence arena is not did they throw whore up who out of the seven year, because he was successful, small business man and that was a negative stereo type of indians. That's what we're those to be told that idiotic people is contrary, is settle stupid sometimes, and I I hate to go down that road, but it's so true what year banning simpsons characters, Brian, because
Why? Because pooh, what was approved in the show he was one of the most responsible. Intelligent p, pull on the show. He ran a small business. Well that lasted for multiple decades. throw off the show, because he had an indian accent, yet Joe Biden could get elected in the same year that occurred. Mr president, the united states it makes a lot of guys that that makes a lot of sense really is incredible. We were in a few minutes ago about the big farms. situation. That also doesn't make any sense with democrats, loving, big farmer, now anne and how well pfizer in and madonna, are doing in this country and fight. Doing even even better, because they just signed a three point: two billion dollar deal with the? U s: government for a hundred and five million new doses of the new covet nineteen vaccine, that's retooled to fight all micron, so they
dad did from across the they also adapted it forward. They eminent they didn't do it in time right, but only tat. I did it in time. The government did not approve it in time so that the time they were going to approve it, it was already cunegonde and aiding. If I remember this is gone back a few months here, but that the part of the analysis was, it helped put it help so much that it was worth going through the process of getting it approved in and getting it produced. What you get is a problem right like yeah, you might not want to take the vaccine, whatever it, whether you want to or not we be sensible for government wasn't getting in the way of yes, it would also be sensible. The government wasn't forcing it on you right, that's the nice sweet point. Nine of the company makes this stuff and you decide whether you want to take it. Why not I concept I now I have the choice that the freedom to choose its a similar concept to the my body by choice. Yes, car, like that, it's a similar concept to the top o belt toasted shattered kaluza, which taco?
well just made and then you decide whether you want it or not? We didn't get any government wasn't like wait a minute. We first of all, we want to come to We taco bell and force people to buy it if they didn't come and say you're not allowed to put her to on the menu they didn't do any of those things it's just there and you go through the drive, thru and buy it. If you want cause, that's how I thought this country was supposed to have buried but apparent Apparently not- and I really dont know at this point like at say. Cancer you know, I think, there's a story today out. I think access has it that killed. Corbett was the number three cause of death in the united states and twenty twenty and twenty twenty one behind heart disease and cancer which is kind of going where it looks like it, was going to settle and it did in the right. There those two years and as far as I understand- and I thankfully at this particular moment- I'm not afflicted
neither of these ailments, heart disease or cancer enough that you had a cancer situation at one point, did deep gulf pay for all the drugs that you use did they pay for all the treatments delays not been paid for, none of them none rightly none of exactly non. Exactly none like I not approximate it was exactly none of it. Now I can understand it. I maybe this is controversial, but I can understand, but that in march twenty twenty you operation, warp, speed where they're getting in their there funding these things to try to get a solution as fast as possible, because we have nothing to fight a brain. A novel virus right the government stepping in for that is not a crazy function of government to me and and that's pretty much as a guy who brought the government to do nothing. What did you do? Defence- and we know every once in a while who decide some court cases like that's? Basically, I want them to do at the federal level and, like is the type of thing where, like that, I think there's room for the government to
involved in clearing out all of the nonsense right clearing out all of the layers of bureaucracy, We won't turn into a libertarian there for a while with there, Oh my god, just clear out all this crap stop the twelve week. Delays before looking at this step, get it done right and I think our society operates pretty well when we, when we look at things that way so You can even understand that your the funding of of these types of treatments, all the treatments, not just the vaccine, but all the other stuff that dino monoclonal antibodies in, like a lot of different things, came out and in and we're helpful at different periods during the pandemic, but at some we, we settle into a situation where now it is just part of our lives Everyone understands that you make covered one day you make, it you may miss some work. Most people will be totally fine afterward. Some people will have. longer term consequences that are damaging some people will die. Sadly, some people go to the hospital. We all understand the risk groups we ve. All
kind of through two and a half years of this, where we gained a quite a bit of knowledge here and at some point does transfer back to a normal health problem which you have insurance, for That's how you deal with cancer. That's how you deal with heart disease. That's how you deal with all of these other ailments. For some reason, we're still paying billions of dollars from the government. For this I don't think, there's gonna be a price, them with demand over the van seen from Pfizer now pfizer mix. of money. They make the little blue pill they necessary that we do not need to feel bad for pfizer. Ok, that don't think that's a even if you're on, left and all of a sudden use is suddenly love, pfizer and they're your heroes. They do ok, they did ok before the vaccine, pfizer makes plenty of money. in a moment where you're talking about hey, can you guys spend a quick billion dollars to develop a vaccine that you have no idea whether it's going to work? Ok,
in the middle of a pandemic. You could make the argument that the time for some government funding now like even if you eliminate, If the country who is more skeptical of the vaccine at this point, you know, say the right: none of them are on the right are going to take a nobody on the right is going to take it only the left is going to take it pfizer. I make plenty of money off their vaccine, but they're not going to they're going to struggle but everyone on the left is apparently, but a concert tee shirts for pfizer at this point. You know that become fanboys there like brownies for pfizer, so at this point we are involved in the therein vote in the end, the the copyright not the copyright, but the drawn a complete blank to what it's called, but they Aren't they parted hadn't, paddy after some conflicting information. On that day, I could went down this road for a while, and I can't remember how he exceeded a spell.
