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The Left's Recession Scam | Guests: Rep. Victoria Spartz & John Ondrasik | 7/26/22

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Glenn breaks down a new poll that exposes how Americans are truly feeling about their country and its problems. The Democrats are scamming you when it comes to recession. Glenn reads this week's nominees for his Badge of Merit award. Rep. Victoria Spartz shares her insight on Ukraine, President Zelenskyy, and Ukraine's history of corruption. John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting joins to share his new song "Can One Man Save the World?" and discuss the global repercussions of the Russia/Ukraine war. Dawn Groves is running for Arizona attorney general and shares what she plans to do if elected. BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales joins to preview the BlazeTV special "Uncensored" with exclusive clips from renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough.

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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment Is the program
and hello america and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. My oh, my what a day it's going to be today, the chicago the university of Chicago has just done a new poll of americans and ask them hey. How do you feel about your government? I mean trustworthy right, yeah, not so much. I begin there in sixty seconds area life is complicated enough without having to go through all the hassle, get your identity restored, the subprime the same. Cyber criminal comes in. Steals your identity. Is it just a pain in your butt
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not unwilling to cede that ground. No right now, a stranger in my own country, like that saying stop being so, like somebody else, although somebody else run runs the country and out of it now, I'm not the stranger from the I know that I'm not I'm mantled she's, I'm not asking you for the you know the the art of positive thinking here. I'm asking you I'm not! I'm not feel like. Sometimes you just don't recognize your country, I'm not asking you for that response. You wanted to give him asking you for the response I wanted to hear. So, yes glad I feel not like us. I re algeria and my own land, no or not. I targeting you are broken down broken down. Sixty nine percent of people who edify a strong republican say they feel like a A jury lie on land and at sea
if five percent of those who call themselves very conservative also felt this way. Just thirty. Eight and of Democrats said they feel like strangers. Ok are made his point out. That's That's a pretty low number. You know compared to the Republicans but vague, I have control of everything and thirty that's. Almost forty percent. Don't fall the thirty nine. Ninety nine, its forty wolves, forty percent of Democrats or in charge say I don't recognize my country, I feel like I'm like I'm you know a stranger in my own land by the way sixty eight percent from rural areas. also agreed with the statement that american government is corrupt and rigged against every day. People like me now
stewart tell you, I'm not going to seed that. What do you mean rigged against me? No I'm in charge. No one can break my stride. Okay, ain't! Nobody going to slow me down! Oh no! I've got to keep on moving now. Here's the le here's, the the next the majority of american say the: u S, government is corrupt and almost a urged say, look out it a b soon necessary to take up arms against it? Yeah, that's, probably not a guy, print I'm just saying this, probably not a good idea, two thirds republicans and independent, say the government is corrupt and rigged against everyday people. Like me, into the pool. Fifty One per cent of liberal voters say the same thing. Fifty one percent.
Boy, can you hear the people saying seeing the corrupt and rigged against everybody, everyday people of fifty one percent of liberals and two thirds of Republicans I wouldn't be shown you refrigerator full of ice cream. Nancy Pelosi. I just I just I'd, keep to herself twenty eight percent, All voters, including thirty seven percent of gun owners, agree be necessary at some time soon for citizens take up arms against the government of you, held by thirty five percent of republicans and thirty five percent of independence but only one in five democrats, because they don't have guns Democrats are like arms, were I don't have any. What are you When asked about election integrity, the answers,
what you expected? Fifty six percent agreed generally, they trusted elections to be conducted fairly and counted accurately. Do you believe that of course I do Glenn. I do see their grider, I'm not going to see the ground. I do believe that their elections are our fair. Yes, I do you remind me of the cowardly lion I do, but I do believe it's because I do believe this blue. When the pull divided up by party almost didn't even percentage of people on each side agreed with the statements, Democrats and Republicans our general bull. He's who want to impose their political beliefs on those who disagree for Yo p voters. It was seventy three percent for democrats. It was seventy four percent both parties believe that the other side is trying to force their view down the throat
of the other side, and they are generally untruthful and pushing this information, the star that's a standard of. I would never guess it's way. So basically, every answer is the other side really sucks and were in real trouble when, like it's hard to disagree on either one of those points right, However, I think it is. I think it's interesting that fifty one percent of liberal voters, two thirds of republicans, but fifty one percent of liberal voters say the government is corrupt and rigged against everyday people. Like me, that's huge, I think, yeah guys it's interesting to especially. I won't see that learned with the left having control of it all right. It's it we, the people, you elected, are the people who are your saying are against you
she's something. Maybe you should be examined more closely when casting your next vote here. Yeah, maybe maybe ok now Joe Biden speaking of lies in this information and misinformation Biden. all the virtual press conference on Monday, I'm not sure That means he was on the computer or he was a virtual. Being on a computer, not sure day. He said that in advance of the the data that is the scheduled to be released on thursday, I can confirm the economy is not going to go into a recession. Worried americans should be worried that were in a recession because we're not be in one. In my view, I love that he added in I view and the reason why he says in my view is because he says it judge
because you have two quarters of contraction, does not make it that you are in a recession. well Kay tech nick lee sure to kids he'd have quarters of negative growth. It is something that they used to determine whether we are in a recession or not, and people who decide before I entered recession is an act no bureau of economic research they're the ones that determine whether wherein a recession or not and they have a whole bunch of metrics the two main ones are that we had two quarters of contraction right now, but I want to say it does, is and always like that in the last ten recessions that we have the o p has contracted to quarters in a row. Oh not so. It is always like that. Ok,
ten of the last ten, though, in gdp s yacht and of the last ten, big deal at a half a no trend. I don't see any any trend there whatsoever. It's also by the way, the way that we talk about recessions when their occurring the reason why it's it has always been shorthand for a recession. and the reason why is because we can talk about them when they're going on? If you remember I condemn the two thousand eight a financial collapse. You bear stearns early in two thousand? Eight? If I remember right and then you had lehman brothers in october of two thousand eight and That was, you know the when every everyone when the real collapse felt like. Oh, my gosh. This is really have September october, two thousand eight, and so even then, the government was not saying we were in a recession, I waited until later on and then when they said there was a recession which I think was in december of two thousand and eight or january of two thousand and nine. I can't remember exactly
but when they said they were officially in a recession, they said we had been in a recession since december, two thousand seven before barristers so like it is a its base yeah historic view as to when a recession begins, and so what the Never gets love about this approach is they can step on this? Well, officially, that's not the definition, and then they can wait till after the election when they act we'll come back and say: oh by the way we were in a recession way back there before election. Please don't talk. Until its official, it's it's a nice little scam there trying to pull here, but every front journalists has been talking about this to finance two consecutive negative quarters of gdp as the shorter, definition of a recession forever and they're just try reverse that today. Here's the thing that I think people know four and ten adults
Say that has been somewhat or very difficult to cover usual household expenses. this is in a a survey. that was put out the highest since the senses started asking this question. In august, twenty twenty imply Is it more than ninety million families are struggling now up from ec million just a year ago, hey, is your life gotten better under Biden Worse, millions of households with student loans are expected to face an additional monthly expands on september. First, when a car, The moratorium on servicing that dead ends by the way, Did you see that he is telling the binding is telling the the gun? meant loan offices not to send out The the pay stubs.
