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The UN Just Claimed It OWNS 'the Science'? | Guest: Blake Masters | 10/3/22

2022-10-03 | 🔗

Glenn reviews the latest fascistic move made by the World Economic Forum, as Glenn advises his listeners to find a church that will help prepare for the end times. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the transformation of transportation as green energy takes over. Glenn and Stu review some of Vladimir Putin's recent actions. Glenn compares and contrasts the rhetoric of mainstream Democrats and Republicans and which one more resembles the ideals of America. OPEC is considering cutting oil production, which would cause oil prices to skyrocket. Glenn and Stu discuss social credit scores. U.S. Senate candidate for Arizona Blake Masters joins to discuss what's at stake as the midterms get closer.

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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment programme.
Hello? America welcome the monday today I want to talk to you about our basic freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Do you have that right? Any more is that right worth saving peat is under attack in ways that are absolutely unbelievable. We'll begin, there is sixty seconds You know it's not everyday come across somebody who can payment from one project to the next and hid it out of the park every single time, but that is exactly what michael and del does it all started with my pillow and getting a good night's sleep hasn't been the same ever since my when revolutionizing not only the pillow but also sheets towels and now the footwear industry, Michael,
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If you have to seek it out seriously, good does now seriously know. So, I'm sure you have some good news for me today. I do I do world economic forum? Just had a anti dis information panel? happening just last week and the union It'd nations was there and so on. On the w e F world economic forum, great he set panel, the added nations announced quote we own the science now when they said that they said at the w E s, sustainable development impact meeting, and in what was great, is brown university. Was there with the united nations and they said that when it comes, to climate information. They have now partnered with Google,
and they are tackling this information. So under the: u ends secretary general for global communications Melissa fleming she brought up Partnership with big tech companies, including tik tok and Google, that contribute to controlling the narrative of climate change According to fleming, the google search results now prioritize you any links we partnered with Google. She said, for example, if you google climate change, you will the top of your search. Yet Kinds of you when sources we started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we go, old climate change we were getting in incredibly distorted information right at the top. becoming much more proactive. We the science, we think that world should know it and up forms themselves also believe this,
We also had another trusted messenger project. She told the world economic forum which was called aim halo, train scientists from around the world and some doctors on Tik tok. We had tik tok, working with us. She went on who had meant that the strategy to counter people's distrust of institutions such as the? U in relation to covet information was just Recruit influencers to prompt their messaging another really create key strategy. See said: was we he's a ploy influencers adding influencers, who are really keen who have really huge followings but real, keen to carry the message. The? U n, the world economic forum will serve their communities and they were much more trusted that the united nations telling them something from new york city headquarters and quote.
Hey. What are your friends going to wake up? I urge you please. To find a church that is urging you in in in every possible way too, repair yourself to stand to prepare yourself to live in a it incredibly different world. It is not going to be put simple to stand. Remember I've told you. For years and years you huh Have to be so close to the spirit that, when spirit, says: stop turn around go the other way. You do it there is coming a time soon, where, if you, you don't have that kind of listening power and next, you
will not survive. Now we are being told what the truth is We are not allowed to even. sk the real truth. This is entirely true. Today. You still voices like mine and and shapiro, peered and and mark levantin people who are on radio and in podcast so still have the ability to hear the truth. However, It is now being limited and curtailed more and more every day and are coming out and there admitting it when the, u n and the world economic forum they think so little of you that they can. Have a conference where they admit
they are hiring influencers. What is that that's propaganda That's not a commercial! That's propaganda! If I were taking money from the sea of I'm a phantom likely. if you found out that my colleague was somehow or other paying me in He had hired me to just one. If this into our conversation, would you a problem with it? The quest is why would you have a problem because you, thought I was trustworthy. You thought you were hearing just my opinion. It's why I always say, are answer this half hour, is I don't rolling commercials I say that for a reason to alert you that one I'm about to say I I believe in which I do, but it
paid for. when you have influencers, you we're getting pro, agenda. and at the same time, they're giving you propaganda, because they quote the science. They are silencing, other voices pushing them into the background, Give you how this is going to affect you in the real world ended already is This is from the wall street journal. It's an up ed. I was fired from my nursing job this year for return refusing to take implicit by is training for thirty nine years of providing equal care to all of my patients without regard to their race, I objected to it mandatory course grounded in the idea that I'm a racist, because I'm white, I fear ever
health care professional will soon be forced to make the same awful decision. I did falsely admit to being a racist or abandoned the medical field. This is already happening in emissions. This is he taught at the university level. So while you have older nurses and then doctors who have been in the business, they will leave. But the new doctors, the new nurses, are being trained from the beginning in this She says my ordeal started in September: twenty twenty one when my employer a Dallas based bailey scott and white health role. its new annual training modules for clinical educators. The list included, overcoming unconscious bias, after viewing the interactive course I contacted my supervisor and asked for a meeting with the chief nursing officer and the human resource director
the former send to surrogate the latter? Didn't attend, for two meetings. It was clear I would not be given an exemption. My Supervisor told me: look I don't want. You did die on this grass, but I did the idea that implicit bias is grounded in the belief that white people treat those who aren't white worse than those who are As part of the woke assumption that society, including health care furs from systematic racism. Accordingly, my own supposed implicit bias, which is a euphemism than for ingrained racism. Must be rooted out, not only that it must be replaced with preferential treatment for the non white. I feel I fail to see how real racial discrimination is justified by my non existent racism
I knew this was coming, but I was still devastated when I was fired in February. I went from us ex figure job to zero income. The day I was fired, I sold my car to make sure I'd have enough enough money to live on when I to find a new health care job. No one would hire me. No doubt they contacted my old employer and they were told why I was let go state are increasingly requiring implicit, biased training as a condition for obtaining medical and nursing lie licences. As of July, the kentucky board of nursing requires that all registered nurses taken continuing education court accord on implicit bias. What does that mean? That means it's never Ending your racism is never solved I mean we all went through political career.
Training years ago and most was hated it and thought it was. Nicholas actual harassment training, of his hated it because we weren't sexually harassing anyone. However, this is different doctor Is nurses? Slurs, dentists, they all have to take this now and for another real great strike for free Of thought and freedom of speech the new zealand prime minister, was giving a speech at the? U n, and she come, third free speech to weapons of war. At the eu in general assembly friday, she announced the new initiative to quote help
Improve research and understanding of how a person's online experience are curated by automatic processes saying the done in partnership with companies and non profit will be, morton in understanding more about miss and dis information online, a challenge that we, must, as leaders address, does this sound a little like what they just announced at the world now make form. The prime minister acknowledge that calling to regulate speech on line in any way can see seem power. Blue matic but quote as leaders. We're rightfully concern that even the most light touch approaches to this information could be misinterpreted as being, style to the values of free speech that we value so highly. But why I cannot tell you today what the answer is to this challenge. can say, with complete certainty that we cannot
ignore it to do so poses an equal threat to the norms. We all value so have flipped our society from we, have to give the benefit to the rights that every person was endowed with the right to beak freely. Without fear, we have can that away and now we are saying well, we have to protect people. We must protect people because they might be heard, and we d- no. I know that will also bad and it will it I really affect free speech, but we have to take action. Whenever anyone tells you we have to take action and it's taken action to protect people we are doing it
to make them safer? run for your life, there's more in sixty seconds. The there's a certain type of person out their person who he the call when a hero is needed, So this have ours tunnel, the towers foundation, someone who's steps up to the plate and directly into the path of harm, simply because somebody has to be there to do it, for you person, his or her own liberty and or safety, not to swallow a price to pay for liberty and safety of others. These people, we call heroes when a first responders military service member doesn't come home and young children are left behind tunnel. The towers pays off their mortgage to lift the financial burden, bring their family to stability, now cattle graphically injured, veteran first responders tunnel,
The towers builds mortgage free, smart homes, helping them if more independent lives and now through operation home base tunnel. The towers is gifting tiny homes to homeless veterans. In a word, let's filled with darkness the tunnel, the towers foundation is bringing light. these heroes and their families joined the tunnel. The towers foundation on their mission to do good in their honour. After nine eleven there, asking that you would donate eleven dollars a month at tea? t dot, org, that's tee. The number to tee dot, org second station. I d. I mean listen to this.
