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The Left's Deconstruction of America Has Never Been Clearer | Guest Host: Justin Barclay | 7/1/22

2022-07-01 | 🔗

Filling in for Glenn, Justin Barclay discusses how everything in the country seems to be falling apart. Kristina Karamo, Republican candidate for secretary of state in Michigan, joins to share why she decided to run for office. American Greatness senior contributor Julie Kelly joins to debunk some of the lies being pedaled at the January 6 committee hearings. Michigan county commissioner candidate AJ Hoff shares the story of his upbringing and why he decided to run for office. Justin discusses the plummeting economy, but here’s the good news: Americans are taking notice. Brian Festa, co-founder of We the Patriots USA, discusses the story of a girl being denied a lifesaving kidney transplant due to her COVID vaccination status.

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When you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment america just embargo inferred when back today in the gloom programme, live from brain rapids, michigan and w o o d. That's what radio, whether you re a gm pact, frightened you know that used to be that things would conduct calm down analogy. We can not so much these days, it's like drinking from a fire aus. We got supreme court decisions to talk about and they may want to get rid of the filibuster. Have you heard this vital latest ramblings in more? It's all, coming up this hour on a blue limburg programme
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before him and everybody is checked out, you're thinking about barbecues in the hot dogs, now. Some fireworks things like that, but there there there actually Or fireworks happening turn doubt these days in washington, the new cycle. It is like drinking from. a fire hose in sundays. Issues like you, got your mouth right on a hydra. That's that's! I put it anyway It's been no shortage of news. There there's been no dull moment over the last couple of weeks equally with the supreme court decisions and commitments on ongoing rice. A second amendment Obviously that case out of new york and then we ve got but a week now after the supreme court overturn Roby, weighed and essentially all of the misinformation. Twitters begun misinformation, disinformation, it comes to other things.
We hear a lot about that ministry of truth of I administration on it, but we we we failed to hear that vocation of what this ruling actually met, which was hey and coordinating the federal government is now Going to get into this, they do not have any sort of say, so you don't have a Situational right to abortion, that's not in the constitution, but what it does say is very decision This decision goes back to the states. And that's where it should be the decision. Always being closer to the people. I think it is a good thing for us, So what else do we, as we had a couple of more decisions, in fact to yesterday that were really big. On the e essentially says yeah. Now,
you guys aren't supposed to create laws. Congress is supposed to do that. So you, the supreme court, whose really writing a lot of the the the wrongs riding the ship and allow lotta ways. some things that I think are very important. Some things it needed to be happen, we're getting some corrections and now we will talk About that epa decision orbit later, but now we have a president scuse me a resident Who is our calling To eliminate the filibuster. Have you ever heard it? I guess it was given a speech. Now the other day, and he said because of this decision, it's time for them to act to eliminate the philip s most important thing to be clear about this. We have jane. I believe we have to how to fly roby weighed in the law and the way Do that
sure congress boats to do that and if this, we're buster gets in the way it's like voting rights. It should be We provide an exception for this. They accept the for an exceptional filibuster for action to deal with why can you imagine they do that? this is not a popular just tell you off the bad. This is not a popular decision number one. cinema in mansion are against. It I would say there probably others it feel the same way matter fact. If you were to ask Joe Biden depending on what day it was. He felt the same way the fact but I have to go back in time times you get the delorean. If that floods capacitor go back to a twenty nineteen I remember would gas prices were too? again on twenty nine t match what it was. You know that by said this the
the buzzer, a dangerous thing to get rid of fancy they legislative filibusters with needed. I think we have to make a call for any other filibuster. It is a very dangerous thing to do. They give has been used by progressive the whole career our whole time to make sure that we did not get rolled over so he sent it back. Then. Is it in fact, he's got a history of may that call back in two thousand five again. Not none of this should be any surprise for us. They say whatever they say whenever they say it: as long as it's convenient that we could make no mistake. This nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. In fact, getting rid of the filibuster. For decades
stand something that the Democrats have been railing against say want to make this country into a banana republic. Here's one whom I don't get your way to change. The roles of slate available should stay there, and I said I will personally resist efforts to get rid of it. I am committed to never voting to change Legislative alabaster, there would be the end of the Senate gave raises problems that are more damaging than the problem exists. You cannot change the rules in the middle of the game at legislative level. If I'm not like the I can't believe, throw the entire congress in the chaos. Nothing will get, not change the rules in mid stream, to wash away two hundred years of history, that these are democrats talking about themselves right now and yet, they call folks on the right extremists Do you know they ve elsie s out there? She eats
just to filibuster, they want to get rid of now. She's out there saying we ve got to impeach supreme or justices wind when they disagree with our opinions, I personally believe that class thomas should be impeach beyond a shadow of a doubt. I am astonished that Is a position that is in any way controversial to anyone that degree and extent of misconduct. clarence thomas alone and, in addition to stop the several of his colleagues have part disappeared and engaged in its diligence, foundational, diligent and listen to the supreme court, and it is our responsibility, our constitutional duty, to reign than in a course. This is none of this none of this is is anything new itself. Par for the course, this is marxism. Ism action
ends justify the means. This is the way they are with everything folks. lotta people see what's happening in the world today. Let good people see what's happening our country today, and we real life. Folks did the parents that people like you live in your daily lives. Not necessarily inclined to give politically engaged her active, but these people and their extremism are drawing in fact, every day average people into action. Over the last couple of years. We can't than I let's couple you're, seeing what we ve seen. We can avoid it. Certainly felt that myself, I just want to be left alone. raise my family enjoy my life There is no denying it you you can't anymore,
especially as we see What we see happening in our schools with our kids, business is being shut down here, while I'm at michigan gash they shut. We had one of the worst with a governor business is down man. kids on but that's an old people, sick, older folks our seas and citizens. Them from hospitals, sick patients internet using homes infecting and killing thousands machines. One of the handful. All Democrats All failed policies still no answers in this state. Yet on some of the year, the death, poles and and the truth that those numbers there Coming from someone who justified everything she did with use, well, we ve got to follow the science and the data her in algae and Biden walking in step with the science and the data. Apparently it was pulling science.
Political science and pulling down. She was paying attention to. That's the science and the data that she was talking about. at one point in this in this state, we could go out on about if the didn't have a motor on it. Go to the store. Certain stores, of course, big box stores, hand picked by her course. She knew where this thing would spread, where what. We can by certain things in certain isles, but other isles, we're just you couldn't go in the garden and I'll. Do it don't try by paint whatever you do, that the restaurants, you could eat Inside if the inside was outside That is how none other things made sense. Absolutely none of them. in all of those things have drawn people into action. We're gonna talk about some of that. Come up here. A little bit hear from you and see how
you're taking action. Whatever it might be. Still up in your own little way, whatever that might be no no way should be discounted. I believe Each of us is called in different ways to do four things in different places at different times and each things can make a huge difference. We'll talk about that today. back after the sparkly and for better today in programme it
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here's to number triple eight. Seventy seven be easy K would love to hear from you aaa seventy seven deck. How Standing up, what are you doing? How are you taking actions, one thing for us to make those what's awareness writer to make those connections and sir gosh, I really don't like what I'm seeing an boy. Oh boy, are more and more people saying that I really don't like what I'm seeing, whether it's just divisive things that the kids are being taught in schools today, whether its race or gender or sexuality, some of them novel feed its being peddled in the libraries schools and the teachers that are doing the grooming. These things are really disturbing to these
parents all over. Of course they are, but now after what you do, you cannot escape at each just inescapable. and we feel it I feel it now Thirdly, more than any other time in very simple in everyday ways,. No fireworks this year. Oh plenty, plenty of fireworks in the news mill fireworks for folks in florida eater, it is a tv station doubly J ex t channel four in florida, Just can't afford it fireworks or a luxury this year, with the cost of everything gas to groceries up and through the roof exploding like bottle
rockets and cherry bombs. We can't afford them year. You may notice that prices are soaring. Gary Reid tells me it's his favorite holiday to celebrate that. Typically, how much would you spend on fireworks? Probably about two or three hundred? Do you plan on buying fireworks this year can't afford it? Unfortunately, so this year, unfortunately, no normally that's one of the best thing we do. Many people say they're having to pay more for many items from gas to their groceries. Some say fireworks are a luxury that they're going to pass on this year, the one too, but I guess I'm just going to be working towards figures that I can't you know. I can't deny it I can in fact, if If they try to talk about, if at all they do dismiss it or point the finger scott zero plan?
still on cnn about this, just the other day by an adviser brian. These what do you say to those families that say: listen. We can or to pay forty five five dollars a gallon in most places, for months, if not years sustainable. What do you say to those families is a lesson we can afford to pay for a five a gallon four months, if not years, this is just not sustainable, or to present today was a clear articulation of mistakes. This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm. That's why you will see what Meaning ass, to sacrifice for the liberal that, if any save a liberal world order that for with the new world order, but the liberal world order. Apparently that is. That's why we're all being ass? If that's, why you can't afford to put food, you have to make those decisions. Do I pay my light bill delight?