Two people who just gotta student alone, don't don't set amount to hold off for a minute. Why would you do that. I don't know. Why would I do that? I think he's going to try to use give all these student loans in September right before election, but before the election in dallas for example, the share of respondents having difficulty paying bills jumped to about forty five point: nine percent from twenty seven point: nine percent a year earlier. the report last week from the new york state controller show that one in eight residents were behind on paying their you built utility bills. As of march more than one point, two million customer statewide owned owed one point: eight billion with the residence of new york, city and long island accounting for sixty eight percent of the total. This means that the average person,
is feeling a recession. So call it what you want Joe nobody knows, because we're feeling it by the way ever who nor yell route. Rum. Romania's stew yeah economists dear doctor doom, that's right, yeah, he was the guy. They called him doktor doom because he was the only other guy. That way Is calling for Two thousand eight collapse: I've been calling or for about two years and I think he jumped on the bandwagon that christmas is the first time I saw him talk about. It was the chris of o seven as its leading up and unlike our finally somebody else's saying it he says we're not gonna have a recession. He says a recession being shallow is a pipe dream he's
the economy is headed for a severe recession, as well as a severe debt and financial crisis? He said debt ratios are historically high at four hundred and twenty percent for advanced economies and climbing, while bailouts dirt the pandemic have resulted in zombie corporations that put the economy At risk, he says the idea that this is gonna be short and shallow is total, delusion I also have the extra added benefit of trailer parks being bought up all over the country, trailer parks are being purchased by big wall street fat cats. I swear these people have no idea You have no idea what therein for oh the these corpse, investors private
equity firms and firms like black rock. Real estate investment trust they ve gone out in peru, mobile home parks and their raising the rents on the tenants. Most of these people are elderly or disabled, low, fixed income out of steam, purchases in minnesota almost doubled between twenty. Fifteen and twenty twenty one forties percent of the state's mobile home parks purchased by an out of state company in twenty fifteen, and eighty one percent of them purchased I'm out of state people too. Twenty one, the rent, These parks went up by as much thirty percent. At the same time, the state aid g says. The complaints of mobile home parts has gone up. A hundred. the fold- a hundred fold. These people They don't know. What's
they don't know, they have no idea how americans actually feel about their country and about wall street and big bang I have no idea, god bless him. hopefully they will wake up. Soon levies about the tunnel twins book is our sponsor this half hour. Our ability to understand where we came from is at risk, and I want you to think about that, for imagine the next generation of americans were to have zero idea of the principles upon which this nation was founded by the way Still, I'm reading a great book by ted, Stuart, looked up, see, see what is called ted steward. I think it is what, if, america didn't exist. Can you look it up, find a real name? is that the premise is about I lost the river jerry war. Now What is life like? It is
ass in aiding anyway, our kids gonna be like america didn't even exist, accept all the bad stuff. Would you to preserve a nation that you only learned bad stuff about or didn't They had no idea what its founding principles were. This is why the tuttle twins have launched a new, fully illustrated american history book inspire. Fun focuses on the stories and the principles of our history, not just the dates and the events that occurred. the the tunnel twins back dot com You go there. Now. You can take advantage of america's history book the launch that you can even preview of free sample chapter. So you can see for yourself why? I think it's really important, why its crucial all in the here and now you'll see everything there, including in the offer, including the audio book version, its tuttle twins back dotcom, get it out
idle twins back dotcom, ten second station. I d. what is the name of it? Still ted store tat steward of a world without america. What would your life be like if the american revolution had failed. Its fascinating. I just started. It is really really good anyway, I want to addressed something that happened yesterday on twitter, which is a strange twisted reality that only vaguely resembles the outside world. Have you noticed that, thanks to since controversy junkies, who are dedicated to stirring the pot. It's almost impossible.
To get a real sense of what anybody thinks, but yesterday saddam and Gomorrah was trending on twitter. Now, there's a lotteries and saddam gomorrah could be trending, but I saying this is trending because of the left. Its reappears, humouredly, real people that now The true sin of saddam and gomorrah the mask blue texan, who I am This is surely a real person got a couple. Retreats of the tweet. That said why the atheist, have to point out that saddam and Gomorrah was destroyed because their conservative leadership refused to provide aid to the poor It certainly wasn't because doctors were providing gender affirming care. Oh, my gosh really it was a conservative government in charge of saddam Gomorrah ha that's weird
somebody else got almost two thousand retweet swallowing Gomorrah is training as mag is still think, the sin of those two cities was homosexuality when it was in fact, greed and unwillingness to help the poor I e their own behaviour. So then the boy let's get involved in everything else and vienna. Then we really know why. What god's truth is how I just wanted to take a second cause. There is a bit of truth in these arguments. Saddam has been associated mainly with sexual sin, but sexual sin, was just part of it It was a result. Of greed and self indulgence, price fullness of food or gladly above of idleness carelessness than that they didn't help the poor and needy. It wasn't the government. It wasn't the government. It was that the fact that the people did
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and I don't know few hundred couple. Honor people showed up for it, which I think is almost the entire town, and just it. it is like going back in time. It really is. People are so kind, and nobody knows each other? It's his sister great place just a great place and it helps me recharge cause. I I have to tell you I don't know he did you see the story out of new york where these. These Guys vary in the bronx they intentionally hit a guy their car. They there there comes around the country, the the coroner They hit this Thirty, nine year old guy send him flying into the air three lands and the ground he's motionless and they get out of the car they
through his but his pockets, they let them over on the back, somebody else's just standing on street, watching they take his wallet they get back to the car. They leave As if that's not bad enough, the new year, police are saying. they are looking for looking for him, but they are we're going to charge them with theft, what about He didn't run what of it, what I know understand the polar I dont understand the bad guys I dont understand the supposed good guys anymore That's? Why? One reason why we're doing the badge of merit, because we need to be people of merit if we gonna be in a position to save our country. so every tuesday I nominate, or you nominate three people
for the badger merit, we go back down and narrow it down to three possible people for the badger merit and we awarded on thursdays today is the day that you have to vote and you can vote at Glenn back dot com, but let me just give you be edited wake version of these three nominees plan, like denominate my neighbour bill for the badge of merit paraplegia combat, veteran and retired from the military I try to stay active in doing so on my small farm in the mountains of west Virginia often gets me in all kinds of trouble, I get my wheelchair hung up or my long tractors, stock or a hundred other troubles bill retired these by neighbour and he's usually home so he's usually my first call and is always willing to help me out whatever mess I'm in whatever I've got myself into the matter. I feel like a complete and total loser. Here's this guy with no legs who's in a wheelchair annie,
ten into his cattle yeah. Ok, talk about an over achiever, my goodness good for you bill. Also bill will also check on me at least once a day, sometimes twice even more. If he knows my wife is gone or here's me tinkering around in the garage every year, we beg grinding welding or whatever you walk over to see if I'm ok, getting in and out of my truck and into my wheelchair takes a lot of effort in time. So if I need to cup, a trailer online to do is make a phone call and bill comes running to help then you hang around. Sometimes he he is there before you get the chance to call and he hang around to help me load or unload equipment or anything else that I need I get in trouble with him if I'm home up something, and I don't call him bills in his seventies as his own wife, and a special need sister in law, as well as his own property to care for he still
always available and ready to jump in and help me with anything, I need good ass for better neighbour and stay in age. Good neighbours can be hard I'm by bill is a living example of what I believe Jesus intended when he said you should love your neighbour as yourself. That's that's number one number two, there. The selfless I'm nominating heather for a badge of merit for a service to the homeless community in anchorage alaska, heather has selflessly loved the homeless people of anchorage alaska for decades and is considering it her life's calling she was this life like Jesus more than anyone, I've ever known. She's work is an empty psych nurse and hospital anna detox facility as flax, also service shelter and so much more. She has had her own personal story, full of trauma to continues to love without limit she hundreds of the homeless, by name and knows
stories to, and I just lover she's in I did them into her home, she's, clothed them, fed them lovingly wash the bugs out of their hair d. Ask it did fights and disarm them? plain sober outings with them to try to encourage them to stop drinking and celebrates with them when they do well. Most of us only see a brief mention in the news of a body found, or the number of homeless that didn't survive in the dip of temperatures. She worried for them on cold nights in greece for them when they pass away and not why since as she ever to did her own horn or condemned any one else for not engaging in the same way. Is contestant number two number three Currently the good I'm nominating my eleven year old son calmly felt that he was. It was very important for our boys to know how our country came to be. We read the deck duration of independence in the constitution.
Calmly has spin has taken a great deal of interest in this, and my most history related topics he's probably the only eleven year old on earth it is is cited as I am for history related trips to visit old forts in battle grounds. He likes visualize and live history. He asked quest. About history and even bought books about historic figures and events. in a little league baseball game. One of his teammates hit align drive that hit the player on the other team right in the chest. The poor kid, hit so hard a fell to the ground the coaches, umpires and commonly ran out to check on him and to help anyway, you're good at all canada is one of the most responsible eleven year olds, I've ever met with everything around the house, we can ask him to do something and with less two no grumbling at all. He does it. He takes the dog out takes the trash out. He carries the male up to my dad's house next door. He helps
outside. He helps his mom cook. Andy helps in the garden, but here's an important part. He loves his brother, our youngest jamie six. He rely, uncommonly. For so much calmly can be in another room, doing something else and Jamie. In gaol for him kindly withstand whatever he's doing calmly, fixes lunch every day for jamie and fixes his own lunch, even cheap Jamie's diapers, while he was still wearing diapers. We live in a family land that goes back over a hundred years and he justice connected to this land is. I am here stands the importance of what we were given. He knows that everything we have is because god provided for us Currently the most intelligent, trustworthy, reliable kind, hearted and remarkable eleven year old. I know I know world is a better place because he's in it sir? The, though, the nominees and you can vote on them today.