The prime minister then asked the audience how they could tackle various challenges if people are allowed to share opposing narratives online quote after all, how do you successfully end a war if people are led to believe the reason for its existence not only legal but noble. How do you? climate change. If people don't believe exists How do you ensure that human rights of others are upheld when they are subjected to full and dangerous rhetoric and ideology, I've always had these problems. The remedy has always been make a good case. They suggested that online speech now is used by, those with evil intent. Oh my gosh
the weapons may be different, but the goals of those who perpetrate them is often the same to cause. It's chaos and ruin. who's, the ability of others to defend themselves. To this spanned communities to collapse, the collective strength of countries who worked together I cannot take- I I cannot take the pot calling the kettle black anymore. They always self diagnosis. whatever it is their doing. They claim their fighting that the prime minister urge actions action from the general audience a view and leaders. We haven't opportunity here to ensure that these particular weapons of war do not become an established part of warfare. She's talking about freedom of speech in the he's times I'm actually. I am acutely aware of easy. It is to feel disheartened
we are facing many battles on many fronts. She said, but there the cause for optimism, Because for every new weapon we face there's a new tool to overcome it, for every attempt Push the world into chaos is a collective. Conviction to bring us back to order. We have the means we just need the collective will. I want you to know, what she is saying here What she is saying is people are waking up they're, starting to do things that we didn't think that they would do we we thought we could keep. This as a conspiracy theory, but people are waking up and their seeing and reading our own words, but don't worry, We have google in our pocket. We have tik tok in our pocket. And for every attempt to push the world into chaos is a collective. Can
action to bring back to order know what they're doing is causing chaos, because Their order is one world order you, have nothing to do with. They haven't talk to you about any of these things. Deny what they're doing deny e s g. Deny that this means what. clearly mean. They deny it and deny it and deny it Then. Suddenly it's accepted as a reality, and it's too late to change it you we, I Need to be on our need much more than we are We need to humble ourselves and pray.
For strength and guidance and the strength to stand, because you are going to you're going to need to stand you. have to stick and any judge. All you have to do is stand for things. You know are true You know that everyone has a right to free speech. You know that Global warming is true and is dangerous that you couldn't The case for it If it's not, I have a right to make the case that it's not the end of the world and the solutions that they are proposing could gravely harm humans. The Glenn Beck program, all right, there's a lot of apps out there, not too many of actually save you money rather than costume money, but as the chaos creed
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I use the problem code back, get the upside app, Download it now Subscribe to blaze, tv, edward ablaze, tb, dot com, slash Glenn, the promo code is Glenn the welcome to the Glenn Beck program. We're very glad to have you here, including mr pat gray, from pat gray unleashed the podcast that is on blaze tv just before this program and can be heard wherever you get your podcasts allow pack, hello, I was your age in oz, perfect in every way, perfect perfect. We get me to me too So what we have today, well, I'm kind of interested in air canada ornery thirty electric planes that can carry passengers. Maybe a hundred and twenty four my whole
he carried out a hundred and twenty eight miles. What is it about eighteen miles from here to new york? City is broadly it's about their about, so immediately easily get you to new york city. Paris is another fifty miles or so from maybe a little bit like you might have to stop in greenland to write fuel, but they should cover just about every thing. Yet I would feel so safe in an all ill. Prick plain, wouldn't you ah can you could go wrong with them? No, no, have solar panels on top. No, I don't believe you actually think so. Just really pensive and environmentally unfriendly batteries. Well, there not only unfriendly batteries. You stiller, you know, burning coal to be able to feel that tank but if you will write, you know right so yeah that I can't imagine and here's another really good feature of these plans, which are
very soon by twenty twenty eight eu. It seats up to get this thirty passengers up to thirty To not too I mean that more than if you want to fly more miles than a hundred and twenty four they limited to twenty five, then you can no two hundred and forty nine mile, two hundred and forty nine mile, and if that's not enough for you, get I can walk shut up. My gosh, I don't want to go further than two hundred and twenty there's no reason to have our right is too far. Why try the type of security you could have driven it right. we have shoved, really early zesty miles an hour or two hours. Your hundred twenty miles. That's me I'll Yang, ever hate so you have a then you'd be
burning carbon, you know yeah and not being a friend of the the planet right so and worshiping gaia. Then then, what you don't know is that your car's not going to run anyway, so you won't have any choice: you'll, probably re, walk to the airport. And then say. Could I get on this plain? I I have to go to work nl taking well it'll. Take you to the airport with a hundred and twenty miles and for you work So that is all you need really oddity than you and so long ass. You walk to walk to the office. This electric thing where everything has to be electric cars by twenty thirty five in california planes we're gonna, get our first dose twenty twenty eight. This is good. work out really well, I feel I feel like I'm pretty sure everything that they're working on is going to work. Really well yeah yeah. It was one of those things when you're driving an electric car, let's say you're low on battery and your
I've been on the street and you run out of power evil coast to stop you don't like thirty thousand fat. You scared of indifference different feel only actually, when your car runs out a battery you dont coast, it just start us stop like told you about the thing in the original tesla. The first one day they made, which we covered. Backup cnn headline in his back in the day was a hundred and ten. dollar sports car to cedar It's like a lotus and red skull. Like a coroner. You know it definitely has. It was an amazing technology, particularly the time, but I was I'm, but I just think
The other pretty cool cars- and I was talking to a guy who won't one and inasmuch ass, to be cool thing to have like if your car car collector the first tesla, like you know, go for people even learned. The company existed and say he's telling me. He said that there was a minor incident, because there is a factor that that does not mean that all these, like old parts because even really service the car. But it's not like you know it's not easy to get the parts anymore it they did have a fire at one of the fact trees were they lost. I think forty five of them now. I think that was thirteen hundred made and they know it. date, so like losing forty, five is kind of a big deal the average hit and at ip
Should the fires still burning to this moment, but it wasn't it wasn't due to batteries or electric now do something totally ok button. The other thing is: if you is kindling they left around the leave remember trying to clean it up place the plate. I didn't throw in that. It's a tesla repair, slash kindling factory, a bad car that makes a lot of really bad combination. If you start those batteries on fire with kindling, but he was saying that if you have a one of these cars, and you gotta keep it charge right. It's not car you're, taking out all the time right, like it's a collector item, so yet to keep it charge, but you can't overtures does it appears that could burn out, and if you, if you let it not burn out like a bird of prey on young, but if you let it go to zero percent better. Yes, car is now a very expensive paperweight, because you yeah right, we'll never charge it again once it
those two zero battery completely post nice soon. They ve probably prove this over the years from within Those are. This will be having a lot more often, but this was why we set up so that maize and the new battery, I think, is forty five thousand dollars and you have to waiting months. So now, not like twenty grand twittering guys that that I don't think that's been changed today. what if it goes to zero, I have to add. I have solar energy may have a fifth teens. Frickin thousand dollar battery one. nay banned, a row of all bunch of other batteries, and I can only use it to be safe, I can only drain it too about forty percent gotta have forty percent left in it once you start getting down lower and if it ever drains, you're done you done. my goddamn yeah yeah,
scrape I'm totally the guy that would have. Why would would have this thing plugged in and not drive for if it were a few, Expanding it would get certain It goes in there to get something out of a garage knox, the plug out. I don't notice and then the cars yeah, but totally what I would do. If I had the stew, you not thinking, I mean you're you're, much more responsible than that. You, like you'd, never at evian. Had your phone go out of power? No one has ever done in that. You always turn it in before. It goes out, every single, every saying I never let mine get below forty percent. I like I say I just have to stop working in talking or doing whatever I'm doing when it gets to four. thirty percent not to be clear. You can't get it fully charged and leave it plugged in either?