I pay my food bill. It's the liberal world order. Folks, that's that's, why? We're? Being asked her, Zack or another, some folks that are gonna jump in by hook line and sinker, but for the most part, no, no, no, no! No. I don't know what the liberal world order is. All I care about is putting food on the table. For my kids, we will try to give them a better life. or the extremists, things things that should be investigated by the fbi. Fourteen stay by the way things at the ministry of truth would have you bad for our twitter facebook, wherever you are these, the things that you would, Called and into question for call me crazy. I don't think we should be talking the little kids about sex it's in school or or
to live to a bar to see a drag, show. That's probably not the right thing to do. I guess I'm the marijuana While we were feeling it at every angle because that's the girl, you have to feel the pain. mine, ran on back better and not been saying for forever that that, in order to about better. You can first tear down people miss that part that's it we're seeing right now. the systematic The construction. Demolition, if you will, This great nation. And it's not his fault in his policies that directly impact the cost of gas and energy prices and
then food and and everything else. It's not the fact that they printed all this money and sent it out to everybody. That's causing inflation biden, inflation. That's not the you know what the problem is. It's potent its russia, russia, russia. He sat at the other day from the data on the movie. The reason why gas prices are up to speed. Of russia, russia, russia, russia? The reason why the rudder crisis this is because of russia, russia, not allowing grain to get out of ukraine. That's that's while that now I know it's Putin fall down like ok, I'm all, I'm all. In now, Joe, let's go get em. ichabod poor. Damn man you ask People, as much in is crazy and is is, is much lunacy is, is a cellular. Some people under this europe
but matter of fact you might know, I'm you might be friends with them. by endured. But until you are, it's not rush russia. Russia is certainly not putin. I'll tell you, it is mine. Biden Biden come on. These are, are the issues that we face and they ve never been more clear to the american people that have never been more immediate. There is talk about frogs, boiling pots of water or not. We have ever heard this before, but they they say that you know what they do with us. A pot of waters I put a frog in there and they gradually turn up the heat over time that water against a boil, but the frog never notices, aegis, get used to it, and eventually that is one boiled frog, but a few the pot of water on and in you crank the heat.
and you get it boiling. And then you toss that frog into the pot. He'll jump right out. Folks that's, what we're witnessing as we speak, people are jumping out right and left will talk with one of them. Next, with this equally and today for back on a glint back programme back right after this the global Programme these days You use your personal information to do just about everything, especially when your online, but with all that information just floating out there, it can make the internet a practical gold
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more after the break, so everything from gas to groceries is through the roof right now. Bide inflation, causing issues and, of course, that the country is on fire like a dumpster fire countries on fire and a lot of ways. We see absolute chaos all over again, we do see, even though there are the dark spots right, even though there are the marquis that's right, but we do see brining shining little gleaming hopes of truth and folks standing up and deciding that they're gonna get involved
I know what that is. In fact, one of those people is is on lie with his right now. I've had a pleasure getting to know her the past yourself and started. Really, as somebody who is, I guess common activists, just someone who wanted to get involved saw things. from a certain standpoint of perspective, is sid. I gotta do something here and so that this person, who said I gotta, do some. Instead of each of the thing that we normally use somebody's gotta do something here. Well guess: what. Somebody is you it's me and we ve got something were called to do and this guy, Stir protection It was called to step up and do something big, christina corollas here with us right now. She The candidate, the republican candidate for secretary of state in michigan, And this is no small feat, but
stena! Thank you for being here with us today. We proceed should be and on. How are you great? Thank you What for having me on so you are. Out of nowhere we're out of nowhere. Of somehow become a a major candidate in in a major stayed here in the united states of america and that in a big it, a big battle, you ve got quite a fighter about up. I had a: u dennis rotarian state, a very critical and crucial role, the make sure things are right at the end of the term, get back on the tracks trysting only just first, I gotta ask you like how did how did this? happen. How did you decide, like I said? that you have to do, something that you have to get involved. You have to get engaged,
like many people all over america, we are fed up with the direction of our country we need. Our country is headed heading towards a ruined and for too long. Many of us have to others to solve. The problem of them are demanding that the money he's come tat. We Scandals in america, where the somebody that's supposed to do something like even an arm again an arm. The constitution is an awful power in the hair and the people, and so in an hour obligate, I stand up and fight bag and thought like many people, every everyday citizen who just added and during that time you know you know this data have been active in on a very lovely issue than with happening in our state. During the twins. twenty election, I was gonna, be called challengers in detroit and I personally witnessed election raw, envy infuriating aspect of it all. You know people
do things that are wrong, that no wrong that no thank aping, shocking uprising, but the part there was The mind dinner was when we came out of the tv s centre. the media, called a liar. I welcome it lot of wire me. I have an email from one of our local billions in detroit, go where they would be sending out a new email, claiming that there were no republican pole challenges kicked out the pcbs centre dusted. I mean I personally thought I filmed it from the outside. I mean it's phone video. This is what we're talking about. We have our local news, media claiming things didn't occur and those things did occur like the guy. They showed up in the middle of the night. They claim that didn't happen, more backbone, camera. So after experiencing things like that, an understanding that carrying our election in the matter of national survival. There were the reason why George squirrels went after the michigan secretary of state office. The left is have went after battleground state secretary of state
because you can correct the of michigan secretary of state. You can control. White house. You can control hungary, that's why opposite michigan secretary of state for important to people outside of measuring it became the leftist get it that's. Why they're pushing to make sure joplin business days in power? She, and by the way she has no women, liberal Democrat she's, not Liberal Democrats she's an authoritarian, and she and being funded by the same people who are globally. She'd been funded. My global achieve not what was done by people who does support their vision, or I live at the very least, a pause in their budgets, and there the rebel global is pushing could keep joyful, gentlemen office, because if they keep her in there and then their pushing the federal lies our election, and that means that we, the people, lose control over our government and we have no way to get it back because arm All of our elections are not being pushed me central. I can t see what
we gotta think and control what happens to be endorsed. better and law in support of this sort You know trees on nicaragua karami just wanna revival: secrecy, nicaragua, she's runner for secretary state, your michigan, but what you're saying it's a lot of sense to means essentially vera people, outside influences coming into each state and outside foreign at ford sounds like from out of the country coming. To each state trying to interfere, influence our elections. which are a matter of national security secretary. Estate is such an important position here in michigan and throughout the their states as these folks who do have control over elections and in making sure that they are wrong, the way they are legally unlawfully supposed to be run alleged. later save put out laws. Of course they ve been elected. To do these things we decide. This is how we gonna run things, but I'll give I just have one simple exam:
look here in michigan over only twenty election, a lot of talk fraud and and what happened in two thousand and twenty- and I I I agree, these things need to be looked at, particularly the the the two thousand mules movie of folks haven't seen it you ought to take a look at it. At the very least, you can see the evidence. That's out there. but what go too far down the rabbit always say because our secretary stage ass invention, said the clerks, the local clerks didn't have to inspect the absentee ballot signatures that came through. So You could have written santa claus there you. the two further used, your body, it didn't matter, they weren't gonna, look unity the sight of it all. I guess, and that is a major flaw, a major air, a major problem and the heat leaves a huge gaping Hall for propriety which should never be, we should always have clear accountability throughout the entire process.
