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The Racist, Democrat Origins of Replacement Theory | Guests: Mac Isaac & Daniel Horowitz | 5/18/22

2022-05-18 | 🔗

Glenn helps the New York Times understand the drop in public school enrollments. John Paul Mac Isaac, the notorious repairman who turned in Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI, joins to tell the story of how liberal media outlets tarnished his name. Former Thomas Reuters Labs employee Zac Kriegman joins to discuss his claim that he was fired after writing an article criticizing the BLM movement. Glenn exposes the racist origins of replacement theory, which started in the Democratic Party. Blaze podcast host Daniel Horowitz joins to discuss the dangers of continuing to allow the WHO to make COVID regulations. Glenn and Pat discuss the powers that are aiming to destroy America.

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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened The program hello. America welcome to the glinda program. You know why we just we're talking about this yesterday and I ass a guest was programme. Do you really think disney learn their lesson and said- and I've heard this everywhere and it would make sense. You know they ve lost
billions of dollars, literally millions of dollars, fifty billion fifty billion dollars the war with for a bigger eye, and then on top of it they were the most trusted vat brand it was in the seventy percent of just trust disney now but he was even close: they law thirty or forty points on. I think it was fifty fifty one. Fifty some points, ok They didn't learn their lesson. Sturdy. They came out with their new algae bt. Q clothing line for children clothing line features the rainbow pride flag printed on tee shirts, baby clothes, bracelets, sweater, socks backpacks in other items, made specifically for children. So they didn't learn their lesson, but this where I want to start not what disney but the war on our children. You
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from all, but life lock is the best call one eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelike or lifelike dotcom promo code backs ape twenty five percent. Now I want to go view a story from the new york times today: orange county california, in new york, city the nations largest school district has lost some fifty thousand students over the past two years in She can. Enrollment remains more than fifty thousand below pandemic levels from big city to the rural peninsula in suburbs of orange county california, where families have moved for generations to be part of the public school system? Enrollment has said for the second consecutive year, statewide more a quarter million public school students have dropped from California roles since Fourteen nineteen and sent school funding is tied directly toward roman cities. Have ass many students, including denver albuquerque oakland. There now consider
combining classrooms, laying off teachers or shutting down entire schools altogether. Boarding the new york times. America's pub schools have lost at least one point two million students, since twenty twenty Dana roman figures show no sign of a rebound decline is already under way in the nations public school system is rates of birth and immigration have fallen, he immigration has fallen, particularly in the cities, but the koran virus. Supercharged that drop in a way experts could not even say, could easily be reversed, quoting the new york times no overriding explanation has emerged yet for the widespread drop off, but experts do point to two potential causes one. parents had become so fed up.
With remote instruction and mass mandates that they see It home schooling, their children, are sending them to private or parochial schools that large remained open during the pandemic. However, There is another option According to the new york times, their families and thrown into such turmoil by pandemic related job losses that they may be homeless. Or school closures that their children just simply drop out now edge it and school officials are confronting a potentially harsh future of lasting setbacks in learning harden inequalities in education and smaller budgets this has been a seismic it to the public education system, says the director. Of the lab to george washington university students, comes, are low habits have been broken school finance
A really shake school finances are shaken. How much money did you get in covert, relieve you for, like fifty billion dollars- and I think you got like a hundred and twenty billion dollars and schools are alike- We do this higher quality and diversity training people ok, here: it is the new york times are saying: wait, you know we don't This is a bad brum. It's a very a very bad problem and we don't know what might have caused this well. Let me give you one story, also in the news today. Strangely, not in the new york times less Last year the schoolmaster to philadelphia, encourage teachers to attend friends on king be yes m trans sex and quote bang
beyond binaries end quote: it was Why twenty twenty one, the district office of diversity, equity and inclusion wyatt how they thing? They got all that money from the girl sent invitation to the philadelphia trans wellness conference to teachers and staff on the philadelphia, connect mailing list promoting a car, prince as a way to learn more about the issues facing the tray. community. The conference was organised by the mazowiecki centre and algae bt q activists organization. I forgive me, but that's how they described themselves. I I I'm worried about the two plus people myself, they they are working currently and have worked with the philadelphia The school district on sexual education programmes now. videos that are publicly
sl, at least right now on their website, show that the conference went a little further than the school districts euphemism about issues facing the trans community, the event included, Sessions on topics such as the adolescent, half way preparing your young people for gender, affirming care, use the language here, but bigger dick energy prosthetics first X, the ins and outs of masturbation, sleeves and transaction going beyond binaries, it's beautiful its tender and No, it's what I want my teacher of my kids to attend. I feel totally comfortable other press intentions of the trans wellness conference involved explicit sexual themes, as if those weren't chase ros transgender activists in new timber.
to the series on packers I don't even want to know what those are the most stream presentation of the three day conference was trans sex jane joy lead that she's, a self described, kinky p polly amorous, pretty big slut. And lucy fielding, who also is self described as white, queer, kinky holly amorous, visibly aid bodied jewess do jewish, which ye non binary trans Pham, those were the people that lead, The discussion on the politically correct, an atomic of language, to use in school, including remember the politically correct and Comical language, such as the front hole and back hole,
also, they shared personal information about organizing orgies for participants to explore their fantasies and perversions in groups now remember This is not a fringe activity. Centre that organised? It receives more than five million dollars in government contracts that last here? They run the sexuality programmes in schools throughout. pennsylvania the school. Strict in philadelphia has partnered with the centre on sexual health research and student sexual education programmes, so you go now back to that unrelated story in the new york times, kids are leaving public school and they can't figure out. Why do you think it's because tat of all the homelessness,
yeah. Look out. I was here that would be my guest beer. Guess I'll be your guess by the way in it. In a completely unrelated story. a teacher a merry pennsylvania. High school director was arrested for sexual relationship with a female student. After her I rate husband alerted administrators. She was taken into study in it with two counts of sexual activity. With a seventeen year old student, her husband Who did freelance work for the schools? Music department found incriminating messages on his wife's ipad after coming from a recent trip to florida. Here, immediately alerted the principle. According to reports, his wife blind to immediately turned herself in she surrendered after she sang in a local concert? Remarkably, this school has had this happened before. In fact, the woman.
was having sex with a female teenage student replaced. The the predecessor of her the jonathan Piana parent, he's thirty, seven, He also was charged with sexual misconduct with students, He allegedly had an affinity for tackling the feet of his students and forming inappropriate close relationships with them. His camera no case is pending how many of your two teachers tickled your feet all the time on the day. The time I think all of mine, except for the homeroom teacher, everybody else tickled my feet by the way I don't want. I don't want to leave the impression that you know what I told you about that conference, where the teachers were invited to go and explore their king happened in philadelphia beyond the pennsylvania school districts.
And I dont want to leave the impression just because these two teachers are from the pennsylvania school districts It I don't know that they attended that I mean they could have just been sexual predators on their own. You know they do not have needed any training. So I want to besmirch the people who you know held that conference and tie them in to these two. No I'd be wrong. Israeli wrong yeah Again, I can't imagine why get your kids out of school get your kids out of school. Our kids are under attack, they they are absolutely under attack. if they get our kids to believe these things there no morality there are no more lines, they are teach
your kids, that you are not trustworthy, that you need to have a bond with the teacher be on your parents jeez. What could go wrong with that? I have to tell you if I found you know my brother. My sister having a conversation with my children that involves sex at all I said this is just a little secret though, but I dont care it straight: sex whatever get out I house, you are a d injured to my family that does what happened in my family, let alone a teacher. That's definite, not grooming. Really, your group being my children, not to trust me by the way I saw story today. I didn't pull it. I've got a bullet for tomorrow, I'll share with you tomorrow,
There is a school that now says eighty percent of their children. Eighty percent are transgender. Eighty percent, in that we're science says that its point: seven, percent of the population, but schools her finding out that's wrong. Like eighty, it's more like eighty- I don't know what's causing now, but that is where we should just little high. We should mutilate their bodies immediately pump them full of formats hormones. We I mean I linkage surely begun can do. It is the right thing to do and if you disagree with that, you should be destroyed. american financing, nl us one. Eight do through three four w w w absolutely less consumer access dot org. By way, I have some good news by an answer to the new york times, where those kids are going actually have the evidence of where they're going
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nine zero, six, twenty four forty or go to american financing dot net ten second station. I d while now let me give you some. Let me give you another story completely: on related to the new york times or any banana. I new slimy. Let's be real, that's what they are, these shenanigans that are being over hyped by these two. yours, unions and the gay agenda, I mean what a conspiracy theory, let me give some good news. In the same week, the new york times was digging for any kind of dirt. It good toss at hills, dale college and charter, school initiative anew who d o ye rule went into effect by the way my a slogan is vienna. We
who's that entertainment alignment thing for a long time. My new slogan of my show is abolished. apartment of education, I'm not sure I drive a lot of people to the show, but you never know new department of education rule went into effect. The rule added some fourteen pages of federal regulations on the traditionally local process of charter school applet. She approval and administration, among other things, The rules would give school boards and community leaders a unilateral veto overnight school applications. Cato what they What the deal is saying is hey. We just want to work others community in these new charter schools and look you have to partner with a local school and that local school, if They are ok with you Starting a charter school, then we are too. We are too
just share all of the information that you have with them and, and then were totally could really so Walmart could build a new walmart as long as target says. It's. Ok, that's fantastic, ok! So here's here's why this is happening. This is happening because charter schools are Successful. Sixty nine percent of the three point: six million students this according to the new york times it go to charter schools, sixteen percent of them are students of color to three it's from low income households according to actual lions on public charter, schools charters Enrollment now remember twenty twenty one. Twenty nineteen public schools, their membership went down and they can't figure homelessness.