And today only a glenn back dot com. If you sign up for my news letter, there should be a link in the news letter and you get that newsletter, which includes all of my show prep every day, even the stuff that make it all stories that I find important for the for the news that newsletter glenn back dot com? We do have that. Fourth, nothing. Took on the genome. We have only three. There is only thrashing now, there's a fourth I can I have it here. If you'd like, read it dear glamoury I would like to tell you that today, a hero was born, but in reality, this man has likely been a hero. His whole life- I just learned about it today- are molly was devastated as our little white dog name rejected Got aim rejected. The dog s day was rejected, is
difficult to get the yeah. You sound like you're, crying a little bit or latvia adventure with name redacted had escaped from our home in the fifteen minutes. It was ms, oh gosh Fifteen minutes it was missing. Here, the worst was it eaten by an alligator It run over by a large piece of farm equipment. Maybe it I just, continuously exploded, leaving little puppy pieces strewn all across our neighbourhood, but, as we proposed to bring the kids to therapy and incredibly brave man bravely risked his life briefly bravely shrugging bring struggling on the possible murderous attack of an unfamiliar killer, animal rights. Leah heroically brought this dog back to back yard, which may or may not be our backyard
We knew what was originally a wonderful anonymous man. I don't know his name, but he had it over six zero scar. Yes, it does sorry to get through Glenn. Still you get enough, you can at eight yourself for what you did this morning, because it really was it an active heroism. You see a loose dog in your neighborhood, your wife says the dog belongs to a neighbour in the gate, is open, so just throw them I'll get there and you literally, you rolled up to the dog, it'll just swooped evaded the car. There through over offence. Now, don't you think it's the wrong fence? That's not letters! all. This programme would not to remain anonymous, but I will say that that some
the details were also included in a in in an extra material provided by the letter writer and then, with the exception of throwing it over offence. That does seem familiar. You get vote on all of them except number four glenn back dotcom over sixty. Three million unborn human beings have been killed between the time that rovers is weighed. First came down from the supreme court and the recent decision to overturn it by I we ve got a long road. A long road ahead of us right now I do seawater. Whittemore did in in Michigan where she cut the funding for women clinics, I thought it was all about making sure that I'm sure abortions are part of what they do. Hey these. means clinics. Sure it's a saving, women,
from abortions is, is part of what they do. She caught some off these women's clinics, the ones who are actually saying the word baby. Over fetus. and saying why don't we get you and ultra sound? They are under attack in all of these blue states and it's getting really bad born is is a series of clinics they put all their when it's in the top abortion city, so maybe I think they're in the blue, stay, earn behind the blue states and they are fighting now for their very existence. They, to defend themselves from the radical hate groups who want nothing more than shut them down by the way in the show prep. Today I have the one hundred. I think it is one hundred crimes committed
against these abortion clinics in the last few weeks, since the the ruling game down a hundred. Did you have you heard about it really any of them. Pre born is is a ministry that is working hard to make sure that babies are kept alive. you consider a gift of any side that you ten dollars, fifty dollars a hundred- A thousand all gifts are tax deductible. There, ago towards saving babies, lives and helping keeping these pre born centres safe. So they continue their lifesaving work to donate I'll pound to fifty and say the key word baby, that's pound to fifty key, baby or go to pre born dotcom. Slash back! That's pretty boring!
Dot com, slash back the Glen back programme. So even talk about this on the ears, do I mean this? This could make people snap I mean per hour, Are you really of collapse here Glenn? I know this is due. And I mean I've at some bad news to you in the past by I am going to. Klondike is cancelled, shockoe taco and I think that's where I draw the line. I think everybody has their own line, and I Guarantees somebody in this audience- that is the line. Chuckled topic goes like you know what I was all forbidden, but under
right and we lost the charcoal taco, no, not going to do you ve lost my vote. Joe Biden. This is by America, inaction right here I mean watching it happen. This is what this man has brought to our nation. Are we slows enable our nation nation, what war was? What was the day that book I? I asked you look up earlier, oh what would happen if we lost the the revolutionary war was the gist of it, and I have in front of me anymore yeah So that's it. What what would happen if there was no america, ok, would happen miss if there was no Joe Biden, we'd be living in a country with a charcoal talk of him. This is good and talk. oh shaped ice cream. You know notes if you have a normal comb and you're eating from the top of the cone. The toppings are all coalesced at that.
So you, yes, you eat that in those first few bites are wonderful and then you get to the cone part and just cone and ice cream right with a choco taco. solve that problem? It imagine Please come up with an incredible solution to it. Where the charcoal talk, Toppings are all kind of jam inside the taco as well. So, yes, you get the topics at the top of the tower oh, but also as your biting through the talk or you get more topics. maybe it's so are the natures main challenges two human beings, we ve. Ass through his environment and now they're, taking it away from us you are you're, probably the only person. I know that I would say is a taco bell lack expert. Thank you. Why did why was the chalk o taco? First? Take it out of talk about you know, that's a great is klondike. It's a great great question. Look it up I'll betcha their own by coke, evil, coke I'll betcha klondike is owned by coke.
And so they could never many more because taco bell is up see place so yeah conduct is owned by unilever. I just sounds you know why, but I agree totally just sounds evil and I don't like it I ask you this Joe Biden, how much stock do you have in your Leave are what is your connection there? is it isn't the great reset I'm going to get the book down, it's probably in the back part that are going to check, there's some good action between Biden and usually we're going to expect that they will one will will yolo nothing by two thousand and thirty. They said nothing about owning a thing and losing the jackal. It is the Glen back programme, the so right now,
The sun climbs high in the morning sky, there's a guy in texas, shaky checking, is fourth or fifth oil. Rig of the day, to ensure the machinery is in proper working order and feeling the son be down on his neck, and these temperatures thousand miles away from him in iowa, a farmer's wife is out digging in the garden she planned by the house, pull on the right road tomatoes right off the vine. and in florida, there's a guy walk in the unclouded morning, beaches waving a metal detector in search of treasures unknown. What? all three of these people have in common while there americans, and there also walkin around in comfortable american socks made by group. Six If you want socks, it will keep your feet cool in the summer, warm in the winter socks made with them. best in wool technology and made here in the usa? You don't have to look any further than group six. I, where am? I enjoy em
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the program,
so I've had a really bad feeling about ukraine for a while. Now let me when we started looking into the impeachment donald trump, we found all kinds of corruption from Clinton, widen and obama in ukraine. Now we just given him sixty billion dollars, which is by the way what it cost us to fight the first five years in Afghanistan and there's not a single account and going over there, corruption kind bothers me. I don't think we should send them another dying. Quite honestly- and I am not alone in that, in fact, there is a congresswoman who came over to the united states from Ukraine became an american citizen has done incredible things and now is in congress, and she says america. Beware she's on with us in sixty seconds, so let me ask you: do you put your phone bill on auto pays? You don't have to look at the massive amount of money, you're spending every mother tory gear
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Mobile dot, com, slash back or call nine, seven to patriot, nine, seven. Do patriot or patriot mobile dotcom, slash back our rights, Biden in the people surrounding him and his cabinet have ukraine on the brain. At least Obama's second term, their obsessed with ukraine. I ukraine is a giant cash cow for those who are corrupt back into fourteen ukraine was in need of some good old fashioned, united states savings and ukrainians were rebelling against the russians? Align. You know the russian aligned government all on their own but obama and Biden were experiencing a major case of fear of missing out so I just had to get involved, and so we did and it drew everyone in the: u s: state department, national security apparatus and even george soros to ukraine. You see
back then ukraine was considered corrupt. Their leaders, corrupt the oligarchs, corrupt ultra mega corrupt, so net Really Joe Biden. Son jumps right into bed with them, and the media and political elite find no issues with this whatsoever. Sure it's cropped country. I mean obama and bite stated goal was to root that corruption out between the government and the oligarchs, but device in sun go to work for bereavement was just fine. Nothing to see for over Decade, the story from western governments as been that ukraine is a corrupt government and we can save him, but up until february: twenty twenty two. It hadn't been resolved. Yet now speaking not being resolved? Did we ever hear about the one point? Eight billion dollars that went missing and the bowels of private bank that was
our money by the way our tax dollars? Did anybody in the mainstream media nail that down did congress I ask this question because congress as now green light. Fifty four, billion dollars in taxpayer, funding to ukraine to fight off the russians annetta. What was it billion already was sent in then I'd Friday they announced another two: hundred and seventy million? Let us put it into perspective, That's a lot of money. Where is it going where we writing them a blank cheque at least get a final verdict on whether ukrainian government is corrupt. I think speak for the majority of the country when I say binding industry signals are a little mixed up here were confused, wasn't eruption the main focus of our help back twenty fourteen? Isn't that why George soros swooped in and now everything's. Ok, they couldn't keep track
one point: eight billion we give em sixty billion. May I ask you this: I find it in listing. The president's lansky recently revoke. The citizenship of the ukrainian oligarch calomel ski? Biden was vp color mois sky was the principal holder of both burry, by which a sun work for and provide bank. one that lost the one point eight billion he had previously been on a. U s visa ban over his involvement with hired thugs that actually use chain saws to be head people, but by made sure that he had is. These ban lifted. So he could come to the united states and it gets interesting as if this at the time that both Biden and John Kerry were lobbying for one point: eight billion dollar aid package to ukraine that
The money went to call my skis private bank, and then appeared I did. Lee was channeled in money laundering scheme through bank in Cyprus and then what The various shell companies. Now he's also the governor of eastern ukraine funding a near private war between ukrainian militias and russia's now, whether he's doing that with his money or someone else's, is unknown. The way cooler moist key is his money is the big reason wiser Lansky got elected, but now Biden is in office. So Lansky has revoke the citizenship of his previous friend, sir. Chance, they will find out later the Joe Biden lobbied for this to happen. If anyone has the receipts on very small private bank, the missing one point, eight billion and what's going on with his private war between grain in russia column.