that would be very bad would be very well. The good news is, in my case, with solar energy. It never fully charged at essen and great yeah, and so we have that hey speaking of sunshine, No dissent. Is this guy this guy guy. I know that this is so bad yeah. Would you use that label that's the label I use for it is fashionable to get strong enough. You you got a well eyes, it might even be the anti christ. Good boss, I dont know. Would you expect? Would you expect This aunt is to be the anti christ. Now no, you wouldn't know no end. maude newton, who we all know and love v migrants, mine maud. She describes yourself as a writer, a critic, an editor and occasional speaker,
She says she's really should, additionally, all occasionally rarely conversant right. I link she should speak, maybe less ok, bye! She tweeted florida, governor, Rhonda, santas used the word biblical. He was describing the hurricane storm surge as a and evangelical dog whistle evangelicals heard it then yeah cause only dogs hear dog whistles. So that's weird, oh no, it means weary of evangelicals. Word dog would hear it they're, the only ones who hear oh, yes, they're, the only ones are. She said this land which is an evangelical dog whistle, I e it's not climate change, its god. Witches which, of course, that's what he was saying dog whistle is what is you like? I guess
I am curious if she heard it how at an even gelatin at all right right, she's, good, poor she deeply evangelical- is that what we are learning about knowledge looters has special skills, oaken she just as special here and she can decipher dog assholes now and she she did delete the tweet. But she came out and said some dimes ice and by a tweet but deleted, because I've spent enough of my life amid the ranting and abuse of rapture obsessed, evangelicals, ok, so she sells really friendly to eat. I fell asleep, she's very open, my early enough to enter the dog or the angelically ass. Well, she special you know, I mean she's, got the metal skill and she knows Some would describe her especial not you not make not. You know me. I wouldn't do that
you must seems very special and finally, let me give you this this quick story and near to find this stew important. Killer, you're gonna find out is interesting in turn Materials now show. dolt, former democratic legislative aid who incur students to say that transgender youth will kill themselves over a reply. Can policy, you know was was kind spearheading the national walkouts and the walk out, students where they were some easily. You know objecting to transgender policies from glow, yadkin, but there is an internal video. Now that shows the student group, that was led by the former democratic staffer and
that he and the group knew that a large portion of students had apps lately no interest in the cause they just wanted skips school a shocker now I can say, because I get Doug whistle- and I was in this group and walked out of high school, for literally any cause? Any There were many many walkouts. I remember when I was in school and every single time, no matter what the cause was I walked out when I was passionate about whatever it was at that time. Now know what it was each time, but I was always passionate about it, because, if you're passionate about it, you could walk out and then all the teachers would number one let you out of class. They would they would excuse it and number two they would look at. You is like, while and there's some loose to these kids are really really tune. Dealer tuned in their taking their with their civic duty. Serious. Who said that this was the vibe,
the teachers riding arrive. More like hey, like they didn't get me You forget the artist warlike rock. The vote like sees kids are involved here were proud of. These was it just? Was it me and my family, because I ever walked out of school, because, I knew my dad would say. What the hell you're doing, get your ass back in school. They didn't even like. I wrote the way I remember going to spend a while he ram one hundred years old at this point, but what I remember is they wouldn't eat. That was that even in like they wouldn't tell the parents, hey your kid was out of school were upset, it was just like everyone would god they do. The thing would walk around many, most would branch off for the convenience store and then join on the way back into the protest, and then what back in school and are only like wow that it be like a local news item students look out of school to support, I don't know, probably lead term abortion or whatever we were walking out over I ignored, and that was it may be. Just
this approach of classes and it will be over. It was right that inadequate. He, I don't remember the student protest here, really montana yeah. We protest Did it being too cold once in a while? Yet that's about it and stayed haunt you wouldn't want to walk out. Eighty below you and when I walk outside in Montana, now you don't know you, they say no matter what there's august but they're, not in school right right, water after labour day, there's a couple nice months in connecticut and you just walk out and then you know you walk out till you get to a place. You want to go and then there's probably something there maybe have Madame walt was a little bit. We usually tip for mcdonald's. We'd have to take a car. The very we'd have to walk. We'd have to act like we were walking out with a group, but then walked to the parking lot. Get the car then drive to mcdonald's. That was a little bit more of a trek, but you could do that too bad and we did many many times well all of us here and the Glen back programme are
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while cnn talking about dog whistles whoop. They have just dandified the woman who are allegedly arranged the migrant flights. Why? What a vital story are on top of it they are on top run, state is really has developed this power to completely control the new cycle. Italy, is he's. He is really second only to donald trump in iraq by me like, for example, this is obviously this is gregg abbots thing where he was doing it for months before you know brought us, it is jumps it for one weekend and now its historic Galbraith way and now hurricane way, that's a rod, dissenters story. Now, it's not a hurricane. it's not about people who are suffering it's about rhonda scientists and his political future. Well, it's really about people who have been suffering from systemic racism for a very long time. That's why,
that sets about ass ugly ass. You didn't hear PAMELA heritage we save was about, but we should give. Our relief based on equity equity has and target people of color. I thought that was the opposite of what we are supposed to do: the Glen back program. You know, there's eighty seven thousand new iris agents and I have to tell you they ve got to be walking into innocent people's homes sweating just a little bit going? I fan, I mean, there's gotta be a terrorist and all I am doing, is just trying to straw, their life they ve got us work up a sweat, I'm guessing big, just pits stains underneath the americans are just like. I am an I r s agent and I know I'm doing wrong, but I'm trying to hide it. It's weird! That's why, like to offer these eighty seven thousand irs agents. If you little concerned about lying under oath or whatever, destroying people's lives. You should try sweat block
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When you were about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment programme
the holy cow holy cow, who he is very upset with us, and let me tell you a joke by very upset. You could hear the passion in his voice when he said those are when he said that I thought wow, who has got to be shaking in his boots. Has anybody actually heard this speech that Vladimir Putin gave on Friday yeah it's a little disturbing I'll, give you his actual words in sixty seconds so solving the abortion problem in this country only begins with the legislative part, the true is too many people have body
to a deep twisted lie about what constitutes life in the first place, and we have a lot of people now in amerika. I don't think the average person, but I do think the extreme left that celebrates every abortion and it's not about it's, not about a heartbeat he won't hear they don't care of the baby is half board, they'll kill it. Its evil. We have to appeal to the hearts and minds of the american public to change. And the way to do that is well pre born is one way when expecting mother comes in and she singing about have an abortion if she sees your baby on an ultra sound she's, eighty percent more likely to not go through with that abortion theirs ripple effect, because she is also likely to share her revelation with others. It will take time
but we can save babies, lives and influence the next generation to love life pre bourns work depends on pro lifers. Just like you and me who want to help stop the madness, would you can consider a gift ten dollars, fifty a hundred what they do. They go in and they provide the the sonograms? They provide the equipment to do and the personnel to these local clinics so can show the mob their baby, just dial Two fifty say the key word baby: to make a donation power, two fifty key word baby or go to pre born dot com, slash back so Stu. I you know, I spend a couple of minutes just wanted to check in with old lad and see what he was thinking and you know he declared the land,
invaded now russian soil, and then me up ITALY lost them better. I, like it, said their russian soil and then, like a day later, Ukraine took over one of the key cities in the region. Yeah yeah, that's it m, because here's what putin said this I will defend our land with all the powers and means at our disposal nineteen? Ninety one in the beloved s forest? without asking the will of common citizens the- representatives of the then party elites decided to destroy the? U S, s, r and people suddenly found themselves selves cut off from their mother land. This too or apart and dismembered, our nation become a national catastrophe, so that's that feel when all of the soviet leaders guardian and went and melt and met with. I think Yeltsin right and they were in the middle of this forest and barely
ok. What are we gonna do guys, and they decided to make the the russian federation, and The soviet union went away here. I admit they didn't fully understand what they were doing and the cons quences that this would inevitably lead to. In the end. But this is no longer important. There is no soviet union. The past cannot be brought back and russia, today does not needed any more we're knots. Rising for this. The battle field to which fate in history has called us is, battlefield for our people for great his or russia for few- sure generations, our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. I will the keys authorities to know their real masters in the west. I will them to hear me, so they member this. People living in, don't ask in these other places are become
our citizens and they we'll be our citizens forever. We call on the key regime to immediately and hostilities and the war that they unleashed back in twenty fourteen. Return to the negotiating table. We are ready. for this. But we will not discuss the choice of the people in those areas that joy has already been made and russia will not betray them say since now listen to this. This is really important that you hear this, because this This is how the other side is fighting. The great reset Quite honestly, this is how you scoop a lot of people who are anti great reset and push them into the russia camp. Gay. sanctions were not enough for the anglo saxons interest choice of words they
you moved on to sabotage it's hot. To believe, but it the fact that they, organize the blasts on the Nord stream international gas pipelines which run along the bottom of the baltic sea is cleared everyone who benefits this The west began, its colonial policy back in the middle ages,. And then followed the slave trade. The genocide of the indian indigenous tribes in amerika, the plunder india of africa, the wars, of england and france against china. What they did was looking entire nations on drugs delay, really exterminating entire ethnic groups. For this of land and resources they hunted people like animals. This
is contrary to the very nature of man, truth, freedom and justice. Okay, now so far, If you are on the right, you're not interested in any of this correct, correct the united. States is the only country in the world that is twice use nuclear weapons, destroying the anthony cities of hiroshima and nagasaki and setting a precedent, even Today they occupy germany, japan, republic of korea and other country, at the same time cynically calling them allies of equal standing. They beg for us to stay, but it's so home on her story. Kay. So I don't worry. I've lads analysis of the situation. Listen to this now, they ve moved entirely. To a radical denial of moral norms of religion.