According to the national lines, were public charter schools, charter schools, enrollment has increased seven point, one percent. Why public schools have seen three point. Three percent decrease a drop of nearly one point: five million students, while those are the exact numbers of the public schools that the new york I'm gave. Why didn't they talk about the seven point One percent increase of charter schools charter schools are not good. By school boards or teachers unions, but by their unique charter. and founding bored. So last Then we can have happened. Is students get a good education, one not controlled by the federal government, abolish the department of education, also money has to follow the students. The best the best line. I read in the new york times today was the school. May clothes there.
funded well enough? They may just close good good luck. to them clothes. They are are destroying our children and destroying honestly the few you're of our country, close them down pull your kids. out now the Glen back programme, Oh, there are several reasons why I'm sleeping better, but me many of them, have to do with my pillow. I can't believe it. The guy on the air, say this about my pillow and Does it really honestly? I was going to turn the stuff ducks. I didn't think I was going to like it I glendale sent me a pillow and I'm like okay I'll sleep on it slept on it. One night I didn't like it. He comes in and he's like you really dumb. like it d and, unlike now, can't do your ads and he said you have the wrong path. Let me send you the other one sent the other one. I came by.
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hello. America, welcome the Glen back programme tonight at nine, a glint back Wednesday night special the by the crime family. Why hunters secrets are really all about? Joe are doing everything they can to bury this. Now that it's out there trying to make it about hunter, it's not it's about Joe Biden and a crime, family, eight nine pm eastern? If you're, not a member of the blaze? Yet will you please join us we'd love to have you? Part of the family, and we really need your support. Blaze, tv, dotcom, blaze, tv dot, com, you see it tonight, while at last on blaze tv, you tube join us tonight. Nine pm eastern one of the guys I've wanted to talk. four months is a guy who was born into a military family air force. And he's a piece of really. I think, a D
in america, and that was caught in a kind of a hitch, cocky and sort of the film because somebody walked into his computer repair store. and said: hey can you can you fix this? Well, that was, hunter Biden and his life has been an absolute hell ever since he's on with us now John Paul mac, exec isaac. How are you, sir unpitied it From now on, the shelf you bats. So can you tell me with this? This whole thing started: friday night and hunter by walks in your shop right yeah was Friday April twelfth about ten minutes. Before he closed and on a friday night I was kind of excited to get out of the sharper. Unfortunately, that excitement was sir, shot down winner, a then clutching three liquid damage mac approach that he wanted to get data recovery from did
T a did. You know who he was at first, no, I'm visually impaired. So I, when people walk at the store, I can't really see who they are. It's it wasn't. Until I started collecting this personal information, I requested his name and phone number and email or that he ah, and he was surprised that I didn't recognize and instantly. I guess the sixties Some sort of local celebrity yeah, alright! So take us through what happened. You had the laptops and you were asked to take all of this information off the hard drive when you do that and normally do you see what's on the hard drive or is it just a transfer? Well in a perfect world, if it's, if it's say a transfer from a perfectly healthy machine to whatever the customer wants to be transferred to, that process is generally automated
in this case the the the one laptop that I was able to recover data from and that I actually checked in a that was a liquid damaged machine. It had the power instability issues, so I started to do a transfer and the power cut out on it. So I had to basically peace the transfer over the next couple of days, where I get it to power on long enough for me to manually, drag a folder to drop it to our secure store server in that process, because it's not automated and there's no automatic verification process. I had to verify that the data I was copying was intact and it's not there. patient process that I was made aware that there was some sensitive, embarrassing and potentially criminal material on the laptop okay. So you fixed it and you,
expected him to come back and you weren't going to do anything with a laptop right. Well, at that point and crime yeah, I I completed the repair on April, sixteenth and seventeenth. I gave him a ring to have him drop off an external hard drive so that I could transfer the data back and he did. He came into the shop dropped off a two terabyte western digital external hard drive. I believe he got from bestbuy and I proceeded to copy the data that I recovered to that drive He also requested or ah pay him electronically through the square credit card processing which sends out an email and then an automated reminder. I then proceeded to call him the next day. No is ready and continued proceeded to call him. let him know was ready for a couple weeks after that and never got a response again. So after ninety, is what happens to the laptop
After ninety days on the paperwork that he signed, it clearly states that, after ninety days b, any abandoned property becomes a property of actual. When it became my property, I wanted to make sure what I had seen was real. Does I haven't looked at the laptop during that entire time? I think it was mid July were finally drove into it and that's what I because, mainly because bereavement hunter wherein the new side here during the summer, I was very, answering that a somebody would come looking for the embarrassing content or when he dropped off the laptop. His dad wasn't running for president right, but two weeks later, his dad's running for president. I fully expected the secret service to kick down my door and take the laptop and me away. If it's not, then I think I think, we've seen
illustrated recently that the secret service is the Biden's cleaner, sir, so I I out of legitimate fear and then also my concern that there was the material on the laptop that was part of a criminal investigation insight. You gave it to the fbi. You at this point still trusted the f b. I somewhat. I trust I personally have no clue that this was the proper channel. This is what I had to do. I didn't after witnessing what happened to roger stone that previous genuine having witnessing the what the decision of the court of justice, behind more investigation. I was definitely concerned. So that's why I've enlisted my father is thirty one, your career military, colonel, to go to the alber cookie. After because I didn't I was trying to keep myself out of its like a secret
The business have a place in my career. I didn't want to lose any of that, so I enlisted my father. He approached in albuquerque, or he was October eighth or twenty nineteen. The m albuquerque F b, I office and he was promptly kicked out or he was asked to lawyer up and don't talk about this and holy cow. Maybe he made an effort to try to get them to drive and they seemed not interested whatsoever in touch with a ten foot pole. So are we we felt pretty defeated at that point and it was about a month later, when an f b, I agent, reached out to my father the effort to get a hold of me a couple weeks after that I had the f b I meet me at my house. I express my concerns for by safety and what I was hoping to achieve by going to the fbi, which was basically get this thing out of. My shop ran some level of protection. If somebody
looking forward. I want a phone number that I can call, and you know I have someone that I can reach out to should something go back when and who went when this finally broke in the new york post? You were destroyed your business was destroyed. You were I of what was it fifty one different intelligence experts site. The statement saying that this was russian disinformation, which made you. You know in league, with the russians line because we reached out to you- and you were like I'm just, how to get out of here. I do any resort to get out of here how aid for your life. Were you really
I started the morning of october, fourteenth a new york post released the story at six thirty in the morning, and I was getting death threats by about you know six, forty five or so it didn't take long for people to make the connection, and then it really didn't. Initially it was you know, I'm a hacker, I'm a thief. How can I do this or that the narrative suddenly shifted to you, know: Putin thanks you for your service and your stage for russia and to have that that idea out there that I colluded with a foreign power to affect an election. I mean that's that's treasonous and you know I come from a very distinguished military family to have that or have the label traitor attached
a name is just its devastating for me. Did you ever ever think that your country would do this to you know? I didn't. I really did not accept it, but I, like the start up or forty funny within three hours at the post, releasing the story. There was this digital iron curtain, send it around the story at anybody trying to report on it. The new york is blocked from twitter. For two weeks I to see that levels of collaboration and collusion While I figured I'd rather quickly, let this had to be something that they were prepared for. They were waiting for this to happen, and I think I would Zuckerberg was dragged before congress saw what, on october twenty fifth, and he said that the f b I reached out and late summer to facebook, twitter and google to warn them a bastard dump of or an intelligence, that's going to affect the election.
