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The One Thing WORSE Than War with Russia | Guest: Ken Paxton | 4/28/22

2022-04-28 | 🔗

If only the government had created a Disinformation Governance Board earlier, so all the Democrats’ misinformation could have been corrected. The economy is contracting, and the media is gaslighting. Glenn takes calls from listeners about what’s affecting them most, their biggest questions, and what’s to come. Which one do you want: free speech or a totalitarian state? Texas AG Ken Paxton gives an exclusive interview as the state files a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s new asylum rule. President Biden wants $33 billion more to send to Ukraine, while Russia keeps talking about nukes and the media seemingly cheers on the war’s escalation. Glenn warns about “terrifying” secret presidential directives, called PEADs.

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I have good news. Finally, finally, the government has gotten around to it a ministry of truth. Finally, we have a government dis information governance board, run by the department of homeland security to make sure they shut down all these truths, misinformation, disinformation or the all important mal information, I'll tell you about the regulation from yesterday in sixty seconds.
day the very last day to get the tunnel. No, I'm sorry tomorrow is the last day to get the tunnel twins book for free all about the fad. This is so important because it's about inflation, how it works, what causes it better causes it. How do they cause it? Fed creature from jekyll island. This is a really important scholarly book, but the tunnel to of made it and boiled down to the essen. So you can explain it to your kids in cairo. Cartoon book and honestly, most americans will learn a lot from this book because we don't pay attention things like this? This is so critical at this time because of inflation by the way new numbers yeah I tell you the new numbers coming of injustice. Second, you're gonna love them so The call that you understand inflation in the fed in the banks and everything else that I've asked
that'll twins to make this for free, while supplies last tomorrow is the last day all you pay for is just the shipping get this new book. The creek you're from jackal island by that twins, Tuttle, twins, back dot com, Tuttle, twins, back dot com, so Stu. Ah, my goodness How excited were you when you heard secretary, a hundred more yorkists ta about the new de age, ass, information governing board oh, I was thrilled yeah right. I was thrilled right any time. I hear anything from my arcas. My favorite yogurt is a highly there too. He s really really really really good. I ever tat chunky it's over
It's a little change, a little chunk, yeah yeah and by lots of you know lots of protein very healthy. All everything he does is good for you, yeah noise, middle misinformation, there! No, no, and so we haven't. This is what we've always needed. You know the people will get. Can it was at times, and I dunno. If you've noticed this over our history, there has been disagreement on different topics and yeah. It is true what isn't and what's the best approach him? The government should decide, decide it for us, so we don't have to have all these argued, a man, brother and a man so you know we wouldn't have had this problem. If lincoln just would have had a disinformation board right. You know he could adjust. He could just arrived stupid and silenced or killed all those will. They were like saying all these untruths about slavery right I mean. Obviously I think if there was information bore back in the day. They would have been saying that slavery was good and
can was wrong, but forget about that for a second and we'll just well on how how sorry, now probation, no lincoln, didn't really care about the slaves Lou? Ok, so I'm really glad because if we have this, this information board they're gonna be able to stop things like the rush in collusion story. You know that for four years. If we win the department of homeland security, they would have said no, no guys, that's not true. In fact the the I has been altering documents and lying. To the pfizer court, you know the secret court. lying to them, so that some truth don't report that so that in good or the sea. he'll dossier in the golden shower and all of that we get to say no, no, the deed Just has just come out and said: no steel has been discredited by the fbi and he
making all of this stuff up and an here's the evidence of it. You know like the donald past seven hours missing on january, six on his phone logs could have at that. Or the laptops not real or we actually it was not real. Then it was stolen. So we can- report on it because it was stolen, and you know which none of that it is true that it was a russian up and that wasn't true and now it's it's about hunter and has nothing to do a job which is not true now, so the de Hs could stop that. You know whenever great you know man if they could have been around when, the dissemination of. If you like your health care, you can keep it. been great if the government would have had that this information stopped it where, because obama at a version of this in his campaign,
member this night. Yet they were. They had a disinformation, quick response team. Oh that's right, step, step out crime whenever there were lies, lie but see, but that didn't really mean that wasn't run by the de age. You need to have any gaps, adversary, gotta, be in the government that might have stopped Ben roads from lying about the ran deal to get it done. Member and then coming out in bragging about you. I like you. I lied about that around thing to be able to get that thing done. Or the lies about the masks that the government was was proud. of lying about mean it was a noble lie. He was a noble, I now No. If the dhs is gonna, stop noble lies. You know I don't think we should do that. Noble lives should be allowed to fly on, there's a there's, a difference, our the voting rights bill. Man- wouldn't it be great if the deal chess would have had this disinformation service and they could have stopped. You know all the people in the government and the press saying
The voting rights bill is too stop black people from voting. Wouldn't have been great. We need this so bad. We do or the whew hon lab that that leak. The absolutely definitely did not don't even walkabout about and not a possibility, not pass implausible yeah yeah, comes, you know. How do you know that one is definitely true, because it came right from the people who did it. Yeah yeah. You know they said they didn't do it right and they were the ones that would have had to have done it. So yup it's like when you ask a murderer, you ask oj simpson: did you kill your wife? Now he didn't write a book saying he. If you did it yeah If you kind have an outline of didn't do it and if he says he didn't
Well he's the export he was there was there were you there now he was there. Wasn't it or I last case not there not been in his grace Riah his this and within their will on lab. I mean they were there or not there. So they would know, find the expert who is the x on urging us and murdering nicole browser on a golden oj. Simpson, imagine the de hs. If they could have stopped. You know, member. The obama cages that they didn't report on said it in existence, but did you know at the at the border and then they said that trump built those gauges, and then we have cages down they say there not cages Imagine if we could stop the misinformation there. You know that would be good. or the horsewhipping guys. Allow would have been a good one stock or the telegraph for bread. Cavanaugh is a rapist, ah can imagine if they could have stopped that this information or
the new one. Now I like this is the that too, and care for kids is reversible, or or could we? play cut one here: here's a teacher being very, very careful about what we teach our kids us into this. mother trends identified ice teachers put together language guide. Our side is called gender inclusive. By which in dot com and some things that we come up on it, are for teaching about job. EL division or reproduction of textbooks alot of existing teaching will say well woman produce eggs males are more likely to be colorblind. I'm the mother carries the fetus for this may months and some way but we can show our support for transnonain regions you just to clean up that language democracy face. We can be more accurate.
