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The Most Pathetic, Desperate Lawsuit Against Trump Yet? | Guest: Rep. Andy Barr | 9/22/22

2022-09-22 | 🔗

President Biden is pushing to make your air conditioning more expensive. California Governor Gavin Newsom said he has a moral obligation to ban diesel trucks to rectify decades of racist practices. Glenn talks to a spokesperson for the campaign of Ellen McMuffin. Glenn and Stu critique the latest civil lawsuit against President Trump as another desperate attempt to criminalize him. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin kept another campaign promise by releasing new guidance on how schools should handle students' sensitive issues. The guys debunk Stacey Abrams' claim that an unborn baby's heartbeat is a sound manufactured by the patriarchy at six weeks. Rep. Andy Barr joins to explain why we need oversight over big banks to stop their ESG-driven agendas.

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Oh my gosh, with everything that is going on right now. Finally- and I mean this is seriously, finally, the president is tackling the thing that all americans want tackle. He is pushing today the senate to ratify a treaty that make your air conditioning com more. So I mean who Its airconditioning anyway, you know what I mean you're on rolled out a window. What is your deal? Man, I'm busy working on my stood alone that I didn't take because I couldn't afford to pay it back, but now I'm paying somebody else's student love without air conditioning we're here to be happy, abbe country very soon,
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you and what is yours. Lifelock by Norton join now save up to twenty five percent off your first year with the promo code back one eight hundred lifelock one, eight hundred Lifelock or lifelock dot com make sure you use the promo code back and save twenty Twenty five percent ready hello, stew glenn. How are you Oh very good! I won't give me an update. The I in north Dakota that ran over that seventeen year old kid because he was there was a republican extremists right The kid who is calling his mom got my day. They that was in run over in held by a forty one year old, drunk who claim who actually called at left the scene and then called police himself and said I poured I He ran over somebody because there were only in extreme us
and they were calling people can be where the current get me. She's been released on bail, fifty thousand dollars and he's very grateful. That because, as he said yesterday, he was arrested. Hey hey, I have a family I care of like I care about. beer in Emma ever twink clunker. Ah, so good news is he's out hopefully he'll actually having its north Dakota. So I'm guessing there is still justice up their other people still up there. Yes, ok. Hopefully there still american justice up there. Now here's the big news, animal,
all of the things you could think of that you'd say you know what you know you now and make my life better. A lack of air conditioning! Well, they're doing it so thank you. Thank god, somebody's talking about the real problems in america, Joe Biden as signed a treaty or in executive order. Fourteen zero, zero, eight tackling the climate climate prices at home and abroad and He was going after hydro, flora, cobb carbons, because you know of the ozone layer which I don't know what that has to do with global warming and didn't we heal the ozone layer. When that a whole, got bragging about four years. I think montreal protocol I love that protocol that, in the protocols, when they scope here up the but both
both are wonderful, okay, so now congress pass legislation requiring the environmental protection agency to develop rig relations to reduce domestic production and use of hydro fluorocarbons? Don't worry it's just air conditioning you're refrigerator things like that, so it'll be it'll, be it'll, be really great. Now we have the kick golly amendment that he is pushing now one hundred in forty six countries have signed onto the kigali amendment I mean we're held two m much harsher standard. You know in the kigali amendment you know, try and ran away after worrying, but they sign on their like absolutely america reducing its hydro floor carbons and reducing
conditioning here. They need that stew in a completely unrelated question. murder rates, unlike Chicago always go up when, really hot in the summer, its fascinating, because that something that people who are pitching global warming restrictions instantly tell us that when it gets warmer, there's more violence and therefore global warming is is responsible for all the violence around the country, but now we're going to get rid of the air conditioning, which is Fascinating as listening solution to that you were just in europe down. I was and they have a lot of buildings without airconditioning there. There was great. Why do stores they do this? lot new york. Are they really love the planet? stores, leave doors open on really hot days in new york ever asked they never even noticed it used to
and a lot? I don't know I've lived in new york for final ten years. used a lot. They leave the doors open in the air conditioning would just be born lasting out those door guy what you grow up in a bar that's what I used always think clouds the door, we're not air conditioning the whole world. Actually they do it to invest. people in europe, by that blast. You you're, like it so hot. I don't know I think I'm gonna go stand in the corner of the victoria secret and I might need some new panties. I dont really so I mean that's why they do it I was in europe last week or two weeks ago Can I tell you, no air conditioning, none, none and it was fabulous. It was really great. I it. Some really good restaurants. If you would
at air conditioning in a bad mcdonald's knock. Off with fake meat. I would have eaten there over any restaurant. I started restaurant. When my wife- and I said this- the best meal, I think I've ever had, and it was just you know I was just like noodles and crap. You know italian Can you get TAT it the all of garden anyway, so I'm sitting there and I'm I met- and I said to my wife: I said that I think this the best meal I've ever had and She said, I think I agree with you and I said: how do you know or you mess and with my tongue? Are you using my tongue on weekends? and she said no, my tongue agree that is probably the best meal I've ever had. Then I understood the argument was over and we went on I said. However, this restaurant would never make it anywhere in america. She said, Oh, it's really good, I said, see the sweat, she is what, Your brow, sweat on my brow, passionate
air conditioning air. The windows were wide open, but it was dead, still boiling hot boiling hot there's no way you could take the best restaurant, the best whatever and put it in it in a town like dallas, texas and say you're all you, gonna have air conditioning, but only you alive. Down to eighty five degrees north go in there nobody's go in there. This is the I think, one of the most pure examples of the differences between the left and the right. The left says it's really hot there, Therefore, we should change our entire economy and troll the global temperature to bring it down a few degrees. Even though you still hidden in the nineties, you might not hit ninety five if you'd only ninety two and that way we can.
Troll the climate, so we get less that fewer people die of heatwaves right like, for instance, I believe the free market should come up with a way to go up to alaska and get some giant blow that blows all of that cold air down now that you're unison that deed in it. You have a doctorate, but not now in science, now you're right, you're, right nights- I well I doktor of Humanity'S- and that's that that's a science of whatever's workin inside. I have something to say about the stacey abrams comment that there's no heartbeat Doctors, daisy I've got, few comments for you later on in the programme, but the right capitalism says well, let's just come up with a way to bring air conditioning to everyone yeah right, so that if it does
the hard everyone's comfortable. They kept saying this about europe during the past few months ago. What they ve got, this heatwave in everyone's gonna die in thousands of people are using area. What would happen if this this was every year? Well, you mean it will be like Dallas, where we all live happily and live in every single building. Is air conditioned in everybody's comfortable satisfied with that what it would look. I asked the person I said you know who's. Who was our tour guide? I said that they, oh man, you should have been here last week. This was great and I'm like really because it's ninety five and nothing is their condition and I said well, what was it like when it was a hundred and five I mean was anybody on the street and she said no, every one was on the street and I really ized, oh yeah, because it walking around creates ease walking around outside when it's really really hot. That's what people were
doing because staying in their home? these unreasonable, because its aim honor in your house? It's it's like the ash, this status we all enjoy before we had. You know civilization, is what they seem to desire. Yes, they want to go back. yeah this idea, where you don't get any of the improvements any of the wonderful things that we enjoy on a day to day basis that solve these basic problems. They want them all to go away. I tell ya, I did. Did you see the show last night? Now you don't watch the show you know watch the show would show my my Oh I'm blaze, tv I was watching placed in abe, see my shown I was watching whitlocke, so I will check that out. across the way. Last night I did a data show that's all right when you're talking, I'm listening old, AMOS show and you're on the show. So far as to my show when you're getting on- and I got It- I got it so anyway-
when last night I was talking about the fourteenth century and or the fifteenth tree. What things were like in the fourteen hundreds over in europe, and how we are going back to that and I laid out a really good case. You should watch it on blaze, tv you can find it also on youtube? Its last night's tv show but made a rush. A good case that the fed and the government taking us back to serfdom, on the road to serfdom? We are We are taking away everything that made western society lou A ball taking it all away, all of it stop using summit. at oil o k. Can we Can we harpooner whale to get its oil? I mean what are we
what are we gonna do Stop using air conditioning can we all just stand up and say No can we do that? I think I think We might still have some power to stand up ago. No, not doing that. I I choose not to live in cuba Air conditioning is the main reason, but it's a pretty big one. Ok! So no! But here's more good news for you. Thank goodness we have fun finally figured out how to stop all of the toxic chemicals that are spewing out of the chimney. Well, are not a burden. I believe it is not really a death camp, its just where we
where we, you know, burn people up. You know what is I called. You now have two dead people. They burn em up and yet cream Yeah, so the crematoriums apparently are causing real problems, real real problems California has come with a way to solve that I'll. Tell about it in sixty seconds I hear from but all the time tell me about their journey with pain, what it used to be, but what their life used to be like before the pain set in, and it is always one thing that they can't do any more The one thing I remember my dad used to tell me all the time when I was grown up some damn retiring. I'm just gonna play golf by the time he quite a retired. He couldn't play golf cause. He was in so much pain.
