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The Whistleblower Must Be PROTECTED (from the Left!) | Guests: Burgess Owens & Rabbi Daniel Lapin | 11/7/19

2019-11-07 | 🔗
While the Democrats insist that the whistleblower’s life is in danger, Republicans want him healthy and ready to TESTIFY! The whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Zaid, tweeted back in 2017 that he wanted a coup against Trump. Super Bowl champion Burgess Owens is running for Congress to fight for unity and a return to our core principles, and he isn’t afraid to stand up. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is keeping his promise to clean up Austin – and liberals are thanking him! Tulsi Gabbard classily shut down Joy Behar’s attacks on her patriotism, and even Bill Gates is warning against a Warren presidency. Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Glenn debate whether the Left is a religion and lay out the principles America MUST return to.

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in financing dot net right now get out from underneath that high interest, eight hundred and Euro six, twenty four forty, eight hundred ninety six, twenty four forty american financing dot net, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment is the Glenn Beck program stay. I love the talk of the whistle blower. I love it now just to read all about eight weeks ago. I don't really care about the whistleblower, I'm like we have. We have the two script. Why do we care about what somebody said? Oh no! No! No!
you really care. You really must care about who this whistleblower is, and conservatives should be. The shield of protection around this guy in the family because this guy, they don't want him to testify. They don't want you know who he is. He is in danger, but not from the right he's in danger from the left and the power of the left This guy is more dangerous to the Dnc. Then We abstained ever was all explained, in one minute this is the Glenn Beck program you know when you spend your money, there's a few things that you might expect. First, you expect to get a fair deal in America. On fair deal means you know I just got to go
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dot. Com Beck. Do it now This whistleblower is Al Capone's accountant, remember, Capone wouldn't have gone to jail if it wasn't for the meticulous. Accounting records that his account and did there was that it was all under code and nobody wanted him to testify. I, why should say: look good guys wanted him to testify the bad guy Even the bad guys in the police did everything they could to make sure he never testified. Al Capone wanted him. Amy play but on the witness stand, because is the only guy that could crack open all of it. Now
didn't want to testify against Al Capone. He knew what that meant he's, probably a dead man. He didn't want to do it. He wasn't necessarily on the side of the good guys, but they finally got him to court and he testified, but Al Capone never would have put his accountant forward right leg they. The Democrats, no I mean they want to shift, was involved in this. Forehand z highlighted this guy as the whistleblower, and, if he's the guy, that I was all this. Why would they want to promote his profile,
by people do stupid really stupid thing cut congressional, admittedly, is a good. I have any and on that and in passion, when you are so when you're only goal is destroying destroying destroying at any cost, destroy em, when your passion is that how you make stupid mistakes, why would Al Capone keep a detailed accounting record of he was bribing how it was going money going here to there. Why would you keep that in paper? yeah, but I mean those actually running a business right, there's a reason: there is already an see ya. Had I grace I was a dancing but like you could have easily, instead of doing a whistle blower report to get this whole thing kicked off, you could have leaked to the New York Times and had the Moraine article about this call and you would have-
the ball rolling in that way, then you all could have been out public. Probably all we need these transcripts above all, you could have done all of that right. Yes, but you needed somebody to lodge the complaint with standing. Remember that's the whole whistleblower thing. You have to lodge it with standing for whistleblower complaint, but I need to get an impeachment done started this with a media report easily, and it could have grasped that the whole idea in the whole idea with the Democrats has been get somebody on the inside get somebody who's on the inside their round him the whole time he's crazy, he's dangerous. That was that was part of this there's there's this guy he's, I mean he's career diplomat, he's been around forever ease, just a guy in the white out? He was part of that phone call. He heard, and he was so upset about it,
he's been hearing, other people that were so upset with aren't really necessarily a lot of people that were really upset. They were on the phone call that you know he didn't even say. There was quid pro quo when he first wrote his there was no mention of quid pro quo until he met with Adam Schiff, but let's, let's, let's back up for a second. This guy I believe he is in danger, but I believe that the Democrats have been saying this look. He was the guy until five days after our transport. Now, I'm not I'm not suggesting to you that it that, definitely is what did it, but I do believe cuz. I know everyone on Capitol Hill was talking about that chalkboard within the first couple of days of that chalkboard being out they they watched it as groups, so that got out.
What do they have? This guy is center. He was a missing piece that we didn't even know existed and if you'll remember, we did the chalkboard five days later- they're like don't worry about this guy yeah, this guy might have political collection connection. So don't even worry about this guy. We got another guy and they just tried to brush him off and bury him. And I sit on the air who cares about another whistleblower. We have the transcripts right, but once know the name of this guy and you can do work and see where he was position he's the Smoking Gun is the smoking gun he's the guy I in the centre of all of this, it even goes back to before the the inauguration his attorney. Now
his attorney is the guy. Who seventeen negotiation haste talking about how Trump has got to go. As soon as in July of twenty seventeen. He says I predict cnn- is gonna, play a key role in the real Donald Trump, not finishing out his first term as president we'll get rid of him and and this country is strong enough to survive him and even his supporters as one falls, meaning is, as one person leaves the White House that is on the side of Donald Trump, as one falls to more will take their place. He promise that a coup would occur in many, steps the coup has to this is this: is the whistleblowers attorney twenty seventeen, the coup
started first of many steps, rebellion impeachment will follow, ultimately, the terrible attorney. Why would you publicly tweeting these things, because it'll be later on, because he said he tweeted. This soon President took office? He tweet that c I a employees, should come to his law firm to laugh the challenge of the new president, so he was pruning CIA agents, he's like the guy with the message: feely Alma Marshall here has ever do you have a little more courage like this? Would you like to impeach this president weaken? How case? Oh, that's? Who this guy is he's com? link foresee agents to come in to his office, who want to help get this president impeached. Add a nod eurasian. Now the whistle blower
and to be a CIA agent. He happens to be the guy. Who is it Joe Biden side he's the I was in the oval office when Barrack Obama was called in all of the investigators into law, she didn't from Ukraine and having very awkward meeting that even the good guy secures all said was really weird. Basically, they called us in a Washington d c if we could help them find dirt on Donald Trump. He was the guy who is at the embassy, helping Chalupa. He's in the White House, organizing things with Chalupa. This is the woman who is the one that coordinated and did all of the Trump Investigation was the go between It appears between the Uk in and the future
Gps and it's also a fried flour, tortilla wrap lychee sour cream lettuce and tomatoes, This is just a. This is just a coincidence that he was he was involved with all of these people? It's a coincidence that his attorney talking about a coup and taking them out. And plotting an impeachment. It's also a coincidence that the day after Robert Mauler is a closed. His case, There's nothing here. The guy comes out and says: Oe I've, got a concern, but doesn't say quid pro quo, concern about a phone call. Really that's. While that's interesting and they immediately shift gears from molar to this guy. Goes to Adam Shift and then all of a sudden he has an attorney guess
who shift sends into this. Guy He now has an attorney and he includes quid quid pro quo. That's really. All of that is just a coincidence. Is I mean boy you're, my dear, I don't think it is a year I mean. I know it's weird is almost as if they had a ever. I mean. Is there a doubt at this point that there are large amounts of people working not only for the left and Democrats, but also just in this? department in other places in the government, whose entire goal, since Donald Trump took president, was to make him not president anymore, We doubt on that at all. No right of that. No clearly true, and they know they would probably say. Well, we did a perk because of good reasons. He was doing things that were erratic for the country and bad for the country, blah blah blah ok whatever. You can believe that, if you want, however, the guy was elected,
Is it any that it states? Second controls these things and if he controls these things, it's your job to either support them or resign. Unless you believe something illegal is going on which some of them say there was, and they did this whistleblower take all that is fun. But it's all inside of an obvious structure and movement within the government and within the Democratic Party to get this guy removed from office, the second he was elected, and that is no. That is like that. It's an underclass I can't be ignored, so this whistleblower it is. It is critical that this whistle, makes it to a open witness stand and the cross examination is prepared Ask him about all of the things that he was doing in Ukraine, because he's the linchpin he's the go between on all of these,
things on fusion gps on the job corruption on all of it. He is the accountant. Now the brass I've, never seen like it and it fell weird at the time. As soon as they started talking about this whistle blower they said well? Who is the whistleblower the minute that question was you're, going to get him killed, you're going to get him killed late, we're just wondering who he is you're going to get him killed, you're going to get him killed, you're going to get him killed get him killed will now. I know why sky is more dangerous to the Dnc than than Jeffrey Epstein. If this guy is in protected, not from the right, but from the left,
This guy is going to end up hanging himself with paper sheets while in custody. This guy is the buried body, All of it he's the tie between all of it t is the key to the massive corruption of the Dnc, and I Anybody wants to get into that now. There's there again. The dotted Trump Junior out at him, and so Donald Trump juniors gonna get him killed, Leave me everyone on the right on seem to testify You know his name and you see the connections and you've watched our special on Ukraine. You know he the most important person to put on the stand. Watch him alive. You want him to testify.