And be more inclusive- are too I would say, no its, not women that produce exits ovaries, Will you stay here? Accurate as precise wording urging that not all women produce saxon nelson, not all egg producers are women, for example, and were teaching students that language. Is it does language does matter? Are you are saying that I would say I agree with that party as they are teaching students that language matters? Yes, they are, and you know Not all women producer ok, true, reacts and what was the other one at all egg producers are, women are women, one. We should call the d a chess on that. I'm not a violin. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know could know hey. Can you imagine if we had the de Jes on the beagle m, peaceful protests, outwitting helped or or the fact that they raised millions and millions of dollars and then just
stole the money Nice real estate, I would say you're right, you're, right, you're, right or imagine having the d, a If they were there to say, hey, hey, hey, that's not what Tromp said about charlottesville in the nazis, bad, what a ban or the horse or warmer thing or inject bleach, calling him a white supremacist, you know and everything he does his hate speech and trying to you know all of that. I would be wow or inflation and gas prices caused by putin That would mean we should get the de age s on that one and I am sure will be, over it, I mean That's a hard one. I mean in the latest that's a long list. That was just me five minutes before we went on. I would like to open up. votes today. Today is a day you you talk whatever you want to talk about. I'd love to hear you know if you
actually got on your zoning board or, if you're running, for your notes, I'd like to hear some local success stories, if you, if Avni you know, give me hope for love of god, and but I'd also like. Can you can you philip that's a pretty comprehensive list that took me five minutes Oh yeah, I mean it's, not it's not full, but oh, no, not a lot of five minutes as for five minute. Now, that's that's so d. Just yesterday, in case you haven't heard, has come and said that they have a disinformation, homeland security, governance board. and there really were there very concerned about the minority communities. Ok, very concerned about the minority communities, and so I may cause that's really where the disinformation is happening. Don't use. Thanks do you know spanish language, this information campaigns,
I gotta tell you I'm in the secret. You know g o p meetings, all the time right right. You know the star chamber and we talk about it all the time, but we speak in angolan because nobody speaks that on the left. You know where I am so: it's the ultimate white light which and so we are speaking in Angola right and we been plotting to just take over. You know continue our take over of spanish language channels. You know you, innovation, it's ours, are so we have no real alongside the really support. Really support, only be that's our disinformation campaign, so anyway, there can turned about that their concerned about this information about the border, and while russia k there are concerned about those two things o end and inflation they're gonna be looking into those aren't those
the things that may be everybody's going to be talking about during the election, you're saying by the way nina genco ets is going to be the the head of the dispute. Disinformation centre for the d, a and she's great, because Well, she was you know she was the one who said: hey this laptop thing that russian disinformation, so she knows it yes good, then she called a trump product. Yeah product trumped product- and you know the other I really like about her and I'll get into this later? If we want to, but Ah, she is on the board of trustees the eurasia foundation and is egg lobal fellow I'm not gonna need to say any more than this she's. Also, A global fellow at woodrow, wilson, international centre, o gray, so Oh great, I mean what else could you ask for
but that is so perfect. as if the desired the story harass yup yup, o gates Larry. Have a gang welcome to it. We're gonna make sure that you get the right information until DHS chest. you know shots everybody down, but it'll elon musk, that's responsible for spent four too many years of my life dealing with pain in my hand, so bad that I couldn't old a pen or a pencil for very long like literally like three minutes in my hands, would grant up it be over. It. Couldn't paint and painting is something painting in playing the piano something I've always wanted to do once I get down the painting a little bit more I'm and learn to play the piano too. but I can't I couldn't do it because of my hands so much pain. Why started taken relief
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things to talk about. So, if you don't call, I mean just gonna keep in arms, and so at eight seventy seven bcg. I just want to get a gun check on. What, are you are. I think this is this, important thing that I learned and twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen is hadn't listened to you and heard you enough, and I I just writing it really important. We try once a week now to just open up the phones. For you to hear what you are struggling with to hear what you are concerned about want to know. I want to know the fighting four situation. How I mean I can't I can't and imagine I was talking to somebody just the other day. Where was I, the groceries door someplace- and I said so how? How has inflation affecting you in the family, and you know they were a normal average american. You know
and they said odds it's starting to get a little bad and I was kind of surprised by tax. I thought it would be really bad for a lot of people who we're at the beginning of this, and you know that Where is that story? There's a story from? I think it is citibank. Open. A bank of america said no America's bank accounts. They are just flash with gatt, and they haven't really the another been able to handle it because of all the cash they have in the bank, and I thought who is it. you're talking about that. Has all that cash in the bank because I dont know normal people that have a lot of cash in the bank right now, and I think it's I think bank of america is looking at this as hey how Our bank accounts is america doing good. if you look at him with all the rich people's bank, accounts yeah there do in pretty good so on average shore and they're, not
actually looking at the average american because bank of america come out and said, you know, there's no reason to cut back on your spending when I think of our evil. That is no reason to cut back on their spending. It still its you're still pretty good america's pretty good, that it's pretty good. Well, I've been glad I was. I was a little upset at me a little nervous about how we had an actual contraction of the economy announced today that that doesn't normally happen, of course, ah, but here's what in the new york times helped us understand. With the perspective. About it when, when they sit in the gdp report shows the: u s, economy shrank masking a broader, every oh wow, Z, masked it all down in the economy, masks the op yes and the economy. It's like the murder rate is masking the the price of apartments in those areas going down that
what's so loud and clear that all those murders Take the headlines away from nobody's living in this area. There's plenty of space, but you may remember, we had a slight downturn when all the business is shut down, and yet twenty I, but you know we came back. Obviously we hadn't basically two quarters of shutdown back and at a very big uptorn yet worse after we came out of that year and I've been in the positive every ever since, until now minus zero point four percent. the the economies were contracting gathered smaller, the smaller you're getting smaller. So this is not like golf now, you don't to you, don't want a score, is not the best okay, so its needs actually in the negative territory. Right you never even went to the gulf court. You might look, it isn't say ass. Its great were under par rio. That net off, ok, alright, alright, this our eyes is not how you gonna so and if we get two of those in Iraq,
borders on a role. That means we're in a surgeon. Yes, that's usually the way we well. Good news is I just you know that story was telling about bank of america. They said there not expecting any recession really until may be late next year, so great yeah? Seventy one? Well, that's the optimistic. Take that's the problem by the way is one of the reasons, and I am one of the things I want to make sure you understood positive. This was ok was that yes, the economy shrank, however, how ever it masked masked the recovery, because consumer spending was up although the economy shrinking lower spending more and that a good man is the way because you know if we could just get the economy shrinking. So then we know we have to make people or unemployed which would slow down the economy, which is the fed, is trying to do so. We had people, an art making stuff goes nobody's buying stuff, except the people
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Is it I'll up? Yes, I'm in iowa diagram. Now, thank you fellow. I. How are you my good? Our you like that you get traffic that are a good grounds, has drafted report The comments yeah is I'd, be looking for a lack of loads for drivers come maybe summer whenever china to that this open back up, we get so many that containers, my husband and I drive, or of an auto parts, store manner or apart store. We get a lot of stuff from china, things come in containers. And with so many ship getting off the coast of china way
to get in with supplies and get reloaded back out if they don't open up soon, there's gonna be a lack of loads hitting the coasts for drivers yeah yeah, and now translate cathy into shortages on the shelves, and the auto parts stores end at an end. everything else that his ship from China yeah sure it'll be a real problem and remember This is a lot bigger than the problem we had last time. This is much bigger and remember the clog at the at the ports when they finally did open up and we were in, four months of trouble kathy, thank you. So much dawn welcomed the Glen back programme thanks for taking my culture at first, but your book of audible And then your recommendation,
by bought the hard backyard. Thank you and your interpretation does make the book much more fun. Thank you for that, but I didn't question about china. In the book you talk about I now being part of the great research but certain I've heard you talk about how china, in russia are against the great risa because they want to use it maintain on their way of you, no one person runs their sure, and those are not. Those are not different. The grades bree reset is the kind of same amulets, the communist model. It's the chinese new chinese communist model, but I think I best way to explain this is. Let me try. This way china law, was the
the global warming, climate change laws and they are all for, though, regulations and in the west, and they what they're gonna be a part of it. You bet they're gonna, be a part of it in twenty fifty, but you know you guys get started on that now why? Why they sang. We can't do anything until twenty, very because have. No intent of being part that they know it's a poison pill for the west, so they are all for the great reset for the west. You guys you were really not. This is great we even looked at it. We think it's really good for you what, a model that is but they're not going to do it they. Oh, it's a poison pill for us, so make sense of it. That is it. Anne, and you could also use the h us to change the message for me
about how your book is like number thirteen years past me, yeah. Well, he had gotcha. I wonder if I m number thirteen and it usa. Today book scan wall street journal, and publishers weekly, that is that's lying That's probably, it is information that we're number one in the new york times telling untruth. Thank you. So much appreciate it? Let me go to David in miss to be hello, David good morning when he ask morning glare To say, I am relieved that the data has decided that now is the time to start sorting out fact from fiction right, and I was I was just going to ask you: did some little minor abed happen this week in the world or social media seem to have missed something?