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the gap governor newsome, who is it was absolutely running for president in twenty twenty four he's already running for pride, oh yeah, she. Why does he want to debate on? Rather than as a signal on running ads in floor? I it's. I have never seen a more transparently my pathetic attention you grab than this, Well, he's just signed a bill that will change all of the problems that we are all talking about. Where when it comes to burning up your relatives after they die cremation. So many problems connected to it. Right I mean you could spend how long about those problems to an unlimited amount of Yeah anyway lets us. I will not bore me with all the dear. I guess I know you could go on and on great assembly bell three. Fifty one now been now been signed in. So you can come post your cell
or your loved ones its really great what they do is they put you in a box and they drill a whole bunch of holes in it. It's an eight foot box. They drill bunch of holes in it, and then they put would ships in there with you now they having cut down trees for these woodchips. I hope I hope they are just growing crops of woodchips to use god from. did they are cutting down a forest or using any of the underbrush. That I love so much it's part of nature and when it starts to fight the fires in the glow in the sky, its magical, california, so anyway, they put woodchips in with you, and then they bury you and within sixty days your body is been composting. the good gracious
just incredible moment where you go through cm days of deterioration who terrorist sixty data sauce and then the soil is sent to you wow yeah sounds all your life all this money g kind of soil was mom good, I'm gonna use it to be in the flower bed. I ok, so they send you the box of dirt. Which is so rich with nutrients? You know, because mom. had a lotta nutrients, inner if she was fat? Oh, my gosh human fat when its com posted all the trees justly so anyway, they send you that box or and I like this one or you who can donated to a conservation. You know plot of land which.
I'm sure. That's going to happen, I'm sure I mean. Don't you think how many coming funeral homes they like. Yeah we We have cremated your love. Why do we see build their ashes. The moon and you and out later that the party has just been like half buried, their basement? I'm sure this to gonna do they're gonna they're going to take that that's soil with mushy mom and you're gonna. Take your ten thousand dollars and send you a bag of dirt is what they're going to put together. That's what you're going to get a bag of dirt? Yes dirt! Well, here it'll be surprised to hear, is not going to have any of your loved one in and it's just going to be a bag of dirt yeah. It might be a negative with somebody else's loved one in any way for, thousand dollars to fifty five hundred dollars. Allow what what a bargain. I dont know what the fifteen hundred dollar differences. I mean it's a severely lad. Am I in Emily and better dirt
hi! I haven't latest worms better much on me. If you want it, go bell every day. There's a little more, a little more mass media gonna need a bigger box, so you're going to get a bigger box of dirt. Yeah, oh yeah. So if you have like a big flower bed yeah, thank you gavin newsom. Thank you because I'm going to be working in my garden myself, gonna be doing it because it will be too high. But in my house, because of Joe Biden, getting rid of air conditioning what are utopia- oh man and then on the weekends we can drive to know we can't drive, we couldn't drive to the beach and a beaches are problem. We protected areas, so it's gonna be great. Oh, I seriously to be great, and you will not complain very well co plague far. You ok.
coming up in just a sec coming up in just a second a fournier has another moral obligation and their fulfilling max. The Glen back programme raising today marks yet another day that I want to celebrate. Partnering with MIKE lindo yeah. You know what I tend to like people that authority stopped Yeah I mean I don't even really have to like those people- blood theirs. Thing in me. That's like oh, Oh you're gonna surround his car drive through and take his phone away like he's a hardened criminal, ha ha gosh. I suddenly want to buy a pillow here's? What I want you to do, log onto my pillow right now, pillow sheets. Towels may they got negative bud load of everything and there really really good. But if you feel guy do what you like?
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welcome to the lender programme. Jacketed producer, honourable steve, brigadier, who, for some reason changed its name early on, does do welcome thank you go, and I appreciate that the terrible telling of that story. Thank you, appreciate we also have in studio somebody that you know you from never seen before as rise with. She is our era. social media man, manager, yeah yeah. What will now seriously what you're real, suddenly media quite new coordinator, so she could nature social media Apparently she told me to day quote this never been said before your big on Tik tok, who
meaning light like you'd load of vat on tiktok, yet I looked fat everywhere right there s not just tik tok instagram, all of them yeah yeah. oh you're streaming today on instagram and tiktok, the behind the scenes, which is its role, We always racy and It will fill that void left colonel sanders and captain kangaroo. So yeah we're you'll, eaten well yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm pretty I'm pregnant colonel centres produced a lot of good results. Now chicken ezra. You told me a minute ago that there is just a lot of mean spirited things that are being said in the live in their life comments, no they're, not very nice over night on the social issues.
Is mainly fat or what is it or is it more nazi what're they accusing mouth today you are you're nazi arafat Nancy. How dare you you know, support republican, ok, all right! Well, that's good now is that on Tik tok horizontally in hours on instagram, I was on instagram tik. Tok must love me around gatherings. Let me get you to follow it. the instagram page for our tik tok page- I don't buy it. I have no idea. I have no idea it is the dial pound one five, oh and I think, that'll, All right, let me down the middle there. Just do that you get there try and these new complex things ever I mean I thought it was exciting when we had a phone in the car
California, has a moral obligation now, according to governor newsome who is going to clean up in the twenty twenty four election. I mean bright, I mean he is. One with the american people. He has said that they have a moral obligation to bandy he powered trucks too. I defy, which I think is a great word, because it makes me think of rag doll which makes me think of an ass, which makes me think of Gavin newsome anyway ban diesel trucks, to rectify what global warming, but when I think level why I know decades of racist This is kind of cancer They are going to ban. Medium and heavy duty trucks and they all have to be fully electric by twenty thirty five. Now here's the good news,
those seventeen states that just signed on with all of california emission standards and everything else that you're gonna have to do it to you didn't know bout that in your state, yeah you are now a slave to California, who did that you're governor and your legislators, so bye, bye electric cars in verge urbane gasoline cars in virginia by by diesel trucks in virginia and other states I mean a soda disdain, your house, I mean really what like a week, maybe where it's nice, stay in your house. That's why they build bridges. enclosed bridges, oliver minneapolis tat, even walk I'll. Tell you something about it: they should verily rodya eyes, never at what the first at my what there is like they just built, they just turn this entire city into a mall eighteen, just walking from hotel at a hotel. Now is it true that only white people can by diesel is that act
what yes in a more most parts of texas, but I don't know about california. No here's the deal stew decades, I'm quoting d case of racist and classes practices, including red lining and sitting decisions have, concentrated heavy duty, vehicle and freight activities in common, penalties of color freight activities. Fascinating, and it's not just color its low income communities. Now I don't know why they didn't build our airports And are plus, stations and our freight yards right in the middle of a really nice suburbs. I don't know, I don't know women. It could be because if they
did that everybody who lived in those really nice suburbs would move away? and then they would have to cut the high price of the housing and so those become low income? Neighborhoods how racist are you you don't want to live next to the freeway, my gosh. What's next Oh, I can't sleep at night because the roar of the jet engines, my gosh, you rich people, make me sick. I live by a bus station. No, no wow, racists this guy's gonna, be this guy's gonna be good for the gun. You know who else would be good if Utah would just aleck Ellen mc muffin. running against running against mike li l and make MA and is really really He was a cia agent of you know, and I think what the cunt
he needs right now to repair trust is a cia agent in the senate. You know He he's he's running a lot of ads running a lot of ads now trying monetize you know his campaign get somebody to somebody george soros and others like him too. kick in on the ellen mc muffin train and see if they can get em elected, so he's here doing some really good adds reminding everybody hey, I was a spook and he gets really good. I think that's right in line with what americans want right now. Is another spook runnin around. We. Wait a minute. I just as I am right now a spoke, and for the ellen mc muffin campaign. Joining us now
How are you I'm a very good? How are you asked about aspect- and I just wanted to thank you for your incredible- concerted support per previn and this campaign against extremists likely, I know you, can you just of course said that there would be nothing than to have a cia spoke. You understand it all you and I want to thank you for your you're sure, you're sure sure, so how do I mean have you thought thought this through? That may be: at a time when are you ok? Are you really fat or I'm a fat man? I can ask a question about the actual physical condition. Ok are anyway, I would just wondering have you thought this? Through I mean the usa, the sea I yea all out there I mean they're spying on american erotic out. I know you're right you, don't we
they're, trying to highlight that part of added make ballads campaign. That here is the cia, because of course, is something that we really need right now we need more spying on american citizens. We of course have a platform. It's very well defined and as a person it was in the cia. He imagined all the spying he could do if he was reading the senate. It would be much he would by three four or five times as much, and I put a link with the american people really want to. I think people, supporters of utah one and I think the voters of Utah should understand what is at stake here. This is very important election, most poor, lad ever in history interpreter and report- If are taught to do that, we are working watching what they do, we're watching how they vote we're going make sure that they