I want him under protection of the Republicans, not the Democrats. Because this guy knows where all the bodies are buried and if this guy testifies you're going to be a pull his testimony apart and you'll, see, what's really going on and believe me believe me next Wednesday, a week from yesterday, we're going to go through. What's really going on what really happened in Ukraine, we thought we knew. Oh, no, it's much worse than that, it's much worse than that, this guy, I'm telling you is in danger, but he's in danger from the left and everyone right needs to protect this guy. Everybody on the right needs to make it very clear: we on him to testify. We
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and we took on the media, showed you how they're lying showed you, how I mean is any of you haven't seen it yet you were gone and you haven't seen it Yes, I was, I was monitoring dog intake of my kids Disneyland yeah. That time you really need to watch it still cause. He even ask questions affair. And my answer is you got to watch the special? I watch the special and you got to do it before next week because next Wednesday we apart three of this and its hair, raising hair raising, we just got a treasure trove of stuff from Ukraine I don't think any of its going to make it on here, because we don't have time to vet everything and I don't no, the people that we got it from in Ukraine. It was just sent to us
If five percent of that is true, Americans hair is going to fall out if five percent- and I think five percent of it is probably true- maybe more you don't know, but none of that even going to be presented, and what I have to present to you that we do have, as fact is, terrifying is terrifying. There is deep state and unless we investigate forget about Donald Trump, here's, what Donald Trump needs to say you know, if you heard saying that there's quid quid pro quo that you had, to investigate and get this dirt on Joe Biden. So I could win the election that didn't happen, but If your definition of quid pro quo is I'm not going to give them any money until they looked into what happened during the last election, they looked at the corruption and they'll for the missing seven, billion dollars that we gave to them
said I'm not gonna, give him any more money until they investigate, though things damn right. I dont see that's quid pro quo, I say that's the national interest and the job of a president. I said investigate corruption, Joe Biden said, I'm not giving you money unless you stop investigating corruption. This is in doing the national nationals were then that the national interest work it's a good way of putting it in many. He has a good case to say to the american people too, like look in Washington DC, the swamp doesn't care when seven billion dollars of your money goes missing. I do and that's why I'm looking to do it? It's important to me it's important to you. It's your money, it's beyond money! It's your election thought that we had to do a three year. Investigation on me about Russia well. Everybody wanted to know. If I was colluding with Russia, we have two people went to jail in the Ukraine for colluding with him: Clinton on the campaign
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So if you re like me and watch the last special you can do so, I placed you beat. I com is a promo code Glenn and save ten bucks off your subscription. This is the Glen Back Programme Chuck in Tennessee welcome to the Glen Back programme how're, you jack! Are you there They let me go to Roy in South Carolina, hello, Roy Welcome morning Glen. I got to be honest with you.
Mission. I think we have a treasure trove, but is there any body on the republic inside who's gonna stand up now. I think I think, a lazy, Graham you know, is he gonna say we're gonna take the sent from if no no in it- and you know we will here's what here's the people that I trust in Congress and the Senate? What they're saying Glenn E this absolutely right. We ve all all sat around and watch, for instance the chalkboard and went oh, my gosh look at this one. Oh, my god, they say you're app, the Lulli right. How do we say this without sounding crazy? You just spent two hours explaining it. We ve got two minutes on television, and nobody's going to write it up and I keep telling them. You have to say, all you have to say is president was acting in the national interest. If you don't think exposing corruption
posing corruption at with the State Department, Ngos and the CIA in a deep state activity in things, you'd viewed as Donovan want to know about. Quite honestly, asking hey what happened to our seven billion dollars. Oh, and did you were there colluding like accused Donald Trump of colluding in Ukraine. Two people were sentenced to prison that it it is doing that in Ukraine. That's it actual interest, that's what needs to Young covered and that's what the president was doing. I think that's easy, but they're not for some reason: they're not willing to do it. Welcome Pat Gray Fellow Pat Logan Pat as written a song
and it's about the whistleblower, because no one wants to talk about the whistleblower. You know Rand Paul is being pretty brave by continually saying you know, we need another whistleblowers name and then tweeting out articles with guys Damon and he's fighting for the right to say the name in Congress, but it's just gonna be an absolute nightmare, but I think he's you don't want to see the name. Well you just you don't know. So you wrote a song about the about, not wanting to say the name kind of Asturias. Where did it come from? Where did this? he really came from a place of mystery and then walked into my studios morning, ass thirty yeah, Anne and said to me Pat and I thought at first. I thought it was kernels
you know from Kentucky Fried Chicken goes to natural say how was it was the sinner than colonel centres, or no, no more good, God in size and now he's a little bit more like chicken. Yes, he is. Electricity was larger than our. I ve got the larger part, but but much much more. Clearly we got is and we we got it getting set down I stood. He only setting I've written a song, I've given you the lyrics you just come up with the music and the thing it men, so it's like having Ernie top in year and John order that yeah yeah yeah are so. Did the lyrics speak to you they did. They did speak to me. Ok so here and want to share it now. Ok, this is a song, its little mysterious its. I guess it try sort of about the whistleblower about the whistleblower in a roundabout way. Yes, Charles mellow air, Eric charm, every child.
Charm charm Imela, Imela, Imela Imela that's really while paths catch like you just sample some serving their there's something I had seen familiar about the illegal meat. I know I think it's just I think it's the lyrics are so catchy you gonna feel like it so familiar feeling. I've heard it a hundred called eyes on. I call it Charles Mellow, really yeah. Really I dont know why yeah it just gonna hit me. I mean you know when colonels Anders came to me and said: hey who we should. We should do a song, I not. It should be called the whistle blower by another name: ok yeah!
I take it that deep, yes, Steep Yankee, it's a little more subtle yet, and the name I had for your name, for it was Eric Jara Malaga lounge. That is that's weird. That's why he's weird? Okay so how do you? How do you think this goes and next week there now going, do actually have the open hearings in the house? and it's all going to be covered which is weird. Why would you do this this close to thanks giving and Christmas in two weeks in two weeks, everybody unplugged yeah well, including Congress right they're gonna, be Goin home pretty soon They're gonna be going on for the holidays. Don't they always they Lila government, although this is so, is the sole import had yet wearing it does wrapped having, as there is extensive reporting in October, that the Democrats were slow playing this intentionally cause they wanted to
Dragging out and now all of a sudden there are they rushing through this next week, they're gonna be doing these hearings you're right I mean if it happens, if if they are doing it, remember I'm big example. This George W Bush he's president I'd states, they push through a ban on incandescent light bulbs. Yep remember when this happened he had. He african right was a Christmas eve. I remember so they were their voting on something but like they do a lot of stuff like that. Where the throat of holidays, because they know what your attention healthcare reaction from under our holidays year time give twenty. Rightly right around to watch it. It's the tree fall, but if the tree falls in Congress around Christmas time. Billy Paul. Pay attention to these people on regular days yeah. You know that when its Kurtz Christmas here with your family, your due in the family, things your vomiting after a party, these are not tie
and was necessarily want to look at this you'd think the only reason why you want and impeachment here is to draw a lot of eyeballs from Americans are saying: oh, my gosh, the President got impeached, but you want this to be a big media event. Who is not getting taller than in less may. I now. Let me play devils Advocate invite saying Devils Advocate, I mean militarily, the devil's egghead advocating gaining forts eight and in this particular case, Madam speaker, if I may the case against the President little thin little, then they're, also going to be free to make accusations on the other side which puts you in and see and real trouble now right now the poll numbers are okay, you've done
yet the even it on damage to the president, if you're a Democrat, their put their pretty good right and right right now so you've done your damage. You've sent the signal to your people. May I suggest it's best interest to ram this through when no one's watching and if the Senate then says nothing here, they'll vote for that, and you can pick it up, after the first of the year and say we had a case here the case. You would anything about that case. The media I'm going to report the media is not going to correct you. The USA was an ever. You want they're gonna say he was impeach, but this this this if it was in the bag for the president wouldn't take it up. That's why I really believe if they vote to impeach send, it needs to say fine, we'll pick it up after the first of the year and then the go with a trial go with
and make sure that Elizabeth WAR in and everybody else who have died there at campaign trained up, that's a requirement, and guess you don't know yet they can. They we'd have Elizabeth WAR and Comma Harris Corey Booker among others that all that held a sharp. They don't want that to happen, so make sure that, They are seated in the Senate. For this impeachment off of the campaign trail out would be grand get the best. Damn prosecutor to to do your you got to stop playing defense. You need offense, so you get your m to ask and cross examine all of these witnesses, because that Whistleblower is connected to all the stuff.