No I mean other than ilan mass coming in and he's gonna, be the death now for sure I'm I'm I'm confused. I thought he was the savior of climate change. Well, yes, but he's a big fat liar too, when it comes to everything, I I can't thank you so much dave of recall. I cannot get over how they mean yesterday, who was it? I have to look this up. They, Chile came out and said that this is the worst thing that could happen here here? It is moscow on twitter is one of the greatest threats to the twenty twenty two and twenty twenty four elections were aft. If this happens, So what does she saying there where she saying there g yeah,
here, you're saying the choir part out loud a little. I think so that's what they that's. What all? This is about what, of this is about what I mean it really know. Maybe I'm obsessed with this point, but it really just seem really important to me. Elizabeth more and came out and said. You know this we should all these terrible things about you. I mean he's using this for his own power and at every is criticising mosque for this purchase how dangerous it is here. A guy. Done more to stop the price they say is the greater existential threat to our what humanity as a whole, the he's the guy who's taking us from a entire economy based on aid. Combustion engine and turn it into office single handedly into a an economy based on electric cars, the
by far the biggest step that any individual human being has taken to solve climate change a by far much more than grid doom burg little protest when she was skipping school, how dare you? How do you all that's going on and they are so worried that people might need, be able to say the things they believe criticising this person now. Look. If we don't know what do we think if, if there a person who had done tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of things to say? ap abortion or something real problem that we think is the most critical thing that we wife nina that the many faces if they bought taco bell and took the mexican pizza off the menu. Would we be that concern. What am I don't know? I mean your area later, the dow. Let me give you a real life example. Let's say
you created the abortion industry, ok, but you did it because you are a massive racist. Ok, I we can forgive the fact that europe has a racist and that's why you actually started this to kill the black rayson, because now it's really all about women's choice. Right, thank god, forgive that or if you enter the naughty lawn. If your person who I dont know advanced, progressive, is about of lead the the foundations of this country He also happen to start the K, k care, but put them K, K, K, backing providence, They seem to love woodrow wilson for things that overlook that overlooks course. I guess there, gay case more central to that mission. But anyway, point here is that the fact
they are freaking out about a guy who has done more to solve what they say is the biggest problem we have is so revealing, because then the actual biggest problem that we have in their eyes are people speaking they're, mine and speaking the truth? And now listening to them. that is a much more important goal for them. They don't care about climate change. They revealed it so clearly, even more clear bill bill gates. Comes out on talks all the time about how important? changes, has a five hundred million dollar short position on tesla. Why on earth? Would you be shorting tesla if you cared about climate change, he is quite revealing. He does not talk about his investments do and how dare you bring up his investment innocent? It is on. These are some of the things that they are now saying. These are the these. Are the people at work at twitter? We're all going
through the five stages of grief in cycles, everyone's nerves are frazzled. This is a senior staff software engineer. He to call elon, musk and a whole try The console his colleagues were all spinning our wheels and come up with a worst case scenarios: tromp returns, no more moderation, the act is mosque has not talked about what he's planning to do in any detail, beside the broad sweeping statements that could easily be seen as hyperbolic show boating. what are you saying here is don't fear the return of freedom of speech and the art you mean from the left. Is I get death threats ok, there's no freedom of speech in a death threat I say hey, I'm coming to your house, and gonna rape, you and then kill you bats freedom of speech, that's again the law, so that of stuff by the way that stuff has been set
to me and my family? I mean not the rate Bart nobody's, really didn t you can hire guided at that time. haven't. We ve even talk to the russians and those guys will do anything now now: but I have a death threats over and over and over again, I've been called all kinds of names. There's a difference between called names and being threatened. I guess you can call me a big it, because that's what everybody on the left does they call me, I hate longer a big it, an anti semite, the guy who won the defender of Israel award by the way, not given out every year, they like weight, for somebody who shows up in there like wow that purse needs this award. I get this
and I'm called an anti semite. Ok, well that freedom of speech you're wrong, you're, dumb, the minute. You say: I'm gonna burn down your house I think we should all media glens house, here's the address, that's illegal! That's that that. Eu law mosque has already said if its evil legal, we will ban it. So What is it they're, afraid of they're afraid of ideas and thereof? aid of not being able to control the narrative see. This is what happens when ever you are going into an auto authoritarian regime. They have to control, the narrative where if you believe in the principles of the constitution, that the citizen is at the top. The food chain, not the government, the citizen has a right to you know it's just help when my daughter with homework on the yalta agreement
so glad I good go to high school twice. So workin on the Alta agreement and the problem with the alto He meant russia violated it right away because, I don't always Bela roofs and some other country, I'm not an ice gonna have to study for the test, but it's two countries romania and belarus and the russians went in and they were not supposed to. Everybody was supposed to have free and fair elections if they decide Did they wanted to be communists? They can be communist but Nobody's influencing these elections, whatever the people say, that's the government they get well I think, was belarus in, and romania vase shut down all freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, and then they elections, so the it states says to russia. We don't recognize those two countries, because you can't hide
of free and fair elections without full freedom of speech to be able to do agree with your opponent. This is what we're going through now. You know First of all, opposition In all things you there has to be opposition in all things hey. If, if you don't have that The moon comes really you know creaming the earth just spinning out of control theirs. Opposition in everything, and that is in portland. to have that opposition. If want free speech, you're gonna have to get over. I can't I swear to you. I cannot take these these kids nowadays that are offended by every thing get over it
or you are going to have to live in a totalitarian state, and I want you to know that state that you'll help build. We'll be great for about ten minutes then you better be very, very careful that you never fall out of line with the state. Or you'll, be on their crap list. Factually a lot more work to be a part of that. It really is back in just a second lifelock lila musk someday gonna summoned his vast fortune to buy entire internet, and that, down that day, we will all be forced to buy teslas and go to mars, but if he can holy controls. The internet, no cybercriminals, that's great! We should liquidate thoughts, pay Paul, ah ellen. Turn on twitter. Anyway,
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Your phone calls. After this next break, however, do not come to the table with disinformation, misinformation or mal. Infer, don't do it laddie as you it. We will shut you down in report, you immediately to the hiv. Yes, we will. We will we role. We were leaving all the mysterious and mal information to the mainstream media, so they can, you know they can do that. We want to make sure It's all buttoned up here, we are on the side of de age ass. Their ministry of truth the
when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program, and today today we listen to you. Eighty eight seven, two seven bc k. I want to hear the voices from all over the country today is the day to speak to the nation. I want to hear you ate at eight seven, two, seven that we begin in sixty seconds. You know back in my day we didn't have the cod or telephoned you we didn't
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of the destroy all mars, our gas you, and why destroy the bottom willpower you damn it between organ or should they want how about you always but critically are they gonna cut down below our facebook. I've got gone off till they have the power to charge all these powers Well, I mean, I don't think we have to worry about that. Why think about you? Just when you get an electric car, you please get into the wall? That's where you get your electricity. Ok I mean you have out west plug, into the wall. we're gonna go up the rate, because our bodies use a bridge. How dare you I have to say what is going to cost the same of gas oil. Well, let me tell you something: you know a lot of americans homeless. Americans are willing, debate higher electricity rates to save the planet.
that is a mud, some decent amount of homework on electric cars. Recently yeah glad. As you may know, I ordered a car over eight months ago: yes, not arrive in IRAN. We do have a date now in june, lots of their journey now live in june, so dont worry it'll come but my house, so you know my house is two weeks from being done really yeah, while congratulating area greater so looking at this, though you know you, people think how you can just plugin are you handle charge and in yes it's true now you do need to get installed a like industrial. You know plug either in the washing drier right like how those plot mother say, Plaia shouted big plug will do Are your car overnight show like any to ten hours your car, depending on what kind of car did I will will charge as you sleep and that's pretty darn obedient. Now, just don't be a bank robber right all we're saying right, but again, think of this year.