understand what is at stake here that the global warming? I wonder what are you waiting? I just using a what you mean that year, you're you're watching them and you you're gonna going to well are, cannot it people? Should chip walk what they do, but how would it be they watch what they do. I mean that every every action as a consequence, we you learn that when your child, righted If you want to not vote for Evan mcmullin, you know we we would. We would know about that. You know and and and and there are consequences too to our action see. This is the kind of thing that I would point out that people would cut go wait a minute. I dont think I want to see a guy, you know in the senate, but he won't know you did
about four for him on we're, saying as you like santa claus, or does he have connections again when you, when the tracker? if you ve been good or bad manners when you're sleeping he knows when you're awake. He also has half the information about you than epic. It does so just take a look at your utah border. You want to vote for barkley. You could do that People could also vote against sit against saddam Hussein rush. You know see. This goes again Ellen make. Boffin has been saying that my plea is in so many words and extreme for their country? Back gladly is extremely out. We ve been looking to its activity, I have this guy's extreme, want to point out some examples of that yeah. I would ever hear of a potato what you ever hear of potato of a potato yeah might lead us with them. Now we caught them up and it too little
sticks any fries them in That's it! yes I've got an apparent lack of some sort of like crystals. Ok, so We second point by the by the way before I go Thank you for your constant and continual support of effort. Mick mark your your endorsement. a review clause. As some idea, I have indeed doorstep- and I just want to say you have and endorse that but you have helped got campaign. Quite a baby If you keep calling and ellen mic method- and we ve done a lot of research on at the moment- and we
I'd really nobody likes him. That's horrible I we our research really but the best testing part of our entire campaign Is that his name sounds like mcmurphy. We can find people like make markets, while it's all right with you, Our I, like you very vague you very much. Let me tell you about my patriots. Apply. Here's haste to just just get me That applies great guy right. We just we just women you missed a great call. Just a second ago, anyway, my patriot supply. They have emergency food supplies and gosh. If, if you don't say there could be. corruption at your grocery store? If You don't think that there could be an emergency, I mean,
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is to help people get jobs, and that's why we created the here to help. I cast a friend one said: the best way to solve an old problem is with a new lens. Each week we explore, our peoples, experience, strength and hope in some them to want to help others and how this is helping to shape the future of work. Listen to the latest episode wherever you get your podcasts or watch now at indeed dot come forward, slash here to help Welcome to the glen by programme were glad you're, a big lead, so in today's in today, news letter, which is really my show prep you get it every day. Every morning it send out. It is my show prep that I look at certain about five o clock every morning. and, as I am reading through it, I've decided about three months ago that I thought it was a good idea to make this available to you. It's raw show
so what makes it onto the show every day comes from there, but there so much that doesn't that I think is really important and then there's also a little trivia things in their like gum, this day in the show in history and today there. If I completely forgot about this there will I, made a time capsule. On the day of my sons birth. Now it's eighteen years ago it was made open on twenty twenty four, but list into just a little bit of of this till the following two hours time castle for my son re here, is what america was like on the day. Were born the twenty first of september, two thousand and four. We were near the end of one of the most heated presidential races of all time. It was the most import election of my life form at that time? One that I
that was a crossroads for america treaty, a question for you re here, it is do you know who ran against george w bush in two thousand, for his name was John Kerry. He was a senator You didn't really, you have at least at the time your birth, a real message. will that were supporting him really work all about hating george w bush well Restrained it had on at this time is because George w Bush had a spine and he was making tough choices. Tat choice is sometimes have to be made. Most people don't want to make them. Stop we're gonna open this up fully on in twenty twenty four which is the year of the time capsule was made for
twenty years down the road. I'm I'm really anxious. I have no idea what I said. What's even in it. I know it could be crazy, most likely it is great, it was you were at last year are even even us that aim. I can imagine I'm not going to agree with myself from twenty years ago. It's going be fascinating time, capsule seal for two more years the Glen back programme wanna talk about grip, six script, six men I tell ya they are. They make the best Socks have you ever wool socks and they, usually you think about him for the winter and they usually gonna sag down here on your end, like scratch year comfortable thick. This is not what group six has for socks. These are the best in socks and guarantee for life. Think of that many socks. Do you have a get holes in it?
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The one you are about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the program, the america, the thursday. Oh my gosh, you know what I love more than life itself, politics. I could just live in washington and play politics. My whole life, because it's the game of politics, is so fun, for instance, Leticia James, while she's running. She makes a promise that she's gonna get at
she's running when she was running for the new york attorney general office, and you know new york. They hate donald trump, wait a minute. They loved him, oh yeah, but then he started doing politics and now he's the most despicable nuclear accident ever to happen in public office. Of course, so she says: I'm gonna get em here is her campaign promises but is feeling my soul right now is trump? Will you feel the mining personally, while he does know her name
You should know her name because she is suing him off. Ot can't wait to tell you about this. In sixty seconds, if you're listening to the sound of my voice right now, it is most likely because you're, the type of person that believes in personal responsibility that you are going to take care of your family. You are responsible for the things that are happening in your life and, if you're, not you, know, whine about it, you you find a way to get through. It That's what we're gonna do with the coming economic troubles that we have find a way through it. Now, if you have especially high interest credit cards or you have an adjustable mortgage get out of there please Can financing can help you at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty just go to Eric and financing dot net eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty a mirror
can financing. They ve been in business twenty five years and they have been helping people just like you. They do not work for the banks they work for you. A man It can financing dot net components in canada less one two three four, but would you got what you w that animal less consumer access? So we know we know the attorney general from new york, Latisha James, has been in Vast gating donald trump, now three years three years and here's what they ve come up with and she's gonna soon now feet. She can prosecute because it. It has to be a civil suit because she didn't really find anything there except he might have been misleading the banks now, she suing utterly him
but his two sons and daughters. I dont know what had to do with this, but she's get on social he's filing a civil suit. it says he lied. No he misrepresented his holdings to the banks? going in for alone and donald trump does thing that he never ever does, it is great, is both that of all time That's how you represented himself. My it is a most beautiful stages, most expensive apart, but of all time course I did. I got another to Baghdad up about presented. I just tell you right now: it's three hundred billion dollars. It's great value! Ok, our! So what did the poor banker Stu the poor bankers,
they had to believe that his apartment, There are new york just down the street from the bank that that apart meant- was worth three hundred million dollars cause, that's what he said: now he said again that were there there was no appraisal done on it, but I mean what is that even mean the word appraisal to a banker. They don't know That means and then I gave him the loan Quiet, that's what she found. that's what you up and then we should also mention back. He paid the loan back with interest, so they the lowest profit? Hey. That's are now I know her A tory lending was pending at the bank, was it. No, no! You know in oh eight it all out ending that was the big thing. Predatory lending was happening at the bank where they just get these hapless. Dupes now
hunt them down. Eighty large portions of money, yes to pay for things. They want ye asses nor the hunt them down. I mean they wondered. How did it happen Do the banking fly, but at some point filled and I'm pretty sure the person who wanted to borrow ran out and fear because they didn't one that lay ass if they three to, and so they ran out, and then they chased them down in the streets and held them down and made them sign as something we're at half out. She had to be involved in one way or not because found she's a good game, forgetting which side works well beyond, aren't so predatory lending. Now this since predatory borrowing, we're going in to a hapless bank. you're dealing with hapless banker who now those how good he is you're, just donald trump, you know and you're, going into your bank and you a couch there
and you're famous- and they know you are so you're, probably just getting. Whoever is next in line. At the loan desk and and so high comes in and he says crazy things. That's what he tell the bank. He says crazy. Thanks to the bank and this poor banker He doesn't know what strew. What's not, he doesn't have any way too well. Is this. Is this house really worth that? I dont know I. I have no idea, especially when he says there was no official praises done? That would mean I'll break it down the bankers that are listening us little folks know about this. for you buy a house and before you you know bar against or whatever there has to be an appraisal. You know I mean I can't just walk into a bank and go hey. My house is worth a billion dollars veil, figure it out, but I go to different bang.