Nobody wants due to nobody, wants revealed, as is possible case a seaman. It would be a reversal seemingly from their position just a few weeks ago, but it does seem like a plausible case, makes sense for them. It does it help the senators, but I don't know, maybe they dance in the house does really care about. Now, they're all they're doing is they want to be able to say to their base? We just we did it. Page him, but it is therefore they wouldn't dream and I'll say to these cases. We, if one thing we learned about all these trump investigations is the case is always look best until you actually here from the people write like the case either James call me look really credible at one point and then all of a sudden use out testify emerald like wait a minute. This guy doesn't connect with me at all easy he's, obviously guy some agenda, Michael Cohen,
The huge deal rightly early- this is a guy is the closest associated is, is, is abandoning him goes out in front and testifies in front of cameras, innermost Elvis guys, a joke by Iraq, Robber Mahler, the investigation, the investigation I mean if you watch the media reporting so they operate and shut case, the entire time it was going on until we got the invest. Asian and people Redding we're like all that's it, and I think like that, a pattern, that's going on over and over again that the tailor testimony with the texts and in his opening statement has some pelican parts to it. If you believe the president did something wrong, though, when he gets in front of the cameras again, which is supposed to happen next week, how much of that falls apart? Does he look like this unimpeachable witness then, and how bad was? or when he does I anyway it s. Mind was a total disaster. Here he could barely he could barely get throw sentence. Has one I will tell you, though, this is a death match this this is truly a deathmatch. I think that they're doing
damage to the president and they're. Giving body blow after body blow after body blow quite honest, play. The GOP is doing a horrendous, as always horrendous job there's no friend of the president. That is doing him any service right now, I believe I mean standing up for the president, I'm standing up for the truth, audience doesn't think that if Trump was doing all these bad things and it was impeachable, if you think I wouldn't be making the case that he should be impeach Jerome, I would absolutely do that? My track record is very clear defending him because I'm a trump supporter I'm defending him because he's being wrong. He's being wrong, this is wrong You should demand a trial, I would. I would you should demand it and let's see what you have go,
cigarettes go. I want this to be. Open the trial and I'm going to have I'm going to I've got so much information. You know who came in, and he didn't see the special last week, and he said you know Giuliani, blah blah blah, and I agree I used to say I kind of want Rudy Giuliani as President if you're in the room with Rudy Giuliani this like fifteen years ago, but if you're in the room with Rudy Giuliani and the guy was pissing em off all the time is suddenly not at the White House asking what happened because he might be in the Rose garden underground right now, who I know rooted Julia, I know Rudy Giuliani is. But if you look at what the accusations are on Rudy Giuliani. Yes, looks like he was representing some bad guys well
He was also representing some people at the request of Hunter Biden. In another? Come in another country that was head of his post stood mare? What he'd that's what he did, what he went out and he took a bunch of money, do right and a bunch of people. I don't necessarily lawyer young. I dont like that, but you got lots of money. Why you're to defend people that this sort necessary eminence allowing defend the bad guys as well as good re, was already did become kind of like a mob lawyer button again and again is rooted, Giuliani, Audio they get cleaned up New York. It, isn't it, but when he whose, but when you look at what there actually saying here for an open about all of a sudden on television. He was like hey I'm going over and meet with these guys. Hey, I smell them. They said some bad things.
Got all this paper work on delivering it to the State Department: hey they haven't done anything. I'm gonna go back and start looking for some more stuff because they don't seem to theirs. Lilies crook he's a really bad correct. The one thing. I don't believe that Julie Ani is that he's inept at his cookery Thank you very much. Thank you all right It is 23andme you want to really personalized gift doesn't get any more personal than a dna kit. This play. Why not give dna kit with the most to give a health and ancestry kit from 23Andme it's not just an ancestry service, its ancestry and health. Yet more than a hundred and fifty personalized genetic reports, including the insights into your health, now
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get from twenty three in me: dotcom slash back twenty three in me: dot com, slash banging you're, lessening Glenn back Peyton, you know. Yesterday we told you about the the ABC anchor that was exposed out. ABC, saying hey We had all this information. We decided not to run with it. I don't know why but pisses me off, ABC. You know they don't want to get involved in any whistleblowers. They want whistleblowers protected
so blower, however, they out it, because this whistle blower left we see the one who delivered the tape to the public, he blew the whistle he went over to CBS. B c called Cbs and said hey by the way. This is the whistleblower. You might want to be careful and he fired by CBS. So I see I just the universe medication for schizophrenia. I just I want you to know yesterday, we have enough on you, don't want a convicted pedophile how to do a story about it. You know something protecting Bill Clinton or anybody else, but we'll go after Kavanaugh Little schizophrenic today. To release the name of this whistleblower. All whistleblowers need to be protected while the way CBS that was a blow
they blew the whistle on us. You should be careful disease there. Maybe I think by firing schizophrenia, it's a disease and there is help ABC careless bond. So there's this guy, but we haven't, we haven't welcomed our co host today, who know is in the studio today. A black nose once in awhile just going to come up from underneath losing your hair, really sucks, really sucks, I hate it and then there's understand Skies don't understand when women's here goes, thin must drive, crazy to, but with guys that we are here many times right now there is keeps K e e p s keeps dotcom their offering generic
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that's right! That's beacon, bigger men Okay, we all know we need to clean up Washington and then we've been down this road a million times going to send to Washington. They can actually have a backbone and a We do the right thing in whose willing to stand now I am never going to anyone ever again. Mainly because if I endorse someone they lose, I will tell you this. A friend of mine he's been on the show several times he's in NFL Super Bowl champion but he is also the author of a great book called liberalism or how or how did good men into whiners. We need and wimps where he is,
ozone, the roots of the end of a lay cp and everything else, his name is Burgess Owens. He announced yesterday that he is running for Congress, hello, Burgess, our yo. Glenn, how you doing pretty good talking to you and I'm all in and nobody on the no place that has allowed us to do a great nation. We also this. This is a good chance. You thought that pursue this a first time. You know we had dinner together at a fundraiser this last Saturday and I didn't even have to ask you how your soul was your the first guy. I think that I've ever thought you know. I know I know you you are passed the blame
I don't know what it is with MIKE Lee, but he hasn't lost his soul and he's able to stand, and I the same thing in you that year you know exactly what you're walking into So why are you walking into it? it was you that I'm a little girls who never ever consider myself due to look at the political arena is something as a solution for me. So what I want to be a bar with, but you know, I've been outside of passion for a kids and ever since I left the NFL. I've always known that to get our country back. These little kids back What about the second eighty, three, when I retired, as this is being a blacksmith anything I don't know it's A black new things, as are all alchemy, rethink, that accuse like risk and afford, might have gladly cheerfully who sings here and in in Utah for at risk kids coming on Google system that it doesn't matter, Linda if we don't get back our country from the left,
I will allow the leftist to do for the rest of our country have done to my community what they ve done, reckon you need a glance is a travesty. I think the bag in the biggest farther Most people have no idea how successfully war when we were bracing, the american wake american culture, and I call it had heart hand home. We will reach a king S. Tail will believe in God, in a big way, seven send it all about black men were committed to marriage, will industrious leaving out country in terms of the growth of middle class, because we had more than ever before that was our foundation that was out core. The left is keen to endeavour to be another black letters and destroyed, so I will
not a lot about our country. This would at a point where so much of that risk. So much is needed and we need to add. We people come together once again, like law is a dime wake up recognize with it will under attack, and despite these guys, welcome to back up, he has ever a hopeful encouraging a future each other out not outside it. So Burgess Euro you're a business guy, I mean you're football player and then you and into I mean maybe this is why I think you might make it is because, you you're, not about politics? I can't even imagine you in that. Group cuz, it's just not you. Having that as a compliment by so much will take when it comes down to it. You I'll catch you was was built on people who want to gild service. We looked at an opportunity to go and serve serve out there.