It sounds like that's what you stood up and said. I have to fight back against. What will you do ass, you christina? What were you doing before before all of this the doktor and I had a master and christian apologetic, so I want to be out of school and It's not that I know is that we know there are problems in america, fundamentally spiritual leader for advocating for things like abortion, gilbert emmy amendment. This is a fundamental spiritual issue. However, you know because, as a believer where obligated to protect our country, we, we have an obligation to protect our nations about black political involvement with important for me, but you know After everything that I thought I had to get involved, I in I think one of the problems in america. We have convinced ourselves that there Certain groups of people who are qualified grown up well too.
her higher office and it's kind of like the quote qualified people, our country will get. People are living people down to our country. There's, a bunch of people, so one of the core, five people, the weak, invest ourselves gone there, one country to the ground, because neither convince the either People should be our when the reality I found were set up a system of government that way everyday. Citizens can say I've had it instead of that is invested in their community and we need more people who aren't politicos, who have careers or other spaces to run for public office because we're doing it because we love our country. I have something else that can be doing. it's not like. I mean people looking for a job. I love my country and if we do not secure our election system, we have control over our government. It is a matter of national survival and one of the things move just then, and there my opponent recently put out a statement claiming that violence is the next
and she- and she couldn't have programming that, in her official capacity as secretary of state, that violence is an extension of people claiming fraud in our election, for they ve, been trying to imagine, get oppressed people and threatened people with I'm charges for claims, from the election in order this they're claiming claim that china undermine our democracy than people still understand our form of government where republic, the grass there trying to, need a scenario where they convince the public that All of us who are concerned about fraud in our elections are somehow inciting a false death Nobody one in their right mind, wants any type of violence, but we have to add much of my opponent. Who's already been caught lying there. Armed interested in front of the detroit police That was the true my opponent. awful lie again claiming their president tromp wanted to try, it would treat them, and if you do that, Another large till she had multiple had been caught lying about threats to her.
and then now she's playing their people. Who say that there is broad the election are you know somehow there inciting violence, achievement the only answer was doing There will be a rumbling that there are other that around the country. They threw off apparent of george Soros secretary. in project making the same quiet the debt from her I think, from elections inciting violence. Now people need to understand not just our freedom of speech is under attack, but I have a right to redress grievances to our government as the fundamental first amendment right. I have every right to redress grievances to my government and when you have an elected official, like my opponent, who wants to it help in criminalizing citizens complaining about her actions. This woman is a pure authoritarian, she's, not a liberal democrat, and she need to be removed from office, and we need people all around america to know what she is doing. The left are pouring so much support into Hooray because they need to keep
this authoritarian, the winning people, irrespective of political affiliation, to join our efforts to get her out of office. I have to be her in November in a career mothers, christina with a k, koromo k, a are a m o she's running for sex terry state michigan, but I will software to day, mostly because she, just in it which person me and you and Christina, you said enough is enough. You said I am gonna, do something I'm gonna stand up. I want to ask you a couple more things because it quickly about what you just mention about this tactic of trying to silence people We see this over and over again manufactory sought during two twenty in at last year, twenty one when the feeling although apartments here and in our state and counties the local officials that they they came out in support of mass mandates and parents stood out. There were rumours and unsubstantiated again we for without evidence quite a bit so
without evidence the claims it they were. Written in people tried to run them off the road and has no police report. There's nothing to back any of these things up, but seems to be another piece of their tactic: the fbi wanting to investigate parents at school board meetings, the ring extremists. The real fucking folks are the tears watch us so hang out, we get tickets, quick break, but coming I wanted to talk to you about that. In what you face is someone who again is on the front lines as they try to silence, not just you but all of us, because that's like like president drops it, there are not after me,. there are after you, it's really All of us better, try influence. We'll talk about that after this
just to berkeley and proclaimed back to Diana glinda programme. The Glen back programme
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Why are you election so important? Well, I mean elections have consequences. like five hours of gas like, Rise skyrocketing bottle rockets, rocketing with the prices they do, and so they have to be addressed. Christina Kurama is a secretary running for secretary of state. She is a candidate republican candidate here in michigan grass. roots, and the just the mom who decided she was going to get involved, and I know we only have a little bit of time left here kristina, but I have to ask you cause you just mentioned that they are having to silence folks, not just you, but the average people, moms and dads school board meetings number one. If people, Feel that call tat they, stand up what what you. What are you recommended? They do what what's your advice, and secondly, if it is to stand up where they were thinking about stand up other seeing this moved asylum people may out, as this is not going to be an easy,
fight at all, but it's one that that must be fought in and in an obviously worth it for our kids in our future. This country, What do you say to them? Just your advice, christine yet you jump into your point here where they met. One more point: I was going to make it for our children and grandchildren. We have to ask ourselves and remember it's not about what fighting against it. What were fighting for mining for our children to live in a free country. Sure this frequently with people. I had the privilege of growing up with a lot of emigrants I said that because, when you grow up with a lot of immigrants- and you hear, was a deal within their home countries, it make you have a deeper appreciation for your own country, because you hear what government tyranny is like that something the americans who are native born americans conceptualize. It carried me having experienced experience that at habit The thing about it is that we have to remember that if we do not forget
our liberties- I stand up now against me in thought and price of investigation in going to later glennie, murder and. we entered jarring more penetrating gorgeous outrageous, but is the true history prove it history has shown of what happened to the ashes of the malaysian when citizens be not stand up to the repair navy people get worth their authoritarian. I mean we're up people believe an abortion. What are you and I were nothing they clearly, don't tell me: live here in value and dignity, creating a garage while I'm gonna tell you christina you, it's refreshing to hear you say it. and more folks feel the same way. You've probably inspired some to stand up today, kristina with a k, karama K, a r, a m o dotcom, appreciate you being here with us to Glenn Beck program,
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text messages messaging data may fly when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. We are why grand rapids michigan I adopt with machine. In fact, some shining were gearing up or a vague independence day. We get its justly bartley infertile invective, eva glinda programme, in a jam pack. Explosive show for you today, some of the big story that in fact the stories this past week with the january six surges shied side, show that continues its rolling through town and all the collapse in chile. Big julie, kelly joint, is given up in just a moment to give us the latest date on some of these stories. Any bazaars range f b I too high, and you may not here anywhere else, that's coming up after this year. We talk about my love
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barkley and for Glenn Beck today on the Glenn Beck program, and you can reach out, send me a message direct to me. If you go to justin barclay b, a r cla Y dot com, justin barclays or try to jump on a triple eight. Seventy seven back the easy k, so We ve been watching never a dull moment these days. The fireworks continue when the new cycle, the it is, come currently moving this time. Your normally it's kind of quiet, right, everybody's taken some time off to be with her family life. Some I would simply you come back with all your fingers in you. Gonna have a hot dog. If you don't really the ticket mobile to reflect on the greatness of this country, its founders, of course, how we got here well, vigour, We are experiencing a dumpster fire, right now of administration. Of course, everything else. we are going through
I think it's time to reflect and find out how we got here. One of those things that we're we're we're looking at is being shove right in her face. The january six show the circus sideshow all the clowns come to town and fact that somebody who's been paying close attention to this. Is we call it she's an author at america Greatness she's actually written a book on January six, it's called january six, Democrats use the capital protest to launch a war on terror against the political right julia procedure being here with us today. How are you going? In the morning, thanks for having me on so we ve had a wild weak That's for sure I dont some of this stuff. I mean you can't you could you just I thought about you can't make this up and then I thought await maybe marry some of it. They dared here's cassidy hutchison by the way she is justifying this this last week.