Then someone like donald trump would go to you now to mean they don't know how to figure that stuff out right. Here's the point of all of this three years of investigation and vat is what they have. I want to say the most incredible thing even to me- and I have said this to his face: Donald trump: is easily the most investigated human being in all of history. Maybe even more than Jesus I didn't have spy agencies back there, but they have investigated this guy with gear. In tb, ever intelligence agency in the world, our fbi. Cia, an essay em five, all of them
even the gestapo came back and were like judge, but I think maybe we should investigate him cause. I hate him given us nazis of a bad name, so everyone investor and they they weren't, like hey, just give me that we have gimme the scoop on this guy. They were looking for things to bring him down. and this is what they have or they have to make things up. He peed on a hooker This is the amazing statement. this guy may be the cleanest guy, I'm on the planet. I could get say this. I think he is for sure the clean this guy ever? to be involved with construction in new york. I mean honestly, you know
so you want to build a building here. I mean They deceive is tied up in order. Here, is where we come in, the work on lower god I'd like to help but ok come on We all know that happens, though the mob isn't real. I. we all know that happened. They can get. On this guy and he built buildings like in ten minutes. Maybe they are made of paper maybe they're, not even safe. I just can't believe, were going down this road again? Is this really happening again, how many times I feel like I'm watching the nine hundred parental deal. Test on Morey poverty? Ok, so it's like they say how many times do we have to go through this? Ok, so let me let me turn it around, for you because right now, I'm thinking to myself.
When is anybody on the left, gonna understand and ain't gonna happen. It ain't gonna happen and it's not gonna happen now, because you don't want it to happen because you have tried to make it happen now, because you I looked hard enough. You work at sea. boy, you gotta go catch. Believe, I'm saying it, but a guy is clean. Ok,. and I think to myself what I saw this I'm like you really three years of investigation in new york, This is all you can. You came up with wow. Well, she had to say something, whereas you say three years of investigation, she had to say something to right. You know we saw what happened in the other new york investigation where they just said yeah, we don't have anything we're going to stop right, and that was a scandal correct like if you don't come up with something you're involved in a scandal, so yeah to say. Something
as she comes up with this, and it's like I just I mean, as you point out there's these these statements were not audited at any point: I you know I just he pay, he got the loans with long standing business relationship of most of these banks anyway, but that the loans came through. He p. them back with interest. They always roaring stories have really broiling ordering sorry in the way she presented, as she tried so hard to make it excited, I know, is a really fun to watch. We have less play a little that then I have to come back and tell you what I ve learned from this, the commission demonstrates that donald trump falsely flayed his net worth by billions of dollars to unjustly enrich himself and to cheat the system. thereby cheating all of us.
Mr drums, the end, the trump organization repeatedly you stopped for, just as I can I use to be overthrown. I say you should have so far. I can I can I just say ask you, though I don't think he cheated the bay by any stretch of the imagination again not audited Nothing was nothing was legally binding here of what he said. That's him! That's what he does. I use see my heart, that's the greatest! Hardly ever it's the most expensive. How do you can ever buy come on? Ok, so that's what he does so There is no crime committed here, but Let's just say there was, if there was, she would have been prosecuting and for a crap. So there's no crime here. but let's just returned, she turned it into other people to let them prosecuted, as that was her big step. So let me I ask you this to lead dream, a dream that he did. Cheat the banks so there are
I still think. I hope that its less than fifty percent of me, maybe not that's kind of like at todd screw. The big banks is kind of parties like a good for them. You didn't catch that you believed his Parliament was worth three hundred million, they are one of the accusations as he he listened at something like sixty thousand square feet. really illegal or maybe thirty thousand square feet, and it's only eleven thousand square feet now. Obviously, if they cared any, you can look up. Look you can look up when property records, how big an apartment is it's hard to figure out and and how did How were we see, an injustice? How did you know there's reaching really possible right about me? He paid off the bankers. Happy he's happy. Everybody's happy
break a law. What are you talking about now, or is she saying that she thinks he did break a law and they're trying to get someone else depressing right? Okay, so, but, but I I be clear and how does is daughter, get it right now so stupid, but like what I keep coming back to you on a lot of stuff, especially this stuff, they ve tried to dig up on him in new york. Is if what you say all of this is true for a second right. Let's Hey he misrepresented, you know how much is properties were were worth What is the end of the story? The end of the story is what he pays a fine like we would you letting pedophiles out of prison every day you guys are bailing out people burning down cities you care about whether he misrepresented how much is apartment costs. Are we really supposed to believe that to try this try? This ads just charge. Forty seven in alleged scheme to steal two hundred and fifty million dollars from the pen mix food programme, this government
paying scammers too, odin. Fifty forty million workers were were we're making the greatest males. Ever I don't know I that's one! You can point out and say: neither seems to be a real problem, how bout the people that use there p p alone? Does too bail out their business that they didn't know, because they were in prison? I mean really really about this- one could exist- goes back to her state Latisha, Jane ST james estate. Does that minnesota story. I think you mention was two hundred forty million dollar dollar dollar forty. There is my no. That is because in new york to undertake fifty million dollars. Worse on tech to fight covert that no one uses including eight thousand five hundred and fifty five ventilators at a cost of one hundred and sixty six million dollars one
in one or two and seventy nine x ray machines for eighty six million dollars there now, sir? in warehouses across europe with no plans to distribute them or put them to any immediate use I also I need an x ray we're machine. Remember, funds right for my my doomsday scenario: homes, seuss surgery, him surgery. I have a home surgery, cat ass, a little more upscale than operation the game. Ok, man elton Britain rattling, but I need an extra machine. How do I get me one of them and eager prop. There are available how about remember when, in the middle of this scandal, the middle of the covert stuff Andrew promo came out, do in his big press conferences and in you link capitalist for charging too much for hand sanitize or on amazon? Remember this whole area, so he did. This big show where he said. I weep in order to make as an aside sanitizing, when all your can rise with slave labour from prison camps and which is basically what they say, they really do right. We ve
he said it smell like lilac and hey dangers, and then he said he was going to make all this now. Of course, we found it later. He didn't actually make the hand senators or they only bottled it. The actual prisoners bottle the hand sanitizing. What's the update on that story, what happened with all that member? How because pants The ties are wanna being available pretty soon afterward. As far as I remember here is the end of that story. Ready now. work is already starting to dispose of seven hundred thousand gallons of spired hand, sanitizer unable to leave and twenty twenty by people serving time in new york prisons, a process that will take forty four weeks to complete by shipping a whopping, one hundred and sixty eight trailer loads, one in thirty miles from you to go to rochester at a cost of, point three million dollars. It's going to cost them too Point three million dollars to throw out the hand entities. Are they made that press conference, which was universally praised by the media, but
its worry. What happen to J p morgan chase because they believed it the beautiful spacious billion square acre apartment in all of new york. easy they I mean it. Is it it's a mental disorder? At this point, it's a mental. Let me talk about time inflammation the word, sir sounds really uncomfortable and unpleasant. Lot of people in the world suffer from frequent pain and inflammation is usually the thing causing it side. Your body joints begin to swell the next thing. You know pain, radiating outward from all do print sources in your body- and I will tell you also the inflammation causes a lot of our sickness as well before opening has never worked for me? Never take some ibuprofen. Ok, I'm just gonna go either handful of rocks because it will do just about
as much inflammation can be stopped in your body. It is been stopped in mind, with relief factor. Ibuprofen doesn't work that attacks, your inflammation in one way: relief goes at it for different directions and that's why more people find relief from relief factor relief, dot com call one eight hundred for the number for relief, one, eight hundred for relief get the ninety nine. five three week, quick start developed just for you relief factor, dotcom eight hundred the number for relief relief factor feel the difference. Ten second station id the by the way, Glenn there's one other part of the story. I want to make sure you're aware of when it comes to new york and how they spent all of our covert money, of course, that the result of this was thousands of people diagnosed I'm sorry, it's a whole different situation,
there's still spending money on well, but even though the pandemic is over now the white house disagrees with in house they white house of two days ago disagrees with the wire the the president, that was in the white house a long time. I got right, apps lee wrong. As we know, all policies are different when you're walking through an auto show that's what we learned. That's what he was easily on, whether or not will take any any only was doing why, either with sixty mid april, it there's still spending money in new york on this covert really programme, and it they have a forty million dollar contract for for keeping. But this particular program going what's a what's fascinating about it. Is they spend all this money, hundreds of millions of dollars on equipment they didn't use and the hand sanitizer that it used? They now have forty million dollar contract and the contract supplies people. To the warehouses to guard all of
extra stuff that they bought, that there never gonna use, because I can't leave it there. It's. People like you will take it for their home surgery will never steal it, buy it at a low low price, but now they have to protect it with people that forty million more taxes than you'll ever pay in your entire life for most people died, dead and they're spending it on that the Glenn Beck program, the no investigate, because there's nothing to see here, jason wrote in about his dog's experience with rough greens. I have a nine year old, great dane with a thyroid problem. Why am I thinking of an enormous dog with barbara bushes head now, and have thyroid. She had what was the one that makes your eyes pop graves disease at graves, who still he's such a stupid redeem. How did I get there job the world may never know? Yes, actually, I must see I plant.