An opponent, place positively live within, come back and be part of that process will live with. What would we resolve above we put in place? We need to get back to that at the biggest problem. Today is what I'll call leaders and as it is something happened. Some people are kind of becoming engage. They do no longer pilot middle class that understand what makes the middle class go, what it is in the day the consequence of the devastation again with had a problem not merely for Fort We have people who live the american dream. Do they have money, they they have protection everything I need, but they cannot relate to those who find a follow them could pull Buddhism because the Marxist astonished that out did ever braced the ETA got. An idea was even brace, though I think I represent and hope I was
a particular very limited. We believe in Algiers. We believe. Now, God we believe our country and we particularly respect star not respecting our guide and respect about women are women We do that. That dear like, like what else Tom had gone up, I take it. This would be such a great place for those who are now don't feel that that is the place. Probably do them. Once again understanding what America is all about. Her going after a Democrat. This is used this of Utah's Force congressional district. It's usually republican, isn't it if it isn't the Republican this is a seat. A meal lasted a couple years ago, an entity, the person that I'm alone, we get a here's, a nice guy, but the problem is this is supporting these portal. It is not really have been nice to my my raised an issue,
I hope, and people can understand is not about personality is not about party is about politics. If you have a policy of a party that pushing policies, though Thou studies Bob is that of the blame, for this development Can I pass leading lady chest with old Obama? Is eighty three percent of blackboard emails across the country? Can I find jobs? We have an abortion swedish targeted out kid. Twenty million A black babies have been killed since that sometimes I descended we understand because some eighty percent of those forces in the put into my community
I think we need to look at in about the about this by a party that that doesn't, it is against everything I just talked about their guest education. They'll get in this regard. Yes garnered. Yes, it is not about people. Think about me against people, particularly in combat right now is the party that I believe we are. The people need to recognize is nothing good for my ways. If, at all, heart? He does not look on. My way is not good for America. Surges Owens, Burgess Owens is running, do have You have a website. People can go to her. He asked me if I do Burgess for you to other, did the number for then before get those things had heart hands at home and Glenn. I believe that this number two
before miracles, but to unite. Finally, we know that more divided we are today. We have good people in Democratic Party, good people, independence and Republicans. We had to those who have the merit of this book is one head: art has at home education guy. Family and industry will come together, called and then that allow the other side the letters to devise Isna tackle unity dynamically. We didn't do this because we, the people, have been the very best at talk with american culture, is all about thing about. Jews, appreciated, gutless figure that appreciates event Burgess, for you talk again now,
Dorsey he having like the guy a lot a lot too, like unreliable zones, and he would be a great congressmen, are obviously fearless as a guy who we know helped ruin my childhood dreams of an eagle, Superbowl, nineteen, eighty one I would never know, but in our than that he seems able to do that to you. He was part of it. That's really easy part of it here, you now and then live for all those years, so I kind of like him even everyone, in America's like now, I'm gonna move to Utah just a vote for him, but you and I not only are obviously a legendary athlete, but a a guy was taken. A lot of brief stands over the past couple of years ago, my gosh his book, one of the most brave ravish, but he does not care taking on the end of lay cp calling them out and saying complete He lay racist organization and talks about how,
The progressives you know built it built it on the back of the African American. I mean he is, he is absolutely afraid yet to take people on there, which is great to see its currency be great congressmen who would be not that of energy and we Glenn Beck, not endorsing him know. What's the opposite of an endorsement, you're doing that yet what every weekend emirate is that helps him and not hurt him. That's what I'm due at what I'm doing. I made a promise, not endorsing anybody. Wreck analytical ever again ever again ever again Oh, you know somebody that's really hard not to endorse, though, is Gregg Abbot. Have you urged the leave the audio of the liberal. That is where she from Austin, I think and she's, a liberal and she's like a nobody was listening to the city is going to Hell in a handbasket and he
a guy I'm not supposed to like list this tv report on the governor of Texas not a crime, but the behaviour behind it that you see when it increases to you now recklessness and when using drugs drug made of theirs that drugs there's a drug tat right now, you think governor habit is helping here, Cleo Patrice. It is a self described liberal who has never voted for a Republican. She says it pains heard a welcome governor average tweets, somebody's listening to us because when it comes down to it, we all live here. That refreshing isn't that nice summit, who will recognise we're on the same team actually and I'm not going to make about whose wearing what Color Jersey somebody's listening, somebody's doing something, and by the way if you think about moving here from California, you might want
look into Gregg Abbot because he's nothing like your governors in California. Nothing like that and if you think, you're just going to come in and and then make this: the homeless capital of the world, where all the Texans will be. You know company squat on this, you're wrong, you're wrong. That's what she's talking about and that he's cleaning up everybody's hero for that very short time. Mr Bob Frank, O'Rourke, when he came close to beating TED crews in the Senate. Election brick ever did not much trouble with action you that he is on about the same time when you buy a teen, yeah crews. One by to link these, I think, he is. I know he is the best governor, I've ever lived. I've lived all over the country and he's the best governor I've. Ever
lived under an mainly because they're, not micromanaging here that they meet every other year by the way he's full time, but the butler, the house in the Senate: they meet every other year. Can't do anything, position where, because of this vote I'm, not a huge vanities, a ballot initiatives, but still we are at a position where not only do we have no state income tax in Texas there's a constitution. Amendment saying you could never have a state income tax they would have to, and do that amendment to even attempt to pass. That's going to happen but if you're thinking about moving here from California You want to do that if your liberal, because you want to pay income tax, does it so important, so american, so giving and loving and everything else don't move here. Don't move here are thanksgiving just around the corner.
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you know the Seattle was Sir Amazon got into the race of Seattle City. Council. You'd do follow this at all stew because, as my hometown issue, I kind of file follow Seattle a little bit to see. If I don't know I'd ever, we welcome back into the sea and let the key to your city. I would point injury and they bust people into protest from, or I remember that as the Eu Boston people to protest is, does the gay and I am I'm never returning it. That door is going to remain closed for a and you can do that means you can go unlock anyone store in your hometown right. I think, I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty sure the the results for Seattle City Council appears the far left candidates. Who are expected to be hostile to business
faltered and fail on oh yeah. What happened? Well, Amazon. Our they buying an election is that what happened Sakhalin? What I went back from that the hard core of Jeff Beijing course? No, Nobody had anything to say when Amazon was dumping money into other elections. Where you know they were, you know for new transit systems for the poor and building a new houses for the poor. You know that the money there that map money was fine? This money was evil This was evil. Is it a bad things people are buying on Amazon that funded diesel? I am so I'm I'm, I'm I'm looking at the candidates and you it says the left candidates in a really didn't do well, but they beaten by other people? That I mean I would still call Marxist It's not like there. The hay
its round. Everybody up and kill a marxist remain hurried. I thought I'd merrily George. There is this kind of interesting line developing between liberal business owners in liberal businessmen- and line between Warren and Sanders and the rest of them. You know you saw you ve seen it Jamie damages came out, it was talking Look Elizabeth Warren, maybe not a great idea, Mark Zuckerberg as out their say. Look at me, mexican regional conservative here, like the warrant things kind of crazy bill gates, bill gates, they'll just came out as like you're talking about a hundred billion dollars of my money in income tax. Actually he's like cool. If you want to take this out, if you're going to say you got to pay twenty billion dollars, but if you're expecting
a hundred billion dollars in tax and it's a no go wow. That's a tough line is interesting because they they see vase. Look as we look at these presidential candidates. We see a bunch of terrible policies that would be destructive to our economy. Right, I mean there's. No, you look across the board. But the Democrats and assault you can see what they see is a lot of stuff that they want but alive. Warren and Bernie Sanders in particular are so terrible that they feel the need to speak out against them. Think of how bad for economy. What is what it takes, these guys, who won? Probably eighty percent of our policies, passionate enough to come out and say no, not avert, not burning When there are saying it's good,
kill our business and kill the business of American all the employee right there. Just gonna leave they'll just go, do their business elsewhere, and will we we'll have to pay for it now, because I just cup and leave they don't care or they will dramatically change the way their business is. Being done, but you watch the stock market, those two become candidates. I mean really the candidate either one You're going to see the stock market behave, ordinarily different every time I visit my grandfather when I was a kid every time he saw it, he saw me he would pull a one slash two one slash two: silver dollar and Eisenhower dollar out from behind my ear and I never thought of it as anything special cuz back then. Those dollars were silver half dollars were real silver man.
