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This Just Ain't Gonna Last | Guest: Ari Hoffman | 4/24/19

2019-04-24 | 🔗
Hour 1  Running since 1987. Beware of the Biden’s and Kerry's ...Kamala and her past 'Reparations' ...Former Home Depot CEO fears Socialism? In America it's 1989 Soviet Union   Hour 2 Fat Sex Therapist compares fitness trainers to Nazis ...There's been some Breaking Nicolas Cage news ..The Kate Smith misplaced chaos continues and The New York Yankees racist past ...Will Cain courage needs to be contagious    Hour 3 Seattle is Dying and it's become a concentration camp without barbed wire. Coming to a city near you. Seattle City Council candidate Ari Hoffman joins to explain ...'Trump' the new shiny city in Israel on the hill

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Thank you so much. Let me tell you about a spotlight sponsor. It is home title a comb. Title luck we found up did. Did you an animal this first or did Pat yes, I did, I alluded in total had yet we talked about it, and I, when I heard about it, What look into it make sure that was something real, but it is the fastest growing crimes at America, according to the FBI, yeah and soap. So you tell pat comes to me and tells me and he's like what you gotta get this. I just got this. I say to you got this. He so yet PS do just got an he told me. It was to find out what it is and how real it is and that it is so
easy to steal the title of your home. You lose your home you're mired in dead, it's awful there's only one company that stands against it and stands in guard of your title and that's home. Title locked outcome builder now get the free report home title, lock, dot, com, the fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that going back programme job has been running for president since nineteen eighty seven, and many key seem to nail this done. He was supposed to come out today. And announced that he's running for president, but for some reason he needed an extra day had a no vote was to talk to his beautiful wife Jill or if there was a problem that he needed to hug twenty more people today I dont know what it was. But now ABC is confirming that Joe Biden is in the race official. Tomorrow,
that's true he's had a problem with his progressive base, because in the straw pole of progressives only Each percent support Joe Biden. This is going to be interesting to watch him run, quick zigzag down the field run, laugh run, laugh, run right. Runner, I run centre run, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, we'll see, Joe Biden will open our conversation on that in one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme, pain, pain, makes everything's suck pain just makes you say I can do it any more it makes all the little things seem like huge things. God bless, you. Have you have teenagers and pain haven't you get rid of the pain?
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by us United Biden Mania. Are you pumped up providing pellucid now known Joe Joe Cello? No now by lightening shouted out like that? Won't Josiah is host to come tomorrow. So it will. We expect now- and obviously news has confirmed in this is different than previous reporting on when they're going to announce which were just sources inside the campaign- and we know the buzz is in blah blah blah ABC News at least now claims that they have confirmed that Joe Biden will announce. He is running for President United States tomorrow via video that will be a third day and then Monday will be his first campaign event and that will be, I think, in Pennsylvania. Because he's gonna kick it often Pennsylvania, so essential. Because you know he is the front runner coming in. He will
The guy you he'll come in as the favourite and you know it s favorite, and twenty in a twenty percent field, though, is not necessarily that exciting You wanna be ahead, obviously, but twenty percent feel can shake out in a million different ways. Obviously, so that's that's one of those things where what a could The best moment of his campaign is Thursday morning right before he plays presses, play Lavinia right, like that's a very realistic possibility, because before going to pick up, his record, it's very lengthy, it is in a he's, done a lot of stuff and he's for president multiple times. If you remember He did not win any of those times. He is none. Unbeatable candidate by any means in a primary Democrats have handled him in the past, comes in here with a sort of the cachet of vice president. For eight years eight years. That Democrats generally speaking, remember well, although there is a turn on at a little bit with progressive lately, but generally speaking, they remember the above administration pretty well,
and he also comes in with a couple of advantages over people like Bernie Sanders, for example, a bite. It does very well with black voters. I know the seas, he is, I think, America, second black press, so subsequent was first Biden would be second, I don't know if Barack Obama counts, but I guess in the wind, because having depends on how it at enterprise on a particular day, what's figure that out but bite. It does very well with african american voters. Site does very well and in the MID west is this kind of his target area. That it could be helpful in place like Iowa, could be helpful in some Billy primary states. Eight. We could be very helpful to him in South Carolina where he is is probably the biggest a favourite of all as we start this off, where he looks to be. There wrong. So
but he's got a great path, is leading the poles all the I smell hair and touch people shoulders too often think that has not really given him too much of a bump downwards. Well, may I bring you this from a c b c CDC for disease control. Yes, ok public officials have confirmed The insects and I can't Ass, the name of this insect is a blow Sucking creature but feeds on animals and humans and has a partition. Her fondness for biting faces. They have confirmed the presence of this bug which they have deemed the kissing bug. They have said for the first time. It is is here now and it is. In Delaware. I am Making that up so kissing bug that likes to creep up
behind you kiss. Your face and nibble on your face in your ears is in Delaware. Why oh maybe just happen to Joe, maybe he's been a long time ago or he's just the kissing bug he may Be- has just him yeah, because I'm thinking it's me like situation, were like it like the fly like, maybe here to a chamber with one of these bugs they meshed somehow physically and like them, molecular structure of his body turned into half kissing bug so now He goes up, and just this is a good movie. Good, bye good could could cut a family and can't County Delaware, contacted local health authorities after Something had bitten their childs face. While she was watching. Television could eventually I could have in July that would have been job. I have been island. Any doubt in fact now of control confirmed it ABC nooses, confirming that too.
Yeah, they're, confirming the kissing bud, fly, meshing theory This is this is big. Don't you call them for confirmation, verse swelling at the infection site, fatigue, rash body aches eyelid swelling headache, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, swollen glands, enlargement of the liver or the spleen and voting democratic, and they appear and am tracks often it is then we'll get very often anthrax, but only to one station breaches. We're we're gonna. Take you to one of the other candidates. Gamala Harris commonly Harris. Homily can't get right now now, yet a review of the entire monologue, a strict you kept saying, come all over and over, and I think I still said come on. I mean look a lot people are saying Khumalo, so you're not that year. This is not one of your worst
pronunciation violations as a broadcaster. It is really pretty comment, but I mean, if you listen to her say it is commonly Camilla Harris. We're gonna, do comma Harrison and share some stuff that we shared on television in just a second so stand by. For that she still third, and would have liked you fight insanity, usually Biden centres and then there's a mixer depends Buddha judge, I would say, might be third now look a Harris may be. Fourth, then you ve got the better of the world and more and in that next kind of group, maybe Booker I have some, for now, but a judge's. Well, it will get too here in a minute. First cybercrime, only getting worse, we hear almost daily now of a massive data breaches and here's the problem your information is out there. The pieces your information and what, they do. Is they sell those pieces on the dark web and then they have? You know somebody or in an algorithm are something that puts all that information together, so the bad?