whiskey would have them It's really weird that now his Citizenship of Ukraine has been revoked. We want to talk to congresswoman victorious parts. She's from Indiana Well congresswoman? How are you good higher good now you're from ukraine, you became a citizen in the year. Two thousand and your concern concerned about the money were sending over there. Let me tell you, and I appreciate actually became citizen in two thousand and six. It took me six years because it's not that fast when you come here illegally, so I came in two thousand, so it takes you a while to become a citizen, but let me tell you- and I might have a little bit different perspective- that I want to separate ukrainian government from ukrainian people in it and actually army and fight as a dying in the trenches. You know they try to restore freedoms in that country and
What is there to revolutions and they find in this war? Is it really want to have freedom? So when I go there and talk to the people, when I talk to these young boys dying on the front lines, you know it breaks my heart to see how whim is managing the situation and allow them to die without proper oversight of the government, because I think it's important that a country like that to hold government accountable, and I you know we have to differentiate that. You know involve and say you know we have a very great people. Americans what our government leaves much to be desired, so it's not always representation of the fortunate to live the people, but I think for me to see that and actually knowing I would Biden is doing seems to me, and I should more of the mighty you. Men should don't go directly to ukraine, because there are a lot of things around that. But how he's real? stolen. They help how he's not always seen that actually he's the mis manage in ukraine, and it's almost odd that he's incompetent the one on purpose to allow russia to advance much most significantly. You know and
really was concern in for me when I went to ukraine to see, No, how much power now people around the landscape more able to consolidate its power grab? You know I can about column waste. Can they that's all the guys? But did you know that part of that you know they actually took citizen the business due process through executive order had stolen what is someone who is actually in charge of territorial defence of a major sidney poor. You know, in it was eastern ukraine and the person had nothing to do. He would just lucky enough to meet for half an hour with me. They almost hey parliamentarians from ukrainian parliament could try to leave the country to come to yes because they wore it's gonna need of a? U S, legislative, so this month, an abuse of power in concentration is very dangerous for the country in country which doesn't check and balances with judicial prosecutors branches controlled by present in people around me alive.
Rational filtration, a lot of different problem. So I think this is a very concerned and, unfortunately, that there now decided a witch hunt against some. Ukraine is had nothing to do. You know with anything because the issues I was brought in britain out their actual brought out by our military people during my could doubt, and they will broaden by some: u S, companies in doing business in europe and actually doing business in defence industry, and they had some concerns and it's interesting. You know they go. There is some issues that I didn't want to border because they know. I know that it was reported to FBI, but it was brought up recently You know in ukraine a newspaper swear guy your mind that I mentioned the heath five there. You know in a point he of your mark and minister defence in creating monopoly had corporation with iran and afghanistan? You know an subatomic and some of the port. In the weapons and have a very interesting connection to russia and put it. So I think it's
very dangerous for us not to deal it properly this situation, because if we turn of ukraine and not have given that its very dangerous for national security, because ukraine has a lot of critical resources, it's not as small on three and its and haven't about whether it would be dangerous for all of us and has been asked, collate and managed by this administration. so congresswoman or not If we're on the same page, I really like the people of ukraine. I have a soft spot for what they ve done in the past. On fighting russia, I feel horror about the people who have lost their lives and the women and children in vienna. We have a team over there that is rescuing children and trying to get them safe to safety and not be trafficked. What I just I just think this is a convenient little war.
Why, for instance, did so linsky get rid of Coloma ski Why did he revoke his citizenship? It just seems convenient if you were looking to make sure that the nobody was. Nobody was around to tell about the the dirty things you were doing. Why is it the president's linsky, was against. gay marriage, because he you know it's a different country with different standards. He was again it and yet during the war. Now, They pass a law to to gay marriage. It seems to me, like american pressure, be exerted at they were worst possible time because we gave our money. dad, but I wish american pressure would be exempt. In no way how we can they can improve their logistics, how they can improve oversight and make sure that they are involved
noble to american people instead of playing politics and plain, and the gm that that is unfair in you know been very radical in this country and I think they're playing politics instead of the managing the processes and governing because governments like you, governments like afghanistan. They have to be forced to provide transparency to our people. If you dont, you will have another afghanistan, but unfortunately they haven't been doing that. But doing other thing Then I fear not productive for them to fight and win that war, and I think this is our responsibility of congress to put pressure. You know just because this is going to be a major problem for us We don t escalate situation, but also we have our credibility to our people and the ukrainian people. lead there there is, is olenska good guy or a bad guy. the answer to that. Yes, I I think you know we have to you know they have to meet
the united on look at people good or bad bad? I actually have a very low guys, all politicians in general, so it's not about that area. Residents would have a kind of billowy ever president has to be watching, but then a month. Right. Now, ukrainian government is accumulating in a power grab and abuse of power where they actually decide who can enter the border. Who can act as it was proper due process in using war to consolidate media and control prosecutors. This will bridge its very dangerous in the end. He needs to be irresponsible that he put people and cheese chief of staff is becoming they dictate in that country. The President lula's king is to take responsibility in wayne what's happening there. I know that you ve been doing a lot of external sayings and in dealing with the big leaders in europe it here, but he's still a president in is to be responsible and tell us what happened and why this amount of abuse, but that's not what ukrainian people a fight.
And for it to have another dictator. That would not be what they want I think that you're not productive I really appreciate it. This is congresswoman victorious parts. And she has been very outspoken in and because of its he's gotten heat from the left and the right, but intellectual, bait is necessary to be able to be a free country, and I appreciate you speak out victoria. Thank you so much time. I it's never easy to do the right thing, but it's worth thank it's all night. Yes, it is. Thank you. God bless you our towards this ep. Our is american financing. American financing, ten amendments, one two: three: four: w w w dot, animal, less consumer access, dot, org You can do right now is prepare for impact. We have recession numbers coming out,
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and station? I do you know What that congresswoman just said reminds me of martin luther king, a man Dies when he refuses to stand up for what is right, Amanda eyes when he refuses to stand up for justice. and eyes when he refuses to take a stand for that, which is true. How many people you know that, according to martin luther king, would be dead because so many are not standing up for what is true standing up for justice, real justice that this so she'll justice, actual justice. in refusing to stand up for what is right, that's what we have to do every day stand up for what is right tonight, we're doing something kind of risky. We have steve dace, sir.