to install it anyway, you're talking anywhere from five hundred to two thousand dollars to get this thing all put in and to get the cause is not just the plug, but you have the charging jason alter the debates. I'm sure right government will help pay for seas, but in a couple thousand dollars. I went to this. If you just want a plug it into your wall, you can do that too. It will take multiple like two to three days to shout your car, if you just plugging into a normal socket? Where are you going north? What do you usually software? That's why you are so when they said you can save some money on gas. It is true that you don't have to go, philip on gas, and that's that's great. However, if you charge it at a fast charging station, you will, be paying for that period when you're charging and out on the road charging at home. You also will be paying for it and you have to spend one thousand dollars to get the equipment to make it normal inefficient to make So it's not multiple days to charge your car so
you're spending, all all these months of gas savings up front, yeah, plus the cars more expansive. You know, but he s the here's, the thing even If you up you know you you upgrade so you you can charge it overnight, great news is because Asked is right. We are now Gonna have enough electricity, it'll still make multiple days because of the brown outright there broke their browning out places in California. Now there's that one percent of cars are teslas, one percent Obviously the most you know highest market value car company on earth, then they saw one The guards would still write. One percent, that's it and there are eddie browning figs, outgoing imagine what this is gonna be like all, especially when you they won't. Let you build nuclear plants. They will but you're the only one I would be for I would be. I would be all in all in it for the private
market to do it not right not of our story, but I would be all in. I would believe the charge if they were saying: let's build nuclear power plants, let's build them now, it's the cleanest, most efficient, it's the best. energy and the safest energy ever produced guy, let's Bilbo I'd be all in, because I'd go. Ok we ve got enough electricity to do anything we want. You know we can make hydrogen you could have a hydrogen car weak. do anything if we had those and will never have to depend on another country. No, ever ever, ever would that be the difference between that you wouldn't have to frack new wouldn't have to you know get coal you wouldn't have burn fossil fuels. You would have to drill for oil if they're right on global warming, we can solve all those problems that lie and look at the difference between france and germany. In the middle of this currency ocean, France,
sidney. Gonna go out. We have with all the electricity we need, because eighty percent of their electricity- it's now it's down to something like seventy, I think, does a turning into how they're turning them down. Although that that seems to be reversing- and with this going on which it may be the one up side of this war. But look at the difference would do germany, germany, sitting here boom. They don't know what the heck to do though the buyer, you know gas from russia yeah there's still do. From russia I turned their nuclear power plants off and now trying to reverse themselves, but they all have those solar panels on their roofs. Now that that worked out well yeah, actually it didn't, but that's a different story, to a written, Missouri, hello, rick, welcome to the club programme. thank you very much for taking my call- and I want to thank you all you and all of your ah all year, your europe, gorgeous organization for carrying on. Thank you very much it's a my privilege and we I want you to know, we take it seriously and we are constantly looking for ways to make sure
the age ass says we gotta shut them down that the vote, continues. So thank you, pray for us. you're in my prayers everyday. Thank you. I'm calling I'm calling regarding what used to be called our border. Now, ok, yeah! I'm in the, but I And my family own property, the rio grande daily. do. I really serve yeah yeah. Or go laredo hang a laughed right for about an hour and a half. Ok anyway, our backs answered. Let's put this where my personal piece of property, My back france was about five, are, is about five miles from the border. When I say was views because my back faces and there anymore, okay and those family, and I know you yeah, let's grand barbed wire young that job and the french posed to hold it up. So my question: is this
it's a dimension. In chief, I love when they call me that I'm opened up our border to anybody Who do I send the bill to to replace my fax and I'm not talking about just a couple of miles, else, my family and I, on property in sections and for those who are listening, the door What a section is a section is a square mile: six hundred and forty square acres, we untie property purely in sections. Who do we send that bill? do you know the the right answer would be. The common sense answer would be the administration and congress It would be your end up paying for it again I mean people who I don't understand you know they live in city centres, etc, etc. They don't understand. I have a ranch and it we have been working on just repairing the fence around
the ranch, and it's not your size. We in working every summer for like three years I mean it'll. Take you for ever to do it. If you try Do it yourself and its wildly expensive and that's. I bet your price, pretty is damaged in more than just the fence. well yeah. Our houses have been ransacked. Let's put it this way. If I were to go there and it's been a it's been it's been a year or so, since I've been there or I'm not spend the night on the property now well, it's just it's just not sake. It's it's that creep the internet, because of the coyotes on this side of our border, not on the mexican side. And it's very, very, very its people. Don't we lies how I'm really really at fractured, It is down there on the border,
I do have one last question go, and this is a personal question. Did you ever find your friend MIKE because a cup a few years back, you would open to show saying hey MIKE rack up now, who is mike rocker. I don't recall it. Do you recall that china not sure I recall that show, but the answer would have to be: no. I ever I never did, I'm sure I really can't remember that show and as it were, as he joking as it it's gone, dismissed pronouncing something else, margaret It gets out of a job because used to starting Some years back with hey my grandma,
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If you see any indication that is working for you in those three weeks, just keep taking it seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more month after month after month, because they're like me, it's did slow with me, but man. It is gone now, relief dot com relief factor, dotcom, eight hundred the number for relief call. I eight hundred four Relief or relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dot feel the difference tens. States. Ninety bracken, right! Let me go to clare in virginia, hello. Clare I gladly glad you take my call, because I'm going for your help in drawing them additional national attention to this crazy issue that tat happening, again and one of our virginia
all in black, my daughter's on the girls the cross. at the high school here they wanted to wear shorts, to support their coach, who spent ten summers went hearing in orphanages and ukraine are they had short that said, pray for peace and they were told that they could aware, I'm because they were to religious and that we offer to change it to play for peace, and they were told? No, because that to political and the innocent people intended. We said that its political, because peace, it's from war and war, just about pomona shrink here. Are you making signs for your campaign to replace that moron he's? Just an interim, though we are hoping that out of her, that in taking back vanity within our school, but I know this is an issue. that, near and dear to your heart, these days the issue did make town hall
com and I would love to see it getting additional attention attention because I think it just is the perfect example of the rejection of unity. the truth and the lack of common sense that you talk about all the time. It's old that peer or just getting, we set up. What are you so? Where is this a blackbird yeah? It's in south west virginia? Ok, I will look into it all ass it over to the blaze. Thank you bless you? Let me go to PAM in florida, hello, PAM,. Well. Good morning, I listen. I am concern about the women right, my contemporary Wait suburban women who are supporting Biden. What are we to get them to stop watching the view in the same than a listener of europe for over fifteen years, so I feel really informed the typically women, don't listen to talk radio, and so how do we? How do we talk
then how do we get the answer? Listen into other sore of media so that they can see, being brainwashed. Well, paid Well I'll tell you because chicks dig me, so let me just say I mean there's lots of different podcasts that are out right now and lots great when it's on the blaze of course yeah that many of them appeal more to women than men, dallas ducky is great. Allah is great it is great, but I mean I think to one of the important parts of this: is it's not going to be glen back or stew or alley, or anybody that reach you never to have us reach the not enough people to turn the tide. Its people, like you, you pam that will listen to us. Do your own homework me no check all that stuff out and then you're talking to people that you know that's the way these things. Really, I think turn and it's not as hard as it used to be because now p-
bull are waking up. There are people that aren't you know, for instance, in blacks burg, that didn't think anything was going on and they we voted one way or another. Now there seeing this and inner like wait, a minute. What is happening, and so people waking up and it is important that you have the facts and pass it on, but also in other our great gray. Podcasts. You know one of the best podcast I I just love the Barry weiss podcast. Do you listen, oh yeah, honestly, here, yeah great is so good and and here's a woman who is used to be liberal and may Still classifies yourself as a as a liberal I dont even know but She is so full of common sense and, and she speak with authority, from the other side and though so the kinds of things for your friends that are watching the view or we and something else you
need to find the right pod castle of, for instance, would like from very wise on. You know: girls, the sports or you know how they are just devaluing women with the trans thing or you know something like education, that that is where king up a lot of women. they are seeing it affect their children. Fortunately, a lot of people, I think you're just gonna be to be lost in the end, because they just why wake up, shannon welcome to the Glen back programme wow, I love glenn to you, the crew. Thank you, well. I was just and thank you for the blaze in your affiliates thin, definitely patriot mobile, I welcome your will I'm glad well, I was, Gaza. They now going to teach that
so the only ones that can lay eggs and we're gonna discriminate the rooster. You know that is exactly right. There was a story, came from my high school biology teacher. Thank you for your call them It was just released in it and they are saying that You know women are the only ones that make eggs. ah because I mean unless you're a hermaphrodite Men don't make eggs. Ok, yeah I know ovaries- make eggs. Yet won't men don't have ovaries and if you're going Do that out here? I know I proceed on this matter. For me, I know if you're to do that. Then you do have to go to telling us on the right stir will have a problem when you say sound and produce your fair share of eggs. He can't ok, he can
because the males don't make eggs it says that these things used to be so easy so easy. You know ios. I was watching an exchange on the on the elon musk thing yesterday on twitter between a journalist and someone, some conservative, and and they said I, you know, I don't think elon musk is the conservative said I don't think elon musk is going to do anything, but you know crazy here Here's what you know: they're, not gonna, sensor political views and the journals, do you think, miss gendering, someone intentionally as a political view as I just wrapped in your question is a political view. Yes, you are saying a man who is telling us now that they are a woman is a woman
and miss gendering them would mean calling them a man. What I would say, look you know a man is born. A man they can sail. Tell us are women all they want. However, there is still a man and miss gendering, then we'll be calling them a woman. Clearly there is a political divide here as to how to analyze that information, obviously we're right in their wrong, but still it. That is the point political debate and as a political, I just want to throw a marker down to do remember it was that long ago, when we were just ask each other, how many guys, who are you, know, tat gender are using the bathroom in target, were all of them have to have a third bathroom or what we were talking about that now our children are being taught there are no man Glenn Beck program, american financing in mls, one eight, two, three three four www dot, mls consumer xs, dot, org kind of makes me excited to see. What's on the horizon, you know what are they going to find out next?