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Scott Adams has just reached out to scott and asked him to come on to talk about dover dislike now, can't think I'm gonna now don't I'm an efficient that water today, dilbert has been cancelled by seventy seven newspapers. Now the newspapers say we're just getting rid of the new, no prints valiant kind of comics, o k, dilber kind of a big deal. Now of your cut your comics fine, but really dilbert, and you're going to leave snoopy revision When I was a kid, I never never found it early brown comics funny you I like, charlie brown- I like lively, be, but I was never hilarious. That's no didn't seem to be the point of it and end Dilber it. I don't fuck and hilarious. I just find it again. social commentary? That's what it is doing so
here is one of the comic studies just started. He just added a new character. Dave and so it Dave is sitting with his Davis black by the way sitting with his white boss and says dave. I need to boost our companies e s, g rating so promoting you to be our see tee, o and I know you identify as white so that won't help our s g scores, but would it be too much of to ask you to identify as gay, and response, pens on how hard you want me to sell it, Is possibly spawns just where better shirts I mean that's funny right. There's money and so that we were not sure why bert has been removed from almost eighty different market, but the big question is.
Did you know, there's still newspapers And another confirmed: no, I don't don't know seriously do know anybody outside of outside of business people reading the wall street journal and I'll, even though they re that anymore and read it. They just read it online. You read it online, I mean. Do you know anybody who sits down sits down at the breakfast honey thing? you very much for the eggs in toast, and bacon and hash browns you just cooked I'm just gonna read the that's going to read the sport section in the business section of today's local newspaper. Do you know anybody? do you know anybody that action? he goes to their local paper. and reads up on: what's really happening in the city. Again, some
We'll go to their local website of a newspaper, put picking it up. It's only people who enjoy that that that routine right like freely Why do you? I love you by your books largely for your bookshelf and read them as physical books. A lot of people do that even though look one of my favorite one everything's, my sundays are used to read the Sunday post the sunday times the new york posts, and another one? I can't remember, but I would read the sunday papers and it would take me hours to do it in my hands would become lately black with ink by the time I finished, but I love that I love for setting up that yeah like that routine loudly than that exercise of doing it like that it there is something enjoyable about that, but it's not a very efficient way to consume news. If what you're a goal is
to get as much news that is relevant as possible are given you you're, just flipping through quickly at the whim of the editor. Who tells you which stories you're going to read in what order, and this is something we try to get away from- of people notice that I haven't no internet solved a lot of us problems. Frilly freely. I kiss I thought those problems: still exists so you're saying that they don't put things at the top for you to read that that's a really tat is the internet? Does it for us? Oh the inner. The king had curate exactly what you're supposed to see how to delete everything you're not supposed to say so. It works out great good good. Good. Good luck, Glenn young can. Has delivered on a campaign. Promise just like him, a republican to deliver. On a campaign promise he's schools can no longer keeps kids choices secret from their parents when
or kids, can trust the teacher to keep one of biggest secrets, of your life from your legal parents and legal guardians who can you trust Who can you trust my gosh? I wish I wish my kids could keep all secret from me, actually a kind of do as part of the minutes some things leyla wish. I wish I didn't know that anyway so can yanking. Can you go just tell it feature that I dont really anna here, that move, move on, Schools can no longer keep kids choices secret from their parents gone, are the rights to compete in sport as your idea, gender. So I'm up I'm a care you're a forty five year old man, nor am I
I wanna play in kids baseball shit. And really what is swept by been thinkin about swimming. You can't do that anymore? Cash say, four bathrooms yeah I got yeah yeah. I identify a woman, you're sure sure, go in and shower with girls anymore man fuck their daughter, dances. no longer verboten. Yes, You will not that's right now, so the new post are the new york times in the washing, impose of course said its rolling back the rights. I mean we're going back to cave man days when there were father daughter, dances and you, couldn't shower with girls in the locker room at high school I mean
next. Yes, much of this is how its presented it. I was lost two up a podcast, mainstream media, pakistan and they were covering two different stories, one was the story in iran where women are being murdered for not wearing their his job correctly right. The protest going on a street an interim, was that text in florida, our court unquote banning books and not allowing the you know sexual the stories, We told two teenagers or or excuse me children, any florida was say gay thing up to three third grade: you you mean like likes Eighty five percent of americans say yeah. They And be reading, that's near they address is exactly where I was going, because you list to the story about iran and its pretty tat in a very specific way. We say this is supposed to be just a new story right, but it's not right. the iran story is presented in a way that signal
vice to the entire audience. We all know what's right and wrong here right. We all understand you Ninety per cent of people agree that trying to that imprisoning and murdering someone over there. Incorrect usage of a hedge job is a freak in terrible policy, and we all support the people who are fighting back against the iranian government protesting in the streets like it is presented that way and, of course, correctly right. We all do great on that, at least most of us. It's probably a ninety ten issue in the united states. Rather it's probably more than that? Maybe the ninety five five right, everybody supports it. Then you listen to their coverage of corn unquote. Ending books in chile libraries books with experts at content and all of these things and listen to that story and its presented the exact same way:
you're that it is a ninety five five issue. Everyone understands that loophole in these books at a children's libraries is wrong. Rates is terrible thing that evil republicans are doing. No one can believe they're doing it. Can you believe these poor librarians we'll have to go through all this when at this meantime, the act we're pulling comes out on this issue and its seventy two, twenty seven in the opposite direction. Right, so wait a minute! Wait a minute! The deer prince here is they're telling the full story in IRAN there telling about? We made our moral police that came in this woman off a subway and died in her custom in their custody, but route you know The reports are that she may have been beaten to death, k so area clear they'll tell you that part of the story, what npr in all these other mainstream media places, they will give you the same tone and the same
conclusion, but they leave the part out that we don't. all agree on. In fact, the majority disagrees when you see the the garbage and the sexual content that is being peddled to our kids it truly. If I took it to playground and I said- hey kids, you want to book. Read this I'd, be arrested, see an end to the segment on more of these books. Just yesterday, that was courting quote band and children's libraries and they would not show correct hunt great to a cnn audience, they would not show the content, yet they will They will argue that it should be shown to children right right and to act as if there is, universal consensus over this? We all should just understand which side of this is right and which side of this is wrong and theirs of room like if there is
There is an issue where, like, for example, I'll, do a show when we ve done shows before where we will say we shouldn't raise the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage in america is a very popular policy. Pete munoz, something like eighty percent of people. Support raising the minimum wage, but when we cover that We don't sit here and say: oh by them, everyone understands, but where are we hundred percent. Right on this will say: look a lot of people believe this here's what they believe, here's why they're wrong We will say and we're opinion but we will say hey we under stand what this looks like to a lot of people they everybody wants. They want to say to raise the minimum wage. Here's why it doesn't work economically right will present it in a way that they say, but they can they can't. Do they can't do that? And that is the reason why they can't explain. It is because they want people to believe that it is. stream ist who are against europe. Even though that's a lot of the audience that's watching wants watching them daily actually saw the book the ADI.