Guns Alice Daniel horowitz are three of our blaze, tv hosts and They are going to be interviewing renowned, cardiologist and epidemiologist doktor peter mccullough, He is one of the guys who fought against the covert centre sensors. He spoke. gout early and he really lost everything and he's per probably our most published cardiologists guy he's not some nobody we're. Talking about cove id. what really happened. really were. The effects they've gone through. All of those pages. You remember, pfizer wanted to release this information in seventy five years and the judge was like no, you can release it now, please, while we on through all of it, with the doktor and he's gonna go through it, and it is shocking absence
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I want to play a little bit of it just to refresh your memory and on what it is
Who is this comedian bizarre? There is more mass than men, the ukrainian do the great grandson of the holocaust and the cross. The one man said, the one man save the world
when I first heard this song at the time I was. I love it because I love the author and the singer: but I also felt gun, how about zalewski I know how to feel about zalewski, but I'd. Think the song is necessarily all about him. It is more of a question. Can we do something Is this one guy made a difference in that moment? If we, who stand? Will you make a difference but I don't know for sure. Let me go to john drastic, who is a singer songwriter five for fighting and a good friend programme, a good friend of mine, I John, how are you greetings from the back of a two hour: bus and richfield connecticut. I'm relieved rejected wagging his tail and import strangers back yard, and it is a pleasure as always to talk you. My friend,
It's talk to you so John. When you wrote this year this when we were all looking at is a linsky saying sky is turning down tickets to come to leave and he could be killed going on the front lines and his family is staying there too. Right exactly, I being what one have we seen that in the last generation? Unlike Afghanistan, I didn't take the ticket, you didn't take her back the money aid, knowing the very likely in the next few days he and his wife, and and would be murdered and killed by russia, but your point as usual You get to the heart of it: the songs not necessarily about the linsky. Whatever you think of Lastly, I frankly agree with much of what you said with competence part. I actually wrote a train with her from leave the keys we spoke a lot about this and going to ukraine. in its film in this video,
orchestra seen at first hand, I saw the lines of trucks. Calls on the border, and you do get the sense that unity I wrote a czech without considering logistics, training oversight, all those things. I also saw the positive my partner, save our allies, moving aid to the front but it is it's beyond you create its way beyond its beyond the rescue. It is about us. Who are we? Who are? We appeal, or do we allow prudence to devour you? crane and create situation where it's our troops. Fighting Ethan in two years or not, and unfortunately dividing them a strange and has so mismanaged this. This for this war, like Afghanistan, were stuck in this place, where, whatever you think is the length of the long term consequences, I think we're all about our tatters tropic. So, if the tough, if the cop dynamic
but it is not about the whisky it's about. Ukrainian people is about who we are. Do we stand up for freedom or not It is, you know, there's nothing easy to decide I was I was singing. I will speak the other day and talking about my wrestle with, Winston churchill, who I absolutely a door. I just love him he's smart. He would have if we Listen to him. We would have had a cold war and any funny I just love the guy. However, when I finished reading. As you know, several books about him from the western point of view, I thought you know you spend a lot of time over in india. I wonder what there One of you is: oh, it's not good. An winston churchill later said he did those things and they weren't good, and I thought if so, which one easy. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? And the answer I came up with was yes is amiss
a good place or a bad place. Yes, it's both it's just which trajectory are we on and I look at I look at the linsky and I dont know I dont know. If he's a bad guy, I do know that he's played a very important role. Now I I just think that that country, he is so riddled with corruption, it's insane on our part, to send them five year total bill for our war in Afghanistan today without any oversight with, single account, and I mean that's crazy. I agree with you frankly, there is one person and its video that we made with ukraine orchestra in the rubble of the airport does not
rainy and in its churchill, and whatever you think about church was a person he did dragged the rest of the world to the right side of history, and we're talking right now because of that solemnity, I don't know it's a grave yeah corrupt, yes, very, like when its ukraine, ok, I mean you can't survive that look at. I saw at first hand we stated a russian oligarchs hotel public that they wouldn't bombers. I saw at first hand, but if you take your your eyes out of the utter out of the microscope, look at the geo political consequences. We talked months ago, about the fall of afghanistan would lead to ukraine? Ok, we also talked about the next summit, probably taiwan. So I think whatever you think of the landscape Certainly, we cannot be funding their mob. Ok. On the other hand, if we just turn our back on ukraine
and we allow prudent to rig, constitute the soviet union. Then what then it its arsenal? you're dying in this war? Is probably Taiwan gone to china? So so I think the geo political consequences of this long term are so significant, so I think we have to demand that our government do right thing? I know it's hard, but get then the right weapons they can they the defensive weapons they can use, not just. I or lose slowly, which is happening right now, but the end war, so we have to worry about. The escalation and our soldiers, guiding that my focus with this and the song two to raise awareness and I'm calling for a lively, tight concert glad for ukraine, because we need a cultural front on this war. The economic front failed, the political front has failed, but music can do a made me think that can permeate borders and we need them some people to know that they can either go down with this tyrant,
rejoined the free world, so we need a culture brought. I know you understand that more than anybody and that's really my goal with the song. pretty ukraine. This video- and hopefully we can make that happen so he's not to make the point for war, but to make the point to or to raise money to help the citizens get out put their life back together. That kind of thing a both. I think we need to wait like we to raise money for save our allies for Nazareth. What you guys are doing here, in and aid, but also to put the russian people on notice that the world is against them. There being told that there are heroes, fighting the nazis. Ok, that's it! That's a propaganda cooties getting then they need understand, they're, isolated, the world cup they're, not gonna, wait? We have this global concert, basically saying you guys. You're gonna go down with this guy. This poor guy figure out figure out a way to topple, am, I think, look I can't drive a car
I'm not a politician, but I can write a song and I've seen how music moved the needle so it frustrating it's you just In many ways, Afghanistan all over again with the mismanagement of our government, but I do Slogger coffee consequences are so huge that we just can't turn our back. We we can do both were america We can have people on the ground, we can have oversight, we can have training. We can help ukraine win this war without finding their mob and at the same time, we can stop Putin's aggression this until we're supposed to be. What would Reagan do that's what I ask myself today what would reagan? Do you and be writing checks and then turning its back on a country. So I'm sorry for my rant, but that's how I feel that I agree with you, John Andre, sick on drastic. Thank you so much john. I appreciate it. You're on tour. Where are you going to we're going to be.