a bizarre order, the most bizarre stories I've ever heard about press- is trump doing something that resembled something like out of an action or a giant jason bourne movie. This is some of the chest house. I walked upstairs towards the chief of staff's office and I noticed mister NATO. Lingering, outside of the office, once we have made eye contact, he quickly waved me to go into his office, which is just across the hall from mine, so that she talked about how they waved IRAN and some of the hearsay she heard about some bizarre incident and the president gotten the beast. He was under the impression from mister meadows that the office, I could movement. The capital was still possible and likely to happen that I had more information. The president had and into the vehicle with body he thought that there going up the capital and when Bobby had relate to him or not, we don't have the assets to do it's not secure we're going, to the west wing The president had
very strong, very angry response to that tunnel Dr too, is being I read The present system is effective, I am, the acting president take me up to the capital. Now, of course he did now. I it at some point he reaches up. She says he tried to grab the steering wheel. He tries to put one of a bit like the the some sort of a headlock or chokehold or something Julie. This is just laugh people in so many ways a secret service? They were never asked about this, and now that they have been my multiple people, they deny that any. is ever happen in these folks, don't want to come to terms of reality, and it did did the january. Six circus side show jumped the dark this week, yeah. It's actually a treaty that money with the new fund we or jack the kid
I understand that, feels like, it really does, and I think that even the committee recognizes what a huge mistake. This was a means of Kathleen Hutchinson has a twenty five year old young woman. She graduated from I'll again, twenty nineteen. She was insurance for senator cruz and representative school, used any thompson made it sound like she. You know she ran both of those offices before she landed in the white house as an aide, I'm in so Just then, she saw this typical young woman in Washington dc over including her importance, which is not unusual in politics. Then issue it's your testimony ended it started to, rabble Not only is this account that she ate in dispute with both men, offering passed by the secret service, offering up any official to testify. The secret service also acknowledged
but the committee did not come to that agency before her testimony to verify whether it is true. There are other aspects of it. A memo a little note that was written. She said that she rose, but why lawyer air hersman came out and said she didn't write that open. My handwriting, I wrote it and now it also appears that this alleged conversations she had with way how council pack, the bologna, also didn't happen because jacket toby, I repeat, recorded that happen- baloney weapon in the white house. The morning was anyone there. There are three political: has a story up today: let the type that they showed in the committee hearing our trying or try them as someone threatening the witness they removed. I carefully hutches His name was allegedly tax, but she was and then she said so
I also have a bit chicanery here. I mean me on a fact finding mission. I think that at least The committee is rarely america or better than one Tromp has actually come out, talk about it if it was a news max. He had this to say about this woman. She wanted for me after january sex. She was a big job. Then she wanted to work for me in florida and we chose Not to bring her down because I got very bad things. I hardly knew her and I said well she's no good. I get somebody called up numerous people that she's, not I won't say why that she's, not good, but Plenty region lies, I'm not going to say that, but I'm gonna say that she was not respected by the people and the white. As so, there but you shouldn't go down. I was going down to florida with a group of people, great group, a paypal, patriots and her name was thrown out there and they said, keep stay away firmer. They said, had things about her and then I see her and I again I heartily
know who she is. I see this one. We getting up she's making up stories like one after another, but the great first of all was that I do two common. Dear They use that word. I tried to commandeer a car, secret service agents telling them to take it Take us down to the capital, totally false, and that a person can get away with it, and then I watch times and wash your boss, I watch reviews on amnesty and see and cnn they hardly and talk about the fact that china has totally discredited aids its wild to watch this. But this whole thing Julie. You been covering this at length in american greatness and blogging in in this whole thing has been absent of fat. In in really absence of any of. the other side, and we may call it by partisan. But there's no we'll questioner
wash back from any of the so called republicans kensington cheney. Ah, on that on that panel. You don't hear any other questions about in a way What's a no, what happened? Security risks? Why was it the national guard called out? Why? Why weren't they police, prepared in ready in one of the things that I saw the other day that was particularly troubling to me that that finally come out in poor. Guy had had just passed, way, apparently, but the Senate sergeant of arms had come out and made a very I. A very crude a call statement? That's just sort of been swept under the rug. Nobody's addressing it, and I think we ought to know exactly what happened, because, in fact what he said was that there was Something big that took place on the sixth unnoticed talking about it. listen to this part of this from a bit of it
testimony earlier for me to read or less is once again every six: the geisha should be considered. One thing is rather appears with the professional agitated, Investigation should take place into It appears to be the funding in travelling of professional agitators Julie, not a peep from this. This so the committee on the steel you know- and you know I said over and over just then you probably know that some following january sex with its horrible or they say comparable to nine eleven pearl harbor oklahoma city by Why do they have to keep lying about it? There are likely to inflate what happened after donald trump to just by criminals. I against began. I believe the c o J will bring before election day, but also to cover up really what
I'm glad you anyway said which was an orchestrated inside job, which is why the capital does not protected by either near three closely. the police and material about her tat place was crawling with undercover agents from numerous I'm a law enforcement agency. Federal and local, which just then, if the cream also. While outlandish claim that Cathy Hutchinson made that there were and with a market change they miss channing place. We started shatters from police transmission specialists what's happening. Why in the world, be allowed man with air his within a super near the proximity of the white house. I mean which was man must begin. Arming those manage that's true, but this is an exercise in covering up just like the proverb molly covered up phase out, luscious spiky. Yes,
to cover up how many of those same interests justin orchestrated plan in africa the advantage any rich fixed or we could see the consequences they could get. The political result that day at work now seem more than eight almost eighteen months later, julie levy. I gotta take a break your, but when a strange tie in here with the fbi and ended, I'm not sure people have even heard this story yet, but we'll talk about coming up here, just a second and we ve got it out they actually in it out of michigan right after sparkly and for back on the global programme, I
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our story in the strange connection, but dad Julie. This is is a connection with the fbi january. Six Anais alleged kidnapped plaza, governor of Michigan. In fact, there's is an update on this, As well, so what would have just Nutshell! What happened here briefly today. There was a status hearing before a judge, sharper infrared rapid courthouse. the remaining two dependence in de Whittemore, f b? I could pocket whittemore kidnapping coke, their lawyers via the motion to dismiss the party began, the two remaining and its advice and very peculiar. I judge the anchor I've denied those motions those two men will go back will be retry. The trial date is set for august nine of this year, so
just shocking that the government is going to proceed with this, because the other key man, veronica third r and d in your harry- were acquitted on charges of conspiring to kidnap the fraction of my amid their defence argument that the fbi entrapped. I man I feel very proud junior that hungary, his trial with declare and the government is going to now try to convince the jury. My six men conspired to kick ass, gretchen weber, mouth poor man conspire to tobacco. The other two men took place but this is going to be more of an uphill battle for the government. That was the first time because you're gonna
the tie together these four men who really had nothing to do with each other. Before the f b, I got together and stick to this group together, both as a man who pleaded guilty testified to the jury and it backfired because they basically recanted their initial statements to the fbi, which was there was no conspiracy to kidnap gradual butler. They came back and said that there was because, in exchange for the previous they'll, get lower prison sentences. so this is going to be another blow sick child you know just then I covered the child very closely leading up the trial and then, of course, the treaty trial in a it started in march, and it just back meaning- and this is the most under reported story here- I mean this They see major headlines in every national news organization about what is happening with what the government consider one of its biggest domestic care in back
She couldn't get aids and a government with that at a humiliating locked in that rapid court remind April a and now they're going it can you in august, it's just that which is pretty said she, but we will learn more about that. The ice role, because the judge prevented information from being presented to the jury. I don't think that's, don't think gonna happen this pipe and then you'll have the two men who were acquitted very lightly daniel harris and burn a concerted testified. Probably for that but in this case and explain all of the uh intimate rules that these f b, I at least a dozen the f b, I agents and undercover ah excuse me and informants played in the coax I'm so very very I I just find the whole thing fascinating, I'm so I will be covered in that as well
julie to think that the appeal I would ve evolved in something like this? I think for most americans is very that's very tough. To imagine why, It's not like this has happened before I mean It has happened, weighed in birthday. I have a history, I'm trying to not infiltrate groups or even create groups which they We did in this case as well. I sort of their and our an appendage of this three percent or group, it was who manufacture by the fbi and law, by I f b. So this happen. We know that has happened in the most community to support? You know that, I'm here at the f b I was reading these terrorists. I plan that they could then bertha. but one thing, but one of the defence attorneys christopher getting strategy, is closing remarks in this country.