There is no reason you can show that book on cable tv net and short on network tv, but You can show it online. You can show it on cable tv especially in a news setting fire on fox, I would have been showing that now they would have yelled at me. But I would have done it anyway and they would elder make they would have said. Do you know how many people were offended by that? My response would have been good it They should see it so they know what we're talking about but CNN, who can do it? No, It's so far out of line with the main stream democrat that they won't show it, and then they, build this case because youth you do. Agree was cnn if you're a mainstream Democrat, you're watching it near like yeah, well thereon
I cite I'm on their side. So they know it is just these extremists that are doing it with showing you or telling you what Really is going on it's I mean, there's no other way to describe it other than propaganda and evil pick. I personally believe it's both. In a minute health insurance for important reasons. The last thing you want- and you know needing medical care is knowing that you're going to pay through the nose for it well It- applies to your car when you're warranty runs out. That's why we have warranties cheese, what's wrong with a car, but The thing is what we get warranties, he never I mean I wouldn't minded if the warranty didn't cover the first two years. You know and then, though, warranty kicks in for the next four that I would do cause? I know the warrant, Is it right
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Stacy abrams, I have a few things to say about science coming up in just a minute. miss that doctor abrams, yes, the governor stew, yes, You have said several times that you been, watching, behind it's a handmaid says, and I don't understand I've tried to watch it does it does an appeal to me at all? It's incredibly well done. I mean the very well acted in reno incredibly well shot. They spent a lot of money on it and because it, political associations, I think now a lot of people in the writers like I can. I'm not gonna watch that, but that I just didn't like I don't know it's a whore it's very difficult to watch attempts because its rude on and let's not something that you want to necessarily consume, but at its core, its essentially a story about a week, it's a long story. It's it reads: evolution in america, where a new country rises and takes over
of amerika, and what is this, what was the book there? I'm out or the yes, the movie the came out on amazon awhile ago were like yeah, actually one and yet later that it's that type of story, fundamentally Just been turned into very political in it I mean I cheese or just the greatest bad guys ever they are. They are the ultimate bad guy. This is more like a theocracy essentially rises in america brutal to women to women yet- and I m it's mostly, I would think mostly women watching it people who hang out at the supreme court, you know in the robes all the time. Every time a Republican makes a decision yeah, but other than that, I mean it's hard to understand how how it's all women, because it man it is a he here. You see a lot of brutal movies and terrible things happening, but it's usually deeds data that
it's getting the worst of it in a like. The aids are usually the deeds are getting murdered. The deeds are getting it out in the warm and gave a lotta do yeah do dismember back. You know it's not like that in handmaids till it's really hard to watch at times theirs it there's a decent amount of july and get a fast forwarding. I just I can watch those there are certain scenes. I can't I can't watch but I you know, I'm just a lisa. Does lisa loves it. It's her favorite show by like one hundred miles she freaking loves the show. I mean right now. It's basically just a a revenge fantasy with the girl going around in least scares me coming for you. She told me to mention he told me to tell you that she's I dunno what it was about. She just said: she's coming John Glen, I'm coming for you, so I dunno. What's alright, alright stacey abrams we're coming to your door to the glean for me over some medical things. Next, all right. Let me talk to you a little bit about strive asset management
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The you are about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program, the sick, twisted freak, the hell. I want you to know. I'm a doctor. I don't play one on tv, I'm a doctor. I have my doctorate in humanities, which I'm pretty sure means that I could operate on any human being. Whatever is happening with humans. I can take care of it, so you need a podiatrist. You need a psychiatrist need a heart surgeon, I'm pretty sure I can do it all. So I come from a place of experience, but I would like to point out to Stacey abrams, who I do not believe is a doctor of anything. She claims the six week heartbeat is manufactured sound to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body. Man she's on to us gang the ultrasound, it's just an evil magic box and where a doctor stacy about that, I'm going to talk slowly to socio economic stand. Every word of it. We'll talk about that evil, magic box and how evil men are.
just trying to trap women into pregnancy all the time in six Second, the convenience of the modern american life sometimes complicates our efforts to maintain our daily values, for instance, not all that long ago, if you wanted to have a good cell phone coverage, you had to go with the big boys companies like verizon, you didn't have really choice, even if you knew they were donating to causes like planned. Parenthood. You're like buy out gotta have have one so, oh well. Now you don't have to Have that you don't you don't have to have some of your money sent to plan parenthood and that's what happens with verizon. Patriot, mobile shares your values there not sending any of your hard earned money to aid in the destruction of america. They actually spend their own time in their own money, working for the causes that you believe in the first amendment. Second man even the third amendment-
quartering of soldiers, still kind of a big deal. Patriot. mobile is there. They have affordable plans for your budget. Excellent coverage top notch. You space customer service and their there for the constitution, go to patriot mobile dotcom, slash back, recalled nine seven. Do patriot, patriot, muddled, calm, slash back nine seven to patriot so Stacy abrams says: there's no such thing as a fetal heartbeat at six weeks. That's weird as I know, there's a fetal heart beat on the six week, seven's weak, the eighth, ninth tenth lemon twelve all the way, still heartbeat, even now I still have a heartbeat, it's weird, not fetal, but I still have a heartbeat
so no such thing as fetal heart beat in six weeks, not true, who says she now She says that this is a manufactured sound and heard a fatal heart beat here's a fetal heart, aid from check. What is that some criticism? Fetal harpy? No, not that is that- is the sound you here at a cheap motel something's going on in the room above, listened to it again, tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong. That's what it is and we put an end to this magic box k. We just we go and we tape from seedy motels. We take goings on in other rooms. We put it in this
magic box. And then just because we're trying to get rid of the hand sanitize her that to them new york had that's all expired now that they bought with taxpayers money. We take that additives, you that's what it is to say it's a jail, but you just like that, all over a woman's belly and then you take the magic stick and on that magic. Stick an EU position. It right you hit a little switch and it makes Magic box play what you record. At the motel, that science for ya that's tesselated items branded science really young. Its men I'm quoting it do. We have doing ever actually saying this in audio here. She is
if the disease is a sin designed to convince people the right to take control of the wounds, wow wow You know, I thought it was a big deal that she thought she was the governor. You know when she as in the governor. And then she had. This amazing turn around where she said. She never said that. I thought that was kind of amazing. This for people who follow the science, not I don't know if you follow the science, but for people who follow the science pretty sure. That's not a manufactured sound I'm pretty sure. What that is. Is our heart beat? Now, I'm only saying that, because that what science tells us
and the evil magic box. I don't know if I trusted about the mute. The evil magic box was designed by men you now man who wanted to take me. What was the quote that men have the It was a sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body, a man what we are to see like what strange view. What I just for the world, can I just tell you as a man as a man, and you know, let's say a dirt bag man, but the leave the worst side of me as a man, if I'm I'm gettin women pregnant, and I have no desire to settle down yeah, DR weir there. How can I pay for that abortion k guys, would be all in for that, that is much better then having a child
If a woman you were just sleeping with, then you don't really want to have a relationship and then that kid comes knocking on your dog man would rather have you have an abortion. That's what makes sense to me or how I'm trying to understand I'm trying understand? You think men if they designed the machine, would make it sound like nothing because they want to able to get out of whatever weird night they had last night, I could be a cancerous growth. I could be a cancerous growth. I may be a tumor. maybe a tumor, that's what it would say. This is, of course, why so many and left the policy of having ultra sounds, we learn the abortion, the because they know that here the army, they will see If there's a you know that the scan to see they could see the movement, they can see the
be formed when people on its eighty percent, the mother, is eighty percent more likely to have the baby, then kill the baby If she hears the heartbeat. They know this so That's why she's not discrediting men not just sit. I mean she's absolutely wrong about men. We we did that, so you would have children down thing so so she's wrong about that. But what is she doing she's discrediting the machine. I mean in sign of Shea. A neophyte way? It's almost like Why was set this airport and I just tell em, what did I have the feeling is that gonna be able to fly their pudding.