and be ready for it, and I can only imagine that that was because on august, twenty eight is when I overnight, at a copy of hunters, drive to really julie on his office and if they had the next week, the f b, I warned them. It begs the question: was under surveillance, was I'd, be monitored? Was the office under my cousin president, the united states being bother you You recently file lawsuit against adam shift, and I just I want to say I love you for that. See an end, the daily beast: politico why're, you suing these guys. Well, I think Adam ship. It is pretty clear he had no problem going on now with what sir I want, the egg and the sixteenth of october to tell the american people that this was an operationally run out of the kremlin, he's supposed to be the chair of the intelligence committee. Ah, but he was handed zero intelligence if anything, the intelligence community at the time was trying to convey that this had nothing to do with. The
sure- and ah he went on on the news anyway to to spread this narrative, and I think that that's a major problem is that the narrative that was spread is the narrative. That seems to be sticking for a lot of things. Let's blame russia: let's blame russia for the two thousand and sixteen election. Let's play the show for collusion with trump and they tried it again, except I'm the last person he could ever possibly call a russian. My family has a history of fighting during the entirety of the cold war against communism, so I think they just chose the wrong guy you sound pretty together, and I am glad to hear that I am we wee prayed for you. I think a lot of people in the country prayed for you. I'm doing a special tonight on how this is about Joe Biden. I'm not sure how much of the laptop you read cause it's yours, isn't it yeah phobia it has it now, I gave it to them. They didn't receive your butt.
Don't wait and I went you'll, never get it back to you. You have a copy of it, though didn't you do I mean I what I've seen you did? Ok good day, I made a copy to copy it. Before I went to the eye, I made it to get to my father? So he can go to the fbi, whether I also made a copy to give to a close friend of mine who should The thing happened to me: she had explicit instructions to hand deliver this to the one person that was in the ukraine during the summer. At twenty nineteen looking up the same information and I was in possession of and I was really giuliani, and this is a decision. I moved back in early october, twenty nineteen, so tight passes almost a year goes by and it turns out that that would be the same drive that I would mail to Rudy giuliani. I am in possession of my father's copy, which predates routine. So, if there's any question out there of any data, that's been erroneous lie or malicious
we added to any copies at her out there. We have a copy that predates route movies, that we can always comparative. Definitely offered that as options to anybody who were questions, the integrity of the day The media says that they are, you know their yeah, we we realize now wasn't a russian operative russian operative and russian up. However, there Making this about the sun, not the father, this is clearly about the father. Don't you think that was my concern? I mean concerns I had for national secure, weren't about hunter. I mean sure that was like wow, this guy's getting incredibly reckless with this technology. I wouldn't be surprised that the russians had a copy of his laptop or the chinese have copied a laptop so yeah. There was that level of one hundred based national security
but to see how blue star strategies was on a weekly basis, sending information directly from the white house, not the vice president's office, but the white house all policies towards ukraine. Anything I had to do with ukraine, including the vice presidents travel schedule, which should be a state secret, using sent in the open not secured to try that ukrainian citizens that were running the natural gas company that employed the vice presidents. That was a concern of mine because it stuff that you shouldn't send out in the open and you shouldn't send somebody off going to financially benefit your offspring and now that we are involved in war. I I question everything that is going on. I can't thank you enough, John. In his there. Is there a way for people to help? I know that there is a give send go
because you are under tremendous financial pressure- and I think you can just go to gifts and go build back mac isaac. I s a a c, and that was that the best way to people help you. You know what kirsten I do. I never wanted to. It also my actions during this entire progress, even even when it came to bailey, to copy the driver rudy duly on his office. I'd like you to take the credit card because I did not want. I seen how money to pervert noble effort you. I did not want to fall into that trap and I still was kind of reluctant to go with in the form of fundraising, because again I bathed my bed all day in it. I know right right, right or two people to foot the bill. My friend convinced me miranda divine, didn't forty that by my
Any money that I plan to achieve through my book will probably take a while to get there. So I needed to do something or I'm not going to survive. Okay and we need. I need to survive this, so I can continue to fight because my friends set up my gifts and go for me an ungrateful. Actually I I do want to say how I am completely astounded by the support that I've received not just monetarily prayers and just general support from all walks of life and all corners of this country lad? And I can- and I can tell you, I that supports giving me the strength to make it this far, because it got pretty dark like a year or so ago, and you know I just if it wasn't for the the the support from the american people. I wouldn't have the strength to continue this fight I know how big, despite an aside, I gotta go back and against the network break I'd love to have you on again give send go, build back, mack Isaac back in a minute. Let me tell you about that:
tell you quickly about real estate agents, I trust dotcom real estate agents. If you're looking to buy or sell a house right now. It can be dicey. You could be viewed getting too little for your house and then paying too much for the next house. You need somebody with real experience, we'll find them people in your area, for you all you have to do, is go to relay, State agents, I trust, dotcom, real estate agents. I trust dot. Com, free service to you real estate agents. I trust dotcom. The Glen back programme. Hey! I really want you to go to give send go. If you can build back mack isaac. It is no important. This guy lost his entire life He had a very successful business. He had it
shut his business down. He had to move away from his lifelong community. This is this: is it add episode this guy fought back. help him get back, give send go bill back, mack Isaac, I asked a sea, This is the line back programme we have, yet another. I think, ro, a guy guy being a heroic is just now standing up and saying what is true and we are seeing more and more people do that and more and more people are starting to win and law suits in everything else times are changing in their changing quickly. We have the former. After of data science at the top thomson, reuters labs, He was fired by thompson reuters because he came out and said
hey, you know, there's some things going on, but the company and on black lives. Matter- and I just want you to know- I'm a number of sky- and this all based on a lie and he was fired he's these five. Back now here, pursuing legal remedies over his firing, and I wish him all the best he's gonna beyond with us here in just a second standby, the
when you are about to. Here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program hello, america last night was the primary and some results oriented in Mccormick. and oz, babet oz, Actually tied still in a pencil in that sense, race looks like Cathy bernard
going come in a somewhat different third yeah, unwanted well, but she's not. I went and the reason why, in one of the districts, the most contested district, They had problems with the ballots. Vienna, there's some rounders do have also brands is lost in idaho to the incumbent MIKE simpson, which sucks that totally safe guy wants to remove for dams, snake river, and isn't cough. Catherine, north carolina apparently is naked. Ending on another man in bed was a little much for people, can I tell you something? I actually believe him do you. I actually leave him. I want a now that he's out exalt, I want John. I want you to name names. I would like to know that would be fought it's not very rarely, let's go, let's get it out so that those are the quick results here more on that in just the second step,
by the way to share a story about another hero, and all you have to do to be a hero. Now is just stand up and tell the truth, because the most aren't willing to do that today, a share somebody with you in just the same infirmity about the tunnel twins books last hour. I was talking about schools and what's happening in our schools, is a new mare. What is happening. You gotta get your kids out of schools. Why can't teach them You know I wish I would have known about the tuttle twins when my kids were young enough. The tuttle twins books are fantastic. Are you familiar with these pat? They do not. They are so good, and this is the tuttle twins and their spectacular show business book, and it's basically a business book, but because its four key, kids lay there were they want to start a theatre, they want to start their own theater and do you Plays and everything else, so this
actually teaches kids how the but system works and it's real. the entertaining it's good. You would think that it would be a boar fast, but it's not it's really good. Your kids are gonna know more than anybody Annie, but most adults on how to start a business I want you to get this book for free or reduce bay for shipping. Just go to Tuttle twins back dot com. It's the cost of shipping for there for the book, tuttle twins and their spectacular show business. These are muster. books in every home? It's old twins, back dotcom tunnel twins back dotcom, so how would you feel if you wrote this, I the black lives matter. Movement arose out of a passionate desire to protect black people from racism and move our whole society towards healing from a legacy of centuries of brutal oppression, unfortunately
over the past few years I have grown more and more concerned about the damage that the movement is doing to many low income, black communities- I have thirdly, followed the research on the movement and its impact, which have led me to the conclusion The claim at the heart of the movement that police are more readily shooting black people is false. The likely responsible for thousands of black people being murdered in the most disadvantaged communities in our country. Over the line, A few years, I've seen the support for be a lamb grow within our own company. Does. Is it internal thing, sir of the hub shows dozens of messages, imports of posts in support of b, a lamb, including entire series of official thompson, reuters events support be a lamb and organised in cooperation with be allow more organizers. A similar search of reuters news shows extensive