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promo code for ten bucks off your subscription check out. What's going on in Ukraine specials running all week, honestly, I think we should start the suggesting that there should be free, anti psychotic medication that is given to members of the media. I they may be schizophrenia, I really think we should look into ABC in particular, yet
today. We found out that sorry. My dog is here O Connor camera body. This walkin around walk around sniffing everybody. You have a dog, you have dog you of a cat. I love your like love your leg anyway, plot plot fully plots pull out. Good boy. So, anyway, all those german dogs out there sit down there already down its leg: hey Alexa, throwing out new that ok, so Did it to them now, they're all you now another thing: I don't understand what you mean play the Glen Back Programme Mary. We should do that just add streams to her feet and shed Hey Alexa play the glare back programme. Hey Google play the gland back programme. Thirty scale teacher, I well where we talk about. Oh yeah, ABC being schizophrenia. So yesterday we find out
that ABC they will they'll, throw Brett Kavanaugh under the bus with the sketchiest of information. It is absolute they'll. Put the crumb bum lawyer on what was his name. That you know was eventual disgrace. Michael Evan, I gotta have a knotty the put Michael Avenue Knotty day after day after day and write about Cavanaugh, but they have very high standards when it comes to a convicted pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein, I mean we all know he was already convicted of Friday. No soliciting a child prostitute. Imagine is convincing some other people to kill, and you dont, don't stand around and go well now. Well, whoa, whoa, Charlie Manson is a good guy. Let slip mean really you're thinking that he's gonna know Charlie, Manson, dude
are you going to prison for it? We know he does this. Maybe we look into some more stuff and the whole me to era littered with a q without evidence that these people have printed over and over and over again this, I think when it happened. The New York Times just a couple weeks ago ran and operate my woman, accusing Harvey Weinstein's of rape. Now, look, do I think We wines dean raped everyone. He came across. Yes, I do, I guess, that's all it. Eddie will go to the morning erect a few people. He went back to men. I was out of his day right. That's what I think. However, that's a terrible standard for news organization. When did we start printing accusations? of major crimes as a pin. In pieces one there tell dad that start opinion pieces. What what do you mean? It's your opinion you were raped, If this is it accusation, and you have evidence to support it and it went through your strict journalistic standards-
then printed as a news story that has an opinion, peace and we're in this with that was how they all work. Looking around found their journalism when Jeffrey I've seen was the guiding talked about re, couldn't find it on any of these other people per man. It was just pouring all over them as they described Jeffrey Epstein. They tell any stories about this guy so yesterday about, say I'm not a doctor, but I actually em. You are so I can say this year. Today. I was thinking as I was wearing my white doctor coat. You know Amy see maybe schizophrenia, and I thought none. On alone now it's weekend let's not be hasty, it's only one session. Let's get him on the couch another day. Put them on the couch? And today
Hey there talking about how whistleblowers must be protected, you got to protect the whistleblower you're, going to get I am come to this guy's family. He could loses job. He abuse this whistle blowers will be afraid to come out and say anything if you, go out and reveal the name of whistleblowers. And anybody who names a whistle blower their bad people. Well, yesterday we found out you know through a whistle blower that ABC was, not releasing all the information they had on Epstein for some journalistic reason. Well, what did they do? well they found out who that whistleblower was they found out? Who took that tape of that Anchor admitting that on camera during a break and
track out who's on the board of that time. When did that happen access to that tape and they found out, the name of the whistleblower and they found out that that whistle blow left ABC Employ, and so they called the new in oh you're CBS, where this whistle Where was working on the CBS morning show Lecy said. I don't want you to know. You got the whistleblower in your place. You might want to be careful and so CBS fired him. Now, CVS, you had no issues with me too era. Everything's been fine Oh yeah totally fine yeah, and are totally on high ground, accusing everyone else. Are they doing they got rid of Charlie rose, because you know so I would you hire somebody who is exposed
that another network was tolerating a pedophile. You gotta get back I out of the way. Right away right away, as it really is incredible, the fact that it just come out and ACT, all high and mighty on the stuff with the history They have is really stiff you know, I mean I remember when we talked about people like Anthony Weiner, come out in nav, like I owe you no look, I saw those pictures and I wish that was me. Did you see the body I'm not guy him, while it is a really twice, did press conference that we just saw, but this is like when you're at that point you know where you have all of these issues in your own background. Prize to see them kind of saying, hey, there's. This should be criticised like this. I think every like everybody has was got. Problems are ones had their issues, but when it comes to journalism, Missis
This is not like some side private matter. This is your game. This is what you're supposed to be good at. It was me what you're doing you get caught doing something and to say that they killed that story. Seem true. We shall appoint also point out that one of their main reporters is fully one hundred percent supporting the idea that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. There's somebody has not talked about it all in this controversy. Everyone talking about what they should have read that story three years ago. What are their lead journalists with one hot who covered the story, has a one hundred percent certainty that he was murdered where's. The journalism going on with that, because I mean we were you just don't make those applicants are those accusations against people and the DMZ or the Clinton's I mean ops. I've said to me, you have I've said too much, ok, so
when you were saying Charbella earlier. I remember how much our will serve us ass, I think you're. So, can I make this about scientist? Please so may I just say interrupted him. Yes, doctor man, I'm a doctor are no doubt about it. So, schizophrenia has many symptoms as all of us. Doctors know, and one of them is delusions and what are delusions, leaving things that aren't true now think of ABC and ABC News in particular, because I believe they may be schizophrenia. The it seems like they have dual personalities: say one thing one day and then they'll do the exact opposite the next day and say the exact opposite. So you know split personality schizophrenia, but but Jim They start with delusions beliefs. Things that aren't true and then
hallucinations, seeing or bringing things that aren't there or didn't happen. I believe that need to treat ABC news. Maybe CBS Nbc Msnbc, CNN, maybe even fox the New York Times If we need to treat them now, I can't write this prescription. I am a doctor, but I can't write this proscription because that's a lie, dont know what dosage do you do for a body that big you know, but I'm willing to I'm willing to if I'm willing to try so Thorazine Prolixin Haldol MIKE might be You know any of those. I think we should start with those and see how they work in the media to see. If stop hearing the things in the voices that
Billy there and stop believing in things that are true. ABC. I just want you to know. You've exhibited a couple of warning signs and I think America needs to come together for an ABC news intervention anybody who works in a bank or credit union for any length of time will tell you that cybercriminals tend to pray on. The people have the least ability to defend themselves against identity theft. That could be you know an elderly person who doesn't know his or her way around the internet or somebody who isn't just careful enough with their information Successful Scott Cyber criminals are out there and they're gonna go after those people. First you don't have to be one of those people and you know, there's so many things that you have to watch over you
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one eight hundred Lifelock or visit Lifelock dot COM, Glenn Beck, Tulsi Gabbard was the view yesterday and I don't agree with anything, Chelsea, Grin bird, says policy wise, but I really like her, I like her she is a patriot, she served in the military. She left the campaign trail to go. Do her military duty, she's, smart,
really smart. She seems like a serious person right ass. She was in Edinburgh people on others, but she was voted for a role in the trumpet Ministration Trump Administration right because she does here are some of the more is more play Janis leanings of of Donald Trump. They are on the same page on a lot of that, which is why he has some fans on the right way. Hillary Clinton called her a russian shill. I think of that she called her a sure? She'll and of course Joy Bay, her dog piles on the on the view tolls he gabert handle. This was such class on the view. Yesterday she comes on and she just brushes Joy Bay, Har off like shit, the little yeah p. You know one of the yard behind the ivy I've dogs- you just go again whatever listen to how she dealt with this yesterday. On the view
on your show here, is gonna get good. Helping out want me to ask you to look at some of. You have accused me of being a traitor to my country, a russian asset, a Trojan horse iora useful Idiot, I think, was that you used basically means that I'm naive I don't know what's going on. Is that I want to let I want. Your viewers know exactly who I am set the record straight. I am a patriot. I love our country. I am a strong and intelligent woman of color and I have dedicated almost my entire adult life to protecting the safety security.