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Ten percent off your first year by using promo code, be easy K. That's one! Eight hundred lifelong or head over to life locked outcome and use the promo code back for ten percent off life, lock dotcom. We break for tat. Second station. I be. So commonly Harris. Her father wrote a blog most just in January, and do you find interesting stew that this little family secret was put out on a blog, the the you're, the January that he knows his daughter is gonna start running for president see like an odd, maybe a little dump here, you're kind of
dumping, the information in the most obscure source possible. So they can say we look. We were the ones who told you about a large addressed it that's just seem a little suspicious yeah. Ok, especially something like this, why would put this out. I mean who would be proud of that in their family. He curtain certainly is not so her father wrote on the Jamaica global in January of this year and I ll go to that website, I have a paper subscription and make sure get very liver, Vienna, Physical used to, but the newspaper delivery boy. He does never got it up to the port us. This is a better, it's pretty big on Sundays and almost crush the pork it. He wrote. My roots go back within my lifetime to my per paternal grandmother, Miss Christie, brown descendant of Hamilton Brown, who is on Accurate is a plantation and slave owner and founder. Of Browns town, okay, so she
so his grandmother, was a descendant of a slave owner and apply impatient owner, ok you know that's kind of bad for calm Allah, having nothing to do with what PAMELA did. However, if you happen to be a person whose out there public campaign, continually talking about reparations for people descended to slay, perhaps you know. I know I don't have any descendants of my family that own slaves she does Didn't she be the one paying it someone's and be paying reparations. I think it should be all exclusively Cobbler Harris if you're if you're. Also, if your also one hanging out with a lot of people who are like white people are bad white people are bad. This white culture takes this apart to doesn't it lot of trusting developments are by this one little piece of family history that themselves put out
after believe that in our own way The ones who told you re exactly right, you're, exactly that is what they're gonna, that we are the ones who told you this we are He addressed it? It's already been out there. This is an old news yeah. So who is Hamilton Brown who is Bolton Brown? We know he was the founder of Browns Town, where It appears that he was also violently racist violently hateful now this does the account of Harris's great grandfather. At the command of the overseer. He proceeded to strip off part of his clothes and laid him flat on his belly. His back in his buttocks being uncovered one. Drivers then commenced flogging him with a cart whip. This, if it was about ten feet, long with a short stout handle it The instrument of terrible power, its work
by the operator around his head and then brought down with a rapid motion of the arm among the upon the recumbent victim causing blood. Spring. At every stroke, When I saw this spectacle now for the first time exhibited before my own eyes, with all with revolting accompaniments. I saw the grated in mangled victim writhing in groaning under the infliction I fell. Horror struck This is not the great grandfather. This is, that saying I felt forestry, the one who stripped the slave and said to the coachman with him, the best of the account is even more horrifying. It has a passage where the man is, is trust, a bloody stump, and he's lying on the ground, pleading and screaming think me, no man, me no man, in other words, he what am I a
ugh, I'm I'm a man, it's Crazy bad, crazy, bad on this issue this common laws grew. Its grandfather- and this was just released by her father In the press in Jamaica, Oh, she has asked for reparations afore descendants of former slaves and maybe that's her black guilt. Is that what that is, common law. She's gone on in called everybody, a racist, but has she dealt with? calling her own family. Racist if her family was a racist if her family had this guy in there should, that say anything about Comma Harris. I
would say. No. We don't hold people responsible for the sins of their fathers or their mothers or their brothers and sisters. We do do that that's barbaric that's what reparations does it home? I am responsible for something that we had nothing to do with if you want to play the progressive game. Commodore. Harris is a nightmare. He comes from from stock of wicked racism, her parents fitted? She benefited from the from the shoulders of slaves. Shouldn't she pay reparations. The answer is no
because she's, not the great grandfather. She didn't found brown town. So. How do you square that? We certainly don't You think someone who, with that family history, would understand that. That's not are you you're not responsible for the sins of your premonitions one of things, fundamental things America did right, must not make it to a caste system to not make it so royalty. You don't get the benefits of Europe. Parents, you didn't get automatically exe, if you're familiar fit pair, grandparents warrant special people and the same thing happens from they did things wrong? If your parents, grandparents great grandparents were slaveowners. You dont be just make sure you do what you do. You do you're an individual. You do the correct thing while you're alive was he hears the here's, a problem? If you flip this around, because I know that there are people who will
before, reparations who, theoretically could be, could be listening they would be saying? Well, that's not what this is about. That's not what this is about. This is about giving african Americans, their slice of the american pie, because there grandfather, great grandfather, whoever helped this land on slave labour and so Oh, what they should have had, what they ve helped build We should take some of that money and we should go mid to their ancestors. Well, no again- because the people living today are the ones who earned that, if we were if we were alive able was eighteen sixty five. I would be for. I would be for saying yeah, you know what,
they do need forty acres in a mule or whatever it was. Let's pay that I'd be all for that, but the people who directly affected and directly, would have benefited from it, aren't alive today and we know how a ridiculously first vaults impossible to implement with any all it. I impossible to implement. As stated right. If your idea is to give money to the descendants of american slaves, they come from in theory. They owners right. It's impossible lots unconstitutional you can't just target one specific race for a tax increase relic. That's not something that can happen. What is legitimately completely unconstitutional and by the way that the people who The arguing for that first would be african Americans who will
yeah, I don't think we ve seen the history of this country. I dont think targeting one race for a particular tax increase or a port, maybe a whole tax. Let's call it is a good idea- I you know- I have to tell you, though I think you're wrong, in the fact that I think there are a lot of people and I wouldn't even but african Americans in this- I think african Americans. May be more fair than progressive white people. Yeah. You know I mean, but the african American would be the beneficiary of it sure. What I think will You think even they would look at it. Go. That's that's ridiculous. Let's get into that, then the who's a beneficiary of it. It certainly not someone who lived in Jamaica until four years ago, right right, people who is certainly not someone who lived in Nigeria and immigrated here twenty years ago right it's uncertain it's only people who are actually descendants of slaves right so certainly not slaves, savory another country's right. Now, what this
is Glenn is a giant. It has nothing to do with slavery. Is giant. Redistribution of wealth plan How is the only way they can implement? It is if they did it that way, they would find a way to. Redistribute money not from because they would have to redistribute it from rich black people too, you can go in there and take money from only white people. That is not something that's supposed to happen in this country and I dont think, could constitutionally occur. You can't go to. Forget, Aris and pour money from them, can raise taxes overall and reduced the two people in it certain level. You could do that. Under the auspices of reparations were making this old thing right and we'll some people who were descendants of slaves, get this money sure and will some people who were descendants of slaves that have become wealthy have to pay a little? But it's not gonna, be perfect, of course, but the bottom line is were writing a long term wrong the best that we can being just another excuse for another one, these programmes to take money from the evil.
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Dave has the around the clock: twenty four professional monitoring and police dispatch covering every door and window in your home for fifteen dollars a month plus you can install it yourself in less than an hour, get ten percent of your system right now it simply safe back dotcom that simply safe back dot com listening to pat record is product is podcast. Today you can listen to it live every day on the blaze, tv dot com, but a radio either one yoke I myself, though, I'm listening to you today, yes and you're goin off on Joe Biden and you talk about how corrupt and Ike Ike I'm listening to. You talk about Ukraine and you're visceral about that yeah yeah he's I mean to get the I mean he was holding out on a bit in dollars of aid to Ukraine, or them to fire there.
And prosecuting their prosecutor general, and if they didn't do it, they work. The billion dollars so he's holding that over their heads in their like what you you don't have the power to do, that can't do that every Dalia make the call see. If I can't do that, if I, if, if I don't have In the news that he's fired by the time I get on the plane back home you're, not getting your billion dollars, he got fired before get on the plane, and then it turned out the the heat prosecutor general was frozen, instigating, Biden, Sun and that's it currently the reason he wanted and fired Whitey. What american vice President cares about the scooter general of another nation, pretty corrupt, pretty bad stuff unbelievably correct, now to hear that the than I didn't see the net night show about China? You think that's even worse. Allow Lloyd's falafel do. I mean I'm exaggerating: all law Worse than that,
yeah. I think that's true. I think that this happened before Ukraine. If I'm not mistaken, this happen, the for Ukraine and you in that area. I show you exactly how Joe Biden son an John Kerry son, so this this is worse because you have the vice president and the Secretary of State there. Their sons in business together, They start this business as soon as daddy gets, you know ordained and eddies Vice President John Kerry, Sun and and John carries finance campaign. Finance guy start business with Joe Biden son. They don't have experience in this. Ok, the sub brand new firm, in a year their flying to meet with it.
Equivalent of black Rock Golden Goldman Sachs Chase, J, P Morgan all the biggest account or a biggest investment firms in America, or the biggest ones their meeting with within a year at this. In time Joe is meeting with the head of state, then few months later, Joe and his son fly to China. Joe goes in meets with the head of state, while Joe son, meets with the Bay of China Ok Bank of Frickin China, incredible so he goes any meets with the Bank of China. They get a deal that Goldman Sachs. Doesn't even have the of China, which is the official government run Bank It was then what was at one point: five billion dollars. To Joe Sons firm, just a
couldn't versus anyway. You want and then you see, how did they invested The first thing they invested in was a a nuclear power company in China run by the government that will being investigated at the time openly investigated by the FBI for this force bribing our people to get the secrets our nuclear officials. Ok, that's who the first one they invest in. They are they then send people to jail in America. The FBI, arrests, Americans, who have except bribes from this company trying to, nuclear secrets, it's out their convicted, and Joe Biden and John Kerry sons still main in business with that, and they go a step further then go in two, and I remember the name of the aerospace company, but it is
the chinese government aerospace. They make all of their military equipment. They did I do invest in that company and Would they have all this money and they invest and they by that company? And then there, like you, know Do we to this american company there's a school, the good american company that it's this anti vibration stuff, it's really good! It's an automotive company, not exactly dual use! Yes, you can use that, but also, really really good for, like fighter planes, they buy this american company and they put it over there now by the way, the company that bought the american company, the Joe Biden, investment company, the chinese Aerospace company had just been accused and charged in the United States force?