We don't create terror to arrest terror, but that is exactly what the fbi is doing and, of course, there's a lot of parallel. Payment bookmark kidnapping, hope in January sex, not the least of which was the dress rehearsal at the lantern capital, the end of April. Twenty twenty, which looks lack of what happened on january. Six back so there's a lot of those. Well, julie, kelly is author, with american greatness american greatness dotcom, the book that she's written january six, you gotta pick it up and learn more about the things that you're just knock and a red or hear anywhere else Julie. I appreciate your hard work on this. The course it folks would follow you online social media were out. Can they get a hold of you, in all, my work can be found at emigrate nets, dot, com and my twitter are quite advanced julie, underscore kelly, two and a true social julie underscore kelly, we thank you so much for rough fighting for the truth,
really thinks for heavy and have a great more douglas, speaking of the year, the truth- and I had a conversation on my part- cast with the man that somewhat vouch for a friend of mine said you ve got to talk to him. He is the founder of the keepers organization. He was arrested, they charged with sedition is locked up in a jail in Virginia. We talked on the phone from jail Fascinated conversation: you can find that on my podcast justin barclay dot com, where we gotta talk ass. search, my name, but he says ultimately they believe But this is all about charging tromp to keep for being able to run it. Twenty twenty four visa, we'll that happen. He think so. Our conversations continue after it is partly for back that ain't, a goin back drove rap, the glen back ram
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Well is it? Is it jumps to fire? If you look around everything from gas to grow, trees is gone. through the roof and if it He was just asked about it. The resident uncle. You just asked about it. And the question is: how long is it fair to expect americans, a premium for this war, particularly the gas there talking about it, sir, now that these prices a bit going up. Since the day he took office
he wants to blame russia, russia, russia, one rapporteur, says lloyd America. How long is it fair to x the average american to put up all this a long. Is it fair to expect american drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war, as long as it takes. She could not in fact the ukraine and move beyond ukraine as long as it takes that It's not hopeful that as the reassuring, that's not what you want to hear: hey it's just in berkeley and forgotten backdating lubeck programme. These are the things that are right. Staring us right in our face. Everyday voters. Are we going to the poles here in the mid terms, particularly it won't be the january six hearings. Italy, the things that are hitting us in her pocket boats and our wallets of course, it'll be the things that were having the can.
on a daily basis? In for a lot of folks, it was what we went through the last couple of years for parents what their witnessing happening in schools, everything from tat day. overreaction too, some of the most divisive in evil things sexuality been taught to their kids in schools, pairs your step There are fighting back from. see the shining, see the scientists leading that fight in florida and, of course, worsening back home where we are to emerge again? just another example, and my hope is to give you these throughout the programme. Adrian half joins us right now and asia is just. other other just average guy who decided decided enough was enough in the sun He was gonna stand out now he's running. For a local office accounting commissioner office,
sir choosing to maybe run for school board or some extremist or showing up at school port and ethics. but a J. I appreciate you be in here with us today. How are I'm doing well just in thank you for the opportunity of doing very well. Are you do look into that back programme, watching people come together and joint and stand up however, it might be in their petition, What place I gotta ask your background because I know this is not like what you ever expected to be doing even in a year or so back, but what's your back around a jay. the big question, because I did not expect to be here in Michigan one for local office- I'm born and raised in Washington dc to fail Asu, who are from west africa, but my mom and dad are from liberia, west africa, I'm mom and dad were in school in d c when they, ah when they got married and had me, but ah,
for years into that marriage. You know my great uncle became president at my birth became president in nineteen seventy one so mom after school act to liberia I'm and worked with my uncle's company. I d. Maybe he was assassinated. You know we had a real insurrection My liberia, where he wasn't just protest, the fascinated all thirteen members, cabinet were executed, firing squad, so at that time my mom had my little sister and I leave the country, That was our house arrest, because she's the captain. She always close to my great uncle and they She knew where money and those things were my mama to sneak out of life here on a swiss air flight because she had befriended some Swift airs workers They should not go out on a flight to know where she met us. So do you no harm? I'm born in the? U. I have written africa, but I know
I'm a dc guy The new york DC boston, most my life, and I met my wife. Was a michiganders? I met her in d c and I and the one I when I saw a grand, rapids and west michigan I had to make the most suitable mama father five dollars over twenty two year old daughter at nineteen year old, triplet, daughters and a nine year old daughter. So for me, coming to western, his skin was, placed a race family, family values, never thought about running for office, or maybe like this black the hour, came during the pandemic managers. We, which is fed up just spent What what are you doing your career, or what have you done previously in your career? in a mo mo of my life. I am, I wouldn't evangelist so I started churches, with the easy that states I started. I moved to south africa there, where I started searches all the southern africa soper most of my.
early childhood or not shouted but early career. Twenty to forty, I was I was preaching. The gospel planning churches throughout africa, southern africa, all the way from namibia to madagascar. building teams If the ministry came back to corporate america, where now I'm I I run teams, you know, I'm I run sales teams, I motivate folks get them to be their best. So that's what I do. That's it that's what's in me. I help people become A J off I'd, just a dad who decided it was time to do so. And up and take some action? Let me let me ask you a J because hearing your past and in everything you must have seen in an experience in your life and the perspective, the the viewpoint you have and listening to to to what you said the fact: the tour advances-
How much does your faith play a role in in your decision to stand out? Don't talk more about why you did here in a minute, but how much of the faith play In that role it all place a hundred percent, because you know I didn't know what conviction was until I met Jesus no, what standing up for your beliefs? Worse until already in the scriptures. I don't really know what that was announced: I didn't know what standing up against in our culture, was So you read about Jesus and sold for me at all. Please and merits, but conviction tv show acts for what is exports, as he says when they saw the apostles thee. realise that these were ordinary on school man, but they had conviction. You know they had sent. We will leave something and for meat politics We ve gotten away from leaders who have constriction, who believe something
go along get along now, it's not right for me, like I said I wasn't it about anything political and then I met so I met a lady named katy to bore right now is running for commissioner. In districts for hearing Johnny? I live next to accuse cousin. and her cousin, I would share, which was your convictions which share our stories and then I can cause Tal katy you ve gotta meet agent. He brought me to tom anti war whose occur at this time. to commissioner, with tour? I met our can't contract dot com group. a cat contract dot com. You know I met mark Jordan was running in district one. I met bill at her she's running in district ten nick prill district, thirty mark laws. a meeting all these people. I met Stephanie.
District five, whose mom of six discuss set up we're just a bunch of folks who are fed up with them. that just goes along and get along. It it's more now party politics over constitution. I'm sick of it a jail, what what? What was it that made you want to run? Was it the your kids? Was it you know? Who was it something specific in particular that you saw that you said okay, this is where I draw the line yeah. You know it's if one schools are trying to educate my chips the schools job to teach my kids about life teach my kids curriculum, but now, when you want to introduce my kids to sexuality, snapped the school shop as my job when you wanted to use my kid too, birth control and all these things and an end their genders. That's not the schools job in and when I'm seeing just in it, local government is just sort of giving in to this pop culture.