Freedom of all Americans in this country- was the attacks on nine slash. Eleven, Richard Spencer, the White nationalist leader, says he could vote for you. This is at least ten times. This is why I'm here, because you and other people continue to two Read these innuendoes that have nothing to do with who while we have exhausted and then you back at her, you call tat the queen who want double down. Unfortunately, double down on the baseless accusations that she made that strikes at the core of who I am I'm a soldier, because tax on nine eleven listed in the military to go after and defeat and destroy
The evil that visited us on that day observed now for over sixteen year, our planet, like the Middle EAST during the hive, were every single day. I saw first hand the terribly high human cost. Why ran for Congress? I guess he's really smart she's really well spoken. She is completely in control of her emotions at all times, hell she's a rock solid soldier near I mean it has she is I mean I believe me. I've sat next to joy, Bay, Har and you you, you wanna pick that little dog up and you know, roll them across the floor into the kitchen on the new labelling em here. Just like you, Can somebody stop at you all the time it drives? You crazy has no connection. The truth in anything that she said that she has no idea what you're talking about now she's on television.
Literally no knowledge of any of the topics she discusses on a daily basis know. So it's very frustrating to go on there, because, obviously, if you are a fan of the view, you're sitting in the audience, there is a possibility that one two percent that you like obey her. So if he and that's if you're in the audience, I should make it clear. So it's for its a frustrating point, because you dont want to you wanted to say what are you talking about your your moron, but that's not right, the right, policies but I mean you should this is a good american. This is a good America. There is a patient on the right to see as now sir, her native, oh well, she's, ok, now you gotta look, I mean her policies attack, which she was one of the first women Congress to come out and become a co chair of
Bernie Sanders campaign and twisted of reason and even Ehlert. The reason why the Nazi guy would vote for her is because Cs are social rights and policies you're, not gonna like, but right good? Then she heard human being. Obviously, Ghana denounced David dukedom. Yet again, this is, of course, in doors with the USA, MIKE a serious person which, every once in a while, we're glad you're. Here it is a Thursday we have a rabbi, Daniel Lapin he's going to be joining us here in just a few minutes. I talked to him. Who was it that only got in trouble, always the guy on Fox that lost his job. Who said you know it's like the democrats- are worshipping. Baal
five. Second, there not worshipping God and he lost his job. Because of that, my leg, you right as odd standards on some other stuff. They really wanted to buy these fires. Someone for saying at look, I mean you could totally obviously disagree without analysis centre right, but a media in its not based on based on in our pretty good, solid ground. I'm desperate my lap about that, because I think we talked about this with Occupy Wall Street. The the the worshipper of bail, I think, as a society where doing right now everybody needs. A rabbi Daniel Lapin is America's rabbi and we'll talk to him and just a minute
enlightenment earlier this week that I think with what we're starting to see with. I can't believe I'm actually. Congo West that there might be at the beginning of a third great awakening here that there might be something that is happening to us and history repeats itself over and over again eighteen. Seventy now, where we are starting to see what the left really is they're kind of starting to repel from it a bit and Jesus. This kind of making a come back in for a sort of way now to churches way, just the principles, but you would find with Jesus or in the old testament are coming back because they are true. Everyone needs a rabbi, America's rabbi is rabbi. Daniel Lapin,
brings us in one month s as the Glen Back programme. So sometimes life hands, you a double whammy and you have to find you know new ways to pick yourself up off the ground mark. Is it virus. He lives in Washington. Now I think, that's I mean ass first strike him you're living in Washington. How you doing it dude then I had the distinct pleasure of severely injuring his back, not once but twice and the pain the injury radiated outward causing additional pain numbness in the legs. I mean you've heard this: God forbid that you've actually experienced this conventional pain, medications made him feel ill and woozi, and you know anything that can kill the pain it doesn't kill the pain it just makes you now care is much you like. Oh I'm, on fire, that's the problem with with narcotics Lee factor? Isn't that way? Relief
echo actually reduces the inflammation that you have in your body, and that as most of our pain when taken properly in fact or attacks the inflammation that cause as much of our pain worked for. Seventy percent of the people who try it. It worked with Mark he's back out a pain. He said in just a few weeks relief factor had my pain down to more than manageable and now it's almost not there at all future life back. Try it really factor dotcom, that's relief factor dot com. Rabbi Lapin born in a prestigious Torah family, still his father also, Rabbi Lapin served jewish communities in Johannesburg and Cape town. He is a very good friend, really decent man
you learn more from rabbi. Lapin in twenty minutes than most people will be able to teach you in in in a lifetime. Welcome to be up to go. No aid with down. You know I had at live up to that standard. Our Europe couldn't be better thing, wonderful to be with you, so I want to. I would ask you: there was a there is somebody who just lost their job at Fox couple weeks ago, because they said you know, I don't understand the the God they the Democrats, that's an even mean all Democrats, but the left Will say they believe in God he said, but I don't recognize their god. He said it's more like bail. I wrote a book about. The eye of Moloch he's right things right, but he lost his job for that. What does that? What for people who don't know what he was talking about? Who is that God
Well, first, one in the question is whether that is really a who's. The left worships and I think it just may be overly technical in the sense that, and if I, if I can disagree with you slightly, I'm not sure history is repeating itself. I think we are in a period unprecedented in american history. In this epoch we ve never seen Anything like this before, because at what we have now is a huge divide between the left and everybody else and the left. Today has become an almost unmanageable collection of creeps and crooks, and clowns and pranks
at what makes the lift up today. Essentially, it's you might think of them after the urban Atheists of America. That's that's he centrally of unifying creed. I think tat of slam on atheists. I really do. I know some atheists they're not like I mean some atheists are, but some ghettos and and some are not now we may run thinking of of amused, your friend, with whom I was one day together with with you on this on this very sharp right who most decided he isn't in, and you right. I have to take it back with regard to people like him and many others that dumb, but there is a sense of of worship on the left and the only question is: what are they worshipping that we could say there worshipping Bob, as, as you said,
We could also say that the divide is between those who worship the big g of God in the little g of government. Yet there is a huge worship. Now he's the left, a religion. Is it a belief system or is it just a political credo and I would have to say it's a belief, society, other religion and one in old? What distinguishes a religion from a tennis club, for instance, humpy right, you decide college of several everybody wants to call their lives or religion. Many people don't, but what it is that term that distinguishes a relief, from you know, muddle railroad society if your life is that a religion has to tackle an answer. The three basic questions that the fundamental questions and them you know if you ve, got an inquisitive kid city next year on an airplane. The kid asks Lee the threefold
No questions where you from where you going, and what are you do so where we from how did human beings capable of moving from being land bound creatures in one thousand nine hundred and two to twenty nineteen, where we've got more than ten thousand airplane
the air at any given moment like we are anybody who remains an atheist in contemplating the fact that its not otters or beavers or camels, or cows or kangaroos, that have achieved this. Its summing touched by the finger got a creature called human beings made this leap into the air with extraordinary creatures, but how did we get to this planet and, as far as we know the moment, uniquely in this vast, empty universe, we gotta answer the question of how we got here and am an I answer that that a God created us in his image and put us yet. My answer is quick brief in simple, a non provable by the way, the religion of secular fundamentalism, which is having a better term, then I d write. I withdraw atheists. Secular fundamentalism is the official state religion of America, but while their region cause they answer that question, they say:
by a lengthy process of an aid. Materialistic evolution, primitive protoplasm, turned into we'll keep us in Bulgaria's. That's what happened now. That's not provable either, but it's a belief. You also have to answer the second question. When alone it isn't, it isn't a sign of a religion when the belief goes from a theory HU a defended at all costs, belief and that's what it is, because otherwise there is no way to explain why a group of gray head on ladys on the Upper EAST side of New York have to fight L, a lawsuit against the Louisiana Parish for teaching creationism. What they are doing is just what the Moslems did when they
invaded the iberian peninsula in the seventh century, basically demolish the catholic churches and turn them into mosques, and you cannot withstand heresy. If you are a devoted believer in your faith and right there in front of you right in your face, somebody is committing heresy, you kill him, and so what is the? action between a group of Ladys on the upper side in New York and resigned parish. Louisiana parish has the audacity to violate their belief system that we are here through a process of lengthy unaided materialistic evolution by daring to teach creation as well. Of course, that's outrageous, and so we ve got is to add this clash between two cultures in Amerika. We are no longer one nation. Under God, we ought to nations occupying the same piece, a real estate and in this sense history repeats