dealing our stealth bomber technology all of this is happening while wild Joe Biden and John Kerry are negotiating with China, one point: five billion dollars and access to the chinese government money to affirm that just started with three kids running: it whole milk cow great turn of fortune, their yeah yeah yeah. They must issued a lot a promise. So my I, when you see the Ukraine, when you see China wait, do you ve gotta watch the idea will and if you want to see the episode said to freeze its at the blaze blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, join us just do a trial subscription, even in a watch the shown, if you don't find value, cancel the subscription. If you want a user
code, glinting, you'll, save ten bucks, but when you see that thing on the chalkboard, it's like, oh my gosh How is it that nobody's picked this up? The house, it the you know, The only place you know about that is from the who, the blaze your times, not interested in that Washington Post. He must, he might be so confident in the fact that nobody's gonna investigate that because other How would you see? Why would you subject yourself. What we show you we shall in that. We show you that I think it was Fortune magazine and Wall Street Journal. They report not all of these things in pieces. Hey look. He did not pieces together. No more was chosen chasm between all of the pieces. They, the pieces they reported on the pieces, they did Nobody is put it all together, Peters, wiser,
a lot of that in his book. John Solomons than some work on more either create Ukraine, but he's been all over that as well as their trailers, too, were to investigate. Reporters would have done it. They know he did, he doesn't run and nobody looks into that casino care cause he's out now If he runs, I would think you know, it's a pretty important story, then the corruption of Joe Biden and John Kerry but you ve gotta, look into that now right, we ve got it. You gotta, take them into account now that it's out the open as long as you're, not corrupt ray. I think that a problem I d, this three things- sort of protecting them from this. One is what you're talking about Glenn, oh out of politicians do this sort of thing with their families and they don't necessarily want to open up that door. Give that that Your Schweitzer reveal observation, any crime,
they don't want people to be looking in, because I mean the bite and people will start looking at everyone else's and all fine stuff like this. I think to you also have its. If it is a complicated story, you just told them pretty well and still complicated. If you see on the shock board and is really laid out, you can, Standard, but it's it's not it's not an easy hey Joe Biden, spin stiffly, my hair type of moment right like it's, not it's, it's a difficult thing to convey, but that's the presses job and you notice him you, you just a said something fascinating to me, because it's it's apps, Really true, nobody's you gonna, go and dig for this x draw position and the opposition may not want to dig for it because then, what are they gonna find in their opposition and you're not of India, but that's the job but the press, but the price. Is not opposition, they are now
opposition, they are opposition, was their opposition to Trump, but they are not opposition to the progressives or to the left or the Democratic Party. So if if the candidates don't make it an issue. They won't make it an issue the euro and that's why? The third thing is if it happens, and he gets called out on it, which I think would happen if he were to win the nomination and in the general election. But in the primary. Your base, accusing the Obama Administration of Mass corruption, and which they didn't even have a standard, and you have our accuse. You don't want to do exactly. I think another says: there's a separation between Democrats and socially Bernie Sanders Socialist left, who doesn't care about the legacy of the Obama administration Right and, like? I think there is, that line and in its possible look in this field. There's no seven or
legitimate, basically socialist out there and in a bunch of other ones that just happen have all the same policies, a socialist measure. It is one of them Could easily be more waited to Dandridge Old bided down early centres would be the most likely Warren, I think, may I maybe you could see one of those caught me on that? there's a few people centres doesn't care. I mean centres of the one who really doesn't care about the Democrats. He's not even a Democrat accept this time of year. You know he legitimately switches in and out of the party when it comes to the private presidential primer, so it doesn't care about the democratic, doesn't care about the Obama legacy. He thinks they didn't go far enough, how things Canada Portmanteau Foreign, so he may try it, and I think you know gets its legitimate, I mean it's a pretty well dollars banking records that all those there's reporting of each part of it it's a dubious, it's its end and so clear,
on what is happening because of the timing, and you know Are you the actual banking transactions who they got involved with? You know the Secretary of State and the vice president, all this stuff is so very clear. But then you just add the fact that these words torrent guys who were like you know what I want to start: a financial firm backing, nineteen, ninety nine. They started in two thousand and nine started when daddy was sworn into office, it's crazy. It really truly crazy. It's this! It's this sickness that was started an really kind of perfected by the Clinton's this! The Clinton foundation makes up they didn't cover it with a. No they didn't have to say well, is a five or one c three! No, I didn't do any of that. They'd is stretched up, went in for business. And this is why this
truly why we are headed towards a socialist oligarchy. We are headed that with the oligarchs or we're in a place right now, where our politicians are saying to themselves losing ain't. Last, this just ain't going to last. You know what I'm gonna set myself up for them. You do what I can. I'm gonna get what I can offset myself up at my family up for the future and it's the deed, Zack transition, we are probably nineteen. Ninety, maybe not in eighty nine Soviet Union in there. Thinking we, I can see the income in this thing is gonna, be a train wreck. It's gonna collapse is gonna, be new guards, I'm gonna be part of the new guard, I'm gonna take
I come units uniform off we're doing the exact opposite. I'm gonna put my communist or my socialist, uniform on and then I'll be in all a guard on the on the other side, and I alone the gas industry. Twinning can't win DS. It can't win Yes, ever again, he had one while we prevent we have what, like that, when we have two select guards. Fur our freedoms of the constitution and outlined in the bill of rights, we must higher guard. For that? At this point already let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's blinds. Dotcom, blinds dotcom, haven't a flash sale right now with eighteen million windows covered in thirty thousand five star. Customer reviews blinds dot. Com is America's number one choice for custom. No coverings that are affordable, so whatever you're looking
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I'd come? Take twenty percent off everything, plus an extra twenty bucks off the top with promo code back at blinds dot com. You know it's amazing to me: is there close. We are to a resounding of our nation, and I I don't of people. I don't know. If you're, friends who don't listen, talk, radio, don't watch the news every day are not following things you don't. I they realize how close we are. To a resounding of this nation- and I don't mean add in a good way that we, a b one election away. This next election could be the end of the free market. Could be the end of the constitutional republic. As we know it, I mean it. Erica will still go on, but it wont be the America that any of us grew up in if he saw the thing from the founder of home depot
I see that do we have that audio? Can we play this audio? This is this. Is founder of home depot. He just came put a put a video about the free market system. Listen a little bit is, well, I'm no longer in the management of the harm people ice, I believe, in the free market enterprise system that help build it. That's why it pains me to see this country, glorifying socialism, young people especially have been done grenade into believing that free enterprise is immoral, because it a rich the greedy and the press is the poor, even a word capitalism, is not politically correct to use The reality is that the free market system has created them. Guess middle class population in the world. While some may say socialism is well intentioned. The fact is it robs people of their independence, their dignity, and they are financed, leading to government dependence case
The pursuit of ideas, and what makes it is crazy to me is we're having to say these things. We are that close next week. Stay a week from tonight we're doing an all hands on deck, specially Especial called socialism, a warning from the dead, you need to see the plan that was, that's a long time ago that could put us in a period of about three years before this, country is flipped, we'll show it to you next Wednesday try take my relief factor today, because I've got to do it. My annabel draft tonight right still we are picture in a cooperative tomorrow in the era tomorrow, any area vote animal draft Maronite I'd like to spend a little time looking at it in advance. You know gotta get into the well we'll talk about it here in a second
first, let me tell you about really factor really factor has four key ingredients: it help fight ye inflation. Your body is fighting inflation. That's what really causes our pain here, I'm in here sleep it through the night neck, shoulder back hip, knee foot pain whatever it is relief. Who can help you get your life back, relieffactor dot com call them now, at eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four or eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, it is relief factor cam well worth giving it a shot. It works for me, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back Programme. Do you remember every time that I was warning that Nazis Nazi would rise again in Europe Nazis.