We're gonna, be all over the country connecticut tonight pennsylvania, ohio down down in atlanta, so you have by providing com all your data, their companies, land you're, always on the guest list, but I think you a drastic five for fighting dotcom five for fighting dotcom, our sponsor this half hour. Is rough greens, art rodion about his dogs experience with rough greens. He says I into sure this would work for my dog, but I decided to give it a try and after hearing a talk about it over and over and over again Glenn, it's actually what it says. Well, she was slow at first. Now she loves it and our people, eater, isn't a problem anymore, energy is a lot better than it was before as well. Thank you Glenn. Thank you for rough greens. Our thanks. Right again, even though now you're part of me talking about it over and over and over again, but if your dog, it's like you know or like arts, dug up
problem eater. This solves it? At least it did for, while did for our did for me, and I've heard from a lot of people. The same thing To me, the benefits of seeing him act younger feel better, look better. That was just that that was honestly What about my first concern, but my first concern really was: I dont want to stand there and feed him anymore. Stand there and hold the food in my hand, rough, green dot com. Slash back, are you ever have green dot com? Slash back you'll, get your first trial bag for free, just make sure you dog likes it, pay for shipping rough greens, dot com, slash back rough greens, dotcom, slash back eight. Three three Gillian in thirty three column. Now the Glen back programme mrs day missile,
visit delays, tv dot, com today and never miss a moment of truth. Just a minute, we ever john robes. She is the candidate running for arizona attorney general. and I I think she serve. I think, she's the one in arizona that will be that will do the right thing in a unified. No its upper arizona to do. decide, but we ve checked into her. We gonna have her on and I'll talk to her for the first time coming up in just a minute, but The attorney general slot is so important so important. You
to have a constitutional person in their if there not fighters they're, not fighters for the constitution. Jolt vote form How is your schmidt doing in missouri, consider missouri having election today, yeah You ve got primaries in arizona, Kansas, michigan, Missouri and washington. That's going on. I see me this august second august second, so we get a few weeks here, you're august. Actually, that's next week. Isn't she happily s ass anyway. Next week is witnessing friends and Eric Schmidt? Now we talked if we talked him a couple of times she's been about several times here and he has been. I think, every time we talked to him, he was behind however, that seemingly has turned around about the latest pole came out to day schmidt, thirty, nine hearts there. Twenty five grains, eighteen, so Britain's was
leading this race for most of the time he is the former gum the kind of left in a scandal and he's here. Some issues dealing with that bush. it. I you know is seemingly a really promising candidate and now, at least in this latest poll, leads by a wide margin. Previously he had a trafalgar poll came out. Had him in the as well, but much closer earlier this week only up by three points, so it's you know unclear whether he is he seems to be the front runner at this point just unclear how big that margin might be, so he's great as an attorney general, I think he's fantastic as the attorney general, The stew, the Do you remember of it, the guy we had on right before I went on vacation that last day
I do. But how could I possibly forget that was the day that the dobbs ruling came out and overturned roe, vs wade right in the middle of that phone call, and he was much more concerned about himself and his own career than he was about that which was rare. we simply revealing to me so like two weeks before he was ahead, and I think he had would get margins The election was the tuesday after that interview with him and he lost seventy five to twenty five. You didn't It didn't work out too well, on a people wrote to me and said I can honestly. I wasn't your word where to go with that. I didn't know much about it, but when I heard the way he reacted to the door this case. In real time I mean it was such a revealing moment, here's a guy a lot of times you eat them too. I guess defence and mean like you, get wrapped up in your own stuff, and sometimes you know this
Big moment, I guess, for his campaign coming onto doing a high profile interview like this, but to not to not detect, significance, the conservative audience of ro verses wade being overturned in the middle of your little campaign phone call. I was just incredibly revealing as to where the priorities were for the sky. To me, don't you wish it was? Don't you way? they would all come on this programme and talk to us, because I think that here The first one there's been several that have just revealed themselves on the air. This is why they don't come on the air to talk to us. As I know, you don't even know what I mean it wasn't like you like came up with some really sober, difficult question to ask. It was just like you know you are giving you can. gave an intro to him that I'm sure he wasn't, it did
agree with fully. He had a chance to answer and end and then the dobbs case ruling came out. He acted meno offended that you would enter, rob to him with the overturning of rural verses, weighed and even though you invited him back on later in the hour where he blurted out some more nonsense and then lost by fifty points. Good luck, good job a new career, don groves, arizona attorney general candidates. Next back programme, let me tell you about eden, pure Eden. Pure, is something that I just put in my kitchen sometimes, You know, especially when we travel a lot of things. He had stinky, in the refrigerator hand, stink up the whole house in the kitchen you cook fish, and then it's done forever hate fish. I hate the I the fish in the house anyway
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the the? when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen back programme
while we are choosing our future, even as we speak, elections are being held around the country and next week is another big primary week in to me. The most important elections are the local elections at your statewide elections. It is really truly coming down to the attorney general's. If you don't have the right attorney general in your state, your toast it's the attorney general's and then the last line of defence. After that, our years he's your sheriff.
So who are you voting for? Well, I wanted to have don groves on. She is in a really amazing accomplished woman and she is running for the arizona, arizona attorney general position. She is one of the three candidates and I wanted you to meet her don groves in sixty seconds. This inflation is merciless, I'm in case you been wondering whether not there's anything you can do. The answer is yes, you can protect yourself and your family by investing in inflation. Fighting food from my patriots apply I normally recommend their products in case of food shortages and we could be looking at those very very soon, but they can also help you fight inflation, because it's a long term storage. It stays fresh for up to twenty five years, but it doesn't.
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used to use ping? Golf clubs and your grandparents started paying in their garage deny that that's right, when in fact my parents, bamiyan and so solheim are eighty five and they listen to you on the big talker flagstaff dad like. Oh, you did everything you do the research and you dig into the real truth, well, I've done my research on you. You're a constitutional conservative study constitutional law at the: u s supreme court under just scalia litigated in the court room defending made an american manufacturers for seven years than you. To your family business. Twenty four years ago, you ve done a tonne of stuff. I mean you're europe. You're an over achiever. Shall we say I wanted to talk to you.
You're going to learn that it's not about me and what I bring it about god, but anyone even including me and when he called yonder already cook you for the task or he's gotta, bring you everyone. You need on the team to be fully equipped So do you feel god is called you for this time. At that position I do very much you know Why are you the right person? Arizona is a little like texas. With the border you ve got. You know the election stuff, that is still going on that I'd like to talk to you about government. is over reaching I mean you are going to be one of the people on the hot seat. Why are you the right person? You know people have asked me over the years to run for office, I told them all. No. I said that god would have completely changed. My heart consider campaigning for any political office, but
I know have received that calling and I can't sit back, I'm seeing the ruling class openly turning citizens than the subjects and other wife and mama can't sit back when I think of policy strip away parental right mandate. masks and in isolation and and harm our children and as a as a manufacturing executive and a legal counsel for a thriving family business. I can't sit when I see the federal government trying to turn private business, is in the their enforcement arm to carry out mandates that they never had legal authority for and, as a patriotic american and a third generation. I just can't as a third generation arizona- and I just can't sit back when I see the federal government printing money attacking american energy and spiking inflation that hits everyone at the gas pump and grocery store and everywhere all while riff, using to do their consciously mandated job to guard or border, and I've seen the crime rate spike like crazy, even
few weeks after I'm out my canada, se had two bullets come through the windows at paying and one of them hit my office a just why not sit back any longer when I see our border economy, our families, our way of life under attack, and I'm here to fight back So what are you gonna do? I'm in texas is really struggling with the border to, and you know I I think the governor is Sistine a little bit. I'd like to see them just say: if you're not do it, then we have to do it but that's not what the constitution says: you'll have to fight that out in court. What is your plan for the border? security truly, is the number one priority. For me I mean the reality is without a secure border. Are safety? Are elections or use our health or businesses are our entire way of life? Is jeopardize, and so my first action will
to defend irresolute border in other kurdish ministries, It has been too busy telling us how to live our lives than frivolously spending our money to do their job here, the border- and I will them accountable and here's how first I will help. Arizona exercise our rights under the: u s, constitution, self defence clause and restore states right to prevent an invasion. I was the first candidate in the arizona rates to raise this option at our first attorney general. the debate last november, which, by the way there are six candidates at my race and You know a yellow pay, no attention to that constitutional right. The federal government might oppose that, but every constitutional right is important and every tool needs to be used to secure a border and It wasn't the federal government that stop the virginia smugglers back at the founding of our nation. James Madison talked about these smugglers that came into Virginia. It was, junior militia simply agree empowered citizens, who did that, and so once we declare
an invasion. Pursuant to this constitutional provision, we can guard the border ourselves. We still need a aggressively enforced criminal trespassing. Drug possession humans in all our laws and the next attorney general It has endorsed me in this race he but I'm gonna, where we have an armed with taxes to make sure that we we do guard that border You know, if you just do things like criminal trespassing, texas, discovered that You can have a liberal county attorney that will just send them out the back. door anyway, so you ve got to use every possible tool, declare the cartels, the terrorists. They are enforced. The laws declared that impatience but we can do this ourselves and that way we can deport people right. There the border and not give them these afflict the paper to say, come back and six years for your asylum hearing by then. we think they have kids here and then it's too late, and I am the groundwater of a legal immigrant. So
I believe and legal immigration, and it hurts legal immigrants more than anyone when we allow everyone to flood over it. Is an invasion. We do have especially the tucson in arizona, it's nice, the ninety five percent military aged men who were common across. We see them on the cameras who art being apprehended and there's twice the number of them now about seven thousand eight thousand every single month coming across we see or getting in, but they're getting away. It's not right. I remember a cash must be about ten years ago. I think it was. It was phoenix that was, de the kidnap capital of the world and no one was talking about used to like be bogota colombia or something for a while wily was phoenix and nobody talked about it because it was all illegals and drug smuggling stuff and
just kind of flu under the radar, but go ahead yet to fund had its highest murder rate ever last year and why the crime in phoenix, is up nearly a hundred percent and there or on our tribal land to with kidnappings and people disappearing and being killed. It is tragedy in arizona and it is absolutely are intertwined with this problem at the border, when the bio demonstration has left it wide open so that any criminal could come in and the cartels are calling the shots there. It is cause crying to have a huge uptake, and I have also been endorsed by the arizona state trooper. The association. You know that I trust me to be. The candidate, who had long enforcement back and restore public safety in arizona. So tell me, about for instance, the sanctuary cities, and they are now starting to pop up again.