positive is an uncritical news coverage of the alleged movement. Unfortunately, in both our internal discussion and external coverage, there seems to be a near absolute fail you're, too, examined the scholarly research coming out of the most respected institutions in our country. Ok, so you write that its very reasonable. It's not bomb throwing and you're fired for it, Now I want to know if I want to introduce you to somebody who was fired for he wrote this. His name is zack, craig men here, the former director of data science at the thomson reuters labs, I wanna make a couple of things really really clear here He was in the applied research division, which is the business information services company and he was, I believe, working on things like machine learning, etc, but he's a numbers guy. He has nothing,
to do with the reuters news agency. That's another division solely. He didn't. editorial position or any anything like it. He just pull Did this on the company website cause he was talking internally. Look. These things are wrong. He was fired He is on with this now zack hi. How are you Glenn things going thanks for on. You bet I have watched your story now for a while in amazement, because this was not a bomb throwing article. Why did you write it yeah. I really road it because I like exactly what you just described from my article I was concerned about one: how radically are are reporting with their burden. From the actual facts and the new you know, as does as b
sort of uncovered in academia and leave top research institute in and to how that was contributing to this wave. Violent crime, including the murders of thousands of black people, and I didn't feel ethically, that I could Can you working at the company when we were spreading these falsehood that we're having such a devastating impact on so many people oh yeah, in you're, in european research data, research, I imagine, is part of what you do. Yeah, So did anyone, I know if somebody in my company who I knew was good with data was being published. Something at You know blaze internal and said you know what Glenn talking about he has the numbers wrong. First of all, I would view no be like why didn't you just come to me, but if they
couldn't get to me or whatever. I would at least reach out to them and go ok. Can you take me through this? What numbers of your seeing what is Louise certainly wouldn't fire. You I mean unless you had a deep agenda being open and a new where's were wrong anyone come to you at all in the organization and say, walk me through this. No one No one could any of that. They entered the editor bathing. I, like you said this is a new company, one of the biggest new companies in the entire world, so you'd expect that they will be interested in act what sort of having a at least an internal discussion, to make sure that they were reporting a truth instead of falsehood, and yet no one came and said, let you know walk me through it. In fact, there was substantive criticism of my article whatsoever or my post whatsoever, so
the other thing is, is not you're, just you're a news organization. Again, you didn't work for the news organization. Did the new organizations, sea or opposed was the question: did the news organization see your post? Could they have senior premier? I assume I assume they have, but I mean I posted to throw the hub. Is the company wide internal? for a platform for collaboration and having these wide ranging discussions, including work issues and other social issues like this. There is a lot of black live matters that programming the news, room, and writers. You know, uses the habit well and they would pose things all the time
and you know I have, and I worked with the newsroom on a number of projects- um and uh. So you know it I do. Is this? The my post was available to the entire company to sort of spark this discussion. So when did you know you were in trouble, yeah? Well as soon as I finish, I posted there. Basically, it made me the target of this barrage of intently hateful personal attacks, but also highly realized attack. There were, I knew I was told that I had at the white person. They had no place criticising the black like the matter movement, ironically by almost all white people who were things. They said that they were embarrassed and ashamed of me.
If doing so, they told me that my summary of the academic literature was white, explaining as if only white people are interested in facts and statistics are sort of a shockingly racist thing say they. You know they called me a troll and confused and laughable that I wasn't even worth attempting to have an intelligent conversation with they even compared me to a sympathizer for the ku klux klan I'm So I you know, I knew things were bad and at that point, but I'm you know, and- and I think it just goes to show how emboldened I'm the black lives matter. Supporters were that they felt you know totally free to go on the attack like that, and it really sort of highlights how sort of how sort of a pervasive this sort of racial ideology has become within the company itself?.
So then I assume boss came to you yeah, so my idiot supervisor called me aside and said: look, I'm! I was very surprised that you, you know you you you posted coming. I caution. let me now and I think we all know I haven't. I could really harm europe, investing in the company, I think of all, are you know, make it harder for the work. To be honest, make it harder for you to sort of like continue. You know, growing at the leader within a company, and then one age. Are you know what they posted in hr thought the kind of racial eyes, the bullying that was directed at me. They ended up covering the whole article centering, it the kind of criticism at all of the black lives matter and just shutting the conversation down entirely um, and then they actually called me to tell me
If I complained about the sort of racial eyes bullying on any company patient channel that they would fire me and then that's exactly what they did Did you complain on any other company channels? Oh yeah, for me that I might have told me that I was like always smokes but not only are we reporting these falsehood that are getting thousands of black people murdered or elite contributing to but now, if you are not even allowed to talk about the back behind a pool about police buyer with an internally the organisation that me that you're gonna be impossible for us to ever correct the falsehood, because the first step you have to be able to have conversation to realise right. So I was like well, you know each hour told me that they would fire me. But surely you know senior.
Leadership if I make them aware of this, and you know who knows when there is a large company law, they're, not the aware of all these in personnel issues in rotation going on, but I make them aware of that. Surely will frighten leading. I believe there is a chance that they would. Rather, so I sent an email at the senior leadership and to my colleagues are basically describing had happened, describing the racial I've bullying describing how it had shut down a conversation about the facts, violence and how I reporting was inconsistent with the facts and then that's when they fired me. Zack in the midst of all this. Did you ever suggests to anybody that they go to the beach Elam website and actually read? Would what black lives matter organization was all about her was it was. All their for anybody to to read. You know. The yeah tight traditional western family
The marxism, the support for everybody, but the black community did you? Did you ever see, guess maybe look at what thereabout, yeah amazing- because I sure that much of the company has been to the black eyed matter with. I mean you can see, support for black lives matter expressed from topics It have all the way down the chain extensively on the hub, hundreds of posts celebrating black lives matter and- and I did linked to their actual website- because they make some really outrageous claims about how police are basically in doubt an exterminating black people almost like some kind of right genocide or something yeah genocide yeah exactly or is a king I'll. Just hang on just a second. I've got a couple of work questions for you, including on this. You
While you worked, you know as a director of data science and not for The news division, this. Company runs a news company and you know: Reuters has been a semi trusted name for a long time, and who do you trust now? we'll come back and just a second first deeps ring cleaning, do wonders for your home, but when you really want to take things to the next level and really spruce up the house and not break the budget lines, I'd blinds com has both the expertise and the vast selection necessary to help you find the perfect window. Treatments for your own by the time their done with you. It's gonna look like you're in higher house had an extreme make over. They are both in or an outdoor product. So your deck and patio can look as amazing as the interior of your house and make the whole process as easier than ever. Just gettin act. ass, to export design, consultants for free and
installation one low cost, no matter how many things your order: shop, blind, I come now to save up to forty percent site wide its blinds dot com for percent off site wide right now, rules and restrictions may apply blinds dotcom, ten seconds station. I d. So did this shake you on broilers. I would assume that you are working with the news debarment and you felt you know. at times when you were working with them, their reasonable people etc. Did this shake your belief that you trust news. Well. I think my evolution goes back a little further, though I grew up in a extremely blue household and extremely
Blue city and extremely boys date bought Massachusetts right, so you know I was a deep within a blue bubble. With most of my life and over the last sort of I dunno five to ten years, I've been sort of a and b programming myself and others by my they're all over the map church and I think part of what allows me to even be following the research and be curious about this issue. To begin with is that I wasn't so locked within that kind of blew me Above all anymore, it's actually follow a funny thing one of the things that got bigger. going on I ruined when a donald trump with elected I kept reading in all my new sources about how he would bring that the white premises, anti semite into the white house, Steve banning and I'd like you know either. As a liberal, I let you know, I don't know it very much about him.
I read that you know he was the evidence they with anti semite was because he runs the anti semitic website called bright. Bark is like what is this bright, but I've never seen it as a liberal. I ve never bothered like loaded. In a web browser, but I started reading about away discovered, is being other website with conceived by two jews on a trip that is, You know that by your manager and editors, what they want you to believe so jack you have filed a complaint with the mass uses commission again Discrimination. Really the easy and you have to do this to file a lawsuit. Do you x anything to happen with a government agency.
I don't know exactly what to expect. I mean they're. Their conduct was so I'm Lee The letter of the law- I was completely about a racially hostile work, environment. I literally being bullied on a regional basis, about how I wasn't Talk about things and how their regimes, because I was talking about them for the wrong reasons- calling me a good colleagues, clan member purely those are my rate. Could I was talking about. You know how how we were are reporting with hurting black people, though anyways the. Basically. Maybe you know that there is, though, that the highly we gotta you're not allowed to hire people when they complain about away we hope that we can learn from. Instead. There really aren't that many key to that.