In Greece, in Germany and France, and here in Amerika, when I would warn that not seize would come back. I was called and anti semite some our and other Well, now you can Nazis or everywhere not neural. Not like my prediction. Note now, every ones or nazi everything is a Nazi, and today I finally draw the line on the Nazi talk, I could introduce you to leave six therapist s Nazi talk in one. This is the Glen Back Programme. I don't love you ve noticed were everything's covered in their yellowish green dust again, which one of the year, the mayors from one of the cut Carolinas unremembered, which one
while town there she said TAT. She was targeted because somebody had put this. Do this greenish, yellow dust all over her car? and while nothing was written in it is she knew that that was a hate attack. Well yeah. That Orient Spring That's Paul in your honor, does she was sure it was a young. Tackle anyway. Just I want you to know now that every sneeze that you have can be lessened with filter by because all that crap is in the air, and if you, Haven't changed your air filter from the winter, your your air filter. His has worked over time, all winter to try to keep the air inside the house has somewhat under control and so it just bogged with all of this crap from the winter now Europa,
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here it is body. Size has always been a marker of colonial eighty, especially slowly reality the rise capitalism and the sixteen hundreds and how we ve seen white supremacy. Your work in many of these capitalist sectors are totally agree so far. I am in reality a little real, our colonial liability let's not even a word? It is not even a wee you're. Making up word allows agree with that. Colonial reality is that colonial reality, if it's It's a new word: they into words. All the time. What does he say towards it? its showing, mostly and just like social justice. Yet they make up words there, making up words. Colonial polity of power is a concept inter relating the practices and legacies of european colonialism in
she'll orders and forms of knowledge advanced and postcolonial studies do We call analogy macroeconomic Colonial alfie- and an American all I know this is they who are the two guys you had, and I was a bitter vocation and James lensing. You had the man for a package which is coming up in a few weeks. I think or were releasing it and he's the guys that two of the three people who put he's fake studies and all these, yet, as is their causes it as their stuff like these things, they just a jumble of words like they. Just come up with these new words and they throw him in there and they make it seem like these are proven. Concepts are have some merit and peep makes you sound smart if you could pronounce them. Unlike me, it makes it sound smart for a few minutes and tell someone decides to start thinking about it, and then they say wait a minute what you just said: it's like that, at that moment, Billy Madison we're like everything. If citizens made everyone here, dumber like that you have made everyone here, it's stupid
because of your answer, but but what she's doing here is is such important work and back to the fat sex therapist The end of tat phobia means the end of western civilization, as we know at the end of fact phobia means the end. Of western civilization, as we know it so weights. Arguing for this or against it, so using if it fat and what you assume that she wants to happen then. It will be the end of western civilization. So she once that to happen. She wants will she wants the end of western civilization? Now here's the thing western civilization fat phobia has a thing to do with it anything except what people look at and say I wanted piece of that guy. It's what you generally can't have or don't have it's, what the rich have
that's what it is. It started like this years and years and years and years and years ago, when everybody was surf or a smurf, I'm not sure up on my clothes. What is what again, Bologna olitic along he long before the free market system, painters, we're painting fat Ass is naked on Don women and hanging them in their castles. Why? Because the picture of a fat woman was the picture of health and wealth, You weren't starving why I did. Why did Ladys paint their faces so white in France, because you had to work outside to grow your own food, so the idea of a very pale skin was a sign of leisure. Now we glorify not white skin, because white,
skin you're sitting in doors all the time you're working. The sign of a tan is all he plays golf all the time. He must be wealthy. Oh there outside. They must be jet. Setters that's all. This is that's all this is is a sign of leisure time, but fat folk Benelux, fat phobia Does how because people are afraid of people who have not does us if you are? If you are fat so the sign that you are just an average working Joe that is going out there, but there but you're a mile in this. School you know going to take the kids school. You don't have time to work out your job. Stating it Mcdonald's, where the ridge while they got four times reigners personal trainer. They have time to go and work out. They have time to exercise its the inn crowd, then,
That's all that is is all that is that's so, but That's what she's talk about what you're talking about fat phobia knows. No, no! No! She is actually talking like you, won't higher fat people a needle and you don't think they're sexy and you like there. Like they there's these. All these privilege is it not being fat rivals which eyes clarity about okra she's? Talking about you know privilege of skinny people s deserve. This is a society of privilege, blah blah blah blah blah generally, when it's a human thing, but she's also arguing for that to be torn down right like she once more stern civilization, to end correct opera, correct because it'll be replaced with rainbows and unicorns and bumpy doorways is always all the countries around the world that have got rid of capitalism always worked out? Well, yes, boy. They you want to talk about. Skinny people go North Korea? I put in place more. Things are connected
The undersigned phobia would mean the end of rationalize capitalism, so want to talk about structures and systems. I'm talking about the rules that are not about. A new law or us I don't know something else to be like that we know the other, because it's all toxic and bad so was to tear down the whole society, because it's all talks. I really dont understand that, like so the theory be, if we were to become unafraid of fat, people then Racial capitalism would go away although he said I should like tonight we're gonna start talking about how to politicize our definition of body image because oftentimes we actually get stuck thinking of it as a mere through the lens of a white supremacist. I'd supremacy happens every day in these little things and yes, even in fat. Why
We should be critical of the use of science in production of knowledge to contribute to promoting this idea of sir bodies that are fit able and desirable is mine. At what causes my high blood pressure or is the my experience of weight stigma. I'm pretty sure. It's your fat sweetheart by experience of fat stigma, yes Yes, however, she paid pivots to support scientific findings as she pondered intentionally pursuing weight loss claiming what we're Discovering scientifically is is that it's just not possible she challenges all authorities, not just the authority that science is given us, but also the legal authority. The same way, I want to challenge all laws. I want us to challenge all prison whose and policing she's us,
Europe is too claimed that she will never have a professional cold of code of ethics that tells or what she's aloud and not allowed to do with her body. She, she she Then think that its surprising that the man who shot up Christ Church, New Zealand was a fitness struck, instructor. She said there is a clear can me I can listen to this. There is a clear communication that there is still an idealized body our love, this idea of the perfect body, so it makes a lot of sense that he was a fitness and structure. No she's gonna be surprised, doesn't make a lot of sense. That's probably something machine we shall get a virus makes a lot of sense. Does it a lot of sense? All fitness instructors are not seas. I
calling for America to come to its senses are not sees me, Our seas are clearly bad guys, but there, a few defining characteristics of a nazi and I I believe I have to go through this, but I will one the Jews to, they hate everyone that doesn't look like them. That's him Morton do say it that way, because they happen to be in Germany, so they believed in the area and race. But you could be called a Nazi. If you hate everyone else aches, your race. It's a sign of a nazi mother sign of a Nazi, and you really have to have more than one you're a national list which mean You put your country first at the
expensive, all others and you believe your country should rule the world. Even its through brutal force, next, one Socialist, you to be a socialist. You have to believe yes, or country should run everything. Even A force in the entire world you also believe your leader and a group of you. Nazis should lead the entire country and either If it's through force tell everybody else, what exactly they should do should not do what they should eat, how they should work. All of that, that's what I do not see is not a fit instructor K, not a fitness instructor. All
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he'll dot com. One eight hundred car six thousand mentioned the promo code back and Zagat. I I dont know why this story appeals to me. I'm just gonna get it out of my system instead of having to sit on my desk in ignore it until the weekend comes in and throw it away so Nicholas ages in the news because of some angry rendition. He did of purple rain at some me and Karaoke club, whatever I don't know why I was actually reading this story, but curious here here. It is apparently performance was fuelled by his desire to know his recent marriage. Of four days
Nicholas Cage, apparently so tired of his new wife who who and has filed for an unknown- and he says, They were wasted when they got married in Vegas and acted on impulse. Did he have to sell all of his homes? He was buying crazy homes everywhere he made lots of money. They got very response. We're walking down the aisle However, his wife doesn't see that way. She says the marriage is completely legitimate and she says Nick has asked her to come back, she wants. Basel rip support for days into it. She wants. Spousal support, nor she gave me no accustomed to a lifestyle as actually look that he support at AIDS exactly right. The only reason why this interests me is what happened, Nicholas Cage
not been a good road, it not been a good road. I mean first hee hee have to sell all of his homes. He was buying crazy homes everywhere he made lots of money, they got very responsible with it. Then it had need to basically make every movie offered to him to try to pay off all the deaths literally and to make every movie offered to him, so he did and allow furthermore, really really bad and he's a good at. Yeah many still a good actor. You know, but it's tough at this point, to take anything you d seriously. He's mean you're not advocate you're, not saying all the new men who nicholas cages out you seeing it now gone Nicholas Kay It could be really good billing. Let somebody else a Mozilla somebody else, step into that lava pool. First, you can. I wonder why he's not taking stuff like. Supporting actor role on a good movie Lucas. I'll. Do that here now I dont. If he just feels like he has to be the lead. Maybe it's like an ego thing, or maybe people are dislike.
We're not. We can't do discuss two nuts. We can't do anything with em. Why? Don't you say you know, you know you be good to see this guy turn his life around you know, you'd think if you'd lost everything you might have turned your life around, yet might be your bottom, but apparently now He just I mean he's now he just Married in four days later is like what have I done: I've sobered up. No, that was a bad idea. He's done exactly signalling competence. Now he's really I'm not giving if you're hiring for movies You know I mean you're, like hey, you know if God Nicholas, then somebody hands youth. That story like. Yeah, don't think we're gonna go hey it's like and there's a. There's a certain level of the egg, Both businesses can go bad right you can have it. You can open up a restaurant and it goes well for months, ending know what abbots this. Maybe people are coming to often and then you lose right and you have to close it down, but then there's like that
does that opens and like a week later, has to clothes like what was the plan going into this? He claimed that there is a there's. A football league that started this year called the f. Like highly promoted. They promoted for entire year and launched much fanfare. For me, no big fat sports fans some of football in the summer and that in the spring it got it comes on It may be abuses. I think I beseech you gotta contract there in the NFL network, at the games or on tv era, its role in like two weeks in there's a stories like they had to get an immediate cash infusion of a hundred million dollars like wait a minute. What were they planning under? They think there were two so morning, it's and when the snail via the title of the cost each and then viewing after that they like move that the location of the championship game and to accept for that our folding, I didn't make. It first year, like you, have all this money, huge names behind it like big investors and just you can't even make it through one season. Your business plan, didn't I mean you're busy.