self, because in the middle of the nineteenth century we also found ourselves to nations occupying the same piece, a real estate. That time we had a solved by bullets, and I hope this time we can solve it by ballots, and that was why the religion of secular fundamentalism hates Donald Trump, some showcase. So let me go back to bail or or Moloch, same God in the old testament, Moloch Baal same interchangeable. The reason why I say that they that I think this guy from Fox was was actually on to something is not that they knowingly are. Shipping, but we are unknowingly doing all. Of the same things. There worshippers did sure when we go into that. Yes, we want the one of the outstanding characteristics of both molecule
a new future spoken about this many times? I've heard you is that today is to sacrifice their kids now you got a little bit of this, as well as the Egyptians during the Pharaoh time and butt in in in practice. This worship means that you have to use sacrifice your choice. As a way of expressing your fealty to this? Well, how you do it in the reasons you do it'll, probably not- that important We do it here, in other words, right now in America there are two cultures and you can find some of nicest small towns in America, which are basically governed and shaped those who worship the big g of God and then you've got cities like New York and spartan, Baltimore, New York and many many other cities today on the West Coast, California, particularly that are run by those who worship something else entirely
Now, where are the lives of young males, sacrificed its clear where in the cities that are run by secular fundamentalism, young men in disproportionate numbers. End up in the criminal justice system and in jail, their lives are sacrificed completely, and that is an exact fulfilment. In other words, What we do is so important that we don't care if it costs lives about sons, and that is culture is saying we are so devoted to a a lifestyle with absolutely no divine restraints, because after all, what has held western civilization together for centuries is really the essential rituals and restraints and rules of religion. We want to talk to all of that out. None of that
I we want to do whatever we choose to sexually and we want to do whatever we choose. Who financially, which usually means taking it, a from those who have created it and bestow, yet upon. Those who are living multi generation will dysfunctionality So as long as we can do the things we want to do the fact that AL sons end up dead and in jail. That's just a fair price, If you are a believer in ball of secular fundamentalism, that's a deal with the devil. You absolutely and you can see I am, and just look at America are also sacrificing your newborns, which they did absolute. You you to be a follower you had to have. We know orgies and sex get pregnant, and then you would return and sacrifice your newborn on the altar and celebrate literally celebrate the death of a child and
That's what we're seeing with with people who are doubting if you think about it, it's it's the most unbelievably selfish lifestyle. What you're saying is I wanna do whatever I donwell choose to and if the next generation has to pay for it with their lives, heavy, so be it. You said once we were talking about Occupy Wall Street, none of your member. This I do, but you were talking about excrement and how that is, as it were, is actually part of of all of them. And you see it now. It's I mean it's in the big progressive cities, its we were on the rights, and that's like that. I I never grew up with ever hearing about stuff like that, a set of tall you win, it use do happen. You didn't hear about it much, but when you were growing up what you used to come across in energy We didn't in our day to day lives. We didn't, but I know you have NC law enforcement, as I do, and I,
getting back to to LOS Angeles in the in the 80s. They would tell what the scene of a break in sometimes looked like when they would come to a place that had been robbed, usually on the West side of LOS Angeles brain wood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Beverly, wood at Lowe's no areas when those house was broken into. They almost invariably discovered that those who broke in had left a fecal business card behind, usually on the living room carpet, that's what they did a because Primitive societies right and all societies that are stripped of faith in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob events. Devolve into primitivism, by the way today, also with piercings body piercings, going on very
ten wish, both from the cannibals of new guinea of a hundred years ago. The body piercings is an expression of primitive ism and tribalism. And when you strip away a biblical judeo christian values, then automatically we devolve down into that, and so these people were expressing their contempt for that ohms into which they had illegally invaded by depositing. This will also find that in low grade street language, one of them invectives you can hurl at. Somebody also has to do Was that part of the anatomy? very primitive? This is very basic. This is basically toddlers are thirty and forty years old, still acting like toddlers. Are all is central to that all right, we're back with the rabbi Daniel Lapin here in in just a second more from him tell me about our sponsor for a minute. It's
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And save us, and we can still do all the things were doing. What are the big principles that we as a people and as a nation, have to get back to quickly to be able to get a hedge of protection again I think that it's worthwhile, starting off with a practical rather than the abstract, So, yes, they all beliefs and their principles, but the most practical step the entire codex of ancient jewish wisdom for improvement, development, and moving onwards and upwards is to realize that you change your actions in order to change your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, you don't start off trying to change your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in the hope that it'll change your action.
Cause it never does, and so you have. So what do you have to act today? The way you would act if you had the beliefs and feelings you wished you would have, and those will eventually falling to compliance with your actions. But you can't think you can't serve to master too can be split in your mind, so you do I mean you'd, as you think it will become a mean. So do have to work on your thinking as well. You can't just think the old thoughts and do something cuz in your split in half. Aren't you not really because one of the this was Scott Fitzgerald of the great Gatsby once said not in that book somewhere else, you want said the mark
right person is the ability to hold in mind two conflicting thoughts and to be able to continue to function, and that's really I mean it. I think, of an air whose, whose beloved father dies and and leaves them a huge fortune, conflicting feelings. Clearly, conflicting feelings and human beings are built by God to be able to operate with conflicting feelings. Conflicting actions is something else altogether. That's a lot haunted so tell me, though so, but then tell me you know, God speak summing. You believe the Torah the words. I believe that that is God's blueprint for humanity given by Moses on Mount Sinai, but you also believe that those words are alive right. Yes, and an extremely practical right. So there goes to you know, God speaks and it because so. How do you we have a mini?
he has really complex question thirty seconds. Yes, elucidating manatees prowl right all gosh Miranda time. How do you? How do you mean Do you see what I'm saying here they asked is if you thought about gods, biblical blueprint than the first two chapters clarify it in and that is that the focus as Adam and Eve are being evicted from the garden of Eden. The focus is by the sweat of your brow, you will eat bread, which is not part of the curse by the way. That's already part of the solution, bread, which is a metaphor for many rock, which is why many cultures have the find dough bread. Can you let me some dough, that's where that comes from, and the other thing is marriage so You want to bring about change in America, money and marriage back in a second.
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by Daniel Lap and dot com rabbi Daniel happened, dot com read his books, listen to his podcast, their fantastic you can find him wherever you find podcasts he's also a member of the blaze podcast, so we're thrilled to have him here. Coming with you, I share with the listeners a couple of days ago. It is something that was was drawn up and done by the librarian of Congress at the request of the Congo. In eighteen? We see what it says here. I think it's one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight, and it is historical Murphy and I just want to read what it says. It's a map of the United States. And it has two trees and one is Anton gnarled and it runs into the south, and that is slavery. And then the the. The blessing of liberty, a tree, that's very straight and runs all across the northern part. It says some:
map map represents those colonies by two trees, whose strike in contrast, will be apparent to the most superficial observer. But up more, though than the historic facts that make them appear, the stone of history here can see at a glance that it would require him years of hard study to glean from textbooks and many we'll see the moral of this subject here? For the first time it said, history repeats itself, not claim that it does. But there is a similarity between the first colony of the old world and the first colonies of the new world first colony of the old world. What would you say that is the first colony of the old world yeah and I would never have thought of it that way. I thought that was an interesting colony of the old world was established in the garden of Eden? Were good and evil existed and the evil cause downfall of man but was in the new world good and
Ok, here also good to Plymouth bad to Jamestown as the tree which bore the fruit forbidden fruit. As the curse to be brought upon man and eaten so did the tree of liberty of slavery in Jamestown. There was constant warfare in the old world, between good and evil and their health The ban in the new world, the evil of joy. Jamestown has always been, and to this day at war, with the good of Plymouth, much. Trouble in the new world was caused. This way in one thousand, six hundred and twenty each colony planted the tree. The tree of liberty, then quite small, was planted by the pilgrims upon the Bible at Plymouth. Where receives God's blessings, which accounts for its wonderful growth the tree of slavery was brought from the old world and the people of Jamestown also planted this tree in in time, dispute arose between the two colonies as to which tree should grow so large that it would occupy all of the land.