and of family the dictatorship of the western elites is direct. It against all societies in including the peoples of the western countries themselves, this a challenge to us all. This is complete denial of humanity, the overthrow of faith and traditional values. Indeed, this Pressure of freedom itself has taken The features of a religion out right satanism, Do we really want here in our country in russia instead mom and dad too have pair. number one in parent number, two in parent number three, have they gone please pleadingly insane. do. We really want it drilled into our children in schools that there are supposed Lee genders besides men and women,
children to be offered the chance to undergo sex change operations. We a different future. We have our own future, narrow straight out of the alexander, dugan playbook there right now, yet meda area on our old side said one apparent to us. But we know, was G. We just talked about this with the the situation in ITALY, the new prime minister who this was the speech. She actually use the exact terms, paramatta pads, what happened and she won and be a lot of oh here united behind her now she does not tied to this by effectually supporting ukraine. We should point out and the elites are calling her a fascist, other calling, your fascist and posing an interesting is calling the elites fascist and notice. He doesn't say even the governments. He says the elites of the west. He knows the language of the west and, I believe,
That's alexander Dugan. This is salute Lee the play book of alexander. Dugan? They play on the morals, and thus they, can drive a wedge between us because most americans will listen to that. And they'll say. Well, I shouldn't say most americans many americans, if I just said that on the air and didn't tell you at Vladimir putin lot of americans would go. Damn right, now I tell you about vladimir, that came from Vladimir Putin and you're like wait, a minute wait. What. Why are we against him? Well You heard his opinion of america before where he said that he is a pin and of the west that why he's looking again to dugan for Fourth, political theory, the
Third was fascism. The fourth is due in and euro asian euro is it. euro asian policy, to where they unite the entire or asian continent, with europe and day led the way in russia. You think too, is there the notice of them pointing out the but the precedent. Nuclear weapons do that to me significant. I do they do at. Why thought so? And I think it's I get another sort of veiled. We might just you use nukes threat, which is not What you want for multiple reasons, the obvious the obvious ones. Are there the secondary ones? Are we Currently led by a bunch of idiots, so the fact that the air
We know that that the reason we are avoiding nuclear war is, I guess, eve restraint of vladimir Putin, which I don't have much faith in or are the competence of our current political leadership, which I also have no faith in. So that's good budget. Should end up pretty well. What could go wrong? but the problem is, is it is with the elite? It's it's really, not with our neighbours. our neighbours have been conned. You know if you ve ever wondered. How did the german people go from a good, decent people to vat? How did that hat and over a slow long period of time. He groomed to accept that kind of stuff and then- all at once. We have Ben groomed, we are approaching that all at once part and our neighbours. We still have a chance to embrace our neighbours and get them to wake up.
As much as possible, but at this Aim time we have to renew our commitment to we know is true and the way to do, that is to start speaking up nodded angry way. But just speaking up and saying that's not true, sorry, men cannot get ignorant- and I know you. This is a little word game, because what you are saying is that woman, is now a man, but that woman is still a woman period and no man has ever become pregnant playing your word game. I understand what you are saying and you have a right to say it. I have a right to disagree with you, I for one will fight for your right to say that will you sure most likely will be no, but that is fascism.
I for someone's right to speak and say what they want to say and especially those things. You vehemently disagree with that. Is freedom? That's classical liberal liberalism. This his fascism. More than just a second PAMELA rodion about our experience with relief factory. She said I a lot of years trying to fix the pain I was in going just clinics barely helped at all. I ended up taken that wasn't worth it and all in the long run, but then I was listening to you and I heard about relief factor, and it has made a tremendous difference in my life good by pain. Pan. Thank you so much for writing. In relief. Is not a drug, but it was developed by doctors and it has four key ingredients that fight info Asia, which is the source of most of the pain that we deal with it, could work for. You
The three week quick start develop, for you is only ninety. Ninety five, it's a dollar a day like a trial pack and hunt The thousands of people have ordered relief factor and about eighty percent of em go under order more, which says everything you really need to know. I think relief actor dot com or call eight hundred four the number for relief, get Ninety ninety five three week, quick start develop for you relief factor, dot, com or call eight hundred. The number for relief really factor feel the difference. ten seconds station. I do so you know anybody who I can't believe you're saying Every side is saying. The other side is like the nazis, it's time for everyone to be very clear. What the our seas did what were they
pushing for they were. a collective stuff style of government, they believed in the collective over the individual they believe if they had the right to silence people, they disagreed with. We do not believe that we are on the opposite side of that. Oh. It is really important that we start to define what these things are and if you I think we're not close your mistaken fortune. Asked wrote an article, rising isolationism and populism in europe has parallel to the nineteen thirty's. with: high inflation, soaring energy prices and slowing economic growth. Many economists have drawn comparisons between today's european economy and that of the nineteen seventies. Oil crisis while the seventies style, stagflation, consume concerns, loom large enough
pivotal to pivotal decade in the continent's history may help explain today's economic and political trends. The eighteen thirties, the debt. Leading up to world war. Two was marked by a general climate of fear and anxiety in the west. Economic crime mrs mass poverty, broadened the appeal of populist right wing parties and last ding drama from world war, one combined with the great depression. Few old isolationism and now nationalist foreign policies. Why did the nazis appear the knots appear, because woodrow, Wilson and france decide to punish germany and make them a pariah the germans felt They were being made into a pariah They didn't like it, because people don't lie
to be called a pariah now think of it. In today's world. You I have one side calling the other side a pariah danes. is pariah. Europe is just a collection of states like we are. doesn't end well when you do that to people. So that's what push them except this wasn't about this isn't about being nationalist here in amerika, about racism. Nazis include racism. It was part of the programme here I don't know a single conservative that is pushing for racism I know the left is pushing for racism, but the right isn't.
the article from fourchan goes on today. After the pandemic and the ukraine war disrupted global supply chains, countries are turning away from globalization and looking in word once more and european populism is having a moment in the sun, as citizens take their resentment over rising cost of limit living, an oblique economic out. To the poles? It's not us that. The reason why they feel nationalistic is because they are being controlled by the european union. They, by into the european union its it's, it's not something that speaks to your soul and The european union starts to tell people what they will teach their kids, how to teach their kids their country must accept and never accept the people jobs. like in america are saying: no, that's not who we are. You know if
california wants to do that. That's great, they can do it. I'm not paying for it, but they can do it. and don't force me to do it. That's what happening in europe, The same thing, Brussels wants to do that. Brussels can do that. All they want, but dont tell now that we have to do it and by the way we work pay for them. The press, sees things through a glass darkly, Don't they really don't understand and then they have. Those that do understand are and are intentionally confusing, but the pair well to the nineteen thirties? Yes, they do exist, but different motives. That's important that we,
discussing those motives, What is really happening? What was happening last time where people were following the collective. behest of a leader. Now people are wanting to follow themselves into freedom back programme are sponsor this f. Our is lifelong october. Is cyber security awareness month. Man I have that all my calendar to I didn't, go shopping for it or anything I leave. The cookie Yes and the milk next to your computer before going to bed time to hang your wallet over the chimney, make sure all your cash cards or hanging out, and don't forget to write your your list of past words and put them on the fridge door. So this We're criminal can have acts ass to it or don't do any of those things and, in fact, sign up for lifelong twenty.