We're we're heading now. You know every we don't know where the somebody's up boy or girl that's their issue, but don't hopefully that all my family or my rights the issue is Everybody in america has a right to be who they want to be, but you can't make that policy. Don't put your stuff on the rest of us who don't have those beliefs, so it was that it was system reading america that my kids can live in and be free and be who they wanna be without The agenda is it's been two months. You know the agenda, when I came in with this, the whole mass mandate, the vaccine mandate somebody is afraid of a buyers then do what they want, but dont make it law or or I see we all have to do it s when I told them I just didn't they put
Their agendas on earth and americans have stopped being three. We have the great country in the world. I know some folks wanna once If the things about america go right ahead, but I've lived in africa, I've worked in asia, I'm born and raised in amerika. I ve spent a lot of places, a pretty good country, and so we have to protect a future? So that's that's. Why I'm running Have you faced any sort of backlash we're talking with a J offer not just to average dad whose stood up I mean he sat a pretty extraordinary life. It sounds like a lot of ways what he stood up and said you know enough is enough. And he's rotting in county level. Here in mission but have you face any backlash if he had any any anything here too, I any I'm trying to silence you have you faced any challenges yet I think I've faced backlash,
I would say, probably the early ninetys with my tool interviews. You know I've always been an american first. So if the in my view, all about america, I'll go with it. You know like man drawn up in washington d c, it was sort of abu developer, george bush, taboo both approval, and so thought started early on, seeing that they want to buy the country they want to divide us, you got it party, you gotta this party, if your this race yet about this way an online what about your being americans. also even now, you know I'm a game. The see our team program, I'm against it, and I've had some push quite how can you, as a black man, be bill gates, your tea and I have expressed my views, were at a point just where in this country I'm tired of just pointing out the problems. I'm running
office right now to be part of the solution. So if, if we feel like we ve got a racial pass in his country. I think we all know it. I don't know my kids in a classroom, learning that over again, I'm gonna teach my kids solutions So what am I friendly? Well, you know a high prison population ok. Well, studies show that the least where are the least in prisons, are those only businesses, histologist We are talking about the racial problems in america. How about we teach these kick start their own business, because the state, can't lie. The kids business. They don't go to prison you all. We have a problem with the police well, how about? We have community police. In course, of time we have cadet programmes where we have junior high kids.
school kid they can become cadet in the local police departments to see that all police or limits so your tea, isn't gonna teach that all they want to do is say this group right here, Is the problem and erases everyone a whole down people of color and that's not help. The union grow up with the item back lacks, but when I talk, solutions, nothing's, there's no pushed back from them. all they want to do a state which is the problem. Racial problem and, where the victim I hear running for office because I'm a victim. No, no. I choose to to make a difference. Just then so yeah pass and push pushback on that, and you know Pro life, I don't, I don't believe we should be afforded babies. That's my viewpoint and if somebody disagrees, that's down I think we have a lot of local people. Local government state federal
They don't want to tell you where they stand, you never gonna- have to guess where ha ha stance in america guess what Jesus stood right this up. I saw the pushed back his comment, but I feel like I can't contract group where for the pushed back now when I travel agents have, A J I presume you'd, be in here with us. Just a dad who has said enough is enough is is standing. Up in his own way before I left guess I got IRAN. What would you say? Could I e in thirty seconds to people that are considering standing up in their own way. Would you say to them unless you give some advice when we come back after the break here, we'll be back.
after this just in berkeley and for going back today and the wood that programme, the Glen back programme miss a day. Miss alot visit delays, tv die com today and never for a moment of truth but safe. Something cost less, but poor happier with it. That sounds something to look into and that's meadow share. Maybe you ve heard switching to met a share to pay for health care, can save the typical family five hundred bucks a month and that's here, which, but it's also true that people are way more satisfied after making the switch to the customer satisfaction rate for medicine is double that of the typical health insurance plan. Double medicine, works has been around for more than a quarter century and members of shared more than three billion dollars of each other's bills. People
of having tell a health and a huge nationwide ppm network so yeah You can save a ton and, like it better imagine being happy with how you're taking care of your health care. So if you're so Employed or part of the gig economy- or you just want to plan you're happy with you- can call right now And get a prize within two minutes very, very smart use of two minutes: here's the number! You need: eight, six, six: eighty, nine bible! That's eight! Six! Six! Eighty nine bible, eight sixty eighty nine bible The barkley infer back just thirty seconds here a J, but if folks are thinking, I need to do something I need to stand up. They fill a call thirty seconds quick advice for them. I'd say you know what folks the republican
Or is changing its time to you guys vote for a new breed of republican leave? The parties changing has been changes, is the tea party days were shut up, the old system. Thank you for guys, like tom, endorse the importing or firing a new breed of leaders, stand up and leave for folks who studied The mask mandate for folks were again The black sea mandate for folks are gonna help. You keep you second amendment right both for folks who are gonna be government is for the people and by the people, J, hard thinking so much. My friend, I appreciate your taking the time to chat with god bless. You folks are standing back programme, And
When you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment doesn't seem really like the normal independence day holiday doesn't seem like the fourth of July to you see a little bit. Ah, they seem a little bit strange in. Will they aren't you you're, not love new policy choices. Really bad numbers votes in divine regime will give you some of those that yeah that science in the dad it's been talked about so much well, some sobering numbers. You need to hear coming up more common sense, barkley infer back, underlined by programme.
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christians may apply the Yes, two dumpster far that that glow that you see off in the distance. It's not the rockets rick glee glare, the boy personally. I know it's the dumpster fire that that's what we are currently experiencing? but at least we have something pretty to look at. There are a lot of bad things happening, but I want to shine a light on some of the good as well so let's get into some of it. Just in darkly and today for Glenn other glinda programme, the vague issuing a well deserved time, often break for galicia. like to reach out anytime got adjusted barkley dot com. You can send me a message directly for school down the bottom there just embarked.
May be a seal, a wide, our camp, of two were love to hear from you, but the I got some numbers? I got some numbers. the scientists and their release. So we're told everybody from our governor here too, you know binding in fact she I pray, still health, whose actually sick right now might wanna say. Four fancies, actually see gotta. He, the roma? caught the story. He got the rona, but you always like quadruple boosted in where seventy masks so he says, even though I got it, I should be fine. Then say may add, three vous Han apparently took some sort of medication advised put out there. It's called packs of it, and Symptoms went down
then eventually they. What what happened is they had a little bit of a rebound and the so called rebound. And so why you know so the fact of the matter is the singular. What what happened is now my symptoms, the back in the worse. What is that It's ok, it's ok! because he's just taken those are, the medication apparently didn't work in the first time, so he should be. He expects This is the guy This is the guy. This is the guy in charge of it all holy moly rights of some of that some of the news here, the dow just at its worst six months to start a year, since nineteen sixty two nasdaq, its worst ever be in p. Five hundred is worse since nineteen. Seventy nine, the good news, bad news, I'm giving you the bad news. First then I'll give you the good news gang.
so the other piece of the puzzle here is the land of fetishist predicted, a negative second quarter. Gruff, which indicates the recession has begun, and I think anybody, any body could tell you if you're paying attention. We don't have a non paper yet because they actually have. They have the results of the data, but we could tolerate it. Food prices shot up in may at their fastest annual pace in forty two years monthly mortgage payments typical for a typical home rice. Eighty eight hundred dollars eight hundred dollar since january wow, again. Biden says when, how long the american people supposed to get. I have to feel this pay. He says it all yeah just as long just as long as it takes. As long as it takes But what s the good news americans are. Waking up folks are starting to stand up in eighty
percent. This is its tremendous pull eighty five percent of adults you're in the country say we're on the wrong track. You know the numbers are from the latest paul. This is from a p, o r c pull that shows that eighty percent. Of u s adult say the country is on the wrong track. Eighty five percent- that's up from sixty eight sent in march, twenty percent of americans approve of the president job perform it specifically on the economy you have made, and I want to talk to those folks about their mental health, that the president gets it, but it It appears that increasingly, the american people do not approve of what this white house is doing. What's your reaction to the assessment of
the president zuma, is a communist news. Network Biden adviser Brian D's, being asked about this, but these are uncertain times when prices are high. People are understandably frustrated when they're pulling up at the gas pump, and that is that's understandable and at the same time it is our our job and it's the president's firm conviction that what he can do as president is to take every responsible action that he has, and we have an also remind the american people that, even as we go through this challenging period, even while we move through this transition, we also have made historic economic sure and that's not to suggest that people shouldn't feel the anxiety that they feel. Of course they they do historic. Economic, for all the wrong reasons, its historic for all, the wrong reasons.