With the right to life and abortion. They'll say this city, I think it was and try to remember which city just announced it that they're gonna be a an abortion safe even in a state that says where abortion, free and you're going to their country Keep going tell me about me about the rule of law. This is one of the things you talked about and something that motivated me when I thought about running for attorney general. Is that the attorney general are that last line of defence, that we need them to uphold that rule of law. Why Can we not have a sanctuary for law abiding citizens to be able to live their lives and and raise their families and run their businesses. We should that sort of a sanctuary rather than one for criminal, so
It's very important to me that we are that we, uphold that rule of law that rule of law applies across the board. It's not just for me and not for the eu to its rules for everyone and you and that's what I bring the different in this attorney. General raison D. Democrat eternity if candidate. Who would you know like to pick and choose which law she's going to enforce and an envoy pressure that attorneys not to enforce the law I will defend the arizona laws whether or not I love them all. I will defend it, because the laws need to apply equally to republicans to democratic independence. It doesn't matter what your political persuasion as the laws apply across the lord and I will seek to make sure that we do. Fund those cities who aren't complying with the law. This is the job of the attorney general, make sure that everyone complied with state law so that we have a fair playing
field for everyone, so that we can have a sanctuary for those law abiding said I to want to do good things in arizona provide for each other? Can you tell me what is happening with the election security, because arizona has been one of those states It's that you'll red one thing and it'll be like wow. They ve got they got all kinds of evidence, and then you re something else and it completely dismisses it and so for somebody who is not in the state europe You have no idea. What's going on how secure. Are the elections this time? Thank you that question Glenn. I will sit back for a second and say: would you see big? big medium, big government colors the gathered to bury a true story about hunter Biden and amplify a false story about president, Up and russia, I mean already that
interfering in our elections, but then you ve got the federal only voters into them. in eighteen. We had seventeen hundred of them, but into debt twenty. We had eleven thousand six hundred of them and prayers Biden only one by ten thousand four hundred and fifty seven boats. So if they are not being required to provide idea in our constitution is fed statehood that anyone voting in a federal action needs to be a: u s, citizen, so it those things can can swing election right there, and then you add to it the the ballot harvesting, the irregularities that were uncovered. There really are some concerns, and I want to make sure that every year arizona nino, regardless of their their political ways you know, can have confidence in the fairest and integrity of Aragon collection system and know that their boat count, and there are concerns, live a huge percentage of our electorate that doesn't feel that confidence and that's what I would like to raise.
Store, I'm not saying that people haven't tried their best or done a lot of great things right. I think they have, but I think there's or that needs to be done because the confidence is not there and their need. to be of following up of these different complaints that are made to the attorney general office, whether at somebody I'm told at a at a election place that hey, if you're registered as a Democrat, while you're not allowed to vote as a republican or sometimes has being told this and in other languages or or if they get a ballot. That's already pre marked with someone that those things need to be investigated and prosecuted and now that our ballot harvesting law have been, upheld all the way to the: u s supreme court, it's time to make sure that we actually enforce them that there's! None of this question paying for and and gathering others ballot so that they can mark. To be a certain way. It's not ok we need to restore that that integrity of our election system
make sure people can have the confidence in it because well, there will be nothing worse than having people say. Oh, my vote doesn't matter so ultimate power over the fence, and we can't allow that to happen. are don grove, she's, the arizona attorney general candidate. The vote is next week. She has been endorsed by all kinds of ages: Indiana Nebraska, texas former florida, a g, pam bondi and also the arizona state troopers We ve, we ve done a thorough search on you and you seem like the real deal and for any Agee candidate. If you are looking to vote for one they just, have to be willing, to have a spine stand for your state and fairly, but people in jail obey the law or you go to jail, no matter who you are done.
Thank you very much. Thank you. Glad. You bet don grove for a z is her twitter and you can find her website and get involved viewed like in our campaign, don grove for arizona dot com on grow for arizona, dotcom aright ill jan yourself is the best in skin care samantha from acadia california issues is jenna sell. She says I love jenny cells plant stem cell therapy, I've used it all over my face under my eyes, and it cleared up my dry flakiness and even reduced my forehead lines. Somebody's been. If I had any surgery or procedures done now, just jenny. But how many thank you so much. Jenny cell has sold over a million products to women and men across this great country, and it was man, everyone loves, loves, loves this stuff. I just gave this. I give chamonix a gift all the time, and people always love it when they get it with his media, facts: you can get guaranteed result in his little twelve hours or your money back now see the diff.
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It will not give her any answers on what happened to the children would have no, the mother. It looks as though this rapist was living in the home mom is defending him saying no, that's not true. That's not true he's, admitted it confessed and is in jail, is still needs to go in front of a jury but what happened to mom and moms kids? why hasn t the department of family services see me we done anything or or how, they No one will give megan fox any answer I would really like you too. If you would do me a favor do megan a favor, do the truth, the favor and call age each attorney general Yossi office he's
public and he's in a lot of trouble. Now with the Democrats, there wanting him to resign because he called into question this story about the ten year old girl going across state lines, but he was right. To do so, he didn't even have any if there was no case of attend. all being raped and when he brought that out all the Democrats went crazy. They wanted him to resign, etc, etc. We like the attorney general used to actually just help. Tell the truth tell the story why is going on in ohio. Why we get the basic information about What is happening with this case? Where is the girl where the children, what up another mother? What did what did that department of children and family services. Do my guess: is we're getting this information because
I guess it for some reason. Somebody does to hide this story and they let the young ten year old girl go back into moms house. When protracted her was still there hopeful that's not the story the one who has the answer and can get the answer. So nicely disease. These actually been on this story. We need, l, is any general used. Please, call him in ohio and and ask him please to get to the bottom of this. What did the department of family services do with that children once they knew? Rape was involved, the Glen back programme would it be nice,
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normally it's motorcycles by cycles, but this menstrual cycle is it's. I'm I've been waiting for. This show yeah. Normally it's those things, but it is menstrual cycle tuesday, which is a big segment on our we've, been pulling this for now we're trying to be more women, F, yeah, more women friendly the Glen back programme, Zara gonzalez's here, and what I said was actually the eyes not going to be talking about men while she is gonna, be talking about menstrual cycles in some way, as just part of all of the things that could be affected by covered that we now I'll find out after we go through the seventy five pay or the of the all of pages of their research that they wanted to hold for seventy five years tonight. We special, uncensored, the truth about covert vaccines, you'll only see it bind the pay wall. For a reason unseen,
uncensored the truth of covered vaccines, welcome to the programmes guns Alice. Thank you glad that not the menstrual cycle expert was not the intro that I was expecting, but I appreciate it all the same. I know that your I know I know but you are you know, into menstrual cycles and and the changes that are going on because of lack of effects. I don't know I don't know what I'm doing any more vary in india and the menstrual cycle tat thinks he s okay, so that vaccines, they changed women's cycles and its than they they try to me. These are all yet happens once in a while, but it's actually very common. And this is one of the things you guys found- yeah
it is in its it's interesting, because I actually covered that on my show, I believe it was. Last year I was reading one of the first studies that had come out about dimensional cycle changes in women and believes to be took a big hit with youtube for me, literally reading the data from a study that had come out We are seeing you know in the midst of All of this? I just read a headline this morning that was a white house to launch. to develop next generation of covert vaccines and, as I was reading it, a voice over in my head. That was like brought by the same people who botched the last vaccine, because if you look If you read the way that they are the way that they are building this up, there saying well this one is gonna, be way better. It's gonna dramatically reduced rates of infection or transmission and build on the current shots whose impact has been mainly to prevent serious illness and death. This is patently false on the special we play a montage of government officials, including, of course, the quadroon
for vaccinated Joe Biden who currently has covered all of you. Official saying during the roll out of this fact seen that the vaccine prevents you from getting covert. It prevents you from getting sick and then As we know the cdc realize they had completely botched it and ended up changing the definition of the word, vaccine, because this vaccine did fit the definition anymore because it didn't provide immune b so they're revising history in real time and nobody really seems to care. We are putting things that are quite danger: some people in a body, and I know that you had Peter mccullough on Who is, I think, the most publish cardiologist in amerika, he's not some nobody he's been, speaking out about these with common sense from the beginning, and his life has just been destroyed. What did he do? about. What did you learn from him