But should basically be if only two thousand feet Shoved every game will still get through this first season and when they had much better attendance in that they had tv contracts, and the thing fails just like when you going into it, why are you starting it if every single thing has to go right for you to it? Well, I could come maintain this stupid. I'm saving all my sports commentary for tomorrow, all that's right, yeah and if he'll draft day yeah, we have NFL draft picks with Glenn back again US arguments it. Here's the thing mock draft uses I said, would be good to get stew to review game a thrones without knowing anything about it, and so the other day said you know what I think drew out his fair play. I think you would entertaining to have you pick the rabbit Give me the top ten robbed him draft ethics take them in the b for like a mockery
after all, the information that you need to make those picks up. I don't think you're giving me the information I may finally put we put this together. Yes driving you, gotta have planning, yeah yeah believe it's their dating history, their graves, school we'll see will soon get our. I that's tomorrow, claims draft pig's ear lessening had come in back, I'm ready for it for him. So he had to male something important. Let's say you have to put your near your taxes in the mail and you could get a hold of your taxes when this be a dream. Come true on the back of a post, a postcard Do you send your taxes in on the back of a postcard? you know with all your information on it. I don't think so why? Because you know, that's not really private. You know somebody in the post office, even though not supposed to read that out a good idea,
same thing, you're going into a Starbucks and you're using their wifi. Yes, but it's password protected at once. Not everybody has the password Everybody has a password and it's not really protect. The end all hackers just sit in the same coffee shop and they are looking for your private information That's why you have to have a v p m asap, get a nor secure. Vienne just go to Norton Doc, slash Vps the protect online that you need a safe way to connect to the internet started thirty. Three, a month, that's norton dot com, slash, VP, n we have these socialist spotlight Uncommonly Harris available for your onto Ben pleasure, plays tv dot com slashed, Glenn use the protocol. Glenn save me some ten bucks,
Ok, so here's the thing out about going to go over this. We went over yesterday, but just to refresh your memory in case you didn't hear it. Yesterday, you ve only been hearing this news elsewhere that song sounds really racists, but it is actually from a Broadway play that was was, was written for her and another guy. Who was a civil rights activist whose Father was a runaway slave, they were marking racists. That's what that will. Let me give you another example of this is exactly the same kind of song. From Broadway restarted my glory.
Now you may not fine, that's why darkies were born to be humorous, but it is The exact same intend as this song and some people may not find you know singing about the master race being, funny either, but is to mock those people, but Nobody seems to want to even talk about that. Have you heard that anywhere stew anyone talking about this in this in this way very low their sub been some It has been noted in a few stories in Vienna, you're in paragraph eight still reading about Kate Psmith. He could find that out and find a little detail on hey this by the way was also some by civil rights activist ended it had that history, but it's not that
so the story right. The focus of the story is this: racists there's a racist statue prove Yankee Stadium in they took it down and that's it Personally, I think about this from from when you stepped back a little bit in the start. Thinking for a moment, I think this was in nineteen. Thirty three was it ninety Thursday? Thirty one was the other song. Thirty three is that she was very early in her career. I an end again unnoticed. Perspective she It was in a situation where she was under contract. You do every song assigned to her. This not like today does not like Oriana grandiose, bigger, pickerell songs. You isn't that what happens back that back then you had an executive saying, you should see the sun, so it's even possible right like that, exonerate her from the racism claims, because this is a song that was meant to parity, racist. It was assigned to her. She sang it because she had to sing it She may also at every indication, is that she would have agreed with the sentiment
he recorded three thousand songs, three thousand songs and they picked out to win these issues, one of which is completely explainable, as we have just talked about the other one was she was playing a role in a movie. Basically, you know she'd like whether again like all the actors who just sang springtime for Hitler. Do we hold them responsible for Hitler? Do you think they're on? Do you think they're all white supremacist? I saw them in pictures and in Nazi uniform right and it gets us crazy. And everyone knows it's crazy, but you don't know one remembers what Keats myths like no one knows what the perspective of the time as people don't get to paragraph eight of these stories, Edgewater families failing our now and their very upset about it. I mean this is a woman who again raised target. It's raise the equivalent of ten. Billion dollars in war bonds to defeat the Nazis herself herself. Rather, if some of it was with groups. What I think give up she did one by herself. It was a hundred million and one fund raising aspect that what is now we now much much.
Worth much more than that think That is something I certainly more than I will or achieve my life, but you will ever achieve with your life that probably almost anyone here will ever achieve in their life. Who could raise ten billion dollars to fight the Nazis? I don't, I think, the work you done with another infant, for example, which has been amazing- I mean it. Millions a million dollars this audience has raised millions and millions of dollars to support pulling turns out of. The Middle EAST is incredible. Ten billion dollars, though really I mean it's, this is what it is one of the most amazing achievements by an individual, probably and our nations history. Now ike. I contend. I contend that this is only happening because its again tearing down our traditions tearing down it's, it's all about Kate, Smith's singing God. Blue eyes saw recall. That's all that is that song was written for her
that was that was written for her to be able to raise money to defeat the Nazis, so we have to erase that that's what this is about, but it's not gonna start is not going to stop at Kate Smith, and you know what America If this is what you decide to do, then it should stop it. Kate Smith is true how bout the New York Yankees is confirmed. Marcus, the Federalist who points out if you're going after Kate Smith, you also have to for the New York Yankees franchise, these and ok, franchise. Intentionally kept a black athletes off of their team. For decades, despite the fact that they were better than many of the white athletes that they that they paid to play baseball. There was a and a complete ban, as you may remember that black ethics could not cross there. A crossing of the color line that needed to occur too didn't occur with the Yankees affected, incur the Incas to later they went by the way. This is
There are nineteen, thirty, three and nineteen thirty one when she Kate Smith, was supposedly sing in these racist songs years and years after that, the Yankees ban all black people from working on their team. Think of which one is worse. Somebody who do a parity song to parity, how bad racists were or actual racist working at the? U that the New York Yankees say no black people can work here, Adults. We realize I think correctly today that that was really bad time that people were making really bad decisions and the people who made those decisions were wrong and and should be looked at in the context. The time as you know, be judged for some of those actions. I think
obviously we all admit and all agree that baseball should not have in banning black players, however, we were here. We are, we know. Seventy. Eighty years later, and we all are like okay. Well, that was really bad time in history. I'm really glad it's gone, and you know what that, but the Yankees of people who are there today to do with that. None of those people what they are doing it now, but the Turkey's themselves, tear down a statue of a woman who did not not one one thousandth of what the Yankees did to hurt black people a dimension, not one one thousandth, of the good that Cates method for the country because, as we all know, the Yankees are evil. So what that puts together. We immediately must follow this franchise. If we're gonna be morally consistent, We all know that is not the goal here right. We all now, but you have to ask yourself: why was somebody even looking indicates miss history? Why why
us to dismantle our history to dismantle Indus besmirch another tradition. Well, what's first on the tradition line, and why do you think the New York Yankees would come out and take us such as quick and strong stand against in hopes that they will be saved in hope, that nobody will look into their record and say: oh, wait, a minute, you're even worse than Kate Smith, hoping that if they just offer this dead woman and her reputation an american hero. Really truly american here, give them checklist ok yeah. What did they take? That's just one little thing, the sudden Blanda just give it to us. What's the big deal, if you promise they're, not gonna March into Poland, a promise they wall, they won't. You know what you can take it off at his word. I'm sure yes, is that what they're doing there giving the sacrifices in hoping it goes away. Well, for the young at least it shouldn't go away because never won their evil and number two. Just like a mother,
other teams, I know- and I think the column makes a point. I think we have two fold every team that was an expansion team. Anything that was in this era that ban black players obviously should be folded. We should tear down we'll stadiums and and- and I hope that this dark part of our house three can go away and maybe we can relaunch a new New York team gotta, be different owners, gotta be a different name, but mainly the new year can have a baseball team in the future. It just can't be related to that horrible thing that we had in the past the metropolitans where they are to have the but yes freely, while they called it. The Mets motives. Yes, you're right, that's
that's better than I propose to like that. I'd, try to think what's worse, but even that combat metropolitan and by the way gloves draft cover, if tomorrow be operated, administers the big eventually a basketball team. The nigger bottom set aside land, that's gonna! Well, I'm glad they shortened, though our right. Let's, let me tell you about twenty three and me: twenty three in me is an amazing journey. You can take with your family. I took this with my family and I just I if it is really remarkable real he truly remarkable. We couldn't away it for my history to come back and Tanya history to come back and to be able to see it with the kids and open it up every night. In some of this, the traits the kids were looking to gone. Oh my gosh mom. That is absolutely you dad. That's it,
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and also mom can have a genetic ancestry breakdown chickens? She can see her street and we learn so much about our history, mother's day, thirty days or hours, our thirty to thirty dollars off with the twenty three and me health and ancestry kit, you'll find now at the number two three twenty three and me dotcom, slash back! That's twenty three in me down! calm, slash back offer ends may thirteenth. Oh the blade his head. It has had several graduating classes here and one of the original alumni is busy, will came and will is an amazingly smart guy, really good guy? It's got a great we are going for him and I'm thrilled that he really
a kicked his career off in some ways. Here, and now it s pm and he is demonstrating such courage. He didn't to get involved in this case Smith thing, but list. Into this argument. What what shows us from stu- I don't remember it's with its habits and Stephen a Smith, I think MAX Kellerman spam told so listen, listen to what will has to say about Cates myth, you're asking me a mat. Well, what are you suggesting should be done? Ok, I'm suggesting it's an absolute in utter falls errand to go back through history decades. Someone has been passed away for thirty. Here's incidents which occurred eight decades ago and apply modern historical standards to something you can almost reached century on suggesting that our standard. Yours only requires I hand of people to be a little outrage to go out back in terror. Statues down I'm telling you that by your standard President Obama's statues would not stand to today's standards
comes to gay rights. Even if that's what you asked unfair, wouldn't models, money abominably wrought in Mumbai, taught you will that's pretty damn easy for you, because you're not defend the party is really easy to put across it. What a group does not be offended party, to think that was the end. Let me let me just really you're going. I was by the way, I'm not! I don't. I mean I as a member of the not offended party in almost every circumstance. It is not easy at all in the easiest thing in the world is to act defended right now, I'm we call virtue signal exactly that's the easiest thing in the world to do just go on whatever, whatever parties being offended you side with them. You look virtuous, you get in trouble. It's the easiest thing in the world to do great courage to do what what we'll came a dead and it it takes a little. Thing, and I don't know anything about Stevens souvenirs.