Flesh out the legal landscape in this regard and its possible that judges Will they well? You know a dozen. You know those protections don't apply to all, really really interesting up a little bit of her unexplored area of law? According to my lawyer, so um or uh, you know the one area of work, so it will be curious to see what the court say. So the EU can bring it to the supreme court, the the works innovation for you of you having our time, did you have a hard time finding another job after this one? Don't I'm taking some time off, I'm actually in the process of writing a book I'm sort of discussing, how you know the culture we have abandoned our commitment to free speech in the marketplace of ideas on how we ve lost track of what it means to have like an honest dialogue and an honest debate about how you talk about how miracles, can find accurate,
information in an environment which, their media forces are so deeply compromise, but I think you know, as coming from within, thomson, reuters and seeing how a giant media company works on the inside and how was taken over by this new ratio ideology, so glum Give me a bit of a unique vantage point four, when you have that ready I'd love to have you back on again your well thought out- and I love the fact that you're somebody who just your drawing up where you are, because you I just did your own homework and it changed your life. It change your point of view. That's it. That's a sign of an honest and brave person. Zack. Thank you so much craig menaces name, former director of data science, thomson Reuter lapse the Glen back programme,
Are you ready for the other shoe to drop? I but are you leaving mornin for a long time now there soon be massive food shortages hitting grocery stores all over the world? I don't know how bad it's going to get here in america in the next of months. But if we change our energy policies. It's going to get very bad, very bad. alright food doesn't grow without fertilizer, we're having a hard time with fertilizer here in amerika, but other places. It's it's you. It's him possible to grow the collapse of the crops. Africans are going, starve to death in the next twelve to eighteen months. India now is no longer shipping food overseas. Everybody started to say: keep it here, keep it here, keep it here. I want you to go to prepare with Glenn you'll, be able to save a hundred and fifty dollars on a three month- emergency food, kid it's from my
patriots, apply their tremendous. Everybody in your family should have this go to prepare we glenn dot com, while these kids last and they do ship fast now, so please go to prepare with Glenn dotcom. That's prepare, we glenn dot com and don't forget, I too, at nine p m the Glen back special by his crime family? the left. Wing media has been working overtime this week to paint all republicans as subscribers to replacement theory honestly, I don't know If I ever heard of reply, isn't there a christian kind of fringy, theological replacement very where it's like. Jews on juice anymore, where the Jews, where the
The chosen people s like now now, I'm sorry, no However, I don't think ever heard it as a as a plot to take over america by breeding unless you're talking about you, know Margaret sanger, where oh that's before I did my homework, my gosh white people and especially republican white people you're in trouble you're in trouble. First of all in trouble, because you know they're gonna be people their colours that eventually rule the world yeah yeah How do you like them? Apples, panic right, you're replaced so no serious conservative that I know conservative that I know believes in replacement theory me:
we're generally, not sitting around in the dark smoke filled star chamber talking about how to solve if replacement theory. Maybe it's just me: I'm attending all the wrong star chamber meetings pretty sure. I am a missed any. I think more. Conservative, leaning, americans may have never even heard of replacement every until the media, now. This shows you, the media is This shows you the intellectuals of our country, their way ahead. There answer for everything immediately. Have you noticed that this? It was replacement theory in keep stand around gone way. What what is What's non binary me. What gay? The internet all kinds of new ideas and everything and there like YAP republican,
They ve been talking about replacement theory, free and you're. Like I don't even okay. Well, then, I did my homework and I about to blow the lid off of the republicans in our political and cultural debate. The background of replacement theory and I'm not making excuses for it. But the background is more. Complicated, then The media is meg. Racist report the kids are spreading replacement theory. Crew its racist mass shooters, so it does exist. Again, I'm not making excuses for ports more complex than that way of the most prominent spread errors of reply. Psmith theory panic. was a: u s senator!
in nineteen. Forty seven, he wrote a book supper nation or mongrel alsatian- take your choice, not No, if you ve read that one yet I'm not as MR I'm not off on my mom realisation books, but I'll look for it. Ok, his name, probably never heard of it. His name is Theodore g Bilbo. He was a senator. He spent two terms as a governor. He was a political icon at the time republic. There was statue of this does not mean I would be careful. There was a statue of this guy? So how do we not know of this guy. He was indeed paranoid. He was paranoid, because the growing population of black americans a serious threat to the white civilization and if I may quote because their call assay classy quotes from this guy.
Civilization of the ages have been produced by the cut asian race end quote: black people. Moved in and destroyed our societies like ancient egypt, creating a mongrel race. Thus the title of the book. I think that's the that's the classic that nobody was singing bank in the forties, the mongrel. Not only lacks the ability to create civilization, but he cannot maintain a culture that is fine around him he also said quote, convince beyond every reasonable doubt that our race is in jeopardy and at the present rate of her. Breeding an intermarriage between and work and the whites in nine generations, which is only three hundred years. There will be no whites left in three hundred years. Panic, everybody
He also said I'd rather see my race and my civilization blotted out with the atomic bomb. Then he had slowly but surely destroyed in the maelstrom of inner reading inner made the inner marriage and mom girl zation guy. He was a good guy. And when he was when I was running, to keep his seat in nineteen forty six, He said by any means, keep the end words away from the poles and, if you don't know what means you're, just plain dumb end quote. Now. As I said, there is statue of the sky, in a: u s: capital. Guy, not I mean a state, capital, not the? U S, kapital a snake capital. It sitting in the capital where he served as governor in the capital of mississippi and the
the statue of him now sits in storage closet. I believe in the basement of the capital way in the back of the closet and that's why publicans, don't know anything about replacement theory because it has been hidden nobody wants to remember this guy. Nobody wants to remember. Is membership in the plan is horrible. Racist rats in theories is horrible books. I can't speak on the hmong relaxation one. I haven't read that one sound snappy, you already already People they don't want to know this because they already have to explain away mark its sanger or woodrow, Wilson and all of the racist progressives who built that party into what it is today, Modern democratic party died you probably already knew, but I forgot to tell you that Theodore bilbil was a Democrat
As a senator and a democrat as a governor, and I can't blame them, mean, and I can't blame you for not knowing it because progressives have this history of tearing down statues of people there. want to erase can see why they took towards this man. Statue down they should a rate except you know what I was thinking about this when I was when I was looking, Does sender bill bows record last night, I thought to myself. You know. I happen to believe that you never learn from history. If you erase history, you know like we would have known what the you know what the he'll fear of of replacement theory really was about gnats mongrel realization. Had we see that statue and said who the hell is that guy oh. I know it's in a closet. It probably hasn't been seen in years, but I am.