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about europe and let me just wrap it up with grand home she's, our energy secretary here's what she said over the weekend about the Nord stream pipeline progression has proven itself to be an unreliable energy partner. It used to be reliable. No more. No country wants to take the risk of putting a significant amount of its energy demand to russia. supply? It is clear, and in fact think this accelerates the use, push to become energy independence through clean energy and their bills. up their own home, grown energy. I'm here, I'm at the eye. A conference of the international atomic energy agency conference. Everyone is looking at the risks associated with putting to any eggs in one basket or putting too many eggs in the basket of petrol. Dictators and the boy activity of the fossil fuels that accrue from that.
You know this just doesn't ring true to me. she you know what to make sure that everybody knows that this accelerates you, clean energy push. Now she just said she was at the the nuclear regulatory global regulatory conference well, are we talking about putting nukes Khan line. Are they opening them up in germany? Are they opening up in France? Are they opening up in england, and are they talking about making more nuclear plants, because, if that where the case I before it it take a long time before it will relieve the pain, but I be all for it. We are we are entering a we're, enter a time right now where europe is going to. I think you. is gonna collapse before we do anything Europe is gonna. Do
had for some real real problems. The next few months. Perhaps this winter and We also have people that pushing for violence here in the united its cut three. This means more. That is where we are. We are at war with these people. These folks are evil. There is an ultra right mega contention in this country that wants to overthrow the? U S, government, it is a danger to at democracy. It is a danger to our way of life. The maga movement is a threat. The extremists that we're dealing with every single day we've got a killjoy confront that movement. Clearly, you know this is a literally call.
no arms. Obviously, republicans, I think, are the biggest threat to democracy. We don't separate right wing, extremists and republican party anymore as users of party a party, but no longer is competent, that they can win elections with boats, and so now there seeking to enact their political will revive. This is literally what conservative white folks do when they don't get their way. They turn violent. Today's europeans no longer a political movement, it is a fascist movement and this is why it could be more dangerous than eighteen, sixty or the nineteen thirties. Clearly, this is am literally all to arms. Maybe now it is all about the violence at all is about an insurrection at all. Is and in his mind, about a civil war, it feel like we are not just at the brink of a civil war, but that one has already begun. The fact that the basic smaller
it makes it more dangerous and a lot of ways, because those are the people who are willing to do things like take up arms and and press the questions that lead to press the questions, tactics that lead to civil war. This is someone who held that office was basically saying to americans. There should be civil look at what he's doing last night. Is, you know, tat, you know More or less salutes stead are either q and are almost look like nazi is rarely in ohio, the other night possessed ranting and raving for more than an hour, and you have these rows of young men with. A huge waste these crazed arrange folk who want to employ evil in every facet of our society. Clearly, this is literally call to arms exit early, the literally that one knew was selected to play over and over again because there's Two ways to take that she said:
literally a call to arms. This is what washing over your neighbours who are not paying attention. This is their seeing. Almost twenty four seven drumbeat of this here's. The good news here's tell a mundo cut for on elections with his banks and LE thanks otherwise known as latinos. but here are the largest, the fastest growing group of borders and the numbers how the weight latina voters represent, make up about one out of ten voters, but
there are also very happy. I'm in the pandemic hit them very clark. The economy is keeping them very card. Inflation is heating, they are unhappy about the job quality and if you see that the main issues that do not care about now they are right there economy, the job quality, so yeah. This is our concern, and this can make things very difficult for democrats and also the way republicans are gaining space. In that gap between democratic democrats and, and and republicans I want to play to things- and I want to ask you- each one reflects your belief, an answer for anybody else. Just you each one reflects you here is cut sick Tomorrow, it is, are, lowest income communities and our communities, a color that are most impacted by. extreme conditions and an impact by by
issues that are not of their own making, and so, when absolutely So we have to address this in a way that is about giving and resources based on equity, understanding that we we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity understanding and not. Everyone starts out at the same place and if we want people to be in any, play. Sometimes we have to take into account those disparities and do that work. Lap least clap. Kate? That is that's commonly harris talking about how fema should approach the hurricane with equity in mind instead Let us help people that are in need, if you're in need, I don't care what color you are. Let's help. Does that reflect your view? Now the guy who's called a fascist
just said this about people who are going in and trying to take advantage of people who are affected by the hurricane does and his seven. The other thing that working learn about, particularly in those areas that were really hard head is we want to maintain, make sure we're maintaining law and order. I don't even think about looting, don't even think about taking advantage of people when this vulnerable situation- and so local law enforcement is involved, then, and and, and monitoring that you know I told Kevin at the state needs to help as well, because yeah you can ask people have dino, bring in boats into some of these islands and trying to ransack people's homes. I can tell you in the state of You never know what may be lurking behind somebody's home, and I would not want to chance that if I were you given that were a second amendment state, which, which one is America, that you know that
erica that you stand for which one, though, one that says we're going to help people affected by the hurricane based on equity. or the one that says, roll up their sleeves. When you see somebody who needs help, help them we don't need ask them questions. We don't need to know where they live gotta go in and help people One is the america. which one is the erica. You know the one that call As and demand and honest answers to hold our government responsible or the america that holds, you responsible, but they never held accountable, the one that can lie to over and over and over and over again, and then eventually just come out and say it:
and there's no repercussions for it. The n I d, which is headed, by Anthony fao chee chee delivered a brand new grant too. eco health alliance, the grant delivers now five years of funding for peter das, ex cop overseeing nonprofit group to read, search quote the potential for future bat corona virus. now, if you remember it, was spirits, see theory to say that of this was happening the potential for future bat coronavirus. Remember found. She said we don't do that that's gain a function. We, I'll. Do that. Eco health. Doesn't do that and
it certainly didn't have any thing to do over in china. And we showed you the paper trail we should. Jus the facts now Without any fanfare, without any questions, the guy, women comes out and does it again. Not learning from past mistakes denying that they do this and then do it out in the open again. which is the america that you want to live in which the america that is worth saving which is the one you should be standing for the law that lies to its citizens. Or the one that has the government accountable to its citizens. One is fascistic, the
There is not much America seems to be so confused by fascism, the one there is pushing for limited government and a gun meant that responds to its people. and is held accountable by its people that not the fascist one more in a minute Don't know about you, but when I peer into they, tea leaves and try to see, what's gonna happen in the country mood doesn't prove a lot specially concern. Where we are looking at with the food shortages, in the near to long term future. There's some good news. John dear just announced that by twenty thirty they want complete, people, free farms, yeah they're gonna automate? All of it
it's going so great. We all people of farms and we'll just machines. It will do it for us, hey farmers put up your feet. It's gonna be rates course. Our farmers probably won't be able to afford that equipment, but what about it? It's gonna be fine, I'm sure it's gonna be fine. Filth, fight, somewhat. You know why you wanted. You just sell your farm to them. Ok, I can do anything anyway. My page supply is offering a twenty percent discount on their three month emergency food. Kid we you order at prepare wait, glenn dotcom go there today yet one or more of them they ship fast, they ship, free and, most importantly, they ship discreetly everything arrives in unmarked boxes might not want necessarily your neighbors, knowing how much food you have listen, you're, gonna love the two thousand calories a day. You'll get a toy,
percent discount. Now on prepare we Glenn, Dot com go there now prepare wit, Glenn dotcom, don't wait it's alive. Did time offer save twenty percent, prepare wig glenn dotcom. The Glen back programme mrs day miss a lot It lays tv dot com today and never miss a moment of truth. The welcome to the Glen back programme. I want to take a quick look at that. because they are shaping up pretty nicely everybody does it come out to vote. We won't win, but you gotta come out to vote. like masters, who is in running for senate in arizona. I know that,
No turtle face in washington is trying to do in a project that this is a lost cause. It's not he's within a couple of points, and its or winnable thing. It's an absolute The whole thing I think that's If that's true, it's a it's, a brace, that's narrowed! Right. I mean we've had this narrative of democratic momentum for months from the media and the were times when you saw masters down by eight nine ten twelve point, since some of these poles and those balls are all gone now, you're, seeing now a race that seems to be between one in five points, I think the average right now for a four point led for Kelly. Now, look we're still that's but nothing like a loss as a law. Sophie look is both for no good care by I will say there have been some time poles there and the same wishing going on we're gonna carry lake running for governor in arizona
there's new pull out from a democratic pulse. that has carry lake up for like I don't know. Is there an environment where carry lake winds by foreign masters loses by five sets of weird environment if it exists, I I'm pretty sceptical that that's a real world I got highly is liked. You know, has ease, you know an astronaut and blah blah blah he's companies create, doesn't get the blame for being a liberal Democrat but he deserves here, because he shall he's not curse and cinema here. No, that's in arizona senator who, at least by words pushes back a copyright only gets the party kelly is familiar. Shucks, humor, yeah he's fully and totally that's that's who he is, but yet you're right. He has that sort of reputation as a means of, but he's, to get into normal. Guy knows not now knows not lost and that so that racist has has tightened quite a bit.