This is the reason why eighty five percent of the adults in their country, dick or on the wrong track it agency it. They just need to be reminded it's not that dad. I just read these not some of the truth about what I just radiates. It's that that the EU and I got It- we got it wrong. We just need to be reminded. This ball they saw and roger port. The headline most americans agree: government, corrupt and rigged. So I see that's if that's a negative lie by those positive that people are waking up to what is happening, fact I want to give you, I think one of them, maybe the the Guess pieces of silver lining out of all of us, Is it what witnessing an They can have a lot to do with what supreme court has doubled Last couple weeks, you, sk rovers is weighed historic. Probably the most talked about one of the most.
Powerful just came what yesterday this ruling on the p s ability to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, and I know it sounds ok. That's that sounds a little harry for first, but let me make it is clear and is clean, as I can for you chief justice, John roberts, wrote the court's majority opinion west virginia versus the epa, sickly what he says is that the epa or really any, of these government branches. When they were, but they were put into place these these bureaucratic, deep state right. these folks, don't Have the right or the ability to me laws. Why is this so important? it's what they were trying to do is set these new.
Levels of what was going to be acceptable for admissions on a came to power plants, the epa, someone who was not elected right. was going to be able to make those decisions that would impact and affect all the the country You and everyone else think about what that would do. Of course it gives him this blind power if they can do that, could just do whatever they want. They can wield it. However, they want- and of course what progress is love? This is power of the deep state, power of the unelected bureaucrats, the power of the administrator and, of course, the court ruling Not only can not do this because that's not the power the congress granted them when they were set up, but this
wing, is gonna, have dramatic ripple effect and it's not just power plants in the e p a and what they can do there, but it's it's think about the cdc. We think the craziest we saw through the last couple of years are the cdc says you have to pay right you have to pay rent or it's an emergency! You have to worry about. Your kid has to get some sort of proud. She out. She, some I'll, keep oki you'll have to be jabbed. Could you tell us coming now? I just told you that. it shows you the fact you was second well, of course, we got monkey pox floating around out there. at the latest. We should all be concerned about monkey pox. By just read something some headline on the drudge report claims this. This somewhat It is one of the most dangerous the war.
Is this what they said? What went on mustache worst version of covert will be dominated by July, worst version of covert Sorry I'm done listing to any protection that any of these fools have gotten it wrong. Every single turn. This ordeal have said it's over and apparently the supreme court says so as this charade, when it comes the powers that these government agencies don't have. The epa, the cdc, whoever it is can't leave the other kids just make. Laws without it, sent a congress without congress being involved. That's congresses! That's there! To make new law so what this did essentially very important ruling. What this did is it put a limit
a cap on some of the craziness that we ve seen thus far and some other craziness. that still maybe yet to come. You can't do this. so think about some of the mandates and the things that we had to go through over the last couple years. The cdc has no right to do that. They have no right to tell people what to do now. We already know this is a fact, but this drastically limits these bureaucrats, deep state red tape? organisations, because that's how these. These tyrants rule. Death by a thousand cuts right? It's each one of these agencies. out there is
one person maybe pulls lever here and pulls the lever there. to get things taken moved around. you're right stripped from you little by little, and you look: how did we even get there? How did this happen? It was. The administrative state. And the good news is supreme I said. No, no more of this by the way I have more good news coming up in just a moment when you get to all of it, could hang out with us. join the program. If you like, still lots to candidate aaa seventy seven be easy k. That's it Seventy seven back just him
berkeley in for Glenn today and the Glenn programme.
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We back in four back, so some other good news will fill in through some of this, and, of course I want you, I want you to be not just in all this a bit of fear fearmongering. That can happen sometimes when it comes to news stories, my Tension is never but about these things. Or two I'll, never to have two too to instil fear in any. What I want to have power people. I want to talk about things that you won't hear anywhere else, because a year's might This is my philosophy, the more you know right. The better off you are the best decision you can for you and your family, you ve gotta, be informed You ve gotta be a minnow I what we see now when it comes to censorship or some of them. Ass, a culture stuff, that's out there, just people that don't
what these things even talked about. They don't want to see the light of day, that's that's more dangerous than anything. I can. I can really imagine Some of the things that you see in the crazy things that are getting down all across the country comes from from ignorance. When people just don't know the truth when they are not informed or they are ill and four. Here's a great example by the way you're gonna be reasonably that he came from tommy Fournier Many others good people in california and aunt em and pray for you guys and, of course there. There are still there's a remnant. Her still hang him out if they weren't, I think honestly, the state might fall into the ocean, if those good people weren't there, but this is what they have to pay
lift look at this west hollywood Democrats just voted. thinkable lots of talk over the past few years of defending the police tonight. West hollywood has done it voting to reduce the number of armed deputies and using the money it saved to hire unarmed security patrols to caroline's organizers, live in west hollywood. Felicity wait a minute, wait a minute wait a minute when they just fired their police department was five of my servant and in hired thirty on armed security guards. now I have a little bit surprised you, they did not higher any social workers. Place the truth. Apparently they hired some odd armed security, no more exactly what these folks are going to be able to do are they can to write a report or
Scald people on the street, ah, you see crimes being committed in part and you just walk up to them. Even a good scolding. You oughta be ashamed of yourself. Look at you there with your god robbing sub you oughta, be ashamed of yourself. I can't believe how dare you? That's fighting crime in California. They can't have police out there because they arrest anybody, they're gonna. Let him go. As soon as I get him back to the jail anyway, that's that's how it works and criminals out on the street everywhere in west hall. what now they are they appear,
billy scolding, fuck side. They ve a security is now going to be hired. This happened just the other night. I had a rather controversial about and quite a turn around. The city council actually went into budget negotiations on monday with a proposal to add a deputy, but by the end of the meeting they had approved a budget to cut funding for five deputies and instead higher thirty private security guards large area, go thirty private, secure that oughta that ought to do the trick for everybody, all thirty private security guards, step out to take care of all of their problems, other problems out there. Here's a good pull some good news, but by the way, earlier. What I told you, eighty five percent thank the country's galleron honour on track. Here's another
for finding americans opinions about gender are changing in favour of a far left agenda, though. now, they're moving back the more traditional route in reality, is winning. but never who believe a gender is coat assigned at birth contra. The proper to the pro transgender narrative has grown in recent years. According to new survey, Pro trans rhetoric has reached a fever pitch over the last several years. Fewer americans are buying into the idea that gender is unrelenting or another I did rather to biological sex. I knew pew research survey based on interviews with ten thousand? U S, assholes, that's a pretty too pretty good sample. Found that sixty percent of men Can believe gender is determined by their sex assigned at birth,
an increase from fifty six percent back in june, twenty one, so their placing on the left pushing a lot of folks back into reality. You they always got your father resolved way there s folks This is good news. Folks are waking up back programme Larry elder here, and I want to talk to you for a minute one hundred percent drug free, willie factor. You know we all get a little bit older every day and we experience aches and pains many people even struggle just to get out of bed in the morning and face the world if you're one of them than you could be exactly that person relief factor was made to help. Let me tell you about catherine in pennsylvania. She had shoulder aches and I mean the kind that were ruining her life. She decided to give relief factor, try because she'd heard so many of us on the radio singing its praises and guess what, after all
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you. Don't we hear a lot about ukraine, it what's virtuous these days but It seems that the news media is is ignoring. Some parts of the story of ukraine, in fact someone from Ukraine there ignoring a a story that I thought that you ought to hear about now. I I've talked about this. I'm on my local shop before, but I thought served a national audience either people needed to hear it's going on. In fact, this is it
What you're gonna hear this story is not its local story. In fact, it has since it has, I think, joy, normous national impact. It has impact on all of us. But a child. Who was it Did from ukraine by parents, deeply care for this child. is being denied lifesaving treatment. Had a children's hospital here. because the family has deeply held religious convictions. And the hospital says. If you don't get this child. the fao geology the hoagie poky, The job, whatever you want to call it an a series of other different groups that they want the jump through