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two american financing dot net lazy, dot com. Slash Glenn is the place to go for all of the hopes that you love with your content, he's a promo code. Glenn for ten bucks off. We ve got. I guess, can acts do not ease the attorney general from texas. Breaking news can yeah. I welcome our I'm doing great? How are you very good? What's the breaking news, breaking we follow us. It is a shocking against the bite administration as to the asylum programme but they're trying to change and make even easier for people to come and claim asylum could do possibly make it easier,
well so we were in, we were the? U S, room on tuesday, arguing that the current policy that they are ignoring current law requires that you come across the cartels? What are you doing business with a bite, by administration and what the you the way work is the cartels Charlie people aids to about come to the board. That there's a hand after border patrol the not running from Portugal, and they an asylum and by an illustration, transfer their whole life as they do have the home and sent him till their hearing or send them back. So we have a pretty solid case the us supreme court- god willing, will have a victory by june. So now the binding, the traces of trying to change it so that they ve got a different suppose, a law in place. They made up the thursday that they can more easily claims. I'm no longer that can be in a slow process with judges veritable that your bureaucrat blood, everybody should become.
can now under way with them with this happening. On our part, I just talked to guy Missouri, who owns land here in texas. On the border I mean he can't even go to his landed so dangerous. Why this coming our way. And do you actually see any end to this? I do think of the supreme court. Get it right the law is not like that. there's a may in there. This shall they held out to attain them or deport them kept. A supreme court requires the bad administration to follow law. It entitle forty two is held in play. and we can continue to win on these cases like we're following today. I think I mean I think they're gonna be forced or beheld in contempt. If they don't. You were at that point, now we're we either have an administration that is going to follow the law follow corridors, Well, we have a different government than we all thought we had
we're already. There are we I mean they don't follow the law. They I mean they just they just don't. The supreme court will say something and they just do what they want anyway, when, when you said the may in the shower It's never. I know that is a very big distinction in law, but if you, if you have group of people and this is the way it was in what way when was about two thousand three or four Congress passed a bill. That said, you shall build a wall, and that was saying the republic as well, it doesn't say: may you shall build it? They have to date in care. is in care and nobody's ever held responsible. Well, what we are trying to do, and I was the argument of values, cypriot supreme Court- judge This is where using the word shall they know what it says now, whether You can find a way around it. It, though the law is pretty darn clear. It hit the shell there's no choice
this year, is there any way for texas to take control? or is there any line that the governor, Will cross were texas will say enough enough, wherein we're in a struggle, because we have, as you know, case law that was put down by the supreme court, says We don't have much authority along the border, but at the same time it I dont think there In the case law, we're working, I'm hoping mileage legislature will something for we'll get in executive over order from the governor that allows us to be sued by the vitamin s ratio for taking control of our border and then I'll I'll pick it up in the er. That case was wrongly decided back and without the obama administration. I I hope we do cause this is this is throwing us absolutely destroying us, and it is. It is intentional. I talk to you. our partner in the court case
that you guys argued, I think, on tuesday the attorney general in Missouri yeah an end? I've been reading that it didn't look like the supreme court was gonna, go our way on this. Do you read that way or at the press being hopeful hit possible, and we know that the three level judges you're, not gonna, wait out they'll find anyway to keep this going, that they can. I dont know I mean I would think we would have the three conservative thomas alito endorse, the other. Three are always and play to go either way, and so I can't tell you watson, cabin on very early, because I you know, we want our heartbeat, though I didn't know that we're gonna win that we did earlier whether it will get those justices decide with it. So
But when we were in the court I didn't know, I couldn't tell because they were asking us really hard questions. The rescue and the social generally united states really hard questions. So I think it's really hard to predict because you know you don't know what the game being played inside the court is with each other and so on. no that anybody can really know what and how difficult it is it I mean why don't they? have to decide now, instead of till summer, because Jeanne will already be out of the bottle. I mean it how at it they don't have to decide now wise and there in injunction. You know before on the middle of may. You know what it is: the supreme court. They You're gonna have the old they set their own rules on timing. Not uncommon, for courts. Have a lot of discussion about when they decide things but in a way We have an injection employs right now it is the federal government, the by demonstration they are in, forcing remain in mexico, but turned twenty
one thousand people crossed and they they enforce it against like two hundred, so that's their enforcement. It's a joke and we all know it's a joke and everybody has each other, not they're they're, not try the follow, even the injunction unbelievable. Thank you, sir. I appreciated the attorney general of texas can paxton may go to John in pennsylvania, allow John the morning when it's cool pleasure told you thank you. Just reading the article I'm on my way to a meeting, and I just read an article for me of city o the bronx Were young man accidently shots someone in the head? Actually there accidently yeah. That happens all we ask. Why are you so, This was in a box. I know how reaction and yeah right here well, apparently the judge dismisses charges- and I didn't get a chance to read the whole thing, because I was- I started driving okay, so here's here's the story. So this
it is seventeen years old. He is accused of shooting the twenty year old kid in the head and it was a gang hit. in Fordham heights, and so he He some are another boches it in and kills the wrong guy. I guess He was out there Lee on release from another killing that he had done and any kills this kid, and now the judge for a second time says we're gonna release you the mother of the kid who was killed broke. in tears she she she stood up and said, release him How can you release him die? our children have no value to you. It's total outrage, but this is what's happening.
A lot of our major cities. Let me give you some good news, John just up to make you feel better. I want to talk to them guy cause. This guy is saying he's one of my. every tariffs ever Bob Johnson. He is the sheriff of santa Rosa county in florida, on Tuesday there was a burglar that went in and was stealing from people's houses. Any was going from house to house to house. Well along the way. One of the homeowners shot. This guy and injured him because of that he went to another house etc, but he was he was he was caught. And the share of said he came out any said, look The great thing is, if so, We breaks in your house in santa Rosa county and you shoot and kill him the chance. Of them re offending after that are zero and we, like those odds,
He then said this. Guy is a frequent flyer, crook, a long rap sheet started when he was thirteen years old he has spent. like seven years in prison. and he said this is the sheriff saying again. We are not sure which homeowner shot him and noble, is admitting it because I think they think they did something wrong, but they didn't If someone's breaking into your house you more than welcome to shoot at them in santa Rosa county, we act We prefer that you do wherever there was the shot him you're, not in trouble. I'm quoting come see us we a gun, safety class we put on every other saturday, and if you take that you're gonna shoot a lot better and hopefully next time, you'll save the taxpayers money and quote this is. This. Is the mood in america and I'll tell you this
exactly the reason why yellowstone is so huge yeah no stone it is. It's like it's a gang family, kate. You all belong to this yellow stone gang and nobody's thinking that there, the good guys they know what they're doing they know their killing people, etc, etc, but there Doing it normally, if you had a law and order country that don't be so popular, but because there is no common sense, doesn't seem to be any justice doesn't seem to be any cops around and when ever, something is being found out by the feds are the cops or whatever it seems, to just lead to more injustice, red tape and headaches for the good guys, america The watches yellowstone,
they see, you know the cabin costner character say just kill. Em in munich thrown over the cliff in colorado. Just get rid of him. And a lot of americans go. I don't like that. I wouldn't want to be a part of that, but you know what he's right. Nation go to the cops. What are they gonna? Do? There's no, justice. What is federal government to do there on the take it hollywood is producing yellowstone, so they understand what's happening, but they're producing it for money and also a reason why there really doing it. I the writer and producer and of the people on it. More slightly Kevin cossonerie is you know not down. The killing and everything but does cause of sea v, the added food in amerika of aid. If, if
progress is destroying our way of life than I am anti progress. Somebody understands it in hollywood. washington needs to understand it. Attorney general's deed to understand it. Our sheriffs need to understand it. that sheriff. I think in Florida understands it, but he would be for that. Nobody would be for that that vigilant just as somebody breaks in your house, you shoot them Nobody would be for that if we believed that Justice would be served This guy is robbing houses in the same county year after year. after year, after year after year and The police are tired of capturing him and then giving him to accord and having him let go, and Experts are like this is insane, but if you, have that kind of justice system.