do if no trades trance, their say in their flying. You someplace you're, not actually going anywhere. They are putting a mine trick in so you think you went to your cleveland office over this really is we never went to the moon level? It is. It is right. We could see, you could see it on the video. You can see the heart beating. You can hear it. This is why, is going on it's in a joining manufactured sound. If you want to defend wash and go ahead and defend, defend what you're actually doing stop denying what what is reality? That's all you have to do if this is such a great defensible policy than just come out and defend it, but they never kay you notice, even after the dobbs thing, they're not talking about abortion, they're talking about where one of your tottered pregnancy or wanted. What or whether it has a miscarriage. You can't get it removed like. First of all that none of this has anything to do with the laws passed on abortion, but
Naturally, you notice how they can't go to the actual thing they say was so Norton. I know it keep defending these other things that aren't true and are much. I already much totally different process as we talking about but like if they really believe this was so defensible, they might occasionally defend it. That's why they were successful for a long time, because they said look You don't want somebody else, making decisions for the woman and for the people involved. That's let the doktor, and the woman figure this out, and we pray, or we hope that it is rare, but it ass, to be safe and legal, that's They got you into the boat because that's how most people feel most people are not for abortion at the very end there not, but if, if most
people feel ok. don't know exactly when life begins. I mean I think I do because the egg is alive and the sperm is alive, so it is life when they join, but you can argue about this back and forth mode. people feel like once it's in a kind of finally, as a baby, then we should kill it and they, they would say I hope that it doesn't happen, but cases of incest or rape or something like that. Then you know go ahead. it should be rare, but it should also be safe and legal? That was winning. celebrate your abortions I've ad eighteen hundred abortions, and I loved everyone. I think it was my love,
My three hundred- that's one I'll, always remember that was so great that I celebrated at the time I mean that's where They lose everybody and be cause. Theyve celebre. did their abortion and are losing regular people. You can put the genie back in the bottle. What are they to do they now have to take the insane step of discredit. In medical machines and technology, as after who years by the way of them, claiming the biggest scandal in the world with people saying the voting machines were hacked after they had previously said that voting machines were hacked in previous elections. They lost can do, is do a search, real, quick, the on twitter, social media, is stacy abrams. Does she have a warning that this is miss or dis information. Because this is important. Medical information right is important
medical information, she's saying that ultra sounds, are now real. At the sound of the media is not real. So really what she's doing here is what she has said, and this is a relatively recent thing from the left where they started, calling it a flicker instead of a heartbeat murmured The whole thing that the york times just called it a flicker in a random article and wait what were flickr. It's been a heartbeat. We ve known it's a heartbeat, it's one of the most amazing moments of early pregnancy, right you're, there maybe your spouse. With you, you hear the heartbeat for the first time, it's an overwhelming emotional experiences or its created by men to control women or just a mechanical sound of some sort. Now this is this is honestly gang. Think this through because this is where life gets very scary, This is where you go to authoritarian rule and you can millions of people, because your
truly now described doing things that everyone knows is true k, so You disagree with it. who can say that is an evil magic box that has me. Up sounds in it to convince people if they, who, by that your active salem, which trials your ad the salem which trials well, if she doesn't flout she wasn't a which that, what you're looking at right now and what's frightening is we can say this with a straight face and no one discredits her from her inside. No, is saying today. You know I was for stacy abrams, and then I heard that that's just evil magic box stuff- that's witchcraft, witty talking about what are you talking about? I can't support her in this
This is a this, a woman who is delusional, and dangerous thanking you know. We put her into a role of any kind of Forty if she thinks this, she really believes this and, if not she's, just she doesn't care about lying. No, he said that nobody saying that on the left, not a soul,. You don't think that they can convince those people. You are a terrorist because of the way you vote of course again they're, so emboldened right now she thinks she can get away with saying this and people in the audience: don't laugh at her or stand up in that public setting ago come on everyone on the panel nods inaugurates agreement, their heads, you don't think they can. Convince half the country that you should be,
Eliminated liquidated put into a camp what ever authoritarian love to do. I got news for you. I'd be saying the same exact thing: if Peter on the right, we're doing this, we are headed. Words dangerous danger Sometimes we better wake up and stand together, because this is a frightening. So it's hilarious, but because people are taking it seriously. It is a tariff buying statement In a minute was the last time he sat down with your kids, just look through old photo albums together It is one thing I really miss photo albums because when I was growing up we always had photo albums and we had the photo albums where you know my city. His eyes were crossed and we're like. Every year we lay a dog ivy league lodestone bed. Ok,
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That is like no monitor no more normal norma with John ferryman. It's really bad. The guy had a stroke and they reason why they say he can't really do any debates is because the lights, the noise, it will be too hard for him to concentrate on that one voice. Are you kidding me? What do you think the Senate is gonna, be like so things matter, but all so words and actions matter? He all to release all second degree: murderers, with life sentences, this twenty nineteen. He was a lieutenant governor chairman of the states border pardons he said there are people that are serving life without parole for second degree murder. I hope we can led to a conversation that would free close to twelve hundred people, because legacy, never made sense now he saying on ursa they're wrong about what would it mean now I'd norm whom
O k might have been taken out of context out of cut how How is it being taken out of context He also said that he ban fracturing now he's oh? No, I frack, I love fracking I love frack, infraction ragged bracken. I liked friction Back. When I was a kid, I mean fracking, is my middle name, and I We believe that, because I had a stroke, they all of these Democrats are: reversing their stances on big very important things and if the public is german off too. I see that they are doing it because all of the policies that they're doing are dangerous reckless on american and it'll destroy us
and they go for election, say no, I'm a moderate, I'm not for any these crazy things and you buy into it. Happens in the in his case. four years or six years of sitting there making laws when he doesn't believe in fracturing when he does believe in re maginnis the police back programme, american financing, Annabel us one- eight do through three four w will you w dot animal, less consumer access, dot? Org? We are entering a time, and I know you know I don't need to remind you. We are entering a time of intense economic pressure right now. Warning signs are, in the rear view, mirror Do not wait around for the economy to magically fix itself by the way, on the place in two weeks. I think I bringing experts who and explain what is what is the most likely worst case, most likely best?
pace and what it means to you I'll. Tell you about that as we closer. But right now you gotta take care of your financing. If you have, if you have anything but a fixed mortgage given adjustable mortgage, get there lotta that fast. Eric and financing can help you eight hundred nine zero, six. Twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty or Two american financing dot net. If you have credit cards you're paying, even even seventeen percent interest on those numbers- are gonna shoot through the roof buddy, you can pay it off, get from behind the aid ball and it's much better to have five percent interest rate than seventeen what now american financing dot net and had the blaze tv dot com, slash, Glenn, join the movement used a promo code, glad to save ten bucks
welcome to the Glen bank programme? I went up something from yesterday to Joe Biden said about taxes a global tax. Listen to this cut for. With partners in the americas, africa, europe and the middle east and the pacific, we're going to build a new economic echo system. where every nation Every nation gets a fair shot and I'm gonna go this resilience, sustainable and share That's why the united states is champion global minimum tax. and we will work implementing. That means that means trapping ever business where they are. No one can move and get a better deal. Someplace else. That's what that means. Also the bankers.
I met with the house. Yesterday. And the the oversight committee for financing banking regulations. They they had one guy who I just I can't get enough of They had done what what's his name from a jamie diamond from be morgan chase and he said something incredible. He said: no, no, we don't win. where, where don't have any policies that we would stop funding oil and gas really pose Yes, g kind of sounds like one Congressmen bar is with us now he's the congressmen Andy bar from Kentucky. He there. Did you Jamie diamond, to explain he s g to you guys
Good got to be on your programme, yes, what we we wanted to make sure that we talk to all these leaders and finance about their power. season, whether or not they were going to cave in to them. The awoke going on wall street and be back. by the Biden financial regulators and politicize the allocation, of capital or whether they were gone to defend free enterprise and the free flow of capital as it as it is supposed to be efficiently allocated based on supply in demand for you, listeners who don't know ye es g stands for environmental and social governance, which is a trendy way in which the progressive to have weapon. Ized, the banking system, to discriminate against companies and causes They don't like that or unfashionable such as the fossil.