On good authority I do have that they still have it in the basement of the capital, and I Would like to ask the governor of mississippi. In fact, I think I'm gonna try to call him today or tomorrow. I'm gonna ask him if they, still have that if they will donate that to our american journey museum. I'll, put it right next to the EU. better raiment foundation from California with the better from the nazi saying, hey with what you got, I taught us about eugenics, you certainly stirred into action a country of sixty million people that can't wait to put your ideas into practice. I'll put it right now to those guys, the woodrow wilson stuff, where he was re, segregating the military yeah stop. It will just do that. So if the state
mississippi and I'm dead serious. I will bring the truck and the movers if this, state of mississippi would like to go in the basement, with a flashlight and find that statue of senator theo theodore Bilbo. I make sure that p we'll see and understand the evils of replacement theory. And they will also know exactly where party has been that driver of replacement theory as a free service, free service, mississippi, undead serious. Take me up on it back in a minute, You know we recently found the by an administration is taking vet. Friends affairs resources to help us you'll aliens at the southern border? They are taking money from our v hospitals and
transferring that money down to our southern border. My group, father would say that makes me hop in mad. I use a different language now that my grandfather, when I'm off the air it. When I hear things like this, can you please join in support of our veterans, and our first responders the cops they get shot and leave families behind there is a great great charity. It is called. Tunnel to towers tunnel. The number two towers tunnel to towers tee to tee dot? Org that I would like you to go check out yourself. Make sure you agree with everything. I think they are one of the best charities out there. When it comes to supporting our veterans, they are fantastic if there veteran there's somebody who's doesn't come home if there the family that he leaves or she leaves behind. They cover the mortgage, so they, take the family out of collapse, also catastrophically,
injured. They help build mortgage free, smart homes to help them live as normally as possible, and they now just started operation home base, which tunnel to towers is good. Ding, tiny homes to homeless veterans. These people, actually doing something not just talking about it. If you would like to donate eleven dollars a month at tea to tee dot. Org, that's eleven. allows a month at tea to tee dot, org tunnel to towers. Do now. The Glen back programme miss a day, miss alot visit delays, tv die com today, and never miss a moment of truth tonight, a closer look at the growing evidence against the Biden, crime, family and that
exactly what this is in our our government is turning turning into the mob. You know the break your life, You don't agree with them. Men don't go their way. They will put you out a business they're gonna make you offers. Do you can't refuse well It makes sense that we're running our government like a mob now, because this is a crime family that is in charge. We all know that one hundred Biden is a is a seriously deeply ill. Did you hear it deeply ill? I mean if you ve ever touched the laptop. You should get a technician at least, and the salacious stuff on the laptop is sad and pathetic, but There is more than just the stuff about hunter hand. The Biden family the what's most relevant is
stuff about Joe Biden, as vice president What he did and the money he was taking, the things that he did ass he knew the laptop was found. He still went in and was meeting and arranging things four hunter so hunter could bring in the cash for the family. these things happen in ukraine. That should that should take your breath away, that millions of dollars were rooted russia and ukraine right to the vice president's sons, bank account and that money is prove a bully used by Joe Biden there. To set of rules, one
regular citizens and one for the ruling elites, but our nation does not recover. If we don't care about the, russian at the highest level? If we don't correct this, if people don't actually go and and go to jail. We don't recover tonight. Nine o clock the fighting crime family, why hunters secrets are really all about Joe tonight on blue. tv, dotcom, slash, Glenn, make sure. If you have join us. Yet please become a member, we sure would appreciate and we really need your help. You know I was, talking to one of the talent in the hallway the other day, and I said we are the alamo. We will be there asked one standing. That is what we are preparing to do and be so. Please join us
to blaze, tv dot, com, slash Glenn tonight, nine p m. by the way, speaking of crime and crime, families, the Clinton's that crime family has gotten away with things over and over and over again just look at death list. I'll get you remembering all there all the time our I thank you. An fbi Supervisory special agent testified yesterday in the submarine trial that took him in another agent less than a day to ascertain the data and white papers on two thumb drives. Someone gave to the f b. I did not support the trump alpha bank secret connection allegation one day he's a we finished it in the afternoon by the afternoon that is remarkable, that that even got out that the press had been
they kick that around for a long time. Well, there trying to make the case against saucepan for lying to the fbi, because he said, look, I'm not working for any client, I'm not working for anybody. I just trying to be a good citizen. We found this stuff You should look at it. Well, He was working for Hillary Clinton campaign, it was bogus. It was all bogus now. Tromp is suing saucepan and clinton among other dammit That's for malicious allegations! That is twenty. Sixteen campaign colluded with russia. We know that his faults and we know where that came from now. He soon for twenty four million dollars in damages the he deserves every time of that for what his family was put through and the way he was treated
He deserves much more than that myself, but you know whatever. However, this is What about donald trump? This isn't about Hillary Clinton. this is about us, are we We to accept crimes like these. That was I personally think, that's treason, you excuse the pun, trumped up and meda sing to try to get the president to be removed from office. That's treasonous, Glenn back programme we're just at the pennsylvania race, between oz and Mccormick. Eight hundred thousand votes is what five hundred votes yeah right around their thirty three point: three to thirty three point: one may ass? No thirty one. Forty one point three to thirty one wait. One right, I'm one
if this audience had anything to do with how close it is. We had him all we had Mccormick on yesterday and You got no idea. He was very good and if I were living in pennsylvania, I probably would have been waiting for barnett, but if I heard yes, lays interview. I might have said you now. Flirt with him was, you know, and the other thing I don't know who was is never met the man never talk to him. and I have said, it's donald trump, since I was so wrong on donald trump. I'm really I'm lord. What ever you want you just please. This do your will and let them whoever they are because he avi
sleep can use, any one when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, The program
hello America. Welcome to the Glen back programme. There is a real threat to our national sovereignty. It is happening next week made twenty second through the twenty eight that starts sunday right, the world health assembly w h, we all know how bad and now corrupt the w h o is. We learned it in covert right We are now going to switzerland with every country except for taiwan. because you're, not really a country. China is gonna, be representing them. I'm not kidding you. There, have been dis invited. I wish with this invite us There is a new treaty that sorry it's an old treaty, but it is being updated and if these updates happened,
it doesn't matter congress in the senate. They don't have to have a two thirds vote too. Ratify this to already Something wherein this is just dated rules and it destroys our national sovereignty. I will show it to you in sixty seconds you playing a hundred bucks for cell phone itself. A plan with one of the big boys I get news, not only you overpaying, but you're, probably also helping fund leftist causes. I don't I have to have the people from patriot mobile on separate from commercial sometime I am so impressed with these people on what they do and die hard belief that they have in our nation. These guys are warriors and they are out, they were some of the first activists that we're out C r t were from pay
free, mobile and funded by patriot mobile. That's what they do so somebody who's fighting on our side, patriot, mobiles, Calm switch today. What he? Why? Why? Why would you stay with companies that are giving money too? all of these organizations that are fighting against the? Why would you give money to a group of people who don't really like you? They tolerate you and you're cute little opinion do business with people who want to do business with you and have a great business. You'll save a lot of money. He had the same self service and many who fights with you. It's patriot mobile calm, slash back patriot mode, god, com, slash back, switch today, nines. When two patriots are right. I want to bring in Daniel horowitz because Daniel you have, you have done a lot of work on this and you ve been started this years ago, but
You really have boiled this down to what's happening next week, Daniel whats writer fora, the blaze and conservative review Daniel tell me what's happening here, oh great, be back with you now face, wars have been having our national sovereignty abrogated, it's really out bodily sovereignty tv we have international trees, would affect the sovereignty of our nation. This will affect our body because the wheel to turn in the minds of those behind this entire kobe, the regime, the great red that over the last year, while the people are really acquiescing to this pretty easily. But they were a little bit perturbed that you did it sweden. Yet Florida you had some areas doing their own thing, so their goal is to create a pandemic treaty that will think or knives and consolidate the can
all under these global authorities, where they could basically lock you down. They can force a you know. Therapeutics on youth, a you know, you're a public health threat. This is what you need to do, we're going to declare your region, like health emergency, and we can do anything we want. Now they were working on and for a while, and I was always wondering where the Biden administration was because you know the deported, they were awfully quiet. Well, it turns out that they quietly submitted amendments to the two thousand and five international health regulations in january no press conference. No, ah relief on the white house that gov website ninety sent them are white house, sent them yet defended and he could see the strike area and basically, every that the upshot of this is it takes away the determination of the day, the w h secretary general shall instead of nay do this to take
took out all the consultation requirements with the state, but we didn't even know about this until a few weeks ago and there- to submitted at this conference and, like you said, the reason there doing this is because biting knows he doesn't have fifty seven both for a treaty feel, like everything, they do rather than a treaty a law really everything they did throughout kobe. You just do it executive, We were making enron around it, so they're gonna have a de facto treaty without call calling it that and that's the way they play getting this path and look biting claims to of the port of canada in most of europe, this is this put they w h, o in charge of really knee kind of pain, I make any kind of dramatic, then, to anywhere in the world there call
the shots, not our local or our national people, but the w h, o correct well in plain english, china- and I think I think you can discuss this w h, o effort in a vacuum without noticing. Last week, the button administration held it when he called a global covert summit and the sun. The formation of everything that was said on that doom get together was essentially varies. A worse pandemic coming in the fall winter now how they would know that it kind of interesting, but I think we should take them seriously that they might and whose something that you and I don't and the to be in the indicating that yeah, you know what maybe coven wasn't quite that bad, but this is going to be really bad now think about how a wu han gas lit the world expand in the way they did, and now you have a whole new level of shanghai and the now
the thing that could have been even worse pandemic that perhaps should engine or a need for an even more severe locked down like we're thing in shame. hi. Are they saying that that is coming to trying to accomplish these in that's coming next winter bit coming fall? Winder, yes, cause there's the you know this treaty the changes kick in in november in other kickin right away. You have to wait until next fall all right around election time when they kick in so the way a glad. The way I understand it is that, under the current rules, a party could, within their supported the actor, could within the support for the regulations within eighteen months, so the amendments would shrunk, Kate, that period to six months, which, as you know, is designed to basically correlate with the lame duck.