You wouldn't have support of people going Yeah they can my art, I just shoot them I mean I remember there was that movie. I think it's Michael Douglas back in the day called falling down. Do remember this guy yeah, yeah yeah, and you know the guy was not particularly a good guy but he went around just to say he is snapped one day and one of the scenes I remember from the movie was when he went into like a mcdonald's and it was like eleven one three and they wouldn't give him breakfast here and that's by just remember, sir, connecting so deeply with our character and that time where you're just like, I want an egg mc muffin and europe. give me an egg mcmurphy just pulls out has got. It is like, of course not going to actually go up at my room with me, I may go. I don't know I mean who knows, I may have vigilante justice on the grounds of, but, like you know, you're not gonna. Do that, but, like that, it connects with people when you're have tree with disrespect when, when, when the entire system turns into a system that is constantly disrespecting you and going asked your children,
but now it look no one's gonna. You know the average person, no normal persons. Gonna go, do something crazy, but, like you connect that idea of saying like screw you. This isn't working for me and I don't care about it and it's the same thing. I think that people in may apple s, failure when the, when that the media is constantly telling them that police are out to execute them all the time, and then they go out there and burn buildings to the ground, and we wonder why well when when you're telling them that the entire system is literally constructed to execute you well People going to react, I want to continue this conversation, but first this message. That I really want to make sure gets to the twenty nine million super fans of cnn Carson here, your car breaks down its problem. Now, you're gonna need to repair it.
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dot com, slash back or call eight hundred three nine one. Eighty eight eighty eight eight hundred three nine one. Eighty eight eighty eight save ten percent car shield dot com, slash back deductible may a bland back join the conversation. Eight eight eight seven two seven be easy: the This is the glen by programme hated. Eight, seventy seven be easy. K is the phone number. You can call us we want, hear from you today on tomorrow. It's gonna be a recap. Over the bigger stories of the week. And I hope to have something special for you next week now raves Reuben is joining me for the podcast today, that'll be available today for all
blaze subscribers and you can get it on friday. Davis fascinating guy, who has really grown in to the understanding of constitutional freedoms. And he he's becoming Zeller he's been coming, somebody who is so out what you know. It's like reform smoker. You know who has smoking with the other side. Now he's come and gone. Yeah t all you dave reuben hon today's broadcast he sees the Glen back programme
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the program,
Hello, america, welcome to the Glenn Beck program. No, I said probably two thousand and seventeen I laid out all these things that had happened, and I said the last one that will happen is the implosion of trust, where no one will believe anything. No one Aubrey believe the justice department. Nobody will believe the administration congress, you won't trust your postman. There won't be any credible sources and that implosion of trust will lead to a. I didn't call it the great reset. Then I said to the new world order, but it would lead to the great reset said. After the implosion of trust, you will see things start to break down and then there will be a war, because that's the way to make massive change and nobody really says anything about it. The latimer Putin just came out and said if the united states continues to meddle in the war with Ukraine he's going to expand the war, we are now waiting on Joe Biden to come out and give a speech where he is asking congress now. Remember: we've given them just under four billion dollars worth of aid.
Today is asking for thirty three billion dollars that might be escalating there as well. are we on the eve of war? We talk about it and your phone calls next, eight eight, eight, seven, two seven be easy K. Good real estate agents have a ton of responsibility when it comes to helping you buy or sell a home. They act is kind of a firewall of safety between you and the sometimes terrifying amount of work that goes into the whole real estate process. When you but good agent. You know it when you have a bad one. You know it. This way started real estate agents. I trust we work with the best real estate agents in your area. All over the country, We are very, very selective. These people don't work for us. We
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from fit like fifteen thirty. Three that is complaining here and there a about, spanish importing slaves. So what about other was sixteen nineteen anyway, you want anything, incredible experience. My son just went to it this last time and He announced to the family a couple of weeks ago. I to teach history, rail area, in I knew proudest moment as it is, I round no man, but he is, he he learned. So much and was fascinated any hated history, because, like me and like everybody else, it's all about dates and memorizing names and everything else. No, it's the story. If you ago, all you have to do is sign up now you can go to mercury, one dot, org, carry one dot. Org is, I think, a hundred dollars for individuals, one. Seventy five for couples to fifty for families- and you know your family
could be any size, so join us. It is happening next weekend, Friday may, sixth and saturday may seventh prob the last time, you will be able to attend this with your family for several months. Ok, bye David Martin and I and his son tim barton teach the classes it's. It's quite amazing All right look: can we just talk about what's happening? Joe Biden is now asking for thirty three million dollars more in funding, so we can help the ukrainians. I know these numbers do get confusing and millions and billions don't seem to matter, but I believe you me thirty three billion. Sorry, sir sorry ending thirty three billion dollars and we have already given almost four billion dollars worth of equipment and training and everything else so now ten times the amount. Joe Joe Biden, has just been warned by Vladimir putin that if
you continue to meddle in our affairs that we will expand the war. I honestly this makes me strong, narrowly nervous, because I think this plays in to everybody's want when you're too talking about the glow bull community of elites, russia wants to bankrupt us. Russia wants to destroy us Russia wants to have a a bipolar world again and they rise to the top. Getting on just a very small part, binding, wants to make sure that america is seen as being able to beat russia because of what happened in afghanistan, but I don't think that's the real reason, We are resetting the entire world and this is the emergency that will allow the great reset to happen
and I am just seeing way too many things people that are just cheering on this war, from the new york times. Fears mount ukraine war will become a broader conflict. This one from the wall street journal the? U s should show it can win a nuclear war. Can we He did. We learn that listen, there's no winner. Do we owe me watch war games again, Matthew broadway. We bring that out a joy, I mean it. probably one of those free movies that you can get at amazon with your subscription. Why are we talking about that because russia is talking about it? No, I know then- and we seem to be having here not just russia escalating at this point. No, we here too. We are to ukraine is as well, and we are now seeing. We know weapon bombs. Explosions going off inside russian borders
drones purchased from NATO countries. I dont know that russia is going to look all that fondly upon those developments? Guy call me crazy call me wacky, but I don't do that look man I to look so fondly on that an end you have that going on. You have the fact that we continue. To idiotically amounts all of the money, all the weapons. Every little bit of assistance. We brag about it constantly in the media. Our own president is saying that we're doing it and why up his remarks, this is live right. Now. Here's the press, on prudence is surely did We said we not send you s troops to fight russian troops in ukraine, but we would provide robe. military systems and try to unify the western world against russia's aggression, I said I would impose powerful sanctions on russia. Now we destroy and develop. We destroy this
and somehow they continue to move without the rest of the world, acting that deploy additional forces to defend nato territory, particularly in the east along the russian and belarus borders. that's exactly exactly what we said we would do and we did Disturbing rhetoric coming out of the kremlin effect Who played for everybody to see we're? Not taking russia were helpful Ukraine defend itself against russian aggression. this prudent chose to launch this brutal invasion. He could make choice to end this brutal invasion. Ok starship is this. Is this is not going? to de escalate? It's just now. I'm going to deal at de escalate may ninth is a very it's like our july. Fourth, its a very important day in russia itself
think heroes day or victory day, and it was commemorating the victory over the nazis were I don't think that this is in being compared because they're saying they're going in to defeat the nazis, that that's good, be a frightening day, in my opinion, to see what's going on now. Russian state tv today is in talking about nuclear war You have who was it now? rob who was it that was talking about that nuclear war is becoming more and more likely just the other day la saga, sergei lavrov, yeah. So do you have the officials saying it's more and more likely that nuclear weapons are going to come into play? Here is what russian state tv said to comfort. their viewers They ve been discussing the idea of war spreading beyond the the ukraine and
their promoting. Now, the idea of this war is inevitable. They have been talking about world war, three and listen to this quote personally. This is one of their main, no talking heads on date run tv Personally, I think the most realistic way is the way of world war. Three based on knowing us and our leader, Vladimir putin. Knowing how everything works around here, it's impossible. There is no chance that we give up then again. This is state run propaganda, but anyone here, I agree with that. Would you disagree with that? I wouldn't disagree. They're not going to just leave, there's no chance know of him. Just being you know what I guess this was a mistake. That's not that's not part of the the picture. Here I mean it's all we know he gets taken out in some way. You know who knows, but other than that,
this isn't just going to start replacing him if he's taken it out Medvedev, that's not going to change anything here. If he's taken out very easy to say that was an american conspiracy. Yeah, you know mean because we ve said regime change and then no, no, we don't mean that thanks He goes on to say now. This is russian state tv We all know everything will end with a nuclear strike. It is more probable than any other outcome. This is to my horror on one hand, but on the other hand, with the understanding, that is what it is. but we'll go to Heaven. While they simply croak look, we're gonna die some day. If I was seeing that on, you know see an end, which is our version of almost pretty much wrapped up state run television, just the checks have been signed.