on this at one point and then there's some stuff that makes you that the he beat that blind one way and since there is on back, I don't remember how turned out honestly, but I mean look the bottom, is that pfizer is going to get their money, whether it comes from the government or from insurance companies. Yeah everybody's going to make different ones yeah everyone's going to make their money back you could say I don't think that's good and that's fine, but like if government stops paying pfizer for this vaccine, people will still get it they can just who is no longer a question of whether it's going into whether people are going to want to buy it or whether it's that we're way past that it's like none of this stuff makes it the reason why operation warp speed made some sense at the time as they tried a tonne different things, some of them by the way completely failed like that, was that, point of the government. The only this. I is also the only thing that government actually can do well better than not better.
Like when their useful, the only time government is useful, is when you don't care about inefficiency like in a good example of this- is the military right. The military might try to develop fifty different weapons and forty nine of the might not work, and that is an acceptable thing for most people in america, because we realise that get that one that does is worth the forty nine that don't write we you're. Ok with that, because we want our defence to be good, the quite that the problem there is not one of profit or loss the idea There is to say we need it, no matter what the cost we need the best weapons to defend against a foreign attack. We need to have it. Nuclear deterrent right, there's opera. but ability argument for a nuclear weapon. You're doing and in a way that you know is going to be efficient. Holding standing army is incredibly inefficient right. You wouldn't ma.
stop the time our soldiers dont do end. Thing related to war. It isn't it credibly in of inefficient expenditure for our government, but we know that need to be ready in case, we need them the same thing here you throw out like normally you wouldn't want to try to develop. Different vaccines known that eighteen of him when work right, you wouldn't that would make any sense for a company Ok, maybe there's an argument, but we're pass that we have more simple vaccines on the market that have been approved Can we move on with our lives? Why are we still spending money on? This does make any sense to good question tripoli. seventy seven. That bad surprises. Finding twenty bucks good, surprise car breaking down really bad surprise when you have a car protection plan through car shield. Those bad surprises are a lot easier to handle. Car shield offers protection plans for around one hundred bucks a month that cover more parts,
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intervention, whether it's a positive or negative thing to the american people yeah, and so the question is specifically about your most important concern. What is it whatever your most important concern is for your family. Is the government helping or hurting matt You go back through history and in you see. Ok, there are times it's usually a little bit and negative, where, like p, known? When is this summer? twenty one. Where covert cases are at an all time, low the vaccines rolled out. That's a period where people, pretty excited about generally speaking, what the government was doing for that particular problem, which was the biggest concern of most of a lot of people, at least at that time, and so even then, thirty four percent said it was hurting. The government was hurting their most important concern. And thirty. One percent said they were helping. eight thirty, one, thirty, four, thirty, thirty, four o really clock close. That's change a little bit as ever twenty twenty one
with forty six percent, saying it was hurting the federal government hurting and only twenty five, percent said it was helping, that's it end of last year will update that number. New numbers out from monmouth on this question? Is the federal government impacting your most important fact, concern positively or negatively positively, eight percent negatively, fifty seven percent, it's fifth, so seven to eat lightly. Underwater minus as forty nine there patterns, they ve gone from mine is an arrest or like its new material, or I don't know- Don't know I don't. Why? Are they not only that a government? Why? What is that? That's by four? by far the lowest our bit in the only time, its ever really big close to that was back in the obama administration it did drop is lowest. Fourteen percent and one pull, but remember Obama, why
as president among two of the biggest wave elections we've had in a long time. Yeah I mean what the two thousand and ten election was the biggest wave election we've had in a century and is what the opportunity for here for republicans as they they could have a hideous oriented lavish here historic wave election. We heard they could completely blowing. That's it only possible as well are: let's go to Sarah in Missouri, hey sarah you're, on the glinda programme, with that in mourning morning mourning captain to pay. How are there were one twenty day here in Missouri, your loving parents do so the cracks, but we do for you. Well, I was just listen. Do you guys this morning? Obviously- and I was just asking thinking you- I wondered them if the I'm political will ever be held accountable and like they bade them
again, boatloads of money and when will it ever be turned back over them and you're either, mainstream media will ever hold them accountable, sybil hack too. I don't know, I guess speak. The I very much doubt it. They actually appreciate call thanks era they've actually been protected by the federal government from any sort of lawsuits, their immune to those now, and this is something that the public, its largely fought for because the Democrats wanted them to be able to be sued if things went wrong, get more memory have to reverse how people felt about these things then republicans were saying you gotta protect these guys, so they can. They can come up with this and not be terrifying, lawsuit and switched around and democratic. Saying we're gonna sue. You bastards when trumped up this vaccine right solely reversed, but that is it there are those protections were built in, but we keep saying the gun manufacture.