Energy industry or the firearms manufacturing sector words or trans reno parents. You know that are speaking out against trans issues, or you know that you're coca cola. You gotta learn to be not so white. All of that stuff. That's right! That's the ass in s, jew Exactly- and this is a form of discriminatory lending. Banks should be making lending decisions based on objective risk based metrics, not the stand. of woke corporate cancel culture and that debate. the administration has weapon eyes financial regulators to steer investors into these e s, g funds, and what the can people need to know is that they may be unwittingly financing the gender of the far left and the result
the retail investors Glenn, is that they are now invested in higher fee less diversified, and lower return investments, and only two? when one percent fin raw, which is the self regulatory organization for stockbrokers in concert with the burst of chicago. They did a study, a survey operate Investors in america and we twenty one percent of mom and pop investors, saving for college saving for retirement counting on financial performance in therefore care there I re only twenty one percent of amerika, even know what yes g is. So there is a real disconnect between the institutional investors that the state pension funds, the black rocks in the band guards the asset managers in wall street and some of these big banks and retail investors, but returned the are actually the owners of the capital and many
of these. Some progressives on wall street have fun, have allocated their capital in ways that that diminish returns in advance echo agendas ahead of financial returns, So wasn't jamie diamond lying when he said no, we don't have any policies that would discriminate or or de fund oil and gas. They are fully signed on to e g programmes heave and when is far in saying it would be an absolute. What did he a disaster or american nightmare if we stopped oil and gas Not all of these banks were asset managers are, are created equal to be fair. Some of them have more aggressive, yes, g policies than others. I will say that, at least in the case of MR diamond, that here
wrote in a letter to shareholders and highlighted this in my questioning of him we need a marshall plan for u s g dominance to help ourselves or allies to decrease our dependence on oil in russia, for example, or foreign sources of energy, and so He at least, and his institution jp, morgan chase. They admit that they will can new and they committed to continuing to finance oil. Natural gas. I focused on core kentucky is a call state. Twenty two per aunt of america's electricity generation still comes from coal. We're gonna need call in the future. like we're. Gonna need other fossil energy sources, natural gas, And oil and he did to at least to me that his institution would continue to finance fossil energy, and we need to win. We don't need to be boyd by climate. We must non investors, stakeholders or Biden financial regulators to choke off financing or investment into american energy companies, And- and yet that is
The june movement is that they are. They are trying to implement green new deal there there, the radical I'm at alarm ism agenda through five actual regulation and through them natural system- and this is salute compromising american energy dominant american energy independence and we we have literally gone glen from a position of american energy dominance to energy, desperate ingest. Two years under that that these Biden policies in concert with woke wall street. to delay same thing to farming. Yeah exactly so my argument. As we need more, not less financing, I mean we. We we talked about, ah the Biden war on energy, or you know, cancelling the keystone, XL pipeline canceling infrastructure projects holding up four thousand four hundred drilling permits, frustrating structural, new refineries, all that's true, but grey.
The euro in the bite in war against american energy. An american energy independence and affordable, reliable energy is the web. Innovation of financial regulation because, let's face it, this is a capital, intensive industry and investors just wilma, allocate capital into this capital intensive industry unless they know their there's some certainty with regulation. So Of the other ceos, I will say, are not, as are not is open to financing energy, and so we made it. We made a big point about keeping politics out of the business of banking. Vs. Don't but don't be a bullet, don't be a porter a party? Okay? So we're talking to congressmen, Andy bar from Kentucky? He is on the house financial services committee and also member the house, foreign affairs committee Let me let me
ask you: did you get to visa, mastercard and american express If the with the new gun registration. Yes, so what one of one of my colleagues congressmen williams from Texas did press the though bankers the banks. He on this issue of course, was it. This is a new which code for your listeners and and for those of us who believe the second amendment is fundamental that they have created. The bank's didn't do this, but the card companies created a new, a merchant code for firearms and and some banks have participated in pushing for this and that the danger of this, of course, is that it allows for works banks who pursuit
Yes, g agenda to discriminate against americans who are exercising their lawful second amendment rights. It is the concern is, it is a way in which a banks can stop the financing of americans simply exercising their rights. The bet the bankers yesterday when asked about question from congressmen williams, they said look, this was not our decision. We just follow the rules, but the truth is that it. But the truth is this is of deep concern. Because it's another way in which the financial system is weapon eyes to discriminate against americans who are simply exercising their rights. But it was amalgamated bank that was pushing for the change of the rules, they were the ones who brought e s to america. In the first place, soon julie a union bank. and they're the ones who were pushing for this and and got it changed
or they saying now we're held to some international banking standard and we can't do anything about it yeah, they are- and I joined with several my colleagues in writing- a letter to the bank and objecting to their their pushing this too again, politicize capital allocation and power but it should not be in banking. It should be about objective factors. Is the borrower credit worthy, Is it based on sound underwriting? Does this borrower the ability to repay, regardless of what what they're doing it so mission to fighting, he has g, we ve also been promoting fair access to banking. You know long ago there was, discrimination in banking and read what they call red lining. Where african Americans were denied access to credit for racist reasons. This was a horrible practice. Well, today,
Discriminatory lending is against conservatives. Its banks in sir, we liberals and government who used weapon eyes the banking system to discriminate against. Those who are exercising their second them rights or the fossil energy industry. Or, as you say, you know, parents who just want visibility into other schools and and so we cannot allow this to happen. We want to deepen size, finance, and this is going to be a major major focus of republicans on the financial services committee. When we take the gavel, speck when we retire nancy pollution. Take back the majority view your grand you're gonna be be the committee chair since most likely? Are you not well. I'm in the leadership of the committee and Patrick Mchenry is our ranking member. Now, okay, so here he will be the chairman of the full committee and he is on board with ah our our focus on this I'm
and- and many of my other colleagues are- are really focused on this congressman hazing guy, who will chair the capital markets subcommittee, french hill, from arkansas brian style, from wisconsin and and we're going to shine a bright light on this and make sure that investors know that that some of these up some of these Leaders in finance are not doing right by them as investors, the job of the of fiduciary and investment adviser to job out the investment adviser is to maximize returns for investor, it is not to pursue a political agenda at the expense of the investor and that's what we're seeing with this political agenda infecting the financial markets. some of them are even saying a friend of mine went and talked about. Yesterday was asked about yesterday, at this time. You know investment seminar thing and the guys
and look. I mean it's going to cost money, you're going to probably lose money in the investment first ten years, but it's going to really take off and he's like yours talking to a group of people that most of us have gray hair. Here we're You know ten years away or five years away from retirement, age and you're talking to us. spout selling to us the thing that you say is most likely not going to be the best return for the next ten years, and I had to ask you about that. That's kind of a problem, a big problem. and and consider this also Glenn. The most of e s, g funds carry a much higher fees. So the reason why blackrock and some of these other asset managers are are promoting. This is because a they say it takes their skills,
who put together these environmentally friendly funds- and so they charge on average forty three percent higher than non e g funds, not only not only that they violate the basic test of of investing resting went to one which is diversification, their heavy contact and their light. on energy and, if you use ie, it happened in the markets and markets over the last eight nine months are huge excel off and energy prices, went up, so if you invest in energy, you did better well. The many esters, were unwittingly invested in e g they'll. Their losses were much more severe because there was this huge So often they didn't have any energy stocks in their portfolio Andy. I am up against the network. Breakin I've really gonna run, but can you give me yes or no question? Are you up to speed on the did it'll currency, but what's going on with all that, we add a government I have to have you back next week to talk about you know of digital com, see if you, if you can love to talk to you
dangers the danger of a central bank digital current, oh yeah. We need to promote private sector innovation night. Had the government run What currents? Thank you so much. That's congressmen, Andy bar from Kentucky, could follow him at bar b, r r dot house dot gov, so An update from goldline some research, mainstream media never published, but certainly had access to. The report was released then buried by. fed on July. Twenty seventh that directly contradicts our own public statements about excessive interest rate hikes, causing a deep recession their own. study, warns that a recession and the like in our current economic position, but the situation to that of a depression, was published. Right before power was on tv, saying the opposite: they buried it.
Now they're just think, while we'd we disagree with that. Really really you bury it when you you just address that gold line is continuing their special from last week, due to overwhelming popularity, every role of the new benjamin franklin stand in love quarter ounce gold rounds, we eat view by a role of those you're gonna get a matching one outs, copper round. Also twenty five may business silver bars at no additional cost. It's a phenomenal deal called, old line. Now, please call go line and fine of gold or silver is right. For you, eight six x goldmine, eight six ec gold line or gold line I'd. Come stay informed for the free newsletter. Today, Glenn back down, the
I guess it twisted freak. Welcome to the program, if you missed any of the pod cast today, you missed a lot, including california's moral obligation to ban so trucks get it wherever possible. The Glen back programme
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