The idea, was the units with his inner, but he's in is an interesting I could sometimes you're like yes, yes, I got totally agree with what he sang and in other times you like our manic. I why this mean this. It takes no thinking at all. Let me listen to what he just said. You know line. The my people are the agreed tardy aggrieved party wealth That's why we don't put the family of those who a crime has been committed against in the job. Reeboks, nor do we put them in the seat of judgment on sentencing, we don't We can listen to the aggrieved party and hear them and say: ok I see how much damage has been done here and will take in the consideration, but we don't lie- the aggrieved party, judge or sentence. That's what different about America, your support, was to be blind on this and If you are angry you,
listen and that's not that's not. Me saying that that science, you do listen, you're shields go up because you're angry and your injured Kate Smith thing- is so easy to talk about because it didn't just happen. Eighty ninety years ago it was parity it making fun of racists at the time you're, so angry about. It But you won't even listen to that. You won't even beyond even look for that. As a similar to OJ right, like it wasn't listening to the evidence that made that the him be not guilty even erect sure first on the key? have now admitted it wasn't. Him. It was about how we ve been wronged all this time. That's a terrible. We are told to make decisions on individuals, but if you happen to be collectivist well, then it makes a lot of sense and that's why?
This fight between individualism and collectivism is so important. You can always be on the wrong side. Anyone can say there if the offended party, it's a great job by by will pay their stand up. Please not perfect music, cowboys, family, Matisse, pretty good, coming up bags my hometown, Seattle dying, we ve got a great show. Linda great our for you. They don't miss especially if Europe A lover, socialism, or you know what socialism really is that's coming up in this sector- real estate agents, I trust our commissar a spotlight sponsor this half our real estate agents. I trust outcome company and I started dumb Montero years ago and started it just as a just as a way for us to connect, You too, the right real estate agent is born out of frustration for me and train buy, a house or sell a house and not knowing what the right real estate agent is released agents, I trust dot com, weave least
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How did they get to where they are look at San Francisco? How did that happen? Well, I think, because of the definition of how I would define socialism I want. I want to talk about what's happening to these great great cities and the salute a fact of socialism. That is now being pushed as the answer for the entire country. You want to see. Our future Look at Seattle. You begin there in one minute. This is that land back programme for all the biggest achievements in life who has been there for you, your mom, you're has always been there here. Mom was the one that here you're. A female held your hair while you're, while you're retching in the toilet. In our view a hippie. Here knows I guess your mom could have been holding your hair to or if Europe I don't mean to get,
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for thirty six, one, eight hundred flowers, dot com, promo code, back jail. Imo NEWS did a document on Seattle CALL Seattle is dying and a friend of mine, Seattle sent it to me and I watched it. And I couldn't believe it was the same city that I, I knew and loved and grew up in it is turning into an absolute nightmare, I'm just a nightmare for the people who live there. You know and are doing well or whatever, but for the homeless and they the mentally unstable it becoming a concert, Trajan Camp, its horror,
all in the name of justice. It is horrible. What is happening in Seattle. It's almost a complete breakdown I asked due to watch it. Did you watch the whole thing? The incredible it really is cried no idea. It was as bad as the document. I mean you know what we all know that every city has areas and problematic issues but this is goes way beyond what we know anything that I've seen anywhere else, because it essentially they portrayed as the city has been maistly now Had given up, I was intentionally, is avoiding trying to me. These situations better. I guess on the basis of basis of social justice for the autonomously. Most people or the people who use drugs or whatever it is there not prosecuting any these crimes anymore than try to stop them, because letting everyone do whatever they want So I once decided you know it looks like a toilet that place
right there in the middle, the sidewalk so in fact live, and let me play a couple of the cuts from this documentary, because this is what is happening all over the country. The progressives have gone now, it's now full fledged marxism, and they are not enforcing the laws, its chaos, it's horrible and all in the name of compassion listen here, Scott Lindsey on the homelessness and the rise in crime, It causes a list of familiar faces, repeat offenders, people the laws get caught, get released and bright, the laws again and again and again there are red names on the list, Scotland, he is the man who dived into public wreckers and research. The list take somebody the jail, don't give him meaningful help, and put a right back out on the streets. We know they're going to commit the same crimes in the same places and our public records. Our criminal justice records show that that's exam,
what's happening, look at the sheer volume of criminal cases, Calvin a sixty criminal cases since two thousand to repeated random assaults on random individuals. Drain be fifty four criminal cases. Since two thousand sixty Michel see seven the two cases since two thousand and the list on and on mayor says this. It is wrong to conflate homelessness where the rising crime- for at least one hundred people, it would, at the very least, appear to be a factor of the hundred that you look at what percentage then we're homeless from our criminal justice records one percent had indicators that they were currently homeless and what percent showed signs of it There are one hundred percent also showed signs of a substance, use disorder and one percent. Mentally ill, be little less than half
been evaluated by the courts formally for mental health conditions, serious severe mental health conditions that's incredible dozens and dozens and dozens of times the same people. They pick them up and can't do anything about now. Listen to this imagine being a police officer in Seattle, let's play homeless man says he's conquered job this system this is an amazing scene. Escalated into assaulting police officers standing in a garbage, a bunch of cops, were deployed, stand up get out. Will you spit on the fact that no binding we're going to the early years agreed last it our support I'm actually not even high right now Travis. Is outrageously unapologetic about his life and his world. He could care less about. Yours
you, steel for your habit. I actually just started stealing. Last Monday, I started stealing and oh my god, thousand one of the hardest sacrifices is like. Do righteous things informed. My dukes Travis, just relax travesty want to small gravity, want to smoke. Candy bars. But We continue to do that. I haven't a blast now it is so much love. What should the system with a guy like you? I think that this system, as has done what any viable system. Would and they really like exalted me. Unlike some differences and love towards me, you're mad you're, like I don't feel like Oliver rearrested again, I have been in jail for like?
a year and three months or so you know So a change like that, responding to big change deadly shows that I have conquered the criminal justice system, one or no, the sad part. The truly frustrating part probably right, it's a many scenes. Look like the right of Like Reno, nine one, one that are even look real Ronnie Ups from MR show like this, some guy who, just out there going crazy on the cops and eminent looks like a parody of the television, show cops but is actually happening and the cops are Lee being the cops can't. Do it anymore, play. Let me play the third cut here. Seattle cops express frustrations was one officer, wrote simply yes I am frustrated because I'm a law enforcement officers that is told not enforce the law. Another wrote it simple. Our keeping criminals in jail. Judges needs
giving them ridiculously low sentences and prosecutors need to stop accepting cheesy plea deals actually locked people up when they commit a crime. That's all it would to drastically lower Seattle Crime Rate, officer said people come here before it's called free, agile and believe? If they come here, they will get free food, free medical treatment, free men health treatment of free tents, free close and will be free of prosecution for just about everything and their rights. Didn't used to be that way. Law enforcement officers used to be able to enforce the laws this officer continues, the last five years there has been a culture shift and it started with the legislature, decriminalizing felonies and dumping convicts onto the streets and then there is this officer says even quality warrant arrests are made. The judicial system sees fit to let them out of jail within a couple of days, often the next day,
Why are we risking our lives? Take felony level fugitives into custody. If there it's going to be released. Prosecutor office and judges alike seem to be drinking all the Kool aid causing a huge, disconnect and a broken system with Slowly, no teeth He went on to say people will ask? Why didn't we put any of the officers that responded positively about it and he said Does we received exactly zero responses from officers that were positive, Seattle is dying and its die because of a socialist system and it is spreading all over the country. Just this last weekend, the Dallas Texas D say: as long as people, steel, things that are worth less than seven hundred and fifty dollars
he will not prosecute unless it was to enrich themselves. What the hell does that even mean. What he meant was there are people that need things and if they go windows store and they really need it it's less than seven hundred and fifty dollars unless we're taking that to sell it well, then than there. Ok, we're not gonna prosecute that's the kind of stuff that leads to what's happening in Seattle and San Francisco, and it destroying so many of our great great cities. Destroying them, anyone stand up well. People are in Seattle and what was so incredible in this documentary? What to see how out of touch no.