Those are the only industry yet its protective fertilizer in no. No, no, it's aided scenario, true with the gun industry, but I did not that bad is it. There are lots of protections for those types of industries in those circumstances, their limited circumstances, though typically so that that depends like there's something really egregious that they can still get hit. With some of this stuff faces, the remington have to prove it recently lost a lawsuit, triple ape seventy seven be easy. Getting more patents do for goods coming up the Glen back programme, these days. You use your personal information to do just about everything, especially when your online, but with all information just floating out there. It can make the internet a practical gold mine for identity thieves. Actually, I hats. That's not fair. Gold, minors mining is actually hard work,
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We ve got a great line up right now, the orange chocolate chip, the peanut butter crunch, a salted carmel the texas sheet cake. I really like sugar lemon cookie. I dont on a big lemon kick right now and then this robbery, pop tart is become quite popular thou, yeah I'll bring that as we please don't go tat. Yes, great idea, plus I mean, if you want a great t, shirt right where what I find one. I would I recommend, the six twenty four twenty two t shirt. Yes, pat, wait! That's going to twenty four twenty two. Yet what data happened on that day, when I was the day the supreme court decision came out on rovers his weight and what I like about it is it's not your face its dry sex, but what
jerry seeks. The data mackerel see almost die here. This is a danger of courtesy almost died. While this is the day was restored. Apparently, because no longer does the supreme court make your laws for you. You are now able to influence your laws of the state level seriously believe this to be the best broom court decision of my lifetime yeah, I buy can't argue with that I mean I mean, maybe you could argue in say they should have gone as far as clarence thomas did. actually, the union, just not even from a basis of what he was talking about overturning, but just as the legal aspects of that I think are more sound, but still especially just started. Well, I never expected this now and I know you didn't either because we talked about this before many time. Passive is not going to happen now All of these people that are whining and crying about Roby wage shut up. It's not gonna happen here and then it and then it happened so may proven wrong. Happily me on june twenty worth twenty twenty two. Even now that get the shirt now add
Stu does dot com, stew, does birch dot com and there's not a great t, shirts and step up their, including you know the Nancy policy sucks pens and all other stuff, but You got that whenever there one of the biggest sellers right now I dislike it because the way of making a statement without having to get big have your shirt covered in fetuses outside. I understand we all love babies, but you know I like just you're going to know what it is. Other people here Well, I forgot to know what it is. The left is probably gonna be like what that, what day is that? Another day, Donald trump tried to change democracy? No, it's not, but thank you for asking tickets available. Now, students merged outcomes do ten is the quotas we receive. Ten percent thing is Stuart. I were were sceptical about the supreme court as we completely lost faith in this at least I had pretty much lost faith in the supreme court, even though our roads that are most concerned, if supreme court,
The history of the planet- and I really by into that, because they hadn't up until this point until this session, really they hadn't aid rulings that warranted believing that these guys were really? when women were really conservative enough to overturn roe v wade to do something like that, the big difference there is Amy coney, barrett right. This is the people. You know it's ease. It was a six three decision in the supreme court to for this ruling. However, Robert really wasn't on board with it. He was on board with what I expected to be the best case scenario. Narrowed was late, was a narrow ruling. That said, ok. Fifteen weeks are is ago, which would have been in prove it. Look our area taken taken. Take take me back ten years out of love to get that that would have incredible to allow states to limit it to fifteen weeks, which is something the overwhelming majority of americans support by the way as theirs.