session of congo, while we're, maybe maybe all be after the election, but before the new congress is sworn in How bad on a scale of one to ten, because everything is on fire right now. It seems like an now you can only pay attention to so much scale. under ten, ten being holy cow, constitution is on fire, we're all gonna die. Look, it's a mountain ahead of us pull up and one being where is this you Glenn? I would say that we we're headed is is a fifteen or something? Imagine then again, I'm not saying it's the w h o provisions in a vacuum. It's why, as represents, and what they're trying to accomplish yes, a lot of people are under the false impression that it's over with covert
her with the the down there over with we're? Never going back to that. If you understand the background behind this, which a lot of it, we still don't have all the information, but we have our suspicions being done with this. The they're not- and I think you know, if you put yourself in their shoes, they were pretty successful, I mean they walked in without firing sought It did not have much opposition, you look even at a lot of the red feeds and, and they they fell for a lot of this. To this day, I'm I mean the sta announced they're they're, approving a third shot and not just approving but marketing. Getting a third shot to five to eleven year olds made me the red state that has stood up and said we're not doing this. I think florida recommends against it, but I I don't see too many republicans speaking out, so I don't think we have undone this. We have not immune.
is there felt, ah through stay constitutional amendments than other efforts from its happening ever again? So in the past, the reason why I think the fifteen in the past is like, they are going to tax us. They're gonna regulate us they're, going to take away our national sovereignty vs. The quite literally view us as lab rats in their new global design. yes, and I think there is no limit to what they plan on doing it is so frightening because you know they they all love the chief adviser to Klaus schwab, it is a yuval Noah Harari and if anybody knows who he is. He is a favorite futurists of ever body on the left. They love this guy. and he said you know, globalists elites are gonna use crisis to bring about world government, but he says it in a good way. He's like look, it's gonna, be crisis and you know we can program
bull- and you know he is. He is terrifying, terrifying the things that he believes that would be put into our bodies? and it's not, ass, the w h Joe, you know you the what The other other one that is the biodiversity, the the global treaty on biodiversity. That is also taking all kinds of of powers from states, global biodiversity framework is what they were? Is what they're talking about and this one is going to be me. Another gonna have a convention on this and this one we'll all be about love, and use it will have huge implications on food production, farming, property rights, all of it all of it, and I believe it will cause
What now saw in oh, the nineteen sixties, late. Nineteen fifties just massive starvation is right. Bad because our pudding, this thing in to these global treaties and who's going to enforce them. Do you think our military will enforce things like this, or will each egg to send troops here. You know Glenn. This guy is below it I told couple years ago I would have left the thought I would have left off. The comment of Klaus schwab, the other some crazy out there, but you know they don't. I the power, but I think that it has two years. We need to take this very seriously because they did succeed. I I can't remember the name of the survivor of the cambodia. The killing fields did an interview on the after times a couple of days ago, and he noted that the way communism took root is the same. Guy could be the arsonist and the firefighter and that's what they seem to do. These seem to in catalyzing events,
as with the pandemic. I mean it clearly was not natural who and exactly what did it we're still finding out but while the natural wasn't a one. In a hundred. Your natural event, so, in other words nothing stopping a new, are obtained ethnic from coming in. you have all the supply chain shortages, the sudden issues with the baby formula, Elaine youth issues, you mention bill gates and the chinese. buying up american lane. All of this is tightening nuth around us on the vital things we need to survive and then you throw into the mix. in nickel war on treating cove iD, which you would think if you're a big covert, hawk you'd, be the man you gotta, treat. That thing know who are against it and to this day they're against treating it that all paints a very concerning picture, and I think
You know I I speak to a lot of republicans and state legislators. They tell me a lotta. Their leadership wants to move on from this, but I think you need states to preemptively pass resolutions that these things are unenforceable. We're not going to do them. We're going to pass a constitutional amendment. Codifying a you know: rights to life, liberty and property. in a time of public health, an emergency. You know, the crazy thing is Daniel. Is that you, you can't get states? to really understand yes, g, which the bay we are now going to states and saying your state is gonna fall under s g rules for loans from us, and they still Don't really understand the threat when you start to king about you know, one global government from the w h, o every He's gonna laugh that off and- and I honestly believe that part of the deal- I mean they have made. Spirits see theory,
into you know hey. Did you hear that coke is on sale at the store Conspiracy, theorist, I mean everything is a conspiracy theory. Now everything it that way, but you know what I'm gonna take them at their word. This time I didnt pay attention. Last decade a wretched Secondly, we ve been going back in thing. Oh my gosh, they ve been warning with thirty june there going to be a pandemic under the trump administration,
I think this thing how they knew that, while this time I've gotta take them seriously bill gates of came out with it with his new book on at a defeat the next pandemic. So you know, when you have the arsonists is the firefighters. We definitely need to pay attention, we need to get out of it and you mention the banks, and I think one of the biggest threats that we need to understand is that a lot of concerted have this reagan: Aramis, thou job out the private sector or the private sector, with a bulwark against journey when it was distinguished and separate from the government, exactly wrote now that it's actually become one entity, it's it's worse than pure traditional communism, because I can't, out the head, the fighter and the head to the bank and in any case campaign against them, and you don't go to legislative hearings been exposed, then the they're all behind the the wall. So you know all these red states were somebody
These are publicly that they well well we're reluctant to fighting this budding fascism, because I don't like telling the private sector what to do. when their only doing it at the behest of the federal government, you have an obligation of the state to interpose on behalf of the liberty of the people, I want to give you something from the: u n biodiversity framework council being old, as the next paris club climate agreement, except it will focus on biodiversity, land use, not climate changes. Huge implications on food production, farming property rights also carries with it. The potential mass starvation, loss of human life and a scale we have not seen genes and large businesses recently met in geneva to continue to work on the global biodiversity framework. The hope is it'll be proved and signed by countries later this year in china. and, according to the world economic forum, the meeting in geneva was the first time at the united nations convention on biological diversity meeting that leading Businesses turned out in force according to the
world economic forum unit ever g. They don't make anything. Do they city nay tour and company h and m group, walmart, I key unnecessarily Also the international chamber of commerce, the world business counts on sustainable development more than eleven hundred companies with revenues of more than five trillion dollars that have signed on to this. This is, extraordinarily dangerous. You you! Daniel is right everything, has to happen at the state level. Everything please please. If you are of a state official, wherever you are hearing my voice, please You do not take my word for it read about it. Yourself this is a coordinated thing all being driven to the end of capitalism,
end of sovereignty, individual sovereignty, your sovereignty of your body, the american Dream is over in less These things are fought and Taken seriously, you can start with my book the great he sat it's available wherever books are found? What was the name of your book came out a few years ago, Daniel that talked about this, though, in sovereign, listen. I have stolen sovereignty, get that by day, horowitz Daniel. Thank you so much you are obviously you're gonna be paying attention next week to w h. Oh just keep us in for what's going on, www absolutely will be vigil. Then, thank you for having me. God love you back up! Less can financing Annabel us one, eight, two, three, four w w w dot animal less consumer access, dot org.
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station, I didn't It is, I mean, is there any doubt in your mind, path that we are dealing with people who are so radical who despise the united its of amerika and freedom. No then they have, they have power. nerd with corporations foreign and run around our constitution, and they really the number of people that would die with their experiment, doesn't bother them not at all that's one of the reasons I you know the only The only adjective you can come up with various is evil evil their evil right and we ve tried to avoid that word.
Because it's you know it's kind of incendiary kind of, but but that is the only I ask James lindsey lies yeah. James Lindsey is a guy who you know he was an atheist. You and I Look, I don't you don't use a language, but the only word I can find- and he said evil when I said yeah it is, it is dead and this is a death called an absolute death cult, aright, you tonight at nine p m blaze tv, the special biden crying family. You don't want to miss that are signalling back, the six weeks in a row. Now the Tao is dropped. The thing not being inflated. Is your bank account your return, and savings the value of your hard earned dollars. Is anybody I feel like me right now, just like I just I just want the money I have. I just want to keep the money I have I don't know where to put it and have it safe. Well, there is some place that you can go,
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right now add glens new book dot com This is the global programme. There is some breaking news: Just after three weeks after its announcement, the descent from sean governance board is being paused and an interim depart ds day it s working groups. will focus on this information and they have been suspended Nina jack awaits is now considering leaving. This is coming from the wild onto dark, Jane washington, post while now there's a couple of things, I didn't think this was passed well, but it landed, lasted longer than cnn. Plus I.