Wouldn't you be like oh crap, they are preparing us for nuclear war, I mean and Glenn. We talk about a lot of things that I find to be very important. Is no sing The threat that approaches threat to our civilization. Like this, one does now. I still think a low percentage, possibility spiral out of control and does that sort of damage that we ended a nuclear war. It is not impossible. There are a lot of things we talk about, that when, at their worst, are nowhere near the outcome that we're talking about here. This is we're talking about. There. We are one button push away with a guy who has no checks and balances and might very well be insane from a nuclear war putin or just a second jason rodion about? Is that our experience with rough greens? He says I have a nine year old great day in that uses
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full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, it's not a dog food, you put it on the dogs food and has everything for them to live. I happy longer and healthy life, rough green, Calm, slash back colleague, three, three g, l e, thirty, three, that's eight three, three glenn thirty three or screams, dot com, slash back tens station, I d So this is. This is very disturbing to me on so many levels and what stew said is absolutely right. there is nothing more dangerous too. our freedom and to the world than a war with russia right now, there's nothing because If you have a word just think of what happened in the nineteen fifties in a cold war. What happened we had.
bomb we were sitting here pretty we were building bombs in our etc, etc. then russia, spied on us a spy gave them our plans for another member which one was that where a fat man are little boy and they took it and they built a bomb, they exploded that bomb and that changed everything once They exploit we didn't or war, they just exploded that bomb and we were in the arms race and then that led to us sending spies over us. Having an agency to here in amerika. For all of the the people that are maybe not american enough- that might be spying, the mockery earthy hearings, all of that paranoia and all of those violations of civil rights happen because of a test of a nuclear weapon in russia. Action going to war with russia, the
war powers at the disan formation. Yesterday, you'd case you don't know you Today they came out the de age ass and said they are putting a new commission together surprise. In truth that this a commission that will look and stop this information. misinformation and mal information? its run now by one of the women who was on the forefront of saying this hunter blue. By new laptop thing, it's a hoax. This is extraordinarily dangerous yeah, and you look at the situation wherein what could happen and with this war right, but maybe you have. Maybe russia sets off a nuclear weapon inside of ukraine. How would we react to that very complicated situation? Maybe they hit conventional weapons hit warsaw or some other nato ally, really difficult
situation. Maybe russia expands its invasion into another country and we have to deal with that. maybe they have a massive cyber attack against us, and we have to do with that. All these are really really difficult things to deal with that can operate. We spiral out of control at any time now. Let me add one more piece of information to this, but puzzle. Think of the people on your side that are going to it, to control it think of the idiots we have in this guy and that are going to be responsible for managing this situation for in if Ronald Reagan were president right now, I would be nervous about this because really difficult and he was the masterminded unwinding these things we have Joe Biden and copper harris trying to manage this annually in the pentagon. We have the people who brought us afghanistan We ve milly why this
That is why you know people a lot of times to hay like come on its way over there and that things happening over there. It is absolutely possible this coup, spiral out of control. We are in the middle. Think of what would happen if russia were doing what we're doing we were in the middle of a separate battle in russia, we're going on television, everyday, raising funds from congress with your money, your taxpayer dollars to our work we announce, therefore, being drones and weapons to kill our soldiers. Well, I didn't know we were to react to that. We would be very, very happy with what you know. I mean look, here's what happens. We go to war with russia. This thing escalates K. It becomes an absolute nightmare, but in turn really this is gonna, be like covert. I told you at the beginning of covert, do not feed cove id
Fear the rhetoric, a rapper, cushions of covert fear, what's gonna happen to this country and the economy because covered remember. I said that in january, as it was just coming out of china had no, idea, but I knew the economic ramifications would be much worse than covered. I'm telling you now do fear as much into this on a different scale, entirely d. I fear the war with russia as well as the repercussions of a war with russia because
what will happen? Is civil rights, freedom of speech, social media will immediately go de age ass, locked down, you will have a financial restructuring. Banks will closed, you'll have a new dollar a bitcoin dollar. All of it will be happening so rapidly. Most people won't pay attention s g we'll go through, but it will be all on the backs of we gotta do this as our patriotic duty you ve gotta, get in. I fear the war with russia, but fear the ramifications here in amerika, even more the Glen back program. You think I'm wrong on that. No or you know somebody asked me the other day. If you were the president united states, what would you be doing about the economy? I said the first thing I would do is I'd cut all of this ridiculous spending and I would be buying gold hand over fist. Because the world is gonna reset to gold
and if we don't do it the first time well, you know what It's our loss, but we bees storing old like crazy, not the president. I'd states by I am the president of my house without co, president more vice president. They may be even secretary of state maybe I'm the last person invited to the funerals that my wife wouldn't want to go to anyway, and we have a golden silver. We ve. We have spread our risk out. Please do this when the dollar doesn't mean anything thing. What hedge do you have against the insanity?