pull up a win floored as well run assent is up by eight and in the same paul, Marco rubio, up by seven now, oh ex dissenters has shown a pre solid, led throughout this campaign, but Rubio had some polls that have been well. You might It are disturbing in this environment, where he's only been up by two three four. So this pole is this by cnn, very good pollster and has him up seven over valdez things, which is a pretty that's. That's that's very good news if you're looking this from a winning James oz, yet up batteries. tightening even more. I think the last pulitzer there was to two points: so that once tightened quite a bit and and deserves to be I mean if you see that the unfair minutes is a catastrophe in the making and quickly gregg, abbot and better Yes, I think it is seven point leaders latent latest I saw for abbot over better. better was gonna, have a real tough time here and He deserves every little advocates, republicans
it, turned out the Glenn Beck program. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing for prospectus or summary prospectus. With this and other information about the fund, please call eight five, five, forty seven, seven, three six zero or visit the website at strife, funds, dot, com, read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before investing, because investments involve risk and principal loss is possible. Al Qaeda ellison hiring should always be based on merit. We've always known that not on race, not at saks dot on politics. On forward In italy, large financial firms are using your money to force companies like apple and home depot to adopt racial act. the audits good news, your money, not theirs, but grandma swami is he has a new firm called strive. It just lie the strive. Five hundred on the new year, stock exchange under the ticker s tea the rv. They use the shareholder power to mandate america's largest public companies to focus on folks
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program
allow america welcome to the Glenn Beck program. We have news on your economy, what's going to happen with gas prices and oil prices and why it's happening. The federal reserve also rose. If you didn't see bros this weekend. You know why, because euro I'm quoting a homophobic weirdo, that's according to according to one of the stars of bros, which is a a homosexual gay, romantic comedy with sex and everything, and if you don't want to see sex between two guys or two women or whatever I mean what a weirdo you are it bombed at the box office. But will hollywood learn a lesson that that is a niche market? No, of course not they're just going to blame it on america, we're not going to do that. We begin with the truth in sixty seconds
this year the rustle three thousand index which tracks the three thousand largest? U S, traded stocks has lost third teen trillion in value marrow, Joe virus. Like that's a strong there's, a guy. Look I what tab north dot market Zob bob bob about now. Thirty really in dollars really them, it collapses over the truth. Is it's probably just getting started? Please diversify! Please spread the risk out if you have a four o one k or an ira or any of those things please is considered spreading it out and in getting into some physical gold or silver and is so important. Physical gold or silver now you can get some at gold line and when you bought by a box of twenty graded historic five dollar indian gold coins, which absolutely love you're getting
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sing oil production. Ok, that's arms, fantastic for us at the gas pump right. Why they are doing this. Is because you're starting to see the beginning, of the western world buying as much gasoline your stuff to see demand, destruction and that again, is what the fed has been looking for, and it so important because they just say this all the time like it's no big deal. We just need demand destruction. That means they need to make your life so unwise, couple that you and to afford gas. So the price of gas collapses and you you're not going anywhere. Remember covered you're, still not going anywhere But you can't afford it, because everything is so pensive. That's why?
man, destruction means and hiv It bears repeating every day, because people- if even listen to the fed. They see you are raising interest rates. Yes, but generally speaking, that's to suck money back in and have it go right to the furnace. I am not convinced that that's, what's happening but by rising by raising the interest rates, everything you have becomes more expensive and also means that big business aren't gonna, be getting loans to expand. We means laying people off. This is all thanks to the fed. Now there is another thing that you should be aware of: read it sweets and deutsche bank r r, suffering now, if you will from stressed valuations at the banks
two thousand eight lemon brothers, the fourth largest investment bank- in the? U s, collapse, stand filed for bankruptcy now today, credit sweets and deutsche bank too, of the world's largest banks are, offering from the same kind of thing, the banks, credit default insurance levels are broaching degrees not seen since two thousand eight. Let me say that again, there suffering from distressed evaluations and the banks credit fault insurance levels are approaching degrees, not seen since two thousand eight. World economy is looking bad energy and gas prices record highs. Inflation in many countries is dying in forty years. This I chains are fractured. Still equity market, save, shed significant value and
tensions between the west and russia are at a nuclear level. Now the two largest investment banks are floundering, may go under that of a good that'll be really good. Now, deutsche bank, says nine it will not be abandoned, and the swiss alike? You know how many eggs. We ve got over here we have so many banks were known for banks are not gonna go under so worry. Don't worry no matter, but just know that that is actually a possibility. On the horizon, and what is our fed doing today are fed, has made a major announcement. There have a pilot exercise: let's get Pilots outlets have them, do jumping jack's, not that kind of power lead exercise this one. is for e s g so,
old credit scores now. Stew help me. A social credit score is what exactly have you ever seen black mirror? Ok, it's You re to your quality as an individual, Do you support the common goals of this society, this social, this, so will contract we all have with each other right, but it's nothing like what's happening in China. Oh, it's almost exactly what's happening really yeah, they call that a social credits exactly what they call. It ha. Ok, Well, the federal reserve this is a major pilot exercise for e s. Key social credit score system, sick of this according to the fed, laugh thursday, sick
of the nation's largest, banks will participate in a pilot Climate scenario, analysis, Exercise to design to designed to enhance the billowy of super eyes. Ears firms to measure and manage climate related financial risks. Scenario analysis in which the resilience of a financial institution is assessed under different kind of hypothetical climate scenarios, is an emerging tool to us ass, climb related financial risk. There be no capital or supervisory implications from the pilot, in other words, there just working with a big, thanks to monitor their ability to comply with the ruling classes, preferred environmental status technocrats. a tyranny. That's all I don't know, I'm not that nothing will come of age no now they're just doing it for fun
Everyone needs to come up with a new algorithm for fun right, because It is going to assist. People it's gonna be paying? Oh, yes, it's always held a so you got that go in for you, so once they get this pilot programme through it. Just gonna sit on the shelf and do nothing right. That's why every pilot programme, when you look, for example, you create a new pilot for a situation, comedy correct, you always know your way, making one episode in its never going to be seen by anybody. You don't have a desire, a man to get it on the air so that you can make millions and millions of dollars you I want to make that one pilot and then put it on the shelf. You could tell you only about how you made a pilot once- and that was that's the end of your story, a man you never want to go farther nope bank of erica city group, goldman sachs, J, p, morgan chase, morgan, stanley and wells fargo all part of the pilot programme. And that's how I gonna begin
early in earlier the the pilot made being considered by ABC Nbc, CBS fox aid be oh showtime. Lifetime sinner max is all of their all in all a net flicks, his lair sundance ads. You got amazon, prime, but it's never gonna run now. It's never just gonna go right on the shelf right right, so don't worry about it there just making sure that they can put this it scoring system in fort social credit. Just sure that it would work should they decide to ever, do which they won't
We are calling on the shelf enemies severest co2. Is it's a good spirit. It is here's. Twenty five speeches of all these people de dino, describing how they want to implement right this, but the it just a conspiracy right bright and anybody who looks at the words of the world economic forum, their conspiracy, he fearest, for instance, I gave this earlier, but I think it bears repeating during the world economic forum and tie information panel last week. a united nations representative announced that they quote oh the science when it comes to climate information and their partnership with Google it's kind of saying the quiet part out loud? Isn't it think so yeah, but I don't think they think we're listening and I think
they're kind of right. More people are listening, but more people have to listen. We are in a race to a wire finnish, which One of us is going to get our crap together faster, because right now there panicking right now if you see the world economic forum belike so people, starting the vague up and they might come with pitfalls some thorgest, stuart castles there are already starting to feel. You know that the crowd is like breaking up the markets. There is That happens there in trouble. So they a move faster and create. more chaos. I thing you know if we, we were playing a game of risk of you ever played Anybody like this, you play a game like risk and all of a sudden tables turn. You think, your winning the tape
turn and all of a sudden, you're losing, and that person, because they're a piece of crap they just pick up the the whole thing just throw it. flip it often the pieces around the ground that what I'm afraid that they might do that they're, like all really because chaos works in their favour, but don't worry they ve got things under. Can or because people who, like freedom of speech, they ve they already the under secretary general for the global communications at the. U n mullahs, The fleming said that cheese already partner, the? U n, has with big tat companies including, but not limited to tick, tock and Google, while those are little ones. she says the google search results now prioritize the? U n wants to prioritize and
the w E f wants to prioritize weave partner. With Google, for example. If you google climate change, we will, at the top of your search, get all kinds of you when resources. We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we go gold climate change. We were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top. We're becomes much more proactive. After all, we Oh I'm, quoting we own the science and we think that world should know it and the platter arms themselves. Also do we also had a trusted messenger product project It was called team halo where trains I insist around the world in some doctors on tiktok and we had tiktok working with us away you had who meet the chinese communist party working with you. That's it that's a real surprise, yeah. I know it's iran distrusting. Are you just?