for the came out today. from Harris said he hardly appearing how the american people support roby Wade, yell kind of get yeah, that's not reverse trimester aboard thy name, they support it yeah they don't. Know what it is right frankly, seventy two percent of the country, would support mississippi's abortion ban at the centre of the dogs case, which was fifteen weeks. Seventy two percent who's in the mainstream here. Remember until few weeks ago mainstream republican position. What they were pushing for legislatively was a twenty week ban, not fifteen, but twenty mississippi went farther. I talk the woman who wrote the bill. She wouldn't that far short to fifteen weeks, because she and it was a woman, but we also maternity nurse who wrote the bill, but she wrote the bill and she did it because she wants had. Deliver a baby at fifteen weeks and the baby sitter
build to survive and she always remembered that child, and so she went for fifteen weeks while you, because you wanted to give these babies a chance, and so that was what they want four, obviously you wanna being and overturn of rovers is way, but the even the republic, upload kin legislative position was twenty week ban in most states and in that The more restrictive ban is simple, by seventy two percent of the country's right wright out another couple fascinating things, women more pro life than men in the pool, and only twenty five percent agreed that the supreme court, as opposed to state or federal law makers, should set the standards on ocean, and what's fascinating about that, as it shows that people don't know What rovers wade is rovers wade, is the prince court. Making the rules instead of state and federal lodged legislators is it is they in they just took
process of law making out and said. No, it doesn't count because it's a constitutional right now, overturning of rovers is weighed, means that fidget, federal and state legislators can can argue this out for four Four for the four time in a long time, yeah they gave up their power. This never happens that they gave up their power and gave it back to the states and sent the thing and one of the weaknesses of conservatism, modestly, as if as a as a movement, because your depending on, people getting into power and then trying to limit their own power, and almost none of them ever do it, and here we have a supreme court that did they said you know what we don't want, this power, this isn't ours, we won't want it any more we'll stop saying it's ours, it's not and honestly, the biggest difference. There is Amy coney barrett who comes in and is that fifth vote to actually a spine in one of the reasons why pat we never thought, we'd see this happen,
because we knew we couldn't depend on John robbers, and we were right on that. We actually couldn't in the biggest moment he failed, five for without him, yeah, essentially roby wade, which he was not in support of overturning it no. He said he owned, basically one of the fifteen weak ban in a limited scope now cavenaugh also added concurring opinions. We voted the right way, but rota concurring opinion that sort of indicated he wasn't morally willing to go this far. their things and was like this is on limiting this decision to X, Y and z, and he the other guy, we are worried about, and so he almost I mean this was a call boys and girls. This is a close one year, but he was able to at least vote the right way, and thank god for a minute. all this allows us to do is to make our argument now our argument and be heard and not dismissed that mean. We win the argument. It just allows us to make it with some effective.