they have new benjamin franklin silver rounds that I design they sold out every week. A new supply has now been minted. If you call and say that I sent you you're going to receive a free mind, your business silver bar with every purchase that includes the silver Ben franklin rounds, the more you by the more you get free, called goldline line right now find out how to get started. Eight six: six gold, gold, eight, six, six gold line, inevitably stevie dotcom, slash, Glenn, use the promo code glenn to save ten bucks off your subscription to police tv. hey. We really want to say thank you and welcome to our new affiliate in Oklahoma. Talk one hundred point: nine cagey w. I thank you for joining the Glen back programme. Are as we were watching, while we went in a break were watching. President Biden give this live speech about
he needs another thirty, three billion dollars for the war in ukraine. We are escalating they were asking about you know of russia escalates and he immediately says we're ready for whatever they do like that's. What the president should say, but ah We've we've always we've always sought. Nuclear war could have and by mistake we just didn't No, the mistake would wear a shoe size ten and be named Joe Biden? we are in a very dangerous place and I told stube out something what yesterday or today, I've been researching, and this not abiden thing. This is an all president's thing. It's called pizza. p a d s p period epa. In a period deep period s
It stands for presidential urgency authorization directive right, close presidential emergency action document action documents. So what this started under eisenhower, and if you remember the they lie after went crazy on donald trump because of peas. Now I want you to know the left always self diagnosis. They always so diagnose the accused the other side of something because the that's what they do, I'm convinced of it. So they were having a problem with donald trump, because in cove id he was asked. You know what is part of the emergency measure and he said I ve got. The president has a lot of emergency measures in a lot of things that they can do under emergency that people dont know about
That was an alarm bell for the left. What is he going to do and they While this wasn't well known or understood, they were talking about pete's directives. Guy. This is a directive that every president sense eisenhower because of the threat of nuclear war. They say out and say: ok, MR president, these are the possible probable. emergencies. That may come your way that could disrupt. Chain of government or continuity of government. So we need to know, because if these things happen they could happen so rapidly. we won't have a time to make recommendations in everything else. We just need to execute orders. So, let's talk about, Nuclear war, what is your directive and they go through the meaning and they do the directive, and then they write that presidential
directive up and then he doesn't sign it. so when an emergency happens, they just put paper in front of him say this is the presidential directive for nuclear war, sir, we ve already if you wanna says yes, he signs it and its law thou this, because it's an emergency supersedes everything during the constitution. Now let me should we, you can look this up. It is absolutely real. What is not real is we don't know what any of a move said so of any of everybody says yeah this one says that in an trump was doing this or Biden is doing that. You don't know the These are probably top ten, closely guarded secrets of any ministration they ve ever been really truly revealed on what they are pieces, have come out from the distant past
and those are disturbing enough, for instance, there have been peeves directives that I have a list of like fifty thousand americans that If this emergency happens, they would to be rounded up or silenced or whatever, because they could. a danger to the continent. Worthy of government the ivy they, as you point out, no one really knows what is in them. Some been some details have been leaked out over the years, so We know that there were fifty six of these in effect, as of two thousand and eighteen from forty eight from a couple: decades earlier. This is for Brennan centre again, whose in that no conservative source here, and a lot of little but its left. Yes, and the reason why, of course, this was a big deal is, as you point out, Donald trump established
albright. They were upset about it because Donald trump was going to use them. This is wise. Their analysis is why they were saying: there's going to be a coup, there's going to be a coup and we Well said: there's not going to be a coup, but they were things about peeves that he could say There is trouble on the streets, gimme, presidential emergency directive, because that triggers it and I'm gonna be the president worth suspending elections or whatever gay. So we Other upedes in past years, that's that author. The detention of alien enemies and other dangerous persons within the united states society. did the writ of habeas corpus by presidential order, provided for various forms of martial law a general warrant, just I feel like we ve burst, typically against general warrants were issued, a general warrant permitting see, search and seizure of persons and property established, military areas as those created during world war, two suspended production
of the federal register declared a state of war and authorized censorship of news reports. It's my understanding! I don't know for sure, but I it's my understanding that these peeves they don't go out of fashion, so you can update them. You can add to them but they're not revoked. So events, that's there. That is part the tool box that already has been discussed, all the present ass do assign it. This is terrifying. It can even allow let's say the president and vice president, let's use me no ronald reagan. In then, George w, no george w are out and there is an attack on them and it did it is, nuclear war. Let's say no they're in the sum of all fears and its morgan freeman
and the vice president is also there and there is a nuclear strike and it kills the two guarantee you, there would be upedes on that, but upedes Who'd include vat If this happens, that triggers this speeds it says now: the department of defence becomes An interim president. Not the speed, or of the house, it can can this cartel remain our institutional club. It's what you know it's! What mike Lee was talking to me about not just my glazed over. It was like four years ago, I'm like what are you talking about. He was, the memory was pushing the reins act, yes, which is what should be passed and should be passed because that exposes of this among another things, yeah, and he was like climbed. The reins act is really important. Like yeah sure my
didn't understand it, and I get, and he was absolutely right, the rain act now? The left was all for the reins act, underdog drop, they are for it. Now we should know about what's in these presidential directives, because like. I said you know, be clear on this matter. in january of twenty nineteen. we were seeing people welded into their homes in china, twenty twenty twenty twinning and it was horrific. What was come and we never thought that mean We would be all quarantine in our house. We never thought that would happen and we didn't know what we are facing an ice at the time I got says that this is is gonna, be bad, but it's not going to be the bubonic plague. It's not gonna, be no. Even me b b, the spanish flu from nineteen eighteen. However, what
does to our economy and the economy of the world is going to be horrific, so don't fear the virus fear, what's what will have, and because of it not to minimize the deaths of of covered as we see now look at the I'm a vacation, we're still paying for we! still pay. Did you see that found she yesterday or days ago came out and said: well, the pandemic face why retract that yesterday, why did he retracted? I can guarantee you it's for some legal purpose. It is because Somebody now could be sued because we're out of a pandemic If they you know, do something or because Funds are still being spanned. That may be shouldn't be spanned because it's under
the guise of pandemic or their level of asking for more money to fight it right, ass, right right, you know, and he can come out and say that, right by the way is another reason he should never do another interview right to stop doing interviews, I mean anything off television for five seconds. Is that possible just its extent ten seconds do something else: work out, take a walk play. Some golf do anything else other than be on television all, but I am sure that you feel passionately mouth of a little mad. Yeah. Ok, can financing if you're, holding back from buying a refinancing house, because the recent raise a rise in rates, you should can that inflation is up much more a year, ago it was running at two point: six on a year over year basis, to day they say, the annual inflation is eight point. Five knots if you believe that's honest, it's not. We have seen this kind of inflation since the eighties and if we measured inflation the way we did, then we would be at seventeen point one percent inflation. So that me
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welcome to the Welcome to the Glen back programmers so glad you here. Let me go to David dakota. Hello, David. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program while enabling stocking do you think What about a a a a b veterans, a group or five, I want see three were trying to purchase land debts to a national cemetery so that we the old facility poor apple. for the orleans to meet and what is more, simple. about your bathroom author. I a party for a little bit but didn't a building, get paid waited for a body weight that was up in the code. I think you want something better than a port porta potty and
I've been to north dakota theirs. It's not like you can just run down the street, suddenly a lot of trouble. I say again, this will cemetery. it's part of the rural initiative to be running out of her love cemetery. Space choice decided to make more in rural area shaw, so little right in the middle of love. The glorious north dakota landscape lack and windy at the end. so you're trying to buy this space and then what's the problem or what's happened? The problem is right. We have here. Thirdly, commissioner state was, and are you a cylinder trying to derail us?
They had a secret police, had a secret meeting with the land owner to convince him not to sell it to us and to sell it. Down in the vienna will buy it and then lease to us. Oh, my gosh of my home lee cow, hang on the phone. I want to send you to one of our producers will look into that, It's really bad yolo, nothing! but you'll be able to rent it from somebody, wow donna. You're on the glinda programme. Hi money, Madonna lowery. I am calling for on board county florida. I then a nurse, Since nineteen. Eighty seven, I worked at paris medical center. Title florida for thirty one years and on September six I advocated for a covert patient, for
We met in on behalf of the family and the patient that had the request, for I remember him. I heard the advocating, though we pray I believe in do the price of my lord in favour. We were to him. We bought a petition to him because I had I'm on my way to work, to put me where he'd have me to be in doubt: hospital I'll bet, a grade we went to arm the hospital list and asked if the patient could have ever met in the hospital is said. Yeah I went to the pharmacist and I had back from her, she said I ever met and if not for covert, I said it is, and I pulled up. I follow the f elsie cc alliance. I told her about doktor appeared, we too want to happen. I don't mean to go, sharper. What happened? Okay, so the two doctors who said yes, the patient, received three of the five doses, the patient and her.
Family refused rammed as beer b c o the hospital george Mkhitaryan and the chief nursing officer of the hospital edwin law and this is parish medical center. And got in so attorneys, dave. No we're in a we're in an at will state in florida. So the attorneys can do sixty seconds to wrap this up. I'm sorry, but we have a network break patient. If a patient died and The patient received brenda beer after refuse and said they did not want them to have a beer. The hospital But to her anyway and that per medical records, the story is in big time then at halt ran the story. We want the truth to be told that I respect and work but although not doing the right thing, ok, the dot. I appreciate I'm sorry to rush. You don't want to give you the bums rush, but we're up against the clock here.
We will look at it. The story at times has a lot of really good reporting a lot of good stories. We will look at that. and probably report back to you on it and help you spread the word we will see you tomorrow tonight. If europe lay subscriber, don't miss the podcast. It's me with Dave ruben one on one don't miss it. That's today for blaze, subscribers just look for the Glen back. Podcast lays tv dot gaseous decline back programme
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