anyway, the thee age, sport. Now here's. Why say I don't believe it. I do believe that it is shutting down, but I don't believe that. Let me tell you a story: the doctors, not the nazis, the doctors in the children's hospitals were the ones that came up with euthanize ing a whole bunch of people and they just decide that it was the best thing for the families and they lied to families. they say. Oh you know yours our daughter, who had been in a home got a really bad cold and died ass. We could eighty per cent of everybody's, getting this weirdly bad cold and they said. Parents all started talking amongst themselves, and it was found out that they were you
than icing undesirables and they were doing it in the hospitals. It was the tea for programme. Well, hitler found out about it and he was outraged. He could not leave that. You will do that. Really, then people of germany we have. We have more better than were better that were better than that and we we can't allow these things tat happen without parental permission in the first place, but then just killing innocent babies. It's just wrong and it's not gonna happen, not gonna happen. Under my watch Michael, phones go off any says: ok docks just it in another part of the hospital and hide it continue, so that went on Now, I'm not comparing these two. Obviously me, if I was gonna, come I would say that it was you,
The ministry of information the nazis anyway, I dont believe, that they are going to walk away from that kind of power. How else are we going to do it? That's what every should be asking themselves right now. What is the other what's the other way there going to be able to do exactly the same thing not announce it this time, the right, but I'm afraid that's, probably exactly what they're doing Of course it is. Have you ever known them to stop, know now or improve or improve. Really. No, we just want liberty for american people. That's all we want ya, know no, not you yeah! You know. The other thing that is really really bothering me is our country will do biz
this with the worst dictators and criminals thugs terrorists will we'll just send a pallet full of money over to a ran. We'll do any deal with iran, but you know You know I really in negotiate with the oil companies have what so we are financing forty or a gallon gasoline first time ever national price for dollars of gallon of gasoline. If we don't see of this soon we're going to be looking at six eight and ten dollar, a gallon gasoline, which is paid for five bucks, a gallon for what I have to get for my car, one hundred and four dollars to develop. it's a four door, sedan hundred hundred and four dollars. This is going to affect the price of food. The price of your clothing. Remember all of this stuff
is used due diesel is used to power. Our trains are ships are airplanes our trucks, all of it. weeks ago, before this last big hit, it truckers were paying twenty four cents, a mile, more in just fuel charges. That's gonna hit of us in and what does Biden do he doesn't allow any leases on land that were supposed to go up for auction last week. He can the auction and instead goes to, venezuela and he eggs a deal with the dictator in Venezuela, so we by their oil the hell is wrong with us. This is so clearly who dismantle america because Wasn't if you said no, you know what I tell you. This is about global warming. You know
and we care about people and disenfranchise people and and people who are being kept down you would say okay, which there saying ok, but We need oil for the time being What are they do? They violet A first principle and go to, people who are pressing and killing people to buy the oil instead going to our oil companies that are not a pressing and killing people and say you know what this is a short term deal until we get is turned around. We're putting things on pause. You go do what you need to do but understand that is temporary they're, not even it tempting that then they'll say Well, that's cause the big oil gas. Are you kidding me? Look what you already done to these big oil companies. You only have- do this to exxon and everybody else falls in line all you have to do,
who is just take your thirty percent of shares, black rock and say yeah. We're gonna point to environmentalist on your board then you go to shell and you say: oh you're, not gonna play ball, hey. Did you see those two new board members? We just voted on a four exxon, oh You suddenly wanna play ball. Ok, ok, good! What did they do to mcdonald's to together? them to go along when russia remember russia. Donalds was one of them said when I wanted to stay open. Yet we want to steal, but we don't want to close down. We have billions of dollars well donalds just announced yesterday that they have spend all of its operations. They did that in early march, and Companies say we now will sell the entire portfolio of russian businesses to a local. Buyer now.
who has the money to buy them, make dot the entire mcdonald's frank. You don't think it's like a rich oligarch dairies over seven hundred in russia. Yes, sir, oh yeah, it's gonna take more than a seller. Fifty two by here, so I'm guessing it's going to be some dirty guy that is buying now the mcdonald's and make them goods sold it really against their, Will they closed down and realized we're screwed? Because Putin said we care about your trade marks. We know we oh you're special sauce recipe, and we know how to make em. In fact, we have breathing here to make it so we're just an open them up anyway, now there are having to sell it. This is I'm, I'm telling you investments, you thought to investments, didn't mean anything when the stock market was going up. You know you don't have to pick stocks. You just have to know what the feds going to invest in and that's what was happening. You
What were the fed was investing in and the stock market went up now. The stock market pulling is is tanking because the fed is saying we're pulling our money out of it. So now you're seeing a more real stock market. I emphasise more real, not a real stock market, but that's why That's going down whole hell, you're, now crippling american businesses, crippling them. And you're only to make things worse without fuel, and you will never be able to convince me- I mean unless you me with like water boarding. Then I am on your side pat that made me say all these things, you'll never Convince me that this regime right word for it doesn't want to destroy america. They do and they ve got allies in in the highest places of the corporate world. Yes,
Larry think from sea for the ceo of blackrock, who says you have to force behaviors and that's it exactly what they're doing what they did with mcdonald yeah, they forced them to investors all learn stores across, and that's what we're talking about with the w H. Oh, they are giving Biden, administration changing the language in The treaty that doesn't have to through the senate now and the double. Way Joe we'll have the ability to pose things on us with out congress or without presidential approval, what they're doing with a sustainable earth initiative. The. U n will be able to say no, that's our territory this. This is really really not I'd love to see the by Menstruation have a change of heart and act,
we do something. That's good for america. I can't imagine that they will in you can Well, they just cancel that vienna ministry of truth did they did they because I bet you in six months we'll come back around this door marketing your calendar, we gonna come around to the story and say oh remember when they cancel that yeah they just shift everything under this. umbrella to hide it. kim rodion about our experience with really factor. I been taken relief factor for a month now she writes spin article. But my back pain is gone. When I first heard of but I thought who would ever fall for that price? now I'm a full fledged believer this product is a miracle for me. Thank you, so relief factor. When what about me can I mean? Was I just.
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at glen back to the welcome to the Glen back program. You know, I always lead with my my mistake and so I'm doing this last five minutes. Yesterday I spoke in in person I sleep about MIKE simpson, really. You did seem you're pretty adamant about it that you didn't like the guy that he was not the right. One for the John doe might mighty I'll should vote for brain Psmith yeah, but but MIKE mike simpson I mean my opinions- are evolving tyrant who, while it is just an artist level, inarticulate way of say you know, Michael
it mike is the guy ha and it's really weird, because you seemed really resolute, you're Brian, for what's his name. I done wrong Brian Smith yeah. That was a. I deeply regret. The hurt that I have caused my family and my wife, your family and your wife been hurt by what you said about MIKE simpson when MIKE, when MIKE simply turns the water off at my farm. Yeah it'll be er yeah, but I want you to know that I have a clean track record every, I endorse, or apparently even coming close to endorse loses. Tried to warn brain Psmith yesterday and that that profit on earth I wonder if he he woke up forming a visa that ten clint so and and Brian. I want you to know. I believed everything I said yesterday, but mike hear me
love, you, you are the greatest ass, a little bit of eternal, from yesterday. I think that idea, you know taking the hydraulic. drink dams down all around him all day and of all down to save the salmon good idea right, I'm I'm gonna start in a warm to that. You know the salmon are in danger. They are in danger, is not millions anymore, they're, just hundreds of thousands Well aware, also I'd like to shoot every bear because they eat the salmon. Right now, we're actually we're gonna move all of the bears to yell stone, ok and that should realise that should be fine. They love wolves, still there did they move them back. I second doves wills reserve is still there so, some other some other news. There was a problem with the counting last night, in lancaster county? literally there was another problem, but do you think that was a joke? You can't
joke about anything bad anymore cause you're like where was I said to you yesterday off the air- and you are like really all It was something that was ever, but it ridiculous, unlike air, while they're taking the another, their destroying all of the american aircraft carriers. They they don't want any of the jets. Because of all this, I you wait, that's a real discrimination. That is what it's a prize. You know. No, no, nothing would surprise you now, but anyway there was a real problem. Leave it or not? And so the solution that the people are saying now is we have to be. able to open all of these ballots early, because that way We'll will be able to have the count on time and we would have caught this early well, you could do that or you could just look at the ballots you ordered before you send them out that I yeah ha
What county is something that we used to call now? This is old. Tie me. This is like asper real, I'm trying to remember the word: quality be control. Those two words used to play a role. If it you don't really wanted to have that go into an election Nora s do know, as you know, what you saw you saw, two thousand wheels yeah. What do you think I was there. I think my my was changed year on it died because before I was like, ok is hurting our credibility. Can we just move on khazars, no constitutional way to change it anyway? You stop talking. about a move on so afterwards. Unlike no, I know. Maybe someone did happen here. I was some people in Washington who felt very much. like you. and said? I think we need to look into this and I'm like yeah yeah, but not now, to change whose president or even go, because there is no constitutional,
There is no path to that, but we have got to secure. Our elections don't know who I trust to do the inspection line back programme.
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