To see how arrogant the city, council and the mayors are and see how they despised the people who vote? for them. They display ease them. We go there in one. But first let me tell you about nineteen guns- are giving away on Friday. Nineteen guns from the? U S ccs, I want you to get. He stirred to win. One of these hand. Guns are great new handguns. If you would Like one, the: U S easier as the United States, concealed Carry association topic. Either of self defence, education, training and legal protection in the country, their member. It is really amazing, they're giving away free guns to read sponsible Americans just to introduce themselves to you all you have to due to get one of your nineteen free chances to win is just text. The word back.
Two eight seventy two to you get nineteen chances to win with one text. One word back: twenty eight. Seventy two to go Eight now you'll find out what gun they're, giving way. It's an awesome gun All you have to do is just text. The word back to eight seven, two to two right now we break for ten seconds station. I d ten ok, Seattle on fire totally on fire. Let me they cut for Seattle. Cop blogger quits calls it a concentration camp. Listen to this Was a police officer named Todd webcam? He prided him alpha, getting his boots dirty on meeting
people on the fringes in the camps he tried to find ground as human beings and he tried to police. He wrote: blog for a long time. First person musings about patrolling what happens in the dark shadows of West Seattle. Not long ago, he wrote this this week. Dealt with crisis with narcotics, with heartache and with liars. Sometimes all at once, sometimes at the time. I am helpless to unlock the doors when dealing with it. Some trapped in a horror in sight of their own mind Lord, I try, but I limited man with just a little skill. I still love coming to work. We have an awesome city with the ability to adapt and overcome The only way to lose is to not try we are trying to, of this crisis and we will not lose
and then one day this past October Todd week was told by one superior to impound, larvae and clean up the spot, and when he did it's another superior scolded him for doing so because of new protocol. He had a belly and he walked into HR and he quit retired. Just like that, I feel like I the ship that I walked away, that in and I did because I couldn't do it anymore. It was just the bureaucracy built up to the point where I felt like I was no longer necessary as a police officer that the system had a different idea of how they wanted to handle it, and I was an appendix I needed to be gone, so I'm gonna. Ask anyone They'll tell you. This was a good cop, the kind we won out there, the kind we need, but I tell you that that there is no morale there's a love for the job. He says the drugs, the camps, the fifth the rotten the disgrace of it all. Don't have to
Destroy Seattle, there being allowed to everybody trying to do. The right thing is coming out wrong list. To these next words carefully. Let them sink. You know I've said it before, and I say it again that the only thing I can equated to is we're running a concentration camp without barbed wire up to and including the medical experiment of poisoning these people. With drugs. I dont know how to put it and its infuriating. Now, when people speak out their share, sit down reserve here's a lifetime resident of Seattle, calling out the city council for ignoring solutions to the homeless problem. Listen You ve, gotta check has spent his whole life in Seattle. He says when misdemeanours stopped being enforced, it was, beginning of the air and at that point everyone The message is a free for all down. Here: it's a wild west! No laws apply
ever you want. I can go down european the street or crap over. There are who could join. I have no one's gonna, get arrested for doing that because they are not doing that did not a resting any. If I was a city council member, I might say we're over well, we ve got this homeless ebner silly. This city councils on over well buy anything. The cid account getting it. They know There are solutions out there, they simply turn their back. On the solutions that problem is, and you see in this documentary it's from Kayo Ammo NEWS in Seattle. Old, Seattle is dying watch it because it's coming to a city near you, this The council is brutal brutal to the people, who were standing up there like you, got it while the police and the people are saying, I did The police and they said to come to you now. You're, send me back to the police. People are just getting the run around,
That's why, when I'm DR trying to describe this socialism, this Marxism, that's coming, I try to do it. Irritably, but it is a group of non expert experts who believe truly that they are smarter than the people that they serve. They the rules, the laws and market decisions yes, may hurt individuals, but those individuals are just part of out of Faber groups, and those individuals can either afford it or deserve it, All things are done in in the guise of, or for goal of social or economic justice. As those things begin to break down
Those in control also begin to abuse their power through graft greed and ignorance. That's what's happening there just getting, Cronies coming in saying: oh no you're a genius; no, we can fix this. No that's right. Give me me. Some power give me some money and I'll help you and the people are getting in the people and City Council and the people in City Hall. Growing, further and further away from the people and the problem, and that's happening in in Washington DC as well, people in Washington in Washington DC. Do you think they actually like you? Do you think Nan policy- wants to come over to your house and have dinner at your house. Do you think she would just fit in with all of your friends but she me saying the same kinds of things that you're saying: do you think
because I don't Think most of the people in Washington would be comfortable around you. Be comfortable around me, they would come and see me because I have some sort of influence they think they'll come then see me, but they don't want to. I don't know he d come see you, especially if we get rid of the electoral college. They'll, never see you, there so what's happening in Seattle, Elites are running it because they know Better than the other people that live here and they don't jack. And their destroying our cities and their about destroy our nation. And here's the amazing thing we're. Almost celebrating it almost celebrating it.
So many people in our country are just though blindly attaching do the emotions to the feelings or to the wall that they don't even understand socialism a week. From tonight. Free event that we want everyone to watch you, your family. Everyone is socialism a warning from the dead this warning actually comes from a former, soviet ally or former soviet Protectorate from their historians and the communists, vault of her or to flip a nation. It only take some three years, I'm telling you after reading what they were doing in the nineteen fifties, boy it's gonna take three years from here? They are already doing it and we are very close. We give
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This is all happening on these This used to be a great part of the city. It's now, just A horror show. All in the name of marxism and compassion. They are just too drawing people- and I know I mean the homeless people just destroying them. And all the people that are living there are laws, through Hell doesn't seem to me, like the City council, has anything but contempt for the people who who live in Seattle, pay taxes and are trying to run. Businesses are just go to. Work, are half He is a board member on a cemetery in Seattle that was part of this documentary and we wanted to get him on a little bit about you know his experience and and what happened if the cemetery that he's a board member of hello? How are you good morning go and how you doing today very good. Thank you for coming on the year the programme I dont know I player
sure. I don't know your politics, don't really care about your politics, but I do want to hear about your. Experience in in Seattle, and and what's what happened to you and the cemetery that you're aboard member sure I've been on the board for about ten years on the cemeteries been around four hundred and thirty nine years and the name of cemeteries, beaker hole in which translates to helping the sick and it funds or synagogue services for the jewish community. Was I got a call about a year ago, exactly that said Harry. We have a problem. Prostitution, drug dealers, camps, drug dealers and annex have all moved to the cemetery. We have a real problem here: they're causing hundreds thousands of dollars damage. Can you help us out, and I to elected officials. I went to city officials, I went through anybody, I thought could help and nobody is interested in helping us. So I took it to the media and we started smash of media campaign and filing a pressure was brought to bear start changing and we even her
bring armed. Former israeli soldiers out to the cemetery to guard kids were putting flags on the ground. Memorial day about that they do every year. What part of Seattle is. This is in a bad part of Seattle. But there is also a signal also this is ignored. Which is a nice neighborhood in Seattle and They never happens out there. We haven't had anything like this in a hundred and thirty years of being an operation and because of policies by the but City Council this now. So what policies that lead people to go and live in a cemetery unable in people are coming from across the country, because they hear that they can get free whatever they want in Seattle and nobody, Did you do anything nobody's going to enforce the law and they can get away with whatever they want? They can live wherever they want and nobody's going to do anything about it when I was in San Francisco a few years ago,
I was driving my car and these homeless people came and they were walking in the street and they just start pounding on my hood They were just they were belligerent. Who do you think you are with your cock and I was like I'm just driving to the hotel, I'm what they were coming cross the street and they made it very clear they own the street, not the cars, not the people who are trying to do a boy. You know get too when fro in obeying the law, they on the street is at attitude pervasive now in Seattle is well, yes, fear, my off
Georgetown, which is a more industrial area. A whole bunch of these are visa, moved in these broken down. Vehicles which people are living in a city council keeps claiming these are homeless people, but I know that their running drugs and other criminal enterprises are. These vehicles are when I got to confront them to get them to move. They say things to me: like I make more money deal drugs than you'll ever seen. A lifetime has become a very dangerous neighborhoods, not safe and Georgetown is unique because it has a residential neighbourhood mixed in with commercial neighbourhood and the residents there beside themselves. So one of these people, soul in a full size, semi truck the cab part of it and crashed into a few cars the other day, it's just out of control and that they rode. So are you running for city Council? The usher- decided I had enough of what was going on and on. The only way to get things done, sometimes of the stuff in yourself and try and get it done. So that's. Why did I step up to the plate and said it's got to be better than