yeah- I mean with doktor mccullough who, as you as you point out, I think you make a great point: Glenn witches these doctors are coming and speaking out against the government narrative have nothing to eat, from this: they are losing their careers. They're losing their livelihoods, in some cases their losing their medical licence all because they are speaking out about what they are seeing as treating doctors so pure mccullough has nothing to do from coming out and saying this is I'm seeing and it's bad. So we talked about the the pfizer's own data that showed what that was in two hundred and twenty three potential deaths from the vaccine during the first three months of the roll out, we talked about mentioned low. Sperm counts in men. After the shot mentioned, cycle changes in women, young people now all of a sudden having strokes athletes dropping dead on the field myocarditis and young men, which you know government I will tell you, we read the headlines as they were starting to come out and surface. Don't worry, it's just my old heart damage. I actually I talked to doctor Mccoy
about this. As you mentioned, he is a world renowned cardiologists. This is his specialty. He thinks much more. Differently. He doesn't say that it's my old damage that mild heart damage actually exists. I die that we do have a clip of doktor mccullough talking about my only our guide us in young men, the principle of cardiologist? We preserve heart tissue at all. Measures. If someone is having a heart attack, we put in a stand. We open a blood flow, we give medications to protect against heart attacks. We don't allow one hard, sell to be damaged. So this idea that can normalizes! Oh, it's mild here just take some hard damage and be o k this this is, I think, symptomatic of a disturbing your these, cardiologist, who are not alarmed by this two papers by jenna, shower published in the journal. Pediatric show the heart
which occurring in children who are getting marker, dynamism, sexually. The pig ages, men aged eighteen to twenty four is actually ninety percent men. It extends to men up other open to their seventies by the way, but these people, generally young hordes, sustain heart image, a it's a sizeable amount of hard damage by marie and we ve with that would like any limit has been a number two not going away. So I have now some young people, my practices, ovary uri, of ongoing heart damage An end were giving these vaccines. Now two kids, you talk to him about that. I did actually I'm glad that you brought that up you now after hearing what's happening in adults, young men they want to give our children. This vaccine are babies even six month old infants, who can't tell us if they're having heart pains, who can't tell us if their hurting, they can't express a potential site effect from the vaccine. Think about this Glenn any other product would have pulled by now off the market, especially when it comes to children. You have one death,
infant deaths from a rock her and they we call the entire products even though was used incorrectly this instead with this, the government is actually recommending that you put it into your babies, arms, even though there is no efficacy. That's being shown for chile and they know it. These are crimes against humanity that are happening in real time. I know have inflation gas prices, all these things to worry about, but the fact that we have this data that we do in the product is still being put into. People's arms should trouble everyone. I asked doktor peter mccullough about specifically: should parents give their child this vaccine and think we have that clip as well under circumstances should children received the genetic code for the wool hand spike protein, it sounds bad, it is, in children is characteristically a mild illness? So it's not ethically indyk is dramatically necessary or its clinically indicated. The random
trials demonstrated no clinical benefit to children, meaning there was no reductions in risks of hospitalization in death. There, distributional trials by frank and walter published in and when the general medicine they Actually showed the kids got sick or with the vaccines than they would, with kobe, there's more fever, more side effects paper by house and colleagues. Mw are december. Thirty, where's twenty twenty one issue are alarmingly. The parents were reporting what happened to the children through the visa system in parents reported the children were becoming incapacitated with game. This vexing holy cow, so Did you guys come up with a reason other than money that this is being done Glenn. I think what it comes down to is money and control, because, as you saw, it wasn't just the public private partnership that was formed between the government and phaser but is also
forcing the vaccine on the population forcing them to do it in order to keep their jobs, keeping their thumb on the american people, but this this new public private partnership that the government has formed with these vaccine. Companies should really really frightened every. can I mean think about it when in the history of our country, can you remember the gun, being the one to buy up millions and millions of doses from these vaccine companies from big pharma, rather than people just paying for them insurance paying for them. Why the government all of a sudden doing this, and the fact that you know telling gun manufacturers that, if somebody uses their product and come the crime the gun manufacturer it can be seen that's the latest in California, how Were these drug manufacturers can't be sued you kidding me yeah
if there's no accountability on anything anymore? Absolutely I'm glad that you brought that up. I think that a lot of americans don't realize this, that in nineteen eighty six congress passed the national childhood vaccine injury act that she did big pharmaceutical companies from any liability. Should all of these childhood vaccines all of these vaccines injure anyone kill them. They could be. You know, disabled for life and these firms suitable companies have absolutely no repercussions for that of the system that they put in place in order for us to be able to track whether or not these vaccines were hurting, people is called there's where doctors and patients can report adverse side effects now- you see all of these various reports coming out on the corbett vaccine? The answer from the government is well We can't really trust that system, because just anyone, even patients, can can report this. This doesn't come from doktor, so we can't trust. It really was.
is the only accountability mechanism. You guys told us. We had to make sure that vaccines were protecting us and not hurting us and now you're telling us that the only way that we have to look at this now, we can use ha something's amok here. One last thing. I know you did talk to the doktor about being villain ized in what he has paid this. The reason why it's on blaze, tv online, usually will put it on pluto, will put it on social media, but a blaze tv only tonight for subscribers because I have already paid a very, very high price, telling you the truth, and there's only so many strikes and then you're out We want to make sure that you have access to. It tell you how you get it here in a second, but here's here's what Arthur said, happened to his life after speaking out in telling the truth and never
anticipated. This could possibly happen on the most publish person in my field in the world and history, I had devised a hypothesis that was fully explored over the last several decades that heart the in kidneys com. kate with another, each other. They influence each other in health and disease, and that became basically a very tractable line of investigation that led to in vitro diagnostics and therapeutics. Since our common intermediaries, like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc, and because of that I was the editor of two major journals: cardio renal medicine. With these and cardiovascular medicine, I was, frequent lecturer of the world twenty eighteen. The named endowed lecture at harvard. I lectured in two different major departments. I've electorate The new york academy of sciences I presented the european medicine association have presented at the FDA commission oversight. Piano I mean I've done a lot in my career to be
perfectly credible, as an analysed, I've. Actually, chair day, safety margin boards for over two dozen trust. There may be no other physician, with an empty behind their name whose actually done that in the united states. I know product safety inside out back supports so uncovered ninety hit it It's so clear to me that if we didn't treat it early, that the virus was going to slaughter our senior citizens- and I was not going to let that happen on my watch- I worked feverishly, I got large. it's a gun, investigation and drug application with the FDA. I was over on the principal investigators, mother, large programmes and I work with others and we devised treatment approach and literally within six months, we had a home treatment guide. I had major papers, published on this, and they do We have censorship that I started to receive. An early treatment before the vaccines made me believe those who were actually actively suppressing treatment when doing so? In order to We promote the vaccines, they were ready for this
it's quite amazing, it's a special tonight on blaze, tv, uncensored, the truth about covert vaccines, you don't want to miss it. If you are not a blaze subscriber because become one today blade tv dot com, slash uncensored, make sure that you use the promo code unsafe annual, save twenty percent. I do as I do. I know you want to say I do want to apologize for the obvious for what Sarah has been saying, as only about twenty percent of that was menstrual cycle related. So we ve billy bologna up menstrual. tuesday is she's way off topic, and I when a pall to the audience for that women, typical can't live with them we tell you about really factor. I've used to relieve factor for about six months now this, according to John, he says I was highly sceptical at first when I put off trying until my brother loan me a few
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the Glenn back programme. You know it's It's gotta. We I'm having a hard time figuring the progressives out the door. to attorney, guess gone in california, just just tweeted out. Thank you, California, governor newsome, for signing several important bills to protect californians from gun violence, including, or bills supported by my office. It is Rate that is great on fortunately, he's not prosecuting anybody with the gun grimes when they come in. now. I'm trying to
we have all the laws we want, but if you're not going to nail people for gun crimes, then what's the deal? How we catch these people who are using guns their illegal and they don't. But a prison forever, because honestly stew, they can you with a legal gun and you don't have a permit to have a gun well along our anyway prison for how many videos with hookers do I have on my laptop. Can you answer that if he could have narrow that down? Oh, you yeah, you ve got thousand thousand and you have taken money in bribes from ukraine from china. you are you daddy further. Of my life is what I think is a, but your dad is not president, that's an important key cause. He just answer that
question in say a long time without knowing, if your dad's president or not that's true, when you know your dad's president, that of course gives you the out it's in the constitution, it's just kind of on the back invisible ink. The dc is the Glenn Beck program,
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