Into slavery, made. The southern man jealousy decided to murder. His northern brother came as key. If old is done with able for this in God set a black mark upon Cain and sent Father Abraham Lincoln his big emancipation acts to cut this tree of slavery down the grand and noble thoughts recorded, the wonderful inventions are for schools, many blessings we enjoy today. All of it tends to elevate. And kind are heirlooms handed down from the Puritans and their children. While nearly every evil which exist in political economy of our beloved country can be changed, traced back to the pernicious, teachings of the Jamestown settlers and their children Jamestown, listen to this commission by Congress. Stone is no more, but the collar he still lives in the form of the Democratic Party.
Is a flourishing city and her children now, in the form of the Republican Party of this great country, for verification of the facts, study the history of the United States. Librarian of Congress with a right that today, I think he Lucy's jaw currently losing jobs. Definitely they might want to take him up to NASA, chooses and burn him at the stay at the least. Yes, that's right. So the The idea, though, that I thought of this of these trees and it being the tree of knowledge of good and evil and When we look back on history, it is so what repeats itself is the spiritual nature, that's right, don't necessarily repeat themselves but between the dichotomy of all right light in darkness, and the way it plays out, you know always seems to play out in
ray similar when nothing changes? Yes, I mean look at a fundamental distinction. Was that the pilgrims established a colony that was founded on biblical principles? That's that's! What fuelled them. That's why they left England. In the first place they came bring the aims worth Bible with them. None of that was true in Jamestown and to this very continues to be the same struggle? I did experiment of the other day, Glenridge attracting feel fine interesting in and so allow listeners it is. I got hold of twenty. Only recently published books attacking christian conservatives attacking Evangel, many of the mainstream publishes, these are books. Are we in the bookstores available? I'm not talking about fringe. Obliteration. These were hateful and horrible books against Christianity and I thought to myself:
see what they look like. If you replace the word Christian in the title with, shall we say, homosexual and you'd see The culture today in America wouldn't tolerate this kind of bigotry and hatred against any active species in America. But since it's against Christians, everything is hunky dory, it's cool, no problem, so I really do think at the war against Christianity as the most visible the station of one side, if you like the pilgrim side, as opposed to the James Downside, adding that continues to this day. I think the a war against Kavanaugh was a war against the
just man, and that that's always been the case. I don't think there's any question that the cultural struggle in America today can be encapsulated into a struggle between those who you biblically based judeo christian values, as vital, for our nation survival against those, consider them to be dreadful and primitive obstructions to what they call progress How do you, how do you balance, for instance, There are some people right now. I think what's happening with the impeachment is what happened with Oj Simpson and the glass There was so much passion in the african american community to stick to the man that
They overlooked dna evidence. Blood splatters in the car shoe prints his shoes, everything everything that won the civil case they missed all of that because of the glove and it was it was there writer or or wrong. There her desire to. Finally have a black man win a case in a court where everything stacked against him now they know you. Look at polls and you'll see the african American community says that this guy is guilty as sin he was guilty as sin shouldn't have gone free, but that wasn't the passion at time of President Obama was a fatally flawed and unqualified candidate, except for one thing, the color of his skin. Oh fine necessarily agree with that. Do you agree that still, I think. I mean that that is one of the reasons. Why put him over the top, but I think he was a good, effective speaker
other than that, and I would dispute that because I have seen you speak off the cuff I've seen speak for forty minutes without any notes in front of you, Glen Ivy. I have seen the three or four notorious instances of present Oh Mamma, when they teleprompter broke down he's not now open. Speaker he's a good, Rita yeah. Maybe I know I give you that what's happening here with with Donald Trump is we are disconnecting from the facts you have to go. With the facts, but just like Oj Simpson, there's so many people that just want him. You know I mean they want em out and if the glove fits, he did it yeah, it's emotional right and so they're, not looking it at facts. Who do we disconnect on all sides? How do you disconnect that visceral ah.
We gotta win or we want em out or whatever it is and get him back to a society that just now hold on hold on hold on? How do you do that in the moment? What has to happen in our society? What are we missing? What do we do The answer is one that I don't think is going to be popular certain truisms that get added repeatedly to the point where everyone believe them older they completely false. Maybe One of them is violence, never solves anything. Now I'm not advocating violence, obviously, but that's as a state that's a flagrant lie. Violence nearly always solve something world war. Two ass should, in the longest period of your, pp sweep ever seen in the world today, and that was solved by violence. Who is called a victory? and when we refrain from that, we we we make sure,
things continue festering. The civil war was horribly violent. It was very much like the civil war between the north and the south in Israel to end of millennia. Earlier at You found nation, torn apart between north and south, over a moral issue, it was hot, Play Van Halen's, but it did resolve things, as I said, We can resolve them by ballots rather than bullets, but until this is one by one side or another. Nothing happens we go nowhere, So it's not going one sides not going to crawl back into its cave and be put me in put a lid on it to where it's still there and influential. But yourself, you are a fat flag bearer for one side, the millions and millions of Americans who to into you and want to know what you were thinking about things. I know that is a fact. Ready to crawl into your k, say surrender. I didn't think so,
and neither is the other side. You know it's always up to now. We have you in another way. Some I wish my rising. I love my right. I don't I get in good job is not to message people with warm butter to tell the truth Rabbi Daniel Lap and you can find him a rabbi. Daniel happen, dot com you find is Odd cast his books, but should follow this man. He is a great you. Can you can file twitter at Daniel Lapin or his website by Daniel lap and dotcom rubber thanks so much, and he has always could see it brings all right. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour in the business world is often the micro managers, who are the most stress with a high blood pressure, because their managing a business which means they have to take all of the information coming and going and make sense of it all that is really hard to do. The business has a dashboard, a central
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do. You think of that programme hope to have ran Paul on tomorrow on tomorrow's broadcast stock, about this whistle blower. I think he is doing absolutely. The right thing in creating interest in this whistle blower, because once you know who this whistle blower is, though impeachment story changes and hopefully will have him on. Also billow Riley will join us tomorrow. I wanna play some audio here of mark meadows. He stopped to fact check a reporter as
walking by the reporter say the Republicans are struggling to defend Donald Trump. He can't take. It turns around listen, hold on. We have mark meadows here, cognizant meadows. Can we talk of life, so he he's working. By right now, but Republicans are really struggling to defend the present. Ok gray, struggling on having ok so contrary to the applicants, are not struggling on anything congressmen. There's one person who has testified that there's no quid pro quo, others many others have said that there is. So. How do you justify then. How do you continue to defend the president? Well, there's? there's more than one there's there's one on terms that the deposition being released, witches and basher vultures yesterday and even with ambassador sunlight, he said he did know why the aid was held up still doesn't know and certainly
From that standpoint there was no quid pro quo, but Sunland told the southern told came in revising testimony. Didn't he told you create a top officials to deliberately yeah that that the aid being withheld until there isn't that. Well now he what he told was that that was his presumption. If you read it, I've read it very carefully. I've read the the allegations that are there didn't know, and that was his presumption anytime. That anyone talks to the president. He has been very clear There is no linkage. There is no quid pro quo. Insist as such otherwise go against a lot of other testimony that, with our Europe work meadows after coming up fourteen flights of stairs yeah to do whatever you apparently I said from the beginning. I think you have as well. You have a quid pro quo when you go buy a pizza right now you give them currency and they give you pizza.
That's a quid pro quo. There's nothing wrong, inherently with a quid pro quo. The reason that you're doing it and the media continually assumes that he's doing it only for evil personal, though little game Joe Biden, had a quid pro quo fire. This prosecutor get him too up these investigations or I give you money, that's not profiles and unseen to be a problem. Not only did he admitted he brag about years later to show how coolly what right We can't Gotti did if you want to define. This is how this is, how we need to start answering this view want to define quid pro quo, as give me third to use on my democratic opponents, they didn't happen. It didn't happen, if you define quid pro quo, as Look for I give you any more money. I want to know what happened or seven billion dollars. I want to know what happened during the last election. I want to know, what's happening with the State Department and the CIA and, quite frankly, So I do want to know about Joe Biden and bereavement there's corrupt
all over this- and I don't know if I can even trust you- because some of the bad people- I think- are still found you? I call that being good president and a good steward of our country, when a call that quid pro quo, then yeah there. It is.
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