tik, tok, yeah, no, ok! Well I there! A great authority was why you as a scientist, you should be bragging about your associations with tik tok right right. and then another key strategy that they announced at the world economic forum just last week was. We really have a key strategy to deploy influencers influencers who were really keen and have huge followings, but real, we are keen to help carry our message that we're gonna serve their communities and they were much more trusted than the united nations. Are w e l f a w e f telling them something from new york city. Oh ok, we'll that's really and one more thing reason number four, hundred seventy one just today on why you cannot be silent. Why you have to stand.
an ivy league biology. Professor, is sounding the alarm on how critical race theory is he racing the meaning and even the existence of objective truth from classrooms and tea, in a generation of students to treat the truth fast, And loose in order to obtain what you want, where posed to be training. People like biologists that will become doctors to make us healthier mac, cynical engineers that will build bridges or skyscrapers this. According to the professor at Coronel university school of integrative plant science randy wayne. He told old in fox in a phoney interview this month. If there well trained on a foundation that there is no truth. Nobody wants to be operated on by such a surgeon or die I've over a bridge made by such an engineer and
I'm afraid. That's where our universities have gone training people to treat the truth fast and loose in order. Obtain what you want and in the case of universities, what they want called social justice and their willing to play fast and loose loose with the truth to get it. This is- and this goes back to what they were constantly doing when it comes to global warming. It's ok to exaggerate. It's ok to tell big stories. It's ok to minimize your uncertainty, because your serving a larger purpose here so go ahead. That's allowed you know. What's the bearers, have been many terrorist groups that have made these so justifications. You know where they say hey, you know. I know we're supposed to be very dedicated, this particular god, but if you We need to go to the strip club,
to cover. You know that you're an extremist. What faith is this? I don't have attempting again. This is just a very, very yeah heather you, membership drive is going on now, but I mean this is what people do all the time right when you want to justify something greater, you have all sorts of except since to your morals and principles you can meet. Here's a great thing heard this phrase over the weekend that you know that all kinds of new normal god does have a new normal. It doesn't he's not changing we're changing we're changing. What truth is, but truth hasn't changed so you need either accept that or on board for a cruise ship that he's right straight from Hell. You look at the title I can go gee. I wish I would aborted that ship back in just a minute.
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it only made four point: eight million dollars this weekend, while early, it didn't do a lot of business in them in the middle of america or or our in the south or seemingly anywhere with four point. If you're total was four point, two million dollars- you didn't seem to do much business anywhere Well, the star says, because there's a lot of homophobic, homophobic weirdos I don't want to see it, but he says it's hysterical that I'm I'm sure it is. You know I don't Necessarily I want to go to something that I relate to and I enjoy, and I don't happen to enjoy that you know you go see them that's. Why? But don't blame me if I don't want to go the Glen back programme. there's not a lot of fun. Liberals that are going to to my shows, eight mongers,
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your pain is gone. You get your life back relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dot com or eight hundred number for relief. The big set a race in arizona. We talk to the republican candidate, blake masters, coming up here, just a minute. This is the Glen microgram welcome to lake masters. He is running for senate in the? U s in arizona forty days about forty days left thirty. Seven I think there is counted, seems like you are thirty seven days left. You are neck and neck worthy the role of? U S, senator! What is happening in arizona not a whole lot? That's good! You know we ve got this wide open southern border. We
every county in america is a border county at this point, sentinel illegals their flowing everywhere, but, of course we bear the brunt of it with OSI all the territory right on the southern border, and then arizona also bears the brunt of the other crisis. That Biden has caused this inflation crisis. We were just talking to places the worst in a country in the greater phoenix metro, its thirteen percent. What do you think that is it's you know it too distant. You beg housing into the into the calculus phoenix housing or the californian sir moving and you're driving opposing prices, but probably few a few factors for, although I think inflation sick devastating across the country did it, they say it's eight per cent It's like! No! I think, if you measure it properly, it's probably between one and fifteen percent. What's the solution, because if the fed continues to raise interest rate, which it must to suck the money? back in and burn it. It'll could perhaps the economy they don't don't you got hyperinflation, so
what's the cities at a great choices. That Biden is giving us rather psycho ukraine version of this sick. What do you do you know? How do you saw this and I just have zoom out an and real, we're only in this because of binding never would have invaded ukraine if it weren't for Joe by and the weakness in the white house and we wouldn't have to be making these hard choices, do high, creates and cause a recession. Or do you not do that and then allow potential hyperinflation that that choice would have been unthinkable? three years ago, when inflation was one one and a half percent. This is white. Really dangerous. You not Barack Obama famously said elections have consequence. Yes, well you somehow Joe Biden got into the white house and what a disaster it's been just for arizona but for the whole country and actually for the whole world. So the guy you're running against was in been space for a long time, and so is these known, etc, etc, but
he's not even as do said cinema, because it is isn't. This pressure is a well known, die there. Some sympathy for his family that the stuff they ve had to go through, of course, and there is a situation where kherson cinema seen by the nation, at least as this unkind, a moderate leeson words, if not actions, and they came up that to Timor Kelly but Kelly's, not that way- and he has earned you know two years ago he promised he'd be independent. He He he said, I'm not a partisan, I'm an independent, ok, some people bought that and he got in not by much, but he got in now he saying the same thing, but it's just a flat out lie, because if you look at his voting record, people fight dizzy vote with by ninety five percent of the time or ninety eight percent of the time. I know it's a hundred percent of the time where it counts. You never have to wonder which way he's going about and actually do, respect cinema annexes two I too anxious to left wing rather have too conservative. Republicans forgot credit words. Do
she said should be independent and we're really counts like on protecting the filibuster yeah or on nina build back better. She spiked that she hold shimmered, go pound sand and she took some areas for it and then takes guts, and that is the kind of into Hundreds of mind arizona, wanna, see that's the goldwater, John Mccain cinema even though she's on the left side of the iron and that's what I'll do mark Kelly. He said be independent and he lied and he's just there rubber stamp in the senate, for whatever chuck humor and Joe I didn't tell him to use chuck humor magic tricks to tell them, apart at all he's the third senator from new york he's the third senator from California and as old errs on only has one senator had now. I mean it's really really crazy, so help out on the border. What has to happen here? What is it
difference between you and what we have going on. You know it's not that complicated. We we had a pretty stable, secure border three years ago. Again, like you just have to. I think we need the wall. We need to finish the wall we double or triple the size of border patrol and give those men and women at the border all the resources they need. But but really it's just political will assist. Taylor a policy. Here's a radical idea for you when illegal aliens try to break into our country, catch them turn them over the ice and deport them back to their home country. some other country that wants them. That's what need to be doing instead, Biden and mark Kelly he's voted, this every single time they like catching release where few catch anybody! Well, it's gotta! Let him out kelly wants to resettle these people and working class cities and towns throughout arizona and throughout the country. And so ass a result. Just in the last twenty months, we ve had five million illegals come here, and it's not like Biden's in mark kelly, trying to trying to catch these people. Intranet
they're, not trying to enforce federal law, rang wilfully vi waiting at which, I think is impeach bluff called for binding, and my work has to be impeached for this. I and my colleague just for this dear election of duty at the southern border, he's voted against border security five separate times just for that He deserves to lose his job. Only to say will be your allies. Are you hope to ally with in the senate? Certainly, josh, hawley, rand, Paul ted cruz- and you know we have some good ones. Tom cotton still a bit more hawkish than me, but I think domestically he's he's excellent and we we have some good ones. What about to about ukraine. What would you be doing with ukraine? I'm very uncomfortable with this automatic reflects to just keep sending twelve billion every have a couple of weeks. Just keep sending twelve billion now, and I tell people mark Kelly, apparently care more about ukraine's border with russia. Then on border with mexico, because he's really focused on that