because you're doing- and I start doing my research- I start analyzing- I rose. This was all a policy problem and it was all be behaviour they were enabling in Seattle, they're not treating the drug addiction they're, not treating the mental illness and are calling it a house housing crisis, a homeless crushed. So what did? But it is really an hopes I don't want to get into politics, but it it is this social and economic justice attitude that creates these policies that are so prevalent in Seattle and San Francisco, and the against. That usually goes with that. I mean I've seen clips of the city council. They they're, not listening to the people. They don't care about the people, it's almost like. They despise the people
it sure seems like that to me as well. We try to talk to him. They refused to meet with and one that must be combated cemetery to meet with us and send staff instead, even though we had organised the community would be there to meet with them. Another one refused to meet with us and said flat out, had their staff tells them not meeting with us, and I just had enough about so what I did was. I took their office number and their email for their office and I put it online, I said: hey jewish community. Let them know should think in six hours later. They call me forbidding the got so much pressure at the same time after that meeting, they said you know they pay me. Which promises in this meeting and made him author on any of them, and we still have to do things ourselves on it during the winter that things are better at the summit are discussed I didn't want to be outside. They moved to other areas of Seattle with just two weeks ago, the obvious in backward dealing drugs again, thank God. We gotta granted the off season all colored too, for safety at the sun, areas and we had to send the guards back out there to enforce, thinks she's How's your election going well
I'm getting so many attacks on line. I must be the front runner. We ought really to pull it actually works. Well, you're Jew is so I don't know of youth you're a front runner. I mean a jewish people tend to be a target now fortunately, and I'm sorry for that, but you can't you can't put anything into attacks, but at least you're over the target, if their attacking you exactly I gotta gridlock. Somebody that, if you're getting heavy flak, you must be over the target. Yes- and I forgot my messages- really resonating causes people from all over Seattle from all sides of the political spectrum saying they want to support me, because enough is enough and things it's gone too crazy and that's the most unique thing to me is how united the citizen seem to be in wanting to change on the Seattle City Council and wanting to push back of these policies that enabled all this tell you that I was struck by this The way this was written, I dont know how many times they asked. The question is this compassion
and the the documentary was, I really well done and end and kept asking the question for a Seattle light with a way for them to here is through the heart that if ass. If you're doing these things, because you think this is compassion you're wrong. You're, sadly mistaken. Are you you are seeing people on the agenda that we and our electors people who are electing officials. Are you seeing elected officials at all wake? is there any sign that anybody else already in office, is waking up going. Hake, ISIS doesn't work
not really it seems more like their Spain, the things that people want to hear occasionally, so that that way they may have a chance it re election, but it seems that the average citizen has said I'm tired of being called Non compassionate when I'm trying to get people treatment for drug addiction on a higher of being called non compassion on trying to get people into shelters, I'm tired of being called non compassion cause. I don't want people sleeping on the streets or in their cars, and the citizens tired of being told there not compassionate? Thank you so much appreciated and good luck. Half you haven't, you bet Hoffman for Seattle. Dotcom dont know is politics, but if you want to check it out, men for seattle- a comment. The commission's yellow you care about the politics of the persons when someone who's taking that issue seriously. It does like there's any one, they're doing it the up. You know what someone who's gonna, take that on and actually be brave enough to stand up and say hey. This is this is wrong. I think that's either what's happening all over the world, you know people just did they join don't care in Seattle.
Another letting people out on the streets that are really really sick and people that they know are going to come. More crimes, I mean I don't know. If you saw, did you see in the documentary the story of the rapist, This I mean you can talk about real consequences of this. Police say that on July twentieth of two thousand seventeen, this man Louis Army, the third forty one years old, removed the sky from a woman's window at an assisted living facility and see tack and crawled in the war inside was brutalized for an hour, was raped and beaten and choked police, say Louis Army also urinate it on the floor afterwards. Say he left through the same window- he'd entered through the victim was It is for bleeding on the brain. A broken knows, another injuries? She was seventy one years. It was a shocking and disturbing crime, but pray.
We shouldn't have been all that surprised just four days before the rape, just nine six hours before police say he scarred one woman's life forever Louis Army. The third was arrested here, sitting to the fountain right outside the king County Court House, police He was selling methamphetamine that's him? In the back of a squad car after the arrest, he was books and then released almost immediately our crew. Justice system decided that he should spend even twenty four hours in jail, but even a bridge look at his record would have shown that Louis Araby had come from California Red spent eighteen years in prison for kidnapping robbery and car Jackie at prosecutors. Looked a little more closely bit of now let army was the only suspect, in a case, three months prior in which a woman was taken hostage, forcibly, shot full of drugs and viciously raped and beaten for eighteen hours, the King County project, It is also says in
case we had information that he had a nineteen, ninety five, California conviction for kidnapped to commit robbery and other offences. The prospect, There is a sign of the investigation. Had no knowledge of other pending investigation, and so we are left with a question. How is it that a man is arrested in front of a court house in possession of a deadly drug destroys lives? How was it this man who has a long history of violence, doesn't even spend twenty four hours in jail. How is it that he has sent right back onto the streets? a compelling compelling and compassionate documentary that I think everybody should watch you watch. I watched on Youtube it's from Kayo Ammo TV in Seattle, and it is, old Seattle is dying. It's coming to a city near you,
If you are in constant pain, you are not alone. I know because I was too pain and inflammation, so bad that there were times at my wife had a button, my shirts and anti. My shoes and it is it so the mass emasculating to have that happen to you it's horrible and I just wanted it to stop and when it didn't over five years it has kept coming and going and coming back even worse, I do did given up in my wife luckily said, please just try This- and I didn't think it would work, but I tried and it has worked for me and got rid of all my pain all the time, but boy it is cut it way back is
old relief factor. I want you, try relief factor at relief factor, dotcom call aid five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four its relief factor, dot com. You know when you look at the wheel today and where we're headed there is a very clear, clear choice on few things. We used to be pretty clear on on Israel but why things are, while some people, say getting money but their becoming. Very black and white, and you gotta see where you stand. If you and with the left. These stand with Bernie Indy, the town hall that he just did. He said you know it's a Benjamin Netanyahu and his party. That's a hate group. I hate group. A yo see Anti Israel, the lawn Omar, Ty Israel rush
to leave anti Israel. These these. This is where the party is headed, and they are Anti semitic, not programme Estonian, as much as anti semitic as well. Party is changing. On the other side, you have Donald Trump who is the has thrown a lotta shade to Benjamin Yahoo and to Israel itself, in fact, Benjamin Netanyahu through a little bit back his way. Listen to this released yesterday, I'm here on the beautiful Golan heights, others others were deeply moved when President Trump Maenas start decision to recognise Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Therefore, after that, There were holiday, attend to bring to the government a resolution
calling for a new community on the Golan Heights named after President Donald J Trump. That's amazing, that's amazing, he's been, I'm in trouble has been amazing on the Israel. Stuff I mean I better than anyone could have possibly imagined I ve, never guessed it yeah. Now I didn't wrong on really wrong on Israel. You I had a nail, but you would really did miss that last. I was disappointed. I knew the whole time yeah I hit it's incredible. I mean a step by step this entire time we're coming up on a year anniversary him naming Jerusalem, opening the embassy in Jerusalem as the actual capital of the country that says it's the capital, which is usually how we judge what the capital is of a country. That's coming up in just a couple. Weeks would gather a great special coming up on that It is a it's one of these things where you could have stepped back and
wow, I mean, like all the president's all these times, both Democrats and Republicans, who have said that they would do the things I don't trump has go, had gone ahead and actually done and deserves a lot unqualified credit for what he's done with Israel has been in credit. Incredible blown away by an blown away and Grateful They truly grateful, and so obviously are the people of Israel. I mean he is not only move the the embassy to Jerusalem, where it is always belonged, but he has also decided you know. I'm gonna recognise the West Bank, otherwise known as Jude Data and the Golan Heights says jewish territory. God lesson God bless him. Monsieur le monde.
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