can't put on a transplant list, prime de joins us he's been supporting helping with supporting this family. working for the folks at we, the patriots, usa, dot, org brian. You know the story of very. And timidity, and the time is running out we're getting close just days now. I'd tell This girl's birthday will sauterne eighteen and then her hopes of getting a transplant for her kid anytime soon would just be completely off the table. Welcome aboard to the global programme procedure. Being here with us today, I just a nice to talk again yeah, it's insane two weeks from today. This girl will turn eighteen, and that is significant. because when she turns eighteen, she his eligibility for the pediatric transplant list, and that list gives her high priority. Even if she turned eighteen
after she's on the list is long, she gets on the list before her eighteenth birthday. She will become high priority eligible for a kid transplant, she's, an end stage: renal disease, this girl's very ill And she being denied the transport, as you said, simply because she has it just objection and her family has a sincere religious objection to the covert shot at many of us do. Ban this does have ass national implications, as you said, because if she doesn't, if this is allowed to stand, if the hospital with anyhow but all is allowed to deny lifesaving treatment. Simply because someone uses one or more shots, then they, do that with anything just it if we need heart surgery, someday cancer surgery, dialysis, other kinds of,
treatment, insulin at anything, they could deny it just cause. You don't have every single one, you're, fifty seven boost it now. What we are hearing about more to common factor there talking about now. how they're gonna make some changes so that this fall, you can get your Updated refreshed those turkey is just current ones, are working so well a list, camp palace, her name, Her family has been really through the ring around this. now- I don't understand- maybe you can walk me through this I what you think is happening, but nobody really has dared to pick this story upper cover it. No local or national press on this aside from a handful of of of people. The
The last conservative you Daniel horowitz, is covered in a couple of different shows but This is just not getting the coverage that it deserves. Why do you think that is all I have mine? raised, but we all know about big tax censorship. We all know about the mainstream media and whose pocket always really lining their pockets. I should say, as far as the pharmaceutical industry are obvious, the medical establishment, Helen divorce, cubans, hospital spectrum, health, ah, very powerful, and there is a lot of people they don't want to get them off. So I think people are scared. I think they're timid, but Young girls, life- that's hang in the ballot is despicable that this hasn't gotten more attention and support. You know we have a fifty three dollar fund raising go on our website. We haven't even yet twenty thousand yet and that's after three months
interviews. I've done probably a dozen interviews, mostly on smaller networks, a couple of national ones, like you said, but not anything, You know it as large this audience, so I'm hoping and pleading with people Please go away. The patriots, usa, dot, org, you'll, see it right, and the homepage to donate for the kidney transplant case. Good donation, You know she needs our help. She needs our help urgently. We ve already begun legal proceedings, we didn't wait to get it fully funded before we started, but we're going to need the funding to continue. We, reviled something in federal court to get this started last. It already that initiated, but she knew our help and cheese or support desperately, because this is literally a matter of life and death. She will not be able to continue on dialysis forever. She's, like you said so, The she was adopted just became a citizen about two weeks ago. sworn in as united states citizen, achieved very happy about that she and her parents
Did it the right way? Alright, we support emigrants year, we debate, usa, legal immigrants. We will Immigration that this country is all about what you do it right way like a little listed it so clear consider a donation. It's just an unfortunate that want to talk about this due by the and unfortunately either the payment vendors are against us. Their part of the big tech oligarchy pay. Pal investment just this week. We get a notice from them We are permanently banned from every using their services and they won't tell us why, but obviously came just days after these major supreme court victories. Our organization is involved in parallel it organization is involved in Second, amendment rights. We have a second amendment, litigation fundraiser on our website. Organ
nation. It involved, of course, on religious freedom like this case and many other vaccine mandate cases. We have what are the three big case to the just came down within the last week from the supreme court pro life gun rights, religious freedoms, the high school football coach, so obviously we are targets now we're actually over the target so much so that they ve told myself am business partner, don jolly, who the co founders of these this organization, that we can't use paypal even for our personal accounts ever again? we're permanently band lifetime ban from either sending it to our friends or family to use data have nothing to do with our business. They even our businesses wait. Did anyone know a personal gout. They stayed gone after us personally, so we are exploring litigation right now, actually against now and then but onward talks with with our.
The team, as well as several other lawyers across the country to get something together, go after them, because this camp of culture have to be stopped and we will not be bullied. brian first days with we, the patriots, usa, dot org. Let me ask you about the family cause. I know folks will probably want to go there and end donate before before. We do, though, what about a lesson. She seventeen about ready the to age? Out of this, we get two weeks here. It sounds like the age out of this window that would make it easier for her to get on the list and get the treatment she needs it about our parents. How are they hold? Not you know they are a I people they are very strong people of faith they they. They have a strong faith in god, and pray every day they pray with Alyssa m They they have faith that this will work out. They have every coffin,
that they are going to get a kidney for her that she is going to get the treatment she needs and their just letting god you know, take take the we'll, take the gun action here in in and they are I'm. You know they're remarkably, despite everything that they're going through I'm jenna. Her mother, for instance, has a very cheerful countenance. I I've never spoken to her, but she sounded depressed or or hopeless She she trusted god. So you know that's a testament to their faith, but I'm you know obviously, like you said something needs to change here. This story should have gone viral from day, one that you didn't mention it, but there was initially also an element of child protective services. The hospital had the gall to call cps on these parents simply because they didn't get the goal of a job and we were prepared to suit stay as well, that the state of michigan but should we announced we are prepared to sue child protective services they back down,
it's okay, we're not gonna investigate this. It's a religious freedom issue, we'll just leave it to the hospital. So we don't think that was any coincidence either, but I'm but that was outrageous that these doctors, it too insult to injury, talk about adding insult to injury. That not only are we going to deny you life saving treatment, but we're also going to report you to cps and try to get your child taken away from here just unthinkable and As we get together with folks family, whoever might be this we can have our hot dogs light. Some fireworks. This is this. Is america can't believe it's happening in my country and yet it is but folks we ve been hearing all morning, sir, The programme that about people that are standing up about people are taking action and doing their part
and obviously Brian and and you do all of the organization we, the patriots, usa, dot, org you're, doing that you're you're trying to do what you can, but you need donations to help fund. The lawsuit so you're asking for help there. If you'd like to help. I know that the glens audiences is very generous. We, the pay treats usa, dot org, there's a chance to do that, but would say even more so this is something We all will face it's not just Alyssa and her family. We also face at some point if we don't take a stand against now, when it to this medical tyranny, especially over the last couple of years. if we don't stand up now, when will we so we ve got to pray, for, I would say this family pray. For the litigation here, the lawyers would be able to make the well. That the moves that are necessary to to get justice here,
pray for a nation that we would get the that we would get these things righted Is our all celebrating freedom this week in this? little girl from ukraine I see all these flags waving. but nobody seems to hear her cries just appreciate brian that you are you're listening and they you are willing to take action. Thank you for that. Thank you and god bless you. God bless everyone listening. We greatly appreciate your support, your financial support and also your prayers. That's just as important Important actually Brian, faster we, the patriots, usa, dot org. Thank you, my friend, god thank you for that technical, break folks were back right after this. The Glen back programme,
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understand greatness of this nation because of its people. how good they are. And there are only good because their grounded in god fathers holding a prayer me before they started their days, business. Constantly being told that kind of thing didn't happen and that we everything has to be separated, church and state that I tell you this weekend, dig in talk about it with your family. Talk about it. With your kids. one of the things we can do. We talk about. Standing out and what does it look like? What does it mean? One other thing: It means is, maybe. Having the boldness to take up a bit of it a moment just to reflect in, and maybe you say, a prayer there before you scarf down your hot dog,
italy before you like the fireworks. You make sure that you you you at the weekend with all your fingers make sure that you led your family or your friends, your groups Whoever you with this weekend, led them. toward where we ought to be, as a nation You're one of our guests at today's talking, Problems is one thing, but. Focusing on solutions. We ought to strive to do every day. Thought about it is great. We oughta bring awareness, we do that on a daily basis and, of course clean. as that on their shell. But moving at the action. Taking that first step, you now giving Your face some feet:
that's what we ought to do this week and I think of easy to do that if we just have the boldness to have the conversations little. within grace with each other I remember why this country is so great the now I wish you the greatest folks, justin barclay dot com love to stay in touch with. You can find me all over social media app. Minister justin barkley, this happy birthday america line back program the
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