The legislation at some point in some of these states, and that's the way I mean that I don't know that's the way they should end up. I think, should be illegal and all in some of these states. This states have been blocked from the abortion bans. Isis's was, I, I believe, banned a block. They did go through now it could they then did go through with it yet because they were trying to ban it and that did not the cause. It was and that texas situation, there's a bunch of different situations of forgive me I'm getting these confused, but I think it was tat. Is that had an older law? that was so old that came back into effect. This happened in wisconsin in Michigan as well, where they had state. They had laws passed from way before row. It was legal, when row happened they never bothered to change the law, even though those two states would probably allow abortion. They never change the law through all the row period. Thinking out what this is gonna be like this forever obviously now it's not so those old laws from some of them from the eighteen hundreds take effect and go back into effect. So whiskey
in Michigan are having that issue. Now. Texas, of course, wanted that law to go back into effect. The activists tried to block it and we're on success utah there was also blocked. I think utah was blocked as well, Florida is being challenged by its really amazing too, to see these judges who are clearly just just acting on the basis of they want abortion. There is no legal basis at this point after the supreme court makes this decision. There is no legal basis for them to say you can have a fifteen weak abortion bandit Florida right. There's I led allows a six three on that one ends Well, they tried they're trying to block this one they're trying to do that through the state supreme court, they're trying to say while they voted in a privacy, clause in the end. The state constitution, so Florida may have some funny going. They need to do to alter and some other states as well to alter their state constitutions. If this, if these, Rural activists are successful and challenging them, but
always speaking, you're going to see a lot of states, restrict abortion and you'll see a lot of them go to fifteen weeks to I think people are forgetting it's not going to be ban or abortion disneyland that position kind of in between where you have. About abortion. Disneyland is kind of where we were as everywhere. You could pretty much and the Democrats insisted they're not be any restraint on it at all, and you just abortion on demand, for whatever reason you want any time, you want you and that's right up to birth d He had legal at any point in women's pregnancy. Virginia was up to the twenty fifth weak south carolina, the twentieth, weak iowa, the twenty second week. Washington state legal at any time. New, has he any time eagle at any time during pregnancy, new mexico fully formed infants can be aborted legal at any time. New mexico colorado legal at any touch, vermont legal at any time, alaska, though at any time
Hampshire, was the twenty fourth week. I have a selection that, whilst we are having to go through but like you gotta rail those laws are far too states do. Do you recall just off hand? Is it just those I mean I think I pulitzer one two three four five, six sir I've seven here that were at any time. Of course it could be tonight. I think california's is television news, didn't a gulf like a week after that was one of the white pearl hansel outcomes of a new piece of regulation. Yes, said a voice the same is not true, but but there are a lot critics saying actually kind of is legally allowed, but see this one go through the courts, which is a real problem incredible
I have used it to kill your baby after a week, it's out a week after it's been born, I feel like there was a point where we, united on you, can't kill people after they're born. There was a point where we were like I mean that seems like ancient history now and so provincial yeah. You can't kill a baby after they're a week after they're born what kind of puritan are you I mean we've been arguing that you should be able to abort jaffe in the two hundredth trimester, yes up to, or maybe the five hundredth trimester, but that's one person. What is wanted person yet? I had not only applies to jeffrey drive to tests at the supreme court, mn, Tripoli. Seventy seven be easy b.
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There are some people have said. Are you just try to talk at work, and I am very offended by that. This is a scar you are made by various you look event. I in fact out so offended. I want to give you a reason why it's not just drinking at work, because I'm I'm so glad you're gonna get another suggestion cos wifi it with an excuse exactly, and you probably shouldn't that it's at it's right after the regular show soon, as america airs at eight p m eastern unbleached tv, but nine p m eastern. The power our we ve got Chad, pray, sir, we ve got Alex dine can be he's could be fun. Andrew heaton joining us for panel. Sarah Gonzalez, my wife, LISA page, will be there to have a great time and make sure to check it out, stood power, our dot com, you can check it out there or it's on the eu to channel youtube dot com such stew. Does america did I hear in about a complaint, we got from a show we did last week. I'm glad you pointed that out because I wanted to call you out in this vote was upset personally and I'm glad I was not the only one we gotta angry letter from we all know who,
was very concerned that view tat grey we're mocking native americans last week. I would not on this pro Never now, when I got this letter, I said to myself: what do we do that we were not Don't ever remember, mocking native americans, we wouldn't not. What are you talking about there making all these jokes that were offensive and thereabout native american, and I was thinking I was just going through my my bark I was in my head of like wait. Did we do something? We say something, or did I screw something up like what what happened was when I finally traced it back? Oh boy, which was who indian reservation by Paul reverberated. Yes, I guess Understandably, by the way one of our listeners did not know, you are reciting song lyrics, a real song while which you know they would have really taken offence to the the. bow and arrow. The took away our native tongue taught their english to our young as yeah
Beads will abide by our nowadays made in japan, Japan and then you always at in or morn like more nowadays china and though they didn't, they were not familiar with Paul revere and the raiders. This is a. This is a thing that pat has done on the air for like one hundred as long as I've, known literally as long as I've known you were. You quote this as if it's like factual and just because she got to mock the absurdity of the song right and it's even more absurd now, because none of that song could not be released today, oh no way, especially not from authentic native americans, which they weren't minutes from nineteen seventy. So it's fifty years old, it is fifty years old now, but yes, a patent that is not actually part of the cherokee tribe and kiss
is anyone else like Elizabeth Warren, who might be confused over this. That is not the case. Does not actually have those lived experiences. Alright, we will see you again tomorrow, filling in for glenn once again have a great day. She is the Glenn Beck program.
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