he's given them all the money they need, but he can't even find ten or twenty billion for border security here at home, right and people's hats appropriate and talking point now: it's ridicule I think Putin's a madman, I think, is a murderer. I'd think the invasion was unjust. It's bad tick, really bad! But again, how do we even get here? We got here because putin G their bad guys, but are not idiots. They look at what happened in Afghanistan. They yet binds weakness and Biden. Surrender and putin felt emboldened. Do that right. Germany, they shut down other working nuclear and they made themselves too and an on russian oil and gas. They gave up the leverage to putin in your attack guy so You know how how complex, Systems are able, if we can go green, not at once, and not at this rate, but I'm fine with going green. If we are actually talking about going having a green car that you plug
and to a coal fire plant is not going green. Raising people think that electric cars, or just so so green will the battery is storage, knowledge is not an energy source and I are empowered, by call to your pride right, you ve, seen someone California's power grid was about to go off saw people with very expensive electric cars, plugging them into gas general just to get the says, denied I'll electric cars can be great but, like you know, ultimately, I think we need nuclear, and until we have nuclear and who knows that's gonna. Take, although we should be making investments now we have oil and gas god bless, this country with abundant natural resources, the stuff actually gets cleaner, clean coal fracturing, we should be drilling, we should be frank and what you can't do ideologically rush into the green new deal. What germany dead now they're, you know their begging, begging for heating oil the heat their homes, this winter and that's the kind of energy future
that mark kelly in arizona and Joe Biden or trying to drag us towards it, doesnt work. So what what can be done? What can be done? should be done, you're in the senate on energy on anything. Well, I think it's stopping the were on fossil fuels? Like wanted Biden, think was gonna happen. These countries, mostly powered by fossil fuel still by oil, So if you declare war on oil and gas, you think that might make the cost of energy skyrocket course. Of course, they took gas from dollars to six dollars. Now they want a metal because his back down to take five dollars in phoenix only by dint, of course, is selling out oil from our strategic reserves, which international security, that's crazy. So the war on oil and gas rights repeal the crazy regulation. And start investing start granting new oil and gas drilling permits right, invest in nuclear we need be building more nuclear power plants and endless rank d. Think things are changing enough to be able to do that. I mean we unaware. haven't built a new. Even refinery since, like now
Teen, seventy nukes are way to day personal take twenty years to their there with modern technology, there not dangerous at all, but we have I saw this in the private sector with it, we very often we would find a nuclear tech start at the town to nuclear physicist who wanted to be an entrepreneur instead of a academic and had come to us. with a small modular reactor design, you know its innovative, an ex wires, and so they could prove on a blackboard with math that you we get a runaway nuclear chain reaction, problem is, and we way we're hungry to invest right. But then you do your diligence, including a regulatory diligence. Turns out. Yet anarchists and our sea has an approved a new nuclear power plant ever basically and they made innovation illegal. There is no regulatory pathway to actually build a pair type that you can convince the government hasty it safe. We did it because this kind of technologies, basically just outlawed by feel a sense of what things going to happen. When you declare war on oil and gas, but then you make new
sources in a nuclear. The cheapest must abundant safest source of energy right. If the only carbon free first of energy networks in twenty four hours a day would solve eighty global warming problem and would also solve our energy problem, and you know it's. This is not new technology, but we've made it really really hard to to pursue, and that's the culture in DC that I want to change. I know it's going to be frustrated me in there I'm going to be one of one hundred senators. I can't just snap my fingers and the country's powered by nuclear, but we need to be trying now so that in thirty years, when my little kids or my age Countries should be mostly power by nuclear you are. You say that you can't just a snap your fingers and do things in this country, which was my understanding of the system the whole time, but we do have a president who thinks you can take. You know trillion dollars in loan relief and just with a snap of his fingers just do that. Without going to congress, we have set up a real weakening of our system, the than I rather think we're constant
who republican? Why? How could you is there anything to be done about seven. This is this is incredibly on consequences, especially your right of course, and what's especially wild about that is five months ago, Nancy policy agreed with you. Yeah Pelosi is Biden going to do this. If congress doesn't get it's act together and she says, oh, he doesn't have the authority to do that in his own department of education. and they didn't have the five months later Biden, just as it is just like he did with the cdc right halting the eviction moratorium. Yeah, his own white house lawyer said sir. You can't miss at the cdc. Has nothing to do you can't just have them. You know not allow landlords to grant kind of unconstitutional and literally said I dont care. Let's do it, let's let them litigate it later. Supreme court said: hey! Look! If you try this again, we're gonna shoot down. Many did it again anyway, and they did actually become I'm eventually, we saw the right and thereby rife like great network the situation where we have the courts that are the gargoyles,
real fur entire system of government, and that's it that's a terrifying place to be I'd, swear and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that Joe Biden, whatever forces, are behind Joe Biden right. He doesn't know where he is half the time. But when I say by naming the white house that they're tyrants They really are like I, when I read about the osha vaccine mandate, they were using the the occupational health and safety bureaucracy, to push a federal vaccine mandate on everybody in the country. I thought it was a babylon be headline. Thought it was satire cause like they can't do that constitution, I'm grateful the courts of course held. That was unconstitutional, but no, they don't care I remember my my are radical, nation moment on on how little the Democrats care about the constitution was when they were passing Obamacare yeah. You know they are
Nancy Pelosi will where's the constitutional hook for this used to be. You know the Democrats. It makes some argue knowledge necessary and proper for x y exercising your eye. It touches commerce and because of the short gay rights and forty one. They would always pretend that this was constitutional. Well, bass, Nancy pillars, word in the constitution. Does it say you can in a tax somebody if they don't buy a product on the market and she laughed and she said, are you kidding me I remember I was just like wowed now they don't even pretend that they have to follow the constitution and how dangerous is that if somebody wants to help your campaign out blake masters, or do they just go to blake masters, or can I go to blake masters dot com? They I in a patriotic spirit, get out their wallet and donate lots of money to buy that, because this stuff isn't isn't cheap. Mark Kelly's bombarding me with the the most vile vicious slanderous attack ads. But you know we're fighting back david tight type dynamic. But if you shut its close, the republicans tightening a lot
helping at all the senate with the in a scott and his senatorial committee. The analyses actually been very helpful. Mitch. Mcconnell, of course, has the bigger yeah of money without selective cancelled advertising, so they're not inclined to be helpful but but everybody who can ship in five or ten dollars had dug out. It is within a couple of points, so every dollar will make a difference here: blake mass, dot com, that's blake masters. Dotcom will see again gutless. Thank you place where, please, please lilies after it's always usually future not of illegal. These two, seventy four. Seventy one percent of employees in the marketplace say that cost of living is higher than what actually making in take home, pay even if you are not one of those seventy one percent, you are swimming around in the same economy that everybody else is, things are going to get better but they're going to get worse before they get better. Maybe a lot worse. You need to do
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you got a less consumer access, dot, org the green back programme. The this is the Glenn Beck program are glad to hear so. I've met blake masters before I really like it. What do you think of him? I like him a lot and he seems to actually care about the constitution, which is rare these days. I know you know it's crazy that this is why I mean Mitch Mcconnell is such a anyway he's cut off funding, because he would rather have fifty one senators without someone like blake master, If fire wants them as a majority, but he doesn't want. You know, people who are actually standing for the constitution. That's my belief it. But the Democrats again
have funded a candidate and it is the libertarian candidate. now since when is this republican or the democratic party fora? libertarian now they're just doing strategically to take votes away from jack masters and he is way behind in money compared to what the Democrats or throwing kelly, so blake masters, dot com, that's blake man stirs dot com. This is a winnable race totally winnable they need some more fairly strategically placed commercials, debate on thursday, huge debate huge debate later, again, you ve got the libertarian. There masters dotcom, that's blake masters, dot, com, the Glen back programme
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